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It's time to brag. I'd be rich and generous grant radio was hosted by best selling real estate investing author Larry Dolan and cohost pandas. For the next hour they'll show you proven and effective ways you can be successful and realistic. From the WBZ studios the flagship station of the brag radio network. Here are your host the rock stars of real estate Larry and Candice. Like that in. The and an air instrument they'll have already. Been. Philip and the debris in the arm and. And it really. Like it. But it by the they gave you a couple lessons she. Used to have a guitar. On that from him and use. For that are even I am and it. Did. We you know what I went and had it right and it. And Jimi Hendrix. And it. In. The occasionally. It. In the game and in Europe are. It's important. Green and real people definitely. As opposed to. Doing. Move and rattle all Dan. Right so yet you're just joining us for the first time bright radio network brag. Stands for be rich and June generous here bridge there and you're. Are we teach people how to invest in rules state and then we won't you go out and be generous with their blessings you know I spent so much. That's true as to how much is enough right so. Anyway. So I'm really excited about today's show because canvases told me. But she has all the questions that if coming in guys you can always email Candace info at Bragg radio dot com and submit your questions. You can call the office 877. Larry ago. 877. Later ego. And get your questions answered you can again a free investor's kit. That would help get you started jump started and to rule stating Baston and you can take a tour of our office CO rule were canal official beat Andrea you beat Sylvia. You meet Derek Anderson myself if we happen to be there. If Kansas is there with her game lag so nicely are hopeful he'll embrace. And a couple weeks now and I may or may not be there because Candace keeps me on the road a lot we. A lot of speaking. Uncles speaking gigs but you know. Where she says me out to speak exposing conventions and you know different rules that investors association groups and there you have it right yet so good so Candace I know you've got to twelve questions of that chromium. Well enough and I'm in banning is still balance from our last three day which her regain red to have does have one more week. To get registered for. The DFW admin and can't towering. So other than that will be in Charlotte it's getting close to full belief. Remain having I don't know banning season not calling calling into college athlete candlestick as anathema MI. RA com. So this one and on the those email that just on here but it's ask it again on why don't you buy in tax liens. When parliament and a sector. While that's that's really really good point and I don't my tax liens. And that they'll talk about tax you know idle talk that the world. I'm getting ready to. Wrote but I don't really talk about actually anyway at first the ball. I think I need to X I need to explain what is attacks. It. Though. Whenever someone. Doesn't pay their property taxes okay. Dead and there's some T some states that are attacks leaning state in some states that are tax deed stay. I'm so if you don't pay your taxes okay. The yen the local government okay the local government can sell that tax bill to an investor. And they will pay them an interest rate all of that tax bill that's called a tax lien. And and the owner of the property may have anywhere from six months to a couple years three years maybe to redeem that no ports. They can pay it all pay all the taxes. And get to keep their property. Well one thing I got two questions and just that what you says NASCAR local government how local is that the county is in the state. You know it's not as stated that the counting the property inning where the property is located at account and it's where the property's look and the local government is actually the county and it's. It's your property tax if your local property tax collector and writing that your local brew and usually those are at the county level. So. So with the tax lien you would get a tax lien certificate. Which would give you. And interest rate on your own your tax lean right let's say there was 5000 dollars and delinquent taxes you pay 5000 dollars for that. And then they're gonna pay you different states have different rates of returns some states are 234510%. Some states are 18% the. That page does the local government says they timeframe asked you how long a homeowner has dissipated taxes or is that state regulated like what you were just talk and the. Think it's local I think it's count me but they're all different guy now that's a tax lien what a tax deed is if you're delinquent. And that's in the notification you don't play it they could literally sell your property. To that buyer okay and now in some cases you're gonna have a redemption period where you can buy that property back for that tax. Now if that tax deed buyers soldier property they would have to sell subject to the redemption. OK to you redeeming it so they could buy it for 5000 cellar for 20000 but if you paid at all. You might be able to you would get that property back as long as you pay it back okay. They would have to unwind that transaction. Now. It's a great way to earn money. Earning interest rate owned your money but calls with tax liens okay. With pat sleaze you do get an interest rate now in some areas some states some areas what they'll do. Is let's say the tax bill was a thousand dollars okay. And let's say that interest rate that they're gonna pay it is let's say 8% okay. That tax bill's a thousand in the interest rate is 8%. Well what could happen is. You get people that are bidding against each other and they'll bid more than 2000 dollars to be able to get that. So. What that's basically gonna do is lower interest rates in the worthless if they bid 11100 dollars and the interest rate your you were yield. Is going to be 8% at a thousand dollar fine. But if you're getting 8% and thousand dollars and you build 11100 dollars you're only getting a personal files. So haven't said that. You're not really giving 8% of your whole investment act for another reported few bid what you bid up and you end up in 2000 dollar for that actually. Well 8% of a thousand is going to be 4% of 2000 really illegally get a 4% return. Does that make sense and. So no more. Still more return and then you would get with your money in an innings and. That's true but the investors that we work with that are passive investors. We're giving them 68. Sometimes 10%. Okay. We will not imminent work on we even sold a notes and properties. That had turnkey tenants in place in their early in two and 12% return on the money. Passively right. Right so I'm so here's the reason that I don't buy tax okay. Think about this even if you're earning. 15% return okay. If you're buying a 500 dollar tax bill you're a thousand dollar tax bill this year the 15100 dollar tax bill here two or 3000 dollar tax bill there. You've got to invest a lot of money. To make any kind of a decent returns I mean yeah the percentages there. Let's that you invest thousand dollars and you make 18% return in the year what 18% of a thousand dollars. 280 box that's no return almost been that'll dinner out with my wife. Right. So that's not a return on investment you've got to be able to have deal flow you've got to be able to. To have velocity couple new capital and you've got to be able to put a good amount of money. Work now here's the other reason well I think what we got to go to war Parikh. So. When we come back I'm gonna tell you the main reason now what I've already given he has enough reason not to invest in packs but when we come back. I'm gonna tell you the main reason that I don't do it at all and I don't recommend it call. 877 league go get your free investors via. Nagin the investors skittish schedule office tour. And after about our next so komen three day event there's so much that we can do to help you guess it started or helped you laugh and a further where you are we'll be right back. Come back right radio. In this. And lyric and married. Right so. In the last segment can assess the question that has come in about we do by actually in their tax deet. Tax lien certificates or tax deeds. And those are basically just kind of reiterated a little bit or to recap. A tax lien certificate. Is when a person and stopped paying their taxes or property taxes but today. And then that tax liens are to be units sold. In other words so the city the county can get paid off they get paid their money right now. To use for whatever they needed in the county to pay for in Albany County it's. Off and they don't take it discount on what and how well now knows just what it is it is what it is and you pay if you're an investor on you do that you pay what is on the tax bill there's no negotiating that's. Right and then the homeowner has a certain amount of votes and or years. To redeem. That he didn't pay off the taxes. But they have to pay a specific interest rate they can be anywhere from 23510%. Of the eighteen dollars and the whole motive. Yes now. Before the break I said the you know one of the reasons I don't do this is. You can't get your cat got enough capital working. To be able to make a decent returned it 18% on 1009 and in any dollar 180 bar you know you gotta you gotta Baja. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these. To get any kind of a decent return and quite frankly there's a lot of hedge funds out there that I'm just for the retriever. Okay they don't care if they didn't get the property back okay. But as an investor the only reason I would buy a thousand dollar tax lien is a pocket eventually all of the 30000 dollar proper property I. So. Here's the main reason that I don't why. And in addition to not be and we get enough capital. Working and haven't I haven't held a spreadsheet to keep up with hundreds of these deals the main reason I know bio. Is 99.9. Percent level redeeming anyway. You're gonna get paid off. It's going to be very rare that you actually get the property now don't get me wrong when you get a property you might get a 304050000. Dollar house. That you have a thousand dollars right. However that's going to be very varied raider or. Very rare so but there are people out there that do it just for the returns they don't mind keeping track of the spreads. We know some island that's only invest in tax liens that we limited we do but they have massive spreadsheets that they have to keep up with. And you know some of whom pay off and redeem. You know I know I know couple of people that do it in. They get paid off every month but 234 awful. Right or more. So they have to keep track with all that you can do these in your retirement account specially. And get a good return on your money and you would have files over 2000 about tightly. Or theory. Right. Depending on them and they give bin now how many how does the process work for you to be able to bias like the courthouse steps like GAAP. Situation and that it. Well after after that tax lien certificate after the redemption period is over then you can apply with the county to get the deed to the property. My because they never redeem. You know life. Every county is different might be three months in one county it might be two years it might be bread and actually transmitted in write like that that all known no former turned over by the redemption period. Allianz another redemption periods different kind of based on accounting and all of them are different I get that but no like once you plot to get the deed from accounting. If they let the redemption period expired. The time frame for them to actually respond to me it is local governments. Under slant it takes a long time to. Well it's not really a very long process because. You know it's what's the timeframe is over. You have the right to a so it's not going to be different than going down and recording of the universe and the county recorders office stopped at the so they have. So that's why don't invest in tax lien certificates or. In tax deeds. Because king is to give enough money working to actually get a good return and it's very very very rare you actually don't even get the property. When current event. Think since let's see lastly I'm here. You like that and I'm Clinton I was looking anymore they had to do with leg while we don't do so then and at feet beneath the so. I will go at this time since he did you talk about being amended tax lien senior and Larry can you about White House isn't Harry. You know what you can buy just about anything in your IRA except for. Certain collectibles. In certain gold or certain points right. You can you give us certain collectibles were certain Corning's. But you can buy like the US minted coins like order the call that the is that a flying an eagle or liberty years I don't know liberty and liberty I don't know about much much about those kind of points. But because a lot of people say you need to hedge against inflation for gold. You know gold and silver. In the event of an emergency. Or catastrophe or something and but limitation on the whistle the work that happens my opinion people we're gonna use barter anyway. They're not gonna take their goal who's gonna take the gold anyway and the silver okay. Most people it's been proven over years. That win. When there's an economic. Crime short economic. You know devastation of some sort. That people turn to gold and silver what they do is they barter with each other right. So you don't have to worry about that but let's get back to the question. And I ounces in here Harry. You can Baja houses you can buy in the last listed houses you can buy houses for Selma allergic about tax -- in your IRA. You can buy notes you combine a house in turn around and sell that with owner financing in the new company noted the irony. You can even buy options for example Kansas. I could I combined options over a warning your rental houses for sale 50000 dollars. And did I could go out and find somebody to bother howls from me for 60000 dollars. And even though I might have only given you 500 dollars for the option to buy for fifty. Once I buy your house for 60000. Or what's what's I guess some might about it for 60000. I've got a 101000 dollar spread on that house largest at 500 dollars and I made 101000 dollars. Own buying a house. Own option and you can put those options in your retirement account as well another good thing that you can do is. You can actually let's say you only have 500 dollars in your diary or any you could partner with someone. In other words I could partner with somebody to buy a house for 50000 dollars and -- make them put up. 495. And I can only put in. 500 dollars but because I found the deal we're going to be 5050 partner maybe their IRA compartment with my IRA. Okay and one or two Elvis one or the other of us would collect the payments in the split it out. Cause all the payments have to go back into the higher rate based on how. However you set that up he can also get a little. I can go find the house for 50000 dollars. But 500 down and borrowed 49 fob as the lone. Now I'll borrow the money among the pay what's called you that you B I T unrelated business income tax. And it's just taxed to pay all the borrowed money okay on the income that comes in as a percentage of Libyan borrowed money. And that's okay because whatever money does come in there and what's left over after the taxes. It's still in your retirement. Or it and it can continue to grow tax for your tax deferred the penalty if you have a Roth. Or a traditional IRA you can also bond note you can by default in notes right. These are called non performing notes but says somebody owes 50000 dollars house but they haven't made a payment in two years. You can buy that 50000 dollar note. For maybe five or 101000 dollars. In the new dual worked out with the winner you get them to start paying again. Or can loan modification you know start paying or if they don't do that or won't do that he can foreclose on the property in the interim sell for 50000. And you might have only had poverty and thousand. In that house. You can buy our cars and resell them I know people who bought race horses in there in there Harry and there are running out so that current bull resources. You know. And made money on it and then sold old cars equipment just about anything. Hey guys give us a call if you wanna know more we've got sons. Hiring information in the investors kids that we send out he used to can explain this settlement that mourned deep snow to get sunup to come to a three day event same thing would go into it a lot more detail the nuns or even have one of our. Arab forum in case a third to forward okay Aaron partners come out and BT yes so give the opposite call 877 Larry go. And number he said it was an investor's kit mini tours of the office and maybe one of the next three day events. 877 Larry you know. Back Greg Brady isn't in this. Airlift them if they're going to love. I Hedo and nothing much has changed since the last thing. Much as truthful if there what's up after a Mac and every Brandon Morrow. And so I'm I'm in the same amount preached her we haven't. I am encouraged there but the mother misty back. In the and a brilliant. Man. That's all the so. Last segment we were talking about the tax liens text deeds certificates right right an Indian embassy. And do. And half an hour rain right whether it's harder anything else and I actually does random whole list you can buy just about and they are holding their retirement account I'm being. Think about it Mitt Romney has hundreds of millions of dollars and Roth IRA because he invested in two businesses. A business businesses. That does the value blue well. And I entered that you his infant his investment in legit in an hour hour and interest but the value that it blew up to. You know that is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars of its inmate Roth. Irony. So he'll never ever ever paid taxes on it when he pulls them money now. How lucky Aaron Howell well. Transition. His power his diary wealth transition to let's say future generations. Well you know what that's. They say the best kind of irony is a Roth IRA that's not true. And the Beth can you got the best camera IRA is an inherited Roth IRA. Now I was fortunate enough to have an inherited role irony. But think about this Mitt Romney's kids Greinke it's whoever he leaves his role our rate to. They will be able to take an annual distribution. Tax free based on their life expectancy. So let's say. Just to keep it simple let's say one his grandchildren and it's in their one year old. And the life expectancy is 81 OK so that eighty years left. Right. And let's say there's you know rule whatever it is. Eight million okay. That is left. They they'll be able to take. Eight million of for that one child. You take a divide about eighty whatever that whatever that number is right. Day and then they'll probably get what is either 8080000. Dollars that first year. Tax free. Just that industry tax free music distribution. Now here's the thing. You know you wanna go from oldest of the youngest but think about this is the more years you have less left. The less you going to be able to take out each year tax free so it needs to be a lot of money and live in your younger years. But the older you get in the last life expectancy you'd. Like for example say there's say there's eight million dollars left and and your life expectancy is two years you've got to draw four million dollars. That next last year. Now. The good news is that four million dollars is extremely. It's tax free so the best kind of irony instant on the map function. There's a little of the. You outline of the that you get Ellen now aren't. But. You haven't into. That's so that's awesome you know wean innocent people. That are selling inherited ire rain options. Yes and I got the big. Thing now is. There's people who have IRAs. That are. For lack of a better term about ready to kick the bucket expire in their life expectancy is nearing when they're when they're yeah they're selling. The beneficial interest. And some honorary. The even it's not limited and you don't when not only that but let's say you have couple million dollars inaugural Byron okay. But you wanna do and it's the season our rate meaning you had it for at least five years and you could sell. You know you could even sell okay I'll sell you a thousand dollars worth the beneficial interest for five grants. You know even though there's only thousand dollars in that IRA. Whoever. Gets that could grow it over the life expectancy at have a tax free income for life. The crises or war. Eagle with only a thousand dollars ushered do. Craziest thing ad ever heard out like this is really visited. People were solid on yes the asylum the ban does or what I was in a thousand dollar benefit to injures her agrarian. So I'm not good. Yeah literally you're gonna leave the bulk of it to your family your kids or grandkids or whatever if you haven't but you yeah but you could peel off. Say 101000 dollars here in several thousand dollar. Beneficial interest attendant for people for however much money and there's nothing wrong with doing that it's being done all the time now. That's another that's one of the newest cronies is out there again in the investment. Were we did and that's the first I've heard about over the summer. It was ridiculous. It's crazy this group as a whole network of people out there doing via. In the coming financial thing like I would be surprised that there wasn't a book written on it and I am seeing like. Some kind of a home study jumpstart and another thing none sound about about and we do not those are you are Roddick. At a. That's true it would be it would start. It is in Libya and iron in few you know he knew about it and paying Kazaa is very interesting answer really instinct topic. It really didn't comment to see an end in an IRA assets. Newly orphaned millions of dollars. Absolutely you know it it's got a funny there's a lot of lot of assets out there in IRAs especially as self correct worries that are not being used to descendant of yeah it's. It's it's almost half its almost half. Actually one of the largest custodian is out there they told us recently. That. They probably have about 480. Million. Dollars just sitting in cash Newsnight cellular into retirement accounts and those were all. That's all money that can be used. To fund real estate deals and federal rules state deals to buy a real state to no routes to tax liens if that's what you wanna do. To be hard when we lender private money lender. That is it's crazy. As a lot of mind distinction and admit. And India's than beneficial interest. Gallant beauties of benefits to it. I don't leave my mom and I burned out. You mean when they don't. You give them our union down line. And that. No problem and burned it right. And have blood and here in the this button at the minute now mine. That is funny but there is so much we can do with your irate he can be an active investor. At a time and passive investor somebody at one of Allah statements. Does. They used their hour rain too. Greece now. Some kind of medical equipment. They they the I refurbish it and then resell it all all end that they IRA it was a convenient learning. There he. MR I machines and again so I was meant he would find it. Find a deal something somewhere. And then he would pick it up at a discount. And then he would turn around and sell it. And make a profit all in his IRA piano company filter on announced in yeah. Well it now be remembered years are ray has to be separate from their company. Bank cause he knew what he was doing. You know it's no different than somebody being a stockbroker and no in stocks but the and they still invest stocks than there are right right it's no different than know what they're doing right right. So they just take advantage of that knowledge and are able to pick up equipment like us that you can buy cars you can about vote she's about motorcycles. Guns. You know in your irony or whatever. You know tangible in terms of up Clark we'll. Golf car unless I'm in the arena if you combine sell at a profit you know. So you can do options you can do know what you can do a tremendous amount of stuff that we've got a book in the investors get this gonna show you a little bit about that right. You know we do and now there's there's one or two different. Companies that are in the investor skid that talks about patties are tiring yourself directed tiring for stuff like that. So if you goes on a copy of of those things in the rest of the stuff that comes in the investors can't give us a call 877 Larry go. We set up with that needed the digital or the physical if you're close enough to come math scheduling office tour. You registered for our next upcoming three day event in VFW or in Charlotte. Or maybe even Orlando at the end of the year we'll be right back. On the Mac. Brag radio this in this. Got Larry and they're walking around playing in the air keyboard. Down. So do you does event could affect Beckett let's see ticket whether there's Tamarine with a lot. I love when he played a lot of I repeat as a news this is where we Calais students. And them we bring forth kind of what they're doing with real estate and how they're being generous with their time in lower blessings. From a from real thing so today we got Aaron menace. Aaron how are you. If I heard any better. IBM and innocent. Our climate hello hello I'm Orlando the Al and it. That is great we really really appreciate you being you know today. On such short notice that was awesome but we wanted you home because you're at. And it just blew me away some of the stuff you're doing and then. You know I mean you're here you're an inner circle student and you're out there making that happen your work in the business your home phone to make the money and enjoy in life. And I enjoy your family and that's just awesome so parents. Why don't you do this I'd likely to start out and tell our listeners just a little bit about you yourself are new rules they business. Some odd amount I think it Denver's. Most important thing is when you're going to. You're investing in your also in business you have to have a life you know in my life is Blake I have five kids and on. Delay kids stolen base he. And he. Without more time for them I mean the market you item what time you need to spend with them and I just. I look at hotel because he can make more money at short amount time and then you can. They have more time has been attacking him he or whatever your passion about maybe single value amount biking or doing different things. In this try to create opportunities created. More out of life than. In Amman spectacular career and someone else and maybe I can blue collar worker even a white collar workers you know just really touchy time lightly when you're investing. That's huge man I love that and you know what I've told people this for years in year's money is just a tool. That gives you the freedom to spend your time in any way you won't and I love what you said about kids spill. You know love TI ME a love. That's also it tells about say a typical kind of wholesale deal that should that you would do. Or maybe wanted to battle Selby. Well. One of the last Soros and then. I did that a partner its acquisition of some hot property of about 101000. I think including god in writing course and the nine. Nuclear because tickled until we folded the same daily closed at the same day double close to owner occupant. Who paid 171000. Until midnight Italian split in one day which really I closed in the morning and we closed. We do in Iraq interest tickled to Hickel pink about getting their you know their first home. Com in Dallas in this lie a thousand dollars and tenacious in the afternoon because of them. Indian. You know that it takes from the contact like material waitress engine I knew you know I invest in homes and I got a good deal. That's awesome that's also so you bought it and sold at the same day. AKA title stade de treaty a lot of men are yeah. A lot of alone now that's not the only kind of investing you do you also work are filthy rich is model tell told our list little bit about that. Well the best deal I've ever done. Probably. Possibly pursue another huddle actually. Rather I was kinda it was about. It and 191000 dollars. And we god. 171000. Dollars down. Immediately contract with them for the rest of your payment and I can type type it anywhere or something and he came in about. I don't know maybe another twelve grand but the neatest thing what we're basically a whole weird just about me at all on the day of quoting and the chemical lab contains law. So which is how we Q about a minute and we got a note from like. 121000 attention. Yeah you bought it for nineteen. And you ended up selling that for a lot more than that because you negotiated a deep deep discount on it. So you sold it for probably what thirty years something like that 3030000. And then you guys you got seventeen down so you'll have a couple grand in the hole deal right. According costs were like next to nothing. I mean this total acquisition cost because we added money to buy it I. That huge a love in the need up payments coming in every single to right. I that's also not falsely so that's the filthy rich is motto where you buy a cheap houses you so two stories substantially play Foreman in you you get some money down. In usually you're gonna get about three to 5000 down. But yeah in this case she got seventeen down so I love it that's also. Now here's what did he can learn how. Exactly you're creating instant cash right now what day trading and with the filthy rich is you're creating passive income. So and I know you are really big on being generous. And it was little bit of time with you at our three day in Cleveland recently go become an out of the office soon so. Tell tell our listeners a little bit about some of the stuff funny and million total story at the three day is just really touched me. Can you tell a little bit about what you're doing to brag do you rich and generous. Well earlier this year in April. My wife and daughter on the other choked up but. They were around I like the moonlight streamed down. On an overseas mission. Can shoot like. Public elementary school aged she's held that calling really wanted to. To she's she actually it was a teacher listeners before you retired her and to raise our kids after just four years in the future. She's a solid and blunt about it I had a dream and when I heard it. I churches Toski in base and they're gonna go to Slovakia. Currently and they initially Brahma learning to fly which is an educational. Ministry. And they actually like trained parents to teach your kids and they're really young how to prepare for a test because they don't pass. A test and they're very young like around preschool or kindergarten aged he would play in the slow school so Carolina caste system in the never really. He'll catch up and so. Corey you know Larry Bird are looked at a successful in the eyes of that community so it's kind of like you know. And I guess school for the people in poverty. Where the people who don't speak that language and certainly unfair because they take the test in the main language but they speak a different language or different dialects so. Asus is not very good anyway until. I was. Able to greater supporter come for that trip through friends family and client list of over a thousand dollars. We paid. As an investor. And it really gives the rest of the money to pay for her and my daughter moments ago. In April and down at a time and realize it and you know of course and six year old daughter get exposed to it. You know helping make kids and she nearly characteristic gifts and talent and in what you need to get seeded based Cano there's just I guess Sony Pictures and he's had a wonderful time and oh my god. I'm now on my FaceBook page dated guillotine in the street in his own Internet and time differences made it hard to talk probably got FaceBook updates. From one of these people on the mission's trip. And they really didn't they try this longtime for like months since they have. And they are dead and industry can not carried out people are coming you know and be able to talk to them and and eventually you know given these education boxing him tied into the program rumbling and try and it. And really it is not going to be in the it industry. I love the gators and generated because my dictionary dot and actually had from the street from what I can. That is also a man that's in the or more kids as well. And so I know you're gonna do the same thing with them help them to be able to to to learn to be rich in generous themselves. Man that is awesome that is also we got less than a minute left. And which to me a favor what would you tell a new investor out there warning to get started scared to death. Don't really know what to do what would you suggest to them to do to get started and we'll state. I write three seeing right now here's three biggest goal is. Aren't. You're three goal you wanted you first have to make a written plea entry success mapped it out made it play. Number you get an accountability partner if it's. Here in the real estate investors association in your area or whoever you know and trust like Larry always continue to have a trusted advisor. And cheer within your goal and maybe they can shocking new. They can realistic to me that's Smart goals OK Google that is and they RT smuggled. Her and that he had you know I mean yeah definite you know it you're gonna get it done by a relationship by the year number three eight. Who quit. And then do it actually speak louder than words. Paulson thanks senator for being you know today I really appreciate. For more information about what Larry in Kansas discussed on today's brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous got to brag radio dot com. You can also call 877 Larry go for a free investors get or to schedule a tour of the office or get more information on upcoming events that's 8775277946. Tune in again next Saturday as best selling real estate investing author Larry going to co host Candace teach you the latest strategies and techniques the pros used to make money in real estate. It's brag radio. Leading the world to be rich and generous on news 1110993. WBZ.