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Saturday, February 10th

Sandy Dickenson of Summit Funding joins Paul to discuss what to expect for mortgages in 2018, and answers to listener questions.


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Program is on an individual basis as they should not consider today's discussion as a recommendation for. Any investment and she carefully evaluate before investing. DC Shuler we'll see yeah who's talking eleven. Easy. Hello welcome. Yes we are early today were usually at 2 o'clock at work two hours early. So her. What is that two hours early is that much mountain time or something that is little mountain town times an hour. Now where work two hours earlier today there's somebody else that's taken my times to attack. Oh well such as it is that they're not as much fun as we are sending us to change the to show your real estate today I'm Paul Jamison your host. We're Jamison realty with Keller Williams and Jamison property management here worth. Of course the one the only the fantastic sandy Dickinson was summit funding our mortgage partner. LL how are you all. It OK so we've got a good day today if you wanna call us were alive today in the WBT studios in this rainy day so if you're sitting back today or if you're just watching your windshield wipers out there you're thinking of something you wanna talk about. Here's how you do it. Pick up the phone. Sell or otherwise and I we will laugh from last week about die or lose or rooting rotary and that you know what the heck is that. 70457011107045701110. If you have a realistic question for mortgage question. That's why we're here we are alive so we can put Joseph on the air I'm sure if you're thinking that somebody else's Tucson here's. An example we hear from people show myself now should I wait should I fix this what about my lone I've got an issue with DH a way I got to ten and I can't get out. Any thing happened to do with your house. We'd like a chance to talk to you about it 7045701110. The phone ring pick up we'll get a short blurb on what your question is. Put it on the air and we will talk sorrento networks and welcome to the show if you were expecting something else well here we have. I think you'll enjoy it okay all right. Sandy before we start launching some from things I've got and then we're gonna talk a little bit later today about some different lending. Trends for Tony eighteen. One of the most important points that. I am stressing with buyers. Because purchase money mortgage hey do you wanna buy a house where he got one to sell or not. It is the ready vs not ready. Yeah Mickey yeah you know and what people don't understand in the competitive market that we're facing right now. It is. Ready verse is not ready. Is. Critical to going to negotiation process goes well I'm looking it offers. Sure you wanna look at the offers that are for the most money the top line. But to no though that. Our client has been preapproved. Vs pre qualified. He won and now you gonna have a successful transaction. Not otherwise the more money doesn't make any difference but. Yeah I mean truly now. Based on an and I know this is gonna sound funny but I'm gonna lay it out there. It went a listing goes out on the market. Typically in that first 21 day she gets a tremendous amount of activity and and typically you go under contract in most price points and at first when Monday's right. Let's say. You go down that process. And you accept a contract. And there's a problem. Even if it's not the problem of the so. I'm really. Saved. A buyer couldn't get their finance saying horror the tire change their mind parole. Prepare as I mean you name the issue right what ends up happening is when that house goes back out on the market the second time. Again even because it's no fault of the cell. It gets what are called stink up. Yes the perception. Correct that's stink guy perception of of so must be wrong perhaps Hamas meanwhile some must be wrong. That's not always the case that's what happens death. So. This portion of they've they've contract this funding portion of the contract. Is. Absolutely critical so four to come to use sandy at summit ends and be ready to buy. It's a lot different then. Showing your ready to die on the fly. Right now has a lot of times they think they're ready to buy and apply and come. And and even though we can make it happen and it's not the perfect scenario for the buyer and sometimes we can't make can't happen. Yeah and I think the point is an incentive and I talked about this before we got on the air today and then chip we're gonna jump over to you for your question so hang tight. The the conversation. Of if you're thinking about buying. Needs to happen. Early yes it does that what your definition of early saint. And as much as six months really you could even do before that but six months I mean especially for yourself employed in have tax returns to deal with. He might have credit issues we have to resolve. I mean my son you don't even know about Liane I have people that have their money as say he can't use that you have to season it in the bank account. Thumb get things that people don't typically think about they think they're done the right thing and I'm. Something happened. Yeah you know we had one guy. And then we'll switch or to chip that I'll never forget the F 300000. Dollars were the silver. Can you safe arm that's half so he had debt. So let my season at and then make it could use it warm so unless he was just paying traditional LC. And a net again that pulled money out of the bank to put in this safe to hold it for the house purchase. Can do. And death that was the problem not let me take a picture. Upload and you know I think that's illegal to hear you can't take a picture and I think now alright chip you've been patient friend how can we help you. Yes sir I'm this congressional how much I would say people. A bill now must sell portions of thirty year mortgage. The house abruptly. 2000 should carpet square foot. And and a ball to land a breakthrough in a multi the land proud epic epic task order and then. Ball to break there I got a block and very ready to let me salute to put little. And we're now at that point play and played a truck on the Los part of the little hard to go with it toward a revolt writes yes and I and I did that then. Now that would erupt in inspections are now raised worksheet rock and insulation and stuff like that it's it's they being stated basically that. How did you learn much I would save. All our breakout. Virtually that I would our national thirty year mortgage are much what I have saved. My daughter desolate. Well I mean are you talking about. How much would you have saved in building cost or are you talking about a few would have just went out and bought the same house. So round ball the same couch the cult to bat vs. On the thirty year mortgage after party after party here more or will it was played or how much wraps Labonte won the Ralph put out there are taken. Well you would have saved I mean if you go out of your house is paid for and I think that's that's a really good question chip if you're out there in your house is paid for. You know obviously all the interest payments. Along that process you would've. You know and again that's based on price point and interest rates when you finance so there's a lot of variables there. And I don't have one of those fancy calculators to to tell you that but I'll tell you this. If you. Own your house outright and you're not. Am I gonna mortgage. You know obviously you have none of the interest expenses or carry expenses. A typical house and amusing typical in a variety of way I'm talking average average finishes. Average. Per location average average okay. It's gonna cost you about 95 bucks afoot to build. Okay. So. You know if you kind of look at it that way you've done it yourself so whatever that cost of materials vs labor. I mean there's a whole lot of different calculations. But let. Got. I'll play unit there's a permanent inflation like around 2% in 2000. Then that's not that's not count the wraparound porch that little. That I have a permit or. So they're not stock can't finish in the shop shall come out 300000 dollar range yeah shall know what interest rate over that he would and I'll bet. Call that would you if you oh I don't know all the mortgage you know hired thirty year mortgage I don't know what that would be sure artists. I go to reps get in a while but it didn't go to ball park area Guadalupe Y would be sailing. Occurrence is sandy would you try to use safety is number right. You got his phone number. Art when you when you hang up we're going get your number and sandy will call you weaken a easily get you and amortization schedule to see what interest would be over thirty years. I was a you can see what that looks like sandy would you mind giving him a call seat I cannot say that again. We'll kitchen amortization schedule so you can see what that interest looks like over thirty years. And I know strolled out. Shaping the sale Saban have to crawl. I wish labor in return to call or have also worked thirty years and our national get the things in. I'm not gonna. When it and we'll get your number so you'll know exactly but it's a big number. Give up their record make no and a better investment you know followed and that's the money in other plain Vanilla beer and there's no better wrestler and a little bit things. I'll believe. That's true but if I was build your house. He sure would look very good. So do you know what you're doing that's one thank. How much are now I'll read a sub somebody out of four Americans do every single thing sales volume or somebody like its sub out because you know. Yeah here and there. Well kudos to you chip that's a good position to be in my friend congratulations to the. Well as long Armitage that it would let me down overnight is Jim Talent like anybody here to get this or. Well do you figure you figure takes thirty years sure a lot of people to pay off their mortgage so silly directly and stay dry. And thanks for actually listened in on a rainy Saturday I appreciate it if so what are they can now what will be right back after the break to show. You're real estate today said he Dickinson summit funding hall Jamieson. Your post we'll be right back on ninety nine's 31110. K. It is hall Jamieson your host with the show you're realistic today Jamison are two totally innocent property management is where. I work here with. The wonderful saying he Dickinson with some funding. She's here she is at real the lending partner for Jamieson she does a great job for our clients were thankful to have ever. And that she's providing insights on getting ready so before we go into some of the mortgage and real estate transfer twelve and eighteen. It's a little fun snack parent okay so. One of the things I researched this morning for some fun facts. My immediate tone here some fun facts. So home is where the hardest rights and that's right that's what they say 61 point 4% of the average American families networks. Is and home equity. So it's definitely were the hardest yeah. A homeowner's net worth is over thirty times greater than that of Iran to. That's an important fact. To think about that. TGI half the best day of the week. Tell list your home if it's oh wow. I would say tee there that half ton Hainan island and can Giuliani laughs kept up. Thank god it's Friday it's time to list. What do you think historically the best month of the year is to sell which has no bearing in our market thank you very much. Last month Michelle would. He much. Close April but anymore that is not true. That that is. In in the Carolinas. That is they met. Because. The weather. Yes that's a part of it but right now we have a hundred denying people a day. Coming into our region. 109. Wanna ever days that that day night 10907. Days a week 100 night. That's great so. This time a year do you people think it's not the rest best time to sell so let me tell you what the advantages is if you're selling right now. You have less competition. So it's a wonderful concept that kind. I've got a lot of preapproved people better look and not typical repeat buyer is how old do you think Cindy. I think that category heat buyer is 42. Close 52. So not that clients. I'm not the average that they are purchasing because they're typically a downsized buyer they've got their kids OUT because I have a JOB not all of us do. But some do. The average buyer purchases at 2060. Square foot home costing 240000. Dollars. I'm surprised at that Alan and I downsize downsize sell us down and then that's a group that has the money now. According to the National Association of Realtors commuter any preference survey 70% of respondents said that the neighborhood. Is more important. Then the size of the hole. I would agree that we can. 57%. Said they would give up any home with a larger yard. If they can't have a shorter commute. I would do that. You know I think these statistics are right couldn't think of me on that point yes senator pretty good. National Association of Realtors reports no wonder if there's is a little leaf painted. That 80% of home buyers believe their home is a good investment 44%. Is saying that it is better than stocks. I don't think they're saying that exactly right now you can now Alaska and there fashion then we get maybe less to treat them. Prior searched a median of twelve weeks and visited ten homes. So buyers. Are looking for about a twelve week period and they're looking at least ten houses on an average. And now that's nationally known and I can be different here. I know and this statistic. That 97% of the homes that are broader found on the Internet. Fast meal in a corrosion and a in Scotland. It lets homeowners paying their front door red one may pay off their mortgage and highlight that left. Interest and stuff. If you ever real estate question for Sandia mortgage question or a general question about something having to do with your home buying selling investing renting leasing and I'm fixing changing moving. Kicking mowing cutting down. 7045701110704. 5701110. If you call were alive will scream your question we'll get your. Name and number in case we lose your will put you on with us and we'll answer if we can and if we can't we'll find an answering you back to 704. 570. He's run into cart sent. Yes let's talk about some of the trends. In Tony eighteen him before the show started we talked a little bit about. Home prices and we talked that home prices of course have to have really jumped since Tony sixteen they've gone up about six points 3% on average. And they continue to be on the climate and our market I know they've gone up around that 6% in the last year. In some areas of Charlotte even stronger sum up his ties 11%. Drew they are saying though but but by the end of 2018. And again. This is not Charlotte specific function that Charlotte contract. They do expect a little bit of a deceleration. Of those heavy price increases in deceleration. Nationally would mean less than six point three. Just. Yeah. Net is it okay. There are expecting. And that and Tony eighteen. That housing supply will pinch. Would pinch will be a little easier. Closer to the end of the year and then we'll have a little a little bit of the inventory shortage will catch up. Nationally now I don't know about Charlotte 109 people hey how are nice people a day. But it is a little balance. We could an awful lot of apartments coming on I think the last statistic that I heard them so if I'm off by a thousand or three. Don't. Sting me on it but Tom I believe. About 171000. Apartment units are expected to come online this year. Nationals no here here here lap seventeen. Slash house and yeah. That's a lot. OK I am Sheryl hang on 'cause we've got one minute to the hard break I want to answer your question so were picking up and about three half performance occur. Start really what I wanna get down to after we talked to Cheryl after the break. It is I wanted to talk about mortgage rates gonna wanna talk about affordability and I wanna talk about equity lines and wanna talk about security ahead. Thanks and then I think that covers about the whole world out start 7045701110704. 57081110. This is the show your realistic today sandy Dickinson and summit funding Paul Jamison. We'll be right back 1110993. WBT staying with hello and welcome back showed real estate today. Winston's. Jamison are pretty tasteless article that's up. So Sheryl you've been most patient thank you friends for waiting have gonna help you. Just a bank and I'm I'm seventy years old retired and I like about buying a house. Maybe in the ball what they beat these global operated but I am not a lot did not. What what my actual auction site for at all apart when all the way it should be or things like that. Certainly we can help you without Cheryl and I'll tell you I'll give you some parameters to think about and I've I've got your number here and with your permission I'll give you call a little bit later today that's our hurt. Yeah. And for those thinking about investment out there again Cheryl this is something I personally do my wife and I as well as a lot of other people. This. This kind of balancing have a lot of people's portfolio to have something outside of the stock market. Rich. You and I both know Cheryl right now is little unpredictable. Although Reynolds are not a 100% predictable relish their relatively stable today if you buy in the right areas and you. Manage them the right way they can provide not only rental income. And we like to see returns. At least 7% or greater. When we look at rental property. But they also provide the opportunity for capital appreciation. So it's a little bit of a different kind of investment that's. That yes hey if you wanna call rented dividend and yes if you wanna call capital appreciation like stock appreciation but. The one thing I love about property and about your thoughts in that Cheryl is that. You can take a piece or real estate. You can burn it. You can tear it down you can blow it up. You can do anything you wanna do to it but it's still worth something because the dirt underneath that is always worse. And I. So. I'm a very large proponent I do a lot of research into different areas that are progressing and moving forward. I have the system on how I work with clients and it's so. What I'll do is I'll give you a call and we can sit down and see what what your thoughts are and how they line up with it and now I'm. And if it's something that she wanted to do. Right but it sure yes sir she'll hit thanks for Colin thanks for listening out like I'd take care. Hi Greg let's go ahead pick you up since we're on the found how are you great thank you Michael away sure anytime document before recent. I guess but I'm we give you some background on light or light situation popped back in 08 and a volatile Al at. Greg before the crash happening. I paid about. I don't want to ally. Sorry I I I heard that part of the peak of the market and then the market crash yup and then not every if I'm living concorde written every three years very county. Doug Doug reassessment on the property value and Serbs who are. And every three years they just they're the resentment and they have reassessed it lower than what I actually paid for they got units yes. And I keep hearing about property values and Charlie. Going up and up and not that I'm just concerned about that I ever do decide to sell my unit. On. How I would go about doing that. Probably go to has gone down that be assessed valuation. Thank Greg that is an awesome question and let me format and in a way and sandy feel free can issue you face this as well from a valuation standpoint and I'm. First of our Greg. Thank you for calling and I think that a lot of people look at tax valued being in the wrong. Way and so let me offer an alternative way of thinking about that. Time. Text value is the municipalities. Way. Of deciding. On an average watcher. Tax should be. The municipalities as much as we love them and care for them and they care for us. They've never step foot in your home. They don't expanded nearly that time they should they don't know that the ins and outs. What's going on in your particular complex where your town home males. And they don't know much about schools what they do is. They look at trends they make a determination to do better in different and they put it up there for you to be paid in taxes on now. Sometimes it works in the inverse sometimes you have a tax value that is much higher. Then the actual value of the property and sometimes in like in your case it's more. So my first piece of advice would be until you're ready to sell don't say anything. You'll pay more taxes on something just because there may be a disparity and what their perception of value isn't what it really us. Right to a what I was concerned about though was it a person who want the by the unit looks at the property value. Then they're taken themselves to not maybe I can get this on the cheap. The answer to that is these days. Nobody looks at the tax value as an evaluation. As to whether or not they're going to purchase a piece of property or what they're gonna pay for. It is truly. Not. A consideration into its almost advantageous to somebody to keep that lower tax value when they buy cars are going to be paying less taxes. Even though it may be worth more so I understand your concern. And somebody who's not working with somebody that understands those values you know my job is not to set the market my job is to interpret it. So I don't look at tax of value in any interpretation. Nor does an appraiser. As to how they're going to value of the property don't you agree sandy and I appraisal doesn't have. Anywhere downtown. Realtors data brokers found and client stump because every municipality. I used differently anyway and some of them only value it 58%. Com of their true value or what they perceive this that you value so it's it's an hour it's Alsace totally arbitrary but it it's not what you wanna go by yeah. It's like zillow Greg right. The last time the last time zillow when's the last time zillow sat across from me and lo and walk to your house it's the same kind of you know. And so. So I understand your concern I think it's a great question. But I wanna give you an assurance. That. The market value of your house. Is not. Going to be affected by taxes idea and it's it is she got the wrong wheelchair and you got to wrong buyer. Okay so the other question at this off my property sits at the end of pop pop up page because the builder who would fill in the unit. Was 13 phase one and it paid to him and because the bubble. But in no way they went out of business to us that no one has what I mean I think the property has been all are part of my neighbor. And they believe that property has been sold but no one has bought. Herb put any new property. Arnett and land. We debt. This year fired from behind that because. All the vacant land that is. Near the unit they look Diller made building sometime down the route that I would have to go back. But you know Greg. Yeah Greg may be. You know again that's if you like I can call you offline and I can take a look specifically at your neighborhood and probably give you a better answer. But I will tell you this. If trends keep going the way that they are that vacant land that's near you. Is gonna be an asset not a liability. It. I mean that area if you're you said you're concorde Annapolis. Yes I mean holy smokes at last gone on and off scorn on man and that can only benefit you. I'm like five minutes away from the spiritually and 85 so really closed her say oh it's about to anyway so I know I gotta gotta. Good location I'm just worried about I'd like get them out and about self but I would talk to a neighbor yesterday we were talking about property values and everything else and then. I thought you know what I did your car and see what your thoughts were and. Yeah I think you're in good shape I think you're in very good shape there's a tremendous amount of infrastructure going in a tremendous amount of amenities corn and a tremendous amount of growth. Going in that area that will only benefit you long term. Are very good right. Hi Greg have a good time. You better anytime take care. Are so sandy I'm before we go to break what's our break it to human it's okay. For go to break time let's lead into a subject and I can't. Let's talk a little bit about because this one. You know I'm gonna skip over couple things we can always kind of come back to him. But you know their. Tremendous. Concerns around rates and rates going up. It is a valid conversation. But you know if you look historically at where rates have been. We're still in a pretty good place. Yeah verse that we're going to be in a good place for awhile. But they definitely gone up that's a fact checked. You call me Jack got a so the so you know with home prices being on the rise and rates being on the rise. I think that's where a lot of trends are saying that that's gonna decelerate a little bit is just because. The two of those together at some point something's got to give them my best chance here and I don't think it's gonna be rates could. You are a OK so common Vick back in after the break let's talk a little better about our home equity lines at Kent. And some trends there are there's a lot of people thinking that home equity lines are going to be boot thing and then security. Wire fraud. And information. Detection. At pet parent. So we're here on the show you real state today poll Jamison said Dickinson some of funding we have a good time. Love for the WBQ studios 1110993. You real estate today we're live from the you're fairly Dickinson. Hall Jamieson who host Jamison who can Hillary win games and. Happy leaving Saturday to you were alive so if you wanna call us like the others and 7045701110. He never realistic question it doesn't matter what it's about as long as it relates to real estate mortgage. Brent tolls should be releasing. Making changes to your home should you sell she did not cells should just. Picks up not pick something. We are here 704571110. You call him we'll take your question in short your name your phone number. We'll put you on the air we'll talk. To target. Okay Sammy has promised at the break. Let's talk about. A couple of subjects let's talk about first of all. We talked a little bit about rates. Let's talk about. Home equity lines. Home equity lines they say this is this is good today you know that you know them yeah I didn't know that. About one point six million homeowners are predicted to get new home equity lines of credit and Tony eighteen that's a 16% increase over 2017. According to a recent Trans Union study. The credit bureau says 60% of percent of homeowners have enough equity to get home equity lines and 80% of the borrowers have high. Credit scorched. You. Differ. Well I can see why they're saying that because if here it's here right and people do have a lot of equity and we've pretty much recovered from all the bad. Come at this point so people have been building in the demo are conservatives so they may want to pull equity out of their house but that. What I think they're gonna be more than equity lines is second mortgages because the equity lines are no longer on the interest is no longer tax deductible. So if bomb if people are gonna take equity out. Even though they want the flexibility and that of an equity line. Com their their rate would be fixed so it wouldn't change with market. And they would be able to take their interest deduction if they got a second mortgage vs an equity line. OK so help me understand here for minutes and you want not just refi. Don't think one exactly. Well I would say exactly does that would load or refinance every one however what if they have both. Three and a half percent rate and now their four and a half. They may not want I get rid of that awesome awesome rate. I think that makes perfect sense. Think few smaller. Son unmanned. So what your saying is the home equity line although it can be interest only although it can be at a lower rate although it can be a flexible. So flexible market checking account has you can. Views on your home the issue is that deductibility of the first 100000. Discount. Yes and think of this if people out even they have to take out a whole second mortgage if you're not annie's it right away. We didn't some pretty darn good returns on meet till funds in non stock market stuff I mean maybe not the last few days. But let me ask her out trend is that none of that's kind of this well. Yeah we're gonna have included in rental house and then Shanahan has Sheryl and when I get a little help from. Because so. Let's talk a little bit though about one last thing. Security. Taking down payments thieves are hacking into emails. They're doing things the wire fraud is skyrocketed by 480%. Let me explain what I mean by that what's happening is. Very. Crafty. Criminals. Are going out and they're and they're hacking into email accounts and I'm oversimplifying. Hacking into email accounts that are duplicating. The information on this email accounts for example if it comes from an attorney they're copying that attorneys information so that it looks like. That attorney my hand and they're going out and they're sending out wiring instructions. Just like that attorney would further down payment on the mortgage yeah. When I was wiring instructions are false they're going to the criminal my. Hand gestures. So. Security has been a big part you guys have been pretty much ahead of the curve on that I've noticed when I applied for that mortgage for us. From an. You had all that stuff tied up button in a nice neat little boat and then run anybody get in there. Now it's now secure. And sometimes I just pick it up myself. And deliver the kids. We now he's city cashier's check sick raising now that they don't just as the knights wires another start and didn't have messed with says. It's rough. You know so here's what here's what I do is of labor for clients send in there down payment I have them go to the bank. I have them call. The attorney's office Smart. And verify every number on the wiring instructions before the day. The bank teller pushes the button and sends their money yes and this makes sense I mean that's a big chunk a change yeah. And when it's gone you got about 24 hours I think Josh said a couple of weeks ago just cost her to recover and after that it down. I didn't I had 24 hours and has sometimes not all the time don't quote me on that okay. But it took. It's pretty soon so I mean and you know that's. I think it's scary it's scary it is scary. So. At first I just don't fit. The market has changed Serbian ready. There are some more options go for folks have credit issues out there right now right. Not I mean there are some programs and things for folks that I don't wanna buy a home. And where around they will listen enough which I love we have some alternate programs now. Com you're gonna pay higher rates again may have but damn our money with that but we can get to an and then he can refine a couple years. Let's everything strayed so he funded a great deal you just have to have that house. I'm in a solid source the discussion that's Fisher. Hit it really is and you know on the news the other day. They spent a lot of time talking about the program called NAFTA. Passed. And that is a home buyer program that go to classes they take financial training they do different things. I will tell you. That. (%expletive) if you're selling a home and an offer comes in any news saying NAFTA program owned. I have shared with my clients. As a lot of us agents have had. They always close but they're very difficult. They're very very differ. Ask most of that down payment assistance programs. You're not gonna have a fast closing yeah you're not gonna close on time most of the time. And I am I'd love to see a statistic of how many times they do close on time. And I'm usually a very positive guy like that we have programs like that but remember I talked earlier about. Sometimes it's not the amount of money it's a strength of the landing that comes when you're gonna multiple offer situation. Yeah I think. That means a lot. It says some where do Nvidia's snap to the listing agent saying hey look I've looked at this guys some credit. In come assets and numb we want to pick that. Yeah in them they like it. Yeah I think that's great I think that's creative because it makes a difference for him so. You know each and every offer in winning the deal getting things done especially in a tight market. It's good to have a Linder Parker like sandy and hats handy if somebody wants to apply and get some of that stuff out of the way ahead of time having to do that. We have we have an online application you can just call me at 7045770144. And am I can change a quick link and it's pretty easy in that you care. Yeah we like to secure perched. And I think that they're also the earlier in the process the better even if you haven't put your home on the market in your thinking about selling get in touch with sandy early. And get some of the documents and things that they need to have at times so that when you're ready to die you're not having to wait too perfect yet. Well well on. Well positioned it to get the best great best deal in the mortgage market if it clean but we know the challenges of. Front here I did that my wife and I did that when we were thinking about selling. And we got all that stuff out of the way and we're certainly glad we didn't have there was. Medical bill or something on my. They're credit that had affected the score that didn't belong to me and it took us. Two or three weeks to get it cleared up but we got it cleared up and I'm glad we did 'cause I don't know anything about it. Yeah and numb and I campaign had a and it affected my score like front nine point 71 stupid medical bill that crazy death throes of mine. Who belong to myself and but we'll talk about that. Hole. Forehand. Inch former an attempt earlier today arm mid mid dumb way. Forest up in that depends a new credit score depends on the type of program. When. I deal might be a conventional with very high credit navy. Fifteen to 25%. Down now or FHA is usually ticket is right. So wanna share what you just quickly in our last minute together. Some of the things and trends that are going on over Jamison. Are we are finding a lot of folks' interest and investing in real state. And that is a huge part just like Sheryl or or what we do. We have a property management company manage several hundred homes and it is a way to gather wealth and be balanced and if you wanna hear more about that. Chris Wallace thinking about seller Brian we'd love to talk GeForce six. 8463663. Jamison realty. Opportunity is knocking. And you'll find us and me. There each and every day so give us a call 8463663. Thanks for listening sandy thanks for being here and it and appreciate you all god bless. Have a good Saturday.