Lawmakers Suggest Licensing Journalists, Panthers Lose and Luke Kuechly Suffers 3rd Concussion

Scott Fitzgerald
Friday, October 13th

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Well the end of the world was an apple event here bad day for me it's forever and I want to be on Monday. You're coming. We. Could we get close if you think about how much damage we had George. And to the world here would you wind. Natural disasters illicit nuclear disaster let's put something else we'll talk but I live around. There's 90% of us in America could die Kim Jung on decides to look to pull the trigger. What would do which is other news to us to like in mourning his. Nearest tenth. You're marring. So we've got the other worst wildfires ever on record for a California based upon unfortunately that's so many people still missing. And only been done yet if anything being done and and we have hurricanes that we are still cleaning up from. Excuse me it's an obvious super volcano there in Yellowstone National Park might erupt sooner than we thought. And Alameda where you're very thing. But it could wipe out (%expletive) that is we know at the can magically in the researchers that are working on this going for room should we tell everybody that there was some good news here they might cut our fund. Please tell Emily. But it's it's been awhile since the the last eruption of this big giant thing here by one point three million years ago. So. I don't know contractions could begin at any point on tomes like it's of the volcano which pregnant. And every one point three million years and has an opportunity to push life or death through its points. So yes a little look forward to win an asteroid passed within 121000 miles of the earth. As pretty close so lots of liberal dangle clothes. And it's coming back in what you're Tony 79 I think is gonna is gonna become a back oh and they say they when it comes back. It's. Oh it might decide to have to pick up a pizza or two. In smash us so you'll I'll work on that when. My you know I'm not be around for that I don't think I'm only seventeen. Seems now. And other content yeah grossly transfer my brain is some sort of computer programmers on the right you're right your right Charles you and bureau there could be a bit later. Could be. India and speaking of breakthroughs it was gonna try to talk to my daughter this morning talk tour and as it was last Friday yeah because. She was due last weekend for her baby my first grandchild. And in Hancock got his first. Maybe I guess they induced. Hancock's. Baby come on out it's not his babies is brand new granddaughter. So I texted Hanna who's might lose my daughter of the in this pregnant and I Cigna can you come on and then talk a 905. And she said no not today. It's unlike her she normally will answer little longer than that there's a new okay. She's a good starting to have contractions this morning that are picking up. I'll keep you posted about this can be that this could be the day. They're connected very much be that. And if and in indeed it is then. It's one of the discussions that we will have this morning here will be very very appropriate. And and that is about new dads. And the other. But lack of hope that they tend to give. And since. Says I love my daughter. Well my son in law to blunt. Right now and things got better get off his butt. And he can better our nor'easter making a list of things that he is going to handle on the weekends. And in the evenings. When was bigger rules out. And if you aria if you're a parent. Guys are my people would deepen your souls first double. To really give yourself an honest assessment as to whether or you run you have to hold your weight. And ladies you may have a different take on that hole together. Which is which is usually the case we can man we we have this perception of ourselves of that. We never do anything wrong. We can walk right by the underwear on the floor we don't even notice that it's a mess. But with the ladies look at us and a much different light than likely he slings and does and I go on the floor. Well that's where it starts Brian yet then and then she picks it up he price it. That's that's that's that's how there's another tool and an unwritten rule. Does best is that the natural lost. Provide only plan to on the floor and I have never and I am proud of this and this is the truth I have never ever left the toilet seat up. Never ever design a mother and she was the only woman and now. Three boys and and the dad so we have we learned at an early early age. Actually this flat spot in the back of my head is as a result of that that one time that I did it and it never ever since that. Karen Travers gonna join us earlier today at about nine wanna talk about John Kellyanne what's happening with the White House. So that's on the way on news eleven today that it 93 WB team too much into pleasant. Try to get more injuries and 917. Yeah a new study ulcers that does dads are definitely not taking on their fair share of housework and child care. Men's spent about a 101 minutes kicking back each evening while their wives took on household responsibilities. Even during the days that they both head off women only had about 49 minutes of relaxation. So dudes you're getting double time you're getting double time so we have to work on that Jake good morning Euro on WBT Heidi. Good morning and understand last night outside the stadium a lot of black preachers or protest to also. With the movement about the police but I almost vacant land how much more effective that would speed. If they took a stand about what you're talking about deadbeat dads. It's not just in the black community but also when the white but you can definitely see a core relation without. Involved. Add. More of their children end up going to jail in new and upping cram and therefore you got the police and that's take care of that. So love mailer I am I could join in by hand bat that's something that everybody I think would be a war. What's that got to do with the new did not picking up their underwear it. Pathetic that's what I've taught me what Barney and what what Barney I start its start what that next thing you know they're breaking and entering. A. There I can see the direct connection between underwear on the ground and in breaking and entering not jail I hear. I I'm not angry about that to things I don't wanna be angry about that there yet there's a ton of deadbeat dads and into courts need to to work harder. For sure true mission that they make improper payments unfortunately in this world in this country we can't force a man. To stand up and be a father. You can try to squeeze more money bottom of the such is not the case anymore and it's a sad sad it's a sad state of affairs. Then we've got to this point which again I go back to to the idea that I have had the Nevada for a long long time. We give every male child when they're born a vasectomy. And you are not allowed to have the victim vasectomy reversed until you can prove that you won't be able to financially. Supported child. So there will eat you and me you don't have to pay for. Which I think is a fantastic idea so mean to vasectomy will be free of course we don't charge anybody for that. And the reversal will be free when the time comes. Canoes and of peoples as a god given out free to have children. Roll. Yeah. On one hand. Defendant is it your right to make me pay for your child. That's where I have a bit of the nation so. Not necessarily directly. Tied into the lack of husbands performing chores. Our results of Villa study was talking about a moment social of that hustle response was still being broken down along traditional gender lines. With women children much of the family burden. Animal for them cut the grass as they have made I mean made that to a point in the past. So why yesterday was it was an interesting day with the folks from the White House. Including some cabinet members mr. mabus served a general Mattis. And then and John Kelly who's the the chief of staff there and he came Penn on front of the crowd there. And if I care and I thought it was a fascinating get together. We really lives and I I like him a lot more than I thought I would he is here every match. I think like if there White House proposal are advice or input anything just if you don't everything else that he's engaging he's very into why people act. And it's an open rampant like. He carried a crock pot and he has an incredible career. And reputation at Washington so when says something you're like okay we want big bet that the thank god who put it asked a lot of questions but. When you achieve is that coming out and it just notable. In it how when we don't drop it like over the course in Obama white outfit. That you talked to the officials that they wanted to wipe out polio. And Gingrich and it's notable. They came out essentially can put back on each report that he grew frustrated the president credit frustrated him. I bet there are big considerations. A change and I hit you are getting higher we don't know he's very frustrated by. Waking up in the morning reading hearing and watching think that he knows not true that you said. There reportedly get better source as well you know of course they have a respect is gonna hire every debuted at rates up at Palmer records are because every day let iPad app. How many times have you had a chance to see him speak. I'm young I'm not yeah this is the first I'm on the record you lean question like that it. Got it happened notable and then given what he's talking about you I think coming out to talk about. A particular policy issue or pushing dumb part of the president's agenda forward it with that shake up in personnel from which. He talked about for the last nine months in such a dominant team in the right. Now it it was fascinating to see like you mentioned did the gravitas in the presence of the sky so unlike kind of a I don't know a frantic handler. That I saw in previous you know he he he seemed like he was one of the dues don't trying to keep the convention rolling you know make should be more carpets and I mean. This guy seems to be. Firmly feet on the ground and in charge. Yeah I mean could you imagine you saw yesterday like it just. I've been telling and know a cook or getting called it is not been trying to explain why repeating something that didn't like it that trip really care. You're gonna wait yet in the left wing and Hedo at it he got beat that yesterday you're from broaden. To control the president and he doesn't like reading that that's what his. Mission is because it's being framed as well every time the president speak at 5:30 in the morning like this today. He fail and he's not being effective and you look at what my dot org and your four and I don't read every tweet don't call him that the president being the president. And I just frankly gonna put back on the suggestion that I'm not you're gonna cook you do because of how you record bringing home. Although I have a feeling that John Kelly yeah after the tweet yesterday when the president basically said you'll Puerto Rico you're on your own. I think he told the president show them some love and then today via tweet came out in a Puerto Rico we're behind you so. And am I mean that I cool you're you're right they use the word I write. She he eight you know interpret things that I mean you know that I mean that had a government or that does mean the president moral or. Look at it what experts to wait and see more. Paper tells a day itself could show. All right so yesterday I know you're watching and you're you're making your eagle fly kind of good jets are for all things I didn't know I couldn't stay up there no way no immediate acknowledged. We we weren't pet my god this week I look up and the middle that I popular but my thumb. The unity behind that gave the proper people like are you wake up or else everybody else. We're attracted to and so so congratulations you won the battle field and just have you they have the other producer folks there like Michelle a fast. If I shoot me any an email address and then a physical dress alike can send you that you. Your wind oh the days then yeah things yeah diet and regular. Diet and regular here. Yeah sure no problem but a lot I that your Alec beau earlier if the federal wind up that a bad loss for you guys that will take it you better and finds they really needed that. Philadelphia needs it is also their feel pretty good about. Karen I know you gotta go thank you so much is always enjoy your week you'll talk again next week is there are reducing Karen Travers with ABC thank you so much so yet John Kelly I thought he was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic and then and that somebody else who spoke that's also. Made me look at them in in a different light discuss I hadn't heard much from this guy. Is is secretary mantis. Kiosks. You've heard that term about him chaos. The roots of it where did that come from. Played Gil and it was never my my calls sign Stephen my troops left data when they're ready for news there was a slow news day I think. CIA was always known my calls Imus chaos. But I must congestion how I got that name. Because shots and some people I would probably because you know. It's a great Chinese classical warfare strategist sons which was ensues and so was. Review you've copied him or something like that I I'd love to tell you it was for a dignified reason like that. In fact when I was a regimental commander. Those 7500. Sailors' marines' job in the Mojave Desert there was nothing to do would go blow up the desert. Com so we would I always had good ideas at least I thought they were very good ideas. Then one day walking out of my operations officer's. Office. I'm noticing chaos for an enormous weight board. So what what what's this about a curious you know we all are usually you'll need to know that coach right away you know a good deal. So what's elusive god and finally cashed in well it means that kernel has an outstanding solution. Okay. It was very much tongue in cheek way of knowing that they didn't consider all my solutions provided outstanding has died. Enthusiastically. Promoted them. So dialect coach Meyer reverend troops shouldn't have used their sorry adopt in his Michael. Call Simon I'm right that chaos. Kernel has an outstanding solution. Should have to change that now because he's a generally. Is easier general did you still kernels that matters. He's won he's got brands like I do not know that your. Colonel has outstanding. Solutions wonder I do like them so well we mentioned. Earlier the volcano that's coming our way free to fire going going and hurricanes going on. All we're really missing as far as tragedies don't dude is a volcano right and a big China earthquake of them sort of had Barbara on the cards. We'll be you know could cover mall diamonds hearts spades and clubs. Mostly because disasters. Different suits that we will. Global asteroid defense network you have got a real world test we'll talk to Jim Ryan about them when we come back news is on the way this is news eleven tennis 993 WV 2 good morning. I'm thirty Jorge there's got to show local pride day you. WA Lebanon fired another shot that's a money. Or move some money and and we love given away my source chance Ford is such W 11 o'clock it is before care they give away. Mode did it I get it. Can't comical do it and everybody do this or wanted to do it to the next opportunity. I can anyway at 1105. Mineta Jim Reilly BBC and that we had a close call we've been here at about asteroids. Zip and by the earth and sometimes there in between us in the moments and times are a little further out. But 121000 miles. As is that what it was there was a 27000 miles it was pretty dead on close to be yours this this last. Cosmic terms is about 26000. Miles away from the earth to which. There is much much closer than our moon is then they're not too far away from our farthest satellites man made solid pellets that are out there in orbit. Stereo would see this was a close when SS Troy there was about L 5060 feet across and cruising along it is 161000 miles per hour now. If they keyword then the name is telling it was called what a twelve piece before. Meeting that it was discovered in 2012. That's only five years ago and did it go that the plane and it's something like it would come they knew was gonna mess just by the way. But he gave very regular workout good they'll working day exercise to something called the planetary defense coordination office. Billy and Alec is a part of an asset. They watched the things they tracked them they predict where they're going to go today and they try to make sure that they're not gonna look it is strike the earth so they discovered this thing five years ago. The plane and it's something we're come closer to look to resort Castro were going to. Have they get a potentially try to be the plan is to send a rocket out years and years in advance. Not to blow that thing up but just did not get slightly off course giving and enough of a nudge fraction to the degree that by the time. He reaches our solar system and a mandated that it's it's not gonna hurt it it's because it's gonna zoom past wilt just knock her off course it's slightly. So that it steers away. Now. Everything that's out there in space that's orbiting the earth has a different sort of up and what's so great the lips or circle not not most things are not generally circular and when they go around the earth that doesn't matter where they are the the gravity is going to affected every time it gets closer. So it's like almost like when a member of the spire regret when you're getting go around in circles and it changes mile plastic beer GAAP so so that's what happens to these things out in space. So it'll be a little closer when it comes Bryant 2050. And they're not exactly sure when Tony seven when he set the Tony 79 rolls around this bad boy might to speak no bearing down upon us. Well even the dust you know chances go to bill burn up in the atmosphere because it's not that BA game they're listening and in relative terms is his biggest says sell books and it fact a couple of years ago the one that does bleed into Russia was about the size of this word. So we get broke some windows there was a huge economic boom that was heard over across. Much of a Russia. The do you saw lots of dramatic video from people's dash cams but it wasn't catastrophic it didn't and life on earth or even. In that part of Russia. Who's kind of a nuisance as much as anything else and then and only so. This when I wouldn't really even if didn't appear that they wouldn't be targeting and life as we know it. But there may be something out there and that's what they hope to do and did you know the the that there are near miss with this object yesterday 2012. Keys before. They always just did their run real world test for this for people around the world were watching these things trying to. Be ready for a. Yeah well. I would draw big giant bullseye in my backyard so when 27 and nine rolls around here. And we can have a contest and if it hit my bull's eyed and somebody wins a million dollars you can draw your bowl site using year old paragraphs to edit it out. Each democratically with AB CH I appreciate the updates so yes we have dodged a fifty foot was a fifty foot wide bullet. This time around so that's good news we have been when would be in the beginning of a very very bad day that's for sure the folks in California man they're struggling. The air quality. Near these wildfires is so bad it's it's it's worst in Beijing. And you've seen pictures of Beijing when things are bad they're everybody's walking around and a mask I mean it looks like something out of a horror movie. So would this even sixty miles south of where these fires are going there therein wine country predominantly. In San Francisco is in south of that. They they're dealing with air quality that they haven't seen in years what the worst region is seem. After he never has there been overseeing these levels in rare hazardous level warning has been issued. And the pollution there is expected to stick around for a long long time. They know and anywhere with these at least farms really. The EPA bumped up the the area to an orange level. So if you are the kind of person that too I don't know if you're elderly or for kids or respiratory can be no conditions asthma CO PD that sort of thing that you were not supposed to be out there at all. So they can get a handle on this turned out to be be worst fire disaster California has ever had. All right this editing done some of the pictures that comes just absolutely phenomenal six with the level of tragic we'll get an update later on this morning to plow through this Friday. Hi Alex Stone is out in California will give us an update that's coming your way about 1035. Timeline changed yet again in Vegas what the hell's going on there can't people just listen to the phone and see the time stamps of what happened there. Maybe conspiracy theories are right I'll give an update on that WA shoes would Ryan Borough here on these 11109 about three WVK thank you much credit. Very bizarre video you've seen it through its oil look at video come up in my Twitter feed. And you look at it and go. That said some of the government at the logic. Maybe this is fascination for sickness. Tom was a story about did you see distort but the Russian woman. I was pretty big hoops are. I was a Russian woman with her boyfriend and they were there they were vacationing in the Dominican Republic. And the things were blue on the wild side I would imagine she she didn't have a top on so in the video you know they kind of got to. Covered in a couple things up and she's been hanging out the window of the car. You know the passenger's seat. And you know just them. And I think you know we a lot of this is stuck her head up that would before but she was like. Way out there I mean you know almost up to her tour hit an all choose old. And she smashed her head on a poll. As the car was driving down the road well and the dude her divorce from Bruce was filming it. There's oh my gosh. How would that change you. Can you imagine having to go through an experience like that scarred for life on the I mean when she died damning him yeah I know. Yeah I mean to go from this this moment of is in life fun and filled with frivolity and I love vacations. And you know there's plenty more to kill aback at the hotel room. To bail. Register it just absolutely amazes me you'd never know and stupidity. No no votes. So it's not a story from the road here there's a dude in Iowa that. He led the cops on a high speed chase. The reason is pretty phenomenal the Iowa state patrol says they tried to pull over this 246 year old dude didn't say who was. You know smaller fraction and try to pull a motor when he took off. So that so they chased him and they were on I eighty which is he you know won a major wrote wrote to go across the country change chased him for almost fifteen minutes. Eventually exited the freeway in and they caught him they were surrounded. His reason for evading the officers. And I told the cops. They're getting involved in the police chase was on his bucket list. So I thought that everybody different myth. Whatever turns you on RSS some moment so I wanna get there on polar about a cups. Gee we're. So actually happens are still fair. What we're coming up on no two weeks since the biggest shootings. Certainly it's been two weeks who's coming up for this weekend here. I would go to Ryan Borough now with a with ABC and N how many times. Has this this whole timeline. Gone back and forth and in is there any. And our people raising their eyebrows a bit at MGM. Disputing this 'cause there's obviously they're there they're trying to angle for something I'm just not sure what it is they're trying to angle for some sort of lack we're getting out of liability is my guess we've had right. Well you know that there is the first lawsuit that's already come down at a 21 year old victim who shot the upper body her rib shattered her. A liver laughs are rated and she's already filed a lawsuit she got at a hospital now but. I'll come she -- the victim looked like everywhere in Las Vegas like that's in the media and pretty much everyone in the public wants to know. What exactly happened in those moments we know that there was about. Ten minutes of gunfire into the crowd. Add to the country music show but what led to those moments and what happened directly after that eventually ended with Stephen panic taking his own life. And the time line is that Q and initially we thought that. According to police. Then he hit security guard was the person who alerted police was shot and that essentially ended at the shooting and then we learned too late last week that. Police in fact believe this security guard was the first person shot and that etiquette. Played the whole way with gunfire before then turning guns on the crowd for ten minutes. And there are also seemed to be this sixty minute long gap according to police between. The time that pat that the security officer were shot. And the time that police were first alerted to the shooting that was going on now MGM resorts did it international which. Owns and operates. Mandalay bay says no no it was hit a six minute delay there were forty seconds. I between the time that these security guard was shot. And says he gunmen opened fire on the country music crowd felt. They essentially saying that it was almost instantaneously after word their security guard had been hit bad. Attic then turned the gun on the people look. Crowd. It did their descriptions that's not it's not a small discrepancy you know that's not well we thought it was forty seconds and you thought it was a minute Ted I mean there's a big and. Oh I ended at issue here is over when the gunfire started because they want to know this might this might provide some of the motivation. Well let's. He you know planning of this but it wasn't until the security guard got involved bedie initiated. The attack and good. Likewise why did he stop firing what led him to eventually I put the gun down it turn it on himself that made. Help them better understand that you think you're better understand the motive. And then they can move forward from that perspective because from this point say he's been almost two weeks then. You say it feels short but I know for a lot of these people it feels like a lifetime as well yeah. You know that that's that's crucial that's the only question left unanswered why did he synthetic. You bet ya and in my some of the accounts there if it seems as if what his plan was was too. Stay there as long as he could and a and actually fight the police and fight whoever came in after a man named a downswing it but such is not the case so more details. I think even details. More Fuzzy and its surrounding the whole shooting in Los Vegas on yesterday was an interest in different congress. They they were warned that North Korea. This is not good news. The North Korea is is capable of attacking the United States now. Today. With a nuclear EMP Bob. And the picture of their painting it is Susan it's not quite rosy at all. They're saying you could indefinitely shut down the electric power grid. And kill. 90% of all Americans within a year. That's a big giant number. The house they hear the experts say the North Korea could easily employ the doomsday scenario. To turn parts of the United States too anxious. God I don't understand I get that they can depend perhaps turn off for you and your screw up for Friday the electric grid. Blood. And turn it off but how would that lead to the death of 90% of all Americans. When I guess who would be lack of being able to produce food manufacturers food. Would kill yet another thing yeah we had a good day probably right. The good thing to think about everything. That would shut down there be no hospitals. Are going to be no surgeries Rubino ex regime have no idea of knowing he'll. What was going on inside your body. What do what else would go to Maine. My food. As we know it would really literally cities you'd be on your own. Benefit with the case the the survivalists the preparers. They be not not going on in the NN and that looking very Smart they would feel pretty Smart and I bunker. You know from the mountains. So this hash folks on this side of the world. Going what do we need to do. Do we need to do if for. To get rid of them because if for a if they decide doomsday scenario if they think you're gonna be going down. Then this is something they could do they would do it then it's a bomb that they would deliver high altitude. And then the knicks correct trying to magnetic electromagnetic pulses that would come down. Or your iPhone what work looks just compare them that way and things have changed so rapidly there. Would this is another thing that has the mall and those kind of stepping up Gronholm holier. Part of the part of them into the discussion they had six months ago most experts started to a North Korea's nuclear arsenal was primitive. Saying maybe they've got six atom bombs now the intelligence. Thinks they have sixty. Just six or six months ago most experts thought that the ICB Hamza north Koreans were fake. Or just wouldn't work. Now. They're saying that they've got the capability to Denver Chicago may be anywhere anywhere in the United States. And had just six months ago most experts thought that North Korea was many many years away from an H bomb. Now hold it looks like they've got H bombs comparable. To what we have. Just six months ago most experts claim North Korean ICBM could not miniature arise and they bump. Or even designed the reentry vehicle because an ICBM needs to go upped its out of the Imus triggers in space and it comes back down. And that's one of the most difficult parts for that process is to make sure doesn't destroy itself go to the emisphere burn up on the whim I can't. And now they have that. So. That leads to. They very large contingency here in the United States that says that we need to go after them. Before they even give any consideration. To coming after us or you're not gonna believe this staggering number of people who think it's time. To go to war with North Korea. We'll surprise you as to our breaks down along party lines either put that's kind of all the applications and saw a break and back the First Amendment Second Amendment there's a battle brewing in the state of Indiana. I would imagine that this is the kind of I don't know theatrics that might spread to other states we'll break it down. Because the constitutionally mean to you and to be free press doctor David Schultz joins us 1015 so that's on the weight on his eleventh today. I've three WB two. Got on a Friday hey there I'm Scott FitzGerald. Looks like be a president is going to stop just short. Of scrapping. Wholeheartedly the Iran of nuclear deal. A busy day for the president. Unraveling obamacare. It's from a Citibank and did make a promise about the Iran nuclear deals and his movement and. In the right direction as far as both of those car here. The Harvey Weinstein story. Because more and more disgusting and it as more details come out of it his brother. Well was on record basically saying this guy is scum that came out earlier today. Maybe came out last night but to assault on the news earlier today. Put thirty plus. People now saying that that he was. Slightly more than rude to them that's let's must be. It's very understated here. An and big names you know we've heard no growth Paltrow Angela Jolie Ashley Judd Rose McGowan. It was McGowan is now saying that that Weinstein richter. So there are investigations opening up in new York and Los Angeles London. Jeff Sessions is getting involved in this. And then the discussions. Or the excuse but I'm a sex addict. Really. You multiply explorer please direct to come there that's not a the studies psychological. What was well that was not in the in the book the DS seventy statistical would ever noticed that you know talks about official. Com. Conditions. You know schizophrenia that's a real condition. Sex addiction no. Psychiatrists. And they've been talking that's a long time we're we're trying to get a sex therapist sought to find out. Whether or not this is you're actually the case. But the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. So is now listen is this is not something that can be diagnosed. Whether doctors says I'm not sure when being a selfish miss argument misogynist to jerk became Maine medical disorder. Who are looking. This is this is a concept. That's been used to explain selfish powerful wealthy man. Engaging in irresponsible. Impulsive sexual behavior for a long time. So yeah Bob Weinstein the brother Harvey called Harvey world class liar. And so is the action has not sought therapy yet. Grew one earlier questions and and I heard rush bring this up the other day is where is she gonna go for this therapy. And one of the rumors was Arizona and then there are some other discussions about actually going overseas to another country. And if that's the case how much would you like to bet. That he picks a country. That that doesn't have reciprocity swears extradition guns. Surely we can bring him back via. The Roman Polanski kind of situation. Frankie you've called 7045701110. And addiction Arab. So law I have toward my other employees perilous Australia's victory it's not true back. I'm gonna quote you know murder. I'm sure excel. I can't keep going until somebody can you're up. So great job of accent at all so he could be off Google here. Because you've never. Sought help from the beginning. Or use our are you are you saying that I'm. Saying that this is real. No I'm OK are you here baker felt like I better problem so well. After all goalies Wear red very eager Europe European spec car yeah. Not any yeah I mean they didn't didn't tiger uses defense. There's been several folks that that sort of vaguely popped to mind. That photo you know got a bad deal. Yeah yeah that is be it a go order it or present life. I I'd I don't disagree with you can't get. When he's when when it's a serial situation like this. You can maybe somebody can get a pass if it happens once or they can go get a lot of pass but the give a light sentence. Where it's it's a wake up call situation. But. If if if if indeed it's true and there were thirty plus women here. Then he's a predator. Sexual predator. Therapist who has dealt with quite a few releases they can wield a lot of control and power. And there's there's this pattern it seems like. That the they fall into an answer bulletin steps they may not necessarily go through all the different steps. But they go through a lot of them. You know a predator in the very beginning with will be very attentive amino. Very caring. And I'm really worried about you and thinking about you want the other person that that is being pre dated on. It's a lot of focus and then the manipulative language comes in and the rise in in the challenges. That come from the victim and then get turned around and a child does end up going back down onto the victim. And then he learns that he can control a manipulator. Why emotionally wearing them out. He makes a source things seem kind of normal mean you've heard you learn ivory army on the while some of those tapes of the staying in unused to this you know this is okay and this is nothing. And then they get turned around and now we're finding out what he's our he's playing the victim. Explain the victim of some sort of some malady. Don't we all have a disease is some sort we will all have a sickness and it's just sitting there waiting for us so that when we do something stupid. We have something to blame right. Man up party. You act like you're a big old bad man with a all these ladies know being a man. Can stand up to it envious an appellate guys African backed by the First Amendment Second Amendment. There's an interest in. Here's an interest in correlation uninteresting registration that's going on at least suggested in Indiana will break him back and that's not about that. What doctor David shields Tampa. Thank you match up to sixty as your time. How we get to the other panther video here momentarily if you if you happen to be at the game. And so other ridiculous sucker punch. This that this. Young dude smashed his older guy in the face him again and again. Is. Prisoner. I would we'll talk about that come and appear as a species. Such a situation brewing in Indiana found this to be fascinating stance and I wanted to find out the constitutionality. Of those they David Chilton Zia Hamlin university professor of political science plus. Very very steeped in the world constitution and elections on the university of Minnesota School of Law here. And and doctor at the story. Is I understand reduced as a representative. State representative and Indiana that says if you're okay licensing my Second Amendment right meaning. You got a license your guns and all that what's wrong with licensing your First Amendment right. Meaning reporters. Would have to get a license to be reporters. Where and when you look at that on this surface it's like I can see how these she's trying to be clever here. But what sort of reverberations are sort of act using your brain. What are you feel when you when you heard about the story. Well I hear that story I started thinking about what the Soviet Union or the pilots carry a society. Granting licenses were probably a mix. Fall for journalists don't operate what could eventually think clearly want to be public school. And we don't have that in the United States. Now yes we do have like the radio station you know they'll come after you like that the broadcast because if you can cope with movies and otherwise. Newspaper magazine. How poor. When people look at the public should not part of would be politically society we get to work. More like what to watch it public and watch and we don't need to lighten from the culprit the setup fake magazine or newspaper or. You mean everybody's a publisher not to go to social media account right. Exactly it felt so trump talking about saying that when the light that the media. That need every one of us are gonna have to get a a all of my wife and every time we do applaud or are every time we want to welcome wire. You know a couple of hundred people are uttered an amateur but you'll never be good watcher by people like. And sometimes they'll still do the old fashioned you know pick out something and you'll learn around the Naples look at how people look cool or not they'll sit in that in that Newt yes Newt. Should be get a life as well either argument they're on the left decapitated. My life be all the public disseminate got stuck. Yeah. This is not the first time this has happened there was a proposal and Tony sixteen. In South Carolina. The guy proposed a responsible journalism registry that would allow fines and prison time. For any person who worked as a journalist without registering. We don't go to sounds all big and mighty especially with the you know the world devote you know that the media being the enemy here. But. In many of these cases it looks like it's just a personal vendetta but didn't Indiana. He hates the media because he thinks they've been critical of his efforts to do different things that you know that he's trying to do an office. And it seems to me like he's just going directly after the the same wealth you're gonna do this to me than half wanna make your life tell. Why it took an accurate felt like you to think you're a complete back. You know the poster bed that when the agreement with quest yet you know why we have the fruit vendor preview of the powerful example for two reasons he's no one is that. Free classes necessarily intrudes up. Are providing information that we that the public need to do our job since the troop. I think of our student part of the job with the media to what could be a watchdog the public can buy it could be critical if the sort of waste question. And the solution to say that the media kicker wants it's not the same woman like that ordered it for the speedy recovery can be arc tree Cooper also. Is why it. This could have won the doctor about Cuba I don't believe that market place device yet only comeback at the limit equal say no we all know why he's fought. More more prevention we not other sort of being able to check them be able to question them and not letting somebody Kuhn its I think bureaucrat. Did the good side ultra orthodox community trumpet what's worked well. Yep. You that you owe it to me that this terrifying. Because it is essentially comes down to well I don't like what she writes a therefore you're not going to get permission to write anymore. Is there an argument at all to do the people who say well. There's irresponsible reporting going on aura that's fake news. You know they're they're citing anonymous sources that sort of thing do they have a leg to stand on when they say that there needs to be something done about that. So clear on the court a couple of things you wonder what the market mechanism when I mean by that if you don't like the product that's being produced you know go somewhere else you know we still have a lot choices in our society. But I should also point out that there's that famous New York. Often the case from the early 1960 called New York Times which is solvent which the Supreme Court said. Mac that there are an outer limits that if the media publishes a news organization public so then they clearly know it well. You know and then and a publishing it with the purposes but on its logo while. No court for the bottom. They're both could be critical ally or one under could go into outer outer corner numbers greater than herd comes up with the quoted already equally important. It's so. Although I can practically the current among the other than that he would trip during all the we put it this information out there I think already the thought of this group who would have been Newt. We go straight to the gulf with sub point. No art until matter of opinion you know I know it's going to be like your typically look at a particular newspaper radio station that would look good thing. We've got squat nothing better at the computer beeped at scared of food and they're good. The Democrats can do with speech include what. It looked like they had can't truly looked in his more from march to the truth of the increment of the body won't put much. Mean in the world of law is there are. There are certain kinds of arguments are certain. Pieces of lottery or theories of logic that people are taught you know the slippery slope and a and I and I can't remember many of them but. They're different ways to argue things if somebody says okay you're licensing my Second Amendment right what's wrong would licensing your First Amendment right. What would form of logic is that what are they trying to do to our brains. Corporate try to do it to drop parallel to say that. Well there's no difference being the first and the Second Amendment. Bob and therefore we can apply one body of law to another area and in some situations you can do that but in some situations. A walk on the Second Amendment. Curious is very different than the law on the first and and that. Edgar there are not parallel bit better there now I will say that in general. Why don't we know that even the First Amendment is not apps only comes from a good protection for example. You could think I would fumble reasonable I'm in police matter. Strongly you know interpret that when people you know could speak for example I hear her examples that prove critical with the political speech really protected but cannot beautiful war and attach it to a vehicle parked around the puppet included in the middle of my. Screaming help book shop they'll likely I'm so we can impose symbol reasonable restrictions here. And I mentioned that because I'm always I pretend to and from one body of war or go to a public area but we aren't this situation that they're there. Who in fact there are now so who are bit. Aren't we each spend it all important. And we're gonna accept that an analogy we get accepted as an analogy because they're not personal worry that all the strength that could also be quite the pub gun ownership. It's gonna be the analogy on it that easy to cut oh. Let catches so he better watch what he what he wishes sport. That's right there with you want to say that that some people might come back and they'll say on. Give an attacker to already something that are not protected from speech for example blackmail extortion that's not protected our reasons I sort of gives them something new. Think that the defense was huge so that's what the personalities. Who are. We in my field but just part perhaps even more restrictions on the Second Amendment. And I think he's prepared to now. I would agree with your doctor David chose somebody wants a finder blog where they go on line. French Oprah quote what spot dot com Schultz is take blog spot dot com. Always appreciate your intelligence and you're inside of things that David Schultz have my university professor of political science. As well as a professor in the Hamlin and university of Minnesota schools of law. So yeah again this kind of Indianapolis be careful what you wish for. You wanna put her tales on the First Amendment it may come back and bite you in the butt on your Second Amendment. So what is your take on that I don't think that we should be licensed managed just imagine if John Hancock had to go down the courthouse give license to be able to do you know. I revenues to available at no way I know there's there's actually no way. Or I had to go down the court house. And get my fingerprints. And for the question here. BO could this mean it's fascinating he won this this dude you're wanted to put into the bill if you had been convicted of a felony. Or domestic battery you'd be prohibited from giving. But a journalist license. And the reason for because well those are the things that era. One of the reasons that you can be you know kept from having you know barred from having now did you tweet that might take your tweeting ability or an uptick in terms of Rivera. It made me having that's like I was talking to the doctor we are all publishers now. You know what's the difference. Between the only difference is that we're not making money off of our own advertising. Served mega issue could easily or an advertisement on FaceBook makes these. Makes the money off of your ads unless you put it up on YouTube I guess you can because they did make some ultimately. So yes. Some people just like to grandstand they like to it to make statements that that makes them look like. Does make him look good in the eyes of the people who care about whatever issues that they are the additional Eminem because so yeah. Tom we're gonna take a break when we come back. For me to take a look at what's what's happening with the other wildfires. Not a good situation up there in California it's not good and getting worse all the time. Terrifying stuff decent meals in the videos. Then I wanna know if you've seen it if you had if you were at the game and you saw that Panthers sucker punch. Holy Moly. Makes me wanna think twice about the onto a football game for a basketball game or even to Disney on ice. And it's here's Edwards at 28 is it time I'll break your back this is news 1110993. WB two has 36. That presidents don't go on. Who very very friendly crowd weren't president of the biggest tournament a good boost for him to get it so we still have the disaster that. It's reduction in unprecedented damage gone on in California with a wild fires that are near the death told fortune continues to rise and the number of people that reported missing. Continues to grow up Alex done is they're at. Alex Gloria that. Have you heard crusader David yeah I read an ambulance got I would go to bed never heard then ABC reporter go stat. And so I think that's okay. I can I can do that and I can do it right back to you so what does it smell like where you're. Israel's security giant barbecue I right now and I just actually heading out a mom now highway twelve heading out of Santa Rosa to attack on the town of Sonoma because there is a lot of fire activity there overnight and see Allison almost Iran and it's like you're gonna have one big barbecue or fireplace series bit the smoke is very thick in many places not quite as slick today is an. Couple days but. Everything reeks of smoke your clothes to buy everything midday you've got with yet. Smoke is everywhere and nab mentality is it that a wildfire of these things continue to grow we did just a couple of moments ago. Did some new wide numbers and firefighters are making a lot of progress on. Two of the big fires are now have by 25%. Containment 127%. One of the big fires has been threatening Santa Rosa and affecting Santa Rosa balance over a 3% containment cell. There's still a lot of work to do that means that 97%. Of that fire is still burning completely uncontained and I'm controlled. But the last couple of days up calmer winds it's been helping out but tonight's the big concern though the forecast has potentially fifty mile per hour winds coming in tonight. Rivaling Monday morning when this whole thing broke out in that the winds made the apparel lines go down and the fires raged. I so that they're very concerned about tonight they need to get the fire lines holding. So that they they don't end up having gas fire racing opera neighborhoods again no. I heard report. I may be was just yesterday that the fire was moving faster. Then firefighters. Could run so does that mean that the fire is is spreading and taking over stuff that has not already been burning and and then. In a good just quite. And it it's moving that fast. Yeah well I was on the first say NN weather winds kick up it dies on the on Monday morning when the winds were blowing it was going by one estimate about a fire department he was doing a football field every three seconds. I'm rolling rolling Ron not football field in three seconds again and they were not seventy mile an hour winds. And and that's why it's been so deadly Reno 31 people have been found dead. Unfortunately it is the coroner says that. Some of those who have been found dead. They've they can't identify them right now it's gonna take a lot of work they were essentially cremated. Inside their homes and there's nothing left to the cadaver dogs are targeted. They find some bones left and that's about it. And that they may without being able to get a DNA sample Leo lotteries to a casting your gonna toothbrush because everything in their home is gone try to make a DNA match to those bones. That they may just have to go based on somebody saying well. You know Joseph Smith lived in this house we haven't seen Joseph Smith may say well we think that's Aerosmith that that's going to be the identification. Because they may not be able it to do more and they think the numbers gonna keep going up in this city of Santa Rosa alone this doesn't count all the other areas that have burned and only to city set a rosette 2834. Homes have been destroyed in in many of them into a small patch of about a mile mile and a half of of every home gone the. That damage in terms of numbers and dollars is is there any estimate as to where that stands now because. That's something that meant that they start throwing numbers out almost immediately when we're dealing with a hurricane. Paula the wildfire. You know I I haven't heard a number yet and now I don't know if there is one floating out there he's going to be expensive you've got the homes and it's expensive to live in Santa Rosa so as president of the multimillion dollar homes and having gone. And then there's those that lit this is the most the bulk of what went out were not multimillion dollar homes those are and in areas where there habits blue collar workers but you just got all the wineries and the wine industry being impacted it's a lot of Monica. Yes that is Alex appreciate the update yet disaster. Quite often do there are times in life we go man I'm glad I'm not there. Sorry for them people but I'm glad I'm not there in the should certainly be one of those I'm glad I wasn't sit in front of this jerk panther fan. The one that turned around and saw Tucker pie to look like there may be some Eagles fans behind him. Tight if you were at the game if you seen this video. I needed to Coleman 7045701110. How long this guy gonna go away you're going to jail. We're gonna catch and he's in the going to jail break him back and then your calls coming up on WBT thank you much at temple creative use. We should note that was gonna get our news department we're gonna sports guys to. Figure out what is behind what was the the events that he's let. You just. Sucker punch and gone on the panthers' case. I've only been two 21 professional football game in my life. And and I'm looking forward to going to the Panthers images like commonplace. Stuff. I think it is isn't it yeah. You see fights at the football games and at least on the college level I need I remember seeing him nothing like this though I haven't seen anything. I like this where an older guys to sit there there yeah Allen but did you can tell it's an older guy. And this younger guys standing upright and you know you. Among them right in the face. It's you know according to do some of the the Inkster Graham and kept saying. The young dude the one that end up being dot puncher. And Israel for we're standing. That's the reports that we're standing for the whole game. And the dude behind them so did not communion we can use amount I guess. Don't know for sure. And then the dude isn't just punching him in punched him in front and we don't know what really for sure what what the guys said the guy behind the one and and getting nailed the face four times. To do is pretty good puncher. I mean he's willing and yes he did it. Four times news for really departures. Demand central L. Even liquor was involved yes the I mean I alienated them if I I don't know but I am I were a betting guy and he said right. Potter books you gonna go for being a drinker and there were not being a drinker there and I would say probably was a drinker. I don't I don't know that I've ever known anybody except in high school they've gotten a fight that we can drink in wasn't involved. Now it's always around new era back then. How many how many times how many times as violence have to have this out of the stadium before somebody throws out the idea that they need to quit serving beer. Now. Thank you really can't put control on it in you don't have much somebody's drink and they start the parking lot at the tail gate and then they all can NASA calls already flown the area. The other part of into the port prodding a few times you know that kind of thing. Have you seen everything have you seen this kind of backed up in this activity before 7045711. To what do you do about what would you do if you stand and then you saw this do get beat up. It's been it's crazy. Magic is what got fox 46 joins us here meant that what do you what do you know about this you you weren't the guy punch in where you. Note that I was okay. I'm just actually. I left police headquarters. Town and I heard you talking about it and or the other. Report their friends from the police are they said the report isn't ready yet. But the check back with him in a little bit they have to have it finished but. Video charges were pressed store or at least are going to be pressed and then I'll edit against the that that it's the Abacha. So then so that tells me that he's been identified. I'm under no if if it was initiated they're at the stadium has to do bigger punch in the face you know found police there at the stadium has stirred everything going on there. Well the I that I don't know that's the way that we had the way that they looked up. The report is the you know the address of this that you auto I don't know if C. If he is became the police headquarters afterwards or if he got it was an officer there I'm not sure. But but they did confirm to me probably about fifteen minutes because that. The report would be ready here a couple hours that we keep get a copy of at the end but. They were still working on it because you know they had dug in the -- a suspect that and and go about Doug Preston. The charter school have you I have Utah had a chance to talk to anybody that was an eyewitness. We. With some of our news came no out from fox was talking to Al mr. Graham to some of the other. Folks from. That word that posted it that were common ailment but I'm not sure. If if we were right we we were open that we do get somebody out to a but I don't we had any progress that are not like on the way that they cannot find out up let's. OK hey I appreciate that appreciate you checking in and in thanks for listen him and appreciate that. I would loosen everybody up there. Oh the problem now nervous that I did TV people are stalking me. Thought it was just the white Nationalists it. But empathy to is your time so be a police report beyond a little while here we'll figure would have gone on. This just disturbing. It reminds me in his Eagles right tootsie Eagles were involved reminds me of the do you see the movie silver linings playbook. It was Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for her role in it. We're she's got some sort of mental issues and she's. And it would Bradley Cooper who also has some mental issues. And Cooper into getting a fight outside of an Eagles game open with a look up that that's pretty rare MBA and then to be holy hell out of somebody come see. That's what gets me here this strikes me the video strikes me. But in many ways but at the main thing is we secede he's a college at the stadium iconic it's always a couple young guys they've injury can Malin going at a you see people of similar age may be right around two or three years different. This this seems to be an older. Older gentleman sitting there yet the do they get hit in a dude that was next to him. And I would guess are both in their fifties maybe even though early sixties like to know the eight spread but just a thirty year spread. This is my guess Charles. He did not fight back at all demeanor comes am I correct him and I don't I he has hands you have to Canada right he really fight backe didn't actually resist if you will. He covered a space gags and I yeah he tried out to be you know just the. I was not gonna watch it again but. That's why I had to ask. But really after I mean after the first punch. Come on. You and you keep hitting somebody. Hey who doesn't obviously have the ability to fight back isn't gonna fight back. How much of a coward how much of an idiot moron and he have to be really yeah pretty big more on. Unbelievable yeah arm he needs to stay in jail for awhile my diet yeah Coleman to be nice. We don't know again what led up to it mean there's. I don't know that there's any words it could come out of the other got to get punched its mouth that would have led to something like this. Supposedly we're civilized society right. She is supposed to happen on the ice in a hockey game. Out of the stands I can mental football and I'm not heights I don't always have personally I don't care what he said yeah. He'd eat you always go is somebody says something you don't like you hit them. Don't want you living in a traditional uncivilized my god American way Charles come here. Yes we are in terms of fired up eight so now now we have to be concern whether or not we the got a gut punched. You we have to watch she preserved concussion protocol. He should have a helmet on the say that and say that's the problem he should have been wearing a helmet. Can do is going what Jersey's right yeah. The election night if I were to go to a football game if I'd Wear a helmet. Because I want to be saying this better be safe than sorry. How odd word that a copped to better yes because. Women let's face it you're really in a frighten you you want them. No. But yes by its simple land g.s to the plums yeah that the zone toes are flange is trying to get I think that in a minute Parcells cut. Yeah I mean that that's what I was taught. I took one karate class in the and in the entire low. And was kicked him in the balls and they both. Panda we're still third shoe hello. Okay get a prohibited from box hold them it was not a fit their. Hopefully they'll. Continue to listen to provide some more information girls or guys had a hand amazed with the database within yeah cut back aren't faced with a kid peed on it. Yeah the high ground. Maybe at the moral high ground if you go that route the other high. All right so I break him back it's going to talk about we. Sex addiction. Well mr. Harvey Weinstein. And then. Well black prisoners make good slaves. Let's face it if you ask this year have been Louisiana they'll tell you up black prisoners make good slaves. Can't believe I said it but guess what we'll talk about it coming up. Harvey Weinstein. Says I didn't know you know almost like done. Out today must be national sex therapists. Day off as we've tried. For the fortune around different search service problems in Charlotte and maybe there's a conference or convention all. Communities can be a funnel all their coach thank. Mom bits are so far we've had no takers so if you happen to be a sex therapist psychologist of some sort and you can give us some insight in some input into. You know the real the reality of sex addiction or whether or not we're just dealing with some real sick tickets Libya from you soon before functional. 1110 back to the these sucker punch. We don't really know the story behind it but but Maryland bar brawl essentially a one sided brawl where. I didn't Cam Newton Jersey into the pop in this kind of phase four times we don't know what led up to it. But apparently be a police reports can finalized will we give an update as soon as we have that the news department scramble around to. Trying to figure what they can't Jon Kyl you called 704571110. Glad that you did. You're next DSL owner and what's your status now. I'm still an Expedia fell on her I was an original PS though owner until about ten years ago and now straight and true true that you can the Chattanooga area now home back. But why are they were in the lower level behind the goal post. And if there was any problems they're always would have staff around you in all you have to do it kind of wink Adam or motion over to them. And they would take care of the problem very professionally very low key. And so we attended all the games throughout the year these are the ones. That word south Carolina's Clemson. So what's surprising I don't know if this happened in the upper decks are the lower deck. But the there are staffed at the stadium was always very professional and would handle these situations whether. Somebody was drinking too much or just noisy or urge you also very family oriented type of a stadium. Well looks like it looks like the upper deck. Again to Fred to make a bad just based upon. The perspective from the camera looking at the rest of the stadium behind so guess it's in the upper deck. Then I would assume the upper deck or just the laces the or just good as the lower deck but all I can say with the stadium that was super. So it's a pride thing that been maybe the person who got sucker punch didn't realize that all you have to do is. Call somebody here waiting get them are there have his hand up for go to the bathroom and tellem that hey guys there's a problem in front of us in the staff would normally have taken care of that in the past. Yeah well they may still do that I don't know but no I understand that which appoint his. And it's and perhaps what it looks like here is that the guy took matters into his own hands. As opposed to allowing somebody else to commit to make the correction would defend. Anyway well it you know Iowa are ordered Cho what thank you I appreciate you listening John thanks so much but I'm an immigrant and. Here is I've never seen anything like that never seen any much Dedham person. Seeing video is obviously and destruction or was like wow. He was really make it but I can't keep watching it makes me man on again look at again nominee no. No and then. And as I watched it the first time they clicked on it again. They're in the way in a one that I'm looking at a into just keeps playing it over and over it's it is sort of like listening to the gunshots from the biggest steel and a or any of the either the tragedies that that B follows these days is sort of limit. I don't really wanna see this but. I don't know that they can not watch it. So it won't be able talk about it in an educated way that you've seen it I've seen it. That was a nice aliens see that video vastly I know I noticed that the I sought to now what do we do you know totally you. Breaking news an NCAA infractions panel announces it could not conclude. That UNC violated academic rules. There's a couple of really honked off duke fans tumble after I pick. They they really truly are Tiburon is one of the mean he's got to do it Duchscherer gonna do cat on today so say that he deals acclaimed what continent's woes we don't. That's how it appears that that's how it appears the most of the allegations. So. When I when I read this particular story we're gonna get to it on the other side of the break here. I thought to myself wedeman is this. Is this a story from 1967. 21962. And 1940. No it's 2017. And it. You really can sort of sum the entire story up. By saying there's a sheriff in Louisiana. Who thinks it inmates. Are good so rates. Hell's that mean you'll find out what about the end of the B teams. But it's still be off of a phone Friday for a today yeah I like over the team. And I was like just takes us going on world news and it. I'm sure that that will be your power at all but a lot of it is going to be your phone calls and that's always the case here to remain the starlet we have to declare. That is open phone Friday I mean essentially. If I'm standing here. I'd also devastated. Because I like my feet hurt at the end of the day. If I'm standing here and it's between nine and Newt you're you're always welcome to call 70457. On eleven tonight. Always look at Google com got via. Email from mark from Kevin. Is we're talking about feel the pain at the situation there and this video is due just blasted a hole in all this guy's face mean globally stripping down. The guy picked a bad date aware aware a white T shirt. You can hook. The thing heated by I didn't know that I would Wear a white teacher to a football game though I mean can I like the notches now and hot dogs and both of those things drip. So Kevin writes in Panthers Stafford great I texted him last night that folks were smoking in front of me and there was a person there in 45 seconds. This could do no and a and I figured it would be that way in from the previous caller. Then they don't mess around their product is view being mayor launch in the game so they they tend to go out of the window of in the possibly can't. To make sure that it's an enjoyable experience for you. Kevin he called 7045701110. Good morning hi you're WBT. They got most you know why it's Friday manage and leave it all behind me. We hit a minute well. You know I'm gonna most of all though. Live it's gone I'll probably be here to all happened. They can't. You have a harder question is although not by words. I have guests. Depend to what extent do you heard me. And I don't know we're adults right well glad I don't have been if I think you can go to Mary. That would certainly alt. It happened earlier in which it was an Israeli. You know Oregon does and they don't pick up a couple don't apply it to and a couple on their. They're not look I don't think I'm court. Put her heart so Kevin just so I know for future reference here. What do I not say to use so that you won't come here and punch me but what's off limits. Well. You know god so you know it that you do imagination there. You're assuming I have one. I'm so. That's one thing you can say who caught abroad there are several well. Certainly you don't hear your girlfriend there appear certain people about their girlfriend or block vote without work out that we are also. Continue to punch to maybe. Maybe that I'm given I'm never go to a football game we view men. I don't I'm not Wear a helmet that is not be okay now we're at home and a cup and had a good ago. I ordered now as you know what I would wanna go to a football game really because you would protect me against the bad guys are well 0001. Fairway and sultry. That doesn't apply Anemia bodyguard Kevin so we'll we'll talk about that maybe we can come up with the you know we come up with a deal. Come up with a deal still gonna get to the story and on about this sheriff in Louisiana who just has this this. Very backwards way of looking at people and prisoners and he seems to forget that prisoners. Are people too. But. I get back to Harvey Weinstein here and and I'm thrilled. That that Charles you you did your magical work and Todd the Lloyd joins us now. Who is a gay sex therapist and Diane Todd your you're here local in town right here and potters know is that correct. Are you exactly out of office and on the bill and did not see. Not a lot in inner peace council summit yes. Inner peace counseling center I like doing that sounds you're so Harvey Weinstein. Is is saying hey hey I need some help I must sex addict. But if you did go in true the you know the DSM. There there is no diagnosis. Vote for sex addiction and as a sex therapist or wanted to sort of find out from you have. If this is reality that there is this kind of thing or four really just dealing we have. Powerful people from whom have no impulse control. Huddle I don't reckon. Be very clear in regards through my stance which is equivalent through the American association of sex educators fear of customs purpose. And and our official stance is that there's not enough. Statistical. Evidence that there's such a thing this sex addiction is actually an oversimplification. Of a much more complex issue. I don't even know that we can relevant data bound through. Just impulse control to some degree yes there may be technologically somewhat a powerful waves. That shares similarities to addiction but there is no statistical research data supporting it. How what and it is an out of control social behavior that it can be associated to. Cultural things societal things. Basically his own interpersonal interpersonal working from Emmy Awards in issues. So there it's extremely complex oversimplification. Of this they have affects that it. So mob many of the times that we see. Situations where somebody into claiming the sex addiction. Well obviously if that they have to be in the press in order for us to be able to see beast and then quite often we're dealing with people who. Our our famous. Are in positions of power. Ups celebrity. Quite often the world just sort of bows to the amendment and they're used to getting whatever it is that they want. How much of that might contribute to somebody's mindset that there's almost an entitlement to run to other people's party's. Window or can't argue with concept obviously with the presidential races and everything else Obama. Fit they can do that. Myself back far. However when I but I took a look at it I'd look at it more so as. They're trying to true not villain not themselves from societal self portrait of himself in the attic premiere some formal level of empathy. But look at it morsel of support for help. Guys that obviously needs help and then had been publicly shamed so to some degree part to normalize it's not demonize himself. But it's so quiet for help and which you know Bob Hope in the appropriate authority get a little bloody knee. So. Would you feel safe. Obviously if you don't. We don't diagnose somebody or have a chance to sit down with somebody and days and and and get eyeball to eyeball with the and ask them questions. Sometimes it's hard to say well this is my have my diagnosis of somebody but would it be. Wouldn't be inaccurate to characterize somebody like Barbara Weinstein as a sexual predator. Well. For his or is there are certain behaviors. Like the if you look forward to react at all it's that prospective. All all of its. It is definitely an out of control sexual behavior so you can call on the part of some debris. And merit you know their blog them plays that ended that hard it's been a level victimization. Sold to the simple answer is yes I'll however it is. Saying it's not about really understanding what's going all our Leo that's by force of war was quiet of this nature. Then and there appears sometimes sexual trauma in their whole lives sexual abuse in their own and their own lives some type of neglect of reform problem. Associated to that. So about sitting down with the individual and specifically identify. What's been going off because again I've worked with similar clientele. And again there's usually some other issue that has just met a manifestation now out of control so will be. They're. Now. I could be completely wrong on this but I've always I've kind of had this theory that you can. You can talk to an individual person and you can come up with a psychological profile for an individual person. Can you do the same thing for a group of people because the discussions that are that are that are coming out and have for a long long time. For example is that there is this this culture of pedophilia. And in this kind of sexual predation going on in the world of Hollywood. But it's a circle of people who who know this wink wink nudge nudge with that group of people. Haven't had a sexual or steamy day a psychological profile. Themselves. Burn itself not the right. Where it again going back to abuse knows no evidence saying that there is there's not good enough we sort of evidence supporting. However it period you can go to Libya has some flaws and identifies. Had a serious things of that nature yeah that just because of course it has that I deviation doesn't necessarily. If they're not acting on it they don't necessarily follow that category. But yes there are individuals that bad that I had a files great and there are a lot of times yeah there have been some form of sexual abuse. And they're all lies that is being played out as they become older. Yeah yeah I guess who I was looking that was is there a a psychological identity for a culture. Because quite up and we you're gonna there's a culture that that you know doesn't dissuade certain behavior you know we've we've heard that about Fox News that the other culture there. Not bad not that I am closely identified with you achieve a researcher at any legitimate research that I actually. Okay I won't be like one or two of the questions that were not asking yet about this president really are burning in your mind that bug you really like to know. Thought you know marketing at Riviera like that no person from their pewter report about import could go harp are pebble polls treaty. No Favre is really you know what's going on with them 101 of the order and will be impulse was one approaches now. Just from a mere fact broken door what is going to and that type of power you there's a power distribution so him being Harvard twice in heaven and also out. Allow him to manipulate situations just all apologies if you're the mobile. So you know what sparked respectively are guys who really know what's called almost hailed that he really believed that you have the right. More flexibility to do that really understand how it all ties to whatever. Issues that aren't challenges that are fostering this. And I chip. That I appreciate you joining us if somebody wants to find you online editor peace counseling center how'd they do that. They can go to IPs. BC NPR dot com or interviewed cal things that are dot com. Inner peace council senator combo type B a little bit easier time appreciate your insight here today sex therapist other areas as well also if you need some help our inner peace counseling centers. Dot cup break him back it is 1128 as we strap on this we can hear on who's eleven test that it had three WBT. So Friday the thirteenth it's a second one of the year to remember him as another withdraws it. Plus in my birds everything's on July delightful. Jesus is this the scare you off the area of giving us any fears of the number thirteen joining us now no way now golf. So you would stay in the hotel on the thirteenth floor. Can I have it in the thirteenth floor. You know I'm not superstitious I'm I'm I might be other things though that's one thing I can say and you are other things yes Sanchez let down the cost talked to mr. claustrophobic could. I had very highly cluster pulls the plug an MRI would miss Europe yes yeah I was very young I knew and was probably six years old. And across the street the house on lived in Hollywood Florida was a big church in underneath they had to crawl space and had those things we could pull him out and go on to the church yeah. And so these are kids that were probably 1012 they weren't there with me. And that was their objective to. Locked me in there basically so they scuttled out. While I was at the other end I came to the entry way to get out and they blocked it they put the the great back so I could not get out. And it's stuck with the U Norma still today. No kidding that's what happened when people fool around like that. Even at that age. And they think they're having fun at somebody's expense will they really are foolish you sound pissed at these students and Jessica it's been a few years it's a few. Well my suggestion to you is at call Todd Malloy Huckabee at these counseling center like Kim could reduce data or at a I don't know if there's any sexual issues did you with a cross because they're not that. Thought but I didn't think it came to light. When I went to Disney world with our boys of several years back. And a look at lump all of does you'll love the rides. And they had no one at the time that had not found when I was there younger has been a report they had was called a mission to mission to moon. Okay and you've got into these little little capsule pap solo bush as a few of the astronaut. As soon as you for people you know you go across. In the eye and then you reach sit back and each have a little things. And the door closes. And then all of a sudden the front of the module comes forward and toward juke move to lose about three inches between new. And the screen in front of you. And there's no room to decide there's no other space around you all of a sudden. I felt like I was in a coffin a while and I and had the biggest panic attack you can imagine. I was so panic how long was a ride. Probably good or minutes global it may be. And most Philip forever book Fella Trevor cook. Franco Al so all I could do was so I don't I want to do is look at the screen and I have no idea what happened with the ride at all. I I guess I was so terrified in my wife shot to get panicked because I had such a bad panic attack I couldn't do anything obviously until Andre does scream. What are you gonna do business authorized. The Avaya. Oh my gosh in the capsule they can't hear you scream no. The stories make in my test I don't know in space they can't hear you script that was up from an alien when it was alienate a lot of them. So Charles was living the alien Experian to get here it's going went over some jumps out of his chair of the small closet the other it was hard almost jumped out of his chest I guess who was almost an alien. Kind of experience I'm not a big fan of Friday the thirteenth day. The bad episode and in my world I mean everything. Ended up being OK but on Friday the 13 December. 13. In 1991. My my mom and her then boyfriend fiance at the time. Where were going out to pick up some horses. In in Kansas and his they were driving across the country they were needed in northern Missouri you're on the edge of Kansas the truck caught on fire. And so big and went up fast mean it was a big giant fire in the engine. So. Ray is that is the name of the the fiance. In slams on the breaks obviously slowed down but it was for the truck was gonna blow up. So when he opened distorting your rage opposite him mutt in Wendy got a jump. And she hesitated. So he reached over any inning pushed her out. And they were pulled a horse trailer behind the big towers trailer and if you turn the wheel of the trucked to the right. And then you turn a bag left. The trailer takes a different angle different tack some of the trailer ran over her shoulder and in just destroying crushed her shoulder her arm. And as you was did make it. Measures in surgery for for a long long time and bleed not and internal bleeding historically bad. She's okay now she's she's not quite John McCain arm yes you know. But. Yeah it was a horrible phone call to get money Friday the thirteen years and years and years ago. Com it's the there's so many different stories that sort of tie in to seek GY. Friday the thirteenth is unlucky. The one that I remember hearing first was the when there was the last supper you know thirteen people there at the last supper. And and the other on was supposedly on Friday the thirteen thousand today. The knight's temper our world our world rounded up and killed. So a couple of things to get to used is doctor JP is this doctor JP is that right what. Doctor JP welcomed the program your doctor of what. Padraig a world. Doctor bla yes yes it's true it's not a sex therapist or Iran or and stuff. We are no or Barbara or are all right seuss we sort of lake the kiss song right. Calling who are married OK okay corral and dental work toward all right there's more we got you figured out now which which song applies to you what do we would would he want. Hadn't thought that it worked superior car world like they are or know about freedom of new Yorker club. You wanna know if it does Freddie know that she is a fan club you never know share the first call can you hang on for many you can teller OK okay yes. Hang on for just a second here we'll get to the traffic report coming up and you can tell Freddie. She's got a fan club right to her right towards your camera to a face to be right to a at least minimum standard car. And I still haven't got a story yet it just sick and twisted. Prisoners make good slaves that's on the way on WB two Sanford thank you match doctor JP. Or Freddie hammer meet each other doctor JP thank you for listening. How are you let them know we're gonna who had heard there we are loosen the show and then when you're introduced growth going. Start putting out our. People extraordinary Carter they were pretty. And now the other guys in the shop for starting your art it terrible wiping the friend club probably duplicate bigger bigger project can get a T shirt. Phone actually offered up more out there. May have been part. That's dreamt fun doctored doctor JP do they do though though the though the rally cry one more time on here that part of her. A so my doctor JP I'm just just deferred for future reference here. What I'd like you to do is I'd like you to do the introduction to pray for up to the traffic so I need you to say will record this and use this in the future. It's time for traffic is serviceable OJ angles famous chicken and biscuits and here's Freddie hammer okay. Arrogant and I know I agent of the whole thing. He needed the whole thing. Are a murderer or. Criteria. It's time now for traffic. You know I'm Robert Eric brought to you by boat jingles famous chicken and biscuits. What are your Barbour ordered. A chicken and biscuits thunderbird at her. But you by boat angles famous chicken and biscuits are good ordered him about it and now here's. Another. Well. I think we can edit that together so that that is sounds truly professional. So what the doctor GPA yet. Don't you JP the doctor of love it. Thank you for a for participating in them television being a power what order to meet you Ryder Cup. Everybody different names. Look at Freddie still there. I yeah okay hold on the second Robert wants to talk to you like yeah I know it's is one of those days robbery hi be nice be a gentleman Euro with Freddie have. I won't truly be a gentleman friend who actually I just let your where your humor in your lectern just. One dimension does so keep doing what you do and thought some sweet send that man a T shirt she's an incredible woman she puts up with me Robert. She's proud and you know who you're gonna need you don't get the you know I thought. I understand that's that's prioritize our dream to argue that. I've appreciated many of Gaza and it just so good again thank you to youth I was more afraid I'm like gosh am I there. Freddy yeah I love your girl like let's hear it Charlie did see it as amber it's ever cast into. But the other part is very accurate this thing out it's 5 o'clock in the Mort I must say it's pretty awkward note name for history that never seen a shot. And every time you say. It is pretty hammer. And here is that actually an Idaho. Just stop completely wrong please let. Oh did she got here we get to hear what you're saying possibly is sound raw. It's not true. That makes you have. Correct. A I. Think that the Tim your hard act to follow that really holy Moly Freddy that's all the love your getting. Well I'm gonna keep it till Monday in a variety. And that we will use the the intro. You know we got an and so points out some pretty things are planned along your Willie high you're on WBT happy Friday to demand. Hole one of their number and when was the case. But I wouldn't vote is very. Something sailors. Area. I don't know Ivan Ivan got those DuPont credit. No offense look I asked the court is now known come along. Did he say unless this circle are from Brazil and it's coming up. We don't need that what you have a hotel room the whole nine yards and armor vice regarded as far as thirteen when I think about the decision to borrow broke enough. Don't go out there have been Helton who helped me out and I would call call quote yup I'm a former green garden you know you cannot you know let it go from. So so you're you're wondering whether or not you should actually do this because of Friday the thirteenth. Yes sir I'm I'm going to you know Robert Bullard I'm not my kind of sympathized normal a lot of myself my warm enough. For a bit and then his and there are more wins and who can read a book itself and I don't know what. Your big concern here really are all part of their nose was now I want to go one way our drive nowhere don't say home. Well you have my permission to stay normally. Even though. I'm already in the book is that you know models. Fail what knowledge are called miracle last week remember him. Jeff. Says quote there are what we're doing cardiopulmonary guard. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Yeah elements now than it is there are pretty current. And I'll bring a pair of robotic glove and although volume car this girl that you let this girl remained. And all the we will go through. I do feel that top rope and all the bubble mark they have one of inbox is good enough if you know one. You were to. Willie you're the due to the Panthers game that was punch in the of the Eagles fans were you. Know that there will vote I would vote and have found out here that's gonna put up files off of grand. Okay well I was quote deputy who has since it was. Welcome all my love and I wanna meet in the pink bottle and box them out and around the world salute back. I'm out there well. I'd like to curb the the concept of a violent shoot Lilly some I was referral program called the LaBroque weren't what they wouldn't OK let's can we do rock them sock them robots instead of actual punching. I'm here or whatever but anyway. Hello my love and round and dumped on their home tonight or not. And now you maybe when either one of them remote does not about. I don't know I monitor very shortly Chanel they. It's a long story I can't go into what happened the last one. No I'm just killing innocent to do with a Porta potty them. What you. And I'm not with now. You have that thing edited together by any chance and I'm opinions that don't do that we have before so yeah I'm pretty ever fan club I tell you what they're coming yeah. To come up with some sort of way to celebrate it. You know I was gonna do this story about the other prison in in Louisiana and I just died just don't wanna go down that road but it does really don't wanna go down that road. So how can I think the way to end the show is here I want if if you would if you guys in a manner that the thoughts and prayers thing is. It is getting old and tiring him and kind of cliche. But if you could keep my daughter Hannah in your thoughts and prayers. For this weekend. She's been up since 1 o'clock she's she's. Overdue Jews must have a baby last week that. And doctors said that if she didn't have a bye this weekend. That they would do. Well they would do it you some persuasive tactics to to get the little fold to come on out so she started a contractions early this morning or 1 o'clock. I'm not supposed to say anything about a so don't tell anybody OK. Let's look at the pistons. His advice for you are. It's some little son in law yes we had our first child and do we get in the middle of the night not exactly sure was going on each my wife would hold. Our first son Alexander and I opened the book and I'd read from the book. We do this for how have found out what we're overtook each night. Two we learned every all the different ways impossible as of what's going on and waste may come back this legislature yeah. We await for the kids get out first the food. You're already making plans to read this kid I. And assuming that the other sort of O'Brien is gonna actually be involved. He already did his involvement part of hope now so all we're doing is is waiting for him over. I don't think he's going to be the wanna cut the cord and there's no one of those blood like the blood kind of guys. There's like c'mon this is just let's go so USA plays a prayer for him but everything comes out and that I get an opportunity to go meet. My first grandchild this week. It was a weird thought when she when she told me this awhile ago. Yeah oh yeah she's got a presence revenue witnessed the take awhile for to come from the months. Nine months later it's like okay. I'm I'm tired the president and under the Christmas tree for a while I'm rated open and I know you are too much irrelevant have a great week we'll see in my. So then blue skies and green light stick here.