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Saturday, February 10th

Zeke Acosta of Acosta Heating & Scott Shelton of Charlotte Comfort Systems join John and Dave to discuss HVAC, Water Heaters and other home improvement questions.


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Welcome to ask John and today with the answers to your home improvement questions sponsored by The Home Depot. Let it Steelers Charlie Comfort Systems and a College Station either. News 1110993. WPG. Good morning everybody welcome to hobble through with John and they've climbed on board with The Home Depot. I'm Dave noble. And do we have some partners we did feel. Yeah Scott's gear their Sam we'll just call you. Look I'll say boy and then I'm sure there were. We'll have Scott Sheldon we're Charlie but this is the agency could. Hossa but the costs are heating and air conditioning heating and cooling right. Seeks off today as it is off today well at least so far. I thought I'd get you into the Super Bowl also. I don't know he's recovered gender technicalities are corrected if that technical there is mr. Scott how are you sir hey good morning. Good area. Okay thanks travelers them now so Super Bowls did you go to also Scott. And I was moving and you removing. I don't know if I would've come home through a not so happy place if I would have left with boxes in every remote area yeah not a good plan. But man what are you know a time when I was groomed for work out at up to the need to know. Assignment and Barbara would deal with boxes which shall cultural fit somehow or sooner if you're blessed man he you know action. And so many fronts so unwelcome we're glad you're here I. Why didn't even think about throwing on the super bug I've got a bunch of New England fans but I married a woman from Philadelphia so. Everybody's happy in this house. I am happy day that it's been about oh click here to anybody but Carolina world from Dario fan and I'm anybody but New England. Yeah then and now. Paul I'm not gonna comment on that like that I go and it's our hope improvement. The so's got I think that I did I was kind of poking around and I thought. And we won't try to pack everything into this first segment but just kind of lay out some things to be thinking about. Com and mean word in the data winners sort of speak. Houses are buttoned up Big Ben and usually cold winter for us this seems like. Tom so I thought just talking about little bit of indoor air quality stuff would be good purification violations. And some of that arm and then I guess maybe an honorary Ilan mosque in the launching of his of the truce that's just first like. Privately funded. Isn't the first privately funded rocket to go pick it took to launch I don't. I don't know I'm not really up on all that stuff anyway they are larger story. I don't know was it I don't I did I really impala is I was I was getting ready to got a phone call the customer. And I got all these texts that they were that they had the rocket launch in more of the conference rooms on television I'm like. I'm gonna miss that. Prom then guard members acute in March and all of them. You know they did Jim and I and Apollo all almost mission's launch anyway. I thought in honor of Elon Musk we're not gonna Tyrod rockets so we can talk about solar. Because Tom Linux continues its seems to me and enough ought to be good to talk about it. Athletics seems to armed continually. Just every year it seems like it's a little better so morsel a better so the more sought how we can talk about that. And then maybe even some other non conventional systems just get you guys. Opinion on on the on that. They're term. And then we'll take calls. And we'll do that at 8191110. Or 704571110. Is 800 fist. If you're still out there around listening on the streaming or. Well listen live you can you can call and at that number but most are causing me local now 7045701110. David what I wrote about five forget about the streaming stuff and almost was trying to get them out there. Just streaming you just go right to the to our website or the WBT website end. You can stream that you can elicit from your computer you can download the app. That's the that's the best -- we do and we're at a town. And that you put the app and then you just got it right yes decided that phone it's on your tablet or or or whatever you're using and then and then you can click on any and you can listen anywhere specially if the signals like if you have it too much trouble WBT bit. Course I did now that I've put at a stubby antenna on my truck so that doesn't beat up the truck when I go to the car wash. Believe it or not sometimes I'd I'd my signals a little weak so honest look my app on in the truck and then I have so playwright in the blue. Tooth and it's nice and I think we will we have another guest. That oh yeah look who's here. They ZK. He could pass the joins us yes. He's done morning Zeke are you grow tired because it simple enough then let's Super Bowl revelry in room that night to pace of growth. Continued education training yes. I remote or not enough violence. There's been picked it didn't girl Melissa Hughes but that's not. I. I have two days coming up on. Wednesday and Thursday this week. Yeah and it's like okay. Yeah you do you sign up for your oxide this is going to be great this going to be great menu like our amend the time comes in fact I can't afford to take this time off like that it. It will be good Milan will be good. I was so we reviewed all the numbers we got James I think from. CJ missed. Let's give him a shot where Emery to be real tight so if we have to kitchen to break we will James Demorrio home improvements on a day are you this morning. Third well member of my death cult alert sounds great there. Are. A million. Telephone. Last year big mother burnout are trying. Well. Mole Molly so you have to very firm Gartner this morning now do I grew up where. The murder scenario but are now we've got different data come by and kills me. Well what we did he put the conversion kit. Only if we go had a motor home you have moved this here but you're also sort so learn. Can smell got a little bit this bit. Blow up slightly but this powerful bar you know well aware that you have a strong father says people like this this. Yes borrow. My of course move. And it was Herman is beside the gap violent. Regulator. Of removed. Your group grew and grew up or Melo floated up was far better go up while it's true. And so maybe did very well war. But the borrow. Then that would kind of in and out man goes by it scared me out on the Vodafone set down the and then go out spot and go out. Are you a propane or natural gas more so there you sit conversion to the take take apart from a propane furnace serve you something. You Syrian art chuckling well. I don't fight Foreman looks perfect martyrdom martyrdom blow is this what are Muslim member gas. Oh well then that's about this that filed a little bit when it comes auto workers union if it's Tuesday found you know actually show never quit collecting more. This started back. My own. Yeah I wouldn't hear it was a conversion to be put on there and I'll show you you've been there Cooper who can afford. Some moderate. I'll make it harder through different. Yeah universally America. If you have sort Marca flag bearer of most important is okay here. And further to borrow. Worked like it was very very he's got a phone number serial mom Amal mama knows the move their third there's been devoted well it. Yeah you know I wouldn't think you think Castro would be open so can fire like taste eight living. We're going to be tight on the city James thank tied for second were right up against the break here don't go away home group which on tape coming right back yes. From back this is home from Regina Dave I'm John Gordon with a home because I'm Dave Goebel. And I'm Scott shelter where Charlotte comforts us. Because Scott thanks for being with this we got to jump back over to to James. Reloaded their criminal law almost similar boat load out from under my note that. I wouldn't think item. Records show what I wouldn't say it was that yes while. You know big Ryder the only switch to a different couple of the guys universal lecture. There was in the in the right position or hurt or restore. Flying is not a minute and let's start Coble found the minute they're absolute. But then it village that was supposed to let it go up to come and got Momo. We say he was changed in the pressure was your username and armored a trip but Bershard where he just. Troy almost brought this particular video hook cut the hook up brass fitting into clothes into the gas valve and tied into either a water column are gauge. Morrow then you I wouldn't run at either yeah it is because he took the caps off and he's just adjusting is this spring pressure which suggests the gas pressure. You can you can do it day insufficient combustion engine you. You could do some damage to the equipment or yourself. If my question in the Gaspar issues through either or far you are under fire yet they have. Not having the right guess pressures from the cruise missile everything. Throw toward wall boot you you get a professional to come and look at it. We're used to work toward a go live normally used to work for competitive go oh my good news. Spokeswoman did not this no because this terrorist act. Film they world. You should do fuses should have a Manama and 'cause. You baker wanna know what the manufactured toes of those pressure should be. Monetary or world will not sure why do you our word imported gas properties that low black who knows but I am going to go down as a moral. True Blue black. I don't want to go elsewhere but he he would put their screw up and was it just sort memory is that is that the first real. Yes that's what it sounds like yes. As should have to have him here. Chris to stage where hey James just this is the most ignorant guy in this whole conversation but I'm just listening insane and you're China sleuth this out you're not sure what he did he was attack here in a position where you don't know why it's not working but it's not work and I might go ahead and just set my ego in south aside and say so many c'mon look at this and fix it for me RI gonna have you again tonight. Who Lorraine that's just one Aigner man's opinion who. Month. Thought it was ridiculous for me to look. Did you hear your gut is giving you the right messages yet. Here you are you're guts tell you the right thing to do don't mess with that. Thought are built up pretty good thanks you all things to look with a. I it 704571110. Lines are open. I Zeke before you got here we were talked a little bit about some things that I found to begin conversations with you guys in studio. Hum everybody's buttoned up types for the winners and I thought maybe a little bit of a conversation around air purification and ventilation might be good just. You know what some options might be an and then there's some armed there's some cool products out there I was reading up on some of the stuff that my next puts out. From Newton just physicist and you guys end meant it's a really good ratings analysts policy no surprise but. Yet he always find them that the naysayers out there that and the people who. You know. We cannot we have to do anything and Tom are these the written the ratings and suffer pretty get so. Congratulations on that but on the first just on air purification. Bomb. Ya ya have. I was reading that book the picture error system is that right right we'll. Thumb and it talks about like talks about a merger talks about what it filters out and stuff like that. From what what's a what's operating principle behind it doesn't use electricity. This is just it has to cartridges from what I can tell so it filters something with cartridge is Boesky replaced every year. How how Zell work and then is that something that should be considered. Pretty common. Well unlike electronic careful through that broad. Those who generates so usually are due to pure the national it and that's not science is it destroys other person. He's got it. Brief filter. Which we are immersed. Sixteen. Hour with charcoal. And filter that's in it with so in other words let's has three products that we use and we put at least one of the three on almost every. Every time we changed the indoor component where there's a furnace or heat pump. Merval it's basically a five inch thick filter in a cabinet that we attach directly to the furnace or the air handler. So there's no where that goes into your new investment does not clean. And you don't have to change filters in the house. But so they have a murder eleven filter which is the one we use the most. They have this. Another filter immerse sixteen that will fit in the same cabinet that's when I saw in that -- sixteen filters is is also a carbon it has or. Carbon footprint basically bit that filter by itself rates higher than any electronic air cleaner or powered air cleaner on the market. Without electricity and it does not create ozone. We use that one more times than not and if you have really bad asthma or respiratory illnesses then we used to pure air. 'cause the pure air is a combination of that merge sixteen filter. With UV lights in the UVA says they don't creating damage to anything that the light comes in contact with any uses they. Titanium catalyst so the light shines on the catalyst. The catalyst basically then kills anything that comes through the I'm. These medals catalysts on ours it'll kill boaters that'll kill. Any aerosol smells BOC's. I'm. Illnesses but it's true it's expensive and it's not as expensive to install as it is every year or maintains or replace those three components. What is what is the peace CO cartridge. Well that is that's the pure air so that they're gone that's different well. I'm sorry I don't mean to confuse it is. So inside and they called the pure air PCO but it it what it really is is it is that it there's three kinds of UV light UVA UBB in UVC that are used in our industry. You may be new VC. Damage. What if anything that light shines on other than metal. So. Placement of those is a little hard and the lights have to run all the time southern third of life span is about a year in most cases crime. Prime burned out by the life yeah so with that with the carrier you get the benefits of a really strong. UV light that will kill. Almost everything that the other two will. But the ease of install is is far greater. And the results are better some not just putting in something that will kill us in the air it's also cleaning the air at the same time. It got to. I've I'm I'm a couple courses generally a gym waiting let let's give Jim and they would come back to this Jim good morning and home from work done and they value this morning. Very. All. Just the viewing means there may be able to ago Astoria adult nightly business report about a you started coming up what Europe nor. Cannot up an entry about their system what you Graham order. In exchange your target through by these pump. They bronco here I'll. Mean it's been intrigued about where there are about I know it prohibitively expensive that a hockey parent hit 8000 dollar for. Pretty much of glacier it is. But there are a good start up company up rarely has developed that leader certainly did happen the water source. Through your vertical drilling. And then I think that your whose story was they couldn't cut the historic and call Donald low 3040 maybe even 50%. And more but Franken if you could cut that 50000 down that might be 30000 are left. Back to be aware of medium. But it would weaker data ever thought about fifth and couldn't talk about it and I have one other question. It's very familiar you're if you are up in the fourth 500 dollar mark heating cooling utility monthly bill line. It's both sit there like did you think about 4530000. Dollars would we like to go pay apple like start an order you get a playback. You could be right you were right up against the breaks you don't go way essence some really good question is there anything and certainly the systems can talk about what we're familiar with so. I tyrant take a break we're back to home improvements on a day right after these messages welcome back this is help improve who has done a day about John Gordon with the on the bone. I'm Dave noble and I'm Scott Shelton was Charlotte Comfort Systems. Faced me with us guys this morning we appreciate your expertise lots of good questions to talk about lots of questions coming in right now we've got Jim from Charlotte and had a question on geo thermal and maybe some new moon. Well look you know the vertical both loops are. Been common for years there's not a you know it is so nobody. Still the cost. Is this fairly high. He was that the international much you know whether truly worth it they're with the federal tax credit is still there just left North Carolina text first one way. This dual. But he recouping the cost if you were in there. Colder climates really have more heating hours with us where you regain your efficiency. In colder climates you Paula would need to pay back sooner. In north in the Charlotte area that you get in the mountains may be different but in north in the Charlotte area. Your payback is a stop there. I mean a serious things on those units are in the thirties now right. Zetterberg who previously that 2035. So it to me. It even if your if you know of price weren't. We're concerned I would do a modular meeting. Gas furnace with a modulated and heat pump and I would still get in twenty plus C arranged. And not have the maintenance that you may end up with with us some of the geo thermal units not not. Just because you're now running water through valves and you have motors moving now water. If you're just adds more parts and pieces. Bending the cost they would be more than. Probably 250%. More to do that than it would do really good system. Air to air. And the only thing you're sacrificing is a little bit of efficiency which is still through the road foaming Tony policy year. Where is just a few years ago the minimum efficiency was ten's here and what we've put it on average today is 151617. Sear. It's so you don't have the money and money's not important. It sounds Jim like an elect Jim you if you were if you set I am simply a purist. And I want this because. Because it has this concept and in the did you know I wanna use geothermal instead of gas or or or electric. Now you can do that but it sounds like you can get so close to the efficiency of it that you wouldn't even consider. Arm that you throw I'm not knocking it summing up a fuss and we said that but. It sounds like it's not a practical decision. Well that that gas option not certainly mean the only you've got a natural gas utility of that ability not. Followed. Not couple house's back I lived on the lake and had I buried a thousand gallon propane tank and floor to block area had a foot sticking out of the ground that I covered with a rock. Well my experience what propane gas does it work out great to talk even three times more expensive than natural gas so. I don't know I don't know where that situation would come from on propane gas. But everybody world economy and operated did you show elect Bloomberg aerial law accidentally more years. In the sport the first three weeks of the January. I cannot remember Jamal extra arm sustained period of cold. Like we have here. I know we've gotten down to zero before it would just about 414 years ago are memorable week about your heart third or fourth we got down to 04 degrees. But it it recovered very quickly within 48 hour. But are there were several my pin and fifty degree weather between January 1 you Hayward bears think right here. My gas bill well for that period of time about a 100%. My electric bill warm up about 45%. How old is your system how old's your system Jim. Well it roll itself thirty year old gas. Yeah because here it is it's funny cute. You're timing is perfect as it is in the break here I was opening my bills 'cause I love the multitask. And and I have I have a cup I completely change out. My systems upstairs and downstairs. Most recently I think two and a half years three years ago. Am like I was dreading this gas because we had the same stuff that you had. My gas bill went up like Tom. 28. Dollars. With that brutal snap that we had. And Harris and so I think before you think about the complexity of geothermal. And tell us things and consider what you said 71 years it took to see that. And and you got a thirty year old systems so. My time to think about to simplify. We're we're very good record well no we're. Not out we'll tell you when we had that really cold spell a few weeks back. I had over a 120 degree air coming out of my of my dog work from my in my regulating people. Well turn didn't take long but I'll art. Greens are really slower phase and important way mailed out there let me say there are. The first he broke par in January. I won't be your whole. Yes there. He. Act go. Oh yeah I'd here we're we're far from Marat let me see here in America or Richard period of food burning coal. Well there's a new version gee you may not heard about it you plant daisies in the basement. And butterflies come and they land around in the wind from the butterflies kind of gets things. California. Citizens yeah well I didn't at least 800. Rather go out there are also drew. I can't think for me big big part of a very truthfully we did make it far are awaiting your call. Yet some excitement yeah you great grade point and and good points to ponder and has since you want that hunt eventually degrees blasting you like it's cold outside. Changeup that thirty year old sister with a with a modulate well you get the heat pump verges Scott talked about aura all of that. It was Sierra Nevada's dual fuel and and and get out it. I have lived there are good lord I even have an all electric buzz lately there's been a fifty year old art and so I don't. But Laporte they're asking your ears back or guarantees for a war based on his Bobby Kimball. And I don't blame I don't blame me for a second hey Jim we got a sneak off for another break we appreciate your call sir or have a great one homer from boards are they gonna take a break from welcome back. This is home improvement with John and save on John Gordon with a Home Depot I'm Dave Goebel. I'm Scott Shelton was Charlotte Comfort Systems division comfortably because he include. Scott Z thanks for being with us always appreciate you guys rates for for money script products great information and now here's a great collared George George from Charlotte good morning your own home improvement on Dave how are you this morning. I don't litigate and talk we help. Are uneducated are upgrading our hot water at the McAllister who. Upgraded to a attacked with hot water you know. You know. I'm mum permanent nerve with the fact that I'm I'm not properly. I don't know back all of it. Look what kind of water heater do you have now George I got expand that out yet I ordered it. Do you want to tank this because you have to know now it's not enough water. Well I deploy an upgrade of our here's how you get off your group are good are return in the long run on a new law. No end to deal. I'm on Long Island is very emphasis on the long. Run well. Smart people all on average I would say it's gonna cost you is it an addict care where's your current water heater you're so honest up or slow. In a closet on the second floor. Yeah it blackened have been a little Obama I admit. Meta watch area. OK so. No an outside wall or is it on in Seoul. Don't know if I walked Casey you have to run the flu although oil through the roof just like you already have now for your gas water heater. Right there are how old is the water heaters have now. Cemetery I'm not sure separate their bloody ethnic that might be elected I want you to help out. I was involved when he hit Ahmedabad on people's things feel a lot of thought it was built. Outside the lines being economic debt and clean up PVC pipe. I don't think got Beckett that electorate how what he's. They have like to kind of rectangular shape from Newton. Completes like that are screwed onto the front of its top and bottom. Our own human being. If you look at it and it doesn't have a pipe coming out of the top out at the Gaza through the roof it's electro like a big event type. There's an electric OK okay putting gas water heater and called today in unity you know coming Suzy has. Car I have to Wear pearls to cool bass. Who had it three Kia put very very critical to from critical to Internet. They go but you know Alec my guess would deprive pay three to 4000 dollars to put in a think this warrior. I'll go to London you tell me about popular definition beyond. It's going to be considerably more than putting in gas water heater to think about where the gas line is now having landed in the cost of putting gas line to that to their room. Now now I gotta get those drier than real close to their. I'm OK so you girls it and that's out that's only good where will not say where is now offering so I think is right they use is gonna have a larger size. Blind he's got a two pounds system he put five foot of three quarter prior I may be but it it did a day that. To me I don't like the tank was because of the power goes out you have to have a battery back up for the nighter. Well in May make high efficiency higher recovery. Standard gas water heaters which is what. Well I have a what I'm going to have in the next couple weeks has moved in and bass and electric water heater and can't take showers like I used to in my inner. And my last house. And George let me ask you this question is said to you wanted to upgrade to a tank this water heater. If you want to upgrade because you heard that in the long run there was benefits. And ended the model is a modest start but I'm dust off that. Didn't from much in the exact I got repossessed. In my kitchen. Very effective data how warm it you can print how to pick his jacket put that reason there. Absolutely ludicrous place so. Terrible it will create more space there are from that would be. That would be space. Arguably would be the single almost like prom. Undeniable always true benefit of a tank this year far beyond that. Your energy savings compared to. A good or high efficiency. Conventional tank. Arm and this is national take you for ever to pay to get that to realize that benefit we love tank was heaters please that's not like. Don't buy attack the cedars that no we love them they're great but a space savings huge. Arm energy savings they'll take you along time. If Georgia power in a bio on I would look at the one is called nor its you know Laura I teasing him. Borrower and in the great savings with this one is is that the doesn't it doesn't need a larger gas line like some of the other brands. And you convey with schedules forty PVC pipe where some of the other brands have their own proprietary pipe that you have to buy and it's very expensive. Or vote aren't important it's a brand yes sir Andy the great thing is you could. Bennett out through the roof for probably you know a hundred dollars were the other one might might cost you 456. Times that. I run actually he's clear there but I'm a UN OR IA too easy. Okay thank you won't get I hate you get their great great I'll suggest and I really appreciate it. We appreciate the call I guess what we're here or big fan yelled so he's he would tell me about. There packages they hit their formula for every itself thank you so much. Well thank god George we appreciate it. Are your best arc. George is up lords does that vote in multifamily Tom that's almost all the use scud is just 'cause exactly what you said this is so much easier in those applications such events and stuff and all right we don't have sorry I was still it's a great it is a great water here and there merged. Five we got my eyes open more 8981110704571110. For fuel army jumper relevant alana I forget which weather was that we had a couple James was talking about. And geothermal and then about solar. From what about solar you guys have won X has arm I mean solar panels now Matt I'm member whenever we started doing this. There was like a little solar assists. You know that you can get for the outside unit not I think it's full blown solar panels and you can get a system. Middle they can run with this me Emma in my Arenas right I mean you guys are serious into solar what do you think about that. Well I've I put that in my past few years back. PO I got fifteen solar panels both it and so you wouldn't you know. And it's generous enough electricity to run my three torrent. People are wow. So we saw how the Internet is making solar panels in the panel suit. Are much better almost you know twice as. You put a 109 of the 225 was among those who once every fives there's another. 2752. Rating here. The problem is is without the without a state tax credit that we used to have. The average person wouldn't buy them right because do between federal on the state that was 55% of the installed price. Valuing at the 25% federal on the payback is is rather low ball. Yeah I'm looking at that it's it's some numbers here are what saves per year. Oh my house when I had four panels I saved on average eighteen to twenty dollars a month ruse. Not so spanky so Zeke has fifteen penalties saving. What 607080. Dollars a month. That was a cost of acquisition. Three there are especially if they must say it's pretty. Growth. Bags DNA in you know and the panels were. Didn't generate as much but the pet dog. It took panels. Are by themselves. In the electrical part of it was. Article we need. 224000. Dollars only shrank buoyant in the video of the agreement that you have to have with Duke Energy is. Cumbersome. The next hour or so more efficient and cost per kilo waters is less but. They installed cost a minute there are some programs that you can get into and Duke Energy for. There's actually. Own board. Because big they don't want us to have our own ability to create electricity is so it seems anyway. They'll borrow a day flow snow but I guess at the end of the day there. Without the tax credits for me. Clearly between 5% and let's let's say the cost is gone down 20% and still spend. 181000 dollars to save eighty dollars a month and you only get 4500 back and and tax credits. Even if you're 141000. In your savings we'll average seventy dollars a month wolf more than 200 months. Yeah you're right back in. Kind of payback period the George just was talking about what's his integrity and they're lifespan of the panels maybe fifteen to twenty years and they do don't they do degrade. Annually you know there are large overcome a less efficient every here. And into the trees grow well you know there's there's a lot of reasons to like them there's a lot of reasons did just make sure that is perfect for you before you make that type of a cash outlay. So we're really we're going to be right up on a break Cuba we come back out I'd love to hear you guys opinions on Palme. Alternative aura let's just say non conventional systems so solar geothermal all the different things that are out there if you had your own way your own home. You know what which would you guys pick column then it would be itching ears hear what you guys think about that's a Z clearly you picked the so herself. Hum thing Ellis second everybody we're gonna take a little break here grab a cup coffee grab your honey do list. We'll talk home improvement at 809 to 1110 or 704571110. When we return. This concrete in a driveway or around the pulled to settle payroll on here would drive pro is the same reason that foundation settle all across the Carolinas it can be water washing away out from under the slab or construction or just bad so you'll drop broken lift and stabilize your concrete slab eliminated trip hazards and ugly eyes shores good the number afford dry pro dot com dry -- your mold what brought waterproofing concrete lifting a foundation repair expert. This is not news junkies this is an important message from dynamic auto Jim I'm mark promised I'm Scott Rolen and I'm -- pet owners of dynamic auto tuned dynamic auto tunes business is growing training European auto technicians familiar with working on Mercedes-Benz. 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Nothing beats a fairway green line here's Kevin from fairway green with the February plan now as a group. Great time to get us to start on loan to set it up for the entire year with your first application of pre emergent crabgrass control also which yearlong requires fertilizer at this time we will apply the proper mountain range and not to mention probably Swedes are always there are always need treating. And Kevin I know from talking to you that all of your crews are very well trained yes all of our technicians are licensed to the Department of Agriculture to apply these products as safely as possible for you and your family as a former law and doing yourself or I can attest that it's a lot of work and just go under the big box stores did to get all the stuff you need can be pretty pricey but fairway green can take care of all of many people are very surprised and how horrible we are great news if somebody calls how soon can you come out soon is get this call or contact us on nine we try to get up there within three to four business days to leave you that detail long analysis and again you don't have to be home put to sleep indoor free fairway green dot com or 7043920. Wait 11. EDT AM Charlotte WBT FM Chester W Ellen Page HD TH. Charlotte's news traffic general weather station here's the big story this hour on news elevenths that Friday night three W VT. I guess Tony a mother and daughter are leaving their home because of fear it's 8 o'clock I've ever Tobin. The two are leaving following a breaking in that left him terrified. WB TV news spoke with a woman who wants remain anonymous. She has no idea why the break in happened it was at her apartment at the garden villas community she was broken into Tuesday morning an armed suspect. I heard like a wild thing who own. And I dumped about a month boom and learned in my door faster than that you had before I even finished it was just how path path half hour. Kerry campaign style it's time for back and then when they're stopped from my thought that I find the door and locked it. She said she could see the silhouette of a person standing just feet away as the shots were fired. Nothing had been taken and she couldn't give police a good description of the intruder. Because it was so dark she still has a wound from a bullet that graced her back and she has bullet holes in her bedroom and their very visible. Where remember employee. I remember me. This is part of five. So far there are no suspects in custody. Lincoln county sheriff's detectives are asking for the public's help in locating a missing 26 year old. Dylan James canady of white oak farm road in cherry though was last seen around November 1 he was reported missing on Thursday. Got his described as a white male five feet six inches tall weighs 220 pounds and has blue eyes and brown hair. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the Lincoln county sheriff's office. Or Lincoln County crime stoppers. Reacting to the OP or crisis one of the largest paint makers pain pill makers says. They're going to stop promoting exe content to doctors say say and according to ABC's Todd ants. Beginning Monday Purdue pharmaceutical plans to send a letter to doctors saying that its sales teams will no longer come to their clinics to talk about the company's pain products OxyContin approved in 1995 is the company's biggest selling drug Perdue helped develop many modern tactics of drug promotion and critics say the company's aggressive sales techniques help lay the foundation for the US addiction crisis Purdue another open your makers and distributors face dozens of lawsuits in which they're accused of creating a public health crisis through their marketing of the painkillers as overdoses from prescription drugs claimed thousands of American lives each year Todd at ABC news. And Nashville man will spend the rest of his life in prison after pleading guilty to fatally stabbing his six year old daughter is national park Rangers approach is vehicle. He decided to murder her rather than give up the custody. Federal prosecutors said assessed Pickering pleaded guilty Friday to first degree murder for killing Lila Pickering and September of 2016. South Carolina's electric cooperative wants lawmakers to consider selling the state owned utility Santee Cooper. The electric cooperatives as South Carolina told lawmakers Thursday they should test the market to determine if customers would save money in Santee Cooper was sold. Gold silver and bronze have been awarded at the Winter Olympics and South Korea ABC's Alex Stone is in Yung Chang's. The first medals of these games going to Sweden Norway and Finland in ski asked long which is cross country skiing rounds of speed skating are also underway. But much of the focus series on the Korean women's hockey team playing its first game. That team is a mix of north and South Korean players all working together. I talks don't NFL investigators met with centrum Panthers general manager Martin hurting on Friday. The Charlotte Observer reports is the first step in the process of returning hopes to clear his name and get his job back. He's been on paid administrative leave since Monday after his ex wife accused him off harassment we'll check weather and a few minutes right now it's 48 degrees in Charlotte. I'm Deborah told a news 1110 not 93 WPT. Well into last Johnny did with the answers to your home improvement questions sponsored by The Home Depot. Lennox dealers Charlie Comfort Systems and a constant should be. Using 1110993. WPG. Welcome back this is homer from lieutenant Dave I'm John Gordon. I'm Dave Goebel I'm actually are there with a cart community college and I'm Scott Shelton with Charlotte Comfort Systems. Our sphere where the skies were gonna jump right back on the phones with Jim Jim good morning your own home improvement with John and Dave are you this morning sir. I'm great how are you awesome. I moved into an older French film built almost slipped and immediately had to replace the water. Thank you and you'll have suggested maybe you know assess the bathrooms that further into the use are circulating. Well all oracle already color timer yeah. But I don't know how difficult it would be a bigger player of house for sure. Well it sits. If there's a device that goes at the furthest point underneath the sink and that's what what you're known as you using your cold water for a return. And then grow our review what those new plumbing right David Wright knew it plumbing me just put this little H device underneath the big connects the supply valves together and that connection back to your boss at all does there's a little device in between. Other senses the temperature when it drops it'll open now about up and it'll allow that war Corey circulate back. Tom Daly down follows John I don't know if you noticed Sissy your house to eat it if if sometimes the cold water is warm. Oh the yes it that they at the faucet yes I know right were I mean it's under the the faucet in the vanity in the master bath because it's so far this. Point and Nam. When I go my take cold water in the in the morning when it's running then thought the cold water side is war right. So you don't have cold cold water right but. But he did have the advantage of heaven hot water there now the other thing that you'll you'll have to do Jimmy Joseph have to have an outlet installed at the water heater to run that Paul. That shouldn't be difficult it's got its own little rooms other colonial rule working area around the. Shirt and I don't think that little pump pulls me up so I don't I don't think it's a huge deal. But that's basically. Could it draw its power from the direct power to the tank towards the minister Hubert. They need to separate the circuit a second serve circuit to run the pump itself. Secret so the pump on the its own electricity source. And that's arms and I don't think it pulls many ups and it does yeah I won't require. If you if you got something there close by that you can tap off of it won't require a second shot separate circuit like a home run back to the box. But we will report our results source. What about the main cut off for the award earlier this code. I know because you you probably don't have a neutral in their. It's just there's a 110 volt so you have demo hot bowl hot thinner than a neutral ground. Burn out there you say you use a timer also gorgeous they come with a timer. There's emergent as a timer built into a gym. Okay great. And that river creek prepare pure water in the tank just the temperature of the lot exact correct but you're right I remember when you dumped that water back in it is good that it is going to do that caused the water heater to run more often. So you'll have a slight a slight increase in in in that consumption of gas consumption or electricity but I mean the reason you wanna do what is she turn on how water. You have a wait a minute or two. Brian wanted to make it across the house to the faucet exactly. Yeah I'm gonna wait longer than men and I've kind of this life you know unnecessary waste. Exactly and until that's. The key is that you're not wasting water. And I may have to wait only cold water which is not something you're in Pittston gadgets it's incomplete in the bathroom sink I don't know if that's. That that's such a big deal not to. I would tell you Jim who work in our house it crosses over at that's a vanity sink that I use. So the time of the morning when word for word use and it and that my cold water is hot. Is it time that I'm shaving some heaven warm water on either side if it does not bother me one bit. Before I'd have to put on them yet there is the folders porno what apart from the ballpark all of that. Assuming no problem I think to have things under. Under 200 dollars. Thank you both. In the book but labor and yeah of course sees us labor history. Because you're got a good plumber and his Herman poker room about it. There you go if you have a recommendation for the unit also very inappropriate to a Cuban emerged quicker. Thank you very much career. Welcome we appreciate you called him every day. Remember my. Our next showbiz keys from Paisley and Keith good morning you know Pruitt John Dave are you this morning. So yeah good. Got a question. About our water heater or you lake water heater I changed doubt they have no raw I don't have a problem racially with stuff. Male and this email faded away and but they came back Fini split I am on the whale. Any solution to this well. You did did did I think sometimes that does build up contest can be in the tape as well. So it. Not this one just wondering if the that it's kind of a slime. Love that. We'll have you have you. I have my house used to do wish our golf for a week can I come home and you did build up of sulfur right. Then you get the odor first few days and then your on the water and goes away. Then all of that's the same issue. Didn't. It is our mom always wanted to help but not use enough. A significant amount of water and not what someone tell me I need to use more water gas deal. Popcorn little lukewarm to the whales watery the only bright and illuminate Ismail wholeheartedly in good faith. Three weeks right. And I did drain the water out water heater. I'm bound to drain the water heater in some more vivid and how quick payday and no rhyme out here and improved free copy Clorox in the Indio water heater and do what he begins the latest bin overnight. Through about four. That you'll flushing meadow clean it that's what I'm that's what I'm thinking about is that the sides are on that you've got to build up in the tank so yeah you can't do that. And and there's actually you know there's actually done chlorine inject yours that they use for wells that. That treat the water has come since of this if this continues. That but did you have you always had this problem. No no I did not read ahead who are here that we can believe. In it was an account for thirty years and never had this problem right. I thought this puts a full year and he's not he's glory years of being feel more energy efficient I don't know that creating moral problem right now. The energy efficiency is a function of the insulation really more than anything right. And they're mob. I have heard their gonna feel creek and hitting your way Ole miss over half. A little cash but it is. They usually not this. I looked at one of those as well and did by the time I bought the it was a two it was a two stage process and by the time I bought that it was gonna cost me about a thousand dollars. Plus me installing it myself. Tomorrow so you couldn't. We don't sort boat that what I was told them ahead of the plumber that told my house said that he'd seen it before and it was. Basically when your when you're well sits idle. So for leaches out of the out of the granite. And it basically comes out of the pipe so that you did you do more you run your water. The quicker it'll go away and it's it is not and it's not going to be an always thing or at least it wasn't for us but. I didn't do anything. I just ran my water and if are going to be gone when I got home I knew that for a day or two. I have that odor in July flush all that. Kind of the pipes and now how is sure. The very curious sale is horrible. I mean I was about. Here it is a bacteria they called a bacterium but I don't think it's harmful I think it's just it's a voter. This is but it is it is what they call it Tom. But now it's not I don't I'd I don't believe it is difficult does is creates a notre. Her Bogart. I don't collier county extension office yet you don't test that watered say exactly what he needed did. I didn't quite within my nose ignored it's. Neighbors over to shower more off. Hi hey hey hey our second time a kid to make sure we got you square way we got to take a break your time from Charlotte we see you out there as well don't go away this is home improvement timetable for me back to answer your questions right after he. Welcome back this moment we're done today I'm done we're. I'm Dave Goebel. How often do you believe that I'm Scott Shelton was Charlotte comfort to us from. Plus the questions you guys won't appreciate you being here covered let's talk to Tom from Charlotte Tom good morning gentlemen from which on a day. Good morning and I have a question about trying to find what I believe I think I have a quarterly. Content and I've got a lot of ability is seen the end usually asked. And I can turn the water all on the inside my house is eternal. Cycle of god look at the water meters and I feel the movement of the doubt. Thank you don't see you're up close run from your neighbor's house do you it if it's I don't want laborers that and it and it. You get a good neighbors then the do you have any soft spots between do you know the route that the line from the meter takes to the house. Well that's my problem I do not it's not a very short distance. It's probably fifty yards no more. But. After the month to get an actual before you dig it make you come out and mark's lines and then I would have a track. Or the water line I did go out yet they walk around and I don't seem to find a wet spot. Right when was the house bill. Oh we're up thirty years ago yeah nap then it's it's possible that you've got some old. The big black galvanized yeah what's it called HD. Black pipe right yeah. The classic plastic pipes at a particular rubbed on Iraq or anything. Clinton calls that the leaks out. Here's situation at thirty years old. You could spend time and money and effort trying to find that leak or you can just get your plumber out there with a true that your call call 8111 have a marked the property for for any underground utilities. Com and then have your plumber come out trench line from the house about where comes then back out to the box and change that pipe out to be done with it. You've got the ideal scenario Tommy said it's just a short distance so it wouldn't be like you know he would have to. Tom you know trench to Grand Canyon or something. And they'll you know in the end in the end I think David's a 100% right not prized arm. The Sunnis you solution. Crusader. Army. I'm just get your plumber other first year I want is though you wanna deal locates they wanna have a locate all of the underground utilities cable electricity. All that just to make sure there's nothing coming through the yard but at that they're gonna crossover. And then just have him help us come out of the trade journal trench up to the house open a new pipe and they'll they'll disconnect the old pipe from the house and from the meter. And hook the new pipe up and you'll be done with it because if you spend any money. I'm a thirty year old pipe chances are it another year so you're going to be doing the same thing again trying to find another leak so. It's been my experience just to go ahead and and and then do away with that just put a new piped in and be done with. There's not a real secret to find in the links to other than just walking around and hoping you had a wet spot. That's it and appeared if you've got to gravel base down there first summaries and or. An opening to to the strip it could be anything it could be running along that pipe and running back up underneath the meter going around in the street. An and it's just state that it becomes very hard to find and lest they must it's got you know what Scott was talking about was a lot of times. If it's a soft spot your your probably within. A few feet of the leak. But if you don't see that then you're gonna have to invest money to have somebody try to find the leak. And and I hear your talk about finally got a thirty year old pipe so. The key here's you have a thirty year old pipe and they didn't make him use tracer wires back fans and you'll never located with. Any type of detector right you have to use a shovel that's how you locate a yeah. Well look around the meter area and it doesn't seem to be wet there I did that haven't been made of that in last summer we got up a water line break out there on all the cities that we choose good. Think though that in new but I don't these kinds of wet is there and I do have a sprinkler system which involved. They'll cleaning anything around that area so. But I have a different meters brought out there who are in the world in my out. The meter real quick you have two different meters. Nanometer hurt irrigation. There were later OK let's different NBC you could have you could. Even though your systems ops you can have a solenoid valve out there that's that's stuck in the open position or slightly open. Armed that's that's that's putting water into the system and it may be going into the heads we also had just had a huge freeze. I'm so fast system wasn't blown complete. Now what you winterize the irrigation Wright did not hurt at all but that could be part of your problem did it does have a backflow I would assume. Well. It might be a good time for you invested Acosta maybe a 1012100. Dollars more to add that second meter. Because if you ever look at your water bill if your water was fifty dollars your your water bills a hundred. Right because your paying for the sewer. But when you irrigate your paying for them. The sewage disposal of the water that you're sprinkling the yard with right. So if you you put another meter they will take the sewer portion out and it's just for your irrigation. While rarely do there's there's the water system and I don't run it that much tax okay what I do running the deal does go up considerably yes. Yes did you pay for series factly right so. Some to think about Alec it's a plumber out have to consult with him and and take it from there and win that when they trench it just keep your IO Brinker you're gonna get to fix a few bureau irrigation lines. If I could just accept it. All right thank you. Rob come back. Great call we appreciate question are good to hear the the sprinkler system piece of that because that may even be more likely than yes and anti Christ yeah especially since it's already it's on the it's on his regular water system itself. You know same meter it's very possible with all that all that freeze and doesn't necessarily mean that the pipe head to freeze it could be just that. He got a solenoid valve stuck open in the the ground moved and broken pipe. Yep which a lot of people are gonna find that's what's happened to him in this. Very early last month when I got so cold I've bit. Between Zeke and now we probably ran a couple hundred. No he calls because high efficiency furnace. Drain lines for Arizona. Sure yet. And in what code makes us do when we install high efficiency furnaces we have to take it. It's a daylight. So she goes through your foundation and stops. Boom that meg code well do it after it's passed inspection if you wanted to run it over into your downspout. Or your varied French drains or whatever just so that they at the air doesn't hit determination of that of that PC fitting. The likelihood that you'll freeze goes almost to zero right. Makes sense. And that's it's it's either that you put like a heat tape or which I'm not a fan of right. So but I can't they have out of I mean I know we ran those for days if her there. Intersect so let me let me ask you question we kind of cheated up bow before the break on the U guys are in the business has been in the business forever between the two via. Arnold couple centuries may. Held it just kidding Tom if but you're all the technology that should know about let's say they got so or you got done geo thermal and from all kinds of different options to heat and cool your home. Com and and let's just say you have access to the money that you need but you would never spend money foolishly. While besides listening to the bumper music which is the ticker. Let's take this break and I'd like to hear what does each say how would do this rather do that you know looking at what we have technology today vs what we've had. This is open which are they don't go away we've got a great question to be answered by experts are welcome back. This is home improvement which on a day primetime Gordon with a Home Depot I'm Dave Goebel. I'm Scott Shelton with Charlotte Comfort Systems. It was a costly game. Thanks guys I guess we're gonna get tier I alternative suggestions. After Jim. Jim and Jim has like the popular name this morning David how many Jim do we have 123. Pour forth gem for the next next up to gyms with conventionally Wilmington, North Carolina and Jim from Charlotte good morning gallop through which I think. The motive and this stuff you guys. He's been that David is an old joke from baseball you need barely I remember did seem man he's getting here premieres. Yeah. I'm still out here in Wesley chapel. My health is basically in the middle of the woods. And its branch now. Crawl space. And a couple of clauses in one side of the house. Just stay kind of moldy mold all our little one has just become closet. Got plastic all of under the crawl space I've been under their numerous times to drive it doesn't you know it's not whip on the plastic but we still give Mo coming up to the ground TE. Is this is the book. Color closet peck pretty tight with blue coats and jackets. No. Really kind of average you're not excited I wouldn't say just the door the bottom of the door all the way to the floor. It does. No carpet Hardwoods. That's right Paul Harwood. And two things to do you can put a transfer grooming their grill on the inside of the closet on on the outside to let air into the closet or you can just. Try undercutting the door. I do vote is that way gay area their hair out some that's what that's what I've done Jim and we we haven't because we have. But we have some equipment and closet it's too hot so. That's that's what we're getting ready to do is just put put the girls but I've done that before and I'm not actually done that in Weddington a couple of times for some customers and end. Undercut the door. Would have put a bit on the inside the outside it's just delivers all your find their their fairly inexpensive I always say that way because most people don't want the looters right and then most people don't but once she put it up there. The thought of it as much worse than the actual liver and you don't put a flag grill caucus to the law and Pena to match the wall and it is it just appears you're exactly right that's what we did. I'm but that solves every time I've done that Jim that solve that problem just that's exactly right. Are you saying to grill proven she grew up yeah you just cut a hole through the trial all even and you just want to cut. Easier if you don't you don't need to cut a Saturday thing in you have to go up above the header. So there's probably a header between none of the above above the door so you wanna go up closer to the higher the better actually anyway so. Her around a billionaire turn over did exactly and then now make sure you have at least one inch cut underneath the door and then you'll have a girl on the inside and the outside and I mean really don't have to put a girl on the inside you don't want nobody else see a bit we just. We just always do because it makes it finished zero L alternate years ago in the ceiling and but in a fan small fans quiet fans. For on the circuit to prevent all the way to the outside putting caps on it and it's a whole lot easier just to do this if this is a solid wooden doors and hollow record or. Harlow moment might. You might wanna so investigate the door before you cut it too much sense do you have wealthy ordinary to take the bottom often and in front line in the air so we always do we cut. Bit they're short you can run through a table saw floor talking about is the bottom of the door hollowed colored doors just what is says it's hollow except on the edges. And you have a piece of wood in there it's about a inch and a half tall. All way around your styles and rails. Comment what we do if we Qaeda and we get to the bottom of it then we just run the big piece above would back through the tables are shave off of the blue mesa tonight from the door. Put some glue on it stiff to stick it back in their put a couple of clamps and let it dry. But these are hell your saying cut out how much on the bottom of the U want about what at least one inch. Of plus air space to go underneath that door but then you need and exhausts busy will also we're here concrete like your addicts a year of air in the new energy. You put the events at the very top of the wall. Bill worse if you go to Monica at the door to put event download of an umpire there you go you can do that as well. OK after that profession do no more questions just did I hear a lot about the cost places and whatnot. Well you recommend as far as I do have this event that I can open a close. Money's not news or others at a rally here. Yeah that sits up. I mean right now your your not a bad shape jam it's it's it's the summer time when we create the rainforest underneath there so. You know you have them the warm beer on the outside of the house and then we opened the vans we've drawn into the crawl space we know that crawl spaces normally around. Seventy degrees. Just because of the ground temperature. So when you bring in the N ninety degree air what's gonna happen is gonna Condit say so. And most people don't backwards they close their Vincent a winner and they open them in the summer right. And how all of across faces a. Where the Doria this probably. Brief foot. And then it tapers down to put in a half on the far side and he'll live their shirt. The foreseeable future. A year when they're seventy years and yet not let Longoria were is that man that long. So how well did not get this out I think it was longer now and. For her professor. Wow but yeah you could easily encapsulate that crawl space to it wouldn't surprise you what the fee would be to do so they would. It may not help my closet to a great degree but it would make here in the house so much cleaner because if if you live here and you have a crawl space we have mold. And mold not necessarily a bad word but if it's a mold that your body doesn't like you have a allergic reaction to it. Yeah I can do it can be devastating the ceiling crawl space just means you're not now using the outside air to feed that house. Then the outdoor air brings in a lot of moisture that came you know and they Amanda mold us and across base. Yeah I've definitely heard about it thought about it yet made any rough spot estimate another list of pocket when he 200 square foot ranch home. Surprise guest the guest number that I use is about five dollars per square foot. But there could be three to five but I always guests on the high side. Yeah I just depends if he needed Dini assault palm deep you know it just depends on the label Landon and then all that's there's dry and they may not need a perimeter drainage system right sump pump the price would go down considerably. But they're all right what it does feel appreciated its hockey thanks Jim appreciate your call. This is home improvements on day for a return after these important messages seem welcome back you missed a short time Dave I'm John Gordon with The Home Depot I'm Dave Sobel. Using the softer with the cost me close. And I'm Scott Shelton with Charlotte Comfort Systems and this is Cathy from fort mills got a well water question Kathy good morning Yahoo! from which on a day are you this morning. Been wrong. Yeah I definitely helped. Uncommon because I have a question and we have where water. Yeah song Angola. They can't do Jesse did you favoured me just weren't we'll hang on just run and turn your radio downforce if you would please. Okay. We have or order meant when he got credit for her cart career you really cold and I see. We forgot to turn on the car through so aid. It actually stopped working alone in the utter her own. And then after a few days you can go wrong. They were alarmed enough. Actually stopped the war in order coral. So I don't want to rule it will it will all packed with suggestions or Connors or flat. We should do my personal fanatic how would that work well. He could tell you better but I'm just asking you this question is he a. Okay it didn't have heavy heavy looked out in the well house you have though a well houses and above ground or is it just a pipe that sticks out of the ground. The vote ground okay so there's a up does that take out there in the palm the motor DC all of that. I'm in it well house yes there is okay and in their heels seawater coming out of there anywhere. Our world. Oh I know it's out there I have and being out there my has. Let's gonna be the first thing if it is just make sure that it's not that you don't have all of a broken pipe. So that it had been may be running but it's just pumping the water. I'm under under the ground or around that area out there so that would be the first thing that you need to investigate. I'm growth this fairly warm today and it's I don't know if it's raining right now but. You might wanna just turn the water on. In the house and then walked out there to see if you EC water here water. Anywhere around the well area. Okay oh that would be the first thing. And then from there at fifth if it's not on it he just he need to call Walt plumber that is that specializes in wells. Perhaps a well experienced. Vineyard Fort Mill floor for a more pro which you're Parnell suggestions for sure all about the pipes plumbing. Would be a target customer and then bill bidding greetings plumbing out of our Rock Hill. Would be another another person you could call. Curry won't fill those extra couple deserts aren't. And there I don't yep. Okay. Girl I think he's so much and I enjoy your shelves we'll take you can't see Kathy thank you for listening calling. You're welcome folks you've got I. Tonight. 7045. Set don't know 1110 give us Carly got some lines open I almost think this question back and could really wanna hear was you guys think. Alternative solutions cycle than your conventional gas or get all the options for for heating and cooling your homes. With all the most current technology. What would you chiefs. For your own home I do or don't do much relating heat and modular eating. The heat pump dual fuel system with zoning. Multiple like my in my last I said fourth thermostats are controlled for different areas individually. And it would only give me as much heat as I needed or as much cooling as the needed in traditionally the heat pump brand you know lists. Melissa I switched it over to you or for it was raining really cold and raining it's going to defrost for primarily to people. Remodeling units put out so much heat that the gas furnace is just there for my peace of mind so module waiting is worth a compressor works at different rates. Florida then on seven the output so if you have a standard a senior house now and it's a three ton unit. Every time it comes on it's giving you three tons of capacity burner. Coalition could work here all the way down to about 15%. All the way up to a hundred so any any anything in between and have. You know as things are heating my master bedroom and then I needed did you see living area it would just step up that I program all of this into the equipment. It's so intuitive. I can actually log into the controls from my office and Brian diagnostics only equipment will tell me if it's not heating and cooling properly it's just it's just a way that it should be but it's it's not for everyone because. You don't put this in my house that you intended to be inferred you know many years to come. I just one more question that I here Zeke so on a scale of cost. Put out numbers are from this very average yardages run of the mill system vs what you have. Bottom. A little bit more moderately more way more. Fast becoming standard equipment what a builder would put in your house right it's probably two to two and a half times the cost but. It's gonna give me some. Yeah so much cheaper cost of operation and Harry don't care about the cost of the operations much relative comfort to get. When you can sell the temperature at six and I wanted. That's comfort. Brian that they had at that actually boost efficiency also did what he just recommended to me off the air from my house as we always show them some some pictures of the house that we're gonna build. Then that's exactly Hillary did it quick reference and have only heard this maybe a hundred times. We go to a customer's house and they have you know the builder put in them you know excise equipment for them. And they always kept it in the summertime has 72 degrees for her we put in just a nice terrible speed furnace and and and maybe a two stage air conditioner. This thermostat that allows separate control of temperature and the unification. If they put it it's 72 degrees with humidity control. Every time I hear managed to cold in my house. Because you only. Go buy what you know and if you lived in a house for any amount of time all you do is go by the temperature that the thermostat shows yet. That's that's the smaller part of the equation we live and part of the most human part of the country. When you pull the humidity out it is amazing how much more comfortable and I enemy we had a customer a couple of years ago is drain away from the attic down and dropped outside in the out of five gallon bucket that he would use the waters garden. The day after we install that he said before 4 o'clock in the afternoon he indeed that bucket fourth time's right. With his old system he'd never indeed the book of more than twice in any given day. Control humidity control your comfort is not inordinately expensive but the payback of being in a comfortable home. Because people go buy a card at the base car was 20000. Both have got to have leather got to have a sunroof on XM radio all these features that 20000 dollar car now 30000 dollars the average person doesn't matter and I. You always been about 500 hours a year in your car but when it comes and heating equipment or cooling. People tend to just say oh man 6000 dollars I'll take that on but if they would have spent eight or nine they could have gotten. So much more efficient and and so much more comfort fit for a place they spent a lot more time than their culture shock. Isaak what about you very thumbs shouldn't view before good both solar. Got a dual fuel system heat from with a guest baca. It's. This and we're getting better and then there's ignorance. But I mean you could you could spend a lot more money and get very few euros dollars back and saving. Right that's why I ask you you know convention on how much more you gonna spend because you got to figure out your strategy your comfort but do you get those you know regional energy savings as well. Okay good and they can put in a geothermal and still have the ability to control the humidity in your house. You know Judah is well prepared for. Because it does or thought differently about it still has a compressor bright and it's it's. It's just re circulating water and refrigerate now rights to cooled out water I'm. Performance wise are actually better with an air to air system mineral water to air system. It is because David you sure you're taking crazy good notes right and oh yeah I've been quizzing these guys weren't here so we're we're we're dialed down. It's so it's got to be Dave's new house or via the net that he thought well you know that's always a New York. Has any idea would be Aaron Lindsay and Scott thank you for coming in because I deal would be. Just like David guess pick your brain. How many were trying to get jobs first 50000 people are Mozilla as they try to make the same time the decision is David -- others new construction or replacement. That is not just David this is secret resource for her arm further information right. So I just moved into a new thousand David who are ideal vehicle you saw a few questions that a head and actually got me it's crusader size. You go to protect my my dad Gerald from about your house gets it into this deal. All right well. I know we're going to be close up on a break here so I'm we we got to some of the stuff we talk a little bit about armed air purification next time you guys are here. I want to just do a little bit of arm of the deeper dive until like HR feet. You know that the account requirements. In some cases are the good recommendations and others. Harm to keep it. He's your house from being bugged up to tighten have a some issues with that so. We'll never have time to talk show topic this morning's show so we wanted to try we'll just say thank you for an awesome job again and numb and really appreciate the great support did you guys gives us an up and to our listeners. Thanks Travis like her don't just. Then and I think. David I think we're like right up on a break here or right rough on the and the show is so this is we will wrap it up with our traditional gratitude for our partners in any guests and remind everybody listens as the most important come home improvement is among the nation hold a happier place. So forget to work on that this species next week almost from the time.