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John Hancock
Thursday, May 4th

The GOP healthcare bill was passed by the House today. The Republicans celebrated while Democrats fumed. A class teaching 'Adulting.' Should the school teach basic adult things or should parents? I Read the News and much more.


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This is joining. Torres Thursday's regularly. She's on the whole service. Because drivers on the value of and polished black. Now her vegan. The palace. Pass the healthcare bill today now goes on to the senate and there will be a big to do it about 24 minutes in the Rose Garden. And only the record debt and playback for you or one all run alive depending on what happens it took 330 with the newscast and all that stuff but took. Republican legislature. Six weeks after the GOP pulled up earlier version of the the measure because it and have the votes to pass it. And so since then they got the conservative house fiscal our house freedom caucus on board. And edit change legislation to allow states get waivers from being required to use it to not charge higher premiums for people with preexisting conditions. And from having. To cover essential health benefits and stuff like that things like you know a maternity coverage and mammograms and so on. Com and down. If I have this right the measure over all would cut down Medicaid. Program for the poor. Our eliminates fines for people who don't buy assurance. Gives us a much smaller subsidies to help buy insurance. So it'll go to the senate and then they'll make some adjustments you can do is guarantee that and in fact that's what everybody is saying right now is what leaves the senate and goes back to the house. May not. May not he added it is ever dealt made on. Reflect what they've passed today at all but anyway Oreo there's all there's still road to go but it's it's a nice little victory for a offer trump Indiana house and it comes you know after the hundred day deal in. Nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office are originally estimated the first one. That'd get the votes or. That territory for a million Americans would lose their insurance by 226 under the legislation. And I like Alex fourteen million of them by next year. So the law that's being voted on our way has just been voted on today. Com. Allows for the Congressional Budget Office to give an updated assessment on the measure but that but they haven't done that yet so when I went where we have no idea. All right it's cost and all that stuff and benefits past the prospects in the senator pretty uncertain. I it'll face more Republican opposition and then it'll go back to I guess it goes at that point it would. By the senate would make adjustments on it and then it would go back to a house committee and then a would have soy it's it's still got a ways to go but they'll make a big deal out of it today because. Everybody else is made a big deal out of that not. I have in other than the the no on successes that they have had. In the first 100 days sets that's kind of been a diatribe that's been known driven down all although known. Top forty media sources out there that I think the president did today was to sign an executive order. That will weaken enforcement of this. Don't think they hardly ever use this IRS rule but that says religious organizations and other nonprofits. That endorse political candidates risk losing their capped the tax exempt status insult. Technically. And I read this and USA today. Only congress really has the authority to eliminate the jobs and amendment. And which applies to churches and nonprofits. So trumps order essentially can goes around that and asks the IRS to use. Maximum enforcement discretion. Over the over the regulation. So why the executive order on promoting free speech and religious liberty also promises regulatory relief for groups with religious objections to the preventative services required. In the Affordable Care Act. And then those requirements include covering birth control and I'll move drug. Should apply a religious groups like go on and did they listed the little sisters of the poor. Which have moral objections to pay for Contra BR contraception. So what this executive order. I'm not gonna make a whole lot of trust supporters have because I think there were probably wishing for a little bit more of a sweeping measure but anyway that's what's occurred today as all as well. So at 330. Com it was instinct as this vote finished. I don't remember what the final was it was close it was like 217 to 213 or something like them. And com and then almost immediately I don't know that I've ever seen anything like it. Almost immediately members of the house went in bordered two buses I mean. Walked out in masks. Down the stairs got on a couple of buses over to the Rose Garden at the White House. Because the president had tweeted out if if this is successful if this passes today were having a big to do in the Rose Garden immediately after the vote. In immediately after the vote means about nineteen minutes away from right now. So wobble we'll carry that for you know we'll see what they what they have to say it'll. But I know will there be beer that. That seems to me they'll be celebrating. On the other day I'm driving home and I'm a senator Mark Garrison and he's got Charles on and they do their food thing. And we still haven't gotten Charles vetoed Jack in the Box taco. That may be a good thing because I'm not so sure his review would necessarily be. I can't imagine Charles. Pallet being. But anyway it they were talking about chicken supreme Sam which is it bodes genitals. Any was talking about that comes with a battery new. And it's got three strips and it instead of one paddy and then they put bacon on top of that and got Christie pickles and error and I haven't at three strips instead of the one patty got more crunch in and it's always talking about also so are mom at a run by Wal-Mart last autumn or at home. Big big time life in the fast lane. And I went past what journals and went home and I thought I'll try one of those things so I got my chicken supreme sandwich and I took at all. I looked it up on the Internet to make sure I knew what to order when I got there. And it said day you know talked about the chicken strips and notably can in the blog the problem is that the other an eighty's zesty. Something or other sauce no what does zesty say deal slower zesty say deal. Yeah at heart. They may be sweet like good hearted but does it say hot deal. It it could. Yeah I don't know that I would just think you know we're going to be that it was going to be hot spicy hot. So I get home take a big ol' bite of it and. Mike tolerance for a spice hot. At 64 is not nearly what it was at 44. Not I was never the guy that was gonna need to goes peppers you know I was never but the but I can. I can take some heat. And my tolerance for heat now spicy now has a lot less than what he used to be there I take a bite of this thing. And it was good but all the sudden my mouth just lit up. To the point that I actually checked the sandwich because I thought maybe somebody had accidentally called pay your pepper some venom and no it's that zesty sauce and then once you've created and I say that well you know age you've got a good tolerance for heat this is no more than buffalo. The soft types you know he. But. Boy it caught me at that but I also tell you I agree with Charles. Pretty damn good sandwich. She. All right how's pastor bill and replace obamacare going to send us a little ways to go but. President. Senators passed they would have a a press conference in the Rose Garden almost immediately they announced it would start at 330 it started at 318 let's drop in. Importantly it's a great plan and ultimately that's what is all about. We knew that wasn't going to work I predicted it a long time ago is that is failing. And now it's obvious that it failing it's dead it's essentially did. If we don't pay lots of ransom money over the insurance companies it would die immediately. So what we have is something very very. Incredibly well crafted to you but there is a lot of talent. Standing behind me an unbelievable. Amount of talent that I could. And you know coming from a different world and only being a politician for a short period of time to come I don't imagine okay Impreza. I pray. Table I. That and I I thought you created a little bit more. More time they always told him more time but we didn't. But we have an amazing. Group of people standing behind me they work so hard. And they worked so long and what I said let's do this let's go out just short little shots were each one of us. And let's say how good this plan is we don't have to talk about this unbelievable victory was an unbelievable so we got to see it again. But it's going to be an unbelievable victory actually will we get it through. The senate and has so much spirit there but I said let's. Go out we have the littlest of some of the people and I think after that list goes if they don't call too long our first lives. Would know that some of the other folks just comeuppance or whatever you want. But we wanna brag about the plan because this plan really. Well. Yeah we May Day. But we just gotta talk a little bit about the plan how good it is some of the great features. I wanna thank Paul Ryan he has. I work so hard. And I mean joke and say you know fall for the last week I've been hearing Paul Ryan doesn't have that. It not work in with Paul Ryan. He's going to get rid of Paul arrived at today are polarizing genius he's come along I. In other groups have all come together we have the Tuesday group we have so many groups. We have the freedom call. As we have and they're all great people we have a lot of groups but they all came together really Pollack say in the last. 34 days especially in the last day. See market as she cabin I see so many people Jim. We just to have developed a bond this has really brought the Republican Party together as much as we've come up. With a really incredible. Health care plan this has brought. The Republican Party together. We're going to get this finished and then we're going as you know we put our tax plan and it's a massive tax cut to biggest tax cut in the history. Of our country I used to say the biggest since Ronald Reagan. Now we're bigger than that. Also pure tax reform. So we're gonna get that done next and this really helps in a lot of people say how come you kept pushing health care knowing how tough it is also yet. Obamacare took seventeen months. Hillary Clinton tried so hard. Really valiantly and off terrorists to get health care through didn't happen. We've really been doing this for eight weeks if you think about it and this is a real plan this is a great plan. And we had no support. From the other party. So. I just wanna introduce somebody can use a few words who really has. Yeah and I think treated very unfairly but it no longer matters because we won. And we're gonna finish it off and we're gonna go on to a lot of other things and we are going to have. Eight tremendous news. More years and may be even more importantly we're gonna have a tremendous eight years but we're gonna start off with just a great first year. And Paul Ryan comeuppance a few words congratulations. Job well done. Thank you. Iraq first not. Thank you Mr. President thank you thank you clearly you're I. Can't. There are too many people to name who played such an important role in helping us get to this part. But I wanna think of a few people in particular. I want to thank chairman Greg Walden. Cavern Brady Diane black Pete Sessions in the members of their committees. For all the hard work they put into getting us to this point. I want to thank all the other members who contributed to making this the best bill possible it really was a collaborative consensus driven effort. I also want to thank the team here at the White House. I wanna think Tom price I want to make more mania and I wanna think ranks preakness we could not have done this with out you gentlemen. You guys for the next. Of course. This would not have been possible if that works for these two gentlemen behind me is a fourth president's yes or but I have never. Ever seen any kind of engagement like this. I wanna think might trans and I think president Donald Trump for their personal involvement in working with our members in working to get this right for getting this done and getting us to where we are thank you general. First speaker of the house Paul Ryan fail it's like every time a legitimate thinkers river. Mean they're just just like two n.'s. But they the the house. Past replacement for obamacare today. It'll cut Medicaid it'll repeal tax booze on the higher earning people. It eliminates Obama cares so fines on people who don't buy insurance you did against many of them are smaller federal subsidy to work where. It now moves on to the senate it'll face some difficulty there are it'll probably then returned to the house and house committee and how much it reflects what they passed today. After gets done in the senate I guess would be the big question. But other pretty happy the president had tweeted out but right before the vote if this passes. Oh well I'll play press conference in the they all piled into buses headed over to the rose garden and started press conference twelve minutes early. Which never happens. Hello I have been all gathering in the Rose Garden Republicans all the Republican health care bill passed this is the house today goes on to the senate now on the battle is far from over. There's a victory for the proper administration today and right before the vote trumpet tweeting out that if it past Serbia. Press conference immediately in the rose garden and it was that announced it would be at 330. Our and it's actually started about 318 I don't know that I've ever seen a press conference start ten minutes earlier there was about ten minutes late. But this is a big victory I suppose for other drug administration in so they wanna do relegated and its hedging because trump made his remarks and then now speaker of Paul Ryan made his remarks. And then they've as a trump said they've had a number of people go up and not make some remarks about what's in the bill in the senate the other. And he said if they kept it short enough that they get to the second wave of people who can talk about does some of the things it's in the builds on over. But I've noticed that out of the four people who have come up and spoke all of them are pulling papers out of the O lapel of their own pockets and on that of their suits. So that'll pretty prepared to be. To be successful for that. So that's what's going on there I think my favorite story of the day. There are are are the protesters who were down into Duke Energy. Because Duke Energy is having their shareholders meeting today so there have been a big protest on merit. No matter how big it is a blessing to television accounts to have both shooting from the same angle. Well both look electors may be I don't know. That's unfair for native assess a number they can have thousands down there may be it's just bad camera angles that makes it look like about twelve point four people. But Tom to you gotta protest. Big big banner down their Duke Energy stop hiding. Rocked gas blocks. Solar that would be fractured gas wouldn't it racking. But the interesting thing about the protesters down at the Duke Energy building all the shareholders' meeting is going on. These shareholders meeting is being held on line. For the first time ever. So you're protesting. Well I you know I hired as yet protests are more. But it just seems I don't know. In Duke Energy has refused to disclose where the meeting is being broadcast from but they have said that you live video Lola featured do you have CEO Lynn good. And and then the company's General Counsel and it's head of investor relations. And no good said at the start of the proceedings today that it duke is quote very excited. Close quote. To host its heard on the first on line annual meeting. Critics of the online meeting are arguing that they did the move feels like maybe an attempt by duke do silence its critics. In other words you'd protest outside all day long we're not bear nobody's going to see you. You're a tree and a forest. You're falling no one will aerial. But I always loved corporate. CEO. Explanations. On things like their first. Online shareholders' meeting. Quote this is from wind good. We believe it allows our shareholders around the globe to participate more easily in the governance of the company. We've designated today's meeting consistent with our commitment. And ask anybody you want around Allen steam plant they feel about those. Today's meeting consistent with our commitment. To be transparent. And accountable. To our shareholders. We'll be different under customer serious when it. I stand corrected. So anyway others they protest going on uptown Charlotte having to do with the Duke Energy but they're holding their shareholders meeting on line today. So I really wouldn't know what they need to do next year's get together with Wikipedia or prudent. So they can protest on line and disrupt something rather along the way it's that's my suggestion. Although I don't condone that kind of they can vote behavior. I yesterday the FBI director James told me appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee you know you've read about this a defended sending me a letter to a congress eleven days before the election saying elections saying that you know Hillary Clinton. Emails had been found enough. Clinton of course sources said that's that played a significant role in her loss to a Donald Trump. And I his phraseology yesterday James combing FBI director trays elegy said that Dell while he feels quote. Mildly. Nauseous. And that's the feeling you get a lot about four miles into a 500 mile trip in the backseat of the car. That starting to feel mildly nauseous and think and issues regular Dramamine. Or you're an hour into a three and a half hour flight. And you can't find the barf bag in their pocket in front of your. To me is gonna have to ask somebody for. And you may not have a lot of time. Are we gonna reducing budget. Do we get sick on an airplane. That is a look at earning. I'm I take is it boat nine because it doesn't make retired Pedro remain just. But I CIA for an emotionally it could be my ear there's a very equally removed Burgos kind of would do with me were. But when I was kid I never get on federal. This is your worst fears that you end up sitting with some straight kid on an airplane and he gets sick industry and I'll slide by myself as parents were my personal thrust front and was nine. Ten slide down. Probably Dallas deceive my relatives parents mom puts me on the plane this before TSA has security related walked into the gate. Mar Moxley down puts me you know they blocks in the plane puts me in my seat. And then you know. When I guess in Dallas there's somebody right there at the gates pick me up is Baghdad that's the good old patient enough to now you've got to make arrangements to have to dual list of anyway I'll fly and then. And I'm in the middle seat little seat. With the two adults on both sides of me and they were about the general nice and all the sudden I felt speaking of a James drumming I felt. Mildly now should this. And I did general region to the pocket in front of me an actual like I was looking at the magazine but I was looking for barf bag and there wasn't one there. And I knew I had. Three or four says talk finally told the person sitting next to me. Do you. I'm not feeling good I'm afraid I'm gonna throw up. And she reaches into her purse and she hands hands me a peace ago. And she says Choo this and it'll help you with your with being nauseous. And so I did. And it didn't work real well. And I think among the things of that land may have landed on earth. When I did probably lose it. We'll is that he's a good. There do. I know hopefully she's passed by now and she doesn't remember this. A terrible day in her life it's. Okay. Any email I I guess I subscribe to paste. Is to be an actual magazine now it's more of an online time Bruins. I like it because they kind of follow my music genre and they've been really good to be your Brothers over the years and sort and so forth and know most of you know about association with the Davis. So they have ideal about the 100 best indie folk albums of all time and first of all indie folk to sounds. I don't know what the hell did folk music is eight EA you know combed by. Peter Paul and Mary and I knock and that serendipity singers Sam knock him out. But that's always been a problem with David Brothers is how do you classify him and one of the reasons I think they've been so. Successful. Visage can't classify them there's about the time you do rule. They defy you think they do some song that's not even close to a category and and this paste magazine thing got a said the same thing no music genre is a particular. Easy to find but indie folk is about as nebulous as they come. And they said in compiling our rankings here we defined its aero as beginning in 1972 with Nick Drake says seminal pink moon. But mostly ignored until late mid ninety's when acts like Elliott Smith and Julie Welch. And in the booming right Tara around the time. And event that they launched paste about that same time. So musically they say were looking for that glorious amalgamation of traditional folk elements acoustic instruments vocal styles. The burgeoning. Indie rock scene. Tom and it talks about albums that are filled with the pokey songs. That would Debbie at home on college radio right next to post rock and dance tracks there's an overlap with alt country. Coffee house singer songwriter orchestral pop. Indie rock so anyway it's an amalgamation of a whole bunch of things. So under that guise. They come up with a 100 best indie folk albums of all time and there's a lot of artisan there. Well I immediately went looking for the Abrams. They get to the listings. There's not too many people that got to listings on this list there are a few that got to. But they obviously a paste is always like the Davis. As the 47. Best. Indie folk album of all time. They picked I am loving you from 2009. Said there artistic breakthrough d.s future arena filler from North Carolina polish their scruffy Americana sound intelligent blamed the result. An overpowering acoustic album brimming with sadness and soul quote. I was worried that I'd start crying while I was listening to work but I waited until I got all the paste colleague told me. That's an accomplishment the title track a mediation on the three little words is that. Three hanky affair into itself writes nick marine assault 47 on the list best ever. Indie rock indie folk. Albums of all time. Then I went looking to see if they had a second listing. And they do. They make the top ten at number nine. Bothered John misty is right behind there with this fear for an album. And bright eyes his right front of them with their I'm awake album and the David Brothers at number nine best indie folk album all time. Emotionalism. Throw mud 2007. Well quite frankly emotionalism. Always been my favorite album of their senate probably has to do with our. Associated earlier and we helped him get to emotionalism. And then they took off without a self driven out. And I'm not giving ourselves a drugs say and always has kind of thought that Turkish that was added that was adult friends who were label. Our record before they always were proven and it all that and a level Rubens don't want them but I I think emotionalism Stoller best album. So lob did today when I was jumping in the shower. I got Alexa and her with me you're taking a shower with Alexa. Your retirement. And I said Alexa. Play the David Brothers emotionalism. And so she started track and emotionalism I haven't heard I have not sat through and listened to the entire album a long long time MMR Goodell. And and really do get different you know I mean there's all sorts of different. Twists and turns and but dom two songs and in the 100 best of all time. Little bit off hometown anger on the eight Brothers who were up. Get credited do some sort of festival was Willie Nelson which last two days I think two different locations and remember what they are. Is that Austin someplace survey where they're doing no a couple of dates with the Willie. And. And then they'll do their three nights so which has become tradition no two red rocks I'll be there. So why. I don't know. Talk about a lot of things are having in my career here since 1990 Billy VT did the David dull friends are called me it's an area that has been out of Concord a sort of like have a noon. Cannot play for your summer afternoon and they don't we do we had done no we don't do it as much now as we used to but do we had done musical groups and a lot of people. And I don't know why I said yes but I say no we Asher I didn't know who gulf was either going to be your brother's were already anointed him but we hit it off almost legally is still wouldn't know what to class for other music when they came in her head a month three more times still that know what to classify it. And at one point it just became an important. Because they just kept on knocking down doors and play in the alignment and play in the grand Ole opry and played you know and Merle fest and bottom ruined Telluride and it's been knocking the doors don't ever since pretty good stuff there's a new class of a gun at that gassed in college it's called adult thing. Why no one. Say should teach you this in high school. It's them. It's insane or in this building right now I asked poses to be truly office and has a lot of people. Because I overhear or I have gotten into conversations about student assignment with people know my kids are long gone from the schools. Armed so I don't have a dog in the fight anymore. And I have done on his movements due diligence is like Canon reading about the proposal and stuff but they but anytime you get a student assignment and. It's gonna come down to how does it affect my kid in my school. And that's for opinions are going to be based the big deal between says children deal worth. What they had thus did the meeting couple days ago. I know people who have kids in search field. They love this new plan they can't wait. In some cases to be. Associated with the deal worth people the door people would at least from Morris on the meeting her and they don't seem to be nearly as enthralled with the association with surge. Edged field. So it just comes down I mean I even I who don't have kids in school anymore but do the schools I grow up with when we lived over an hour Cameron wood off of park road for at Torrey north toward yours my kids graduate of south Mac. They went to a quell all middle school. Mom and someone case. Because when I met Susan they were at two do Wear traditional. It is still one of my favorite places in the city is still slow that building and it's sitting in that. But. It's Smithfield elementary over there is so well. And so why are middle looked up. Quail hollow and self Mac just to see how that would affect them a no lose some students. To water Caroline no gain some students from modern world was Harding or somebody's. One of the things we've always talked about. And I guess. 01 of the things I go fight against a sometimes in my mind is. You have unbelievable. Numbers of kids that are in public school systems across country and all sorts of different challenges. On in and day and age there weren't right now on that includes security. And busing in finding bus drivers competent bus drivers enough they can drive the buses to meet the needs of you know of all the sudden you're starting to bus kids here there and everywhere. That takes more money that takes more buses that takes more personnel on minerals are all the things that they. But curriculum sometimes I wonder if this goals haven't dug themselves too big a hole on curriculum. And has not don't want holed the really bright students back. But there are some basics that I think every kid should walk out of high school with and and and I don't think their teachers net anymore and I did not they say they weren't teach you know when I got out of high school. Like what is the process for applying for a mortgage on the house just out of curiosity I mean know what you know what they do that stuff that somebody ought to know. What the challenges ahead of them if they if they have. A vision to be at home or at some point or another. Are they should know that you're gonna have to have ten or 20% down another process and no credit rating and is that near the problem. There's a classic gassed in college that my family's having great fun with right now on our email. But it's called adult thing 101. Being an adult. These days is an easy says the Lincoln Harold. And gassed in college knows that and to daddy and colleges now offering and they don't altering 101. A basic life skills class. Pertains. And the class what introduced teenagers to some basic life skills that every adult should hang out. Why is it on gas and college to do this. I guess what I don't quite understand is if you're gonna use gassed and college why would you not used gassed in college for the really Smart kids. Who have already mastered the high school curriculum why would you not send them to gassed and colleges part of their senior year to challenge them. So that they would so it so it wouldn't be a breeze to an event I mean to challenge them. And then why would you not use. Your basic. K through twelve to prepare all kids for the world that they are get ready to walk into. The topics of this classic Aston college range from the basics of car maintenance. I mean I read that today you know were participants will learn how to change a tire and check oil. And amongst other skills. Now that's sounds elementary it sounds elementary to meet tilt but you know what. I can still get underneath a 55 or 53 should be or 289 or 283 Aries you know for a Wiren picked. But on the new cars. I should take that class I'm not so sure how I would change the oil on this truck I'm driving right now. I told the story about heaven behind the trailer 2000 years ago and I took it to metric wrench is late Scott Morrison company. And they had to remove the transmission to get to something. And I walked back into the next day and a hood was blocked on my car and I went over there and half my engine was gone. I said. That's transmission. And he said oh yeah. I got a call engine so to some extent. They've that the new cars today the new technology that three point six liter of 300 and are in horsepower you know whatever. It's not the same as though working on the old flat bad dude affords and as a lawyer you know that was easy stuff then. Talk I thought well that's that's a pretty and everybody should know how to change a tire. If for no other reason than to help somebody else. So that's part of what they do in this adult thing 101 aghast in college. The job. Among some of the other skills they teach in is a jolting one no one. Yoga for stress. And it. But I blame whatever. Not so sure I would put that in about. How to fill out that tax return. How about. Whether I have about how to configure whether or not you can need to fill out the 1040 EZ or whether or not you need to goal brought a bit broader than that. You don't have to know how to do a complex tax return if you get to that point oh Turbotax or build funders of an accountant but. If you're just you know earning coming out of college money. And you don't have right Aussie you don't have all that stuff. You should know oh you don't maybe I can tell my own taxes or at least know what the processes or no with the difficulty of it. Other subjects that will include. Our on how to plan a budget. Which most people should half. Now he makes so much money you don't know what to do with it then maybe you don't need a budget. But most of you should probably have a budget. How to balance a checkbook. Is that still important today with a all of the go online no statements and everything else yes. You should know how to balance a checkbook you should know how to keep track of your money. You should be able to find a five dollar mistake that the banks made. On your own and it decides that it's a great exercise for your mind to balance your own checkbook. So don't teach that in this gassed in college costs. Adult thing 101. Eating healthy on a budget. Relations with law enforcement. Now that's sounds pretty elementary. But that should be taught in high school till there's quite frankly the roles change. My dad taught me that you get out of the car or a cop stops you. You don't do that anymore you did. In 1960 whatever it was but you don't get out of the party more I'd I learned that the hard way wonder what are Dobson get back in the carpenter hands on the steering wheel and just answer the questions I ask you. So bottom job search skills it will be one of the things that they teach in guest in college. Those rules changed Terrell. If you make out our Reza made. And our cover later and sarge senator it to people do you get a response or is it do you go online. Ed as to what they had been used to be that you should take your resume and figure out how to get it down to one page that was one of the little rules of I don't know what the rules are today I'm not to looking for a job not anticipating it Evan had to look for one broil. Thank you lord self defense and safety. Be one of the things that's offered at a jolting one all want it guest in college. Well why isn't that taught in the public schools instead of this gymnasium this. Climbed the rope and touch the ceiling nor volleyball weaker way I ordered as they do these days. Salt I you know I don't know like I say this originally came to me is kind of a joke. But the more I looked at at the more I thought to myself this is exactly what we've been claiming her while we've been screaming now for the last. Eighteen years but this is one of the things that high schools should be teaching. Not all hold back bright students. But on the other hand you should walk out of high school where they pretty good grip. On what it takes to survive. It's still gonna be up to yield it's still gonna be up to your initiative. And and and your hard work and and and your character and it's seen all the same things are still gonna rely it's still gonna be your responsibility. To get yourself to be successful. But all of these things to meet you should know when you're walking out of high school you shouldn't have to take a 101 class. At a community college you should already know coming out of high school some of the basics of life. Which is kind of what this is sort of being talked. And then if you've got a kid that so far exceeds what the high school curriculum is teaching. The challenge of sorts and I'm off to a community college or something for part of their day. And chip and and and put him at a hundred or 200 series course. And challenge the ones that need to be challenge. But the ones that are I don't believe everybody should go to college. God bless that guy who's who picked up my trash every week. That's not a job you would want. But that's the job they've got in if they didn't have it. I have a lot of trash. I classic Gaston County is designed for team's sixteen to eighteen years of the three day course they'll meet June 20 in the 22. Hide goes from 9 AM till 4 PM so it's like are concentrated and doled plus. Gas in college Dallas balance that you say that Dallas campus. And the FE is a hundred bucks. And I'm all for don't get me wrong I'm not chastising her guests in college for having it but to me almost all of the skills. Save possibly the yoga. Better offered in this course to me. Should be offered in high school. Should somehow or another about culminate in your knowledge. Of all the things that we mentioned when you get that diploma. Just as part of your basic. Education as required in this country to then enter society and have a shot. I and one of the things that I thought was uninteresting in near one of those subject matters is relations with law enforcement. On and that's not just for African Americans boys and girls that's for that's for everybody. Two children to respect maybe but also have you may be understand a little bit better what it's like to be on that side of the equation. Especially if you're somebody who has no respect for cops in the first place. You know maybe maybe that's maybe that's a good but maybe you have an officer come teach that another get to meet a real guy. I don't know I come to me it all should be all discussion of a come out of high school as opposed to our avenue be done in a college Michael's upn WB TJ Michael. Hey John how are good thank you very I completely agree I got seven kids. And they they definitely have a skill. Than say it was eighteen total for that collapsed. Hi it's it's aimed at sixteen to eighteen year olds. How accurate sex scene I mean or start a war mr. McGraw I need to know. Those like skills that. I bet that hit the net. You know society on oil and electrical engineer. All of our restruct candidates for my two youngest ones they're really opened my eyes as well just add. Up. Good to board spiritual and they're talking now than in high school. They have no interest a lot of college and they want to work their hands. There and our cabinet they're at school. Let it go to school pushing them toward. College prep. Instead. Trait which literally pick. Up. And it you know there are similar. At the other language because they mean college. Well I had. They paid don't teach like I hate it myself but it junior high school we had battle chop wood shop. And other liability issues now. I used to love shopped. This to love shop I in fact I've still got a gavel and a stand that I made from my dead when I was a junior I think in high school yeah on elated. I mean they're working on related to a sort of the neatest things I ever did in school I thought it was there I thought it was great pitcher right YouTube kind of learned a basic. A good tool mentality. Sure and say you know it all we've lost a lot of us are the trade skill in this country. You don't seeger traits like used as well. We we discourage him. And actually just yes that would like yeah we discourage it to our own kids you better study here you're gonna grow up to be a dog get juror you're gonna grow up to be a trash man or you're gonna grow up to be OL whatever we discourages. And I got to wage jobs somewhat fortunately my boys to do some of that do a lot of kids don't have that opportunity. And then they come hell or high school they don't. Aldridge still got to start with no skills and learn at all on the job and then wandered into work. Yeah and on and Michael appreciate Colin and and to some extent wonder. Why the schools into Asian jewel of the first let's I don't understand why we disparage. Blue collar vocational jobs. I don't they understand. Plumbers make good money. Is that I've already 124 days and to hear Tony 17241. Days ago. Did Star Wars day JF war. You've got to Madoff fourth he would feel. Maybe just be hidden in your guests for tomorrow's they go to mile will be at stone dressed only get off tomorrow night. I don't know what we'll take care how long it'll take to get their budget have power supply vessels from place. 63645. So much I got older wandered into stone grows to help celebrate Cinco De Mayo all of your floated to do the same. My favorite restaurant with two locations. We'll be it's still impressed location. Harper traffic senators your other option in that regard. 1998. Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski given four life sentences plus thirty years and federal by a federal judge in Sacramento under a plea agreement to spirit in the death penalty. I think he's out super Max Sydney Florence Colorado. Miss your hands here hand and gave Rudolph and natural days and sort of think people. Canadians. Eight. Are hoarding skippy peanut butter because it will no longer be sold bear. Twitter lit up with support off for the Minnesota team unit didn't have they had date for the prom so she took her acceptance letter to Harvard. As her date. Yeah I mean I'll be popular but my prospects are pretty bright. Guess that's what that says suck. North Korea has admitted arresting an American who teaches accounting. It just doesn't add up. And. The Eagles are suing a Mexican establishment called hotel California for unlawfully giving the impression of a direct link between the hotel. And the growth. And you heard about the woman at the Saint Louis cardinal baseball game raised by a stray bullet the other night. And they don't think that came from inside the stadium that figure came from somebody shooting up in the air you know what goes up must come down. The that would freak you right out wouldn't and shouldn't or watching a game. At that ballpark feel you know the sounds the smells the and all the sudden a bullet drops in on you. That would free to write up. I'll tell you about the Google box thing although I thought it Ritter thing last night to say Google would shut down this message for Phishing scam but if they have you should know about it. If plus somebody wants you to go into a Google docs under a computer and I don't do it. If somebody invites you to edit a file in Google docs. You don't open it. It today it and I don't know why would anyway ass thing about disaster in about this last night I don't know why you would anyway. If somebody wants you to jump through hoops that you don't know who they are. I mean an open attachments. Yesterday I got something from my wife. But it wasn't anything that I guess are waited until she got home to say did you send me. And she said she did met. I mean somehow or another now what they do they find out names in your email and than they send you something. I get I get stuff all the time address to me. And all it has is a link. And everything else under just got a link I've never clicked on one of those in my life. As I've said before I am not going to be the guy of one Julian price plays that watches everybody's computers go up to abysmal in on saint. Source somebody invite you to edit a file and Google docs don't open it it's probably spam from a Phishing scheme. That's been spreading really quickly enough that every newscast I've seen today is talking about at the attacks against targets. And email invitation from someone that they may know. Takes them to a real. Go to Google sign in screen. Then ask you to do continue to Google docs. And this grants permissions to weigh malicious third party web app. That's simply been named Google docs. Which gives fissures across access to your email on your address book. All right and if they get you know they're they're going after probably everybody on your email list. Saw logs so be careful out there if not for yourself. For the rest of us. FaceBook closing in on two billion users I read the news today oh boy. What was the one before that. They did that Justin Timberlake bought. MySpace. How quickly we forget. FaceBook are closing in two million monthly users people who visit the social media service at least once a month an average of one point 28 billion people use FaceBook. Every single day. That's about what most of the show I think it's one point 28 billion. And. And. And we are seeing some showers wandered through we haven't seen him here where we are but. Our north they vs some pretty good judge downforce and that's forecast overcast with the rain showers at times it is really supposed to pick up action probably after. 7 o'clock to nine. And that's the time I've been told but I wouldn't. I wouldn't Jews live in the stone necessarily but to know what is happening is supposed to be happening and you'll see showers and thunderstorms tonight down to about 58. And then we're cloudy again tomorrow Wednesday a chance of rain showers still a slight chance. On and a high of about sixty and then no wander on and no luck tomorrow and I want brought it to cinco it to. Cantina 1511. I shower possible early few clouds so from time to time low 47 tomorrow night anyway it could be did did most of the rain should be on butter moral evening so a cinco should be perfect. But anyway you you might encounters from rain under way don't. We're talking about a new class that's being offered a guest in college effort kids a sixteen to eighteen years old called adult thing 101. Our teacher Asia thousand things how to change a tower not tire enough. And balanced checkbook and I and that's just a couple of but things job search skills and safe just self defense and safety you know we were gonna kind of limiting them to meet high schools ought to be sending kids out prepared with the information it shouldn't take it collagen majority be done but. I've taken a few calls all in that sense Rick's up on WBT Erica appreciate all the. Rick. Earlier did not hold. I appreciate him trying to hold sort of victory there. Rick's gone jays up on WBT AJ and are gone and I'm good are you so far so good for her. This is. This is a three day to day three day course. Well it's actually lasts a couple of weeks. And did that teaches basic adult keen skill as a war banking. Credit that that's the main thing talking about the money and how to control your credit and I don't really know splurge on things that you shouldn't. The how do you know so much about how well or better get out. It's I did I got I think it's a great course. Some high and mighty I'm not to chastising guest in college for having had I think it's a much needed. But I also believe that most of the stuff that you guys are bringing up in this course should be taught as part of a high school curriculum that you should have those kind of basics. Coming out of high school 'cause not every kids going to college and nor should they be. Hum threatened to. No not at all and I totally agree with you should certainly be taught in high school should be part of everyday life. Once you get that point learn more responsibility for good thing about it is that it is being offered to high school students over the summer. Jay are you part of guest in college broadcast. And I am as a matter properly we Giambi had a would you he would. Armed did I say that because as someday I'm gonna retire here and I'm gonna come up and beat on your door and see if I can hang out with you -- her and tiger welcome back hang out here any time we tell anybody to come on Anna hang out -- and -- -- -- I do the Keller institute for Dan valley up it to happen every year and all that great you know I hang out with kids for a day and and it's I don't know I think that's gonna wanna like to do an accordion John Hancock well you can certainly be -- to mentor had gotten it out while I would do I would be good plus I would stale on new music which is increasingly harder to talk restoration deliberately absolutely racially advantage of YouTube do you know the thought process on how they decided to start offering this. Well they had seen this many other colleges throughout the area were offering their courses such as this and they saw an opportunity so they leapt at it and is adopting one or one has seemingly taken off. Yeah I love the idea. I just did the advisory said earlier I think you know I don't wanna hold kids back but some kids are too Smart for high school until maybe they should be sent a guest in college in part of their senior curriculum and take some courses that. But the challenge them a little bit more than what the high schools will but I think this should be a curriculum for every kid whoever graduates from a public school that they should have a basic knowledge of what it takes to apply for a mortgage or how to change a tire on a car or duet several tax return and attract him so he just your basic life skills. It did just so you're not intimidated by life when you're walking into it you gotta you already know. I'll buy essentially they're all what attacks or ms. and how to fill it out and so on and so when your target intimidation outweigh earlier on right now and then and then go afterlife with a vengeance. Attleboro report now AJ appreciate you listen I appreciate Colin thank you so much out all right LT goes here comes Jack on WBT Ajax. Hey John how one thing we've beaten in the or that even before school walks kill. Well in a perfect world all vote did reject I think one of the problems we have today is the increasing number of the families that don't raise their own damn kids. That's exactly why I'm in Qatar of course are important for our own to earn on our air for the future well I'll leave the government pathetic terrible. Easy guy I agree but easier said than done because I you've got you've been you've got all holes segment of society that modes essentially. I I don't know. I had been they don't raise their kids and in fact. The one of the more interesting things I've ever found is when they have when they cancel. Leon day of school because of whether or something like that. The calls that we get hero essentially that are say well what am I supposed to do. Please post Eurasia kid that's. Play at all and I understand you got a job but you you don't use your kid there's going to be its goal on Friday that's your responsibility schools don't. But please don't we let the schools raise them so I agree with you Jack but I. I'm not so sure that you see just sort launch say hey. Parents. Find out we've been talking. It's actionable segment fifties but I did they got to got to a guest in college get credit offer a course this this summer three day deal forty deal 9 AM till four it's called adult and 101. And they teach us stuff that today you're you know you should have a basic knowledge of the skills that every adult should have. Now I've by pro I think this is one of the jobs and high schools around should take care of but I'm happy to see the guest and colleges are picked up slack. And I among justices of the topics that don't cover in this in this deal aimed at sixteen and eighteen year olds. I basics of our car maintenance so where you know participants learn how to change a tire check engine oil or. And that sounds elementary but I'm telling you the new cars as opposed to the cars that many of us worked with are completely different animals. Yoga for stress management. Which demonstrates methods of relaxation and reducing tension. So it is going out your backyard and screaming at the top yearlong study your horse just about a or you can go to Karl well has probably a better example. Other subjects will include data plan a budget. How to balance a checkbook I'm Brenda several people write is I c'mon John I ever balanced a checkbook and Tory years. Well I don't know that I have either be you should know how to do it. It's I'm not gonna say it's like. Geometry equation but I mean to some extent. He should know how to do it. All right it's also a great exercise for keeping your mind sharp. I eating healthy on a budget will be covered in this thing relations with law enforcement is something that we have. Understand now I think more than need to. I talked about the lessons I got from my dad when I was a kid was that if you're ever stopped you get out of the car he faced the officer yes sir no sir. You get out of the car now on face the officer you're in trouble. Or you'll get a reprimand sold the rules have changed and a lot of stuff the rules changed job search skills will be one of the things covered with us adult and class aghast in college. It's not just cover and it's not just come up with a resume and cover letter anymore it's it's still I don't know that I can tell you. I'm not looking for a job I'm not anticipating looking. Job. I haven't looked for a job. And eighteen years. So I you know I I I think job search skills would be or you would would be well worth your time self defense and safety I think that's a great idea. So the NA NA and again I don't wanna hold really bright students back but maybe that's word. Maybe that's worse the really bright students head off to college or community college for some other courses of courses that would challenge them. It it did you know while still us a high school senior. Our guest in college take of 10200 series course. Take an advanced course in some immature really interest to do and if you don't earn so. Toilet phones we know Jerry's up on WBT hey Jerry. Hey I'm they get area I don't agree you are what you look on your bag I would expect Irish girl stood discipline and our children. They have been chastised or try to keep discipline her children they spent a lot of talent at all reduced the weight. Meg gets up pretty neat now I don't know how hard they tell me how to articulate. How did didn't at. And you know. I didn't take this outage thank you trap they tell me about her days yeah my unlike you that you thought they'd actually disagree on that point. Well that's because you understated or misunderstood what I said my point was too many parents expect the schools to raise and discipline their kids. I understand I understand that the parameters of being able to actually do that aren't there earning a longer but too many parents send their kids off to school and think that the rest of the day is terrorist. They've got no more obligations. I hope they are all part was Dickey said that. We expect that they each spooked a disciplinary Kunin that they get on this day. Now some some parents still expect the schools to discipline their children and that's why they have children when no discipline. Right yes I agree yeah well good tumble ever got another way Craig you're on WBT act. They get after nine what should I someone got a two part to this like a quick give one must chosen to upgrade he. I gave I told them I was gonna pay a minimal wage and work in the art we started at 8 o'clock fired him by 10 o'clock. And apple and now you go and sound housing until the Stanley. You lost your job that you're in a responsible and then the next thing addition to that rim does not. The glass reflective. Mirror. And you look into it and that's the person that you blank. You take full responsibility. Because that's what you can bet with you set up their do the job and you failed in your identity are famous for example or not. My primary reason for calling it. When must I graduated I ask what he was gonna do for a living and nothing against I have to wait. Economic growth and after notre worse than ever since then since bing instead buy a basket Weaver. Since that he. Three minutes later he constantly says. I knew the scholarship program when I was at the school. Consequently he just signed up for and ended up going to force South Carolina for two years and got a full time job with caterpillar. As a mechanic. And that and the diesel mechanic absolutely delighted beautiful internship. If you go for too late comeback home there are roughly two weeks. Through benefit the whole nine yards to go back to can't wait to get it. Not yours and Greg appreciate the call we discount those jobs. I don't think that we necessarily conscientiously do that but we discount those jobs. We we put our pressure way I have ever since I was in school but you gotta go to college should be a success as bull. That college is a great. Exercise. And high and it and I don't disparage college it is the road. Just successor medic. But it's not the absolute road for everyone. That was wander over tell him Jennifer underwent PGA Jennifer. John I don't I'm great thank you. Good I am I agree. On keeping out yeah it should be the parent that that are teaching them in the at the apparent. As we had too many that aren't good appearance. In the apple apparently you know my very well before college aged. They should know the basic and hot but would be good and they're talking about karma has been. At sixteen they should be starting at least up with. Crennel the permitted at all that back in the back in the day when we learned probably weary look about all Art Bell saying. But it's a different world now on that mocked on it and demonstrate I've already got him thinking about. What he might or could be. I already have. I like they've ramping. Two. I haven't actually gone through the program but the youth spirit that he that he would do and the unit part in and saying that he did that and really enjoy it. Eight also went out not have him Marty even though no single mom I think in everything he needs the that it could be mainly. I'm glad that you can point him in the right direction absolutely and I am constantly. Like modern human right now in my other. I'll want it to his doubters not ever be right now without the reds knocked out at about a unique and a change tire chain are old and I haven't done either one and ears but it at it in and let. If you forgive probably figured out. I gotta go but don't indeed danger good knowledge sevenths seventh grade what he wants to be. Comic yet feeling toward engineering and now like and in that. Now I had no idea when I have today I had that I store I guess I cannot Jennifer appreciate dog it's a kind of new radio I mean I'd already been put on work study of the localized although a local radio station where the benefits aluminum out. Small town. But I don't know that I absolutely positively knew what I wanted to do rust in my life. And and consequently I have friends who have voted kids with challenges and and if they're in their twenties might tell the parents. You've got to find a way that. Thank you you put the foundation and there they'll be okay. Prior about the gas in college doing this adult and 101 class which I think is great. And apparently. Some to some degree still already offered in high schools always Greg Beth who's on the wrong. The line right now hey Beth how are you. Hi how are you be a good lighted welcome to get out you'll. Thank you. I just didn't share weight on your list Eric as well as yourself that we are very let that get in college. In our area. I worked at Sheryl hi all and spirit and opportunity. That it may etiquette and our. Say he can swallow your role in. 08. What it called beat CP college classes. It's college and career on the class. They might see you charge. And that they are able to earn college credit. Bob Dylan high school yeah mini picture or ice cold or walk and they have their college at that their toy list. I'm chemical a semester under their belt already. And some even more than. Is this the really. When I say really bright kids I don't warrant a solar phrase about that. But is this for kids that basically are being challenged in high school and need a curriculum that challenges them a little bit more. Well I believe that it does that fit their belt wide range. Subject areas and that we have kids that. Are talking like well but I. That was my other question is is vocational stuff included in this. NASA sin and I bet and I love that part of it as much is and this push in the release markets because so that gives them permission to be what they're going to be. Absolutely well a hard lesson for today I heard as the segment that you make earlier on. I believe. I taught for seventeen years yeah. I taught French which. How Madonna format. In you right. And I'm I want and my son began to college and you know you need him can be engineered just kept kept showed. He has. Tablet that all he really rolling and you CI and that's architect and look at these. More happy yeah purely kind of came to the realization I was trying to. You know in my box. And it's got it but what are you harvest and he tapped it went it around cart but I think that get back. The the guy that the Denver Broncos drafted. Garrett bulls I think is his name is an offensive lineman at Utah he was the guy who carried his infant son around up on the stage. In a one point I heard in my interviewed any said something about I want this guy don't follow in my footsteps he's gonna be the next great NFL football player. I and I and I and I love the sentiment of that and I understand what are Sam but I also the first thing I thought to myself was let that kid chart his own course. Absolutely he may he may like opera I may not like football on anyway and that's the casing courage of how much happier or Obey what do. Well that day and then add that I don't I mean that's what I tell people is is is figure out something that you really love and and go do it in the rest of all take care of itself. Absolutely somewhere and lately so. And I have to also thank you were heard need to balance I'd love they. Which show would you go to UA's drug fanned. Yeah he's he can just sense a confidence and a diamond a first time I ever met in my just said yeah this is the guy. Well he said there were made her console. Well I stand and chat topic that we hit an old friends for years. Now very cool thank you I thank you for listening thank you for Colin thank you itself. All right off goes Bethea comes Spencer Rondo MBTA Spencer. And have Spencer. Yes yes you're on you got about a minute. Okay just you're listening to conversation about their current college promised program. And just wanted to mention their home schoolers really take advantage of that program. And there are some home schoolers who will actually graduate with a and they have associates degree. At the same time they get their high school. Oh yeah I had forgotten all about home schoolers were just somebody in my generation movie prone to do because baca. I Merrill when I first started here in 1990 people would call and say they were home school on their kids and they were almost seen as outcasts then I'll like they were a member of a alters something. But it's it's it's become so mainstream now and then you're right I shall I should recognize them. And we've got a big council conference up in Winston-Salem at the end of this month some Memorial Day weekend. Hand. It's. That starts on Thursday afternoon goes all the way through Saturday afternoon. Do you have any information on that you can email me. Chara had a descended to Hancock to WBT dot com and I'll see if I can't get to other word out for a I felt all right bill thanks Spencer appreciate it. Hey Jay Thompson was in the this building didn't. Had apparently they took him downstairs and showed in the Hancock desk and I don't know if you ever see him Hancock yes we used a new world weekly thing though about but it's. It's got more stuff up on the walls and you can shake a stick at I think it's one of the they moved everybody around in this building may never moved me I think they don't have the guts to tell him to go stuffed up. But anyway there's a picture HJ Thompson said none at my head desk with a all my stuff. Cool that's a keeper. That is a keeper. Salt. Cell phone only homes now. The majority for the first time. Scott looked I've ever tonight Scott who was the guy has answered phones and and he says only gesture of our failed. And TJ you guys have been away for a long time Ryan knows now I have a home phone but I think have a landline. But I think it has something to do with the rate that I pay spectrum for. In other words of I mean if I signed up for the because we've moved I could not take the same number that I had for the last 27 years at. There have been Cameron would house. I'm so I've got a hold her phone number one that I can't even remember because I never use in order a very very much cellphone number. So I guess we can get rid of that ought to go check that out because I'm not merit to that landline anymore and going to its article I've got it a hidden in a closet. We're all the other infrastructure cable noted in this at the other end CPI and all that stuff it's all located in one room. On kind of my electronics room and so we've put the phone and they're too little over the answering machine and although there and look at it see the full light flashing red from Don Don and and listen noise it'd be like my mom called and it would have been like three weeks ago. It has never checked the phone. Cell phone only homes. Are now the majority. In the United States for the first time. Ordinary US government study today is out today a milestone. In the a decline of land lines. And according to the study fifteen point 8% of homes now have only cell phone service in the second half of Torrey sixteen. 45 point 9% still had land lines but come on those percentages are going different directions. People with cell phones only is gonna rise people with land lines is gonna shrink. That includes more than 39% that had both that would be me. Leaving out around six or 7% that were landline only. Now if you've got home office hold build yeah I mean you're you would need a phone line of your run and facts and stuff like that right. And I know you're saying. Well here's a Saxon immoral well that's what I always said until about a half a dozen companies keep on asking me discernible facts. The remaining just over 3% don't have any phone service. That will be Meehan retirement. If you need to me write a note and give it to a pony express writer until implying that John. Ritter's and a young adults more likely to have be among those who are cell phone only or your cell phone only how hard was it to give up your landline. Scattered rain all over the place a look at doppler radar doesn't look good evening are you I'm only seeing green symbolism nausea and yellows and reds and oranges and does so counsel for the NC isn't sprinkles outside here. This is us essentially what it was supposed to do go from about two 5 to 7 o'clock. So while you may have been an a downpour seemed summon no solid remain out of seen anything yet but apparently after about 7 o'clock. And and don't hold me today because meteorological Leo I'm not necessarily a time keeper. But it's gonna you know you're gonna see buckets of rain tonight at some point or another and it will be cloudy tomorrow as well. Slight chance of rain showers high near sixty degrees tomorrow. Old RIR LaMont turtle. Tomlin Amish are secure and calm and then tomorrow night a shower is possibly. Possible early. But and a few clouds from time to time low 47 but hopefully it'll be good night for us to be hanging out it took cantina 1511 for Cinco De Mayo tomorrow won't be their head to stone dressed. Not tomorrow. Two blossoms like get out here it to 6 o'clock. So I know you love the fiesta self audit cantina 1511 every day of the week but tomorrow's the big day at sinker and a mile. They have spent the last week or so with their Cinco De Mayo count down what they do at both locations. Of cantina 1511. So low will be there tomorrow night and I can't wait any time I get a chance to go over there and each shrimp po boy tacos and stuff like that animal or for that so. Come join us tomorrow I get Seko on early and enjoyed is our brother tonight because you know I mean they've got these specials going on leading up to cinco. But I you can order only human Dora also margaritas. I'm still impressed park road. Great price on those food wise Canty has got something for everybody Mexican specialties authentic street food Tex mex southwest favorites. It could burgers on their menu last year. I get a burger from time to time all of the talk of so much it's almost animals can't do that but I bought out the did the black and blue murder last time. And they give you an option of Fries or chopped salad while the chops Allen had big chunks all of a condolence don't finish it was sensational. They're appetizers. There until he dose which is Mexican street food. Cardenas. Best appetizer I've ever had cantina 1511 I'll see you tomorrow at just don't trust and also got a location Barbara choppered sinner. And you can find them on cantina 15 spell out eleven dot com cantina. 1511. Dot. Star Wars tonight at the end night's game tonight 705. Also Thursday Thursday. And that you're one of the 31 3000 fans you get this homered jet I've Bobble head which is just the coolest thing. It's homer in jet I outfit it's it's very cool and I'm homer. I'm a big time over fan. I is best mascot one of the best mascots ever since I when I was up in looks very Scranton we were of Philadelphia Philly affiliate. And I got to know the original and the stand in Philly fanatic they used tomorrow by the road and do a lot of stuff for node that Doug I was I mean at one time. Get your resume run. On it one time. He was second only to a G a knock us are aware of the guys in the super chickened out in San Diego. Philly fanatic and he was making six figures. Good stuff if you can do it but it homer either sick homers. On the moon. Why it's pay its star or stay so that's one of the reasons or due on the homer in the general stuff so get yourself to the stadium earlier I'm just telling you right now. It's worth getting there early to get one through six. So you should be there now. I'm taken. Are today a Star Wars day originally. PO is reactions correspondent to his original lines. The 20th Century Fox executives wanted to chew bock at Wear shorts. They sent memos to a Lucas scandalized. That that there was a naked character. If what did you see. To buck up. I George Lucas had said that his Alaskan Mel you and whose name was Indiana. Was the inspiration for your rocker. Variations of the lie and I had a bad feeling about this submitted and every film. In the saga. Did you know that. I'm not a big Star Wars guys so I saw the original and said OK I'm done. Star Trek another one I saw the TV show. After William Shatner I just couldn't go on. Sorry. Scotty LX Scotty. Bartlett the bulls to the dorm. Jerry. Han Solo. Was. Frozen in carbon died because of Harris fort Harrison Ford. Although Marca Hammel and Carrie Fisher had a contract for a third film of Ford was not sure that he would return for the third so the writers and Lucas. Decided to freeze. Han Solo and just in case Florida decided not to return. Episode six was originally called revenge of the jet I. But the title exchange shall return of the jet I've because the jet eyes ethical philosophy encode it. Goes against revenge. By the way mine does not. You mailbox vandals. Just tell you right now. Carrie Fisher's daughter Billie lord god made her film debut in the force awakens. Mark Hammel was 63 when he filmed the force awakens which is the same age that Alex Eunice was when he was filming a new hope. And so weird thing about age. Is that. I now see people that are the age when I got here. Which was so what 3738. That's a long long time ago. Rom. Below. ST. Or is that LO ST. It probably LO STO one of the X wing pilots in the force awakens because they take his name from The Beastie Boys album. Hello nasty. Did you know that. Tom. Although they appear throughout the whole return of the jet either word. And the only characters who appear in every official film in the Star Wars saga are. Our duty to. And C three PO. So there you go more stuff that you needed to know about Star Trek or Star Wars than ever before. And I make that Freudian slip all the time. In in fact you could probably take me in one of the movies and I wouldn't be able to tell but we were watching Star Wars or Star Trek. Nonetheless littered no more walked two and I doubt it. Currently I'm not aging really ugly really well seven bounty hunters charged with murder in Tennessee on Wednesday after a shooting at the wrong car. And killing the 24 year old father of three and wounding another man have you heard this story. You ever watch what was that what's the bounty hunter's name that I'm. Yeah he's I see on anymore. His wife I was more afraid to her than I was at him. Yeah she you don't mess. Anyway. Bounty hunters are mentioning breed and there are pretty tough and their. Anyway the incident took place in a Clarksville Tennessee April the 23 bounty hunters descended on a car with four people inside outside a Wal-Mart wants it was a Wal-Mart. Are shooting at them and not chasing the vehicle for seven miles nor should think about this is the wrong car. These people are trying to flee. For really intense guys have seen their mug shots. Got chase for seven miles can you imagine the fear and panic that's going on in that car and a father who's thinking what the hell is going on. No one of the car was wanted on any outstanding charges. The bounty hunters were actually looking for somebody else bounty hunters are not allowed to use deadly force and lessons in self defense and police said. There was no indication that any of the victims fired of the defendants were even armed. That's just a nightmare story. And I I don't know I always think about I mean the guy Doug does the father in that car just had to be thinking to himself what is going on here. Now a little bit more of a crime that I can no better respect and that would be a reward being offered to after someone stole the Ronald McDonald statue from a McDonald a new Jersey's. There they used to steal the big boys. So this is the life sized statue of via plow on the the fast food clowns characters sitting on a bed she's seen it a hundred times in a hundred McDonald's. And as somebody and some videos stolen April 127. They think the statues made at a fire replace Wesson oil fiberglass weighs about 200 trip to bounce. 500 dollar reward is offered for information that leads to the restaurant indictment. It would look so good sitting on my wraparound front porch and. US airlines last year collected four point two billion dollars in baggage fees. But there's still shortening the amount of space that you'll have for your legs. LAX is new private terminal for the rich and famous I was reading about this last night platinum class called private suite. Designed to pamper high rollers of all types corporate exacts moguls Tyson and I could celebrities. Members of the private suite don't way to lions. Don't do any of that stuff it costs 7500. Bucks a year to join. Plus another 2700. Dollars for up to all four people each time you used the service for 3000 dollars for international flights. Our non member who wants to try private suite can use a shared waiting area. That'll only cost you 2000 dollars. Christian radio recall. Took money. Not this part of the building actually going to be over the former the corner offices. Chaos I'm mom I'm done I'll see you tomorrow will kick off the big weekend until 5 o'clock and well let's talk seriously amber from the Charlotte business journal I leave you with the Charlotte the six in March garrison.