Keys To Capital Preservation

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, November 11th

If the markets turns, as expected, it could be very bad if you're unprepared. Learn the keys to capital preservation with the Online Trading Academy.


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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk in you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry canning its personnel did not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears out here hosed adamant just go sit back and relax and enjoy and a great day weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and as pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is IRAs in any cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to sell direct your portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 8887508723. At 888. 7508723. As always in studio co host of the Bulls and Bears senior coach. Of online trading academy a friend of mine and and survived to coach the chip was going out yet he heads the weekend man lost the cover a lot of activity in the markets were at record highs near record highs and most major indices. That's a good thing it's not a markets gold up but for a lot of people of the SARS attorney go down a can be really a bad thing. And we wanna be prepared to act as we expect it's gonna happen ultimately because everything's over side prices that you guys though who got a lot to cover I think one of the most important aspects would you discuss what ms. capital preservation but. Good to be here you'd be you'd see you do if you NJ. Looking dapper as usual is she got you know everybody looks season be well rested it yourself. I'm well rested and always always a slowdown yet you look like I'm always putting day's other relatives there'll still exists. But feet now I get confused salute and it's the laws spirit exactly I don't forget to head over to FaceBook like I said Bulls and Bears radio and of course and any time 24/7. If you have a question procedure coach tell the coach hotline 877904. Trade that's 877904. Trade champ talking about a variety of things one of the things we always talk about every single week here on Bulls and Bears. Is what's going on with this current market understanding how important preservation of capital is a lot of people lot of listeners their 401 k.s are higher res. They're up in value a lot of people are concerned about this correction we gotta talk about preserving capital. A lot of people think the way to preserve capital just go to cast. And there's so many other different ways of doing it chip let's take a moment let's talk about it so we'll get a 41 K and IRA and capital preservation is a concern what are some of the options. Well it's a great time obviously since 2009 the market's gone up for the year over year. And so we've adjusted corrected. And we had to collapse in 2000 ace and we're sitting in unchartered waters right now what's important understand is that. You know long term there is only so high these prices can go is always a by the Dow condone the Russell the S&P d.'s major indices there at all time highs. And so what I believe in what a lot of good successful traders are Russians believe visit. You wanna sell high you don't want to always be buying in the problem is a lot of people still buy because the complacency that we see in the market it's very similar. To 2007. But that great run real estate market and you know houses were just go to the moon in value. In the so much demand and everybody qualify for a mortgage that we had this euphoric state of complacency. Where everything went up. And we had to add again the financial markets but the stock market the US market since 2008 bred to actually march of 09 the bottom of the market. And it's gone up almost three a percent. And yet people are still wonder in with a topic is and while we might Wear out the top where near the top and so the goal obviously is. We don't want to give all those returns back if we've been diligent stayed in the market now our rob will work for the class of 08. But was still could lose it all back if the market correction will. And so the key thing for people is how to preserve capital how to write manage risk cut writes it with a mark gives me more importantly. The elastic crust of the goes against me and that's what capital preservation is that's why a lot of people have to understand. He need to do something in the markets and highlight this to protect against a classic when it happens. You missed the opportunity that it's too late exactly a lot of you'll miss the opportunity a lot of people miss the opportunity because it's not a priority. Gotta ask yourself beatles' last time you sat down and said. What are all options in my 401K what are some of the things I can and cannot do my diary count I have tested on the sidelines is there an opportunity. And a lot of people don't realize that you could protect your 401K your higher rates you can put insurance on that that's one way of simply do it no different than having insurance on your house here on mobile. You can insure your portfolio utilizing options strategies are hedging with a different asset class. A lot of people don't understand this chip well and they Baidoa while Wall Street. Wall Street tells. The not Smart enough to manage our money so put forward Kayla somebody else do it for yet and that's a myth they don't want you competing. Understand something folks it's a money game and Wall Street plays a different way to main street and you need to play like Wall Street. And go to play like glossy yet understand the process. And see for a lot of people they don't understand that when the market goes down that's an opportunity to profits. Or at least protect against loss and the masses get crushed in these moves down a Wall Street cleans up. And so the market is gearing up for collapse a correction. Overall the broad market that's what most of the 41 K money sitting. It's all long it's all owning stocks that are in these mutual funds that everybody all these forward cave positions. And when we get that correction that significant move down because prices get too high things are overvalued. That's when we get back comes in a lot of people have made money given all back and here's a thing if a tricky eighty ears get back to you were before the collapse of oh eight's. And not Ibekwe word collapses again we gonna be and now you're twenty years old or thirty years old onion no better off financially that's the problem the math doesn't work. And so capital preservation becomes key because it allows you to sustaining keep them have to work until they can eventually get to the goal. He set financially if you've never hit that goal because they don't understand how to manage risk. And how to preserve capital and that's a key on the success. Regardless. We remarked on corporate out just being Smart and Smart volume money. While I mean the average person doesn't wanna lose money they don't want to lose 102030% of what they have they don't wanna you know just give money back you know the market they wanna be able to be Smart they want protected. But the average person doesn't know how to do that that's the simple thing is just a matter sane and addressing you know I don't know what I'm doing an ego and what you find is that it's a simplistic process is really not hard complicated thing to learn how to protect your money. Every meal Wall Street does or can sell T was a product like in a new. This is not as an investment product for you you can create debt product yourself. You can with a small basin not learn how to get the same result that product gives you if you purchase it from them without pay and on the huge fees. And all entitled to your money in heaven of full classes full use of your own money it's just a different process is all about self directed its learn the skills of preserving capital. Understand that when the market turns it shouldn't crush you. You should capitalize on at least protect against losses or market the changes and more importantly. It's gonna help yours so as long term goals you set few differently exactly an online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand that the app. Rich person wants preservation of capital they just don't know how to do it. That's what they have a class specifically taught on capital preservation is of for some with a 41 K and IRA and we just have cash in the market you don't know how to preserve it. There's a great class for you in thing is that when you understand you can protect your capital you'll sleep easier you won't be worried about market direction as a 500 dollar value class. I got a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers right now fifteen to thirty pick up the phone call 84451. Trade that 844. 51 trade for callers fifteen to thirty to get a 500 dollar class a capital preservation from our sponsor. Online trading academy that's 8445187233. 8445187233. For callers fifteen to thirty to get this 500 dollar class taught at the campus of online trading academy. I'm capital preservation again if you will for a one K and IRA you're concerned about the correction you don't want to give that profit back as the class three pick up the phone call 844. 51 net trade this is that a champ fumbles in bears. Yeah. And it's. Welcome back the bulls the bears that sets her aside. Stuff that screams wealth intelligence like a little Sanford and Son absolutely champ always have a good time always hanging out. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook alike as add Bulls and Bears radio. And of course and any time idiotic question for the coach college coach hotline at 877904. Trade at 877904. Trade. Jim talking about a variety of things one of the things that I'm excited about as we get enough holiday season. As we continue to push through this you know what people are you know. They're not thinking of clearly right now this market's about to get ready to drop whether it's tomorrow whether it's a week from now whether it's you know quarter one of 2018. This market will correct itself the senate if it's just to win. A lot of you'll understand the idea shorting the market that donors in how to capitalize and a downward move the market let's take a moment let's break it down for the listeners what he's shorts. We'll simple as this. The market's overvalued. I mean is too at certain times when it that's a good trying to be a buyer of the market the low of 2000 base would collapse. Those price there is 2009 that was a tied to be a buyer in many dual and by consistently since then nauert these record highs. And these are overvalued I mean these are priced too high. This is the nature of the markets. Its if you continue to body I can go higher but no tree grows in the sky and ultimately. The market is correct because things can't sustain it I'm valuation it's overvalued. So we talk about fair value to what under diet over right these are all market terms on the markets overnight we wanna be looking for correction. When building for price to fall down to a normal area -- supposed to be treating it. And we have a CNET we have seen essence always so early march when I was the low of the S&P. And the market's up close to 3% since that time. And people still Biden and those 41 K people you're just. Behind errors every fourteen days you but I wouldn't matter what price that my neighbor was asking when should I get out of market message shut already be out of the market. The singing classic corrected any time. Since you might make a little bit of movement higher in price but those fees you pay and eaten up any growth can work kind of shopping around and a frothy market right now. As of this thing collapses to waivers are you gonna give 20% twice as the dollar back. You've gotten this is not trying to be a buyer and so the masses are behind in new reality is is that many of the most successful traders investors are poised. For the market to correct. And to profit from that the profit from a collapse. And he understands some what separates the wheat from the chaff in the market is. Understanding how to profit regardless of direction in other words when Amare goes up that's good when the market is done as good. You don't believe that as a listener of Bulls and Bears you're not somebody who believes that. And the regional believe is because north of I told Jim Moore portly Wall Street. As you think you're not Smart enough to proffer regards to direction that's a lie. We talked costly but the misinformation a Wall Street. And how mean she uses convince him not sophisticated enough to profit from the move down and the reality is that everybody listening to us could make money and collapse of the market. It's not a matter of if it's a matter win and when it happens the successful people are going to be able short shorts all the market. And take the money off the field and that's when the real real profits made when the collapse comes. Well you know what it's that definitely does separate a lot of people right now I mean. You Gaza became said the couple weeks ago and I this guy said he is you know it's a bye give up 1050% what's the big deal obstacle and still ahead long term and as the what's the big deal. President he had a hundred bucks in your wallet and all the sudden you lost twenty dollars in gifts that you be bombed out for the day did little or what do you lose 10% of your network that. It this guys. I I don't let it drift stock at a given me an animated and you'll lose the amount to put it god put in the basket church's absolute do something when it well you know and that's the best that complacency debt. While laissez Faire attitude of the masses and their convince. That you know led by osmosis that just gonna hit their financial goals. And see one of the great things about the market is that on that separation can when that collapse comes we can profit from that we can shorten that we can. We can make money is at fault and that's one the most important aspects of being successful long term is the blues shore itself. And give an example. Stick it's not like BankAmerica. Cheney or 126 bucks a share now that stock ultimately. I would at one point it was Lois said and I believe my Denon three after the collapse. It was that in the high seventies prior to ask I'll leave it might ever get back to that number but the reality is is that that stocks at a point where somebody might think well. I'm holding the thing is gonna go to higher is gonna fall in price and I think it's gonna go from 26 to 23. Well if you believe that you could profit from that three dollar moved down in the price of the stock and see that's where people miss it. Because the masses don't realize that in the market fall somebody makes money. They believe that a down market is a bad day or dad dale in the Dow goes down that's a bad day and that's not a bad this is today. This money transition from somebody to somebody else. To zero sum game so when the market falls we can profit so we wanted to take advantage of a three dollar moved out of BankAmerica stuff we could sell it. At 26 I hit a beautiful thing about short in a short selling. I can sell something that I don't own. And that's what a lot of people get confused with what shorting is how can I sell its. If I don't own it when your broker's allowing you to sell their shares into the market because they want you to execute trades because they get paid when you. He hit the button so to speak the commission's. On transactions. So they want you to transact so if they allow you to sell their shares into the market at 26 bucks a share let's just say you sold 200 shares. You just basically brought in fifty joint about that you sold too legitimate 26 dollar stock. Not at 5200 all schools and a year count now you're short the stock which means this. You sold it to enter made and sold your shares could you'll only a stocky soldier broker's shares daily use their inventory to sell at 26. Now the goal it is we're gonna buy back its forty threes on the price falls and 2823. We buy the shares back across this lets the bottom back that we took and we sold it. And so the mole we buyback that broker meets takes the inventory at the stock back into their warehouse they let us take the profit and other which we sold at 26. A weekly we bought it Tony three. We bought it back and meanwhile back to our broke his imagery we sold 46 who bought it twice we they let us keep the three bucks a share on a high energy as we just Madrid dollars. On a thousand years we just need three grand on a three dollar moved on the stock that we didn't own. That's shorting don't all the complicated folks don't try to think too deep. Keep the simple. We're selling advance a move down and they're letting issues they inventory. To take advantage removed on a price and we're able to profit regardless up or down. Think about what that would do long term your account in your financial future if you learned that skill that's war talk about that's what Schultz. And allows us to do and you know what champ it's not difficult is different we say that all the time Durham Bulls and Bears. It's just a skilled as somebody needs alert you know people know that the market goes up and down people know that. People can make money in a down market but they don't have the skill to do it and that's what separates those in overseas those who don't know. What's neat champ is what's similar is how to short sell it can be DJ it is and you know what they are worried about a collapse you're anticipating because you could profit from it and that is made it separates. The success of from the non successful exactly in online trading academy a sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand a lot of people are confused about shorting Anderson a lot you'll want to learn how to short sell. They don't know how to begin I don't know where it started. Online trading academy as a class taught at their campus at 500 dollar value on shorting the market. We don't have a lot of seats to give away but anyone who's in the market is concerned about this a lot need this opportunity we're gonna take callers tended twenty to get this 500 dollar class on short selling the market. For my my treating you can't be picked up the phone right now Kolb. 84451. Trade at 84451. Trade for callers ten to 22 gets 500 dollar class and shorting the market from our sponsor. Online trading academy. 84451878233. That's 8445187233. For callers ten to twenty. To get this 500 dollar class on shorting the market if you're in the mark with a 41 K and hire eight. Your concern about the correction you don't know how to capitalize and a downward move this is the opportunity for you don't it don't miss out on this take advantage of it 844. 51 minute trade does that mean champ I'm Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears a grows out of it just go ahead of the glass that was to get time your studio with the boys hanging out. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook lite gets a Bulls and Bears radio and of course at any given time point 47 idiotic questions for the coach can't coach outline 877. 904. Trade that's 44 hours of the got a question for in a thigh your questions up on air the prize pack. Yeah it was a great teachers who gotta create new model teacher who gets a green new developments happening in the bulls the bears T should resume the the other thing I knew promote that so it's exciting time for us Ed for the listeners know. And as usual sweet spots around tower you Bulls and Bears shirt or if any of our staff. Any of our producers are people are on the executive G beard bulls or bears if we see you out about with a bulls have been this year I've. We got did you get fifty bucks to ask no questions asked doesn't matter now you can't plot planet try to figure or going to be that bad. You're now known retard mrs. try to read it to me out here to beat however I am whatever sodomy and but she does cool because it is these people it's just a waste your you to bite width fifty beard who knows stance regarding give a civil way man it's happened at authority odd. You miss it out everytime you walk out a lot of balls ambition arguments about fifty bucks potentially folks though. Is it worth it to you. Double its the only dot Arizona jitters here doubted she doubted. I give her daddy you've given the size not yet that's lets users see their Dallas site about the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands that you give ourselves. Not that with the and it's still fun out sections of the bikes. It's Jeb talking about a variety of different things whether things a lot of you'll don't realize we talk about the market is a lot of people when they hear about the financial markets the stock market leading stocks and options. They don't really realize that there's a lot of opportunity in the market. A short term scale in his short term what I mean by you know on a on a monthly basis you know there's people out there that. Are working a job. They have family they're making ends meet but there's not abundance is not the overflow there's not the big V cases every year. And just kind of go through the motions through that route and a lot of people that get into the market as traders. They do it to generate additional income on a monthly basis a weekly basis the single let's talk about that chip what does that look like for someone to trade for short term income rather than long. From dust mold them excited about a path that I OT somebody down the scenic go to Ameritrade academy I would. First of all figure out if they had specific goals of their time available to utilized maybe an hour day half an hour day to be 23 hours a week if they could. A lot that amount of time. To basically and make some decisions are looking at opportunities in the market. And then they all wanna learn a system which is a rule based process which tells you. When you should be byways resellers not a complicated process is very simplistic approach to the market simply looking at a supply and demand process which is what turns all price. If you nude advanced that price is gonna turn and you know would delay in order in a profit from that turn. That's the dream. And that's the opportunity if you understand how to be successful the markets and more importantly for many people the entry into the market is just because they're looking for some spare time income. Mean I met so many students at the academy did have literally just trying to make ends meet at the end of the month that dish or frustrated. Things out work in their debts and expenses and giggle behind in their bills sometimes. And look at as the market is the way to generate just additional she mean cup without having a punch a clock we wanted to go to JOB so to speak. And utilize a small model Reese was you don't need a ton of money you can trade currencies and futures in this country on this planet for. Very low amounts of capital on the Europe to help power go to war with. So for a lot of people the problem let Adam is is that many people think of traders to think of like a Wall Street traders think somebody's sit in a big office with all these monitors and who's just greedy ruthless. And I couldn't be further from the truth some of the most successful traders that you and I know. A professional people in citrus some extra income on the side of people and a blue quality video out of business and they're trying to supplement their income. And so for many people are just taken a few hours a week. Make it some good decisions. Utilizing the technology available to us in this day and age with him yet to be in the market alive to execute trades and execute. Opportunities. From a trade and investment standpoint we can literally just do it said it. To automatically put us in a certain price get this out of certain price so we know what our Mac's losses are Max gain as full even giving him. There's so many ways that we can approach some markets from a standpoint of short term income and once people begin to realize that it's not a complicated process as you always is that it goes is different. Missing teen change flawed people. Well of course I mean no matter what no matter where you're at financially if you can generate a couple extra bucks on a monthly basis that money can go somewhere some of you would say that some of you use it for vacation. Some of the you know you just give away you just be a better person with a regardless of what you do with that. That's the opportunity were tucked in the beautiful thing Amazon you know as it has nothing do with your IQ we pedigree. Is this a learned skill on people sought to understand the simplicity of the process and they put their meat dip their feet behind it. He committee chasing form exactly online trading academy is sponsor Bulls and Bears. Then there's and a lot of individuals out there would take a couple extra bucks on a monthly basis if they knew how to trade for short term income and that's whatever class specifically on. Trading for short term income is is a 500 dollar value is someone whose brand new to the market you've never been in the mark you've always wanted to get started as a huge opportunity. We have a few seats available order take callers 225 pick up the phone call right now 84451. Trade that 844. 51 trade for callers to the 25 to get a 500 dollar class and trading for short term income again if your brand new to the market you've been in the market you've never done it. On a shorter time frame where he wanted generate that monthly or weekly income this is the opportunity for you there's a 500 dollar value 84451878233. That's 844518. Said the 233 for college ten to 25 to get this 500 dollar class a treaty for short term income from our sponsor online trading academy that's 844. Five want to trade is that a champ on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears embryos at the Disco heaven on alas that was good time with the fellas don't forget to head over to FaceBook. Like get samples of Bear's radio and of course at any time Vienna. Questions for the coach call the coach hotline at 877. 90 for trade and it is this time of the show where we have our question of the week and I believe it's Joseph Johnson from Atlanta Georgia. Guess my question is. Want to know what could be the possible difference in terms of level while warm Kate vs someone imagine for the vs being dedicating my 401K myself. And by the way had a Mickey Jones off I want a rematch. I love as. Big Joseph Johns it'd Alia. Though you don't know Joseph Johnson is up when the NFL. I stood and allied Jed academy Adam doesn't personally they have a mentioning relations you've helped him with. A lot of his skills that learning how to manage money joke played the University of Louisville. I know that's you know we're an SE loud because away from but a lot of people lot doubted the Atlanta area would Joes from that SEC country. WSV universe in Louisville was picked number thirteen overall. In the 1994. NFL draft him in this man is a first round draft pick I mean that's. The entire world of people he's number thirteen selected in the National Football League draft. One on and play with a new won't saints' two time Pro Bowl oh yeah I mean he's an all pro he had all pro in the 2000 this man is a legendary player played. But ten years in the NFL for the Packers and saints. Our technology academy looking for of an album a learn the skills a man's in his own money I mean he saw the potential opportunity of self directing and learn the skills NGOs become. A big advocate of the academy. Andy disagree greats we have a guy in union must also. Didn't have. The brawl to sell at all I think you guys missiles against the steel cage you judge goes about it. He's lost weight he'd like to ninety now I think nine year of your way audited as smell Cynthia so selfish that substance is this if the but a lot less a joke Allah as the Joseph little sources. But as fast if not on his instinctive. I just got Lux yes. School grads are not the case go at that's the bylaws a joke Katie you're the face though. For those he would joke called it now obviously with a question about. Self directing is his retirement account and one of the things is important realizes first off thanks for the call Joseph it's always a pleasure to hear from yet. And most importantly is. Maybe you'll begin to realize that if they learned. The skills of managing it themselves or on 41 K make that decision yourself. You know learn how to it is set it up where you can make decisions and the follow on care ultimately if you're not allowed do that through your employer. Then maybe sometimes people do set up a subsequent IRA. Where they take a lot of the opportunities that they can't take in the forward Caylee put an iris that they have to tax deferred retirement accounts work and and able to do and carry a lot of things like make money on the market falls utilize futures. To the types asset classes that are available so. One the main benefit show the real the real litmus test. It is if you can only money one direction which is what managed following K money allows you to do anybody's in a foreign K you know the market goes up that's good of the market was down that's bad. Can only money one direction. And your pain and somebody else exorbitant fees and a lot of people don't realize just how big the fees are over the course of a 25 to thirty year investing lifetime. It's about a 150 grand. That's what the average 401K 25 year household will pay in fees to a Wall Street institution. To manage your money in other words you have a trustee of your 401K which is a Wall Street firm the air managing your money. They're competing for the money against you but they're also amazing years that's that dichotomy the that the way to game is played the hypocrisy of the game how Wall Street. Manages 41 K accounts that a trustee of almost four and K counts out there in the end the in the United States. But ultimately they're also trading against and for the same profits and returns that they try to do for the clients. And how it comes down a one more point to clients the shareholders and always falls to shareholders folks. And so they can make a profit on the back of their clients they will. And that's the game and so for a lot of people the steal of self directing a learning how to manage that might himself to answer Joe's question. Gives them the opposite him it might in regards to direction so the marbles up they can probably go down at a profit and they can also prop the market doesn't move. Because in a most environments that are forward give the market doesn't move. You don't make any money because you didn't increase in value at all the positions that you hold in you paid fees so you lose money on the market doesn't move you lose. When my goes double B you lose just up to pay fees the progress of up dramatically in a managed money situation like for a key if you profit. Where in a situation where yourself directing money. The market goes sideways and go down a little bit and go up a lot of up a little bit of profit there's so many things we can do and you don't pay defeat fees. Which over the course of those 25 years. At a 250 grand or more. They say over the lifetime of a 41 K that's easily got 50% of all the profits that were generated in the account will go to the fees. Think that that's just that's as bad path. And so self directed a learn the skills yourself Joseph is far superior. I think you understand that and hope for the listeners do as well now because we love the fact that we can do better ourselves are we to make the decision cells and ultimately. It's the gold was at Brussels thanks for the call Joseph. Absolutely takes Joseph and I'm ready for their rematch with every once value of the body. Online trading academy they understand a lot of people have questions about 41 case self directing your accounts what does that look like. Howdy get ready for retirement that's why online trading academy as a class specifically on. Self directed your portfolio now whether or not you're very hands on or maybe you're not hands on at all whenever it may be if you're trying to manage it now and going forward. This is a great opportunity for it is a 500 dollar classes taught right at the campus. You do not want to miss out on this when you need to do is we only have seats where gonna take callers tended to twenty just a limited seats. They're the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that's 84451. Trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class itself directing your portfolio. Whether you're brand new the market even in the market for years if you're not the one hand and a 100% of it that's the goal that's where you wanna go is a huge opportunity for you for callers and the twenty. 84451. Trade that 84451878233. Our callers and it's when he get this 500 dollar class. Taught at the campus. An online trading academy itself direct your portfolio again brand new orbit of the market for years. And you're trying to get to the next level trying to take it to the next level managing your money on the phone 844. Five wine train in Genoa Osce and there today. Welcome back the bulls affairs that goes out of its its got to get I've always have a good time. Don't forget to head over FaceBook like this apples of Bear's radio and of course at any time 24/7. Got a question for the coach can't coach outline. 877904. Trade at 877. 904. Trade champ when the neatest things about the financial markets is a lot of people look at as a financial markets as a secondary place. To either park money year put money and they hope for the best. And the true professionals trained as a business that you professionals. Utilized the market for the opportunity whatever the opportunity is as give it to them let's take a moment. Let's talk about what. Is that look like for some of the traders business. Well I dig a traditional business say a small business but at some other challenges that people have to start those businesses a lot of times as initial capital outlay. Elise a building unit rented facility or rent equipment. So how's that facility. Yet liability insurance might have employees and staff and payroll workers' comp and you know inventory has a lot of this a lot of things ago when it's starting to traditional business. And a lot of people follow that path because it's the dream I mean you know American dream land of opportunity go build something. Mayoral tickets have equity works or to own something and and they love the opportunity and see a lot of people struggles audible driving down there right now your small business owner. You own your business in your business owns you and I know I've been that guy had been that person who was a small business our house a builder. How's the framer I did a lot of construction projects and you know what I was always chasing money in chasing clients and try to get people to sign off on punch lists like get paid. And so I understand that headache and that traditional process of building a business. They look at the financial markets and trading and investing you can sort of business on a shoestring you literally can enter the arena with a couple grand. Mean even less than that you're trading currencies mean hundreds of dolls and it doesn't have to be a big pile of money you have the ability to sell it by eight. Instantly so gonna show at a good price of body isn't a good price a cell is not a viable still slower retail Puget tremendous advantage of the leave your house if customers that you never demean their big blow in a box me right now so be right now. But you never have to leave your home minister of Peyton liability insurance the hire people know workers' comp no stood half we think about that. And have the same upside ability to create wealth thing about that it's the dream. See when I don't introduce a financial markets the trader investor I had no knowledge of the markets. I just meta data successfully trading. I saw as lifestyle. It appealed to me a solid he's no smarter than I was a study had no more skill than I did he just had more experience and learning what to do. And I got excited and was able to southern venture on this field in many people that's their entry into the arena. Is that they look at it is a way to start a business without a ton a capital. And have the American dream still be able to exist without a lot of judicial headaches at most diseases have. And we just got to understand the real opportunity. And the real power of understanding how to take the money consistently in the financial markets. Manny can really go to the next level and I've seen it happen a lot of people's lives the commandos of the could have and you just a matter take the step of moving forward and learn in the skill and starting a business. Well neat thing is a lot of people want to own businesses out there are a lot of people if you ask them privately. If you had the opportunity quit your job would you an answer tends to be yes more often than not. And a lot of people just don't realize what it really takes to get started out in this arena to start a business. They're ship numbering we're talking about you know as many visits to stories that are restaurant you get a key ask him the ball you could do. Some that you could there's so many different position is started. When it comes to trading investing a lot of people don't know it looks like and the great thing is is that it's the same upside opportunity to see a potential without a lot of traditional headaches it's a real game changer for a lot of people have that. Business savvy that entrepreneur spirit absolutely an online trading academy that a class. 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