John Marrino

At Home with Roby
Sunday, January 21st

John Marrino of Olde Meck Brewery joins Patrick and Trent to talk business.


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Good morning welcome them home through the center. Pretty electric WH how plumbing and ruby handyman. Long a trip hasten from the rim Stanley companies trans man now Iran desk who turns out. How else you have just an easy TJ TJ UCLA. Skis and church in there with talent he realized that those symbols go different about them like a light which cooking with TJ. From. Black. Had breakfast with the kid today and it rhinos like cared church and yes mean when relieve any stimulus church gonna come eligible late like out like on his manager please avoid going to allow us some days like like I'm getting criticized for Gilad but all the honestly been thinking about it he he can't. He had like two or three albums like Graham by him batting around. C'mon buddy get off the hill. It dole. He had thought you know that sounds about a comer now. But she got a month's academy your phone and hours we will give and and now listen we got we've got a pretty cool guest today as a sort of it's an industry I don't know much about it learn a little bit now and it's heated and much about it either lieutenant craft brewery which is on fire it seems like this like the nutrient. He would tell you talk about its business lessons how to how to write inner into the business. And sue the crap brewery maybe for our age group in in younger atoms like become line. It is everybody and is with ivy you rating is everybody is all these things about how the bureau with pre dissimilar to kind of like. If previous generations have lined difference between beer like our rating on the Better Business Bureau EPA is eight plus no. But the U Iraq it is so you can read in the year. Essentially anywhere outside ink. You have to have a certain type of landed a certain type of greats and I is really becoming competitive industries they kind of fun to watch Christmas dinner cumbersome the year Chris Maynard. Can prison beard really give it. He can't again and it before Chris Maynard is our senior project manager own revenues rose to be on the residential signing ruby. He's been with the since 03 he was our first main major hire. Outside of the hasten loses does this mean bin with a fourteen years now best friend in life. When Haskell together. And he ball house and the awesome in the home Belmont back in mica of Florida Malo Hal some Belmont. Hello Cameron now below the house and he's a broom beard on there. And newly renovated his kitchen about two years ago and do a tap below. They're used Etsy I was there onion now now particularly gas are our guess is John Ray drywall bear. John Maria from knowledge on to yachts in a day old make scud missile to Chris has garage he is not time to guy he is sales in this this is for is for self consumption. But man let it out Gladys warmed up lobe as we told. When you listen this problems that are warmed up a little blip again this week was nice and we were talking about. Which it and I said upon from a house in the about time that last day of cocaine. Can I could not. Take in iron in his the ice on the pond it was ethic. Let him make a mosque victim you know once Allah I don't think you. Make the masala funding there might be another problem that was not the price Lizzie it was maybe mean I want to break my teaching way you know you need to. Need to put all the parameters in the cotton's maybe this another parameter of the key things that they've been he's been more time in the GOP keep going China brake a little ice cube out of this freezer if you in the arts panel and a picture today it's not easy dollar to earn a Clemson orange shirt today. And we had takes them. That picks up hopefully in nice cal always glass of fresh. Fresh a fresh takes on a dead BJ in ads and you can tell when you're downloading your podcasts let us know what you think about the case or aren't blood. Or hard to pink shirt that's is an am not afraid Wear pink like pictures. Attachment no gently totals mall which is. Salman I think his account and as salmon seconds into. Salomon at that Salomon Smith Barney is but somewhere my last wife is chuckling as I said Salman vs San and I can't say alive a debt. But anyways sort of talk about ultimate proof camera time by craft brews you don't drink and uses fear paralyze a guy. But not seen eve evolved we all have I think when it first came out like he feels I'm never Gunnison it's xmas ever when it went experts came out now oral takes like Lance now. And I could drink craft beer and craft beer started coming up an hour and tell them about me I think they're talking about Piedmont dental. I'm not these changes color me it is the than it is years that can that Renton things are not what anyone it one point said to have marathon hearings a gimmick. No doubt makes tail. You know thinking of ways to stretch and Kelly got talent and depth. Madonna's side here about John I don't know if you heard this story and it. Account I didn't wanna tell you the whole thing that was going on because I wanted to hear from him I think is really interest in what's happening in an industry from the old legislative standpoint. How how the bigger players repeating in the craft brewing industry sort I think he calls stealth craft. Hampshire we'll explain how you know Matt third graders German Roland you think need John in here EAE thing I can get her job nine. Maybe so I mean it's Noah and Al that's not this may mean. Maybe going be to say good in Todd. On. I don't speak German winter. I don't try I don't I dined and opened an affinity I was just here which are all of a Taylor looked in and they talk about renovating my house for about seniors robot to get started on the project birdie exactly and that is. My life is the project. Manager she's managed in the selections in a budget phenomenon get it done hopefully. But it's fun we have another spouse policy and our business plessy walls to be a full time stale mom. But this birdie cool. TC. Curb take the project management role Christie as she gets stuff done by it right. And so yesterday after Acer and asset banks bloody ball slate. And boss lady is a word she's heard me use for a very select. Customer which is a term of endearment and mom or dad and used it for various right ladies that we were Ford he respected and I music in she my wife LaMont father. And I think Augusta brownie points homey city here at the she's the brain easier than muscle. I'm not and I'm thinking. It heaters medium Mr. Bush is in the case Meehan a renewed now did this denies exciting and that's going to be fun too much and it evenly deford do in this for Ottawa house. Congratulations on that and Jose entering ya hear about it as it progresses to the some. Looking forward to the show of thanks for joining us. And when we come back we'll have a job marina yet stick around the kind of we don't hear about the beauty title rather imam was going on how prep process works in your own in your in as a fiscal I don't want crowned the (%expletive) A. Welcome back at home with robes and hats and pass from. Services along these into the rosy things. We are your history and we have John Marino and see you. Pretty well known name in the Charlotte community. Is pretty business is certainly will land the Charlotte community with old Mecklenburg brewery. I think you've do you mean dabbled into a copper to a nice day yeah. Hot had a grew hours to in my refrigerator me oh that you Panamanian vogue beer aghast. Hours. But no I remember when you when you first open did you write up the road from where you're at now. I guess when your competitors isn't that into a location around. The asked sort of meander and I was there the funny thing is is that area over off between south Tryon on and self boulevard. You know it's an old industrial area that's right and least have warehouse is overnight aryan little rough. It was who moved in it was pretty much taken to you know we used to get the battery stolen out of our trucks at night and I think but now it's. It's an a little bit nicer area and today yeah I mean you wanna commend you I think Q in your business in your you're forced Sidon and you've. BNN news have more on the take the risk right blaze a trail. Has driven that fly will an editor so thank you this great. Who will Johnson's suit everybody's I think it most listened communities familiar with what you've done for the community it would all Mecklenburg brewery has done for. Freddie Cianci read that area. It in in our offices and with the with really services are very close by or just on the other side of 77. But day you do from an outsider looking in. He era I remember going to the media original brewery articulate their point or boisterous with the CCA back and Allen probably. Ten years ago I mean are evident yeah yes usually at a Bausley what is this is craft brewery Dana what's going on of course even the genius who has had a crystal ball is solace opening. Turning into two way it is now so how how did she can start I've heard the story that they it's fascinating how. Your love for fear in you in your business trips to Germany Katie kind of innocent the story. Sure I'll try to even the cliff notes yeah yeah it was really by chance I mean I spent seventeen years in the water treatment equipment manufacturing industry which is not the most exciting industry in the world let's. In that industry I ended up going to work for German company and when I was about 23 they ask me go to Germany. To work in their international sales department insists that you know why not I'm 23 and single. And that. Introduced me for the first time to fresh all natural German sell beer and of course I immediately fell in love with a and while later four actually five years later came back the United States. Working for them we can and we. Was running the North American operations for them at that time that 28. Yeah yeah Hannah Hannah. I got lucky you know as a good place it was a small companies. When I joined it was 29 Germans in May have when I when I ended up leaving there was 700 people so. That we group pretty quickly and one well and came back to the states and the first thing that sort of hit me when I came back is that they missed the fresh Germans shelled here. Because in the states you could buy German beer in the group Trish yeah when it was over stocky old bronzes Connors and the bad guys who didn't taste good in and you know than in the American craft beer trend was running. But it was a lot of Beers that just were not to might suited to my tastes you know the very hoppy Beers ever very high alcohol up. I'm look I'm a beer flavored beer guy you know I just like fear. And I like to eat easy drinking. Refreshing beer and so. Never thought of opium in the nervous this was in my news in that industry for awhile longer in. Fortunately or unfortunately our company it acquired and I just didn't like working for a large corporations so I stayed for about a year and a half and then decided to. Do something differ with my life so I resigned and took my family on a three month RV trip across North America. Hoping to get an idea. Both two thirds away through triple a surrogate nurse that hadn't had an idea I think this way and but one day in Montana picked up the Wall Street Journal and the little article in their about a guy rebuilding the Narragansett beer brand New England. And literally it was one of those label moments I sit I said. I don't think Charlotte is over and so I did little more research and realize show's largest city in the United States without ever mile and real. So I basically thought I could kill two birds who wants on I could actually have a job. And get the Germans fresh Germans shelled beer highlight by making a Burry. That specialized in that. And so I came back to Charlotte and put a business plan together and got a good couple partners together and eventually opened in March 2009 so we use you already before your three month road trip you already lived in show I did I use so. When we when I came back to the states who. We acquired a very small company in New Jersey right outside of Manhattan and we grew so much that we needed new factory and as you can probably imagine right outside a Manhattan is not the most effective Phil Spector. So I decided to look in the Carolinas and when I came to Charlotte it took me one day in Charlotte messages through one of these. And so we built a factor of Kara went forward and move that could company down and and we grew. Pretty substantially. Tour. Clark. So my daughter goes a lot I'll language academy my three dollars due take in this whoever gets up above ally. Mom middle daughters German she's she's not she's river she shot or she's Mecklenburg County river rat. Amber's she's German and she hangs out with a lot of aches and German kids yeah the third grade. And now we went to I went to pick her up from one of the birthday parties and they had copper. Or lower all of my stuff everywhere. And I'm sure this guy I don't out of their names and I'm sure there might even be business partners with you want your friends are. Yet in a business pars but we're pretty. Well dialed in debate are attorney Gloria how unhappy they are most of visit us the the Charlotte chamber of the guided new recruits European companies for the Charlotte chamber is in our. Facility above three times a week and laugh with prospective. New clients that wanna build factories in the show owners so it's. We we we're we're very close connection when bush brute German. And you lot all of a compliment you were Mary Lou thanks a top level business level five would you read an ambush for whatever issue you take care you know you make money. You're you're rest of the surviving business and thrive in does and you take care your employees in the new take care you're community. And you give bank and now we've been doing a corn alternatives such tenth year now. And then upheld other people do Cornel terrorists we didn't we do our striker Louis. And the folks over an enraged. Came to me a couple of years ago not Anas are shrugging my business plan everybody has different constituents on bill good for between me some golf I've attended the that Cornel term and I think the last two years. Bit richer very generous. With your real estate in your business and Ella I know what's good for your business did you get people to come through NC which Agilent and in drinker German beer. But that's awesome that you do that you have a wonderful. If area man is yeah we got lucky with. Property and with the first property it was kind of like landlocked there with yes surrounded by asphalt so I wasn't really understood. Achieve the original vision which we were able to achieve with the new facility. Which is to really create a community. Gathering place. It's one of the things I fell on low within Germany was the the whole culture surrounding Beers I mean. It's central to their own social cultures and the breeze or community gathering spaces the beer gardens. That's where people go to talk and do business and things. And that's who tried to achieve with the Yancey road location. We've gone there Goebel Toms told a spaz out dissent that we had a couple of business meetings there asset about a far critical to our preferred to have gotten. He talked about the German culture which not my wife's maiden name is Schmidt as the HM ITT yet he knows he hails from Jasper Indiana which is a German town. In the NA has some called the strossen fest in Saturday and aggression on position it's a bond yes. You know all the names are are similar to that the data they are kind of live in the same community bank debt. I will say something it posited Germans are hard working things. There's no question about it for a debt. Net and John he has some growth coming up and who wanna get to value in the next couple segments. And there's been some talk of of a location potentially hundreds of those well Cornelius Cornelius so I apologize yeah. We will rue going forward that we remove we bought the property wanted to build another Breaux senator Gordon opened Cornelius why do wanna say I'm I'm all staunch for an oral schooled. Land them Reynolds house data in a month small business I think you'd make a dollar in your Byron housing crowd for you if but but I'll always had to tell people it if ye ye insults instinct and prim you know every. Yeah sniff out what's around. Am not been and that other place that was log jam on asphalt Joan you very were both smelled a neighborhood and figure out what was going well known and Paco where your. Yeah that's right I mean is do do who's a crown jewels were property sitting two doors down in the and they came when it came on the market. And literally who. Said. Oh my goodness this is this what we need. It's basically ten and a half acres. Of green space. With a Burr in the middle of the and so it's a fantastic location coal. Well we stick around with a sigh well I will talk about colonias or return. Welcome back at home with pretty tough patch for casting from ruby services along with the last entry pace. And welcome to today's over here makes another music he's not a mile than they with a little sly smile and I'll tell you I'm very and reflect and hatchery. I'm glad we're I'm glad we're playing and reveal that should condemn VH housing in Rhode regaining man. And warm coat collar regulars as were taken up another five minutes each segment and being handled this current parents and it's also. Thought I had to remember I'm not very intelligent person Miller awareness and remember only this is for John Thomas my dear friend. JT tell me he cement aloe listen you show that every time Alice again off his. At home or other rhetoric red river outlet when asked the go to show John. Grabbing his disgrace and it's become so we have a job with this today he thought about beer yeah. On Sunday morning yeah I don't mean. Always I house say he says some in the first segment John. About how everybody in the in the in the cramped room grew an industry. Is out PA hot and a get a copy. And not tell people all time home claim and I just like ago copper Mina ally. Even a redneck. And takes at bear yeah yeah we'll see who we like Terry we like to say we make beer flavored beer and this other all like gays and all of those things that they're fantastic and that's a certain segment and a and then taste but right. There's a large segment of the population that also just flakes a nice refreshing easy to drink beer and my philosophy is the second beer should be easier to drink in the first and the third beer should be easier to drink in the second and it's the other way around sums wrong. And so that's the way we do it and we we're not gonna make IPA's because it's not our mission but we do we make German Silva will it. Let's talk about that and I hope my wife just heard that has sequenced those cities during the third I can I got back a lot Leo well but not just tickets they say if he he mentioned the beer flavored beer there's how many ingredients in your beer man is the Sunday he Taylor's series. Yeah there's only four ingredients in and Ireland every single one of our Beers has only four ingredients all natural malt hops water used. Bomb and the beauty of making Beers and it's really it's a science but it's an art. The we have a very wide spectrum of peers that we make and we make all those fears that same four ingredients well so it's really is it exciting tubular make such a wide variety appears with those simple agrees how many Beers that you. We have about thirteen Beers right now that we make. Year round I mean they're different times but it we have five permanent and then we have lots of season holes and and holding Beers and things like I said you you stick to the basics or do you do like the seasonal for your personal. Intake. I drink probably 99 coffers for every one other bureau drink down and but I daily life but I love all over Beers and I just. You know am I going to our cap room and drink hornet's nest pave the lights and as my first beer and then I switched right to copper and but that's my go to the list. Talk about gut tea things we talked about you regret not an honors the I was on the last segment that your your new your new potential or I'm sorry new facility Cornelius. An Intel also little bit about things I noted. Did something that that you're very vocal about in very passionate about is is a legislation involved with with your potential growth and possess a diner that's hard to get in TV. Consummated it isn't familiar with through industry and Emil the case of a bullet. Kind of with the craft beer industries going through. Yes so one of the things that people don't realize in North Carolina is that we have of even though we. Everyone hears about breweries every day in the news that there in the thinker our industry is enormous it's actually quite tiny. Only about 3% of the beer consumed in north Carolina's made in the upscale well yeah among 97% of its imported which results in a multibillion do it. Dolly dollar transfer wealth out of the state every year. And the beauty of the year is did he can be made locally right and it's better when it's made locally because this trek and so. Our whole thing is let you local breweries growth but unfortunately in North Carolina we have this cap on our ability to self distributor appear. And that. Means that we're never gonna have a large marine North Carolina because. After 25000 barrels of production. You get forced into these wholesale distributor portfolios. And the other always also distributors they're vital to the industry share. For companies for Burris from California to get to North Carolina they actually need a wholesale distributors and if I wanted to go to California with my beer I would use warning California. But I just wanna be local and I just wanna sell my beard here in the Charlotte area and in order to get. The customers here I can't be put into portfolio with 900 other products later. Including huge multinational conglomerates where they don't really care what they saw my product or another one. I need I need to focus salesforce. And it and I need good customer service to be successful. And so we just wanna keep her own product. And people say well 25000 barrels a lot of beer. It's it's actually a drop in the bucket so Charlotte alone drinks about one point five million barrels of beer per year. I'll and so by gay capped out at 25000 and that I have to hand over my entire business to a third party companies the really doesn't care about my success they care about their own. And so. All we're asking the state of North Carolina to do here is to let us do we've been doing since we opened and that is. Go around and service our customers and sell our products like in every other industry and decide how to take our product to market. In every other industry you decide what's the best way to go to market to wanna sell myself so I hired distributed off wanna have a rap. How to do it but in this industry don't have that choice but things evolve on main. This state up until your success Rula Amin maybe has never had. I'm not taken for beer that bureaucracy at all but that is a new problem. That they had. Well I that's a good point because the reason we have 200 bruise and with that and how is precisely because they allowed self distribution talk about what kind. It was South Carolina has like only fifty grew reason they're all tiny and that's because it on any agent would you invest two million dollars if you didn't even know if you gonna have access to market know what I've noticed you're gonna once picked up you've done. It's actually right you're attacked from your bar that's an survive and we don't want the bar our our our tap room is simply a promotional tool footer brewery. It's it's our number one promotional value and so we that's a nice little niche in our business but it's not our core business our core business is distributing. Through bars restaurants and grocery to consumers in north in the Charlotte region. In the big brands understand this right now there's there's learn to acquire. Then added I'm Barack Hussein came to discern to acquire local breweries in ins were spinning I'm offering a morning only room. In sin and that the market well yes so the big breweries finally figured out how to crush the craft media meant Sonia. For brewing concerns control 88% of the United States beer market. And those four companies realized. What they can do is create what's called stealth craft. So they buy regional craft breweries that they push him into these distributor portfolio's. And they use this strength. To influence the distributors to focus on their brands instead of the local branch support full and and so basically. That's the other big reason we don't wanna get forced in there is because will end up getting killed and another another and a lot I don't have much in the marvel and a lot today. As you said that your making your fists like Andy came after it and I mean why detail wagon adult right. But I'll tell you win win it seems like when the big boys by. And local craft brewers are way have you. The big changes to it it really feels less local. Well it's it's it's definitely. Different I mean what date they don't you know that they keep the local bird little Burry open but the job creation stops that location. Because what they do is they shift to production to there mega breweries switcher you know I think Anheuser-Busch's thirteen of fourteen around the country. And they do shift their production and blow the Brenda nationally. So that they can create another stealth craft print that you you you probably will notice that they don't put their name on the brands that your like goose island nobody advertisers that is Anheuser-Busch and I honestly didn't and anti join in Larry's the last time that most of people don't know that blue moon is of course product mean and and did the one that prove the concept for these guys and so. Now they've figured out how to successfully compete against a local Marines. By fooling the consumers into thinking it's a small local program. Oh well. I mean how much to talk about certain yet what you call it a campus or what facility with the new place up and coronary it's it's who we called a bras and beer garden so it's it's a beer hall. And it'll number in it and it'll also have a nice beer gardens similar to the one down and so sure how how much land. It's point four acres while. I mean most they'll remain woods and you'll when he usage winning in Charlotte. No world attend an Afghan and now so most of the Cornelius site will remain woods will use. Probably a similar amount as we're using down in Charlotte and you said did you chose an alias because this kind of the epicenter of that region. Yes it's central to the lake region and as you all know it's Charlotte traffic keep it's almost impossible to get through to lake from throat overly personalities in and I really think it's gonna get worse so we we actually think that. Did won't be. It'll be complementary to our location because it'll enable people in the lake region to also is organized your garden without having to drive an hour and a half temperature. Well that's wonderful men I've learned so much today. Here's I mean you're such a wealth of knowledge a lot of your arch nor should your console. We wish you much success. Give yourself a plug here and thanks for being with us well thank you thank you guys strand and again. You know just come on by real Mike Miller brewery stood outside talk to your friends enjoy a nice cool refreshing beer under the trees. So yeah wonderful. Thank you John thank you. Looks back at the root. Patrick got sick from Rosie services along chased him from the ruby namely companies. My hand intro is now long learning errors the rugby Stanley company Sebelius finally dragging out some this is true and Patrick and ruby is Sunday morning it was now or where with. Welcome to which is you're easy listen some more days. I'm here this is not in any art that is a much awhile mohicans. There we get may and we had John marina with no medical here. Assays and it right he did I didn't know what what what an interesting person in hail fellow business. Leader. And really yet I mean yeah plays in his his his back stories really inching up and I got to hear him and their business leaders are Charlotte blocked it is they had me at TC topics and every people in like this editor leaders in the community to speak and act. He came in on her historians say you know. Good grief and a he has an uphill battle for sure mean your frightens him. Some of the biggest and should be his models Arlen and keep it simple stupid make good German beer taste good don't try to get crazy with alcohol content and I'll try to get a crazy with this than man not obsessed. India and he has his beer garden right his place overall team and seen and what he's gonna do upping Cornelius. I mean I'm not saying it's a loss later on opposite profits sooner bit but what he's doing is given the lifestyle to his people. And animals from the same Alabama lifestyle. So they go by his beard here locally here Stater. In name in May go home on Friday nights and have a grower of copper. And in it takes him to sit by the fire get out of the beer Garten now use on XP and I I think I think did that it is it. He's I think the beard guardians probably from an economic standpoint. Where they make their money take about eat you're you're not taking to veer anywhere. He reiterated its own definitely low cost low load it on that do not distribution 56 dollars or dear verses which are gonna pay for six back of the store. Not yet nobody else's skin and their old their opponent know his record attired. The drugs don't have insurance Gavin and bill but. Eight. You not bank of Roby as we grow is a lifestyle is what people think and they think. Allen and emea lay who we are and how we make them feel and always get back to. To Ralph Lauren about fifteen years ago always grew I'll Wear polo was like that that the nicest are ever going and is simple you know. It's not stiff cheapest is definitely not the most expense of this hot equality for what you pay. And but I solace segment about fifteen years ago Ralph Lauren Thomas Ralph Lauren home. And I had. Dinara get out of college at thank come big town and it TJ Maxx and buy me some own say hello Ralph Lauren best friends right on man. Didn't know he had it until us our mama bear as brands but. That and Nassau this show on TV and interviewed in many send manned. He said the way he sent us all an opportunity and I owed this to my customers because the way they felt when they don't want in my shirts or jackets whether it was a suit. And and they had a business dinner or whether it was a plan they were going out the hang out on the farm he said they had it made them feel a certain way. He says so I thought that I owed it to be able to take it into her home and beats are. Around them and and quite frankly. Dallas before we re branded dangerous to be an ass Ali had made and was injury. And ask time I mean really I think I lose the mindset and asked a man that's we work release people. You know we do either office construction we're more business for a B commercial square. We do their home or more relaxed though little put together. Triangle in a tight to the point is what she's kind of different this is the same thing with the services that we won in the knee you're right trinity could he goes hand in hand let me get should go fool soul circle but now I'm not only that that. Believe we we wanna put people's mind eighties and we talked about that the terrible weather to cold weather we had a couple we CA. And you not talk to thinks is some Puerto Ricans and have gotten so many calls of people have frozen pipes. In Italy's gives paid hourly take care it is dissent feeling you're right I ET bring up well florists if I am remembering. And usher who's a very first row foreign sure polish right up would lower homicide they had been won the first I remember maybe I even. Paid for we had to Wear ties on Thursdays I played football in high school. Anna I on the third I got to about white Ralph form but now five for Christmas here before in your right it was a feeling like I Emma pull lecture on him talent. A delegate would do Alan Wilson myrtle. I never know Wes who the it and my brother when no Harding my Brothers are aware empower low and Tommie Hill obviously I'm Hilfiger and they didn't make either one of those brands bag in our data instilled that might have made polo Inky is that they didn't sell it in Charlotte at the one ballot. A is so lose. I had Abbas small adults. It. I came aware of small gold now you and you really tell where an extra large youth and people. But but but I mean you ma'am I mean literally the shoulder stitching that now is on my shoulder and somewhere in a medium. Let's run down in my elbow after hours about eight inches shoulder but thank Ellis four foot negative three. But it but man I felt good that he do you remember now and it's not a this year the year they can be a Matheson orderly do you remember going to the Cologne sanction of like bill we had Macy's it reaches the Atlanta a big TV the little samples. He outlook and a total on the and I hate Italy and put Honeycutt here are handing out startled Aaron watches it and I Yale college and watched guy and and I. Now my friends were released as a watch his sock that where I want to settle played I don't keep the Montana played a game but my dad would always buy flew it always about my dad for Christmas Paul Sebastien this Cologne and animated film with a lot generic tab and I'm bringing home with deadly enough. My dad brewed there under British Surrey British sterling producer. They've daily but Dan Miller does she also bashing watches he'd Wear fur but a nice Christmas they'll vote followed a partner replaced. For fake leather band seated at the net and you get up at the rim cut rate makes it less stuff than a concrete bags. Wow Leila I'm a good grace shows. Very educational SR gill and a half by an MBA education are we gonna start some in stabler movement alma. We've been duel and rugby rock star. And I think for the last segment for the month that they were gonna have our viewers for revenue cross the border not a team Atlanta's Andre particularly Jewish son who. Thank you for joining us have a wonderful Sunday this is that home with Roby shows. State to do next Sunday.