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John Hancock
Friday, May 12th

John talks with Eric Spanberg about the growth of Charlotte and Scott Swimmer about the drumSTRONG


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No other word has come Friday as you. Today. Mom. It's the popular here. And it's a story out of off to a blazing start. Sean Spicer has been seen cruising through a New York City on his podium here already for Melissa Manchester me senator and a lot of lips or apparently she you know the motorized podium that they've been using apparently she's. Motor around a New York City on that thing so that'll be one of their Promos there. For those of you haven't seen neo video of her transforming into our Sean Spicer we put that up on the Hancock digital BT dot com yesterday. And so that's so that is so therefore if there are still awful lot of talk about Komi we'll talk about that Jeff Sessions are chimes in on no drug sentences. And the account administration rejects about 99% of North Carolina hurricane Matthew recovery request. So all that we'll talk to us Sandberg I had about till 4 o'clock we'll do our read the news today oh boy had to 430. And we can I do final 530 on Friday in fact the final five that he's been known to happen and on Friday for longer than it's been avenues anyplace else. So will kick off to big weekend until 5 o'clock and then we will wander out into the rain I am led to believe. When we. Romeo wander out here attests to talk and make way for a Mark Garrison and Charlotte it to six so thirty go. That the economy thing has been known. And pretty much the main subject all day long and then after the White House initially said that to trumpet fired Komi because of our recommendations for. From a rod bronze in an wells and Rome are Rosen C in and now they seem to begin Rosen scene off the hook a little bit. Trump said yesterday that it already decided to fire combing before he got those recommendations and not called combing a showboat so it got a little personal as of yesterday. So that's been the bigger story about today over the deal week. Trump has a treated about our Russia. Sent out a couple of tweets yesterday about Russia. 01 in which he charged Russia must be laughing at the United States quote tears itself apart over the issue of via Moscow interference in the election and possible involvement of the yet trump campaign. And calls and all they had democratic excuse for losing the election. And and so far we haven't seen much more. Then that. I trump reportedly asked call me for a loyalty pledge although there are some things that are coming out today the say that that did not happen. And Andrew McCabe has testified before the senate committee yesterday and said. He disputed a claim that the FBI had lacked in confidence for our economy and that. I kind of contradicts president do. And so I guess acting FBI director Andrew McCain is probably not going to be candidate for the job but wouldn't think that though it Jeff Sessions is going to. And then maybe you agree with this and maybe you don't. And I and I'll take your comments on that 704571110. Jeff Sessions can bring back tougher drug sentences. Which will probably fill the prisons. Now he is leaving some leeway. Tom I got into a fascinating conversation last out of Colorado month and a half ago with people that don't partake in their laws and they were appalled at PI. The other Jeff Sessions good to actually enact federal law on her things the way they are in Colorado right now on. He's as conservative as very conservative convened. Mom I'm sure one of his favorite movies must be reefer madness because it seems to me mentality comes through but he told federal prosecutors and to resume going after drug offenders with maximum penalties. And battle roll back what the Obama era did and I'm I'm actually not so much against that but I'm not so sure that. The war on drugs has had any level of success of all that would suggest that. Sessions basically suggested to lighter sentencing is that he is at the root of America's open edit. Epidemic. As well as rising violent crime. And the memo said prosecutors can allow exceptions to the order if they document their reasoning and they gain approval from their supervisors quote. There will be circumstances in which good judgment. Would lead a prosecutor to conclude that a strict application of the above are charged policy is not awarded. So. Criminal justice reform people are not happening. ACLU. Has already said that the move requires prosecutors to reverse progress. And repeat a failed experiment the war on drugs are I have liked to CO a little bit better. Define progress I guess would be my question on that. Arm although it to him because I'm thinking that maybe it's had some positive effects on sentencing but I'm not so sure that it's done anything on the war on drugs it's just basically changed the war on drugs. But to opiates from must some of the straight stuff that we had before the overturn guidelines of the a former attorney general Eric Holder. Does when he was in charge and Obama was around prosecutors were told to go. Easier on nonviolent. Defendants. Without a criminal history. Who are not members of gangs. Which seems kind of reasonable. The new rules would increase the number of inmates in federal prisons that means that's for more of your tax money won't go. And I'm not so sure that the war on drugs has had any kind of results at all that would. Lead you to believe that may real policy in that regard this is worth anybody's time but they let some of the stuff that's gone on right now our backyard just a few. I'd really be did you have got. North Carolina. Was asking for a ton of money dealt with the error came Matthew relief and recovery. And they got word this last two weeks fit to. They can get nearly what they've asked for. In fact they got they were granted just 1%. Of the federal funding that they requested to help blow it recover from the damage left by hurricane Matthew. That that that deal last October. The the report is that 929. Million dollars had been requested. For. For cost associated with home repairs and preventative home elevations and agriculture and public facilities and small businesses and health service cost Jiaka stuff. And trip the drug administration only gave him six point one million which means the Roy Cooper invited trump on the administration to come on down NC it for themselves and Cendant. He try to work with the north Carolina's congressional celebration do I try to get more funds. That's that's pretty devastating for those people out of that took particular area the parts that I don't know about this. Areas that they live in and whether or not that's so prone to that kind of damage and whether or not you should continuously pay for that over and over and over again but I don't think any of that equation basically came into the decision of the administration looks to me like area. Not a continuation of the cutbacks we've seen them on. There's also a rumor this last week that Sean Spicer might be replaced and in fact he has been replaced this week by Sarah Huckabee Sanders while Lee was. Apparently pulling off US navy reserve role with the Pentagon over the last week. Which is uninteresting because the James told me firing breaks and all the sudden now you've got to substitute. Press Secretary. On an and then if you watched Sarah Huckabee Sanders I don't know maybe it was just a new phase sore. Maybe it was I got a call but she seemed into a pretty good job not there have been repeated reports. And actually these go back to the started trumps administration almost four months ago. That Sean Spicer was gonna be replaced. And then may you know the pop up and and it died down again and so the rumors are got Klein again this last few days because he actually had been replaced. And then hit first you had him on trying to dodge reporters among bush is at the White House grounds the night of the story for the James Toney firing broken if you don't think that that will be featured on a Saturday night live with Melissa McCarthy this week you're probably registries. In the bushes. Com and Dan now. Spicer has been absent all week long and Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been no filling in buzz feed knows what you don't don't necessarily find too accurate. As says that when they asked the end administration official yesterday of Spicer was going to be replaced amid reports that trump was asking aides. About doing it. It was told oh my god for the a billionth time no. Is that an official response from the White House almighty god. Well we did go through that part of the primaries forward trying to decide go who was more religious Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton. One of the really mourn deep conversations that we had during primary season. The bullet. So but as seed also cited other sources as saying trump isn't happy with Spicer and aides have been no calling prospective candidates who might be interest into Spicer is removed. And Ed do you watch that same body ever watched that on a daily basis that comes on. I don't know we generally what is it about 2 o'clock hurt 130 year or something like down. So long I'm downtown downstairs and what we call the bullpen. And. And that thing comes on we you generally got that on TV does sometimes it's on us CNN when I commend. Or MSNBC and I general a switch in order fox. Because. I don't know the information I get there will be more PCT you have. And saw mom so that's a good that they all aired I guess every day and it's it's not just its administration. This whole. Press Secretary meets the press on a daily basis I guess that's so you can sail like heated today hey we're out here every day answering your questions. But other than that I can't think of any real reason why ideas because it is just an exercise. In. The press asking questions and this guy being able to think on his seat fast enough to not answer them in some sort of a well thought out dignified way which doesn't always necessarily happen. Sometimes they just give you the most. Screwy answers to any idea idea. I just have to wonder if it's not just a waste of everybody's time. Now it's a shame because I think it was yesterday or the day before. That does trump chimed in any civil maybe we should just issue a daily briefing. Every day and not go through this. Which would subject them not to having to stand there and and ask. An answer the same question over and over and over again. But. Anyway by the seaside and other sources as saying trumps not happy with Spicer and aides have been called into. And I attempted you don't screens and people in and one quote Agile candidate would be Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Which. It trumps reportedly plead not only with her performance. But it would also be de. Female front person I don't I don't imagine that could hurt him considering go hit his ties either so it. We have a lot of conversation this week. About does schools. And and there's this conversation will go lawn as to how we. How well we decided and take our kids. Or in math this case are now are your kids. And figure out the boundaries an assignment. Of if we had a meeting the slow this last week and hundreds showed up and and primarily. People argue they. They look at the plan and then they look at what it means for their school on them they decide accordingly and it's interesting. In this building. We have. Got a number of people in this building actually that are very active in the school. Loan situation Sheridan. From sports is very active she and sister both are very active us in one TV. But we have other people and urges parents here and we have below one lady who's worked here for awhile and she is essential parent. And they are happy to be said she'll parents. And they're optimistic about worse said shield is going and may. And so she's and she spoke the other night at that meeting. And then we have people here who are deal worth parents. And they're scared to death about association with Sergio and hay and just didn't sting gone and you would expect people to do it any other way it's. It's a heads of what parents are supposed to do this close to make sure that they are kids are in the best possible. Situation for a long range growth potential and good health and foundational disciplining all that kind of stuff. But you'll you'll never come up to me is many. Checks and balances I heard two things this week that I thought were interesting and one was. When you have all these feeder schools you sometimes take away from neighbors being able to help neighbors. Energy got rail load. Income school a school that is primarily low income people. And and and the kids are being sent here there and everywhere. Then a neighbor who works the morning shift can ask a neighbor who actually afternoon shift to help her pick up her kids an intern to return the favor. And cherry channels throughout. And basically just gonna have some sort of community. I don't wanna some like Hillary Clinton and say it takes a village but. About it takes a community. You know I talked to Scott swimmer later on this afternoon right where we approached 5 o'clock he's a guy who got a strong mind a strong every year they're doing a six hour they're doing it concentrated good from strong mr. That misty. Horse farms. So well I talked to Scott about that he's been doing this for some time I think this started back in 2004. His son Mason and got no bone cancer. Mason is thriving now. But I'm Scott put together this drum strong thing and I remember the first time never came to us and approaches on an and I still don't know that I totally get the concept because. I haven't gone out to it because you're beating drums and stuff like better probably does not. They've got to me with my you know my and I have a term what they are hearing age have a mission could try that this weekend and see how that that works but in the past has been no. But anyway it's just the need to steal and it's earthy and it's. And they got these things now they've got these drums strong chapters all over the world. And they in one a one year I think they all did it collectively at the same time but it's just got to be soiled dark skies warmer about its origination and what it actually is and no one has taken place which is tomorrow. So low that comes up all right before we kick off the big weekend at 5 o'clock 4 o'clock wolf talked air expand Burgess few moments away. And a find out what's going on in neo world with him he writes about several things this week and no one is there Charlotte tackling an eight year run on college football games. So North Carolina State in a South Carolina. We'll play a September 2 game of Bank of America Stadium but there's a whole bunch you know more college games that are now set to appear. Loved so well so we'll talk a little bit about that and and other things that he writes about in the current addition of the observer which are came out today. The new city manager kind of wrenching story there are. And this thing they wanna build between borrowed jingles and opens now that the amateur sports. Dreams may not be happening after the principal they remember the private investor good sports a bad deal kind of fell apart and so you had some money left over from the amateur. Sports proposal. And does so now they're proposing to use that money. To build a. Building. It is a link but it's. Other allows them to do anything but it would just essentially connect. Opens and OJ angles which were both born built on the same here I think it was 1953. So Eric writes about. About that in and no more so Bullock talked to Eric. Coming up after the 0:4 o'clock news. We're tyra schools this week carriers have finished third to darken about that to some extent. I've been enough kind of a reflective mood thumb for about the last five weeks because of this Ed WBT. Honor that is coming my way on June the 28 and and it's caused me to think about my career and it's caused me to think about two. Of people who help me along the way. Stepping stones. I was talking to some people about the David Brothers yesterday one of the things that's happened to me in this. Money in this stretch should WBT which is. About 28 years now. Was Evan doll friends or call me one day in and say. They got to spend at a Concord or not quite sure what to call Mary there Iraq further blue grass are there pandora born in other folk rather. And the kind of a fallen into this new. Full category today in full today doesn't necessarily mean Peter Paul and Marion. So lobbed the new Christy minstrel. So I I just. I mean I've got a lot of mileage out of and being in the right place at the right time for some reason other us and yeah bring a man. And then that started not only your association with the Davids but it also. You know a good friendship with the adult friend sore and I'm good friendship with the Abe instead Jim David news so large Susie enough. I as is the best yes I ever. I ever said do so I mean that you meet ya I start to think it about. A smile on stepping stones. People that Paul Moyer you know Paul Moyer is. Football's a guy who owned a local radio station in the small town that I grew up that opened a door to me you know on a work study program. Paul was a Pueblo Colorado redneck. Cowboy cowboy hat. Wrote across the country with the Fall River Wrangler singer and songs like those sons of the pioneers did old stock car racer hated hippies. I was a hippie wannabe. They send me up to his radio station in my senior year high school and probably Hillary's and I got the gig was because. I hadn't had time to grow my hair back out of which is coming out a military school also is still had the short hair. So hated no I was a hippie wanna be well he and I turned out to be great friends but it was film. On being open to mean. Be on his radio station. Which actually aided him well too because so there really was no format and gave him a chance to Garcia's girlfriend while I looked. While the way and I'm sure 120 dollar 25 an hour some. Our commitment stepping stones but the reason I got the job but to go and meet Paul was because a bug guidance counselor. In in this goal. Pat slam. Another name doesn't mean anything to you. I never would have thought that our guidance counselor would've helped me in my career. Because I was always in trouble in school not because I was a bad kid but because I was the class clown and I just never really conform to the waves schools teach. Arm and end the only the only reason that pat Flynn is near as I can tell ever paid any attention to me at all was because he knew during parent teacher conferences. He get to talk to my mom and my mom was a fashion model. So I had a hot mom. So I think that's why pat Flynn even knew I was I called pat. Mr. Flynn. After our thirty year class reunion or something like that since I've been here. And told him what had happened to me in my life and and where I had been and where I was now one and then thanked him for the percent in middle. A radio station. And and he remembered who I was but that's why I say he remembered who I was he's an all I remember you. You have a good look at mom. Yeah well you know they're there works I saw a thing I and that newspaper and not April. And it was an article that was written by a K mix batten who teaches. High school English in New York South Carolina. And her thing was schools can't afford to cut guidance counselors now I gotta tell you have to or not for pat Flynn on what is said guide Skelton what do wasted time. I understand or were they might not be a waste of time if you had a school tragedy or something along those lines but I mean. But I I'm in total. I can course when her on that. Both wake county and Charlotte Mecklenburg schools and ask for more gal guidance counselors and social workers for next year is kind of the emphasis of her. Of her op Ed piece and she says our guidance counselors are instrumental in setting up IEP meetings with special needs students are let. And meeting were uprising freshman and they counseled troubled students see that was only association I ever had with a guidance counselor. And they lead grief therapy sessions and they functions this. As liaison between students and teachers and talked to students about anger management and stress and they get to know their us situations at home and and that was especially true in the small town because you know what the situation was at home anyway because a small town always knows what everybody else is businesses. So I heard the whole point of her article was give schools the guidance counselors. Teachers will be better teachers and students will be better learners. So I'm just kind of curious let me open the phones for a couple of seconds anybody else have a guidance counselor played a key role be a steppingstone in their life. Because I don't know that I've met too many people would have had a guy in the sky. Also are literally had to. But obviously if pet planet never sent me to Paul Moyer. And and Paul Moyer had not somehow or another decided I was sick Paul knew my folks another advantage of a small town. So it didn't really matter what I was he knew my dad. And so he knew my dad's character and foundation and soul. And essence of I turned out to be a jerk he knew that my dad would handle the disciplinary part of. So I probably got the job for their resume as well guidance counselor got one also played a key role in your life 704. 5711. Did over the traffic serial brought you by hunters shall Fordyce 77 X 43 crew emerge ever have a guidance counselor that does pay you any time. Hi yes I think you know yes you're absolutely early years in high school and yes absolutely great man did do any any instrumental role in pointing you towards radio or getting you into radio or was I just always something that you read your eyes on as something I just wanted to do his serve but you got discounts or stepped in a few times and I don't know exactly. Ago you know what to do or how to how to handle things sooner or later thank goodness do they were round draft pick I just counselors and coaches. Coaches yes some of Carly didn't have as good a look with coaches as hooded guys it's it's a really. Clear though that the most long lasting thing that they have coach ever did Torre was just remind me typical couple. Thank you mr. Wallin that it got hooked us gives me a but the late mister Wallace the talk. Guidance counselors who may carry this on. I am bill will tell you go down I'm great thank you very much so guidance counselor what go what happened. So it's not a good story it's about story actually and I would he would he Charlotte and into suicide attack no guidance whatsoever. They couldn't even accepts. My schedule because it was like. I against their security policy or something like that. Is actually ridiculous but at the guidance counselor today it couldn't have access to your schedule. Now here on the loose out like I had a club let that we'll get in this kind conflict with the public yeah. No we I don't know I can't find out public why. So. Yeah. Pretty ridiculous but what I what I would like to say the. I think that there should be career counselors not only in high school but I also empowers state helped develop. People. Career track them and encourage them and give them different path that how to get there each year current. You know being in this world with too many tax laws and everything like that a lot. And perhaps coming through not only college high school so you know they could save people a lot of time but I'm having my business guidance. I think part of that gig would also be that you would establish at some point you would start to establish contacts. Bomb so that may be even and a day in cities like Charlotte inserted a small towns you would have businesses that would do would be willing to and I'd take students on. I don't know what the school rules and laws are now about off campus this size whether it'd probably be ridiculous so her. You know politics I'm sure is guided in their area very hope I think our energize our project I think one of the reasons that they're the thing it Estes Park. Was to get me out of the building. I think the lord of prisons and it was acceptable and we were all encumbered by politics. You had you know on a local superintendent and a local school board but you have a high school middle school and elementary school knows that. So. Literally when I came back from military school I had so caught up on classes. Then all I needed to graduate from Estes park high school was a physical ledge. And glass. And a science class. And those came in late afternoon they had nothing for me to do in the mornings. Pickens I mean I can assign to classes but. So the guy did they decided to seminal radio station that's how I started my is the second half my senior year was I would show up at the radio station. It's 7 o'clock in the morning and I'd leave there at noon any luncheon and go to the school. Are by 1 o'clock into a science class and then the last day was well the last class I had was. Because I was out for football like that so those ideas that's what's on what's at Georgia led to great senior year. So guidance counselors Charlie are on the Levy T hi. Larry Dillon I'm good. Grow so doctor dar re about to guidance counselor. Well actually you probably didn't junior year and I told good lord be a veterinarian and he says it with your Grey's there's no way you're gonna get into Cornell. So I don't know well. I really wanna be event what do I do. Trees could not tell Cornell that you just wanna give it to some obscure. Major that's not a lot of people are going to be competing we view convert from Long Island and then. And I did that then and I got in and then I worked my butt off for school and got into veterinary school in lieu. There I am I'm retired veterinarian. I was gonna say reviews CNET and necessarily change your major there's a lot of times if you wanna get into a certain university find the major that's not popular get a adamant change your major what you want. Right they don't I didn't actually do that and in school because I've would have been put into a different poll Barack being considered prevent very score. So I had this semester courses in an election year. And then now when I liked that very school are you actually looked. Better than some of the pre veterinary student and only had two years of school. Now very cool hey Charlie touched on appreciated. Can thank you I like coffee goes or expand burned a new addition of Charles business journal is out today we'll talk here expand bird go next rule. Read the news today oh boy till 430. We will talk to Scott swimmer of drums strong add to 10 minutes before 5 o'clock. And at 5 o'clock well look kick off the big weekend with big weekend movement Tom Petty so let's stick around we'll get stored 6 o'clock cannot keep Breyer on the weather. Which is got about a 40% chance of arraigned this afternoon but as we get deeper into the evening it rises to an 80% chance. Head WB BMY. No additional well business journal is now. Your staff writer Scheyer Stanford joins us on Friday and again I've missed Stanford how are you. I'm very very very narrow from front and looking at DOT Vietnam Maloney and the and the president. Or. Entertaining guests at the at the White House. I thought for a moment that she had been named conversation being taped do we go ahead and I had no idea that market. Well I looked up and thought oh my gosh Maloney is the new FBI chief. Back back back up a and yeah. Well. Given away Cantwell I doubt if you don't love rendered it is I would say that would be bad because as early as administration you know the next who's gonna get fired Jews so that that would just be uncomfortable wouldn't. Yes that would be I think you need to go ahead and maybe just tender text letter noted that this probably not a right time to accept the job. You actually irons I assume this may be is so a story this was submitted to a fairly late in the process you're talking again about today Eastland so were remaking the mall site plans I don't know that I. A prep true that before you came on today but don't bring me up to date on what's going on with these on mall and and who is responding to what might be possible. Oh I didn't have not getting so yes you and I have talked about this so many times is trying to find. This city trying to find a way to you. Generate development out there it's an eighty acre site and 69% acres are. They can and so they have to carry out what to do and one. They come up with this time is they're bringing in it contains consultant to try and shape. Or what the infrastructure looks like award kind. It incentives might be out there too big and gifted developers Q actually take a second look at this and so. Next week they'll start doing that by bringing in some developers and just having. Fairly informal conversations have been out or are hurt. What is lacking about the site for a lack of better term dual forty neat what would make you Beatrice sitting this site. And at what they're hoping that once they have that information then they can go out. Put together they have more comprehensive. Plan if you will to. Find investors I mean did I guess it's really that simple although US Brazil it's not that it is Italy and air for years and years so that that's what they're doing their. If China gets sent some people who were actually in private investment to come out there. And look around and see what is possible and then give the public. Sector are some ideas of what they need to get city government some ideas of what they can do to make this. Viable. Seems ludicrous that you would have 69. Acres of undeveloped land in one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Near the Center City yeah within the beltway. And not know and not be able to find some to do with it. Well and you know because you've been here through this I mean one of the big problems. Obviously is that despite those attributes you also have an area that is. Disproportionately. Struggling in terms of employment in terms of median income is an area that has been dogged by concerns. Over public safety. All those things. However true or untrue they are at this time have to be dealt with it. Before you get into the attribute such. You know the diversity of the population. You know you're close huge sum of the most interest thing restaurants in town yet there are attributes in the fact that your close to up counts. But you have to deal with some of those other things first. The world's largest cantina 1511. Up up up up up up at attention will have you conservative margaritas he has plenty of free parking that the but the fifty acres of. Contemporary Mexican feared. Yeah they got out they've got a place out in a Colorado it's been there forever and I cannot say and think of those like this David much they are or Qassam Bonita. And no they actually have cliff divers and all sorts of stuff the merits of Mexican food restaurants got 92 layers and no then you can no longer around through. Not tunnels and stuff like that but they do they have cliff divers out there are some I don't wow maybe that's something mission considered. Because you're done there is firstly we had the what the that this ski slope the other or ski slope was recommended that we had the the maybe studio project. And that lettuce then into may be taking a little different perspective. This time around but you know in all seriousness this is such an important project because for that side detail on it could be. The key piece to kind of jump starting. The economy quality of life and all those things but you've got to get it right. Right now speaking of development you also write about the link. And now we're not referring to a map Ramona and Bobby and Sherry and people over there one or seven point nine were talking about. This and it's not just a hallway between beau Jay goals and ovens auditorium and I'm not so sure is this new. This has been pitched originally end December. But they were uncertain exactly how this was going to proceed through city government and this week we got an idea. That it would happen as soon as next month that the council would. Look at this proposal and full vote on it and then perhaps it gets started in earnest with construction to get this thing moving in your right it is. Just what it says it is that we did they link that will connect those two buildings obviously owned by the city. I want it to 2500 seat. Auditorium the other one is an 8600 seat calcium in their broad sixty plus years old and they're lacking in. Hospitality areas there are lacking in restrooms are lacking any kitchen to basic and by incorporating some of those things into this structure. You would ostensibly. Add life to both of those buildings. And the link in this case is a 35000. Square foot building. Between the two would be yes would link the two together but it also has 7600 square feet of space for hospitality. For events before and after ovens are not Rambo jangled so. You know the Charlotte check her fans can go out and hang out with the Blumenthal performing arts people in ovens that would be a great man extraordinary. A lot and I think so it means people are just like to please an odd that they really are mania really we think about the same crowd. It's. That one of the things debt. You you heard from this city and from the visitors authority which front those buildings this week is. That while you will generate additional revenue due big push here is to keep you were two key tenets happy and you just mentioned them one at the Charlotte checkers here of course server. Edberg jangled coliseum and then the Blumenthal performing arts center which has not many have its touring shares. Play right there Ed up and so you want to make sure that you don't lose what you have their course there is the investment in the properties themselves. And trying to keep them chugging along at sixty years of age. This what day you also say this would include 121000 square feet of office and storage paid thirteen thousand little over thirteen thousand square feet for a concessions. And and other area uses as well as 2200 square feet for public restrooms so. Aid today it is a Lincoln it is a hallway our our our area. Between the two bill isn't as pretty instinct the money already available because the amateur athletic thing has kind of fallen to the wayside. Yeah I guess it's sometimes failure can help and in this case that's ward they're trying to do. You may remember we discussed many times this idea of an amateur sports complex there would be part of broad jangled and ovens that land over there. Any idea of course mr. boring in use tournaments basketball volleyball cheerleading all those things. At one point this city had a private investor that was going to go in without them. On that a project like that if fell apart. And since then the city has been trying to figure out what to do so they had to 45 million dollars. A city money that had been approved for that they've spent at about six and a half 1000007 million that lead to make in half million dollars. And they think that they can use that money. Not to build this blanket that will pay for the full structure and then the second part John is so what happens and amateur sports. What we are told is that. The amateur sports complex wherever and whenever it happens will not be at that site and would likely. And it's public portion funded through. And hospitality tax is Richard you know hotel room in the restaurant meal taxes. Worded the eighteen point five million come that we're back instead it was a use of the amateur vote was at a bond thing or was that. It came from knows the community investment plan which is your your basic long term capital investment now. One of the points they came up yesterday in a committee meeting to discuss this is of course I general property taxes are are. You know a big part of that money for all the projects that are in. Oh the capital programs so that is different in that you're not using that dedicated industry tax that was mentioned by. Two of the council members but it sounded like they were. Or reasonably comfortable enough to. Back this city in its current form. There's there's and I haven't heard it is much recently but there has been all amid around here for a long long time about. The voting and money and then having it used for different programs and what you were told originally. Yeah okay now we can say that always rated ever else it did yesterday as well it wasn't contentious but it was certainly. You know not the it was certainly. Pointed out and the other thing that came out John is well. This idea. OK wait a minute didn't you just tell us you had forty million dollar played around few fund soccer. But foresee council decided not to vote on that end. They had of the visitors authority pointed out that. That money for the soccer stadium would have come out a different. Pool of taxes and I think a couple of things that did. Computers and drive some voters crazy which is the idea that you have all these dedicated. Pots of money that can only be used for certain things and so then you get into the parking of the language such as we are doing right now. Yes mr. landlord I'd like to pay the rent but that's my beer money. A father and I didn't and really there's no way I can touch that extent to get inebriated so you're just gonna have. The pin that. That is all too wrapped in so many ways that I will never say that guy so yeah there that. There you go talked a college football sports and and no bowl games and and colleges and stuff next for their expert bird. Well I got rid of the big boogie man HB till I'm all the kids now start to welcome home and even a couple of new kids are apparently don't come on in there's an article in the Charlotte business journal out today Charlotte tackling eight year run of college kick off games enough. Prior expand Berger wrote that he's so on with the senior staff writer. So we know that we had North Carolina State and us South Carolina this September. But if they sign these other two games we got like an eight year run of college games in the bill bulls looking good in and that that get rid of age Biggio seems who have helped. Yeah I remember the ACC championship which Arabs said it would come back has started in December they added a year TV contract because of that one year hiatus to Orlando if so that's now. Where this story 20/20 and this story you're referring to. Today is involving the Charlotte sports foundation they hated their close on 20/20 Qiyue. And 20/20 four for Labor Day weekend college football games and you probably remember that a lot of this has. Emanated from the investment by taxpayers into renovations at Bank of America Stadium that in turn led to some land free. 88. For tourism events and and cultural balls obviously one of the major candidates they've turned to be trying generate some of that money so yeah that's good news for hotels restaurants and anyone else in the hospitality industry. Well most of the games kind of interesting I mean you all you'll have another North Carolina South Carolina game mode come through like they did 12015. And Tom they were talking about how that didn't really meet expectations but the they've played that game on a Thursday night instead of a Saturday and they're really think in that Richard if you got a Saturday game you gotta ruled he got a lot better shots altered its. Yeah and so one of the Al wild card factor are being wild card factor here is yes the end because they tend to have almost all of the TV inventory for these kickoff games and so what is the FB wanna do that's why got moved to first day at 4015. They want to do in North Carolina South Carolina on that night and so I think the hope is certain the secret so probably. Is that day ESPN does not accept looked at Charlotte. TV they Guinea pig for India Thursday night opening week games assuming they can keep it on Saturday I think that they will see a spike in ticket sales. Real quick though got about a half a minute ago but does the belt bowl is contractor drew 2019. I I guy I don't know how strong a a candidate bill would be to re sign up but what would be the prospects for another sponsor already -- even gotten that far. They're going to start talking as seriously this tall with a belt and that you conferences sandy at the end obviously the pantry is wealthy owners of the stadium. I think it's a great question John that's something to keep a close silent because obviously with new ownership of Belk. Whether they wanna continue that's. Something will be watching. It happened they may not end at this is it your fault them but they may not have these local commitment anymore because they're not necessarily the adult family anymore so low aspect not at all as there is a better effect so. And real quick younger than they got to go to tech catcher though it I think they probably could find a replacement sponsor if they had team because this ball is done reasonably well firm mid level bowl. Now that we lose the internally has IA thanks a lot talk do you like guy you're off next week I'm off the week after that for a Memorial Day is all talk to you June. Temporary take care OMB says. 132. Days of the year 2017 has made the twelve so there are 233. Days ago. 1930 June 2 characters give be dogged. Appeared in the cartoon Mickey's a review up by Walt Disney that dog later became. Goofy. Studio in order a 69 years old today and don't forget Sunday is Mother's Day. I've reminded June you have the rest of today and all day long tomorrow. Do when one like him there's a rumor that there's already tension between now Kelly rip and Ryan Seacrest. Got I hope so. While there's gunfire. That's Romo from work home affordable loses there on the show. Hostages. Kelly era while holding hostages. Well I hope they are rising popularity of Bob McConnell has more ER is treating people were injured hands from cutting the fruit. A woman in Pennsylvania was surprised to find that they drunken woman walking home from a bar had climbed in her window and gone to sleep in her spare bedroom. Now just between us guys how many of you don't have that fantasy. And the White House is being criticized after an official Russian government photographer was allowed into the Oval Office during a high level meeting but American press photographers were not it's just more proof that. They have these ties with Russia. That. Saturday Night Live is live all the way across the country again. Melissa McCarthy is the host. She was seen. Ever. Segue alike podium motor and around 58 straight in New York so that was shooting a bid for video showed tomorrow night. On and docile Woolsey all of that goes armed. And candy makers are teaming up to reduce calories five major chocolate candy companies. Announced a joint commitment. To reduce calories in many of the suites sold in the United States so this would include Mars and nationally and Wrigley and others. So they have committed to ensuring that half of their individually wrapped products sold in the United States contains no more than 200 calories. Within the next five years. Quite frankly I you don't need to take the calories out of my Chaka all all law lose the calories someplace else some back. Cream the butter fat and a lot of things I used every concluded. All heard the traffic sooner we go abroad due by owners shall forward my 77 exits three and ironically enough it's traffic this low calorie with humor on him yes sir good to trim down model that's that's the benefit. No saturated fats in this report due out at bright. I think we can before ourself and dial a toll that we keep that over the other wing of the building on those suits are just as sir at all right there you go up and it. No week from tomorrow. In beautiful wedding didn't hit misty meadows farm. His drums strong. Which I'm mascot swimmer is the O organizer and ahead on joy you have do a drum strong dot org and learn more about Disney's got only ma'am. Sir how are you this is what thirteen years twelve years. Close excellent. I looked anniversary coming up late when it. Now it was ordered our noses own memory and correct me on dates what you found out your son Mason had bone cancer that was 2004. That's exactly right 2004 made in the fifteen. And diagnosed about his circle on the pretty aggressive cancer and nom. It can't hurt you know since. In the process yeah we learned a lot obviously and talked to a lot of people dealing with and unfortunately some couldn't come through it. And you know in the process also you come to realize that there's so much you can do in the helped world in general in the cancer and cancer world but typically and then typically most of those events that are fundraising and awareness. Raising. Or physical athletic you know. I don't fully think people. Will understand drums strong until they go to drums strong. Yeah you're right it's unique it's unique because it's a totally participatory event as though it you know you're talking Libya athletic event they're great but they don't look silly. Allow people that are compromise physically so participate come. We drums actually the first period that we kind of draw until we drop that was in 2007 and lo dropped 25 nonstop hours. Because yes we do embrace that Clinton. I knew and you day maybe you did that turn number of years did you not. Yeah 24 hours where up to twenty win at the thirty hours. Would we drop back a point four back to twelve this year we're abbreviating it's Saturday afternoon we're doing extra hours. Of nonstop drumming had a mr. meadows and. But doesn't just to Weddington event anymore this is are you picked up cities states countries. Well we webcast we really thinking so that kids and your local hospitals could feel he's full strumming on my long. Originally and we got hit from all over the world lucrative Tokyo you have Rome. London level you do and we're drumming which you and that was like. Really well we encourage drawn strong events around the world to wherever there is the frontrunner Mitt pick. A local initiative to support and now there's over seventy cities and twice both countries holding on strong bones. So you raise funds and then where's the money go. Well it locally we have our chosen charities go wherever there's a drug strong event they're picking. Their local charity to support. Com yeah locally we've supported my insurers hospitals in cancer institute. Ronald McDonald house got a victory junction. Yeah and the children so you know boot camps hospitals clinics. Hospital he you know any number of solid wherever you're currently young people desperate and menu. Mr. Hancock come out and you decide you and you know term goal rate a thousand bucks you tell us where you want the money to go. You have seen how cool is that. This all happened week from tomorrow and as you say it's a little bit abbreviated I Colin drawn strong concentrate because the hearing your dornin in six hours. Tell me the reasoning behind that gates open next Saturday at 1030 you'll do the opening ceremony at 1130 but the drum circle starts at noon. Yeah I don't have a source yeah noon to six so the answer your question is. Abbreviated first several reasons. A little bit. Less load all muddy wonderful parents who we can. Goose doubled forty B common commandeered for the event. Now they are honesty meadows so far men and many of you are familiar with us cuts dead who also does unbelievable work with kids and horses and he's opened up guys say you got a hell of a downed. I inherited swimmer is the founder of mighty riders and was just recognized by you know the cup and Curome. So yeah that he does great work been interviewed his property and cancers bless your question is. If less expensive we're not gonna we're gonna abbreviated so that more money can be directed towards or charities. Are you all of you almost outgrew yourself because they're not only didn't turn out to be a drum circle that I got turn out to be a campground and off opponent that you can we were. You had to be a three day festival for several years we did you know Friday afternoon starting and then. 32 acts on stage we had to you know we had world class music this year we're doing really. That drum circle centric so that will be the focus we do have. Do yoga on the health expo and great art and food vendors out their crew trucks and the garden. Who raffles and we do have read though the fire breathing drag and believe it or not. If you if you go to drummers drummed strong dot org you'll get all the information you need if you look can't make the event but you'd like to help the cause. You can donated drums from dot org through a PayPal also that's a safe or not just about disease he has sent to against. And so quick text to donate this year to at 7042516363. Yeah we're giving you yet another port 2516363. But yet you detected. And you can donate we draw on an honorable and memory how are your own fortification has needed. And also you know we encourage people those who support and sponsor others who didn't really honor survivorship. People can register had to drum strong dot org and I assume they can also just walk up the day of the event enough figure out other wanna be involved. Well that's interesting you say that John it's free this year or so registration has come. But drum we have plenty. And then then you don't have to have any drop me a if you've ever tap your finger your qualifying. Academic that you could put your finger or you have. You know it's funny because people do the Phil have been intimidated them because it's a quote musical and you know you're dead but it's not it's this is no businesses with the. Primal this is more of a camaraderie among people low although in the same thing for the same cause south. You can you get to instructions and all that's up to their website drums from our archive. I'll be get a million people left and I hope they all have campers. Inherited an. Scott thanks buddy Agha what level plug begin next week but I'll return a huge success story. I truly appreciate your grandparents day event. Radio program have your baseball. Moody Blues happy birthday of 1065 beach this weekend. LV's best Matthews is going on this weekend and that's always a big deal of them still town park. I'm sure their watch in the weather Sorrell we will keep you abreast on that courted for gentle rain this afternoon but did you get into the evening hours 80% should be some rain around tomorrow morning but then I think the rest of the day starts to get to them. On a little bit better so hopefully that'll low low for the shag dancing in the our carnival and they are kids inflatable village in the arts in the crafts in the street food in the vendors in the prison car show and everything at that envelops. Beach best Matthews 27 team this is the ninth annual. We just took our home Don Jordan Matthews. And no matter an awful lot of nice people so you'll have they are great beach best we can. Hey don't. And boom Shaka locked. Self. Hey I happy birthday to love my. Good friends down the street and no 16 or via an action they're not down the street anymore they've been over there in the Georgia alone. Ohio heard buildings were ever. But Jack Daniel and and and the whole crew prozac and and everybody. I'll celebrate no one or six sides a big birthday and error do an endowment to Charlotte metro credit union ample theater tonight 7 o'clock. Weezer. Is going in that should be a blast all have a good time last night good people down they're jacked and of one MI out. When a restaurants and in and down so I hope over to blow out no hope everything is safe for opera thing is a good Sara Watkins is at the end neighborhood death theater. And that is tonight as well at 8 o'clock she's the renewal nickel creek go fiddler or no vocalist should new album also while were out cold. Young and all the wrong way is and so she's neighborhood do theater tonight as part I guess what they're calling the leaf festival. One north Carolina's so most eclectic festival also features American artist to Sara Watkins and no soul singer Macy Gray and native who pop group a tribe and called red and the Cuban born vocalist dead in his soul. And others and no that's all going on actually. Tomorrow I it's actually going on right now or tell Black Mountain natural leaf festival Somalis on confused don't you get confused Sara Watkins tonight at neighborhood theater. And then she also is part of leaf festival which is out Black Mountain area. And if you go to belief dot org you can get more information on the leaf festival so. Weezer tonight pour on the hands birthday party given to a few and birthday party yourself have you not mr. rove mr. wizard the yes I. I think he's a loser was because they're they are hooded boomer was. With the 96 point one holes and save growth bill Dalton. And and only in the same time so. That's where we all mess tour we all got together traffic there are due by hundreds of Baltimore I 77 exit 23 and number or my Gary you're a part of the big Christmas party were out. Bill had sold the two stations to clear channel that is all over for a big Christmas party and gave out a million dollars in one night screwed up with the staff here ushered in an unbelievable it was those boxes who spent just don't have the box of course you know. Gave this wooden boxes with a nice plaque on the front yeah I was a lapel pin collector for a long long time and I have all my lapel bids in the box in Germany and I've still got into home time and bill passed away and every years ago but do Miller talk about Phil won the last of the really great guys in a radio ownership filled almost. Melissa as the best thing ever one of the best things that ever happened to me me too absolutely no doubt no doubt goods or not to compare notes in front and how much you guys okay. Act act after the remember what I got not only been there for eighteen months or something and I'm not that he gave me like fifteen very he was very generous man he's dealt without a lot of great man off my goodness he needs to throw another Christmas bird if you will be good to have another win like that evidence state prison supported other moms I think theft theft at. One of the big events that I am that I want drawn out to enough probably luncheon tomorrow. Oh is a Moochie Fallujah which takes place Saturday a place called mood she's tavern 15060. Idle wild rodents and Matthews. We had judge Jeff Newton a guy who built my house saw a new yesterday. And multiple lose has been going on all week long this is one of the fund raisers that he does throughout the years to try to defer the cost so that when they auctioned at a house offer they raffle that how soft. With tickets are non WB TV they'll raise over a million dollars it'll go to saint Jews and any fumed if you're not familiar. Now I'm sure most of you of heard of say Jews but you've you're not from Miller with saying Jews won an unbelievable. Organization. Especially when it comes to kids. A ball Crawford of the Abe it's could speak first hand and house here. Before about saint Jude's his daughter ended up at saint Jude's. And they are unbelievable well. Three years ago Jeff Newton before I ever knew him said yes I will build the next saint Jude dream home and he's got a special needs kid himself. So this really but after he did the first one then. He couldn't say no on the second one and apparently couldn't say no on the third one so he's this is the third dream home that there are building. And they got this thing called move which people lose it which takes place it moo juice which is one of the players the Jeff Newton just you know that's wanted to say replaces. And our Rhonda de Melo and people ought to move g.s have basically just kind of adopted Jeff and his cause mood she's tavern dot com what you wanna check out a menu. But as we speak. The outdoor stage has the shotgun saints playing bad Romeo starts at 7 o'clock PM doors stage has I Shannon Lee playing right now. Tastes like chicken starts at 7:30 minute 10 o'clock tonight until about 1 AM will be the Jodie Edwards acoustic. Edwards acoustic so well that takes place today and then again tomorrow. From 1130 until the wee hours. Indoor outdoor they'll have another 89 bands that are all planned tomorrow. And all of us to fund raiser to help. Jeff defer some of the cost of building the saint Jude dream home so they can send as much money as possible to us say June itself if you never bend a moot she's. It's the 151000. Block of final wild road in Matthews. If you've been to move cheers and you haven't been in a while water you go this weekend and help the cost. Arm and maybe LC tomorrow maroon and and I think for launch tomorrow sometime or another. Or be a part of the other causes so well. The finders keepers market is going on down at no doubt brewery on a Sunday this is pretty cool thing where you're in the spring season now for us via pop ups. Our class human affordable pop up markets. On this one taking place on Mother's Day you remember Sunday's Mother's Day don't you. Guys yes. Okay I and this'll be at the node job Rory and they've got a a market filled with haberdasher Rian jewelry and art is an old candles and I anyway. No doubt brewery 1 to 6 o'clock on a Sunday. Chris Stapleton. Who has been on every bodies TV program. He did a deal with Fallon I guess was the last night night before. Interviewed with Charlie Rose I've seen him several different places. He obviously as a new album out called from a room volume one packed with and what they were at the country that he's known for. He's play and PNC music pavilion tomorrow night 7 PM. And I mean he's been all over the place this week so are nice timing to get Chris Stapleton back in town PNC music party your big weekend 7 o'clock tomorrow. And Sarah shook. Is bringing her band at the disarm hers to the evening news tomorrow. Which is some pretty good entertainment to catch a PM news at 8 o'clock. Last year Rolling Stone named as Sarah show up as. Who's been you know she's from Chapel Hill. One of the attended new country artists you'd need to know her latest album is called blood shot is side long and she's playing in the evening news tomorrow. Add to eight PEL. Are a lot of stuff going on this week and we talked about Chris Stapleton. With more than forty breweries in attendance. Many from the Carolinas beef fourth annual south hope end and our excuse me as south is not hops festival. That'll be at the corner of men street and Carson boulevard craft beer. Live cooking demonstrations. New blue. Blaze brewing beer garden. General admission tickets are there to about 35 bucks you can get to. Festival benefits. Blood are rescued me a local organization which showed. The rescues dogs before rehabbing them and placing Neman loving homes via festival runs two to 6 PM. South then to halt hops festival tomorrow. Corner of mint and Carson streets so there you go there are. Why don't more. It is a big weekend losses just go out on the festivals or start to show off the rain is that a showing up as well and that's gonna. Well I mean it's on its way I'm looking at doppler right now I don't see anything but it is gonna rain tonight and it's probably gonna rain now pretty awfully good night to a chance of rain is an 80%. So are movie you got a chance of scattered thunderstorms overnight. Dew storms could be severe. We'll go down to about 57 degrees tomorrow. Tonight's gives me. Tomorrow the rain should end early is for those of you like Moochie blues a Noah everyplace else has got festivals and and impeach fest and all of that stuff going on. Not tomorrow the rain should end early it'll remain cloudy. Which could be nice. I mean that beats 97 degrees who have a dew point of a 102 and thunder is. Possible for tomorrow night let me go back to our tomorrow. A chance of scattered thunderstorms. It's can I Penner and and tomorrow rain ends early. I'm remains cloudy thunder is possible tomorrow there ram and hi I'm about 74 for tomorrow your chance shall rain tomorrow 70% so I might not work out all that well for you tomorrow night partly cloudy skies. If you got big plans for Mother's Day on Sunday. Oh that's today held a lot of sunshine so alive and hides the low eighties and lows in the upper fifties. And then we'll head back into the weekend with a lot of sunshine are back into the week next week with a lot of sunshine and so are your sat. Heard they could be pretty iffy. Your Sunday for Mother's Day should be absolutely perfect one of the things going on tomorrow is the annual beer bourbon and barbecue festival at symphony park. Two to 6 PM. Huge all sorts of flavors to taste from the south they got sixty Beers to sample down there. Forty burdens. And you'll find lots of local barbecue vendors and live rock and bluegrass and bacon tastings. Now I had Miette bacon tastings. Toronto symphony park tomorrow from two's 6 PM on Sunday a Mother's Day double bill at Biogen angles coliseum. With the raw R&B royalty. Charlie Wilson used me with a gap band. Johnny gill. Six member of new addition. And went on some other solo stuff as well Joseph starts at 7 o'clock on Sunday. And and coach angles. A Mother's Day celebration with Charlie Wilson and in a Johnny yield 7 o'clock OJ angles Sunday ticket master. Dot com is where you wanna go for all of that the North Carolina brewers and music festival this is a big. 11:30. AM tomorrow. In hunter's bill. The infamous string dusters. Mandolin orange myth so. Which is a band that we got Ted turned on to. Back a year and a half two years ago I think they're out of Jerome. Pretty sure that's the case. Palm. They went up head up this our craft beer and acoustic leaning festival beer wine. Coup buckeye. Do I know what that is. Did buy and apparently nobody else does either. Enjoy that cider prominent regional local press is that the other world hill starts at 1130 tomorrow. Should it be a blast. Started today continues tomorrow in the C bruised. Music. Dot com if you need more information on that overdo the odd traffic sooner that we go hand hundreds still harbors a materialize 7723. Here's what we're Montana hey thanks John some good news right 85 southbound lanes are now open headed into guessing county this report is. Our survival ars headed board volleys are now open 85 southbound at exit thirty RU 485 still heavy residual delays releasing other lanes open and a traffic slowly beginning to recover. Have a dissident on the inner loop of I 485 near exit one south try ought also to the Celtics pollution on Sheridan road if Morrison boulevard. Park road at Mumford drive to the north of Harris boulevard and IBM drive a Mallard creek rootkit O'Dell school Rhode. Need to sell your home fast served for more money call Lars headed Borg of Keller Williams is 704. 4440055. That 704. 4440055. Or visit the high performance real estate dot com. WBT weather channel forecast showers and thunderstorms overnight with a low 57 clearing by afternoon tomorrow with a high 75. Sixty a hundred Israel 62 and a queen city. Next update at 550 boomer Von Kevin W VT all day time saver traffic. Sports are the weekend Major League Baseball they got the NBA playoffs that can ten you was that in fact continues tonight Boston and Washington on ESPN other players championships going on down there in Jacksonville area it to the sawgrass. And that determine a couple hundred times. Saturday night racing from Kansas. Been awhile since we've had a NASCAR race on a Saturday night alike who wonders night racing the go bowling 400. That's when neo monster energy drink your guys will be a drive and baseball includes the cubs in the cardinals this weekend that makes me happy. The. Like I said NBA playoffs Sunday Houston it to San Antonio. So other some good sports section on and I assume most of you got a bag in your mail. Tomorrow is the annual US postal workers stamp out hunger food drive. Are you leave nonperishable food donations in the air bag by your mailbox tomorrow and the letter carriers pick it up and and those donations gets split equally between loaves and fishes. And a second harvest and that's all a good thing and food lion is the original sponsor for the letter carriers stamp out hunger food drive and they're the ones who provided the stamp out hunger grocery bags. On mine is blue I assume yours is probably two and no those should have been delivered to homes this week so if you get a chance to longer route to a grocery store tonight. On getting you don't fill an open nonperishable items currently 49 million Americans. Are at risk. I'm going hungry. Including thirteen million children and about five million people over the age of sixty I remember asking my the last two postal carriers I have I had done Donald on the one I've got now. But I just both Obama said in this kind of a pain in the neck for you guys to have to go out and picked up food to all this stuff and I tell you what I found no negativity on this at all. It is extra work for a but I think they're a pretty pretty dedicated to this being a big day for them and I'm making a big impact so. It's a nonperishable food put it in that bag of uterine get a bag put it into bags stick it out there by your mailbox and and you can help some people. Which are all of it about much you Fallujah that's going on out it's mood she's in the F 151000. Block a vital while wrote in no Matthews as the fund raiser that's been going on since Monday. Fine we'll continue through Sunday. Two. Help but I defer the costs of the SA Jews home so when they auctioned that off as much money as is possible will end up had to say Jude don't already get well over a million bucks by the time the promotions all over with the house's being constructed. It's being billed by my former builder Jeff Newton now current friend. And no one of the guys who kicked off smooch people lose this fund raiser for a Jeff Newton announced. And the saint Jude's house is AM band named game phase and I got Harold on the Arab who was so you want to bass player and game face. I don't know why try and put all bass player of the leg and another guy girl whether great friend mine. We have kicked it off Monday night and they grab a big oyster roast out. If you are open you're just doesn't majority and Rondo really don't beat. Out of doesn't get away from his old prejudiced. It's amazing what they've done. William teeple is a last week was I got three day deal this week has been all week deal also are really. And that they're good real trend all of the bands that are playing are trying Ramos and there. There are donating their time. All of the that Sears merchandise sales chip market. Everything that they are giving. From there are donating to do this strategy. Sort of the shoot everybody is it didn't complete charity her party to an did their best to make this happen. Nine now I feel guilty by accepting a free T shirt oldest have to go pair for that tomorrow. Not sure yeah I know I've gone all be there tomorrow it's all up all approach Juanita out on the count or something out and desert bound feeling guilty I'll lose sleep over the. They pay less you're done we appreciate. Plug it dividend. Just that didn't really great event. Well ideas and anybody is ever met Jeff Newton no would know you can't say I'd diarrhea don't you noted Jeff anyway because his heart is absolutely in the right place on any understands via. The challenges of a special needs kids and Noah and things that pop up with the kids and he certainly understands the work of saint Jude and there's not an organization that I'm aware of that is as special. Or as unique as Cece Jews in Memphis a big kids go there. And parents never see a bill and that's just the way it's always been and I assume the way it's always going to be. And that's what I'll bet it is saint Jude dream homes throughout the country are being built to be a raffle off to raise money descend to saint Jude so they can continue to do the under believe more that they do so. Notre auditor phenomenal during. Hey I herald I appreciate you Colin may go bump in the tomorrow and I will all pay from a dam T shirt are outlawed or you are in effect thanks Carol appreciate call. Ardent you know Jesus the name of the place and it's 1506. Are not looking at right now I'm trying to do this from memory but it's idle wild road. And I think if you go to moved geez tavern dot com you'll be able to find menu items. And not anything else that you might tune have Oreo curiosity about so there you go. This'll make you wanna go to jail in Chicago. Inmates at Cook County Jail in Chicago can now order pizza directly from end to their cell. Why this incarceration things getting better all the time and it. And you don't have to get up for work the next day be a pizza is actually made by inmates right in the kitchens of the jail facilities. They can use commissary. Cash to pay for the pies which run about five to seven boxed. I am a bit in jail recently about I would think that five to seven boxes pretty good money renowned. They still use cigarettes is currency era. And there have. The inmates on a health kick now that. The sausage pizza is then and made favored but if our prisoners are feeling fancy they can order the seven dollar four seasons piety. Which is topped with mushrooms. And olives and then they give. And so precise time so what that is. We'll meet thing now revenue from the deliveries will or go to our training felons as chefs. So they can get jobs once they have finished their sentences. Now. This they said this is what Domino's. No they didn't say. So they're making the pizzas right there. Yeah I was wondered does that help them return chef surges and religious put on that little iron roller thing that basically you know motors and on through the but you would still learn how to Baghdad to do the dough and and and plus they get frozen dough and then you know we'll pick pizza in jail. She's getting better all the day's AI have a small small a Smart. Salt shakers now next time you re true assaults figure ask yourself the question how much federal mile likely. If this were a small salt shaker this appeals to me because sodium in my ear of the many years syndrome sodium kills me. I if I eat some of the night before and it's got a lot of sodium and I wake up the next morning and say. But check that label that's because it'll start Meyer will start screaming there's a company that is invented small. A Smart salt shaker say that Tony three times real fast that lights up and can deliver the perfect measure of salt when you pair it with Amazon's Alexa. And tell the shaker how much you want they can keep track how much salt you're using and then wait for it. It lights up plan technology. Now all the way to yourself. All right I don't know how much technologies involved in the next hour but I know mark garrisons pretty involved through that it Charlotte at six and its next.