Kids First, Wild Words Of News, and Big Weekend

John Hancock
Friday, December 1st

Hancock is joined by Sharon Sanders of Kids First, Erik Spanberg of The Charlotte Business Journal, does Big Weekend and more.


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This is John Hancock. The time that the F former White House national security advisor Michael Floyd and pleaded guilty instead the Dow is down about 300 points. So I think good news that. The tax bill probably has their fifty votes. News help stock market in that regards it rather well there hours Friday as we can be. Good doctor Sharon Sanders at 330 about kids first to know see if I can't. I tell some of you about how kids first got started enough. Because the story of how sure and started helping kids and almost kids in near homeless kids. Is is pretty interesting I didn't come along until about three or four years later. And actually it was senator Sherrod and her husband Brent that are kind of started helping people. Few families that first year and so on and so forth and now it's grown into 2000 kids that won't help this year. So a lot talk to Sharon Sanders 4 o'clock trouble talking or expand bird one of the things he has written about and had had to vote very lengthy. No longer than I think I wanted to read. An interview with the Jennifer Roberts. You must add to spend some. Like a long time. But anyway and shame to see our views. I know things and why things turned out the way they did in the said the other so willow willow talk about that Charlotte City Council will load. We'll be seated on no Monday and the the mullah deals are getting a lot of ink the the young influence that is going to be coming in to City Council to well work along with vial Lyles is our new mayor. First African American no female mayor of ever. I am we'll talk a little bit about the big weekend at that is. How the upcoming ACC championship in Charlotte. I just providing a big boost came days in town haven't been down there but I posting pictures from mine aerial shots from mount. Barometer bearden parked America looks hurt. So on and practice at the VCR tomorrow for a nine to noon just so I could capture all of I don't know TV. Wish I had some money I had offered to anybody they can get John Hancock and WET on a plaque heard on TV. But I don't. So. So all I'll just have to. We'll just have to watch knowing it's not going to happen. And I asked Tony overturn it and see if he could do five Chris Fowler forming tolerant university graduate he's not part of the game day thing anymore but he's called the game tomorrow night with Kurt cursory. And beloved doctor. Chris CU alumna. There's not many of us and I wouldn't be an alumnus I was. It was kind of like a C you can check or what had discovered. Sifted through campus for a semester and then I was off to make my millions. Still working on now. So lomb. I trust that are being today the former White House security advisor Michael Flynn pleaded guilty two making false statements to the FBI so not necessarily breaking news Michael Flynn is a liar. It now why they got rid of a mandatory five days of the drug administration in the inner circle. I believe it is. I don't know that this still necessarily go walks the president into a corner Argus will have to see were all of this is going limited knowledge on Friday he was cooperating. With the a special counsel's investigation and now. Listen in for a little bit earlier. Well Russia is so pretty sure that the timing of this isn't just happened to be a coincidence. You got a tax bill it's get ready to pass a non. So he stood here and you know it almost worked. Stock market took under 300 we were up 300 points yesterday we were down 300 points for awhile today were down I don't know where we are now about a hundred some lend their ninety's. So. So loud so that's the big news. Mel hours lawyers are try to do to get his thirty million dollar exit. Pay out good luck on that. Representative Joseph Barton is not running for reelection. Just curious how many of you guys they're. Is there a nude photo of that would be. That could be it could pop up somewhere. In a bit guarding nude photos of me. Unless they're from. We had a bit of Polaroid and it would have had to have been spring break Galveston Texas. Streaking about 1971. I'd like to see that result. If anybody has got to go ahead posted online. I think that would be the last the road less real possibility of video of that editor wondering where in the world is Matt Lauer apparently he is retreated to the Hamptons weather and oddities with family or not I have no idea. And Jeff Zucker allow hours former executive producer. Today's show boss. Totally unaware of Ramel hours alleged behavior. And at no I'd use us. Everybody else apparently did bad. But it but nobody you know vote of record so there you go there. I had cal college student Thanksgiving weekend tweets out. When all the best of intentions. Is up until Washington State. Danny. DA in and I. Messina. Wanted to donate some money to the saint Jude's children's research hospital I'm all for that that's as one of the best is the greatest purity ever. Jeff Newton my builder who's built the three. Dream homes there have been no auctioned off on a channel three year. Bob Crawford David Brothers bassist who's been our direct. Our recipient of the greatness the generosity of saint Jude's and continues to fight for their cause. It's just the greatest organization ever so this curl up and college student opened a Washington State wants to raise some money so she tweets out. You wonder raise some awareness for saint Jude's and and associates on social media and splits tweet out on November the 25. That she would do a pony up 25 sets of broad money to the hospital for every favorite that she received on Twitter. And fifty cents for every reach wheat. She figured that a few friends would do a cheer on another pass the message along and infection said racially LaRue later on that she. Was originally planning to donate to personally a thousand dollars now for college student to put up with a thousand bucks or causes pretty cool. Well guess what went viral. Tweet cut on garnered more than 470000. Favorites in more than 203000. Read tweets. She and essence of those saint Jude's 240000. Dollars. I shouldn't have 200000 dollars a line around. So she's put on halt to the offer. And no where they'll take it to or from their idea I have no idea but. Up yeah I gotta be careful. Charles Johnson defensive end Carolina Panthers suspended four games four of violating the NFL's performance enhancing drugs policy so he won't play until after the or cardinal game on. 124. This one I thought it read. But I there bid wouldn't be the cardinal gave it would be the Tampa Bay game. Oh which 124 so well that's not necessarily a great news part of the defensive rotation. It would appear. And we'll have to wait and see because the vote hasn't taken place yet but it would appear that the attacks bills got to fifty votes that they don't want John accordance the Republican of Texas said there's still hold outs but that they have the votes they need to pass the legislation. Senate today is controlled by Republicans have two to 48 so they've got a razor thin margin. Republicans need fifty votes because the tiebreaker were come from the vice president and he'll vote in favor. So. It got a little love momentum today got a little bit of a setback. With the with that with the other news about. Former White House national security advisor Michael Flynn pleading guilty. So in the stock market to learn backed up about 300 points but it's a come back. To the point that it's down a little bit less than a hundred points now. So Bob. Senator Ron Johnson said he would vote for the tax bill today. So that helped end us Steve Danes. Also said he's backing the legislation after he won an increase in the business income deduction from seventeen point 4% to. 20%. The non partisan joint committee on talks taxation. Estimated the package would produce budget deficits totaling a trillion dollars over the next ten years. And saw that through a little bit of now flying to the ointment that projection no left the votes off of several GOP senators in doubt Bob Corcoran from Tennessee is not crazy about to do and you can the president wants to do anyway. And Jeff flake who kind of falls into the same category from Arizona. And Susan Collins. Who is. Awfully low roll Republican. I is also up in the air but corners of the leaders are still working on no hold outs and that the senate passage would push the I appreciate all closer to aid to the first rewrite of the nation's tax code and no 31 years. So. One of the differences I like that tax. Bill that was signed in the house recently. Senate measure would end the Obama requirement that people pay a penalty a tax penalty if they don't buy health insurance. So we'll wait and see where that goes. We still expecting a vote later on today I think is the case and so lone wolf Woolsey were all that goes. And Tom Hanks is record is in Hollywood reporter's. How Oscar roundtable discussion then he was talking about these sexual assault allegations and Hollywood and down. Spoke pretty candidly about the cultural harassment disaster he was surprised he said no. He said there's a lot of reasons people do this for a living making a movie is a life experience that can create an awful lot of joy that's the good stuff the bad stuff can happen on a movie as well there are some powerful people. Who go into this business because they get off on haven't power there are predators absolutely everywhere he says. So why this'll all be on Sundance TV at the end of January but today it seemed to see Tom Hanks speaking out about what's been going on in Hollywood and. Washington the doctor Sharon Sanders from kids first to find out all this got started 27 years ago an actual. Now a quick trip did any one topping extra large pizza for just 799 only when you order on the QT app skip the line and save your sixteen inch twelve sliced made ordered pizza and make today delicious. Tony for 25 years ago I was in the lobby in his radio station and I met a lady by the neighbor Sharon Sanders. And mortgage sheriff's Sarah stories just seconds left I became. Aware that she was doing this thing around Christmas time. Four then a group called shelter medical. On which is now kids first we were forced to change the name and number yours ago. And I got a kind of a conversation with their and this year told me that they were taken care of at that time I think fifty to a hundred kids are around Christmas almost near homeless kids who would know Christmas otherwise they she and her husband had a but I started off helping us several family is that you know it'd grown into what it had grown into an. She said we we throw a party for these kids I'd like it had become so I did. And once I sought I wanted to be involved with it and we've been involved with that now for 24 years and and we've been no someone instrumental in not helping it grow and this is what I talk about nonstop it's what I've been pounding all weeklong it's what role be pounding all next week and the week after that. We're up to 802000. Kids were already committed to 800 kids that are depending on us for Christmas is no word depending on new so they can depend on us. Up so I sheriff she would join me today because of insurance story is is pretty inching about. She's always been involved in no stuff like this in fact it was. I'm being disappointed. In her involvement. Originally delayed heard it kind of shoot off on her own a Sherron aria. Hank Aaron Howard yeah look I'm not I'm great the letter doesn't seem my very December ish but we're not complaining are we. We're not complain that we are under contract and the storm but a capital wonderful time voluntary bike and folate. We have gotten large enough that over the last I don't know what's have been no far 4567. Years now we have sought out real estate agents who will find and abandoned storefront for us. So that we can have a place for people can drop off bikes or drop off toys or drop off clothing or drop off shoes or drop off donations or. And then an end in return to that way it's also a place for families can go. And pick up loading and pick up shoes and pick up bikes and pick up toys and bigger and so this year or McMullen pre market place on motor. Very familiar with. And down. 8332. Pine bill Mathews road is where they are and you'll find the kid's story of the kids first the store right over by the dollar store. And there's. Bidders. There's sale Wal-Mart therapy kind of a mini Wal-Mart there there's a staples there there's like you remember everything that they're their budgets. It's been there forever. Yet America natural diner next to us and will be have been a toy drive out here with the natural diner. On alms slaughter they need that can't cool December. Oh and and everyone who comes out and participatory will attempt or an opera mile natural actor. You up you got started on this I'm assuming about 27 years ago because I've been involved this is the 24 year. Com or you were working and it's been a long long time since the story transpired so I don't think were over dignity holes now but you were working for hospital at the time. And one of your son to correct me if I get wrong on this. At one of your Simons was to us spearhead. The the accumulation of toys for kids and get them down to DD yes sir are aware of what is a department of social services DSS. And and so you did that arm and I am one year you took everything down there are new voice had a system. You get these things raft you haven't coded so that they would get to the right child and you drop off your presence one year tell me the story from there. Yeah I hate yet but that's true I got a list from the outset and I think about 300 kids I talk at presbyterian all the time. Yeah I made sure that everyone was number cutting down they had given me I achieved the number and I had my own numbering system and had a picture everybody had candy cane and a vote on the package. Which you'll which you still are at or about Tuesday. It up and and I delivered. A group of I have to look at all of the guests to be upset over there aren't Randolph probe. And when I delivered on my and you have to have I have to look because my little notebook agreed to hear a little bit there when you put our numbers together we're up against immaculate. In the senate in about 35 minutes I got a call the dollar gift or B being handed out and that I should check that bounced or. But our tanks are on the error and I went back out there. And I got a dumpster. And Iran I tanks and armed so I went inside and question. And gentlemen at the time I just remember he liked to record and my bad. And I went in and acted Serb. Com all of our guests are being handed out end. That's impossible endeavor wrapping paper outside and I think primarily employ and the hospital. Well I felt like I didn't really have much recourse but armed he just told called security incoming I believe. Oh that's kind of how it got started right and I was gonna started out I don't even at the with our kids but I was gonna make sure that the kids that. One of the gift got to get and that could ever happen again and I tried. Now yeah here we are I think you've been successfully you ultimately left the hospital. And then you and Brett your husband. Decided well you gotta start someplace so you'll you took care some families that first year like how many. The first Jerry think we have about fifty can toggle from. From Lancaster area and China cup Hamburg area. We just went around and collected toys and gifts and that we would deliver a pot houses. I don't the first year that started and we started a party at the church and Lancaster at the first one that you Cain can. Brett and I can't hurt its. I'm honored its own when they're adults and I never forget at your ghetto but our dealership. And generally dad. It gave it to benefit that was the first and it can we ever had the putt. So it was a it was but you weren't I mean then that describe the party back in those days I mean it was it was. Actually it was chicken day in and biscuit in the basket then Jews and they mean it was a much but everybody had a great time we were they able to get everybody get and it if Anthony Eden. We had a couple. Aren't let in entertainment and we got a hug everybody everybody got about 10 o'clock at lap and that's how we care about is that the kids got. I clicked but they're pretty pop. Bikes were there Bora bikes a part of it then. Back and it would. Well now I'd be harder champ you have that would have been big time gap elegant and chopped and that would have been specifically of some kid and asked for a one and you just had a chance to have figured out a way to get one yeah. Yes the bike thing is convincing because now we do this bike drive it's coming up this year on a Friday the fifteenth the south Mecklenburg high school. Thumb and there was I it's probably ten years ago we were at Sherron presbyterian church and we were doing a live broadcast on Friday night spent. Best you've ever in the broadcast that we I mean you know a 53 people four people dropped by. Bar live broadcasts it was more for us that it was anybody else and oh so won here the first year that Frito-Lay got involved with us and know we had eighteen wheel trucks out there all the stuff in case we got a whole bunch of toys and stuff from bikes and now we found out that fifty of our bikes were on an eighteen Wheeler in the middle Kansas stuck in a snowstorm and the crumbs or are they or promoter. From voters that's right and and no party was 48 hours away in those bikes were gonna be here in way to know what we're gonna do and so I I got on the air and I say they are at fifty of the bikes and in those days I think we're only get about a hundred bikes a year. I say you know half the bikes that were expecting or none in a snowstorm in Kansas we don't know what to do if you listen into the broadcast. Go buy me a bike. And what will we got a hundred and some odd bikes that night people and Dan and Matt. Down on Omar started here in about fights that are taken place of people fight over bikes in I'm in Wal-Mart to a and I'll never forget the one pick up truck it looked like the Beverly Hillbillies Poland and the parking lot. I any items stacked like fifteen or sixteen hi. Yeah a lot. Our. And then we had we were involved with those some police people at the time and we had a coat drive going on at the same time enough. But anyway that's what's kind of started this Friday broadcast which is just turned into one monster. Arm but then our needs have gotten so much greater to because we've grown and grown and grown and grown and you figured out this last year that we've impacted 34000. Kids I had that. That figure astounds me how did you come up with that figure. I just added up all be here than Robin diamond tablet fight mustard seed and we get a week. 134000. And put in the net chart for you but let pioneer room at the top. Now. You act as wind up pressure. Well at all but I mean now a lot of the kids some of the kids who will look back this year have been to parties before and if they've ever gotten a bike promised before they won't get one this year. But a lot of kids haven't and and they'll get a bike. And will go through 70800. Bikes this year before it's also known when. Oh yes. Oh yes and we've yet we will go to that many bikes it's a. All right this is Sharon Sanders she's the founder of a kids first of the Carolinas come back and talk to her just seconds. However Sharon Sanders from a kids first she started it all and the rest of us and just kind of slammed onto it over the years and no watched it grow and we'll take care of a 2000 kids god willing and know with your help. Kids first in the Carolinas dot org. They've got area store location this year weren't McMullen creek market shopping center 8330 to find bill Mathews road you'll see via chilies out in the front of the parking lots Leo look kind of no that's word has. And find the dollar story and no right to next to that. I share and I just heard from the idle wild fire department to us and we look here in the story of how kids get started every year idle while volunteer fire department will be participating again and bring in as much as we can't. Well they've been gosh they've been unbelievable for the last few years. They look out. They they don't forget it every year they come by apple up our department yet. Woolsey the free warehouse truck come through two weeks from tonight. I'm Susie how many have a big surprise with a frame warehouse this year you enjoy real what you mean in terms of number of bikes. Aren't I don't know. I just think that they have a cup I think and then Miller yeah at a bank group and the couple tricks up from forty. Well I hope so. I also look at this that they did you know it's all we get into our first week or at the end of our first week of begging this is always the time when you just think we're not gonna make it. Myrna we're not gonna it's not gonna happen this is the year that we're gonna solve that we're gonna fail this is cleared as you know we got away or so ago we got a few thousand bucks we need like about 70000 bucks 700 bikes. But I don't know it all seems to all come together at somehow or another so we'll just to keep on doing all we do know the good lord has always taken care of us. I can't imagine we won't see the mustang club this year and wait did I just there's just facets and elements to this that have. On that have become a part of it that you just forget about tomorrow night rock and kids first concert and auction I don't even know where. I I don't even know where they came from but this has been a big part of kids first now for the last few years. They started on their own. I geared to dole and they plan the counter on their own and they do it every year they're doing and its output and this year. Do and at the rabbit hole which is 1801 commonwealth avenue itself up tomorrow they've got to to autograph Carolina a rebellion guitars. They've got a Tom Petty autographed guitar that there are also auctioning off you don't have a bit on and on that do you. She can't on Kieran probably have been yesterday with a 2000 dollar yeah I can guarantee I'll autograph Tom Petty it's our. Yeah she sent me a picture of an because I think in a bidding on it myself but she said I know whose bidding on it and I don't then I can't figure out who it is always wondered if there was you. I don't know. The but it Gergen I would their profit amendment and. I don't know it's say it's it's a sweet guitar tell you what I was thinking I was thinking about Biden and trying to Rioja Marie hack it re talking over here at a couple of the and because I had an outlet in the convention then you do there would be you know you're gonna like it probably give more money you afford to make him. Yeah and dependable Arnie and can you Jack so I have been they've been anyway they. That's that's tomorrow night show starts at 4 o'clock early bird raffles specials going on 1801 commonwealth avenue. Well at the rabbit hole and not. Listen if Euro my age this may not be the a concert that you would need to be go into but it you've got kids you tell a mud to head on over to the rabbit hole tomorrow or no support because the gets great sponsors and now raffles and auctions and giveaways and and the whole nine yards armed. Tell me tell the people that today and I hear him in the background give me some of the names of people. Did that have been with you with us forever. Oh my god. On the burner on any grade is fixed Debbie crane are. Mean our. Jin dean in Iowa a twenty year Jim means house used to be our storehouse. We used to everything we get we put in her living room. That would be physically impossible now. But are years and years and years Geneen gave up her apartment or her house to store the stuff that we needed to get stored. Yes she did and it would hurt eternal little one badger how. And it would be op sure entire continent we had to get well I'd unit to cut your driveway now. This is where we come from and and those of you have been with us for years and years and years have watched this groh know what we do. But it when I say we I hope everybody understands that it's not just me and it's not your share and it's not just horrible names it's see it's you. It's it's primarily a WBT audience thing and then now we added. 1065 the end where I did some time a few years ago and they've stayed true to the cause and then all the sudden the lake. Another radio station in town has stayed true because and this year WFMC. Now that they're under intercom Charlotte ownership there come an end missile slowly but surely were start to build a pretty good little media empire to help us support this thing. But we like I say I I don't wanna sound like I'm wine and but. This is the scariest Friday that we have all year long because we are way way way way way away from what our goals are going to be in order to do what we have to do. And this isn't some radio promotion that can pass or fail this is one that has to pass sweet Lou we're probably obligated so what. Don't forget our eyes currently. Well I know I know I did Charlie although it will talk about Charlie. Charl there's a guy named Charlie walks in your hands us a check every year I had never count on our heroes Scott Davidson other guys that has taken a nervous over the years. But I you know you never count on Amendola because that they are not obligated to us and an Intel they've decided that's what they wanted to. So now I'm hale talked he probably next week. Okay thank you block everybody out there thank you everyone for your help. An expansion of I don't fired our police department they're open at out this year they cannot just like. And a very good all right cool. Sharon Sanders kids first to the Carolinas. Kids for our kids first to the Carolinas dot org is where you'll find him or just go to the Hancock page WBT dot com. Then WVU. Wild word. I haven't talked in his van Bergen a couple of weeks. Over Thanksgiving M not his lavish lifestyle. Traveling around the globe soared to a good to have Erick Jack tell mr. Stamberg. How are you John good feedback I'm good yeah you do you are ready for Christmas and you vote for president molester of oh yeah yeah in fact my kids that same thing you got me last. Your four yeah yeah exactly exactly the thing. However plasmas and our that you have to really nice yeah I'll Greg good and I don't mean a plasma TV center. Yet now idolize another empty bag as winter bears are peppered with serotonin that's a problem how much time did you spend a Jennifer Roberts office because the end of you have been the addition of Charlotte business journal that is out today is pretty exclusive. Yeah I think we spent about an hour. Discussing. The two years ending you know where having discussed it with the use so many times. I think she's been in office and I think you know there was a lot to go through and appreciate heard. Taking the time to let me ask her about almost dare I mean she did let me ask her about everything I want to ask about. She. Obviously I think right after the election are right after the primaries that ratio loss to me she was probably a little shell shocked two and to some extent. Bruised. Mom she seems pretty forthright. And no and she's got some. Some views on no on off on why things happen the way that they happen to she you're your your headline says I took some bullets for a lot of people. Explain that. Yes so it's interesting she really feels as though. The election. Confirmed that affirmed her approach and are tenure and that's despite the fact that she obviously lost the primary in. It was not reelected beside what she means by that is. You have a council that is made up that new members to our concentrate on things. Such as diversity and inclusion. Such as the environment such as transportation such as an economic inequality. All those things are important to turn things that she talked about a lot. There are other people such as Michael bets are the political scientist sees. Quarter quite frequently in this area and elsewhere who say that this is more a trend. Al cities are tending to vote across the country more democratic. Andy younger and a little bit more persons and obviously what you see intimate suburban and rural areas so. There's there's a difference in the air but I think the key point is the one that you major I'm which is that she has. Regained her authority she feels so light. She had a pretty good handle on what happened and she's looking ahead another replay people who disagree with her conclusions. But I think it's at least settled in her mind. She'll be remembered. I think for HP to in other words you can go to the bathroom where and and I don't want this to sound completely your crass but -- also throw in the police chief under the bus. I had to to some extent I think that's what beetle. Yeah I think that those two issues. Or were certainly typical and I think dead. Even this. People who everywhere there on water president issued I think it was probably just some general fatigue with all of the chaos that was going on. Some of it may have been caused by Herbert did there was a lot of there was not caused by her. But you're right guy at those two issues are far and away. The ones that stand solid and whatever from people very sound say did you know picking that fight with the the state legislature will be the ultimate verdict on her aunt and point to that as a weakness. And then you have some who say that. Once you have but I greater proliferation. LG BT protection and that she will be ultimately vindicated by history so we're just going to have to wait and see which of course of their favorite word of every op Ed writer in the world. I WC MC and I don't have notes in front of me so I'm probably going to mistake us for WC and C has just. Mode kind of uncovered that are harassment our city harassment policy. Is sorely lacking in details. And they brought that to the mayor's. Attention and apparently that'll be her last agenda item and that is to. Either look at that or strengthen that before she gets out of office. You have any any. Dialogue or not. You are giving me news let that just make that this final meeting now all the more interesting because as you also know we have. Throwing in of the new group and there's our little bit of disagreement on who is going to be the mayor purge him and he of course you through that lightning rod issue on top of that tell what you might have a blockbuster French here. Well all of that sex try to know another article that you've written and that is the new Charlotte City Council and we'll talk more about them and no detail and a few seconds but do they are divided over the mayor pro Tim and quite frankly. Julie ice held Kyra. Said last time around it was her first term on council and as she at that point said she'd feel more comfortable I was somebody else being mayor pro Tim and vial Lyle's got the position. But this time around I sold as the number one vote getter and quite frankly she's comfortable loved being a member City Council now and she would like to go to she would like that shoot like that title. Yes you were heard and there are of course it's six members to have just been elected for the first time all the one of those simplest mirror has at least been on the council she was appointed the this 61 time collect data and date. Obviously it can help for the majority of the eleven member council and from what I'm hearing today here wielding a lot of influence in terms of to get selected in the traditional route has been that if you are the top vote getter than you are familiar perch and and you've watched this before counting one interest you think his people. Beyond the government's terror covering this stuff I have no idea what the mayor pro Kim does what it means. It is largely ceremonial but it is important to you and members of council because it is a higher profile. Position and that could of course have water up to run for mayor or something else in the future and file owls. Took that route just here the last two years. I assault has a little bit of competition in the Mitchell wants the job and I think he's kind of lobbying Ford is he not I mean and with the new faces that are coming on the City Council they might go ahead and go along with the now with the top vote getter a philosophy as it has been in the past but James Mitchell is kind of lobbying for the gig. Yeah that's true that's what we keep hearing and pictures say more and I asked him about it yesterday he said. That there are two criteria for determining their at the mayor pretend it's not just the top vote Gator. Experience would be the other one that everything he might mission experiences of course he has been bent on council longer than anyone else he served. Fourteen years as a district rep and he's he's had a couple terms now as an at large reps or he would be far and away the most experienced candidate. One other regulatory John so this. Position. Requires six votes from the council there are eleven members. One of those members a new member of Matt Newton is out of the country on his honeymoon for the next several weeks ago now. You're down to ten if you have someone hit five. Or you have a 55 tie the mayor can break that tie the mayor has already said she will not break a tie so that's a long way of me saying. And they could be SLR corps without a mirror purchase them for the next several weeks assuming that they are deadlocked on Monday we'll find out. Bryan Lyles will not break the tie because. She feel old that it would be. Are harmful for the mayor to step into what is a council decision that is great you know he would take away from this being the council's choice and turn it into being the mayor's choice. And there's nothing and the bylaws or anything like that that says it has to be done within a certain period of time or anything along those laws. No and I asked the city attorney about that he had you know it would probably just keep been put on date City Council agenda each week until. They finally got to six because remember the other thing it can happen is let's just say it's five fire her when. Wow but whatever boys except that you don't have six notes maybe the next week he's someone has changed their mind or had their mind change so that will be one way to resolve it. I'll come back in just a second talk more with Erica spanned her from the Charlotte business journal in addition is out today. About. The Maloney also were about to control the City Council called a sworn in on no Monday we'll talk more about that in. There's a football game in town tomorrow night and they brought along some friends from ESPN and that's news to and we'll talk to Eric about that as well. New addition to show business journalist out. Out today were talking to senior staff. Ryder. Or expand burned I keep on big enough. Redford and Newman butch and and Sundance who are those guys there's gonna be six new faces on City Council and they get sworn in on Monday. And they're all under the age of forty and that's pretty interest in. Yeah it really is you know you have I had someone today and I haven't confirmed this yet but someone had the government's intercity you know the average age of the counseled about because essentially in half. And as you mentioned 640. And what a lot of people wondering is it. How well they're going to get along and foul line and they will be ending in terms of what issued a pursuit. What kind of things they want to get done I mean we know some of the basics as with all. Almost all regulators are talking about things like give public safety and transportation and better jobs but. How they apply that in and how did they think things can be done better because clearly this is a very ambitious Kirby if you listen to the way they campaign in the way they've spoken since they've been elected. And maybe they don't do things the way that they've always been done before our men and may be that might be hard for some people do. Not to stomach but maybe that's a good thing may be maybe we get out of some of the routes that we've been in. He had to try to match I think there are a number of people our rail local government who are saying is let's see how this goes let's not immediately. Sort of dismiss. You know some youthful ambition and certain see you know used for risk taking. In terms of a public policy because the government is it. So often intractable and its slow moving and I don't think many people expect yes and into transformation that would be silly but. Maybe some new thinking could shake things up all that that's not a bad thing. Well the poster boy for the new group is is a Braxton Winston who have already seen some interesting comments on on line and hoping gets a better reception of that because I think we should greeted with open arms but. There's some people that can't get past they are sure those guys were this fist up in the air stand and in front of a police officer during and uprising. But that's arrests were brought in my to a prominence in and that's what do I got his. Got his name recognition and he doesn't seem like they especially radical guy mom panel looking forward to seeing what he does. Yeah I think that's right I mean I think he'd been news. Very measured since Election Day had just speaking to him and and hearing said the things he wants to work early and look he. Obviously came to prominence as you said during those protests he talks a lot about transparency not just in terms the police department but another to government. And he's very passionate about. I guess social justice causes about eight Accutane economic inequality but it's such a big issue around talents. Well how do you find affordable housing when there's so much to education going on. How do you process jobs for people who either lack the education or maybe they haven't been trained with the proper skills to get into some better jobs. Those are issues that could be bipartisan in a lot of ways so if he can thread that needle he's going to go along way. Last week before and we are or getting together you wrote an article ACC game big win for Charlotte. On college game days here this is bigger than it was big when you all wrote that first article about it though if you've got to college bowl game and college game day shows up. Not for the SEC not for the for the Big Ten but for the ACC game you've got two silver headline. Yeah it's funny over it BankAmerica stadium today. A group of us were in the press box say they've brought a Kirk herb street they ESPN analyst he's part of the game day show. And he was laughing saying that you know he's obviously not called the ACC championship in Charlotte but it's always been compliance from Atlanta or Indianapolis. From being on the game they said in those cities where the SEC and Big Ten championships are and then coming in late at the last minute this is the first time we've ever seen some of the setup. So as some of the pregame excitement around Charlotte and I think the president of game day. Clearly demonstrates that the HTC has reached a new level and it may sound silly to people who don't follow the sport but that really is a stamp of approval. And the packaging have a number one vs number seven with Miami Clemson. I see is a very notable and her and Kirk herb street also said today that he thinks that yes. From Miami were to win a close game may need both of those schools could wind up in the tunnel for the college football playoff so a lot at stake tomorrow night. We have you run into Chris Fowler have been calling widget because it's not often you get to talk to a famous see you love buffalo. No Chris Fowler is is an old CU buff so I'd love to talk about football with him. But we've effort to to try to get hold of amendment I'm sure he's got to be improved to do so. May be another time hey enjoy your weekend and all talking Xstrata. Thank you I care air expand her senior staff writer Charlotte business journal Charlotte business journal dot com. You know ceremonies begin if McCain hadn't bill. In just about 21 minutes with DO lighting. The town at 6 PM. Yup tree lighting my caddie bill is tonight. PF famous Christmas town USA lights up for the first time right in front of the far family YMCA. And McCadam bill ceremony starts at five lighting is that does 6 o'clock its all free. Hi may want a longer on down there I'll tell you from experience that if you are trying to get in there on the weekend you'll end up in a crowd but if you go during the week days. And the lights are on from 5:30 PM till 9 o'clock on weekdays and 5:30 until 11 o'clock on weekends. Until December the 26. But we nights are easier than weekends. But it's it's worth the trip to see it's it's fun and it's beautiful and you know there was good news that a few there especially if you're ever gonna before. 335. Days into the year thirty days to go. Bobby Allison got a birthday on Sunday he'll be eighty years old. 1885. On this date December the first although the exact date is actually unknown in the US patent office acknowledged December 1 1885 his first day. Doctor pepper was served. 1885. Also. No I take that back in 1998 Exxon announced a 73 point seven billion dollar deal to bid to buy mobile. Rex Tillerson told company created ExxonMobil largest company on the planet Woody Allen is 820 today Bette Midler is 72 today. And sands of things about Geraldo Rivera that happened once. A little assault of her own. She refused salty hard you assault and the assault duke. He was real salty. Starting this spring by agro will be sold without prescription in the UK. Stifel for live. Barnes & Noble said that they all I'd try to turn around their businesses by building smaller stores. Health experts are read the news today oh boy predict that this year's flu season won't be really bad. And according to a new study over half of today's American children could be obese by the age of 35 or read the news today oh boy of Megan Markel. Prince Harry's fiance apparently is a distant seventeenth because and. But they've from the south. In my in trouble and probably. Ever since news broke that printers engagement to Megan marvel the Internet in the media have been focused on the late royal match. Megan was born in California is making history by coming an American born British. Royal. Turns out that Megan is and all too far from the throne herself apparently. According to the New England historical genealogy society now. Megan is distinctly related to the royal family herself king Edward the third king Edward the third ruled England from thirteen to 47 to thirteen 77. Was born at Windsor Castle which is where Megan and Harry won't get married on and may. Over 2018 they will be married at saint George's chapel which is on the castle grounds this also means that Megan and Harry are actually. Related but very very very distant the pair are seventeenth cousins. Megan is pretty impressive bloodline beyond her relationship to Edward did the third she's also the distant. Related to multiple US presidency and even famous actor James Dean. We'll party families about stuff. You know reviewing videotape product candidates called aid. Get clip. You better be pretty careful about. Could you give to civil radio show god dip cloak. So we are meals are eaten on the road in the front seat of your car is so you know what it's like to have a catcher for dipping sauce land on your center console or were sure lap. So. He solution to this horrific problem. The dip clip. Which is a gadget. Which is already raised 40000 dollars on kick starter. Similar to one of those cell phone mounts that you know slides into your car's air flow event. This does the same thing but it essentially is a little tray. That those square. So losses. Pinched down in two so you would have a little dipping a platform. While you read in your car. Instead of hanging on to Europe follow in the dip clip provides a cradle in which to set your honey mustard nugget sauce or whatever the case the universal mount. That can no latch on to any car's air vents. Company says that it's been tested for McDonald's Burger King chicken Floyd chick filet is using. Wendy's KFC dairy queen Jack in the Box Arby's Popeye is sonic Carl's junior and hardee's. And Hines packets. As for those little ketchup packets that you get with your hash browns Judas and that you escort that into the plastic. Our rob mentioned it comes with a clip in other words they give you a tray if you need to. If you need one. And no so far you can only get a dip clip if you donate to the company's generic kick starter campaign. Get to glimpse for fifteen bucks. And no word yet on when they start shipping. Dip clipped. So glad I got that story threw it out and did the sevens are good solid. Apparently it's Marceau and addiction real thing there's a new study. Indicates the brain chemistry of someone unable to plug from their unplug from their phone different than others. Overtime Smartphone addiction causes changes in the brain that ultimately leads to symptoms of anxiety fatigue and phantom cell phone vibration. What that would be did you think your phones vibrating and it's not. Or do you just start shaking because nobody is called you an oil. At a Maryland couple who tried to cash or winning no lottery ticket for fifty bucks. Couldn't do it. Because the ticket turned out to be actually worth 50000. Dollars. So the couple said that there winnings will go towards a family savings in a possible of future landscaping project. And I can relate to that I think that's what I do as well. Quick reminder ceremonies begin in about four minutes up in the cab and bill and the lighting up the town is that 6 PM tonight. And then the lights will be on until December the 26. 530 to 9:30 PM on weekdays at 5:30 to 11 o'clock on weekends. And so we'll talk a little bit about Charlotte motor speedway and some of the things when we get into. Kicking off the big weekend which happens you know just couple seconds. In an office thermostat to it. Given office thermostat did you have access to. I am downstairs where they used to have although. Air talent and now they've moved everybody around in the building but they haven't moved me so now I'm down there are aware of the people that schedule commercials and book keepers and but I nearly all of the air talent still down a no we used to call the bullpen they've all been moved upstairs so what happens he got here they moved them all into a big room. I'm the only one still down there and I think it's because I have all that stuff up on the wall those of you have seen my wall and I'm so I don't think anybody hears Gupta gets asked me to don't have to take its toll YouTube but. There are maybe they know that all lasso that I'll say that's fine honored public that a no prima Donna as somebody take that all vote for. But anyway so I'm down there and there's a thermostat well when I was the only one left. I used to keep that thing about like the way always to keep it here in the studio are nice and cool now they got all the huge blow walkie bookkeeper dive sent out there. Randy you're darned right you. Inaccurate because I care. But he keeps the thermostat down merit about 75. Degrees. Which only leads me to believe that he probably did heard about 5 o'clock. So I walked down there and and they've been down there all day long when you keep the place bat hot. It intends to take on kind of an odor and say it's as if you're new to the environment once you've acclimated yourself to hundreds. But anyway alters thermostats they say may be sexist. If you're office is comfortable a comfortable temperature for you or new study finds that if you're a woman you're more likely to answer that question with no it's not comfortable. This would be my wife who brings a sweater and a code to ordered because she thinks it's cold over there and I go to the but Billy BTV newsroom all the time. It seems stuffy to me. I don't get cold. Bag I get I can sweat a snowstorm but I get hot easily. New study finds it'd been published in the U. Journal natural. No excuse me nature climate change. Researchers say most office buildings said temperatures based on a decades old formula that uses a metabolic rate but it's the metabolic rate of men. And this formula takes into consideration factors like air temperature airspeed vapor pressure and clothing insulation. And knee resting metabolic rate. And the big issue is that the resting metabolic rate used in the formula is based on that of a forty year old man weighing about a 154 pounds. And that's a problem for women since they have different resting metabolic rates. And previous studies have proven that women tend to have extremities that are around three degrees colder than men. But I'm still telling you that I know that the person who keep that service that downstairs 75 degrees. Is you'll Randy. I don't think he gets and he says that because all the women have told me that. But I maybe have. Maybe they just don't blame it on him and maybe this has to do more with the sixers thermostat. Anyway I think even though I'm the the original person out from that area down there I now feel like an Al wires so I keep my hands off the thermostat. But it's pretty toasty. Radio program. Where's big rock and kids first Christmas town USA. All. ACC. Championship ESPN. Game gave weekend. Robaire bearden park will be a great place to be tomorrow between 9 and noon o'clock. Off. Because the game day cruise in this town so that's always so fun I've been to Ohio State games where they were present and it's always a big crowd and I've been doing games were the Chris Fowler Kirk herb street of the broadcast in Monroe herb street comes out walks across the it's like The Beatles are in town that's a pretty big deal also work. Hello we are on the map this weekend and hopefully it'll be a game that is worthy of it Miami and Clemson tomorrow night 8 o'clock. Shot blocker. New home. Rock and kids first concert and auction benefits kids first in the Carolinas these guys came out of nowhere and started to on these concerts on. What was the name of the place TJ Beckett bill no doubt. Chop Shop. Where they started this. And nos AMIS last year. And this year there at the rabbit hole which is an 1801 commonwealth avenue. And all the show starts tomorrow at 4 o'clock got a bunch of fans got a couple autographed guitars that the auction off from Carolina rebellion. They got a Tom Petty autographed guitar. That they're auctioning off. And a lot of bands a lot of sponsors. A lot of good sponsors and no factor in all they'll just do what they can in no raise some money you know they always help us out with their kids first and like I say. I have no idea essentially where they came from. But mandate they've just been the kind of rare percent the younger. Back. Not a set of people that comes in and helps the kids first they get a the rock university roadshow band will be there tomorrow. Eighties tribute band Pearl Jam tribute band or they're tomorrow to Americana and blues fans will be there tomorrow the modern rock and a medal ish bands start after 9 o'clock. Silent auction dozens of rare rock and roll memorabilia featuring guitar signed by the late Tom Petty also a guitar signed by all the bands the Carolina rebellion of the got two of those. Got a rock and roll flea market going on down there with a lot of memorabilia for sale vintage T shirts and posters and photographs and stuff like that. And a raffle as well. And I think they get started down there about a 4 o'clock tomorrow. Fort till 11 PM the rabbit hole plaza mid would 1801 commonwealth avenue sixth annual rock and kids first concert. And if you're of if you're younger than me. Then go and have a great time and Erisa money for our kids first all the same time enough. Fine thanks here and those guys are doing back there has to have. Like I said they came out of nowhere another big part of what we do every year rock and kids first concert and auction tomorrow. And it the rabbit hole and commonwealth avenue. And everything. And again bill tree lighting is tonight at. Christmas town US hey you know. They're part of the FR family YMCA on no main streets are mourning began at 5 o'clock lighting ceremony will be at 6 o'clock to all free. And if you missed the MacKay and bill lights on no opening night tonight go on a weeknight. In no early to a mid November. Because that's when there are fewer. Crowds but they packed tonight it'll be worth it. It'll be fun. And the Weathers couldn't be nicer I mean it's it's gonna get chilly now of the sun's going down but but it won't be that bad. Tomorrow night's game at Bank of America Stadium the ACC championship game should be beautiful weather is a well it's a whole lot of rain in the forecast to get a little chilly. Now we're up to. Well there's a chance of a shower tomorrow they say. But to highs in the mid to upper fifties for tomorrow. Are down to about 45 degrees so for tonight so world. Be a lot worse. Could be a lot lot worse Eric gales is in town tonight he'll be at the neighborhood Peter at 8 o'clock Memphis blues rocker. I neighborhood theater dot com if you need more information on that one and also at 8 o'clock tonight at the night theater Robert Earl K games a Merry Christmas from the families. Show. With the concept that he got started with a John boy and Billy about twenty years ago. But Americana singer Robert Earl teams look like Camelot. 8 o'clock tonight night. Theater cost just 45 does 65 bucks to want drawn into that and we'll talk more about what's going on for your big weekend just seconds. Of the ACC football championship is an annual ACC fan five K and kids mascot run that is represented by no one else. That race takes place tomorrow morning at 888 AM in uptown Charlotte. And then with ESPN's game day here they start their broadcast at 9 o'clock of that goes till noon and that should be arrive at their Bennett Roma or durden parked. But the race takes place today at 8 o'clock in the morning uptown Charlotte participants are encouraged to dress up in their favorite school colors. And see if you can outrun their school's biggest rivals registration 35 dollars the day before the race so your already too late on that 145 bucks. The day of the race at Chernobyl on health. And the game takes place at 8 o'clock tomorrow night of course Bank of America Stadium Clemson against Miami but the annual ACC fan five K and kids mascot run. Starts at 8 o'clock tomorrow in uptown. In my Christmas pageants two ago as well the Charlotte corral. Joy of Christmas. Just a set list of beautiful Christmas music. About twenty men and women from around the area with them. Budget minded day admission price twenty bucks to get you into the Booth play house starts tomorrow night at 7 o'clock. And then this sounds just magnificent I'll begin to go to this the magic of Christmas is the Charlotte symphony orchestra led by a really great conductor. Albert George shram. We've met him a couple of occasions we love him to death. The Charlotte symphony chorus the Charlotte children's choir of community school of the arts. And the Charlotte symphony artist in residence mark O'Connor with his Grammy Award winning family of bluegrass band. All of that gets together Sanders shows up as well dress code for what the night is is some. How Blumenthal performing arts hosting the ugliest holiday sweater contest. So that takes place tonight at 730 tomorrow night at 730. And 4:30 PM on Sunday. And you can get more information on no bad. And to. Blumenthal arts dot com I believe was the website to go and had the magic of Christmas show put that on your things to do list. I think Lincoln's death the Charlotte youth ballet presenting the nutcracker that starts tonight goes through the weekend halting theater. Tonight. 7 PM. Tomorrow 2 PM and 7 PM and a Sunday 230 got a met me in the afternoon Charlie youth ballet brings us to the stage the 36 annual holiday classic production of tchaikovsky's the nutcracker. There's the fortieth annual fourth ward holiday home tour goes on started today 5 to 9 o'clock so what's going on tonight as we speak. Again tomorrow from five to 9 PM and then on Sunday from one to 5 PM as they started this back in 1977. Friends a fourth word holiday home tour. All they had two or proceeds benefit important neighborhood projects like good neighborhood beautification and no preservation of historic landmarks in public garden education and social safety programs and all of that stuff. Annual home tour hosted by the friends of fourth toward tickets are thirty dollars good for all three days. And you can go to FO FW. Friends of the fourth ward dot org two find out more details from buy tickets I assume. FO OFW. And our Christmas of the Billy Graham Library goes through the 23 they opened today for their Christmas festivities. The it's a good place to find the true meaning of Christmas I would assume mother that'll live nativity they've got horse drawn carriage rides in light displays and caroling and festive music and a story time for children and holiday goodies and shopping and a special look Christmas dinner with a all the trimmings offered. On Thursday. Friday and Saturday nights. And Christmas library open to the public. And you can go to Billy Graham Library dot org to find out more about that and of course speedway Christmas at Charlotte motor speedway runs through New Year's Eve of closed Christmas Day but they've got the Christmas village out there in the petting zoo in the Bethlehem village. Which are all open Thursday through Sunday Carolina motor speedway dot com well luggage you the information on that one. Tickets for cars suvs minivans started Tony box. Special pricing is available for buses you can now find out about that at 180455. Fans that they announce. And new for Torre seventeen you can know Parker spectator you can park your car above the at turn three and four overlook. For a photo opportunities are really unique view of and a great angle on all the lights and everything and they got to bunch of new attractions out there like you do every year animated tree and snow machine and the whole nine yards so what's speedway Christmas you got. McCann they'll turn their lights on today. And speedway Christmas of motor speedway turn their lights on they're already on. So while lots of stuff for you to do in Gaston County at the end Daniel still botanical gardens holiday in the gardens goes so. Through this weekend. Five to 9 PM they're closed on Christmas Day is so well. The Ed Daniel still botanical garden so lighting display it is stunning it is beautiful. And you can visit DS BG Daniel still botanical gardens dot. Org. To get more information and all all of that. But don't live music and fires in marshmallow roasting and food service and beverages and cocoa coffee cider adult beverages yeah baby. Southern breeze carriages will provide horse drawn carriage drives Thursdays through Sunday nights through the holidays to carry rides will cost six dollars per adult. Four dollars for children ages two to twelve and it's free for children under two. On nine nights that the carriages were unavailable the garden trauma. Is offering rides from six to 9 PM those rides are a free. Holidays that the garden not take place five to 9 PM nightly through the end of the year garden will be closed on Christmas Day. And no daytime admission on methane and oil Thanksgiving is passing you don't have to be worried about that so it all started about the middle of November and goes through other holidays and they're eliminating the garden that twelfth annual holidays at the garden Ed Daniel Stowe and I think Santa is there are. Tonight tomorrow night and Sunday. So that's an opportunity for you don't want drawn up to aghast and county and I'd take care of us. Com what's going on sports wise well there's a huge football game obviously college game day crew is in town for the ACC championship Clemson and Miami tomorrow night of BankAmerica stadium at 8 o'clock. Utters from high school football games going on in other sports as well and volatility about that we come back into the second. High school playoffs continues in big games tonight Huff eleven and three at Mallard creek thirteen and 0730. In the four double AL playoffs. Bailouts is that Harding tonight advance eleven and three Harding twelve and one that's also. Or 730 game that's tough for aid. Play off game Sun Valley eleven and three at Asheville Reynolds tonight thirteen and one in the three double A Jay M Robinson twelve and Jude takes on Charlotte Catholic it's at Charlotte Catholic. 730 tonight in a 38 contests Shelby. Who beat my south point red raiders. And whoever won that game's probably go into the state title although I'm sure Lenore hybrid no probably would like two basically question that for me Shelby is actually just twelve and two and Nolan aura hybrid and it's fourteen to know that game to double play takes place at 730 tonight in Rourke. And just south point. The South Carolina south point one of the best teams in the nation fourteen and all at Hartsfield thirteen and one. With a 6:30 PM start tomorrow and that's the South Carolina for a contest so. So good high school football games are going on. You also have basketball tonight just oh by the way North Carolina. Takes on Davidson and that is an uptown event as well of the spectrum Sydor. I'm here in Charlotte and also be on ESPN 2 at 8 o'clock tonight. Basketball on TV tonight and uptown Charlotte inspectors in the North Carolina is at that Davidson 61 davis'. Three and two. I moved me and now a company and met town know how high school of stand out to a now playing for the your target also that. Tonight at 8 o'clock and can't make the game you can watch it ESPN. Two Tiger Woods today. Four under. Three under yesterday and seven under for the tournament he's in contention there's only like eighteen players in the field but people can watch and a C. If a comeback is possible and it would appear that. Maybe it is wasn't. It you can do it can consistently I guess would be the the big question. Our Miami at Clemson tomorrow night 8 o'clock ABC is the network if you're not go into the game college game days and down turn on ESPN tomorrow morning starting about 9 o'clock and and no see the festivities from Rome or burden park or go on down there we talked about the five K that's going on tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock in uptown Charlotte. By 1230 tomorrow on no fox Texas Christian university and Oklahoma. And the Big Ten championship is on fox tomorrow night same time as the Miami Clemson game Ohio State at. Wisconsin. Tiger's golf tournament by the way is 11 o'clock. Noon tomorrow. At 11 o'clock on Sunday. And that's on the Golf Channel. Yes. I your NFL fairer for Sunday. And don't forget the Panthers have been flexed so they're Panthers saints game as a 4 o'clock game ball for 25 for kick off on fox India Sunday night game will be the Eagles at the Seahawks. At 820 on NBC. And college basketball at 2 o'clock in the afternoon on Sunday would include two lane in North Carolina so we got all that going to Korea and holiday on mice. Here's a option for you and all throughout the holidays are I annual present to Charlotte. You can go do. Holiday on ice Charlotte dot com to get all the. Details princes Dave by the way is on a Sunday. Beyond the ice rink is open as we speak 5 to 10 o'clock tonight ten to ten tomorrow. Eleven to a seven. On us Sunday. Closed Monday and Tuesday and then five to ten on Wednesday and Thursday a Friday. And then for the week intended ten on a Saturday so that's what's going on their holiday on ice Charlotte dot com the got a web cams all sorts of stuff that you can go there. You buy admission ten dollars if you own your own skirts ten dollars or four dollars more with a skate rentals of fourteen bucks to skate rental. In mission is good for the entire days so you can buy a ticket in the morning and leave and I come back later on and you won't have to buy new tickets season passes or forty dollars with a your own skates fifty bucks with a rental. Group rates are available for parties and all of that stuff thug go to the holiday on I Charlotte dot com get the details and all of that. I and they do special skating birthday parties available for a 300 torrid five bucks and up for ten guests are more. I'm and that includes cupcakes and balloons and reserve section of skate rentals and hot chocolate and goody bags in games and a whole lot more but holiday on ice down their NASCAR plaza. On to be that there are gift to our Charlotte for the holidays and now that's some if you've never done it before. You probably should know go do it so there you go that's what two big weekend consists of true or false. Apples not caffeine. Are more efficient at waking you up in the morning. True or false. Alfred Hitchcock didn't have a belly button. True or false a pack A day smoker will lose approximately two teeth. Every ten years. True or false. People do not get sick from cold weather. It's from being indoors a lot more. True or false. Only 7% of the population are lefties. True or false babies are born without knee caps. True or false 40% forty. Thousand Americans are injured by toilets each year. He. True or false your feet are bigger in the afternoon and they are the rest of the day. True or false most of us have eaten a spider in our sleep. If I wake up when you kind of go a little sort of stuck in the backyard throw you can't even quite washing down oil water and you're just opened big unit's not. If you don't you're not sure what it is. But it wasn't there when you went to bed last night. In Karachi cotton like a cat that at this afternoon. True or false in most television commercials advertising milk a mixture of white paint and a little better is used in place of the milk. And true or false the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle built in 1903. Used a tomato can for a carburetor. All of those are true. Every single. One of them. Did okay to take your shoes off when your flying. As we head India means busy flying season we just got out of Thanksgiving Lizzie post the president of the Emily Post Institute in Burlington Vermont co host of the broadcast awesome etiquette offer some advice. When it comes armrest 67% of respondents said that passengers who committed the commandeer only one of them and leave the other for their neighbor. You don't oiled boat people there don't try to stake claim to an armrest share. Our shoes off is okay 59% believe that sock bliss is not okay. And it was apparently is not all right either anymore. Out of consideration for other passengers. To the best of your ability we advise you keep your shoes on while lawyer and an airplane. If the person in the aisle seat is snoozing and you need access to the laboratory do you break them up. And according to the survey 80% said. Yes but only once per trip. Should have thought of that Victoria. Bedtime story should stay brief according to more than 80% of travelers seat made should exchanging quick hello and a smile and then zip the lip. That's like we've passed the body of holes here and to say hey how you doing and they stop and Julia. I did that. And on the topic of snoring 67 serve percent say they are won't Nigeria knows bodily neighbor but did this on a plane. But will mute the noise by a cranking up the volume of their entertainment system you'll have a great weekend I'll see you back here on Monday at 3 o'clock I leave view is Charlotte at six and Mark Garrison.