Keys To Recovery - Helping the Victims of Irma

John Hancock
Friday, September 15th

Live from The Dog House, Keys to Recovery; Erik Spanberg talks Panthers, Mayors Race and more. Big Weekend!


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This is John Hancock. To go through. He's gone. We've fast food. Well. So I've done. News summer. This. And I. I. As soon do. Okay. You wanna game. Now a. How long. May have then. I didn't. And I. Yeah. Hey. Sugar it's. Time. Low lands. Family. Okay. And non. Okay. Yeah. Well greetings from my hidden room at the F frenzied dog house. Which I guess I don't have to call the F Lindsay doghouse now that intercom has all of the stunner but. We're all out at the WFANC a dog house say no world rugby hero for the rest of our show's Matt promoter down here they're doing their own showdown here. Chris Kellogg is in the in the big studio back pharaoh would feel windows out into the real world. Mine were all back in a closet you'll have trouble find it is put to comply just were collected money for the keys. Time we're calling this keys to recovery so all of the account Charlotte stations are involved. WB TW urgency wanna seven point nine a link teaming up to help with our hurricane or more relief efforts. We decided we kind of focus on the keys. A lot of us of us that some time down there are and though we will look forward to sitting on Lou's backyard one more time and maybe spend some time sloppy Joes and hanging out on MacDougal straightened. I don't even talk about fantasy fest yet but. Because I've obviously I would never ever go to so heroic fantasy fest. But don't it's oracle that's overdue or Obama came in there and I mean just left disaster destruction everywhere and it's one of our greatest tourist attractions. And destinations. And it just completely flattened as far as we can tell front page of the newspaper yesterday said 245% of the homes out of accused of private destroyed. And that didn't even get into the destruction and it of the numbers will probably rise from there you can have structures that are still standing that we'll have to be torn down. They are still was checking out bridges and still try to get people down their no water no wallet no no no power no bridge back to the area mainland. Time and it's going to be. Need for a lot of help and that's kind of what we're trying to do yourself. Well what we'd like to have you do is come by the the doghouse at the corner meant more had right across the street from Bank of America Stadium. Just Lisa B hop in on Sunday because the Buffalo Bills are in town. All of us are down here today and the doors are wide open and if you ask anybody out there in the front worst Hancock will bring you back to our closet. We have up there. We have a standing offer which is outlandish and I don't necessarily. It's kind of like one of those PBS things were if you send us a million dollars we'll give you a CD you know one of those things. I got to some Bobble heads down here which are hard to come by. And and brought some John Hancock coffee mugs and so throw a thousand dollars of the cause and I'll give you a Bobble head and have coffee cup. I have five of each. I'm I'm expecting pretty much a go home with five. But maybe you'll maybe he'll surprise me above and beyond that and land issue conservative. Come down and throw a dollar potter come down and throw our a couple of bucks in our bucket and not help us sell to people out of the keys. Will be here till six I think Matt Ramona her here till six or seven. And hurled beer. And I urgency until 6 o'clock so I'll come by say hi. And and help us settle a bit you can also just oh by the way donate at WBT dot com. But we're trying to do I help rebuild a paradise lost in so that's the incentive for us being down here today. There will be somebody here at the dog house until 7 PM tonight I can guarantee you that and then again on Sunday. Game days displays will be hopman but they'll also be taken donations down here from 10 o'clock in the morning until at least 5 PM and maybe even longer than that. Does this place stays open after the game but Sunday should be arriving you should come by here anyway whether or not splendid donate to the draws are not be little dispute replace to a big. F is even a dog house. And now amended morehead and if you're on your way out of town and carry out a way under way out of uptown NAFTA work personal little along those lines. Combined throw some money India coffers so there you go there. Com it is a national 4 PM finish today if you didn't know they are supposed to quit working at 4 o'clock today which should be fine with us that you could come you would you take that extra time to come down here and sale of us. So there you go they'll tell Donald Trump and the second. There is Sager a bit to Barbuda speaking hurricane Irma. There is no one left on Barbuda. I mean no one there's like 18100 people that's their population and they all every single one of little better evacuated to Antigua. So what they'll have to rebuild the Barbuda that's when your favorite tourist destinations. Went to my eye doctor. And now many of you may have seen many of you may know Brenner anyway at Charles off demolish you but you may have seen. House hunters international I think what's the name of the show on HGTV. And he and his wife for featured. And sale look for a place a vacation home on Saint John. And I asked him I said do you still have the place of say John and you look Devin he said you know when we take the they've fussy and some aerial photographs and they conceded that the structure is still standing but he said I won't know until I get down there any plans to go down sometime and next couple months I think and no backpack is way. I into his house on Saint John and he said he you know I we don't we don't know if if it's to what extent it still standing. There are parts of it that are still standing music can be children motive iguanas as far as I know but. Am I grew up Barbuda is he is is just completely abandoned at this point and that's a beautiful. Beautiful I mean how many have you been down to the virgin those British version rises enough. Putt and just such yourself watch it live here where else. One of the things that you have to take into account if you live there is a hurricane so we're at the doghouse combined not help the cause and now we're back do you just feel. Double BT has the latest cover president company will be traveling to the Naples and Fort Myers areas as part of a visit to hurricane damaged Florida. It seems president trumping congressional democratic leadership are saying the same thing when it comes. Good docket deal. She and other top bottom bed with a great. 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There's eleven benighted three at the dog house event and morehead collecting money for the keys to. It's like come in and out throw a couple of bucks in the bucket we'd still be. We'd be we're thrilled to to have you join in and be part of the effort. And then if you if you just have more money and you know what to do with congratulations. Through a thousand bucks a Picasso did Joseph bubble hadn't and it John Hancock coffee mug it's it's. It's that it's incentive that makes absolutely no sense were opened somebody bites. So a way that goes. Com we're talking about Irma Jose. Could cause some Mo problems rip tides is probably as much as anything else from North Carolina or not expecting it to hit landfall but Jose was the next hurricane up follows our normal. It's not a category five but it's tropical force nonetheless. It is a category one storm and though lasted it was about 400 miles east of the Bahamas. The national hurricanes that are expects Jose to veered north east. And then none. That that'll keep it off the East Coast were pretty sure about that. But eight they could see some swells and some low life threatening us serve for an hour and rip current conditions so what that'll be something to watch as the weekend goes on and carries Scotia got to keep an eye on Jose. How is it to meanders over the Atlantic over the next a week the weekend and and that is well. Irma still love. Fax still being felt in the blue ridge parkway and they have opened popular stretch of the blue ridge back up again near grandfather mountain that reopened this week but there are other parts of the blue ridge parkway that are closed because of rock and tree damage. Pump more than 300 miles in fact of the parkway saw downed trees and storm damage. Sections of remain close to have a substantial tree and rock damage are requiring more in depth and technical clean up. Hey previously closed section that it reopened. Our middle of this week included that ten mile stretch. From mile post to 94 point six set just west of Blowing Rock. Two mile post 305 which is over my grandfather mountain at a US 221. So that's segment includes Julian price park and are rougher edge and Lynn told via duct and know what target Democrat is a reporting all of those are back open again but there are still other sections. Oh the blue ridge parkway that are closed so if your head into the high country. I should probably check ahead does but no that the conditions of there are not optimal. Not necessarily as a via North Korea fired a missile over Japan again and number just not sure exactly what's going on there are there's diplomatic or relations going on know what's Russia and China to try to get them to. Could do what they can do but they've been a little error resistant to that they north Koreans fired a missile over Japan yesterday into the era Pacific Ocean. And this was an Intercontinental. Excuse me this was it it was a ballistic Michelin missile. Is via the north has for the first time tested an Intercontinental ballistic missile that could hit the United States this one that was fired yesterday it was just ballistic. UN voted earlier this week to impose even stronger action as sanctions on North Korea and in response to the most recent nuclear test and time has scheduled an emergency closed session no meeting for today so we'll see were all that goes. More terrorism in London on a subway train reported explosion and London on the subway train this morning. Now witness said that there was panic and commuter stampeded to get out of the Parsons green station after the explosion so lump. Call London has had done their share of terrorism as well there's a photo I saw this morning that showed what appeared to be up. A burning pale outside of the a train with the wires coming out of it. And some adjusting. Developments with Donald Trump and not Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi was about this time last week that we were almost snickering. Not to the fact that he was referring to them as chuck and Nancy and they seem to have come out to terms on a budget deal. And nowadays seem to have come to terms on a package deal. Although there was some confusion yesterday on know what kind of a deal was or wasn't reached. Good conservatives don't seem to be pretty have very happy either incredulous the president said he give congress six months to come up with the legislative response before you officially ended the up. Obama air executive order and and they're saying wait a minute we thought we had on this. Not days so we'll get into that a little bit later on as well. In the doghouse corner of morehead and Mitt streets show. All of that are com Charlotte is broadcasting from here today Matt Ramona around and they are garage area and now we've got to Chris. Kroger. Who is do in his afternoon show on W opens the in the main studio and they've got us tucked away in a closet back here but we're all here for the same cause. And that is what we're calling keys to recover. We are are raising money. Hurricane Irma relief. For the efforts out of the Florida Keys which just got killed just ended and I mean just. Completely flattened about 25% of all houses down there are completely demolished. They haven't really been able to get in there and really assess the damage there's no power there's no water there's no bridge back to the mainland. But does some of the I don't know if you've ever driven down there are gone down to Key West but it's just one of the neatest experiences ever and so we. We decided to kind of raise funds and rather just do Florida in general we thought maybe we've got to focus a little bit more on the key is so that's what we're doing. And if you can come via the doghouse today and throw a couple of bucks into the into the buckets down here we'd be most appreciative. Be a part of the cause. We have this I understand there's an absolutely insane offer but. A president's that if you look at somebody to write a check for a thousand bucks to help us with our cause all get yelled Bobble at the John Hancock coffee cup is like a PBS again it. He euphoria like a year's salary and they give you know like a CD era. An autograph napkin or something like that. So I anyway that's what we're down here will be your broadcasting until six matrimony are down or just as long vessel is Chris so up. How come down enough or a couple of bucks at the cause. And help us out as we tried to a duel we can. She's a recovery trying to help out the Florio the Florida Keys other thing I should probably tell you about there was a screening this week of the new. I'd jut up Patel and now Michael but bunt take Leon how he does say ESPN's thirty for thirty. They just did a documentary an HBO documentary called mail last portrait of David Brothers and you know many of your association with the Davis. Consulate did a special screening of that on that Tuesday. And it was supposed to be a one night only deal my understanding as attendance throughout the country was just outstanding. But they have the theater up in Annapolis the gym theater up in Annapolis is going to be are showing it to go through the weekend. So. Vegas judge chance you'll see it I'm just tell you right now if you're even a casual favorites and you gotta watch this. It's amended and 42. Excuse me an hour and 42 minutes. Behind the scenes look. At who these guys really are. And the family and the foundation and Manuel loved you'll laurel on about the band. I had always I've had a couple conversations with Scott about songwriting but I never had really seen the process and I'm sure it differs from song to song. But you really do get an inside look at songwriting. Can you also get kind of an inside look to these guys. These guys produce music yes they make money off of it yes they've had hits with that yes they've. Unbelievable success played Madison Square Garden last couple years. They fill out the red rocks three nights a year every learned every year. But it's really more about the music and and the form enough than any of that other stuff and you see that when they show you. With Rick Rubin legendary producer standing behind. When they finish the song no hard feelings off their new album called true sadness and ask not what this documentary is built around is the making of true sadness. When you. Seen them finish deet no hard feelings take. And you see what an emotional drain that takes on Scott himself boast that they just put everything they had into that. I mean it's it's it's it's is it's a view. Of some people that are so passionate. About their craft so passionate about oh what they do. It's just today are you walk away I called adult for a Missouri for a sought to create its manager the other day. And I said I called to tell you that I have no words I just I had no words it's just the strongest impact. And then I'm gonna be biased anyway because they're friends of mine but. Get to get a chance to get to the gym theater American apple is GM. Go in and and take advantage of an extended showing of a male last quarter of the David Brothers your next chance will be early 182018. On HBO. And what does availability is after that I am not took quite sure about it's Steve van it's funny strong. And for those of you who have lay out. Who love the Davis he'll walk out of this so with a whole different respect to and Bob Crawford and his daughter Hayley and Alley and now. My age I'm just older you'll see an insight to the band the system up bloody revealing and and then that's I think one of the reasons that they've because he's so effective with their fans to us that they are to some extent their songs. I do reflect. True life and roll. I'm meeting for them they are a little bit of an open book did you let you we don't they do well let's just see. Who they are and what they are and it's is unbelievable mail last portrait of the David Brothers and it'll be sure do the weekend at the gym theater. It just seem week Toyota's first of all it was an enriching week because of the a primary elections. Which we all thought would lead to. To a run off. Bomb but it didn't friendly to Iran all that though the runoff was the Iran off of Jennifer Reynolds is as the mayor she will not be the mayor when this is all over via Lyles and not. Kenny Smith will fight it out for the for the for the election. And then that was and actually part of the week. Last week we were cut out. Snickering. To some extent. Not a cure all hardcore conservative you weren't snickering because you literally like all the sudden the trump kind of came to terms with. Chuck sure over Nancy Pelosi on a budget deal. But we were kind of you know I mean trump referred to them as chuck and Nancy. Which. I never would have suspected. I didn't even know they were talking to each other. And then this week. Late this week. Top congressional lawmakers and trump. We're giving conflicting accounts. This was yesterday. About whether agreement was reached to protect the 800000 dollar dreamers from deportation. Hi after Chuck Schumer and and Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that they had reached a deal with trump. During AL White House dinner to pass legislation protecting the dreamers into enhance security at the border but. That didn't include the much promised wall. Well conservatives were merely angry at those reports. Paul Ryan insisted yesterday there was no agreement. John Cornyn the senator. Number two senate Republican in fact said there was quote at DL to make a deal. And trump said he was quote fairly close to an agreement and Schumer and Pelosi insisted that there discussion. And even agreement on legislation. That would not only. Up protect dreamers. The young adults who were brought in the United States illegally as children but would provide them with a path to citizenship and a president sitting on an annoyed and promised citizenship for either. So local talk more about the confusion and just seconds. Levin did in 993 WEG. We are at the dog out scorer men and more ahead. What were calling keys to recovery. All three intercom. Charlotte radio stations are down here Matt promoter broadcasting other show alive. Chris Kroger is our broadcasting his afternoon show on Billy you have to Z 62 in one or 2.5. And though we're on until 6 o'clock as well down here collecting donations. That we will kind of focus in on the key is where they'd just world. When no power no water no bridge back to the mainland they just completely flattened 25% of homes are completely destroyed. Our mud just left a path of good and I don't think we know the effects of it at this point but that's what we're collecting funds for an if you combined. Throw a couple of bucks in the bucket we divvy more than appreciative. I got some Bobble heads down here we have an outlandish offer I realize it's completely out of control mob that may be who knows thousand dollars will be real bubble that they're John Hancock coffee cup solo. We're inspired by the folks at PBS is what we are. They not a level we all be down here and tell us 7 o'clock tonight. Or they'll be collecting donations senator until 7 o'clock tonight. But also on Sunday or we have a home game with the Buffalo Bills and displays will be smoke and and other collecting donations down here starting at 10 o'clock in the morning all the way until at least 5 o'clock in the afternoon so. Hi either drop by today or if your goal of the game on Sunday dropped by the doghouse. That in morehead and no drops a couple of bucks in the a bucket and and help us with the cost a bomb. The doghouse is. That they're sponsored by Jack Daniel Roland there's sponsored by Deere company is a matter sought him out into an area where. Where were they open up to garage doors and I it and turn it and don't like her out all party headquarters of the games. They're all probably viewed up out there I got the vodka out there they got the Jack Daniels out there they got the beer out there I don't know the last hour they showed you get pretty exciting guys are concerned. Judge and got a mission Tony out there it Arab follow that Jack Daniels as we speak for all have our own little hurricane effort here just so why they are dropped by the doghouse and not help somewhat to cause and high energy industry are really feeling generous. Get yourself a bubble that may in a coffee cup we're talking about the patrol. Jacket Deal. Or No Deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. And below sea in a note John court and actually does so that there was quoted deal. To make a deal and Schumer and Pelosi said that there was a deal do I give the the deck of people the dreamers. A path to citizenship. But. A spokesperson for the presidency and no no no way that the the administration said that that wasn't part of the deal that. Trump. Said last week that he was ending Danica but who's given a six month delay to give congress time to come up with a solution. And congress I guess especially the conservatives were trying to. Counting on that so the announcement yesterday that a deal had been made and then there's some denial to that but not a complete denial. The president said he give congress six months to come up with a legislative response and now the you know like Gary Palmer the Republican Alabama San well. Think that they gave us six months we're ores are today do we get up get in six days. I think it's kind of like why we talk talk about this last couple days but it's almost like Scheyer and fired a shot over the ball it's gotta like tell the Republicans. You guys are not getting anything done McConnell you can't get anything accomplished. Ryan you can't get anything accomplished all I want. Progress I wanna get stuff accomplished. So now he's working north I mean. And would you have suspected to have three weeks ago that the president and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi would be working together that the president would be calling them shock and Nancy. Pretty bizarre week and in addition of that the local elections due Eric's bad per part of our off Friday a broadcast at 4 o'clock and yeah. And WPP and Y. She doghouse. And that morehead and we're collecting money for our kids are recovering this is a fund raising drive to help people none of the Florida Keys and all of intercom Charlotte has done your WVG. WA AF NC. 17 point nine. Matt Ramon around there broadcasting our Chris or Kellogg is our Kroger I was wanna call and don't. Kroger is the affront main studio broadcasting is a sport show on the. Yeah a. Rule one or 2.5 and six Tim. WS to CNN we're down here as well. Module we normally do on Friday isn't normally what we do on Friday is about four caucus doctor expand Bergen actually. He actually is in the house actually I'm not talking to him on the phone I'm done seeing him in person he still looks like Paul Ryan I'm on time and I don't know if that's again you're on to until the signal is great so you know what's not to like and during the break go out there there's bottles of vodka and Jack Daniels. PM finish work today. I did not die it's it's apparently a deal that set up by Red Bull. Who they say devised it to promote productivity and working Smart rather than know working long hours but we all know that's crap goes the idea that they had the good job possibly get them some publicity which by the way it worked it just did yes I don't we should make get a daily. Activity right routine so I go into the Charlotte business journal this morning on. Internet. And I Charlotte business journal dot com and I type in their expand her Porsche do every Friday night to see what you've written that week. And it's rather extensive is there anybody knows everybody else off. That's a well busy in this day they'd like to have one week where they get their money's worth out of me so this might have been a week well there was gov lynch saying things we'll talk about the mayoral election and not just second but let's talk planters as long as were right today in the shadow of the stadium. You you talked about although the changes that have been made the revisions the up bliss and so one of a major deal stadium. And and how Long Will that last and and Tuesday's subject matter that we've talked about before Richardson also all the team two years after you guys are within two years and does the new stadium does this stadium. He's a guy who pays two billion dollars for the a franchise and but you also had a conversation apparently would Danny Morrissey. Whose cottage just disappeared off the face of the earth no. I won't say he laughter abruptly because I have no reason to believe that it was under any. Some tense circumstances. Was it. You know I have no idea IE. I'm not that I know love but. He did represented team at the Super Bowl and then four days later he left now what I remember when nine he announced that. That was a natural break in his mind in the papers not because the new NFL. Business calendar business year starts in March so. You know it looked may be a little abrupt it to from the outside but from the inside they said yeah that was kind of a standard thing in ended abortions that he had been thinking about. Maybe on back to college athletics member he was the eightieth TCU before he came here in September of 2009 now maybe the job that he wants justice that are available yet but he's. He's does South Carolina. Teaching yes were Jeff I don't mean people know this he has a Ph.D. in education so. It's not that strange that he would go. Into the classroom. But it was believed that he would wanna go into an app like pressure copper start parole anyway he wound up in the classroom he's teaching in the S port management program it. You Bursa sac Carolina Columbia which is it one of the best of that kind. In the country by the way so he's doing that and he's keeping an eye on the painters he's already been out of the stadium to see some of the renovations that he helped put together so. He he's gone but he's not far away he'd be out but it'd been ready this can't be out. No I don't think I was the athletic director at the Texas Christian University which came to prominence under his leadership this is the former commissioner of the Southern Conference which came to some prominence under his leadership. And president of an NFL team you have to believe yeah and he's keeping his eye out for something he's a he's a sharp cookie and they carries himself well and any treats people like me well what she didn't have to do but I mean he's. That this this guys are real pros bro I don't know I'm anxious to see what do ultimately does happen to him. Talk about the improvements in the stadium the pictures that you guys have in the in the current edition of the observer well looks stunning and if you look at the list which you also proud. Well what's been done toward a seventeen and 28 team. But it is pretty significant and the stadium is an excellent shape and it's it saying that you pointed out all the money that's been poured in there like a 171. Million or something like that the stadium console but to 32 derailed bracket and David and a now you know current money Kurt Kurt dollars I should say it's 380 million say you're almost spending as much she's been I guess half as much as they did Terrell construction price. On these renovations some of the things they've done people will remember last year on the 500 level the upper level the concourses were all re done. Not only did they have new concessions areas but all you can cut drink stands to make things move faster they were not held as they related to do out because this third quarter fair it's not in the seats that's a bit anyway as the general problem yet and and so they've now done that on the 100 level that the lower level. They are seen it last year and so far this year the pre season games they're seeing much quicker. Turnaround times because people don't have to take money serve the drinks you all the say you know I dated kind of expedited the whole system so. That's working they also have a lot of furniture carpeting lighting things like that in the the fan lounges that are on the club level so those her. Probably two of the more prominent things that people notice that she. Well and then things that people really wanted and that was better Internet service and federal Wi-Fi were you able to confirm that this building on yet here is exactly what I've been told it was. Your tab hi guy asked about that it's a 7400 square foot building. And it was indeed built so that they could expand the cellular capability they've added T-Mobile is the force carrier. And and also expanding capacity overall and they think. That with that building they have plenty of room to handle future demands you know 1040 years out. This is a big building and had apparently is just filled with technology to make wireline Internet better or the stadium and I would assume. All right it's probably loaded up with air conditioners to keep our climate control ever relaxing what they do it transmitters such a radio stations and you like to keep a constant. Atmosphere and so I was over but I want to end their all to see what their assets like I hope you get in to kind of be my allies like. I didn't think is it you're saying that you know hit these stadiums now it's such a given that fans want that servers they want that quick servers that. You literally go out and build an extra building to make sure you have the right capacity that's certainly something that was not going home in the stadium opened in 1996 and I'd love to know what that building cost of yeah I mean just from a step not guys not just from the building itself but the technology inside yeah I'm he had to be several million dollars of technology I would bet you. Just just to appease the fan. Which shows you. How stadiums has changed over the years I got you stood. Help a guy set up to Miller beer distributors ship at Mile High Stadium and I mean there was really not a whole lot going on there it was pretty bare bones stadiums are bare bones anymore they have to make money they can't just seat sales yet that's absolutely right and again it goes to the comfort me remember as good as TV is now to get someone to come out and spend their money and spend their time. Away from the sofa you better deliver and you better keep updating now Wednesday night I was over in Atlanta at the new football stadium. Watching MLS team but also taken a look around at it with the falcons are now using. And at that the competition's pretty steep out there well and and that follows Jerry Jones and his billion Dave was right personal and it is billion dollar deal. Com and so you so now the speculation is and what your article is this they've remade the stadium here in Charlotte but is that enough when a guy pays two billion dollars for the day committee will. And that'll happen. The sooner rather than later I assume. Yeah and that you know that's the big question and that's a difficult thing if your city government in if you're involved in local government or the business community because. Most people around town will say it's inconceivable to them thank you for just right. That the NFL would leave you know they admitted they have to do everything they can to keep the NFL here. Well we know as long as Jerry Richardson's the owner. That the Panthers are here but as you say then what happens and remember that stadium is owned by the team so whoever buys the team. Whenever that happens would. Acquire the stadium but again we are two billion dollars you're gonna wanna return on investment now and Marcus Smith to say I'll take it. But he's got kicked a soccer ball relevant logger and then maybe he can gill that aspect as well. The out the other part about the path there's this kind actually we talked about Denny Morrison was the president he left and they don't have a president does so their front offices changed a little bit now they've got. Leadership there that has all been in place for some time so maybe they're not in such need of having a team president riled but there has been some speculation whether accurate or not. That may be at the end of the year they go out and find that general manager they didn't have to go find time and not and maybe Marty Ernie becomes the next president of the gym. So you know there's a lot that they're moving and there are a lot of moving parts here remember that Marty her knees on the football side obviously replace state government. Denny Morrison as team president was really dealing with the business side so on the business side they've not replaces position they have people who've been there long time tell yachts the you probably know that the ticket sponsorship. Executive they've got several objectives like get him what they've said so far is they're comfortable without leadership. And in terms of the football side I think that's all going to depend on what happens this Sunday in the next you know fourteen Sundays after that that will determine Marty -- state now. Well. I think they'll win this week. And then they have New Orleans coming in here so there's a pretty good feeling that maybe you start three you know and you can't challenger. The checkers are for they have spread to and then you go to New England. Now New England lost third go down I am so proud that gives you some hope there are but and that means watch that patriots saints game this weekend in middle preview of your next start next to harness you up and I I would imagine that the pictures to be ready for that I don't signatures certain though until FF a solo Wilson were always felt that Bill Belichick doesn't say it's on the Carolina because then you know you're in trouble right and that's and that the truth. All right we'll talk about what. And Eric and I were talking before we went on the air will come back into second but did the incumbent Charlotte mayor gets. Stunned. In a primary upset but did in retrospect you look back at indigo. While I didn't know she was as unpopular with everybody else's she was with me general Roberts is out and no vial Lyles and kitty Smith will live for a the mayoral ship in the November general election we'll talk about that next. God how many more heads straight for raising punching the keys to the keys to recovery. GT WF and C 107 point on the link Matt Ramona. For screw over all of us are donor broadcasting our shows this afternoon and if you're in the area meant more had to date drop by and threw a couple of bucks into the put into the boot so we'd appreciate it very much help us with the effort to they're also be a presence down here on Sunday. As are always this version with a home game the doghouse shall be taking donations from 10 AM until 5 PM on a Sunday. And L five game have a circus Buffalo Bills are in town for. For a game of Theo Panthers pregame starts unknown news talk 1110 WB two united nine point three FEL mine had 1030 with Jim so peak. They end up first kickoff and about till 130 in the afternoon but you can drop by the the doghouse on Sunday and make a donation as well. And if you got a thousand dollars you'd like to throw her cause all I'll give you the the famous John Hancock mullet Bobble head and they had coffee I don't sell off. Were inspired by that to have by a PBS do we do we call the bills are made of painters north now. Well let's say generally thought Russ starter Chris Schroeder a little bit earlier. You know we've been the bills north before when we first started you had big hassle ours and you had like all right can you say yeah you that you had a federal Buffalo Bill connection. That I had for a guy kind of forgotten it until you said that I'd kind of forgotten it did that's right we've been down this right now. So they're gathers lessons to be somewhat of except this time we're setting guys up there instead of them sending guys and yeah I know it's it's it's changed a little bit. I guess I guess one of the things on bulls surprised about is how many people from buffalo live in Charlotte. We've got people over until one Julian price place mad to boys are promotions directories. Hey utter what he called a buffalo when he and come as though but there's a lot of people I mean if you're looking for watch. But artists there's a lot of bars that do and do Buffalo Bills gives yeah I was gonna say and if you and it just go to Hershey store on a Sunday. You see a lot of bills yours now so the other connection is strong we have a lot of western and New Yorkers hear a lot of bills fans no doubt about it. I came down here for economic opportunity and sunshine and yes an honest job what is this and about twelve feet a lot of snow yeah. I don't know on India an advantage Carolina given season. You were at the. And Tuesday and I'm. I was at I started with the Roberts headquarters and an eyewitness user Reynolds and then I will ask sort of arts and I went over as I was watching the numbers and whenever about Lyles and there's all different to that mr. she may imagined. You're a you're surprised. Yes as everybody was. But then when you look at that in retrospect are you really are you've got a surprise to your surprise yeah I I think that makes sense you know you kind of have that 20/20 hindsight. I what I thought coming into this election. Was that certainly mayor Roberts had Vollmer her vulnerabilities. But I thought that it minimum she would get through the primary may be go into run off and then who knows see what happens. I didn't just a good campaign her yet she had the most money yes and she'd been running TV and nobody else has been run in TV strong seeing Heidi at yeah and you would think that even with a some what though would feel a lack of turn out seven for general or that laws that would favor her. I know it's clearly saw that A John that's one the most surprising things to me is that the turnout in 2015 was eight point 8% something like that in this time. It was just around eight so. I can't believe with HB two and all that entailed and then you take. The key Scott shooting in the response that I thought for sure that voter turnout would go up just because people here with strong feelings on all sides it did not. Is that it is is she somebody you like to interview right now yes and I hope we get that opportunity soon. I'm wondering because I he wrote he would just I really would like to know how exactly she Celia she probably wouldn't share that was you know I don't think she is an open book like but I don't I really live on eight I wouldn't be surprised to see her run for something else in the futures and told me that that's just mind you ask somebody said congress. But I I can't imagine it would be a local board. Now she's already been told by the county commission that there were no trees it better leadership skills and she was just kind of told the same thing and they city hotels also up. So I don't know school boards well how about Eddie BG afternoon drive hosts non now that's taken. Statement Danielle and I have another. I'm not so sure either one of us are looking for a team if they have a great weekend and go Panthers yes sir thank you. Hi we are back at the end. Accounts from down here all better cal Charlotte has done here today event promoter down here Chris Kroger is Tunisia over at just 6101 or 2.5. WS didn't see. And now we're down here today were collecting money or calling it keys to recovery where a collection for the enough for the keys which just been devastated and if you've ever us out on Louise backyard Oreo lover of been a sloppy Joes or if you've ever wondered don't. Exactly what your name was Paul wandering around on Duvall street that nearly all understand we you know we thought we wanted to do something. We raise some money. For Texas. And we wanted and some for Florida and I think the discussion went well you know we could probably have a bigger impact if we. Do it for the keys as opposed for all of Florida and so that's what we did we can resume bit on the on the keys and so that's what we're down here for today and as you can wander on and another throw a couple of bucks in the boot appreciate it enough. If your field especially generous and you got a thousand dollar donation on your deal Bobble head no giant got coffee mug. Were inspired by PBS to give you was that kind of an offer you're big they give a million dollars or do you see these are gonna think. All right general manager Matt O'Hanlon just don't wandered in here. You know they there is there'd be a dog also pretty well you've been under for James and stuff like that but this is all this is very fun. We we encourage everybody to a comfortable most people do come to the doghouse before games. Burglary encouraging everybody to continue to do that but today were doing something a little bit different. And they you know we talk about Harvey we did something for Harvey to recent money. And you have posted a photo of check that we did with the knights and you know something. And that was eleven Graham but that was 21000 dollars total that we rarely in an end in a you know I was telling you John you know posted a picture and I got calls from. Friends from Houston saying thank you now and it reminded me how fast we forget about people who are in need because we get stuck in our own lives we got a run back to our own stuff. But if if she was on the other foot we would want Houston and Miami and the keys to care about us and it has it has happened right we've been hit by hurricanes. So you know we're doing our little part to help our Brothers and sisters who right now are in need. Another radio stations throughout the country are doing their little part another TV stations are doing their little part that organizations are doing their little part and yet this and that and the other before you know what you're talking real money and that's what they're gonna need down there is real money. Hey you do it again nobody does it like John Hancock. Well we'll see enough speeches and they've spent it well Woolsey was not my boot is bigger than Matt Ramon is doing by the end of the evening thank you Charlotte for you generosity we're at the dog house if you donated and come by on Sunday too because from 10 AM until the more and in the morning until 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Will be collecting again and I were all down here until at least 6 o'clock tonight so I'll come might help with because Mitt and morehead. At the dog house. We'll get our revenues available in just a couple of seconds ticked off big weekend until 5 o'clock. I don't know how much you've been following this Equifax. To deal. They're exploited by hackers 143 million of us. Probably have had our. Names Social Security numbers and and everything else compromised. With a more you read. And the more you learn about Equifax and how perilous they are with your information. It ought to just Mickey so magic can't see straight. For a story yesterday about it down in Argentina. Which could have made then you could easily access all the information of the people down in Argentina. Because this is the username and of Sandia password sign in was ad men. And that was that. That's that's the most common sign in and everybody so. The fact that they didn't get hacked is is it is almost amazing this massive Equifax data breach that exposed the names and security numbers and and more of you know 143 million consumers. It now appears that Equifax head. Clear and simple instructions on how to will avoid it. I and more than two months to follow those instructions and they didn't do it. And look at the credit reporting company announced Thursday that hackers it exploited the vulnerability of the Apache struts a web application. Between may and July. And and here's the thing patch to fix that particular vulnerability. Has been available from more than two months. So the vulnerability was disclosed back in March and Equifax could've had it fixed in a heartbeat. Not only was a patch available to Equifax. But there were public reports back in march of hackers exploiting web sites that hadn't yet fixed. The Apache struts vulnerability. The New York Times reports that is unclear why Equifax didn't patch that vulnerability. And I got I hope they take a mud to the cleaners because of that with a many of us will get taken to the cleaners. And you sign up Peter you call Equifax now they asked for six number zero Social Security they put John sort sort of off one year trial protection program or something like that. Well they're the people the hackers have all your information Social Security number and everything they can wait a year out. Then by that time you're just as vulnerable again tax filing season could be especially for carriers this year. Because when your filing online or something along those lines who knows who's been got access to your information so. From the fact that a company like Equifax takes it upon themselves to take all that vital information of yours. And then compromises safety Tom is is just. I can't even begin to tell you how outraged I am all right over to the OW BT news or we go and today's big story. And also John did you see via Bloomberg reported three top executives including the CFO of Equifax sold almost two million dollars in stock three days after they discovered the breach. And does several weeks before they made it public I was in a save before they told us weeks so for so that ought to be I don't what do you call that inside triggering her I don't know what you'd call that but it's the equivalent of this is just beginning. All right a little late but well worth it to collect a couple hundred bucks turkeys for recovery are appreciate that much it is a September the fifteenth were 200. 58 days into the year with a high. And seven days ago. This is the date 1978. Mohammed Ali definitively on stage to win his Third World heavyweight boxing championship. First issue of the USA today was put out on this date in 1982 with a lead story the accidental death of princess grace of Monaco. 2001. George W. Bush defeated O'Sullivan Lott. 9/11 terrorist attacks. And on this date in 2008. Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy. The largest bankruptcy filing in the United States in our history. And if you I don't know I guess I would call that the beginning of the end of the group started the Great Recession technically. How one week from today September the 22. First full day of fall and you can't wait for that can unknown man's face craft Cassini. Made it's a rough final orbit around us Saturn and is and is the yesterday technically and then deliberately turned and made a suicide plunge this morning burning up enough. How early morning atmosphere around. Selena Gomez revealed that she had day a secret kidney transplant and scientists have created content that glows. I don't know why. And I'm not exactly sure hope the content feels about it Sunday as the Emmy award Steven Cole bear hosts the awards honoring the best denied TV. He's trios westward. West world Netflix hit stranger things Saturday Night Live who lose their hand maiden stale those are all among. The most nominated a programs that'll be on a CBS. Had 8 o'clock this 69 annual. Emmy Awards. This morning about 7:55. Eastern. NASA watch that forty year old spacecraft Cassini crash into a Saturn. Fascinating. The thing far surpassed this success that is expected to have the space agency really I had no other choice Cassini is nearly out of fuel. And has already been no stretch years beyond what is intended mission duration was. Keeping it going a risk to go to original contamination watched the Saturn moons and microbes on earth. That that they've got ice worlds up there I know some ingredients for life and so they didn't want that thing no two. To essentially. Aggression of one of the moons and and possibly contaminate their. So through its very fast Lomas moments before billion dollar craft conducted son scientific investigations. It descended into a sense of saturn's atmosphere or several of its instruments were on at the time including a mass spectrometer. Which can essentially sniff the atmosphere and determine chemical compounds. As it went out so become an emotional day for a NASCAR. Our national. I Sunday Night Football just in case you're wondering will be the Green Bay Packers in Atlanta to play the falcons of course buffalo visits the Carolina Panthers. Not to play Bank of America Stadium and we will be down here again all the crew will be done here again on Sunday. At the dog house from 10 AM until 5 PM and will be collecting in our keys to recovery drive. For some relief experts efforts in the keys as well we're better till 6 o'clock and if you're in the area drop by the dog house meant more ahead and throw a couple buck. So in the boot as we try to help the people in the case. Radio program. There's a lot of big stuff going on this weekend. High school football award given them say some some epic games including Mallard Freedom Party which is two undefeated teams. They got a few undefeated teams going out there tonight up in my own up backyard and beautiful Belmont Gaston County south point. Takes on Stewart Cramer there are both undefeated and they are those who literally neighbors school so that's a big weekend up there. By an infected a whole lot of stuff going on local almost as we get one of the great removed earlier Belmont hook up. The annual summer sizzler in football is returning birth of love each year together the caravan coffee shop. And that goes starts tonight and continues tomorrow so it Belmont values should do. Boom Shaka locker room. No. David Ellison does the I have an exchange music factory comedy zone. Through Saturday. That up next we can't is a Sinbad saw a couple of big names coming into they are comedies over the next couple weeks. Chinese lantern festival continues that he had Daniels still botanical garden. Talking to a Ramona. From a man Ramona fame because we're all look down here at the doghouse collecting money for our keys to recovery. She said they went to the Chinese lantern festival last weekend and it is just. It what you you say lantern festival and you think OK all is but I'm telling you they do animals and they do I mean it's it's. I need to colorful animals and it's just to what one. Horticulture display and come true masters event. It's it's hard to really got to get yourself out to a dental still botanical guard America should Chinese lantern festival. How will continue in to October of Joseph the F 29 Wednesday through Sunday. 530 two 930 OPM's so love take advantage of that. You could also if you've ever wanted to ride and AMB seventy you know Boeing B seven K and the out Madras maiden will work to bust vintage aircraft aficionados my dad would've loved to have done this. Others with an interest in the history of the air force you got an opportunity to take to the skies and a fully restored B seventeen bomber this weekend out of a Concord regional airport. Is all sponsored by the liberty foundation of a polar Moore Oklahoma. 11 AM till 2 PM add tech Concord regional airport. And they each hour. They'll love be taken people up it cost like 450 bucks if you. I know the Celtics say expensive but says the cost to put the fortress of the flying fortress in the air is over 5000 dollars per flight hour. So why is your chance to do it yes is a little pricey but it Michael Philipp dream for you or maybe you can now go back in. And relive a time when you love fluid these back in the war so loud that's at the Concord regional airport. And I think that's a pretty cool thing going on out there party your big weekend in the Carolinas more just a second. When wholeheartedly weekend. There's a few games on tonight in fact Illinois South Florida Massachusetts at temple Arizona and Utah Jeb bowl on TV tonight. Non cardinals in the cubs are playing as we speak go to the nice things about being down here at the daughter Jessica TVs everywhere the coach kill the cardinals. Now on our charge into that two out have their kinsey guys are or cubs fans. As you well know I am not. College football tomorrow or early games permanent North Carolina State. Other games include Baylor at duke that'll be at 1230 game on no fox sports. And. Regional I think. Tennessee at Florida 330 game Notre Dame and Boston College Notre Dame coming off a loss to a Georgia that's 330 tomorrow. North Carolina a and T that Charlotte that'll be on ccb had to 6 o'clock. LSU Mississippi State tomorrow night Colorado State into Alabama. Not clones that it Louisville should be a huge game 8 o'clock tomorrow on ABC. And Texas it does Southern California. Be interesting game mode too although texas'. Texas still has some challenges. 830 tomorrow on fox so those are some of the games you're on TV bill for Sunday. The bills in the Panthers from Bank of America Stadium just across the street from we're raising funds. Love for the people of Florida Keys at the dog can also be here till 6 o'clock actually they'll be collecting funds under up until seven so if you're near murder them morehead. A combined to a couple of books in the boot for us. Via bills in the path or severe early game that'll be followed by the cowboys at endeavor to play the Broncos on fox at 4 o'clock in the night game. Packers at the falcons. NASCAR boys are in Chicago at the monster energy NASCAR cup details of the turtles 400. That doesn't sound like a real quick race doesn't. Turtles race I don't know. So that's tomorrow what year are TV. Calendar looks like in high school football get to that in just a second. High school football some good games going on tonight I assume Mallard creek cooers undefeated and one of the tops in this state rated number two actually observers sweet sixteen behind Rock Hill south point. John noh South Carolina away. Well Mallard creek or goes up against Harding and Harding is undefeated this year so they'll be at Harding and that game starts at 7 o'clock. Shelby undefeated goes up against kings mountain undefeated. And Shelby is always stout so we'll see what goes on know what down nets game started just 730 it to kings mountain. Stuart Cramer takes a trip but to strike down the road to a south ward Belmont self. Point the my of my new favorite high school and both of those teams are undefeated. And that should be you won't Dell model probably just be abandoned tonight because a south point gets an unbelievable turnout for their games anyway. And Stewart Cramer is that I got in the same and has really risen to prominence over the last couple years so this over kill or rivalry game and they get started it does south point. That 730 tonight. And Buford Georgia. Take on the number one team and in this area Rock Hill south point there are three you know and Buford Georgia is a two and also there's some good games going on there. Providence plays Butler. Weddington goes to crash that should be an actually game Scotland is set to west Matt Huff plays on Brickell south fired ale that more is still. Four mill York. Channel canal Leo list west Lincoln takes on the east Burke. Vance itself Mecklenburg bears South America and as South America to never win this year advances to and won two months sabres. Victory Christian takes on rock kill Franklin Christian. North America Cox mill. Both of those teams articulate America north next three you know but Cox Miller's wanna do. And no link it to and it north gas to. Just a nonconference. A game played a little bit till later on I think that was actually played last night so. That's that's all kind of a brief look at your at your high school calendar a darn about Belmont the streets of Belmont all of be filled with the smell of of a barbecue. We wandered down down around caravan coffee which is right there on the main street the main drag you know Belmont last year. And this was going on but I couldn't quite figure out what it all is well this is the eleventh year that they've done this static here on coffee. There's a guy the guy who wants caravan is a guy by the name of Vince hill. And Aventis were really involved with downtown Belmont. And the street festivals and have taken place down there are a lot of the entertainment that takes place on a Friday nights is really kind of been his his baby. He owns caravan coffee. He and his wife also on the big created is right next door. So they're out there are only doing the barbecue bake off but they got the dessert bar eleventh annual summer sizzle and took off going on takes place tomorrow. At dog main street south main street and then tonight is the Friday night weighing being in downtown Belmont. And not a Caribbean barbecue team going this year wings drop in about 6 PM and the cook served. Our our freedom took them however that they like. Live steel drum music going on down there are and they'll have the road runner vet club good down there with thorough Corvette show. Don't wing Ding us sponsored by creative travel they'll have a tip or vacation information the public in the judges will taste and judge the wings that 8 o'clock tonight. Cost is 25 dollars for the non took off contestants and free for registered contestants main event gets started bright early tomorrow with judging starting unit 10 AM. And so the wing Ding tonight on the big job. That is it the big dessert bar eleventh annual summer sizzle and took office tomorrow so. Just a little bit applaud go in my new hometown the original UB40 members. Alec Campbell. And Mickey virtue and Astro. They all left the band by 23 two. And they regrouped they now have a trio called the UB40 legends. And they will be at night theater tonight that should be pretty interesting the national hot rod association. Began today. C Max dragway with the first of six races in the NH RAs count down to the championship featuring the top ten drivers in top fuel. Funny car pro stock and pro motorcycle stock made event is Sunday. But races leading up to that does so it's a Friday through Sunday affair single day passes 27 to 54 dollars three day pass is 99 bucks. All tickets include pit passes children thirteen and under are free. If you need more information about all that go to Ticketmaster dot com. Had there's more coming up for your big weekend including John Bryant and the toss go music factory and the world's largest corn hole tournament. And Eric Braden from young and restless and a book signing in park road and I'll tell you all about that next. Now. Dark look about this to come. World's largest coral. It's Andrew. Rotary WPG Andrew Roby tenth annual pension Perot which is corn hole tournament. It's actually the world's largest corn hole tournament penchant for wishes they celebrated their tenth anniversary of the general contractor Andrew Roby. Who just lot of radio shows and stuff with the WBT. Annual fundraising tournament for a make a wish of central and western North Carolina. They get the panther in the cheerleader in the air checkers in the and the night mascots down there and they do raffles and it's just a great time. 11 AM till 4 PM tomorrow. Pitch in no floor wishes dot com if you want to look at some more information and all that pitch is under four wishes. I'll remind you that worth the Coca-Cola dog house. And pastors in the bills this will be a place to be as well and from 10 AM until 5 PM on Sunday will be collecting. For our keys to recovery. Money drive that's what we're down here for today broadcasting live Chris program from W. Didn't see. Sixty and one or 2.5 as downers well Matt Ramona. I've been done are doing their afternoon show and we're all collecting money to sit down to the keys. Which still has no power no water no bridge back to the mainland. Paper yesterday sit 45% of the homes down there have been totally destroyed would overly have a lot of Reading yet because they haven't really gotten heavy rough. Enough people down there to really assess. The actual. Devastation. But if anybody's ever hung out of the keys or been to sloppy Joes are hung out on Duvall street or into. No Luisa back porch or anything along those lines. The keys are pretty special place so that's more raising money for or no we'd love to have you join our effort be a part of it keys to recovery were it to. The GO Coca-Cola doghouse Mitt and more ahead and will be here told another half hour so. And and again on site and actually somebody over here collecting funds of funds up until 7 o'clock. And then on Sunday from 10 AM in the morning until at least 5 PM they'll be collecting funds downers well. And this is just the place to be on any game day in the Buffalo Bills are all play another Panthers at Bank of America Stadium on Sunday. So this party the party would start down here at 10 AM anyway and go until I well after the game. You can elicited WBT for the pregame show that starts at 1030 was Jim's Oki and company full coverage of the game obviously on news 1110993. I'll stop by the doghouse before during or after the game they got live music and beer and food and games and I had to guess saw little vodka and some Jack Daniel's back there as well also it's a partied out here on a Sunday. Bush got a chance to win panther tickets and they're Genesis G eighty. From much effort Genesis. So the F Coca-Cola doghouse Smith and morehead for the game. Reported drop off a donation now for our key is to recovery drive. Back again. Fat. Party this weekend night theater that'll be tomorrow as well party you're a big weekend 7:30 PM you can go to Blumenthal arts dot org but that's a tradition they get great music go down there. Johnny John Ginn I think is there this time around and bless and he sounds under the city just in cedar and and frank Bronson will be their over the weekend a deeper. No shade of blue. Gala and leave family cope. Fourteen to 44 bucks but a second of the try annual concerts put on by John Bosco and company tossed a music party is going on 738 tomorrow night. The night theater. What pardon me there is no copilot and under bush bomb. John Prine. I don't know why miss this one but I do I would love to have. When I order when there where we did the hall of fame thing on nudge January our side today the John Prine song called picture itself. And it talks about a young man from a small town. Listen into the radio and it was one of my inspirations and it dated winds up by saying when the static from the our radio stops John Dean went out to Hollywood and put his picture picture show. And and then manner said it has made us all ever wanted us wanted to put my picture in the picture show I just wanted to of I just wanted to give somebody Villa may have a career in radio and no boy is a good lord's been good to me in that regard. So what John Bryant who has been an inspiration to the David Brothers and and Johnny Cash and Kristofferson and no Johnny Cash and and Roger Waters and Bob Dylan and just an unbelievable. Ole song writer we'll be at the Belk theater tomorrow night. 25 to almost eighty bucks Blumenthal arts dot org if you need more information about that but John Prine if you've never seen him. This would be a real great opportunity treated hoosiers that and if you're a fan of the Young and the Restless. Eric braking to his start on that now for gosh four decades. Good looking guys got a new book out. Autobiography. In fact all the all the damn time and he's going to be signing books it park road books between 2 and 4 o'clock tomorrow. This was released earlier this year chronicles his youth in Germany during World War II his immigration to the United States in his career. He enough film and TV so all of that is part of Europe big weekend as so well. Daniel Costin just came down here you couple seconds ago. He's our photographer buddy who's got to show going on right now housed at the night gallery of those spirits where. There's an air show that features over ninety pieces of his old work legendary national international local musicians. He also has a new book out on the history of the double door and called home of the blues. And that should be available now as well if you get information on that voted Daniel Coston dot com Daniel CO ST ONN. Dot com. Tom I think I'm going over to the WVG news room with Mike Doyle for today's big story. I don't wanna thank you for informing me that Jon Bryant in town tomorrow and I had no idea who had a lot of my favorites all time. Great poets singers of our generation. I used to think he was just dear Abby but when you really start to always do all of his is he's. He is an unbelievable songwriter right up there with Dylan you know who actually discovered him move was Kristofferson path for Earl of old town in Chicago. When he was a mailman and singing there I think he was with Steve Goodman at the time. One another one of the great songwriters of American history but he does a song called hello and there are. Which is about old people. And essentially what he is saying is that he runs and yeah I mean that that that the basis of the song is him talking to somebody. And saying hello there because nobody talks told people you know you know on that same vein Steve Goodman's the dutchman about an old man without alzheimer's disease you can't view. Remembers that he was once a young man but now his wife pastor remembered that formed. Yeah hi this some of that song writers when you can put the right words in the right order and then put it to music. You know I wish I had that a magic. Hand the thanks everybody you are dropped by today at the Coca-Cola dog house committed morehead and are helping us out with our keys are recovery fund drive. Most all beat out here again on an Sunday from 10 AM in the morning to all these 5 o'clock also collecting funds. And as they just have the natural party that is the doghouse on any game day at Bank of America Stadium. So make that party your game and draw might have a beer and enjoy some live entertainment and maybe throw a block or two into the put into the plot for our keys to recovery drive and I appreciate everybody who took the effort to get down here today in and help us out with this. And now Chris Kroger from a W a through Z 10 2.5 and a 610 has been broadcasting down here Matt Ramona we're down here so it was just an intercom Charlotte party enough. And that was submitted kind of fund as well one more thing on your big weekend my buddy Jeff Newton has. His saint Jude dream home they stole all the tickets to this and maybe you are one of the purchasers of it this thing will be given away on October the twelfth so less than a month away. Tom but you can go see it this weekend they're doing open houses on all the way through October the eighth now started last weekend. So what tomorrow from 9 AM till five. And Sunday from noon until 5 PM. They've sold all 111500. Tickets that means all raise well over a million dollars for assay Jews which you couldn't do a better organization than that and if you are if you're not a lawyer was injured. Again he should get familiar with that but I'm just telling you that anybody that has to take their child is injured that's it. Didn't cost him a dime after that Dave Dave Dave pick up everything and the work they do there is. An indescribable. Unbelievable. If you'd like to go see the house that Jeff Newton built and it is a beauty. The saint Jude dream home the house hotel giveaway on October the twelfth this out and now Mitt hill area. If you're going down 485. Go to lawyers road exit that's exit 47. Turn left on a lawyers wrote like you're heading down towards men hill. They're in turn right on the fox hollow road. And you'll see the saint Jude dream home it's got signs in the front yard and it's say it is so well marked if you were coming up from must say 51 in now amid hill. That you were just do the opposite of that and go up lawyers road and then hang a left on fox hollow road. And you'll see the saint Jude dream home but they'll be operating tomorrow from nine to five and Sundays from twelve to five. And a bloody to see what Jeff can do this is a beautiful house 440000. Dollars is what they estimated. Unless somebody will win that house on October the twelfth that'll be announced live on WB TV. Here's three bedrooms that reflects room for balance 3400. School Murphy got a covered patio and a nice outdoor living space. Vaulted ceilings to fire places with a customs around. And informing chicken chicken outdoor kitchen and a gourmet chicken pyramid effect if you want you win the house will graduate gourmet chicken to go into your gourmet kitchen. I dream home dot org if you'd like to get more information on that but the fourth annual Charlotte saint Jude dream home giveaway. This is the third one the Jeff Newton and Newton custom homes and really has done the name of the neighborhood as Davis run. And his right off lawyers road. And just go to UC fox hollow road and if you're covered for 485 term right and if you're coming from then hill cannot turn left. And not take don't want her on through their lesson had yourself a great weekend. I'm John Hancock Charles lost more than we are out of your. I'm mark Harrison coming up on Charlotte at six and five minutes Charlotte police chief response to criticism of officer shootings he says of a guy's got a gun cops can't pray their way out of it. Even my office and never really knows what. Subject to state. And then at six try to vote tops and and I went to school today to taste that strange new bird.