The Latest on Irma

Scott Fitzgerald
Friday, September 8th

The latest on Irma, Report from the White House, Mayor Roberts throws CMPD under the bus.


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Johnny still Wear and that sumo wrestling shoot to protect you from flying debris just science guy just like I saw your earlier than I was injured and keep an odd. As we know that the attract American exchange today. But I do admired your fashion so we'll keep you posted very very. Very very good morning to you step on a Friday eight out of 5 in morning human and Scott FitzGerald. I did African the earthquake. Such a strange thing again this just kind of as weird feeling in my body. It happened twice when I was living in Redding California is like one day and Stoudemire a morning shall partners like dude. But I don't know I don't know what it is I think we're gonna you're an earthquake. And literally later on a day we get an earthquake and then I was living in San Francisco same thing. Predicted an earthquake and and last night talking to my wife mislabeled. Lisa hurricanes and making me feel this way does something bad is the weirdest comment. I think we're gonna get an earthquake and actionable here and and I and I don't know I just feel like some come on and a low and behold Mexico earthquake big went. Stole some where between they won an 841. Of the authority says a sport that's a big and as a very big on brings one and a hundred years. Slowed him more tragedies Richard Llewellyn with a weather channel joins us here and a things have changed a bit since that we spoke yesterday. As far as the track for Irma a looks like a little more of a westerly jaunt to display into. Yeah we've seen the attract shift about 100 miles from one it was this time yesterday when we talk ten. It looks like we are going to see the storm. Continue to work its way through the us that waters between the Bahamas and Cuba and then eventually make its way on up into the Florida Keys and South Florida. And then I continued to move on up across the Florida peninsula on up in the Georgia. And then eventually on up into the Carolinas where we will get to some strong gusty winds and heavy rain here in the Charlotte metro on Monday so move as far as rain goes we're gonna beyond the eastern side of the storms at the good side of the bad sad when it comes to the ring that's usually the bad side of the storms are beyond for courses we've been looking at how the forecast is evolving for Charlotte. We are now calling for. Gusty northeast winds on Monday 35 to fifty. And Monday night we can easily see some northeast winds approaching seventy miles per hour. So a lot of the trees of store of course have still got a lot of there leaves on the air hasn't tests started to shed the leaves as a result of the of the fall polish coming off yet so I have a feeling that we're gonna be dealing with some. I'll pretty good chances for power outages and some trees to come down Monday night and early Tuesday is there's still a chance that this thing might take another shift and and maybe you move a little more easterly York. Is it looking pretty solid that that west is where it's found. You know the thing is of his shifts any mayor more further to the west it's going to a beyond a little bit more of a formidable of debt for. Portions of Florida because what'll happen is a big goes out on the gulf waters and stays in the gulf waters and then does it go on land. Of course it's going to be a stronger hurricane all the way up and in northern Florida. So we could be dealing with a even a more stronger system if the forecast track continues to shift off to the west. Now we still have 48 hours before a possible landfall in South Florida so. There it is still a possibility. That until we can still see the track shipped off even further to the west it was something in the will be watching as we roll through the weekend that you once it makes it through Florida is era is there's still a chance and it can make a sewage treatment changed direction. You have tried in fact of the we're looking at that. Landfall early Sunday morning at this point somewhere in the Florida Keys and then eventually in the South Florida and hopefully we can keep an eye on that track most of the model consensus. It is with this staying on short cross the peninsula. But of course in the comes out in the gulf than we've got something else will have to deal with the and will be a looking at that more true roll into the weekend. Got your Richard Laura would be a weather Chad appreciate the update on that again via the big giant up today where the new data comes in. Is 11 o'clock so that's kind of via the next. Benchmark as far as more information coming our way. But still a monster absolute monster Irma but the size of Texas the Europeans or go how big does that tell us. About size of France so this can cover the entire state of Florida for glanced just right. And prayers and thoughts go to the folks that are living down there in the sunshine state. The the evacuation. I can't say the complete phrase but it's a cluster of such an absolute clustered. And I have yet to see them open both sides of the highway I think of opened one lane on the quote southbound side of things. But. Imagine made attract a traffic person and down there. Mean what do you do to donate this is traffic is Sox. Hey here's traffic again stuffed socks and seventy again still suck. 'cause our traffic well we'll find out if it sucks when we come back and we'll give you an update on that. With a pretty hammer and then the science. Hurricane so we've ginger Asif may be sea it's on the way we're doing free things. Good looking day out. Something refreshing about these kind of temperatures when you wake up it's he's crisp would be one. Her is my grandmother used to say screw risk. And I always get confused because I thought that she was talking about T. It was a literally. Barnes abilities that's brisk baby and it's brisk player Briscoe on the shelves of fur tee on the shelves I would imagine them I did some looking to run nose and around yesterday. So I went to the Wal-Mart has done at the arboretum I went to Libya Harris teeter Myers park went to the Harris teeter. In cuts won't I went to the food line and and Hillary would what part time you would actually call that the limits on landowner. East's I don't know. It's it's not cost wolf the name Orange Park that's for sure and had no water. Anyway no water at all and billion people 400 anymore. And there's nothing and you could see where Willis. And sent him with a gas stations the there's a gas station is not that it took strawberry field. And the skids were lined up out front and palates were there. And just. There's a normal everyday sight for me to walk by the skids because a lot of construction workers would come. They're working on whatever the heck that thing is on Providence Rhode. And ordinary that it not been at all. Now. If you kept the receipts for those she can take come back dissidence and glee creator because. Most likely cross and her fingers meeting them as much display to Craig's list that's exactly exactly right. I got a little. I don't know machine animal nervous tomorrow. And us started going through people's recycling bins and taken out beat Tony ounce bottles for sort of pops and the two liter bottles. And thrown those open water and they're stacked the Parliament House. Should've cleaned him for urged the real issue of Marie little bleach yeah I don't know it might be a an appropriate situation. We're going to be talking regions there's ginger is he with the ABC here momentarily in death she knows about the science. Of hurricanes. Because there's quite a bit behind it I mean you know we think and yet just as big giant thing turn in the ocean there but there. There's reasons that they start there's reasons they continued there's two reasons that they breakup. There are reasons are protecting Europe a certain tasks and and in angles that they do and I'm. It's funny how people become experts earnings. We know when one comes along. Well of course you know as much in the models mean rested disputed. What role model fairer of course my twenty years of experience you know to have determined that in other Yost getting almost. British labour at that way. And I don't try to be the you are Jewish scientist. And a very good at it which is why I just wait for a computer security updates. According to his era program mr. Mir production excuse me promotions director extraordinary rights and big deal worth food line was out. Including propel water. So people were checking out with carts full of flavor of smoke flavored water plenty of beer soda and juice though. I know propel water they did it. So they had. Robert you get an idea about what to do with all this water if if we've already bought so we don't need to write. Yeah I think what what everybody should do with Barry spent the money and not a lot of money go ahead and donated. I'm sure there's. People then I needed whoever did I mean I was in Charlotte are hurt and you've got so I know how it is and I think they'll fight and get it. I mean how it also inherit an Andrew working insurance scoring blow out if it's a bit toward the American Andrew. No my got as bad. Yeah there. I've been that the difficult part for Florida. Is if it gets as bad or worse and Andrew people are gonna have anything to go back to. So it's O yeah don't you know that it's not like they're gonna go down there and were named to ship them water because. They just muzzled his tent you know and check with a go someplace else. Well that's the one thing when we would go cloudy day that one thing I'd say that she brings water toilet paper yeah Nokia to a papers are big and how bad just think everybody should dominated completely knows we're gonna go yeah you go what the outcome in Charlotte. But no it's a very good point I it was yellow take up reject calls a good idea donate that stuff. Question that I have. So we had Harvey gone through taxes and you hear the stories about all these power folks you know people who work for power companies across the country. Send in their people down there to help out you know that's kind of what they do they rally the troops when when the storms come along. So they're coming from all over the place now grant to send power people of Florida. Chances are it is going to be a lot and I need to people are well still Texas Louisiana Florida. Georgia. South Carolina. For sure portions of North Carolina. We're of these world these power people gonna come from. I am I have no problem I have no clue at all. So obviously a duke folks will keep us up to date as far as that goes on something that that that kind of popped into my brain. Late last night. What's gonna happen with 9/11 captured nation's. People are gonna be a little distracted. But we got 9/11 coming up and typically that today where people pay a lot of attention. To what happened. Back blossom and years and 2001. One thing that is going on. There is the there's going to be a blood drive it's the community blood center Carolinas the lake Norman community blood drive. So that's coming up on September 11 2 until 6 o'clock Harris teeter. Antiquity town's center that's in Cornelius there so they need yeah. That in Britain they need geo tech got to be a 115 pounds you know all medications a juror on it and your ID. Panetta period of good breakfast at colonial liquids and that would make your donation time grow that much. Much faster if you're dehydrated. But needles and her arm a little bit longer tied John you've called 704571110. Glad that you did you get another idea about the water. I yet the second harvest food bank has some real good system. In which they will take these. Truckloads of water and taken to whether it's border access or any other place that need that. And they've got kind of a national system so they're 99.9. 9% sure that there were water we'll get to the people who need it. That's a really good point. So that would be. A very apropos place to go ahead and Diane make the donations. Yes correct that's a very good that's a very good and also let fate take older these boots that the real good national program. Gracia and they do a heck of a lot of work with the folks here in North Carolina that's who we. That's who we gathered peanut butter forward with me appearing in July and a it is Derek all right John good stuff and if you eat the peanut butter you gotta have wanted to go whether to launch an all now you know that's that's part of the equation there. Let's go to let's get some signs stolen huge in Jersey is that joining us now a scientific. Reporter extraordinary here in. The science of hurricane Steve this is always kind of fascinated media we were talking before he came up. But help people become experts on this by watching TV yeah you hit but it there's a lot of stuff that the gets left behind as far as. You know what the reality is let's go to the beginning of one I understand the Sahara Desert has something to do. With the Genesis of these coming our way when it with a what is that. Right so that's understood that through over the West Coast of Africa move onto the Atlantic Ocean. They get picked up eventually and they're kind of become clusters of thunderstorms. As an aide. Dino. Low pressure system inherited this template to creating a storm off of a coast that then get picked up and the trade winds and then they rotate counterclockwise because of the force of the earth the rotation appear to be called the Korea all of the fact. And that's why we feed them moving westward toward North America and that track then. It dependent on how they approach and where the warmest waters are aware of the lack of wind here is some that you hit those those words. It's basically like he did you need nothing going on above it you need it I'm going on this surface and you need how water gods either Spain and you need no land because these things in Alec land satisfaction and that's her. Send out people keep talking about the the pressure and stuff. Is is a low pressure important because that makes it easier for the water to evaporate and joined the storm. So low pressure in the lower the pressure like yesterday we gotta pressure drop another six no bars and we need to going to drink and the wind because. What's happening you're gonna and it's having. A couple of things but he'll have a rising water in that Eddie actually have a bubble of water that comes up under and that's where we start to build the storm surge you also have more thunderstorm activity and so therefore stronger winds that are. They're forced around that eye wall and high walls where we find that most dangerous destructive. Winds sent her to do something like Turkey can play like Turks and caicos got right in that eye wall last night and we still haven't seen very many video the pictures coming out of they have been getting. I'm really cameras are all good they'll have to bring unity ocean. I know that here in North Carolina one of things that we're concerned about is what the track is going to be once it hits land how what. What adds to whether it goes Lester goes east what's sort of you know. Variables come into play that. It's all about what's happening in the upper atmosphere is so you've probably seen maps repeat that big high pressure system that's in the Atlantic doesn't marsh there quite a bit the last couple years. That drive these can help to keep them pushed west and then eventually threats toward the United States that's a big deal because that was kind of flips off and weakens a bit and then then they lull up enough we contact animal parts of the company upper atmosphere. It's going to be kicking it north and eventually east but that's paying it actually gonna grab it and ally he's not a attracting more westward away from Malcolm. Have to do it that low. Kind of saying hey come with me I'd love to elect a lot of partnered to get up here in the jet stream and get out of here shots and that's what we would have loved to have seen with Harvey we would love to see something grab it. I think about this believing get close enough to the jet. I'm with this time we will feed at and it would keep bit farther away from the well which is about I think feel. Yes it is ginger zee I appreciate your insight into the science behind it. These lovely things these little storms that we're going to be contending with the storms that's an understatement Eric K we'll continue to update she was we make it through the morning here. News 1110993. WB team. Scare drivers that she's gonna join us talk a little off scuttled debt ceiling. President trumped. Here's. Taken the Democrats had. Trust me child to have his hands. We do have some changes in the senate quite a few folks are saying that they're gonna retire and not none not put their hats and for reelection. And as a result of Bob Menendez. The New Jersey democratic senator note. Bribery charges if he had to get yanked out got to go. Governor there will get to nominee you know nominate a replacement. Pick a replacement. And yes well there's already thoughts that he would name himself. To the post. There's no like pillars in one gig in picking up another one I could be to an interest in. It is a dynamic. And then obviously we'd be losing a Democrat netting a Republican to the senate. So again the the balance of power can become very very different. Very very different. Costco to up Karen Travers we've ABC caring good morning to you via the president. Standing there Republicans anymore does it. Her left. Well he clearly doesn't think so right now title he had a week because. The reality is that Democrats are gonna get he's it can't get across the finish line I mean they're not going to be the ones who are gonna work out tax reform as a priority for it they don't want to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Right now he's able to work with Democrats on this short term measure to get everything out of wrapped up nice and I eighty. Before the end of September. But I think anybody is expecting Democrats can now be the president go too far in getting legislation done an attack. No no of course not. But the Democrats here in the kind of an an interest in position because of three months rolls around here. The president's gonna have to come back to them again to us say well we need to continue this and then they may say. Crossed my palm with silver or we would like to have this done are you gonna help us out whether it. They know and dare it be negotiating tactic on the front was to shorter. Do you deal the better because then everybody back it up against the wall right December nobody wants to be here in December of course they wanna get things wrapped up as quickly as possible. And that's where Democrats say. And now we have to deal with doc and he did this have to be a part of it and eighty W of the government shut down on December they pulled it right before Christmas. I don't even have a little bit more of negotiating power then and that's why. Paul Ryan timed out and says that this plan was disgraceful and ridiculous said nobody expected to present go along with it but he wanted to get something done and it that's what he decided to do. Can't help me out I I have a bit of whiplash here from watching what's happening with daka. First it's gonna go away and gets xmas to figure this out congress should take it blah blah people are angry on both sides of the aisle here president and says you know don't worry about it even though it. Do what's going on witness. So yesterday the president send out that message on Porter thank you don't worry during this six month period and advocates well this is OK I was interest in reassurance do you think contradicts. The administration talking points that we saw that were sent to Capitol Hill that. Word telling me streamer at the darker recipients to start preparing to self deport not a president saying don't worry. Well then instability comes out and says that she wasn't the person that told the president and send that message out I mean that's ahead scratch or in an Italian India yes did you ask the president to do it. And he's set to boom boom boom the tweet appeared to that would gut and think about that get people to develop solid the president and says tweet the message of reassurance for the doctor recipient. And this morning we doubt it. And now this morning he's back kid trashing Republicans began on Twitter and you know say they let him down on repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act is just. The mind boggling we've had a lot of PL momentarily discuss star had but this is pretty notable. It is clear it out. Any updates on what what happened when Donald junior yesterday I know there's some folks are both sides that seem to think wait a minute. There's some things that the statement doesn't jive with what he said in the past year we need to go back again maybe even put behind closed doors are open doors you. Right yeah I think that the Democrats want they were certainly saying that they have a lot more questions are gaps in information pal senator Blumenthal Connecticut put its. Senator Chris can in the Delaware Finland where another they're gonna get him to testify publicly Italy to a subpoena to have Cuba they want to get him. You know in front of lawmakers are gonna cameras. Yesterday he spoke to the senate judiciary staff and his message was basically that needing it turned power which is the big focus. Nothing came out of it there's no collusion and in father never knew about it that's sticky. Gotcha do you remember the he that you and your child more of the ninety's and early eighties right across. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the I don't know that I I then OK remember the Blondie song. I have one way Lauren there. I'm gonna find you you're not gonna get to detect it's I think that's what does some of the purchasing and right now about from your days when I get it down and ask these questions and I'll never figure out a way to do it yet they're all gonna line at every single one of them this week getting karaoke that song and sealant. Karen I hope give an awesome weekend and and as always appreciate your insight into things that are happening there with a White House and and up on Capitol Hill had a very elegant it's now sank. Thank you so much go to 19940 right now. Imagine. All hell's break and loose he has wanna make sure your family is safe. And then they tell you that you can get fired. If you don't stick around and deal with the destruction. Is that fair we'll talk about a we come back here in a BB twos. Earlier today bush Thompson had a chance to us to talk to us to victory. One more big material than the other I would say destroyed time one of the Montgomery governor Roy Cooper. We'll level playback later on what it is that he had to say and he also had a chance talk to us through Mayer Jennifer Roberts. And you may be happy with what she says about preparations. But there are some folks who are not real happy about what she had to say about the other police. Will get to that story coming up. So during emergencies. Agassi category five hurricane bearing down on South Florida could be considered an emergency right. Viet Naples government Naples Florida government considers. All of its employees. As essential personnel. So I'm looking appear on the TV screen both of them governor Scott above Florida says. All Floridians should prepare to evacuate. A look at the maps last night and the evacuation is essentially anybody who was on that eastern portion of a Florida. It is moved into took include further west. Via O'Keefe and Okie swamp folks need to get the heck out of dodge. So the governor is telling you'd get the heck out. The Irma is wider than the entire state. This gonna eat you up chew you up and spit you out. Putting Naples. Says Ono do you work for the city we need to keep City Hall running. No I understand. EMS and the police and fire for our firefighters. The utility folks they can be important to put the I don't of the finance people. Purchasing people. Why would they need to be there. That what has me scratching my head absolutely scratching my head. City manager says it's a necessary for our government our responsibilities to protect life and property. To prepare for the storm and be ready. To begin post recovery operations immediately after the passage of the storm. I don't know who Trump's wife. Maples. But the governor. But if you walk off the job a needle stick around. You fired. Things were goofy to me it's good to my ABC's Jim Ryan here monster storm. Ari are you really in Miami. Sure there are parading in Miami on Biscayne Bay. Bellwether today really isn't that bad hurt I'm looking down on the marine of people are getting their boats out here jamaat I dollar luxury yachts are still sitting marriage. And I talked to one guy gets started million dollars worth the boats initially heard the little marina holds that they're just in time down as best they can't and they know they don't choke wash up on to the tried more. There's the beach completely anti. Cash and chips yeah along helped each of those places it's not now than they will be very soon yeah some people doing some last minute sir can you know they do that are underserved children. Yeah absolutely the end zone now I think pretty much every community that has been told a graduate has done shall. She if your event to a nude beach Jim. I have not now know will went to be to evacuate and there's nobody there. Whether it's a nude beach or not you could may be your first time. I'm just regular people do some strange things during storms. They have added an ally and be free. Before the oil and what's more you stand there long enough that when destroy it up you won't be wearing it anywhere so that Goodman pointed at. Not good news is saying we should make too light of this situation here the wind speeds of dropped slightly. From yesterday only about ten miles an hour or so when this thing comes in it's still going to be a buzz saw as an. Should absolutely Larry and if they dropped down to about a 150 miles per hour nets down from where the winds were before spirit still yet you don't know what you're gonna do and heartened to have earned fifty mile an hour wind is going to be extremely anyway the court she's such that that that's the wind speed a lot count down at ground level is still going to be about a hundred miles per hour perhaps and so the Florida Keys are gonna kick your real bashing from the wind alone but by the storm surge cute Charles shoves down their bench warrant search for some trouble potentially. Project and and even moral Longo has been evacuated if I understand correctly. I saw that right the president's golf club apparently not slow pitch there's been told that everybody needs to get out much now how is it that you get to stay. When the governor says everybody else needs to get out I mean I understand there's certain folks will be covering things do you guys get a pass or. It just doesn't apply idea I've always wondered how that works when they say go and you saved my numbers for law. Well I think you try to reach an agreement with folks we bestow the place where I am right now which hotel and social Castro Condo complex so there are people who owned. The pump goes next door. They can't be told to leave because they're on the property in their highrise anyway so they're not going anywhere so. Management told assertion that people will what you're what we're due to a cutting people and Charlie checked it and Archie was inch will will we stay here but the immediate trial and run of the street you're right MEU. Network credentials picture of the people we are. Yeah okay it's a very good point we'll we'll batten down the hatches and and placing if you got all that room we've talked about your supplies before when you were dealing with Harvey. Batteries a peanut butter crackers she. Plastic bags autumn chill Uros trash like flashlights yeah Marshall Shulman okay chessboard. I shot our don't forget shortage on spam and not abort you radios mostly Suzanne there's only got eight. We will hear me the day the test Amazon prime to see if they do deal under delivery. That you don't. Now probably that they be miners have been hit gem always a pleasure be safe okay elegant ought to be able to not do again come Monday you can't. All right all right Jim Ryan ABC hand as soon that is amazing the they send these guys to. Two of these places. Would you do that if you know a category five. Hurricane was bearing down and and the boss here's said. Rumors and you've done a Miami. No immediate reaction would be absolutely that B be an adventure it would be an invention let's go what was your wife six. I don't want to talk about that I she's not listening right now but you know death not Obama not the area there be a little bit of the back and forth on that are you feeling. Some of the cool that's coming in the tiny maybe you'll see at over the weekend. There's a borrowing. This is me a Boeing B seventeen flying fortress which is one of the coolest planes. To come out of World War II. Is gonna be taken flight over Charlotte. It's going to be a based out of the Concord re concorde regional airport and originally. They were gonna have some flights for the media folks. Our net Monday. A note remember it was resume Tuesday for wished it was supposed to be and it has been moved to us Thursday. September 14. Because. Well why do you think. Most of Cumberland the thunderstorms a stone's no additional charge with this is something you can ride into. It's said that liberty foundation 2017 and salute to veterans Stewart and this is really cool. There's. When you when you go up in the plane obviously going to be sitting in the in the seats buckled in the want to get up there. Then you can nose around and look in the cockpit. You can you can look at the other gun turrets and where the bombs come out. So if there is a veteran in your family. Or. If get them get it take a month and if they're not alive but maybe your parent your grandparent was somebody who fought in the war and word. Part of a B seventeen crew. There should be some and I think to be very very special for you to be able to go just sort of imagine what their world was like. It's loud it's really loud I've ridden in one of those before you have back in the late nineties there were up a one up that. Salisbury Rowan county airport same kind of deal I've Reagan's name of the plane was aluminum overcast or something like that it's deserve the moderates should. I'm. My under special or moderates maiden modest made in India. That it was super loud it was like being in a small room full of riding lawnmowers and believe that allow media inside yeah well. But it was a great rise and give via your phone user plugs and no I knew now now. Maybe bring you bring your own yet if you're if you've done it before you know what's going on you bring Euro got you but. Those great I'll do it again in the men that I would think to be fantastic in and fascinating. So again it's so the liberty foundation. This isn't a commercial for them additional on this and I knew it was gone out and if you're looking for something kind of front the duke you can go to liberty foundation down lower Jeep Liberty foundation dot org. And and get the scoop on that show up we got solar flares that's another one of the I don't know the lovely workings of the lord that we you get a chance to witness. Earthquakes. Hurricanes. We got the wildfires out west. This hurricane is ocean this earthquake was pretty big deal eight point one. On the richter scale as the most power for earthquake to strike Mexico since. 1965. And I think that was the 19 I think I was there you know I was who I was there in 1980. Now 79 seasons when the Pope visited Mexico's shoes. Haven't won an 85 field over 5000. People so yeah that was a hell of a disaster that's. One of the cool things that came out of it if you wanna look at the outside the positive side. Is was this huge green and blue flash. Came right out of the ground. Came right out of as the man who knows where it came from but it says it's called earthquake lights and a lot of folks got. Shoes of those and it's a pretty amazing for. Understand it. Sometimes when you look it's up the mess that beautiful you don't need understanding just look at it you go amen Lou. Governor Cooper talked to blow you'll be able to hear him coming back. Everybody cheers. Now live. Felt like one of those incredibly long weeks. As part of it you tell me. This has been certainly here the way that this handout for use fatigue. And take from disaster. How long ago was it for Harvey. Bail and all that long ago and it was have. He single day that was the news here's what's gone on now you can't find out that he can't find a single story about RB. Closest folks are feeling left out. And should it apply play on their plate exploit time. So that was going on and then. Eyes on Irma. And bringing it all and all that big a deal didn't seem like and then as you get closer. To sort of build not what Holcomb. Some entity in just earlier this for another couple of days here and then let's hope let's pray and cross your fingers here that Jose. Doesn't turn out to be a jerk. The other whether folks are saying earlier that. Most likely. Following behind such a big win like Erma. Jose is gonna run and to kind of a goofy Eddie of of currents and most likely not not stay together quite a strong. As it is right now. Because it looks fairly unified but thank god not nearly as strong as are not nearly as strong as I'm sure that's good news. I'm glad that it we're gonna mostly dodged a bullet here via the next big update for us as far as what's gonna happen with the arm. Is coming our way at 11 o'clock. In the observer your day here talks about seven stupid things that we can do during hurricane that can get us killed. I have a feeling that I would do every damn one of these things and if I were really really in preparation. Taping an X on your windows. Notes and it makes sense trying to. Apparently not fairly if you do that it makes it easier for the wanted to break and send peace is gone all over alum Beck. Apparently don't crack open your windows to relieve pressure. So when I was drawn up in tornado Alley that that was what they told us to do so that your house working below where you would explode because of the pressure. Apparently you know need to worry about that because the way houses are made and where windows or make. It's still a little no room for pressured to be relieved by the openings teeny tiny little openings. And if you open the window. Then the wind is going to get in and if you have a toupee. I could end up in the toilet and you when the wind gets an via a mutual. Also don't worry too much as is much about the other water. Its the wind that's the big deal. And don't assume is gonna come from one direction so if you have of the other stuff on one side of the house your patio furniture whatever the case is. And you think well the wind's gonna come the other way saw an enemy to move this stuff. No no let's not so much. If Syria the wind is blowing in your door. Don't push back. Don't win against it presented was blown and Mets a bad day that's a real real bad day because UH strong you can't beat the wind. Flashlights not candles I was I was already for this little romantic interlude in my life. Went to Bed, Bath & Beyond cuts and those Yankee candle school. Pumpkins and coconut and is already for the band the blue billion. Getting some good to relax and all hell's particular strike and so that's what that's what I had ready to roll. I have any canned or any matches. Tunnel liners on after the Russian sticks together but again those are a bad idea to get knocked down. Again the beginning of another good day. Stay inside unless you gotta venture outside. And and now about when I don't think I would you know you actually you know what. As I was in the shower this morning as they can the winds it can be 506070. Miles an hour I'm never told us every mile an hour wind. So part muse thing and make us step outside you're she would this is all about. Another tell me it's a bad idea. And then last saying don't run a generator from inside your house or your garage even if you get the doors and windows open. Fire hazards. Friar has same thing applies to running it from your balcony. When you do not eliminate multi unit building sort of like an apartment or town house. Bad news bad news especially if you're close to Maria. Please suggest slides you're gonna gas stove or gas water heaters and no yes boom go boom boom boom boom boom. Closeup of the good comic to boomers. So more stuff for you run on the hurricane they're gonna hear from the governor plus to me the mayor. Momentarily what level playback what Bo talked to her about. Entering into another story to tell you she's animal wonderful and much she was in control this when everybody lobster. But there's a story where maybe you don't so much update on South Korea and a North Korea the closely watching me on the north Koreans because this is a big weekend. For North Korea this is there a founding anniversary. And they'd like to do things to shake up the world on those special kind of days. Sure there they're concerned. That there might be another test another ICBM test may be even another nuclear test. God doesn't happen this weekend and chances are to be around October 10 which is another big North Korean holiday. We may get a break just because remember I mentioned the solar flares awhile ago. Those are sending all sorts of electromagnetic waves into wired neck of the woods and they could potentially. Screw up the guidance system and everything with these missiles rely on so heavily so you might get a break a break and back. Blow here the mayor and then. She dumps on the police soon I think it was a visual mistake on the way and here's a look attend that event freedom DB two for here from the mayor momentarily where. We hear from the mayor has us it happened. During. From the BC's morning news would go vote Thompson's show us coming up here. Post graduate Richard do well with a what the channel and I know that. It's going to be tedious sometimes to to continued its focus again and again and again the same sort of radar or does it does does it ever make your brain. Goofy so when you closure rise UCL a these images of American. It seemed like you say is here lately it seems like he's just been a never ending nightmare in regards to you. Tropical systems of course we dealt with the RB a couple of weeks ago and now we're dealing with the arm and this is really not much of a break in regards to this and of course so there's 23 other tropical systems that we are watching at this time with well what Jose and can be and then something coming off the African coast. And something still over Africa that is already being modeled or something tropical way so is this is gonna turn out to be eight. Along tropical season when it's also been done and believe it or not we're still. Two days away from the peak of hurricane season just. I had with a another couple months to go here we come now I was reading something that cannot remember the names the only name that I remember is is Igor. But it. The last time that we had three hurricanes a broom like this. It was a K and I ended. JK NN I earned a turning H I. Fine JK and just. The delay out of but I have to say we I don't. This yet I've let you have the last time that we had a bit that we actually had it and I JK the a combination will be. And we saw Michael Douglas is so easy you just chill and off I JFK thing there. John do you remember the names of them though. Well yeah you had to ask me that I didn't I don't remember because I saw the exact same article you saw on that so there was Igor yeah I was one. Yeah beat the out you're out there would have bugged out or not believe it or not that was called I gore though. You are I Edwards tornado itself and I don't think solid eye gor for some reason you know get me eat it. The family's names they just from out there I think they just broke Pearlman a dart boards say okay this is the ninth of next year give when he picked him ahead it's right where citizens are yet to pick him up they pick him out like 56 years in advance and they did they rotate the names. And then has a name is retired they replace it with another name judges had to go well you know we've you know we've lump I can pretty much guarantee you they're gonna retire army that probably and which are listening to when it's also. We'll go would certainly imagine that it's got to be geek fest to folks it's Sarah come up for these names I can't imagine what kind of a party that is. You have guessed that it. You know mobile believe it or not they mean this is a big you know technical. Deal when they come up the names of these hurricanes they sit down and they go to the names and if they vote on the names and this is the names that they used for all the tropical systems and it's done worldwide like this because. Whether to typhoon in the Pacific gore the third game in the Atlantic or. Storm in the Indian Ocean all of these names have to be agreed on by I think this United Nations body that basically agreed to remain. So it's not a group of women etc. that are pregnant that sit around with a couple of baby books and no no but like that got you. Are right so seriously what is the the latest year. I know that we we spoke about an hour ago things can't have changed all that. Sure well do what we did get the new till twelve seed tropical up models that just came out and a further shipped to the west. Listen shown when those no new twelve he models. And of course the big question is what the 11 o'clock advisory. Will the National Hurricane Center are decide to shifted the tracks off to the west as well. Would that next advisory coming up so that's going to be the and then the next answered. One next question that we get answered is whether or not they go along with a tropical models and we'll go on ahead and shipped at all off to the west as well. Itself Ford is still in play would this. But of course the further west the models go and we still have at least. 48 hours before landfall this system we are expecting landfall. Sometimes Sunday morning himself toward we still have another 48 hours or so before that happens. So we could still considered still a possibility. That we could still see the models continue to shifted off to the west. He into the Gulf of Mexico and of course if that happens it could be a a bigger deal down the road and hearts to. Intensity and and the intensity of the system as it makes its way further on up the West Coast of Florida. Which are rolling as well this would be a weather channel I have to imagine Richard the the changes. In track these advisories. Is it is a touchy subject because if you move it too far in one direction and then. There's going to be finished additional group of people freaking out and then maybe on the other side of the people will relax. And if they don't nail it and don't get it right. The real boxers could be in more trouble than they anticipated and there's some playing time we may not trust them if they are too far off. You know believe it or not 11 of the year you know so there was discussion about this about the the cone at the National Hurricane Center uses. And they basically it's the other columnist designed to basically be eight. For all the models together. And basically come up with a general consensus on exactly where the stormiest that's why the cone is narrow with the bottom and wide at the top. In regards to where the tropical system will actually go it think it's a general idea or general consensus. Well about where they get the storm will be out and of course. You know the the errors grow greater Asia go out in time out four and five days to mean errors at five days or about 220 miles. So but you know what we're getting down to 2448. Hours so I mean the error is not that great it's only about 6070 miles. So the idea that they there's going to be this big dramatic shift at the before the onset of this hurricane itself toward us. It's not gonna happen to break it it may be that they worst of hurricane winds are a little bit further to the west. That may save some of the worst damage for places like Miami and West Palm Beach. And the Fort Lauderdale but in the end. They're still going to be dealing with a major land falling hurricane when this is all said and done. Has also done the same every 125 billion dollars. Worth of damage. Too big a book and Nichols Richard the rowing I look forward to the update. Run after 11 o'clock and a thank you for your insight come. That's an issue that Florida's dealing with a obviously we're gonna be dealing with parts of there's another. Situation that's a perfect storm of in happiness. On one hand and hacker read on the other that's affecting the entire country it's Equifax. Court cornering is cyber security expert Morgan right and joining us via found Morgan what do you make of this this news from Equifax. Biden's been in the last half hour cut up all my credit cards is that the next thing it's gonna happen and make sure you know checking my vulnerability look different than nuclear. They explosion. Identity theft opportunity look they've got name. Data bird. Social Security numbers addresses not only is an identity that you know the question is they they get feeding get into the core business is my question is how do we know at this point. And I don't think once 4343. Million gonna be the number like put anything else it's our that a number and it always seems to grow so this thing surely grow higher than her forty. Remember he's the biggest cyber security attack that we have seen and that these were jog up great numbers was you know 30000004 million a 143. Million look. The other thing good for forty days into it now and we're just finding out about this I mean that's that's quite some of the legislation and got ironically from the federal level tests that we've got to report these data breaches sooner. Quicker with more notification what what this means now is that this thing went on to number 78. Forty gate data reported to work harder and you know ten days then and I'm just now finding out about the yeah Lotta damage to meet. This this this this. That's the big lead a very big one Morgan read thanks for joining us on the breaking news on Thanksgiving is update we'll get back tips for getting mourning is under any our Morgan. Thank you and so mistakes and where security issues. That's one thing. Demonstrating your greed it might have something like this is something completely different altogether. Story about just some of the executives are to Equifax. Selling a bunch of stock about a million dollars was targeted at a time I before they may be announcement interesting timing or do you think maybe they just had a premonition. Maybe there's no like you in the earthquake rice felt that this is exactly there's no coordination between. There. Actions and the announcement jerks. So a 143 million analysts potentially screwed as a result of the cyber security attack you're. So what the experts are suggesting. As a result of this. It's a good Equifax since he was going on with the critical. Experian and in Trans Union usually plays to go as of right now. If we can believe that there's no evidence of burning sort of unauthorized activity. But doesn't mean that it can't happen Seoul's security numbers names birth dates addresses. Some cases driver's license numbers or makes those other two less likely to be hacked out you know you can trust those other two to not be. Broken into and then feature info I mean how can you trust any place to not be hat that has your information. And and yet there's always going to be a weakness in somebody's information technology system and I get me but some places are much Mora attractive to hackers than others you know. Most likely Packers aren't gonna try to hack into the little Debbie you know warehouse. To find out whether I'm notorious. But the information where they could. Open a mortgages buy cars. Right 35000 dollars for the Victoria's Secret means being the possibilities are must have an in my my wife she got her identity stolen and a check 700 dollars for the Victoria's Secret. Who's probably all those little strong innings so. So I learned something dollars for the pennies weigh about four pounds maybe. There were soaking wet. So yes also their warning you be extra careful review your emails. And links just are another situation to remind you. Very knows trees and big men who talk to go on a regular basis says. Just keep trying to be Smart be Smart about it so. Coming over the next fifteen minutes is sort of talk to Aaron could too Kirstie. The other Catholic Church Steve Bannon are in the news believe or not and Steve Bannon going to be on sixty minutes this weekend we'll give you an update on what he has to say. About the swap sits on the way under is 11109893. WB two. You know when when I see what's going on with Harvey. The response from people and our human side of things people helping each other how good. His mere warm Fuzzy feeling about humanity you know. Same thing that we have what I see beginning. We've what's going on with the army European people are pulling together. You have your idiots that are getting in fights over plywood. You know people pump literally Sony pulled a gun at a gas station yet last night stood. 'cause they wanted to you guess what we'll argue yes so. He didn't think that thing always through. Mean you know bureaucratic gas station you pull a gun. Worry on the view cars parked there if you're out of gas. At. Near. Not a Smart. Not so Smart and all but we know we you know it's going to be the same sort of situation here when the disaster strikes. We're gonna pull together and do we can to learn to help each other. This earth that's part of the the good part of America. Sometimes I'm a little worried about the other mental capability uses some of the folks in this country. Did you know almost 10% of American adults. But you leave. Moved all their hard all remind older so. That chocolate milk comes from brown counts. I've read this and Al now these are people who were dropped on their head. That's that'd there's got to be no or they were carried around like a bowling ball through your fun now. You know so many popped up from. Through their fund Nell and carry them around anyway. So you do the math on that when it's about sixteen million people in the country. Who believe that. That's like more people than bin pencil that's a lot more people than live in North Carolina these people operating heavy machinery problems some of a marked. And they shouldn't be the and nearly one in five adults. Don't know that hamburgers made of beef. Yeah. No wonder it's hundreds hard to hire people in this country. But it's just tough to find good folks who actually have a head on their shoulders shoulders shot 1036 is your time good morning and it was Scott FitzGerald the other Catholic Church MB the bishop. He had something to say about this whole caucus thing all about the dreamers and Steve Bennett. We used to be the chief strategist for a president trump was no longer there is would pry apart again. And he had some thoughts about a demand captors he can help me sort of figure out where the a puzzle pieces are on this if you don't mind. Good morning Scott the Soviet former White House chief strategist Steve Bennett was tested in an interview to air this Sunday on sixty minutes. Well what he thought about the B opposition by the Catholic Church to the president's decision to rescinded daka Bennett's Catholic. And he he said. Essentially that he saw an ulterior motive. And then. Rather cynical response he said the Catholic Church. It's only interested in in. Immigration. As he put it because it needs illegal aliens to fill the church's. I met through an immediate response from the archbishop of New York Timothy cardinal Dolan who called the remark preposterous. And said his opposition to rescinding daka. Has nothing to do with the attendance it has to do with our doctrine and the biblical mandate to. Honor the stranger. Isn't Steve and the Catholic yes he has and he said he respects bishops respects cardinal Dolan. Who had you know been outspoken along with the mayor of New York about the docket decision. But he said when it comes to you know weighing in on doc the bishops are just another guy with an opinion. Yeah well it on some allege that seems to be to cased. It's fascinating to see that that band is now. Putting himself out in the spotlight and it seems to be very strategic and well thought. He can be potentially a lot more valuable on the outside of the White House then me and for president trump. Oh no question because he's not constrained love although we're not sure it was ever really constrained by by voting of the confines of on the job at rails and and president from. Over the advice of his chief of staff John Kelly. I can still talk to two to Steve bed and and and take counsel. And I think I'm as he comes floored it it it makes clear and it. The mindset and and perspective of someone that that president trump relied on and still relies on for counsel. Yep although essentially ban and is sort of firing up. The real trump base. Biden. But dividing them from the quote the mainstream swamped Republicans and do a very good job of that so this is gonna get some folks round up. Oh no question. And he he I think is his interview. There's only a reminder of the some of those divisions says says the president has clearly struggling with. Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan justice please come out on the debt ceiling decisions and another looming matters and then you get that sense of the source of of where some of us. Sentiment comes from my. Says bin Dave. And that's that's popular nationalist voice. Let president trump has channeled stand at the moment it hits it has driven away between him and and the Republican leadership. Kept I think there's I think there's a neon sign that reads frustration. On every street corner Washington at this point in time Steve Bennett had some of the things to say draining the swamp. Fascinating fascinating discussion with the folks from CBS we'll play some of that for you coming up next on news elevenths that 993 WB two. So is if we had an evident problems would be. The churning out there in the Atlantic. Really John Moore. What's the latest on and Jose. A category four category four. Just ruining it. Just what we need. Hello Blake. We're not out of woods just yet. James you have called 704571110. And I'm glad that you haven't what what can you bring us today on the part of. Where. I think its failure to regret. You can move from a hurt carrying Cabrera pals they're brown milk. I like to editors. Or whatever but I could come and say. Along the spill out from common sense people. But I do I need the drug common sense too as another OK okay you're up pictures you're up there are a lot you can live there. And they're trying to fit. About a month ago. Ali rockaholics big boost liberal. Get some comments that are here. Doctor Q a lot of people don't let for a number of people yup I I would do the on that 100%. Create that you don't know I agree with you on that yet you that's in common sense. Well I respect what this stable or good but I go with some friends I'll stable and greatly. But I'd like helmets but it got well I would probably. If you don't remember correct it will look don't golf run crawl. It's Pete if you that don't call in front of the boss but what are the what is development program abrupt news Niemi to independently powered and appreciated very much doubt but I didn't. Absolutely a good day you know a good day. To a movie like more likely to believe that that the chop the book comes from a brown cow what a preview anti prop people or the Nazis. Did. I'm not really the Nazis would like colored Cal's. I'm just guessing. So at 1048 Asia time wording at the at the latest on. The analysis of the hurricane coming up. A little bit after 11 o'clock it's when they put out the the new track can day and what they're expecting and what's going to be coming up next. Over the weekend to get an opportunity plenty of football launch right footer for Burleson to your WB two in the past the stick on 49ers and CBS sixty minutes is gonna have Steve Bannon on. And one of the things is Steve Bennett talks about is draining the swamp. Republican establishment. He's trying to nullify the 2016 election that's a brutal fact we have to face the Republican to step Republican establishment wants to nullify the 2016 trying to nullify the 2016 election absolutely. I think I think Mitch McConnell took great all right they do not want Donald Trump's populist. Economic nationalist agenda. To be implemented it's very obvious obvious is this obvious is as obvious as night follows day. Good news story that illustrates how Mitch McConnell we first met him and he was he was he said I think in one of the first meetings. Can trump tower with the president says were wrapping up two base as I don't hear any more this drain the swamp talk. Recruit could have tried out because I guy up on Capitol Hill came by Coke. Melissa is going to be reporter he says McCain can hire any Smart people because everybody's all over him for reporting requirements and in the pay X-Factor in the scrutiny. You know you gotta back off that the drain the swamp thing was is Mitch McConnell was they want to do not want us to now wanna go there once to back off. You are attacking. On many fronts people who you need to help. Can get things done they're not gonna help you must have put on notice are going to be held accountable if they do not support the president has states right now there's no accountability. They have a toll they do not support the president's program it's an open seeking a Capitol Hill everybody in this city knows it. And so was there for it and you're out of the white as you going to war would absolutely. Accountability like that word. Two good word to use. An apparent power. If you're in a position of authority position of power that needs to be one of the one of the tenets of what it is that you do in that office right. And that would include the the mayor right. So we have the the story about the the man killed by the police. Wednesday. So we talked about this yesterday they identified him Ruben Galindo. Without the story behind idle two officers involved in the shooting. Producing a communication issue but. They saw Galindo with his hands in his waist band. They try to tell him to a races sands and then as in a corner of the chief cooker partner at some point one of those answers raced and they see a weapon the handgun. Then they perceive a lethal threat it's imminent and at least two officers we believe right now fired their weapons pronounced dead at the scene. But there are some issues. When this story. The mayor and the other mayor options bring on the WBT hotline the mayor of Charlotte and Jennifer Roberts is with. I give you are on the wrong one that would going to be not a number five to number five. Stay the fraternal order of police is calling out Charlotte mayor Jennifer Roberts volley gets every officer and Walsh today no intelligence to Mayer tweeted her thoughts and shortly after Wednesday night shooting in north. I would design a news reporter GS to zero they dug through the apple pays letter to Roberts overnight Gina. He questions her trust in the police department. Yet the fraternal order of police president criticized two major things that Mayer Jennifer Roberts said. In regards to that officer involved shooting down their Roberts treated in part. That we're working with the chief to make sure there is a full transparent investigation my heart breaks for the family as she later treated quote spoke with chief honey last night he conveyed my support for the officers and their families should know a letter sent to channel nine the F compete cold there roberts' close to. The initial comments stirred up a great deal of resentment towards you he said she implied she can have confidence in seeing PD and it was only concern for the man's family not the officers who had pulled the trigger. And those comments are in response to Ruben Galindo that we shot and killed by two officers after he reported to the number one language line. He had a gun. I cheap money said he wants the body camera video released some question whether the leg don't completely understood the officer's command that night. It was a bare his soul to police's response was inappropriate was aggressive because demand could not understand what they were seen BM. I would die and I'm on the if apiece out of this one. Reason I mean I'd I think she can put her foot into it. I don't know that hurt her intention immediately was to throw the F a appears through the police under the bus but that's what happened. That is what happened come she tweeted later on. After this all came out and said that she conveyed her support for the officers to two crew pardoning. Great. So he heard it right what brought us. Winning a chance to hear that. She tweeters sympathy for the family just after midnight. I get that. What about the sympathy for the police officers who had to go through something that traumatic. You know we've talked about shootings before I cannot imagine for a moment. What it must be like touch for your gonna kill somebody. It's not what you wanna do so what you wake up every day going oh man I hope somebody screws up Mogadishu. If you run a near economists a ticket but. So she had a suppan for the family I do understand that. But then she said city officials are working with core pardoning. To ensure full transparent investigation. I know where that's coming from. But transparency. Through through the your entire this past year when they had the other community get togethers to discuss how things went down. When the other Scott shooting. Transparency was one of the biggest things that people complained about. So that's been one of the big key words that you can kind of drawn out here. In light of that we're gonna be transparent. Everything's going to be out in the open everything's going to be transparent it's almost like fairy wings are going to be so transparent. It's like Saran wrap that's how transparent it's going to be. Implying. That investigations the past have not been an almost in a way implying. That. There's a concern that this one won't be transparent. So who she appealing to there. The Latino community. The ones who can vote. The black community. As if she's taken aside. Of quote transparency. Then she's patting herself against the polemics. And there's a large portion of our community that feels like they're in a battle with the police. And don't appreciate what it is that the mayor had sing. Melinda got about a minute what's up. How can try there's a language barrier. How can I say there was a language that you want LA how could anyone say their language barrier. I'm I'm more and more what crawl walk out with a gun who. Listen begun. And I mean he knew what he would do it and he understands the circumstances she doesn't have to see the English. Or Spanish humanity if you're in an informant earthquake comics and fantasy that you cannot point a gun play. No that's usually generally pretty well understood AA and if you do that then there are certainly consequences and I would imagine that most people. Would understand those consequences. But he did it anyway. Created it anyway. But of course people that are trying to make excuses for this guy we're going to blame it on something. And appreciate control. Our mayor tweeting. Should take a lesson from trough that can you do a lot of trouble had to break him back and then 11 o'clock hurricane update coming up bundled anti. Scott yeah. Burma. All suffering a target our news. And and Eliot Jose. Yeah. I want I was off the air here got a nice little phone call from Scott's. It's got his the one that is a banned from this radio program. Because he's a bigot. And not a very nice person was also done. Mean really and truly. Not the kind of person that I would enjoy spending any time with. Yeah he was on fire I don't know that I would pee on him to put the fire out. Clearly these these economic guy. And I hit all sorts of theories. About these hurricanes that are hitting the United States. It's payback of some sort. And the Jews are behind. The he went there. He did he went there. So. It's got to appreciate you listen to it makes my day knowing that you're there. Hanging on every word. Every single word. I want to thank I don't have a name for for this person who sent me an email and he says Scott planning on riding up the storm. At your place. There should be great for bringing Maggie are German shepherd is expecting to give birth next Tuesday and you can have the pick of the litter. We'll meet a place to park the pick up. Make sure I'll make sure it's in front of your car essential wanna start every other day anymore. And of course she welcomed a stay at our place if you like we're expecting to move back in next Sunday. The fumigate your said he never saw so many lice in one place in salt this thirty years but let's talk soon. And exchange addresses. When we get right on that went. Right on that but but but but nothing. And Stephen writes in we're waiting on that Richard while on the go to school here to give us via the latest on the rhetoric and it doesn't come down to 1105. So that is the most likely he's he's digesting a to a to see with the latest news. Other Stephen writes in heard you talking about bigfoot this week. She's about this no big foot to our knowledge. Has ever died in a natural disaster. We've never found a dead bigfoot or swamp papal were balky creek critter corpse following hurricane or tornado obviously. David natural instinct to seek proper shelter and survive. Isn't mother nature amazing. Thing but which. Makes me think. There we really do need to get all the big foot. Laura swapping of Oreo buggy creek critter. To ask them what is the proper shelter because obviously if they survive. They know something that we should probably know. They do. Honest go to original oil and with the weather channel and we've got an update I at least am assuming. About what we might expect next former Minnesota right. Richard. Busy on the estimate. Most Richard can you hear me. He's I was having some technical problems as a that is apparently what's going on there. Tom. It's good and other vices is paying attention to to our woes. Crisis supporters took to social media to celebrate hurricane Irma. And other hurricanes churning in the Atlantic towards us. Saying may ala dry on the enemies of Islam and force them into their knees subdued and humiliated defeated and scattered. Well. So Scott. India crisis folks have something and come. They feel like we need payback. Earlier in the United States in its gonna come in the form of hurricanes so what we got Richard now on the on the telephone and us are with a technical problems or Richard that don't. Glad to have you what what came down at 11 o'clock that we need to know. Well just like we talked about the last hour we did see a little bit of a shipped off to the west still win the while Libya with a storm has we got the latest or runs from the National Hurricane Center. Right now the storm has so winds of 150 miles per hour so. No change since the last advisory. And it looks like that this will be a major hurricane as it continued to make its way. On across supported straits. Stay north of Cuba and then making its way on up into the Florida Keys and southwest Florida as a major hurricane us sometime. Late Sunday your let me ask you meet early Sunday morning get this. Point two K and when you say it took a little bit of a shift to the west I know that when when you're dealing with a state like Florida which is not all that wide. Ten mile shipped can mean a whole different a hold of her world can't. Yes sure again in fact one of the things that the the of the latest media advisory came out we did was say yeah rise in the forecast for storm surge. Offers southwest border they're now calling for an eight to twelve foot storm surge through parts of the southwest borda. As a result of the ship to the west and of course. Well a lot of southwest border is so mainly a martian Everglades is not a lot of people lived. Our south of Naples where they're thinking that's just normal actually tell me and that's our buddy up pretty merit a pretty good size storm surge is still expected. But both the west and East Coast of Ford is so. This is still going to be a formidable storm as it continues to make its way north. The other thing that we saw would be what this advisory that came out we saw an expansion. All the hurricane watches and they both go up both coast. Oh on the West Coast Goss nor detailed book and on the East Coast it goes up on north of us almost to Saint Augustine at this point. Gadget at any change in the cone. Where it comes up toward Charlotte want to button is anything can we expect anything yours is still sort of the same help me out with a. Well the drone has shifted a little bit more off to the west in the in the northern part of it right now they expected to stay error came. All the way up to about that Gainesville Florida staying at 8 AM strong hurricane all the way up in the south Georgia and then weakening over central Georgia. Probably a depression by the time it gets to. Mine area northwest of Atlanta up and then just depression as a continued to sit up over middle Tennessee. I don't think the effects so for us here in Charlotte are gonna change very much. We're still calling per tropical storm force wind conditions here and that the possibility of brain. Impact though a lot of the models leave well what's left of Burma across the middle Tennessee and then Leo models try to kick it back out across South Carolina. And North Carolina as we make our way into Thursday and Friday of next week's so. This could hang around for much of next week. Until the steering currents pick it up and take it on out to see how that's. So it could be a formidable rainmaker. For parts of the Tennessee valley for Georgia and the Carolinas as Leah progress on an early next week. Arson and next week will up put this one to bed. And then now we're gonna change the sheets and get ready for another guest here Jose kicked up to a category four. If you in fact some of the same places they got hit with the armor earlier this week like Antigua and Barbuda. Are under hurricane warnings with a whole assay and of course those split people places. And those people more like art. Yeah they're not track data they couldn't stand another tropical system if they you know if they wanted one but unfortunately. It looks like those areas in the northern islands are going to get another hit. Well Jose gets north of the island kind of lingers between the islands and bump up between Puerto Rico and Bermuda. And then try to a medical and make its way toward the East Coast. Toward the end of the up forecast Ryan but. Well hopefully it'll just keep don't be kicked on out into the Atlantic more than other trough it'll come down later next week and then of course to other systems further out into the. The tropics remain active and it looks to stay active as we move on through the middle and latter half of this month. Erica rich the well with a weather channel yet. I was other for some mortgage news. That's a month. Not so much a break him back here and maybe this is too early start drinking at that's my question. You're an Arab very important program. Commercial free program. Ten to noon tomorrow as a matter fact is going to be here on WB she'll be on the fanned Carlos will be on the length. And the other programs about suicide prevention. Just sensitive topic. The truly is but you'll hear is alive programs you can Carlin and you know anybody who is so he's struggling it might be. No would be. The fantastic opportunity for them to realize. That they're not alone. Not alone at all it's called I'm listening. And again will be from ten until noon. Tomorrow. Right here on WBT so. We don't talk enough about mental health in this country so tell some folks about it OK let him know and then heavier tomorrow at 10 o'clock. Earlier today during WB two's morning news both had an opportunity to talk to but two of two of the leaders in the state run in the state and one here in the city then you have your own opinion about the other second one the latter won't deter her coming up but first. The governor. Good morning. I appreciate you being here what can you tell us right now what information are you getting about hurricane Irma as a relates to North Carolina. Well first we know that Florida is likely. Take it on the chin with this very destructive storm. But for north Carolina at the forecast. Continues to work better and better as a tax Wes worked. But we are by no means out of the woods and I'm encouraging people. You continue to be ready because sometimes these forecasts change it hasn't even Hitler and follow me on stage yet. So it's it's quite possible that kind North Carolina could see some damage and will probably feel. Some effects from the storm in the Charlotte area and western North Carolina. People. Back in 1989 certainly remember Hurricane Hugo and how destructive it was in the Charlotte area so we. We have to stay prepared and our state is ready to go we're working with local and federal officials or beating the efforts. Ramping up then and are going to be ready at this storm does hit any part of North Carolina. And you of course declared a state of emergency which took effect about this time. Yesterday for North Carolina most of the time armor talking about hurricanes governor we're talking about. You know to begin with what's happening at the coast. This is an unusual situation. The more this storm change at this track and that's the that's the headlines so far for us this morning is at the track is. I'm more in the western direction and so if anybody's going to be hit hard by this in North Carolina it's going to be Charlotte and west as it stands right now. That's right in a lot of times people in western North Carolina. Aren't ready for hurricanes and it's important because when can be very destructive flash flooding hurricanes. Skis many tornadoes. Strong win buttons. So we're telling people to plan your evacuation. Route if you are told to evacuate. Make sure you have you were emergency supply kit ready because there could be some. Significant power outages and having. Water nonperishable food clothes. Flashlights batteries those kinds of things. And keep up with the local weather forecast to continue to watch the track of the storm and listen for. Any alerts weren't really did web web site is ready tens C dot worker. Ready NC dot org is also an app you can download. Real time information but also if you a lot of details about how. Think you your family your businesses should do to get ready in the event that this storm does cause significant damage in north Carroll are. Governor Cooper joining us live here on WBT appreciate your time this morning sir. Absolutely does but I am so grateful had a chance talked to a governor Roy Cooper about that but preparations and plans to to make sure that. We're taking care of in the best. Possible fashion the good news is that it looks like we are slightly moving Kermit to the west. So we're still gonna feel the effect it's it might be 4040. To seven mile an hour winds but not nearly what it could have been. Preparations from a local standpoint. Well ball went right to the mayor's office and moral uproar after she. You coming on I wanted to get an update from you you just heard what I said there may be. Just may be we may not get as much from this as we thought but there's still a good bit of time between now and then what are you hearing at this hour. Belmont Carroll being weather report is well and the pass and we notre still bum. Variation and we know that it widening and upload the wind and rain could this spell it out for you lies while. We've got our first responders ready. Where. Albert truck. Get gassed up and our equipment ready in the event that it does ship or that a bit lighter note when he pick up. I mean we know that John apple archery is apparently another downed power lines are the problem. Lost electricity. And blocked roads etc. so we've got you know those regretting we want people that take precautions we think but. Everyone needs the health plan people should get supplies. Dry goods. Battery operated radio people and and that's where the news and I'll be you know knowing your family has been your pat friend and check on elderly neighbors. We're taking it seriously and we we hope that presence is well we're hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. And we just heard in our newscast before you came on about. Charlotte motor speedway opening up but campgrounds later. This morning for some are refugees you know so it's not just obviously people here in Charlotte but also people coming from some of these other hard hit areas where Charlotte may be a place. They'll look for us of some some refuge from the storm. Absolutely we hear that from our hotel owner fact that browns are looking up front especially now also if we're not going to be in the center look at what they're more folks want to come to Charlotte. A lot of folks here outside developers and Florida. And when it certainly would certainly welcome them. Ali wanna be good neighbors where he are also working to verify other charter boat well. I would make those toward what are our partners to include dust settle. Really wanted to let my vote now that we do have faithfully while some people who are in need. Well and and whatever we do get we're gonna get something but we don't know. Quite the intensity of it at the moment even though the news is better this is still gonna be a Monday into Tuesday event. Weather wise and of course Tuesday is Election Day it's primary Election Day. Had there been any is there any word on whether or not that is the the election may be affected by the weather and it could it possibly postponed effort there. Rumblings about that over the last few days what's the latest there that you know. Now we are always in the year sort of where election aren't sure there aren't available as well I was certainly encouraging thought early. Well they're open to marry and better things. And so far they'll be open on Tuesday but again that control yeah. Felt about don't you went back into the radio and well thank you all but. Right now they're still going to be on his day I would encourage folks to get out the vote today or file. Mayer Jennifer hours we know this that and between now on Sunday the weather's going to be beautiful so. You know whatever you've got to do whether it's voter something else. This is the time to do it is now on the Monday and Tuesday were going to be affected in some way we will stay in touch with you as always and appreciate you checking in this morning. And where appropriate or out all right bear Jennifer Roberts. It was a good there there's not a newness and the cops have some emails we'll share those with you come up after the news runners on intent that it entry to the region. I never take your kids to Chucky cheese. John series. Personal problems. It's not just leave germs. And when you can fight the market can bring me a little indication. My positives. You can't do with the the pick the balls. There it and I look at those and I just. And is run to the hospital immediately there's been kind of an up and get sick. Nine I shouldn't I shouldn't say the Eagles look I've been a life and I spent a lot of time it's refugees would when the kids were young. But you do need to set some boundaries and limitations. When it comes to young ones about Chucky cheese. Because they get freaky about it you know once they learn about it it's like this is a poor taste is not the drug dealers. Can't just try to keep she's wants and then they're outmanned and image is absolutely look and then bad things can happen as a result this. On a four year old boy. Was. So desperate in Pittsburgh. To ought to go to Chucky cheese. Four year old boy. Jumped behind the wheel of the car. Which is the funny part. The bad part is he drove over his brother off doing his backing up the car obviously before your body can't be can't use their rearview mirror very well right. So you backed over his six year old brother. They had their city wasn't screaming or nothing he was out. The good news is he's gonna be okay. But don't don't. Tell your four year old that you're gonna go to Chucky cheese and stuff. I said. There are consequences for everything in life. Saturday tomorrow is the deadline to tell your state to tell the state your thoughts. About the 77 total project kind. Obviously we've we've talked about this year the program complaints. About what the state is done we did the I 77 mobility partners. And somebody their state hired the console market toured visors and they made some recommendations. And they do an in depth study of the contract. Obviously we're still consider is is still logo and on their. But Mercury torn part found that the idea T could cancel the contract. Quote to be responsive to concerns that continue to be expressed my elected officials. At the local county and state level about the quote public private partnership arrangement and quote. That could cost us our here in the state 300 million dollars. But it may be cheaper in the end do you couldn't pay them. So if you still have. You know something you wanna get off your chest about this whole thing. You need to get all the DOT. So you can go to. NC DOT dot gov. Slash projects slash I 77 expressway it's. Panos along with RNC DOT dot gov slash projects. Slash I 77. Express lanes. And you should be there and you conduct told them how much you love them because so that'll be there for him. We we heard from the mayor a moment ago tonight at several emails. About that. And there was an about the you know preparing. For the for the storm that's just. The emails were about do you recent comments about you know the prayers. Gone out and sympathy going out to deal with the family of the Hispanic men who was shot by police the other day. Pentagon. Officers not thing was pulling on out to shoot them so well that's one area they took him down with the mayor tweeted sympathy for the family. And so the city officials are working with the the chief to ensure full transparent investigation. Which can. Should be do you read that the she should be behind the police he's hurt people write. Some kind of political to me. And then like. A time rights and this is where my hot buttons the mayor's comments are why our son. When this ten and a half years of experience as a police officer and many other of his fellow officers of reps MPV. The city does not properly support the that was left a lot of young rookies but very little street experience and the knowledge that no one has their back. It's going to be an awful feeling to know vet. And me in the business world that would be the dude sitting in the corner office. If they don't have your back it's a bad feeling. I don't know where her company's officers and others in the corner or not. But if current partner doesn't have the mayor's back. Revive vice Versa with other mayors improprieties back then that's going to be a lonely lonely feeling. The email goes on the police are always thrown under the bus by the gutless politicians they always seem to choose political correctness. Over law and order and support thus the mayor's comments about two officers who are now suffering because of their actions. Any official consequences of taking someone's life while on duty. Then again though today what somebody wakes up and hopes they get a chance to do that day. And I wake up and he may be a good morning scratch off ticket. Not a wake up and go gee I really like to take somebody down. For a nine day the pleas of not dealing with choir boys you know there's on this sort of deal with. All the people and circumstances that we want to. And to do it. It's tough gig. Of tough gig. It's going to be a mental health situations that are difficult side I would I would do for troops. Via I am listening programs to be this weekend in his about people taking their own lives and a record there's plenty of support out there. I said that it was tomorrow it's actually Sunday. Ten to twelve. Sunday tenth or twelfth it's worth it it is worth it break him back want them to get your calls too as they wait this is a news 111098 at three WGC. Regular Friday. But the police and the mayor needs to back them up one they're real quick guy you called in 70457. Or 1110 glad you did the morning. Well the first of all I wanted to. Thank you for having the courage to speak up far police. Chief needs all the support and back up that he can gat and he's not receiving it from our present mayor. And I wanted to thank you for that because he has the courage to say that a lot of people are not speaking up about it. You when your position of power when you were elected to do to position the power you need to take care of the people that. That run where you're in power where he had been thrown under the bus committee can't buy her yeah. And it's not fair or right now and we're gonna we're coming up on the getting a good he won't be getting my it's. I know a lot of fun. Have a say in the very same thing we're coming up on the anniversary of something that that was. Ostensibly very mishandled it and of course were animal lovers discussions about that plays we get closer to me and retrieve this got shooting death. I love makes a big foot John Brunner is is the victim and a the big big foot dude at six foot 911 and in general we spoke to a while back and they talked about your exploits there in the woods. And I want to follow up because I understand that you're putting together. They I'm not necessarily a bigfoot reunion but an extravaganza of big footers ranked. That's exactly rah we're gonna do it big chill festival. A festival. Okay so we'll when I think a festival I think of rise and it into games and I think a beer booths and you know and throw the ping pong balls into the fish balls that sort of thing. Is that what this is gonna be weicker what is a bigfoot festival like. Yeah that is exactly what it's going to be like really have Cecil luck atmosphere will dispute and that. All the amenities again whip it and and also new gonna have a lot of big polluters. There and trailed. Winter. Whether traders that they found in the loops and things like that they would get a little picture. Where these people come from his foreign wide. Well. It's like and so we're give a lot of the middle a lot of in directional looked like split. A lot of people saying they hit. Late forty we home August Nancy we had idea. Because meet and greet here in Marion. And we. Hold on hold on John hold on say a bigfoot meet and greet was there like an honorary bigfoot that was there. No okay this is just the big further OK just the just a gotcha just to be there are okay. And we had between two and three other people should look for led in the foreigners that week. Found out people grow from Chattanooga Tennessee. So we had come from all over we got a lot from down in your area Kim appeared connector that. And true. The Mary in downtown business association in the Dail chamber commerce contacted us. And let the possibility of Britain this cesspool called. And so we started working knowledge is just a lot but he until September 2008 saying that's what it's gonna happen. That's when it's gonna happen near our house who. We got a long way to go here and Melissa Leo together we don't long way to go to a lot of time the planet to make great. It's I guess now like today's bounded down our long way to go to a short time to get there we're let wherever and have some plan and time so here's a question and I. I tend to be the kind of guy. Skeptical. Little a conspiracy theory Margaret from time to time jumped. And a so my question to you was so that was the Marion chamber of commerce that approached you. Is the Marriott downtown business downtown business and make Dell chamber. All worked out OK do you feel like there's any possibility that. That your being exploited by big business. OK but I go to that that's important I mean I think that did that people need to have the spirit of love in their hearts and and do things for the right reasons but but my guess is they feel like this is going to be of north fairly fairly large gathering. Says the week we worked Lincoln is going to be a caught a big gathering. How many and the would you anticipate him if you had to make lay down a dollar and and make me a bed and say this is how many people are going to be shown up for the other for the big food festival. What to what what do you think it. I really can't answer that or not they'll know. Were that the steps that were planned and do. It is going to be drawing people Ian organ that we're gonna have a lot of education touched. As well as the rest although the bouncy houses through the key is certain food that. And now you know people disliked he you know the house and go to a good fast. Yep. Well I'd like to make the request now. Way way far ahead of time to to offer my services to you as a master of ceremonies. You know you think he'd he needs somebody kind of you know facilitate. You know moving through the different events and stuff. That bet that is the great possibility and I'm gonna put you down for that if you're serious level put it down. Not enough totally serious Abby you know absolutely serious. Tom is it is gonna be a weekend dealers that will they every weekend day arid day during the week will this be going onto the. This missile fleet this is definitely going to be held on Saturday we've not been able to tribal the final break down yet. But he will definitely be on Saturday since September 2008 saying. All right how long would it take me to get there to Marion from my from where I am here in Charlotte. You're looking there at two. Maybe our past. Okay. I tell you are giving them what try to do here. John Moore what do you think you think the bosses would let me go broadcast on that Friday ahead of the big foot vessel sure I'm living cell I think that before John would there be enough big footers in town. Two. I don't to have some guests join me on Friday. On that front as it possibly so we didn't currently sir you I don't know I don't wanna hear possibly we got almost a year you're put this together giants had to count on you. Well you know world while lawyer out Solana anticipate a big her outburst but I can't say they definitely are. You're not understand. I do understand. Well I'm at work hand in hand with due to to see what I can do to make this a success because I'm I'm quite intriguing are proud of you. For the work teachers do on and and I think people need to know. About how much work you've done to us to to bring this to the attention of America. Well yeah I think one thing that that we have. Then you know I decided we are gonna do we like to have. A radio station do live remote from here rather than higher by aliens to play you know a good news is that slow I think if we done let. So we are looking for a radio station the lover alert. Yeah I don't know I can do it on a Saturday. You know Saturday was my day of rest and that's when I get my nails done and you have to the nose hairs your move has sort of thing. But Friday leading up to it you know would certainly be a very real possibility I'll talk to the bosses you know the powers at PNC if I can fanatical than it. And and I do play guitar Arnold some may be elected do little kick in for either on senator I try to bigfoot song and an innocence I have a year to put that together I think I can probably deliver on that but not sent. I'm quit last question for you is we we've got karma coming our way. And as a writer sought to deduce from the weather channel. In Iraq looks like. Charlotte and western North Carolina are going to be right there in the target other real here for Hugo. So how can how kind of impacted heavily. Were or were at it until we lost power refer you know to assemble Al worst bit and we had some wind damage. But most of it was Easton most of the game at least over. Okay. Worth it won't what you. What in the big foot would do during a during hurricane. We just filled with so many questions about this very saying yeah we we are doing research. And there's not a lot out there about about what happened so let's open we're continuing to researcher whenever. We get some figured out what posted on placed the. OK so went when the hurricane hits or you when you're in your big foot nine when one team's gonna being out in the woods on bail on an expedition to. Deceit and get some real signed typical bad as far as what he would be big foot to hunker down situations like. We're not planning any burning at this point due to the fact of the danger of it. Head of the storm so we're not planning on anything like that at this point. Yeah well I mean just bigfoot news is dangerous enough I'm Brooke it is certainly is. I'll tell you what John I am really looking forward to be a big put festivals. Next year we need to stay in touch and and next time we do an expedition and you've got some more data. On the what is happening with the program please just please stay in contact because you've you've you've got to trust break. Absolutely. John Brunner appreciate against FaceBook where they find if they thought that big footnote and 00 we put. We've America. Thank you sir look aboard the next time we had a chance to talk. You see a big foot you let me know you call immediately condemn breaking news we save over the weekend we'll keep you up to date on armor filled up next time I was here. Listen guys and green left.