Kids First, Roy Moore, Keaton Jones and More

John Hancock
Tuesday, December 12th

Hancock talks Kids First, Roy Moore, additional discussion on Keaton Jones.Dominique the Christmas Donkey and more.


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The. This is John Hancock. The other whereas. The the final polishing touches on they auction and is coming up love 48 hours from now on. Perfect Friday night like drive out himself a former high school. Tom had a pretty good amount of people that responded good to our. Digging yesterday. Donations to the kids first to the Carolina. As dot org website. 575. Bucks someone believes something like that so that's good that. We we promise said don't don't withhold your five dollars thinking and we don't need it to of all the years that we needed this is the year that we needed. And somebody walked into the kids first store and know ponder a Matthews wrote big Mullen creep market. Sherron gets up. Real estate company to donate a storefront that's. Not currently rented every year or so we Candace end up well all around south Charlotte. And is your word meg known critic market just a couple of doors to the right of the metro diner right next to the dollar store. And as somebody walked in today and no I gave her check for a thousand dollars I don't know who you are but thank you. Hancock UWB teed our comic just sent a 250 dollar donation through they're kids first website normally I use vacated senator. Sponsor a few kids specifically bell and outside the area now mobile lead into the storefront to deliver things in time. But Schoen and gang contract on know what's needed though and I have no doubt that tell you'll take care of everybody. Thanks again for everything you do it does a fantastic program we're Cher could do more to help make 250 bucks is a big help. Colleague just suggested that I offer to get a few of us defense attorneys together and auctioned off they hazel lawyer package. That's the for all law enforcement folks to bid on you have joking. But I did I'd be on Bordeaux with that the next year if you think it's us on the year to raise money off of I think us. Gets pretty you're funny and where that comes from our Chris today so I thank you do recruits. I cantina 1511 came in today with a 500 dollar gift card which essentially is for ten people for food and drink fifty dollars a person 500 bucks. Saying go to one of the three locations in cantina with you are nine a year friends and and Margarita know Tex mex yourself to a taco yourself into a cola that's what I do. But anyway yeah thanks to Dick and all the people of their cantenna 1511 for a thinking the kids first I appreciate that very much. Hornets are in and we got a framed. Kemba Walker Jersey. That still be up on the auction website at WET dot com soon if not already banned by the way I assure wondered what's in two by the auction goal. Go wander around go to WBT dot com and find the auction website and no wander around you'll. See the petty guitar Tom Petty and our bring your guitar that's already got a 4400 dollar bid. And don't particularly Jersey and now the walk or Jersey and the hornets are also win with the certificate I think this is pretty cool. Floor lower level tickets. To all hornets home game of your choice and an autograph too many balls. By a player of your choice. So you contact this this contact name delegates over at Theo hornet's none you've got a certificate in teller we'd like to many balls signed by and shall make that happen and baggage of for a level lower level seats to go to a game. So why that's in on the auction then again if it's not up yet it will be soon. And we talk all of earlier about this southern graced distillery is up in Mount Pleasant. This is a tour package for four to go visit the only distillery in the United States that is housed in a former prison. And they are producing the first illegal whiskey into various counties since prohibition. And the more I read about it in the more pictures I see of the place and so on it's pretty it is it's really really cool. And they were writing back and forth to share it kids first. I'm the owner Leann Powell. And Leann road to shared a -- I made a commitment when we first opened our distillery to make a contribution to charity for every bottle we sell that fits swords this fits into our mission well meaning supporting kids first. And then they talk about the six products that they produce. And the accompanying. Non profit. That benefits. From their presence they do way. They they do particle sun dog won thirty and that benefits local animal shelters until every one of their. Bottles of booze. Benefits. Portion of the sales benefits some organization. And so I think that's very cool they're better anyway if you'd like a chance to go out. Tour the facility up and now Mount Pleasant you can go out checked your website out it's called whiskey prison dot com. Almost sun dog won thirty small batch corn whiskey. And they do us on dog pink lemonade and a sun dog apple Dublin and out. Conviction small batch burba and and but this is a VIP tour after dark. Offer twelve at whiskey prison is what certificate will be four. I'm so therein on the auction and and none and if that's not up yet it will be out soon so. Anyway things are start to percolate I got an update few moments ago on our compares county basket. Neal start your engines gift basket which just contains all sorts of stuff our race. And embarrass county. Related. And I don't get to the details of that before too long. So. So we're still drastically behind on especially on money. But. I by that I felt good about yesterday you know some of the things that happened to us yesterday's gun David's contribution came through yesterday and the speaking of NASCAR the speedway children's charities send out checks to us yesterday for a grand. Nom and net debt to that that that helped us immensely. So and I I I am I would have to have somebody would have to remind me but to a children's charities speedway children's charities. I don't think has been on board with us until the last few years. And no they just kind of hit it into the best to my knowledge and that's is probably wrong may probably have been in touch was sure and return to the best to my knowledge they just kind of showed up on time. With a big check. Om and thank you I I appreciate that more American know begin to join. So was so things are happening in the auction is on air from three to 6 PM up 48 hours from now on Thursday and then our big Friday night broadcast six to 9 PM. And it just south Mecklenburg high school where last year at three hours we got over 700 bikes and a whole bunch of toys and a whole lot of money. And no we're certainly open to duplicate the same this Friday itself neck high school going to be cold. I was hoping it was gonna be like fifties during the day on Friday it looks more like it's gonna be upper forties so I have a film that means can be pretty chilly out there are six to 9 PM but you know what. To quote a famous politician. It's for the children. All right. You all I have had dead discussions about the old ranch house. I don't look at it boulevard before. The effect I mentioned that since I've moved Belmont a year and a half ago a's past the old building which they just recently of torn down and turned into a parking lot for this. Overflow parking and a new enterprise that's going on in no Wilkinson Wilkinson is a slowly but surely becoming parking lot city. Which is a good thing. These are all lots where you can park your car get shuttled into the airport no private enterprises no Sorenson fourth we know that whole area is gonna change out there. Has ever since the main entrance to the airport is kind of now shifted awful Wilkinson boulevard rather than Billy Graham. There's can upload. One it's no longer a service station and other one has kind of a beautiful service station convenience store out there are predicted those things will get raised sooner or later enough. I've become mega gas stations were our rent cars pull in and fill up other tanks before getting back to their rent cars ever seen heard every airport I've been at a senate. Huge. A gas station at the entrance to the air reporter near that no where everybody gas is that the rent cars to to get him back and. So that all areas gonna change out their bet the ranch houses are gone. I I have heard about the ranch house and its reputation your almost from the day I pulled him to tell no 27 years ago. And they were famous for their cocktail sauce and their ranch salad dressing. And apparently they're their cocktail sauce could actually. Solve any congestion issues you may have. At any given time it was supposed to be part too spicy. Well there's a place in Belmont now downtown Belmont to Susan and I went to over the weekend called the Belmont specialty foods. And this is guy. Luke man love and he's got a got a partner or to. But he's a Johnson and Wales grad and and an entrepreneur or. And he has opened up. This. Specialty foods store in downtown Belmont. Which is good down there are at the end of the town real see the veterinarian. Any carries all sorts of stuff that I'd never heard of before others company I guess at a Virginia called Betts sees does peanut butter. Killer. And all sorts of specialty items but one of the things I saw in the cooler case and got started to a guy that is a native of this area and he was standing there at the checkout line. With. Cocktail sauce and salad dressing in his hand. And he said this is supposed to be the original ranch house cocktail sauce. And salad dressings so if you're. If you're one of those who over the years has been yearning yes it's three point. I who has been yearning for the old ranch house cocktail sauce I can't vouch for that never had the old grand gels cocktails also would know if it was authentic a player tasted it. But. It's supposed to be. My head on down to my new hometown don't want to especially foods and and and then take a look around there because. It got a really interesting new collection of I I would assume they'll see what sells what doesn't and brings new stuff and picked up out and so on and so forth but it's a really nice addition to downtown Belmont. But to the ranch house cocktail sauce and they are ranch salad dressing is. Could very will be available to you have to go there. There's a big election going on it'll Alabama today. Roy Moore wrote in on horseback as he has in the past. Along with his wife she came in now by horseback as well. Does this conjure up while lying to anybody that. And the horse that you wrote in on. It. Does that start off more than exploded but I can't. Yeah well I would assume that there are probably are many people in the state of Alabama are all other there's enough to not keep him from being elected or not I guess we'll find out tonight when the would result comeback kid but when I found out I apparently he's gonna have are going into the polls on by a respect. But there are given that contentiousness of this. On election and and the national contentiousness. Of this election and Lindsey Graham came out yesterday and said mandate they sent Roy Moore to the send it to be a gift that keeps on giving for the Democrats. And he's probably pretty right about that but nonetheless the election takes place today and it's up to the people of Alabama to choose their represented even know nobody else should do to choose it for them. So he wrote is so horse to the polls as he's done in the past and cast his ballot for the US senate race it is. He voted for. You think he voted for him. I mean are really only he would actually truly positively without a shadow of a doubt no. Whether or not he's a dirt bag or not. You why he might not care but he would. He would be the one guy given that fact that the evidence is all kind of. It has been like 38 years and some of these cases since today is who you can't say that. I mean regardless I I don't know that I would vote Roy Moore but. But it didn't it seem just a little. But it comes up crucial election. This has been bothering these women for so long that finally after 38 years they just burst right before election. I don't know. He more expressed confidence that he'll win and he said that after the election will be the time to discuss whether or not he's allowed to take a seated Nielsen. But the right phraseology there take a seat in the senate. I'm just asking about it. Mr. diction and. All right let me Argo Wasilla while Karl on WBT and in all move onto a Keaton Jones for a couple of seconds say Karl. I think gone a long time look at Harry don't. Cut. So I don't wanna clarify something you sell a lot like albeit momentarily came out that would work at it and I'm a big election. And not really the way it happened. So there was a little quarter down there going back to his old hometown doing a profile piece. The first woman and the first woman out you know at the first woman was tracked down by a reporter. The other women were not the first pepper or women work. The first four women work now I I don't know if that's sure not. Ideas to helping opportunity but the bottom line if they kept hearing people remember and they tracked them down. And that's when that's how this all started out some of the other what came out after they heard about the other one. But the first four of them came out it no reporter found him not the other way around. OK I I'm aware of that with the First Lady. As to what I've aggregate as to what what the was on the on the rest of them I don't know it seems it seems bizarre to me that this all. Listen I don't like I said earlier I I don't know that I would vote to Roy Moore. There's so there's other reasons beyond what he's accused of here there would only keep me from voting for him but. That said. You've got stuff that's been going on for 28 and 38 years and all the sudden be aura crucial election it hits the fan I gave that did you can't tell me that that's not questionable. Didn't think that would Harvey Weinstein though if you look at him with a lot of concerted look at having go yet he can really good financing you know Democrat. You know it took one or two people kind of going wait a minute. I could happen to me and all the sudden the floodgates opened because. That's that's fine audio all I'm saying Carly it's reasonable doubt in my mind there's reasonable doubt. So I didn't do it Darius and there's nothing there that tells me absolutely positively. Who's telling the truth and who's not telling the truth in this story. Paired up our regular credit card there go I understand. Then there's enough gray area and all of this dead that's the problem with being accused. Of anything like this or accusing somebody like this. In unless you have hardcore evidence. Bennett says he said she said. You can you can ruin people buy do wonders. I also understand how nasty politics is do you not listen to talk radio do you not listen to Rush Limbaugh do you not listened. Don't go watch Fox News and CNN in an MSNBC. Do you not understand how. Dirty politics is. So nothing is out of the realm of question. When it comes to politics. These are the people that we've elected office. Week. Really all hold collection of pretty decent people. Have sent. I collection of cut throat politicians. To Washington. I don't know why you can't. Not seed. How dirty. That profession yes that doesn't mean everybody in that profession is dirty that means they play hardball in that profession. When you have somebody that gets accused or convicted. Of a crime. And can still come back and run for office again and get elected. I find that to be unbelievable. Then people would allow. Their representative. To be eight proven dirt bag. So politics is the nasty is of all businesses. Dirty air than prostitution. To talk about the oldest professions. Com and sole win when you get to do I think Roy Moore is capable of what he's accused of yeah sure. He may be absolutely guilty of every count but he's accused. But I also believe that these people many of them could be earning a paycheck or can be part of a conspiracy. Or that this could be a listen what they've done to trump and I'm not that trump voter. Arm and I find him is questionable as many of you do all the while low forties. Yeah I I like I like some of what he's accomplished for what he's trying to accomplish. So I'm not totally against him from a from a policy standpoint. But. Politics is a nasty business this this. Since the since trump took office any any fuels his own fiery he's his own worst enemy. I every time he tweets. He walks himself into a corner. So she you know that that that's his problem. But it's been death by a thousand paper cuts as far as the press is concerned. That little contentious back and forth that they had yesterday. That the tensions boiling over in that competitive they're gonna come mug combative briefing that they had yesterday with Sarah Huckabee Sanders. And and CNN's Jim Acosta. She brought up some decent points. This is then every single day something no. And if you actually analyze some of the stories that are being and put on into the press it's not necessarily. So one I'm trying to think of right now in my I had. We have the one about the subpoena of the financial records that they're cutting at a dead end in December when anybody else are we would never know indigenous was to Nordegren juries. Two anyway. We still O yeah out on the other wanted that the one that broke a week or ten days ago. Where allegedly. Trump was questioning the tape the Entertainment Tonight tape. But there was never anybody that went on record as saying that he questioned the authenticity of whether or not he was the voice on that tape. That was a sources said article inside the White House sources said. There was never anybody that was implicated anybody that was named anybody that was any thing that was as near as I could tell. A reporter. Deciding that they would make up this story about trump denying that was his voice. And put it out there and watch all these lap dogs all these reporting lap dogs picked up that story and run with it like it was fact. But we never determined it was fact it was a reporter hearsay. With no validity. And nothing more than anonymous sources. For its beginnings anyway. That's what that's what the trump administration has gone through since day one so. Us and I it is Roy Moore capable of what he's accused of Sharia us. Are the women who are accusing him capable of working for the Democratic Party or something yes sure they are. Why no the absolute truth now neither deal. Up to the people of Alabama to send him. But this is politics this is nasty. This and this is this is dirty. This these are the people that we have chosen. To run the people's business. If you wanna questioned the integrity. Of the process. Question the integrity of the American voter who keeps on sending people to Washington. They're now in many cases have a long history. Of not. Doing what they said they were gonna do. Incumbents win because marketing works in marketing is having your name of put four before. Consumers over and over and over and over again that's why you choose Coke instead of Ed's Tola. That's why you pick incumbents instead of people you pick names you're familiar with not necessarily names that you're not familiar way. So. That's all I'm saying about Roy Moore. The people of Alabama today airlift for the hell of a choice. What happened to the third party candidate that we talked about there was government and I haven't heard anything about him I was almost excited about him this was a former. When he a former marine or something like that. Conservative. I would give you an alternative fuel. Mean now people of Alabama and that district don't want old rapper Doug don't wanna go elected Democrat it's not their does not their history that's not their. The report's author foundation. If you were living in Alabama wouldn't you resent the fact that you were either had to vote for a Democrat Roy Moore. We had talked about Keaton Jones yesterday. He's the young man Lou I did the bullying video with his com. And since then the Keaton family has that the fans. Com and we'll talk about that when we come out of the 4 o'clock news. Quite frankly I don't I don't care about what the family is or isn't. And Keaton jones' representative. Of a whole host stove. How old Lindsay I don't remember. Twelve Levin told what to. Armed kids. That god may be artists. Cute as some of the other kids that maybe aren't as personable as some of the other kids that aren't as. Athletic is maybe some of the other kids that art as whatever as some of the other kids. That undergo what we've all every generation that did this hasn't changed it may be worse today than in general was when we were kids but. Can't get bullet. Kids are not allowed to have belong to a clicks and kids kids can be cruel. People can be cruel. So why I don't I don't care about. I mean I don't know what Kimberly Jones is arisen that his mom. But I know that that that twelve year old kid that did that video even if that was staged. Represents. A whole bunch of really miserable kids. That go to school every day. And in here and catch the wrath of immaturity and hate. And and I and the stuff that's been in schools forever and that does not. It does not diminish anything that I felt for Keaton Jones watching that video the other day. You look at that kid and you tell me that that kid doesn't look like he's primed for bullying. That's not right. So while my heart stays with Keaton Jones and refer you wanna what turn on him because his mother may or may not. You know. It's a couple of pictures of her I guess for the confederate flag oh my god. She must just beyond terrible terrible person. Although she tells ABC news. This morning the Good Morning America or show. It was meant to be ironic and funny and extreme. And then she told The Today Show I've spent most of my life or I started told The Today Show that where is that. So they mean that you know yesterday he was a hero. You know the world loved us and today the world hates us. And I don't. I don't have any feeling for the Jones family one way or the other but I got a lot of feeling for Keaton Jones are cured and any other kid that technically he represents. That goes to school every day and hates it because of the way that other people treat him. So. Pay to significant indeed it did did may be mad when I started reading about this backlash because why can't a story just be a story and immoral why can't. Why can't add him but why can't what we had yesterday just be one it was on face value. What is always have to be Ed chapter beat. To all this crap why does everybody have something in their past. Or some picture or some some Torah there on. You know one of them don't want the principles of FaceBook is out another press right now talking about how guilty he feels about what he's done to society because of FaceBook. Social media and cell phones and computers are gonna be the ruin a nation of all of us. Because it's. So I had heard of that day it made me mad yesterday grotto and it found out. Then all of a sudden now there's a chapter bead of this story why can't why can I can't keep Jones storage has been the key Jones story some kid that. He's just going through his own private hell. That reached out to the world and said why are people have to be like that and somehow or another got the attention of millions. Can't that just be the story who cares what is mother is or isn't. Any if she is or isn't. The net just kinda adds to his story done that. Then here's a twelve year old kid who not only. Finds disfavor. At school. Which like for most of us is his work is his environment is his life. But also may have been born into not the greatest of circumstance I you know and I already know best driver I feel guilty about saying that. So big on that when data sure upn WBT hi I'm. I don't argue here in the carry out more to throw it into the mix on this old quote more and more burning. All right I'm home I'm primer I know aren't the only channel on TV in Portland or you don't hear about it. Period duck did you do get younger and get out about my. And neo and there you bill Owens and and the question I have is are we as society. Somewhat complicit in his own. This whole scenario here. Now because those two songs were essentially your written out by songwriters as teenagers to teenagers are you are young girl about young love. Well army but it is is played or general public. It and I did I did feel like it did throughout the day. It may have influenced him I'm not saying this is where why what he's been. That's a that's a nice us rage reached and this but I bind it. I. Parish pastoral slices here tonight sundown marks the first out of pocket. Eight day air Jewish holiday commemorating the air rededication during the Arab second century BC the second temple in Jerusalem when no Jews rose up against. They're Greek Syrian rulers. And so Jews around the world will be all celebrating for the next week by a lighting the traditional menorah and knowing eating a potato pancakes known has lost its. And Jim for oil doughnuts and no play and games and exchanging gifts and no undoing all that so on. So but that on your. Things Episcopalians and understand list. I'm more cold weather is coming in extreme frigid air straight from the Arctic we're supposed to be are pretty cold. Like 24. Degrees. Last night. Art tomorrow excuse me. Need to be Figaro announcing in rather than on what could for. Clear sky tonight so it's gonna get down to about 24 degrees so overnight tonight bowed to under 224. And and we were shouldn't see a hire me or my any higher than 4749. Degrees tomorrow be sunny. But it Libby pretty cold. And bit by Friday which is the data were all kind of concern a lot of sun on Friday highs in the upper forties. So laws 69 out of south Mecklenburg high school. For our amazing bike toy eight. Money drive that's south Mecklenburg high school from 6 to 9 o'clock with food trucks and a whole lot of fun and Jim and it's barbecue and a whole nine yards. Demeanor of the cold when. I don't think it'll be the coldest one we've ever had we've. We've been down in the twenties with a breeze blow and before so we survived. But it'll be a little chilly on a Friday night out of south America's schools the highs in the upper low forties in mobile hanging out in the thirties probably pretty close to freezing by the time you don't want that thing at 9 o'clock. But. Why it's for a good cause and and saw a year when we really need as many people as possible there will come out and help us support center kids first because were off for summer is another we're just not hit our we're just not hit my marks that we normally hit. And and maybe we will you know maybe maybe the next couple nasal bring things that I don't. Foresees that generally seems to happen with kids first ceremonial walk in the door and surprise that a lot of us but to. They weigh it it's fine a lot of fuel went to the website to our kids first in the Carolinas daughter or yesterday and made a donation. Knows all added up to about 575 bucks so I appreciate that very much somebody walked in the store today. At McMullen pre market we've got that's for our temporary storefront this for the Christmas season and I handed Sheridan now. And now a company check for a thousand dollars so that was good and I got an email today from a gentleman knew. Is not a talent but are rose says senator 250 dollar donation today. We are still law. Reaching out to restaurants because we've got this party. We we get the auction here are three to 6 PM on Thursday. And if you go to WBT dot com you'll see all the auction items so go take a look around their currency if there's something you can news or something that you want and know you can bid on it as far as I know you can bid on it right now. So bubble wrap up all the bidding and all the auction between 3 and 6 o'clock on no Thursday. And then Friday night is it just mentioned we do kind of our regular show here from 3 to 6 o'clock and then we handed over to our Charlotte have six would Mark Garrison who will be. Live at south Mecklenburg high school and now give me about a half an hour to get there are so all arrive about 630. And and nimble start that amazing evening by Troy enough money drive and then Saturday as volunteer day. And if you can't afford to help us financially this year bias of bike no problem I'm totally understand. But grab your kids and come help us prepare for the party that will have on Sunday for 400. Almost a near homeless kids. On that's only take care of about half of the kids that will take care of this Christmas we've drawn huge party forum Santa clauses therein. They helicopter us and AM on a Sunday and I understand the Secret Service is involved this year and we've got our penguin patrol and it's very cool thing. So while we do this party on Saturday which obviously is closed to the public for security reasons for nothing else but Saturday's a volunteer day and starting at 1 o'clock at south Mecklenburg high school we need AA SA as many people as possible. We've got thousands of PS by that point thousands of toys hopefully do our wrap. And a lot of things to set up at the south Mecklenburg student Sydor and won't be here from 1 o'clock in the afternoon all the way until the wee hours of Sunday morning or at least the late hours of us Saturday night. I'm getting everything ready to go at south Mac Farrar 400. Plus visitors that will be there the next day. And then on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday of next week. Sharon and her group of volunteers well be taking care of the other four to 600 homeless and near homeless kids we can't afford them they can't attend the party. And I'm told that that's what's before us in the next ten days and and that's why we need resources and that's why we need use solar if you can help. I go to the Hancock page WBT dot com or kids first in the Carolinas dot org or. Plan to join us on Saturday of 1 o'clock or any time in the afternoon and come and go if you want you can spend as much time there are you want you can spends little time there are you want some people come and a wrap for an hour some like that and I gotta go do this that the other and so aren't so fortunate not come back early evening and help us set up and set of Christmas trees or whatever the case may be but does need a lot of man hours to make all that happens so all volunteers are what needed just as much as sort of money your bikes or toys or. Not all that stuff so it's our big week it's kids first to the Carolinas. Been doing that are out for about 24 years most of stressful thing I do all year long. Tom I'm completely stressed out in my mind right now. My tempers just a little bit short. And this is about the time every year I think to myself dale model I get involved with this every year it just kills me. And bio Friday night I'll think to myself. Damn. What what I ever do without us. Because it's all about helping people and nobody said it was going to be easy so that's the way that's the way that when works. All of ago mayors hello to Steve at 70457. All of a tennis Dave. I hate John Tower you and thank you. They're well thank you bird thing you do it can't hurt and help thanks for helping with the first they can't be named or any more than it did the right or hit. Opted to YO Keefe. Have I you know I don't think about that I'm not so if you're that that's not in some boy Dell may be one of the reasons were having trouble arrays and I gave him mean our march this year is because Keith and I made out. Not a good tag team with each other I supported his rides and now he's supported our our Christmas thing and that made area. Then made a pretty good combo with this radio station know when it came to charities so so no I didn't mention Keith. That well he did a great job. You years you great outlook is persevere so little and talk about with the bullying saying you were talking about. And health care what anybody showed our. GM education and that hurt me. Think your people are saying opt add on to say in my experience that you can probably get up I went. Our holy altar elementary school. And what do you know what junior highs and a middle school when they don't want high school and my third period junior high and separate I got. Malaysian python had not been. Got to know where you police in the restaurant and then sent put on a global OK. I'll. Look at is where wit I'm gonna. He didn't kill me Arum until you. Are fiscal strain that it worked. Well. They did it do different strokes for different folks. I'm sure some took that avenue and and others I think it leaves a permanent mark and probably keeps them from our reaching the aspirations and nine and the capabilities that that they they yeah I you know I as I saved it affects different personalities and different ways. That what you just described as essentially what your dad would have been in in the 1950s and sixties would say you know they've punch him in the nose. Yeah and end it yeah I had my parents would look. Meet Dalai immediately now that stand up. And NBA great burden on great somebody in here I. Pick on me a lot and volley he went too far in. Any curse me giddy and altering and I came up behind me in here in the bucket and hit ball in back in the in the field and so our what does Arnold and they've heard back. Now. Power play but. Well well that's just think they're great though different kids handle it and in in different ways. You know they. Give me in the lunchroom could be an analogy for. That. He's digital if he's injured he or didn't need the lunch room and DJ on. There was they had gentleman on hold it was gonna tell me that his son got suspended for fighting back. And. And I thought and I'm sorry for that. But then on the other hand him my first thought was will goods and you'll have a story detail further Donald on. I'm not. Proud of being suspended a couple of times from school. Yeah I am. Not armed. Am proud wouldn't be the word. But it does give you some stories to tell on the way down the. I odorless totally put it this way. I would rather have been suspended a couple of times than not having been suspended because. Life is all about. The end story at all. It meant. Now expelled would be something completely different. And ended suspension led to military school so it's not like I got off the hook completely the spent a year in Salina Kansas with the marine haircut 1969. When note when Burr haircuts were not necessarily. In vogue. When all I wanted to be was. You know hanging out with Grace Slick in the summer love. I don't get re done rescheduled concert tonight fantasia. Charlotte's own ovens auditorium they were under the sun Friday and the gets no doubt. As we got Josh upwards of water order remains. It almost stuck he can't be going to a concert like that about. Treacherous treacherous. So fantasia denied Christmas after midnight add to ovens auditorium rescheduled from last Friday. And we talked yesterday about what's the deal with the French Fries taco bells do enough burritos stuffed with French Fries and RVs is testing a French Fries just sandwich and I wrote yesterday and he said French Fries and burritos started it del taco in southern cal. Secret menu offering meets donor burrito. December 12. Which I think means that two weeks of the day it's all over. That's our you're. Thirteen days until Christmas. 346. Days into the year nineteen days to go. Ninety days before my. Members. I'll put him just from. Remember which one that's what is. But we got married on the evening of New Year's Eve the night before going live to 95. So that I believe. Forty some good. Forty Juno it's more than that. I need for this 27. So that would be 23. Point three. I'd better find out. 43 coming up now. Because I think she's expected so look like big for 25. Although we you know there's that one Monday. Yesterday was the Monday two weeks before Christmas where they could determine that that's the biggest break of day of the year. So if I mathematically take that equation. And put it two weeks out from our 25 anniversary. I can break up weather and and try to get back together February march of my just avoid the whole. As hotels and us are not gonna work out. Don't really Rua knew yours too wouldn't. It. Time over the differ planned 1914 the largest one day percentage drop in the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average occurred. Down 24 point 39%. Who were up again today record levels again Bob Barker ninety's Ford it is he's still alive. There's something in the back of my head that tells me I guess we have a lost ball marker yet have we. I like drew Cary doing now the price is right I think that's pretty good I don't like go though let's make a deal guy. Wayne Brady being out and it's not him for say it's just I don't know I just don't. And that Dickey Betts. 74. Years old today. In numbers think of Greg Allman today. This year right Gregg Allman com Betty. North Korean news outlets claim to the past week index Kim Jong I do not only climbed an active volcano Wallin dress clothes but quiet and a raging blizzard. I have that he did. Maybe he got that here got corrected deal. Great clips. They Boone. Get a better bowl. Dennis Rodman says that he knows exactly what Kim Jong-un wants. Which if that's true. The hottest selling grocery item in the UK is the pit us all the coddled for people who keep slicing their hands trying to remove the pit from the usual kind of all macondo. And American expresses. Changed its policy will no longer require you to sign a receipt in fact. That's the wave of the future than days of signing your credit card receipts is seemed to be numbered MasterCard discover. American Express say that in 2018 they will no longer require you to sign a receipt. American Express the latest company and make the announcement saying that they'll drop signature requirements and April of next year. With the rise of online shopping in new tech like he and Vijay chips and a credit card signatures really become less necessary as a safety measure. American Express said to me a press release MasterCard has made a similar announcement they did that back in October. Discover jumped on the bandwagon last week and so far visa. The only major credit card company that is so holding out in the signature requirement but you know that'll. They'll fall by the way suit is wayside as well also that's all pretty huge pink stuff are you live data out Pollack. More than less than not consider ourselves to be dead Hollis new survey 63% of us say that we experience information cravings. 64% of us get a quote unquote high. When we find out what we're looking for on line. Really day and part of the 37%. Could. 47 was 3037%. Of don't get better and particularly high. Provost of pushing space policy directive one. Orders NASA it'll lead and innovative space exploration program that sends astronauts to the moon and eventually Mars or what did you. Your day was yesterday or the day before. Was the anniversary of one of the Apollo missions and it was like the six who want to go to the moon. And I guess I had kind of forgotten how many moon trips that we had taken. You can't hear you do you wonder could we do it today can we do it again anyway because surely I mean the answer to that is yes. I'll probably do it better better good more officially. But you almost would like to and I understand it's a little little little expensive special when you're twenty trillion dollars in debt. But on the other hand. That was what made America great that's what let us know that we were there Kate Kahuna. Anyway apparently the president feels the same way he set a clear goal. To send humans to Mars by the 20s30s. And have them return to earth safely with the ultimate ambition to one day remain there for an extended time. And skeptics would think well here he's just interested in. But no hotel there. Once the development rights to good to Mars. Cars and troops hotel it. Mario would tallies steps aside after accusations of habitual sexual harassment he doesn't deny him the. He's the one of these latest entries into the improper behavior also. Aim and at the NFL network and EST yeah I'm not. You've got some fairly well names that have been suspended at least temporarily. Pending investigation into sexual harassment accusations. One would be Eric Weinberger a a former executive producer and NFL network. But also. Being suspended the least temporarily Marshall fault seven time pro bowler. Heath Evans who needs to quit working out. And. Looking for the third day minicamp find his name here. I've already ESPN Donovan McNabb used work NFL network and he's been suspended by ESPN and so has Eric Davis. I am. And I cannot find this third guy's name to save my life NFL network's Jim kind of an agenda and as abundant as he sees one of the guys that exist got a goofy looking guy. Ike Taylor. Another former NFL RO NFL football player. So loved some some pretty big names that have. Also joined at least temporarily pending investigation of the these sexual harassment accusation improper behavior hall of fame and good to. A new name every every day and less of course we don't need one and then we wait a couple of days and and who knows next news let's spend the big whale and C. Who comes up next in these. Budget new Orioles are hitting the shelves in the new year again need him anymore I just walked past they are calendar now and I take a look and and NC what. With the new flavors are fruit loops was the one that they just released that they didn't tell you what the name of that flavor was but everybody try and everybody knows fruit loops. So I January 12018. The brand new release limited edition chocolate hazelnut Oreo is. And I shall we call mark. And then mildew spicy hot cinnamon Doritos. I had try to. And then not long after fans can expect to the rerelease of the marshmallow peeps Oreo as you figure that'll happen probably around Easter. And and pop rocks firework Horry goes to they exploded your mouth. The company will also share that in maze store shelves will be stocked with the new cherry cola. And cattle corn Oreo is. And pinnacle audio Oreo bends. How about Bailey's can. How bad Tallulah and tree Mario's there's a sickness is thinking to myself. What about what goes with chocolate menacing and went to medical lawyer and Graham. It's a shame you can't get trashed uncle Lou engraved you know on. Guess that's that's just I haven't had a clue and driven a thousand years but in spite of my wife every now and then. I say actually it's been less than a thousand years. She makes Colo brownies. And and so she asked to go to the liquor store and buy a bottle collude to do that Larry Elmore is kidding her about polio the old collude brownies story. Right keys in her desk drawer. But she'll end up with a left over cola and so I'll go get better half and half I put my coffee every morning to put that over rocks and force people who live there or not. It it. I'm sure that's right on the diabetic diet and I know it's great for your waistline. It cream and Tallulah. So I anyway the answer Graham account junk food in eastern grammar at the junk food I'll speculate that Orioles will soon release. Rocky road trip. Chocolate peanut butter pie. And pistachio Orioles although Oreo says they have no comment on those products at this time. So he's the rumor mill doesn't he say I need to write or doesn't say hey how about. About mud slide or Rios. You heard about this kid. Six year old makes eleven million dollars in one year reviewing toys on YouTube did you see this story yesterday. Did you have the same feeling I did. I could then be my kid. This is an ingenious if you're planning to send your kid to college sit him down a young age like 45 discuss their plans on YouTube channel. Washington Post reported yesterday on this six year old host to this YouTube channel Ryan and a toy is a review of who has been named one of the world's highest paid YouTube stars into when he seventeen. It's a channel that shows him playing with toys. Since he was three years old Ryan's parents have been capturing videos of him opening toys playing with them. And reviewing them for videos this is this that that this is genius. Hands on that's what you wanna say is how a kid reacts to it Ryan's last name and his place of residence are closely guarded secrets. But I bet you twenty bucks there's a security gate out front as they can afford one. Forbes magazine estimates that Ryan has made eleven million dollars over the past year. And what you get Ryan maggots allowance of about a buck 75 a week or so like that. Brian got to talk your parents. Well where they do back from Europe. Twenty what. I at high speed chase ends in crash went high driver checks his Smartphone for direction. Someone's been watching a Christmas friends for eighteen days straight and Netflix is concerned. And a woman charged with battery. After a McDonald's. And they can argument. And a law Baltimore kids first out of your. Before it's all said and done within the best data love of the week to book a flight is. You're thinking what 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon turns out things have changed I'll tell you about that is well it's 505. A. I mean. In the. I. Okay. Hey man. All mug it's good. He's been an. I am. I did receive about this we probably got about eight or final five birdies to go. We pretty much decided did to in this section before it got to think that we. Did you we'd like that run its course and know we'll still deserve it 505505. Tuners a look at but wolf. We've played penny every day I don't wanted to get like zeppelin on the fox and so. I'm really gonna miss everything from ms. Betty offense those TJ I think I've turned DJ on do some Betty songs he wasn't aware of and so on they way go anywhere to go solo. And if that really bothers you there were not gonna do it or you're joy is so we're not gonna continue with very let me know one way or the other Hancock and WBT dad come on. You got a voice in the share. Now you start mass of other persons. Pagan. You get what you deserve outside it. Given that diabetic kidney. They didn't. So people get them pretty emotional when it comes to. They can. The real get pretty emotional when it comes to fast food window saint Jean. It was a at our golden gate Florida McDonald's on Thursday night. When a woman from mother drive through came into the store to complain about the bacon understand which allegedly saying that the bacon wasn't fresh. Our inability of and McDonald's sued to have. Yeah the staff told the woman it was freshen that. That's when the 24 year old a seizure on has stepped in G. Argued dough with the a customer and eventually go fought physically with the customer outside of the store. Your word same do Jeanne. Has been charged with a misdemeanor battery. They can argument. That's what people's bacon. If you I didn't rise that Netflix is aware of everything you watch. Via its streaming platform everything. Service released an original movie titled a Christmas prince. Which is a battle reporter who goes undercover and ends up falling in love with the prince less than a month ago they have been released to listen among punitive they've all moved pretzels or want to go. And at least one person has a really big fan eight tweeted that Netflix posted on Sunday. Says 53 of its 109. Million users have watched the they have in the Iran come every single day. For the past eighteen days and says the company is notoriously private about its data. People thought the tweet was just a little bit creepy but when mixed martial artist Amanda bell asked the company why would call people out like that. Netflix replied. I just wanted to make sure you're okay. So like you know maybe you knew life. And Amanda bill look countered with. You're not my mom and. And then Netflix rolled back and said. OK sweetie. It's expected. I answer emails like that I get in trouble. I have three bills like dad but I get it troubles along. Diane writes is this how about final five heading Mondays since Monday can be so loved Teddy. And that's what we need it the most is the thought. DJ Kennedy has the same idea than you'd just start the week with 505 Betty and you end with the big weekend which is a 505 vetting. And then you could do was something else on the you don't. That a vision Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. And others are just basically say and I listen to go my way home from work every day from our Charlotte to rock kill others want to let you know I really enjoy listening to the a Tom Petty song you've been playing. Keep playing them I'm fine with that that comes from Sherry. I make sure I leave work and time for petty it must remain don't be that guy. On from my Jason. Keep the petty it would bugged me if you quit. And do you really want to be called a quitter. There are better things to quit. So anyway I just a few of them bother you that the tide is really don't probe petty. I used to water burn you guys out on note petty. One of the things we've discovered is he's got an unbelievable catalog of music. And yell or repeating songs again but I bet you we haven't in the people who were doing this but since March. TJ. I and I think we've only repeated songs twice maybe. And we still have a football is played all of them. We kind of avoid the roll another joint when you know because it's your wish bill doesn't assure our audience can fully appreciate felon. And says that it took so much evil and I went out to Colorado and you know went to a am. I'll place. So so anyway I speaking of petty he did a Christmas song he's got a couple album. Our run run. Rooster red rooster. Blue red rooster was one mentioned Christmas but he also did a Christmas song we're gonna play now and next. You final five Betty I know that it did they Christmas song. It's not his greatest work but. Worth the spin. So we sped it. Your face. You Mary snow. Oh well. You're right this is a rather hear dominate for Christmas donkey. Just say it. He sure he's not thinking of us Sammy they're Christmas snake. Which I have a copy out but I as have been done to longer of people really relate to her. That was originally aspires and Trent Steele wouldn't. And in a brand Brooke. I'm not even sure I have. The rights to a play entered an order. That would stop me. Necessarily. So loud there's a guy at a high speed chase. A genius. And started say he's staring at his cellphone you shouldn't steer yourself still Honda enters circumstances. It's a bad call. But being stoned. And in a minivan. And leading police on high speed chase through Milwaukee. And that's the story. Stone and a minivan driver. Leading police on high speed chase through Milwaukee Wisconsin. Results and a crash told police the accident happened when he looked down at his phone in a forward direction. Twenty year old Michael Brady berg told officers he smoked marijuana was on probation which inspired him to flee he's been charged with two felonies. Good decision. Com and the day after a beggar bit. Okay no I can't nevermind I didn't say that jobs. It's. All right. Dominate the Christmas don't you. Hey. I felt I had a friend his name and a modern. Computers. Down game you never see him. Ryder of that song is the kind of person that would be pulled over in a minivan and a high speed chase under the influence of marijuana in order to check. Or directions on their cell phone. I mean I gotta tell you that's. Know Sammy the Christmas and. Monday. Unless I had a mania. Business and and yeah. Business yeah yeah yeah. Our lives now and yeah. And even business yeah. I didn't. In no loving memory of spires and trance bread and Britain. Saying that Christmas say that was a brand grants original believe. He brought it to this radio station twice. And now twice we had to ask him belief. And human dialog you're right I talked to Brad do that's senator a couple of months ago. And even understood you were behind a line. He may not appreciated but he understands that soon its. It's it's that with love so there you go for those of you have had a spires and grants. I its overall law Larsson I think not too long ago put up on FaceBook trivia endured just tossed out the last of their. Moist towel that's. Which apparently had lost its tell that and moist all of those in the same month. So you know what once the last moist talent goes. That's about how long your radio remember the last two out of sight out of mind. That's the way that would goes out fewer children are are riding Santa letters art of the a letter is being lost email. Although I notice doses and are walking in a downtown Belmont socialist we can they get a read mailbox outside one of the stores. It's especially should story talked about earlier where you can get the old ranch cocktail sauce and and a salad dressing and they're guys just opened up in downtown Beaumont. Down by the U veterinary clinic a not not far from the railroad tracks. And there's a little red do. Mailbox and outside the store for for kids to drop letters descendants are cool very small town very cool. But most of its go and emails I guess now they head of the children's literacy charity which is based in England warns that fewer children than ever are writing letters to Santa Claus. And Matthew Hickey ads that did the centuries old custom is so Paramount to a child's development he says it's about developing. Children who are multi fascinated. Who can do everything to prepare them for the future not just being able to prepare for the digital age but. Actually being prepared to put pen to paper and use those multiple skills. It's also about a one of their agreed to set deceptions and great lives that we. Perpetrated on our I don't once. Of all time if you really think about it. But I don't know that it did any of us any damaged and it. Don't ever let anybody tell you that Santa Claus is real cute but I can tell you first down. I know he has I see it there every season for kids first. Which allows NATO's failure don't forget us could have an effect. Kids versed in the Carolinas dot org Hancock page WBT dot com. Next Thursday as our big go on air auction 3 to 6 o'clock go to the AI WBT dot com web page enough. Find the option not hard to find him no wander around their tonight if there's any items you might wanna get on an attack. You can bid now we've already got a 4400 dollar bid only at Tom Petty in the yard record for Charles see you tomorrow at Ariel Levy was Charlotte at sixth and Mark Garrison.