Legal Questions, and How To Sell In the Summer

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Saturday, July 14th
Amber Holt of The Costner Law Firm joins Paul to discuss some legal questions and how to prepare your home to sell in the summer time.

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Advice provided on the following program is on an individual basis as they should not consider today's discussion has a recommendation for. Any investment and she carefully evaluate before investing. This is sure we are listening to. Tell. You she. Well hello and welcome happy Saturday it was gradual awareness today Communist hall Jamieson your host. From the Jamison family of companies Jamison realty Jamison property management. And Jamison property investments so Granger would listen their hero my good friend. Camera hold with the cost her offer more compact camera thank you poll also happy be here any yes yes. So glad to see you and the more times icu means a more times unsold houses so let's finish you as many days and I created the patriots. Amber is our closing attorney and has certainly a great asset to Jamison and helping us and our clients. Buy and sell houses so we're excited to have her here today and she's also available to you if you have a question. Related to a legal question related to real estate she's here and hope that you take advantage of that. I'm also here if you have questions about your home buying and selling investing. When he's got tenants what you're trying to. Sell something and make changes by some ten. You're considering making these changes are you have a Tenet issue. Anything that you may have related to real estate or an investment issue we'd love to talk to you so here's how you get us today and here's what happens. You pick up the phone 704. 5701110704. 570. In 1110 Jesse years on the board and on the found seal. Pick up the phone. He'll get your question. We will get you over to so make it brief. And then we'll put you on the air because we know. That if you're thinking something out there or not only can be beneficial to you but it could also help somebody. Else. Not so. Last time for the number 704570. You know intend we'd love to hear from you so don't be scared don't call me Monday combing now. OK so. Less time amber was here what was it 23 weeks ago I believe so okay we had. A series of questions. That continue to come up. All the time so low. I decided to continue that so yesterday at ten PAM I gave amber list of homework. It some questions which she. It came through with flying colors as always to help us with them we're gonna talk a lot of a lot about those. I've also got some summer selling and summer buying me. Advice tips. Things to think about ponder might. As well. So what are you cite some scandals are minute all right let's start let's start with you so let's just start MS let's just throw right down into the first question. In North Carolina can a husband buy a house. Without their spouse. Or vice Versa. The short answer is yes I don't know. They can't they can't so in north Tehran they need one to die and to yourself OK that's the best low short her. And a girl okay so. We have a lot of folks out there that. First one reason or another have decided not to stay together and also decided not to. File for divorce but yet they don't live in the same place right. So if they wanna sell their house. So what they're gonna need to do is they're gonna need to set up a free trader so and certainly cost office we can help you of that but. Basically he's got a free trader or even if you have a pre nuptial so you may have a pre nuptial agreement as well that would. Would make you not have to go to bat too to sell but you either we need a free trader or something in place so that. You would be able sees solid with yours. After which consent right and before we switch over to add there's one caveat to that a lot of folks don't know that. You know even if you have a legal agreement right of free trade agreement but you have a joint mortgage together. Yeah you about Donald Lawrence K you're both still on the mortgage just because legally you may have. Given up their rights doesn't mean financially the bank has said OK that's right it's always best to refinance. If you are gonna take on that title solely that's right yep all right Ed what you got for today happy Saturday all. Thank you Wear your show and I just realized that come into that cell site so. I hope you be my questions that you can understand that up effort to get off the phone infrastructure that's their vote here I go ahead. What is the efforts don't quite look for real market for all about the about those four feet and I sure. You have any sense that. It 6000 square feet. Well I do not but I won't have that after the break I can look that up so stay tuned and I'll get that for you okay which is time. So I think what I'd like you we about it earlier at all but as well bring that up would be to say or he. So are we so. We hear you saying you're the expert. The sellers the has been a commission. Yeah okay. I'm. Well. Okay. United it's this said that's that's one of those difficult questions because you know obviously. Whenever you use an agent and statistically it's been proven you get more money so it's kind of a catch 22 you can certainly try to sell it on his own. Combat and you know there are companies out there that are in better available to two discount. That service. Just be careful of that. You know there there are places that people can go there's a place called Dane Warren real estate where you can play pay a flat fee but the but typically the buyer agent is gonna look for a commission. There are you know place is right knock or open door. Calmed him but that's only if your Brothers willing to sell his house and about a a you know forty cents on the dollar discount. Chair and that that never bodes well. So my thing would be is. He is may be you know talk to a real estate agent really make sure there's a clear understanding of what the numbers are. Because he may be surprised there may be colonial room and then some. Because the data that people can pull off the Internet isn't always the actual day. I'm yen and oh well at and there are is that you're gonna pay a little bit more whenever he gets an attorney as well because what you're looking at as you you're not paying those fees to an agent. But then the attorneys gonna have to do double work so you're gonna end up in the innocents are gonna end up paying for it to me like yeah. That's their oh well great eagle at the bit which if it's or. All of America great is that our our fire for what they're there. An outside cell. Yeah if you were you doing it for a refinance. We're know we're we're. Cheaper. Well okay well I love an opportunity to help you to so. Well Richard I let let me out let me get some numbers free I'll look at it at the break and we'll get him right back to your house and took it. Well thank you had shipped afraid for our towns get. OK so one of the things that. I wanted to make sure you don't know if you call in and ask a question if I don't know the answer for amber does that will find. I knew the answer to a lot of things but. Statistics and numbers are economize thanks so I'm I'm kind of anxious to see what the answer is but I'm gonna do some research at at the break and figure out what that is. All right. Can a builder. Keep you from using a realtor amber. So and this is kind of twofold because builder or aunt or seller it's kind of it doesn't really matter. You know they they can't you can use your realtor if you want. But I do wanna put in there that I don't wanna make senate's included in the contract drafting states because of those if the sun doesn't agree to pay for it. You get a ticket buyer agency agreement because that's how Lincoln had been there. Sons and pay for your on the hook for it as the buyers senate. You just wanna make sure that I'm it's covered and if it's not covered and you want an agent you can certainly work with an agent and pay for yourself. Yeah and then again. I encourage known anyone that's out there. Just to get the advocacy. Of an agent and obviously have an attorney. Church so big transaction. To we have time for our Brad her compact car hit bread our area we're gonna jump your I didn't hear how are you. I agree doing great doing great trichet sheriff thank you we're going to force. I have a little home in the but it only bits and rented it several years has asked many of course it got perfect. Well payment schedule at all wet but I thought they'd actually played. Could possibly purchase a home. But there are tried that they won't wallop stopped off for a mortgage. So just kind of told that out there to see what other ways or. Possibilities or suggestions you Marquette. Okay I have three. I can't. First of all it would be has come to apply for a mortgage charged. And see if they can actually do know it and in essence they can find out really quick. If there and there are a lot of programs out there that they may be eligible for so that would be. You know simple answer number one simple answer number two. Could be if you. Would be willing to be the bank for a period of time now if you have a mortgage on it I would. Tend to say shy away from that. But. If if you do not have a mortgage on the property and you're willing to be the bank for any period of time. It may be a couple of years while they get things back together you can have. Amber. Or. You know draw up some documents that can. Resolve. That for you and protect you and keep you in the first position. The last is my favorite which is and I got one minutes or if we if we have to continue to stay on the line. Is that you do a lease like you still have with an option to purchase not a lease purchase. But police with an option to purchase so if they need a couple of years to get their credit together in their things together you create an option document that says. Anytime within the next few years. They can purchase a home from you at this price but all wrong. They're still Macon lease payments to. And export export. To make sense. Yeah I'd bet that helped a lot appreciate well I appreciate you show all right Fran thank you so much for calling we appreciate you. And happy Saturday to you aren't well we've got a lot more to cover today Amber Holt would cost her law firm I'm Paul Jamison your host. Feel free to call we would love to hear from you on this Saturday's 704571110. Still with us here and shut your real mistake today on news 1110993. WBT welcome back to show your real estate today. Holed chips to your host here from the Jamison family of companies it's real estate property management and investment. For graduates here whatever hole with caution at all. Hamburg is and not turning North Carolina South Carolina and Georgia. That's right that's right she's all over the cell phone sorry but I'm not special. We're glad you're with us today and Jim hang tight we'll get with the shortly wanna get back to Ed's question earlier. And not just did a quick search. Looking at homes actually ran amok over 5500. Square feet now. These numbers are very because every house is different every neighborhood is different. And so you know you can see ranges and you know 89 dollars a square foot up to almost 300 dollars 350 dollars a square foot so. You know you gonna have to take this number with a little bit of a grain assault and so we're looking at ranges of 446. Dollar and 58. Dollars a square foot on average so. You know again could be more could be less so without C in the house and where it is or particular neighborhood and if you. Once and tighter numbers you're more than welcome to call me an 846 dominate force 63663. And we can tighten that up toward. Okay. All right so. Let's go ahead see what Jim needs and we'll go from there and then we have another caller that called in that left a question for amber about. If you don't use a real turn mark and an attorney but we're gonna star review gym since your live and on how are you. Our area around. How are you yeah Sergey got a larger army brought another ball. I'm Olga how about they attain years ago wouldn't like what share. Of course you get that tax day who had not been redneck prepared ten years. Notice that I don't worry anymore or Shalit when I know I made a warranty. Days I don't after lawyer related. And have go anywhere well all we evolve our fair account to get candidates. Playing their total war today's. Yeah well it's it is it is going to be a process and honestly it's probably a better question about follow up questions for you that we probably just don't have time for today so if you wanna call the office that cost her office I'm gonna give you the number and then that way you and I can have a more detailed conversation how does that sound. Yet it's one of those questions that presents more court yes it's a series and that we wiesel and I don't want you to hear that out on the Ayers I I don't either so it's 704. 901133. Again at seven or 490113. Tree and I be happy time to get. Okay out there that tiger show aren't. Thanks for Carl and don't have today. Jim sorry and I did general. That's what these little cheap O glasses a definitive yes I guess I need to go up a power don't. All right so enamored there was a girl caller and of course if you wanna call 7045701110. Call us pick up the phone that's warmer here ask guests don't call me Monday called me today. But if you call me today secret. Are so we got a caller that nick came back and said you know hey what does of the attorney do. One and she's or he is preparing and helping with the sale of there's no real estate agent involved. So we're gonna step then for you just like in your age at one have already get through view on drafting that contract including negotiations so if there's any kind of back and forth so it could potentially be hours involved. Instead of just sitting at a closing table we're gonna spend hours with the use going through your closing deed cells making sure that everything is prepared and ready for use so. I knew it it's going to be a lot more time consuming and a lot more work because were stepping and as your early days on as well. Not just on the closing but trying to make sure that everything preliminarily is taken for taking care for you as well. Yeah and and again. And a lot of those situations sinister inspections Sonia prepare negation rationing yep more documents and negotiation could go on and on yeah yeah so. Just note that there are other aspects and just preparing the deed and title search and so. Yeah. Those are good questions thanks coach whoever called in for calling him. 7045701110. And oh by the way that noise was not my stomach. There is a water system in the corner and all of a sudden decided to do. And acted similarly if you're thinking out there that I'm hungry. You're wrong he looked at meet our guys like me to hit the water system over the corner and I'd amber started talking and all of a sudden it just well. God Grachev not at all you look like the looney tunes cartoon when you looked at me. At her apartment in the world that things possessive over there a fruit. 70457011. Then there are so. How I loved this one. Okay this one most like this from like what one might questions I was a I was excited about your answer okay. Can you record a video and audio in the house when it is being shown. So aunt and I can't watch this comes out right old has staff people want to protect their valuables. And they wanna snoop the well. I was gonna be nice about it and say they wanna protect and I able that's the matchup for us this. Morning to protect your valuable snoop. I this cancer as. You can't put cameras without audio in certain areas so if you had you know jewelry boxes. Guns say something that she wanted to basically perpetual nature of it. Knowing got into you could put a camera on that and make sure that nothing got it taken out of that but she wanted to remove the audience and their reason is is because. Both federal and state law in North Carolina prohibit the and interception of audio. And it not only that but as Paul said it erases ethical concerns for you if you're purposes to here at the conversations between agents in the buyers. You could potentially face criminal and civil penalties as well but. It also raises ethical concerns that you really shouldn't be leaving audio around but it. Even more so for the criminal and civil penalties that you could face. Of course the exception areas consent but you know if people command and you've got. Something in the case you've got a camera up and you want people to know that it's up you can have them consent right and then they can sign a consent waiver and that they understand appears. A video recording that could be taken place and that they're consenting to be videotaped. So does that include Alexa. Well you know I think that's a good listen stimulus Monica let's look a clip of I think you I think when you take delivery of that I think you automatically are doing concerned I'm pretty sure memorable that's in the contract and it's so like you're at or not tolerate the regime directly click on the ad disclosure. Now that's a good I'd like that question that was a good conduct. Part I'm not. What realism okay. Our last slay how can I legally get someone off the deed. The easy way is it did to do it quickly indeed and I. I sinned and this question that that question was coming from then asking that if two people or are ready owning the deed and one persona gossip for example. If a son and a mother sent and is the mother Bob as the sun if she wants yet Bob off of the beaten he wants to come off of the deed. They both as the grand tours would dentist deed at 10 AM and quickly indeed and I'm saying quit claim not quick claimant alassane fast in action UIT quit. I quit claim deed and event that can be done pretty. Pretty easily eat two car suddenly get that get that done for you pretty easily. A lot of people use that I'm putting properties into LLC is another thing they use the quick claim right. Provision you know I'm seeing and all the time. Art here here's a reminder. I got a couple of calls this week and I want them to give these numbers again. Reminders of the growth in our area. Apartment group from torn sixteen between seventeen wasn't nine 600. I mean 600 sound like the worst thing 9600. Yen up. Tony seventeen to 2018. To 111674. Units. Turning eighteen. On the books. 121674. Units to date. Vacancy rate in these. It's. Downtown new units where most of Marco if you count of the crane so that people by the hour. It's less than 400 and that's that's just insane to me. I mean that that's just crazy but that's what it is prepared. Art summer selling summer sale contact. Some of these are common sense some of these are dumb and some of these are pretty darn Smart so I'm gonna do some ball. Okay. Summer selling. Them how much time you have a thirty seconds it's not going to be enough we're disconnect from the actor. Our first of all comfortable temperature. If you are showing a home in the summer and you go in there and it's nine million degrees. And you can bake cookies on the floor. It is not. Going to be a good experience. It's probably I can finally gave a little bit of money but you're not going to sell. How all right we've got a heart break we'll be right back here to show you real estate today please stay with this news 1110993. WB. And all right well. If you're just tuning into. The show your real estate today or Roger Rabbit collar whatever you want at an earlier talking about real estate I'm Paul Jamison your host if you just popping on this show about real estate anything having to do with it I'm here with my good friend and council to Jamison on the Jamison team and many others in town amber whole discussion law firm. We're here talking about real estate topics and we've been going through a series of questions remember we're also live so we invite you. To call 704. 5701110. Don't be scared to Karl. Pick up the phone and call us don't call me Monday calls today there's great questions out there and we've had many said Goodman so far. 7045701110. And put -- on whether schools we want not only to help you we'd love to help others that are probably thanked him. The same time 7045711. To protect now. I was going through a series of summer selling tips in my first was a comfortable temperature were not gonna talk about that anymore I think we get that. Always and still. Bright. Means money. Light and bright open the shades term elect make it nice and bright first thing every real turn does when they walk in the door is. Look online flipped on the lights pull up to shades. Nothing nothing worse and dark dreary hawks guard picked. Here's one of those does help us keep it clean killer could deep clean prepared to Charlotte. Get rid although rolled out bugs in the corner of the house's hand to. Do you clutter. You know people do have a hard time seeing through Crocker. Do you personalize. We know you love your family I love mine too. But we want to make it so that when people come through there they don't see you they see themselves. Personalization is one of those it's really hard for people. And we know that personalization is a big key so if you wanna sell some or selling make sure you do that. Her. Ceiling fans. Nothing worse than looking up and see and ceiling fan that's got a mustache. You know. Revered in some case cool for who who can prove. Like Jesse's ore mine lower okay hormones white so it's more clean but anyway. Loses drift off okay so make sure you clean that ceiling fan sometimes it's missed everyone looks down but don't forget they look up to her. Okay here's one of my favorites summary freshman swan you're coming in out of a 107 grace. Have some nice ice water and ice cold water there. May be something nice and refreshing some lemonade and things like that I always think it keeps people there longer which is the ultimate key to. He isn't about. Trying to feed somebody a full meal also. You know you go to Costco and get that. You want to you wanna make sure that you want go to YouTube makes a home field. Not just brake light and clean but also inviting them to good way to do that. And you can do kind of a little summary things have a pitcher of lemonade there. Little light summer snacks. From him. Do some power washing you know a lot of houses right now when they gets hot. And on the side where the sun doesn't quite hit it gets that little layer of microbial growth fault. So you know a lot of times. A quick power wash is always a good thing you can die after market products to do that were to hosed down. And I also liked those products that a lot you not to have to get on the latter to clean your windows that you can spray them on ransom off and. Form a nice clean windows OK okay. Class. Last few things don't go pretty quick tackle the obvious. Make sure if there are obvious things that need to be done little things little repairs little changes make them make them and then make them. Fresh coat of paint is always good don't be afraid of that front door hardware. You know it's one of the first things they see and you know I'm amazed sometimes rural walk up to the front door and you can't give in. Because the door knobs. Don't work. It's not good first impression I'm just saying okay. Trimming trees and show shrubs put. Some fresh flowers in the beds. If you're worried about the deer eating them it's my wife she Kurdistan put a little bit of blood meal around him. And the bunnies and the deer will leave them alone. Don't go out there and go to the bathroom in your front yard that doesn't work don't have don't put shavings out there get the blood mail. You know that only worked on that movie back to the future and whatever it was so don't don't do that okay. You get the book and then you're gonna need amber. OK we have Brad back how ballpark but you're definitely a turnaround happened got a good choice that's the kind of researchers don't wanna have to do or enhance outdoor living areas. Perfect time to highlight the outside the home remember. Al door square footage is just as a valuable in the sale as endure. During. And then. This is spider time if Marty I was here he'd be doing is not true woo going to get me some spiders. But you know clean up this fighter. Stuff okay. Our so we're gonna do a couple of more legal questions what amber and then we're gonna go to buying. A home in the summer. I can our concept of connect. All right so. Well here's one of my. Second favorites camera what the seller. To accept the deal will immediately. So you know I'll look at the contract and an eighth IQ probably hear me say that every town and a show about ten times but it's important you went to a contract suit the contract says for the potential remedies. Whether it's returning. Earnest money or even an addition to that. Fees that there and I are incurred because of the seller reneging on the deal of the buyer is going to incur. What fees about contract has allowed four that they can potentially recover so it's not an included in those fees are commission. It is so but just to be clear specific performance it's probably not going to be an option because accord is not gonna make some money news but certainly you're entitled to damages. But you've laid out my contract which is what's so important about making sure that it's all laid out a beacon. Yeah claims true I mean I yourself that's really true I really like that. My wife just text me by the way and she said that she doesn't she's not sure that the bunnies were run off from blood meal but she knows the deer so I wanna clarify. That if you heard that being that would be carried telling me. Correcting me so what can I please consult your horticulturist for more information. It's still use the bathroom in your front yard you know that's not a hypocrite but the book I don't care how far in the country you are just that but the pleased to have to. Cannot be removed from a mortgage. Without a refinance. Not really not let's see I mean unless you sell it right of course if he's so low salt pan off that's one way but. Refinancing is is really your only option there's some low things out there but it's few and far between and. Yeah. Yeah I you know a lot of people. There's still a question you know is the more religious and mobile in the FHA mortgage is about the only mortgage that is. Assume mumble oh great. And you know others have vast you know well if it's assume mobile can I assume they'll take my name off that's. Not it's not that simple right now. So you know. You can you can connect with your move your mortgage company but I'm just gonna tell you. Once they got you they wanna keep it right and you're gonna have to refinance if you wanna take that post reviewer so. 7045701110. If you wanna call in well lives don't be afraid we'd love to hear from you if you ever real Stater legal question related to real estate or anything to Roman investment. I rental property leasing except her okay current. What happens. If after. I close. On the property I discover. That repairs agreed upon. In their contract. We're not perform do you think that ever happens. I'm sure it does not move them for you. And it's you know my answer is enemy. After you referenced the cookbook put up a path and you know what contract and say let those Germany's attitude and needs and. Or not so. I was told this so please Smith. Correct me if I'm wrong I was too old. That the contract. Supersedes the closing. So in other words just contractually the seller had agreed to make certain repairs. Even after you closed in you can prove that those repairs were not made. That. You still look to the contribution to make to your hotel into the contract because that is state the binding agreement right that's that's the agreement the two parties mutually agreed to be bound. Right so it doesn't really matter what you say closing because hey that's not right and and you're still looking in unless it was. A completely it was basically an addendum to the contract for both parties are saying that that was to be included. Back into the contract so it's basically include as a whole beckons the contract it's not a part of the contract so you're still gonna go back to that initial agreement that the two parties made. I. You know for many many years amber. And even now I handle things from an integrity standpoint. And what I can control even though. It is a little bit I'd say out of school. You know I am a believer that if you say you're gonna do some things you do has tried to shake somebody's hand and I look at their eyes. I mean that's what I plan to do my yes is yes and my nose now chairs okay. But. In in in the real estate world. And oral agreement. He's not going to know. And I was in a situation this morning. Where all parties had come to an agreement. Related to how the repairs we're going to be handled my at a time. Tournament look at how all repairs were going to be handled. But. The agreement. Was put in writing but not signed by all parties shin and in the due diligence period. There's a time limit at 5 o'clock. In the day the due diligence period dance if that is not in writing. Whether you agree to it orally or not. It's not illegally landing you know turn. Right so in order to protect my client you know what I did I prepare determination. Can't because I'm not going to it after the due diligence period the earnest money. Becomes hard money and I was not gonna put that at risk for my color. So we can talk back and forth to make it go yeah yeah we agree it's fine it's fine it's fine. Until I document comes back to me signed. And a good yeah I mean and that's that that's frustrating to me but it is what it is so we go that way. All right we've got some more of the same so thin you know we've got to go to another heartbreak and thirty seconds but let me tell him or more of what's to come and we've got more of these questions. Four amber at bow out. Real state and how are things can be handled. We're also gonna have some tips about how to buy a home in the summer. And then we're still here to take your calls we've got time left seven or 4570. 1110 this is the show your real estate today and yes we are alive so stay with us on there's 1110993. WB two. Welcome back. Sure you're still today we've gone from a cartoon movie to deliver X ticker at the thought I self. So we're here William hall Jamieson your host. Glad your with us today from the Jamison firmly companies rely from the WB two studios here with my good friend. And council forward to Jamison realty company's Amber Holt. National I don't know who. OK so if you wanna call you still got times 7045701110. If you have a question about your home. Your investment. Your tenants here are issues with property he should I should I can't I can't tie wanna fix this I wanna do this I have a problem on this. That's why we're here so don't be shy pick up the phone just call 704571110. And we'd love to hear from her can now let's continue. So amber can property management company analyst house release. Performing economy. So you you can particularly do a couple things which we have a couple of things in place OK you don't want that sellers' consent. Yeah in addition to is given a full disclosure to year prospective tenants whenever you do that lets it. Yeah 'cause if they go ahead and take a property and put a deposit on it. And for some reason it doesn't close very bright they need to have noticed that that was a possibility. Can't think Zach. Yeah like a question. And you can do it and we've done it many many times and it's it it allows you to get some momentum and get a pool of people together for when the property does close. You can attendance there aren't. What happens. If there is a claim. To a title. From an old ruling after the lien holder no longer. Owns it. So and I'm like no I had to reach out to holly one of our other attorneys on the slow and she gave me some excellent. Research tips on how to find the set answer this isn't a man she's she's our expert at title so I went out to her and she said that. According to the knocked on general statute which I had one hadn't looked up and says it's not into agents sent 45 experience yeah definitely forty. If I just like I knew about this 45. If I could prefer not. And this Cessna limitations says that it's. Fifteen years after that after the maturity date on the deed of trust that you're the Leno expire so it's fifteen days after the maturity date on it is trust or. If that deed does that are the deed of trust is not have the maturity date listed that's 35 years after the close it. 35 years and it's going to expire. Saying. Okay you know I did have a client numb. That. On I think it was like three days or four days their companies that go out and search cities. That actually three or four days before that fifteen year lane actually expired. They went ahead and got a judge him. You know been called in that plane flew. But fortunately. That client had. Thai clinch. Right that's the big thing right. That's what she can do you mean you can always call and ask them to ensure over to the closer you or that statue limitations. You have the more likely it is that they're just an insurer Everett. And you know that only mean was first 62000. Not being because all the late fees got thrown in all everything got thrown in. Yeah. Ever walk away from title insurance and. All I heard me on here and yeah I mean think about it I'm sure when you got to property got to property worth 200000. And you go to. Old lean then all of a sudden appears for 64000. Dollars that making jump up and down 32. For sure the art art tax sales worth looking at. Charlie amber. You know I did for your expertise on that's deals are now but that's. Now. And their reason you know Paul say enough here is that there's some risk there and when there's some rest there's a lot arrest there you can mitigated if you do some really quality research. But you just don't know sometimes what's the properties are going to be held it arcs until the auctions like. Right on new and so you don't always have time to do that cloudy research. In cities like pennies and pounds on you know if there's years and years of taxes and then you know why hasn't prices component of our. And it goes back to what Jim was asking before. Right now so when Jim comes in you've got to walk him through that series of stuff right we can Sonya are. OK but I don't home in the summer. We're going in the lightning round here we got. Buying a home in the summer. Pay attention to days on market. The more days on market much more get the more. That reflects on pricing. Content. To pay attention to days on market DOM. That is a reflection. Of price. All of or I wanna put a footnote caveat well little kerik kerik air quotes whatever. That says. Be careful of that statement in that days on market always there's a direct reflection on price because. In our market. Homes over. 500000 dollars to do move slower than other house's. Typically in the 500 grange UC 9293. Days were over 700 you may see up to 230. Days. So just be careful of that OK second of all be ready to move fast. If you're buying a home especially after July 4. In some of those aspects to being ready mean getting your financing shored up. Getting things ready. So that you can make a move if you still wanna get in the schools. You've got to get your school and homework done so you can do that yourself. Don't think that the 45 day process. She is is automatic and be ready get ready in shored up and gear down right. If you need to do in the schools. Here's another option to consider it to home is vacant leasing it back. From. The seller so you can designate that may designate that as your primary. Address. Just an idea and can. Com. Get out your current house so you can get in and actually put a lot of slope. Com. Be able to do the modifications. To the home if you need it. Brooke. One of the things that I say all the time is wouldn't we all love. To get the keys are close and open the door turn on the lights set up our couch put in our big flat screen TV turn on our Internet sit down. And tapped the beer that was a bad noise. Tapped the beer and relax right I drink wine so I don't do that well so wouldn't that be great however. These days. Don't be afraid to paint a little. Don't be afraid to change the force don't be afraid to do some things and you can build that into your process okay. Last. Not quite fast but don't sweat the small stuff don't worry about the little tiny things don't focus on those just. Look at the big things and look at what you can do. In the follow less options so don't lose a deal over a couple thousand dollars is less homes on the market and you're gonna pay a mortgage somewhere. Respond quickly especially in on time. And don't put personal property into the deal. Can do it later. So amber how are they get in touch was Custer. You can reach us at seven or four and 91130. That's sevens or four at 91130. Or my direct line is 1133. All right. And Jamison resonate for six done 8463663. Year on the web at my Jamison homes dot com. God bless you all have a great week we look forward to talk and did next time the show your real estate today take care thanks again for all blood.