Kyle Petty and Millennials

John Hancock
Wednesday, April 18th

Former NASCAR drive ad NBC Commentator Kyle Petty joins Hancock to discuss racing and his charity ride for Victory Junction. Hancock also talks millennials, and job interviews.


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This is John Hancock. Other other red Wednesday we can leave. So I get here and about 1990 and I guess those late ninety Juan nor probably late 91. I'm supposed to go do a personal appearance nodded the old ballpark out until four mil over the nights for play baseball. Then they give me a contact name two go find and so I get there and it's NASCAR night out their appeal ballpark and go news. Jimmy Spencer's out there are no cow patties out there and some. And they're signing autographs and stuff and I and so I see a mission over some my desk or some and I have to I ask for the contact name and it's some lady and and so they direct me to where she is and I said DeLia I'm looking for around on Hancock award oversold so. Company stands up says you're John Hancock. And all the sudden boy just made my day I've never I never forgotten that because I listen to your child veteran new with a held on a path I I called all my friends Bakken in Colorado and asset. Now that he knows who I had a huge man that was big for mate are you doing good and I human piracy knew was that you thought I was stalking you when you started to separate yourself from its hot. But that's not true man as a bio it went right across to all at. Larson's I'm writing for the kids we can't say he's got another one now coming up but I admit yeah a fifth yes and to be out there and rabbit in sync go to Larsen that fit that's what should be seized a large to be singled Belarus and yet he's so that the BT just got back from on wedding he has waiting on that stuff I gotta keep up on my Yang you know his mind Stella there's I stay up on him and I remember word we're still root for an elderly currently are restless. You're good everything's good your run you got a baby on the way. Got a baby on the way yes yes I did open it really excited just arm moved into a new house. In south Charlotte here's a just moved into a new house Tuesday and that's a negative so I'm amendment they were left I don't. And Cox on of in my house the stop paying to get us out of it I. But I imitated it is a it's and it's not. A nice neighborhood there's a golf course and there's some stuff. Now I'm from level cross North Carolina OK I know yell considers this the big city of Charlotte. But there's nothing wrong with moving your upholstered furniture. And on a flat ban on a flat trailer. And sent known at the keep it from move and instead of of touted now not some rotten to the golf course has wavered of people. I got a call and in my hand on his way even and everybody on the golf course and they're like. And uses red neck pay any other news there and the neighborhood and I guess I am did you put that pulls herself on the affront tortured you put it in the right after I took first thing and it was Beaumont car into the fray yarn take all the wheels off of it. Bomb innovate and then up and a that's the 55 gallon dramas start a fire him because the king to cope I don't know. People Collins fire pits now they know to be so happy I don't know what the dealer in Charlotte they got a fire pit about it that's a big deal you can take the kid so people can't create a which take note get Dick look at tree never cared can never never. Allowing. That's Seoul south Charlotte Kyle Petty self Charlotte doesn't doesn't make any Shays says it's at all and no man and then you fall in love with this crazy what you do when you when you meet the right person you why you're get readiness bigger risers are Larson's right coming up on -- made the Philly you are certain on May the fifth 20 yes we are starting on May fifth yes and at Portland Maine you're doing and ease coast around East Coast yet last year we did Portland Oregon. To Milwaukee Wisconsin. Mom and them and my wife and I we're on now on the site inspection and we went to. Are we wouldn't go our way up to a New Hampshire to the race we were driving winter Portland Maine that now the sneak Coleman and this is screwed up every writer that rats went to simply just cinema thing that says. Leven from Portland and I can these idiots we left from Portland last year. Only important Maine and is going to be Coke is it that last year we went to do you know Portland Maine. I was only there firm a couple of days it's nice how I've been there a couple of don't like an area that I did it's it's it's one of the places that I went to. That looked exactly the way I thought it was getting through the rocky jedi coast the lighthouse and I have yards halt the lie houses. All that we came up the Kennebunkport as he drove along the coast and east you. Lee one lighthouse and you can see the next elite ally has and it it is truly it's like the Newhart show almost another new original domain but I mean it gives you that. At New England feel so in downtown Portland is old and cool I was cut by a partisan pubs and yet great restaurants great bars grape halves. Great seafood from. Great lobster roll did not step. Yeah I don't pronounce it right obviously not the kid from Randal and Anna and I monster yeah. They're big kids from rhetoric on that and accept that's good in the early that we so relieve and there. Last year we left a legacy of Portland Oregon went com. To Milwaukee and we sought to things last year we saw the world's largest all the time assembled by one man. Which is phenomenal. Which is phenomenon town you can get chance on the dollar Darwin Minnesota. And we also went to the corn palace in Mitchell. Us south the cut so this year we're doing nom. We leave in Portland from one TU. Albany a blonde by New Hampshire the speedway in relieve an end of one the next they leave on a new one none Woodstock and had a concert. In another format very cool which is really cool undo the museum and stepped in won over deadly Von Helms is this a little I had known him on your tour. How cool without a two run over to you. Team pocono Pennsylvania where the speedway has over stand at the mount airy casino there when we're in the next they would leave we go out to the speedway there. They were gonna Martin guitar I'm really excited about going to march nasty and cruel that's a great tour great tour. Leaving they're going down the Lancaster. I Manheim auto auction there are are presenting sponsor their big our big partners man on auction or not the world's largest auto auction them are going to you. You work the next day Pennsylvania to the Harley factory. We're gonna ride the shenandoah national parks and national park stay at the homestead innumerable and in my dad's museum. And then over to camp said Karzai Americana to work as we saw the ball trimester so we we said okay we're into Americana step. Two stock car speed ways on every good New Hampshire from pocono. Woodstock. That the more America out of the Woodstock and then Martin guitar because those two him. I Harley Davison. Shenandoah national park and then now Richard Petty told him on top of that thing go to his museum and then ended all at the camp where all the kids ask and Nicole. I had never seen by a NASCAR race other than on TV. And I went to work for a wilt wrote a station called WA RM and we'll spurs were in Pennsylvania. And we decided we were gonna try to set the world handshake record and so we went to the early race that your have to kind of stock out see what Doug gates Warren knows figure out how we're gonna do this. And and then we went to the second race and we attempted to set the thing and those guys after you've shaken about 101000 hand your hand in bad shape and those guys are guys that they're the word just would drop me to my knee started out just for the sake to drop into and his. But I had never seen a race before now was technically the Tim Richman come back Roy yeah he won that race and issued a huge story. Yeah well I knew we went out in the pits I met Earnhardt that day I met Tim Richmond that day I meant a couple of people that day and now we know we we fell 5000 short of the I don't know what it was 27000 records we should 43000 -- I did not comment but that was first time I'd ever done NASCAR and then I ended up in Jacksonville went to a Daytona yet. Totally different totally differently and all the sudden now I'm on two major speed ways and in my my NASCAR experience and then of all places I end up in Charlotte and that's has always. Apparently NASCAR was stalking me because. That I had just ended up in the home and passer so pocono in the beginning gateway drug for years. Kind of sorting and ended this habit I never remember just how bad have it it I manner stand and it the first time when we were trying to check out there I stood at the fifth charted the start finish line. And I hit it again as so I had never heard the sound the hour and I had never felt the rumble before I had never seen the speed before and I sat there at the start finish line I thought oh my god. Yet it's it is an and I tell people bad about race. Racine and and listen I doubt or for NBC and do it on TV it's really hard. To get that feel in your living room of what you feel when your at a really can't it would it would those guys like watching hockey hockey hockey it's good it's fun watching and you watch and it and you see the game and is going on lap. When you're in the hockey arena. When you're watching the checkers when you're watching anybody play hockey it is an amazing game. But it didn't transferred totally and that's really motor sports are meant. That's sound and when they come back you're standing that close to the fans when they come back picture breath away how hard for was it for you to walk away. Eli I tell people this or use this as an example mom is. When I was when I was a kid when I was a little boy 45 years ago when I knew I wanted to be a race car driver. And I would dream ignite a dreamed about being in a race car. Hanging on to a stairwell and race and Richard Petty and David Pearson and Bobby Allison and others specimen that was my dream I watched them race. But I go to the racetrack enough I'll watch says guys raison. I was fortunate I grew up started young seconds based Richard Petty and Bobby Allison and Buddy Baker and Donnie house and people like that. And then one day you get that place we're. You can't you didn't. I didn't grow up dreaming about having a shoe contract thank about doing commercials about making lots of money about Livan and a bit grim dreaming about drivers are so. There comes a time when you add to take that dream and you can't do that anymore. You still can do all the others have Bangor the racetrack I can see everybody side until he was kind of like taken. Picking your grand batters tonight who really likes of fish and take an efficient San OK you got a boat which can't pitch the let's go out to vote. And you go around witness you can watch all less fish would you not you're not going to be able to fish because. Really all you wanna do is draft then let them when it would say if you go talk to. Kyle Busch or Kyle Larson and our Jolie Madonna other one goes trap they don't want the BS part of what they just want to drive that's what Charlie's. I talk about my introduction I've forgotten about this and that are looking to you and I'm thinking to myself actually the first Arab first race I think I ever went to see a mass was the first all star race a hole where either you are Allison spun Earnhardt out in turn four and then you've got whenever. I think I'll go to my grave Sana never tested and then maybe not did touch were directing debut underage current second that was bad but Redd are out there and British line on the analysts. You don't lie and here's the funny part about we have talked about that recently when we didn't. You know some anniversary step. Davie. Bill wrecks on entering. Our run second baby crashes we we get together and crash and if you go back. And look at anything in the newspaper or any interviews or none of us ever had a harsh word to say. He rice and it was just I mean it was just like that's the way it was supposed to be and we all come back the next baby was in the hospital on. Too easy I think and called me and said this I don't know from a guitar on that bush card can you run my Busch car tip and I might. Okay that shows. How much there was no animosity you know I aid he won a race I run second you're mean to drive your car younger driver if. That was the first night race ought to see a match to wonder because there is one of the board of the big deals was to see that mellow yellow car come around the backstretch and apps with no lights hit it a man and that mellow yellow Karl I mean man that thing looked great under the lights yeah history. Hey you know I ain't that bad. And and Al don't take credit for that car because that was a movie car from the haze that founder. So I get to drive that carpet that was mellow yellow Coca-Cola. That was a huge as you examine our sport when you go back to early nice when you first got here those first securing your critique them. I can't say how ever really was at a peak I was just step mob. People now we wanted our Rockingham race in 92 in October and you led 484. Laughter select got us remember us being there and you dominated the whole race. And you that was the year that I think co Wiki won the to championship and you finished like fifth yet. It that every stump for everybody but me but that was you we had I had some great years Felix. With Felix bias when Greg act. Still love him but I mean it we'd we have some good years we did have an easier time talk about victory junction and they are raison or some other stuff going right left help that is in the studio with this and never backed you just feel. Nobody's in studio at this. Talking about old times and are racist no sort of silver for a little bit about the victory the injunction I have not seen you. My dad died 1994 I traveled all the way back to Colorado on I got there there was a bouquet of flowers there and it's good condolences Kyle you remember them get. I didn't sound when Adam died at said the same thing deal. I I assume is holding up helps to know you know shuffle but I I didn't know if you would Don boondoggle and understand that to get the irony of that is there is nothing you can say now there's nothing. Com and I just wanted you to know that I was stable that I was thinking about you out of that though comes. Now you know it's funny. And and that 8000 kids that's what the charity rad has sent to camp we've seen. 26000 kids since says government camp that's hard to believe and effective who knows how many family how many. Bet that that is a part that has amaze me. It is. And I'll say this team and and and you're right I think you go to different stages in your life and you don't know what. What the next five years you know what the next ten years that's why you Leo yeah but she's you have to Leah you have to go out there and do something. N com. We you know when Adam's accident happened in 2000. I've been fortunate driven some sports car races. With Newman upon human. Some answer racism and grand American races and Adam and I had been to a couple of camps and we've talked about it you know in and body creek is as part of serious fun group with cancer Newman had been. Following his accident happened it was like let's just boot camp we're already doing this charity rat. Visiting children's hospitals were helping parents were helping kids pay their bills should build a camp so the company cheer you right we took all the money that we raise from that since 2000. And has gone straight to camp. And so many guys and our and then the NASCAR community Jimmie Johnson Jeff Gordon. Dale Junior. Michael walked so many guys they were like gamble will help Hugo camp so they just started and her fans starting you know we talk about fans earlier bit. Fans started and started helping sink his camp the next thing you know. We go from CN Barbara 600 that first year. Team now as I say we've seen overseas 26000 kids in the amazing part to media's. We see kids with chronic and life threatening illnesses. Chronic illness being crohn's chronic illness being blood disorders asthma diabetes. So we see kids are pretty really sick. A lot these kids spend thirty to 45 days a year and a hospital that's how sick they are. What's been amazing. Is we have globally from from my point north Carolina's name's Austin. And he came to camp and he had a very rare disease he met another chow from Cleveland Ohio who had the same disease yet they've become best friends. They've gone on vacation their families have every year they're not alone they're not alone in this when an Austin saw this little boy this is the first other little boy. He had ever met in his life he was nine years old personal boy you'd ever met that had the same disease he had that had the same illness he had an understood. In instantly they bonded. Instantly the parents when they got together and I think that's been the part for me in and I say this is. Something like camp happens and and we meaning collectively. Sometimes society your people like us or whatever. Eagle and you look and you look at the campaigners big billions of pain invite you wanna pat yourself on the back and same man look but I just yet you mean. And then kids come. And you realize are you really needed was put up some tents because they don't care about the ability of the young and all they wanna do is have fun and you realize. That's what that's what it's all about it there that's what it's all about and the pro life and perspective in you get so much more from the him. And you give them it's pretty co. Well yeah and that's just bella doesn't say how do you is it may start off with a sense of pride of what you've been able to accomplish but then you almost feel selfish Ariel what you. Get out of that the kids first thing we do every Christmas yeah. I've gotten even if it's just didn't end in karma yeah. I've gotten more out of it than than I've ever play where do it but more so pretty good. I'm you can sit around for a while you're not light amber are you a good time keep your brother half hour Kyle Petty is so with us we'll look talk a bit more about the ride discover an open. A musical career that his budding golf. Who is out on the road with Dave Childers in his some occasions and we'll find at a world you'd be your Johnson City to enemies to see tomorrow night yes that. Military. Johnson City, Tennessee main street below tree coffeehouse at task right Kyle Petty next. Help petty and studio this I don't think I've ever had you in studio before haven't. I don't think so now yeah. Kyle we a candidate to know Kyle Beckett no the early ninety's and in and we started following around town and Noah and then at some point or another I think you thought OK well that he and Blair White nav man there's software and and so he or cut off communication no odd you know it was was I chased you down in a hotel room one time. Some plays and I think you out right if you are gonna all right you know well I. And I asked you if you would do to show up for I was gonna ask Susan to Mary Miette spirits while that's yet. Now and I think that was when you said oh god this guy is chasing me down and he said Jason death on a road. I gotta we gotta cut this sort of court right now so it's like 120 years off to prove that I wasn't a stalking him NBC. You like doing that. Prejudiced a natural for a minute that if he does talk help ready gonna do when he quits race and you what is said Lloyd's gonna go to TV of course. You know what it's fun it is fun. It's fun because just like we talked earlier about drive and and and and it keeps you in the game it keeps you at the racetrack. You get to go see everybody get to talk everybody hang up the garage chase scene in new drivers coming and you see the guys you race against. Begin to phase out you see the sport changed and listen it that the funny part for me as. An and I'll say this. I've been around and wait wait too long bomb. And it I I'm first on what the Riverside California I was seven years old on 1967 when my dad and didn't go on every summer every race almost. My whole life since that time and it's it's funny I got enough argument with a Gatti and today and we were talking new car vs old cars. And then he got just heated in my face and all of a sudden Don a massive stop. Well your car you are we talking. And he said. 9899 S and I'm talking 7778. That's all are on talk about a dog in the big O car that we use direct. And we were arguing from two totally separate bit and I realized my point of view. Sometime is antiquated but sometimes comes from a different place but I do have the TV a lover oracle and Dale Jarrett and crystal vote and and we do pre race impose face a lot of times and then Dale Junior just came on board this year within BC. And he's brought a lot that they write a lot of the stuff was the shows we've done early on Jeff Burton Steve what tart. Marty Snider Sony did they've just got a good group of people that do it. Is it what you thought it was gonna be or is it more technical that you thought it would be or is the preparation greater than what you thought aware Leo area luck. I think I looked at it and send off. This is going to be like to to raise observer it is going to be like you know freshman English and is gonna buzz and buzz out of Massey and head around the house is part of Maine. I have not gonna study the answer. Our history is such an opposite you get into the site rule I gotta get on top of this yeah I mean if if I'm gonna have credibility. If I'm gonna and make it sound like I know what I'm talking about. I can't say well you know back in 1920 something when I drove a race car you know. I don't last century his were my best stuff come from us let's be honest so even I drove up until 2008. This sport changes just like this technology in this room changes about every six months it seems like them so you constantly chasing that and these go as. Are so good these drivers are so good these crew chiefs and engineers in teams. I assume that it's a little bit of a different game so you gotta say up or so the prep work is hard. When I watch a football game an honest look at the size of linebacker on the speed of linebackers and everything I can tell that the game is different now than it was the teams that I used to watch back in the sixties. Other racers today better than no guys that don't win before you or was the old are Earnhardt petty. On knock him out of the way mentality I don't know I get the feeling that actually these guys are a little bit more finance. You have to be more finessed would this be a distant in Jeff Gordon kind of started. Identity which it would this and that let let let's look at this like. I think if we look at it. And we go back and any direct to my day Adam Pierson and those guys. They paint it with a broad brush they can win a three inch housecleaning brush OK they made art. But they did a way to brush with a big breasts these guys paint with a fine. With a small brush I mean they get the details they do next generation wasn't hitting the sport yet let's it was this sport is about. If you if you go back. Two when Peterson and my dad and Bobby and Donnie and baker and all those guys they kind of trickled into the sport in the late fifties early sick it was just. A wild but sport before them they just ran and horse pastures and fields and everything to the fifties. You go back and look at it was organized but it was a really loose organization almost to a lot of ways. And begin to find its roots in the early sixties and the manufactures got in and and spent a lot of money at that period of time for Ford to win for Chevy went that you had Ford Chevy Pontiac Oldsmobile Buick. Name brands that aren't even around anymore that we're in the sport so the sport evolved into the seventies and RJ Reynolds picked it up and RG Reynolds picked it up. They took it to a different place. And took it took it to to some. They get a lot with the sport they promoted the sport but at that point in time your drivers begin to come in his sport from the midwest from California. This sport changed and it is a different sport I don't know the drivers are better. But they're different they're definitely different. I don't want you to bite the hand that feeds you but why is NASCAR having trouble right now get a grip on things now or I may be a better question or more honest question is is RD. We read about declining television ratings but we're reading about declining television ratings almost across the board from awards shows to football game. Yes and and it and lessen this and having maybe maybe maybe because we live in Charlotte because we're we're here and we're so close of this sport. Maybe we we look at NASCAR and we. We'd put a microscope on them a little bit more or we did that first because if I look at football basketball baseball as you say awards shows him making a difference. All those TV audiences are declining. A little bit but there was a time ten years ago on an anomaly in that round where you basically go we're starting to say NASCAR has now like the third major or the fourth major edited past hockey edited obviously impasse talked so it but then it seems to have indeed all people kind of watched it and they said OK that's great and then they kind of said all right seen or done that. Yet but I will say this to you also added to me. This sport is like cock okay. Either get it or you don't or you don't I don't it's not this. I won't I won't flip past hockey and say oh yeah third third period I'm gonna watch it now I either watch it I don't watch. Where based bomb it what's the last two in its basketball I might tinian what's the first half and then go away from a but now I might like some of it might not you know you bit it's it's a sport you can get into and get out up racing's not a sport that you just catch it where it. You know 2250 laps in north 500 lap race on site. Yep we get and they're now on the what he don't do that you don't and I don't do that occupant. I look at it. Ending there's so much change you when I was. Thirteen. I couldn't wait to get my license but I couldn't wait to work on a card to be around a car. Kids just aren't that way anymore he's gonna say they're happy to it kids or not they'll let it show me line me up and go out here right now and find me fifteen or twenty. Sixteen year olds who have even lifted the hood on a car I mean that they don't elect senators you know I mean they know what it looks like that they don't know what. December's that you can't anymore because of the wake art all right and I I I again those are about go take my car in and have an and they had to pull the transmission and I walked up to and there's deterrence mission was out of it and looked underneath the hood yet and a half a what I thought was the engine was gun gun. That's exactly because it's is just a totally that it's been engineered and it's totally different but I look at how. How the sport is delivered in our house sports and entertainment has delivered now. And it's not just that TV box that bad box in the corner with the chief flip phone and you flip off and flipped channels. It's on your hand held devices on your tablets is on your computer. You can get it anywhere anytime 24 sevenths and I'll say this now go to my grave saying in this. That. Too much of anything just becomes common. Just come okay when you've got 24/7 racing. You get 24/7 football you've got 24/7 basketball you've got you start to appeal to a being narrow market. Is that is that one group that really is focused in our. And you want I don't know how wide and our group PS I honestly don't I am and I think we're reestablishing herself and I think the sport is at a at a positive place. And not turn him with a all the young drivers and all that the good things that MBC. And fox and everybody is doing right now. But at the same time it didn't get here overnight as not gonna recover overnight and then just my own personal taste I'm not search drummer crazy about because while ski you know bush bush era but there are some young ray handers Kyle or. Kyle Larson and no I mean there's. Four or five young racers I don't like stuff that the young bucks that are coming up on the golf tour that did that don't make you kind of look to see were they are. Yep and and and they did and listen if we look at it right now there's probably be telling. Yet but there's probably fifteen to twenty Dow has been between twenty and 31 or 32 years also have to feel. But now they're not the guys that are win races right now but there will they they wheel they will and we're just and it has. If we go back to you and I I say this if we go back. T news the late seventies. But what was it from seven DR skis beef and there's a for a five year period in the eighties. Where all the superstars retired. Basically from 8081. And told set 85 or 86 Pearson Allison baker are these guys retired and everybody's like oh my god what's this sport and what's. Whereas we're gonna. Rusty mark earnhardt's Bonnie all those guys they rose up until now resides same Gordon Stewart are these guys are retired is a tech. Jason Elliot and as far as Eric Jones. Join Madonna is already superstars are as I'm concerned he's 27 years old and people beat you don't order put joy because he's somewhere in between him but he insists it's a transition has just happening right now. Now don't you think earnhardt's death. Her bad. You know younger I was the guy who turn out a rate to zero the black three laws and if it was in contention are watching the film wasn't either state or maybe it didn't okay here here's what I sank. And honestly this is there's I will say this. And I'm I'm gonna give you the answer is yes and asked it intact. Because. Earnhardt. Was more of a Richard Petty. Kale Yarborough. We'll David Pearson old school with his dad came to end of that era. It'll total love Jeb I guess that there were kind of he was cut total heaven that feud with Jeff Gordon and that aren't so so. Wind we had bad accident and Daytona. Came to end of that sport that we knew best the book him that is the book it. Everything forward. Has banned the new airport that JF. The sport that jamming the sport that the new age or the new way of driver and and the way we perceive a driver and we perceive the sport has been. It's not been as popular as the old way. In some voice in some ways. But in some ways it's been more popular the sport grew the sport took off the sport did some things hasn't been able to sustain that now that's the problem the sustainability. I don't look at I guess for me. I would rather have. I would rather have a million people watch our sport and I'm just using a random number a million people watch our sport for the next twenty years. In the have Timmy and watch it next this year. And drop down the 500000 next year now. Yeah I mean I just want that consistency gimme that sustainability will weaken start to build something companies in studio with us located in the conversation if I have. Run us out of time only check the this is it. Iowa affect how petty and with us today the riders coming up plus starts in Portland Maine on a Saturday may the fifth. And if you wander on over to Kyle Petty is charity ride dot com we should put that George put that up on me I Hancock bridge UWB Tito come but. A link Kyle Petty charity ride dot com you can not only learn about the history of it but. We'll also see how you can participate in it did no donate to the cause and and know do all that stuff you were talking now about to. I'm being 78 years old Riverside dissent the other. Dale Junior grew up in the pits you grew up in the pits when you're walking around working for NBC and Europe chasing down stories and stuff like that when you see a racers. 67 year old son hanging out the pets deal stop and say hey. Yeah I think the same thing Clint Boyer. You know visibly cash. Men in the sixties that was me in coming here they are 2018. Showing up. You know what are they going to be you know any any any it will be cool if I can stay around long enough for at least once a sport on up to see some of these kids come along and think. Oh my god I was debts. That's cold once these kids that because I know chase LA and I watched him grow up and and who do you specifically remember taken time not just because you were Richard Petty said early patty's grandson but just out because your kid benefits Dale Junior is a perfect example Dale's prod me. They're afraid 4445. Right arm and a number 57. Yet some Dale Senior came to anyone they and he said hey I get to skin. Plays the drums trying to learn to play guitar he'd anything it's I've brought in Martin guitar NASA taken to take it joint. And we would talk guitars you know I mean just because. You're at the racetrack and and and it's funny because. You're Richard Petty signing year Dale Senior son but you just Kiet just give us and he just two guys talk and stuff humane. But being around being around him being around. Mark Martin's kid Matt being around chase Elliott being around those kids when they were little Paymah criminal son. Watching them grow. And grow into the sport and then grow to become a big part of the sport has been really cool when deserve embassy season starts. Starts a Chicago the end of July I think our skis near the end of June. Com and at Daytona as our first big race we take over this to the last when he race that your. As a broadcaster. Are those are your favorite tracks in some cases the same ones that you like as a driver yet you have to be logged on Daytona is always going to be my favorite track has it. Intel I was probably changing how geographically challenged I was up up that's the only place the ocean touch the United States was in Daytona Beach, Florida because. As a kid we just went to racetracks we never saw the ocean the Daytona. Always tells a special place Charlotte love coming here obviously you live here but. Those are the places in the road courses Watkins Glen. Upstate New York now like those places in your dad still. Owner in the pits every year every race I mean it's city would know what else to do woody now are you annoyed at tell people. Yeah he would know what yesterday he's he's like you take racing away from Richard Petty and he's just gonna go from a set down as chair. In just wither away that's a way is like Bear Bryant they took coach in away from Maine just one moment passed away. We should pay would be the same way he's there. Journal bubble Wallace and I'm sure Bob has had a earful from him a couple of times on the opposite of the stuff but. They've had a good yourself or yeah. But you know there above a prowler also remembers when he was wish in the today I had that Richard Petty will get there would do real when Gil Latimer chief Jim Mora or or guide him or counselor. Your analogy the story. Eleven though the story always are murdered that your data as it was 88 and I was down a Disney with a whole bunch other radio stations celebrating Disney's fifteenth. And there's a big lake cannot. In a park downtown Orlando. And he stood there he must've been gee I hit stood there for two and a half three hours taken pictures with every media purse terrorism and there was a line. And I was an outline and then I got my picture taken with them I still guy and he must've stood there for another two and a half for ten hours after that that's five hour stand and in line. To have their picture taken with than this as a guy who are already made that he was already the king of this war he didn't have to do that tell me about as much as I need to know about you that. Yeah I had that we always joke that that's it that's what it's gonna say on on this teams don't wait one minute I got to sound memorial thank you get access to pay out there that you were provided it thank you man I enjoyed it and have a good drive and a and a good season and know hopefully we'll see American here's an alias the American you know be bang and innuendo out there in the kitchen let me end here all right cool tough sledding on B two. I'm not well that's what I Virginia Tech I'll combined. Ride starts and no Portland Maine on the mayor they need them. And ironically enough for us Otis Turkey's Larsen writes for the kids Stearns and made the fifth do so there must videos sounds and about does a good kids this year on noticing that a mild this may fifth is when those both those rides. So we'll take place which is unveil Saturday or this this year so they're gone now. Are ambushed died we had gotten obviously your word of that yeah I don't know that we are essentially knew exactly beat code that we were reading earlier this week when NATO said that she would go home and and or refuse any better more medical. But I exactly knew what that meant from a time standpoint but I think we all knew that. I'm that it was going to be fairly quick and whether that meant. A day a week or month something along those lines. The thing I don't know a lot about Barbara Bush except for the fact that there she's been known around for a good deal of mine on news talk career. But I do know one thing and I've heard several people make reference to it today and that is. First of all her unending loyalty to family which was. Very good. She doesn't suffer fools gladly I don't think that there's too many people that pulled the wool over Barbara Bush's eyes. And if she somehow or another. If you got on her bad side. She. She could just throw Blair your way in that kind of let you know exactly. Where you stood with her and I think I kind of liked better battery as well Xia passed away at the age of 92. For all the publicity that HW bush is gotten our recently about this that the other this was a love story that is a pretty enviable. And they all of the story lines that do we go get from the last two days. Was that is she was a supporter favored urban and and they essentially spent all day yesterday golden chance. And and I think that's pretty cool I don't care what you political affiliation is having that. So pretty cool only the second woman in history to lobby both the wife and the mother of the US president. On two days after families folks people us said that to her she would not to does she would end any further treatment for her health problems. Which included congestive heart failure and a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She was 92. She was married HW bush force 73. Years. And all day yesterday apparently he was at her side and there when she died yesterday. According to the oh office chief of staff judge Jean Becker oh also described the former president has broken hearted a videos. I'm Barbara Bush was a fabulous first ladies that are sun W. And a woman unlike any other who brought levity love and literacy to millions and two while she was so much more. Mom kept us on our toes kept us laughing until the end I'm a lucky man that Barbara Bush was my mother. She married naval aviator George Herbert Walker Bush when she was nineteen years old two years said to us Smith College. They moved to Texas after World War II. Got into the oil business had six kids. One of them a daughter Robin. Died of leukemia at age three. Hw began his political career buyer representing Houston for a couple of terms and congress then became mother CIA director. Vice president for two terms and Ronald Reagan and and president. In 1994. And remember our rob Barbara Bush wrote about being First Lady she said I had the best job in America. Every single day was interesting rewarding sometimes just plain fun and she also said she did her best to keep her political opinions from the public when her husband was in office and didn't try to influence. His politics. Writing quote. I honestly felt and still feel the elected person's opinion is the one. The public has a right to know. She did reveal that there were two issues. That says she and her husband disagreed on she supported abortion rights. And she was against the sale of all assault weapons. But. Her viewing will be on a Saturday at saint Martin's episcopal church which where's their church of choice for the last two. Bash someone decades Vick ever Roy the how many years or read about today former presidents and first ladies and dignitaries are all expected to be. In attendance or bloody Arab body will lie and propose at that church. Four members of the public who wanna pay their respects. She will be laid to rest on the grounds of the bush presidential library. Add to that Texas say NM university in our College Station NF I'm not mistaken I believe that's where there. Daughter Robin who died of leukemia at three is also very. In addition to be former president's. The mrs. bush is survived by her brother Scott pierce. And her children. A bush. Neil Bush I was trying to think today. A new jab. And I'm and obviously a new W. And I just tried to think wait a minute they're dark they're two more boys but you don't ever hear about Neil Bush. If you don't ever hear about Marvin Bush. Children Jeb Bush Neil Bush Marvin Bush and Dorothea bush. Broke. As well as seventeen grandchildren and seven great grandchildren I saw a picture of all of I assume. But the whole family today and it's a pretty impressive looking group. But anyway. Barbara Bush did at the age of 92 inaugural looking for a guide on how to carry yourself is the First Lady. She may have she may have written a book on out so are pretty pretty extra stuff. A number of things going on another day another night for a taxes though yesterday we were talking about the fact that two of the IRS site was down so if you had difficulty filing your taxes ahead of the a midnight deadline on Tuesday it's. Because multiple web site outages reported to the IRS they went ahead and extended we had it talked about two or maybe they were we thought they might do it so if you were affected by the outage you actually have another day of deadline. And if you. Had procrastinated yesterday. You get now get today. But tonight Ted midnight will be horrible absolutely be the or on your end Alicia file that form 4868 I guess the question that I don't know is is that you have this day. This extra day can I still file a 4868. And beyond time and I would do that. I got a BAA as opposed to not doing that I would do it. So I today but I don't think that that's the part of the IRS that was down yesterday. But anyway yes I would go ahead and file that the trustee Nugent said there will make sure taxpayers have extensions once the system comes up and make sure that they can use it. And in no way impacts people to pay their taxes. So the page was apparently operational again about a little after 5 o'clock yesterday. On April the seventeenth after being unavailable for a most of the day so low for those of you experienced trouble yesterday you have until midnight tonight. And then enough. Your time is up. One of mayfield. The sky is falling. The sky is falling. She around. We what do you say about that. But I don't know but I may have something to say about it when we come back can know just couple seconds on the talk 'cause sometime very for a we want Rogers 6 o'clock about this Southwest Airlines. Plane engine that exploded. Had showed evidence of metal fatigue in retrospect. Kill the passenger. Sucker I don't know window. I also found an article today that I thought was how could a passenger gets sucked out of an airplane and owed what you've seen in the movies is not necessarily. It can happen. And she was proof of that yesterday pull her back yeah. But it's not quite what you seen on in the movies now obviously if there is a major malfunction or caribou the one plane I've got to bring down your someplace. But the one plane of the whole front of the plane had come off of the due to an explosion. Well then obviously. Better than that'll suck you right out of your seat. But. But what you've both seen in the movies and stuff is. It's use high drama so we'll explain that to you as so well and we talked briefly yesterday about Nikki Haley. And how do you suppose she felt about kind of being upstaged from going on the Sunday shows and not talking about the sanctions it would come down on Russia and all the sudden. No sooner does she get off the air than a sale an hour on doing Narnia more sanctions under Roger or at least not right now. And they said that she may have been confused. And. And I think the quote is. I don't get confused. She said in all due respect. I don't get confused. So is there tension between. Nine Nikki Haley the UN ambassador and and the president. Yeah probably isn't there tension between everybody in the president. Is it tuned. When Harry met Sally were. Meg Ryan there's the scene in the restaurant than merely uses all have what she's having. Well they give me an out so whatever LaJuan mayfield has bridge blaze. Is it legal. Because she's what is her deal. She questions whether or not the 9/11 terrorist attacks were real and a social media post yesterday or Monday. And says she's still waiting for someone to produce pieces of the alleged plane. Which I believe probably somebody could. And and obviously this is the feedback on this hasn't been positive because it's just wacky. And she does this after last month she sends out a tweet. That suggested a candidate for public office had posted photos. Of his genitals on our website called grinder. Which is a cell phone dating app for gay men. At least that's what paper tells me. And then she should associate you know Peebles and questioned her on that and she said she wasn't really talking about anybody in particular. Are. What you just insinuating. At random. And she said she was upset at what does she believes are hypocritical public officials. And that the tweet was up hypothetical. So yesterday. She reads this. She's on this website called. Awareness act dot com. And she reads that article it's official. European scientific journal concludes 9/11 was a controlled demolition. And Dave Neal after Oprah I guess tell that to although. People who have failing members that died there all the first responders who died because of it or all the people who have died since because of disease and sickness that were incurred by running into the clouds of debris to try to Saban. So in her linked to the article she states I am still waiting for someone to produce pieces of the alleged plane that opened the doors for US citizens to lose all privacy rights. Comes from the conspiracy theorist in me. Wanna. What do you do want. Where Charlotte. Is this the best representation you can Wear Charlotte. Needs. If there's any area in town. That needs really competent. Representation. Where Charlotte as it is one rubble. Where Charlotte's representation. Should be fighting like hell to get affordable housing which was promised during the riots and all of that. There are all sorts of things that west Charlotte. A crime rate a black on black crime rate. Are there also. Is a little out of control Carl all sorts of things that way Charlotte could use representation from. Somebody competent somebody who has the credibility. Who has the respect of the other City Council people too obese to speak and be heard. This is not an area of talent that should take their represented his lightly or just vote for somebody into office just because they match the skin color. More laundromat or what old mayfield. At least based on. Those comments Monday and her comments from last month. Is not doing any thing to increase her credibility. Or have anybody. Listened to her when she speaks it. Or had any respect for her. What she sets. I'm not downgrading US Charlotte. I'm frightened for you. You can do better than this. You better do better than this he deserves you need better than notes. And Lana what do you do one. That's west say I'd is that stuff available by the pound. Because I thought I've had some brilliant ideas to only to find out that they weren't so brilliant. More than they'd already been invented. Like tonight IA thought I discovered peanut butter and chocolate. All right has there were a 108 days into the year there are 250. 7 days to go worthy eighteenth day of April. 48. The federal they have no way I'm doing it all the so 1775. On April the eighteenth two letters wrong and now Boston Massachusetts and Paul Revere William Dawes and had more press dog rode to warn of impending arrests of Samuel Adams and John Hancock. A little bit known John Hancock was the name Obama. Reported Fenway Park. They're 400 years 1923. Yankee Stadium the house that Ruth built opened. 4012. TV legend Dick Clark. Died following a heart attack in Santa Monica California. Supreme Court justice soda Sonia Sotomayor here had an accident broker shoulder. There's talk that during a historic meeting later on this month at the leaders of the two Koreas may finally signed documents officially ending the Korean War. Toyota says that by 20/20 one we'll begin selling cars that can talk to each other. Thieves broke into ushers house and stole 820000. Dollars in jewelry and cash. Think it took over change in my house and haul it away I would be out a 101000 dollars and Brett Farr flunked his audition for Monday Night Football. Did you have Marty. In triggers. A big doubt in the final two or three now. I am going to. First Lady Barbara Bush died at the age of 92 we talked about a little bit earlier spokesman called failing else health. Traded further medical treatments for comfort care home. Which apparently included phone calls and conversation and urban. Hours before she actually died long time friend to the bush is said that bush was there that Barbara was answering all of her phone calls herself. And a source close to the bush family says she was alert on Monday and also. Having a urban. Good turf. Apparently. I read the news to dale boy the older you get. The happier you war. Findings from a three decade long study search Joseph. Happiness increases as we get older between 15% and 33% of eighteen year old Americans were likely to say that they were very happy. But the older people got the more likely they ordered report being happy with slightly more than half for respondents in their eighties. Saying they were very happy. Releasing thought they were very happy. You get more assured as you get older and you start to understand a little bit more about. What to get excited about what not to get excited about. A little bit more measured global war experience blue led less drama. Hopefully. I the president he filed for an extension on his Tory seventeen tax returns just in case they did that last year to. And Serbia Huckabee Sanders said on Tuesday that trump will file his tax return by the extension deadline tomorrow October the fifteenth. But we won't know anything about his tax returns to his feet under them. As they have candidate and since taking office trump has refused to release his tax returns breaking decades of tradition by past presidents who were released their personal taxes for. Transparency it's. It's not a requirement. He has repeatedly said that he would release them just as soon as the Internal Revenue Service completes an audit. Although experts say that the audits don't prevent taxpayers from making public their returns. I would assume with olives investments in this that the others informed source forest and it's probably pretty company you don't think the president and Claudia sit down Avaya rose Romo with the Turbotax and not that thing out about two and a half for three hours. Apparently not Starbucks gonna close 8000 US stores on May the 29. And educate their employees about racial bias. This follows the uproar this week go good to African American men who were waiting for a friend at a Philadelphia Starbucks last week store manager called police racial bias training will be. Provided on May the 29 for about a 175000. Workers. Starbucks said that the training will be developed with guidance from experts including. These former attorney general Eric Holder. We knew we can ask him about integrating dozens of New Mexico verified crushed. Maybe that would be analyzed. I assume most have you been an odd job interview before. There anyone that sticks out. Doctor about. When did WTIC. In Hartford. Connecticut interviewed weren't fair guy and David David Bernstein who is so one of those. He was young and his career at the timing is already pretty well respected he went on to become one of the oh really notable and still lives. Radio programmers in the country has just. As so led the direction of you know WR New York in just two huge great call letters very respected. But I would have for the job interview with him a two in Hartford when I was working Perot looks for his friends WA RM. And was really excited as I was gonna her Bob Steele who's a morning guy have their legendary morning guy and so why a drive up to Hartford check into hotel and wake up in the morning and listen to Bob Steele knows Creighton. I go in another interview with. David. And now he and I talked for about 45 minutes and pretty mature pretty standard. And then all of a sudden about 45 people walk into his office and sit down and a music meeting breaks out there's talking about what music they're gonna play and want to waited and and and and and along the lines that. So what do you think of the song John and I give my two cents worth or I'd say you know I'm not too familiar enough with exactly. You know which are demographic reaches been under you know about it anyway answer that. Questions the way is and so that ends and all the sudden now my 9:30 meeting or 10 o'clock start meeting now we're in about noon. So resistor balls to get some launch so. He and his music director and I go on down to us some. Almost like an over street mall here in Charlotte to and beneath luncheon. A place and then we get back to TSE's offices that's about 130. I'm gonna drive back. The Wilkes-Barre Scranton that day. So I'm figured no you know will probably get back from lunch and he'll he'll love you know saying see you thanks for coming. So we go back into his office and we start talking about various things in this the other and salary requirements and when did you start and but he lets you know good stuff and I don't think can gosh we've got to that point I must be released in the running. And then all the sudden about four people walked Ginn and promotions meeting breaks out. And. They're talking about upcoming events and some stuff that's on the calendar and things that they'd like to be a part of enough people that they've pitched two you know like robot derivative. And so that all the sudden everybody from the promotions meeting leaves and then there's David nice in his office still so arm also non our number five of a job interview that I thought general you know that last. If they last an hour. Then they kick your butt out there. And does so he and I talked for about ten or twelve minutes and then all of a sudden out of the blue. He stands up from his desk and says well John thank you very much for covenant. Any shakes my hand any leads me to the door and out to the lobby and and I go our turnaround and when I get it blobby. To us say goodbye to him is already gone. So I jump in the car and I drive back to we'll spurs' current Pennsylvania. Well I didn't get the job. But I did get a chance to talk to David Bernstein years and years later. Ran into him at a radio conference and he congratulated me on my successor WBT you know above all blondes sort of so I mean had been ten years. And I have bought him a drink and I said can I as it I can ask your question suggests that your interview of me they sit down. And I sack kind of reminded him I got there are a music meeting broke out we do and resigned on other sequence. I should you do that with everybody he's an oil. And so I just inching had never been interviewed like that is not that's the way I do it. He's that I wanna see how you react they with the people have already gotten. Indeed a lot of see how you react. To situations that you weren't expecting. And I wanna see how you answer questions that are radio station you're not totally familiar with and he said you did find and the ones that you needed to answer you answered in the once you said. I don't know that I know enough about the radio station due to give you video proper. Input pitcher seeking which is sort of a do what I it's at some point. And I said OK but when we get done with all I get all that I guessed only get done with that. The promotions guys left you and I talked for about ten or twelve minutes and I said quite frankly you almost rudely. Stopped me in the middle of a sentence after I'd been there for five hours and somewhat walked me down the hall ditched me in the lobby never really even said to box. Any city out awarded to see how your reacted to that too. In fact my receptionist out there was also. Seeing how you were reacting to the fact that I just don't you know in the lobby without really saying goodbye she wanted to see which face looked like she wanted to see how you reacted to all of them. As it is so I didn't get the job. He said now. He said you were five you were my final 20 what we just decided on. A different guy not you know not been and I and I get all that another person. So I'm Braden the slate the other day somebody Symbian article called direct report mrs. Allison green who works answers workplace questions on her website called ask a manager. And she writes that one of the most frequent things that she hears is. About rude and power tripping behavior from perspective employers during job interviews. And some of these stuff she she. Aired in this article and add that's what got me to thinking about David Bernstein who is now well one of the principles and kind of the talk radio Bible it's called the talkers magazine he's one of their editor publishers up they're doing that now. So some of what she shared an interviewer asked questions about the candidates so life going back to childhood including. What did your parents do. And what did you talk about as a family. Now that's a question that you wouldn't necessarily expect in a job interview room. How would you answer that. An interviewer demanded to look inside a candidate's purse. Saying he founded quote to be the best indicator. Of how organized a woman news. Well I put you right on the spot and our. Procedure concealed carry. But I mean what would would you allow that or would you think that's kind of creeping yearwood you know. The lead person on an interview panel suddenly yelled fire. And everybody got up and started running around the room of the candidate now we're dialed 11911. And they stopped immediately because there was a real fire. Instead they were trying to see what the candidates reaction was to an emergency situation. That would be kind of unnerving and they. In a job interview wouldn't have. 213 final candidates. For an entry level job that didn't require any cooking or entertaining. Were made it cooked dinner for and entertain the senior staff and an executive director's house they were given two and a half hours to plan shop. And cook for forty people. What would you go. I'd be going for marinara sauce pasta and those frozen meatballs. Sliced me up some French bread cover it was butter and garlic. Or. I might be so bravest to try their holiday sauce that my father taught me how to make with the eggs in the hot butter in a blender. Oh it's kill. But that would takes some guts because of it turns out it's sensational. And if it fails. It's not so sensational. No it's. Not forget out of office we'll see what we do about getting you back go back home tackle with. Mover. Aren't know just couple seconds for highways and conditions and suffered that if you were coming out and higher office floor tower. The study out this as you might be more willing to take financial risk if you work. On a higher office floor. Working on a higher office floor encourages riskier behavior. And I don't want to correlation is there. Our researchers Miami University analyzed data from more than 3000 hedge funds throughout the world accounting for over 500 billion dollars in assets in the correlated that the level of volatility on the front of the fund. With the floor level of the firmer ranging from the first to the 96 floor in the study turned up male slight but significant correlation. Between elevation and volatility of the fun video study's authors said when you increase elevation. There is a sub conscious effect. On the sense of power. Now it's your work I guess and to some extent where do you like having a corner office when that you would feel a little bit more. But there's supposed to be a psychological deal about derby and up on a higher floor which I guess would equate to also are probably paying a higher or rent which rideau correlated to being harder shots. Or something along those lines. We talked yesterday about this teacher who had. Been suspended. Pending a termination of force serving pancakes during the year Pennsylvania system school assessment. He didn't get fired last night he will return to work. I tomorrow in fact Kolb Pilar is is name we talked about him yesterday eighth grade studies social studies teacher hand middle school in Lancaster. Actually enough troops on radio or be a Lan cast are. Suspended without pay after being disciplined for making a whole grain pancakes for his students while they took an exam. They did a vote on his termination and tell last night's school board meeting and. And he won't get fired. He was a suspended without pay on April the tenth and then they are resolved that I guess last night so a school officials point out the teachers receive specific training on not testing protocol and and also that are free breakfast and lunch is offered to all students every day so he really wasn't all that out of line. They're questioned their that their assessment was. That he was keeping the kids from being focused on the testing they responded taken and I suppose the art teacher over the side don't. We open up whole grain pancakes probably went on a hot player would probably be a little bit of a distraction. The lawyer taken a test. Survey shows parents will be agonizing. Up to 45 hours over the name of their unborn child. Set about what day you about what it took for you know. Spend 45 hours picking a name for a baby. In the survey at least one of three parents believe that the right name could not give a child confidence and have an effect on their personal and professional wellbeing solo 45 hours is that parents that about what you think you don't. Outrage story today where they're all thinking about that Washington DC is thinking about letting sixteen year olds vote. This being Washington DC might soon be able to a vote majority of City Council members backing a proposal introduced last week that would lower the voting age in the District of Columbia for both federal and local elections. The council member of their Charles Allen said he proposed the legislation after seeing the student led marched for our lives. Protest in Washington last month to protest gun violence and demand new gun laws. Be voting age for the whole country. Was changed in 1971. When it was lowered to eighteen. By the passage of the 26 amendment of the constitution. That also just happens to be the year that I turned eighteen so. I got out of high school. And I was able to vote for the first diamond back in those days there were saying if you're. If you're old enough to have died in Vietnam we should be able to vote so I don't know what to cry for the sixteen year old would be but to have. And reviews on the idea of lowering the voting age to sixteen I'd take them 70457. Know 1110 millennia also got to millennial information. Newlyweds ditching honeymoons forum many moons we'll tell you about that assay results and eloquent and TJ is doing. Small troops instead of one big to do. I'm millennial don't wanna be separated from their Smartphones I think we already knew that and no millennial brits. Can't do well a lot of basic things I don't know if I believe this or not a poll of 2000 British adults. Reveals that for instance. Read an analogue clock 90% of those over the age of 55 can read an analogue clock they say 61%. Of millennial ages 25 to 34 can't read an analogue clock. They're really thought of that hedge your. The world of digital. Washington DC proposal to let sixteen year olds vote 7045711. Jen what do you think of that Troy. I think it ridiculous that. I don't let me guess it's Washington these stadium are all the people are voting that Democratic Party. Ed you are dead after I have noted that after I said beggars has council member Charles Allen so I don't have his affiliation but to. You're you're thinking I think what I was thinking and that is this would be a way to increase the via the Democrat vote. Absolutely I mean big east itself is what they went like 89%. Kirk. Hillary luck leg and then mostly elected in America. Jack in vote. I don't think bill saying you're not a Democrat in college I know aren't you still on board you have no brainer. Just definitely. A later general more votes for Democrats. Which should mean that he be a candidate to star in The Wizard of Oz on my dad. On the track thank you appreciate very much Ed what are you thinking this Washington DC proposal that sixteen year old vote. Our bank is ridiculous that a Parker at the end. They're not all not down again they're not own up to drink but we're gonna let them make major decision like vote. Really. So good so the hypocrisy is on we should let them vote and own a gun or I area where we which did you explain which side up blockers he's on. They're up soccer is it that I don't want them owning a gun because they're not responsible enough. They're not responsible enough to drink that they're responsible enough to vote. And to cycle out color their public vote Democrat because they'll get freaked out there in May be concrete type are being you know. Now I appreciate it's called thank you very much a loft duo Letterman bomb off to sell order chuck on WB teach equity that. And understanding is that. Conversation voting international. Federal election strategy leadership that Berger and shelter wherever they want a traditional. Erstad now basically conflict has changed legally or during a local ratio or. Guys are an android and what I don't know is if DC. Stands apart from what states would do be required to I don't know if there's a here are situation on that. I don't know that either and I agree with the probation treat you are mentioned where. You used to interior matured older guy interior picture during let your. In a year mature enough to vote what a ridiculous now I appreciate all our lives things that. And not I'm not trying to downgrade the kids that went on the march guy. Listen to believe what they believe and and especially the Florida contingent. Upon have been through. A pretty dramatic period of time. I'm I don't think they're as we said after the march they're not gonna get what they want. But maybe they'll get what they need. But to all the sudden take. Youth. Which are reacting. Well with youthful mayans. On and add validity to that. From a voter's perspective. Armed seems like you're. Seems like maybe you're over reacting. Would that be the word. All right endorsers have triggered or phone calls in Washington DC to get about 1116 year old vote. Council members backing a proposal introduced last week that would lower the voting age in the District of Columbia for both federal and local elections say a councilman from our neighbor Charles Allen says the proposed that. After I saw the march for our lives toured Washington last month which Joseph was protesting gun violence. And I assume he's a Democrat who's proposed this Chris is up on WB pretty think Chris. Our baggage showed a little bit of desperation. Are again or your goals governance for the Democrats do actually cater to the American adult. They're they're gonna import most or they're gonna they're gonna manufacture them one way or another are all liberal and argued that it Churchill and a boat stop at Churchill has quote. There are no liberal in your your you don't have art. Not a conservative but I'm here believe it's forty you don't have a brain. So it all that they they just gonna keep all whoever they got to go besides. Actually formulating policy. That will garner original vote still wind up from the American adult male woman and be American all American adult. Are bad at bat it. I got you I'm I'm I'm not so sure DC needs moral liberal voters went that's the other proposals off he goes on that Roger what do you think. Well I don't believe that. Does sixty year old should be upheld that my personal but on that but. I'm gonna play devil's advocate well many laws that do that. The highway driving. I could be wrong but I think just about every state you can drive at sixteen. Lol. Maybe there's some logic and they should be out but I don't know. So you edited the premise being that fraud they're old enough to drive maybe they should be old enough to have a say so and in the world that they live and maybe our innovative we equate them as being. Adult enough to drive the Fed to maybe they should have a say so and all that. Yeah you're callers have been talking about responsibility. On the gutter trend. Driving a car it's a major responsibility out maybe we should read the Dragon Age but yeah. Not like a that I don't believe they should be allowed to vote sixteen but there is some reason that give credibility to that. I'd like devil's advocates all take that I appreciate each golf. All right so there goes. All of sudden I start thinking about texting. And driving and I've that's not exclusive Q what teenagers are sixteen year old in fact I've following you adults don't know morehead street. On every day with you under phones but. Beds the same thing with the gun rally. How many people have died in a mass murders at schools. But how many people have died because we're not paying attention to what we do on the road because were more. Attuned to what's going on on our phones. NFL release 12018 regular season schedule tomorrow. We got three season schedule last week but we'll get the we'll get the NFL schedule look tomorrow and a week from tomorrow is the NFL draft. And then tomorrow at just 638 out of the neighborhood don't grill is a WS since he's pro football pre draft wanna become a part of that. Go to get my perks dot com and now you can get tickets for that that should be fun. Authority told the the guys over there expect one of those draft cards. They got ESPN experts down there enough former football players and mobile bulletins he's staff is there enough I'm told that's consume beer riot per appearance. Above faith and the whole nine yards so Lyoto considerate tournament. I've done baseball tonight Richmond in town and it is they're celebrating women in sports or me or red wings. Night's game tonight 7041. Pitch uptown Charlotte and then they're on the road for a while this is the it they had off to Indianapolis. Tomorrow also the homestand ends tonight this would be a perfect night to get out to the ballpark BBT ballpark just go to Charlotte knights dot com. Join me wanna check on ticket availability and all that kind of stuff we are talking about. Sixteen year old voting in DC a proposal that's been made those talk colonials for a couple of seconds. They did they have the Daily Mail which is a UK publication. The millennial. A lot right. He percent of those over radio over 55 can read an analog clock 61% of millennial scale American radar bullet and can read analog clock. That would be what 39% can't. Ages 25 to 34. Notice the real. Knows the number of feet and a yard. 90% over the age of 55 know that there are four feet and yards. Three feet and a yard. 41% of its second 21% or more ideals. How to get stains that are close 58% of those over age 5531%. Normal O'Neal's. Would it be like washing. Or did I just fall into the or the area of old people who don't know. Can you saw auto button. 84% of those over the age of 55. 50% of those more meals console button on a sort of soda few bugs in my lifetime. In fact a little that I know that that was good practice or on my future diabetics are life or I could do do the been broken finger and man do the blood test. Because they're very bad I did quite a few blood just when I was try to put buttons on shirts. Com. And duty times tables without using a calculator 79%. Of British. Older people. Do that 41% Amylin deals. That's one thing they talked to the public schools pretty well I guess I'm still pretty much functional now won nine times seven you just gotta know the answers you know four times nine. Eight times for it all again gave jagr got that I can hear you guys think and out there. 87% of all respondents say they wish they knew more practical skills without having to return the Internet on for help. 62%. In this poll agreed that the older generation tends to be wise or with 40% of respondents from the ages of eighteen to 34 saying that they turned over relatives. If they have any questions. You're rowing like you're really young 8910 years old. Admire your mom or your dad and think you're selves I wonder if I'll ever know as much as they did rejoice when asked questions your mom and insurers have the answers aren't. It went on smartest animal. And then at a very early age some diving your chains you became so much smarter who. Then they. And then as you get older. You returned just stupid again. Also in this British polls say 83% of those polled said it's great for older or younger generations to come together and learn from one another. Which is great I I agree with the now get off my yard. Let's wander over to Italy VT news or were mark Pearson preparing for our Charlotte have six. A lot of mayfield. She's creating quite a quite a stir even around the country since she questions whether the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers actually happened and we'll have some reaction of that coming up at 605 just after she floated that little lead time mum about the would. Do a council persons genitalia on a web site at the G then came back to without give us. I don't know awhile what that was an explanation for. They'll talk to whenever supporters who says I don't know what she's thinking they're having trouble figuring that out there's. Have you have you noticed doctor or I Zora wrote we have tried every way you can imagine we've texted her Calder left voicemails emails and she's not responding now she hasn't been by any chance to a public storage you know lately has. But not tonight no love though interesting you mentioned that because cops got a big time drug dealer today who was sleeping. With his stash in a public storage unit I had. More than a 100000 dollars worth of drugs a lot of guns in there and he was sleeping with his stuff just it keep it safe now are you know that's duffel make you think erratically than half a century or maybe. And we had success at six our weekly Wednesday featured 6352. Stories one problem about pickles if it's pretty weird and then the other about a really amazing 911 operator here at Charlotte where a good that way. And all decide what's weird is the pickle story of the auto mayfield from our expert at. I was in a pickle for her story our own Greg had an errant touch all right senior GOR chiding his goal of walking in the doubled or above the a former learners will blow on music room now the time Boyd studio it news talk element in 993. I don't leaving it to retirement tumble O'Neill's a couple seconds ago it seems colonials are even doing honeymoons differently than the previous generations would ceremonial kind of on his honeymoon right now. Rather than take a two week get away to one place they're opting to take many moons. Were a few quick trips. Throughout the first year of their marriage. Is according to a wedding planner by the name of a meat Jacobs today's couples don't wanna sit on the same beach for ten days straight often they don't wanna mix it up and yes. Sip some cocktails and but they want you know or maybe taken the artist season in Prague. Easier to do that by taking shorter trips to more places they say a new study from the not to. KN OT. 82% of newlyweds are opting for two outta five day romantic getaways after the big day in fact or the fact that Millen eels are very. A career focused plays little role in that term trend as well they say as many just simply can't or don't want to take large chunks of time off. At work you're also early in your career so maybe that's not such a bad idea did that. You start taken two weeks off when your entry level job position then. People start wondering. Dedicated your to your job. Tom. And then we already know about the he separation anxiety that millennial we'll does suffer with their departed from their smaller their Smartphones. There's a a poll of 2000 US adults reveals so what respondents would rather do than go without their Smart phone for 24 hours. More than 10% millennial age just 4534. Say they'd rather break a bone and then go without their phones for just 24 hours. Well let's try that. We'll break we'll bring you keep your phone and won't break this book and and and Walt argued reverses here you felt about that. 36% of respondents ages eighteen to 244 say they were rather skip taking a shower. Or sure make the rest of us suffer. Thirteen point 6% of all respondents said that they'd rather get all their hair shaved off. There are don't. Nineteen point six said that they'd rather reportedly scraped their fingers down a chalkboard. Then lose their phones for 24 hours 37 point 3% of female respondents say they'd rather go without make up. 47% of all respondents said that they've had arguments with their partner because there's been way too much time on the phone and 59% say that they used their phone at the dinner table. While eating whether others doesn't everybody. Pretty sure everybody does and I ask a question juror. Do they even know what a chalkboard news the bad white ports now that it probably noticed operatives you know I think well yeah because they weren't they would have had them an elementary school. This might ports. Don't they I thought chalkboard Elena went with a buggy whip I would have been 1518 years ago. They're probably still use in other words okay. Thank you mr. science. Real Netflix says I know I had Netflix has had a 145 million subscribers worldwide. So they're domination continues to roll along streaming video service in a 125 million members earlier this year. I in the United States Netflix says so almost 57 million subscribers. I was gonna ask our show of hands for everybody it is none. And Netflix are bugged up early I'm the only one holding my hand up you guys don't have it either OK so the whole room the three of us none of us Netflix. I'm already paying out enough money in the month of her own music services and I'd rather have the music pendant. The none of the above the rest of all. I subscribe July HBO's so I can do get mail last David Brothers documentary by air Judd Apatow. And and I've never gone back in and cancel that out and every now and then I find myself wandered over there HBO enter. And I'm not gonna cancel it may be doing now in May says because now I can I don't wanna go see DO rock and roll. Hall of fame induction ceremony. Because I wanna see dire straits door open except Earl Ward without either one of the not well Brothers I just I just can't even imagine the concept and so and also wanna see how bad by the Moody Blues sucked in the show they didn't end of the big. Get together all the artists get together and no play they ended opened the Moody Blues doing knights in white satin. Which they would have had to have been what turned the lights Sandra a bright enough and and gun and senator. Shaken everybody to see if they were still awake or if they just passed away. So anyway that's may fifth on HBO that I can cancel. But I had seen me I had to give me last on I'd be able to tape. Mom and parents are refusing to reveal the their child's gender or this is so new millennium 28 team. Mother and father of a two year old and you talk. Have decided not to tell people the gender of their toddler. Kyle and Brent Meyer are part of the gender creative parity movement. And have decided to raise their child. Who they've named Zuma. In gender neutral environment. So obviously we don't know. Gives numerous. Well we just don't know. I think he parents have made a act conscious decision not to tell people if the child is a girl or boy. And other than the immediate family mom and dad say they didn't disclose their the sex to people who who just don't need to know. They made the choice in an attempt to undue burden their baby from being pigeonholed. As a specific gender. In her. In her blog raising consumer. I'm volatile says. I guess that's count KYL. Says the sex does not tell us anything about the child's personality. And temperament favorite color. Dietary preferences since of humor attitudes towards climate change. This is a two year old what do you think B two year old so attitude is on planet here. Or anyone of the other unique traits she does acknowledge that does Hoover will eventually identified as one of the genders and stressed that they are banning the child from expressing. Any gender specific preferences. So very.