Keaton Jones Video, Christmas and More

John Hancock
Monday, December 11th

John talks about his anniversary, the Keaton jopnes video, Christmas and more.


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And. This is John Hancock. There or has Monday's Reagan being. I am so busy with kids first last week I had kind of forgot about all the and a mergers and got by TJ's been here twelve years. Under when they hired at. Good hit ball left a month and now. Now again irreverent. We tried it. You're real dog giving your right. Eye and then now I'm. Last week was my whole series of. 27 years ago got here on December of is it the fifth. Black Friday the seventh. When they fired AJ and James K Flynn and Tom busy though wouldn't. People collaborators station all day long instead. I'm never allows them to marry was judged again. We've really we've been drug users of those. And and then now first time I was ever supposed to be on the air 27 years ago would have been attempt that was supposed to be my start day but. They just not being here on Saturday the eighth so I can learn the board. Back in those days when you had actually. Then let me near the board anymore. That's why TJ is here TJ runs the board. I do stand over here on the sides throughout the window and coffee drink ice Tiago RT. So they snuck BN none on the eighth following me a Black Friday and now. And I said do I never said my name might just got on the air and says something about. Love intend WBT and eight phone lines started ring there was eight people that wanted to basically tell me how much they. He did defect and I was here. And iron or Colin married June rose who is our sister program director at the time and I ascent solar muscles to learn what should I do and she's that I I don't know what he wanted to hear and I saw a lot of knowledge is electric borrowers should take the calls. And I was kind of the way that started. In the brutal Saturday if I remember correctly. But anyway all the anniversaries who would have ever thought golf course that I personally have had a banner year. Men and bay he had knowledge of a wise and knows all and so for so long. It's. It's it's all worked out to they haven't they want the good lord takes pretty dim could Jeremy I don't. And hopefully understand that. But but he does not just affected. 27 years here is is so proof positive vote it's actually a more like 24 and a half years here. You might recall that there was a ghosts are short two year period heroin and I know walked away from here and said. Let me know and that program director leaves and and then he did and then I came back. So that's where that goes by it's kids first week something else we've been involved with for 24 years now. And we've had a couple good donations today's Scott David came through for us like he always does so I thank you Scott David two. An order of one of friendship that's turned out to be you know what a great association has turned to be out to be a talk about having no idea 27 years ago trying to help. Having no idea when I came back in 1990 a week before nine elevenths. That. I get a CD in the mail followed by a phone call by some guy named all friends who were who would say hey I got this band at a Concord. Would you consider having a man. And we we we we do that from time to time. And I don't know why we said yes so we said yes is best yes I've ever said. Because they're Brothers have. Have certainly been out. On a feather in my cap. And it's just been no it's it's just been more fun to watch these guys. I'm go on to all of the great successes that they've gone on to. So why Scott David who has been a good strong supporter of our kids first for a good long time and share in just for a road mail excitedly announced. Speedway children's charity. Just sent us a pretty good Jack. And I don't even know that speedway children's charity got involved with us until last few years and I'm not fully X understanding why their lawyer involved with us now but I got I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate. I'm. The NASCAR side of the world. Helping kids first and German. And all of our endeavors so lob. So that's a that's a that's a good start to a week that we need a good start on because we are still behind on donations. And this is our final week for push. So if you're planning on helping assault you'll do so ASAP and you can know go to the Hancock page WBT dot com on and find all the links to. Kids first that you could possibly need including their website or you go directly to their website KF OTC dot org I got so much checks in the mail today. Michael donor does that traffic for us gave me a check today thank you Michael appreciate that much Jennifer Schaefer got your check thank you very much assumes that it to me with a card with the west he on the front. To beauties. But there are no Standley thank you very much I got your check in now Merrill and in our Robert Bullard. And I two good friends longtime friends and no where we support them this Puerto such as well that's always worked you know soil I got their check today is all add that all under the children's charities in the Scott David check in and hope that some of you won't come forward drew for a salute today as well. On Thursday we do our on air auction and if you go to WBT dot com you'll find the auction site and you can go low. Wander around through all of that well. We'll cover some of that in just a couple of seconds so I guess new items that Libya going up their sooners up. Like on Brown's hand and blue recliner that tend old furniture just. Came through on. If that's your color do you Corey got to go look at it. Because it's it's a sharp looking to clot recliner so I and Andrew Tyndall was coming manages to know what they're coming in with. I'm garage or doctor. Big steel door large steel door or two smaller steel doors that'll be what you're. A bidding for the autographed a key. That keeps Luke Leake Jersey. Can say is there Luke chemically Jersey. In the in India acrylic case. That's autographed. That's on the auction and the Tom Petty guitar Tom Petty and our record guitar. Signed by everybody. Not just Tom. But Mike Campbell and Ron Blair and Scott Thurston a nasty thrown in. Bill Mott tension all of them. I've beautiful butterscotch color and a fender guitar. And that's got already has a 4400. Dollar bill don't. This is the year to have a Tom Petty autographed guitar solo. Well they're just a few of the items all a touch more on August say we have some more stuff we're adding to the list as we speak at the auction is here on air. From a 3 to 6 o'clock on Thursday. And then now Friday will do pretty much our regular show 3 to 6 o'clock and then we're off to south Mecklenburg high school. We're by the time I get there about 630. We should already be in full force Mark Garrison is doing Charlotte is six from south Mecklenburg high school as is our big bike drive. Our bike and money in toys and but anyway kids first is an organization that we've been involved with for 24 years and we started off taking care of about a hundred. Homeless to near homeless kids a year. And we're now up around 802000. Kids a year. We get to. Friday nights like our big bike drive. I was in framer house over the weekend. And in fact they were telling me that Wal-Mart wants to help or whether truck. So that leads me to believe that they need to trucks to get all the bikes that they have this year and that's a good thing. So while to see on Friday I keep on watching neo weather for Friday and right now it says mix of sun and clouds highs in the low fifties. Lows in the upper twenties so I assume all were out there between 6 and 9 o'clock were probably going to be hanging in the forties. So it'll be cold but it obviously that's not a record breaker we've seen colder than that I cannot wait till offer offer Friday and know Thursday the auction. But we still are dependent on and people like fuel. Two to help us out and we are we are behind last year in actual monetary. Of runs and toys. Now we've got a story this year over the last 04 or five years sharing his managed to get a storefront and is not already rented at a shopping sitter. And we've been all over the place for a big Moline free market this year. Over by the dollar store. Couple doors down from metro diner. We're a Susan and I ate dinner on a Saturday night because we were over at the records for store. So I three doors to the right of metro diner in the same mall as the Burlington Coat Factory and so kids first as a storefront location. And you can drop items off their they are open from 10 o'clock in the morning until 7 o'clock and will be all the way up until Christmas Day. So on. Its first our final weeks help us please kids first of the Carolinas dot org or the Hancock page UWB T dot com. 330 news we'll talk a little bit about best hockey yet don't loser terrorist. Well I mean come. It's traveled nightclub yourself. And and if you if you don't even kill you it's seventy virgins thing going there well. So anywhere we'll talk about that could have been tragedy in New York City this morning as you watch all the coverage. I don't mean you know. This is a great time of the year to be in New York there's a great time of the year to be your New York Christmas season and it's still all the windows. Macy's and Bloomingdale's and I mean and everything. It's New York's just there's just something about being in New York or around Christmas time. And and this was announced. In some way 7:30 in the morning so you've got. It peaked commuter time and I could have been so much or worse nobody perished three were injured in of course you count. I liked you said. But. Problem by. Should've blown up a little bit more on platforms will bring. Armed. How big is senator Cam Newton 67. 240 to fifty. And he's taken ribbing they say because he got caught after a sixty yards run into the background our backyard I don't know about filled with. Defensive backs who were also to be able to around what four fours. I don't think there's any sit and Alan. He scared the hell lot community is gonna get to hacked on that arm and drop that ball. And also I guess shows how strong he is because the he held on to the ball. But. I don't know boy you know you watch him you just don't know what's coming. Whether it's gonna be good better and different and you try to read his body language and you try to read his facial expressions and I was looking at him yesterday they cannot come on cam buddy. It just then just say I don't know it just seemed like he didn't have the positive vibes go anyone having fun anyone smile anyone doing all that stuff and and then all the sudden he. It justifies nature. 67 to forty to fifty whatever it is running down the field. And there is no reason to apologize to any red nosed defensive backs are supposed to be quick safeties are supposed to be quick linebackers are supposed to be quicker than our guys 67 to forty to fifty. So Bob. Yeah equality would yesterday as a big time win yesterday and with winds going out with an ACL. And that in meet Philadelphia's finished but that means they're probably not the favorite anymore in Minnesota and on eight. Game run. I and the LA rams. Bocelli teams are looking pretty good the LA rams now maybe go the favoured India and the NFC. So we'll see. Aaron Rodgers pitched great we come back. Against us. That'll be Sunday but hopefully he's rusty. And and did you get past that that you can get past Tampa Bay and you know then all of a sudden you're 115. At worst. So wound. So things are looking up for the Panthers nice nice win yesterday 3124. Theaters over the vikings. Hi good to be hard yeah holiday party season Christmas shopping Christmas Monica. NFL week fourteen college football playoffs Oprah. A shell skin lots of it seemed to be turning against off on a shelf this year. It and then you forget there's a lot of like negative articles out there. People don't want spying on their kids. You remember you all remember mugs no one or two of you might remember. And I don't you remember how long ago was. But I and I think it was maybe my first stint here so that would actually be in the ninety's some lady had devised some sort of appropriate and be later than that though when it. Cell phones. At a car phone and ninety's. But it was one that. You know they did stay in the car had to be connected it was connected to the car. For me there was a lady that had come up with some sort of so maybe this was early ninety's. Our early odds. And come up with some sort of a device. And she was one of the first people like if I remember correctly that had incorporated GPS and it was a way to spy on your kids. And to know or maybe it was a it would have maybe this was more. They. Avail of evaporated when that happened it was a program were. You can detect you you can go in and find out where your kids had been on their phone or something like that but anyway people were appalled. They either weren't totally supportive of a mother that. Cared enough to keep tabs of what their kids were doing or they were appalled that she was violating the kids' privacy. Well quite frankly. I'll move up until a certain age and I'm not so sure what that ages. I'm a parent's right to know. Trumps all. Because that they're supposed to be first and foremost your number one important. So I don't I don't buy is privacy cryptic. But the other part of that is is that the the the open on the shelf thing people I guess just kind of find out that that's just kinda creepy and kind of a violation but. Other than the actual wrote it big the actual thing. That changes locations in your house right in his supposed to be watching year to determine whether or not you've have been bad or good. What's the difference technically between that and what we were all raised where it and that was that Santo was like all knowing. And that you'll. I mean did you not grow up. In fear of being naughty or nice so it did visit other than the mechanism of of. Spying. Com. What what's the difference. We didn't actually have played a sitting in the house that we had to worry about. It was worse. Sanded just knew. Is this and it was like a partner analogy here because oozes. Blasphemous but. There was like god. He does know. If you had been naughty. Your mom didn't have to know your dad didn't have to know nobody had to know Santa knew you were screwed. I say that and then I I had a good big I think to myself. I don't ever remember analyzing and any. Farther than that because. As it turns out when Christmas Day came. I for one. Sana never. Spurred me. I and I can't imagine that I had always been nice I'm sure I must have been naughty. He's still a naughty from time to time. So that the elf on the shelf things seems to work panel lost it's a magic people are kind of decide admit that the idea of. Now loud why hasn't somebody marketed and help on the shelf that actually. Like a baby monitor that actually. Did that actually get can no shoot video. And and record stuff. And maybe they have maybe it does not fit. And just all unaware about. Elf on the shelf would be a good waiter gadget. Cheating spouse. Some like that hey ho ho ho. Iron to children feel spirit of Christmas today aren't. So we averted a near tragedy today. A man is in custody in three others injured all expected to survive a terrorist. With basis. Leanings. Man with a pipe bomb. Strapped to himself. With velcro and. Twist ties there's something like that. Set off this crude device in the subway near Times Square. On down Monday. I injured day is suspect and at three other people at a height of more during our rush hour traffic. Caused all sorts of Havoc obviously just scared to Majid resent anybody that was anybody that heard the explosion. You know panic considered. Like extreme and fire at a crowded theater. I'm the man and three others all mile no life threatening injuries so you got a terrorist. We know what they're calling here a crude device. It didn't even kill him. It strapped to him. And black soot covering his bare midriff. Nice I don't this is no laughing matter but I I just I just can't get this. This picture out of my head of is name is you do you'll lot. And I just keep on thinking about picture book ought to head the loser checked her next. That's that's a pipe bomb onto himself and the only thing that he tends to barely got to do is to burn himself. On to the point that they'll have to. You'll have to somehow or another medically get past that so we can then stand trial so that he can go off to would be in jail for the rest of his life. That's seventy virgin thing going for Iraqi had. So bombed. Anyway I've got a good thank god the day was unsuccessful. This underground passageways under 42 street between seventh and eighth avenues that anybody that's ever a state in that area are going up and down now to. Times Square up minutes right there that general percent of little bit north of the times for. 7:30 this morning he had joked. Cause all sorts of have they can now are really all they did was. What was ruined your shirt. And and then yet they did he does spread his own terror but it didn't take anybody with him. And unfortunately it didn't take him with him either. So loved. Right here on the up. Here's the latest on our old terrorist Birdie. Putt you had not. Made this crude device himself probably should read a. A little bit overboard didn't go quite off went off for our prematurely or was just kind of a dud. I'm New York cut police department still trying to figure out to in the wake of this Monday morning pipe bomb explosion in New York City the today's. Three bystanders minor injuries in addition to video suspect bomber. Who why is still in the hospital with some of more serious injuries but. I'm not life threatening apparel and they are clear on one thing and that that is that they say the com. There's a video out that captures the moment the explosion. In this crowded subway corder went out. On the is headed to YouTube video near times as soon as well. Yet who are not native Bangladesh. Lives in Brooklyn reports the New York Post how much known about him than the fact that he had a license to drive a livery cab from a twenty to a 12015. ABC reports that he mower recently EO worked. As an electrician he reportedly came to the United States those seven years ago law. Four visa. Which you goes to those who have relatives in the US who are citizens accounts differ but he appears to be a living with his parents brother and a sister. And one source as a Christmas tree bold. Was used in. New York City pipe bomb I don't know how pipe bomb works however waterway how would have be significant. Seasonal. So I'll tell anyway that's that that's the latest on mount. On known him. The have. The buzz. From a Saturday. That little column that the observer run from time to time anonymous comments from readers usually short and sweet. Lots of times sarcastic maybe that's well I can. It's a few of the entries from Saturday Mac Bloomberg's computer hack meant county employees had to play a solitaire with a real cards. That's cuts that that that that that that can't make city workers epic. Jennifer Roberts thinks it's our fault we misunderstood her. He's really news that people are upset in the Middle East. Talking about the Jerusalem capital decision now by the president last two last week and and some of them. A frivolity that'd sued since I thought that was a pretty inching up. Our citizens are accustomed to having a president who fulfills his promises said one. Followed by another who said the trump doctrine if it ain't broke break it. Both sides of the coin. Pants sued changes name to smithers. And why does my kids elbow on the shelf have a Russian accent. It's to. The there's a video up on vanguard page there's a video. That has gone viral throughout the country. But I I I have a little bit of an assignment. For you all because when we come back after the 4 o'clock here is a wanna talk about Keaton Jones for a couple of seconds. If you're not familiar with who Keaton Jones is. Keaton Jones mob. Put a video up of film. On Friday. That was uploaded by his so mom. And. He apparently had had gone to school and CAA he's been bullet before. And he called her. To come get him at lunch because he was afraid to have lunch there because he knew it was gonna get picked on. And the video she shoots this video and I think and then I'm a little. Foggy on the story. But I think he wanted her to shoot to studio. But it's I don't when I first heard all the. Parameters of this I thought to myself OK another fake video ended this is a fake. I don't know that anybody else but. Elementary school for me was fine up until about fourth grade. And then we came back from a Saint Louis and I went to Jefferson County schools and Maple Grove elementary school and in Manning junior high school. And meg golden Colorado run outside a golden Colorado. And I for the life for me. Could not be popular. I'll I wouldn't great athlete I wasn't a good look go and great look and I you know I wouldn't anything. Oh and anything that apparently were supposed to be and I never ended up in the cool group. And I had told the story before that when rule when I finally got to be Yale freshman in high school. My dad decided to through the corporate life off to the side and take ten acres of land that we had owned up in Estes Park Colorado for ever. And development. And build condominiums on it. And at the time they were they had told my dad condominiums would never work and Estes Park which is kind of a laugh now because it's filled with condominiums. So we moved Estes Park and I can remember I hated Jefferson park I hear I hated Jefferson County schools I hated man in junior high school. I can't even begin to tell you how much I hated. Are and how lonely I was and how many fear Allah Al few friends I had and how much I yearned to be popular and and how much I wanted to be friends with people and and it tie it just I up for some reason or another it just and then probably part of it was my attitude kennel like our dog couldn't. Can detect fear. And I think kids can detect. Kids that are vulnerable. And apparently my accent has signal out pretty strong so when we moved Estes Park I would back to eighth grade. And I remember making a conscientious decision that when I got just as park I was going to be popular than I was gonna walk into that school and I somehow or another was going to put my best foot forward and I was gonna. Have a certain amount of confidence and an error about me that was gonna somehow or another. Permeate all of these (%expletive) I think a lot of that has to do with that being a small town and that I didn't have to play some of the big city games but. But that Estes Park or you a lot allowed me to do that and the kids that Estes Park junior senior high school. Com accepted me from the first day I was in school they accepted me and I look across classroom and saw a guy named Kenny rendering decided that was going to be my best friend and K Renner is my best for a so when I read this Keaton Jones story yesterday it broke my heart. Because it dug deep into my own fiber of insecurity of remembering. How much I wanted to be accepted. And how much I never could be probably why I'm in this business today because I get accepted. Everybody. But anyway I want to talk about Keaton Jones and a second and go to the Hancock page WBT dot com and watch this video should. Jones in the second. FaceBook facial we became FaceBook page or the impact bridge the we've reached he had come to watch his video on Keaton Jones if you haven't already seen it it's gone viral. I've been viewed more than twenty million times. It. Egypt aid this that this kid has opened up a lot of wounds a lot of people and I think that's a good thing. I watched him last night and non. I'll watch this video last night and they've got to me. Because it it took me back to a period of time in my life that was a long long long time ago. And it's it's not to say that it was a big trauma or there was anything but it just tell you to Israel I just remember. When you're that age. Popularity. Is such a thing. I assume it's still the same rated very assume that something's just don't change with kids. To be accepted to be part of their. An end and it took me and I and I never got it until I got into the ninth grade and then that was only because of the people and a small town and a smaller high school. On that then didn't necessarily. Couch daughter. Big city. Don't you people that went to Manning junior high school in the sixties I hate your guts I can't even begin to tell you jerks. Andrew wade is it's a deep seeded I drive past Manning junior high it's not even Manning junior high school anymore it's some other. Or correctional facility. But I I'll drive quiet when I'm in Colorado from time to time and. It just me just make it almost makes me queasy. Because it was such an unhappy time in my life. And liberation Dade to me was the day that we moved Estes Park. And we were just talk about the panther game yesterday. Wind. When Jonathan Stewart ran through the center of the line on the play at third play of the game and ran for touchdown. You said to yourself this is probably gonna be a good day because all the sudden they were off on the right foot. Well my first day of school at Estes park high school after and I I can remember conscientiously. And making this. Decision in my head when I win when they were gonna win we were gonna move we're gonna pull me out of school midway through my freshman year. And send me back to the eighth grade. Can migrate or just deplorable. And I was gonna go to Estes park high school junior senior high school. Seventh through twelfth grades 400 and someone gets. So where you had don't. Graduation classes that were about 25 are about four times is bigger than that this was all the and I walked and Estes park high school and and my first class was home rumor something like that it was mr. Graham's classic and walking to the classroom to. Today. And Caroline admire. And Nancy Wilson. And Cano back. Wasn't Caroline admire. It was Caroline insult. And K Novak. And Nancy Wilson. Came up to me at the end of home room three girls came up to me at the end of dorm room and said welcome to Estes Park. And now is the same day and the same class that I looked across the classroom. And there was a kid by the name of Kenny Renner. And kidneys brother had been a big star athlete and Estes park high school and Kenny was the guy that was so popular but always in trouble. On bone was considered a IEA can almost tell us and to do he was. If that particular time he was one of the cool kids in the classroom. And I remember looking across a classroom and say that's going to be my best friend. And I made the decision right there that that's the way it was going to be and there was not there and and and there wasn't a I hope that's going to be my best friend that was say that's gonna be my best friend I was gonna make that happen. Don't know that I never had that kind of resolve before but when I left Jefferson County I hated it so much. I just vowed that I was not gonna live my lifeline and more than I was going to be popular it was gonna kill. And Estes Park if you did did I don't think it was that I necessarily change so much Estes Park allowed me to be what I wanted to be. They allowed me to be popular they allowed me to be liked. Or at least think I was. And they then wasn't so so filled with Sony to someone I watched this Keaton Jones. Video yesterday. It just breaks my heart. Because that this kid doesn't want anything else except. Acceptance. He didn't want anything of theirs you don't want you just want to acceptance. And and so that's why I say I watch this video last night I think that's what's already people resonate with just he's open and apple wounds and a lot of people like me. That's a good thing. Arm and and I got don't know what it'd are there is no solution to the problem there's always going to be people that take advantage of other people in all age groups. But I you know if if you're a parent. And in you have reason to believe the your kids. Are popular. I'm not so sure that this is the role opportune time to sit down with your kid and say hey you know what I assume your great guy. But if you or not. Reach out to people like this. Be bigger than the rest of a school big bigger than the rest of the class don't be don't be the jerked it picks on people. Either guy that's been your own man. It makes fun of my known as they call me ugly. Tennessee middle schooler Keaton Jones says and heartbreaking anti bullying video that's been uploaded due to a FaceBook was uploaded by his mom on Friday. Said I have no friends. The video was shared more than 430000. Times and viewed on. More than twenty million times. And now he's got everybody and their mother region out two or rappers and Snoop Dogg and Dale Earnhardt junior in Hollywood stars in football players and martial arts fighters and QB guy Chris Evans a guy who plays Captain America. Invited him to other premier of avengers infinity wars and and and now and then this is that in this is great for Keaton Jones except. Well no this is great for Keaton Jones couldn't be happier for. But what about the other billion. Keaton Jones out there are better get bullied in school today because. People are making fun of their nose or people are calling them uglier people wondered why there are over waiter people are wondered why they have acne or people wondered why they're stupid are people are wondering you know that kind of stuff. So this story has a happy ending to it but. Had at least deep scars and and maybe to some extent you gotta look at. And it's a positive over the negative and maybe it's those deep scars that fire that did power you want to go make something of yourself to finally just decide. That did did that that's you're. That's your incentive. Rather than just having it all handed to you you have to overcome this unpopularity. That these people have laid out on you when you're gonna overcome that and you're going to become bigger than them. I don't like Michael Jordan getting cut from the team. And went on to become the greatest basketball player ever. Take that back to the class reunion. Didn't video. The mother Kimberly Jones says that she recorded after she picked him up because they was afraid to go to lunch. This is you keep nurse on. And he sobs as he describes how he's bullied both verbally and physically. He said they pour milk on me and they put ham down my clothing they throw bread at me. And then. He offers some advice to other victims of bullying and he says. Tourist years. Stay strong I guess it's hard. It will probably get better one day. It will. But the scars you take with you from this particular experience because idea days. I couldn't help but believe bomb. What will this improve Keaton Jones life or will it. Opened him up to more ridicule. Com he's gonna have so many famous celebrity friends now for awhile it'll probably not open him up to more ridicule now some of these. Now some of these kids probably won't want to be his friend because of what he has access to. That they don't. But to Larry the mom said the response had been overwhelming and she was humbled by the voice my boy has been given. And. These stranger things star Millie Bobby Brown tweeted I wanna be your friend. Your free can also. So if you haven't seen if you haven't seen the video Kosier itself on the WBT FaceBook page and it's on the Hancock page WBT dot com. And. And I kid has got to me big time. Any took me all the way back demanding junior high school. Where have I distant matter what I did. Or how I did it I've always been able to somehow or another make people laugh. Only child. But I couldn't make those people are Manning junior high school left. And or left a mark. No one that I overcame. Through better people and unbelievable parents and family. And it seems like Keaton Jones has an unbelievable mom so there's no reason to think that he won't overcome this as well. But. You re going if you ever had a no popularity issue when you were carried you go watches video and tell me didn't go right into your souls. Hi tech shares a couple of minutes. We're looking for stood. Pizza pasta Mac and cheese chicken strips restaurants. We're looking for you we'd help Phil and are feeding about 400 plus guests that we'll have on a Sunday for the kids first party. I and we always like to get more than we need so we can back it up into the home two to these families who were homeless or near almost. No we cinema with Christmas trees decorations and food and clothes and shoes and toys and bikes and on everything we can know possibly afford funds are low this year I don't know why it's particularly if this has been such a struggle this year but. No but it is has maybe I'm not as good a big and as I used to be. Kids first to the Carolinas dot org if you can help us financially your five dollar bill it is especially at a news good this year or just go to the Hancock page at WBT dot com. For all the information on kids for she could possibly me com 345 days into the year twenties and days to go. And two weeks from today. Is Christmas. December 11 1977. But Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally won an NFL football game defeated New Orleans 333 Jane. The bucks have lost their first 26. Regular season games. Eleven by shut out. And that's that state Montana still hangs rhythm today. You forget they went to a Super Bowl and all I've. It's a tough start toward. The UN's cultural organization as edit Neapolitan pizza making to its list of a global cultural forms of expression important do you humanity. I I wholeheartedly agree. Spelled. In one that our. That is coming down in buckets. During New York our performance of cabs here this. A service dog in the audience rushed the stage to go after one of the actors dressed up as the giant gap. Good gusto. That Massachusetts state senator who was arrested on no bribery charges accepted part of his bribes and hundreds of pounds of Duncan don't get dud Dunkin' Donuts coffee. And today. Pleasure David going. Anybody good. Broken up with the big. So I'm not the only one that's been quite an elastic crime plus the power. Tis the season to be dumped today is today this is the date couples are most likely to break up digital statisticians. Looked at the data from a FaceBook analyzing thousands of messages. Looking for us signs of breakup and from their investigation they deduced that the peak break up period. Around the holidays falls two weeks before Christmas Day. So what you get through the weekend and then you say hey Penelope. They decided to Jed save the 29 dollars and 95 cents on the cubic zirconium necklace I was gonna get here and now. It's not you it's me. They're always just. He fringe. With the benefits. Boomers. Yes I'm afraid we can't be seeing each other won't wrote home. You're reading your windows in a federal officials cameras it and this is that too weak morning. Did you pick it up and get flagged for it and it throw the yellow flag earlier this that the Paisley flag yes there you go. You really have to wait for rent. And. Earlier about this a video that's gone no viral load Keaton Jones. An anti bullying video him telling his small mom I have no friends and make fun of my nose tickles me hopefully we'll have so it's been seen twenty million times now and celebrities and non athletes and all sorts of people of us stepped out to. To reach out to Keaton Jones. But nonetheless anybody that. Ever has been bullied before everybody who is. They ever felt less than accepted when they were young can relate to the Keaton Jones video we were talking about that a little bit earlier I think that's what prompted Matic also an all 45711. Did name Matt. Hey John I don't bother I'm good thank you. Yeah. They weren't sailor has senators are saying that. You're probably not gonna have your own bearing chilling time so on if you do you can probably name at Friends With Benefits for. I'm not sure that's gonna go over very well there's no this day and age that you would dole well. There the order of about you know. I used to play football hum little school up in clarks summit you're old stomping grounds and Evan and Evan and I saw all the districts and Sarah know the area. Yeah they. And you know and I don't need to tell you or anybody you know what ballplayers. The girl to go to the bomb and you know there's a core guys now or whatever and this kid all this call morning. You know and he was he looked at Ernie had some wrong with this legacy little little. He gets some sort of physical disability of you know not too bad but not coming walked a little. Now he got connect on a whole lot nom. Clark a football coach caught onto it he. You know just found out there will be in the squabble with. He ordered this kid get a hard time I mean these are not even get treated like there are a member of the student body there could basically ridiculing him and always has Alphonso I'll have a look he basically says it all down and explain what the difference between. Being an of our scumbag and and compassionate human thing and now. We bought the world or beyond that in certain it was our coaching me and believe we what you said was gospel. He explained the source they know. It it would. Probably benefit us as human beings to treat them like human being. We took what he says that Barton would kind of became our little. And then next thing you know our quarterback Jason and you're out by the end of the house Kirk. You know different social gatherings and parties electrical Balkans things like well. Now here we are thirty years out of high school and we're all ball and let me ask does drive BMWs got a beautiful wife and his attorney now. And I am an auto mechanic and Jason works at Procter & Gamble like in poker perk up oppose or bad thing but. You know the status. This guy devolve. The local certainly have been. No looking back. I've got to feel pretty bad if you are I would never wanna be one of the most people you know like him. Well and you know and I got to run but who knows maybe it was. The collective efforts of the football team that I hope that guy come up with a lot of confidence to get curious today. I'd like that think they're pretty smoker to grow and are hungry children are thank you. On the gun on overdue idea that kids first store which is overrun not find new Matthews wrote of a ball in pre market where Sharon Sanders is and in the in the house we looked at a window on on Saturday night we wandered on over there ate dinner at metro diner and no looked in the winter you got MySpace or whether. We have a gigantic space that the babies. Yeah it's big it's now we just need to fill it up with a with toys and Noah and stuff. So yeah I'm I'm trying really hard at. Can be stressed that probably only not even cap and these kids are adopted and I mean yeah. Now while I don't and I don't know why or behind this year impersonate. But we do we got a nice start today yes got David duke came through forests. Speedway it's a children's charities which have everything had been involved with this until what two years ago three years ago they came through big forest today so. Beatle may be just gonna have a little bit later than what usually happens. But we are we are world were way short on toys were way short on know. On nine donations kids first to the Carolinas dot org if we can motivate you in any way shape or form to make a donation no we've really wanted to we literally. We can't fail to as we've got 802000 kids deter that we need to take care of and know we need to take care of 400 of them by the Sundays so while. Oh so we really do need to everybody's help elect we never need everybody's help before a one of the things that all I have at the out party go throw for 400 of these kids who we give a lot of them their bikes and their toys and so on and so forth this Sunday. Is is food. And so you've got your annual call out for pizza and pasta and Mac and cheese and chicken strips and in short any restaurant in town that don't feel so inclined to help us out. Believe me not only will we use it bubbles send it home with people when it's all said and done with we always like to get more than we need so we considered food home with these people because. A lot of these people don't have an in home. That's got and the kids don't heat over Christmas when their. How we try to spend enough we tried and enough food for them because they get there there is an occasion for them and they are out of school are not eating at school. Which is also one of the things that kids first tester in the summer mound same dilemma you've got to they're not involved in school lunch programs and so on and so forth solar Sherron has taken it upon herself over the well last a few years to try to load to bridge that gap she does the same thing it does Thanksgiving so love. But anyway the the heat is on mrs. Laura this is the week the auction is on Thursday the the bike drive is on Friday night at south Mecklenburg high schools look at the weather forecast. Low fifties for highs so I assume will be in the forties for the bike drive between six and 9 PM at south Mecklenburg high school on Friday night. Always seemed colder than that. Oh yeah. We are now. Like a couple of years ago I think twenties in my degrees unlike on our members all hang Enron Jimmy Nick's fire pit trying to stay warm. It all right if there's a restaurant tear out there we certainly could use your help and you can contact me or you can go to the Hancock page WBT dot com. And there you'll find phone numbers and email addresses and addresses. And the the address on the Hancock page WBT dot com for the kids first story is fracture and but the the one that's on the WBT website is dated so we'll get that we'll get that when fixed but there were at all the work McMullen creek market pine bill Matthews wrote that's fine bill aside. Burlington Coat Factory is located there there's a chili's or way out front. There's a Wal-Mart there there's a staples there. And we are right next to the doors to the dollar store about three doors to the right of the metro diner open 10 o'clock in the morning until 7 o'clock you can stop by here any time during those hours. Make a monetary donation drop off a toy a any toy. Com or whatever it is that you would like to do for 800 to a thousand now homeless or near homeless kids we really could usury help we were were really in a panic mode right now also. Not help Pacific canned and now I'll probably talk to you again tomorrow won't you join me or no and and talks more tomorrow. You gotta thank you ever want a period my Shia I think it's 505. Paddy. 505. Steady and Taco Bell we were talking about last week you lost this stuff burritos with the prize and some other stuff. What's the deal with stuff try sandwich is Arby's is thinking about doing the same thing testing area French Fries stuffed sandwich. Is it because they can't compete when McDonald's on first prizes at the. The treasury a staple item when it comes professor who now are abuses testing out the a French Fries stuffed. RB Nader's sandwich. December 7. They are promotional poster for the sandwich was spotted in Holland Michigan. And RB spokesperson told the daily meal the sandwich is presently being tested in certain markets. Customers can order up the sandwich in three sizes just like the regular rose beset which. Army's hands are no Twitter have already began pestering the Atlanta based chain to for a two released details on when the arm a neighbor. Will hit the menus nationwide. Is that what it is is just roast beef sandwich with with president. On that. And they did is our reserve tries. Now OK I have had those. Speaking of McDonald's common knowledge they've got individual sized apple prized Vista of awarding on them that says. Watch out pot. She ever. Have some of that law of a come down and pitcher on the chin or some that's right for the label they're geez. It at that. Could leave a mark. Anyway Dallara McDonald's is getting more festive holiday pies. Flaky buttery crust. Topped with rainbow sprinkles and smooth Vanilla custard filling. Teen vogue. TJ brought me his copy. Reports the pie crust Tate's like sugar cookies and is coated with Fisher Blaise MacDonald says the holiday pies will be available for a limited time and Florida Illinois Ohio. Massachusetts. Southern California and at Texas no word if there's a possibility of getting air further release on those. No holiday pies for you. So why that's the way that that goes. And there's sale site called the cut. What do you sent this to me office party time. You have an office party this year. Ours is a week from tonight. It may be looking forward to it maybe you're not happy to mingle be faster with your coworkers not talk about to work. I would suggest. Don't even think about alcohol and harassment in any way shape or form this year probably not a good year to be. You've been mildly suggestive they. Maybe just wanna go home at the end of your workday relax I've been around anything no work related either way. Probably have to go beat. Is that appearances. They take the time of the trouble to throw you should take the time in the trouble to show up for. So the cat is offering some tips to make everybody's office party are more enjoyable. They say I would be more enjoyable if the party happens during the work day. Seed and now are you for your idea I've run into more and more companies that are like doing a new thing or a luncheon thing or something like that. That's cool you get out of the way and alcohol doesn't play as big a factor. More just second. And -- LE VGA dot com John our family has in no my brother's sister in law son nieces and nephews decided this year to move exchanging gifts with one another. We woody jazz failed family Denver Colorado Marion Virginia Harrisburg North Carolina adopted charity or a family for Christmas and and our gift to each other would be to work. Share who we selection and why my husband son I've chosen kids first of the Carolinas in addition to other gifts though we ought to give through holy angels that are church. We are so very blessed as an entire family despite other challenges we have had throughout the year. We truly believe in the work that you and share and windy and arrested the team do. To help the children and families at this a time of year. I wanna challenge other families this year to do the same we have food shelter warmth jobs family eccentric one about those who do not. I have not been spoiled with the food and family and faith in clothing and a very few needs all my life. With my area where the Meier a thirteen year old has realized the same mound. That we have given to him. We live our lives to love our neighbors and ours as ourselves and love god with all our heart mind soul and strength so again. Police challenge other families to do the same may god bless your endeavors this year and every single day peace deal in all Merry Christmas. Kim Tom and Jacob from. I don't think I believe that is. From my Harrisburg we'll thank you so much and thank you for the email on thank you for sending it right now. And and I would I would challenge other families. Ivan holiday. There's. An article around with me for the bulk of video season. Why you shouldn't give gifts to adults. And Susan and I have come down the same thing and just kind of looked at each other. I got a beautiful house. I've been more than lucky in my career I've been more than lucky and everything. And we went we want for nothing. I'm in anything that we would want. Is not anything that we need. And so the idea of buying Christmas presents reach other just seems to be. Asinine. I think we would like to travel on solely you know will combine our. Our anniversary on New Year's Eve with probably Christmas and figure out someplace to go next year and on and do that it's gonna give to each other but. We're the we're the same way issue we we we took the money that we would spend on no family and and each other this year and and and and and and gave it to kids first. Because I know what that money does and I and I know how many people load that we benefit and I and I know when I wake up on Christmas morning. Just the knowledge that. While all of our efforts I get all the credit but to go through all of our efforts. We make sure that 800 to a thousand kids. Have a Christmas that they can remember one that they can say or house agreed today that was. Until that that's kind of what we do what we do. This article says this holiday season is here and shoppers have started the annual scramble to find the perfect gift for everybody on their list most of whom are probably grown adults. In Americans will spend about 967. Dollars on average this holiday season. But in the country on track to spend more than 678. Point eight billion dollars in total. According to an annual survey conducted by the national retail association so I learned from that off 675. Billion dollars. To celebrate the birth of Christ. That's not obscene. But it isn't so Boris. But I mean the knowledge been of that and Christmas and what that he doesn't want that the magical season and it can be but. Said it twice sixteen ING study found that 70% of Americans feel that Christmas is too focused on spending. Yet we're expected to spend even more this year. In fact Americans waste nine point five billion dollars or 71 dollars per person. And unwanted gifts each year according to a bad just study from finder dot com. So think about your last unwanted gift pack and how much it cost the and and send that in to kids first wagered. Because we really need it this year I don't know why we're so far behind what we have we when we've got until Sunday to make ends meet and and quite frankly we're not sure where it's coming from the Hancock page WBT dot com. Or kids first of Carolina's dot org. Tips to make the office Christmas party even better everybody gets to bring their significant other. There's a lot of times they don't do government spent standpoint now. You would think that that was the way that the one of the tips to make a better would be. You don't have to bring your significant other. Armed. Here's one and there's at party child care. 'cause sometimes. If you're doing and an evening. Then you got to figure out some to do do you got on going to be got to hire somebody take your kids. The party is just a photo Booth. I've seen people do this photo Booth fingered parties before. There are snacks. Snacks are constantly replenishing Vegas style book today. A performance of cats the musical as your treasured covenant Christmas party. Yeah. I think that it I think the women would probably love that. Everybody gets their showered with compliments and sugar free cab rides home. But see that's that's where your agent tree prayer brides on the year basically opened up the bar and you don't that'll take you wanna be open up the board company Christmas party. Along what they have fifteen dollar seamless credit to order whatever you want for lunch the next day. Everybody gets to go gift. Is that like a pink slip. And again and that gift is cash. A trap door leading to an escape door from the party. I've never needed one of those. The doors walked through day get to the car midway through the party of boys were just thought. And then ways to make the office party actually enjoyable. The final answer on there no party. I don't know appellate forward ours. You're a parent and you're looking for the is LOL surprised Dole's. That come in these little balls. Glitter balls are coming like down. Do you propose to understand this week but I got email last week from Michelle Pezzullo. Who is an instructor over a vehicle over school district. And knows she says I have to LOL surprise stalls that according to my daughter are all the rage we'd like to give them viewed auction off. So low she delivered him today and and I just got a couple seconds ago when no cinema on down to a Courtney do I get up on line with the rest of the auction items. Apparently they're hard to find there'll like ten bucks apiece. So love but maybe we can help somebody who's desperately you know looking for those in this particular. A gift this year and have been unable to find it and no benefit the the kids first auction. Which is happening on Thursday on air 3 to 6 o'clock right here at a news 111019 and three WBT. So that'll be one of the items that you have up. For grabs on none of that thing. Some of the other stuff we got the Patrick Schneider a photography who has been with us four more years than I can remember. Patrick Schneider photo dot com if you dive to go wandering into his website take a look at his workings excellent. He does lots action shots panther shots and so and so forth but. Some of the pictures that we have an auction this year are also or Charlotte's skyline shots beautiful I mean really beautiful shot so. You can take a look at all of those add to WBT dot com my you'll find the auction page are fairly easily. And they'll wander around through all the items that'll be up for bid on no Thursday from a 3 to 6 o'clock here on news 1110993. We have Luc equally autographed Jersey. That is in the acrylic case. So and it's signed autographed. Carolina blue. A new wave acrylic since the one who brought us the Argo acrylic case are panther footballs are and ball are those as well. So let's Michael foreign company who it takes care of us every year and monetary early as well I can't even tell you how much I appreciate Joseph Michael foreign especially this year when funds urges for Summers another. I don't seem to be a coming yen kids first of the Carolinas dot org or the Hancock page WBT dot com but look equally autographed Jersey. Pampered blue autographed. And comes in in the case but it's easy to get out of the case of views as you want aware that bureau or your community can do just that. Pablo about autographed footballs also came from the Carolina Panthers. And those are new wave critic of acrylic cases as a well. We're gonna Patrick should water Patrick Schneider's that are. Prince right now. And it's Jonathan Stewart called student is Stuart jump in and our into action and it's him coming out of the tunnel the beginning of the game. When his legs spread up almost spread eagle and and all the smoke and stuff that odd time it's an unbelievable shot. We have the Tom Petty guitar which already has a bit of 4400 dollars on it signed by all of the heart breakers and Tom Petty. So while Mike Campbell Ron Blair Scott Thurston Steve running the month tension and Tom Petty. It's butterscotch and collar offender Qatar. And online. Doesn't do it justice. Itself into so much nicer I mean it's it's too long line. But when you actually see the butterscotch pillar of the those solid body guitar the whole it's I mean it's got its it's a beautiful piece. So so that's part of the auction off 3 to 6 o'clock this Thursday on a news 11109293. Got our Charlotte checkers game pack comes to us or hurt your vote Rachel's elect. Which is a game back then a couple of two's he's gonna happen and I cow bell and a two best available ticket vouchers so thanks to the checkers. I think we got many ball coming from the off hornet's I saw that come through today and no for a ticket to pack as well. So we'll get that up in the next couple days we've up put together AS celebrating WBT's 95 year. Gift basket which includes this sick having your book that they put together for the event and I Harlow Henry CD and I John Hancock Bobble head. And in fact I probably can get my hands on ten Bobble heads anybody wants to shell out a hundred bucks for Bobble head jumper a kids first. That would give me a thousand dollars on a desperate need of this year I don't I'd be more than happy to go into my home collection a vote of a Bobble heads and in a break free ten albums. Either that that what else is in near Perry's of South Park has come through again Forrest so with the pearls. Twenty inch strand of a beautiful classic piece from one of the class is times of history. Jack we relaying. More from float Carolina is end. With AF therapy session there. At the chocolate lovers gift basket that is a back again this year. Really good stuff Charlotte knights collectors a basket which includes all sorts of stuff so to thanks to Dan gronkowski and a Tom a vial I have a feeling we'll see those guys on now Friday. The day of our bike drive on a Friday night because they'll bring us so I'll fight for every home date they had this year I think that's 31 likes the sobering reminder.