Lauren Perdue

David Chadwick
Sunday, July 8th
Lauren Perdue – an American competitive swimmer who specializes in freestyle events, joins David. She was a member of the 2012 United States Olympic team, and earned a gold medal. Lauren shares her story, her faith with David and how it helped her.

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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick misses his talk 1110993. WBT. Great to have you here today I hope you're enjoying your July July the eighth your past fourth of July. Celebration I hope that was really wonderful. In a way that you could've never imagined possible and now we're moving into the dog days of summer and I wanna give your hearts. Since. Of hope today is my guest today is someone who's gone through a lot of trials but has learned through perseverance. That if you keep persevering there's always that hopeful. Dream that can come to you. My guest today is Loren Purdue for those of you who don't know she is a gold medalist swimmer from the 2012 London Olympic Games. A she's a local Charlotte resident right now via the University of Virginia she's a wonderful person and has an incredible story. Of her journey to gold medal and it is a pleasure to have you in studio today Lauren thank you so much and yet pledged to be here. Let's talk about your family history and get people up to the point of the 2012 games and not only of those games interesting for the gold medal. But you had an amazing experience with LeBron James is free agency has now happened in the NBA in everybody's. Wondering about LeBron James you have an incredible story with him that's a tease for people to stay throughout the show and listen but your history your family your your north Carolinians in background. That's right Niagara. In eastern North Carolina and Greenville, North Carolina. My whole family slam it was kind of a family tradition you know and we Ali's. Mason are on Summers you know where were centered around the pool or on the engines. Wherever big summing family you know and your brother I think swim at Chapel Hill and saying right to graduated from Chapel Hill on my sister swimming you VA with meat. My dad Sweeney VA man my ultimately I'm in a case you have. An eclectic background but she went to the university Virginia as you said a great experience I can only imagine that's right it was wonderful great for years there. On you know it it really is is something be said for swimming under the same page as your father did and that is cool that is really interesting. And swimming got in your blood early on because of your family but did you also begin to love and an early age I did I started swimming when I was seven on its senior started out as kind of this thing to do during the summer Dominick kind of I kind of blossomed into a competitive swimmer. On public by the age of thirteen and I started to develop some goals for myself. Did you know you were potentially really good at seven or did it take thirteen or when did you know. Hmmm I think I can probably realized that I had a future and swimming when I was thirteen. And that's when the competitive juices start accused Pennsylvania as well and folks listening and I have a competitive swimmers on as many know. They don't have a clue about suspending its stuff. Most demanding sport I've ever seen and and not played basketball at a fairly high level. When you think about swimming in those early mornings talked to our listeners about what's demanded to view and discipline to be great swimmer. Yes I know it's early morning 5 AM on jumping into a really cold pool sometimes it's cold outside which makes that the scene even worse than on. You know it's a it's a year round sport we really only gets you know two or maybe three weeks off per year sale on. You really have to say discipline and focus throughout the year and swimming. And your parents should really received the gold medals is an area. I know my Maryland when she would get up at 430 to get Michael to his 5530 swims in the morning she's the one that made that huge sacrifice I'm sure you feel the same way about. I ain't had my parents on there they are saints come in driving his swim practice in the morning. Picking me up on weekends striving to a weekend long swim meets almost every weekend on there. You know really the ones you kind of. Tommy three and from a parental standpoint you're in the stands and you're there because you love your kids so much to watch them swim in May be amended 234 minutes. It and didn't you gotta wait three hours for another event of a swim again it's just something I've never. Ever been through before but it was really fun when we have those opportunities. With Michael and talk about this to swimming is not just getting in the pool swimming there's a lot of stuff system. On dry land there is a lot of cross training on him when I was in more and college age son mean I was lifting weights for cross training running. On cycling so there's a lot of things that that kind of gone helped tee to come together to form a great summer you know wait. Lifting too is a part of an end of my Michael. Has talked about running here holes as a part of dry land and all kinds our largest school Watson things that most people think are associated with swing exactly. But then use continued through all of that and you had the heart to be a really great swimmer you're at the University of Virginia he became an all American is that right and that's yeah and you wanted to continue to swim. Even after. The college experience but but the Olympics in 2012 loomed as a great possibility for you and and it became something that wise. Potential reality for you because of your success a bit yet there was an obstacle that happened I don't wanna talk to our listeners. About but just real quickly encapsulate for people your career at Virginia. What did you accomplish. Com I was a nineteen time all American. Tony time ACC champion. And day it was a great great for years. And I had a strong first three years and then you know something happened my senior year that I had to overcome them. Let's talk about that my guest is worn produce she is a local Charlotte resident now but a 2012 gold medal Olympian. In swimming and we'll talk about her trials and her success in just a moment I'm David Chadwick will be right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 1110993. W VT welcome back to the show. Many thanks to my sponsors moments of hope and periods by jewelry without you this program is impossible. Now eighteen years and running how exciting it's been wonderful to speak to you all these years. About faith and values intersecting different issues and people their lives culture etc. Today's guest is Warren Purdue Allard is a local Charlotte resident and is a 2012. A lamp be Olympic gold medalist. I at the London games and Warner's story is amazing and that's why when have you on the show today because it's a great story of perseverance. And continuing to chase. Your dream now you're at the University of Virginia in 2012. Looking forward to the Olympic trials but let's go back to 208. We were part of the Olympic trials then in Omaha I was competed in 2000 I was. I was probably thirteen or fourteen years old mean. And let's talk for a second about Omaha and these Olympic trials to get on the swim team. Now again my son's a competitive swimmer and he tried out for the 2016 games. In Rio and he just barely missed the team had a mistake kind of fluke deal would happen to him but it cost him. Two seconds and those two seconds cost him a place on the team the trials or again like nothing I've ever seen before sports wise and I've experienced sports at a pretty high level. Talk about what it's like an Omaha in his Olympic trials. Lean in only about 15102000. Swimmers actually qualified to make the Olympic trials out of all of the competitive swimmers in the United States. So it's a very on small niche of of swimmers of of high class swimmers and make the trials. On and it's it's so competitive I've heard that it's actually more competitive than the Olympics itself. And while it NG you can only imagine people who have never been there what it's like. It is in an Omaha basketball. Arena aunts that seats about 161000. Ers. At the bottom they have. I've taken off the basketball court Nate Holland in a pool and Olympic pool that is in all of those meters 100 meters or fifteen meters fifty meters long and lanky. And in the cameras and lights and fireworks I mean literally their art works inside of it. And all of these 2000. People are there to try out. For just a few spots on the swimming Olympic team but talk about the green room major getting ready to go out for. That swim that you've got to finish if you're in an individual event in the top two to make the team if you're in a relay the top six or five to make the team talk about the green relief you're getting ready to go out for your swim that determines. Where the you're going to be on this team that you tried for. For multitudes of years before hand to prepare for this moment. Yeah on the lending energy in the program prior to walking out to compete is just incredible content is Thomas tangible he can feel just kind of the nervous energy of all the swimmers on. But it's and that's something that I had to kind of work on on mine and I get nervous the for races which is an about thing. Especially when you are in a smaller Raymond York. You know other competitors about to walk out it is something you have to kind of content is there now. Let's say 08 you're thirteen or so years old. And you're in this room with the greatest swimmer. We've ever swam I mean you're there with the Phelps and don't lock these and everybody else who. Have gotten headlines for decades what's that. Like you know 2008 I am I was just a kid I was stunned scared I mean that payments terrified on not 2008 Olympic trials. Comet and especially in sitting next to these these people that I looked up team my entire swimming career on I never thought I'd have a chance to race against them. So on it deftly was a different team in 20123 years later. OK so and oh wait you didn't do real well it's someone that's okay my Michael didn't do as well he wants to either he was just overwhelmed with the whole experience. But he went back end as you went to the University of Virginia and you began to get better and better and better and then as the 2012 games came about in London did you think you had a possibility making the team. I did I had a great time few years that you VA NN it. I was trending to be one of the best swimmers in the United States and the world. Almond and so I thought I did have a possibility you know that was a goal that I set for myself from an early age aged thirteen. Was to make the Tony twelve Olympics. And so. It looks like that would be a possibility me. So you get to the place where you're trying out for the team and something happens that. Really almost destroyed your career and almost destroyed you personally inside. What happened. I have started to experience back pain on that was the year before so as the summer before my senior year. On a surge experience is really severe back pain on the doctors cannot figure out what was wrong. I had several tasks that just came up negative for any fracture any herniated disk or anything. Like dot and so I just kept swimming on and training on it. And just training through this severe pain. And say oh about six months later on this was a guess. My my sophomore year. Because when I started experiencing pain six months later on I had it a test reopened from answering those Don and six months prior. And has had a different set of radiologists look at it and they realize that. There had been a stress fracture there in myelin or back all along that had been missed Communists expense before. So on dialysis devastating. Inherent to the doctor telling me that he wasn't sure if I would ever be able to compete again mine. Mean and what people who are listening need to realize and swim world that you're talking about hundreds of seconds and being whether you make the team or not I mean you're talking about even less than the blink of an ally and I'm so you're hearing this news that you've got maybe just stress fracture. And did you qualify for the Olympic trials though in your swimming. I had I had already qualified for trials Dominic qualified the year before even with a bad back on those type of qualified the year before. The Olympic trials happen OK at the net qualifying standards in the years before Wright actual trials. So I'd already qualified to go and then the back injury happened. So I had this hard decision. You know whether or not to proceed with back surgery and it was only about three and a half months before the Olympic trials. Says this was kind of they. You know really a struggle on mental and physical that I was going through so your decision wise with the potential surgery. Says the decision wise T proceed with the surgery. Menace was and have a situation where it was just kind of trust god and my ago. An anti let again of the outcome and whether or not I would ever be able to Islamic and are definitely you know and make the Olympic team. Tom Ian and trust that they got it bring me through this surgery so I had the surgery in march of 2012. And then three and a half months later I was able to compete. At the Olympic trials and. And so a real key turning point for you why this when you trusted. God with the outcome and just diddle that you could do and news that there was nothing she could do is an act of faith completely to the lord and it really was it was armistice complete surrender of my swimming. You've got to trust that. That you know his ways perfect and heinous you know what my future holds and so. You know I found some peace and knowing that you know he he was knocking on me fall you know that is were Altman pieces found in divine Providence to trust that god knows our lives he authored them and he's in control of them. So you go to Omaha and and I know what it's like to train up to that moment it is intense there's this tear down face. On the several months leading up to a than they give you about a month to recover and it's something happens with the body I still don't understand I think it's some kind of under scientific reasoning in my own mind but from your body just gets stronger and stronger and stronger you didn't even have a chance too much go through that process but she went to the Olympic trials in Omaha and 2012. Andy your thought life was what at that point. He now I had just had back surgery I was thinking you know I'll be lucky just to you get through some of the first preliminary heats up my race. Ian I ended up. Experiencing in your call and I've never experienced miracles before what did you back feel like going into the trials it was hurting I do I was still recovering from surgery and after the certainly in my doctor my mommy and I pitch for autonomy in May be should not get a Olympic trials. You know sit this one now. But I went and I trusted god and it was as if he was healing me in the water each time race my back to her lesson month and really talk a little bit more about this every time he took a stroke almost you feel like your back being. Stronger and healthier and more hole yes I am on. I came to Olympic trials and is in back pain on and I literally jumped into the pool to slam my first race and my back pain disappeared. And I'm very realistic person you know Andrea did the doctor and by my god it's so you know all of this medical Charlie and Sam I unit the practical side unions in this is not possible. But in the face cited me is this as possible with. So you're really convinced god did a miracle 100% and and and you really saw him take you to a place she never dreamed possible. So your results at the Omaha trials in 2012 were quiet. Say I came in sixth place on site fourth place on in the tune of freestyle which automatically qualified me for the four by 200 freestyle relay team in London. So again for people who may not know swim world the top two in certain individual events get to go to the Olympics and in in the relay against the 10200 freeze especially that the top four or top six get together sitting. You're right here on land top for means you get to swim. And at the Olympic Games a so you may detain and dead and made the team miraculously Amazon was amazing and talked to me about. What was going on in your heart as you realize that the into the 2012 Omaha trials that you were part of the 99 that we twelve. US Olympic team going to London England. What was what was feeling. I mean I still get goosebumps thinking about it on eight just. Going into trials not expecting to swim well at all and then having this kind of result after back surgery. You know it was just I was in shock on my stilts and the state can't believe how doesn't. Lord it just sounds like the key was as we tried to use this program as a way to teach faith and values. A lot of people want to a lot of stuff out fear everyone of us has our trials. But it seems like you're saying and I believe this ball my heart that when we learn how to release our. Truck troubles and problems. When we practice what some call to prayer of hurling movement and we just give it to god. That allows god works in times and definitely want to and you experienced what you believe is a genuine miracle. A healing of your back as you just gave it to god entrusted to move forward today. Warned Purdue is my guest she is a gold medalist from the 2012 Olympic London games. She has incredible story while at the games folks when we teased the message a little bit LeBron James and a video that went viral this we'll talk next about I'm David Chadwick will be. Yeah. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is his talk 1110993. WB ET welcome back to show. And if you'd like to hear the show in its entire he might interview with Olympic gold medal swimmer warned Purdue. Go to WBT got dot com scroll down to the weekend shows look for the David Chad would show and you can do the podcasts from beginning to in in its entirety. Lauren before we took the break you were talking about. On you were back being healed as he swam in the Olympic trials and just how hard it is even make the team he felt like god was just healing you in that moment. Out what the doctors say when they heard the reports out. You actually were able to make the team. Yasser I had a back injury back surgery three and half months the for the Olympic trials in 2012. And I actually solving bass spine surgeon on the east terrorists and he happened to be at the University of Virginia. I'm Olympic folks had access to the very investigate these athlete to win gold medals until you won't have. There to Hewitt is you know prior to the surgery he was a little pessimistic about my age you know chance of ever competing again and and swimming. And say oh. You know I haven't really kept in touch with him since I'm in the Olympic team but I can only imagine yeah his shocked. I had my making the Olympic team three and a half months after he did the cemetery. While on the way over to London. There is a video. That you guys dancing playing singing along. To the song called me maybe. And it went viral twelve million views I can and are back in 2012. An article by Charlotte Observer columnist Scott Fowler and you'll need to watch this thing if I watch it and have repeatedly watch it is really a fun video and if anybody's out there want to Google call me may be Olympic swim team it is fun to watch and you're a big part of that. Particular video warrant on whose idea was that. It just kind of a culmination in between a few live a few the swimmers on the team. Ian and we we were a little bored leading up to the Olympics. We had a couple training trips one in Knoxville Tennessee won and France say we don't ransom more often than not exactly doubling and better other two. On silly how little bit of spare time yet outside of the swimming in the training in town and say we need rehabbing idea and it's created music media. And scary and so fun. Yeah looks like you guys were having fun doing it again if you go folks go watch a call me may be Olympic swim team 2012. It's just a relief enjoyable moment twelve million views. So you you get to London and and you mentioned during the break that you know making the Olympic team through the Olympic trials was almost a bigger deal than actually swimming. In the Olympics themselves talks that. Yeah I mean exist on overcoming that back injury to. Achieve this childhood dream of mine in making the Olympic team representing the United States in the Olympics. On that to me was there was more significant to mean you know then then actually competing in the Olympics and was making the Olympic team. And overcoming you know that. Back injury ever coming the surgery on T you achieve this this dream that I had you know formulated in my minds since age thirteen. Olympic village pure part of the experience was it everything you thought it would be. It why is you know we added USA's one team we had kind of strict new curfews had to be in our dorms by certain time. At 98 on. You know suicide didn't you know I've heard stories of just crazy you know craziness freezing activity crazy behavior but I didn't see any of that. It was it was really cool to be in an area where you're just surrounded by the top athletes in the world it is amazing. And I heard that the NBA players who would come by the swim team folks. And just sit and talk with you almost in amazement the calls they would say. Hey we lose a game we play the next day you guys lose you gotta wait for four years to make this team or get a medal again to bail me it was just unbelievable. And you experienced that didn't. I did they on that day they came to you mr. Two watts a slim to watch is compete in the miss in the stands in their right behind teen USA swimming. And cheer assign a straight and then they came to you see some of us that the dorms the other dorms. Which leads to one of the most interesting experiences of the 2012 gains and that's something that went viral as well. And that he has a supposed to dinner invitation from one LeBron James tu one Loren Purdue who is my guest today warrant. OK give us the inside scoop what happened in that. Moment well sale on the NBA the basketball players came to you know meet in the Summers in Amman some of them are pretty close friends with Michael Phelps sale. Com hi we heard that about spoke players were downstairs out on the court yards and all the swimmers came down to meet them and then seeing it turn into you know a whole Olympic village kind of ordeal. And say I got to meet few of the great athletes and one of them was LeBron and yen down he I was actually asking me for directions teed the dining hall the athlete mass hall. In hands on site told him where lies and he says. He said sweetheart which you like to join me for dinners. We'd hard would you like to join me for dinner okay. All right well I want to know what your answer. I sit name thank you. We actually had a curfew and it was I think we're very close to that curfew ends. I listed on that kind of publicity and and there are cameras all around man mean and I scientists. But you couldn't help the publicity that's great and Lou I finally had a people find that out on it it was I think pasted on Twitter and then dentists and element in these channels Bramlet you knew inspected. Downhill lasagna on here I think today it is a little more publicity than I was comfortable at at that time especially and even now it. It was in his nice and differently. Well at first blush you would think okay this is just up NBA pro. Player who's talking with a pro swimmer. And just said you know you'll eat together but in the a lot of people who went amend the guys marry you today children and that just seems inappropriate. So that was. Place that makes some people lose that in Q right right yeah. Yeah how do how did you handle that kind of thought life publicity that was out here. Com you know hi I'm a person of values and I just I knew that he had children and you that he was either engaged her Mary either had a girlfriend and I just didn't I didn't wanna tread on and time you know that was not my intention at all either so. On you know it was nice of him to extend the invitation hands it's a it's a great story to tell it like any greater than kids. You're good up and that would prologue time. Says so you are at the Olympics and you have this viral video Coleman may be where you're one of the stars in it and then you get to the Olympics. Lifelong dream you have this encounter with the NBA players and especially LeBron James that makes you a household name at least for a while. On an almost overshadowed though the real reason you're there and you didn't win a gold medal with a 200 medley free relay. I did. When a gold medalist part of the four by 200 freestyle relay. You know I freestyle Monday at least gotten pregnant thank you and India and it was I was a leadoff summer you'll the first swimmer while I was. Had a bet he'll talk about. Getting on that block you know after all you've been through talk about that moment when he jumped in the water as the first person that 200 free. Re. You know and it it almost felt like time stood still and I could see just all of the years of this of my swimming in my training and you know all the hard Hague in the pain and disappointment excitement late meant everything just kind of came together in one amendment for me. And done I remember it looking down my opinion is about to take my mark and I'm off the blocks remember Clinton got my hands and they urged shaking uncontrollably. Really on an alias and it was just says if you know it was on. And it is kind of in the surreal honest you know it was a magical feeling and just have to know that I was there I'd made it. In them and it was there a sense. I really did everything I wanted to do in swimming. Since seven years old who's your early morning practices. I mean almost like a wonders sometimes I'll look at my kids back remember when they were baby look at now as adults you must remember yourself as a seven year old I mean people now see yourself. As then. And rising senior in College Diving in the pool exactly. We warn you got the gold medal. What was it like. It was amazing. You know I. To make the Olympics is one thing and then to you get a gold medal on top of that was just kind of the cherry on top of the cake you know his son just. To represent your country and the Olympics and then when I gold medal on and it was just amazing and. For listeners who may not understand this in any sport to earn a gold medal is as much of a possibility as being hit by like. It really is that there have been statistical analyses that the probability factor of making the Olympic team and then making a gold medal. Is at the same as getting struck by lightning. Yeah that's a. I mean I definitely understand that it's you know it. Then being. They've come of the breed of of swimmer in and makes it to deal and fixes is unique and in and of itself but on through into to win a gold medal on top of it's. You need to go back to just to go to the Olympic trials the the probably factor there I think some like 5%. Then to make the Olympic team is is like 1% and then to actually get a gold medal as a part of their cause you could've gotten a bronze or silver but he got a gold medal. That is even of the most infamous proportions. Where your gold medal right. It is and it's safe on in a place that I own not that. I'm a you know it's it's an in place an anti take it out periodically they need to could cleaning house. When you look at it and holding your hands today would boost your mind. John and it is called the years this seventeen plus years of of of training and for that leading up to them in and. And God's miraculous. Deliverance or use. When we come back let's talk about post Olympic depression because you went through that others have as well it's something we need to talk about. I'm David Chadwick will be right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in its news talk 1110993. WBT welcome back to the show. With my guest worn Purdue on who is a gold medalist swimming Olympian from the 2012. London games sharing her story about. Back surgery impossibility for even making the team got healing her super naturally miraculously her making the team curbing a portable viral video call me maybe that you can go on line and get its just hilarious to watch and and an encounter with LeBron James that went global. When he asked her out for dinner and she refused good for you Lauren. To your gold medal that you now have as a part of your liking a part of the 200 free. Relay team in between twelve games on. 2012 to grow quickly that that's the games that missy Franklin blew up right that's right. How many medals to T win it was it was unbelievable album several. That put her and she international spotlight. On and she has been a great ambassador for swimming ever since then because you're so young and now she's in odd a young woman. A using her talents and gives a very positive way. But I want to talk about after you won the gold in and you come back to 2012 year this Olympic cycles crazy every four years ago who loses. Miss you went through to get to that gold medal on you went through a post Olympic depression that is not altogether and usual for people if people are swim world Allison Schmitt. Another gold medalist has come out and talk about her post Olympic depression as interestingly has Michael Phelps with all of his success all this. Multiple medals he has talked about post Olympic depression that happened used. It did. You know I I after the Olympics and I went back to deviate finished my senior year. On did not have a great season. Which kind of started did the depression. And then after I graduated I mean T Charlotte to be in my prayers swimming career. And I just I hit a wall. You know. Islamic depression is something that's not really talked about. Com but it's it exists in its you know. Basically win win an athlete experiences the mountain top of their career in the Olympics or whatever it is. They've accomplished what they desire either guy really is or done their dreams are done they've accomplished you know everything that they've worked for and then they come back to normal life. And yet the mundane in. Of just normal living in. And I think it's it's a hard balance on you know it's it's like. Your life will never be as good as tree as it was when you've achieved XYZ you know so for me. I felt liking that was the mountain top of my life and I would never feel that way again I would never in my experience like kind of success. Again and life and it and it just it just weighed me down and. And what was the depression like do you did you just feel like you know wanna get in the water anymore did you feel like it when I get up in the morning talk about the symptoms. You know it was definitely Kenneth made is so very apparent in the swimming. I just didn't love swimming anymore are I was struggling with on some other injuries that I had to have surgery for. On MT Alba injuries and so it. It kind of just on sewing became something that was a tasking it wasn't fun for me anymore I didn't enjoy it. On and then on top of that you know I just felt like. I had to reach my peak in swimming and I I would never and you know again achieve what I did back in 2012. And your back. Healed miraculously by god during the Olympic trials did the pain come back and did the pain came back on me I'd like to say that I was you know it. Permanently he'll forever on but it did come back. And I and I did house team kind of work through that for about a year and a half. On before I retired from swimming and so a year and a half after the tweet twelve Olympics you finally said I can't keep doing this. Was it a contributor to more depression or was there a relief like now I've taken this burden off of my life and I can start to live again. You know I I made the decision to retire from swimming. The decision that I prayed about really meditated and you know. Long days about and I felt like it was on you know god leading me to two retired from swimming it was a good time. An and I never originally thought that you know all my depression again lane I was taking away this is swimming that had become kind of a tasking not enjoyable anymore. But I on it actually kind of how to reverse effect effect on me and I became more and more depressed because. I have been your life right eye is swimming was my life it was my identity you know an and it was something that I don't for seventeen years incident and that's stripped away from new. You know I I didn't realize how how how much of a hole they would leave in my life. So what has helped to get well to overcome depression I would guess knowing you as I do that one of the things as you or not find your identity and Wednesday in what you do but it. Who you war that's right and and you've been you know a great influence on mean if things that you see in church that you know your identity is in Christ not in what you do you. On ensued ensued. Holding onto that and knowing that you know on the child of god and Johnny on a swimmer man who believes and a child of god he slams. You know and having that identity has kind of really helps to. On the sinner in my life and and I've been able to rise out of that depression canyon fines. What's really meaningful one life to me now. What packets say to everybody get that went down and cemented your problems will go away if you realize your attendees found in God's love for you in who you are in his eyes and not what you do. I even heard Kevin love the great community of Cleveland Cavaliers forward as has gone through. Great depression and I can't help but wonder this because he's trying to find his identity in being a basketball player not a child of god and and that's what's really set you free. I have seen. Lauren we only have few minutes left but I wanna make sure you have a chance to use this microphone to speak to people who feel like there is in impossible. Situations what would you say to them. You know on a Bible verse that I just really on clung teetering in the back injury back in 2012. Is on Jeremiah trying to eleven friend at the plans I have for you declares the lord. Plans to prosper you enough to heart mean instigate you have in the future. On you know dissing courage whatever you're going through. Whatever disappointment. In it would ever struggle ever Pena going through know that it has it in being. And then that. You know god is going to bring you through God's going to bring. Good seeing out of bad situations if you trust in him and and in the god of the impossible people who are looking at impossible mountains impossible barriers. You would say to them. It's they keep trying keep working at it keep you know trusting guide. You know. The mountaintop it is it's not his biggest god and god is bigger than any situation. In any mountain top that's in front of you. News keep working keep trusting keep believing. In god is able to move mountains you really believe that I did I experienced and I. You know this back injury was supposed to be the end of my career and it really it was on Thomas the beginning of my career and and today you're happy. I am you really are satisfied post depression Olympics syndrome has gone it is gone and dynamic in place finally time and in god is a huge part of that. On and then just my faith and my my family here my faith family here in Charlotte on my church for a spill is just been huge resource for me. So I'm happy and then you can place is great place. And yet you can for the rest of your life say. That you are an Olympic gold medalist in swimming how cool is that sent claw. I will never get all that and yeah case. And in are you doing anything with young swimmers to help them along the way as well. I mean come on I was I actually doing a lot of some clinics right after the Olympics amen I was helping you know encourage the younger generation of Summers to rise up through the ranks and and hopefully instill some good values and it's never younger swimmers. Love your values especially your value perseverance which is allowed you to be who you wore today warned Purdue. 2012 Olympic gold medalist thank you for your time today what a great story thank you Simon keep moving forward. Everyone please do these two things for the rest of your life you're wondering what does god have for you well loved him with all your heart. Seoul mind and might and then turn around and take that love he's given you and go love your neighbor as yourself. If you'll just do those two things you have a lifetime's worth of work to do I'm David Chadwick this is news talk 1110993. WBT I'll talk with you all. Next week.