Live at the Billy Graham Library - Passing of Billy Graham at 99

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Wednesday, February 21st

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Hey good morning. Welcome to the Vince Coakley radio program coming to you live. From the Billy Graham Library. This is a day we all knew was going to come. The day that we say goodbye to. Billy Graham. Died at the age of 99. We're coming to you as I mentioned from the Billy Graham library and when to set the stage for you for where we are right now on what will do. During the course of the broadcast today so many lives have been affected by this man. His testimony. Not only his preaching. But his life. He is the his character and which really speaks volumes. I think to even discussions I've had recently with a friend of mine who. She has family members. Who work with Billy Graham who knew people that were part of the team and this was a man who had impeccable character. And so we all know what he did in terms of taking the gospel to the ends of the earth for the filling stadiums all around the world. He made such an impact it made such an impact on presidents. And so it's just regular people like you and I. During the course this broadcast. I would like to hear your stories. Because I'm sure that there are many of you within the sound of my voice. Who have been impacted in some way by the ministry of Billy Graham I guarantee they're people out there. I also think on this day. With all of our challenges that we face and eat. People that we tried to vets and you. We're looking for leaders. And for guidance. And I would daresay that it's. Billy Graham which is such a rare breed. In the sense that I don't think there's any other person. Who has. The level of confidence. Of the American people. The impeccable character that you're you're just not gonna find very many people would question who this man is. And his character. And there's a good reason for the because. This was a genuine man the genuine man Billy Graham. I have in front of media the story I was reading over a few minutes ago an account by USA today. Characterizing Billy Graham as America's pastor. America's pastor. Has died. The world's best known evangelist. 99 years old describing him as the gangly sixteen year old baseball loving teen. Who found Christ at a tent revival. Graham went on to become an international media darling a preacher to a dozen presidents of the voice of solace in times of national heartbreak. He was truly. America's pastor. And I want to think about that just in this context it who else. I mean it when you mentioned this idea of having. Interaction with. Twelve presidents. Who has that kind of clubs now. Who has that kind of clout. No. This is something that is unique to Billy Graham. Unique. As you know he retired to his mountain home run treat. In 2005. He'd been on the road for six decades. Calling people to Christ. At 417. All out preaching and musical events from Miami to Moscow. It's vital New York City crusade in 2005 sponsored. By 14100. Regional churches from 82. Denominations. I remember and actually don't remember the year. But the crusades that Billy Graham. Actually held here at events. Here in the city of Charlotte the last time and we all knew it was going to be the last time. I still have fond memories of that. Billy Graham. As I mentioned in this USA today story. Grew up in what most consider humble. Ordinary beginnings but because he yielded himself to god he was used to accomplish the extraordinary. Forever impacting the lives of countless people that's a statement from Tony Perkins. Whose presidents of the family research council. He took his Bible to the ends the earth in preaching tour is he called crusades. Presidents called on Graham and their dark hours. And uncounted millions say he showed them the light. President Donald Trump tweeted this morning the great Billy Graham is dead there was nobody like camp key will be missed by Christians. And all religions. Very. Very special man a special man indeed. On the national day of prayer and remembrance following the 9/11 attacks Billy Graham spoke of the mystery of an equity and evil of the lesser of our. The lesson of our need for each other and ultimately hope. Susan Harding. Anthropologist University of California Santa Cruz he was so real he made christianity. Come true. He was homespun historical and newsworthy all at once he could stand the times from Christ to today from the globe to you all in one sentence is that an extraordinary description. Of this man. Billy Graham. Grant wacker. Duke University professor of Christian history. Says Graham represented what most decent church going people bought. And ought to think. And as I was saying before about the issue of character. There are many who can preach sermons. Who can fill stadiums. But not all the time do we see the character match. Unfortunately it doesn't match sometimes. Not so with. Billy Graham. His reputation untouched by sex or financial scandals. When an anti Semitic comments came the widest transcripts of his conversations with the Richard Nixon surfaced Graham was broadly and deeply apologetic to. Here's a man who. Did just preach repentance. He lived repentance. It never built a mega church check. It's set up a relief agency. Lunched of political lobby ran profits yet he redefined. American Protestant life about popularizing. Christianity's core message of Christ died for your sins downplaying denominational details. And proclaimed the joyous pounds in fees. Grimm was drawn to power. He eventually met prayed with comforted in joked with two well it's twelve US presidents. In Grimm learned to walk a tightrope. That's part of what I said to you about Billy Graham and it. The fact that he is unique. I don't believe that we will ever have. Another man like Billy Graham. They connect twelve presents. He found a fine balance that allowed him to become America's pastor Democrat or Republican. North or south. Extraordinary. We will of course take your calls. You're welcome to share your thoughts on the text line as well. As we reflect on the life of Billy Graham. You're listening to the Vince Coakley radio program we're broadcasting live. From the blue Billy Graham Library right off the Billy Graham parkway. In Charlotte, North Carolina. Our broadcast continues. Hey good morning. What convinced Coakley radio program coming to you live from the Billy Graham Library. And so we are here for a very special reason. Because we've learned this morning we have lost. The person described. As America's pastor referring to work and Billy Graham. Billy Graham died at the age of 99. I need just wanna share some personal comments and I mentioned earlier the crusade that took place year. In Charlotte two years ago. And you're one of the things that I is also reflect on the news in fact I am in you you may have a story just about your experience this morning when you found out about this. IE. Had gone to a doctor's appointment. And had stopped to. Pick up something deep and I looked up and I saw the screen and and night. You know it immediately grabbed my attention. And as I describe my emotions about this. I have to tell you it's it in at a I hope I don't think this is an odd thing it's really one of celebration. Because I'm thinking to myself. And as I was thinking of posting this news on social media. Singing about what was I going to say what we're going to be my comments. Connected to the news story about this and I finally came to the conclusion there weren't any words. I mean I was trying to come up with something clever something. That was going to. I don't know if and they realize you know it's not even necessary but not necessary at all just post the story. But I can tell you. I think coach Paul. The apostle. We talked about being. Absent from the body to being present with the lord. He had to desires and I think this would characterize. Billy Graham. Basically Paul says hate I would much rather go right now. And be with Christ that is my utmost desire to be with him. But you know what I'm willing to stay because I wanna stay. For you. He wanted to stay for God's people. I think this was the heart of Billy Graham. That his greatest passion was to be with Jesus. And I think it's safe to say that that passion even supersedes the desire to preach or do ministry. It's a desire to be with him. And now. He's able to realize. That experience to be with him completely. And I also think of the line pitcher probably familiar with his well. Well done good and faithful servant. I have no doubt that can truly be said. Twelve. Billy Graham. Your calls in your text are welcome during the course this broadcast I love you to share your stories about how. Your life has been impacted in some way that start out in more Israel this morning. We have a call here from butch good morning butch. Good morning. Whether it said the from America I can just feel would grief within my experience for this great loss. I watched this man as a child growing up on TV my whole life and I'm seventy years old. I don't wanna play other than Jesus Christ himself. I don't know anybody that may have let more people to Christ and Billy Graham. Would Serb people as mankind. That's all I got the same could score that had been put in the work. I Syria it's. Certainly our loss I appreciate your call their butch and and that is the paradox of death is it not it is for. This man who has serve the lord so effectively for decades. This is a joy for him to be in the full presence of the lord. Without all of the incumbents is in distractions. And the trials and the suffering of this life. To be with him but for us who were behind. You know we're going to miss this man as I would just describing to you before. That this is a man who is really unparalleled. In the history of this country. I think you would be really hard pressed to find someone. Who. Has not only this character. But this impacted so many lives over so many decades. And I suggested she was well. I seriously doubt. That there'll be another person who have this kind of impact that spans. Over decades as. His life has done. Over on the text line. We've got yeah. One of the things I should probably explain to you about our location those of you who were listening maybe you just now to India and this is the Vince Coakley radio program were broadcasting live from the Billy Graham Library Billy Graham has passed. At the age of 99 I wanna set the scene for you because you may be wondering about some of the sounds that you hear in the background. We are actually nods. Inside. The facility. We're outside the property here. Of the Billy Graham Library. And in front of me are. I mean and a couple of dozen media trucks. From right here in the Charlotte area but I'm betting by the end of this day. There will be many more media agencies here and I fully suspect you're going to see not only it news agencies from across the state. Across the Carolinas. I'm sure from all over the nation will be converging here. Just in recognition of this man who's had such an impact. Over head and this is one of the reasons you probably hear a good bit of noise there is a news helicopter. Because they noticed on the tech slide to number viewer asking. You know what's the sound in the background well there is literally a news helicopter hovering ahead. Looking down on this scene so that's what sure you were here probably during the course of this broadcast. Because of the access. That is at this point is not completely allowed we are not so I'll just tell you we have not been allowed into the facility yet today. I don't know when that will change actually deer in the process of credentialing all of the people here. Who are participating all of the media people who are here so I went to give you some understanding of that and explain. These sound stage you are hearing. IE very much want to hear. Your input during the course of this broadcast today I wanna hear your thoughts. Some way that's Billy Graham is impacted you in some way. And it may be directly it may be a friend it may be a relative. Or it may just be a general assessment of who he was in and what you observed about him over the years. That should really made an impact on you in some way. On the text line. This texture says. I saw Billy Graham crusade in 1967 in Kansas City, Missouri and got to meet him never have forgotten that another texture. Says said said day. Also. This texture says praying for you Vince I feel the same admiration for work your faith as they do Billy Graham what a blessing you are thank you for all you do. I can't begin to in any way put those two. Things together but I do appreciate what you've communicated here. Also this Mitch you said it well done good and faithful servants. He will be crowned with many crowns. Another techsters saying indeed he is at the right hand of the father. That's wonderful text in isn't that's really what the Christian life is about anyway it's it's. He you know it's a paradox is they said it's the when you have a death the scriptures say blessed are those who mourn they will be comforted there's a place for that and yet at the same time. I'm sure and we knew we will be hearing at some point from the Graham family. There's also celebration because they know where Billy Graham is today. You're listening to the Vince Coakley radio program live from the Billy Graham Library. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Green reverend Billy Graham called what is a man profited additional gain the whole world. I lose his own soul who's talking. Intel would you ET the and the. Good morning welcome back to the broadcast Vince Coakley radio program coming to your life. From the Billy Graham Library. Billy Graham passed away the age of 99. I've encourage you to share your thoughts your perspectives are personal experiences especially if you've been impact in the terms of your faith may be your person. Who went to one of these crusades and you came to. Have a relationship with Jesus Christ as a results of Billy Graham. Or in some way his life and ministry has impacted you or family member I would love to hear from you the Ingles advantage talk like numbers 809 to 1110. Common sense retirement planning tech slide it's 713807. Let's let's go out to a call from Steve who is joining us here in Charlotte good morning Steve. Good morning Dan. My. I've not thought about Billy Graham is that he always ship. Main thing the main thing he always. He always stayed with that. Pope proclamation that Christ is our savior he always. He always told you that your you are short you are short of what god wants I've got a message boards and he never left that. Think how can you preached to 215. Million people. And it never gets old hearing what he has to say what I'm land. And let us and I have a thought for you don't want something that he did. I thought I learned just saw a man who knew him very well. Says he was able to. When he got with cliff Berry. We had George and Billy agreed that they wouldn't spend the night alone when there were on the road because they were married. Any always kept the gas between him any any conversation he had alert with a fee fail. He thought he didn't carry the money they were always went into a fund that was cook totally transparent. That he had nothing no control was. These are acts of a guy who has. Worldly wisdom about spiritual matters and use that they're worse there were places that he could get in trouble he never get through it. There's a great example as a good from a businessman's point of view this is valued citizens. You're absolutely right so appreciate where you shared their Steve thanks for your call it also add to that because this ties in you mention cliff barrows and some the other people around Tim what are the things that's was always admirable. In this day and age of Lone Rangers now I'm not throwing stones and saying this I'm just commending the good qualities. That this was a man even though he was clearly the person who was at center stage. She was part of a team and he ministered with this team his entire life. The people he was walking with at the beginning of his ministry he walked with at the end of his ministry. You did not have all kinds of turn over ends relational discord. These guys walk together which is why as as Steve was saying there. We were able to do these things to provide. Support and encouragement for each other. You know you don't have. I've told you I don't like the word accountability. I don't think that has you know I think that's a that's a substitute. For what the scripture caused caused us to do which is to. Be subject to one another that's a totally different thing. CI I'd been part of quote accountability groups where you can share certain things that you can be very selective you can even try your best. But when you are truly subject to someone that person knows you see Irwin through not because of what your talking about. But because they live around you. You allow that person into your life to an extent they can see things you don't have to tell things. And I think that's what was going on here with Billy Graham and the people that he administered with for so many years. There was a walking together. There was a mutual fellowship. Hands that is one of the things that he wisely. Walked out during the course of his life for when we get to some of the items on the text lenders are Somalis and things here. When she Billy Graham 1975. Littlejohn Coliseum Clemson, South Carolina I got more than I expected I realized you could feel God's presence outside the church day and that is also. Because that's isn't that what the gospel it's about it you know the wonderful thing about the gospel is it's. It's not about going to a place. It's about the fact that the presence of god. He is with us and the opportunity for him to live in us that's the gospel that Billy Graham was preaching about. That god takes up residence in us. As a result of the crust and that's awesome that you were able to experience that. That is absolutely wonderful. Also on the tech slide here. Doctor Graham was a man of conviction and deep integrity I have the utmost respect for him that is Elaine out of Greer South Carolina. My father in law put it this way. When I passed on the news of Graham's passing the heavens are Rory. I couldn't agree more. Also this and this one you know what you know one of the most important things that a testimony about a man of god. It's not just what Christians say about you. It's what people who were outside the faith say you know in fact if you look at the qualifications for the health for an older and scripture. It says having a good reputation for people. With people on the outside. You wanna hear an example here idiots. This Dexter says I am an atheist. But I admire the fact Billy Graham at least attempted to live a somewhat humble lifestyle unlike some other evangelists. There is. A decent attempt to include many within his faith rather than making an exclusive. I am sorry for your loss. Whoever sent me this text thank you. Seriously thank you for your honesty. And thank you for being able to just see the good qualities. Even if you don't recognize the god that this man served. You know integrity. When you see it. And that's wonderful. Better texture quoted psalm 11615. Precious in the center of the lord is the death of his saints. Vince I was at a crusade 1987 Mile High Stadium he was so powerful and loving I felt he was talking directly to me I am sad. End rejoicing. In this Vince today is a day of celebration. Reverend Billy Graham has looked forward to stay most of his life I know when he heard his name called. That she had the biggest joyous smile she was ready. To. That's awesome absolutely awesome time for I guess a quick call here can you get about a minute your kid out of Monroe good morning. And very quickly thank you for your show they have absolutely love apology for a long time. Birmingham 1972. May have written a junior in high school and went to the crusade the only time I ever came to Birmingham. And now I'm. I that was the first time that I ever heard all of the requisite pieces of the gospel in spite of the fact that our family had attended church. I had I never actually realized. Connection between him and god are in his creation. And ultimately eleven is salvation. I. I'm mark that in the beginning of my faith journey. And from god respectively but the average and he did it but he used to use mr. Graham. To do that. And in a way that it resonated with me at that time and I've been in. We'll time missionary service or part of thirty plus years now. That's absolutely awesome Kevin thank you very much for your call. Makes sport you have shared there that is exactly yeah when I'm sure Billy Graham would love to hear the impact that he has had. You're listening to Vince Coakley radio program covered you live for the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte cheek marking the passing of Billy Graham at the age of nine. Hey good morning welcome back to Vince Coakley radio program joining you live from the Billy Graham Library. If you have not heard Billy Graham has passed away at the age of 99. Ripe old age of 99. During the course the broadcast. I encourage you call in share your stories just the impact this man has had in your life. Maybe it's a testimony of of coming to Christ or maybe it's your Christian life that's been impacted in some way by his testimony and example. Or. Maybe there's some other way. You would just like you comments. Abouts the impact of this man. And what he means to you on this day. This is a day that I can tell you we have anticipated. And expected. For quite some time. I've had this conversation with several people here. Just about the fact and it's a reality I think everybody knows that especially someone's getting older. The radio TV stations prepare. For these kinds of things it's. You know it's inevitable for all of us but when you're a high profile person as Billy Graham was. They're just. I'm sure there's volumes of material. There are being run today tributes. Audio clips video clips of preaching. And it's just stories. And there are so many of those we would love to hear yours the Eagles advantage talk whenever 809 to 1110. I haven't since retirement planning takes minus 713 cirrus seven. Let's go out to a call from Todd joining us from guessing counting good morning Tom. Good morning fans enjoy on your program and always and just want to say that my heart is still with so much sadness because Billy Graham. Well as the one of the greatest preacher that I have ever known animal in my sixty's and my grandfather. He listened to ruin in my family and. Billy Graham was in my hand that's not only just preach the gospel but. He was so now wonderful Christian literature the people and I'm a pastor myself when I feel have a commentary that you send. Anybody who wanted you know to look uphill battle rebels and find an owl traded at Bob commentary even more. So truly America and the world supply off the great man of god I keep it. You're absolutely right sir appreciate your call their top men and that's important. One of the things that was a an important value for Billy Graham is. I've not just a person coming to. Initiate their relationship with Jesus Christ that also get started on that journey. What does it mean to get started on that journey to get connected with other believers. To began knowing how to read the Bible it's you know it's if you think about it if you're referring to something that's known as a new birth. Just like a baby would need to be nurtured and cared for. Spiritually. This is a totally new journey for people when they need to know what to do from here and and such as he was describing there are those the kinds of materials that Billy Graham was able to put into people's hands. To launch them on the road in their spiritual journey Thomas joining us out of line in South Carolina good morning Thomas. Says good morning. Like that when it comes to Billy Graham I would go. A big hit that it made view that they'll all be. One of the mortgage thought you know if you act request and out of all the years you've been that is have you elbow. Looked it up on the album won't. Then all of no we did is they his statement quote is that Bob woke. He had learned to add mop. Without any his. Should go to bed and I'll never know what we did admire without desire that's good art I like it. There there's no matter where. Great well that is terrific we'll be careful and follow those directions they're Thomas. Thank you very much for your call. This course he should admire. Without desire. I better remember that phrase that's really good that is excellent. Just you know this is one of the big pitfalls for. And it it's not just men women everybody experiences. Temptations. Fans for someone to go decades. And have the testimony of a journey that is free from scandal. And in that higher profile I I can tell you it because I hear these stories all the time. There's something about. A man of god an especially in wind. You're you're in a position of respect in an and the dad there's a great side of that and people being drawn in a healthy way. But you know there's a flip side of this too because it also draws people. Who and sometimes. May have other intentions and other desires and you've got to be so careful. Which is something Billy Graham realized. And that sets very very important. How about some other items here on the text line a number of view writing in and sharing some of the things you've you've experienced. It's like this when Vince Billy Graham is now living lives his life to the fullest. As I will one day after accepting Christ as my savior 22 years ago god bless Vincent late fifties to the sixties young boy had the privilege of being at the at a number of Billy Graham. Crusades other small events. With my dad who is a pastor Graham came to the Clearwater Florida area frequently to honor the small college. They he'd attended as a young student very good. I remember sitting just few seats away from later around civic driver seven. My dad was the real deal as was Billy Graham that's Allen out of Spartanburg thank you for sharing that Alan. Grew up with Graham being a fixture of the gospel and my parents or grandparents Salma I met him when I attended mind treat college around 1984 overwhelmed. At how tall he was in impressed me. That someone with that height advantage found himself in need of a savior such a humble man. Vince recently we had a TV personality left about a vice president hearing Jesus talked to him. Jesus spoke to us through reverend Graham in a way that was so different than others. Jesus speaks to us often. But we choose not to listen. Rest in peace doctor Graham. And he. Is indeed your resting in peace in the presence. Of lord and savior Jesus Christ who he preached. We related to who he loved. We ministered for and through. Billy Graham did at the age of 99 and will continue our broadcast. On the Vince Coakley radio program live. From the Billy Graham Library. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Yeah. Welcome back to the Vince Coakley radio program hour never TU. On this day that we got. Some extraordinary news which is that's. Billy Graham a man who has been with us for decades. Sharing the gospel. All over the world. A man who. Called Charlotte as home. He has passed away at the age of 99 during the course this broadcast we've been. Cheering perspectives. Referred from you taking your calls also your text. Just sharing how this man has impacted your life or maybe the lives of people around you won't continue to do that during the course. This hour we're joining you live. From the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte. And I told you that this is not just any obviously it's not a Charlotte event this. This is really a world events and should I know it's just a matter of time before the media of the world will literally be here. I can tell you that I've seen the progression of media. That's come here to Billy Graham Library it started off as just Charlotte media. And it with the amount of time it takes to travel. We now have Winston-Salem. Media here Greensboro media here. And I'm sure there will be many others news networks around the country will be here around the world. All of them. Because they are captivated. By the life for this man Billy Graham who has had such an extraordinary impact on so many people. His life his testimony his ministry. Over the years. As I mentioned. You are welcome to call in and share your perspectives if you like to call if you would like to text. You are welcome to do that you're absolutely welcome to do that and share your thoughts and it's we wanna get your perspective. On how. This life has impacted yours Eagles advantage talk claim numbers 809 to 1110. Common sense retirement planning text line it's 713 sure a seven. Let's go out to Jeff who has been patiently waiting to talk when this out of Hickory good morning Jeff. Good morning and man what a date I just literally. Gloss. Being able to listen your station a few years ago and then just downloaded and happen to and in this morning. The timing. I guess who couldn't have been better in a way that day and a and a happy day. But I am just so impressed that I wanted to be sure a couple of things but both the first the only time I get to see the reverend Graham workers say it was in Tampa. It was I don't recall the year I was the Bible college that time and then brought. Sister that dip my. My sister didn't know note awarded her relationship with him at the time and kind of brought her chickens remember it up I'm blind dislike holder of that as your blood brother Luther helping out of this. There. There's it was an incredible night and I think that there there's two things that that really impressed me the most about this man's life. Or one major thing I'll share anyway is that I mean look at what's happened I didn't have to secure. Our course set aside all of the amazing things all the people have been saying today it got tens and tens of millions of lives have an impact around the world. As and it didn't even today on a jaded that you left does he go home Tuesday you know he sees her own home that is always wanted to be handled all of us to the end. That today you guys are utter shame Italy. Presenting his life and you're not editing out references to Jesus you're not editing out in the popular vote in the as a public figure thing. And I don't you know I don't. Really this is how I'm gonna be turning your view it again. This in the future is I'm impressed with you put it up showed them. And the whole station before allowing this to go what but the gospel is going out to date. And then it's because of what's happening and it's going to have an impact I think that's an amazing. Testimony at this man's life that even if his passing. His life is still going to continue to impact. The alliance for for you know decades to come I suspect. And and the last thing I want is that it you know I have to be. A messianic rabbi everywhere in the month of the car. Which is a twelve month on the Hebrew calendar and I couldn't think of a more appropriate time for a man of reverend Graham's caliper to be going home to his eternal. Call or because he's thirty horror to a dollar in Hebrew Marine Corps. He looks laborious reception he and my iPad two had its first hours and haven't. And I just. That is absolutely awesome thanks so much for your call and thank you for. As you mentioned downloading the app to listing today and I would daresay that. I think that there is a divine intervention that divine touch that inspired you. Who do that today on this day and we're so glad that you are with this part of the company that is coming coming together. To honor the life of a man who. Live for God's glory. Over on the text line. I trusting Christ in 1985 Bank of America Stadium I will always be grateful. The Billy Graham allow Christ to have his way in his life thing Q also for reminding me what your wise vicious they could not remember. I just knew I was there and some friends of mine. From Saint Louis. Came all the way here because they wanted to be part of this they knew this would probably. You know getting to the point where it was the end of the time that Billy Graham would be doing crusades. And I think that was the last time that he did that here so is so quite extraordinary. Vince's said de not at all day of celebration of the life from the godly man. Also when I felt God's calling in my life the age of thirteen I remembered my parents watching listening to Billy Graham crusade and thinking I want to preach like him. I'm not even close LO well they queue for giving good lord I am a life that was changed. Billy Graham was the most bipartisan. Council the numerous presidents who else was ever that impacting to democratic and Republican presidents and that's. You know and I think the word I would use for Billy Graham this way would be transcendent. He was able to transcend all of these identities. Get assigned to people because you don't hot happens people can become. Polarizing. And so they can be pigeon holed as. Being this pursuit of that person you know of this party your in this persuasion in the reality of it is. Here's a man who first and foremost his allegiance was to the kingdom of god and for that reason he was able to connect with. People who. We're serving. In other functions. Because they were they knew it was to restore competition here. That he genuinely love them as people. Every L in Charlotte so I got about a minute here good morning aerial. Anybody I don't right. It terabyte or more than Obama you know border gate cannot tell you this round not only does the American people. Want the world. If you if you got great job and art is he not all about it either. I did these basic good people is about because. I thought he could look up agreement or they'll lay up at UT so we all men in the ID years. It is naive yeah I remember me when you're in your paradise he says they're out there. You wouldn't be it would meet today got it back well off and got out got the art. Double fault can do so to me out. He's you know it's going to be in my apartment in does that that bit but it got inaudible or are billions liberals Brinkley you're deposit. Hey thank you thank you so much thanks for sharing that I love how simply he described that hey man. And that and I'm sure. That's how was it wasn't giving formal ends I'm sure he didn't use lofty language she was very very simple. And that's what Billy Graham was able to do to speak to people and the common. Basic language in the reach their hearts Billy Graham did at the age of 99 the Vince Coakley radio program continues live from the Billy Graham Library. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. You're listening to the instantly radio program live. From the Billy Graham Library. We're taking in your thoughts your perspectives. The ways in which. This man's life has impacted yours Billy Graham passed with the age of 99. As we mentioned. This is a place that he called home. Charlotte. His boyhood home just a few miles away from here. If you like to share your perspective you can call or you can text either one will be acceptable during the course of this broadcast today we Ingles attendees talk like number 809 to 1110 cabin since retirement planning text line. 713 Sears seven scrub to a call in May until. I'm with Cheryl line is that correct. That's quite an idyllic. Doing well good to have you with us hanky. Our packets that can relate. Little story about what's happened with many in my life but it Billy Graham was concerned about. At about nine years so that. So let's consult very. Tech Atlanta TV. One that even mean my mom and add that they are here coach Ayers it's different the chairs on the on the back from the gay and on the panel. Where cell Billy Graham crusade and black and try to help TV. And it. About that pan Arab again this thing to flavor saying and he'd say they anybody else there anybody bitten being your. How old NC while objects and light up. Well not so has taken made it church every Sunday we felt they were Christian friend right. So what the most Tibetan terrorists. They can people you get mercy and does so you know we just kept up so. A good. Religious billions ourselves. They all get to turn to dial. I began to listen to Billy and is she saying Angela hits and up. While I was in there at the stand up without parents they are at the began to escape. I announce my mom she's they've delegates and and not pay ever since being. They say to that. I have been. My intent with god and the relationship it set foot steps up Billy Graham company and to our belt on television. That is absolutely awesome just wonderful thank you. For sharing your story and thanks for your your lifelong testimony and the way you have impacted lives over the years as well I mentioned here that we're coming to life. From the Billy Graham library and urged you to see a steady stream of people coming here to library I'm sure as they're getting the news Billy Graham's passed away. They wanna come out and just take care and the experience the library and learn more about the man and his ministry. And I can tell you one of the things that's also happened during the course this break. A young man has come up and put out a a little bit of a poster boards here. For a memorial drop off this is for flowers. And other things that people may decide to bring pride here at the entrance to the library. That's just been set up here in the past few minutes. I'm sure they're expecting a lot of people were just gonna show up and put flowers here in Norway and whatever things that they might do to express. Their condolences to the Graham family. For the loss of Billy Graham again Billy Graham passing the age of 99. Over on the text line at 71307. When I felt God's calling my life the age of thirteen remembered my parents watching listening to Billy Graham crusade. It ends. This first was saying hey our I wanted to preach like him. That's pretty cool. Another person saying Rosey kid. My mom and I were watching Billy Graham crusade in TV when he had his Alter called choir started singing just as I am. We have heard that song a few times right. I felt that same Tug at my heart I cannot wait to go up front get down on the knees and pray. And give my life to the lord. She and I'm sure this is a story they can be shared by a dog literally millions of people. Who have had the very same experience. Just some of the testimony cheer on the text line. Thank you Billy Graham for being a light in my life Gary out of forest city North Carolina. Such a warrior of God's words. God has taken his soldier home. Anyone thought the good fight mister Grimm did for him to die is gain. God bless. Yeah. Good morning Vince are members substitute teacher recommend Graham's book angels. In the eighth grader found that book in my months library years ago when a teacher. Wouldn't feel afraid to mention a book like that yeah. But times have changed just a little bit since. There was a freedom to be able to do such a thing right. I can't help to think about what doctor Graham might say about all of this priest. I can hear him saying we should keep our eyes on Christ. And the praise on Christ. Olympians for their teen singer can do all things are Krejci Austrians and scream doctor rim is such a humble man. Get arguably made the largest impact on the attorney if you many anyone in history aside from Christ himself. Also in the text line and honor of Billy Graham. What I loved about Billy Graham was just down to earth preaching he was the perfect country star preacher. No 600 dollar suits your flashy jewelry or bleached white teeth. It may he enjoy this day would his father again. That's absolutely awesome you know there's something to be said for simplicity. They're really yes and obviously I'm not expecting. You know I'm not expecting me an evangelist to go before thousands of people looking like he just stepped off the Skid Row. But. This Dexter has a great point. There's something to be said for simplicity and humility and modesty. John out of Charlotte good morning. It's great that the gospel gonna help this morning. Yeah it's very this man even after he's gone home nobody would lower you know. They can actually in many ways Merrill grown up bullet child. Gold chart also ignite coming home to my promoter partner radio all the we've listened milligram that we go to sleep. And then later on. Probably junior hospital must admit it's certainly become Charlton don't smell the boat jingles Lorena. That's here and they're mainly come there and stadium later on get your name a couple down there but. Thirty years you have just been searchable less than not it's less to do simple. I'll get built believe in Jesus Christ then. That's serious you know he didn't make it hard for anybody to understand and that's what always appreciate about it and I don't get through there a more humble my hand on the slower than. In that's about all like Micah it just a lot of Italian brother price. And I appreciate what you're doing appreciate what everybody please don't split fairways refilled looked like golf all the guys. Thank you very much I appreciate your call their die and let's go out so I think we've got time here for Jim out of rock feel good morning. They don't play good today. To a grades are. Good about thirty safe to say if you can make it quick. Yes very quick. 1972. Chicago I would say do Billy Graham convention. A man has just been a very humble. A follower of Christ and brother in Christ for his whole life. In my whole life basically so I just want to say. Thank you and I pray for you and operates or via station thank you for let this blip but no doubt will be shown the senators today. Hey thank you very much for being a part of that Jim and for sharing your testimony again this another example. Well life impacted and I'm sure there are many others read in this community and beyond. Who can share similar stories just as you have. You're listening to the Vince Coakley radio program we're broadcasting live from the Billy Graham Library can marking the death. Billy Graham. Who passed away at the age. Of 99 stay with us. This is this Coakley radio program. Green to Winfrey really grab your soul the spirit the part of you made in the image of god is going to live forever endowment now Mandela. Who's talking 1110 WDT. Charlotte. Good morning welcome back to the Billy Graham Library. The Vince told the radio program. Marking the death and love Billy Graham who passed away the age of 99 we're taking your calls your tax as well sharing your perspectives. On this life that was lived well let's go out to call it in Charlotte with Craig good morning Craig. Oh. It's sore looser. Oh. Yes certain order camera. Yes we're listening to you sure. Well Bob Dole's doing putting things I was I don't say how many people leave that out. Just everything else is accomplished in his article he was up only known Christian radio stations. Yes. What you might see. Rights and they had lay out. Broadcast tower of the room intellect so it's possible elevation and good broadcast has a problem states. That's pretty awesome. Pretty awesome extraordinary. One of the things said it's I guess you can say you use an area where he was a pioneer certainly a pioneer in. Christian broadcasting as well I'm Rachel out of Spartanburg good morning. Morning day and thank you for doing this today is wonderful what you are doing. Like just say I'd like to tell my husband's story. Early in 1960. Page turn now late husband. We were and mainline church working and doing everything we could overlord. Palin could do couldn't sincerity in every way. We went to a quick saving green real. And in Greenville, South Carolina. And pet him for an amendment servers through my husband we heard the word for the first time true. And after he was just to return this man that I news. And you heard Billy Graham say are you sure. Your name issuing it and you know lamb's book of life. Be that pledge to chart the word knotted power to new things personal and Taylor was this morning and it set terms. And we move don't they and then found a church that would. Give them a message and give its people a chance to come forward and we say to my husband is that don't work out so. The lord at that time and how violation of the and so being thankful. For the lord nobody did they have any kind. Amen to that and we appreciate your call thanks so much ritual. Thank you very much on our text line. I love driven grim so much how he wanted to bring us all to Christ and I heard him speak about baseball how it has rules and meaning and purpose and he said that's how life is meant to be it has rules in the Bible is our book over polls to make you Vince love your show. Let's just listen to I can only imagine that I could picture Billy Graham in heaven praising god that is from CJ. That's quick story my wife moved to Michigan Asheville, North Carolina during her high school years she took the job Janus cafeteria while still in school. Cheers checker at the into the food lion issue the checks for everyone's screwed. One day not too long after she started her job a man came through the line to receive his check my wife quickly rang him up. We walked away the manager came out to ask my wife. She had given mr. Graham a check not knowing the significance of the fact. She was not going to give him a check choose a little embarrassed if this doctor Graham quickly came to my wife told her not to worry he had money to pay for his food. My wife had several other occasions. Speak in civil dec grim after speaking with heard this morning she wish that she understood the magnitude of those interactions. We both feel. A great sense of loss but know that he is home. He is indeed home Vince when river grim sound was Gregory his rebellious years. Reverend Graham didn't tonight he knew god would turn around in time. Now he will take over the leadership and follow in his father's footsteps. That a person saying here it's cloudy out today because all of the sun is an heavens dancing. As Billy Graham arrived. Earlier. We heard someone talking about how. Billy Graham dealt with issues of being attracted to other women. He was asked the question how he dealt with he have experienced what must did he said he admires without desire. As it relates to admire without desire. The devils YouTube jurors more frequently if those extremely active and in doing God's work. What is so admirable and astonishing about doctor Graham is his ability to maneuver through what must have been a forest of arrows. His whole life. Yes. Just heard the news about Billy Graham blessings to all the Graham family not words of thanks English language always remember. Singing of the big crusade in Charlotte almost twenty years ago. Along with board George Beverly Shea and all others said but a great day as well to some of the items here in the text line. Let's go out to rocky in pig skins good morning. I've been thanks for having you know you know I'm discreetly. I'm gonna make great super. Close to a lot better here than I am including. Posted your your concerns and hit the person that's supposed to requests from god and people are calling up saying. We are used to calling up saying well we respect it Billy Graham and stuff like. Bit the Bible doesn't require you guys to respect Billy Graham required you to repent and I think in this tournament on the rim itself. Less so that you weren't all manner it really hate you and virtue of their companies like my game day. Then. And within your people are calling up and say well everybody respectability to a that's not a good sign. It well it's good. Or I do appreciate your call rocky. I pray for you honestly. I will honestly pray for you. I began to stay where he was going but. We are choosing to honor. Billy Graham on this date and I'm sure everybody has their detractors. Jesus had his detractors. That's very clear is that. Some other items here in the text line. Someone saying different air people would Bob probably be protesting him now compassion and his preaching he kept our country looking to god and our country. Doesn't watch much of god thank you Billy Graham for your godly influence on our lives and our nation. And JC says thank you Vince for the show today thank you very much. For writing and when I was six years old 1966. We would see the movie for Pete's sake featuring. Reverend Billy Graham never forgotten that wonderful movie. Kilograms ability to reach people of all races ethnicities. Ages so we surpassed by Jesus Christ himself on never forget seeing a bit Ericsson stadium. She was preaching the room the moon was eclipsing I was waiting and heavens to open at any moment. Must have been quite an experience. My adult daughter attended Billy Graham crusade in Charlotte 1995 except to cry she came home boldly shared her faith over the next several months. Led me to a saving faith in Christ years later her father my husband. Was baptized. That's awesome that crusade eternally changed the legacy of our family. I celebrate with you that's a wonderful story thanks for texting and sharing that and and this is this is one of the joys. Of what Billy Graham was able would you be able to minister to people and reach people over generations. Not just one life. But whole families as we just heard described here it is absolutely. Awesome. Again we're marking the death. And Billy Graham who passed away the age of 99 we're broadcasting live. From the Billy Graham Library. Stay with us. 1149 the Vince Coakley radio program as we are in the final stretch can if you live from the Billy Graham Library Billy Graham's passed away PH 99 is a mention. We don't have a lot of time left here and it's. Not able to get to all your calls your tax let's see if we can take a final call here from Regina in Charlotte good morning Regina. Good morning against god bless you. What I'd like to do is paraphrase. The covers patient that I heard. Creme and Graham lust. With Billy Graham her dad. And she do if Billy boy I can thank god is keeping you alive so long. And he says that theater it would be the witness the second coming of Christ. Or my dad would bring about a great work a great work. And I is thinking this fiftieth anniversary of the car Clinton shooting. And Phillies September 14. 2001. Sermon. About healing power nation after 9/11 with so healing. We are in such a need of healing and who better than Billy Graham are pestered. Didn't help us right now. So thank you for taking my call and got pressure work and that's good to see BP for being so old and wonder how. God bless you as well thanks luck your call Regina then in the final moments. I think one of the things that an agreement save us especially if you are encouraged. You remind your John fourteen let not your heart be troubled. Believing god. Jesus said also believe in me in my father's house are many mentions of who were not so I would have told you. I go tour prepare a place for you. A place that Billy Graham is now enjoying. I leave you with a song that's been agreed inspiration to me. Again. Billy Graham did at the age of 99. Vince Coakley live from Billy Graham Library. God bless you. Am I. Peace. And. To. Do you know. Am. This. Yeah. Lou I had. Okay. Do. Okay. Yeah. Okay. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Green reverend Billy Graham called what is a man profited additional Dane the whole world. I lose his own soul who's talking. In WET.