John Looks at the Dolphins Coming for MNF

John Hancock
Monday, November 13th

John Looks at the Dolphins Coming for MNF; I Read The News and MORE!


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This is John Hancock. Then there either mother or. And today of review big that we just have one of these last week. Monday the thirteenth. If you look at double jeopardy deal of the day. Well you ready for some football. Jay Cutler brings his personality to town tonight. And if I'm a member they Carolina panther defense in his can't wait. Nash's face. So there's an incentive for a right there at. Pace smashing. What's going on united to Bank of America Stadium rule make way for a Jim's Nokia neo Panthers pregame show it to 530. And I'm looking forward again. We're just talking or anything like that but seven and three sons sounds good. Jay gruden is listed in the paper today as saying he thinks that we could do. Win all the rest of our games. I think that's and you know the minute trip to nor loans. Trip to Atlanta. Green Bay they're review we should really have left. Minnesota. They liked I'm not comply with their Jay gruden. If that's what he wants to believe I think he should be able to believe that. So we'll talk about that there are some accused of going on enough football. All but two players that I confined. In no reverence to veterans day weekend decided to that the. National Anthem protest to. That they would stand. To say bonuses and against veteran jurors on and so forth so I thought that was a good move on most of the players partners couple Simpson's co 49ers Eric Reed mineral motivator was. That decided to go had kneeled during the anthem and the rest of the league good so good for them on that. Bob Costas made some interesting comments about football may soon collapse like a house of cards. He says the fundamental danger of football will likely be its undoing. You know it's one thing if you law walk away from the game and you've got. Only little a bad knee is server. Fractured ankles or something like that it's another thing entirely if you walk away from the game with a brain injury. And he thinks that may be football's on doing we'll talk about that in just a couple seconds or buddies David Brothers just to do three nights in Chicago. Inspector general manager was in Chicago over the weekend and Sunday they were all standards same hotel. He knows the David Brothers from the hall of fame ceremonies so. But they finished three nights in Chicago. And there's an article in the. In the day in Chicago now. Says it's 1995. And its 1995 radio programmers in music journalists are looking for a termed a pigeon hole what is considered a new form of America on American music. They came up the term Americana. To describe the melding of many different genres of music he goes on and on and on and he says when you listen to the David Brothers you can tell that they heard a variety of music growing up. You can hear bluegrass you can hear country you can hear fault you could hear The Beatles Dylan and Tom Petty some of the influences. So it was interesting that they opened Thursday show with paddies. You don't know how it feels I wondered if they were doing I Internet avatar just got herself or anything. And and this is petty died and I didn't know what kind of influence petty was on them and what kind of petty influence but he was on me. But the fact that they're open it up with those some patty songs I think it's very cool. And add to this writer says toward the end of the show. I was thinking that this is the music. But the band would be playing now if they were still alive playing together and in their prime. And you can't get much better compliment than that. For a band that. Still to this day and we've known for twenty years. Tom you can't really put up. Mean I see a listed in the newspaper are inane rescues me inane and articles and stuff as full. And in. And there's a whole Woody Guthrie on. But there's little bit more Earl Scruggs and amend admit fault I you know at that just means nobody knows exactly how to describe what it is they do. And that makes them unique. And do compare them to the band I thought was I've never heard anybody do that before I like that a lot. Over the weekend our buddy Daniel Coston got to some Charlotte Observer of business created blow thing picture twenty plus years of Charlotte concerts talking about the night gallery at spirit square in the exhibit. And that he's had going on down there are so congratulations to our Daniel constant for that Daniel Costin CO ST ON dot com if you want more information on that exhibit. And some of the other things that he's got coming to town. And I saw an article yesterday about the new shabby Corvette ZR one. The 2019. Chevy Corvette ZR one. 755. Orders power. Who needs that. 2019 Chevy Corvette I just asked tell many horsepower NASCAR. 800 so my guess. Looks vicious the rear wing looks large enough for light aircraft duty. And the front splitter. Could help ZR one owners offer snowplow service during the wetter. The engine is so tall that the 755. Horsepower supercharged six point two liter V8 literally pokes out of voted. At the heart of every Corvette is they rip roaring fire Stanton V8. Car goes on sale next spring. 120000. Bucks as what they think the starting price will be they're not exactly quite sure yet. That's a lot of Corvette for or any shabby for that matter but a huge bargain when compared to the competitive set. They say that the rear spoiler is a big enough it's about the size of a park bench. Now would you say that doing that go way way it was a car that you were just talking about 800 dollars per hour. Just tell me. The warrant. Well the demon. Who needs 755800. Horsepower. As mark said the guy who wants to go through a set of tires between one stoplight in the next. It's great looking car. But. For 120000 bucks. Would you rather have that. Or would you like to have LA area original. Completely restored. All original equipment. Numbers matching. 1953 Corbett. All of take the 53 for a hundred Alex. I. You have done. Tragedy. Like that it does Sutherland springs Baptist Church. From. The first Baptist Church pro. We were talking Friday about how they said we'll never use the building again there's too much damage. Arm and we'll terribly down and rebuild it because they're just. You just can't destroy the Tony six people. We're gunned down. Which I didn't early I think it's I didn't really a no until today I should have it's actually was 25. One woman was pregnant that's for the 26 comes from. But anyway so I was gold's price to one quite sure what they're we're gonna do under there we're gonna have services and I knew there were gonna do them off campus or off. Oh but I was also prize last night watching the news to seed that they had gone into the church and they painted the whole thing inside white. And they patched up all the bullet holes. And then they put 26. White chairs. In a position where in the places where the bodies were found. With their name on and a single red rose on. And it's as moving. Seen as I think I've ever seen. The pastors is frank Pomeroy. And frank Pomeroy it lost a daughter. In that massacre. A week ago yesterday. And he's and I saw this on TV actually on TV last night he said I know everyone who gave their life that day. Some of whom were my best friends. And my daughter. And he started to lose a when he said that now I I don't know that I could've. But he pulled himself back together knees and I guarantee they are dancing with Jesus today. And people that were there when Chris. The church had planned holds Sunday services and an adjacent communities that are. But they. That they came to realize that there was going to be. Hundreds. Of people that wanted to be a part of this. Is the talent of someplace between four and 700 people. And. The service was a move to arm a massive white tent that had been erected in a baseball field. And still the crowd was so large that had opened up the flaps on the count. That's is very cool. So late Sunday this temporary memorial was scheduled to open inside the church were the 26 impeach shares had been placed. And authorities put the official death toll at 26. And church officials have said that the building will likely be demolished at some point so new structure could be built. But I thought but what they did. Bomb was just amazing. I'd just absolutely amazing self. And you know that's. The pretty ms. We're talk football we come back Bob Costas made some comments about a football may soon collapse like a harsh car house of cards we've we we've asked that before whether or not to. You you think the a brain injury thing convenient to football and people are set on and on chance too strong too big too much money to we'll see. I jams up on WBT hey Jim. They could go on how you doing. Hey listen I didn't shoot. From the current popularity and dolphin known Miami. OK and. Lewis who talk everybody who was talking embodied dolphin. Did you were talking about it. The dude I was talking to you the first well I take Canada. Noah boomer okay. Okay. In my whole thing is a Miami. Right now bass sole dolphin and smelly mind okay. And there's a difference between the mammals dolphins. And the fish dolphins. I. Okay this is your issue. Yeah I mean we don't have beaten. The open this year. Why do I don't know I hadn't really thought about it. So I've never I I don't need a whole lot of fish to begin with but I as sort of file order Dalton I wouldn't be getting dolphin should be getting my money. Yeah nowadays that's I mean that's what it is I just I mean I thought it's important that you know. People that are environmentally conscience. Wouldn't want that your opponent because it's beaten you know the purpose. Now. That I think we cleared that up. Well but I really don't I'm very glad about that out there one other thing that touched on what do you barrier again like 56. All right you never lenders are fantastic. We just growth slowed down today. And go home. The guys don't want this rooted in peace he was absolutely fantastic. That it's easy I mean it's as easy as they are refinanced impossibly big. And they came into the house and I was extremely call. So point what was it eleven he was here at eleven out what the doorbell rang. Clearly with the paperwork bingo bingo she was gone man there is quite well. Gulf but good Jim thank you man I appreciate you I appreciate US support our sponsors. And stand up for the dolphins. I get the feeling everybody's anticipating their aggression McCaffery having a huge night tonight. It's stage. Monday Night Football. Kelvin Benjamin gets traded away two you know basically accentuates be little bit more. So lol I don't know we'll see what happens. Per Samuel could be. But I think everybody's kind of taken non known this is maybe the game that are Christian McCaffrey of specially takes over the number one running a spot and this could be. Woolsey. I'm Panthers are doing a pretty instinct thing tonight in keeping with the veterans day weekend their salute to service game. Is this evening for Monday Night Football during which the team longer current and former military service members the families of military members who gave their lives and service will be honored at halftime of the game tonight. Active and former service members will be on the field for the National Anthem. Troops will lead the team onto the field for military members will be honored at the a coin toss. And the united states army staff sergeant will be the big games keep pounding at drummer. And you'll note on the helmets tonight Carolina panther players will Wear a helmet decals with the initials of fallen service members so I think all that is it is a very cool. Game marks the. 42 primetime regular season contest in a panther history our boat jobs and darkened to a gyms are located here I never would have known. Sixteenth Monday Night Football game in the team's history. And we're actually. Nine and six on Mondays. This is the 42. Primetime regular season. According to a Richard walker up in the aghast and gazette. We're two and six on Thursday is were oh and two on Saturday is where six intent on Sunday nights and we're nine and six on Mondays. We went three and two on ABC Monday Night Football and were six and four on ESPN Monday Night Football just in case you're wondering. The Carolina offense ranked 21 overall the Carolina defense ranked first. In the National Football League next week we have a body. And the a pregame starts at 530 with the Jim's Nokia and know Mick mix in mid Eugene Robinson and the whole group to TV crews Sean redundant or meg McDonald and Jon Gruden. And Lisa salters obviously you're in town tonight the whole NFL or channel crew would probably be in town tonight so that will be Dion and all those guys as well I assume yes. And so it should be it should be a great night tonight for for Monday Night Football. The guys NFL commissioner. Is a supposed to be talked about today at the owners' meetings he's seeking a a new deal. Last week we talked about Jerry Jones apparently ready to fight Roger Goodell on non new contract. And then over the weekend we found out that Roger Goodell is reportedly asking. 49 point five million dollar annual salary and night time news of a private jet and lifetime health insurance or assembly. Ironically enough that's were I started. I thought I'd take a page other Donald Trump book you know ask for more than you expect. I hope he does better than I did. I think he probably will any make and thirty million or something like that now thirty or forty million dollars a year now. Not bad for a guy whose decision turner rich get turned over all most of the time. The NFL executive vice president of communications denied Goodell had submitted that are written proposal but that's the rumor mill over the weekend long. Jerry Jones has been pretty vocal about not wanting Goodell to stay on as a commissioner. There are others who have concerns as well one unnamed owner told ESP and the problem is no one is talking about games anymore it's all about concessions. Jones vs Goodell Ezekiel Elliott suspension the National Anthem protests no one's talking about football it's killing the game. Yesterday just to the point of note veterans day weekend few players were seen taking a knee on Sunday. And and that was an essence to to try to emphasize that there are. The protests are not. Against. Service members and Eric Reid and no marquee Goodman were the two that basically. Two to me yesterday. And so that's what went on there well. The guy that we just quoted the the owner who auto is unnamed. So the problem is nobody's talking about games anymore it's all about concessions Jones vs Cadel Ezekiel Elliott. Suspension the National Anthem protests no one's talking about football it's just killing the game. He might have said. It's all about concussions. Because Bob Costas came out over the weekend and he said. That he thinks football may soon collapse like a house of cards he said the fundamental danger of football. Will likely be its undoing. At least as we know it. Football may soon collapse like a house of cards because of the fundamental fact. Quote this game destroys people's brains. He called the decline Bob Costas. The NFL. As they cash machine the biggest story in American sports while speaking Tuesday at the University of Maryland. He said the decline is not about athletes knee is but their brains quote. And let us and until there is some technology. Which we can't even imagine. Let alone has been developed that would make this inherently dangerous game not marginally safer but acceptable lease safe. The cracks in the foundation are they error. Kostis said that this is not some left wing conspiracy. The truth is the truth he's quoted as saying. And his pointed out that in one of three studies on CT. Released by Boston university's since July researchers found evidence of CT and all but one of although a 111 brains belonging to former NFL players. Now that's did that did to some extent of our remember correctly that is so little skewed because the brains that they've. Examined. All were expected to have some sort of damage from the game so it's not like they've done. They a study on every brain misplayed the game but. Kostis noted that multiple independent study showed tackle football is most dangerous for the brains of youth. Under twenty years old. And I kind of agree with his angle on this so he said parents will soon be making that common sense choice. As he would. To not let their kids play tackle football at least in Keller eighteen. Eroding the talent base for college football and the NFL. And Tony Kornheiser apparently agreed with Kostis on had to at Tuesday's events saying that the NFL could go the way of boxing. If they don't find a way to make it safe and we don't see how they will the games not going to be around. Now it's kind of interesting I don't think it's a true unnecessarily large percentage but it. An awful lot of people claim that they're tired of the game because of the protest so that's already started a little bit of an exodus I don't know how large that actually represents. What do you seed can you foresee the day. When football is no more popular than boxing. Boxing kind of got thrown or not there because of that health concerns but because MMA and things like that got a gay men and took their place. We we see now fastest a sport can go south to see NASCAR. All right over the traffic sooner we go boomer don't say anything about eating gulf. But it's not a thing known OK I think we've been corrected on that and army are just completely on line and a factor you'll you'll you'll probably go gonna have to. Moment for months to from our goodness he admitted had to the congress to Atlantic City and Atlantic beach or go fishing for dauphin. Liver failure that the that this wrap it. Well how they're correct sir but the best supporters salsa okay. A better liberal Ralph flippers out in the TV does or did it benefits you get the song out sing along with a little sing along with John and flipper TV thought that's a flippers for the horror hit meant she. That's after UCLA players who have ever allegedly shoplifting in China got left behind. That's going to be comforting next thing president Issa. Some met with the Chinese leader and he else for help in resolving the case of these three UCL a basketball players who were arrested for shoplifting file in China. Foray a term last week. How stupid can you possibly be. I don't I don't know that I was preoccupied. Would that when we were in Europe couple times. But. I can die any fear a foreign country but one thing I don't wanna be is on debris on the wrong side of the law. Because you don't know what their laws are you don't know what their courts are you don't know what their and in China or you know I mean that this had been. That's Saudi Arabia is over they do that. I ran does that really catcher and off for stealing or something like that. I can make dribbling our you know difficult. One of the reasons I mean this sort of gotten attention anyway but one of the reasons agog attention is because. We Angelo bald as one of the guys. Whose brother is. And father is. You don't move very prominent lakers and I'd and dad. This name Alonso. Jalen hill and Cody O'Reilly. Remain in China rest of the team has flown back to Los Angeles Maceo the supply be resolved in the next week or two. The chief of staff John Kelly has been in touch with the families of the players and he's spoken to the UCLA coach Steve Alford. And and Kelly said he'll remain in contact with the Chinese authorities. And the official was recorded as saying that the charges against the players have been reduced but that the cases are proceeding towards a resolution. Told Bo what does that mean in China. Look at for Scott the pac twelve commissioner Larry Scott. He'd been traveling with the team. He's the only guy who's issued any statement he said it is provided your real distraction unwanted publicity which distracts from and as soon which distracts from what overall has been a tremendous experience. And a tremendous week for UCLA Georgia Tech students. We've had a chance to apologize for the unwelcome attention it has brought. There's nothing new were monitoring the situation staying in close contact with the students and we helped the situation resolves itself soon. So he's the Arab brother of all Los Angeles Laker rookie lawns ol' ball so it's not Dassault lawns oh the that his brother is long so. And and I guess my question as to these guys still play for UCLA when they do get to released by China and come back to. Because they don't it's one thing to embarrass your school it's another thing because a national. So we'll see what happens there are and I would does encourage you to turn on no double BTV. Because nick caution her. All my arms. Neighbors up there and Belmont that are worried about your water. Pick I sure they investigative reporter for channel three as say emails that reveal the duke may have edited scientific reports on that coal ash. And scientists may have. Allowed some mud die yet I don't know. Oh yeah after and could be you almost have to read the account of it. The word from duke gives these emails and other documents illustrate that the scientific process is being conducted in May robust and appropriate manner WB TV is misleading viewers and represented as. And representing right rigorous work the stands up for any objective review and we strongly rejected the inaccurate conclusions that are being offered by the station. But photo IWBTV. Dot com and read what Miguel usher has uncovered. And and tell me that you're comfortable with the dukes. Being. I'd say sexual harassment update. I was Davies on a daily basis now about. All of this when asked to do with the familiar name at least as of. The end of. Last week Roy Moore another woman on CNN as we speak. Roy Moore assaulted me when I was sixteen. So. These senate majority leader Mitch McConnell mum thinks that they're Roy Moore should step down. I think he should step aside is the actual quote. McConnell said I believe the woman. He is Asia east specifically talking about this. Sexual encounter with a fourteen year old when he was 32 years old and an attempted to to a romance three other teens around the same time allegations of and McConnell said I've I believe the though that the women. The if these allegations are found to be true. Many GOP yours said the bill vol I the first time McConnell offered his thoughts about Mora he said if these allegations appear to be true. But now they say no I do I think you should step aside I believe the women. There are a couple of GOP years who initially qualified their remarks on more. And they're retreating as well. Because apparently. Roy Moore was on Sean Hannity last week and said that he may have dated teen girls around that time. Now age of consent and Alabama rose sixteen. So. I mean you might find it distasteful but if you're talking legal or illegal. Fourteen is not. But I also said the GOP is exploring the possibility of a write in bid. A beaded naming names. So they got a got a deadline to remove a mores name. That they can't officially remove it from the ballot because they would have had to have done that in October. They are Republicans have discussed the possibility of getting the election moved back. The National Republican Senatorial Committee has cut its funding ties with more. And he's quoted as saying apparently Mitch McConnell and the establishment GOP would rather elect a radical pro abortion Democrats and a conservative Christian. Close quote. It was an email that he sent his supporters on Sunday night and then he tweeted earlier today that quote the person who should step aside it. Is senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. He has failed conservatives and must be replaced. So lomb. The poles downed their recent ones ever shown that the margin between Moore and his opponent Doug Jones are now razor thin that was arranged that he had led by. I'm pretty substantial amount so while. So that's the latest on our Roy Moore the a president is to make a major announcement regarding North Korea when he gets back I should take place on Wednesday I believe. He. We have deficits with almost everybody but these deficits are going to be cut very quickly and very substantially. And he added this has been a very fruitful trip for us and also in all fairness. For a lot of other nations so expect an announcement could come around about on Wednesday. Our over the weekend Saturday I think it was the president said that he believed Vladimir Putin was sincere in his denials of interference in the 20s16 presidential elections. Any called questions about Moscow's meddling a politically motivated hit job that was hindered. Uh oh that was hindering cooperation. With Russia on life and death issues. So why he did meet privately with prudent on the sidelines of the Asia Pacific economic corporate America. Cooperation summit meeting. In no Vietnam. And now apparently asked again whether Russia had metal in none of the contest. And and no prudent now apparently. Told president know and and essentially the president said you know I asked him again he said absolutely did not meddle in our election. Trump didn't answer the question direct question about whether he believed Putin's denials but his account of the conversation indicate that he was far more inclined to accept the president's. Assertions. I'll bend than those of his own intelligence agencies and would do which you know have concluded almost since day one that to a prudent direct to an elaborate effort to interfere with the votes so that's what's going on on their. Trumped by even while overseas. Named his new. Health and human services secretary and he's a guy from the pharmaceutical industry although he's been in the health and human services. Positions before. So why Alex A is ours his name he would oversee this department that's responsible for major health insurance and medical research and student drug safety and in public health. The secretaries for the HHS so far have guideline usually come in off from politics governors and sore and so forth not. An industry regulated by the department but does this guy is say a lawyer. Are fifty years old spent the last ten years with Eli Lilly pharmaceutical giant. But. He's seen as an expert on a government health regulation. And he has previous experience with hopefully health and human services. He once served as the deputy secretary. And it's General Counsel before he went to Eli Lilly he's not a fan of obamacare. He previously suggested that it could be arraigned in an infected had an interview with Bloomberg TV in June Rory said. I'm not one but to say many good things about Obama care but one of the nice things in it. Is it gives tremendous amounts of authority to the secretary. Of health and human services. And that's a position that he which is nominated for today so will love what we'll see where all that goes. And the US attorney general Jeff Sessions. Is being sued. By a twelve year old girl. In an effort to legalize medical marijuana nationwide. Alexis Bork tell us her name. She suffers from a form of epilepsy that caused her to have multiple seizures daily we've seen this firsthand day here in Charlotte. And her lawsuit says that no treatments worked until the family try to form of medical marijuana. Nortel's family moved from Texas to Colorado we had families of left North Carolina and moved to Colorado. I'll were both medical and recreational marijuana are legal and she has been freed. From seizures now for two years using met treatment. Would seem any oil I assume. You you can't get high off that. But we've seen kids in our area and throughout the country that have unbelievable. Results and fewer seizures if not total elimination in some cases. When no way when using that to suit contends that board tell all. Won't be able to return your native Texas where she hopes to attend college because she could be potentially be arrested if she continues to you. He is medical marijuana. Other plaintiffs have have joined that lawsuit. And they're seeking to make a medical marijuana illegal nationwide including the former NFL player Marvin Washington. A 29 states now have legalized medical marijuana and and obviously Texas is not one of them. An NBA and the argument against a CB deal oil is there isn't one. I don't. If you find something that works. Why take this reefer madness stale and that just shows. 1950s. Ignorance. Nobody is asking you to oil at these kids rolled joints per say. Although well and I'm not advocating for kids. But one study that has so as shown that marijuana can be harmful if you're actually ingesting of smoking it animals sort and so forth. Is in younger brains. So while Burress or not does suggesting. That but the CB deal oil. Has proven to be beneficial with kids with caesar's we've watched kids go from hundreds and thousands of seizures down to fuel. And in some cases Nolan and apparently that's the case with us Alexis foretell. Who is. Is suing the US attorney general Jeff Sessions because he just is taken the stance here that is sort of it is pretty unreasonable. The Treasury Secretary Steve Nugent said that the White House is not focused on reducing government spending. Many in the Republican Party are a little upset what they got tax plan because it adds one point five trillion dollars. Over a time. But he said we are focused on regulation and we are focused on not kind of two for one getting now rid of two regulations for any one that was one of the first things that to the president passed what he got an office. The White House has said that they are focusing on reducing the burden. But the private sector has in complying with federal standards. Are so that was a remark crow from the Treasury Secretary over the weekend and the DNC head. And the democratic governors. Are dismissing talk of a trump impeachment and won't talk about that next yeah. London is available or coming up after the up for thirty years teen. We will cut out here at 530 today may quarry for the a pregame show for the Panthers with the gym Tokyo enough company. Mom Monday Night Football and tone tonight. Already. Phones we go 704571110. And buzz Giambi today. It got harder and are you living the dream of Madrid are thought that I noticed when compass speak or the Philippines about the whole Russian collusion barrel yeah. He said that gluten bullying is that Russia didn't in her chair. And trump bullying death couldn't believe. Now if you look at that you're not admitting it you're just saying you blew Gooden could may be lying but he believes couldn't believe it's well he's double on car graduate. Oh there it in Vietnam he said when no way you're. When do we know trump was asked trump said. He said he didn't medal I asked him again. You can only ask so many times I asked him again he said he absolutely did not meddle in our election. Yes and you said that he believes Google. Now would he said. Meaning meaning that he believes he was an informed by his own people as to what may have been going on. Exactly but trumpet then I didn't believe it intelligence agencies. But we believe we will also. Not prudent believe that they didn't interfere. Well but can the bidding here disdain on the former L leaders of the US intelligence agencies and calls him hacks. Yeah I have a couple weeks ago a couple months ago. Into the dressing the way you phrased it. You know but yeah I think. I'm part of the duke move on there's bigger things to do more special why we don't need to be squabble over there I mean. Why I guess that's fine but would you believe that if positive way I mean to you did did you do if you were a member of the opposite political party do you think you'd still be OK with just moving on from a. What we did lift Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. You're little god yeah after the impeachment. Yeah that's true idea of wealthy and there was. That's a thought about you know I think we got a lot of that we do and they're making a mountain out of a mole hill. Well I I guess but I guess that's what Mueller is again a determined not much credibility. How much confidence you have in that. Yeah I that's all the other things yeah I get the whole lot. The whole. I mean I dug I'm open with everything else that's come out in the last a few weeks and they had dossier in the Clinton participation in its financing and and all of that stuff I mean you know I'm I guess I'm hopeful that that Mueller is straight enough guy that. That he's looking and everything. I hope so we know it all boils back to the 46 people that died mysteriously deaths around the Clinton Campaign. You know I've I've. I'm uneasy feeling about back that you don't know what goes on behind as being I could be a very deep on college mural isn't going to play or. Some gonna happen. Pay well I mean I don't know about life and death for Sabin politics is a nasty business anybody that thinks otherwise is a fool of themselves and I've told the story before about my dad being a oh lobbyist for a finance company back in the days after he lost his direction entirely. And and he was flying around the country with briefcase is a much needed change votes I don't he told me that story one day when I was home for Christmas when I was about 23. I remember saying to my dad one time I like that Jimmy Carter guys seem like a really good dude. And my dad said to me. There is no real good dude can get that close to the presidency without having sold his soul out first. Archer exactly being brought under said the 46 people a lot of conspiracies are as well at 46 people that's an awful lot of people. To have. Who died mysteriously whatever the pacers. You know riverboat as the underlying factor there something else. And maybe I'm not so sure my grandmother didn't kill that many people who rambler I never saw into the river runner up at. Yeah harder to undergo and I doesn't appreciate golf. The primary purpose here all the guests I know we will do the same come back with our revenues available oil final five birdies coming up at 5 o'clock and and we wander around here until 530. You and make way for the Panthers and the dolphins pregame show we Jim's O'Keefe on news 1110993. WBJ. Our ID. 317. Days in the year what do you think it was November or attempt. To think that daylight saving time must. 48 days to go 42 days till Christmas. Well. Which gives us about mommy figure this out and employment and had a 35 days before the kids first campaign has also done with the bullies. And Thanksgiving is a week from Thursday. 317. Days in the year 48 days ago Monday Night Football Bank of America Stadium tonight 815 on ESPN pregame starts here read news 1110993. WV GF 533 Jim's okay. 99 B on this November the thirteenth the world wide web first began its. Confusing people would understand. And also in 1990s the US issued patent number 4969317. Due April loaded. Public have a Sioux City Arizona. She had a patent for the animal have. A cowboy hat designed to protect animals from heat and sunlight. It was held on by a build broad chin strap. Like everything else it was just doc is like try to get your kids were we're their goodies during the literary just couldn't get the animals there. Don't forget your hat. 447 Wall Street is right Massachusetts. Says the best state in which to live. To win an Indianapolis climbed from their car into a drive through window of McDonald's to fight over big nuggets they. Don't mess with people's nuggets. And Hasbro made by Mattel. Make somebody debate so it would soon as Mattel is Harvey right. And Mattel and Hasbro is. What. Mr. potato head it's so mr. potato head would be barbies boss. All the scandals that could erupt out of this. And unmanned rocket successfully lifted off. From Virginia Sunday morning taking more than 7400. Pounds of supplies to the International Space Station. We capsule will remain in orbit before rendezvous with the space station delivering its payload which includes supplies and scientific equipment. NASA expects that to happen probably tomorrow. But this is a very important payload from the astronauts on the space station because the payload also includes frozen fruit bars. Ice cream bars. Ice cream sandwiches and cups of chocolate and and allies for him. Fairly nobody on the International Space Station is diabetic type two. Although Vick did they do have tried. Restore balance. Last count at least five companies including security and real underdog comments stop running ads on Sean Hannity is a talk show after backlash over how the Fox News host covered them allegations of sexual misconduct by Alabama senator room. A senate candidate. Roy Moore he defended Roy Moore. And now they advertisers are bailing on him. So there go and apparently there was some sort of a protest to the protest I don't know what I saw the headline but it was people were. Take in and out on their current machines or something like that. Motherhood makes women smarter gray area listening. If you're a mom you'll love this motherhood makes women smarter very distinguished psychologist from the University of Richmond in Virginia say so. Specifically the hormones of pregnancy including estrogen. Protectively bathe the brain and may not only make women smarter now but also help prevent dementia. And alzheimer's in old age. So there. The flatter thirst from around the world are gathered for convention this so last weekend. In where. Raleigh, North Carolina. You would think Kansas. Does it mean if you look at for flat earth. I was pretty much be a platter birthers we'll talk about the flat earth or convention and just a second first we talked to. Where did you go to Hawaii I was in Oahu. Which is Honolulu and now also spent several days up on the on the nor short turtle bay letters now very cool when I didn't know if you went to Ecuador like you like to do Laura South America or us all the way to Hawaii all the way to live that my my flight back though the first not always go Honolulu to Atlanta. Wow that was a long one guy like what 89 hour it was it was like eight and half hours it was a it was along with fortunately was kind of a red night. So line I've managed to catch some sleep a little sleep you can get him one of those airlines ceased with your knees spread apart from touching the seek target. But and it worked out well it's actually a longer flight than going down to Ecuador or you know some of those at least the northern south American country. Now and when we went there was to San Francisco C you were five hours and you had a layover in San Francisco which is like 45 minutes but that we were. We were slightly late so it was a hassle to get to the plate and it was another five hours figured I mean it's worth it when you get their insurer and Laura it's it's all halls one out. Paradise I mean it is an expensive place and there's you know other issues but gosh it's so beautiful the trip there earlier I left her Saturday morning. The outpost to leave that like 730 and perfect day perfect weather. 1015 minutes before we're supposed to board it just change from 730 to camp which mean that meant I could make my connection Salt Lake City. And ended up being a 23 hour travel day off on delta of affinity gimme thirty bucks and Salt Lake City to have lunch. Which is about or which was. Not very much and airports notebook but it was efficient chips and beer and but I was you know I was thankful I gave them all sugar I wasn't gonna get many vinegar and they gave me thirty bucks. I don't think helped him out of serenity now when that happens over and you're so glad to be back you can't see straight talk itself. And actually in my mind I'm still I still have visual image of all those beautiful seeing this scenes in those mountains and those the trees don't remember when you go the way the just the trees are are are fun to look at the way they grow. We met a couple of guys order of home was unknown we went up the volcano and Mallory and we rode bikes down to the received from the top of the volcano 1 morning and no one of the guys that was leading the bike thing was probably about a 5750. Very year old former insurance executive her friend Haney said yeah we see a lot of guys my age come over here they're gonna do the same thing but very few people make you -- you do you get over there and you think yourself well I can just. You know tend bar over here and figure out a way to make a living because it's view it is it's see it's that nice all right guys that I back my Doyle in the WBT newsroom and he's got today is big story from the off on a flying back to this seriousness of politics. I'm back the flatter appears to all got together in our Raleigh, North Carolina last week Carol Brawley North Carolina in these say that. Last week at the us sold out flat earth international converts two day conference was meant to help. Quote uncover. And debunks swayed those scientific facts. Close quote. Those attending say getting together they. With those who share their believes is a nice change of pace to the ridicule that they usually receive. Beliefs vary within the flat earth community but most argue that the earth is a desk. Surrounded by an ice walls. They also claim that NASA has doctor all the images of birth which show re curved horizon. Or spherical shape. Ocean and on they were there that would have been a great place to go do a remote. Tom. In Vermont a trick or treat her may have picked up a diamond ring. Women called in to say that she accidentally dropped for yellow gold and diamond eternity wedding band into a trigger traders bag. And she said others are reported detest someone posted on social media about finding the rig but she couldn't find the post so well police are asking parents to check their. Children's eye candy bags to see if they have visited the the woman's neighborhood. So little girl finds a long time and Oregon are. You don't got no real or other or other otherwise. And they study I read the news today oh boy says women are treated as well as minute coffee shops. An economist and her students staked out eight coffee shops in the Boston area Massachusetts supposed to be the best state to live and that's what we just said. And they watched how long it took men and women to get served in her conclusion. Men get their coffee. Twenty seconds earlier than women do. Perhaps says these skeptical. Are the skeptic. This is because women order through fruit drinks. Up to a point the researchers found that men are more likely to order simpler drinks yet. If you compare fancy drinking ordering men and fancy drinking ordering women the longer wait for women remain. He ever just sat and I nurses and San Francisco where for the Super Bowl has stopped by a Starbucks every morning I don't know Starbucks much anymore but I stopped on one that was right next to the conventions that are every morning. And there was always a line. And so you got a chance to listen to people's orders and I have never in my life. I mean some of the orders hard. Marie and three and five sentences long. And I mean unbelievable it's 505. Eddie hicks. His 11109893. WB team over the we go over run Canada does a party at cal tonight just maybe a small part did you all get together I think there's a bunch people barbecue and I'm parking lots of fun and have nothing else I don't know I don't fully human 72 others thousands of your friends he thought Jessica and it enjoyed every minute big dolphin took off yes yes we're over a fish fry. Yes there rang I don't man that's the hot files yeah. Game tonight is on night ESPN and ABC yeah. Tried to clear associated just in case you're curious. Panthers six and three trying to stay ahead of the pack in the race for the NFC wildcard spots and also was still hang around good and striking distance so vote. The saints who. He's pretty darn good. In the NFC south. And I think there's an awful lot of people that are just kind of think and maybe this is Christian the cavernous night. Lol see you occurred Samuel maybe it's his night. Color gets picked up in the offseason I'm just talk about this with the TJ. He's he's retired he retires after last season. And then. Miami quarterback goes down. Ten he'll. And then they offer a color ten million dollars. To complete the season. And any easier you always got all the tools we are great quarterback except he's got none of the body English and is just got to face it you just wanna mash. And I'm all for that open happens tonight to. And a big game Mo last time out against the Oakland Raiders look like he's kind of you know skip a little more comfortable with the offense and everything else threw for 311 yards three scores. But he did that against a raider defense that's not necessarily of the caliber of what he'll face tonight so hopefully that'll farewell for the Panthers. Cancer straightaway Kelvin Benjamin audit Gilbert more speed at receiver. I Christian McCaffery. Basically filled some of that void but he's a running back and know so maybe tonight is Curtis Samuels night. You'll see more action that's almost for sure. And Jonathan Stewart two point nine yards for carry measures this than I did to Christian McCaffery oh takes over literal one no running back position. Save your way to the game Panthers and the dolphins and the pregame starts in sixteen minutes past and. And. The Panthers tonight pregame starts it 5320. Came running thirty. And you are all of it right here on news 1110993. WBT. I don't know about forty tonight for you go into the game it'll be a little chilly but Dutch football weather tomorrow you'll low weight to us some cloudy conditions with partial sunshine and expected later on the day probably 57 for a high tomorrow. I'm down to 37 tomorrow night so you don't bring those plants in like you probably did a couple of nights over the weekend Wednesday were all gonna mostly sunny upper fifties Thursday. Hi in the upper sixties and then now by Friday as fears they can tell high and low sixties so we'll stay here are pretty cool. All. Weeklong. Which action is fine with me. Armed. When it comes to interrogating suspects I read the news today oh boy police are serious unless of course the person being questioned has really really. Bad gas. And that was the case of. Story coming out of Kansas City, Missouri that stopped and in garish interrogation of a man with a drug and gun offenses. When the suspect 24 year old Shawn Sykes junior. Excessively. I'm trying to figure out there were record years there but we all get the message yes. I'm think any was diabetic type Q it was Matt Foreman. Just saying. That and some of your smile and right now and say area again. There's a study out that says boys could benefit from our in from greater numbers of girls in schools is was always my philosophy. Maybe that's why military is the first couple they'll well. No girls. And seemed extreme it turns out that there's a one thing boys can have a school that can improve their academic performance and as girls of it is a new study that's published in the your. Journal school effectiveness and school improvements. And the researchers looked at reading test scores of more than 200015. Year old. From over 8000 mixed sex schools around the world and they found that boys performance was significantly better in schools. Where more than 60% of the students were female. Student our study authors believe that having more girls in the school makes the learning environment more productive. And previous researches sounded boys are strongly influenced by learning environment. Also. Characteristics more commonly associated with the girls academic behavior such as being more focused and having more motivation to do well. May help explain that there are good influence on the boys the other thing is is who was the smartest person in your class. It was always a girl so I mean to some extent if you're trying to improve impress the girls you don't wanna be the stupidest kid in class so I would think that would motivate you. And then the other thing they're fifteen. Change can you ever crazier driving your life when it comes to the opposite sex than fifteen. Did Hugh Hefner make a living off of this. I believe you may have. I enjoy the game tonight I think everybody is kind of excited about this. We all cross our fingers not gonna want to know the demo this time tomorrow or seven and three going into apply a week that would be good. And so we'll see what happens with the all that but Panthers and the dolphins. And the game will be here including the free game which starts just minutes away right here at news 11109893. WB GM John Hancock I'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock Charles most beloved we are out of here.