Judges Rule On Re-Drawing Congressional Districts, NC Schools Concentrating On Safety and Mental Health


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From my heart. Corner. Blind allegiance. Jesus Christ gets the quite varied choice. He has a live. Hopefully rig. And good morning welcome to our broadcast I wanna jump right in not a very important issue that he is going on. While this is uninteresting. Story developing as well. A warning that denuclearization. Talks may fall apart. This is a developing story right now. We learn more about this we will pass that on TU. One of the major things we do in this program bring you breaking news during the course of the two hours that we are with you. I wanna talk about a very important story for those of us who are in North Carolina but I also want to remind you if you live in South Carolina. This story has implications for you as well. Because federal judges. On Monday affirmed their decision striking north Carolina's congressional districts as unconstitutional. Because Republicans drew them with excessive. Partisanship. I mean you can't make this stuff up. This is where we are you a month this is its August. So here we are. Approaching. Elections. And there are yes congressional elections going on right now can you imagine how disruptive this would be. If you're running for office. And yet here's the courts. Ready to step right in in the middle and just. I know how else to put it taking a big dump right in the middle of the election process. Here to provide some perspective on this one of the man who's involved in helping to draw these district lines. Former state senator Bob bridge show good morning welcome back to broadcast man. Hey Vince good morning T. We'll tell us first off what's happened here in this court decision what does it do exactly. Okay well that if you remember. Judge Julian and and the two other federal judges. I would have been reviewing this case and it deals with congressional redistricting. And if this is the common cause case that was so brought up. It's very similar to the Wisconsin case which he Supreme Court sent back to the accord in Wisconsin. And they basically based on the judgment that the supreme cool what this other courts said no we political but gerrymandering. Is not relevant. There is no way you can actually determine and say that that patient on con of maps are unconstitutional because of critical care. If you go back in in a little bit of history. The Supreme Court the only takes. That has ever been stated clearly said political gerrymandering is not a reason for calling a match unconstitutional. Well let's come up to today. Interestingly Jack two win and who was a Democrat political act before he was given them the ropes. And now. Supposedly judges once they have probes a nonpartisan. And and non biased. Will he show addition he's good he's crude bias by bringing this case up. Along with another Democrat judge and what Republicans who wish you don't agree partially with that. To actually put the North Carolina congressional elections in absolute turmoil. You we are. Roughly two months this is not not rocket this is September because you we are the period. Two months to late from the election the primary election is already taken place. And now the touch is the guy Julian who. I really question whether he understands the law. And clearly what he's doing ish and midst people might not like this. But clearly trying to win what Democrat congressional seats so that. Congress can impeach president trop and this is what it's all about. Achieving the goal here is to create new congressional districts that Democrats can win. Absolutely. Absolutely now he supposedly going to try to nab a master draw the maps between now. And and actually you dirty that it the campaigns going on right now. But he's gonna try to draw the maps. Apple approved. And then have everybody re register. Tablet nonpartisan primary and try to have a general election this coming November. Which is absolutely absurd. And yet the weakening doing this insidious this man is very easiest guy to win. He also played this game where the Supreme Court headache for war. Because little guys beat us judge the death of judge Scalia. He uses that so that the what Democrats and build a global one way and the more Republicans will vote the 00 wait. And believe it you know and pretty much block the change what is a very bad decision. And it is unprecedented. First judge who is to come bowl with this kind of decision that he has no legal precedent in support of these dark but not any. And so eerie is objections being JER legislator in black ropes. Trying to but change the law and more importantly affect the election so that credited truck. Could potentially have pulled what Democrat hopes it could. Move towards impeachment please choose what their goal is and I hope our Republican in. Independent people look at this should even conservative Democrats look at this. It's not the but they out partisan move by eight judge should that is totally biased. I'm really curious which which the election were returned with a barber chair was a former state senator here in North Carolina. And again I'm gonna curious that we only about a minute minute half left in this segment. Where do you find how do you maneuver things in a way right now. To go from two to produce that many more seats how could you do that. Well I mean did the master could committed redraw all the districts I won't say we look I was art Galley and chart along with David Lewis. Outdoor and this map which would say. Rebuke of the original because they based it on any racial gerrymandering which. It's it's weird bench because they say you get used to much race. That you have to use rakes so you know it's just you know it's almost like being pregnant are you pregnant argued correct me if you don't like YouTube world now all of a sudden they're using the political year. And there's common cause is nothing but eighty a pseudo Democrat I'd just like the media is liberal media. Trying to win elections or should I say steal elections from the people look North Carolina. And the precedent has said that no Supreme Court has ever allowed an election to be enjoying that means to be stopped. This close to the election. Ever and the only actor like to wind is making this decision knowing that the what Democrats in the Supreme Court. Will go one way and the all Republicans will vote the precedent and that means the judge to win this decision is what will beat it. Stance yet I hear which are saying here's some some very precarious situation. Barbara joy eight appreciate coming on the broadcast this morning we'll continue to watch what is going on here perhaps follow up with you. If there any new developments on this I wanna get your thoughts what do you think about the strategy in this Y told you. Even if you live in south Carolina at this will affect you. Because. The other issue is how long would it take before they start saying you know we need to redraw the lines in South Carolina as well. They need it doesn't stop it really doesn't stop. The drug to get your thoughts on how all of this goes down in the coming days. This is this Coakley radio program from. And. What makes you party learn we don't need the Russians to interfere in our elections all you need our judges. These tyrants in black robes. Why and who's attempting to basically disrupt the entire process. For this year. Are on the line and also to talk about this Steve out of easily yet good morning sir. I eventually just talked about you know the possibility of all this. Redistricting and gerrymandering spreading the South Carolina. Well we already have that situation back in January whenever we had our legislative delegation meeting in Pickens County South Carolina. No illegal women voters gets up there and guess what they're wanting they're wanting the laws changed on how the congressional districts are drawn. They claim it's gerrymandered scores. And of course it's. Gary Larry who sponsored the bill that would create an independent. Redistricting. Commission. After the next senate attempt. Centrist. Carries on a Democrat to run as a Republican. The bill would also cosponsored by mail all. James Smith and many power Orel who just happen to be running for governor and lieutenant governor is Democrat. Neil Collins of course had a fine on the bat. And it's all about trying to get more Democrats into the United States congress might gerrymandering but they're claiming finger gerrymandered against them. But I'm whatever I read that article in the news. That's all legal women voters and common cause well legal women voters was working on the same thing it's South Carolina and are probably doing it now overstates his. You're Steve you're so wise to see this connection because the strategy is a nationwide strategy is net. So but this is why we all have to pay attention and see what's going on. In both states it's very important we keep Diane this by the way as I look at these districts I mean and let me rattle the softest of recent briefly. This is how it's set up now in South Carolina. This is the margin by which this particular party. Has an advantage. First district of our plus ten and that means there's a ten point margin Republicans vs Democrats. Second district plus twelfth. Third. Jeff Duncan plus nineteen. Fourth tree gain dowdy now represents plus fifteen. Rolf Norman plus nine. Tom rice plus nine and there's only one district. A majority minority district. The sixth district it's plus nineteen Democrat. I have I have to ask the question how in the world would you even create another Democrat district if you wanted to in South Carolina. Just thought I'd throw this out there but I love to get your additional thoughts on this and you welcome to talk about this further first so. With the start of school in so many areas. We've got to be good idea to bring aboard someone to address the issue of what's going on and probably at the height of the concern for so many people. Is security so we brought aboard the North Carolina State superintendent Mark Johnson who's joining us this morning good morning welcome to the broadcaster. Curry anchor Harry good Morant. I first wanna ask. A lot of school districts are started and what Steve. The general consensus on how well things have gone so far. Well there's obviously a lot of excitement school computer try to get back to enter try to get back out. But at a school that day at school yesterday is just there are a lot of excitement there but. Parents and teachers and all stakeholders need to know. That one of the top priorities for my office for this year. After the event of last year obviously going to be school security. We have lobbied the general assembly to invest widely. In school security so we are getting more money out to school districts are more. School resource officer Peter Crane. Law enforcement officers that can serve in a school. And hopefully we never have to utilize and protect the school what they'll be there in case the worst does happen. But also importantly. We know that these issues are really starting because one students. Problems are turning into an entire school tragedy we have got to do something about middle hell. In our nation but also focused and curb my priority in our schools. But we have got to focus on addressing. These issues. Up before they become school tragedies. And I'm excited because we also just recently got out more money from the state. A local districts to work on innovative mental health programs. Program that movable goal I have proof point that they'll be the best use of taxpayer dollars to get the most of backed. For our student. Know when we come back with those group points we're gonna bring into the general assembly. I then leopard some federal dollars next year to get more of that great work across state. An open next year we're gonna have an anonymous tip that. So that students teachers parents are community members. It based sleep some saying they will be immediately able to report it. 220 force seven command they eat better though connect that he had the right that'll help support people. Are of course the right law enforcement officials to work we're excited about where we're going well but of course this is all with the top. Priority in mind of keeping our students. And teachers safe when they're at school. Which are when Mark Johnson the head North Carolina State superintendent in one of the questions I'm curious about here it'd. When you talk about mental health what kinds of things can you do specifically. To address this and to basically put the feelers out to to find out what's going on with kids in ends. Be able to regain their confidence and if there are issues and problems that day they could be monumental co Ed those off and advance. Great yet thank you very good question the first thing we pelican of these innovative strategies. Are middle help team so it governor very mean. That there have to be the most. High knowledge high caliber. But over the top credentialed person every single school. What we need to do is better connect to when we've seen these issues. To a support team that can come in and addressed the situation. It's important we talk a lot about mental health. What we're going to be doing is also reaching out to Eric you're gonna see this state Education Department. We talked to parents to Coleman into the conversation like it never has done before we're gonna do it this year we're very excited about it. Because the mental health issues they don't just start when you think it's time for someone to go to a doctor evaluated. These are also well pulling back a little bit. We have we have problem of bullying in our schools. And we know that it slipped one student in beat the estate agent excessively Foley. That can lead that students who wanna go take a terrible action and I have a school tragedy. But also with extremely concerning and at an age is cyber bullying. All of this bullying that can go on social media where you'll parents might not be included into a teacher might not a crude intuit. Only the students are no no it's going on that's why we're reaching out to students and parents. To tell them they played a very important part but there is based either there is this cyber bullying going on hell our school's staff member. And that way we can connect the dots and get this unit to help they need. And also aquatic that a anonymous tip that with the command say he's better. Because that will be away where students but can very easily. A win without any concern report that two out to the right people. Snub Mark Johnson one of the things said I'd like to in with just really have about 3045 seconds left what message do you wanna communicate to parents about. Their responsibility and student for that matter. Regarding school safety. We. All play a part I just dropped off my daughter for her first day of kindergarten today and I expect. But she will be safe Kirk are technically they particularly safe. It's gonna take all of us doing our part is we see something we need to say something when you make sure the doors of the schools are locked. Only go through the main entrance at eight PC clip of bullying report it. These are all easy steps that we can take to help make sure that we all play our part keep in our schools safe. Mark Jensen North Carolina State superintendent appreciate you coming on the broadcast this morning sir yes thanks so much Grammy epic career. Well thank you you as well and I don't get your thoughts you know in terms of the concerns we've had about school safety. How do you feel about how things have been addressed. Really on every layer level where we're the we're talking about local schools. The the states and also the federal government. What's your level of comfort. Based on what's happening in your local community who don't get your thoughts. Right here. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Back in the Vince Coakley radio program and we're learning be suspect in this latest forty shooting. Had mental health problems what a surprise. Fox reporting he was treated for psychological. Issues. Mean this is what we tend to find out isn't it. Drew the attention is surely focused on guns guns guns guns guns guns guns. When we get to the underlying issue the heart the minute. Numbers going on there. Try to address that issue you think that might be helpful I think so. On the sex line we've just a couple of issues. Specifically to North Carolina but these have implications for the entire country. We talked about redistricting. The possibility congressional districts may have to be re drawn in North Carolina before the election this is August. Follows September. Ands we talked about school security would you then brought some of those ideas. An apt to report things anonymously if you ever concerned about something kind of clever mental health. Dealing with mental health issues has stepped up effort there. Over on its excellent we have this I hope the voters in North Carolina realize the Democrats think we are stupid. They're trying to win election by voter tampering. Please in this and vote Republican in November. Another textured GA events is it just me or does it seem. It's all about either trump or race or vote. Yeah it gets kind of tiresome doesn't it. All the way around. Vince this is exactly where we can't trust much of an evening politically base all these people in power have in games ten steps ahead of where we are. They have plans and manipulation for their backups backup backup plans yes stayed. Do all of these things and do very well unfortunately. The schools are not going to get anywhere with mental health or anything else tell you stop forcing government agencies are on the ones asking for help. Ask for help in DSS will be up your family's rear end for years to come that's the problem. I've heard this concern expressed a number of times. Dispersants have we forgotten we have a miracle god who can. Care for in cure every problem that he can't. No question about it interestingly enough. Because someone else says very easy fix. One way in multiple ways out at the entrance have military detectors this is a person who's talking about schools. We've talked about this before this upon the recommendations of a security expert who's on this broadcast so this one the first thing schools need to do. One way yen. To the building. And metal detectors at that entrance. Also the reason these kids are shooting up in the first place medication they're on. This has been a problem isn't. Let's go out to a call from John in Greenfield good morning sheer. The moment that I you don't all right. We'll look at how they never say that by. Let me give you security and so. Say they don't let awarded it the pan Pacific fame. And they put the entire big that's crazy you. And what their tail but just people all he probably did they admire. And then let that they've made though at the Haiti that is the written video again I think that there are an all Democrat from. That a little bit given the form. We get a bad guy here worked in. The network solve the problem that you've got. Maybe I'm but it is true well how will you open a little while there. We're right about paying these vial. Are now having said this John you are having said this I IE if fully embrace what you said here. On one level aren't there are some people that are just absolutely. Timid. And they just don't have that kind of constitution like you do John. What you're probably paying at the flexibility they won't say. You can read the more I have a back ball. I mean big up move a cult oil well. Let you know everything my ball. And they'll grow up I. Ninth grader now have their whole way you don't or whatever but we're very hot so guess what. I didn't have that without you oh. Never got in the real world real quick. But at a couple of I hear it just say and John I do appreciate your call. So we have this discussion of their kids all the time you know back when I was in school. You know is it their very version seven I mean we can't claim that we walk two miles in the snow just. That that doesn't fly anymore. But I mean we say we didn't have Internet. And we had to actually read books. By books and read them check him out or whatever is. Now you just to keep pretty premature that you want online. It's a totally different world. Than the time that we were in school. Yea it's all changed so rapidly. I mean it and think about things like trips. I remember riding on these trips sitting between either my parents. Or my two sisters who I loved so dearly when I was young kids. Going on long trips like all the way out to California by car. From Indianapolis. That's not a short trip at 55 miles an hour. Not a short trip at all that's days. I mean that and poor little kid that's like eternity it's like forever. You know how this works and narrow I think Mike Kitts what are they grow up with. They had a nice little video system they can watch videos wherever we go. We drive down to Florida and the Disney world's Disneyland whatever it is. We've got its movies all the way down we can even game in the band. You know. No punch buggy now half a cup they they do that from time to time. So things have changed a great deal no question about that Tim in Charlotte good morning. Eventful. I agree we're job. But parachuted beat me morality kids. You actually see you well. I Yani this but I respect you when you need. Since nowadays that that this support initiatives up front is inept or march so we are very I didn't say what's called that there are no ago. But do it Beckett actually pianist he's being dumped. India. January he had not our culture. Our culture wrecked or get ten minutes you thought for sure showed up. Do you Sarah gets you sent a. Sure did come with deputy Dick Armey calls. This that you say gets him. Any. It's a lucky city little next time optics it's initiator. Are you serious he actually said that. I'm gonna demand. In guys here at the same. I said it I didn't is certain smarter sort of look at how those kids teenager and yeah they need because I. While I got to ask you quickly because we're up against a hard break here. How do you feel like EE because you you seem to have some regret your parents were not harsher. Then they were. How has that been manifest in your life. I wouldn't make so that dumb mistakes that I had done. If my church then look back harder on. Okay I'll identities. I get where you're coming from were Tim I'd appreciate your hope that. That is hard courts like oh good. Sheriff's department's. Deputy comes over oh did you really say that's. How good except I'll take fifty Mitt. Somehow I don't think that's gonna happen with every department's that's just my suspicion. More of your calls your text of the broadcast. And we're also gonna talk about the first amendment's. And how that's being undermined. Statements. This is still since Coakley radio program. Over on the text line some fairly insisting beings coming here. Most psychologists have their minds poisoned with secular humanism. We need to improve moral health not increase the offended touchy Feely attitude. Who focuses on the self. And so we love our neighbor the taking of life and property will continue Mae and this is this text is worth the price of gold. This is what's going on and I love what you said here. Improve. Moral health. As opposed to just mental health. That is a big part of the issue you are under something here. I don't know wit and at some points IE and going to have more extensive conversation with you about its. Counseling and therapy. For a variety of reasons. This has been something that's been on my mind actually for years it's been a concern of mine for years. And I really believe that much of what the so called mental health industry is doing is absolutely harmful. To human beings. I read a book years ago in fact if he I would encourage you. To check out authors Martin and Deidre bobcat and they kept had them on this program. Sometime ago one of the things they addressed. Is the issue of how. At some point in our history we shifted. From care for people souls. To addressing people's minds. There's that very subtle transition. And before. You know your yearly most the time your talking about someone in ministry or someone who is. Spiritually capable hoping to care for you or your wellbeing and providing counsel and insight and direction and encouragement whatever he has. And over the years we've been suddenly shifting away from this spiritual mindset to more of a psychological. View. And I think one of the big problems is it disconnect us. The mind from the sole. Because you have two elements should dealing with the right you're you're dealing with the heart and you're dealing with a mind to. You those things have to go together you can just address one and that or the other you have to address both. Case import. Let's say for instance I've got a grievance against somebody. It may be a live legitimate grievance may be someone has harmed me in some way. Well I. Have to change my way of thinking that's a good thing. But who's going to heal my heart. I just put out there and and if you want of these secularist who believes everything can be done by changing the way you think. Credit what's the solution. To a broken heart was a solution to our ravaged heart to an abused arch. There has to be healing from somewhere. Now I believe that healing comes from our creator. Who is able to restore. But without effect. When he hacked. Just the power of positive thinking. You're just gonna think things are way. Tennessee people do that all the time. Problem is it's not real. Because unless you address the heart. And I getting anywhere. Anyway. What else do we have here. Vince your rejects the ninety's movie swing kids I didn't nuts about the Hitler youth movement. It's as relevant today maybe even more so that it was when it came out. Have to check in and out. Vince is a 35 year law enforcement officer and it has to be impaired all as sorrow. Personnel be trained in mental health principles identification. Anne's. Signs of mental illness well that certainly makes sense it's a good idea. Also in the tech slide I wonder what would happen if we just leave troubled loan for one month imagine what great things he can accomplish if we just left him alone. And let him make America great again. Really. That's a joke great. Just just curious. Vince is a FedEx driver in the Spartanburg. Schools I deliver the only way to get in the elementary schools is through the office. Matthew rates steady and very important to do that another text to say you can't discipline kids these days DSS world persecute you. If they tell anyone they got a whipping. And it doesn't surprise me at all I've heard all kinds of DS this nightmare stories. Vince I helped to school implement a class. Or group they get school credit made up of kids who might be deemed popular throughout going. And requirement for credit. It is to be looking out since a poor people for kids who are getting picked on the kids students know far more what's going on. Then the parents or teachers combined debt so clever idea. Trying some conscientious kids who are going to be the I eighties in years not so much as titled tales but. They were or weren't looking out what's going on in our school. Hey here's up here's some money who seems to be kind of left out maybe getting bowl eight. That's that's a great idea. And this is probably another subject. To delve into for another time but. One of the things I notice. I'm a person and and I'm probably. And ended it to an extreme in this respect. I tend to be very engaging with people you know yes I am that annoying person at the grocery store right John and I and I knew that was coming up figured I'd get it out. Before you pretending to be need to look at the you know and and yes if some you know I'm gonna ask somebody how you're doing and I really want to know how you're doing. I think this is part of where. And my experience ago. Many in general may be most people go through life and really don't care how anybody else is doing. I'm in I'm not saying this is a condemnation and saying this. People are different MP four different places on the spectrum they're people probably like to meet tour. Overly conscious and aware there but there are a lot of people on the other extreme. I mean you might walk by somebody who's literally cry. And you may not even notice. Just keep going a lot on the with the grocery store. That would be an interest in conversations some time. Coming up we're gonna talk about free speech yeah. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This is no good Stokley radio program. And speaking of liberty we'll talk about freedom of speech. I sit here about. These second amendments where the threat comes from it's not the frontal assaults. All of legislation although their efforts to try to undermine the Second Amendment or get rid of it all together. What's happening corporate America. Getting involved by the way we're gonna have a conversation about this tomorrow. I believe we is the attorney general. From. I gave completely forgot which state this is now I think it's Louisiana. He's gonna join us on the broadcast tomorrow. You probably remember the story we told drew about three Louisiana. Is not allowing companies that tried to undermine gun ownership. To participate in their bonds. And good for them. So Weis said. We're seeing your corporate attacked against guns the same things happening with free speech I wanna make very clear. And I understand this is going on and I'm not surprised that is drawing on. We will talk about how this looks and how this is being carried out but I would also suggest a way we fight this. And fight this as warriors. Not his babies. As I as I've got to tell you. One of the things it just continues to great me. It is just watching people behave like cry babies. It's not just the liberals who Rehman a monopoly on this. We've got to be adults here. Put on our big boy pants. And deal with the real world as it is. These tech titans don't care about conservatism. I think that ought to be clear by now. And yes do they probably do things to told the news I'm sure they do. We've got to face that reality and figure out how to we work around this either with or without technology how to we do this. Let's have that conversation. But whining should not be an option. Share a few more text year. Undertakes line. Musician and really get items you were talking about discipline and children and how these things sure are dealt with. The sooner children feel ramifications. Of bad decisions. Easier they are too race. Yeah. Vince I would have been a better person of my appearance in beat me more to all their fault I turned out so rotten Hershey a bad parents. The thing so when spoofing a previous caller. My goodness. We were also talking earlier I think John made a reference to. During these trips punch buggy. Too long. He's gonna have to search high and low left and right to find other Volkswagen for his punch buggy. I suggest mini Coopers these days. Katie suggest that maybe that's the way to do it now you're with many troopers instead because you not as many drugs on the road I scooper. What's the punch Cooper an inch Cooper yes but I just be careful you don't give the impression you want people to punch someone named trooper. Just putting them out there. Let's go out so call from Jonathan in Fort Mill good morning. Moraga you know rights here. Good good arm spoke cute couple weeks ago amber are here I am African American Christians and widely seen in low. And you know democratic and an elite sport left even though. If Depp and and yet they're the least I. I don't. I'll beat you talked about and you gave me I actually our great nation what you believe that's so. I'm gonna get it back from an American plan. Armed people that know so. Hamas ever question Carolina Tibet or you do. How content and I don't know Matt and I'm truly looking for help ensure how calm. It seemed that the more liberal the world you know more easier it is an African America. Can live in net. And society that place are you living in a more liberal city and you're Christian. And your African American. The more liberal who were immediately. The more Christian the world audience a more conservative who wrote it another not. Yes Jeremy and hand in hand but the more conservative the world if you were format in America. Really are gonna matter general you believe best. Spiritually I don't believe it's true because you're you're you have your freedom now that American Christian. I feel. There are freedom bargain taken away in a more liberal world become good at a tank top in it's easier to Libya and Saudi American. What do you mean by that Hollywood this because I'm really curious now how what does this look like when you talk about. The ease of living how how always how self. So what are separate from my my my belief system. It feel more depth and clarity com loud and emptying into. BM are in my favor and opposed to allow network and play tomorrow mother let. Mother looked around. And shoot my each. Okay holds. I think I know you're going to hear jazz and it was more Christian tomorrow and work that you are working our would've but it harder harder. I I don't think I would make the argument it was not more Christian it may have been more religious. But see an end it cheers the other thing. One of the things he gets complicated here is. There is this idea out there that it's somehow conservatism. Has been associated Wi is Jim Crow. And it's discrimination and segregation. Would you would you agree with that. Yeah. And I think this is what were up against Jonathan because I think a lot of people have this idea by the way I'm. Which party. Was involved in the founding of the clan do you know. Democrat party. Because the goal was to keep blacks from voting because what party where they voting for the time. They were voting Republican. So our goal was to keep them from voting. So. These things and I this is what gets so tricky when you used these words like conservative. You know history of the league OK we need to conserve. Well yes you need to conserve their values that are re eternal like freedom and love. And respect. And who and obeying the law and it's. Building intact families Stosur conservative values. But conserving. Just because something is here. That's not what conservatism is and I think people have confused debt. And sometimes maybe it's not the best word to use I'm. I don't know how else to say that but I think that perception is there. One means holding nine to what we have well and and this is how some mines were operates Jonathan they were immediately go 20. Well back during those days Ozzie and Harriett. Those are the days to win out we were all we were doing were when we were cleaning people and we were bused voice and you know and I'm saying. And people immediately associate those things together I think of this all the time just when I look at old movies I was watching your pitch dark episode. And the only black people in there were servants on the train. There was a time and that was true do I wanna conserve that and go back to that absolutely not. And so we have to make a distinction between conservative values. And conserving. Things. The way they they are desert. Two different things. Jonathan Ive enjoyed talking with you hold on the line because I'd like to follow up at some point. And get some information from you so sold on the line. And we will continue with more of our broadcast right here. This is still Vince Coakley radio program the make Rory show inevitable. Actor Vince Coakley radio program. Really interesting conversation with John attendant. At some point we may who have a more comprehensive conversation about. This history of the clan and and these terms and how other understood and you know to be honest review several years ago for the first time I heard someone explain this to me. This is what the reasons why a lot of blacks bristle Woodward conservatives does they immediately think. That you want to conserve and freeze earth the quote good old days. When black people were hints. You know basically eatery in slavery. Or. Experiencing discrimination. So. Like you said sometimes is staying in the big may not be the best word to use in that conversation. Without explanation. And Hank these days. I'm more convinced than ever people have no idea I'd be most Republicans have no idea what conservative is. As just my opinion. Let this go out to a call from Jerry good morning Gerri. They're great in America where I don't know what our people our picking out bomb. Repaired so you can go with liberalism and being on the democratic crowd are. Are what don't know about who could so it isn't our our our help people all the top problems. Oh lazy beer conservative Republicans are you didn't know look history in the home mother kept me away from the street he kept me away from may get off of the although he gave the doctor being car blew another young man ducking the power of god when she wanted to meet you emulate. Mirrored that are 00 or go to our Internet Sutherland that yes he had he had it written value that was important where we can accumulate. And I got older I want a public who pay and and getting more and cut the media. Figure. Do your part Republican ticket circuit as you say people who want to go back even believe the more the good old days where people movie. You know every African American people Apollo are depressed. And tomorrow are greedy a couple of my elder Bob Brett Favre Amal who. Before we picked the a lot of them we're doing very well be they had to go out there and they all their power and they were put it hit and who who something happened in in in in America that the change. Into the way we face in the way people do. I got there are those who were all active and that was going away from our media if you wanna play everybody else. But you'll probably get their own. I want government you know ma ma what I love my home. They'll cabin doing that would have been cool demand I mean I was reading this I'm very pat but there's someone on the public to know. We can't do it now you know as a you don't really need the government to think I don't know how an opportunity now if but run on the power grab them you know you have a great day. You are not rambling you are preaching that Jerry and I would love to hear from you again some time and stay tuned because they're just been some things in my mind it at some point. Many. Make fairway out some ideas that I like to cultivate this. In the community. Because I mean are these conversations and these these conversations I really enjoy with the with Jerry would Jonathan. Bitter end and part of the problem is so many of us are so spread out and a good part of the time we herb. Surrounded by people for the most part who don't share our values and our beliefs. So it can be very isolating. Attendee and I think we've got to figure out a way how can we sharpen one another encourage one another. And to better than that make inroads. Among other people of color. With the things that we believe it and and much of what you said is right on the money it's affirming. People in what they already know. I mean that was what attracted me to Rush Limbaugh. Wasn't I was indoctrinated. There's like you know what these the values I grope with right now I don't think my parents would mind me saying this I think this is why it was easy for them to switched to Republican. Because they realize the values at least big Republican Party professes. Are the values they believe in and they live and they've lived these values all of their lives now the problem is. I think the party betrays people like my parents because I think more I watch of this party. I see people who don't live these values and you don't really believe them. They are campaign issues. And they exploit these campaign issues and I think this is the editing it's gonna bite us in the rear end if we don't watch it. The people we're gonna find you know this all sounds really good. But you people don't really live this do you really believe it. Just my eight. Analysis anyway. Jeremy insurer looked good morning. Then the longer flying low aren't have you been not very original journal found what going owns South Africa. Yes. Yeah I did read something the last couple of days. I mean. That it may be right on the edge of civil war with some of these white landowners who is starting to stand up and face Leo. Smart they're leading us South Africa. And I'll also read this some of the blockbuster Carolina power himself there who serve or corrupt. They've got the hidden bank account all over the world. And so and they are free to say war court spread the wealth down there and stop their scorers. But but what what an extremely rare that the vehicle or writer Charlotte Mecklenburg. You've got black primarily rotary bureaucracy. Is a government here in Charlotte now they're getting Patti and their fists. They would never achieved in the private sector ever. And court for isn't their best yet perfect nor entered their two competing in those who still have black support their power base. It into port the port you're the law. So I gotta wonder scratched nor did what truly going on here we you've got to put all of our whole. Empower black you're right fully controlling the rest of the market boating law. And obviously are rightly say they have some player. My understand where you're coming from ands and in the its. A lot of this is because it's it's what's familiar for people Jim. And especially you eat you know I and I talked to people tell me this you know I grub Democrats. Grandparents for Democrats prepared to Democrats and so it's just natural for me to be a Democrat this is how it works. And there's really no thought plus you have the peer pressure. If you would've. Good stepping into the quote black world for a day just just spend all your time listening to you quote black radio. And black media. And you're gonna be saturated with liberalism. By the way one the I think it's really important to understand. Don't look at South Africa as much egg or any racial issue as it is a political issue. The reason why that things are happening in South Africa as they are it's not because they're black it's because they're socialists. That's the problem. They are socialist they have embraced marxism. And this is why they're doing the things that they are. Trust or call from Jim good morning in Lincoln sin. Yeah harper also went quick thing about socialism. The problem socialism isn't everybody own everything that nobody knows anything deterrent and are if an individual pitcher curt their greatest good. Then. It's safe to go anybody especially as an individual. Feel globally you to try to export program and we think pitcher orbit. I don't think Turkoglu to think so orbit to straighten my grandkids and that's the first bullet when you think it'll be the most bankers. Hold hold that thought I don't want assured changing here Jim we're against a hard break. Let's get to that. After the break and very eager to hear this stay this. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Are items can get a my soapbox again. So I've I look up but I see a Fox News alert about a story. And I look at job. And it's a story that said day old. The people. My goodness drives me at the wall before you go back to this call is renaming a great conversation Jimmy who's gonna share. Things that he wants to be part of his legacy kick and we two year. I wanna tell you about this this took place this morning I believe John practiced to my attention and this is your old school I understand correctly. It is it is our during the newscast Joseph Gillespie was talking about. Billion up Panthers owner David tepper making donations of backpacks at Thomas -- elementary Mya elementary school Omar's really heartwarming to see the. Yeah for those who really upstate and and it's important to understand and I receive be interest in what's going on the Panthers in David's effort. Donating backpacks school supplies handing out 121000. Backpacks. To seventeen elementary schools through his foundation. This is pretty awesome to mention big article. And I was telling I was telling John. The first tweet after this. Particular post do what it says it's from this person noticed crisis actor. He is now where teams that live in billion dollars assuming backpacks cast twenty dollars each he sneaking sacrifice. A point 002%. Of his net where. Her really. It does not mom and celebrate that got the fact that this guy has gotten there with his own money and his own time do we just rejoice with that. And getting into this thing you resumed a top 1%. I just had to share that up let's go back to our conversation with Jim. Let's talk about your legacy what is and what would you want that to be. Commercialism and then there's a lot of quality on set which yourself and your report eruption yesterday. We'll recoup every answer period system to another question. Number three the on the envelope is not very purple passion in it for us it. This in ten different. For everybody we're going to the airport organized wondering they're really work. The first six dealership gutters on your side Estrich hero got side. I haven't figured American market and in ten. Number eight most powerful thing it was on the leaderboard and you go on ring grieving or approached I think it is. And any relationship there's never mind the monitors released version control. Electron is a local org uptrend your treatment on the four. An extra. They'll pick yourself too seriously and nobody else knows. Sober for being developed in churches censorship work can veto a bill that look of grim life. That's about it that's so much personally ears and to think so I think really matter. And I and I would say yeah I would certainly embrace most of the things that you shared their gym. Thanks very much for your call. That's some really good stuff there. I I think that one and I mean there's several week it's been time damning conversations about. I'm number one most dangerous lies are the ones that we tell ourselves. My goodness. Let's go to a liberation central and Shannon in Shelby. Very rare you're yet to hear you again great to hear from you. I'll. We're. They're the greatest threat that it can't couriers are. The socialist movement that you went wrong there and no curable when Donald got relic it. He it says we got there are ya Obama certainly got a reached the kid it's. They're sacrificing our border strategy they're sacrificing our children and yeah and the gold and convince them gently socialists and get their vote. But I wanted to mention now. Let's see ya. I got off I'll probably got a strangle in the soccer. Oh man. They are distraught that thought occurred. Don't bigger house. Up up up up that's pretty it's yet feel free to call back if it comes back to you it's not a problem at all good morning job and John and Charlie good morning. Good morning bent I expect my quarterback. Pitt toward that took the unit give my network owned you know conservatives. You know what accurate term conservative I think fiscally conservatives. You know the more we prayed for frivolous. Thought saying in our government. The more monetary take out of our our picture and facts. You know the government has some some responsibility. To be fiscally conservative. So that's what pops and mom and another a lot of definition then. You know a lot of people here conservative and they all think so different but yet she you know fiscally conservative or not our national debt. Lowering our taxes. And that helps everybody calls or. I duds as said so we just haven't I've got to ask you where do you see conservatism. In practice in that regard. You know up to your first open there's you know if you lower the taxes and and that's look trounced you know he's he's made businesses more profitable. Backers who are back into the employee's pocket as well look the business as pocket. Which is great down the flip side of that. How about the spending side. Well there's a lot of programs serve a lot of saying pairs and are you you look at the social aspect though of immigration in the water we spend how much of our power are born into. Thank the people who. You know it should come here illegally in I'm not a poster and overcome in the United States but I am close to them coming illegal. Because they're cults ever single one of us money out of our picture everywhere she kept. We are essentially subsidizing. The people who were not carrying the freight there's cements a problem long term can't sustain that. Great to talk Q would you dare John Scruggs Chris in Mauresmo good morning. Hey man that I heard. You talk about the ladies do. Stricken on mr. tapper I guess so little lady here yeah I don't lose you excellent I'll tell me anyway. That's sort of frost at the united squad came to a stop and good. And on that same trying to stop I don't know if that is the truth and not for urban legend. But I heard one time Donald Trump was walking down the street and a beggar asking for a dollar and you wouldn't get it and that's body fat lot. Politic in the dollar got a is that you know it's an empire here and can fit well Baghdad probably has more than ninety. He says have fared so well. They're having skin in the game media and only saying I know all kind of saying you know there's another way to look at that. And I'd ask that that person that you pull out there think about that maybe think about Sunday saying and positive staying try to pick them in my is trying to do something good. You've preached. They're Criss. Yeah I appreciate your call in China Chris I think part of what your dressing there. Is the burden of responsibility. You know if that story is true about Donald Trump there's a burden associated. With having money and having stature. There's a burden to air and you've got to do something if and and this is not to keep somebody who's down but did this to say. You know. If you're you're on the street what are you would you have to lose. There and there's really no risk there's no. Responsibility. In many ways. So I I understand I think I understand the idea of what was communicated there one last quick call from Mary you only got about thirty seconds sweet guy heartbreak here Mary. OK there are those teachers that are recommended a little voice for fan mail. Think she really went at camp I want the Christian Barry's corrected that teacher. Our rates in what way. Mean you don't tell a child not have many under. It's O with our school system PA it's kind of crazy is that I did see that story in the stands up what is. Along with people. You know if it. You know it aids there's a time it was valued that you communicate with adults by saying sir or ma'am. But apparently that's not acceptable anymore god forbid. Yeah. Final stretch of fired Tuesday broadcasts. On Vince Coakley radio program. Let's take a look at day in history traveled around to our upstate studio in Greenville where Luntz who is eagerly. Awaiting the opportunity to answer some questions. Good morning sir. Good morning how are you today. Also. Had a great time driving around in that front car of yours. Always. Glad to hear it we only have three questions for you today let's see how all you can do with these 1922. WPA have broadcast this first of its kind item. And they ended up. Am getting 100 dollars to do this what was it. The life blood of every one and radio commercials. Yes the very first commercial. It was a ten minute spot for queens Borough realty company and they paid 100 dollars for it. 100 dollars for ten minutes ten minutes spot up. That's pretty get us and it's kind of like an infomercial. What we would call on commercial and this day and age 1963. An easy one Korea. This person delivered his famous I have a dream speech in Washington DC. If you're correct and we've heard about royal weddings. 1996 we had V royal divorce. Who wasn't involved in this one. Time in shock. And yeah. That's pretty did I I'm not. Truly proud of Charles as chuck convince me nine years like ninety going to be culture. Yeah that's led to you know we lieutenant. I have several things here it is like you know IR EP voicemail the time you win you do show prep show prep for 347 for me. And one of the things that was going to my mind. I came across couple stories that I may and I can't wait to discuss. Some of these stories. We have Lorenzo or here is one of did you happen to see this story by the way I'm gonna say in this to use you can watch it for your viewing pleasure. But it's a story about a guy who. I guess it's friend we shooting video. Our of this monkey who was sitting on his bike if you seen this. I have not I will not pass up a monkey videos. This one is a winner because one ends up happening is. This guy is standing by I guess I mean if I saw a monkey on my bike I don't have one. I would be a little frustrated too and I'm thinking what do I do I don't necessarily just wanna go up there. To this monkey you know I I need to be careful. When you saved by key mean bicycle or well I'm glad you brought that up because it's not a bicycle it's a motorcycle. Plus totally different. So what do you think I mean if you saw what let me just ask you for starters if you saw that going on. What would you do if you saw the monkey. On your motorcycle. First of all look for cameras because you know probably on some sort of show. And what a perfect day that makes sense. And then. Well Phil was work if it is always here I would tell someone to go get the monkey off of my money I you get so what else to do it for you. This is great by the way we're gonna post this video and you'll understand why when you see it's. Because it is a real winner because they I think what he's cited do wish is kind of sit there and wait and see if this monkey is just gonna get away from his bike. And not only did he not get away from his bike would you think he did on his bike. Lapses. On mark yes he urinated on his bike. So that was the point where. They actually got into a fight. And this is the most bizarre video. This is video of this guy basically fighting off this little monkey now I don't think this is a stunt or something that was. Something silly that was that was that created in some sort of steer somewhere it it's I think it's a real. On on Tom Watson at there's no way at the stunt. The first only to his own that yes he salt and he's hit them and that's what it. Take a monkey off and solar monkey just keeps coming enemy king get the monkey away from him. So at least he didn't have the monkey on his back. That was a joke so never mind although away further. But that was pretty lame wasn't it. Pretty lame I figured you'd enjoy that video as our listeners was well I'm disturbed by the videos it's I've taught. Is that crazy. The monkey was a little bit bigger and I'd do it because my kids I know I mean this is I think that's the reason he probably didn't approach the road the monkey in the first place. Because it I mean let's face it it's a wild animal you don't know are wild animals skeptical you're about like that story of the chimpanzee. Ripped at least face off on the finish. You just don't know you really don't know. I'm with you man I he would not take any chances whatsoever. Well great to talk with you end I'm sure the listeners will have an interest in time the team this video have a great day man enjoy that car Russia. He's got to keep picking on him but the car. Lots of great items and I'm sorry I didn't get to more of the items on the text line. Person since he threw a flip flop at the monkey yes that's what happened there. It's just absolutely crazy. I'm on the text line. And we had a conversation about what's going on with this may am thing the apparent taking of offense to being called ma'am wonder if that teachers from California. My sister in my who lives there says saying yes ma'am is used as sarcasm. Well it can't beat the way you say at the spirit of it makes all the difference in the world. Many times I've been smacked upside the head for not saying ma'am. Your mechanic friend. Also. This person on this shooting issue the latest in stepped older friend says maybe if we'd given the Florida shooter participation award. All would have been well. Keep raising them kids wrong. I'm good a person here actually has a definition of conservatism I need to copy this this is from the American spectator. Principles of rage in conservatives need to work that went out we'll talk much more about these things have a great day abolition.