Kids First Auction

John Hancock
Thursday, December 14th

Hancock talks about all the items up for Auction in support of Kids First.


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Yeah this is John Hancock. There we are as a hawk shouldn't kids first 27. Love for the next three hours we will try to keep track of what the bids are on no I don't know. While we have about four or is it Mary about forty ought himself like that in the neighborhood of about forty. So I'm looking at the Tom Petty in the heart breakers limited edition guitar right now and the high bit on that right now is 4800. Dollars so that's of 300 dollars from the 4500 dollars that we had yesterday. Hello everybody on FaceBook live. Christine engineer issued know that the auction is open it has been open for some time lot of people who already placed bids I'll try to keep dipped during you don't know. On top of the key items but go to WBT dot com the first thing you should see is a rail link to the auction page. And now going there and wander around there all sorts of things in all price ranges there are certificates for services there is great photography by Patrick or Schneider. There are gift baskets there's a loop Heatley autographed Jersey in the acrylic case from new wave acrylic and there is the Kemba Walker. A framed autographed Jersey. There's the Tom Petty in the heart breaker autograph Qatar which you know. Is so much more impressive in person and it is and a picture it's a butterscotch Soledad indeed on no on numb. Online it looks like it's almost would drain too solid body guitar. But it's when you hold it in your hand it's butterscotch colored unit is. Well I it's I mean it's just stunning so that's that's probably our signature item this year but we've got a bunch of stuffed we've got us celebrating on WBT's 95 anniversary so. Others are John Hancock Bobble head in there and day collector's item features a celebration of the life of Henry Bogans CD that we put together when Henry died. And DO WBT 95 yearbook which they had a dale hall of fame ceremonies this last year which kind of as a composite not a volley of all of the eleven people in the WBT hall of Famer encompassing the last nine to five years. But also ought to pretty much history the radio station itself so there's a whole bunch of stuff in there. Carolina panther stuff. Autograph footballs. Signed by Russell Shepard and and James spread during Mike Adams and Gerald Williams and a trade turner and than there's another. Panther football those both come in acrylic cases. I'm garage stored doctorates in with the garage doors thing this is not necessarily your phrase this way I don't think on the website but. Well when your bidding on the air garage door doctor garage doors you're either bidding on a sixteen or eighteen foot double steel door or. An eight by seven or nine by seven single carriage shell doors but obviously you would be you'd be getting to those. The single source so you either buying two singles or one double. And that's so no matter what your what your bid is it'll be your choice at the end either take the two singles or the one double. So that's how that works that comes remark prominent company. We've got tickets to a quail hollow open the Wells Fargo championship coming up and 2018 on April the thirtieth through May the sixth. I came through Wells Fargo we got the giant ponies that we've had done year after year after year. The died. They're like though the one and Bridget is the name of the horse this year. And it's life size and then there are and and we're auctioning all of these off dues separately so you got Bridget which she has got to stand. What from ears to floor has got to beat. Six big. 55 so much that. So I mean it's it's all still it's all well a life sized stuffed horse. I don't know that I could sit on it but garbage America had. And last year our general manager settle no one knew that do we auctioned off so long I just have always envisioned as five or six year old girl coming down Christmas all morning and see in this life sized stuffed pony. Prior to Christmas tree and I just I don't know it just seems to me that I'm gonna granddaughter you know that was just more about ten weeks ago. On and if we still have these life sized horses in the auction three in four or five years from now I can tell you that the high bidders gonna be on now. And then there's a medium sized one which is so I don't know four foot length or something like gotten under the a tiny one but those come from Mo Wells Fargo and this is the fourth or fifth year that they've. Made those available forests. WBT dot com just go to the auction pages and know you'll see all these items that I'm not mentioning and a whole lot more that I off highlights recliner from much handle furniture. Our galleries called the a Belmont high life recliner it's in kind of a tan and brown and no blue color scheme. Tyndall was been with this every year we've done this auction Kramer mountain club is championship golf course with. Extreme elevation changes in a fantastic scenery and they offering to four rounds of golf. Or one around for four people Kramer mountain club hidden gym located a few miles outside of a Charlotte. Ten million dollar renovation just a completed. So you can go to Kramer mountain club dot com if you wanna check that out but. Those are four rounds of golf on round for four people that's on the auction you go bit on that right now. If you're one of those parents is looking for one of these collectible LO weld balls I have no idea how much you won't understand toys these days. But this is a limited edition LO oil surprised glitters series ball high commodity apparently hard to find. We had listener call in and say Michelle effect wrote us and said dump my kids tell me these are all the rage I've got to love them. You can do with what you want to go with them so we put him on the auction I noticed that don't want of a Mardi 125 dollar bid a few moments ago and I don't think I think the other one doesn't have a bit at all so low you can get in on that. If you're out there looking for one of those two collectible stickers three bottles war pairs of shoes find out says six accessories every I was surprised ball. Includes the doll and the secret message sheet and then all that stuff I just mentioned. How can he do that when as soon it's just his biggest like it's like about the size of a softball or even smaller than now. Anyway you you people with kids you know on other goes. Our autograph kemba work walker Jersey. You know already framed or ready to go get ready to hang on the wall really impressive Nigel continues. I got a holiday on ice package shoe which you can come down and I skate with this package includes Ford mission and escape Reynolds. Hot chocolates for stars skating the day away with the friends and store like that you little bit on that cantina 1511. This is pretty cool this is a package of ten. Fifty dollar gift cards but the concept being grabbed ten friends go down there and blow 500 bucks. Everybody's got like fifty bucks. I drink margaritas and a great Tex mex food and you can trial those talker as you've heard me talking about over the years their talk has just rock. They do a thing called NATO poor boy. I. Next time you're cantina 5011 trial. In fact they give you three today they do the shrimp and they put him in hush puppy mix. And then that he and they give you too many of them you have to like either one. Does it won't all fit in the talk all manner it's on Tony's killer. We got to go along great. America barest county. Basket gift basket that our Robin diamond from a gym the next. Puts together force every year all luck come back here and I tell you what all this and that but. That's bad that several hundred bucks were the stuff. American chemical has again no put forth toilet paper for a year. It's like 96 rolls of toilet paper to cases a toilet paper. I have a feeling that if your bidding on that and I have a feeling I know who you're competing against. It why do I there's a guy there's a person in his radio station and said hey. There wasn't a bit on it why not so. Some go in there are no make him spend more money that Williams can normally you're gonna spend and I don't know if you ever heard of a whiskey prison. Whiskey prison is. Embarrassed county. It's a distillery that is opened up silly distillery that I know of it's and a former state prison the former to barest correctional state prison. Is now the home to whiskey prison and they've been brewing there since 24 team. And that literally need organization. Infected got some of their product here on the in the studio. Bourbon whiskey. And thing called sun dog pink lemonade. Which is. 45. Proof. It didn't let you know we may not make into the auction. But. That not only are they pay up and coming business that is located in a former state prison. The item that up for bid for there is for you and your friends to get to purchase a VIP private two hour after dark. At the whiskey prison noticed the a former Cabrera seller correctional state prison. And their concept is pretty cool. She had decided window where when she started this that she was going to. For every drug product that they put out. Each one would have an association. With some charity some for a one Kerry are some. So always view my conviction small batch burba and that benefits the Carolina farm stewardship association if you buy a bottle of their son dog won thirty that benefits local animal shelters. If you buy a bottle of there. Sun dog lit up pink lemonade that benefits breast cancer research and habitat for humanity and a firefighters. And I had there's all sorts but every bottle. Companies say a nonprofit I think that's a really cool deal for a business to do that so those are just some of the things that you'll find go check out the photographs by Patrick Schneider. Well he's got a number of photographs in this auction some over Mercedes shots. Some of former sports related there's wanna Jonathan Stewart coming out of the tunnel to beginning of the game with the smoke and all that and him doing the jump on this through an eagle and it's a coolest thing you ever saw in your life. So some great sport shot some great city shots and the auction is at WBT dot com. And the first thing you see when you get there should be an auction pages and no go in there and wander around in a make a bit and alt. Welcome back in a couple of segments American Tillie were we are on bills and a couple of good things have happened today uptown catering. Now which is right around the corner from us down their Mike Ingersoll and company are brought to nail a nice check for us a little bit earlier. We got a really nice donation online to from us got up and mores built 2500 bucks so that was a nice way to. Not to us start today. A shout out today to the staff over university hospital. They. That last year they chose to donate an amount that is the you know standards that they they were they choose a kids first is a benefactor this year. And and they all collectively have put their money together and and I gave us say a donation of up 500 bucks so our thanks to the F staff up the university hospital who have. I chosen to to make good kids first there. There. There beneficiary. Of this year com. Philly BT de Compagnie auction page and now back to you just feel. Comments are FaceBook live video that we had a shot at the beginning of the auction is open at WBT dot com. John Rich berg love vanguard still rock in the Bob Seger look. So what it has JJ. I was study at the psyches haircut I've ever say thank you so much under our club myself and then one of these bottles of booze now at. That's and I don't and I'm Baltic that I can handle that very glad John's feeling better back on the year just in time for kids first that the event that works oh man I wanna bet on the Wells Fargo a tick so what's going on with those ponies. Was ponies are up for bid. Life size Bridget is the name of the pony this year comes from Wells Fargo you can bid on now all three of those that are right now. But the big one I'll tell you right now that the medium sized one is like I don't laying down position. And so I mean if you know old girl wants curl up on the floor and and hugs something that would be the one but if you want to just take a breath away on Christmas mornings that this city is all that life size. A horse up next to the Christmas tree and and see how that goes where you. Or look at some pretty good bids wall watching go higher hopefully over the next two and a half hours the Patrick Schneider photography stuff is. Why is that taken off he's got a skyline shot that's got an eighty dollar bid on right now he's got the cams on fire shot which is very cool. In fact the first thing you'll see when you get to the auction page for. Four of the kids first of the Carolinas and WBT dot com is the cams on fire a shot it's got an 85 dollar a bit on it. And McCaffery and I and cam doing a celebration that's got a 120 dollar bid on on the Luke cheaply autographed Jersey. In the and it's it's Carolina blue. In the acrylic case has a bit right now 430. Dollars and I have a 4800. Dollar bid on the autograph Tom Petty in the heart breaker guitar. I Philly Vijay kids first auction is under no way I did WBT got comfort that you see is willing to be auctioned page going or wander around make a bit. All of this goes to kids first in the Carolinas. This is our big week today's the auction tomorrow night six to 9 PM south back former high school is our. Amazing bike drive what a night that'll be food trucks human Nixon everybody will be out there tomorrow night lot of fun. I had hundreds of cars and trucks rolled through last year 700 and some mud bikes in note three hours. Solo we'll see what happens this year our volunteer day at south Mecklenburg high school from 1 o'clock until the evening hours. To get to gymnasiums setup for 400 nobody 800 to a thousand almost a near homeless kids that will take hero of that party takes place on Sunday closed to the public but a lot of work on Saturday raping thousands of gifts. And a set up and Christmas tree is another a lot of work to be done and solo Saturday as volunteer day show up. I anytime from 1 o'clock in the afternoon on. And us stay for as long casual water or stay for a shortage of water come and always you want to but we could certainly usual help lot of parents bring their kids out to. Kind of exhibit to demo what the Christmas spirit is all about doing for others to know so on top for so we'd love to have you. We need to literally hundreds of volunteers we generally get that and so were inviting you personally to come out and join us on Saturday for a well as little or as long as is you can spare to help us so get ready for this party to Walter on Sunday for all of these are kids. Odd to be out. Refresher to make sure working with the your current prices the photography cams on fire from Patrick Schneider 85 dollars on they are cams on fire. 120 dollars on the sweet victory celebration with McCaffrey and I cam celebrating a score. The Charlotte shot skyline shot is up to eighty dollars. The Luke equally autographed Jersey in the acrylic case is up to 450. Dollars or ten panther blue with the autograph on the five. The Panthers autographed. Football it's a black football with the panther a logo on it. And signatures in no silver. And that's up to 750. Dollars thank you so much the Jon Stewart star jumping out of the smoke jumper and out of that I it's our greatest cool shot. Spread eagle you almost gotta go go to the WBT auction page and are there on the first page you'll see at Stewart jumping into the action eighty dollars on that. Another Carolina Panthers signed football this one has say all white when what the of with deal panther logo on it is up to seventy dollars were at 4800. Dollars. On the Tom Petty in the heart breakers limited edition. Produces 2525. Autographed guitar Tom Petty Mike Campbell Ron Blair Scott Thurston. Steve peroni. Bent my attention they've all signed it it's be it it's more impressive in person that it is but from the picture it's kind of a butterscotch color it's not a wood grain. It's a solid body stood out fender guitar. And I and it's up to 4800. Dollars or can be I could not be more happy about that. The Charlotte checkers game pack which includes cruise season hats and tickets in the whole nine yards or 200 dollars. We put together a gift bag guys celebrating WBT's 95 years which judge has all sorts. Has a John Hancock Bobble headed that and a hello Henry CD that we are produced two when he passed. And the 95 anniversary carry your book for WBT is in there. And though Thompson just called it it's that he's adding a full audio said all the hall of fame package so that would include all of the induction ceremony audio enough. And so that'll be in there. Carolina Panthers autographed football would they white faces up to seventy dollars Perry is that South Park every year gives us a beautiful strand of pearls and this may be the nicest cities given as yet. Classic times in history. This is a twenty inch strand of up pearls absolutely beautiful not the big old gaudy pearls this is really nice and petite and acute. I got a thousand dollar value it says there has got a 4000 dollar value but I believe that actual value of it is a little over a thousand dollars in the bidding price on it right now. Is 30910. Dollars thanks to Ernie Perry over periods of South Park. Who are always has a remembered a center Christmas time in the kids first auction. We talked about the LO wells' surprise glitter series balls that normally are retail for ten dollars but nobody can find him. A one's got a better 25 dollars and one just got a bid for twenty dollars Kramer mountain club experienced golf. Four people 140 dollars us a 320 dollar retail value float Carolina therapy session. Experience true relaxation from float Carolina. This is they all want to our float therapy session. To make all your stress just melt away. I have not done this myself float Carolina dot com is their website but my understanding is this will make you forget about whatever bug in your. And stingy blood pressure down about 400 points 55 dollar bid on a 220 dollar value. On the auction page WBT dot com for a kids first of framed Kimba walker Jersey. Is up to 250 dollars thank you did the fun day holiday on ice which includes. It took sixty dollar bid right now. But it's got all sorts of or come out. To skate. Now for admissions for skate rentals are hot chocolate force cars. Sixty dollar value on that come down now hall of fame plaza and by the way you can do that today until 10 o'clock they're open what is it 5 o'clock today. 5 o'clock go about an hour and fifteen minutes from now we'll open and be open until 10 o'clock tonight. The cantina 1511 gift package. Which is 1050 dollar cantina 1511 gift cards. But I think the idea behind that is is to grab by attending your friends and head on down there and everybody's got fifty bucks to spend. That's I got a bit of 310 dollars and that's what blows me away we talked about do you whiskey prison southern braced distillery is. This is actually located in a prison. I know president embarrassed county and it say two or a night time tour. Of their distillery refined this. Didn't have VIP private tour after dark haired whiskey prison known as the former can barest correctional state prison. Our actual working distillery to come open about separate different browns. And that. Has a 725. Dollar bid. And that's valued at 228 dollars so was somebody's doing a good thing for kids first and hopefully we'll just get through the tour their life. Aged two on the auction. Coming up in just a second. WBT dot com find the auction page wander around make a bid. Tax deductible we are they legitimate 401 C three. Nonprofit so make a dead end help us out with kids first this year. It's our annual auction that's going on now closed down to bidding probably about five and 55. This afternoon and no whoever's got the tide bidwill will take at home. We only ask that you ought to be able to get in here before next Wednesday by next Wednesday you'll pay for a so we can get our hands on the phone so we can apply that to. Not Christmas for some of these 800 to a thousand homeless to near homeless kids that we have so if you can meet that criteria come on in and didn't know be a part of at all. Thirteen. My kids first auction is where we are we've got about two more hours to operate in and we won't close the so little puppy down a number of pretty impressive facility early bids so I think you all for your. And no go in there are no longer around there's two pages of stuff to probably about a forty items. And now we'll try to keep you love abreast of all were they are this chocolate lovers gift basket retails at 76 dollars. And this is the the amazing historic Nuremberg chest this is high quality chocolate if I'm not mistaken. In the delivered to of these last year and one of them went to staff. I seem to remember a whole bunch of people with melted chocolate all over their faces and stuff. Fifty dollars. Retail value of 76 current bid is fifty dollars the Charlotte knights a gift collection Woolsey the Charlotte knights tomorrow my have a pretty good to idea that they're bringing there's 31 bikes Dan Rostenkowski enough. Antonio led those guys over there try to get us a bike for every home date that they've had the year before so but Phil don't be shown up at studio sometime tomorrow. Two give us our 31 bikes and get us started on know what will be aren't huge by drive tomorrow night as south Mecklenburg high school from a six till 9 PM. The Charlotte knights collection gift basket. Which is for Charlotte knights tickets best available for whatever day you choose aloof and I'll autograph baseball. But John Hancock Bobble head a jet I homer Bobble head which are really cool by the way Charlotte knights have. Charlotte knights T shirt large. And nights golf classic pull over extra large and some promotional items you get all of that they bid is that a 180. Dollars and all that stuff worth about 600 dollars. So. You can now go bit on the out. On the Charlotte knights collectors gift basket as we speak all right the ponies from Wells Fargo we talked and you saw leaves a little bit earlier. I and in fact we'll do another FaceBook alive it coming out of 4 o'clock news and we'll show you these ponies all over again. But the life size pretty much life size up ponies up to a 125 dollar Bridget is the name of the horse this year comes remote Wells Fargo. This thing is and in every year we've we've had these now for three or 45 years every year I just got to think about. Six year old girl waking up on Christmas morning going to under the Christmas tree. Probably knowing what's gonna be there because you know kids usually get what they ask for in view of an auditor perfect world. But not having any idea that mom or dad but his life sized stuffed pony for and that that sit down at the Christmas tree. Anyway on the bit on that right now is a 125 dollars in the medium sized Bridget horse. I'll which is suddenly could curl up on the floor with another hug. That's at 85 dollars and then they are smaller one. The the bedroom size the beds sized the Bridget. Is it to 45 dollars care at our body that has the ice cream truck. Let's scream for ice cream UN nineteen of your guests can have your very own soft serve ice cream truck for an hour. 85 dollars at a retail value of 135 dollars we don't care well. She's the one that got us started on the a food truck Friday stuff but no excuses or breast aware of the food trucks are unknown on on every weekend under India's summer hours. And that's an award winning truck and they always do a really nice job and they've come down enough. And served our volunteers and another thing over the years so log Karen's very cool I 85 dollars. And having that ice cream truck show up at you know if you were throwing like a dinner party for a whole bunch of people are sold like that have an ice cream truck show up for dessert would be a pretty cool deal. I carry style doors marked prominent garage door doctor this is either one then. Giant double doors it quality steel double door or too small. Doors smaller doors so either one double or too small carried style garage doors retail value seven. Dean 190 dollars. And the current bet on those are 895. Dollars. And that makes me very happy and I yes I hope to bid goes up on that but I'm just telling you right now. Shipping to retail value unemployed closer to 4500 bucks but if somebody gets that for a bargain. Yeah that's one of the things I like about the auction. We make money for kids first. Kids benefit Christmas because of your generosity. And you get a good deal so the carriage down garage doors either two singles or one double. Up to 895. Dollars WBT dot com the auction the water around make a bid back to you were just a few. And I. We are as. Our number two up the kids first auction as we can be go to WBT dot com one of the first things you'll see is failing to the auction page. And now go and there are no longer around what kind of recap and prices on stuff. So who you kind of know worthy of bidding has probably got a good bids. Well we've got so much good stuff the Tom Petty and the heart breakers autographed guitar. Is up to 4800. Dollars. Somebody's gonna end up with just a signature piece that is such again and I'm telling you it is so much more impressive when your whole that in your hands and you actually see it in almost looks like it's wood grain in the pictures but it's not. It's solid body fender guitar and it's butterscotch and cholera and then you've got the black signatures on there. And they all signed a Tom Petty Mike Campbell Ron Blair Scott Thurston no Steve Roni. Bent on tents they're all. They're all on it and so while you've got that when the el duque equally Jersey in the acrylic case the Kemba Walker framed Jersey all the people they are good price. So the auction won't goal for about another hour. In forty minutes so won't cut it off and about 555. And those of you are on FaceBook live right now go to WBT dot com enough find the auction page of easy to be the first thing you see when you get to the a page. And out and bid on some auction and thank you all for joining us so long enough FaceBook live all you all go and I'll tell you the rest of them. Our press Debian that we ended with the carried stall doors which is up to 895. Dollars the 2018 Wells Fargo championship tickets. Is up to 500 dollars so that's over retail value. But does a nice roll up package golfing event of the season happening a quail hollow April the thirtieth through May the sixth. And this gives you two. Ticket books to one week passes as essentially want a what it is so bomb. 350 dollar value. Now 175. Dollar opening bid and were up to 500 dollars on that so so that's a a good thing. The not color scheme it's called via Belmont highlights recliner from Kendall furniture. 729. Dollar retail value 330. Dollars is the current bid. The Charlotte hornets home game package. We're cheers. A great experience for lower level tickets to a hornet's home game Torre 172018. Home game. And an autograph many ball by the player of your choice and I've seen a certificate to this. You essentially have a contacted you walk all over at the hornets you'd tell them who you'd like your many balls signed by. And that's who they'll get assigned by. Quite frankly I'd ask from Michael. But I don't know if that'll that'll look at here I am undermining whatever bidders. I don't know if that'll happen or not. But it Kimba. I don't know whoever you want. And and then then the bit also obviously includes the four lower level the tickets to weigh oh hornet's game of your choice so a lot so that's up for a. And and the current bid on that is 290. Dollars. He's still what is it. 350. On the horn itself so good we just got area update on that let me refresh my screen so I 360. It just toe went out to be a recliner is at 350 the start your engines gift basket. Robin diamond from. Jim and nix was just in here and she's the one that puts this basket together every year and does she goes up here where scouting. And you go to all the race shops and she goes to a sand basses. Office and she. She basically crawls and there on Ernie isn't she begs for stuff. And she's pretty darn effective better because she always puts together just like killer gift basket we figure that retail value of everything that's in this gift basket this year. Is over 2000 dollars. But let me give you the kicker on this what it's not a gift basket at all she gets racing tire. And she puts it technically that's your basket she puts as much of the stuff that she can inside the racing tire and this year. She snagged it. Wanted dale junior's last ride at homestead tires. So that is in essence what one of the tires off dale junior's car at homestead last race he'll ever be on. Is the is the basket. And again that is a sign to Sam bass sprint commemorating dale junior's final ride with a retail value of a hundred bucks for Coca-Cola 600 so grand strand tickets. Valued at about 400 dollars a two night stay with breakfast for two at the Hilton garden inn at exit 49. That's got to retail value of about 300 dollars. A one hour massage at the NBC suites Charlotte Concord golf resort in spot that's valued at a hundred bucks. Our race shop to or at Hendrick motor sports which is retail value 400 bucks for let me tell you that's an item that can't be purchased by the general public. Did they only donate these four charities and auctions like this one so your chance to go do a race shop to or at Hendrick motor sports is part of this. Start your engines a gift basket. The gift card and holiday gift box from German knicks community barbecue. Which if I had a video on right now you could see a Georgian and TJ looking like chip monks with their little cheeks build a gym and exclude as we speak. She bringing cheese rolls. At the and dinner for two certificate from the speedway club. Which is always a treat food's great and atmosphere as unbelievable the speedway club limited edition die cast Charlotte motor speedway. All of that's valued at a 130 dollars. Chip Ganassi racing has a Jamie McMurray erased jacket and a Kyle Larson collectible die cast that's valued at 220 odd dollars. The Buck Baker seat time racing school driving experience retail value 379. Dollars. And in fact it was Buck Baker says seat time. That debt contacted us and said the way we'd like to throw in maybe would you be a part of that gift basket and so we called Robinson would you like to have this is part of your gift basket. And she said yes so thanks to a Buck Baker C tie racing school. Offer being a part of the kids first auction this year. And that's all wrapped up into one of these Dale Junior retires from his final NASCAR radar homestead all of that stuff I just mentioned. With a value of over 2000 dollars is up on the OW BT page for the auction. And its current bid is 675. Dollars he said refreshing this page to make sure. 675. Bucks so that bad there's a bid that ought to go higher especially if you're rays fan or you live up and can barest county. And you wanna do some things that than normal that general public that you just may not get a chance to do dinner at the speedway club is our is a real treat. And the of these guys Hendrick motor sports a tour and all that stuff so there you go there and the a year's supply of toilet paper. Is now up to. Charlotte girl who goes that's who's been against you TJ. The bidding prices now is our right that's a new bid 103 dollars. Is up to a 103 dollars. So apparently she needs or worse in Eugene JTJ. 803 dollars on New Year's supply of a toilet paper we always have our great fun with us. I think that's like 96 rolls or something like that it will last you a year with approximately two roles used per week. I don't know about your house. And I don't want to go into a whole other details. But I'm. OK and so I want 103 dollars is the is the a bit on now and Tom. We go back your guitar still at 4800 bucks Luke he glee autographed Jersey is it to 450. Dollars. Alleges came in 500. They have 500 bucks now on no the key could Jersey that comes from our the Panthers they not only gave us a couple of the autograph footballs. But they said that typically Jersey over with the Jim's Tokyo one afternoon. And it's its beauty its extra large just in case you're wondering the acrylic base comes from my new wave acrylic. And new waiver krill which has been with this for a long long time I think one of the first years that we ever did the auction we got a basketball or a footballer some in my bed and he contacted me. And said hey I go on and acrylic. Company. And we do case is in store for that and if you want I'll give you a case for that. Remember a lot of basketball or football or some arm and toss again a man that degrade thank you very much. And and so then we ended up with some other stuff like another footballer like another and so he he just brought a whole bunch of cases appear well over the years. Not only do we get the acrylic cases every year and he'll listen to the broadcasts and all the sudden you'll find out that we. That we have a solid so but we don't have a case for a while that's the case with the Luke Jake equally jerseys along the senators the acrylic case that that actually holds a Jersey. And I've and so he just got a takes care of us but then over the years. He also has accompanied that. What they really nice check for our kids first so this is a really good dude and we appreciate his participation. With us. And and that's what the that's what the Jersey is in but I'm telling you right now that acrylic case is easy to get into an easy don't. Nine and easy to get the Jersey into an easy to get the Jersey out. So if you wanted to Wear that Jersey. For some specific pure reason or another. You could last year's somebody gave me a Cam Newton Jersey autographed. And I haven't had it framed very thing and I'll work from. Once in a blue moon. Conversation piece I don't know that you can get hotter player India you have been better than looking clear right now could you. Sell us 600. Certainly refresh that. Now says bidding price 515. OK so 515 is the year is the top bid on nearly Luke Luke particularly Jersey. Still do it TJ. The key politically Jersey. Dyslexic. WBT dot com. The auction page going there wander around you might wanna refresh a couple of times lawyer on the page to make sure your worker at the highest bid. But see if there's something you can use in there and did all the money goes to kids first and the auction ends will close it down. I am now a little bit worn an hour and a half 555. About the time we sign off as Romo closed on the auction. And are really the only criterion or asking is that you be able to get here. By Wednesday or earlier if possible so that we get our hands on those funds so that we can apply it to other Christmas. For 802000. Of these homeless and near homeless kids it will take Europa before this a Christmas season is over. Other than that. I think we've gotten burned once. In the auction. And that was that was no big deal I was as one item 400 bucks or so like that Derek I never showed up for. But other than that we just gonna go on the honesty system here because. People always been that way with us and. Okay. First auction WBT dot com did you do the auction page. Take a look around see if there's something you could use place in bed. We. We're air mail legitimate nonprofit so why it's tax deductible. And the year's supply of toilet paper just heard from Ron Loftus who's the guy who gives that to us every year that bid is up to a 113. Dollars. Two cases 192. Rolls 68000. Sheets. Per case. And there's two cases. So. Or two cases 192 rolls 68000. Sheets. And so there you go. Toilet paper free year start your engines gift baskets and a 750 bucks on his home game package is two at 360 dollars. The recliner from Tyndall furniture 370 dollars the smallest Bridget Wells Fargo pony is 45 dollars. The largest is 135. Dollars. The medium size one is 95 dollars the Wells Fargo championship tickets to one week ticket books. 500 dollars that surpasses the retail value thank you very much. We've up to a thousand dollars on the carriage dog garage door either one large steel door to smaller steel doors. That's a 17190. Dollar value that's and a thousand dollars the ice cream truck party for. You in nineteen year guests at a 130 dollars to chocolate bad lovers a gift basket is seventy dollars the Charlotte knights gift collector basket. His 200 dollars and all ahead on back over to old page one and back to you and just chill. How are in seventeen minutes from now we were closed down this auction go to WBT dot com you'll find the auction page going there are no wander around or bring up to date just too low where some of the items are from a bid standpoint right now. All the items like to be picked up your one Julian price plays so which is essentially all flow morehead street between Wilkinson and freedom soon not far from the core. And that area and through their. Make your checks payable to our kids first of the Carolinas. If you Vonn got questions you can call 3743720. Winning bidders knew will be contacted. On a Monday. And we'd like to get Chua near then not Tuesday or Wednesday to a pay for end up pick up your items we need access all Lucinda that money so that we can apply it to a Christmas which would be the next Sunday. This is the next Monday. On the so what if we can they get you in your bio Wednesday. That would be most appreciated. And catcher or pitcher bid. And of course if you're the guy who bottom buyers via Tom Petty and the guitar heartbreaker Scutaro I'll be out. I'll be following you around town for next couple weeks. With tears in my garage and docket no I'm serious I act I couldn't be happier to see that it's that bit on the guitar is that to 4800 dollars and no. And what we can do with 4800 dollars the a number of kids that weakened provide Christmas or for 4800 bucks is. I can't even begin to tell him. So laden. I here's where we are the Patrick Schneider photography is about the first thing you'll see when you get to the auction page at WBT dot com the cams on fire picture 85 dollars the sweet victory celebration with McCaffrey and cam at a 120 dollars. Beautiful Charlotte's skyline shot at a 123. Dollars. The Luke weekly autographed Jersey just went up to 800 dollars. I think it had gone up till like 650. 615 and then went straight to 800 dollars so. And let me refresh that is to make sure that mark Curran on that 800 dollars or below peak Leon craft Jersey which also is that they are acrylic case from new wave accrual extra. What takes care of all of our case an acrylic news like the panther autograph foot team football which has. I'm led to believe 90% of the team has signed that but if you're wondering yes cam has signed it that football is the black football that you'll see. On the first page of the auction at WBT dot com and that currently has a bit of 750. Dollars an overly nice acrylic case as well. And then another Patrick Schneider photo of Jon Stewart jump in and action. Spread eagle coming out of the smoke at the beginning of the game is the coolest shot I can't even begin to tell yet. It's got an eighty dollar bid on it is well Carolina Panthers signed football is that's out Kurt Coleman and Kevin Seymour and Andrew Norwood I think there's about six or seven players or for fibers are reluctant to sign that particular ball. That's up to ninety dollars and of course the Tom Petty and our breaker limited edition autographed guitar at 4800. Dollar. It's. Been an independent. From players but I am. The weather pattern today our I don't I don't like 58 degrees or something like. I and then tomorrow we take a different temperatures again so why tomorrow although only 49 to 51 degrees or something like that which means at our big guy a bike drive tomorrow night at south Mecklenburg high school for kids first. 69 PM it really is a truly amazing night armed. An endless and I you're all invited. I only whether you bring us a biker a toy or money or whatever I don't care. I don't want you to see it. I ever really true hearted it's like I want all of Charlotte to see what Charlotte is capable of it's between six and 815 especially. It is just phenomenal to watch all the cars and all the trucks and all the people on the Yahoo! wildfire devoted volunteer fire department all of these entities that mustang club and all these people that have. Not coming for years and years and years. Other guys in the frame warehouse truck when you see that thing around the corner into the south Mecklenburg high school. Parking lot. Get yourself or to staging central. And and take advantage of all of that and see how many bikes those guys bring us this year last year it was like 220. Some odd bikes. So log tomorrow night between six and 9 PM live broadcast mark. I garrison is doing the first hour Charlotte six out there and vote Thompson's broadcasting out there and obviously as fast as I can get there from here. I will be there and I'm not broadcasting I'll be on the broadcast from time to time but this gives me the ability to walk up and down the line and stick my head your car and thank you for coming and hi it's just a great night Jim an X barbecue and other food trucks are out there and it's just it's just happening 6 to 9 o'clock going to be COLT. But not as cold as it's been out one year old we had of wind blowing and it was like sixteen degrees outside and goes what two years ago. He won't be that whole bit will be pretty chilly. Perfect it's all for the kids first organization. Tonight goes this kind of graveyard where the other bids are we're in the middle of the kids first auction we've got an hour ago. About an hour from right now give or take. A couple of seconds will say this bid is closed and at that point. The bid did whatever the high bid is is the is the winner of the item. Oh winning bidders will be contacted on Monday December the eighteenth. And if at all possible we'd like you do again in nearby the into the workday you know Wednesday. To pick up your vitamin no drop off your checked it out to a kids first. So that we can get those funds to the bank so that we can now go spend that money on no kids enough. And and toys and clothes and no issues and everything that we are trying to do for these 802000. Almost under almost kids. That we are trying to take care of every year I would do or be remiss if I didn't say thank you. A 72 hours ago we were scared to death we organ in our marks and now we're pretty sure we will we'll get some more money tomorrow. From people drive and threw it just south Mecklenburg high school between 6 and 9 o'clock for our amazing byte drive. I have no reason to believe that we won't. Hit at least the number of bikes that we probably need I don't really know what that number is but tell last year we had more bikes than enough. On that we actually needed so we're able to do our share with Colombia Indians who love that's uninteresting story over the years we found out a couple of years ago a few years ago. The Columbia Indians bill France or the manager the David Brothers good friend of mine he's married to just the sweetest person in the world Dana. And now she's a Columbia Indian heritage. And we had found out the Columbia Indians threw way out party for their kids but their party as near as I can tell consisted of whatever food they could get people to bring in and not a whole lot more. And so we loaded up two years three years ago two years ago I guess before the the hurricane came through. Loaded up they flat bed with us 75 to a hundred bikes and us some toys in some stuff and took it down. To Columbia Indians are bike drive is on Friday night and their party was to be on Saturday at like noon or something like that. And no they didn't know we were coming. So all the sudden we dropped off a hundred bikes and a whole bunch of toys for the long the Indians and instead it just haven't they are thrown together she mortars were tie dinner and some. Just to get together all the sudden they had our party. When you win away when you end up with the resources that you can. Not only meet your own need. But you can share now with others. Bob bowler Special Olympics. Sometimes. Not often but sometimes runs short. The number of bikes that he needs and now we've been able to share those with him and some other groups over the years as just the coolest thing. There are years when we have. Men had been I'm glad we've never had a bad year. But there's been a couple of years wrong we've had some lean years during the recession. And we've had other organizations come in and help us were we fell short or they would help us with toys and we would help them with bikes or. Something like that here's my assurance to you. I if you say if you by an auction item or you spend any money or you give us a donation I guarantee you that money will be gone by December the 25 and it will be spent on a child for Christmas. I guarantee you if you give us a bike that bike will be with some child on Christmas Day. We don't swing don't have a warehouse we don't have anything we collect all this stuff every year and we give it all away. We collect artificial Christmas trees which I'm sure they could use if you're around the ball in pre market and you can drop Lafayette tree and decorations. We will use that in the Al volunteer day on Saturday to set up the students that are in the cafeteria. And then when the party is over for these 400 kids it will entertain on no such a Sunday and give him their bikes and give them their presence and and sent him home with suitable terror those Christmas trees down. And those decorations and strap that on our cars in the back of trucks and S and those home whatever they're calling home these days. With them as well so they've got a Christmas tree and they've got food and they've got decorations and they've got something to open on Christmas Day and they've got. Over the first bike they've ever owned. That's what we do. I guarantee you it will all be in a child's hands. By Christmas Day and I want you to somehow or another I don't care if you gave us a dollar. Or if you gave us. 151000. Dollars. I want you to wake up on Christmas morning and I want you to know that there are a thousand kids out there or more. Who are celebrating Christmas because of our collective efforts. And if that doesn't pull in the spirit of Christmas people say I wish I could come up with the feeling that I had when I was a kid at Christmas. If that doesn't warm your heart and fill you up on Christmas morning knowing that you were instrumental. In assuring that some kid who wouldn't have a Christmas is having a Christmas. I hope that's the all the incentive that you need it's what we do. Not what I do not like Sharon does not even really what kids first it's what we collectively do. And that's what this auction is all about WBT dot com the auction page go in there and wander around and find yourself Solomon bid it's 505. The. Oh yeah. And okay. And he. It's. And it. You know. Find it easy on me. Okay. And okay. Neither the oh man. And okay. Mad. Okay. I. It's 1110993. WVK we are full fledged kids first auction as we speak go to WBT dot com and you'll find the auction paid Joseph link to the auction page almost immediately we've got less than an hour to go in fact we just. Electronically set the time at 555. Exactly this auction will close. So low wander on in their net take a look around will re crap those recapped the our prices are Allred trapped those prices when we come back in just a couple of seconds much know where everything goes stands. The quickly Jersey has been popular this afternoon it's up to 815. Dollars let me refresh here just to make sure that'll work and without. Our current figures the a Tom Petty in the heartbreaker a guitar is set up 4800. Dollars. The two LO wells' surprise of pets series won at 45 dollars one at 35 dollars a told of those things were hard the VIP private to work. That these southern graced distillery which is located in the prison. Up there in no amount of pleasant. Southern grace distillers go to whiskey prison dot com but they've got they are two or nighttime tour of that and that is up to 725. Dollars we've figured to retail value on that was about 228. So all the funds here are a tax deductible Moret legitimate nonprofit it's for our kids first. Are big just south Mecklenburg high school by rival BR Roland tomorrow in the cold weather from six to 9 PM to drugs and a whole lot of console you'll join us for that. Punish your own FaceBook why go to WBT dot com and tune into the auction find something and and bit high and help us out this year. Poor kids first. All right one of the things. And I should go find this if it's on page two. In the middle the kids first auction go to WBT dot com and the start your engines gift basket from traverse county Robin diamond from a German experts is thing together fours every year. And the basket the actual basket is sale NASCAR tire and this year. She was able to snag attire from dale junior's last Friday at homestead so that essentially is what all this stuff is. Is in and is is that racing tire from dale. It's up to 790. Dollars it's got retail value of 2000 dollars or heard from our old buddies got so a little bit earlier said do you don't bitterness of the could. Why you're not making good resume goals of money out there at NASCAR he's our NASCAR body was a producer here for a good many years he's the Oakland raider fan. I had gone for a just got. We can because we care. So in the compare us county basket the starch or engines gift basket with a current bid of 790. Dollars. He signed Sam bass Fran had a chance to talk to Sam a couple of weeks ago. This guy has said they heck of a bad run. You still the world's nicest guy he's got to print commemorating dale junior's final season. That's valued at a hundred bucks that's and they in the start your engines a gift basket. The fort Coca-Cola 600 grand strand tickets retail value 400 dollars the two night stay with breakfast for two with the Hilton garden in exit 49 that's valued at 300 dollars to one hour massage at the embassy suites Charlotte Concord golf course resort. And small valued at a hundred dollars. Race shop to or at Hendrick Motorsports. Retail value 400 dollars but this is an item that could not be purchased just from the general public. They only donate these to charities and auctions like this all first of all thank you to Hendrick Motorsports for being. Are for being accessible to us. And and to Robin when she asked. And us second place your opportunity to go up they're doing Hendrick motor sports and take a race shop tour. This sub basket includes a gift card and holiday gift baskets from a German nix community barbecue over sit there you know brisket today. Ian cheese rolls absolutely excellent they'll be out at the a big drive through at south Mecklenburg high school tomorrow. So you'll have a chance Steve they're a brisket and she's rolls tomorrow if you cannot join us south neck between 6 and 9 o'clock for the big bike drive. The basket also contains dinner for two. Gift certificate from the speedway club and AS speedway club limited edition die cast Charlotte motor speedway and Jim get Massey racing as the Jamie McMurray raced jacket in the Kyle Larson got collectible die cast valued at 225 bucks bucks Baker's seat time racing school driving experience. Is part of the taveras county basket they surgery urgent gift basket. And it's all wrapped up in one of dale junior's tires artist's final NASCAR race at homestead. Estimated retail value of all of that a little over 2000 dollars currently has a 790. Dollar bid. You'll find it on the auction page at WBT. Dot com. I forget there's a bye now auction on us some of these items on the auction facility just bought the Panthers autographed team football video black when you know with video 9% of the team site and its 750 bucks. Right now option haven't gone. Auction closes that 555. Bad that happens electronic. Please so. You've got a little over half an hour to. To make your hi bill I'm telling you right now people wait until the last second every year they get burned in the Nick Collison yell lettuce enough. And we hang up right. What did dollar received that. Then death VIPs private tour after dark Ditka and it's a distillery up there and no I never say no Mount Pleasant. Whiskey prison dot com. So really a neat thing I may have to go out there and take a look around somebody had from her staff had Doug called me and told me about this but. For every line of alcohol that they make and sell they have an accompanying charity that goes along with that in some cases it. I'm benefits the humane society your sorrows so forth but jumped. This private tour. UN now eleven of your friends nighttime tour and an old prison. And it's up to 725. Dollars. And I I don't know that I ever mentioned it three bottles of booze go longer than I was trying my best to give this to the promotions department they keep on telling me no this is supposed to go with the with. So I'm sorry girls. But hey diet cokes are on me. TJ and Myanmar. And had a problem. But that's it that's very very cool and why and whether you bid on it or not go to whiskey prison dot com. And have become aware of these folks southern Greece distillery is because it's really a cool deal and all of the way that she's opened up this business and she. She has these different lines of alcohol that they put out. But tell like I say every bottle. A portion of the sales goes to an accompanying charity undersea testicles to a concept ever so that's one of the items up there on the well on the on the bed now is very. The football as the only one that's been audited and has been by an out of neo pastors autographed football that you'll see for 750 dollars that's gone there is on some of these items there is a buying now feature a mellow state a price there enough. And you know what else is doing well that hasn't sometimes it doesn't sort of done the doesn't Perry's. Has always given us a string of pearls. And though the bird though don't pearl city gave us this year is they are twentieth strand. But it they're really nice and petite they're not the big old your grandmother's huge pearls you know these are the these are. I usually they come in at a bargain price and I was thinking you know that I Dickey motto better maybe buyer for my mom. But it's got to sell about 930 dollar bid right now on a thousand dollar a little over a thousand dollar retail value classic PC babies so pearls come from the fifties of our remember us saying it's right. And thank attorney Terry I've known Eric Ernie Perry for 25 years is just sit with him and his story and know South Park down there by the Sears I think there was. On and and talk about the future and worry was headed and restored out in Charleston that he had for awhile and he's just out. Just a class act always has been always will be and is always. Put something in India kids first auction and this year it's steel pearls. And and 930 bucks and that's it that's just excellent and whoever did the 930 thank you as well. They have Patrick Schneider photography is the first thing you'll see if you go to the auction page and WBT dot com. The cams on fire photo is 85 dollars the sweet victory celebration got to take a look at these photos I mean he has. Patty is good at what he does. The sweet victory celebration which is a camera McCaffery. Celebrating a touchdown I assume 120 dollars a beautiful Charlotte's skyline shot. Our for a 123 dollars this in sensational. Picture of by Jonathan Stewart. Tied jumping up in the air all the spread eagle with the smoke. That comes out of the side do when they are doing their introduced at the beginning of the game. He got to see the picture really to really get the full effect but it's the coolest picture of our Jonathan Stewart I would buy his picture. Com it's got an eighty dollar bid on at the Tom Petty in the heart breaker guitar 4800. Dollars excellent. The little Gately autographed Jersey in the acrylic case now 815. Dollars WBT dot com the auction page. And why were they out. In the final moments of the auction well I have 151617. Not seventeen minutes left field. I at 555. This auction automatically. Electronically. Closes. We all the items OC picked up her one Julian price place that's between freedom and don't Wilkinson on morehead pretty close to the corner of freedom meant no morehead duo were a pinky says. I check should be made payable to kids first to the Carolinas. If you have questions. You can either email me and all up which in touch with the right people or you can call. Marriott 3743720. Winning bidders will be contacted on Monday. And no we'd like to get you a near by Wednesday if at all possible. So that we can get our hands on your check and you can get your hands on your merchandise so that we can then go cash that check. Well and apply it to 802000. Kids that we need to take care of by Christmas Day and just oh by the way. Christmas Day is a week drama this Monday. So if you're notified. Of your pitcher the winning bid on Monday Christmas is a week later and so that's why we need to get junior to the station as so soon as possible source you can aid us in that. Will be much congratulated we talked about the start your engines gift basket that includes all the all the stuff that many young Sam bass print it commemorates dale junior's last Friday and it's all. It's not a gift basket it's all in no wonder dale junior's brought tires from non. From homestead his last race that he ever raised in. And somebody has just put in a bid for. 888. Dollars. And 88 cents. And that is pretty cool. I like the creative thinking of that if nothing else is the for the 88 car. 88. The cams on fire picture now 150. The Swede victory celebration with McCaffrey and cam now won sixty I told you these photographs were cool and I. The Charlotte's skyline shot at 123. The little kid play autographed Jersey and the acrylic case 815. Dollars. The path or autograph football is gone somebody did the bye now feature 750 dollars thank you. The Stewart jumping into action eighty dollars another Patrick Schneider photography the Carolina Panthers signed football by a few select players Kurt Coleman Kevin Seymour. I Andrew Norwood and others ninety dollars the Tom Petty in the heart breaker limited edition guitar. Autographed. 4800. Dollars that's excellent the can I Charlotte checker game pack a hundred dollars the WBT 95 year. And the gift basket nor sack. Which includes the hello Henry CD and I John Hancock Bobble head and the 95 anniversary yearbook do we put together. And vote Thompson's gonna add all the audio from the hall of fame. Presentation. In that basket as well that is now at a 10910. Dollars. Carolina panther autograph. White football is up to 225. Dollars and that also saw lined up by a selected cancers Mike Adams Carol Williams. Trade turner and I James Brad buried. Find that comes in the acrylic case from a new wave acrylic the pearls. From mark Perry's at South Park is signed and at that that 965. Dollars. A thousand intend. A 1010 dollars now on the pearls Johnny should do our refreshes page there we don't. The float Carolina therapy session and thank him for coming in this year to help us out 75 dollars for the retail value of a 110 bucks. Wash your stress levels dropped tremendously in a short period of time. Other Kramer mountain club experience. This is truly a championship golf course and mrs. say a package for four retail value. 320 dollars and that is it 260. Box so I'll come on up to Kramer to mount not Kramer mountain of smut. My backyard. The ULO well surprise glitter series dolls these things like retail for ten bucks. But nobody can find a we have two of them thanks to whale listener Michelle a believer name Jones. 45 dollars is the bit on 135. Dollars is the bit on the other go to WBT dot com and I get on the auction page. For any last second bids we've got about twelve minutes thirteen minutes left. Are in this auction didn't give me the autographed Kemba Walker Jersey I think my voice is going south. The autograph to a Kemba Walker Jersey from the air Charlotte hornets thank you for that 250. Dollars that's all framed and ready to hang beautiful. I and its it's the deal with the purple. And number and in the white walker on the back. Fun day at the holiday on ice is the whole package or hot chocolate and whole nine yards. For holiday on I 75 dollars the bit on that cantina 1511. Is our 1015 dollar candied 1115 gift cards. The concept being grabbed ten people nine to your best friend's head over to cantina 1511. And Margarita and talking yourself into a. Goma. And you don't have any problem was that their talk good they're they're Tex mex food as you well know I've been talking about him enough bidders sponsor money for a long long time. But dead that's got a 400 dollar bids of thanks to Dick Campbell the folks over cantina 5011 ballot in uptown Charlotte location and park road and stone dressed as well. So a lot of very very good and finally they VIP private tour after dark whiskey. There isn't. Southern graced distillery is I was I'm trying to remember there oh there website whiskey prison dot com. 725. Dollars. On IA auto blood retail is considered to be about 228 you're all gonna enjoy the heck out of that I hope you have a great time. I'll live broadcast tomorrow from south Mecklenburg high school 69 PM will be here for the normal show us it's denying. Sponsors of the auction there are dead today and the bike drive tomorrow queen city audio video and appliances mostly chocolate dot com Larry go into group and brag radio who have collected all sorts of bikes worth I understand. Hardwood tree service round three plantation. Granite transformations for kitchen and baths. Ballantine Zetterberg industry and garage door doctor. Those are all our us sponsors so that's what's going on they are. And I think the auction is. Reduce it to electronically disclosed. 42 Sunday auctioned forty seconds for the auction to close thank all of you who have basically been bidding. And openness I think we made a pretty good all for kids first today some of the items went higher than know what to they were their retail value was. Some of you got nailed bargain I think that's so cool I'm all for love for that. And Diane thank you for your participation we will see you back here tomorrow it 3 o'clock and then the big broadcast 6 to 9 o'clock tomorrow. It'll be a chilly one I'm pretty sure about that. But. It won't be the coldest one we've ever had so low wool OC what transpires there. I believe the auction is to couple seconds away from being closed and more on our way to Charlotte that sex with Mark Garrison. Oh I did go I'm going to 5930 and I'm sorry I'm. I'm so wrapped up on the auction no watch an auction clock or forgot how long I'm supposed ago. All right. We'll look at look at some of those that Tom Petty guitar hold on second. I believe the Tom Petty guitar closed out its 6100. Dollars. Bidding war at the last second in the Tom Petty guitar on me a double checked out but to. Two X 6100 dollars that it takes the air guitar. SeaWorld semi dilute clinically are graft Jersey 815 dollars a Charlotte's skyline shot a 135. This week to a victory celebration 200. I'm assuming these are all final bids don't take my word for it to that'll be electronically decided. 170 dollars on the cams on fire 750 on the autographed football from the Panthers. The Steward jumping into action and other Patrick Schneider photography a 160 dollars that went up at the last second. Carolina Panthers signed football 185 dollars. The pearls from our Perry's surpassed retail value at 11160. Dollars another Carolina panther panther autograph to a football. This one what they all white face on it and and an acrylic case 335. Dollars excellent. The us celebrating WBT's 95 anniversary is a 110 dollars and that includes an audio that. Blow Thompson's gonna put an error two would that has all the audio from our hall of fame night. The eyes Charlotte checkers game pack a hundred and got ten dollars the float Carolina therapy sessions 75 dollars. The Kramer mountain club experience for people playing Kramer mountain 281 dollars. That's a bargain for somebody they saved about 39 dollars off retail. The two LO wells' surprise glitter series both went for fifty bucks. They're only retail for ten bucks. But can't find him anywhere so somebody got their kids the thing that they wanted on the on the kids first auction the autograph Kemba Walker jerseys framed and ready to hang. 330 dollars thank you Charlotte hornets the Sunday on holiday on ice sold for 75 dollars the cantina 1511 gift card package. Ten fifty dollar cantina 1511 gift cards. The idea behind that is grabbed ten people and head on down there and have a have a great evening 450 dollars the VIP private tour after dark at the whiskey prison. In no Mount Pleasant sold for a night just erased that so I have no idea that 795. Bucks I think was the final and that or something along those lines. Tom do you ponies up 215. Dollars on the light side as well also Fargo. Bridget. The medium one sold for 105 the little ones sold for 45. The chocolate lovers gift baskets seventy dollars the Charlotte knights collectors gift basket 210 dollars. The ice cream 411 now for UN nineteen of your friends. 210 bucks for carry style doors either one large steel or two singles Vermont. Garage door doctor 1525. And the Wells Fargo championship weekly passes to album. Went for 500 dollars and that's all I have time for now I'll send you over to mark garrisons at Charlotte this sick.