Law Enforcement Once Again Shot in Domestic Violence Case, Dow Jones Tops 26,000

Vince Coakley Podcast
Tuesday, January 16th

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He's in trouble but would it straight hit. That's what they do like fix things what went straight down. I got a good. Empowerment self governance and draw. Character you've. You radio program. Good morning welcome to the broadcast. Good to be back with you. We started breaking news this is getting absolutely incredible watching what is taking place. With Wall Street's. It's. One crazy story after another in terms of the highs. The market is reaching. Moment later on as were we gonna talk about what's happening with bitcoin. Musician and a little bit of a downturn there but the big news on Wall Street's. 26000. This is pretty incredible right now 26054. And this is also a new record. And here's the record. This the first time. This is the shortest margin of time it's ever taken. For Wall Street. To gain 1000 points. You may remember just days ago. We were talking about the milestone of 25000. So how long it's gonna take to get to 272829. You know it's it's. It's pretty incredible what has happened here on Wall Street's and there are those Hampshire raising concerns perhaps legitimate. About whether this is sustainable. But that's the subject for other people to address and sure there are plenty financial shows that are doing that right now. And eight minutes after the hour 10 o'clock the other thing that's certainly been heavy on my arch and I suspect it has been for some a few. When this happens. In your Tony. For officers shot after a domestic violence call this is been really interesting to speaks like I think just few days ago we were talking about this. Just how sad and unfortunate. Many end up escalating. This 1 started early this morning. Near someone's home. Complain of domestic violence. The suspect's name is Christian Thomas McCall. He's the one who suspected firing the shots for striking one deputy near the whole New York. Then hit theaters a couple of hours later. This is in serious business in in a fresh start correctly. This guy even shouted he. Police helicopter. This is pretty serious business. I mentioned an officer. The deputy who was struck near the home. Then the others were hit a couple of hours later. We'll call. The guy we've made reference to free seven years old injured when officers returned fire during the second exchange. That ended the nearly six hour ordeal in which officers were looking for him. The wounded officers three York county sheriff's deputies. One York police officer. Taken to a hospital with gunshot wounds including two by helicopter. At this point we do not have names. But I think it certainly goes without saying. That these guys really need your prayers. These officers for officers who were shots. This all started about 10 o'clock last night. With some calling in to report that's. The mail was hitting a female. At that point we'll call left the home on foot before deputies arrived. And that's when police along with dog scheme to search form during search. The coal fired a gun from somewhere near home. Shortly after 1 o'clock in the morning. There was this morning getting a deputy who handles one of the talks. At that point more officers called in they arrived they searched near the home. Round 3:30 this morning coal fired again officers returned fire. And that was the point where two deputies and the York police officers were injured. We also understand that there is another female. This female who is involved this incident. Wish hits. I just encourage you again please pray for these therapies. Then the officer who were struck in this incident. And this goes to remind us again the incredible danger. These officers put themselves in every single day they do this for us. And it's unfortunate as I've described before. That we've had in some circles the very much in anti police perspective. They perspective it's been very hostile and very suspicious. And not justifiably so. This is what they do every day for us. And this is a risk they take. And now police officers now. They need our help they need our prayers. We'll continue to follow this story throughout broadcasts and cased Ernie new developments on the story. And thankfully this situation now under control. If you like to join the conversation on this broadcast Eagles advantage talk and number 80931110. Common sense retirement planning text line. Is 71307. Scrub to a call from Willie here in Charlotte good morning. So bitter a pill and a wonderful morning and like Dyer. Claim you answer. I'm doing real good year lecture and well you know why Walter goes well compared cooking the books. They have done an affair with Conan now they'll continue doing it. Strong country and in my life that the scale and walked out of Iowa or ears yeah US. OK let's work let's talk about this Willie cooking the books tell us how this is happening. How are they cooking the books Willie. Well look and I know the Wall Street I mean based on the history. You know that very dishonest. And they are out singular encode and then go clear up its solid sort of go out there or here. But they and he. Speculation that they don't feel like great day today. Bennett and besides let me ask you this I was very common folk don't look at got 720 mile an hour. Benefit from a Woolsey and 26 point territory explain that to me. Well do you have 41 K account. Our paper territory cry her or what I'm asking you a question. I'm asking your question that you DD eight ID it's also an unfair assumption Willie. Did these people don't have 41 K accounts. I don't think I think you spew out over the postal worker Wal-Mart mcdonalds but. Yes I happened to rub shoulders with people who work in these places Willie idea. A vote they should tell you that they can't even barely afford the rent and the light bill. Oh maybe we'll put on the table never in my 401K. Gupta you know fourth period it was percent to percent 5% of their income Altria a 10%. I'm barely territory file that's a joke out I was in the rape me and and maybe they can go for a full pay and and they can look forward you know the woman. By the way some companies are doing that including Wal-Mart by the way Willie I do appreciate your call and guess what's. Called Wal-Mart did this in response to. Tax cuts. So just keep that in mind. That in terms of government policy this is something that certainly helped to stimulate the economy. Kind of puts him my money in people's pockets and food is well in their stomachs don't you think. 14 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock to Vince Coakley radio program content. Bizarre. Characteristics of technology you know it's wonderful would it works it's horrible when it doesn't work. I was just telling. You fine folks in the studio just few minutes ago. As they puts us. Dishing touches on this broadcast. On my rundown. I come into the studio law again and guess what it. My rundown looks like yesterday's run down. I didn't update the crazy thing is I went to my phone. All the changes were there. And now I've logged out logged Becky and and magic key. Now everything. Is also on the desktop this is bizarre folks I don't know much in the Twilight Zone. What in the world's going on here Nate would like to respond to Willie who had some pretty derogatory things to say about Wall Street good morning eight. Hey I don't ask don't luster. I just wanted to say I think Willie unfortunately. This does that come and sit coming from a place of ignorance. I've invested my money since I was eighteen years old and ever since strong took office. And he started to release a stranglehold that Obama put on the economy right that's sensible gonna. So you wanna do is reach people. No not at all artwork since I was fourteen years old and my first job with the backed away at Winn-Dixie. And it's senate I got that first job my dad took me a good read obedience in god your checking account and showed me the value of money. That is awesome absolutely us I borrowed it it ran around. Good for you good for you and what is it do you think contributes Brooklyn. It's kind of a stupid question here in one sense but we don't know let's let's. Let's be charitable here ends. Put out the question why do you think there is such prevailing ignorance about this and and this class warfare seems to get so much traction. A lot blame CNN MSNBC. And all those idiots. I think I think it's it's may be part get policy but honestly if we had school systems that would teach financial. Advice just just little stuff like you imagine people working at McDonald's and Wendy's and stopped don't have the money to pay the light the. Well just about every job I've ever had to settle for a one K program and you know if you. I created it was but about 4% and it broke the year. But if they would now how to do a simple budget and you know. Different little bit of financial education and high school urging her body and what I would go a long way. Man you're actually read about that needs something else it would add to this just that I think is really important is vision and hope. And I think this is desperately lacking with so many people I hear people talk about we need to raise the wages for people Wal-Mart or McDonald's and you don't we isn't part of what we're about here in America is. We don't aspire M and nothing against Wal-Mart Ernie these other places we don't aspire to be there are long term. Yeah well. And this is part of the problem is said people. You know it dated the political types are trying to force companies if they had their way they forced companies into raising wages. And the idea behind this should be that. I should aspire to something higher price if I'm making seven dollars an hour I should be trying to push for ten and then fifteen. Not necessarily looking for that employer to raised the wage but I need to find something that's gonna pay better that's. You need to get some skills that's gonna ditch you had a bad jobs since September the whether it be a trade school or whether it beyond my classes are CP CC. There's there's I have options to get out of all. Thought that you know what turned out. You're absolutely right Nate thanks for sharing your story it's and it's so important. Just to hear from real people telling real stories. Not people born with silver spoons in their mounts but people who just worked just that simple it's not complicated folks. Scratch you Jerrold out of helping in this good morning sir. Departure there are here and saw that got my group and I think so I breezed through this one hell yeah. I cannot for the life of me or understand. Welker try to teach our children sure all of these are actual commercial don't feel great finish finished up toward what Wal-Mart. This got a free. Make babies are all her what she or upload if she sees it. And just what a desperate situation. What commercial is this year referring to Gerald. What they've got schaeuble you know we expect a lot that would support we're anchor children brought a robot person. You've got a problem with interracial relationships and Gerald. I've YouTube or plastic question or not won't be honest we sure do not. Take action. Go to Iraq thank you so. What is it what's wrong with that Gerald. Or you do the normal that you I'm just asking questions you sir. I think I know Robert older there are are you know what are you know what got mr. Coe walked cracker voters care copies since he. A special shot that I just don't know what they're. You're just not comfortable with it. I don't either I understand where you're coming from maybe you don't have now I am because I don't want to put words in your mouth you have any animus sort. Hatred toward anybody you like that do you. Absolutely. But Markus well I got into a. You're not comfortable. And I understand maybe we can talk about this notice time Gerald but I do appreciate your call and frankly I appreciate your honesty. And I'm not gonna get on Gerald case here that urges people they're comfortable with that pants. I mean I'm not come to anybody's case here. And maybe people jumping up and down right now we are you credit side that's ranks last. You know I tell me kind of reminds me I told the story years ago when I was news reporter in Lexington Kentucky and we had a I remember covering the story this this old guy the former governor of Kentucky's use. On the board of a the university made some comment about the song that he loves and I think he used the N word several times. And I remember even back then I thought to myself this poor old senile guy. Think she's living in the 1960s. In its okay to talk like that. I I was mad at him was an angry NM I was an interest in him people leading demonstrations try to get him out which they did. You know in addition. I recognize it Serb people from another generation that just haven't totally different perspective and and I and I'm not putting Gerald in this category I don't think he's I would now a category categorize him as a racist I just categorize him as somebody who's uncomfortable. With biracial. Relationships. That's a different thing altogether maybe you disagree with me I would love to get your thoughts. On this Wall Street subject David good morning and welcome sir. Patriot. Indonesia. I'm glad you're back on the way here in I just wanna to give you perspective I heard millionth. I don't self employed up been so employed since 83. Small landscape company. Fit enough to what they what's going on with me are a lot money insurance. Seven years ago almost eight years ago. My poignant moment just sky rocket in 2000 dollars and mob mob pretty well though it was going to be 101000 dollars. A year now moment after a four no not new and so are you today we don't want we don't want you anymore. But. It's been hard I haven't made any money up a bit stronger and banging my biggest while trying to keep this business goal and on the Paula had a ball on not. Only in the past. And now I've done well we partner but we we hit good golf but he. When gas prices look I had to defeat because people markkaa four also struggling trying to make money and keep things going but in the past year and a half. I've noticed the big difference big difference to people in the money people started doing thanks from my perspective as a business so. I'm not going to be looking for employees but there's so much going on seven years ago I had to pick pre. Now there's so much fat and I'm having trouble on the net labor that's going to be an immigration issue on down the road somebody. It's right there are well I hear you man there's no question about that men like to hear that things are turning around for you. Because it is an atmosphere that's been quite challenged you the past few years and you can understand why we have a man who's against capitalism. 8981110. 713 series seven it's 1029. This is still Vince Coakley radio program to. 36 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock ms. Coakley ran your program started off telling you about. Very sad domestic job violent situation in York county could result that didn't. Several deputies and a police officer getting shot this morning we're continue to follow. That breaking news story ends we will keep you posted on any new developments. During the course of this broadcast. Grossman talking abouts some economic news the Dow topping 26000. For the very first time. This is. This is the fastest thousand point gain in the history of the stock market's. Pretty extraordinary stuff. Getting your thoughts on the news of the day your perspectives 809 tweedle haven't and that's the Ingles advantage talk whenever. Common sense retirement planning text line it's 71307. We have got into a conversation here the past few minutes starter by Willie who had some derogatory comments about what's going on the Wall Street. I'm now and sit and wanting to chime in on this side of wax on good morning. That'd been so are you doing today to Muster. Good well. OK so. I've been testing you know for probably about fifteen years now seeing the money go up and down. I'll put most of my you know other money has come from working okay. And that think it is what I hear people complaining. About. Their status can lie and not doing anything about it. Well I had a job that I went to its 6 in the morning. Got thrown at 45 in the afternoon and can't wait to night school for for a happier sore right so weeks. To improve our situation. And so the fact is is that people are expecting. That something should be given to them for doing nothing. Am so sick and tired this attitude parents are not doing a good job raking their kids they just give them things. And don't make dirt cheap it's. Worked for. They don't teach him anything about money. And the fact the matter is if you want you know Hayden that's oral it's not well tell other people guitar PE. He had anything to Pritchard making your instant is this is kind of thing where you've got to make something happen for you would not look to the government. Or employers or whomever else to do something for you today a lot of this is in your own hands. Yeah that's right I mean I opened up its lowest in years ago when the economy tanked. And I mean we can't. Corning employees now that we provide a great way each for an opinion those guys wanna go make more money. Doing something else then I'm all for back to school go do something go open your business to stop expecting other people. To do something for EU need to do for yourself. Amen Hanson makes a lot fewer cause let's go out to Sheila in the sprawling metropolis. On Dallas north Carroll had a good morning. Hi how are you out too well. I had to read and I'm calling it I have very unique perspective on the employment situation Harry Reid Janet I've then you're raising my children are 21 years. I'm I started out. Married in 1995 but it actually that great communication. And work at your arms. I stopped quirky you raise my children. Had enjoyed very. Work sport this past summer. I'm working on my second masters degree. And it took me five months that I'm they are our top. Oh my goodness. I. I was the only thing I can think yes because I I've only got mostly volunteer work but. That many here. And I guess that you have I got record. Yeah so far all of the guild and all of the knowledge I've gained over the air. And they can't tell even well. When I interview I'm told I'm a quality person I had somebody that they would value. Unfortunately I don't for the work experience because they're you take somebody play your younger than me. Right right. And did you actually take this position. I get I've been doing next that the first pick up December of barking I did 49 hours so we got credit meant to connect because they're like family. I mean we're home health care. Sheila. And I just before you say anything else thank you. For what you're doing and for who you are first off for taking the timeout to invest in your children because. That's time that's to never ever be replaced in you do know that let me if nobody ever said this TU. Let me encourage you and comfort you right now with what you have done. Because that's invaluable that's an investment that will pay off for another generation so thank you at the other thing I want to say to you is. That's. You can be so easy. To be insulted. By eight what is being offered in this particular position and just give up and not work and you have achieved chosen not to do that. They've got has been an absolute and I have blessing to me I'm taking care of people on hot as. Cool I'm new here I'm I'm dealing Najaf that a lot of people it never do. I'm taking care. Is he body that you I'm watching them. Beating them. I'm talking without listening without men oftentimes I go home and peers because I. I know what a privilege she'll be with people at the end of their life. And now. This and that kind let Allah that they really can't. And I'm working on my masters in ministry and I are going. Now I meant eight seminary and I got to the art they are not generate 28. And you hope Baptist Church in Estonia. And I was I would like to be a hospital chaplain and so I thought that our opportunity at an hour not that much money. Abu. I'm running uphill and counseling people on helping people explore life as a Jerry let. I'm very bad situation. Sheila this Carl has been an absolute blessing thank you for calling today I would cute hole to actually liked it's more information from YouTube. Perhaps follow up at some point. And and and this is another reminder folks sometimes there are things are much more valuable than money. And I get it you gotta put food on the table I understand all of that. But I think you can also look at the other side of this can you think of those families that she's impacting that she's helping these patients. Armed. Jonas is one of those thankless situation since so many ways. Parts that you can't put a price tag on what she's doing you just can't. Not in the least bit. Jerry you got about a minute here good morning in Charlotte's. There are greater America we're very art program will become our. But it refrigerant red hot to undo the blue collar 01. Hour demagogues you or not I'll show order simple Google result for me. The apple forward trading and investment programs but. They'd obituary but mom I did stand by and executed he stepped up to be an active and not yet the people of color and or. We've all learned about this school I've learned are all well and it Levitt who made it it may do it. You know detonator. That we got that is that the basic earlier by a birdie now and now they get obituary just beat the bad remarks. So Lou Gehrig on the all he could come out publicly and. I hear you Jerry and you know it sometimes he you can combine being uninformed with being perch. And having some challenge for some reason the kind of a block that keeps you from moving forward and perhaps we can addressed at some time with our friends. In previous enough actually future conversations. We'll see how that develops Ingles advantage startling number 809 to 1110. Common sense retirement planning text line 71307. Much more coming up on the broadcast including. Conversation about bitcoin fans. Jesse Jackson praise for Donald Trump yes it really happened. We share that much more. Right here. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock and we've gotten to quite a conversation about economics. You never know some times where these conversations go we will get some your techs as well. And it's just sometimes just one comment you can just generates all kinds of discussion which I think is a really good thing. A scratch Ozzie in Charlotte good morning. Good morning. What's up their share. And a so we are in regard to your last caller I think got a good comments in the in regards to it took this about knowledge. In the about discipline and make a good reason I say that is I've got several children. I've got one child. That never ask the questions was preoccupied with the other things like. Football and what should he be in games and end didn't understand how to study didn't understand. I pray that those kind of things in the airport now he's he's he's in his thirties and struggling a little bit of that. Other side and talk to me all the time ask me questions. What's curious. Remain focused on I don't know learning. And these thirty year resolving to revise hell and not. Saving money and pay cash for a call are so. I guess it has been in other data about knowledge it's about asking questions. I didn't learn that no one told me Assad to an achievement. No one told me all about it I had to dig in learn at a myself. If you're actually read about this you know its interest in what you described their kiss that's. And there's some new direction to go with this because. There's got to be a desire to drive and a person to try to pull that out of view. You know otherwise people just coming blundered through life and live it by trial and error part of part of the wisdom of life is being able to learn from other people's mistakes. And learn from other people's errors and you don't have to repeat those things. So why not just just mind what you can especially. At home from from dad that's that's the distorted to do it so I appreciate you sharing that story their eyes he had described Ed win. Good morning. Good about it I'm war two and well. I I couldn't perspective. Important popped into bed. About an uproar well. Yeah and you know really don't keep them on the web video well you're more. Why wouldn't you think it or you know when you are a lot of long. I didn't do really regret if it more important. Then. We've got caught. I hate that she writes. Also. If you ever remember about them a then what can give them some brutal murder in the schools get our own and just kind of I don't know it didn't grab it and it. They did not end there. Right. I. You don't you raise an interesting question here Ed wouldn't get that bad start heard does someone mentioned this earlier how we need to do a better job of this in schools. You know what are some of the other ways we can do impact especially people in your your situation you describe. I don't care about and that I've the president we do not who you know no open. But what about how people live there that there is I would hide the comment but at the question. She yet it grew up with questions of our poorer. You know you couldn't read through that actually have really good information about financial and I don't popcorn you are proud. And I would regret that it had some interesting. Working group in court gripped people. About what they do it. Core people could go see Quad Core people but logic coal. Ten. That's. I mean it's it's very insightful it's it it's certainly explains a lot as you have to change your way of thinking and thanks for your call there and when. That's what has happened here change of thought process ceased. And if that doesn't change you just find yourself from the cycle we gonna stay right where you are. I don't think anybody wants to do that skit got up and some of the items here in the text line before we go to break. Coming up the other side you can hear from Jesse Jackson and Oprah Winfrey. You'll love these pieces of audio they are classics. On the immigration issue. With the deadline looming this week Vince who's going to bets. Trump caves in gives into the dim son doctor oh you think that'll happen. On the tax cuts and since the bonuses that are being given to employees but Vince according to nasty Nancy. This is just crumbs parents Jim and easily yeah I'll take crumbs all day it's better than nothing. And it's an improvement over nothing. But instrument with the murmured movie poltergeist the lady walks in to clean the spirits. Were the spirit whisper. Get outs. That's my advice for the stock markets I don't know. You're one of those people. Another person saying Willy our previous caller. There's a kind of charitable way of putting this. Willie is hitting the piper way too early this morning and he hit it the this one not so nice Willie is a total idiots. It's not too nice. Willie amazing liberal spin with zero fax or basic understanding to back it up you sound like a CNN junkie. Lower rates. Tell willing to take his butt back to New York Illinois Massachusetts where he comes from know liberals down here boy that's wonderful. Very very nice so now Coakley gets trump bashers Scalia is that what you want it to convert your station to. You're going to turn on your listening base to cater to him the station needs to. Well also recommending dumping another broadcast which. I don't need to reference here come on people. This is one of the things. I've got to tell you there are a lot of let's just say non liberal snowflakes out there. I just put it that way. We we should not be afraid of conversation and contrary opinions. You're your your side perch things. I am not here to drive somebody in this something. I try to offer some ideas and I believe in. Soundly conservative ideas. I wanna win hearts and minds I'm not here to bash people. Well let me take that back a bash politicians all day long before. Much more coming up the other side as they mention you can hear from Oprah Winfrey Jesse Jackson if time permits. When he gets that's sound from Martin Luther King Jr. as well so it's. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many guns on the street will use 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world. World well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. Carter were 21106. Lots of interesting things to cover in this particular hour. If you like to join the conversation it was finished talk play number 809 to 1110 common sense retirement planning takes line. 713 series seven wanna get caught up in some of the text items from the previous hour. Lit us up he can appear. Prince I wish from people like Willie Colon and your show complain about the economy you and ask them what to do for a living in might be enlightening. Kim obviously. When will we wise up and demand strong deterrence for criminal activity demand that targeted these officers. In your Kenny should be given no medical treatment no trial with evidence so clear. The skies worthless and deserve swift and just punishment yes death. While. This Wall Street's cooking the books caller sounds like you need to explain the principles of trickle down and it's real. That it works. That is how the common folk benefit from 26 K Dowell. I appreciate with the east Tipper Gore un informed responses whenever someone tries to prove a point to be I asked him to leverage all they can say. This figured out for yourself usually means I can't explain my point of view or not informed enough to make the point to begin with. I get midst. Good this goodness goodness gracious in savings investments are like snowflakes in a blizzards. The build up overtime. Now I'm sitting on a big snow drift really. Do share. What else do we have here. On the question earlier of remember Gerald Gerald Coleman last hour was talking about justice discomfort he was just being honest with interracial relationships point. This text or says is right commercial advertising. People pushing and desensitized in inter racial. Relationships. I think they're just trying to reflect the diversity of their on the pitch. That's when it comes down to. Don't let that ignorance on your radio Gerald needs to have his telephone privileges Reeve church. While it's pretty strong. Another section says even more important why is every man gay on TV around that's another conversation. I mean seriously I mean this is the kind of thing that's going on with. And I and I and I said this before this you have to understand much of it is about marketing. People understand their audience they know where the money is. I think you get the idea here welder frontier the day after Martin Luther King. Three men have fought for the quality of this race on earth can you please tell me what you would think. If you were here today is race was brought out for corrupt government using the response. Votes keeping them in poverty stricken areas promising a better future never living up to their into the deal now. They wanna see if you believe any of what Martin Luther King said you have to believe in climate change. You would call the people's fools. For Roy along with all of this being conned by these people in power yes. And in fact the go ahead and pull this story out because. I eat eat eat when I saw this said that to myself this is got to be a joke but it is not a joke. No this is what I told you. A number of times about where the NAACP. Has basically just been turned into another. Leftist. Progressive. So called progressive. Socialist. Arm of the Democrat party. This is all they are it's not about civil rights anymore. It's about propaganda icing black people. Dylan this. Daily caller reporting on this. NAACP. Says in bouquets vision can't be achieved without fighting global warming. Can somebody explain this to me what to assess did you tell him I have an idea where this gonna go. We see climate change as a civil rights issue according to Jacqueline Patterson head of the that we speak eat it and that we see p.'s environmental and climate justice program. Watch in the world in fire middle and climate justice program. They're saying this is increasingly a matter of environmental justice since minority and low income populations are disproportionately affected by global warming. Traditionally such concerns focused on traditional pollutants from factories we're vehicles but. The NAACP is expanding it to carbon dioxide. Which scientists blame for warming the earth in recent decades. Do you Bremer and the environmental movement is fretted in recent years it's not diverse enough in groups like 350 dot org tried to draw parallels between global warming. And get a Lotus. You might wanna sit out this guys missed this is so stupid. Drawing parallels. And between global warming and alleged police brutality. That sparked riots and Ferguson Missouri. I'm serious. Environmentalists say poor minority communities at least able to adapt to rising global average temperature and more frequent and intense extreme weather. Despite there being little or no evidence for the extreme weather bets. So nothing their folks. I don't even wanna read anymore the stupidity this is just. Nonsense. The sad thing is. Run people will believe this it and I put this out there because they know we've got some blisters. Those of you who are. Our practice and consider yourself liberal consider yourself Democrat I wanna hear from you do you buy into this. You buy into global warming. And you buy into the idea. That the N double ACP needs to be involved in this issue. I'm. This is just incredible. Just absolutely positively incredible. Also the text lied about Gerald Perry he's the one who's uncomfortable with interracial relationships. I'm not comfortable with the presbyterian marrying a Baptist. But it's not in my business can keep. Good. A look at that. Prince I just saw a news blurb that millennial say trump is having a feud with him OK because it is it really into African Americans. A direct quote scary. How important. The other person it's not how much money you make. It's what you do it that the counts yes that's very important I've heard incredible stories of people to not make very much at all and they've saved hole lots. Our nom numbers it's a matter of numbers what makes sense immediate distorted the media distorts everything. Desensitization. What is the real ratio of gay people what does three ratio of interracial couples what does the real ratio. There is a fair questions are fair questions to ask because there there's an agenda for some of these things there's no question about this. Love to get your thoughts and we will try to pick up with some detects a little bit later on ulcer you can hear from Jesse Jackson. Talking about Donald Trump. Before. He ran for president of course you'll find this very interesting and Oprah Winfrey some audio that your certain here. Time and time again especially. If it turns out she does run for president. 890 Ritalin intend is are for a number text line 71307. 14 minutes after 11 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Thank you met just after 11 o'clock to Vince Coakley radio program. Been talking about the NAACP which now puts climate change. Into the category of civil rights issues Tim in Charlotte good morning. Tim are you there. And you know I. You're a great challenge it. You weren't an open door that horrible from the other side and I don't have a weird where we're red you're bubble bath. Ali normally cold today just walk up the total strangers and make them. How big powerball every day. You indicated that he did that's saying a bit more. I wanted to get into you know reportedly worked like to welcome the naming. I need to know is. I. I meant there I wanna try a little bit I I don't goers well. And your arm. In an the table he caught myself. Are you kidding me oops there I got a I got the Bible points by the arm. Where older group report that the audience. Didian since. You don't go about Bangkok again. And I order a personal debate we're having more about it but I never performed fan on Tuesday. Can you tell it you'd think somebody will come and there are store parking lot and lowering the rookie right. And we all happy. Yeah yeah yeah yeah no. I'm thinking. I haven't. I got a challenge for you what did you do this once you go out. And why don't you shoot some video of doing that instant it to me and maybe we'll have some fun with that. No open it going out and order spot. You sound like you've got the perfect personality for this Tim so followup with media if you decide to do it let me know I'll be glad to hear from you. It's absolutely hilarious especially on a daylight today it is absolutely cold. Hints about the way we haven't talked about this but we've got a threat of snow and I understand this is in both Carolinas. Now this entire listening ear if you within the sentiment for waste. There's a real threat of some problems beginning tonight and going into tomorrow and stand temperatures only gonna get up to about 32 tomorrow. So what this can be very messy she won a state choose. The end. If this weather doesn't become that would come our way be very very careful. Armed that we. I'm debating here which I Monica I wanna go into this first I wasn't intending to go here. I've got to get this off my chest. When I heard about the story I was so sick and did you hear about the sexual boy who died from rabies. Oh my gives in fact the pictures in front of me right now this kid with a police troops looked up to him. This. I'm gonna tell you about the story. In case she'll know about this. This this little boy in Florida. Have been fighting rabies. Seems riker. It's being kept under anesthesia in an Orlando hospital. For quite some time to try to save him. From from Greenpeace. They're trying an experimental technique called the Milwaukee protocol. It saved two other children in the US eighteen people around the world. Unfortunately did not save reichert. Here's what happened I I wanted to share this story and cash. They since chills down my spine and so many levels the tragedy of it in and of itself is so sad. Here's what happened. Rikers father Henry he found a sick that. He put it in a little bucket put on the porch. Any Estes sun don't touch it under any circumstances. Now first off anybody wanna tell me what's wrong with the story you know one of the first things I think it when I hear this story is garden of even you know. I mean you do you put some some circumstance like that. You know we tell a child don't touch it what are they gonna do and attach it. So apparently put his hand in there and he touched it and he said it only scratched him. So father says I frantically Google it quickly and it says to wash its hands with soap hot water for five minutes. And it goes on in this story insist they knew they should've taken riker for immediate attention. Now here's the part to just follow it just gets some debris. But they relented when riker cried at the thought of getting shots. Are my goodness. Increases they share the story with you this isn't just applicable to rabies. This speaks to the heart of what's wrong with a lot of our parenting. And I'm speaking to myself here. How many of us leaving fear of making our children cry. Or hurting their feelings. And it keeps us from doing something that we ought to do. We're afraid of the reaction we don't want a negative reaction. It costs this poor child is life. The riker cried at the thought of getting shots a week or so later riker complained of numb fingers and headache. Henry feared he'd hit his head while playing and rushed into the hospital when Henry mentioned the bat doctors became alarmed. He said I mean alarm bells whistles went off. They went frantically looking for the other doctors to tell them it was a bat. And how severe was. When they are came in we a conference they explained to me. It's almost always lethal. Rabies can be prevented if someone is vaccinated before they start developing symptoms. But once the symptoms start to show the disease is spread to the brain. And it seemed possible to stop. If you take nothing away from this program today. And maybe it isn't just a relationship with a child. Maybe you're in a relationship with somebody. And you are in some way. Fear keeps you from doing the right thing in the necessary thing. Do what's right to do what's necessary. Don't let the fear of tears. Stop you. Police. In this case. It cost a little boy's life. I. 27 minutes after 11 o'clock who've also been talking about global warming. In fact theme that we CP now considers this a civil rights issue Ryan in Charlotte wanting to speak to this good morning. They've been sent to direct our. So what I wanna call it and talk about is if if you think about it logical it really only cage system just a moment to realize. Typical global warming thing is simply scam in order to ready more taxes. Against the American people and in here oh yeah you're you're going to think about it right. Global warming bit insane experts projecting over ten years. And it's been that you're gonna see global. Sea level rise all the canceled it after it happened so so so we gonna like it. If that were true. That you're gonna have at sea level rising into I'm Gregory in our oceans and inspirational stuff. Do you think that the bank would give a nickel for any single project. Bet that we waited to be around in the next ten years or more heating and equal tell but we didn't build any kind of party didn't how it's going to be giving our money to put it that they and their. That they would be under water. And that's that's a very fair question asked here. Their question asked. Regular army and and an. If we're regardless of what you're saying that type of human dear what we're saying it is. Think government gave it all begins and as for the bank to. Yet you're actually right this. Hello this is being driven and I would add to this is being driven not so much by the financial community in and of itself it's driven because. Politicians. Are providing them with tax credits and other benefits. That caused him to do what they do this is artworks. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock on the mr. weekly radio program talking about the cell leaders of our. Friends in the way CPU believe. Global warming is actually civil rights issue global warming folks out we'll take a quick car here firm rose good to hear from you it's been awhile rose. Why don't you go out there to elect our. This normal alignment actually cared Stanley and treat it whether. If I want it and we are on the cutbacks. Back but I'm I'm an idiot but they know what hey it's gonna get where I'm. Are who really hot. In it in play it in my life it looks so I I I for the moon and a lot of the day. Now McKinney. I mean they explained again I looked up it would get to spread the standard I don't know what do you believe that certain not to. How could you don't And my cut man I didn't. I know I could then I didn't appreciate what you thought the one column in the actual benefit gap after that not to think. I think you'll actually have not been blew out pure and Linux out in a lot of term. Afraid of people who could not really happily. We. Can't pay. It you say that she can't look at why not force you. Then. A question that the chemical company act forced by age you start. Talk about that mpeg pro couldn't tell the pot I do not how can that moment and that you Traficant kept up that apple bite him here. Yeah she saying. Our I thank pat got called out apparently I'm out our aluminum and everything in the act. Thank you and come. The power I don't I'm not simply didn't it hit the socket school girl I haven't they can't accept that we haven't had much wind light and Scott's you to stay at home EP. Yeah and so. And so it even would actually end if you have price or even attempt Olympics look that we do not hide out how are clear which gap anymore but yet. And so. G Edwards and I don't know you know who he has helped our blog about our. And could take a creature can check out our if you look at the lodge chapter of Luke. He talks about the proper function. So Medicaid so that we did not go and I want it hot country is going to Canada it going I don't want published. Well I think he had great but I wanted to lay out its thing display in the back and say it should it not. Copper try to help it can't try and I'll bet that and that's. There yet. Why not a -- of public so I have read your old Democrat in the right direction. And if I can't keep a grip and people didn't hit it like they spread I have. And yet god I can't act. I I'd been you know I get to Blackwell and I'm type. Well if I understand what you're coming from their rose didn't hey I do appreciate your call. You are concerned about global warming your concern about. The possibility of us being present which. Hey that's up. I understand your concern here you've expressed perhaps we'll talk about this in overtime I don't quickly get to talking about Jesse Jackson the man do. I would say it's pretty safe to say has said nothing but contempt for president trump. But I wanna take you back into the archives. Because before. Mr. trump was president and certainly before he was even candidates. This guy was involved in the community. And did some pretty significant things related to entrepreneurship. And you can see this this is certainly a strong area for the president. Dance. There was an event. Where Jesse Jackson I know this is shocking. Actually had the opportunity to introduce. Donald Trump I want you to listen to this introduction. From Jesse Jackson. I don't want to express thanks to you. Those far from being with us tonight. All. We moved fuel. Building skills. All you'll. Gusto. You'll rip packets flaws. People won't Wall Street who represent diversity of and though. We thank you become a denial let's get the ballclub a bit. All I know who. Very fourth of a friend who has. Home will he is deceptive and at his socialist style that is of such. Wanton miss his seriousness. And this commitment. Well this is trash his video on the argument. When we opened this Wall Street project and we talked about it. You give us pace set for the Wall Street. What's lost to make a statement about. Not having a presence there. And beyond that in terms of reaching out and being inclusive he's done that too. Car and create a familiar people or accomplished film and I ran for the president's. When they deformity. And many others who have followed it was even laughable Los hoping to avoid the same twelve. Business meeting here in New York. Because it has this sets up secure yes. And the will to risks to make things better and so let's start from all of Favre finished owl. All. And his because fans she's a serious person. Crude effective build up of building the build of people less she was a part of our workshop. From our panel workshop all what the challenges and opportunities and so this a year later. No trump also tremendous challenges. And the opportunities. To embraced on the serve communities though trump. There you go and interaction at a defense. From none other than Jesse Jackson is that wonderful by the way. And you heard. I'm one of those people. Who was not pleased with the comments that Donald Trump may the other day and I know there's a controversy did he really say it's a by the way it's. If this is in now the version to pay five year. The show prep is one of the things that was communicated. As I understand it. Abouts the use words that were said the other day securities Erick Erickson. It's weird that people in the room don't remember trump using that word when trump himself. Was calling friends to brag about it afterwards. I spoke to one of those friends the president thought it would play well with the base. Here's yet another confirmation. He said it's. Highly inappropriate. But having said this. Growing Becky from months ago even before this incident. Jesse Jackson. He would not qualified to get into jesus' kingdom. This is from September Tony seventeen I mean do you hear anything of that sort in which you just listen to. From Jesse Jackson introducing Donald Trump person that this is about politics. It's all about politics. And now Jesse Jackson is urging people just like other socialists. To get out and vote this year and make sure. They go out and vote for Democrats. That's the goal make sure you vote for Democrats. Because you have to remember the NAACP this entire so called civil rights establishment it's not about justice it's not about civil rights. It's not about racial equality. It's about. Promoting socialism. That's what it's about and don't forget that's coming up he also could hear from Oprah. Something she probably would not want to be part of her twenty toy campaign. We'll get to that much more as we continue to broadcast this morning again. Eagles advantage toppling number 809 to 1110 comments since retirement planning takes line 7130. Sevenths 1145. I minutes after 11 o'clock one of the things I wanna gets you is Oprah Winfrey you know and I've said it on this broadcast I really believe. This woman poses a real threat. In Tony Tony there's no doubt in my mind if she runs. She can give Donald Trump run for his money and one of the reasons why I've I've laid this out before. I believe by a toy utility. One of the things that she's going to Abiola. Seized the opportunity win if it will be V the fact that. There's so much negativity out there and I think this act. Donald trumps. The entertainment aspect to this. I just have a feeling this is gonna Wear thin at some point now for the hardcore base and I know a lot of your like our love the way yes you know. That's fine for year. Fans. New economy a site. I think he can also reachable every let's go back to Reagan the transferred to bush. I mean it wasn't a lot of excitement about George Bush. But the point one make to you is. The economy aside. When you have someone who comes along with the positive message without what seems like a positive personality. I think you've got a real risk here a bit in that incredible mismatch. Now one of the things that they can began. You know kind of pulling apart. Is the fact that Oprah has some very interesting views and frankly. Things they can be interpreted. In a way that's not too flattering like the audio I'm about to share with you regarding racism. Now I happen to you. See the point that Oprah is making here. But you'd understand how this can be certainly taken in a very different way by the way at texture rudin said I just ate police know or crew wind bag. You could hear it anyway here is her comments. About racism very short but listen up. And did a whole generation I say this you know. I say this you know tore it apart tied South Africa at this for my own. You know community in the south they're still generations. Of people older people who were born and bred in marinated in it. In that prejudice and racism. And they just have to back. So there you go. Now here's how I interpret that I don't think she's looking for you know these older racist just to drop dead. I think the point she's making years. That's. Some of these people would not gonna change and eight I think it's very timely in light of the fact that you heard the call earlier from Gerald who's uncomfortable with interracial relationships. That's part of his generation period there's a lot of people have that view and ends I would also say there are a lot of blacks who were uncomfortable with interracial relationships. Are Spike Lee. You know he's quoted as saying that you know he was caddie shooting daggers in his in his mind. You know when he sees interracial relationships. So it's not even an exclusively white thing. One of the things I would also add to this. I mean a similar comment. In regard to the civil rights movement because I really believe the so called civil rights movement has got off three meals. And you have a lot of angry bitter. Old black people. Who are really hateful. You know what I'm talking abouts John Lewis is the Maxine Waters. And the truth of the matter is. These folks are gonna change. And the people who are like them who were still holding on to. Grievances. And grudges from the past and frankly they're not looking for justice they want vengeance. That's what they're looking for. That's not gonna change. And so Intel this particular generation of people dies off. And you know you're not gonna see a significant change but I would also add. What I'm concerned about is the generational transfer. From these people until younger people. And that we need to be concerned about what do you think about Oprah's comments do you think. That's something they can be used against her. Love to get your thoughts Rick in Charlotte good morning. Yep I and when you upload your honor the and break agree about speaking out against the NAACP. Because and I am in no way shape form or fashion or write this at all. An obvious thing is that they they got to prepare perpetuate. Racism instead of actually taking care of the community. And I appreciate your honesty and bravery and played with tedious but it cannot totally agree with all months. Many man in 90%. Of everything he's still radiates says. Well thank you Rick. Were you I'd get the color of the day award I'm just cannot. I do appreciate your call when you're out rapidly coming to the end of our time here. And you know I -- let me also save money to my father is a former president the NAACP I know when my father is I know where he stands. My dad is a genuine civil rights leader in that regard he's grown up. And experienced the experience of these circumstances of Jim Crow I get it. He's a man who. You know I would certainly trust in these areas much of what I see and much of what is going on now is something absolutely different. It's for many more. Of what we do not want to run. Out of Taylor's give me about thirty seconds year. They are you think he's got a point when it comes with a poppy consideration because the regular vote there all races. They've got to be voted out all that sort of thing. Pay that simple enough yet these these folks. Just have to pass on and move on I mean don't we have the same problem politically have and I talked about this. These old truths in the house and the senate who just will not retire. I mean. What else is left work for them to just kick over dead in the senate chamber. I don't know folks. Because some of you are determined not to vote them out. So there's only one thing left. You know I think Oprah has come a point here. But I have a feeling that audio that's gonna get recycled I guarantee you. Now we'll be back to revisit this again and again. Please pray for the York county deputies. And the police officers keep them and their families in your prayers have it. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.