Kenny Smith talks CLT Mayoral Election with Bo Thompson


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735 under is 11109 and I am very WV GW BC's Wednesday morning news for September 13 and our team coverage of Charlotte's primary election continues and on the line right now is. The guy who will be running for mayor on the Republican side he wins last night 88% of the vote cruises. That's no surprise the surprise is who he will be facing. Kenny Smith good morning. Are more in our I'm doing well hope you are got to ask is so I'm watching the coverage last night. And we see the action at the Lyles headquarters and at the Robertson quarters and I heard you you didn't do any thing you know no official gathering last night with your campaign Anders and you were strategizing. The strategy at some point yesterday. Had to change a bit on. Actually no delicate and reduces the that this same rates. Dialogue. Product. It was in the BCA wrote it and he's voted. Locked up with Jennifer policy. Almost that are separate and it's in their account so corrupt it's still we're still roll in and uses. The general election we are focused on infrastructure. Say he. Job it is that we make the most important throw at the end. And the contrast in the difference between the each candidate is just start on the September 13. It was an in the primary when many thought we were running your. Mayor Robert. So the strategy doesn't change but did you know I've talked many times on this show and is it safe to say though that you were surprised with the outcome last night. Oh what that means Wheatley. Not to rub off. The witnesses. Under that area. You know we're we're we're reading where we've got a strong team and play we hit our turn now number yet he and we're a well bird. We wonder are great and not now on the ticket. And so we got to be in the magic number that we want it. Without spending much money here on her name means that we are. And we're ready we're gonna come in. The general. About 300000 dollar cash advantage and that is growing we've got several there. Coming up in the next few days and that will be ready. I was just talk in just a few minutes ago to the last person to do. Successfully what you're trying to do and that's to be a Republican and be elected mayor of course. But Pat McCrory and he was talking about how on. And there's precedent for it but it hasn't happened in a long time an incumbent mayor losing to someone who is serving on on City Council. Now and and that would be back in 1987 when sue Mayer get defeated Harvey Gantt but in this case it's a primary and as you look at across. Does. Races last night Kenny and in your city councilman right now. We watch what happened in your district let me get your take on parked the car a defeating Eric laster last night for you or your stomping grounds. You hit two great candidates run and and you had to put it took so went out and murder them took their methods I think there. Part. Yeah I had a very strong digital campaign. And had to replay attack of mail campaign sought it fit it into the day I think that carried him and not a lot of door let. We're going to be in good hands with car. You know I think parks pit crews in the general election. And he will be a valuable addition. To Arctic Council but again as one of those situations where you really would vote because it got Butler got that capacity as service. Or maybe one at large adorn our strong team looked out on Al Parker came that didn't happen and will will will little while. It would result we have. Let's talk about two of your democratic colleagues shocker last night. Patsy Kenzie loses sodas Claire Fallon. Yes you. Had a out there and relationship with patsy I've gotten to know lark interpret that passed the year what she surprised he. Hungry gal worked really ran really strong. Campaign. But I will admit serving with pat the end her capacity. Yet a lot of institutional knowledge. It will be very helpful when I'm serving the mayor actually been around immediately. Meaning many mayor and can really bring in good insight. To that but you know tip of the cap or can he work real hard well deserved victory. Player I think players that. Been a vital service to our community well and one of those things where. Democratic primary. I think they're moving in a different direction and where she is. I get more activist. Nature and clear has been more pragmatic on all of it was clear that there Democrat primary voters that. About 8% the turn now. That's equitable. And so it begins November 7 that today vials verses Smith here we go. It it came moments spring training ever picture in captured aren't we here we are spread about a PPX page spread. With a hand we could not be more excited. We've got an abundance of enthusiasm on our side. People are they won't change stick chaos. Of the past few years so lack of leadership. People are ready great decisive leader who can make decisions. Stand behind them and more importantly doesn't bring. Thirty years of bureaucratic government it brings real world experience indeed vision for the city we're gonna roll out here shortly. Are the Berkman won't do what we're elected we're gonna sit out humidity later we sit down all the department hasn't been an editor. We're gonna crack the when he thought your vision for our city. Integrated across apartment. So we will be ready for the 400000 people it will be here about when he forty and we want to turn will not be looking back flat footed and how to we delivered infrastructure how do we deliver. Public safety. How to we make sure that you folks have good jobs. Scania and are you gotta you gotta stop it there in my. And establish their appreciate your accessibility is always and plenty of future conversations on the way during this a build up to the election thank scanning. I.