Kids First, Misconduct, The Perfect Christmas Song

John Hancock
Thursday, December 7th

Hancock reviews some of the auctio items for Kids First, more on the misconduct charges, what is the perfect Christmas song and more.


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This is John Hancock. Day every day. Pearl Harbor day. Never forget. Today out of the land got FaceBook page. Back TJ Michael Steele that announcement on the daily VT FaceBook pages they are broadcast from that day. From an anonymous rate your station we've posted the last year's one of those memories things that comes up on no FaceBook has not come back around re posted this so. But anyway. Pearl Harbor that. Not many of us no one of them either. That was alive during Pearl Harbor day but though awful lot of our fathers so weren't. And and they serve didn't. So producer they were never forget I hope itself though 9/11 missiles are good generations from rounder for him. Deceptive outside I was inside have been kind of in meetings and this that the other we did a podcast today you know with the Sharon Sanders of kids first. Both Thompson and eyes so I'm sure we'll have that posted the next couple days you'll hear bits and pieces of that on. Do we BT mourners vote Thompson. I'm probably starting as early as tomorrow. But just so we did a podcast with her very informative about Allen all got started to know why it all got started a mound and then what we still need so appear all podcasters. You a lot of pretty good job. Foundation on no work kids first came from and how it came to be what it is today. Kids first of course is our annual. Mission. To raise money and toys and bikes and clothes and shoes. For about a thousand homeless to near homeless kids and now. And we'll have an auction next Thursday. Right here a week from today 3 to 6 o'clock compact right now Albie you know starting to rattle off some of the items that we have. But I can tell you right now the Tom Petty autograph Tom Petty and our breakers autographed guitars in the house. And we all want it. It really is very cool. It is I I thought maybe it was a hollow body but it's not now not like an acoustic but because it looks like it's wood grain to the pictures. But it's a solid body. It is a fender but it so what are they called to eject. Squire. Which is kind of like he Pinto version of us. But it doesn't matter. It's just schools in India and in his side while our breakers and and I have a bit of 4400 dollars on. So a bargain bin outbid. So why they should be getting that up on the website and extend our auction items up the WBT dot com if you wanna wandering near the key clean Jersey should be up in the shadow box case that. But I came from a sub from new wave xxx. In fact are saw Michael Farr today it was walking into way new meeting in. So Michael Farr who is the general manager of new wave acrylic and he heard us talking yesterday and brought another football case sort of football cases growing cases from both of football's. And these Carter got. Quite got paid for what. He said. So Bob anyway while libel trying to incite you to. Go to our kids first of the Carolinas dot org and not throw a couple of bucks are awaited day if you haven't done so yet I hope well find a way to somehow or another. But convince you that your five dollars ten dollars 25 dollars fifty dollars. Our thousand dollars. We did via beneficial to the cause and that we will look we will would take good care of your money and make you go as far as you possibly can make it go wouldn't take care of us. 82000 kids 800 to a thousand kids though like we have now for about 24 years. Which kids first kids first to Carolina started Hancock page WBT dot com or KF OTC dot org would get you to a place three could make area. Donation by credit card or PayPal or wherever the case may be. I don't know alarm anybody driving very sitting down are you OK everybody's a blood pressure is. Last night. Newspaper article online Charlotte Observer mark the date twelve. Slash font size six. I would be six right. Twelve slash six slash seventeen. The first time this season I've seen the two words. Wintry mix. Most of the Charlotte area can expect to see a light accumulation of snow this weekend. Are in some areas as early as Friday. Snow and rain mix expected to hit higher dale gassed in Lincoln and not a topic county's early on Friday morning no accumulation is expected. He wintry mix. Expected to continue and those counters through Friday and under early Saturday only rain forecast for the Charlotte Douglas international airport area before the precipitation turns into a mix of snow and rain. After 9 PM and under early Saturday. It's getting yet in my eyes won't come on a Saturday. Amid the you don't get all the traffic jams and although it. But by god get Joyce Harris teeter gets a milk I mean for crying out loud you wanna die. Wintry mix and you don't even have the ingredients you don't know the bread or the milk to make French toast I'm. You know what they all of that said that that it matters I can tell that's a southern thing. Oh my god it's gonna snow we have to get bread milk so we can make French toast. My family we tend to go up for Scotch. It really sucks at making French toast. Problem anyway we'll keep you out if you have today don't know whether but I thought that was. Early December there's the word snow. I don't know what the weather will be like a week from tomorrow I did look at a projected ten day forecast on AccuWeather last night just Tennessee what the weather might be like for the big bike drive coming up on Friday night at south Mecklenburg high school. A week from tomorrow night. Six to 9 PM because we have in the past endured some rather chilly temperatures. And day weather forecast that. And this is too far for them to actually know what they're talking about but it said 57 degrees for a high a week from tomorrow. And like 45 furlough. Which would be. We we can handle that. So we'll CO. We'll see what do you know what the weather does by the time we get to this part next week we should have a pretty good idea there are a bunch of club. Nationwide actually net neutrality protest being held today. People across America are standing in front of Verizon's stores calling on the FCC whose chairman is a former Verizon law I have a lawyer to not roll back the net neutrality rules. So there was so one that started at 9:15 this morning at the Verizon and Munro. And then at noon at the uptown main library. And then at 2 o'clock at the and in. In eighteen minutes they are two go to the her hunter's bill Verizon store my ponies are just arrived. What's it what's its name Bridget. Bridget. My out my ponies for the auction them but just arrived from Mo Wells Fargo. Now if that is the big ones Bridget it was a little there's a little when. They're both version it's. Not at all I say don't. This is the third or fourth year we've had to know what you think of that barrel garrison the purity you're dead yet think about a five or six year old girl on Christmas morning walking out to the Christian history and seeing. Really almost all life sized stuffed horse. Well I mean would that be. The greatest memory ever be awesome and it's so I even thought about sitting on its subic. I don't know we had our new general manager sitting on the one last year. And as senator I think the last thing I said good take dead horse and go back Torre came from a and a by C didn't take that advice now and all play dazzle us into a whole lot of things I've soon but this is the nicest guy brought Hawkeye just now days okay yes. I. We've we know doing for a long while. If it weren't for do we know we wouldn't get to half of what we get to ought to draft. Sports memorabilia and Wachovia tickets and no Bridget the horse and you know we've we've known doing for a good long while. Round community that boat sport kids for the Carolinas and so this is one of the ways that. Our great friends over walls Aurora will help well yeah not so good though in Missouri hit big hit every year. In fact. I think the one that was bought last year. Was actually purchased by somebody in the building and given to one of our promotions directors speaker she wanted to Silva out there and I. So I don't know if that's the way it's supposed to work or not cause I signed July and vision of a six year old five year old girl not having any because this isn't something you would ask for no. No it's pretty special here into your point earlier through bookings over Christmas morning it's gonna really limit that you don't ma'am do really well -- them -- kids first party number years and you're kind of are linked to other Cam Newton foundation and over the years and it's good to say yeah well good good to be seeing and happy to be able to help out again you guys do great work every every year we're just couple days away here right auction is next Thursday night matters economic from today and only leading into the bike drive there on Friday and then all the prep for Saturday and then go Tom -- someone's -- senator Reid Victor Alessio on Sunday will be hanging out good for food court and you know pick a gradual but don't shoulders so that's that that's the secret of the drivers like at home with a Amanda there's refer to it I'm sure what do you expect. All right very good hey thanks for coming in meditate server thanks to bring in my pony separate door gov bush you guys keep it up all right we'll do it Burgos do we Norwood oh who are known for good long while and he is our connection not only two Wells Fargo. He's a guy that gets us the yet to weekly passes to the Wachovia are the Wells Fargo I championship by those will be part of the auction. Well Andy's life sized horses which I'm again ready to walk down the hall just couple of seconds back to the end net neutrality protest being held. There is one that is going to start in hunter's bill to Verizon store at 330. And then the last one in our general area that will take place will be at the Verizon store on wood lawn avenue. At 530 this afternoon so largest ought to bring you up to date on not just in case there's any interest at all. I'm Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer met with the president today. After they walked on in last week going to be didn't seem receptive. To be. Did the potential success or lack go vote of the meeting so well. Around you on government funding they've got a little bit of a deadline Norville shut down the government. So we'll see what happens on their Al Franken. Went back to the senate today. They were doing live reports from outside of the capitol building. I'll watch in talks at the time and they had they are guy I don't agree Ross. Reporter out there on sidewalk and he was talking about two Al Franken book on the middle America and addressed to those on the senate floor and is expected he'll resign and so all the sudden it's here and say oh wait a minute here comes Al Franken. And so he turns around in the cameras panned down and here comes Al Franken with I don't know three or four other people. Al walking up though walkway. And a reporter says to him. Mr. Franken senator Franken while you miss most about Washington. And I thought to myself. That's really that's the question. It divided bit Al Franken are probably what is said our I felt stupid questions probably. But I guess he wasn't and they are real position today to run. I had to be thrown it's worth your remarks around so long. He had did announce today that he will resign from congress in the coming weeks following this so wave of sexual misconduct allegations on the collapse of the support from his democratic colleagues that kind of all came together yesterday it was. Pretty swift political fall foray. For a guy who was considered to be a a possible 20/20 presidential candidate. I also was a can't help but think of everybody who's ever had to sit before him on a committee. He being on the committee Dave being in the grilling share. That can't for some reason or another probably have a little bit of those. Grin on her face today. He set a may be residing my seat but I'm not giving up my voice. But he has Sharell you've lost credibility. He's that I know in my heart that nothing I have done is they. Senator nothing has brought dishonor to this institution. Some of the allegations against we are simply not true others are remembered quite differently. And then he said the most telling line of his address. I have all people of aware that there is some irony in the fact that I am leaving off of that I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assaults sits in the Oval Office. And a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the senate with the full support of his party. But the governor of Minnesota Mark Dayton will is they are Democrats kill our name out temporary replacement and Franken had made and are represented made reference to. A possible successor and says something about she. And now maybe he knows something the rest of us haven't confirmed Jeb but lieutenant governor Tina Smith this. It is probably the front runner. And. Pay out the Eagles are coming to town. Eagles added fourteen additional 2018 tour dates to their schedule and Charlotte is one of them they won't play at the spectrum center on Wednesday April the eleventh. And I mean download panelist here they are April the sixteenth in Colombia at the colonial life Farina. And April 17 in Raleigh at PNC arena. And then a parole. Eleventh. Yeah appear. I had to spectrum center. The Eagles these daisies and all are and how does that work. Yes there's Don Henley yes there's Joseph Walsh is worth the price of admission all by himself I might add. And yes there's Timothy B Schmitt and then you have deacon fry which the 24 year old son of the late Glenn fry. And then Vince Gill has joined the band as well. So. It's the essence of the Eagles. But from Bob people that I've known that have gone and seen the 02 the first leg of the tour it's already taken place they said it is killer. On an imagine it probably is so tickets go on sale the general public on Friday December the fifteenth that at 10 AM that'll be a week from tomorrow. And it does spectrum Sydor Charlotte dot com and live nation but dot com but announced today the Eagles at the spectrum sinner Wednesday. April the eleventh so if you can get in due out. That unbelievably fair system that live nation has a put together so that you really have a shot at getting a decent seats. I beg your great Christmas gift it would really make a great Christmas gift if you actually did have a shot of getting decent cities. You would really make a great gift if they would do with the old way and they just make a lineup that the boy had. Box office. And that way whoever was first in line would have the best seats. But you go in there at 10 o'clock and you be the first one to hit the best seat available in no hurry you'll end up in the back of a spectrum center because. Live nation. Cares about you. Have any idea how I feel about live nation and Ticketmaster. It's sad really I mean it is. Whenever the good old days for you could hire somebody goes in line for you. Bob we talked about Al Franken announced today he'll resign from congress in the coming weeks and a wave of these sexual misconduct allegations. One of the members now of the improper. Behavior hall of fame. I Capitol Hill lawmakers yesterday introduced another bill to combat sexual harassment. There addressing one of the all legal mechanisms that employers often used to keep accusers silent. This is bipartisan legislation. It would band employee errors from holding employees. Two forced arbitration clauses. Which I don't believe her idea I think there's I think that's against say oh a clause here and in North Carolina but I'm not sure about them. Which often prevent sexual misconduct survivors from a speaking publicly about abuses in the workplace. And places power actually in the hands of the perpetrated or which is where it's been recently but does things are starting do a change in that regard the senate bill is also backed by a Lindsey Graham. And Lisa Murkowski and a chameleon Harris the house version. Or Walter Jones Republican from North Carolina is so one of those orders and at least ethnic Republican from new York and promoted JF Paul. I Democrat from Washington so off forced arbitration does not apply to cases on Capitol Hill that there are similar. Means for keeping accuser silent which other bills of attempted to address. And us so we'll see where we see all of that goes and I was written thing last night. We were talking yesterday about time person's. Time magazine's person of the year. And it turned out to be via silence breakers. The hash tag me to group. And people were questioning why the cover of the magazine had one woman cropped out of the magazine's. Cover if you look at it. You have balls some of these known figures Taylor Swift is no one of them actually judges one of them Susan Fowler's on their Adam he Wu and a Isabel passed squall. Those who the four primary women that are on the cover of time magazine's person of the year addition. But then there's like an elbow. And it looks like. Bad editing or maybe there's a fold in the magazines so if you owed but no that's done for with a purpose. The elbow. Is of a sexual harassment survivor. Who stayed anonymous to protect her identity and her family so the woman was partially cropped out of the cover to symbolize. All those who could not. Speak out. But people are speaking out now. Anders a lot of lot of people that are. Maybe not having a really. Joyous Christmas. Now are being one of them all well you know what happened last night last week on The Today Show I've seen numbers Alaska what is ratings went up. I don't tell you don't want their cattle let the dust settle to see how long that all goes ABC has. Actually I don't think The Today Show. Not over all have they've been number one for some time ABC has but 4554. Which is one of the primaries sales. And I'm gonna damage your number one and I'll what they care about and advertising is where you are 25 to 54. Which is never made a whole lot of sense to me because the income. The people who have the income. Are are probably more 35 to a 64 or more. Forty plus or something along those lines the guy who can buy the car the guy who can buy the house the dyken. By the vacation again you don't. Those guys are rooted primarily. That's got the 25 year old. But anyway job very important demographic and advertising 2554. I think cut time magazine are on to today's show has been number one and that. In that demo will continuously. So loud but anyway ratings went up last week after a Matt Lauer got jumped. CBS is way back that seems to be the show that I watch still. And are right now they're doing no a trio of women. And I can't remember the third woman's name Gayle King is one and Norah O'Donnell's the other one and the other one is. Brunette looks French should not been. And a bed but I I don't know her name to save my life. So anyway I thought that was a kind of inching. I today we had the FBI director for Christopher ray in front of the House Judiciary Committee and noble talk about that a couple as a. Today after all the how wonderful things that the president sent about the FBI the FBI director Christopher Wray was in front of the House Judiciary Committee. And the Democrats or Republicans. I came in from different angles. Trumpet dead tweeted that the nation's law enforcement agency is biased institution whose reputation is in tatters. Worst in history. And he urged. Ray the FBI director Christopher ray to a clean house. So are obviously anytime you have one of these committee meetings depending on. What member of the party is addressing said person in chair has a lot to do with the direction of the question. I Democrats were pushing amounted to a respond forcefully to the president's remarks and Republicans were suggesting that. Other a little worried about the political bias and Robert Mueller the special counsel's probe of of the possible trump campaign ties such a rush of and they're all seizing on these this FBI agent is Peter stroke. Who was removed from Mueller's team because of anti trump texts. And Bob good latte GOP rare represented of citizen absolutely it's absolutely unacceptable for FBI employees to permit their own a political. Predilections to our contaminate any investigation even. The appearance of impropriety. Will devastate the FBI's reputation. So they have allegations of anti trump bias inside special counsel Robert Mueller's team. And and until that's wired Republicans are screaming double standard. At the Justice Department. The represented Matt gets and some other house Republicans had Astro Christopher ray effort investigation of the FBI's treatment of Clinton. Hillary and then cap and candidate Donald Trump during the Torre sixteen campaign and get to specifically sought information. On the former FBI boss Sandra McCabe saying in an email last fall that the Clinton case was was referred to as special. Then Tuesday judicial walks each releases this email. On this Mueller deputy praising the outgoing acting attorney general Sally Yates and a bad name sounds familiar. She was the one they got fired by trump in January because she wouldn't defend his travel ban. Left over from the Clinton administration. And so the email obtained by a judicial watch. Through a federal lawsuit showed that on the night of January 30 Andrew Weil Weisman. Routier's under the subject line I am so proud. And then you have this strokes sky. Who oversaw the FBI's investigations are interviews with the former national security advisor Mike Flynn. And he was also present during the FBI is July 2016 interview with Clinton at the close of the email investigation. Which is right before the FBI director James coney called her actions extremely careless without. Recommending criminal charges. And it was probably this strode guy who changed the wording on now. I'll house Republicans wanted to know and do want to know what role stroh's played. In an inmate controversial. Trump dossier if any. On that made it's all the way to the FBI this year that is still a foundation of by the investigation. So there was a report in the daily caller that noted that while Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to investigators. You had top Clinton aides like Uma hobby dean and Cheryl Mills and they didn't face any punishment for a telling investigators that they were unaware of Clinton's private sector. In jail after she left the State Department and they've got email exchanges now that show otherwise. So that's one of the reasons that the FBI director is. Rather Christopher Wray is sitting in front of the House Judiciary Committee getting good drilled because it does it seem. Bet. That could be an awfully big double standard going on here separately the House Intelligence Committee chairman DeVon Merrins. Had threatened do contempt resolution against leaders of both the Justice Department and the FBI if they don't turn over here and there are related to information about the dossier and other. Foot issues and so the DOJ last I have heard was in the process of handing over. Strokes. Anti trump text messages so Woolsey were all that goes but if you're wondered why the FBI director was in for about. The House Judiciary Committee today. It's because inquiring minds want or else. The. It's. At first campaign is enough full force got a busy week next week a week from today we'll do it on their auction during this time slot three to 6 PM got a great items all lined out. The the ponies from mom. The world's harder showed up today. The we've got the Wachovia weeklong passes two of them they'll be part of the auction we got the loop key clean Jersey. That we put in the new wave a crew likes. Jersey holder. TJ went back southern earlier it looked straight. So let me just melt I think on all your ready to go it Seau blue panther Jersey extra large Luke equally signed autographed. That should do well. Brought the Tom Petty and heartbreaker autographed guitar. I don't know if that's up on the website yet that Billy BT got Cameron not there should be a lot of the items already listed there are already up on the website and other working on that does afternoon. Other big ponies that we got a tip from a Wells Fargo came in today. So law the Tom Petty guitar starts at 4400 dollars after we talked about yesterday Meyer Tony 200 bucks what by the wayside fairly fast. So. So that's where the bidding bowl start I have sumo one and let's somebody knocks me out on another bid. So anyway I and I've got a grudge toward doctors and again this year I'm not sure of everything that that we gut I heard today from morrow Robyn. Diamond. Who is a Gemini next their food truck will be out on a Friday at south Mecklenburg high school for our big bike drive. Jimmy Nick's barbecue. Last year she brought me a big old hand of macaroni and cheese. And cheese biscuits that. TJ is addicted to. And some brisket and I had to Ryder today and say. Arm. Some things have changed. Diabetes type two diagnosed July it can't be all panned out. Macaroni and cheese in the cheese biscuits. But do bring the brisket but I went up we sell all that stuff out there are two at the bike drive. But she's put together this start your engines gift basket. Attire note that I knew was coming because I had talked to. Sam bass couple weeks ago. And no Sam told me that she had already been out to talk to him so part of this basket. And this is pretty cool she would be she builds this gift basket but she goes to Hendrick motor sports. And gets I used NASCAR tire. To use there's the basket. And this year she got attire from dale junior's last Friday at homestead. Which she said if you want John you can sell that on its by itself. And I said no let's make it part of the basket solve. Inside the tire from dale junior's last ride at homestead. Will be a sign to salmon bass rent commemorating dale junior's final season. Armed Sam bass gave her that. There are four Coca-Cola 600 grandstand. Tickets which retail value is about 400 bucks. Anonymous donor. Two night stay with breakfast for two at the Hilton garden in an exit 49. So he could use that for the race. On one hour massage at the end base embassy suites Charlotte Concord golf resort in spot that's valued at a hundred bucks is all one gift basket. A certificate for a race shop to work to Hendrick motor sports. A gift card and holiday gift box from Jimmy Nick's community barbecue retail value about a hundred bucks us is security now I don't care what your I don't surgery in their Mac or Yury nerve brisket Hariri and they're pulled pork or. That's his good stuff these people not to do brisket was told by the way you know or by. Were my brisket his life. There's a gift certificate from the speedway club. From my Charlotte motor speedway thank you guys for that. And I'll bunch a retail items from Ganassi racing and Hendrick motor sports and a few extras. As well Sammons organ donated another signed a Dale Junior print. And like I say they put all of this gift baskets stuff in May in a NASCAR tire they get from Hendrick motor sports. And no she got one of the tires from dale junior's last Friday at homestead to do that with so I think that's that's that that's pretty cool. Com. I'm guessing we got to Tom Petty and the our breakers autographed guitar Tom Petty and Mike Campbell and Ron Blair and Scott Thurston and Steve Roni you know bent month Trenton attention all of signed the guitar. Oh and noted the giant ponies came in today from Sharon Robinson museum manager down until Wells Fargo historical services. Bridget is the name of the pony this year. But not only does Bridget the big pony and then you have Bridget the media bony and you have Bridget a really tiny pony league like carry around in your hand. But Bridget the big pony you can sit on. I just think for a girl that loves horses this would be the greatest gift ever also from all land Walters that Wells Fargo corporate. Responsibility in communications relations she sent us a couple of tickets to the Wells Fargo championship. And that is a week long passes those are two weekly ticket books. To the 2018 Wells Fargo championship April 30 through May the sixth at quail hollow. And those will be a part of our auction a week from today right here from three to 6 PM. Under is 1110 WBT solve. I'm all of that area part of the auction than our big our Friday night six to 9 PM deal blow Thompson will be broadcasting live understand Mark Garrison in gyms oak you'll be a part of the broadcast as well. Obviously I'll be down there but they are free me up so I don't have to do the broadcasting parcel likened basically be on the run. From the time I get there till the time thing hymns I don't ever remember stopping. But it gives me a chance to run around and poke my head in people's cars which really has a really nice advantage to it because of it's really cold you guys have your cars heated up. I can stick my head your cards suck up your heat. But I you know iron remain families and being able to shake a lot of hands and pet dogs and it's just an unbelievable leaving 700 some odd bikes and three hours we got last year and I don't. I don't expect to beat debt. But tonight and expect to beat it last year Euro which we were trying to go into it 600 somewhat bikes and and we did. So this is all along we've been doing this now for about 24 years since we got involved with our kids first Jerry Sheridan Sanderson and not company. And so we have seen in essence we take care of 800 to a thousand homeless to near homeless kids. And when it's all said and done with any kids it's never received a bike promised before it gets a bike. And gets toys. They'd be sharing you know grills all of them finds out what they want. Finds out what their clothing size is find out what their shoes size is. And so we try to send him out though what will will take terrible take 400 of these kids. And throw a giant party for them at south Mecklenburg high school a week from Sunday. And a week from Saturday is our big volunteer day will have thousands of presence to wrap. And bikes do while we don't have bikes to assemble. Christmas trees to assemble and decorate. And we'll have to set up senators thrown and Santa's workshop every week we basically turn this party and today it takes us about twelve hours to do the holes to wrap all the presence and a and hundreds of volunteers and and that's where you come in people bring their kids. To try to end you know to show them the meaning of Christmas and but it's also just a fun high energy day starts about 1 o'clock in the afternoon and continued well into the evening probably around midnight. Before we get it all done in the the next day 400 homeless to 400. A homeless to near homeless kids come wander in and we take care of them. I'm bikes go out toys go out clothes go out. We terror down all those Christmas trees. And with the decorations and we strap that on to the topic cars and in the back of trucks and send a Christmas trees the decorations home with the presence in the and the toys enough. We always say if you're a restaurant and you can help us it doesn't really matter what you serve. We we always end up. Hopefully with way too much food. So that we can then packed that up we've got a whole kitchen staff that's been with us for years. And via south Mecca cafeterias a great place for us to be able to do what we need to do so we feed these kids at that party on Sunday. And entertain men and as Santa comes by helicopter. And no we give America that they they pick up their bags of toys and they get their bike and we album get it all loaded up and get it back in two were reduced their hotel rooms or wherever their play wherever they are. Calling home for right now. And it's it's just an unbelievable day as it all unfolds. And so we always get up in excess food so we packed that all up so in some cases a lot of cases families end up with a bike. And toys and clothes and shoes and a Christmas tree and decorations. And fruit. We in essence supply Christmas. We meaning you and your generous donations. And me my big mouth. And we could certainly usury help this is the week that we always are sweating because it's the week that we are tens of thousands of dollars behind what we really need to do what we wanna do. So if you can help police. Go to the Hancock page WBT dot com you'll find a link to kids first of the Carolinas there. You'll find an email address you can send a check to there you'll find a phone number that you can ask questions of error. You all. Find an email address that you can send inquiries to a you'll find everything you need their. Or you can go directly to kids first to the Carolinas dot org or if you wanna make it shorter KF OTC dot org. Kids first of done Carolina's. She FO TC dot org. And make a donation there. And don't forget auction next Thursday 3 to 6 o'clock and the big night at south Mac is a week from tomorrow six to 9 PM I hope I can count on your help. KF OTC dot org or the Hancock page at WBT dot com. I feel so guilty I had a cookie ice cream anything since July. How bin really good lost a lot of weight. But we were telling you about. Zealous friend sweet girl cookies dot com and if you place an order they they come here in Charlotte but they ship them nationwide. There but 10% towards kids first. And they brought a whole bunch cookies today. So I put him in the newsroom and I took one here just so I would remembered of mentioned it. And. I don't know what happened to the cookie the wrappers still here but I can't find the Cokie. Certainly I would to beat I feel so guilty I had to have I have not had a cookies is July. And I feel like I'm just blown everything. One cookie. It's killer. As I agree cookie. In his sweet girl cookies dot com. Order before a Monday and 10% he ordered goes to a kids first. And it's good stuff so I mean you know you'd Lotta Lotta peoples and cookies to clients and generic you know it's tough on whatever co workers workers. Sweet girl cookies dot com all part of the but hell up posse. Who all oh I'll be meeting I guess in about a week I can't wait. Washington tolls on new lanes hit forty dollars. Did you see this article. Today. Hello. 77 lakers. Have you seen this. Washington DC. New express lanes. Hit forty dollars on the second day of operation during Tuesday's morning rush. That's what commuters on this new interstate 66 express lane paid. From the capital beltway in Northern Virginia to downtown DC. And despite complaints from some drivers that the tolls were exorbitant. Virginia transportation officials said that the lanes are working exactly as planned. Virginia transportation secretary Aubrey lane. Acknowledged the tolls were higher than many expected. But the the new system is fair and working as intended. The State's goal is to move more people not more vehicles. And variable tolls are the two altered change commuter behavior. It's the same way the 77 deals can work. I'm not and over again to forty bucks or not they say it won't but. As Elaine said the secretary the transportation and nobody has to pay the troll. On the ice 77 to all lanes that are being built from not MC 150 in Morrisville to the Berkshire freeway north of uptown. Tolls will likewise varied depending on how congested the toll lanes become each day. Late 2018. Is when they expect that to open and the untold lane prices have yet to be established. The DOT addressing the told pricing questioned and NATO question and answer on narrow web site. Since since there's no limit on told prices. Then drivers won't enter the express lanes causing congestion which reduces the average speed. So that system yesterday in Washington DC second day. Forty dollars if you wanted in the tolling. Pearl Harbor day 1940 wants to distribute the emails of thanks for mentioning it we should never forget. 1941 the attack on no Pearl Harbor. For seven. 341. Days into the year Tony seventeen to 44. Days to go and Christmas is right around the corner Johnny Bench is seventy years old today Larry Bird it. Is 61. Because we're all getting really old. Thousands of people from around the world donated money to buy and save a French castle from demolition. A woman in upstate New York had a court date on a marijuana charge. She drove to the courthouse parking lot. Cutting off a police car while she was illegally taking not talking on her cellphone. She then parked in the chief of police's designated parking spot. While smoking pot. The figure that all probably doesn't work in her favor. I'm sorry I didn't know I was stoned. And delta flight from New York to Seattle was diverted to Montana for a potty break because the toilets onboard start working. Don't know nose dirty you know I really gotta go. I can relate. Well I mean they had that thing I had. We'll they would bedtime because the Montana. Problem. Well the next door. Thursday night football tonight a game that should interest does that New Orleans Saints are in Atlanta to take on the falcons supposed to are we root for the falcons are aware risen for the same. I think we've already had a lost the division maybe you'll root more for those folks Hussein than we are the falcons but I have no idea what to. Mysterious condition scrubbed it scrawl and it has hit weed smoker that he heard about this. Give smoking up pot three five times a day. You can be subjected this robotic. I've never heard of this before Ramallah. Chronic Canada's users are at risk of experiencing a horrifying new condition is being reported and hospitals across the country doctors say scrawled letting. Is being and all too familiar cited emergency rooms with patient screaming in and vomiting. As they turn for help condition called it cannot but no I did. Hyper me assists syndrome. CH yes. Is. Not properly understood but medical experts believe the symptoms appear from individuals using our consuming heavy amounts of marijuana. Over a long period of time. Little research has been conducted on the topic but one study found that scrawl letting. Did occur candidates users would have to consume marijuana. Three to five times per day. So I'm assuming what unemployed. Oh overweight. But. Bitter. Oh. And not living in the south. Well in August that wouldn't be true you can still do that good news. Will be the last people live legalizing. That's prominent. But. Christian. Rolling Stones of our religion and now we'll learn read the news to bail lawyer rarely heard the radio recordings. Keith Richards with a laugh says I barely remember some of them. What did you that's true because these are for like a 1963. To 1965. They were. Iran no BBC shows like go to but throws shows that are called Saturday club's top gear and the Joseph lost pop show. Come on air features so well known stones tunes like I can't get no satisfaction. They're 1963. Debuts Sandra admiral what they're Rolling Stones debuts song wants. Iran. In line. No that's the name of the song TJ come on. Expect it. The Alamo also includes a so much Chuck Berry covers roll over Beethoven Memphis Tennessee. Beautiful Delilah. Eight of the tracks never PartnerRe. Recorded or released commercially. So new rollers don't know. Rehashed stuff. Which judge you've heard Keith Richards saying in the last thirty years we've got to deal wasn't. That he ran around the corner. Alec Baldwin took a jab at John Oliver and as Stephen cold air. No Baldwin. We want Saturday Night Live takes shots at bros. And in fact has turned that into a cottage industry. Any might be a fixture in the most recent seasons center and I live. But. That many appreciate all aspects of late night TV getting political Wednesday Baldwin took a jab a late night host John Oliver and Stephen cold air for turning their programs into. Quote on quote grand juries. He wrote on Twitter talk shows were once promotional pit stops. For some blight chit chat about movies except true. Now the likes of and I am job Oliver and at Stephen at home. Have flipped that and they are beginning to resemble grand juries. He edited. I'm pro for people being punished through eight due process of law. I'm against people asserting that the process begins and ends with the accusations only. Now. He would know a little bit about that because he's been accused of stuff in the past. And so you annoy the business some of them may have been truce among them and I've been true. But the fact of the matter is is that he's well aware. Debt accusations or. A can be or burdensome. They Whippet that was pretty inching all the people that would have us said something that that that makes that much sense that I don't know that I would've thought Alec Baldwin would have been the one. Now owe any of the Baldwin Brothers are have been absolutely stunned. Not that they could say something that made sense that they can be actually put a sentence together. That would probably surprised me. Florida sheriff's helicopter pilot took matters into his own hands a laser point and it is aircraft on Tuesday night. Stephen Bowman is his name. He was assisting deputies who responded to a barricaded suspect call and port Richey. Bowman was provided cover for ground units going out into the barricaded suspects home when their helicopter was targeted by a laser pointer. In blinded Bowman for a couple of seconds. The corner was causing enough of a distraction that Bowman was completely compelled to pull away from the assignment. He didn't fly away though. He tracked the laser pointer suspect. Noticed a parking lot about a quarter mile from the suspect location that was a large enough and sent to safely land the helicopter. Landed the helicopter. Walked over to the suspect's house and detain that guy. Confronted a laser pointer. I think that's excellent. Screw around with people who are flying helicopters. And speaking of flying jetBlue as an enticing offer anybody wants to. Travel mourned 2018. You can book a non refundable flight before December 15. On jetBlue that will automatically injury you to win and the airlines all you can jet pass us. That means a full year of free unlimited flights to 100 destinations in the United States and beyond. If you already have or you are planning to purchase a flight in the first half of December. You don't have to do anything else are automatically in the running to receive one of the three available passes. And if you have no upcoming flights to book you're also invited due in her free of charge you just hand print your complete name address zip code. Daytime and evening phone numbers I'm an included area code and a valid email address and a three by five piece of paper. And mail it to an in an envelope with sufficient postage to all you can jet sweepstakes. And I've got that address. You're not gonna do that Dario. Good guy I mean I can read to address to your between your dog remembered. Just go to jetBlue and infected I've been if you are if you put if you. Google all you can jets' pass you'll probably find you address. I don't randomly select a winner they can start flying for free as soon as the February 1 2810. Whenever wherever. Hundred destinations. US and otherwise. That cheer went up. Tom. The iPhone hack. I don't know that that I read this last night. Your iPhone is capable of some impressive things earlier that your iPhone is capable of things that you price don't even know it's capable of there is find out these things after you on one for a deal on a bad I have no idea that if I did that did that that it would do that. So there's one small trick making the rounds on social media that could potentially saved your life one day and maybe one that your kids ought to know about two. The latest IOS for the iPhone has an important safety feature built in if you're ever need to discreetly call the police. All you need to do is press the iPhone lock button. On the right hand side of your phone. Quickly. Five times. What they say if you ever need to discreetly call the police on your iPhone. All you need to do is press the iPhone lock button on the right hand side. Quickly five times. And when you slide the emergency SOS Bart to the right. Your iPhone will immediately dialed 000. And connect you with the emergency operator. Even if you're in an area with no service from your provider. If another provider has service in that area you are dialing 000. From. Your your call will be most likely connected. So. I was gonna try it and I thought no they don't want him to do that. In a talking about them. Yeah. Talking about that button right there right. That would be like going be out there it is so. Look I can do it but if I should do it justice table where I could explain to them doing this for public service. But they'll probably get in trouble. I'm always central. I laugh at trouble. All right we'll decide whether or not a wanna have more trouble mullet this couple seconds 5 o'clock IA 505 birdies coming up next. And I'll see you after the Allen just in case you're curious the song we're gonna play on Monday when I was sick for playing today. But still you know I think it's far removed five. Eddie. Women are decorating their bare. For Christmas. Well aware of their kids in the car. But. We know we're talking a writer doing. Christmas time and you know what that means. Holiday. Human breast. Not chicken. Are covered in jolly decorations. Rosy red noses and. I'm they were probably won't be seeing this at the bike drive we. Foleo a good thing to I didn't know this is a tradition have you ever. I'll head over to catches on but do because they're probably should be independent public. Be careful. We've played dead. Make a wry and he's from. Harry met Sally the. Restaurant scene Murr she simulates. One day of fur ever reward that was for some news story that was out. Our. Our way out the York county police department scandal known. So anyway we need to read that story and then we. We don't believe that peace in Adelaide you are right she was just incensed that we would. And and she said do alarm us posted July 14 year old daughter. That I thought well I don't know what the gesture than any of the movie she's the adventures while we're here at. Gotta be careful. Study out of Sweden says Santa Claus. Christmas Eve journey to all homes around the world may seem impossible but it's not. With 2.5 billion homes he only needs 34 micro seconds for each stop. So I mean you know the money center close. How do you think he's remained so then. Researchers figured there are 48 million people per square kilometer on earth at twenty meters between each home so of Santa travels against the Earth's rotation. He has so 48 hours deliver all the presence. Think. Is it what the problem. Any high school graduate configure that a. Mob there are some parents that do you do well for Michelle. If I burn you and I didn't even know what else for the shelf was. Elf on the shelf emerged as a new Christmas tradition for families. With young children over the last tickets yourself. And does some parents and now they're done with a now it was inspired by the 2005 children's book. And do that would make sense that I would know what it was because I had no grandkids that I did kids my kids were grown and so a lot of the elf on the shelf has placed around the house in the weeks before Christmas with children told that he's watching their behavior. And reporting to San on know whether or not he's they're being naughty or nice guy that they played the naughty or nice game with us to. You re young enough. The impressionable like that you. Worried about the naughty and nice thing hundred members whenever one night that I'd done something wrong closed prisoners in the and flow and you know my bicycle or whatever the newspapers. Anyway back to love golf on the shelf and just these targets but apparently has some parents are saying no that's an it is kind of deceiving slide type. Others say that your kids with a QL thug mentality. Have you had your company party yet. You have company parties where actually haven't won. All of that Illinois had one. Tom we've been no bluster I guess we are good general managers. Or we've been blessed with good employees who don't drink too much mic to fools out of themselves. I don't think anybody's have been no. Sexually arrested any of our parties have they. Believe so and of the base hit on me of boss' wife. Course we haven't known our last two bosses wives so world that may have set a new attempt. Help on the shelf we just talked about. The. You can't turn on the T right now without hearing about another sexual harassment scandal Al Franken said today he's stepping down the next few weeks. One of the start in the workplace congress or otherwise Hollywood. Turns out this is having an impact on holiday parties as well according to a survey by the Chicago based consulting company challenger. Gray and Christmas yes that's the name on it. Just 49% of companies 49% of companies plan to serve alcohol. As their holiday events this year at their holiday events this year. Last year 62%. Said they would Ed Yost is the manager of employee relations and development for the society for human resources management and he explains quote. As soon as you introduce alcohol. And an offside activity people's guards are dropped. It's presumed to be less formal. More social environment. Some people will drink more than they typically would on a Friday night Oreo Saturday because of its say it's an open bar or free cocktail hour. The National Federation of Independent Businesses recommends that businesses play it safe by limiting the number of free drinks employees can have. Or in the time that there are available. And they say don't hang missile to know if you're just encouraging them. And consider having a potted our party monitor. Who can now keep an eye out for inappropriate behavior. Now interesting in that our last two company parties have been where TJ. At other breweries. So loved burn out at a brewery this year. But we are in place that serves. Alcohol. Maybe next year I get a goal of to a Belmont to the distillery. And they know we can watch out for quality in Sioux. I'm Rebecca the other side of this sciences finally settled the long running question one we've dealt with many times here that's how to hang on toilet paper. The jobs. How science is also was settled why so many people stay in bad relationships. I'm sure that'll be a fun and to fight sleeplessness. Taken out. All that's coming up I can't imagine why you wouldn't be here it's seems perfectly compelling to me. Okay. And. There's a guy. A scientist. Well first of all let me tell you this circular area had this in front of me the Eagles are coming to town. They added fourteen additional dates of their 2018 to her package as was announced today and so the Eagles will play the spectrum center on Wednesday April the eleventh I want to get that for the media crowd just out of work. April the eleventh tickets to the general public go on sale Friday December the fifteenth two weeks from tomorrow. For those of you are wondering replacing Glenn fry the leg Glenn fry is his 24 year old son deacon try and Vince Gill. And so they joined Don Henley Joseph Walsh and Timothy B Schmitt now. Having seen the real illegals the number times. If it hadn't meant to the reviews of all the friends I have across the country that are out there watch from on the first leg of his tour I don't know that I would be to registered but I think a pretty instant I I think I'd be pretty interest and if it was just Joseph Walsh act. Because I bosses is excellent but anyway Eagles coming to town I just told by the way it's April 11. For the spectrum center. It's April the sixteenth for the air colonial life arena down in Columbia. And it's April the seventeenth. For the PNC arena in Raleigh all of those days plus more have been added but those your Carolina dates. So why the Eagles are coming to town you know want to make sure I got that out to you now that the scientist. Has found a formula. Apparently. For the perfect holiday songs. Still when it comes to holiday songs according to a scientist. Summer definitely better than others and guy this guy claims that he's cracked the code to what makes quote but happy just Christmas song. Ever. Ever is up thirteen big. I mean this ain't no chip monks. And even created a song to back up his claims his tune is called the loves it not just for Christmas. It's three minutes long. It has bells ringing in the chorus. And mentions the word Christmas 21 times. Formula for the song was created by a doctor Joseph Bennett is a Boston. Conservatory. Musicologist. And to come up with his perfectly happy holiday tune he studied the lyrics. And tempo and musical key and locals of 200 Christmas songs. So here it is the perfect. Holidays song and. Not yet. So yeah. And so yeah. She's come V units this mess and she and seeing it. Spent Wilson gives you win. News group. Well let me. Then maybe. Maybe we are a little bit we just didn't give it a chance. Smoke. Our menu we did. Okay. I'd settle science is settled the I don't hang on through their version. Over the top right. Like peanut butter it's crunchy right. This was. Settled at the University of Colorado. Working really important things. Whether football team sucks is because they're really working on big important things in and of tiger screw around with. They would do NCAA football. Saudi haggard told they were when you started to roll hang it with the end going over the top four. And under the role. I think my wife's like you TJ I think you don't care. Suppose a finer one way or the other after the changes. 'cause I'm Virgo and no Virgo would do that I know walk toward your house. As it turns out the over vs under debate isn't simply a matter of personal preference according to a new study the right way to hang toilet paper. It is with the end of going over the role thank you very much. They need scientists from this. Makes perfect sense besides that if you yank on toilet paper and it's under. It all comes off the roll yeah. It's actually better. It for your health that way they say University of Colorado went to germ filled public bathrooms for their study and study suggests that using toilet paper hung over instead of under the role. Decreases the likely heard that germ filled hands will touch the wall. Yeah out. Leading had a positive bacteria on the wall that could be picked up by others using the bathroom and reaching for toilet paper. I'm not sure exactly how that works quite frankly. And related to the German issue there's also the fact that the person who patented the toilet paper roll actually included multiple and illustrations. Showing the toilet paper hanging over the top. I know that there was illustrations either otherwise out of Preval on line by now. Just so a lot of people know so now that we settled that. Do we get some value out of the left lane of highway that are not day exceeding the speed limit. Spurs you on Wilkinson boulevard does anybody that travels Wilkinson boulevard listen to WBT. I have never seen such a bunch a left lane Hagen 45 mile an hour drive and but his Christmas seasons he can't flip them off you just. Well I don't know I it's not only that but it's a whole new world if you can flip anybody off they'll kill you it at that. So around. Bad relationships are unhealthy or read the news today oh boy so why then why is attempting to stay a new study for the a journal of hormones and behavior which are TJ gave me his copy of them. Found that it's love hormone. Odd seeing toxin. That makes people stay. Researchers found that the partners who felt their significant other was a distant or disengaged released more of that chemical compared to partners who felt they cared and respected for. So there you go that's another explanation I don't equally it fully understand whether it was I just told you. I if you wanna fight sleeplessness coffee works for both young and middle aged people. Napping as more efficient than younger people. And nobody anybody else but I'm telling you right now I can be dead tired. Drink a cup of coffee. You would not keep me awake. I can drink coffee at 10 o'clock at night and be asleep by 1010. As I don't know what that did I it's in our drinks snooty coffee grind my own beans and it is much caffeine as I possibly can out of it I just have never had that caffeine gene that. Coffee works on both young and middle aged people napping more efficient and younger people sleep clinic in France had people drive a 145 miles in the evening now that that was guaranteed put me asleep. I used to be able to drive from Denver collar learned Dallas Texas and never stop. Every stop for gas and stuff like that 1515. And a half hours I think used to take me. Now about an hour and a half into Iran Mercury or many of your lives are in jeopardy because I'm doing I'm doing the head Bob you know like a tourist on a bus in France. Then drive the same distance between two and 3:30 AM and having either a cup of coffee a cup of decaffeinated coffee you're thirty minute nap those who got the decaf saw a big increase in driving problems. Like crossing lanes. Coffee and a nab both showed better results younger driver saw more benefits from snoozing I'm telling you right now at least as far as I know. If you're driving across country and you're doing the head Bob and you've been doing it for awhile pull the damn car over and take a fifteen minute now. And then check into almost. At that. But yeah that you read body weight it has so to fight sleeplessness sooner than these geniuses have come up with to a fight geniuses. Hard to do identified sleeplessness taken out. Finally I there was a story in the news just recently in Tampa and employee. Finally received a 1101000. Dollars for her tip that led to the arrest of the alleged serial killer who what terrorize the community for 51 days over the guy in Tampa that killed people that was. Born here in Charlotte. Left here shortly thereafter. Don't lie and a walker was at work on a coworker Powell Emanuel Donaldson the third asked her to hold his bag while he ran an errant. Walker opened the bag when dolls left found a gun inside. She gave it to the police officer in the McDonald's she essentially I didn't know that's how that unfolded. Presidency they gave her a 1101000 dollar reward. So good for our. There's anybody out there right couldn't. Would handle 1101000. Dollar reward around Christmas time. And finally I leave you with what kind of dictator are you. You don't wanna be a spectator those people to sit on the sideline you don't want to be hesitate or those people love who talk about their ideas and dreams but you ever do anything about them. You don't want to be a commentator. People who find a fault with people playing do. Game never get in the game never take the risk never fall forward never succeed you don't wanna be an imitator. These people are so unhappy with themselves they have to pretend to be something they're not you don't wanna be a dictator their boss keep people there are not to confident that they can sell others on their ideas so they have to try to bully them you don't wanna be. And had just cater. Because that's perhaps the worst of all these people like to stir things up. And there are only happy when their unhappy and they try to unite people on the negative force what you do want to be helped Priscilla. Caterer. These people are always looking for a solution they bring out the best and others by making work easier and you want to be a sweet caterer. And these are humble likable nice people. Who will do just about anything or anyone genuinely think just like people and in fact got this week here coming up for you mark Harrison noted senator.