John MacIsaac

At Home with Roby
Sunday, October 8th

This week Patrick and Trent are joined on air by Patrick’s father, John MacIsaac. Patrick, Trent and John spend the show discussing family values and the Roby Family of Companies. John also discusses how he and Patrick’s mother, Sally, lived in Charlotte before the city grew to what it is now. Patrick’s family brings a great perspective to not only the growth that the Roby Family has seen in recent years, but the growth that the city of Charlotte has experienced in the past 3 decades.


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Good morning welcome at home with Freddie on Patrick Cassidy president ever be electric in to the H out plumbing. Along with the haste and president and CEO of the ruby family companies. We are your hosts his Sunday morning it's not stand and homeland Roby. Yeah it. Let's do it hasn't fine that they keep your listening statement posted a whole says. We have Amman dance studio in my band. Is certain to tell some good jokes probably embarrassed meals daily key saves gonna do souffle Sony humor would assume that legacy that's toothless duplex he means so to sum to a bad this time we go WW. Going in their BA dollar and Billy vessels that Israel not period via a Anemia Ric Flair. Who are more important night making the memorial are there constant ago here at. We've got a good show bam I'm excited. But parents are in town we we're going to winning my cousin Catherine he's getting married. Tiberi Catherine impaired or eating Mary in Winston-Salem area corners of hill and don't understand this the game Mary Kay did it during football season. And K and they live in Blacksburg healing opportunistic Clinton saying it was going on that story yet married. This kid at the college. And I know you heard bill. Carter bill yet I don't know we're coroner's who is Winston-Salem. Cats and a vessel late farce is the college I was talking about Olympic cock fight Tony I had a well I had a home builders Borg planning retreat earlier this week and did Braylon. Which is in Winston in this all this right at the campus thing was old dormitory in is a big stone building a school. Your dad's ever here to it decorated me what you say is if a fraternity have earned big old fraternity house with a big stunned twelve inch stonewalled like a castle yes. So it's really cool that's pretty cool now white got really mad and because there were no basement from about nine the toil over. We're to have some festivities. The stuff and hanging out. And then come out. And aren't always messes pop but she's been trying to talk had an issue was trying to column was in place at a meeting I was not found to ignore her the daily Vietnam nudged it Wheeler didn't itself thank haven't. And of course some Keating about having to get a my cousins wedding I'm excited to go I'm really happy for a happy for them. We just have had a game Obama Boehner sound embodied I got it I can enter their train them like yeah. If that he would do that out. A man my mom would probably kill me so I'm not committing. An alien that you found on. And it can be present. So I guess dirty and start honor roll list yep on my brother and his Stanley are are coming up TO they'll meet its of their. Now that later today and them. Not my daughter scarlet and my brother star Elliott fights girls ogle says that were were look at forties mile fun so your brother lives in Atlanta Auburn. All over Auburn Alabama okay. Yes Rossi came up to the Allman and he acted he bobbled and ease my dad's behind me here he wants the states them. When when he now you hate Cain tells to the next game we've got to keep in his ass harder for him. Hard for him under under wraps a little a little lesson in discipline mr. Macau's answer. That's a that's right that's electricity ace VA board be lit is there anything an industry is sort of hot topic anyone really champion we started champion this last year it will really get back today. Education component for argue that in for up and come and Trace people. That's some are really tainted DH BAC CC GC HBA homeowner association of greater show all right. Is looking to partner with CP CC in state carrier you've been the pilot and an area pretty hard that the Robie family really you know Bob I really think it's a great town for other mollen association airy. NH BA to come together and unite and as tinker toys in shares under god hold on to their chance to talk about. W about after about three years four years. We're loosened up a little they Yankee candle hauler every time but I'm really thank nest. That's where we have pain in our industry and found kidding I think it's a shame we talk about it Tom. That the living that you can may learn and trade when you're young ending grow and in that if you found on some might as will the help view which are good people Wonder Woman LP. It is a shame that we're not teaching man. School system this is how as a way of coming I'd literally and every (%expletive) on your gonna last week the U wanna had a chance to listen to this show last week that ten. Is that not the letter I have my mom Mel bus and looked as out of does that mean I'm glad they definitely or this week and it came out I came up with that would place me just in corps. On the in the early commercial side and into the group you know we have my parents and we took them around all the businesses and one of the questions they ask that warily Steve man sitting in the Hobbs farming building. No Horry Travis told another day there's three vans and an analyst seated within that we have this that are working right in its because we can't find plumbers to blame the third one needs a battery some like that has but if you're listening in your plumber WH top plotting attacks it was really electric 90 injury abuses weld it. I mean there's so much opportunity this is being missed the Nancy this is really not say this. If somebody said. Hey mr. pace enormously 'cause it can obvious tag may minimum wage on your Mandarin the summer went on 161718. And being cannot be a full time take the one nom eighteen and if only or trade school you tell me if I pass my classes I'm telling you about twenty years old Tony two years old. If if some guy does that none belly in your face how heartening innovator in living estate if they hush her mouth open a business forum. To make me say. I did so they matured to that point you're right and it she'd get these kids in here and I and I announce he's a soccer. And so my list it's hard acts Barton in two months later Sonya how did they are watching again I sale. And just like did. Do for a year to just like that's like my guys. Brian Rogers a lot of -- also means a project manager on our residential signings Iowa what we're all want to batters he's worked here three years I'm like it I'm like if you open it takes book you Wear the green this company a rail. Right. Little more patient in I mean the whole episode that's just that's life. But I do I think there's a big opportunity with the education. You know with the commercial every time Osce attorneys person or sub in our office with him in the senate plan and idea man because I now understand. Material prices are up there hurricanes in order knocking on labor and and what that means lumps that committee that is the truth I mean it really it is well La. While I'm excited about the show who has been a very emotionally we'll get into that later but all want to thank mr. 'cause it had a tough for joining us. And stick around we got a gray Sharon. No. Welcome back at home with Rudy I'm Patrick and constant from red be electric in WH Hobbs plumbing along with ten hasten from the relief family of companies. We are you were close. And we have a special guests in the steel business. That's my dad animals that those who. He's cranking on you already what is he is he. That's what dance do Vanessa I have these days fight you wouldn't take it and. I mean you now. Upon your father we we tell them a lot of buy our debt our dads in our personal relationship that we and we did and I think it's. That's. Wouldn't help me whatever may and I am what made me who I am and I think. Talk about you speak about you found now. I'll indicators of magnitude to the father from. Which is dead came in today in some less some Ahmad beautiful lush facial there. And he says he would like to talk about Payer. Or aids and also skinny legs and yeah. He's okay and frankly he said on the way Colin Audi says some on its Sheen and and I think that through the Alston small mom sign has we deadly known for about a much chance and I'll always have and I they accommodate paying her forehand I think it was like 22 thing. Where you know there's no story that goes around the only palatial spy more chins and my guys that spam is a Chinese phone. Oh. Now my goodness. I didn't embarrassment has begun fed ex if we are nice area casually. I think knows that allows him that they you have popped in my head and you learn Al little oh that's a good thing only and will let them fly let's take a cake you know you gotta let me reg about wee hours at a dinner party want to irate is that aren't just found Lhasa when asked momma for negroes by two -- that's the kind of are confident that the it. That's a two day we we simply want to talk about two things today elated to have. And we hit and I did the first two minute you know we take this sailor sailor strain ain't need to figure out the pain in his start tap dance and I you youth and the. One more story about air and the years and years ago when I was still working I wouldn't and head to sing this felon and a long time he walks he looks at and egos. My my my don't we have a lot more face to launch. Though. That's what are your customers. What my customers held Robin I want my better was not an island they started on the back he had his face and that it. Well you really in bad shape when the comb over starts back there. And completely talked. Not to come over before annaly and overall drop around was in famous for had a mean Bowman went down a story about being on the back what I really like about my dad's call monitored iconic stated that Dale Earnhardt senior and a desperate legit. But. In a the bug stories and you know we run about a mob buddies and friends almost buddies you know it down Natalie Healy and had had to vote no saying similar situation Patrick in. My dad's that would flop and his hair would pop up but I can see if that's the today at only Alberto Delgado bloody concussion kids because he'd slam now indicating that it did of Fareed that. It is apparent come down slowly. All that all that rave hairspray guy I think he's out light rain nice but light rain yeah but there's still had a little air solve a theory toppled the volume here yet but isn't it Chris Maynard tells about his dead as well owner by knows Chris Maynard uses one of our best brands and senior residence on America. They talk about a Bruce Lee brunch. Today east of brush that there hair width. Pena holding your hand you know it and hammer handle the handles broke awfully Alia and remembering that one day's column are real good yet about team layers of hair spray and it. Then you pop it up on the side. They've got into a love to spend their gun now. Know Madison he had that same drill at. Other executive still looks like a turtle with into the brush on the bottom out promising man mob Barbara ye ye about teen years ago who you know not told about all on the ready to come Monday as Lester that boys are tonight as he has on his brushes he has handled. The discretion to. Now when shopping for them I have that he can get one on Amazon. Couldn't have Amazon back then on sale now Hussein now they only had a thing and the thing about it the thing about it come over the only person that you're fooling is yourself. That the everybody has selected as what what a joke or they can seat filler so and at that it's like got like company and take it takes hours to get it right at Canada to be at this is less than they would personable as yourself. I like it green Ellis real funny you know as you as good. And the Reagan and I had our first guest is smokey and the bandit you know on the team Daytona for our smoky on Christmas night. But I was a bar Reynolds planner for awhile because smoking abandoned stuff and owls like Tillman Dallek ally that guy he's always eyes air site. Recently all of the bad event in fifteen years later I started saying now about matching the cut has picked it. It may have hindered days and if he's now is that rule they Bayern swims with the. And fifth summit TV commercial this. He's not just a client president Lee is also the client knows that he got their club for me and net asset he's about matching economy. But no we we we've had our parents really you were here on Friday. And recording normally record on Tuesday. It's only gotten taken down to see how spawning they got to take a look at that the buildings down air very impressive we had breakfast it's got Landon and talk to Becky for a while also that that was in the even got to go to ruby electric. Tomas Ferguson and over they're hurting injure any seed trend down in Dave Dwyer David Bear sits. They got the full Canada of of the company's got other than roe V realty that we did taught us. I don't thing I've ever formally thank that your father but I I do staying. He might get you in the fall there when times are tough for a couple years. Patrick county is it we have got our man and you sit tight and narrow long lasting this play now for. So yesterday that my parents did an MI Brothers well I was always we're we're very lucky to have. The relationship that we do that we're so close and it's that quite honestly that they have the ability to be brutally honest to me in and we these same back in now. In your right in the I think everybody is through some tough times and is good to have. Have good family support them and you have a you have as well I think it teaches patience and tell people that. Did you don't know lose. You don't know a recession or you don't know this entity limit and you do it and it really mean. It's a multiplier for every day you get and you billiards is wolf bullets more laws and I'll bring it. And I think if your parents can at least teach you what the real world's like no you won't be surprised when you get out there. And that's what I think good parenting zone about this this trying to to prepare your children for what's gonna happen once they do leave the nest. And you ask Patrick and once I left the nest they weren't coming back FS. So I'll tell unifying story that is not that has not. Is no Jake I think I walked across and got my deployments and mama's nice moms like how he can stay here unique being as time but as like he got until Monday that he. I wouldn't quite put I don't the Sunday afternoon I think and thank god gave it to a Tuesday with the yeah I think that's a bit sounds like. You can tell you serious okay all right I though you don't run the we we never had a part minorities Charlotte so I think out ready ready to roll myself but deaths. But you're right and I think did give it to everybody gets a trophy and mentality is is probably not effective ethical for CNN now. Block our Blu-ray and I had a conversation yesterday talking about. One mile river rat neighbor's house and now in other night and now. And he was almighty just this is daughter just got married element awaiting results announced the pump fakes and my two girls I have three girls and Dixon they're willing to also point download the clip. And there are non patent states are right. You're crazy who say good luck with the animal wolf. I'm talking to torment at the end mile eyesight watered and I and I have a wetness and I don't know where what thing point down lower budget or best I mean there's not a and I told my wife we talk about yesterday's she's very reasonable. It distorted. This coming in if they learn S loaded is just like my kids is just get a scholarship to north to a public instate school and what a there's not an alternative now I haven't lived it that this but I was planning the season now so that don't have to have our you know my eighteen year old child. If we do we talk about that T I mean as good I think it is Canadian and we talked we both have had this conversation in fact it's fun to have the conversation. With guys we work with about having our kids work on electric or plumbing trachsel or with with the laborers like you did. I'm grown up in that that is invaluable experience. To it when it really takes to earn a paycheck coming out it's not given Tia. He got a bus buster pumped out there and working in and we have we're so lucky do we have such good employees that can set that standard and that example and and we're doing it with other kids so. Others aren't laughing I loved enough that I loved more and then my employees come and me insane page cannot my son turned sixteen makes this spring Kenny word barren summer home a doctor or are. Just right and and you know you we keep talking about good parenting and certainly Sally and I appreciate all the all the compliments. But. I think his dog in this transition over into business and I and I are the same ideas in the same thoughts and the things Cory what can you expand on Matt well. No okay. They've done it non will be back in a few minutes should listen that at home with ruby. Welcome back then homered drove come Patrick has a camera be electric in WH out plumbing along with print hasten the rating fitfully. Companies. We are your posts if you have not been listening to its Lou. You need to get take out the podcasts. We got a very special guests have actually two very special guests my mom and dad comic Isaak and Sally make Isaak. And Iraqi Army says trend take up shots as he ran into idol is doing when you Thatcher ally do this for a few of the best. If you cut the death of likewise I. Would let it go ahead dads are good secular like your comment. This sentence that be about the city of Charlotte. Salam I lived here. From 1970 ask them. To 1980s. And these changes have we shouldn't Patrick who was kind enough to give us a tour of the day Andrew Roby companies today which was very impressive. But more so was how impressive Charlotte's grown. I just cannot believe. The growth here when we moved here in 1972. Newlyweds. The population Charlotte was 250000. People. That's in the mayor then was John Belk and he he was a true visionary that I don't think anybody realized at that point. But he was part of the reason that you see what's downtown and Charlie now. And understand in 1972. None of those high rises were here. None of them. We had DO coliseum which was until coliseum independence became a two lane road going to Monroe. Each way drive dead ended. Yeah to tell about that today that it independence. Was a small town that we thought was a big step because we had grown up in he North Carolina. And then of course and went to greater University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill a trip to relate to that. So Marcus if we were newlyweds moving to Charlotte and we loved it. Then we went to Atlanta and Atlanta is a big city and they have a lot of issues that Charlotte's just starting to experience. Sadly enough of that evidence that Obama around traffic right. And but I think you got a better handle on than planned ahead and controlled growth better but I just wanted to give a shout out to the city because it's impressive how well and out of the largest gotten. We'll I said this several song on the radio Hugh McCall as my local idol. And the reason why is because on Saturdays when I'd come in the town my dad would go global some boulevard and jump our own John belt freeway to 77. And I was 89 years old he had pointed the city and sage Hugh bill humor column billed as a city we are not limited to Hume Carl writes. And Nassau and so when I'm was fourteen and star won't read business book I want Laura by U McCall. And then edu and Jewish religious government on the same back then. Patrick clarified with me today that and CNB which was the bank then in prime book killer 'cause it will make some right here. That he did that and CNV bought BankAmerica wasn't the opposite. Yeah. Thing she's you and Al west select your cowboy in and took him down and he top parting tell that story. But he negotiated the deal and let them keep the name. What he what does that bank. With mark and and and of course you know everybody knows that the reason Charlotte's grown so much is because of humor called and the banking industry. No yeah. Beth I mean it's amazing it is just obvious he uses is well now on the expansion now I mean yeah just. Cranes everywhere Sunnis in Thailand and those skyscrapers in 19701980. Now or add them to 34 time it was a really measure with a number of construction cranes will let me ask you was the Krispy Kreme dough does only independents will Lawler a little oh yeah. That's that's why the guys that have busted chant. I got a dent my dad is so funny in the Krispy Kreme the year you loved the Krispy Kreme. And he he would. Told me one time that he couldn't sleep because you think about Chris getting Krispy Kreme in the Maury businesslike. Pitching wedge tomorrow at a so why now I can't do you think about give my address on the radio now the Krispy Kreme will send me about. He's we could try to work that out and I generally like take batting bat and it certainly does and that's a critical community continually gather preachy it is a well placed in that when I'm getting paid to do the show. I'll fix. That would you know clear I clear it. A quick sugar for a long time and then I had kids and now every time I got to get together down seven foreign guests Sonia for so any reason. I come home was doubled since. It's not I got up and magically. Place your car just goes in there that neck of the strident about. But now as is wonderful to have you all I mean. Like I said were so fond of our fathers and our parents it as a whole I mean really I mean the family unit we're a family business for grown a business to be a family business. And now Patrick said hey ma'am I'm Raymond about a radio show and I'll like bring your dead already years. Well I'm honored and I can assure you that. You're dead if you were here it is beam so proud to site. Sally and I are very proud of our boy is in we do have another boy by the noise whose Elliott. And he's a bit older and we like him better. A figured out it does that tell a quick story one LA's. Went Auburn. Who dropped him off and you mom cried and then hugged him and all this when we do. Robert Patrick all of a glimpse that I don't think we've slowed our men and that's a muddy and well sids say yes yes. That's a story as told the last segment about him giving me the literally a 24 hours to get my stuff together you get to Charlotte from Clinton. I wasn't kidding this entry way sort of what to tell you why you're here Aminu and I think it's kind of cool it you know cousins my cousins are doesn't. My mom sister's daughter Katherine oldest daughter Katherine is getting married in Winston-Salem tomorrow as they came up last night. Look a couple stakes out by the grill and I consider the tour did so I got a question who who called mistakes people I bought says hey my hand out trying to take our own John. Listen I love that he would of voted ushered rusher rite of passage says that's. It is yes yes he's eye candy. Well let's first but I knew that well I'm and it's always been a rite of passage with him in penalties fumbles when he does he get their bill as well alligator arms. And it is Chris Maynard just says LFO Lawler only to and a lot of people the coral term and now I think about it let their wallets and you know lenient in mean. And and they set out I don't know a reminder email related brain cash yet and every other email David Alan. Now with the talk about what she seen how how you see her company grow and it's it's kind of cooled it. The a year he kind of knew that you know mom and in our famous and get to watch it from the sidelines were in it every day but what kind of things have you seen. Well I'll I'll tell you and that may be uses a hope this is an okay story. Got to make this won't quit but the that I was first I was whom Patrick Kane to me and said that he was thinking about going to work with you on and describe the environment everything I thought it sounded wonderful and I have to explain that I've. Was in the business world for almost forty years so I think I have a fair inside out the best but I was impressed those particularly impressed with Trent. And as it's things well longer a bit bumpy at first. I became more impressed with Trent and more impressed for the company. As though he's gone with this no well and so at one point Patrick was a little frustrating came to me and so let me tell you some right now if you ever decide to leave. You call me first that I won't talk to about this do I think is a great opportunities to great company he's just starting to grow. You're leadership was really sought to take hold. And then in it to make this summon up as quick as I can very impressed particularly after what we saw today. You guys are definitely headed in the right direction and you've got one thought that I think his transitions into our company. And and that's it when you go do a job you gonna do it right you gonna do it in the first class manner. Creature cost reflect their customers you know and if I get ever give anybody any advice in sales is creature cost more like you'd like to be treated. And you won't do it so congratulations to Andrew Roby thank you. There's a sane and I don't think ever made that call by the way. A valley Idaho all underdog no young thing oh yeah he's aren't they where I was close. Know it but buyers say is I mean you have wonderfully here we got along really well from day one and yes even before we work together. But Hillis town's only needs hasn't tough conversations that part business and god bless that. Again I get from off army able to have tough conversations when I mean and a tough conversations. A lot. I think we had a couple tough conversations they're less frequent these days there's one literally sticks in my mind it but you're right in in we talked about is the forward. Lead and we we do we thought I was coming to the end and and they didn't thank goodness we both mr. that you probably push through more than I did. Well thing is all of us Almonte Basra tell me I had a hole in the side of the ship and he closes it does now I don't they were crazy I had the best guy. That was gonna make it right wanna lose him and this is the world we need to do to the services out of business or was gonna Sierra road. And now there are going man you got this the current events well if you know punch you and it. Trees it's not people and the guys who asked John to state with this for a little bit on the last Simon and we did that please Todd beyond high you listen now home with revenue. Welcome back at home the red hat's guys were ready electric. WH how plumbing won't ten paces from the family of companies. We are here host we're still in the studio whiz. My dad in my mom and Travis TJ got a full house and here Trent pull out full house I like it that way. Texas solemn hour and a half Allen album. Second of silence for my dear friend I lost athletes. One of my very best life matures this week now always say must the three relief strong business like mentors my dad. A man named Wilson Worley who passed away on Monday evening and and Randy Burris always very openly said that and Wilson would were Tom might do when a development deal together he was 78. He was gonna transition his legacy company 45 year old business he had. To our business and we re getting excited about it and he hand. A seizure last week and never came out of this service to god bless my friend. But when when I lose people way you get older you lose more people who regularly. A year old nostalgia so I could cancel a couple days earlier this week when peat moss on wind down to a gust to spend a night when my sister some I'm never down does Meehan must good for you. Had a great time went out back in my dad's bills that banking and blooming onions did did the whole thing and then. And then I went down hung alma river rat neighbor to us last saw him this week and seeing him until months and to want advises us photos he knows what moment do these guys sees those Oman deal. But it Wilson was a very special guy he's telling about my dead. And the story you real quickly dad's purple horror story. When Ramallah be Elena my dad my mom woman damage she'd be on anchor's worst he must not care about is money in hand a seminal value and on 78 years old. And and he tell welcome Bach and you should always go you sold your purple heart before you even saw me when you got off to Xia. Because you all you do is care about money they need to save it for your bullies. And he lob I mean he says I need to get out and hollered wellness miles like at heart and Zeller right and as a walk home and selfless statement cannot tell Wilson has stories some years ago will Salome off Pollard. And he went to the process to him by a year and a half and got data purple heart got all the credentials. Got frame and Abbas. Inning gave it demeans that this is for you and your brother to give your phone I just did it for you because a load human response that's that's the got to just passed so what a special story. So real it's coal. So. Best this week. So yesterday I am run on the road at 4:39 PM and get a messenger pop Obama final FaceBook. And it's from a kid that grew up the road from us and I didn't I tell this kid may be. Once a year and enough for five years and literally he moved to South Carolina. Name group on the river. And it just out of blue this way sent me and tells them and over a couple years under camp under a cabinet almost side job cut and a piece supply with the cable. Like I've done a thousand times and every time I do it I think a Popper or on showed us the cut a piece of PVC. With robot would pop bang he might even bet someone he could do it. And in any act came back yes it is separate things like that is how you main lane get the job done united. And I and I have always known that I had forgotten in my of course probably my dad was long ago has shown how do that. Historical changes brought out again. And then today we had your follow Rome on the radio I'm never never been able to visit him at his home. This is your fault at. That's a sore subject FF a not with me. It will let the junkie is you're you're you're very similar to to my parents houses on the river. And alma friends I mean it was worth it where my friends I'll live in. Every time a me wanna packers' other lifetime friends are all. It's like an airman on there. So you know you have an open amateur I do I do but if I go ability to heart Tom my dream. Is selling it today you can what we're talking about lake helium of course us for the live in it I thought it was great that you called me you went to lake Healy with another one of your friends on the says. Britain decent. And he said I just want you to know that my feet are in late key Leah I am angry that it wasn't on affected I was on your parents dot yeah at least and I had not been since. For the first time in my life nothing prayer relate feeling used and not with the that's right but got Brent. And again Brent whimpering at wins this one when globe bring you skinny legs and come see us at that and will compare him. Legs are extremely skated I don't think have ever also stimulate that if you put all three of our legs together we have like a normal day. Well but that is another story of the dear friend from Charlotte Barbara rocket Charlie you don't Barbara hope you listen. And she it's always harass me about my skinny legs I've known Barbara for forty years. And so recently we got together we saw them with some other good friends Charlotte tinian human Jane finch. And Barbara brought me a hat and a T shirt from the skinny legs bar. And I bet that's a that's are aware that proudly and I have another hat that I got that we went to bald head island. And they call look like household balled it where I had my skinny legs to Asia and I've fit right in anyway. Today he got to face reality. That's it. That's you know today say a new one you better start face and what you're doing good said he wants the new forty right that's what I hear yeah. This is in the authority. Any not to. Say that all the time I don't. Ages so far out the window when you know you appreciate life and people you don't mean look at age anymore says. I really believe that. What else is seen any. They were living out here now I think we've got about a minute left. And put tells puts you on the spot here at camp which both homes. You know it's how I talk about Clemson football tigers play. Tomorrow recorders on Friday this week played a Mori is Virginia today. Daddy got. Well I gotta go with clips you know like kiwi is fifteen minutes and Clemson after it went to Clemson. And quite frankly we've grown to love that song going Clemson BP's Whitley all hanging clips of him and my buddy Brad asked me to go to a game with team. Did cite god bless like Al Wilson's funeral we were gonna take kids to tweet seat for the into the season but it. But I go Wilson's you know south they Reagan's gonna take to kids to care wins instead. Without meets. Well those tigers with I'm with you in and in of course sad to hear about Wilson whose great great man nice story. Never gets old I have to continue to fill. Thanks for joining us have a wonderful Sunday thank you John thank you guys thanks for being here. We'll be back next week.