Kids First Kickoff, Congresisonal Agenda, Holiday Shopping

John Hancock
Monday, November 27th

Hancock talks about the kick off of Kid's First, the upcoming congressional agenda, holiday shopping and more!


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This is John Hancock. Had their other other orange. Three pounds heavier than Aurora we left on there is here is bigger being. Oh well. Overrated at Thanksgiving. But we got a lot done. Including the sound of music. If that's dried up. A a plea for help on FaceBook is for Stanton in the lobby and I'm drinking wine waiting for the sound of music my wife. Says Saturday night. Yeah. So. Just my sarcastic sense of humor although some people thought I was a big serves. Kip and Kimberly did you all intentions are good. But anyway has had help on being held against our will or somebody like that to him being forced to watch video sound of music you Blumenthal. 650. Responses. Between bigger between actual comments and you don't crying faces or whatever the case that it. I really wouldn't pick I usually just more of a throwaway line there wasn't anything else but to it was pretty funny there was some pretty funny remarks there. Including one guy that was willing to come got a break me out. That the intermission John. Go to the restroom on the second floor and open the window and won't throw a rope up. Use the slower. Anyway is good. Culture. And me sometimes don't really. Fit. But that this was OK it's I it occurred to me though and I don't mean to downgrade the cast. Who have finished up yesterday. But when you when you take a role that. Julie Andrews is perfected. Good luck on. Meeting that standard. And have. And it then I didn't think the players all are great. And I thought the bridge between you know the Nazis and all of that was kind of thrown together a few I don't know I just didn't. There there was one really bright moment and that was the though led the none. Who was played by all Lauren kid well. This would have been. The mother of belts. And at the end are right before the intermission. She came out and and just. Mail just. Rocked the place. But that was really about the only one goalie timed on the whole thing they're determined that it did just really big but the crowd just a note. And upon her hand. So. Now the good news on all of us and my wife is working right now sirens were a better being underrated listening on the radio. Guys. I have mine out of the way. You know what were you have to do in the very near future that you don't really wanna do. Just to keep peace in the household. Mine is done. I'm. Although she was slow looking at some brochures while we are down there you know those Phantom of the Opera discovered back mixture Bernie had to sit through that once. I don't know I don't emotional load. Actually thought of even know buying a ticket studio Charlotte symphony Christmas. Can I can dig debt. But then I remembered I'd get all dressed up for you know like instead of so are consequently are concerned that so far kind of forgotten to buy the tickets. I did die however go online this morning and buy two tickets to see the Charlotte. On nights when the Chicago White Sox in no march. So. That's not culture for me that's culture for Susan. Reverse culture topic they call them. Have you been online today have you bought any thing do you. Do you rub. It very well what are you bought ask triggered as long as everybody's on line march you go to kids first in the Carolinas dot org and if you wanna short met Kay FO OTC dot org or dot com ordered to the website. And make a donation and get us started because today we start to drive for kids first. 24 annual. Push. Two provide Christmas for 800 to a thousand kids that wouldn't have an otherwise. Almost near homeless kids. We need money so if you can go to KF OO TC dot com or KF OO TC dot org or kids first of the Carolinas dot com or kids first of the Carolinas dot org. Just on its a lot easier with KF OTC dot com and therein it'll take your renewed go. And and make a donation and get us started off on the right foot because we got a ton of money Garay is in the next three weeks. And two weeks from this Friday will be our big bike drive itself Mecklenburg high school I can't wait for that. That thing has taken on a life of its own I think we got over 700 some odd bikes last year in three hours. And Marty had people writing in and Colin and sore and so forth. So I think that's gonna be bigger again this year hope so. This is. I ever I've just said this before. This it's this time a year warmer three weeks out when we don't have a diamond at bank. Well we don't have like Troy in the store. And by the way they have a new ID every year Sherron has managed to get some. Retail center to donate space for the Christmas season and so this year she's at McClellan creek market. Add to 8332 prime bill Mathews road next to the dollar store group does a Dollar General or dollar whatever it is that it's a dollar something or other. I think I predict hybrid Dollar General on there. Okay did at that site I don't know what kind of a dollar stored or maybe just the dollar store. But I anyway that's where we are a small entry marker right up I don't Mathews road and a pine bill signed and they're open from nine to five and you can drop bikes often you can drop toys often you can draw money often not. But they are open every day through Christmas. From my nine till five of their Nolan creek shopping centers on my thanks to that reach a lot of people that dead today yes were legitimate 401 C three nonprofit. You can now write within a question is that you might have to making kids first that's making kids with a one ST. At. You can call kids first at 7049955679. And and TJ is getting all that up on the website and so it'll be easy for you to find has a well. But as long as you're online today by and stuff can I have a buck could I have five bucks could have tin box. Are you Johnny Harris can I have 101000 dollars. Are you Mark Zuckerberg and I have about 80000 dollars I'd be done. Anyway I'll little bit here little bit their this is says so there we've done for 44 years is talking to share in this morning. It's always are about right now when I'm thinking to myself got its pressures are we can't fail isn't just another radio promotion we can't. I can just read the liner cards and hope somebody reacts week we can't fail to listen we've already obligated ourselves to have hundreds of kids. And there will be more coming down the pike and you know every year we made it territory for years now we've met our goals. Which are just always worried that this will be the year the you don't. But I don't know why I think that way because. You all of never let me down before it's a it's a good thing that we do all of us collectively. And maybe that's why I always seems to kind of take care of itself but today's title like to kick off for our drive for kids firstar 24 annual. This is probably about 27 now for Sharon. And an awful lot of people involved. 24 annual push for me. To provide Christmas for 802000. Kids who wouldn't have it otherwise and we need donations and we need bikes and we need your time if you can't Florida. I give us money or by a by Forrester by presence for kids are a sore and so forth. That we be more than happy to take some your time on Saturday December the seventeenth that south Mecklenburg high school because that's what we will set up the student center in the cafeteria there. For the kids party that we'll have 4400 of these kids. On a Sunday the seventeenth now that's close to the public but does the volunteer day on Saturday the six day. We get people to commit all day long people bring their kids will find stuff for you to do wrapping presents and send up to gymnasium to have. But I to accommodate Santa Claus and all the kids and set up tables and down and certain of centerpieces in the tables and I mean there's a ton of work to do it usually starts about 2 o'clock in the afternoon. And it will go away until wee hours of well at least the late hours of night. We've gotten so much help over the last couple years that we actually have been done by a close to midnight. The night before which is kind of a luxury. So while anyway I those of you have been with me for a long long time you know the drill you've heard this whole speech before. Those of you who may be muted WB tear nudity area. This whole thing started off with no one lady and I'll tell the story before. Follow him before the day is over but before the before too many days are over. But one lady who basically started. She and her husband. Got frustrated by trying to help out an agency that screwed them and so they took it upon themselves that first Christmas to go out and help. A few families. And then meg routed ten travelers in that grew to 25 Chambliss and and I grew by the time I ran into Loma that ran today they were doing no probably about a hundred kids a year. Taking care of a hundred kids a year to make sure that they had Christmas. And and it's now grown to at least a thousand kids 800 to a thousand kids and I we took care well over a thousand kids last year. Are we at some point all askew firm. Christmas trees. Artificial Christmas trees. And decorations because we are used that to decorate the student sitter in a cafeteria and then at the end of the kid's party we turn all that stuff down and loaded into cars and so. Some of these kids will not only end up with a bag full of presents and a bicycle if they've never gotten a bike from us before they'll get a bike from us. And and a Christmas tree and decorations and we send food home with the men I mean we just pretty much provide Christmas some of merlot and in motels. Some overloading and accommodations that we find for a them. Last year we were able to give bail lady who just deserved a break of go I used car head on. And at some people step forward and not only provided the car but also provided senate to a mechanic who took care evident. Got it back in there really nice role in working order. Army and so we gave a car away last year to a lady and her son. And in fact gave the sun. A PlayStation. I think that's what we gave him last year. And I wish I I wish you could see him because he wasn't sure is getting Christmas much less. But all the rich kids got. And though we he opened up that box in. Who care could talk about that I am. But it was suits and that's what we do. So we'd love to have you be a part of it and we can't do without UK FO TC dot com kids first of duck Carolina's. Dot org or dot com either 100 should the website and if you're participating in Cyber Monday. How about a couple of bucks. I just got a text message from somebody who has already basically have made a donation to a kids first and and it says say your. You can you can go. So say you are a FaceBook a cover photo looks incredibly like these photo Julie Andrews in the promo posters of the original sound of music. That's me with my arms stretched out and prolong speak Iraqi about national park and never thought of that before he thanks for ruining my dish. Bubba thank you for the donation to kids first to its kids first to the Carolinas dot com. Mean. OK. I mean. Congress head back to Washington today Al Franken among memo that would depress the mound. Today in an interview last night and early CCO. He's sorry you won't happen again. Good to see you're gonna move on. Dolce role that goes. Megan mark Cole is. Get married to a prince Henry. GA. TV star in her own right. And once divorced. So there every all the news counselor here now or visit American divorcee. I don't know I just seems kind of caddies to me. But anyway prince area nabbed himself American. So out. So that's big news today here she is she said she's will little unprepared for the level of media interest in not only her in Prince Harry. But the focus on her mixed race heritage. Farms that disheartening. And she said that as I Avis the sounds that she had no idea how intense interest would be and not only in her relationship with the presence but. That the that they would face a lot of miss truths and she quickly decided not to read any of the press reports about them. And she said of course it's disheartening that there was focus on her background. As the daughter of a black mother and a white father. But you know I mean she had to have known that was gonna. Had to know that all of this was going to be under scrutiny he's the son of lady Diana I think along. Princess Diana. So. If she had to be somewhat aware that this was gonna. I mean if you don't want those kids. Pulls off a bike. It's national news. So our battery good for them. Philip happily ever after. The senate Republicans. Say the GO OP leaders are working on I'm. Potential revenue backstop in case the party's tax cut legislation fails to produce. Hoped for levels of growth and tax receipts that's one of the things that's been. Bandied about. They've got to work to do to get this thing passed. So they're working on this just in case option I think is what they called it. To add to to that tax measure during the US senate floor debate this week. And talking about a mechanism that could automatically force tax rates should go back up of revenues fall short. I'm and one of the guys that stewardesses and Oklahoma senator by the name of James Lankford and he comes from a state Oklahoma. And I think Kansas falls into the same category. They're facing shortfalls after they aggressively cut taxes and their state. So why they've seen what happens when the projections don't add up and he said the law makers should do building in the bloody enough. As in what if this doesn't work. So this is the tax plan as you all well know that would have cut corporate and personal taxes were up one point five trillion dollars over the coming decade and now lawmakers Euro organ for ways to looking for ways to pay off those cuts. But anyway that's that's the that's the latest on know that one and then there's an edge and bingo and out of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today. Com. They can't credited his two bosses showed uproar today. Don't know I think I'm comfortable there I'm sure. Both people claiming to be in charge reached out to the staffers Leandro. English was elevated to interim director of the bureau last week by its outgoing director. And she sent to staff an email offering you know Thanksgiving wish is hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. But about the time that he this guy every resigned last week trump. Named white house budget director. And make more of any names should sound familiar to north Carolinians. Email and then he emailed the staff and tells them disregarded instructions from Landry English. I don't know if that means out you better things having Thanksgiving or not now disregard that we don't care by Thanksgiving I'm the boss. So. English is filed suit contending that federal law puts her in charge. And the White House has maintained that the president has the power to a point and acting director. And. When all else fails. It integrated the president there wool. Point the director. So I anyway you got you got to head on Joe's run around. The you know holes of the consumer finance protection bureau. And it's Kenny actually meant to amicable mania as one of them because he of one point was quoted us. Basically pretty much downgrading the agency as a waste of time. Then you have representative John Conyers. In this story was breaking when we were together last Wednesday when I was broadcasting from mom. The dog house. Forestry turkeys which by the way it turned out to be just Cruz's success they've made a lot of money they British ambassador gold money wives or surpass their goals Turkey wise everything. So what thanks to all of you came down to via W infancy. Not Coca-Cola dog house on a Wednesday before the tree lighting ceremony and I helped FM's the I'll be successful with their own holiday. Our promotion and and now the whole building is is so focused in on Americans first which I don't really excited to have a different egos on board for that as well. So log. John Conyers of a Michigan. Stepped down over the weekend as the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee because of the allegations that he sexually harassed a female staffers. And it's been day in the house it's what sixty some. Said that they're keeping the leadership position would be a distraction. He denied the accusations just oh by the way the ethics committee is investigating the claims he urged while lawmakers to allow him due process saying quote I very much look forward to vindicating myself and my family. Buzz feed reported over the weekend. That coroner's office had paid a former staffer more than 27000. Dollars to settle a complaint in a 2015 and actually I don't think that was over the weekend I think that was last week. What started all of this and as she was fired because she rejected his sexual advances. And does it also had published affidavits from former staff members who said that they had seen Conyers. Rubbing female staffers legs and backs are requesting no sexual favors. So that's up that Hampden. If I say the name. Carly Fiorini you remember who she does. Candidate for president. Member of the debates. And and trump kind of mocked her for the way she looked him. And if she was the former Hewlett-Packard CEO. And that was one of the Republican presidential candidates and she's in the news he she yesterday accused both Republican and democratic lawmakers and the president or for that matter of politicizing the sexual misconduct allegations. She suggested that judge trumps stance on now Roy Moore the Alabama Republican senate nominee. In which we're hasn't endorsed him but he's haven't not endorsed him beat her. But. She interfering he said is all about politics and that's why when no politicians talk about this it doesn't have a whole lot of credibility. It's a little bit like George Washington warned us 200 years ago she said the problem with politics and political parties as they care about winning above all else. Donald Trump's cares about a vote in the senate. No more nor less. Well this is not necessarily ground breaking news garlic. I'm saying. We Bo we know of people are gonna line up on the side of their Jersey for years. And you can't just point your finger and Donald Trump yes he's doing it. And so is Nancy Pelosi. It's orb. 87% of them. You also charged that both Republicans and democratic lawmakers have politicized the recent wave of sexual misconduct allegations and said that to our congress should reevaluate its internal process. Are reviewing sexual harassment allegations. And she said the whole process is designed to protect politicians and it has and we talked last week about legislation that's been put forth so that they wouldn't be able to. They off. There accusers with taxpayer money. Without us ever hear about it. So wrong in my whole process. It's. There. So it's Cyber Monday today and if you're on line. Larger go over their kids first in the Carolinas dot com and not make a small donation there and get us started off because we got a big mission ahead of us have an extra three weeks and will look collect thousands hundreds of bikes and number we need thousands of dollars no and so we. But would certainly don't welcome your help easiest way to get to be kids first of the Carolinas website is KF OTC. Dot. Organ. You can all go so go OK FO OTC dot com middle Aldrich and the kids first of the Carolinas dot org website page you can make a donation narrow those have you been with us for a long long time understand exactly what I'm talking about and those heavy you don't believe me over the next few weeks. Few days but. You'll learn more about their kids first and what it is and what we do but we'll take care of a 2000. Kids that would never Christmas otherwise and we've been doing this now. I've been involved with a for 24 years. Sharon's been doing this for about 27 years I think so well. It's a good thing Hershey. And told us this last year that we they have better runs and figures and stuff so we figure we've impacted 34000. To kids. I inverted those numbers last week didn't mean to him. But 34000. Kids. Over the last 24 years of Christmas. Bit. Winnipeg Christmas without us and by us I mean all of us. Mean you I mean that kid that came up to me years ago and handed me. 67. Cents. And his favorite. Little race car. Two of them actually but one of whom was really warm up autumn that is sort of my bookshelf to this day. He wanted us to take what his mom said was his favorite hot wheels. Car. And give it to some kid who didn't have anything. And and the Mets. And did the did get a Christmas brings that out. They told her I said you know I'm not given this guarding anybody. So if all the sudden. Couple of days down the road. He's. Bummed because he doesn't have his favorite little car anymore you let me know and all. We'll figure out a away for Santa to bring it back to him or something like but she never called. I've got to the stick. I meant that now for about ten years. A lot of you went out on Black Friday shopping. And apparently there's a lot of people get guns for Christmas. Because the gun background checks and they record for Black Friday. The FBI on Friday received a record number of requests for gun background checks. 203086. Breaks the previous record that was set no Black Friday and at 4016 and 2050 in the bureau received a 185713. Request. On no Black Friday last year. So that's. Just rough math that's about two of those seventeen thousands of modern. Increase. And people are bottom because. Of a crime and I may work a few weeks past the Texas she church shooting that left 26 dead. Who were not passed. That's our past Las Vegas. Although you're having now firearm when I hope you're most vigorous. But. I don't know you can't read the newspapers every day you can't see the news every day you can't read these storage can't remember. Sandy hook and coal mine and everything else there are theatre all that stuff that's come down the pike and not. I you can't turn on a newscast these days and not find home invasion and her you know go Charlotte's crime rate is. We in the eighties yet we were high seventies last week are we and the eighties yet it will set a record this year. Not all time record but will certainly surpass what we did not just recently enough. In no gun deaths in this city you over the last twelve months by the time we get to be in diverted December. And all of that sends a message to people that had never really even considered needing protection before now Paulson thinking maybe I need protection and it's not so much protection for yourself as it is protection for your family. I think you hear us stories now about road rage. A couple of stories that matter over the weekend to. On the point that it is that they the days of calm where. If you're behind that we earlier Ferrari need to fool. Does that guy you flip off for that guy that you want your horn out of that guy you flip your lights ethic this piece some. Bergen moron. How dangerous for him moron. So all of that stuff. Leads to people going up I had gotten jobs fund Black Friday and say and we'll let me see that one night there. So they have congress gets back to work today. Gotta stretch now between now and Christmas that is just about as chaotic as our our run note for our kids first got a lot to do a short period of time. Main issue is said to Republicans want to target this tax overhaul plan to the president's desk. That's pretty aggressive and then if you add to that that they also need to resolve this December 8 deadline to avoid a government shut down. Bell complicate things and you throw and issues like immigration and and health care and and that'll make for a for a good time off for all of us well. Republicans can afford to lose only two GOP votes in the senate on the tax plan. There are as near as we can tell probably six go to original name is at the moment John McCain John know our Jeff flak. Bob Corcoran. Are all who kind of seemed to relish show snubbing trump at this point. I and then you've got Susan Collins. And Ron Johnson. And name may may not of heard before Steve Gaines of Montana. Washington Post is reporting on negotiations currently under way to win over the holdouts Johnson and gains. A mom. Worry the GOP leaders the most both senators feel the current tax plan favors corporations over. Typically smaller businesses and and stuff like that tax breaks to help the latter condemn. And could get them to eternal little bit. Then you have Alabama special election involving Roy Moore coming up on December the twelfth. No guarantee that the Republicans hold onto that seat that yes vote in the senate. Then you've got to. Him. The president was gonna meet with GOP tax writers today. So. If any progress is made and that Rhonda the government runs out of money on December the eighth. And unless new legislation is passed Democrats could use that leverage to insist that'd be spending planned include money to continue the deferred action for childhood arrivals stack a program. Member that. The six month time period that was given on that now I've still got a couple of months ago but. Nonetheless I gotta get something accomplished on that one as a slew of other issues it could be unfolding as this all goes on. Funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program. So we'll see where all that goes the next two weeks so probably pretty much defined they are president's first term. Are you got fights over obamacare funding you'll have fights over flood insurance you'll have. There's our key spy program that they're configure and a year and legislation. Free for all and all that. One of the things I was read about over the weekend. And I think I've read about this before. Where's the stingray phone surveillance. I think we've talked about this before. But not for a while New York Los Angeles Chicago Los Vegas among scores of police departments across the country that quietly used this. Secretive technology. That can in good that was developed for the military that can track the whereabouts of suspects by using the signals constantly emitted by their cellphones. You don't have to be on that. Your phone's always emitting. And so several reread says Sarah liberty and now Brent private drug privacy groups. Raising objections to this say it violates the Fourth Amendment. Part of the problem is that the devices can also collect data from anybody within a small radius of the person that's actually being tracked. So. The tracking of the one person is one thing but the collecting of information on the others is another there are at least 72 and the state and local law or agencies departments in at 44 states thirteen federal agencies that use the sting ray devices. FBI spokeswoman said the agreements which you know often involve other Harris Corp. which is a defense contractor that makes devices are intended her. Prevent the release of sensitive but a law enforcement information to the general public. But privacy experts say whoa whoa well we got a thing called the Fourth Amendment here. On our founding fathers decided to this is a Jennifer lynch an attorney with the electronic frontier foundation. She says our founding fathers decided when they wrote the bill of rights there had to be limits placed on government. So. So you'll be learn more about the sting ray device. The they've been in the Fourth Amendment just. Are originally enforce the notion that each man's home is his castle. In essence. So that was to our guard protect against arbitrary arrest but it actually reach the right of the people to be secure in their persons houses papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated. And no warrants shall issue. But upon probable cause supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons. Or things to be seized. So if stingray is collecting information but it gets. It gets updated information on anyone within the small radius of the person being tracked. That sounds like a pretty big violation of the Fourth Amendment to a tomato so lawsuit were all that goes. So it's it'll be a busy the bug bottom line is it will be a pretty busy year. Few weeks. Offer congress and and just the year end in general. And then add all of that the holiday season. And today is Cyber Monday that TJ said during the break that. But they went out on a Black Friday. 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon that no big deal. I would now this year I was out last year. I'm last year I didn't think it was any big deal. There are those who shop for sport sake but I didn't I didn't read in media stories. Or hear of any stories and I haven't Nestle have been glued to the news. About fights over. Three years years you always have some kind of a fight over something or rather in a Wal-Mart or target or. Department store of some guy I haven't seen I heard that story at all. Fact they saw some debates on Sunday morning television that was actually asking whether or not Black Friday is just not had. Equally whether it's just a dead deal now that there is no such thing as Black Friday anymore. Then it's basically now reverted to online. At today is Cyber Monday. You get Black Friday behind dissonance Cyber Monday arrives today. Cyber Monday is to be the lesser of the two Black Friday were the big could do it and then all of a sudden people were this is back in the days when some people were still pretty leery about. Biting on line and having their credit card on line going on but we've gotten well past that. Now it would seem like the Black Friday. Is gone. And Cyber Monday is the big deal. The newspapers. Still have. The twenty pounds ads in them on Thanksgiving Day. And and you used to get all those and you kind of stock your territory and figure out what you're gonna do what were you we're gonna go on what you're gonna purchase. And then you head out early and morning on Friday and and when every had to put up with a switch had to put up with which you were gonna get that 26 and shows Sony television if it killed him. And now I kind of wonder if that's not the last you know newspapers are are slowly but surely are getting smaller and smaller and smaller. So I wonder if those ads. Are gonna start to disappear from the Sunday newspapers I got the Charlotte Observer and I got to Gaston gazette on Thanksgiving Day and they were both packed. Oh with ads they were all the cigarettes by the way. But. I kind of suspected over the next a year or two or three that people make quit buying those ads. On and push more towards the Cyber Monday active abroad Black Friday behind the Cyber Monday is today. Adobe digital insight says that it will set a record again predicting as much as six point six billion dollars today and online sales which would be a sixteen point five percentage. Point increase over last year. Which was also a record setter. And in fact there have now been news sales record set on Cyber Monday for each of the past five years. Because people continue to buy more on line. Most Christmas shopping season sales are still done in stores but according to The National Retail Federation. There was 658. Billion dollars in sales during last year's holiday season. With online sales accounting for just about a 123 billion of it. A little under 19%. All betcha that percentage is up into the twenties this year. So and and what about Il we may ask this on the other side but I'll be more than happy to take to fuel a few phone calls on it now 70457. All of intent. It's Cyber Monday. So have you bought anything today. And did you go shopping on Black Friday. Did you buy gun. Who does go back to story but Dag I guess my or my main question deal is just tenure in an estimation. What percentage of your holiday shopping is done online. Because five years ago it was a 100%. I mean roughly. Ten years ago it was a 100%. Well known online ten years ago I was a hundred a 100% in stores. And then slowly but surely. People started by an on line but you still had the people there were a little skeptical now I'm not put my ensure I'm not but my mired by in my credit card number and but now people don't seem to have any reservations about that no longer. So what percentage of your holiday shopping now is done online. I've got Christmas presents or supposed to arrive last night. 'cause I my Amazon prime member. Com. And that's just what they said there were delivered I didn't ask for Sunday night delivery by the way they didn't come. Which is. Rare. But it's a big dealer Christmas present so I mean I've Baghdad had been dead I've been bothered me a percentage. But I'm everything I bought for Christmas present so far has been on line. The last time I was in a shopping mall. Was two and a half three months ago. I Andrews because I had to go to the Apple Store. So we went to South Park mall. Literally parks is close to it as we could. Walked down the corridor into the Apple Store doable we needed to do turn back around walked back out and got a lot of them all. We're now we're not what you'd call big shoppers anyway. I'm I I hate to say I don't wanna be a Baja bah humbug but I'm just tell your right now being answered the question of what you want for Christmas from me is please don't buy me anything. Give money to kids first or. Or something. But I know I don't. We just got finished him moving and and in doing that we. Threw away more stuff and gave away more stuff than I can even begin to tell you. Because of this collection of stuff that we had been on for 23 years and that old house and once you do that I think it's I think there's something about the liberation of freedom from stuff. That makes you not want stuff anymore. I still have too much stuff. So I don't want more stuff. If if I can make deals with everybody in my family. It except for the kids. Let's not buy presents this year. I do it our retreat. Not everybody's has done on that ideas I am here I 7045711. Jen how what percentage of your holiday shopping. Is on line now just curious. I'm reminded that day Black Friday was Friday oil pan African. Everybody went out Black Friday shopping and how much. Of your online are how much of your Christmas shopping or you do an on line these days what percentage your holiday shopping is on line 704. 571110. Will be over and say hello to David on WB DJ David. Also back are Oakland got on a lot of ground cover but you're going to learn that people went out shopping on Thursday not Friday skirt there's been a black side. No effort at our house all day long term we're gonna do animal gets born out of favor the power of the car most people either go to movies that go. Shopper I can tell you know under the so called him out last. You have thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people shop because we couldn't kind of play the part was that the arc a couple of blocks so I. When your car parked on side door and even. In an uninspiring. So courage and where did you go shopping. Surely earn an outlet okay all right. And let me say this about Amazon literally warm up he saw it simply don't know arguments that you can point 5%. Sort certain. Immigrant does not been for our community nothing. If you look at just doesn't surge in the and I also know hunt doesn't even you know a prospect then basically do our products delay cost or less they are. Not only do little to do what they're gonna deterred investors are continuing to be willing to inflate their concerts for the stuff. I'm of the they want less than it is just locally that is assault on our own accord now over special group mullets are supporting. People who work and live in our community so I know a guy who run the doors to monitor I'm Gordon now. And I say. Don't support them don't support and Amazon for kinda odd if you're you're just throwing the money Kirkuk I don't know and after that no one lives around here. Support our community itself all three of those outlets that I much ground but Simon property group I don't know I don't work or Siam and under on. And then there are commanders are not glass out local. I know David got a message at a time. Alrighty then 331. Days of the year. 47 change. 34. Day is to go. In the year. 28 days till Christmas. Four weeks from two days. That is crazy. And kids first of the Carolinas were just getting started today so low we got a long ways to go in the next two or three weeks. Highest number ever the 27 and just oh by the way your body will return to it's normal state about Thursday. If you're wondering though at the with the food in the drink in the family in the shopping and all the stuff in the gulf and down all the calories you did over the weekend and probably an average are above average amount of sweets according to nutritional scientists our bodies will finally recover from the food frenzy. On Thursday. I don't have a time for him. We're right in there. And you know what the differences between stuffing and dressing. Australia but not right now. 1989. November the 27 Paul McCartney hinted that there might eventually be a reunion of the three remaining Beatles. George Harrison immediately responded that there won't be a Beatles reunion as long as John Lennon remains dead. And there wasn't. And there won't pick. 1995 America Online. Purged the word breast from its system in accordance with possible regulations prohibiting use of obscene or vulgar language. Breast. Breast cancer survivors who used the system revolted and no week later the company removed the bail. We're about Turkey's. Surprised they didn't. Pod 2009. On this date November the 27 it was the beginning of the end for Tiger Woods this was the data crashed SS UV outside his. Florida mansion and that sparked widespread attention to reports of marital infidelity and he's never he's never really. Come back from all of it. Grammy announces its tomorrow. Tomorrow is giving Tuesday. We've got no link up to the house of mercy up there and Belmont we interviewed them a few weeks ago if you're gonna directs a month. Some of your hard earned money to. To giving Tuesday which is a big deal now. Come on get your stuff for kids first but we'd like Skiles immersive. Get a nice influx of good donations so if you go to the Hancock page WBT dot com you can get good information another figure out how to. And how to help them tomorrow on no giving Tuesday. And. The C so tomorrow's the 28 Wednesday would be the 29 that's when they do the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting. Monday Night Football tonight 815 ESPN Houston Texans are in Baltimore to take on the ravens. I read the news today doughboy and Indiana high school English teacher caught on video doing drugs in her classroom. Polk on that. Two Massachusetts men arrested for running a prostitution ring out of a senior living facility. Now. You really got to get into the rest of the story it actually understand what was going on there because of you just assume things he has got to fear rules. You know that's not what you think. Or maybe it is I don't know these survey finds that the drunken state is. Lord North Dakota. There have been there. I don't know what to do except during. And its goal. And a tiger escaped the circus in Paris and began wandering around the streets near the Eiffel Tower. Other net. Cleveland Browns are now oh and eleven loss on Sunday the Cincinnati. So only eleven last team to go winless just oh by the way it was Detroit in 2008. When the alliance went over in sixteen and they still hold the record for the most losses that a single season. Winless teams in previous seasons won no games because sixteen games weren't paid them. So that's why Detroit holds the record so they may have some company with the Cleveland Browns. You must just be held to be at Cleveland Browns have. Because they keep on getting one of Roland draft picks and acute as you know and coaches and quarterbacks you just keep trying and trying to try and end. Has written a mock draft today and they they they cut the mock draft as Cleveland picking a quarterback. Did they just get the kids from nine Notre Dame Tennessee already. Petered out. I don't follow. This. The Cleveland all that much to know what's going on anymore. Doubt thing. Our dressing. What's the difference well first. Dressing and stuffing do not. How the side dishes prepared. And Turkey can be stopped with dressing and stuffing can be served and I casserole dish whether or whether it's ever see in the inside of a bird is. Irrelevant. And they decide years ago that was a bad idea. Odd I forgot we even did that it's been so long since. In turn the terms are actually separated bitter regional dialects. Returns are actually separated. You bet and you know are part of country you come from dressing seems to be the favored to script or four southern states like up. Mississippi Tennessee South Carolina Georgia. You call addressing your house. Stuffing his catamaran. New York Maine. Northern states thing. Now has raised in Colorado but I was raised by Texans. Try to remember what we called it. I think we used dressing. Wasn't stuffing now I think we use stepping. I've heard some I've heard in both so much I think part of that comes from women around the country like a bid for a writer to. Some parts of Canada Pennsylvania college filling. Now when I first got to northeastern Pennsylvania for mother Lois stand up there are no looks very Scranton. They were so I had some people. Invite me over for Thanksgiving because I was very a bachelor at the time. And we think about fearless like that. Thanksgiving and Christmas. I got here in 1990. There was a couple of people that brought me into their houses before I met Susan and those starting got a fairway in my own bit. The twenty years I did before I got here in ninety. All over the country argue I think although families demand family and other families the brown family of people had. Invited me into their house make sure when. Now by myself plugged although there was a thought there was a Thanksgiving or two. When asked program and his radio station in Boulder, Colorado. I was a bachelor. And and I told all the other guys to go home. And then I worked the board and did all that kind of stuff because. They all had places to go I didn't. So our Merrill on Thanksgiving stopping by a 7-Eleven that literally and getting a Turkey sandwich you know in one of those little. Plastic triangle shaped with the cellophane over the front topple that type of thing. That. I don't know I was magna bars. And went on felt sorry for myself for a few minutes. But I enjoy chilling out somebody asked in Pennsylvania. You do do you lots of filling John. Tell it like Turkey gets. Now I'd pick up past thank you. Cyber Monday that's today Black Friday was a it was huge for online shopping today's Cyber Monday could be even bigger. It is projected gross returned from the guy who's they went out Thursday night. Outlet mall apparently was packed. It is are projected by Adobe digital insights that the data could seed. Today as much as six point six billion dollars in sales. Which would be a sixteen and a half percent increase over last year's record setter and by comparison they say shoppers spent about five billion dollars on line now. On Black Friday so I mean if you added the two of those together that'd be 1112 billion dollars on line. Online orders will peak tonight they say between 8 PM and 11 PM because most of your so disciplined you won't do it don't work. Or you're scared to death that they'll catch you and so you wait till the night 8 PM to 11 PM. The Internet can be a pretty busy now I'm just asking the other if you're gonna be on line tonight do we know cyber shopping. Would you go to kids first in the Carolinas dot org and I'll even give you an easier way to get there KF. OTC. Kids first. The dot. Carolina's KF OTC. In good dot com or dot org it'll get to the right place and donate a couple of bucks for our annual kids first. Now mission which is essentially started today. If you go to the Hancock page WBT dot com you'll find out just about everything that you need to know. Email address if you need to get hold a share enough phone call a phone number or call kids first. Also got a gives you a listing of everything that's going on Thursday the fourteenth should be our on air auction between 3 and 6 o'clock here at news 1110993. WBT. Friday the fifteenth is our amazing bike toy and dollar drive out of south Mecklenburg high school from six to 9 PM that thing has taken on a life of its own. We'll have food trucks and all sorts of stuff going on out there we collected 700 some odd bikes last year in three hours. So I can't wait for a Friday the fifteenth that'll be two weeks from this Friday. And then Saturday. If you can't afford to bias the biker gives a monetary don't I don't donation to help us help 800 to a thousand or more kids who won't have a Christmas unless we help them. Almost near homeless kids we have been doing this now for a 44 years. Saturday is our volunteer day out of south Mecklenburg high school or will take the student center in the judge and the air cafeteria there. And I'd turn it into a place where will throw a party for about 400 kids the next day that's close to the public. But we need in all these presents that will accumulate unwrapped presidents and so all the president's have to be are wrapped. Jim asked to be set up Christmas trees have to be assembled a new law of a thousand things to do. And that generally starts as soon as we can get possession of the school which is about 1 or 2 o'clock in the afternoon none of us Saturdays the December the sixteenth. And double go well into the evening hours if not farther than no maybe past midnight to get everything ready for the kids coming in the next day kids first in the Carolinas dot com we've been doing this for 24 years we figured we've been impacted about 34000 kids in that time period. And we got more kids that are counting on us this year and I've always been able to count on you for whatever you can do. And would certainly appreciate your openness get off to a good start today by going into our kids first of the Carolinas dot org. Or KF OTC dot org. And make it may donation that fits your budget IQ are helping us out in that regard kids first in the Carolinas dot org. Com. And it tis the season Hancock agent WBT dot com is place to go if you get more information. So it's 505. And yeah. 10993. WB team best time to buy a plane ticket by the way as tomorrow travel lap Popper. Recently researched the historical cost of plane tickets and determine the best data by a plane ticket likely be Tuesday after Thanksgiving. According to their researchers airlines offer major discounts on flights starting Tuesday because at that point. Most travelers have already booked their holiday air fare but haven't started planning winner get aways yet so tomorrow is probably a good day. To at least go check rates Andy's sim cards. I thought maybe that was kind of a tradition noted fallen off so we don't get nearly as many as we used to but then we never sent them so maybe. Maybe that's more or they. Sign of people ripping us off the road Christmas card list. But not two billion guards will be a cent. We we probably shouldn't have moved more emails and texts and all accustomed for the good. All paper greeting card is still popular over the holidays they say between Thanksgiving and Christmas close to two billion. Holiday cards. Will be sent. And the stirs stuff first story of the day here on a Friday a man walked into a Toys 'R' Us in Cherry Hill New Jersey with the intention of doing the a little holiday shopping for his son. And he walked out having paid for the lay away orders of more than sixty strangers. This is why it would be neat to have money. The S secret sandy who is going only by the name of Charlie Kay. Picked up by the a tab on 62. Orders. We about Charles on our own. Totaling approximately 101780. Dollars. Charlie said I love this community and I am trying to provide a death back to it. He said he hoped to pay for all the LA away orders in the store but that he didn't have butt quite enough money to do that. He didn't stop there though we also got everybody in the store. To choose three toys for him to donate to Toys for Tots. And that bill for that act of. I'm just came to about 2000 bucks. C would money be fun. When he would be fun. Brother raises I guess we raise money for kids first because it allows us to act like go big shots and go out and I hope kids have Christmas it would never be able to have Christmas. Otherwise you can go to the Hancock page WBT dot com to get all the information and the right took place took. Make a donation for kids first it's our kick off day I hope you'll love. We can count on your health. I'll receive Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season. Com there are some pizza dough already have Christmas trees up. In fact that's probably a lawful law went up over the weekend forty weaken a lot of people up I noticed opened down histories and know Belmont an awful lot of houses decorated general. We should do that that'll be us next weekend I'm married to mrs. Claus three Christmas trees. And inflatable. A set up for Christmas takes. Three days. Two and a half anyway. So we'll start and try to united. And and we'll be slammed all the way through Sunday. And if Wisconsin beats Ohio State on Saturday night then it'll be done in total silence. Yeah I don't know that's exactly right. Silent night. The whole different meaning. Anyway Christmas trees are up the rest of us are trying to decide dough when do ago waterway rebel Lowell put ours up its own. Square is a tech company that helps businesses process credit card payments and crunch numbers remote thousands of thousands of trees sales in 2016 to determine the best and worst days to buy your tree this year. And they say the most popular data by a tree and this is probably for live trees. I is the first Saturday in December. So that would be this Saturday after Thanksgiving weekend. December the second. And that is likely when crowds will be at their worst for buying Christmas trees. So to avoid the crowds you'll either want to hug go for your tree in the middle of the week. I and the closer you get to to the Christmas the less crowded and and less expensive the experience will be. Ellen you wait till the 24. It you hinted he would you'd get a heck of a deal. He had data also show that the average cost of a tree varied bylaw location. And the specific type of tree bought but the lowest average price 27 dollars in North Dakota. While the most expensive average prices in California. And about 76. Dollars. This past Saturday and this is probably out of many of your demographic early age but. Every single year for as long as I remember oh via our kids first campaign this group is put together this rock and kids first concert and auction that benefits kids first in the Carolinas. And they've got to and originally have an autographed guitar from the F Carolina rebellion they got two of them this year. I this'll be at the rabbit hole. Which is an 1801 commonwealth avenue and our Charlotte so I think up to new location form this year the show starts this Saturday at 4 o'clock they'll do early bird raffles specials and so on and so forth. But does is fail place for a younger people love primarily to. I'd detective help out in down and the other thing that they've got is I guess part of their auction. Is that Tom Petty. Autographed guitar. And how much to our own when I like to have that and then I was a sitter taken. I wonder what the bit on that is and maybe all I'll see if I can find out. Because I'd I'd be. Tempted to try to buy that if it's not completely aligned and then bring it back here and see if I can get more than I've paid for it. Considering that I think. Our demo audience. Has more money even. At that. Now off. Business so that would bet that that means the guitar would be a double dipper that means that they get that money and then made and and I don't know. No picnic and pull that off. But oh what a great year to have a Tom Petty autographed guitar and it's all part of rock and kids first concert and auction the benefits kids first and is being held this Saturday. Add the rabbit hole 1801 commonwealth avenue and don't get things started there about 0:4 PM so I'm. You know the end and the lake are both involved in kids first this year. When I go left here in 99 another timeout I took the kids first campaign down to the to the end when I was doing morning's stunner for a couple of years. And I consequently the lake is picked it up. And so both those radio stations are doing their part with their kids first now which just makes me so happy I can hardly see straight. Because that's a direct influence of my time down near street Jack Daniel is no longer with the end. But diesel in the guys down there are continuing to be supportive of kids first saw a guy can you begin to tell you know all appreciative enough that I'm majoring both your radio stations on my radio station which I'd probably not supposed to do. But. And anyway the rock and kids first concert is this Saturday. 1801 commonwealth avenue and they got to autographed guitars and a lot of stuff that the law auctioned off but one of the things they have that I just covet. And that's enough was to do that that's saying you know. Tom Petty autographed guitar somebody sent me a picture and I'll bet you was him send me a picture about a week or ten days ago but Tom Petty autographed guitar. There was up for auction. And I think it was already have two five or 6000 bucks or something like that and had so and so I was Walter and I I thought somebody had senator Amir brand among now wondering if this was Kevin or not it's an all that to me. Two. Who runs the kids first thing. If it is and it's already up to five or 6000 bucks hundred is that. For kids vs that's phenomenal unbelievable. I well wanna give I wanna give them a mission I mentioned because that's that that's good stuff that they're doing down there were kicking off the kids first campaign today. And if you're online tonight doing your Cyber Monday thing when you wander on over to kids first in the Carolinas dot org you know make a donation. Two the cause. And I get a soft on to a good first day start. Four weeks from today is Christmas. But two weeks from Friday is our big bike drive out of south Mecklenburg high school energy never been to that come on out one of food trucks and it'll be a ball it's in the united bribing couldn. There's usually is. But anyway and then. Two weeks from this Thursday. Should be our on air auction. The Panthers have artists have recent stuff including a little key equally Jersey that Jim's okay delivered to me today. Good timing on that one. And I'm almost tempted to maybe take that Luke equally Jersey and auction it off maybe sometime this week. We'll just have to see how that goes I've got tough passes for the Wachovia. Do we Norwood who are bronze things over Wells Fargo. Did in his been instrumental with this for a long long time and also has failed oh lead in to the Cam Newton foundation and Khamis. And Schneider which is named Schneider. But the photographer that comes in every year and I guess is unbelievable shots of stuff cam and then they get them autographed and we are. No we've auction those off for several years. So why the auction should be two weeks from this Thursday between 3 and 6 o'clock right here at news 1110993. The Arab bike night the bike Troy in money drive at south Mecklenburg high school six to 9 PM. Is Friday the fifteenth and if you rather give us time or you vote can't afford to give us money or biased a bike. Then now. Come on and on Saturday about 1 or 2 o'clock in the afternoon as south Mecklenburg high school and help us get this a gymnasium and students that are set up. For the 400 homeless to know all Montana near homeless kids that we will entertain on Sunday. And give bikes away and toys and and Christmas trees and decorations and all that stuff kids first to the Carolinas. Dot org. Images are gonna break it Jim's Oki had brumbies the most stuff couple autograph footballs. One's black. Was silver signatures are pretty cool. And no one. Your regulation. What the white front on that and I signed by various players and measure actors are great and they brought me a keel Luke equally Jersey. Low one. Large. What I did knows it's autographed. So I just brought that up a note showed it to the boys in the studio and we've decided yes. That's perfect timing. So there's one of the items that we'll have on the auction and now. Did Tarzan and other auctions. Two weeks from this Thursday. But I'm kind of wondered if maybe we ought. Like do a twelve days of Christmas thing and have I don't Monday it just auctioned that off for like. The twelve days before we just have to make that decision. Wire Wednesday. That. Or earlier. Well resolving issues of thought of before. Sawyer well check with the phone against permanent find out what pollute key to a Jersey is a size large. And it's they it's Kara is its pants a blue and it's signed on the five on the back of the uniform. Bio. By Captain America himself so very cool we should get a couple of bucks for that. Opens benefit kids first to the Carolinas and if you're out does cyber shopping tonight if you Gundy kids first in the Carolinas dot org or if you wanna make it easier on yourself. Just take the initials to that KF OTC dot org. Or even KF OTC dot com all addiction to the I'm ditching their page and you can make a donation they're. Credit cards are and so forth but do. We'd love to get off to they are really healthy start you can help us do that today it's kind of our kick off day today will be a pound of this for the next three weeks. Three weeks from two weeks on this Friday as the bike drive itself Mecklenburg high school two weeks from this Thursday is to be the on air auction three to 6 PM. Two weeks from this Saturday is the volunteer day of south Mecklenburg high school as we get ready for the kids party which just three weeks from this Sunday. Which is close to the public for security reasons and otherwise but does a lot of work to be done to get rid of hard to get ready for 400 kids. And for those of you don't know kids first of the Carolinas and organization that does started. Just a grassroots deal. Sharon Sanders and her husband decided through a series of events that they would take care of some families way back when 2720 years ago and I don't remember how many cameras they took care of what we'll talk to Sharon sometimes wake. But that they took care I don't know three or 45 family something like that that first year. And then that grew and and that grow and and finally they were taking care of kids and then by the time I ran across from Tony four years ago they were probably taking care of a hundred homeless to near homeless kids. And throw a party for a minute. Churn Presbyterians church. And that's what I kind of came into the scene and Wendy tenacity and so many other people have been with this through the years. Com and over 24 years we've impacted 34000. Kids and we're helping Colombia Indians now we're doing all sorts of really good things but it's all because of your generosity are numb my relationship with Charlotte and it's it's just the most rewarding thing as ever ever ever happened to me. So this is our 24 campaign or get started today we don't have a dime. Sort of a dime we don't have a president we don't have a Christmas tree we don't have a decoration. We all lived weekly Jersey into football's that's about it right now. I'm by the time the three weeks is over so we'll have raised. I don't know 607075000. Bucks. We'll bring in 700 plus bikes and I can't even begin to tell you how many toys and we'll take care of the needs of thousand or more kids who would never Christmas without us. So I thought you would like to be a part of all of them were a legitimate 5031. C nonprofit and you can just go to KF OTC dot org and make a donation there. And then help us out on volunteering on Saturday or. The on air auction on Thursday or the bike ride that south Mecca on a Friday the fifteenth. Man it's okay cool man I. Drill last weeks of adopting a dog could lengthen your life. You better on the dog would probably say that they are get past that they would do of their that they would do tend to agree with. Where is he doing here this time of death. John did you get kicked out of the house. Are you homeless. Okay well it's about time I knew she'd come to her senses sooner or later it's it's we're just surprised that and it took this long. A John Morse here. Who's the front producer of the morning show with with both Thompson and and in both work still like noon now underneath. In the mayor. If you're if you're single. Do you might wanna consider adopting a dog. When I was single I was living in apartments and never wanted to have a dog in an apartment. I thought I was under the dog has landed over the cap. But Swedish researchers tracked the health of more than 3.4 million Swedes all middle aged and older for a twelve years at all participants were free of heart disease and thought. At the beginning of the study MAS scientists discovered the dog owners who lived alone were 11% more likely to die of heart disease. And a third less likely. To die from any cause compared to those who lived alone and did not have a dog. It's thought dog owners in general have a higher level of physical activity which could improve their health and they say another possibility is that that a dog who makes the owner have a better bacterial. Micro bio on me. Which consists of good microbes living within the body that helped keep it healthy. Of course a pooch also brings a stress relief through companionship. And maybe they the increased activity is because you have to take the dog out. So that might be the actual exercise some some of your getting. Anyway. I don't know what can be better than a dog. The only downfall of dogs is they don't live long enough. And know when they go it just tears your heart out. But I don't know that I would. I don't know that I would ever. On trade the love and companionship. I haven't dog. When when I go home tonight and I walk in the door. Megan my west he. Would get all wiggly and happy and and quite frankly. Susan doesn't get wiggly and happy when I go home. Now it might be attempting to awaken your dog got to play with you but they say erosion let him rest. There's a new study that reveals that when dogs sleep their brains consolidating new memories just like what happens to us. These Russa researchers in this case from Budapest. Used EG monitors to analyze the brain activity of dogs as they slept specifically to monger bursts of middle activity. Known as spindles. And ultimately dogs with more frequent sleep spindles. Were better learners than dogs with fewer spindles. The finding could have implications for human mental health and at what they say more research is needed. It didn't you find when it was true I think this is to be an all deal the advent if you had like a big test. If you study grill are you know the night before. Both go over all your information and then sleep on it. And then wake up the next morning and got to review it you'd have a better chance of are you an engineer homer in the first place. That was challenging for me. And then a study suggests that humans can have more empathy for dogs than they do their two legged friends. And I can relate to that. I feel terrible about it. But sometimes dogs are. More likable than humans resurgence salmon whether people were more emotionally disturbed by reports of humans or dogs suffering appears. And participants in the us study were given fictitious news reports about an unprovoked attack with a baseball bat by an unknown assailant. Different versions of the report had the victim of the attack is either a one year old infant. 830 year old man. Up puppy or an adult dog. And researchers say that steady responders were look we're significantly less distressed. When adults humans were victimized. In comparison with human babies obviously. Puppy is an adult dogs. Soft from Matt they somehow or another some lives that we show more empathy for dogs that we do for people. And in some cases have you ever noticed that in yourself where you read this news story about some tragic thing that happened to a dog than you all read almost the same type of deal or tap into a human being and your empathy is actually more for the dog bit and it didn't did you ever. Get yourself in question yourself and think what. What is wrong with you. But there's something about dogs that. They can't talk. Maybe that's it. But that. Maybe maybe maybe that's it. There's a job just in time for the holidays. Still the next company that wants to come to your rescue was called spin X. Eight toilet cleaning robot. Is in the works and you DMZ the video on this and I it's hard to describe but it's like Jack got a fairly thick lid. And you close the lid and out of that comes this apparatus that then goes in and cleaned the John and the Seton whole nine yards and then. Rinses and planes and dry is itself an input tax itself back up into the seat again. It's ingenious if there actually they ever get it on the market and it works. I'm I don't know that anybody really likes cleaning the bathroom that's kind of the bottom of everybody's short list company wants to come to your rescue it's called spin exits a toilet that cleans itself. You put rechargeable spin next seat. On your toilet. And it is designed to fit up to 98% of toilet bowls. And Roma are robotic drops out of the lead to clean the bowl at the press of a button. There's a Smart sensor that scans the toilet shape and and directs the robotic brush. Took the early scrub the bowl and then went spin axis finished cleaning the bowl. The brush washes itself for the street jetstream and so. Drives itself through a rapid spinning motion and then tucks itself back into the hidden compartment it has water jets and also clean.