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Saturday, December 9th

Markets slowly inching higher, learn to take advantage of it, and protect your assets.


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This is a paid program for online trading academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry candidates personnel did not provide investment advice or making Preston recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears out here hosed adamant just go sit back and relax and enjoy and a great weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and has pumped up and excited to be here. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is -- raise independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to self director of portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 8887508723. At 8887508723. So let's talk about so much going on as always in studio co host of the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy a friend of mine meant to remind senior coach Steve Champa what's going on Jim did the weekend man. Lots of talk about markets rallying PG you don't hire a little bit engine Harold. Are a lot to talk about because there's a great way for us to take advantage of those moves are we have to be prepared man because. And eighty geopolitical ears something else can trigger a correction we didn't he would have percent moved out at any time the market's overvalued. Well known. And the key thing is that if we do have that 10% moved on the listeners can they afford to take that lost those 41 case though Larry is probably not to do they need to dig through that it's not about capital preservation. Absolutely we had a lot to talk about always head over to FaceBook like is said Bulls and Bears radio. And of course at any time 24/7. Give a question for the coach called coach hotline at. 877. At 904. Trade that's 877. 904 trade chevys and a few moments ago obviously we need talk about capital preservation. People are concerned I mean this market it is up people have no idea why it's that people. Have no idea what to do with their portfolios are concerned about a ten or 20 AME I think we're being modest home with its 120% correction. And people go up to you all the time they come up to me and you'll what's gonna happen. And we don't know we don't have a crystal ball but we have to be ready because that day will come it came in 2007. And it's probably gonna come here the next ninety days. Well what we do know is this the markets overly box and it's overly optimistic. And whenever we CNET historically we typically see a correction. And so for many people it's not a matter of if the market's gonna correct it's when. And if you don't think the market will eventually have to come down and retest some of the lows that blew through since the last collapse. And never really reset one of the sea to prop met him as you all know is that the economy never really reset when the collapse in 2008. And then the bottom mullah S&P and early 09 march of 09 and it really it went up 3% over the next 89 years whether. Longest bull rallies in the history of the markets were in it. North the top of it. We're at the top of a 910 year bull run. It's kinda prepares time to be ready for move down and here's the problem the masses mostly people listen to us. There's 41 k.'s fourth rubies for fifty sevens may be TSP Carroll sees it there. Retirement vehicles. And they are set up where the market does pull back dramatically they don't get hurt but it hurt badly. Just like it happened in 2008 and they haven't protected learn the skills to preserve capital and so. It's important understand that there's ways folks that you can protect and preserve against a doubt move in the market in other words if you got money to forward. The market as a whole the S&P of the doubt. And all of a sudden you believe the market's gonna pull back you can protect and preserve against loss and not listen to go to asked to do that none would not put everything in cash position because. Sometimes cash is in the pleased to be either. So capital preservation means understanding. How to be prepared for remove data more importantly what instruments used to protect against loss if we do get that moved on and the great thing is. As you well know that if we do get to move down in price the S&P the Dow the market as a whole this opportunity at a profit. Because we can make money regardless of direction but capital preservation because Paramount because if we don't manage risk we'll have no wrist and managed the from many of the listeners. They really just sitting at a full risk decision in the 41 K hope in the market doesn't go down and everything's telling us it will go down. You got to understand that if you're not ready for it to go down and you are ready to protect against loss you gonna give it all backing an eternal winter illusion that's a travesty so. Would just try to do to prepare and ready to realize that this thing's. Can do in advance to protect capital. Well that those things are simple I mean you talk about going to cast I mean some people think that's their only option. Yet in her seat yet she can utilize got options you can utilize the news foreign currencies to help protect and be you know preserving capital. To sit in your mutual fund and open it doesn't go down isn't necessarily the answer. It's and he made a lot of people you meet a lot of people all over the country and one of the biggest things is most to disarm paying attention most people are not spoken Demi Moore in the holiday season. Everywhere you go the music's on the lights are you know it's I got mine labels of the mighty are to. And you know what people are thinking about you know what's the what's happened with the holidays let's say indicative re read exactly and yet he might bring at 30% correction in the marketplace you know way to be able. As reverse that and curt Schroeder is an amazing though well it's amazing because it's complacency. We see and we see a straight up market it's happened historically happened for the class of 29. I mean from 606082. Kind of flat sideways market 2000 correction 2008 correction. It's the writing on the wall and here we are folks were telling you that you got to get ready. It's simply being proactive it's understanding that I can't afford to take a 203040%. Loss in my 41 today. I'll never Baylor charter I'll run out of money. Before I die and that's the biggest wearing concern of a lot of people. So if there's things you can use like options like universities yes as you mentioned earlier to protect and preserve his loss and more importantly do. Hedge against losses on dorsett keep the profits intact and not given given back not turn that corner to the loser most who would wanna learn how to do that the great thing is that image you know it's just the skill. Anybody listening to us you could spend probably two or three dollars a week maybe six hours a month managing your own nest eggs you can you can self direct your money. And I believe ultimately. Know how to learn the skills to preserve capital so that you could do without a lot of fees that come along with those 401 k.s and did you realize that for the average person. Some your list is up there probably never heard this you spent a 155000. Dollars in fees. Over the course 125 your 41 K household lifetime perfect five grand you'll pay to a Wall Street institution to manage your money for why that's. All of a door is buying mutual funds for you it's amazing when you start to understand it does things that you and I can do as independent investors. Grow wealth. Preserve against laws protect against collapses in the market more importantly make money needed direction. And when people begin to realize that Adam and most importantly how to preserve protect and steep that Kaplan attacked. It's a game change reform. While that game changer means that you're able to retire on time they game changer means a year family's gonna be in a good financials Larry garrison the market direction game changer means. You know you're not worried about market direction and understanding true capital preservation is Paramount. It's amazing for the investor would not have to worry about market direction it allows them to focus on what they need to be focusing on. This truly understand capital preservation online trading academy teaches a class and this is the 500 dollar value. We have a few seats that were able to give away the listeners right now pick up your phone you don't want to miss out on us we're gonna take callers ten. To twenty pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that 84451. Trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class on capital preservation. From our sponsor online trading academy was an 8445187233. That's 84451871833. For callers ten to twenty get this 500 dollar class on capital preservation. If you're in the market the 401K and IRA maybe a retirement accounts 403 BT SP. And you don't understand how works donors and how to protect it you do I want to miss out on this opportunity it's a 500 dollar value we're taking callers ten to twenty. Call write down 84451. Trade that's 844. 51. Train does that a chance fumbles and banners. And the fact the rules and there is a little bit that's just. Nothing else. Welcome tells the San. Absolutely don't forget to head over to FaceBook a light guess at Bulls and Bears radio and of course at any time 24/7. You get a question for the coach call the coach outline. 877 at 90 for trade and their questionnaires about Aegon nasal Bulls and Bears prize packs an idea. That's 877. 904 trade call 24/7. Jim talking about a variety of things are about the markets obviously you're I'm Bulls and Bears plot if you'll be concerned a lot of people get hung up. And the idea that money is made in both an up and down market we've been up since 2009. The markets at an all time high people are wondering what's gonna happen next it's simple the market will continue to go up and then eventually go down. We don't have a crystal ball and it can happen but what can happen is to capitalize in the next downward move in the market. It's called shorting or short selling you one of the best said Jim explained the listener. What does that look like for someone to capitalize in the down. Or move the market. Well first throw it looks like they have more an opportunity to make money more consistently because if you only make money on the market goes higher. The Lewis or something goes higher in price you profit if it doesn't go higher price you read this and on the side you don't profit. Well you give back internal winner and a loser by holding a position to long. Then years limited and you'd be big you've beard like go a one armed paper hanger on orgy you can only do so much. And the market gave you a lot more opportunities than many people don't understand that. In the markets up is good down as good. In yet they've been program I think it up as good and down is bad and that's why a Bulls and Bears we bang the drum which try to get the average person realize that. Down isn't bad on the market when we had deck collapse in 2008. It was needed. And accompany the country go to all the leverage the banking system got out of control or given away too much money away. You know an economy neither reset it never reset that's the problem the reason that we're worried about what's happening now its because the economy never reset from the class of 2000 ace. You know the good the market grew 3%. And our economy stayed flat for the majority years 'til this new administration Alastair sees some GDP growth but. Very limited to eight years or no growth yet our market price for it percent that's never happened. And so we believe the market will eventually fallen price and if it does. You may even have to sit on the side or if you understand how to profit regardless of direction you can profit dramatically from the move down. And for many people they don't get that because they've been trained to think that up is good data is good it's a bias. It's been putting your head. And the most successful traders and investors understand that if they can make money when the market goes up or down it's gonna give them a higher chance at a better probability of profit over time. And it's proven out for years and decades in the markets the best traders and investors. Didn't matter which direction the market was going to build a profits will be because they had a better system in place and they separate themselves from the masses who don't understand that down as good. While this is simple thing I mean and understand the market that is it sounds elementary goes up and down. You'll make money when it goes up you'll make money when mark goes down if you're seeing their saint I don't know how to make money in a down market. Well first of all told shorting it's taking advantage of a downward move if someone's gonna lose money someone has to make money. And him understand the idea that when the market goes down the money has to go somewhere sometimes you'll think that it's almost like they think is advantage as they don't think. At a loss is going well when they talk of the 2008 collapse they talk of the largest transfer. Of wealth in the history the financial markets transfer. So for anybody who lost money. I'm good good news we know worded it's. It's not lost this is not your account souls lost to U. But it goes somewhere else goes to somebody who's on the other side of the opportunities of somebody selling some he's buying it's that it's a zero sum game. And a beautiful thing is is that if you understand how to profit regardless of direction there's always going to be somebody on the other side some human example. Of how to profit on a move down and priceless to the stock like General Motors GM. Trees around 42 dollars a share buy into the we close here. It's been you know good company been around for a long time get bailed out by the government 2008 in the collapse of the last. Financial market god you know implosion if you will. And GM. If you thought it was at forty at all this year right now you thought I was gonna go to 38. The summaries. You believe it's. Gone up too far too fast it's overvalued. Maybe it's PE ratios Zhuhai is priced too high for its earnings is a lot of reasons why people would think the stock was in a farm price may be expecting better earnings. A bad dividend outcome something happening around the stocks you've got to believe that it's gonna fall on price. We using its gonna fall from forty to 38. You want to profit from that moved down here is a beautiful thing. We can sell that stock even though we don't own it that's what shorting is a short seller. Shorting means selling something you don't own and that's where the disconnect happened a lot of people don't understand how can I sell something that I don't already own. While the financial markets that's called shorting is what it means when you open a brokerage account you decide you wanna sell the stock at 42 do you think it's going to 38 you don't own it. Your broker does owners they own shares of this stock what they have access to other clients who have shares of the stock awards there's a plethora of inventory. Available to your broker. So if you wanna sell to riches of this stock GM at 42 bucks a share. You can go to your brokerage account you can hit the short sell execute button and it sells the stock in the market on your behalf becomes odds you brokers inventory. But it goes into the market at 42 bucks a share. Now you're short to stop you sold it's the video you didn't own it. Now the mini U Celek shorts mother would you sell out even though you don't own it. The money comes in year count now listen carefully you can't use that money can't use that money to go by General Electric stock Google by Starbucks stock. That money held in my count because I have to buy the stock backseat the way the short position is set up as my salad and opened the position that it is gonna fall price. My goal is in my target is to buyback at the lower price too because a volley to the buyback hit 38. I sold 42 the moment I've buyback to 38 immediately goes red beckon to my brokers inventories in other words they loaned me the shares of stock to sell at 42. They charged me commission for that there are trends actually biased organization they're gonna make money on this transaction by charging me commission a cost to execute which is fine. They're literally letting these cell the issue isn't marketed 42 letting me hold that position so it gets to 2038. At 38 I buyback not a moment I had bad back and immediately goes back and they inventory at date yet I'm allowed to keep the four dollars difference other words. I just sold it at 42 to open a position. I've brought it back at 38 kimono bottom back when Greg Beck and I broke his inventory there may hole with their product and I keep the Ford also share. In other words on a hundred share that just made for a box on a thousand shares at just before Graham on a four dollar moved on the soccer team own that's shorting that short selling. Don't over think it folks it's a simple process not difficult is different and few understand it he contiguous coal trading and investing to the next level. Exactly and that's what a lot of people are trying to do that trying to figure out how not to worry about market direction they're trying to increase opportunity in online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears. They're a class specifically on shorting the market as a 500 dollar value of your brain knew the market. Or if you did in the market you do not understand or know how to short this is the class for you we have a few seats to give away every time we get this late gambles and there's the phones light up. We're gonna take callers fifteen to thirty pick up the phone right now on call 84451. Trade that takes 44. 51 trade for caller fifteen to thirty to get a 500 dollar class and shorting the market from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 84451878233. 8445187233. For callers fifteen to thirty. He does 500 dollar class specifically on shorting the market again if you brand new or you just unsure on how does it works and how do you go about this this is the opportunity for you more importantly if you before one K and IRA in your concern about the markets and often you don't wanna take a major hit you want to capitalize. You do not want to miss out on this pick up the phone for callers fifteen to thirty. 844. 51 trade that 84451. Trade for caller fifteen to thirty to get 500. I'm shorting the market from our sponsor online trading academy that's 844. 51. Trade is that a chance on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears that are opposed Adams is still have the blast Evans good times. With the fellas here is studio as always head over FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio and of course any time if you got a question for the coach called a coach allied. 877904. Trade at best 447 you call that number 877904. Trade in your question ends up on there. You apprised back and be in the press the Eliot. Great T shirts at the Bulls and Bears logo on we got the new logo coming out now got a updated logo which is a caricature logo so. Exciting times in do you spotted anywhere around. The green the city wearing your Bulls and Bears shirt if we spots and we don't happen. No you're going to be an area that we're gonna we see UN should look at devious fifty bucks man cash. And rule 1099 it was due to the money won't walk away man that'll of that some people still can do that in this world over the holidays my daughter is over dollars in its. About the BA vis your eyes and I think I believe that the bucks. I had a IDC dude do you look at immediate area around outside it's like to be honest there's clearly no enemies that widows over the generally because if you really be defused disaster like everything I did this. And anyway excited side's third before anybody does that as a coach hotline citing that it. All right yet talk about right they always have a good time here Bulls and Bears always satisfied. I did what the biggest things a lot of people understand is that I believe this you believe this the sponsor online trading academy believes this. Everyone should manage their money for Gaza and age sex race it doesn't matter everyone should manage their own money one of the biggest things that we talk about. Is someone handling their own finances it's called self directing. I was thing you know people handle their own person as their own wallets they have their own day today finances why would they not handled the big picture of the 41 k.s for a three b.s. Let's take a moment Chambliss talked about self directed. Well the ball the Wall Street lie Wall Street's got the mass is convinced that they are not sophisticated enough to a handle their own money. So you work where accompanying it so out of the 41 K at 43 being you put on a management new hope by some osmosis process that by the time you're 65. There's enough money if you sub born about money. And the system doesn't work I mean average 401K balance this deputy in the last county was 91000. Think about that. He got 600000041. K accounts in the United States and or so and the average balance is not anyone grant. That's your retirement nest day is no pins is in this country anymore they're virtually gone so securities bankrupt. And the average American does not any longer and accorded. Employee Benefit Research Institute the EB RID 56%. Of those sixty million for a K counts have less than 25 grand in them. Where's the mistake. And the biggest worry the baby boomer generations is run out of money before they died there working longer for low paying jobs because they're worried about a run out of money. And that never happen in the history this country because prior to the collapse of the market the twenties the Great Depression. Everybody was self employed you basically just were not to turner and after that collapse. Everybody's out of work for big companies and now people just. Now have no equity in what they work for they were accompanied her entire life they maybe get 41 K it's a finite amount of money can go away and we saw happen in 2000 for a lot of people. 50% of those accounts got wiped out. And he sits wary scared to death now. So the system that you bought into you as you would a position where you've got a low amount of money typically and it's all at risk. Who wants that system what do you could have a higher probability of making money with a mark one up or down and you have to pay somebody exorbitant fees to manage that money and you could do it in his spare time. That's called self directing and that's why a lot of baby boomers we see a lot of knowledge treat academy here just coming into the academy saying I need to do something different. I've been in a 41 K I'm student at about a collapse of markets at a record high I can't afford take 2034%. Hit what can I do and there's things they can do. In six to ten hours a month with a can manage and sell direct their money. And grow regardless of direction hedge against lost and more importantly make money whether as a collapse so there's a rally. And that's really all comes down to when everybody listen to us I believe is Smart enough to understand it. It's just a systematic approach the markets you've just been convinced that you're not sophisticated enough and it's the wall while Wall Street. It is a lie I believe in my heart that anybody was into us to do better yourself. If you learn the skills of self directed. People who wouldn't think that I mean who is gonna care more about your money than you and that's the thing if everyone realizes that nobody cared more about their money than themselves. Why would they handed to somebody else while they handed to a stranger. The dozen other family dozen other goals doesn't of their finances doesn't know anything about him except just that avenue account well and into key thing is is this we seen people just like the listeners. Who have taken the steps to learn the skills you know over time it just becomes repetition. Have seen dramatic growth and results and their portfolios and more importantly the consistency that they're looking for exactly an online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand a lot of people. Once a self directed Anderson a lot you don't know how to get control of the money they don't understand. How do you mean to begin the ideas self directed their own finances and that's on a class specifically on self directed. There's a 500 dollar value every time we give it away your ambles and bears the phones light up whether you're brand new the mark even in the market for years. If you have someone else over senior counts and you wanna manage yourself this is the class for you. There's a 500 dollar value were to take callers to the twentieth pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that's 844. 51 trade for callers ten to twenty to get this 500 dollar class taught at the campus itself directing from online trading academy do not want to miss out on this if your retirement accounts 8445187233. At 844518. Semi 233 for callers ten to twenty to get this 500 dollar class again if you're brand new you've been a marked for years and you want to control. Call right now 84451. Trade is adamant champ fumbles and banners. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears a gross adamant Disco that is the last so he's a good time here bulls or bears take you with the fellas. I'm talking about Friday different things don't forget to head over to FaceBook like as at Bulls and Bears radio and of course you have a question 24/7 you call the coach outline. At 877. 90 for trade we're actually had to take a call right now go ahead color. Hi this is Lawrence. From Orlando Florida. I keep hearing about the futures market and I'm not quite sure what it is. I won't hurt that it will promote equity but they get more leverage. Let them and that's not really sure what that means of entry and equities were a couple years now this period in my entry. How to Wednesday. Our thanks Lawrence has launched from Orlando appreciate the call. Also you nice give bag from balls and missile strike bag T shirt. So excited for the question and yet the futures market is just literally something that a lot of people in America aren't aware of that are really have a concept of what the futures market really consists of on one of the things is it amazing about only look at the market has a global perspective and other words of we look at the market as a whole around the globe. Equities stocks are really the least traded asset class that one of the least treated me here in America it is the most traded because we have a very liquid stock market the S&P the Dow the Russell the NASDAQ these are. Major indices and we have a very liquid equities market where people can get inning get out a lot of volume lot of liquidity. Buddy ability it is get out of the price wanna get out I'd get real bind sub par sort of buy and sell out. You need a lot of activity in order to be able to have that happen but the words you need that liquidity and a lot of people on the field so to speak. Will the futures market it's dramatically bigger than the equity market within a global market and a beautifully about the futures market ours is that it can entail different areas. Of different marketplaces like you can dig trade futures on commodities you know corn and soybean and lean hog you can trade futures on currencies. In the Frank Gore you know the Euro you can trade futures utilizing an agricultural products soft slate. Like job corps I did we mention corn soybean things like that we can even trade the S&P 500. Russell the Dow though. The Nikkei and hang sang these major global stock indices using futures. And here's the benefit to using features because I love this topic because it's one of the things I speak on knowledge academy is the benefits of these features verses equities verses stock. First and foremost. I can surely lull us money. You know the problem with a equities are stocks is at the capitol and tens of you wanna buy a share. Cola cola stock for five bucks a share. But you can use margin which is the broker loan you money you give you'll more purchasing power but there's a costs that you some money. And I can trade futures for a lot less though as I can control. Literally ten times what I have the ability to purchase using the future. And the benefit of that is it gives me leverage and leverage is a key element of success in the markets but leverage needs to be used responsibly. And leverage we talk about future ages Ari leveraged products no words. I'd go to the market with a thousand bucks at 2000 bucks and I can treat the S&P 500 and I can make a good return with a very small Monica apple. I was I can make a substantial return because I'm leveraging eighty larger position size with less capital now here's the thing arsonist is key. Futures are sexy he made a lot of money without having a lot of money to work with. What leverage works both ways in other words if you Norris and how to manage risk responsibly. A hot out minimize risk you really shouldn't use the leverage product that's not a good use of it. You know the can be very dangerous because you don't understand the risk involved so we talk about huge have you betrayed stock for a couple of years the commission and you call. You could probably start the movement in the future is Arenas simply because you understand them the ebb and flow of the markets how price moves you understand how price changes. And now you've got a good understanding that now when you study utilize a leveraged products like futures you can get a bigger return fullest capital investment and still see the same patterns. And movement in the markets so leverage your utilizing a leveraged products like futures as a great way for people to get into the game and more importantly. It's allows us and not have to have a ton of money. Or a smaller count size we could legally get away with and still get some good returns in the market. So what's great about understanding how to utilize the market for short term income for cash flow. Is that there's so many ways we can utilize. Stocks futures currencies options these are all products. That are available to anybody. He utilized to help them make money consistently on a short term basis increased cash flow in the markets. And Lars if you use futures is a great asset class to do that with a more importantly. He can really taken that next though because their estimates on a couple of get good returns but you have to have a good system and a good rule based position and more importantly Afghanistan man's risk. Exactly champ and a lot of people don't understand how to manage risk and that's how people try a leveraged products such as options or futures there. You know foreign currencies they you know they get hurt they get crushed they don't understand how dangerous it can be utilized in leverage product but the thing is is what you said and you nailed it. When you understand proper risk management when you understand how that tool works he can be very powerful tool for and it's a great asset class teaches to treat your income and see one of the great things about the market in the state needs is. Any of us listening to the show right now could trade for short term income we could utilized. The markets on small scale to generate elect a money coming in X sixty bucks our bucks a week Eminem. That could benefit a lot of listeners out there and really help them along the more portly. If they don't have to have a ton of money to do that can really open to go to a lot of people and that's why we hear bang in the drama Bulls and Bears because we believe that the markets a great way for you to generate. Short term income. If you understand how to go about the process it's absolutely and leveraged products allow that opportunity for short term income and online trading academy as a class specifically on. Trading for short term income utilizing leveraged products and you don't want to miss out on this. What are your brand new the market even in the markets for years if you don't understand truly how to use leverage product and how to use it to your advantage does a great opportunity for you as a 500 dollar class directly on understand how to generate short term income in the marketplace you do not want to miss out on this we only have a few sees the giveaway we're gonna take callers ten to twenty picked up the phone right now call. 84451. Trade at 84451. Trade callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class. Specifically on trading for short term income you do not want to miss out on this that's 8445187233. 84451878233. For callers to and that's when he gets his 500. Country for short term income you do now on this on this opportunity 84451. To trade is that a champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears are housed at the Cisco have a good time hang with the guys always. Over and head over at FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio and of course at any time 24/7. Got a question for senior coach the coach hotline 877. 904. Trade at 877904. Trade. We allotted for questions of that chip it's always fun to hear what comes in over the week and it is and you know what blogs and stuff that can really help a lot of the of the listeners are similar problems with. Foreign K questions or. You know auto I'd do my money sitting in stock questions so there's a lot of great things we can help you out with and hopefully when you can't ask your question our Goosen and it's a gift bag is we play on the air but. I'm sure he'll have a lot of listeners as well people in my of the same scenario that you're in exactly talking about a variety of things here Bulls and Bears. Always understanding that you know it ultimately the underlining messages self direct manager Omani understand the market works both up and down. But you know it champ. A lot of you don't really ever take the markets here is Sammy too many people when it comes to trading investing in this you know I got a hobby here I dabble. And the reality is the market as a business you know no different than opening up a restaurant or store front. When you put money into an investment accounts you should operate that as a business she's have a plan and plays and a lot of people don't get it let's talk about that what's the degree. Between hobby and does well messing get a business results from the markets not seeing people literally transform their lives of the financial markets of the because they learn the skills of training and resting when how to self direct so his lawyer realize this is America the land of opportunities not the land of the secure jobless benefits. And a lot of people don't understand that the markets are simply an opportunity and just like starting. Franchise somewhere. Starting a business of building their contracting business I mean being somebody looking out the trades. I've been self and push for a lot of years in my life. And traditionally when you start a small businesses you on the business in the business don't you and the reason is because of the costs in the overhead in the liability in the inventoried at the leases space and workers comp and this so many variables that come into play things that take money off the bottom line things that can take you out literally derail your business. Imagine if you define a business where startup costs was relatively low you never had lead house they'll customers immediately when you opened up the church computer in the morning on millions of people want to buy so wherever you're trying to buy or sell and more poorly didn't have liability insurers and have any employees no inventory no workers' comp. You do from your house near the same upside opportunity the same potential to build wealth. As any other business in America would you take advantage of that. I'm not talk about starting a network business we have to recruit people to sell products or or you know bring people in your home and do presentations not low. I'm talking about. Getting to the financial markets. Having a little more knowledge in the masses which is not hard to accomplish because they really don't have a lot of skill when it comes to making her protector and a growing money and having a skill set where you can literally consistently make money. In your own home without having any of the headaches of those traditional business think that there's some guide right now are some woman right now driving on the road you got latter's let's obvious truck. In your self employed your business owner. In what you do would you start a business you buy yourself a job your small business owner and you grind in and I know because I've been that person. And then I begin to understand the financial markets for the same opportunity. To build wealth long term by just having a good system and a good approach to taken advantage of a marketplace. And it was a no brainer and a lot of people if they begin to realize what the market could turn into from a business perspective. It be a no brainer and that's why we tell you hear pull the bears this is a great business opportunity but you have to understand it she'd like a business more importantly you your results and business. Well a lot of people want the business idea a lot of entrepreneurs out there are a lot of people that. Are looking to you know set something up where they can generating come on the side maybe eventually replace during coming into retirement with confidence. All of these things are key when someone takes the mindset this or to realize that the market is a business your money is a business it's a game changer and online trading academy they seen many people over 41 years. 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