Live Report From the Owners Meeting, and Best Baseball Parks in the Carolinas

John Hancock
Tuesday, May 22nd
Chuck Howard, Sports Director at WJZY Fox 46 joins Hancock for a live report from Atanta on the NFL, and the best baseball parks in the Carolinas

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This is John. Hancock. Hey there rather rather Torres. Tuesday. Is making big. So it's official. David tepper has been unanimously approved as the next owner of the Carolina Panthers that will not take place until July. He can attend owners' meetings but he has no vote because the deal won't officially be done until July but. He got the unanimous approval of the fellow owners which was somewhat expected. And so what David tepper the eleven million billion dollar man. As somebody said in the buzz over the weekend the big Gatsby and are replaced by the fat cat. And so we'll see I watched just the tail end of that. Our press conference. On my iPad. Because I didn't see the announcement that it was on until. And does somebody had asked him about you know. Bernie and Rivera and he said well that's we don't even get our hands on place until July so that's sort of premature Rivera and but he's. He's the new dude. He's the name we've been looking forces December when this whole thing started. Apparently and I don't have confirmation of this for a talk to chuck Howard at 5 o'clock from a fox but on news 46. WJ is he wide. Don't chart for a long time. Since he took over for Jim Cellini and in fact. For all of a thousand years ago. Problem. Jerry Richardson apparently is in Atlanta at their owners' meetings to he has not made the owners' meetings for the last couple or several. That they've had been apparently he did take the opportunity to go to Atlanta Buckhead today and now makes a final rounds and say good bye address them owners say farewell. Before the sale of David tepper was so approved enough false info chuck Howard has any insight into that are made we will hear of some us. Afternoon goes on. Temper apparently spent day a majority of last evening with the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell saw the two of them posing for pictures in front of video panther logo at the end of the press conference. I saw Joseph person on the on network feed. And has. As temper was walking out of the room. Joseph person approached him and obviously was try to get some aren't time whether. And he wasn't getting any so he looked like he was a little exasperated by that but let's say you know that's a good reporter person's good. He blows me off every time I call him and ask you Mara but just here's an idea. Led don't don't care for adversely doesn't mean that I don't respect him as they are rider he's diseases and he's he's goodies pretty years he's pretty aggressive and I he gets the stories and and I gives us an awful lot of insight into the Panthers so he's their. OTA's started today. Short Rodrigue is down the air. I don't know or Scott Fowler is I'm kind of assuming sellers and then and I am just assuming this but I'm assuming Fowler's probably in Atlanta to. Does that technically is where the story is today. Richardson originally with his partners bought that franchise for 206 million dollars. They just sold it for one point 275000000025. Years. That's pretty good. Pretty good. And tepper. Signs a deal. At the same time the Supreme Court has. Liberalized the restrictions on betting. And they're still trying to kind of figure that out and decide how that's gonna be aligned up and how they'll organize that. Roger Goodell. Yesterday. Said that the NFL's prepared you for expanded legalized sports betting in the United States he wants congress to be involved. He's taking a different approach that Major League Baseball in the NBA and he is says he's not interested in receiving a direct cut of action through a fee. He instead is more focused on data and video rights as a potential. Opportunity. The Supreme Court is you know are made I assume you know. Ruled last week at the professional and amateur sports protection act of 1992. Landmark decision to open the path for states to decide whether or legalized sports betting. Little League supported federal ban on state sponsored sports betting was unconstitutional. And New Jersey and Delaware expected to begin offering me a full manual legal sports betting in June and more states are poised to move forward bio football season. Which would be. Pre season would be what August. Game started September. So log Goodell on Monday said that the NFL had spent time planning for expanded legal sports betting. Including substantial education and compliance training for clubs players employees and partners he said these efforts include supporting common sense legislation. They're protects our players coaches and fans and maintain public confidence in our games. So Goodell said in his statement yesterday we are asking congress to enact uniform standards for the states to choose to legalize bet sports. Betting that include at a minimum four core principles. There must be substantial consumer protections. Sports leagues can protect our Conte had an intellectual property from those who attempt to steal or misuse it. Fans will have access to official reliable league data. And law enforcement. We'll have the resources. Monitoring and enforcement tools necessary to protect our fans and penalized back actors here or abroad. You gotta figure where there's betting there's going to be probably some bad actors here and abroad. Actually Denny and have to do it bedding. In all elements of life now there are bad actors here and abroad. So while Orrin hatch of Utah has had discussions with the NFL. And he is planning dinner deuce a federal sports betting legislation bill. Major League Baseball the NBA in the PGA are trying now are are lobbying states interested in legalizing sports betting and they're asking for a percentage of the amount wagered. On their perspective. Are the respective Vince they had originally asked for a 1%. They're now why asking for ray a quarter percent. Point 25%. So while willow will see all over all of that goes but the NFL accounts for approximately fifty to 55% above money is bet on sports. So they're taking a little bit different approach and and they'll get a good forum because they're they're that big and and that important. So tepper buys the team at the same time that all the sudden betting is coming in their ended and no matter what's decided. Whether the commissioner gets his way here. Becomes a percentage of what's better or something like that it is going to be a boon to this professional sports teams are gonna get something. So. Temper seems to have that the golden touch. Like I said yesterday I can't documented because I don't but I assume that he made a good deal of his money following the recession. Everything bottomed out and anybody that had the resources to get in their. And enjoy the recovery. It was a it would be like buying Apple's stock. You know a long time ago and then just hanging out for the ride. And now he seems to have done now pretty well at that. Pretty cool if you can buy a professional football team for 2.2. 75 billion dollars. And still have of what roughly. Eight and a half billion left. As you've covered Denver. Story had a Bessemer city in Gaston County is just sad. I I guess probably because I'm resolute or they're now enough people know that two good. I've had more people my contact me over this particular situation and and I went under my FaceBook page today. Because like upon seeing Monty self which is similar Roger shelves assaults brother. And for some reason none of that name sounded familiar to me your money self is one of the my friends on FaceBook. And obviously I'd you know cut 5000 of them sort don't know most of them but I've started looking for the names that were involved in this story and there's couple of a better. On my FaceBook friend was tonight just her for all of your audit system is set a story. From so many different angles. And nobody is not thinking that accountability is take place here but. This seemingly as say man if you go to our. But you're ramadi Selz. A FaceBook page you CA. Unbelievably devout. Dedicated Christian. Amendment and Roger is well described as the same and here's a guy who are. 62 years old rams his car into a North Carolina resident and does something that he would never. Be suspected of doing or thinking or. And then the story behind the story and I don't pretend to know it but New York Times reports that he had asked his Sam waited take away his guns because he knew news. He knew he was hidden in this bad times. And he knew we had some are mental challenges ahead of him and his family knew it. His or brother Mahdi. Told WS OC TV. I know what he did wasn't him. And that's hard to understand for anybody on the outside. Budge he says his brother a volunteer youth minister didn't recall what had happened afterward and was distraught when he was informed he was numb. He kept saying this was crazy. He said family members have been trying to get Roger self all the help that he needed but we didn't act fast enough. And I don't know the story behind that story on that because I've heard that are phrased in different ways by a different people of some of them friends of the self family who have contacted me and and I asked me to be gentle on my approaches this on the air not just don't do this is yesterday people saying please don't just jump to a conclusion that this was. Some kind of heinous. After a revenge or hate her. And and says so you guys got my attention and know when you start to read the story. The pastor this Austin Ramel. Said you know oh we we just inactive fast enough we we we all feel a level of guilt. So often been confiding and family members and those who knew him in recent weeks about his problems. But nobody. Nobody knew Laura are thought it had gotten as bad. And apparently I mean some of the stories that your read says just within the last good days and weeks. And it may be even closer to days. It just didn't really taken on off. And it was I believe his daughter who. The Who after church on Sunday put together this. This meeting at that restaurant in Bessemer city strictly for there. For the purpose of of having everybody together and so it's it's just said story the guy who. I can't think of his name right now wants Seacrest speak. You remember the guys who are killed his two kids. Years ago in a south Charlotte I think someplace. Blame medications. He's kind of come out of the woodwork with one of those some media outlet and as soon as responded to this story and so it's it's hard to understand. Did did did anybody could be goes so far south mentally that they could. I mean I watched two Robert Rogers self on TV last night in his court appearance. And I don't know what he normally looks like and I don't know what his eyes normally look like him now. I don't know because shouldn't be amateur psychologist on this anyway. But I you know I watched him in the courtroom and I don't I didn't know what I was seeing. I knew I do know when Iowa and they showed the family members in the stands. And discord hearing yesterday of which there were many. I'm absolute pain and anguish on their faces. Not only from the loss of loved ones but from. All loss of Roger. So I say I don't have by any remedy anatomy I I guess at the urging of people who have contacted me and guests and Tony and asked me to regional with tell you. Look at this. And I suppose it should be said that you should probably be gentle with a lot of the stories that do we see come across that we don't know the ifs ands or buts behind the the facts but to. But this one know certainly has gotten my attention and is certainly will sort of be responsible to world. Well my FaceBook friend money self and and other members of the family and and those who have died in those who were injured in those who were family members and not a Roger soul food as well. Just a bizarre. Really sad. Tragic story. Stepped curry drops the F bomb on TV and. Which is not like given all. Kids hang out with a bunch NBA basketball players and not have the rub off on news somewhere or another but anyway he gets a drilled by his mom. Big. Small world and a staff. I can relate. My folks. For the most part other than their first radio station I ever worked out which was a work study deal when I was in high school. My folks never heard me on the radio. Because I was always in a different city your state and they work. And so it was site and our cash had been in the business for. This is 1516 years somewhat that before. And it wasn't until I got here and I already had a twenty year run before ever walked into. I WBT. 28 years ago. Through about six or seven states. Well mom and dad never heard me and and I was never. Would've loved to have done a show like Howard sterner. Imus or it means that a loved to been more in face and naughty. But I just never that are being a radio stations and that really allowed that in that I I was from a album oriented rock background for a good while they're in the some may see radio stations and so oil into and talked all got here well. Technology wasn't allowing you to hear broadcasts. I'm in other states. Those of you remember Auburn football fans. Live in an opposite state of where your football team is like if you're like me was a bronco fan then now was Livan and you know. Pennsylvania and Florida and Texas and California and so you would wonder how the games were going and you just either had to wait for somebody to tell you on the radio or. And I mean you know our our bee's nest standing next to order in my case I was at a radio stations all would be sitting next to a teletype machine no islands like you go find the scores that way but. You just kinda had to wait for the television networks to bring you up to date on the games. And I always you'd do it and upon your hand. So I get here and especially during the ninety's we were having some fairly lively conversations we were talking politics and we were yelling and screaming at each other but it was always. Fighting for your point nor your cause. And maybe I'm looking at just a little bit and rose colored glasses but don't mean to some extent as I've said before we used to go to the mail people. The parole lady Julia Fultz. I never forget her. She and I had some knockdown drag out tough fights on the air and no we were we we always remained friends. Even though we question each other's heritage a couple of times. But it was always kind of understood that you were finally kill for your point of you know and you were. Because at the end of it people would say thanks John I enjoyed that while Pat Toomey said. It was a personal they understood that. It's gotten personal these days I can't even begin to tell you some of the email again. But my mom. In the last fifteen. Sixteen and eighteen years. Maybe even short of that. It is technologically. With computer and so on. Able to. Go into the website and they listen to the show. And so from time to time she'll hear me. I called somebody a jackass wants and and you shouldn't do that because that's not polite and it's not a word that you should actually you don't be using on the radio anyway. And she's right but sometimes. Sometimes you do stuff that. So I get all I all right would go tooth and nail on somebody and and no we get into a big old Harry argument and stuff if I get home. And the phone would ring that night or I get an email and would be from all. And she would say I thought you were a little bit term short or a bad guys today are. Cute you know I you'd. You called that guy JA RE PUB YouTube. You were raised like that. Can't do that. That's not my son that's I don't know that guy wiring is so mean to that ma'am. Result. All of a sudden I'd always had the liberty of being on the radio and being able to do whatever I wanted to know without having to worry about the ramification of my parents because they were ever listening in now. Mom consider in Dallas. And turn on the computer should be listening right now and and listening and and and hear every word I say and treating in hearing how I treat people and so as this step is finding out he's only thirty years old. I'm 65. And you're still accountable to your mom. Mom's night he wondered idea till. Well I think turns 92. In early June. And she's still sharpest attack. And healthy till she'll be like her mom shall live to be under and two years old. But from time to time shall call me up and say. Well I heard you talking to that gym today and and I'd. You're wrong. You why you can't you why do you treat people like them. So Steffi got to still answer to your mom. And when you dropped the F bomb on national TV. Not too old to be called down by his own mother and he talks about dropping the F bomb during his 35 point outburst on a Sunday night and are really highly emotional physical. Oh playoff series with Houston. And even Fowler who is a very. Respectful. Father and husband and I never heard Fowler. Drop bad word. But even he's set IE these I actually kind of enjoyed it Taylor was us somewhat guilty pleasure. Sort of enjoyment because I would want my own kids screaming AM curse word on national television but enjoyment all the same. It was compelling theater from curry and part because it was so unexpected and from the NBA's cuddly PGA's star. I was like a politician used to listen to us so when we were doing morning's down on the end on timeout from WB tape any game open I think it was a John Alan Autry. Rod opt rower rod. Autry. There's a John Autry now that there was a raw Daughtry. He says since moved but anyway he came out to us Wendy and he said today I'm really enjoyed your show on the end and I said you're not listened and on Sunday in. They got me talking about stuff it's no more acceptable for BT weird talking TNA and he said I'm in my humble respectable citizen on in my car I want my own mobbed by myself my kids are in there with me why why is not in there with me. I could turn on the radio it's like a fourteen year old of the Playboy magazine I'm like get away with some open. I'm doing stuff I shouldn't be doing well listen in to stuff that I shouldn't find funny. So it did it's kind of goes that's the kind of the same thing that I think off Fowler was saying yesterday but anyway he it here's. Sonya curry. Who is steps mom and Dell's wife. And she's a classy lady a matter a couple of times relating. And she reacted to his. And as steps that she's already sent me to home videos showing me other clip and playing it back and she was telling me how I need to wash my mouth out saying. Wash it out with soap just. Did receive the rebuke like a teenager who knows that he's missed his curfew and accepts his punishment totally curry is quoted in the paper today as saying she's right. I got to do better. I can't talk like that so. You're never too old to be called the carpet by your mom. And if you're lucky kids like me. At age 65 your mom's still there to a call you down from time to time and tell you when you're right Philly when the wrong. Throughout the world the Donald Trump saying he's not too happy with the a change in attitude he's picked up from my Kim John noon after his second meeting with the Chinese president he says I detect someone of a change. They are scheduled to meet on June the twelfth in Singapore trump saying today maybe that meeting might be delayed. So we'll see were all of that goes USA no China had been none negotiating over China's large trade imbalance with the US. And stock market yesterday. Soared by about 300 points in the Dow today is down a 193. As we speak at NASDAQ is down 22 in the S&P is down to him so. I don't know the actual. General Electric enough. Sticks and stones dividend cut speculation USO Wall Street to a slips is good trade talk go to comments are digested so that is having something new with the stock market so fault today. Souls who were all that goes but anyway that's that's the word on North Korea and non not China. The Galveston County this is an entry into New York this morning our sheriff Henry you're two shots. Throw assurance that. Said yesterday. They won't know until there's an autopsy. At first I have heard of that. BR gunman got into way. Been police got locked into a 25 minute gun battle. And the Galveston County sheriff told reporters that as far as he could tell none of the eight students and two teachers who died were killed by police but they're done they would know for sure until they get the autopsy so finished. Sheriff also said that during the lulls in the gunfire. The gun battle with the seventeen year old. A police tried to convince him to give up. Which he finally did is originally planned apparently was to commit suicide he had told officers that he had to chickened out on now. Meanwhile lawyers for the shooter. Who has been known jailed on capital murder charges disputed report city at relentlessly pursued one of his victims sixteen year old Shana Fisher. And that she had finally had enough and and rejected him in front of via classmates a week before the attack so the law enforcement are discounting Mets story. The defense attorney Nicholas paroles said to. When asked about a motive for pearl said that there are no closer to understanding what led to the shooting saying that the shooter remains disoriented and his quotes still in a state. He added I think that there is said definitely something going on in terms of middle health history I think he's still very confused about the incident. So that's what's going on there are on the bigger stage the White House announced yesterday that the top FBI and Justice Department officials have agreed to meet with congressional leaders and review. Highly classified information that everybody's been wanting to see newness and others. People have been wanting lawmakers especially wanting access such deal on the handling of the Russian investigation. The Associated Press reported that it's unclear exactly what felt lawmakers will be allowed to review. Or if the Justice Department will be providing them by any documents the agreement comes after a trump. Demanded. We talked about this little bit yesterday. That the Justice Department. Investigate whether or not the FBI it carried out a politically motivated infiltration. Of his presidential campaign. The deputy attorney general rob Rosen Stein and the FBI director Christopher wave met with that trump yesterday. A repeated an announcement from late Sunday after trumpet tweeted that he would don't make that demand of on the inspector general to expand its existing investigation. Of the FBI's actions into the Russian probe to look at whether there was any improper politically motivated surveillance. And. The problem being though when you. Start to mix partisan politics. With a with some of our legal institutions. So wound. So that's the story that said going on their. Wood don't point your. I'm your eyes to a opinion piece that was in the Wall Street Journal that we shared with you yesterday called the informant. Who wasn't spying in fact teachers. I'll give you that if you can get that posted up America occasionally reaching don't tell I think it's pretty interest and we've talked all about to media. I'm. In the last year two years three years. Who do you trust. What do you read. I relies. That some of you were. Have sources that you won't believe in and some of those sources may be O ones that I believer just. Everybody ever every sides got there but if there's it's there's a national publication out there credible. Publication are apparent that I tend to have not 100% faith then not to vote the way that reporters report Tuesday as. But I would think the Wall Street Journal is mr. bonus. Straight ahead on Austin Laura and an accurate as you get. Not again not in all cases. But I think their editorials are spot on the money. So while. You do announcement until June. Like you did ask in the past just have a belated answer for it I'm actually a little late bit of a lately over on the Wall Street Journal. I started in in in studying and doing and reading in bed to ensure prep for the show over the years. We kept on getting directed to a Wall Street Journal story the more I started reading the Wall Street Journal's story is the more I got injured student and and then now about nine months ago. A when they had dropped that 200 some odd bucks that it takes to subscribe to a three year. And actually get it delivered to the house. Which. I'm pretty surprised about. That sometime in my lifetime I've gone from boy's life and Mad Magazine to the Wall Street Journal. But they do have a high you. I degree of of faith in the Wall Street Journal as. But totally unbiased but as unbiased as I think I can find these days to login information and freezing elegy. The way that it should be reported. Since there which I'd love that about the new us our marks a bathroom policy you know which means. Yeah go ahead. He is bathroom you know I do a Starbucks sit down and by nothing. This in reaction to an overreaction. Two two African American gentleman Ned dove world waiting for a friend and made national headlines for the way they were treated. Until Starbucks wants people to know that just because of folks canal. I used their bathrooms without buying anything that doesn't give you all carte Blanche two would disrupt others in fact. Starbucks employees and customers are expressing some concern over the our new policy. One saying in this article on Fox News I can't see how this will work. Now it's kind of a shame because one of the concerns and there was is that they would be known as the bathroom place. And that was kind of the conclusions that we said yesterday that if you're driving down the freeway. And you need to go and you see one of those highway signs that says you know the next exit there's a burger king and errors. Does that the other America and a Starbucks. They're building a new Starbucks enough Belmont. So when your head down 85 you'll see that if you get off on exit twenty sex. There's no wind east there there's a chick filet there there's. Do. A RBs there. There's a Starbucks there blue blue blue. All cheered and nobody. He can walk around New York City. And you need a place to go. So you know I mean there's also news become America's restroom. So I guess that's that that's kind of the fears Starbucks announces new policy Saturday it allows anybody to occupy the coffee shop or used via storage facilities. I even if they don't buy any thing and so people are now saying. Sounds good on paper but. The third place policy maintains that employees should consider anybody who enters Starbucks space. Including restaurants cafes and patios a customer regardless of whether they make a purchase or not. And our customers using the us bases still have to follow some general guidelines they still have to. Use of whatever space there and as intended. Be considerate of others. Communicate with respect. Act responsibly. Or they could be asked to leave. The job. The third party policy is being called into question by both customers and employee is. Who wonder what impact it will have on the stores specifically an urban locations. And there are people that are voicing concerns about this new policy and will it lead to stores being filled with homeless people drug users. Because the drug users use the bathrooms that's one of the problems they've had enough Starbucks in the past. Some Starbucks in the past. So log. Andre. On a thread debating the new policy a Starbucks customer. Had some concerns says I can't see how this will work and urban areas with large homeless slash mentally ill populations. I just worry about how many employees will be put in danger or get fired until this happens. Someone claiming to be an employee works at a store in the way open Chicago. Said they hate the new policy because. The store bathrooms have turned into a hub for drug activity. We haven't been allowed to change our bathroom codes since April they write so almost all the junkies and homeless people know the code now. About once a week we find needles drug bag ease and blood all over the Toyota the walls. Held that the problem. So. In in making a our policy editors most do. Encompass all of the Starbucks stores. Well maybe they might wanna have to go back and rethink that. There are others that argue that toe while there was never an official policy in place until now many stores operated under similar guidelines before the April incident. Back one set I was trained on this two years ago when I started the whole controversy was caused by so wanted to involve policy in the first place. In fact they went completely against policy. The only time we're supposed to kick anybody out of a store is if they're bothering other customers. Or are damaging the cafe. And maybe I just haven't been into the right Starbucks but I've gone into Starbucks before use the restroom. Without buying any thing. I I don't know if I was getting away with anything or not I wouldn't try and do necessarily but I mean in some cases you'd. You're done at a Burger King or are. It just walk in and act like you know what you're doing it's it's like go to try to get past security at a Rolling Stones concert to it's you know. Don't give yourself away. Well actually maybe. The bathroom at burger kings a little easier than getting past the security guard of Rolling Stones concert. So loud that until they employees said you know ago we were never supposed to be kicking people lot of sources of the people that. Kick the two guys out of the store for waiting for their friend without making a purchase they were in violation of the policy that murdered that that Starbucks already had. The company spokesperson new further clarified Jewish CBS on Monday. Said the key piece here is that we are asking customers that when using a Starbucks space. We respectfully request that they behave in a manner that maintains a warm and and though welcoming environment by using spaces as intended being considerate of others communicating with respect financing answering responsibly. Separately. Starbucks. Procedure manual for employees offered detailed instructions on what to do. Is somebody is behaving in a disruptive manner and it said disruptive behaviors including smoking. Drug or alcohol use improper use of restrooms are asleep it. The company's new policy includes instructions for employees to call 911 if they feel somebody is a safety threat and adds that customers can be banned from Starbucks stores. If they're disruptive policy includes the stipulation that does the space is being used. As intended. So world we live in now. Everybody is concerned about where your going to the bathroom. HP to. Starbucks. I think we should ban it altogether. From now on. No more. Besides that it's. Well yeah we just have to win awaited Steptoe we have to develop food. They did that is just totally burn off an energy for your. In your system. That's the next step. Cahill and chocolate. A Chimera Investment justice. Charlotte I turned down all week long they started last night but they're like eight or 90 game homestand to Libya through the weekend a tonight 704 tomorrow night 704. Thursday's 704 nor full. Who is in town tonight. Is. Star Wars tonight special guests from the galaxy far. Far away will be at the ballpark. And then tomorrow is Louis. Joseph Lido I have no idea pronounced left him. Early pitch perfect gamers should know what they're doing Mayo Louis Toledo Bob Bobble head do you think the same deal happened him that happened to me to eject. People sit in the stands on my bubble had died going. Who resist. The body was I thought I thought we're gonna player who's this do it. There was a couple there was some people sit in front of us that game diminished and the slightest idea who is this. John and Jack. What are they doing what did we miss George Washington right. Well I didn't regret from. So anyway there they're doing their Bobble head night and then Thursday is video game night T shirt night. And had TJ is already got one of those. And then I guess the game jerseys we saw those. Not to do a special game Jersey that night as well. So long homestand for your Charlotte knights say is coming up a promotional giveaways and all that kind of stuff so good down there and see some. The Bob Poteat who is say a writer for the Gaston gazette. Just recently wrote a column on numb my top ten Minor League Baseball parks and we had just seen a poll was last week that should be be at he ballpark best in the country. So I saw this one in the gas and gazette that I thought well that's probably the one bit that's probably the poll that we had made reference to but it's not. He talks he writes about the ten best venues to watch a baseball game this summer in the Carolinas. And so number ten it was LP friends stadium home of the Hickory god incarnate. Number nine was McNair field for a city owls franchise in the coastal low plainly. Number eight. BB NT ballpark Winston-Salem. Home mud to the dash. The high A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox just located off club business I forty in downtown Winston-Salem you probably suited if you were driven down. So I'm reading this thing and I think and I know what's number one. Gonna be be be do ballpark could in Charlotte. I'm accorded bill put too. Number seven. Is five county stadium home of the Carolina mud gets which is actually one of the greater logos that know Minor League Baseball very cool. I have nothing against the knights but there's there's something about cried ads and mud cats and there was a time there were people were naming their teams. In Asheville tourists iris though is accurate but a pretty adjusting a minute. But anyway Carolina mud cats five county stadium came in number seven on built OT its list of via best places to invest in used to watch baseball this summer in the Carolinas. That's eastern wake county in his ambulance. Number six was First National Bank field home with the Greensboro grasshoppers. Number five is ticket returned dotcom field. In no Myrtle Beach. Which is an affiliate of the Chicago Cubs. Durbin there. I never even thought of and in Myrtle Beach about going to a baseball game. I would do that. And you see the ocean. Is located less than a mile from the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean just off US seventeen. Constructed in a 1999. Seats about 6600. People. Parking is free. Food is surprisingly good. I am surprisingly varied including barbecue and Tex mex and a ticket to Garcia or Chicago Cubs affiliate in high A affiliate in Myrtle Beach just eight to eleven bucks. It beat them. And barbecue too. Number four on the list. BB NT ballpark Charlotte so he's got three stadium's listed ahead or Charlotte. Talks about dome of the triple A for those Chicago White Sox square in the middle of uptown. Blah blah blah blah Durham bulls number three AAA affiliate for the Tampa Bay Rays best selection of food he's seated at a minor league park. Part could easily have been my number one it's a beautiful venue kind of brings to mind Camden yards number two according to bill Poteat. McCormick field moment a low a affiliate of Colorado Rockies. In downtown Nashville. The tourists. And number one floor field. West did and his home of the drive and low end affiliate of the Boston Red Sox in downtown Greenville, South Carolina and down down Greeneville is. Very very cool. And apparently have a very very cool baseball stadium as well. 142. Days. Good to be here 28 Tina seems impossible 223. Days to go it's the 22 there. My lovely wife Susan as a birthday today it's close to announce that she likes to be low key about this. However since I put it up on FaceBook. Your second order your blow back. Really should probably revs up on the way home. He's still so those roses and they. This dude says convenience store. Then make your card on line. Derby isn't. But she said she didn't need anything. So. Let me just Dick Gephardt write. Me if they say they lead. So all homemade cards and and Rosen. And just did. Margaret Fogarty over at WCC he's got a birthday today. She doesn't say no she isn't. What do you figure out. How does Martin birdies Obama. Have you can't be. Say 29. Safer. Brett Saunders share on sanders' husband and kids first. You say is got a birthday today proud daddy son just graduated from college. Hi his daughter is flourishing in college in his wife's most caring person I know and he's not a bad dude himself. So whether you go three relief. Wonderful people have a birthday today and probably more I just don't have time to get to all of your. And besides that. How many flowers and does students can actually afford a you don't. Morgan they ought story here to get yours. If you drive over to succeed people. 1843. Thousands of people of their cattle headed west via wagon train to independence from Independence, Missouri in what would later become Leo organ territory carted part of the great migration. And they followed what is now known as the organ trail. B Wright Brothers were granted US patent number 821393. For their flying machine on this date in 1906 and this was indeed these last. Johnny Carson's tonight show stepped down as host final program that featured flashbacks from his nearly a thirty years. On the late night show and was that much longer after that that he best. And is still miss him. And I see reruns over and from time to time in the show wasn't Philly is good as I thought it was but it's still great. And and he was the pioneer and in par in those guys pretty much embedded media they're all still use the same desk arrangement deceiving in the hole. Com. And he didn't have to be totally political to be funny and in fact won it for the magic things I've got to think about Carson was is now. Part of his magic was not being funny and then his reaction to that. And that kind of takes the pressure off and it. The Pope announced that he's chosen fourteen new cardinals. I think we'll deal one of Lovato and get. Because they're. Pretty sure standard is still the park that was killed by the OK employer may be Bob Gibson. Feel like Julian Javier hurt floods. All things from my childhood not a cardinal leaders of the Vermont Canada cardinal fan I'll log part. Loved gray uniforms on gosh yes you're great ballpark you're Mendez great enough has baseball cities and you're that is especially when the cubs are down there you go asked yesterday if you've never been too long ago from his worth it believe me my kids moved out Colorado about I don't know general years ago or so much and on his way out there they were driving through Saint Louis and there's a little lights on the stadium so they parked their car walked over there. Thoughts and see it's off the street moved. Forty bucks or something Mike Stanton got into the stadium the usher started walking down the lane. And down the lane and downed the plane and that little section that just sells off the first base line that kind of goes. You know was sideways to allude to the field is ready to you have up and that's where the seats were holy cow to write a lot of parties are recipes all of man's cruelty and the cubs were in John home beautiful so that is one of those moments of life where you say how life is pretty good at all that apparently is better America for your paper today that America yes sir. MER KA nurses there are several mullah. Yeah at all give credit for that aren't. Articulate a lot armored about. Yes so are you got me going John we've got now. They're selling their drum heads a little loose. And it. Scheduled to do now owns the record. You're for the highest grossing. The official photos in the royal wedding have been released I read the news today oh boy a semi truck stopped by police in North Carolina carrying nine indeed million net dollars worth of liquid math. How much trouble you ever been and. And in Texas say Al white candidate for Dallas County commissioner says that he created a trust run into a reward his children. If they marry someone white. That's good publicity that's. The metal work well for county commissioner down there. I'll post office is now something new and fun no that Dell might make you want since some snail mail again are revealing yesterday that it will be issuing its first ever. Scratch and sniff stamps. Over the possibilities are endless are picked. Starbucks restroom. Now the US Postal Service said the stamps are meant to evoke a sense of summer. With ten different designs. That each feature two different ice pops on the stick. And there will be one cent for all those stamps and it's not being revealed until they are issued no jail or June the twentieth but. There might be a hand somewhere in the press release which mentioned several different flavors saying in recent years. Frozen treats containing fresh fruits such as key we watermelon blueberries oranges. And strawberries have become. More common. In addition a flavors such historical root beer and cola are also popular. What would you you know vote stuff for summer shouldn't stamps smelled like suntan lotion. Well I'm Victor. I can't hear some guys do a Star Wars thing like a boomer just did not pick Bill Murray. Remember this song is still are all voters. I don't know what it is it's like I hear the word and I'm really go to Bill Murray and I'm not even a huge Bill Murray fan just. Did you know he lives in Charleston. Did you know that before we mention like three and a half four weeks ago. Talk turned out in Charleston you're walking into a restaurant you think you see Bill Murray probably deal. Owned part of the baseball team. Who knew. I go ahead take a break I checked FaceBook and your work. Tell your boss has said it was okay. You might not Lockett but there's a new study out that finds the act doesn't necessarily mean that your lazy nor that you like motivation researchers at the university of hockey puck in Israel. And the University of South Florida. Which I I think is himself or. Surveyed over 400 full time employees working in a public university in the United States the results showed DO less work. That the employees were given. The more likely they were too well browse the social media accounts to pass the time study. Author. I should not connect. Explains cyber low figment. Were using your employees. Internet to log into your personal accounts is a rather natural. Response to work boredom and it's. It is different from other more harmful forms of counterproductive work behaviors cyber lo thing happens more when. The workload is low and in many cases it may not be harmful to the work. Just make sure that you're not overdoing it also if you're a very bored with your job it's likely sale sign that maybe you should be searching for new went according to the career coach jasmine Briggs. Wanted to make any sense that all the go to a boss and say hey I'm. I'm not being worked hard enough. Or I need. More challenges. This is only I don't know how do you how would you death would you tell your boss. You're only given nearly 25 hours a week no worker. I need more stuff to do. Good abortion car. Did your shoes off when you get home. It could help you lose weight. And not just awaiting your shoes and that's the first thing I thought arrested. Let's say oh yeah you just take your shoes off it's about a pound right. If you don't remove your shoes when you get all we may want to start every day products contain no chemicals known as. A best engines. Which can now metal with our hormones and cause a weight gain researchers at the university of the arrow and be at our interior. He knew applied those. Are reviewed does several studies to determine. Where we come in contact with. A best engines the most and they found that the biggest source of the contaminants our house does diet. And using everyday products such as kitchen where cosmetics in net cleaning chemicals to avoid those chemicals the scientists recommend though buying organic food over processed food. Avoiding synthetic claim projects and removing your shoes when entering your home to avoid bringing. Of best surgeons in doors from outside sources. Regularly vacuuming the home as well as wiping down furniture with a wet cloth can also stop the chemicals from accumulating endorse. Quite frankly the taking off fear shame since seems to be the vice more than most minor. Adjustment that you can make out of all of that. Why can't you just stomp your feet when you get into the garage. Knock all those are best engines right off your. They're Rolling Stones in a song about that to name but knock chosen best engines right off your shoes. It was soon with the that was Slobodan but the talk was all run. If you wanna stale looking. Young and chilling nine young men are looking young and feeling young and IR. Got to work out at least five times a week. The juicy strategic. Our researchers from the institute for exercise in environmental medicine Arab ministerial boy in Dallas Texas looked at the exercise habits of a 102 people. In their sixties. And they found that those who exercised two or three times a week over their lifetime had healthier. Middle sized arteries. Which supply blood to the head in the neck. All arteries are healthier among people who exercise four times or more a week getting regular exercise keeps your arteries supple. In a blue improves blood flow. Maybe it has been my problem until just recently had an exercise. Nowadays. Think there's a blockage so now I gotta go get that figure of the want to get that taking care of then back on the treadmill and then. What long life another eighty years or so. I want to believe BT dog like. The this of course hopes protect against heart disease but you can also. Keep your skin looking younger. On as well as improving well being and boosting energy. While Marmol for all of that. TJ go exercise for me. Did you get somebody else to do that for a I training camp the OTA's turn down chuck Howard and company event in Atlanta today were and talk to chuck Howard coming out of the 5 o'clock news. We do have an official new owner of the Carolina Panthers name is David tepper. And he got a unanimous approval today from the NFL owners I don't think any great surprise there he had already been vetted as they. I'm minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers but he won't officially take over the team until July. He is now that he's been approved allowed to attend the owners' meetings but he won't have a vote because again he doesn't officially take over the team until July. That'll give you much time does. Sell his stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers and get all the financing together and he still trying to kind of figure out from what I saw his press conference the alignment of may be some local investors. He paid two point. Two of billions. Of his own money and that he's got what another. 75 million or something like that that he can open up to minority investors. So. You think he'd take my thousand. Ordered seats. I check my old friend and I check cowards force rhetoric WJ ZYO 46 season nobody cared for the owners meetings although tempers spoke about two hours ago so. I'm thinking at this point chuck Howard's probably. Buckhead. Swimming pool cocktail I'm literally tortured February is Ajax. You know B wait Q well. You know. I'm gonna pretend like I'm alive it's fixed in 10 o'clock whatever really will be at DO Whitley hotel. Barring here it but can't. George said you are calling it five or 530 S and we better get him at 5530 could be totally wasted. By reputation precedes me that I Wear well good to hear from anybody. Hey good to talk to you so. I talked Miller but I did see the tail end of the David tepper a press conference. He seemed to. It was interesting Ian wrap authorities are making funny and wrap reports parents don't collect Teddy was pretty loose today. Yeah. I think I probably would be as well you know if it about a year he just joined what are the most exclusive clubs. There in the entire world and you know I just mentioned to somebody that you know you couldn't. You can't wipe that grin up its base and I don't I don't blame them I mean hey. He put his time and he worked hard he's brought himself up from his bootstraps hardscrabble beginnings then. You know he's earned a ton of money and could you know so I would be proud of I was him in you he was wearing it and you know came up you know John and I think if you did he provide media. Via interview session her Winnie the announcement. Do you think at first blush she seemed like a very self. You deprecating guy I think he knows I think he says somewhat humble you know didn't interrogated money he had money wasn't given to a man. And I think he realizes what he had been you know what he had just purchased and it's one of the most valuable things. In the in not just follow sports and all of you know industry if you will. He also comes off budget to me in just a short periods I've seen him as commanding he is in control line he likes to the environment around him to be. Not in his control I think he's pretty proud of himself I don't think that's though that that's not a negative when I say that I but I think this is the guy with a lot of confidence. And he should have. No I absolutely am a firm believer of that in in any occupation or vocation. Did future ride to the top you get a certain modicum of success in life. You're gonna you know you're gonna have to have their confidence you know the the other is saying to meet kill will inherit the earth but the meek cannot get an error an NFL franchise or a a multi billion dollar hedge fund and I don't mean to be flippant about depth of their justification and you know he you know he's earned his way up like I said. He confident you have to be in this not a guy in this hotel the other 31 orders that are competent as well and what they do and too late to get to that point. You've got to be that way I think it bodes very well for Carolina they had their opinions I mean. You know when he came out said you know first thing I'd do is win second thing I'd do it blend third thing I'd do is win and what I think will be very interesting to hear about David tepper and I. Think what we're going to probably like about him. Compared to may be similar the other owners around the league who don't have his bank account. You know David pepper money not gonna be an issue for him I don't think. He got to worry about cutting corners. You know key kids. He's just check off one of the biggest boxes. Of you know his lifetime you know gold Linda and you know career goals in life goals and so now the next step is let's go win a Super Bowl trophy and that's what would be the coronation you know forgetting this franchise so I think. You know I think things are heading in the right direction. Obviously you know a lot of folks have mixed emotions about. What's gone down with Jerry Richardson I'll be the first to say that to locking it down a 1995. Is that. Yo kid from buffalo who had darker hair at the time and was brought in to cover this expansion football team. And for a long time had a pretty good relationship with Jerry Richardson first name basis you know but that is waned over the years obviously like it has with a lot of people. So I remember the jury of old are not excusing anything that's allegedly gone down. But I think a lot of fans also have that bittersweet. Feeling if you will because you know Jerry what the man who brought the NFL to Charlotte. And allies say. Good Charlotte on the map but it certainly didn't help beta and so you know it's kind of a weird day but at the same time I think fans are just you know wanna move on to the. To the next step is this is just fifty would David jeopardized and and I think we all hope that Gerri can no you don't have you know haven't enjoyed a lit very enjoyable retirement. You know and hopefully be around a long time and be able to enjoy your family and the Leo one point five billion mideast takes out here today. Hang tight with me for a couple say it's let me go get traffic update no matter come back criteria Mandela talked to doctor Jerry merchant for a second. Heart attack cowardice and Atlanta for the NFL owners' meetings was there when David's ever spoke to Dave following his unanimous approval by the NFL owners to be the next owner of the Carolina Panthers he won't actually take control. Of the team until July he is so loud to our show up for the owners' meetings at this point but does not assailed voter that won't take place. Until the team actually becomes under his control in July. Chuck was Jerry there there was word that he was you know address the owners today hadn't been doing owners are meeting in no sometime but what did he show up today and did he address the owners. We need scuttlebutt is that he did show up. Our team in. Undercover back door nobody would be able to see him but the work was that he did show up along with Tina backer but. There's been no statement from Jerry and we weren't able to see him and you know I think some of us were hoping that you know this. Sort we're assuming at a wanna called a swan song I don't know if that's the right way to put it but you know I do think you know despite what has been going down. You know off the field if you will Lou with the allegations. That some folks were hoping maybe some of its media sometimes. You know hope hope hope first critical we hope for a lot of things but you know I I do I do think sort of Jerry does at least goal. The band Good Charlotte are big men maybe that's forthcoming I mean let's make it did today was David pepper steak so. I don't wanna put the cart ahead of the horse but I you know Jerry is made up a lot of money. You know Bob understands that the DSL owners and and and many folks I think I just talking to some that they had just like hey I'd like to hear from Jerry almost a bit thank you that's just human nature writes quote. Now well good luck on that unmet. If it had any idea how long we're gonna have to tell missed drug called mister tepper mr. Well you know it's funny. But I think it's up to each individual and I guess. I'll be calling him David. Can't get their violent go to Jerry Jerry and I guess if people Melvin that's not gonna surprise people but. I've got a sneaky feeling that did David do and pepper will want be called David and you know some folks they call mister Jeff tepper we give it your paychecks signed by ambush and I think yogi it's Madonna or guy. There are other things on the owners' agenda re imaged re imagined kick off an expanded replay an anthem policy and stuff like that did they get to any of that today or was today pretty much David jeopardy. Thought so far been all David pepper day dating had a little session a little while ago that none of us so mistrial be repairing detectives you're talking about. You know some of the rules changes and I'll be I don't think they've epidemic stone and they're gonna vote on some of those things then. You know tomorrow is when Roger Goodell holds its official spraying stated the air speed of the league address but. You know all I'm scared all I care about. Is it David pepper is now the new owner of the Carolina Panthers. And we won't have to do our nightly who's gonna only Carolina Panthers watched which has been going on now for six months I give my life back. Pretty pretty sweet to be able to write a check for a 2.2 billion dollars on average temperature liquidity at all you don't that I mean Mets send congratulations to amber put himself in that kind of a position but. Man that's that's what money has has all the sudden you wanna join an exclusive club and he can write the whole check and never looked back that's that that's that's pretty amazing. Now and again I kind of alluded to that earlier John there. I think they're bodes well and you know why some of the other investors you know we heard reports that perhaps. Navarro it was higher. Then inherited peppers was. These other groups working there how they have to cobble that you know two billion dollars together with multiple investors. And it's it's all coming from one man. And the NFL owners who loved that because. The other just one man. To answer to now granted Jerry had 49%. Ownership stake in would be voice of the Carolina Panthers nobody can make every decision without. Going to back with some of his investors now David pepper my guess is at some point it's going to add. Some other partners that I think probably a female partner perhaps also a you know an African American or another minority as well. Which you know which is a good thing up so I think they'll come down the road. Hey I appreciate your time. As safe travels on the way back and I have another Scotch and water before you do that 530 brick oranges you aren't. Good good and I'd love to tell your listeners the complete turnoff jotted fixed wanted to make sure you want Mike port scare the clock 46 that's okay I'm out here at 6 o'clock you can tell what are you want. That's how you get I buddy thanks Jack appreciate it already goes just coward does sports director WJ ZYE a. Headline it's a short term where things Cam Newton is a capable of us sixty some odd percent completion rate. They're working on get the ball out of this ancestor. So we'll save. We'll see apparently. Aikman. Was in town today and will be for the week. And you know he and mr. Tyrrell one Troy Aikman and and no Norv Turner won a couple Super Bowls together so. The can't get candidates at last spring in a summary older all that surgically repaired throwing arm couldn't throw over hand in organized team activities OT you started today. He's healthier now and. Though and through. A lot of repetitions to our receivers that's a good thing. There are players quickly and peppers and no people that are coming off of both surgeries so there are either a minimally. Involved in OTAs or are not involved like Julius Peppers ransom sprints on the sidelines so today but to. Not much else. They should Kurdistan be all and I'd Jameer Byrd finished well last last are finished last season on injured reserve they were both in action today Samuels participation was limited. But does they say he moved around well this is according to the observer and dale story filed by air Jordan or Regan. Said dead that Samuel moved around well and receiver drills showed nice speed he also came up with a male wobbly deep but in zone pass a love to see Curtis Samuel made his pro tension level would be a nice. And the other guy that I keep on thinking about is that corn elder cornerback. Who are got injured last year and never really got on the field. Miami won me. And now so maybe that's and answered or some of what we've been looking for August we'll just have to wait and see our Norv Turner welcomed all the fame quarterback Troy Aikman to practice today and apparently Aikman will be in the building all week. And so that's okay mentioning Ryan Khalil back in action after battling a serious neck and neck shoulder injury for a Leah. Tony seventeenth season he of course will retire at the end of this year. Left guard back up senator Tyler Larson took most of the snaps. Backed up by a mean is still too low and Tyler or Taylor mode on. And three undrafted. Free agent guards Brenden may end. Taylor Hearn and act Kyle bosh. So they're hoping that maybe there's they are free agent and they're like Andrew Norwood Vargas will have to await and see. Kevin Seymour. Took first team snaps without cornerback opposite James spread very of course are open that does second round draft pick Dante Jackson would just took quickly become the starter. Opposite James Fred Berry and had to Norris heresy free agent acquisition had a nice practice of early today. Even snagging had tipped ball and he had team's zone so that's the latest on what happened with OGA is your Panthers today. So. How would you feel about us for. Dade school week. I've seen these stories pop up a lot over the last. A year or two. But I was reading one. Today and increasingly school districts in the country are banking on a short week. Not only to save money. But also to believe you are they than the saving the money is to alleviate a worsening teacher shortage but. Three day weekends also make a pretty nice recruiting tool. She if you can't pay them the money they want others maybe you can offer them benefits that they make. And this is not only being done in the past this is always kind of been done out in the rural areas. But now it's starting to creep in to some of the big school districts like Adams county in Denver witches say major area they know Denver. And they're going to afford day school week next year 97 of Oklahoma's 513. Districts made the switch to a four day week in recent years. Citing struggles to cut their budgets and recruit high quality teachers amid a nationwide teacher shortage and pay crisis that had done particularly devastating effects on schools in the out. In the state of Oklahoma. City's school districts I have been taking notice of the four day work of the forty's school week as well. And they're facing their own crippling budget show shortfalls. I in part a four day work week can save you depending on how big your school district is. Transportation costs. Like I think and Adams county they figure it'll save about a million dollars a year. This coming fall Adams county school district 27 in the northeastern city suburbs of a Denver. Has decided to bush gave a day off of their schedule and make that the nation's first large urban school district. With nearly 181000 students who were enrolled in their schools. To embark on a four day experiment. And about 550. Public school districts in 24 states across the great plains and western states. Happened Colorado Oklahoma Montana Oregon. They have a four day school week. And the trend is growing. So the shift to afford a weeks has resulted in what parents teachers administrators and scholars say. Are better student performance. And attendance. And increased morale among students and teachers and an ability to recruit and keep high quality teachers. Because regular three day weekends are a big attraction to. So they say now that the urban districts are trying to get. In on the action critics and ex education experts. Are cautioning that large metropolitan school areas could see a raft of consequences such as challenges arising from needing to find child care for young kids on that day when they are in school and the temptation for a trouble for older kids with an extra day you know an extra weekend day. Being out there was nothing to do and that could further throw off already of beleaguered public schools and stuff like that out of whack. Four day work your I think I can hear most I can hear many of you right now since. That's going to be child care that's going to be an extra expense for me your ass. Four day school week talk about it all the mortgage sector it's bigger prisons schools and made the switch to a shorter week if that doesn't change helps in lowering teachers. And ginger demand exceedingly. And along the way schools that have tried and the four day school week. I and found out that student attendance went up. And teacher and student morale went up and studies even demonstrated that performance has increased as well. So. That's the number one. The reason that they do it experts point out that does not enough is known really about the four day week yet to justice by just just five expansion. But as more rural and city schools do this that make the make they have they have stats that they can look him. Linda darling Hammond is the president of the learning policy institute and she said weakened compensate those teachers all they want. Are in more free time but the pay is not going up. But apparently if you can't give a more money. And give them more time. In the Oklahoma districts these schools superintendent there him. As last name is Craig. Said that the cost savings ended up being minimal but absentee as it is some dropped. Student performance. Increased when they went to the four day school week on Friday as. That particular school district that's school offers optional educational field trips to museums and libraries. Which he says is an experience of the kids wouldn't Hal otherwise she plus they had technically the day off on Friday so in essence they've got to use. That as an answer to the what am I gonna do with my kids from I. Daycare standpoint or so I think that's pretty interest it. Some of them by most memorable dives at school or field troops they weren't just a great places zoos and museums. Saint Louis county jail where some inmate had drawn with the heel of issue unreal picture of Christ on the wall. Unbelievable they covered it up in plaza in a Plexiglas so that you could if they have placed a blast when I was like he brutal. But it was fascinating always wondered about the boys remember. Not only have one thing left in my bucket list. I just wanna be there the first time that Mark Garrison and David temper meeting each other so that mister Jefferson and I analyzed the reporter Minnesota. Come up with a tempered Tuesday in the three would be a press conferences. Bombastic bald billionaire you mean yes I do you think you'll like better not like that you know I think he might kennel I can actually. He's pretty bulldozed I read chuck Howard with this earlier my haven't Belle watched his whole press coverage like cut the tail end of it on my iPad today. He's confident he should be he's a self made man he just spent 2.2 20 billion dollars no I didn't even voted them in news. Well in his portfolio. He's part of an exclusive club now you would expect him to be confident and he does come off vote that way. But what you think of his press conference today. I you know I thought it was a refreshing I mean he was very down to earth he he answered the questions and when he wasn't going to answer one he said it's because. Hey I ever really gotten in there yet I think he's just he's been at least early indications are he's a straight shooter and down to earth and that's a that's a nice combination for the city I think the city will take to him and I'm dumb optimistic. Apparently mr. Richardson was an Atlanta and buck had to say goodbye to the F fellow owners so buddy snuck in on behind closed doors and Middle East according to a chuck and now. All right enough I guess you wouldn't expect anything else. Study in contrast there because even when media had not. Head accusations made against him he didn't like the media he didn't do interviews and he pretty much stayed behind closed doors even known his whole tenure as. Yeah well no surgery ever did get to the third thank you reader. Hacks like you thought that I hear tax hike in the news today Maury county commission. Who's going to consider one the caddie managers recommending it it's so less than a penny yen on the average 2500 dollar a month or via averaged 250000. Dollar home excuse me. It would work out to about eighteen bucks a year. But just some of the Republicans on the commissioner are are already saying I don't think we need to do this and it is an election year for the county commission do and that's a tough one they have not raise taxes at least in this way though in what 45 years five years in Italy let's have they raised rates. That may be just via city thing you know I'm not sure about whether the county does have some fees and I'm not sure if they've been raised in the last five years or not that's a good question sometimes they mask. Lauren hill. Men every time somebody go governing comes here says they it's a it's just debate just a big Mac a day or it's just a this that the other but when you add all by everything that you heard in your lifetime. Just eighteen dollars a year. At times the ten times you've heard that it's a 180 bucks that you've you know we know exactly are but I I I'm gonna let them fight this one out because I do your it has been counting them we yeah well that's that to an end it's sometimes I have to remember that. Dirty restaurant Tuesday that's a staple of your head and Georgia Matthews was so. That's when we got a barbecue joint down there relate to move score and we'll tell you about that and Charles's tired I think he's doing. I'm not sure restaurant he's doing and I loved signed up so. Okay good always enjoy that segment and lower we'll see you when you're a little shiny face walks in just a moment. But he Q so there goes where come up when they three B or description of a Mark Garrison. This season he's not bald. He's not a billionaire. Why he's not really bombastic so I guess that was not gonna work. I want to weigh in CEO we're all of that it goes you know your dog gets allergies for the same reason you do ultimately about that just to say we're talking about the four days school we exact called it his back. The. Deutsche job and badgers you know my debt to hug the bell isn't here today. Yeah. They are just a minute to go back and you. Barge yet on the beach. You know and god don't be a little bit. Did you have a job this day dish yeah. Yeah I did that they're dead that would limit how did talked about that yeah you gotta get into unchartered territory but I mean there's an awful lot of families are there seems to be an increase in adults that seemed to be comfortable. Was sending their kids off. And letting them raise them letting them feed down letting them teach manners let them and teach them most sex education letting men. I am I don't know. And maybe it's just me but it just seems like we've put more responsibility on the schools these days. And I don't know of discipline is worse today than it was when we were in school but it sure seems like it is the. Really. Distorted drive and I didn't do well. Do damage out it bit you gotta do this. To get it right back to me there's no god. Yeah important missions. You know the next generation aren't injured yeah. Pat they Zach thanks appreciate skull. I told the story about a friend of mind you know I had like a core friends were for friends and no one was named John. And no job and get into trouble and you know when I got into trouble they go all my dad and dad or mom would come down on the mound there was never need to be just about whether or not I was in the right to the wrong I was in the wrong and that was that. I'm John and would get into the same trouble and I his moment come down and now she always said be my son never attitude. And and quite frankly. In retrospect. I was the luckier one of the till because my folks. Enforce discipline. And I didn't mean I turned out picture perfect but it Mendes that I had some initiative and I had some. I learned a few things from that consequences and and things like that. My friend John wasn't quite as lucky. And I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that John never learned to consequences of his actions and and there and John's mom. Never could accept the fact that oh no yourself and not only. He did I can until that. She never asked me. Listen I your approach can get seasonal allergies just like you care and I've got a guy talked about to do in the floors of also this last weekend. We have Hardwoods. And I was bringing out I mean it looked like cotton candy the dust in the Linton of this that the other that accumulates and when you write when you do that and you have hard would you think to yourself. In the past this has all been on the carpet. It's not that I have more of it now it's that it's masked. And our one dollar and are one west he had. I had allergies Aegean sneezing you know and allergies. And I think it was because all the crap that was in the carpet. And the oil hardwood floors gonna teach their routes or just like us dogs develop allergies. I'm more often today than they did decades ago. This doctor reader firmer pearl view pearl veterinary Parker's. Says nearly one in five dogs goes to the vet for allergy relief these days that's an uptick. And probably the same reason that more people are sensitive allergies than a century ago solo work cleaner than we used to be but maybe not as clean as we need to be so big carrier dog and vacuum if.