Johns Take on Trump Comey and Tapes.mp3

John Hancock
Monday, May 15th

John's take on the flap surrounding President Trump's tweet about the possibility that he has "tapes" on James Comey.


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The president Friday warned that James combing a former FBI director that he fired. Mourned indignity shouldn't leak anything negative. But I have a about the president himself mean you don't know about trump. Saying that coming quote on quote better hope. That there are no sacred. Tapes within mess. On their conversations that the president can use in retaliation. So that suggests that the president may have been recordings some of his meetings or telephone calls. Sometimes it doesn't work out so well as Richard Nixon may have president and his spokesperson later refused to say whether he tapes is visitors or not. Com he was suspected I guess of doing this in his New York officer a few years ago. He. It's not clear whether or not he was. Genuinely revealing the existence of her recordings or just simply making a rhetorical point that their economies version of the events were false and in no doubt that I think that this president is. Subject or hyperbole or anything up from time to time it seems like her personally personally rational well thought out. Not impulsive. So trump may be the only one who truly knows whether he has tapes of his conversation with the former FBI director or anybody else but if he does. Then it would become really at this point more of a congressional problem and what his problem and if trump did in fact record his talks with call me. Mom dad doesn't as far as I know violate Washington DC law or federal law because there is a there's I think a one party consent recording. And that is recordings made when only one person in the conversation okay is that which is in this. Case hypothetically. Would be trump he would be the one that he would be the one party consent to having the recordings. Now we can't do that. I can't. They call somebody on the phone and put him on the year. Oh or record them without their knowledge. So laden. The idea is that. And this is according to a Georgetown law professor by the name of Laura donning your stalled Fox News. The idea is. That even inside your own home when you divulge information to other individuals you lose privacy. And it's not a violation of your privacy. So that information for instance could be used in court so what the president is on. Far shakier ground when it comes to probable or probing of lawmakers even knows from his own party which appears eager to subpoena him and know those tapes. Should they exist if in fact there are such recordings. Says likely Republican from my Utah on FOX News Sunday yesterday. He sent I think those recordings will be subpoenaed and I think that they will probably have to return them over. Well you go back down to the Nixon tapes. Which you have. Takes awhile. With a forty. Five years ago 44. Years ago silica. Several presidents. Have recorded conversations without problems. But the one that we always associated. That practice with his Nixon because his recordings became evidence in the Washington an investigation that ultimately it led to his resignation. And then tell sooner or later recordings are likely to become public the lesson for president since Nixon was do not tape your Oval Office reported recordings are your conversation that's a quote from. Timothy nab. NAFTA only pay a professor at New York University. And the first federal director of the Richard Nixon presidential library in no lower Yorba Linda, California. Quote unquote it can only get you in trouble meeting to record. Because those do become the property of the people the former FBI director James call me. As the president said on Friday better not open when they're better hope there are no tapes of our conversation before it starts leaking to the press. Well that's ambiguous but. Colonies overseeing all was overseeing the Russian investigation. Trump claimed call me assure him at a dinner in two phone calls and he wasn't under investigation mean the president wasn't under investigation. Probably hasn't spoken and in public he's issued. An email or a letter to the people of the FBI. And talking about you know yeah technically surge of pleasure of the president. But it associates said the dead Trump's claims are puzzling adding that putt that did trump sought to a loyalty pledge from Komi during the January 27 White House dinner. Well that's been disputed. And who do you believe at this point the left presser the right White House that. The White House spokesman Sean Spicer didn't comment on whether you know when when he was asked whether or not trump reported combing. Under up post Watergate law. Called the presidential records act. Records made by eight presidents belong to the people. And can eventually be made public destroying Mel would be a crime. The are represented a mallet shift one of he has already seized on a tweed and and asked said that at trump give congress any recordings of conversations with with a with comic. I don't know or that's going. Both Republican and democratic lawmakers yesterday. Called on and on trumped. Two to turn over any tapes that he might have a conversations with the former FBI director. Those calls came after trump posted the tweet on Friday suggesting that he had tapes within ass of conversations with Domi. Sean Spicer declined to confirm or deny that those tapes exist sorted trump. Senator Lindsey Graham said on NBC's Meet the Press yesterday and I still can't quite understand why he gets such a forum. No guy who ran for president that less than 1%. In a primaries so I don't get that other than being John McCain's. Lap dog I don't understand of attention to Lindsey Graham although he does set an influential committees. Anyway he said on Meet the Press just to date can't be cute about tapes. It's a quote you can't be cute about tapes if there are any tapes in the conversation may indeed be turned over. There had been turned on to your ass for a Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Always a leveling. Saying both sane voice. Now please to look for. Solid rock solid guidance. Set on CNN's state of the union. That does trump must immediately give congress any tapes any warned that dead destroying them would be against the law that's true enough. Schumer also said that the senate Democrats are considering whether they there whether to refuse to vote on a new trouble pointed FBI director Intel special prosecutor is named to investigate the trump campaigns. I'm potential links to Russian interference so last week I double its I just it just gets deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper rural. And I I do those of you who are really like big time political junkies you must just be in pig heaven right now this is like a really great. Well last few weeks of the season where you know anything can happen anybody could win the pennant. But in last year. Just really into politics. This is exhausting. And then maybe that's the whole. And do a little less agenda on this thing is to. Just keep up a steady litany of negative true rumor. What ever. Rhetoric dead dead dead matter keep throwing chum in the water. And as seen how much of via mainstream press willow bulls won towards it I you know they'll turn it because there today. But it is it's a daily negative negative negative negative and you've got to watch yourself for it'll start to take effect to YouTube. It already is affecting some people in Washington that would have been supporters otherwise Republicans are already starting to weaken out and I just a tad.