John Hancock
Tuesday, May 16th

John talks to callers about the Trump/Russia meeting and secret info. I Read the News, Fried Foods in Charlotte


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This is John Hancock. Our Reza Tuesday's regular being. So much good game. Are you ready. About ready for summer. This is the first night either we've we're we're pretty close to yesterday or are we officially denied yesterday. Dominguez school board and a meeting tonight. Gee it's what this is a three hour meeting. It's not so much. A question and answer thing that'll come up on the 24 one they hold a public hearing on what they announced tonight. Three hour meeting. Be downtown. Charlotte Mecklenburg government center and you can know find out whether or not to CMS was listening to your particular ideas are not because that's kind of what they're no announces so. Not to present the the possible revisions. In the in the boundary changes for the schools. So levels started 5 o'clock and nine if we hear of any violence or anything between five and six wolves. At. Celebrated it'll give us something to do or won't we won't. We want all of our cancer can't yet know where do the school board meeting where do we want. Turmoil. In our want to push and we want our name Colin we won't ruin it ought to violence. It Bo will take rudeness. Remiss would be good balanced the violence. Just disrespect him. In and they'll put them. Well here's today's big turmoil in. Trump planned. I guess you already know don't chip. Every day. Every day. Now there's two ways to look at this and one is that you gotta either be strong enough to weather the storm that's gonna come down the pike every single day or. This dude is a loose cannon. And any of this is representative of what we're gonna be. Yeah I said this once before in my in my dad's latter years. He had become disillusioned with the episcopalian church of which he had been ordained an episcopal priest when I was 26 gonna vote. Interest extort. And he got. Depressed in his latter years. For all of murder that many reasons I think. He was. Complex student. But he was early disillusioned with their direction of the episcopalian church and he was very disillusioned with the direction of not so much on America. But it's people. And he's the one that planted the seed in me about the decline and fall which. I truly believe worry. Traveling that road. I won't happen in my lifetime although I I get to be a little bit more careful about saying that because I'm not so sure not you know I just announced. I yesterday that we had come back or from Mother's Day where they had revealed the sex of my. Now we know granddaughter. And that causes me some reflection. There's just like it does all of you know when all of a sudden a new life has come and and your family you wonder what does life hold for her. And I look at what's happened just in the last twenty years now I mean you know my life is longer than 240 years. But I I just look at what technology has done in the last twenty years and on any and everything else that is changed in the last twenty years and then unlike any generation as the older generation starts to get phased out. The new generation comes on in the old generation looks to the new generation. And not always with Lou with. Unbelievable approval because you guys aren't doing it the way that we did it. And we are doing it the way that our parents did it. In our parents didn't do it the same way that our grandparents do it until every generation goes through this but. When I think of a little girl that's going to be born in September or October and then I tax 64 years on to that which is where I am. And I think to myself. Where all that well I want our world is that little girl going to be and when she's all the sudden thinking about wanna I wanna do. What the rest tomorrow live below on a retired or wanna keep Dorian I'm in no way that I have no idea of the path that she'll take. Or how big a role I'll play in over how long I'll be around for a map kind of you know some sort. I don't I don't doubt that she'll grow up with lots a love. Because she's got a really good infrastructure. And an enough grandparents. Considering the makeup of our families that she could rent some out of somebody needed some. So I get on optimistic about all of that but. The thing I never understood and I said this about my dad is the older he got the more concerned he got about society and the more and obviously the deepest who did the direction the episcopalian church was. Well weighing on him too because that was that's who you lost its debts. But the ethics and morals and direction of the country and sex drugs rock and rolls are weighed heavily on him and always taught always watched human and we had conversations about it through the years we had. Disagreements over through the years. Non. I couldn't understand in some cases why he was so steadfastly against places that it was Kabul filled church was gonna go argue that the current standalone event or not. Don't want to question that I never could answer. During his lifetime is why does he care so much. He's in only was he was 71. Years old when he done. And I and I just thought to myself why does he care. And now. Old young John is now old old not so young John anymore. And and one of the things that weighs on me is. The direction of the country the morals of the people the ethics of the society though. And I asked myself why do you care. Why should I care. Why do you care. And an and I don't have the answer for me any more than I have for my dad. I guess I I want it all ended up quite frankly. It's more important who you are than it is what your country isn't an image you really believe in the big examine or christianity and all that kind of stuff I mean. Technically you're supposed to be working your state attorney yourself than to be the best person you can be enough. On the best soul you can be and and note. I I don't know why is soy as a why do you care so it doesn't that I go back to there's squirrel on every single day we're getting some. And and trumpets as is as problematic about. Beat Miami. Heat he faced this stuff. I can start the fire he just keeps on gas song. So. It exhausted. This whole this whole story trump reveals classified information to Russian diplomats. In the Washington Post guy is sticking by his story. In McFadden is basically saying no no no I was there this is the way that it all happened enormous give him a master. And and and it's just exhausted. So while we'll all look uncovered that in a second but it. Deal more hundred in how many days into the deal. And I'm exhausted. And so my question today as I do I care. Why you know don't you get to some ways I have did did did you. I have a kind of a twofold deal. I have a certain disrespect for people who were not aware of anything just go through life and just did you know don't ever read a paper don't ever listened to a newscast just. Just oblivious to everything around them except their alma. But then I also a hell of on this a little bit of Airbus for the guy who is so need deeper and all of this stuff that he believes everything that he read you so gullible. Not to the absorption of information that he that he flies off at all. I'm. Why oh why. Why do we care. It just. It just ordered something. That I. You know dead though is that what is the fiftieth anniversary of sergeant pepper. And they're doing a special. Release and everything's been remastered and all that kind of stuff available I think it comes out may 26 through a sudden you pre order. We are read the story though last week ten days ago somewhat better and there's some people have problems with the you know re mastering anything that loaf. Album that George Marten and his son got a hold of a no basically I I love and I think it's really interest. But it's not what The Beatles put together it's not. And and so this remastered thing it's like Carrie you know why what do you say we regret the new testament you know it's. But anyways I I ordered it. Today. So. Often that it benefits the if I hadn't had the Syrians and an improved monitoring our music our polar would've ordered. Pretty psyched about that. Tom the president the Washington Post. Are reported yesterday that to trump leaked classified information with is a meeting with their skis when neo is and then nine and frivolity hasn't sued. The or they bombshell released yesterday. That trump revealed highly classified information during his meeting with the Russian foreign minister Sergey law Brian Flynn the ambassador Sergey keys locked. And this last week when they all met. The the article he bombshell. To use their phrase I said that the information had to do with the nicest terrorist threat. Involving laptop computers on airplanes and that trump reviewed deep reviewed dead or revealed excuse me deet tails. That came from the off. When AJ came from one of our intelligence partners. Without that partners permission. And by a doing it and the way that he dead. He probably. Revealed who that part or in us. The. The revelation could. But I you know that has been very good don't hurt the relationship that we have what they put that the with a partner. Most worrying blazers had a word. If the fact that trump allegedly reveal the specific city. In nicest territory worthy intelligence partner detected the threat which would allow Russian undercover which US ally I was involved. Quote. Trump seems to be very reckless and doesn't grasp the gravity of the things that he's dealing west. Yeah eight even so the post explains that the the alleged leak isn't. It's an illegal because our president has. Broad powers to declassify. Information. So. I don't know what the status of the information was when he said it but. Apparently. Took his option to declassify it. Right there on the spot. So. So that's an interesting twist in the whole thing the national security advisor HR McMaster has been out. Are reporting the story is false quote the president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of common threats to our countries including threats to us civil aviation. At no time or intelligence sources or methods discussed in the president did not disclose any military operations. That we're not already publicly known. So every day. And and I don't I had a blaming the press and I'm blaming the president. Because. Many couldn't supply. More fuel to the fire. And they couldn't be more willing to keep that fire going. In fact they're gonna keep that flyer burning it for the next 48 years. And that is obviously. What. Oh what they've done how they've decided to fight their loss in November and that is to just keep a steady stream. Daily if possible. Of questionable negative. And NN and he'd I mean with all due respect sharper reverent supporters or not he is a loose cannon. And that can't be a safe thing OL over the long term. If you watch his speeches he'd. He's he goes off the script. He lives off the script. And he does the same thing is the president of the United States. Bomb and not I'm sorry but it's there it's not going to end well it's somehow or another and I'm not protecting. Ability bed doesn't service full term or anything I'm just saying. This daily chaos can't be good. And you can blame it all the press if you want to. But he keeps on throws. Gas on the fire. And then bad. It's. You don't you can compare. There Denzel Washington Post today you should be you can be so much suspect there if you want a bomb. Reports that the president revealed highly classified information about a crisis to the Russian foreign minister and the Russian ambassador to the United States during this Oval Office meeting that they had last week. And then other organizations yesterday the times in the Wall Street Journal another day later confirmed the report. And then you have three administration officials who were also in the meeting last week and they all reject the story and that would include George secretary of state Rex Tillerson. And your national security advisor HR McMaster who told reporters outside the White House yesterday that no intelligence. Quote sources and methods. Close quote or military operations were disclosed. But the story reported that classified information was revealed not specifically. Sources and methods. And the officials didn't refer to classified information in their denials. So the post citing current and former US officials reported that trump said to his Russian pierced. I have I I get great Intel. Close. Quote. And many revealed details. About an nicest terrorist threat related to the usable of the laptop computers on planes you remember that we went through that they were gonna. And it wasn't so much us. But if you were flying into the United States they were gonna maybe make Jerry keep take your laptops and put him in your checked luggage your aura of the casement. So the information reportedly had been provided to be. In the United States. Com. In our partner of BI and intelligence sharing our partner which was considered so sensitive that deet tails had been withheld from allies and armed and and and information had been highly restricted here within the United States government. So the story says that the US partner didn't give permission to share that information with the Russian officials and that draw a dead tie trump. I in doing so could be jeopardizing future cooperation from that partner and make other allies a little bit wary about sharing top secret information with us. So that's kind of where the story is right now. The democratic lawmakers spoke out strongly about the report. Or John McCain. Said that if the story is true it's deeply disturbing. Senator Bob court her said that the White House quote. Has got to do something soon to bring itself under control and order close quote. And then on the democratic side the minority leader Chuck Schumer said revealing classified information at this level is extremely dangerous but slides and blah blah blah blah and then you got the represented of at a shelf. Who said that it could jeopardize sources of yeah I did counselor just a slow fall for Chuck Schumer I'm sorry it's I just can't do. And. Earned their keep in mind that as president. Trump has broad authority to declassify information. So why I'm so that's kind of where we set. Trump himself has said that he had the absolute right to share the information. So that's. That's that's kind of war we are at this point let me go over and sit order JG on nine WB TJ JD. Hey. I really enjoy your general that you might help mop or. I'll probably counted to shell out about it one. Are a touch your mental mug and then Richard and I don't think you are doll misunderstood here. But I will arrive at the root of all our. Trump edit still and did not everything yet and I think Matt just said it didn't happen now under it didn't happen. And attitude of all of this more and the president came out there yeah I dated the right to do it that it. Either and I. It doesn't want it yeah deadbeats out in the bat I don't know why you've noted that. Make met Mick master originally came out and said that the story in the post was not true as written. Well I mean he's got to dance around and you just been blinded. Look or you are column made it that he danced around it technically make flats are probably true. Well wryly. That's not really what happened at trop gave out and classified information and big masters that while most sources were revealed. And though met that were veiled then you know what that's not really what happened and they'll about it not that. Some say hey they have met. Band at that day and knowledge debit that you leave work. Ball not fly at night probably each other and Mike each other well well well of them had done so. So it's pretty bad pretty bad situation I just think we're really not our opinion that it is the man that way over his payable why elders say it. Well he the guys get a JD I appreciate cal IITI can't say that I totally disagree with that statement. I guess to some extent I expect the people that surround Helm and maybe that's an impossible task. But I you know his lack of government experience I would assume that the people that he hired. Those people should be more influential. In the way that he's doing his job on a day to day basis. But. I'm not so sure that this guy is necessarily. A great advice taker. And the other thing about it just like he told the college grads Liberty University. Don't listen to your critics. Stand up for what you believe it. But the good of the of the providing. The gas to keep on throwing on the flyer is it is to me becoming tiring. And may have that's what we're doing for the next three and a half years we're going to be exhausted. I'm already kind of woozy up Brian you're on WB tejada. I don't I got. So at McMaster comes out and so is it the Washington Post article is totally false unions in this. But that that was what he says the seat and say totally Frostee said it's not true as written. As a written over alters ordered. But anyway it didn't say totally false. At that point the article doesn't exist it's untrue so why are we talking about it anymore. There was also there's the start where. And we shouldn't even be talking about it yeah. And then there who are your sources on the false news front. But master. The Washington Post orders not true not true equals fault but it was not through than we don't need to be talking about it. Well if you answer something and say it's not true as written your kind of leaving tomorrow broad area and air for us some truth to be also possible right. Arguing about it yet all right so there you go. You can't tell me that it's false news anymore then you can tell me it's true or false. Right now. My point is that anybody. It can tell anybody any saying that comes it just send the newspaper. And then it's as if it's true and everybody goes through the roof and has they are saying on an and it's just. It's hard to take. Yeah I know that now and that's exactly my brought it up for a way it is hard to tick but. We still don't know if it's true or not true. He had a much master that was present at the meeting that voted out not turn down what the lawsuit except as weeks go back to the beginning of our phone call. He didn't say it. Here's what the national security advisory HR McMaster as a said today it has stepped up. His defense. I and kind of sought to change the narrative. And he said the problem isn't what trump said. It's the leak. He said endemic master said that that what trump told visiting Russian diplomats about an Islamic state plot. Was wholly appropriate. Any would not address whether or what trump spoke about was classified at the time. But he said that the president quote wasn't even aware of where this information came from because he wasn't briefed on the source. So that's what national security advisor HR McMaster is saying today. He reiterated quote the president in no way undermined to sources or methods in the courses of this conversation close quote. He's played down any damage that trump may have done. He said that the real threat to national security was in the leak of deet tails about eight Oval Office meeting to the press. Saying quote I think the real issue. And what I would like to see debated more is that our national security has been put at risk by those violating confidentiality. Close quote. Why and then and then trump I think today actually has said that he had the absolute right to share the information. So that's the question is not whether or not I information was said or not now. Jacks up on WBT hey Jack. MM. All of you know what you're saying you know making sense but I really going and it all at trump is trying to blame in the victim. I mean you kind of thing you know the kid got beat up pretty showed up at school to go deserve what you got cushion the clearly did not scar you know it's gonna happen. Everyday I mean you can call me we got a week and a half would call me until they got into the narrative control and now we've got back and got a. Really be imminent threat you mean the press onslaught is going to happen every day it up no matter what ya know I've got that's kind of where we started was is exhausting. Are we probably exactly what it's it's supposed to do is a is it's a it's a steady a litany. Of negativity but. He throws flier he throws gas on those fires. Yeah but you know again that's okay maybe the kid should know mouthed off to the bully but he kinda getting picked on they had today you know. Or whatever you know I and I know it's difficult for you you're a media guy actually you can't you know yesterday I turned on my playlist in this and everything from harassment does not going into and out. I know you don't have that luxury on a daily basis what. Not spent eight and it just gonna have to strap in and you know put on your heavy boots and get ready for Condit gonna continue. Yeah well like I realize that it's hard on you because no matter what he does you'll never find any fault and it. Because. You're comfortable with all the positive information you get on a daily basis that backs up what you already want to believe that. Well I think he didn't know going back to my bully analogy. I wasn't trying to be cute being picked on but I take a swing at the bully discuss I'm tired of watching the kids get picked on. You know. Well your analogy doesn't include Doug classified information or not. Well that's true but I mean at this point gap to consider the source and what people are saying. You know. Video post we got because he wanted more resources well that turned out not to be true the deputy attorney general was gonna quit. Well and I'm not I'm not arguing that with the eject us so that's where we started was I said it's exhausting that every single day. It's a new deal and there's no reason to believe. That there won't be a new story as soon as this woman wears out and our attention span is what 23 days in the wall find something new and the press will find something new to. Yeah but. That's I mean I don't know president gives them enough to work with that. This is like do on talk radio in North Carolina you're never short on subjects. Well I brought it up no I don't I hope so thank you for that Mike you're on WB Tay hi. Hey John I'm where I wanted to thank my wife reminded. Met you at the end of the day effect cantina. Cursing but in my own that was so it a pleasure to meet due to all thank you. Being a couple quick comments he had he better be quick you got about a 45 seconds. OK so I don't have a dog in the fight that not vote for either major party candidate. So my wife come home last evening and I well here we go again trump did something or not so good. And then the media on apoplectic in the Democratic National Committee is going apoplectic at the same time. And the platform I wanted to make he has. He had just the Democratic National Committee this is the same body. That had nothing to say when nine Hillary Clinton had all kinds of highly confidential information on her unsecure server. Now under both on both parties are they are generally for a guilty of stuff like that from time to time and as for your no dog in this fight it is your country right. All are truly know how that night that's a thing as far as my comment. Now OK if you do have a dog in the fight Evan Beck you plug your touch so yeah. I would suggest that anybody that verbally follows politics. Be allowed maybe this can be over. In the legislation. It did when it just starts to really cave in on you will get a ninety days sabbatical from politics religious building. I guess you could probably do that on your own good. Now probably not not withhold via talk bit. Well against generated by a lot back to the phones ago. Look at my understanding is. They are written record was in the room when the comment was made he was. And he walked in post reporter was not in the rule when the comment that was made yeah. So that either makes it got up or worse. Take new and it's coming. Well not necessarily not necessarily our governments and governments and government officials lie all the time. But that yeah that's what depressed that's that's kind of what the press does this is. Right there on the Internet but it can yeah I battled tonight I I I I agree that that's kind of where we start a conversation didn't know how that technology doesn't make it fake news. If Tehran and it may turn out to be fake news but right now all its news. Noted that it coming from the same sort. That whole god I election Hillary would go to win a couple of got a loose if not a legitimate. Source anymore. According to one. Could give me got to give give me your justification for that comment Michael. All the reporting that they did back Hillary would going to win in public on the loot. So since they were an accurate. With deep presidential race that they'll never be accurate about anything ever again. How about when they reported that Kobe air Michael we're not talking about what they reported were talking about what they are reporting right now. Well so and you don't know for a fact and I and I'm not trying to defend I'm not stand up for the Washington broke out. Fact I know for a fact they Washington Post reporter wasn't in that room I know for a fact. Expect that. What that they want to know where we're old now and consequently his comments are more legitimate. Than their comments. Well his comments say that the bigger story would be who leaked this information to the Washington Post. So that's not necessarily a big denial is that that's more of a wild we should find out why we can't keep any secrets around here. What I I agree that the ya the league have got to end it got it shipped not appropriate for either party anytime. But the bottom line is we have no idea whether this story is true or not and it should the case of another. We now know no way to management nor target are very sorry Michael I can't allow you to do that you've already told me without reservation it's fake news. Now you're saying we don't know if it's true or not where where where are you. Now if you take note all OK. But we don't know whether it's true or not. Well we do because the air sent up. He had a peak this story was not accurate accurate it yes. Okay but that doesn't get that doesn't necessarily says there's not any validity to the story. OK I understand why you wanna make a big deal out of it because. That's your job but the bottom line is it either got up. Or they do because he bought compare. We have no idea what this. It's either Gaza or fake news because he wasn't there but correct OK how can you report but what been there but he's saying I can crack. Here's the basic fact. He's got to reporting. What what he want to report Sunday but today he's saying the problem is that what trump said. It's the leak. There are not what we're talking about the watch him a BO. No I'm talking about I'm talking about a guy that you're using to Vlad to validate everything I'm talking about the guy that was in the room. I'm talking about your validation a guy you're using to validate. Your fact finding mission that you shared with us here today. And the guy that you're using says. It's not what trumps that it's the leak. So he's more concerned now with the leak of information that he is the actual information. Correct I would be true to who we all. I mean they leaked but the conversation the president to different foreign country. Why would you be worried about a leak of something that was never sad. Permit information. Campaign read and find out you hang with that Michael and nine and you take those quotes and have them say exactly what you need to back up your point. Well. You know what went Wendy that would be big paper on the west coat finally get their crap together and they've become accurate. It'll be worthwhile again but right now they're not now okay. All right what does little yeah I mean yeah I mean what worked what what do what do you believe. I believe the good news I read and not on the Internet. I imagine my surprise it's OK I appreciate golf I think. I can I probably should asked what sites. But I just wasn't sure I really wanted to go to bright part in the Drudge Report Rick here on WBT hi. Hey guys continue to be okay yeah it's. Oh Great Britain will they knew all that nobody knew what independent it and playing there when nick came out of who will come it will. You meet again that's. What they're playing now is what they make in the short it out of Israel. I'm over there McClellan gave bill what about Israel and what they're going about right and. Well that was one of the problems was that that did the day it's that someone had shared information with us and and the president used as so they were worried about that relationship in the future I don't know that I have heard Israel. All right and that and I'm not ten not discounting that I'm just say and and I I have not heard that. Well I. But the other thing is that he would know what would I if you interviewed convicted mortar. What's your question is why does the president know what's what's classified. Where you have because they because essentially. I'm McMaster. I'm said that the president quote wasn't even aware of where this information came from. Close quote and then and they end of sentence he wasn't briefed on the source. So that's an intent to technically that's sounds like the master block an interference foreign to me from or and and and that's and I would expect that. But because this is a president that wants loyalty out of his people. All right I'll with a bigger picture of him do blood in the water. Look at them playing well who owe a lot of our New York here very intimidating enough. Called baby now. Now well that but that's hardly what we're talking about today is a I'm not know our depth that's gonna what I thought to Ruben you're on WBT hi. Yet problem I'm not gonna get good at the chatter all good book where there will Wear it because. There beside the point I don't look Australia wash your old Washington old. Did a PI league intelligent need people or they can go back forty year abroad putting more speed and the other guys when word pod record. Working toward the ID Ed yet people basically went in for better or no answer for outrun anything that that's what people like. Not saying everybody an accurate. But they have an agenda and it deep they're connected to the state she still. I mean that that again it could go and it's only Russian narrative that we try to blame toward the American people how convenient. Trump you put a question people. An actor at all let me put it tagging. But this. Sort of obviously I didn't think the narrative to tropical. Told him about it he did not realize that golf this religion and try to put together at port he keeps them. Thank god knows what it would what you'll put the net they don't. Exactly impeachable it was more or less tell us that it's coming up here. It did not end and that today and an end at river project that's kind of where we started it's exhausting. But it's also effective. It's the same as advertising. You know you say no I don't think I really wanna try that new cinnamon Pepsi. And then you see a cinnamon Pepsi commercial. Then you see a cinnamon Pepsi commercial. Then you hear a cinnamon Pepsi commercial. Then you hear somebody talking at the table next to you about cinnamon Pepsi. And then you see something on Entertainment Tonight about some star who just signed up and all the sudden you wanna try entertainment you wanna try cinnamon Pepsi. Tom it's it's yeah it did that this is the what this is what we're gonna do that before we started this is exhausting. But this is your new life. Because this is yet today it's obvious that this is what the left has decided to do they don't have any necessarily hard core ideas of their own. But they're gonna shore make sure that this president. They get a steady litany my problem with this president in regards to that. Yes no I I don't I'm not happy with the Washington Post in the New York Times and all of these publications and CNN and not at all these publications that. Think that there are not fake news wouldn't know what if they saw it because they are agenda news and the agenda is to tear down this president. As much as possible with any thing you can find. But not all the news will be fake. I'm surprised your not a little bit more upset about. Jordan news media. Not doing their job. And end. It's how do you know what's fake and what isn't fake that's that's the argument I'm making with few people what do you you that you're you when you wanna just blow this office fake news. Well. It kind of blew off Watergate originally to deny. I just say and politics is a nasty business. Not everything that you see come out of here. Is wrong. The Washington Post story can be totally slanted. But somebody leaked facts that are upset about. So that happened in that meeting that got leaked. Mick master now wants to know. He thinks the lakers the big story but that doesn't that that that essentially says. Part of that information and the story is true now he wants to know who leaked it. Yeah. And got UW lead GA dot com and subject exhaustion. Yeah. Press onslaught against trump will not relent ever. Perpetual fatigue appears to be the tool of choice for a deal legitimizing this administration. Death by a thousand cuts so to speak out and that's exactly right. You won't enjoy and a relief until trump has gone. I don't know. Nearly before trump. Stream of my name on it. And then again I may have to go through one more election before a caller today. Hancock a dead WBT doctor you've got mail Euro like mere you're you are like many listeners. Your not engaged enough to comment. You pay attention every now and then that is why you are commenting the way that you are today. You listen and tell you can't take it anymore and then you. Disengage for awhile. The results are what we're hearing from you today. June stone. York's South Carolina. No jam. Not disengaged. I just don't fill up my head with every single source. I can seek. And you're right I do have a life that doesn't involve politics. May be you should develop one to. It's a glorious way to spend your time here on earth. Not being anal about politics. So but thank you for the email. And I thank you for listening. And gaga WBJ dot com I don't know how you do it. I your collars depressed me. I never seen so much affirmation over information. What really disturbs me is when articulate callers voiced their support for a trump I understand how uneducated backward folks may get fooled but. Well read people should be able to see through all the strong BS when trump has gone these people will still be there and that's a big problem. I am not even sure what the point is. I you and say that I said yesterday that I had run into a guy over the weekend and he had said to me earlier that they didn't think trump would make deferral the full four years and many. What I saw him on Saturday he says. I don't you think he's gonna make here now. So I don't know it's you know it's not that easy to get her regulator of a president. But I do stand by I also think he is his own worst enemy. Now they would find something anyway because I do think that that's what the left is decided to do is I like the death by a thousand cuts. I do think that's while they're gonna turn around us administration. But that's our politics today. Is to terra down piece. By piece mark you're on WBT hi. They don't have no. I you know. In my earlier career worked for CBS news and a local level. And I must CNN they have probably call in a couple of confident that in the end and I think they're middle of the road compared to the other major one. I trust CNN journalistic integrity. To the degree over Donald Trump integrity. At any stage. And. Being eaten solids don't have a how they don't have a job. It's still airtime if they're like you have a material by Donald Trump to report on and dig laws in investigate. Some parliament more than twice today. Well I don't I don't deny that but I I think that's one of the problems markers they do have better time to fill and it hasn't gotten to be any more about. Who what where why and win and anything having to do with the accuracy now it is all about filling that time. I disagree with you on CNN I used to think they were middle of the road to but I think all their transformations over the last three or four years and man image changes and so on and so forth I don't see him as middle of the road anymore. We'll look at this skinny can you think it would kinda. Since the election where CNN has had to go back and Marie traction. First story on Donald Trump where they were still flat wrong or or had their fax from other than possibly. The hole which they'll go forever but I can't think of a single story worse CNN has been. Outright wrong or made up of back. Made a statement. If you knew that I I gotta go look at them out of time but if you're news is based on a armed. Asking questions leading questions. In other words if you're not dedicated to true answers. You're not necessary I rhetoric. Nobody apologizes for rhetoric. Well true if if if the president was giving them true answers then. There wouldn't be a problem. Well a deterrent to go to bed that determines a you know I guy I get that bad how you interpret the answer has everything to do with whether or not your being. A fact or fiction. Certainly now solved and they know that I can say I love Fords that doesn't mean I just said. IA chevys are. All right take them. Ninety degrees again tomorrow he's excited about that 91 on Friday to 89 on Saturday. But I wanted to over water myself. May the sixteenth 136 days into the year 229. Days to go 1965. I would've thought earlier Campbell Soup Co. introduced spaghetti o.s under its Franco American brands. And 1965. I remember though it did those get the stuff that we do need when I was a good. But I remember if I mean kids straight. Tomato sauce. Whatever kind of meat they make those meat balls out of this close that is. I don't think that's great hatred. May sixteenth 1985. Michael Jordan named NBA rookie of the year whatever happened nailed. Number the day 9000. This will not give you confidence in the IRS 9000. Represents the number of living Americans that are declared dead each year by the IRS. You've got to like to get a mile a little bit closer than now when ya. Course this is the agency that when you call down and ask for help sometimes they give me the wrong answer. Does that show that may be the complex that the tax codes just a little bit too complex. And besides that I mean we'll just go back to what it is. How much did you make last year Cindy did short form. US army may bring back its World War II uniforms a nuclear scientist. Was named the new won't miss USA. And the Pope. Said that he doesn't believe the reported sightings of the virgin Mary in Bosnia. Delta. Heard our Mark Garrison talking about this last night on our Charlotte have six wants to use facial recognition technology. On Monday a delta announced that its testing its first biometric based baggage drop system in the United States. This summer the airline will experiment with four new automated baggage machines at its Minneapolis Saint Paul hub. One of these machines will have facial recognition capabilities that can match customers' faces with their passport photos. New experimental self service so system. Would allow. Or will allow. Customers. To completely bypass human delta employees. Which the airline believes can double the number of passengers processed an hour. Merry go there and a story. Petroleos. Bizarre. And scary. No different things affect different people in different ways. Coffee for instance I can drink coffee. Anytime I want. And go take a nap. On that with my many years syndrome caffeine is supposed to be not good for me. Com I'm Marty got the tentative said the tonight it's been booed the reunion near and that's. But anyway I quit coffee for like a year and a half. When all of this re cropped up two and half three years ago. And no improvement no nothing while I'd love coffee on the coffee snob odd. So I went back to drink and deal worth coffee but I order out of Raleigh and grind in my own beans and doing all that stuff no change become immune to caffeine. But there was a sixteen year old South Carolina team that died. After in taking an excess says says it excessive scares me amount of caffeine and I'll tell you. What Davis Allen cried. Ingested it then it's probably not that far away from what you've done from time to time. Me unveil a phone caller to us we had a look at 5 o'clock news 505 heading right around the corner or. To close Miguel and Mike is up at WB DMI. They're very quickly I want or short code that won't put that goes tell a young boy who died with Kathy that. In a nutshell the problem with the media I'm going to be a position. But getting recorded because mark in the corner. This is the caffeine that that young man almost. That we. Had an abnormal. Conducting Pat Quinn a heart. Who called wolf Parkinson white and your different kinds but that's what made this kid I would Japanese record amount did then glanced over it enough and. These things mean cause of death of Apollo were the cause of death you're saying would have been an existing condition that was it what exacerbated because of the campaign. Caught that what the court that it. Poll but the key definitely had a abnormal pap weight and Kathy interacted with news so yet another lot abnormality and that's why yeah okay. Grit and that's what that the media doesn't do you want right I mean that's what that's what that's about it. We called. It. Nobody elected trump could do this stuff they elected twelve to strike me god he didn't look as we develop. It proved that with the Internet security until well the little. Those slouching towards some of the more extreme liberal social condition. I caught totally agree it's WW YouTube don't look what I've been called a bump corporate. Could never really know what he's doing is what distract attention but it. If you'd keep them from doing what we elected him to do. Well gay yet that's exactly right it's also exhausting. Our idea it is because every day and I say every day but Eric at least every three days we've got a new onslaught of something guy and he throws fuel on the fire. But pulled it on in the last gonna dig up stuff anyway so lomb. And he is unconventional it's one of the reasons people. Elected him so I I don't expect him to be like any president we've ever had before. But I also don't expect him to continue to eight the left and their assault. Bingo. Dumb but hey outlets and I thanks on both counts. Oh. Burgos. There goes. Chocolate giver of strawberry milk for your kid. Did you like it. I had it I don't think I ever released. Seems to me like their may have I was like really really really really cold in May be there you know the didn't give me that was kind of like eggnog. You don't come around Christmas like a swallow of it just so I can remember what it tastes like. But you know then I'm done they need to sell a daughter eggnog by like a pint. They don't they always you know. Well they. It put chocolate and strawberry milk eggs have become too boring Florio. You like pre made Chaka milk. Public's I think it's the bottle. But no it come but it comes and have plastic thing looks like a bottle. And it's the shape and it's the ability to hold it in your hand and drinking out of the refrigerator where your lifestyle look at you know it's those on those. But it also. The of the shape of the bottle psychologically says to you that it's like dairy because it looks like a dairy bottles so it. They then you take all that's probably really anyway I'm I'm addicted to public's chocolate milk and I didn't used to like ago I always thought it tasted like. Victim. Chalky and so here you go. I if pride chocolate in a strawberry milk sister too boring for you. Now you have your choice of raspberry white chocolate. Milk. I was little sweet to me. Connecticut based dairy farm the farmer's cow. Has recently launched the limited edition milk in addition to. Being a made with natural ingredients. The milk also contains no artificial flavoring and no high fructose corn syrup raspberry milk alone raspberry. And I love white chocolate. I'm not so sure that I necessarily would like raspberry white chocolate. We talked yesterday about World War II veteran a 111 years old. Now here's a story about a 91 year old World War II veteran who has finally collected the medals he wants earned. His name is Joseph. Rockwell on tape. And apparently he was anxious to get home after the war and and stick around to collect his medals. Here's who we're all imagine a World War II you're going home yeah I'd send him to me. He recently decided it'd kind of be nice to leave the medals for his two grandchildren and afford great grandchildren and so. With the help of the Rhode Island senator Joseph. And I hear recently got all of his medals globe stories like that. Saul. Now we've talked about. Raspberry white chocolate milk. What would you think of jolly rancher flavored pop tarts. The more pop tarts comes out with a more flavors that make you wanna try it the more you do and then you find out that pop tarts really are not all that. They need more stuff in the middle of a because otherwise it just become Joey. They were great when you were six when they first I was a kid when they first brought about. I can remember the smell of home originally. Before they had the frosting other departing from a breakfast entirely three newly announced flavors hitting stores later this month jolly rancher flavored poppy farm rob pop tarts. In three varieties. Green apple. Cherry. And watermelon. Us always to look jeweler Roger watermelon. It's 505. Petty. CNN. Enjoy. Okay. Jan. This cash. All right face in the crowd. Tom Petty we're doing not change our tomorrow we're doing note did you talk to be on Thursday we're doing a spike. So Q when you should do a live version. Of the Lester about a week and a half. Pretty good stuff. You heard the Phidget Spinner. Or Jason asked spends its own. Phidget spinners are the biggest toy trend around. Americans right now ball bearing loaded devices. Spin around satisfying leeway enough flicked. Wired says as society demands mental work while enforcing unhealthy sedentary. Physical Abbott's. Prejudging is one way to cope. Julie Schweitzer. They are scientists at the University of California Davis also assists playing what they have Phidget Spinner also has cognitive benefits. She hypothesize is that physical movement arouses us generating a neuro transmitters that improved focus. There was a study that came out 2000. Years ago about. Fidgeting and a number of calories than it consumes daily. We used to do a radio segment of the WA RM in the afternoon called the Phidget diet or something like Ben wedeman is on your workouts. With a fictitious people in the studio. And that was the whole deal was. Joseph jabbing. Finger drumming. Fist pounding. Penciled. It's stupid stuff. And aquariums are laws we've. This guy's skinny is I think it has to do with all the traffic you have to record fifth F a cup at the fact that. And the fact that he's 97 cups of coffee a day and and it happens to us Brent everywhere that he go that's that right there may have been there is good. High on caffeine your traffic guy boomer volunteers did give me the coffee got rid of it. Back back. I'm not a big Star Wars guys or solar headline us through this and hi alone. Is the fastest growing baby name in the United States. You know Caitlin has fallen completely off the list. I don't know why. Object should do bird owner but Americans are apparently really likes Star Wars. Hello is bill and right. So why would you name your kid after. You force awakens is Kyle low rent. And is apparently inspired a generation of spirits more on that just seconds. Funny how we're just about Phidget spinners apparently Matt is a guy who had designs develops and manufacturers these say match here on WBT hi. Dhahran and turn out and yeah outlet does tell me about Phidget spinners and and norm when did you start doing this stuff. Well yeah I served by coming turned optimal. And I know about and we're thing you're fine. And but our economy turned topped about three months ago and I started making pages Spanish. And that I do all the work right here I'm actually based out of gas Kanye and I have a treaty printing system and I do all the design work all the cab word. All the three east placing printing plastic management all of it. Now edited obviously these are popular comment but what did you originally set out to do away and I don't mean today in other words all that. 3-D printers and this that the other you didn't learn three deep turning to do Phidget spinners did you what was your what was your good you're you're first. What what what what are you trying to do for a living. Blood counts funny story I started out called turn popularity during the pops like it's been tough this kind of thing you might think from the sixties. Well I had tons of them. And so you know when that I saw that its banners appearing are kind of fallen the new vision for what I think spend way those modern air going to be so no more than you know ya ya wouldn't spend top uncommitted senators. I used to have as I used to have you do it you're talking you're Arab or thought about this but. Didn't I have a top once that you Roloson the draft a string around and and kind of held with your hand and pulled real fast in the thing Micah spun forever. Absolutely and and led the good old fashioned string poll spin pops up. But that isn't. Hey Billy knows how to make anymore and these kids don't know how to play with many more nasty that's funny thing. You know correct and that doesn't that is banners come on the market and everybody can use them there's nothing complicated or difficult their nose still involved in its. Just fun mindless entertainment for just about everybody. And ended do you have any idea data in your head how long do you think this below does this add laughs. Well you know I think that's a really great credit. But a lot and I think it got somewhere around that three to four month range from where we're at right now. Now there's an error in your realistic and of all the sudden it turns out to be three or four year thing you're you're you're happy with that too. I definitely won't be complaining and had a very very interesting send me an email if you got days or a website I can go to or some like fancier stuff. Absolutely www. Turned out that though you are in top GOP yes. Dot com all right simulate on an email to and and I'll go check you out. Absolutely and so much all right it. Yeah no cool let's. Interest it. I used to do commercials many of you remember from interview steak house. And mr. Athens. Not to calm his son but mr. Athens. Used to carry around this deal. It was like. It was beads but it was leather and it was but he would you don't kind of flip around his index finger. Into the palm of his hands and it was it was like a Phidget thing. Any carry those things around with him all the time but it kept him from I any that they always had that in his hand in his left hand. Because you shake with your right hand. So I don't when I talk about three everytime I think about vengeance. And these steps stress balls are somewhat like death that you used to be able to squeeze himself like that in the do we voice had something that we. Have been disclosed federal sort of your nervous energy. Ice AM during a radio shows or that very reason there's been all my nervous energy goes out through my legs. Instead of being confined in a chair had been over at the ways to my menus in the fidgeting to go through your hands. I just since dale. Plus they tell me. Healthier. And a very big TJ we'll tell you this I am picture of health. So they got five digits visitors. Southern. Fried food. Cover of Charlotte magazine. Best in town I'll tell you what it is next. All right the feed to the strategist carry around. Better view State Council the voters Miller Maryann on WB TA Marianne. Can't you do and done I'm good it's a you know what these beads were yes they are Greek Larry beads and if you haven't pedigree. A lot of man in the cap say they're in store at back and it that when they're relaxed thinks they always slipping in that speech you're bare hands they'll let stand tennis like I haven't seen now women with them up. You kind of flip it over your index finger into the lobby your hand and and and do it again and if I remember right it was what three inches long two inches long. There aren't being. So long and are more and more like may be out. Maybe 34 inches something like app and four inches. Now when he had him everywhere and I I assume if he's still with us he's still spend of those things that. Now pretty cool hey Marianne thank you appreciate it I thought he'd get an object or she goes. Do you think good drinking changing your personality. If you think you have a good strong personality and a sober personality they say think again University of Missouri researchers surveyed a 156 people. But they're typical alcohol consumption and they found it after drinking and a lab setting. Participants reported feeling more open agreeable and extroverted. But observers noticed little change in their behavior. Observers only indicated one reliable change in personality and that was extra version. So. Why do we think that we get a different personality when we're drinking scientists say it's all about point of view when Waller personalities don't change when we drink our traits do become more exaggerated so if you're reject gases they. Hey on alcohol they endured here you probably fall into the same category. When you're sober. And there was some people say I did there are some people who should not drink. You've got I mean I guy I I know people that the nicest people in the world. Put a glass of wine and on the get mean. And if they really go out and to order a drink if they get real mean. But that was eventually. Charl magazine is out got mine Indian mail today. And their cover story is. 45 for the best fried foods in the city. Now who was it was a garrison. And Charles on Charlotte the six were talking the other day about onion rings. And one of the two above mentioned Zacks. And Zacks and entering our killer and it just happens to be the first thing that they have a picture of on this feature in Charlotte magazine. The onion rings it's actually Amber's. Dirty south not Joe's it just sold Castro lounge never have heard about him. Prices chicken troop. Hush puppies admitted woods stakeouts. Fried lobster tail a bond Chara. Fried pickles and Alexander Michael's. Still one of the coolest little restaurant bars and down. You know parking. But it still dribble place if I can know if I can own any place in town Alexander Michaels would be my secretary is the first would be so when club. I don't so when. That it meant for political. You don't get past me and you ever heard a puppy dogs and JJ is red hots and they're like so I guess corn dogs without those stick. Good they're great. We have rich are you up if they're great. Jim Sanders or LeRoy fox I've been there and we have had those are great pride our workshops at the diamond moon told red mercy. Yes sir chicken fried levers just up the street to barbecue chain coop. Chicken and waffles at the midnight diner have a drug that I needed jump in there you by hunger yet he goes there and all of us in the studio together if it. Flight from those law earlier from our. Yeah. I think. And in the. There are no place called stoke. Sound merit 100 west trade street and almost the one pound doughnut. Stokes friars can only handle two of these massive donut today at a time and none diners can only handle eating about donate the one. One pound donut this is a all of feature in the latest Charlotte to. A magazine southern fried. 45 best foods in the US cities fried foods in the city. Yankees. Fried squash. To this is that system associated you're you can fry everything. But it pinky CI would not eat fried squash normally but it pink uses make an idea. Does evolve and so the serve and it then there's got to be some consumers. More just a second. The guy who called us and says doing that tops T are in a Topps dot com. Map. Don't give an aid test and send me an email T all are in talks dot com digits stuff. NBA draft lottery is tonight. Hornets a big eleven. Depending on what happens with feel lottery tonight our luck in the lottery has never been all that great so. Believe me go Bill Clinton no better than eleventh that it no you know that would be so but they got top three. But then then then you'd have told Billick run the risk of good drafting Alonso ball in his stead no I don't know the world and it's really do they're doing. Blair. But anyway draft. Lottery is on tonight before the a playoff games so that's that all of us the WBT on air staff will be in four mil this Friday looking forward to that are. Second WBT hometown tour. I'm blows down there and a Scott FitzGerald and Mark Garrison and I we'll albeit spratt building on main street in downtown for middle of broadcasting all day long starting bright early in the morning with a bow and a WBT morning news. So stop Fineman join the conversation we did this now Matthews what amount to goes on like that. And so Fort Mill is next and I'm not sure we're going in the future yes bill Mott I'm pushing. I don't know for a quote what we're suggesting gonna. Friday spratt building downtown Fort Mill look forward to that. Four mil assessing an unknown believable growth and one of the reasons they've seen unbelievable growth. Is there a school system is. Highly regarded. So I'm anxious to bog it down there and learn more about to four million fine details on our trip down their bit to a WBT. Dot com the nights are in town denied 705. And Tony Oliva. Is down their side and autographs he's off former Charlotte hornet back when no hornet was a baseball team not a basketball team. So Tonioli Eva. Who I remember from most days of the Minnesota Twins apart not mistaken but anyway he's down it to be V and you ballpark tonight and the united state on the Durham bulls starting at 705. Speaking out of the college football playoff to. Jimmy crack corn and I could this careless. I don't understand why this been the money. Although I guess they don't spend that much money because they. Katy Perry is enough people that are doing the Super Bowl halftime shows I don't think they get paid an abundance of money. I think I think it's it's the exposure as much as anything else but but I I again I don't understand. Bring out a marching band. Your result time to go take a leak and get a drink widger. Musical guest hasn't been booked yet for the spot but ESPN which aware of the game error of the game mode from Atlanta next January. Is that taking the lead on not trying to get up and mail Lester. Atlanta where you Bennett will be country. Or he'll pump. Now that be the NBA when it. Anyway whoever the performer as they will do their show which will be aired by ESPN a nearby where were you last weekend. Centennial Olympic Park. That's were TJ was last week. Hearing me worst picks he's concert he says he's ever heard they just did just what happened. Up following tradition however the marching bands for the two games played for the championship well well our performance stadium at halftime and above all Blanc there you go so. Anyway there they're expanding the entertainment to take comment. Back to Charlotte magazine southern fried food Tony five of the best foods fried foods in the city. Garrison head pops up. Are we talked about pink keys. Fried squash. Would you do fried okra. Or you could well you southerners. Well then go to the workman's friend. 15:31. Central avenue do you know that it's a little over there. Midwest cheese Kurds it mu and Peru. And I think I know the guys who own move in Peru. Barry wolf been my body knows the moral. And and I think Sharon Sanders are Americans first know them well too I think people have been hopeful busted ticket's first. Moon brutal take down. Anyway that's that's the feature two. And there Charlotte magazine. And I hope that journal magazine insists is Morris troubles here rather than me stealing knoller. Let's do a pride pork chops at the diamonds sounds pretty darn good. Chicken and fish corner you follow restaurants and stuff this meat and fish place down here on. Are right next to a deal worth the drill now is that still open. I don't know a load like they closed in the last time I like Bob Hebert over the windows for grabs in what less than a year two years yeah. You're going there. They're all and maybe that's. Might explain why maybe now we've undercover video arrest I. I of the story. Mark Garrison was Charles six is coming up next I'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock I appreciate you being here. Charles most beloved John Hancock.