London Fire; Rep. Scalise Shot

Scott Fitzgerald
Wednesday, June 14th

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Another day another shooting. I get used to be is that we're not used to the shooting. I think the members of our government. Olivia go on live at the senior just a couple of minutes was the sort of Marshall and ABC news so Republican represented Steve's police via house majority whip. His aides shot during baseball practice this morning and apparent shooter was shot by the lawmakers security detail. Rand Paul said 5060 shots might have been looked what popped out of this guys gunning. Shot he reloaded and just kept ongoing and could you imagine the feeling of being up there in the middle of feel there's nowhere to go. An amendment talk about being a sitting duck and that's. That's kind of how they described it and apparently according to a representative Ron Desantis. He was asked are those Republicans. Or Democrats out there practicing. Percent of said the man who asked him the question fit the description of god it was the shooter and that was all right before the shooting begin. He's been doing a different situation have been Democrats. To be urged him when this investigation really truly gets underway here with this guy's motivation was who was behind it. Did you have somebody you're sending him into the situation here or was this on his own. Mourners lone wolf candidates. It's terrifying stuff. The so again this is this is the big story congressman eight capital officers shot in the attack. And this guy this guy his goalies is the third ranking Republican on the house. He is wounded the president has already tweeted and said that you know. Looks like it's not life threatening injuries and a his prayers are going out to everybody that was on the baseball field. So. Wow. Maybe this is not exactly what this which is why you're gonna wake up to today. There's all to be Jeff Sessions discussions but no such is not the case. Not the case whatsoever. Let's go to to look to Washington Serena marshaled their on this seem is his domain hammer things common down a bit. You know and I think things are pretty calm your kids we've had control of the queen they're thinking about their pulling a crack about the three black box from the scene. Other than to the funeral or not right yet again on location and actually got kind of close. Cute though. They've all seen that seemed completely contained. They have. Probably inspired. Truck and an ambulance out right now. And a lot a proud of this location and NN neighborhood in Alexandria sits just on the other side of the Potomac from Washington beats beats. And it. Weird they're Republican members of congress. But practicing to their congressional baseball game. Now that based on game day annual tradition in Washington DC and bring Republicans first that the Democrats and edit together and have America's favorite past time for charity. I ended this is a part in a neighborhood there for unfortunately and a few neighbors think that Cuba wanted to go to bed when they first heard the noise there outfit. Maybe get Q how is often the part. When he first heard the noise they thought I would construct an an and it went on there about five minutes saying republic this year a hundred. They've they've that it got to be to load at that will put their house was the park location. Wow and as of right now how many people are hurt. I have the right now we know there are by the injury congressman the whip believe. As well as the security beat mile lobbyists and staff Kirk we're told them serious injuries you know like we're any injuries but they are you may get blocked a bit suspect is also in custody wounded and taken a look nearby hospital as well I thought that. Keep security because there wounded returned fire and that it re injured the plus back. How many I how many members of his security detail are out there are no since she's you know in a leadership position he gets a detail. How many were there. I unclear exactly how many are with them at any given point normally it would be members of congress sought out a few different periods without a driver with them. I then I'll get on location and only have 348 depend on the un. That sort of thing could go around the event that they are gay and up bracket you would expect it be. Hole number of the pretty deep south don't have that exact number right now we do know the FBI got a theme here. And that. You don't have any other people felt. About the putt bagged for a noted that it points lead you know that baseball game like it better earlier it a well known and then in Washington. Stories about the congressman packeting. I ended the end of this game they've invaded media out these practices in the trap. So finding the location and and then knowledge in this area about isn't exactly a secret. Not so this is have been a public thing obviously you know it's a traditionally gone along time and it's public that there are that they're always practicing at this particular field at this particular time. We'll do that tiny not a daily ability and holiday type in the morning before they had it on the capital now the Democrats bracket they're told. I did this morning had all the look for the Republicans came out though to be exact. My need things like that it brings into question without a bit and hit it. And did you always scouting a location targeted valid not. Yeah no kidding and well if I if that shooters alarm clock would have gone up earlier who knows how the scene would have possibly panned out it could have been the Democrats. Were you more from sort sort of Marshall as the morning goes on as well as via anchored coverage has gone on with ABC news Mo Brooks is one of the eyewitnesses says there must have been fifty. 2100 shots fired between their shooter. And the a security do you tell the shooter had a rifle on a high powered rifle. And the other members of the congressional security detail they were firing handguns back to the shooter. And again almost a hundred shots is apparently when it sounds like so I'll break him back and were to get moral stay on top of this one as well as what happened London. And Jeff Sessions yesterday as he had made his. It was an impressive day for the president when it was also and on 910 now Hillary beats me. 916 out of 11109 and I freedom BT capital police say headache. Huge robust president presence there around that baseball field as well as everywhere in Washington. Feel lighthouses on high alert to this point in time here so we are. Kind of reeling in the aftermath of Steve it's a lease a high ranking member of the House of Representatives shot at a baseball field in the suburbs of Washington DC. 15200. Shots in the middle of a baseball field. I can't imagine a more naked place to be. Then in the middle of a baseball field when the shots start to go off. But Joseph Barrett joins us now here and enjoy your your qualifications as far as guns and defense explain that Foreman real quick. I about firearms instructor and they're greater Cincinnati area for several years many years in fact been. Serb attack for what that's and and far are we. Certified instructor who ERA better better. Yeah and then you teach folks how to defend in shooting situations ranked. I do yeah and I you know this situation that the united that's why this remark in orders. I just found out about this but yeah interestingly enough these goalies with not been there. You know he traveled long protective detail most most members of congress you know yep that's not sell out without her without its present. Which I assume I would I would get the shooter was helping or he would add based on the barrel situation. I'll fortunately there was somebody who returned fire immediately. Otherwise the would have gotten. Saw war so other loss we have been considerably higher. Not typically were near teaching a defense and and then personal non self defense. It's usually more close quarter situations homes or businesses were on the street or in your car. What kind of advice would you give to somebody if they were on the middle of a baseball field all of a sudden somebody started shooting what would you tell him to do. Cover there double cover it thank you got to think in terms of cover. Concealment escape. Whatever you can do if you can escape you need to escape. What what you've got it here is it something that when you have that shooter that won't stop all keep in mind that you know. I shrubbery. Thing like that that will not stop bullets you know Berry Berry who will walk par will stop a bullet. But not nearly what we know we need to. Movies where people are hiding behind our doors and exchanging gunfire. Small caliber handgun were right Brooke are down so. You have to get something between you and that sugar to stop those grounds out obviously. If you have to be if you have a training you armed. The best way to stop the shooting is this culture. That's you know that's when it stopped rapper you cannot outrun the bullets. You can hardly ever hide from them all your bad back. It would be able to stop the shooting immediately. In that situation that was just or chewed it over there were armed people where often are not and that's we see that happen. You know how many times amber you know of them at the nightclub over over over if you can't return fire you are traditional barrel because unfortunately look factored in your. Naturally and you say you gotta get cover when your to build a baseball field. You gotta go but you gotta go quite a bit of a way is there to if find something that's just not Greengrass. And I think I think a lot of your guts would tell me you know he'll have trouble. Concealment he'll have concealment move get small you know get yelled you're you're harder target appear in motion. Obviously running a straight line away from the shooter is not yacht is not that. The best way to get away but you've you've got that you've got to his mother the mother of invention type thing here in the stat that he had become a martyr convention when you're in that situation. You bet figure out a way to get them not to hit your and that might that might be a number of things concealment and cover and movement All Saints aren't. Very little idea. It is it is they really bad situation when you are armed. And fleeing an armed shooter you know it's just that we get worse now. No I'd actually terrifying Joseph Barrett again he teaches up you know gun safety and a he teaches concealed carry. And definitely an expert on what it takes to it to keep yourself safe so as you mentioned it was a fortuitous situation. To have. The congressman and house majority what Steve's goalies because as you mentioned there's a security detail. And let's go ahead and dip into the ABC anchored coverage here to find out what's the latest on this shooting just outside of Washington DC's least sending it to. Being shot in the hip he will make a full recovery according to a tweet from president trump a staff member for a another congressman representative Roger Williams. Was also among those shot as was the capitol police officer they're providing the security for deeds of the majority whip Steve's release was the only member there. Receiving security because of his elevated position in congress otherwise site it was just the congressman. And baseball gloves as the shots rang out from the third base side of this field. According to eyewitnesses said the dirt was scattering and members of congress hit the sixties the least. Members said was standing around second base just into the outfield. When he was shot in the hip members ran to him to try to tend to hear we heard from senator Jeff flake that he grabbed his phone and called. Disco leeson's wife to let her know what was going on before he was taken away. From the scene by ambulance. Another member of congress who was there is Ohio Republican Brad rents should peak. Spoke just a moment go to ABC's George Stephanopoulos. Well we I was just when these pathetic gave her to bench guy. And then we heard several more both completely downer of that and they thought it down all right field line. Everyone hit the deck and started experience recover. Fortunately neither did the security detail with mistress Billy earlier likely would get no one here. Unfortunately the protective but they weren't there and that they were returned fire but he bureaucrat is behind the third they dug up outfield side firing. We're third base that date and he moved to pitch. More infield side that got out. Firing and he kept local. And then he went around. Behind a building just behind home plate and firing right aim right or seen from there. Cat went back ground of building at some point he's not just go. And not plan its purity he still able to take you down when it appeared they can't in down I ran out onto the field that Jeff flake. This CNN. Did my interact and he is just the loan in. See you cut under both look blue moon and and preacher refused up pleading. Do the medics got here we were able to barely worked perfectly good natured people not just. Apparently there are giving it much politically but it Gatorade water. He even with a lot of what. You that he was conscious and all the time hero with him. Yes yes I was doesn't seek out the side. Things like that this is the big cheers Pete Hillary our guess baseball field. Though he was gone to the whole time. We do know William Payne and of course we tried not to do them very much to minimize any further injury. We just terror report that congressman dissenters said that before the gunman opens fire you even heard. Can I ask are these Democrats or Republicans did you hear any thing. Head off from the shooter could you hear him saying anything. I'd I would too far away to hear him say anything but the record was the one the numbers look cracked the cool early and don't want approached them. Dana these Republican or Democrat the steady creep up what is now at the end of the conversation. A lot of people don't walk around the ball park walk their dog out extract good morning. And so it's not uncommon that people gathering around but. We certainly weren't expecting a much. Give this is a place you've been practicing relevant. Being a pretty regularly ranked. Yeah for years this is where we practice it's early in the morning. And restart rounds. 6630 in the morning and then didn't we really don't expect it to be it got the day. But you know today it seems like anything happen to that day. It is it is such a sad day in Dana thank goodness you were able to get there and treat. George Stephanopoulos took only speaking to Brad Wentz took the Republican of Ohio and it's ABC anchored coverage and and it's here and deters Q you're represented Mark Walker was out there. Yeah he was at the GOP practice and down on his official FaceBook page. He offered his account of what happened and obviously just thanks went out of the US capitol police were. Let's face it. Most likely saving many many lives by being there and taken this shooter down. And obviously this guy had an intention to run their and and to kill as many Republican members of congress as possible. Who knows what the shooter would've done. Before and when asked to you know win when they were asked if he of these Democrats Republicans out there would've they were Democrats we don't know we don't not discuss specifically. It was targeting the GOP or if it was just a kind of an innocent question did matter who's gonna take some folks down. And that's what he attempted to do so represented Mark Walker says please pray for a senate Steve stallings and others. Shot at this morning for our charity. Charity game tomorrow evening. We save many lives this morning from shooter who had to kill who came up to kill many Republican and Republican members. Of congress shaken but okay shaken but okay the president tweets represented at Steve Scully is a losing a true friend and patriot. Was badly injured but will fully recovered our thoughts and prayers are with him and a listened to be the same sort of tweets. Same sort of posts that are coming from all over and no different members of congress to from members of the senate. And that's what they're all saying and a and I think all of us are probably feel on the same way that it is. It is a time for some thoughts and some prayers and you know as we've talked before you do it don't just post it and saying that you know what you're doing to make yourself feel better. The US capitol police say that they are all over the place so both on the hill. All the public areas and in Washington DC and obviously the White House. Is on special high alert and have things lockdown. So again some breaking news house majority whip Steve school leased the representative the a Republican represented about a Louisiana has been shot in the hip. Airlifted to a local hospital it looks as if at this very moment. The the injured injuries are not life threatening so if there's any good news to come out of this at all then. I'd say that that was the one that we we didn't have anybody killed. And they got the shooters so that's also good news and I don't know how long it's gonna take before they start. You know releasing some information about this guy know that there's going to be folks who immediately think that it's any other terrorist act of some sort. Before this hysteria of political statement. And we're gonna find out. Will be fascinating to see the discussions about this year we find Edison far leftist. Boy be the rhetoric is gonna get ratcheted up and there's no way that we can avoid that unfortunately Rand Paul said he was not in the cage waiting for one more turn the plate. Shots brand you know land you know rained down on the field that's when it hits the Steve police hand if you told. The morning TV shows that he probably are fifty to sixty shots and any sauce police. Trying to drag himself through the dirt but anything else you're just trying to get cars and possibly get away from the shooters we'll stay on top of the story for you all morning long here on who's 1110993. WB two he's. 933 neither the staff material WB 2 good morning. A lot of lot of stuff happening the best days and this morning and I know you wake up you think K breakfast. It's the biggest thing in my agenda early on right and then Olson went after the shooting in Washington DC congressman made capitol police officers shot of the attack. And as of right now it's dozens and dozens and dozens of shots that are reported to have have a majority. Me a suspect in custody and we don't know any more than that we're gonna dig into some maybe she no the anchored coverage. All throughout the morning here if you wanna comment on this. Who would sort of shocker you win does this surprise you in this day and age do you think it was really an angle. Behind the question GOP vs Democrat. And how are we gonna change. The public presence. Of our elected officials moving forward here. I could I can almost see the gears turning in the minds of politicians right now that maybe it's time. To have a security detail for everybody. I'm in a way kind of surprised that we don't at this point in time and and like this that I imagine that this is gonna get ramps up. Cause of the other big news of course we have the big giant fire in London what an amazing spectacle that was. We have via the fire in Atlanta and at that long ago when the bridge in those flames were shooting so high this one seemed to have dwarfed that one completely. So while watching coverage on that as well Jeff Sessions yesterday took the stand and the what the committee did what they could to try to put him into a corner but you know what he seemed to avoid it. This suggestion. That happened to dissipated any any collusion and then I was aware of any collusion with the Russian government to hurt this country you. Which I had served with honor fallen 35 years. My heart to undermine the integrity of our democratic process. Is and name calling and detestable. Lot. And I wouldn't comment I'm not able to come around well that's a communication in the mining town some non that I would not comment on what I believe the American people have had a with stonewalling. Americans don't wanna hear that answers to relevant questions are privileged and off limits. Back and I am not Stonewall. I am following the historic policies and department of just. They're invoking executive privilege and I'm not able to invoke executive privilege doesn't presidential prerogative. Sendak and rejecting the president's constitutional. Right. 99 or I'm giving you all get away. Have you ever in any of these and pastoral situation Smirnov of plot line it's so ridiculous that a sitting United States senator and ambassador of the foreign government. Eluded them there. An open setting with hundreds of other deep. To pull off the greatest paper in the history MS. And thank you for saying yeah. Quite a few times the attorney general a very testy. And there were several times and it was kind of a kind of fun and interest in to seek when he actually. Another smile. So what did you do well well I think he did a good job of protecting himself as well as protect the president. It is not clear as of right now but if mr. sessions intended. To pay penance to the president after supposedly some strained relationships. But they did a good job. And I made himself look okay made the president look okay here's what Karen Travers with ABC I know the sessions was I going to be the other main topic of discussion how much is it flipped to what has happened with a baseball field. Karen Travers. Do we have Caron. Who as you go to the other line against. Was waiting for the right connection with Karen Travers human ABC. Go ahead and and give me the the next cut their consumers seven. I wasn't just me thinking that that mr. sessions did a pretty decent job was also former. Guy who's been in this prosecutorial seat before Ken Starr. I thought the attorney general was terrific first of all I've known. The attorney general since 1981. And I know him to be. A man of honor a man of little long. And I thought I came through his passion and commitment to the rule of law. They came shining through so I don't think a lot was revealed today you know think much farther down the road. But I think that the American people saw that this attorney general. It is just a great human being who enormous amount of passion and determination. To try his very best to do the right thing I highlight is. Some sense of moral indignation. Don't get that movie did a good job Jeff Sessions and a good job of protecting himself as well as the president. President Karen Travers of ABC about a minute and a half here before we have to take a break. How much has the the topic of discussion change from what's sessions did yesterday to what happened on the baseball field today. It's the only story right now in Washington and the president has weighed in with a statement and a tweets and the president saying that. He and vice president pens are closely monitoring the developments. Vice president Kent actually canceled. A speech he was set to deliver in this hour to be at the White House and he is here now are at the complex. The president also tweeted that congressman Steve go lease is a true friend and patriots and said he was badly injured but will fully recover. OK do we know anything yet about the the shooter and know that does so far it's been kind of kept under wraps and things sneak it out yet. Not yet it's nothing that we have reportable we do know that he was injured in this incidents and he is then taken to George Washington hospital. Just a few blocks away from here at the White House in DC. And I after the police are immediately responded to the scene on Virginia came what's the reaction there around you would know when we hear. Then allegedly the guys say hey others Democrats or Republicans out there I think there's a lot of questions about it. Who that person was and whether it was the shooter or somebody else and we're not yet reporting that there was the shooter asking that question got you Ando we don't know if there's anybody else involved besides the shooter at this point to the police say that there is no additional threat that the situation is contained as you just know yes this is not an isolated area this copy shopper on the corner. People are out walking their dogs it's a beautiful hot day in Washington added so there would be other people around that might be asking questions. But also just interesting to note before your break it this congressional baseball game scheduled for. Tomorrow night here DC a VCR and see if that gets canceled because we don't need. Our elected officials in public 940 more coverage from ABC about what's happening in Washington DC coming up next outside what is it now this is news love instead that I bring to you. Our chairman and stuff extra leverage with a here today so well yesterday we thought you know what Jeff Sessions are going to be the main topic of discussion. And then last night and early in the morning we find out about this fire in London what a horrible tragedy that is. And then now we have the shooting in Washington DC. Well his son has say in London and I like to get enough to know what happened this London fire here what do we know at this point in time and what what is the status of the building are we really concerned about a collapse. Yes there it can we understand that there is a structural engineer at the building who is monitoring the building and up until now it is. It deemed it'd been deemed it safe to work and but you know we been watching it all morning and it has been debris falling the whole morning. And it is starting to lean slightly and if you are honest with you it's kicking more and more unstable. But more than thirteen hours now since before I was reported just after 1 AM local time here in London. We can see flames a few flames coming out. Of the building the top part of the building in front of the apartment so be far ignore contained if banking hours since it was reported. How many people do we know are dead at this point in time and another still going to be a recovery effort because we don't know how many people are still inside that building them. That's correct Scott captured what we never comes with a number of the metropolitan police are calling this a complex operation confirming that bad being picked fatalities so far six dead. But they did I bet since they are still in the early stages of the investigation and with so many people still unaccounted for they do you expect. That number to go off in time that the injured we understand a 74 people have been hospitalized. In six hospitals a crock. London twenty of them are in critical condition again this is. Still a very serious situation and those numbers are expected to call. And pick that the stories about people jumping out of the building and and dropping children down for people to catch. What a what what's the story behind those do do do people died jumping out or did those people survive can you get sort of characterized. What the the gravity situation was like and all that. They speed traps the beauty heart wrenching routine heart wrenching teen sweetheart culture wrenching stories that you've just the GDP eyewitnesses. Describing human screens some people trapped calling for help. Some people watching. Residents jump out of the running building can make it out safe although is making a makeshift lab. Bed sheets they escaped that way I mean I'm not because basically just 24 story building a very very big building very high. Building a wedding we we understand that some of the fire trucks the lab those couldn't even weeks to return false story to the 24 level so. They have been very if it's been very very difficult to put out and to contain the fire at the opening very difficult to get people out my understand that anyone fired. The that waking any opponents say in the apartment building just one. And there have been complaints in the past about this building and safety hasn't there. Yes I have a resident hobble the proper but sadly for me to death it and understand that. The building went on that a major accomplishment which was completed in 2015. Spending coming in cup which is about twelve million dollars. Then that added music you're clapping and I would put in at one of the communal heating. A summer than the saying perhaps does a good mood would they do just contributing to be far and how quickly they spread because of the this sort of the what they cooled the shoddy. Clouding that would put in some people to participate pot and that's why it burned so quickly and spread as quickly as well. Already Obama has sought from London with ABC and an update or what have with a horrible fire. A huge building a 120 apartments inside several hundred people. I could've been inside when the other fire broke out most likely they were in their because again it broke out at 1 AM so thank you ask for that update from ABC. Health care we've been kind of ill miss in the you know what's going on with this one here but they're much. There's movement from the GOP to trying to put together a plan and the president right now is not real happy with what Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republicans are doing here about this. Because he says that its main. And just like back during the days of Obama care. It's one of those situations where we have no idea and how what's actually inside of it in this has got some lawmakers mad. No I mean on the proposal that you are planning to bring to the floor of the senate for vote will there be hearing. But I don't know them and there's going to be another hearing that we invited users to participate. You say hey you're inviting us and I heard you mr. secretary just say we love your support sure what. We don't even know what we have no idea what's being proposed. There's a group of guys in the back room somewhere they are making these decisions is hard to take. Because and I know we made mistakes on the affordable health care act mr. secretary. In one of the criticisms we got over and over again that the boat was partisan. We you couldn't have a more partisan exercise than what you're beaten what you're engaged in right now. We're not even gonna have a hearing. On the buildings impacts 16. Of our economy. Do you have been in the senate so long you know the value of the hearing process and the amendment process. I want that opportunity given media opportunity gives me an opportunity that we. Senator Claire McCaskill and obviously she's not real happy with that how this process is gone through and again the president. He's looking forward to on this a little more generous a little you know this bill be a little bit more generous than last time because he thought the last one the one that they celebrated earlier this year. Was a mean health care bills so we'll stay on top of that and because you know there's other news in the world going on. Besides fires and Jeff Sessions and and what is happening in Washington DC but that is the one that has everybody's eyes riveted right now so let's again go to ABC's anchored coverage. Shortcut chapel league cure we got. We literally just number unmarked vehicles were thorough light on him to ensure as well. I'm we know that number federal officers would respond to detain this drug but the nature of the world than Balt and so if that's what we're also to try to find out if I remember those members were on the people or more witnessed it are also so you're getting their statements two police. I'm Eric I'm also gonna try to just reading your take care about a man who are secure two way. Com and heard a little bit. They're working here I am buying and I we know that this man watches you are away when they went as gunshots started. I thought you make grout. You fit into the net. Without somebody I let it appear like moving around when people believed. There were two people. Crush our our one person crouched behind a black GP. It is which are new Trier where the suspect. Over the hood of the car yet and gun at someone individual line between the wheels up behind the vehicle. Online. They're. Going Britain would get our PR I CEO. Won't keep them out of our. Aren't all in Britain is an eyewitness so there in the scrum when ABC's Kenneth mode net in Alexandria Virginia. Where of members of congress were practicing. For an upcoming charity baseball game when shots rang out eyewitnesses described a number of shots from some kind of long gun. Followed by a handgun and I want to bring ABC's Steve Gomez are law enforcement consultant formally the FBI into the conversation. Steve a couple of things that stick out having to guns. And description from eyewitnesses that the shooter may have moved around. And occasionally paused to take cover that suggests a degree of either planning or training or both. Absolutely it it definitely shows some kind of planning multiple weapons they also talked about how he had a lot of ammunition. Who also loved one Null statement. That's the hurting him I'm re loading so that clearly shows that he came prepared to you to recap and even issued a lot of a lot of bullets. And try to kill as many people as possible because that that that's what you do when you have an ammunition the movement they usually indicate some kind of training Libyan. I'm. Former military or veteran. I'm somebody who's been in the military or somebody who has gotten some power training. Isn't necessarily mean they had to be in the military they could've been somebody who would go without woods and an aunts and those people all training we see that happen many kind of broke before. So that would indicate those types of deep single and I got to play Aron. I'll do one thing that's sticking out of my mind just based on his description of each and so I wanna lab to find out more amenable negation. But this is the kind of profile. Just just with the brief details we have that would hit and they can market some kind of anti government I'll type of person that some of the militias that you've seen over the last. Couple of decades. Where somebody who is anti US government. Spending they want to commit some type of attack on skate our congressmen or or government buildings want. Steve Gomez formally the FBI now and ABC news consultant as Alexandria police continue. I know we're gonna grab Steve Gomez committed in the next half hour here so what's so what is your reaction to this. Is this say a leftist terrorist. Get familiar Scott who are you trying to kid these were not just random shots fired at just anyone. They were meant to kill conservatives and Republicans. Mean liberals have had placed depicting the assassination of Donald Trump. Of course comedienne holding an effigy of a severed head of trump threats to burn the White House down. Riots in various cities throughout the country because they cannot face the fact that they lost an election fairly and squarely. But the Democrats in the media want justice at the end of a gun barrel then let's return the favor back to the many times over. How I appreciate to you know you're shooting and then his enemy your little messenger. It is not going to be a surprise to you and insert into surprise me at all when I wanted to see what Alex jones' take was going to be on this. All over immediately. Headlines leftist gunman shoots Republican congressman in media inspired. Terror attack. Media inspired terror attack on them I'm trying to get my arms around what does that mean media inspired. The story goes on congressman Steve fillies was shot this morning in a politically motivated targeted attack. By a leftist who deliberately sought out Republicans. That's how it would seem at this point in time and chances are that may be how the story ends up unfolding. I think he's making a bit of an assumption at this point in time. I mean put us. Whether or not you would live shot if he would've heard there were Democrats I don't know maybe he just wanted to cause a ruckus we'll find out. The shooting took place during a practice for the GOP congressional baseball team Alexandria Virginia. And do you suspect was shot by us police and security detail and is now in custody and I do have mixed reports here it is a report to say that he's dead or other sports cities in the hospital. So it's a little Fuzzy but I wanna go with a with Karen from ABC who says that they he's actually in the hospital. He was meant to take daddy was there to take got a lot of folks in that's seems to be the case and the good news is there were folks with guns to take him down. More the next half hour news is on the way it is 958 news 111099. Freedom DB team tiger must take a more access so Florida and Scott FitzGerald. Still be a big shoot a big stories shooting of his consciousness Felice Brothers shot and Virginia. How long before the the main stream media present and this. There's some sort of you know right wing conservative whacko. Thanks for the summer and I'm feeling it would win is also a number divided this is some sort of leftist. Leftist terrorist perhaps Jerry is called 704571110. Glad that you did she did so great did America question mark term. Or moving them out I was born and others say that I'm not because we have a that was going on but it still live a great day in America but man I'm I'm inclined to believe it's a crazy left. It may be one of only you know anti government type. I really believe that the left because. I that personal experience my wife or the white little. And then we have the movie both. Heated debate and not out I mean the most heated debate I got to promote this thing in her own family who is Republican at the murder. Garfield go about these. You know playing computer remained in the media I'm like all the all you want your money there because that they're crude for those that think like that. They included legal and it's been cruel man I mean I don't know what you make of the Dutch. I'm apparently little and I could be wrong all along let's. No I'd I'd I'd I would tend to agree with an in why would somebody who's in the right wing decide to go ahead and try to take out the GOP you may think and if it's true. That he walked up to 21 of the we normally lawmakers and said gee are they Democrats or Republicans out there. And then sort of firing if indeed they said no it's Republicans out there. Why would agree on what it recently on the right thumb almost suffered a quote false flag operation and I'm sure Alex Jones will be talking about that at some point in time during the day. But up and I would agree with you that that chances are this is somebody from the far left for you know the anti file would have been on the call themselves anti fascist. So Iowa and so in this situation which we view. And your wife who's a liberal. And you argue back and forth all the time I guess you do that because the Macon up the so much fun Nigerian shooters in that direction. It's a great day in America get your wife accused forming here it's good to Chris now either Chris set. Things going to be immediately turned into a gun issue. Yeah I think to provide fodder for both sides although I think to have the wine you know if if they didn't have somebody to shoot back. There have been up pretty well absolutely it. You're gonna have you're gonna ask what you say oh this is what guns haven't got it but then you've I think you've got a strong argument on it Versailles. And one more thing Scott I'll let you Gary. Yeah. This turns out. Where this guy's name some Muslim name. How Long Will return. You know blonde not about how long. Explain. What you would like to see if we don't turn a blind eye to it. I don't know but it's it's like it's not not a big deal we don't realize it and we're at war. Like they're not where war was with this terrorism thing and every time that I hear something like that. It's it's it's a bit you know like duck in yeah that's the bad guy right there. Well I I I understand what you're saying about the Muslims and of course we shouldn't turn a blind eye to those two those terrorists. And they're scary but to me it would be more disturbing and in and senator. If that's the kind of actions that. The divisive in this in this country's going to start to create. And you know in in if the if the left is just so off their rocker so pissed off about what's happening in Washington that this is what they need to resort to. Then the country is gone to hell on a hand basket. And it's going to be a long time I think before we can figure out a way to heal these wounds or the essar. So are all of you too many immigrant detention congress. Yet let's what did the argument they the gun argument. Of course is gonna get tub brought out here let's try to nip it in the bud as soon as you possibly can't connect. Somebody who was actually there one of the quotes that they said was. The only reason why any of us walked out of this thing by the grace of god one of the folks here have a weapon to fire back and give us a moment defines who cover. We are inside the backstop and if we didn't have that covered by a brave person who stood up and took the shot took a shot themselves. We would not have gotten out there and every one of us would we would never gotten out of there and everyone of us would have been hit every single one of us. And that is the truth now I I don't know if we have any reports we're there was a private citizen who was armed. But we do know that the security detail for school lease was there they had handguns and they were the ones that went into action immediately so. Again by the grace of god they were there because this could have been much much worse. GOP congressman Scully is four others shot in Virginia as of mystery and it's an M four assault rifle. He's is the latest report as far as what the weapons launched the the police not releasing all that much information as of right now. So they're awaiting some updates I'm sure there's going to be somebody who's going to it at a press conference in the not too distant future. And Paris police he's hurt badly injured. But there will be a full recovery so very very good news there what what are we coming to his country here. Eight is that a civil war. New Pat Buchanan the other day said that that's what we're going towards you're the left. Totally gone against the the agenda of the president trust in his administration. The truck administration do and if they need to fight back the the trump lovers pissed off at everybody to the left of them the complete far leftist pissed off and anybody who's to the right to them it's gonna bring it to a net I don't know I was shed some answers I did we. I'd be thrilled to share them with you you've got a mud levee here in 70457111010. Tennis your time now this is news 1110. Not united three WB two cents extinguish your time Richard and Natalie Emily your calls momentarily your jealous of their ABC's Steve Gomez and get an update here and according to an eyewitness what we're hearing is it to the shooter. Was an older white male with white facial hair do we know anything else about it yet Steve. Well we don't and that's currently being investigated. He just by the nature of what we have heard a sport the scene there. What we can tell is that this individual. Was armed with a long gun rifle. Probably semi automatic. Handgun or a lot of ammunition. And had movement on the field which indicated he had some kind of training. Maybe it was also. Said that he had reloaded and he may have shot. But anywhere from thirty rounds to about fifty that's still being confirmed so what that indicate that this is somebody who was prepared to commit an attack. And it was armed heavily armed I was able to move around almost you know like garlic police officer or former military. Bettering. And that that kind of training and and so and so that's initially what we've got right now on the individual. What what is changing in Washington as far as security for everybody else who happens to work for the government. Well they're going to be locking them all the government buildings to make sure that there is area. A higher level of security. The main and they typically have a candidate there's already a lot of security. For anybody that is working at a government building especially if congress members. Of course the he would be White House and so on all of that is going to be on high alert even more so. They really can be adjusted to see if this suspect was acting alone. Video of mental problems. Was he part of some kind of anti government debt and Marcus group or movement. On the day to eat there's there's also word that. There was somebody at the field that ask whether. People that were out there practicing we're Republicans or Democrats. And and and felt like yes somebody answer that said they were Republicans. Now it's unconfirmed if that's the same person but that could also be another indicator as to whether this person was operating for a group. The security. Gotcha do we we know who. Was the other first person that was there who the first target do we know who he took the first shot that. It's now like the first shot hit. At third base. Play date they've they've all describe that the did dirt that is your third base what struck and and they and they heard the crack of via the shot. And then they said that there were a number of shots being fired. With the dirt hey I'm patent. You know from the bullets. I'm around second base so started third base and also sounded like. Media is suspect was. Near the third base dugout. So that might have been the first place where it was shot there was an into the there was one and one of the congress members that was near third base side I don't have the same time but hell yeah police put on second base. Yet John Kelly was playing third at that point in time so anything else we need to know at this moment as we move on. Well what what in the investigation is gonna be moving. Fast on this one of the local of course but it they have the person in custody sounds like he is. Easily utilized. And so there's definitely going to be. You know efforts just to interview the individual. As well as they're going to be really developing his background talking to everybody family friends associates neighbors will co workers schooling. Ease in the mid forties from what it sounds like so there's a lot to work with there. So there's going to be a lot of information coming about it is social media profile emails so on will be digging into all that try to figure what's going on in his head. And hopefully they'll figure what the motive is. And you said interview him I think it might be a little more stringent than that perhaps Steve. I I think so I think very gonna get a lot of pressure yeah being applied on I'm sure a at this point. They really wanna know they didn't admit I think he got a very solid case Simon so they're gonna really wanna know. Were you assisted in this situation it's somebody you know get to do this are there other people that are gonna do something else that's really the biggest concern right now. Good in the Steve Gomez and ABC appreciate your update your take on this. 745701110. I want him commutes could Dan hi their Daniel NW BT. OK Helena island on listen I Mitt. Bill you went out the last segment talking about you know what you're gonna take could. We all this hate literature all. The kinda. But he spent the entire segment assuming that this was a person on the left that it's on the shoot. Shannon I I DE there's a complete disconnect there between your sentiment that the ebb and what you spent so you know that whole segment due. No I was when I was using was report from info wars and where Alex Jones was coming from missed. And then. Would that did question would it be somebody was on the right who would make an attack against the GOP if they found out indeed that it was Republican senators that were out there. I would kinda doubt that so unless it's just somebody who is right in the middle and elect job. But I think it does beg the question doesn't it. That's that's certainly possible and I mean all anyone is going off at this point despite work. You know what people have been saying on Twitter and never out and no I take the properties back to come out and we certainly in. Cases of both shootings in mass shootings that. That we have been wrong. First several days before we know the entries that true intent to end and the report what so with a guy that came up. And asked about whether these Republicans or Democrats head running close on and the person that was supposed to be the shooter. I had jeans on. So you know there's a lot and who knows if that's true I don't know for sure not no you're right you just have to wait before you start throwing those accusations are well. It was a good note and and none are not all fired up and in the latter and this is what's causing. These states talk radio that's causing all of this vitriol. Between the two parties. I don't disagree that the majority of talk radio does that. The point that I was making is if indeed somebody came out there to shoot GOP senators. Chances are it's not somebody on the right it's going to be somebody on the far left unless they're just whack jobs and just trying to. Make a statement to the world who knows this could be somebody whose girlfriend just broke up with him and he wanted to go out with the you know go out with a blaze of glory. But you know and in your right we do need to figure out a way to ratchet this back and that would include something like info wars with Alex Jones was one of the most irresponsible people I think on the planet. When they have the headlines as his leftist gunman shoots Republican congressman in media inspired terror attack. So there's the assumption that it's a leftist there's just the assumption that it was media inspired and that we can all agree that it's a terror attack Natalie hi you're under the WT. Yet the lion I wanna say reckoned aren't there on the outcome it's a fat bleached and have a Democrat and a we left wing Democrat. Here's our problem. A lot of an article public opinion my god he's here to Barack Obama he kicking related particulate acts I owe the Democrats feel exact same way at indigo or PayPal picnic with. Only about. Not that. She thought she did anybody can actually vehicle at. When I've seen it bounce from eagle in what you want about rock of at least body. To bring the country together. Fill ups are not targeting any black yet he thought war president ever and I say it. Compared dart the that would don't do what sort of got clear about how he didn't cry every day. If you nonsense. No idea what he thought he probably eat out into written 9% at times he needs people. Try to bring the country gonna try to talk to both right he can't do that absolutely not the man to go to dot. When net Natalie what would it take to get you to the table to sit down and have around you know. A reasonable conversation with somebody on the other side of the IO let's say mr. trump what would do what would you say to president trump to say how can we bring the country together here because this has to me like here. You're one of the angry people. Well I'm not anger about nothing much talent god there's nothing to be angry about you sound angry he got. My problem is. The problem at I would say like on health care for instance there are a lot of poor people. Some food and health care on about stopped Sweeney they would come to commit on that they do everything electronic jokes and that we're in the right money do. No I understand Natalie and this isn't really a conversation about Donald Trump right now or healthcare or. In reality moving things together. 'cause at this moment. Yeah we can talk about a but I don't know they're renting any closer to debt. Let's go to work to Richard you've been waiting a while Richard I appreciate your patience good morning on WBT wanna move to London. Not a watered the -- it right now but I would like to comment on the story about that I ride that was in golf and not claim quite dramatically. I think it has its fingerprint so I'd buy it chino. Are you we've had two major tech the last thirty days if they'd if people don't at least open up those the land. To look at ice is involvement in this in this horrific fire. Yeah if you know they need to be in examined there was one ex gay crowd want and that we want to I guess exit. That purple all the tenants in the building. No ever and I wanted to coupons sober. Goes in there with two big guys five down and think he gets going on the base floor and torque is. Look out for assets Boller moved. No absolutely outing anybody is ruling out the other possibility of it was a license and then I'll be real honest is when I when I first heard about it. My first reaction was in some dude was drunk and fell asleep with a cigarette and a mattress caught on fire. My first thought was you know here's another another round for the terrorists Sean you wanna join us about the other shooting in Washington what's on your mind. God or but the first thing you came up to now where it's audio left wing it. Deadly secret to being disgruntled. Republican about the health care so you separate so the first their account bella did you get all the Yo-Yo yo listen and understand where actor Robert just gotta say. It was even though some are safe bet that you got the congress who lose. This person next. Oh well cool down a bit player but the vote Republican or Democrat right now we don't know so we should be as Americans it's. So called it presidential polls everybody that they which we live digital reader do wonders like glass call at all until lately you're not. You can go hey guys say you got to be neutral but he's not trying to unify the country manor. Ever risen at a different view on it I like his agenda I have a difficult time with how he goes about does it. That's a completely different discussion for another day so headlines once again infra wars Steve Scully shot this morning and a politically motivated targeted attack by a leftist. People are making assumptions aren't there a break and back and use them and blunders 1110993. WBT's. Struck yet you don't interrupt you here because the other police. Are getting ready to release a statement so let's go ahead and how to pay you see at all. We'll tell us Ella Alexander police chief Michael Brown then you. We're here today to give you an update on the incident occurred this morning Daryn Alexandria. Beggar let me repeat if I can't some of the facts that we do know at this point. Before I start so I want to say that this is an incident he's not an active incidents the city is safe. We have I have an active investigation going on for this individual places warnings are reassure the community here in Alexandria. That this city is indeed safe. We will continue to work with the investigation moves forward. The facts as we have it this morning again at 07095. Minutes after 7 o'clock. We received a call 911 call of an accurate shooter it's Simpson part hero Monroe and Alexandria. Our units responded Mariah on scene within three minutes. The officers. Were received fire from a suspect and they returned fire. And that imparts the investigation is ongoing as we speak. There we came to find out that this event was a practice session for baseball team involving some representatives from congress. Horse from employees from congress. There were capitol police individuals. Are contingent upon seeing. And they also engaged with the subject and I'll let that achieved the gavel please respond to that. Via emergency medical personnel responded the same from the Alexandria fire department. As well as officers from the Alexandria police department provided treatment for a number of individuals on saying. Those individuals we know that five of them are transported five public emergency medical sources do blah hospitals within the area. The deal with a variety of injuries. And treatment. At this point the Alexandria police car because this case involves the assault on a federal officer. If Federal Bureau of Investigation will be taking over the investigation. No we welcome our work with the better the FBI. We are embedded in our way assisting the FBI along with the other agencies. There are trying to view of this particular scene in this investigation of this incident. That's that I would also like to. Say you are right gratitude to reality this season responded to the same. How we had individuals from the Alexandria sheriff's department of course the Alexandria fire department who were initial response helped us a great deal of trying to manage this thing. And quite frankly I couldn't be more proud of men women who wrote ball from an Alexandria police department that. Why it. Definitely at least talk and talk a little bit about. The their efforts in this area and what they're doing chief. Thank you chief. Public. First start out by thanking the Alexandria police sheriff's office are apartment. The FBI. ATF and all of our federal law enforcement local partners. Who assisted in this response. It's early to very large response but should take awhile to sort through all the details. Might units of the or dignitary protection division were on site. With the congressional technique. When we had it is when the incident occurred. They did engaging in and gunfire with the suspect. And were assisted by Alexandria police. Good officers the United States capitol police officers who were injured. From are in good condition and have not suffered a life threatening injuries at this point. Armed. As we get more information will be working through the FBI. And our local partners in the Alexandria police. To provide more details as they become available. But at this point I'd like to turn over to. The FBI and. Hello good morning some Slater on the SEC especially is in charge of the Washington field office. And I just want to reiterate what the chiefs of says this is very secure community at this point. That's an active investigation. However the security of the community is of Paramount and I want to reassure you that that's the case so we got involved around 9:30 this morning. Initially we responded with our national capital response squad from the GT TF. There are protocol. And they were assisted our state and local partners once it was confirmed that we had a member of congress that was involved in the incident we have taken a leave. However this is they enjoy. Command and this is a joint investigation our state local partners to include who's been at the microphone already our partnership may TF. Alexander county in Alexandria city and and capitol police as well. I'll take a couple questions in just a second but I wanna turn over to the governor per second per couple comments. Thank you we're first of all thoughts and prayers everybody affected by today's. Incidents. I wanna congratulate. The effort of the state local and federal we're all here together. Early this morning state police and DJ am were activated I wanna thank everybody is involved breast specifically wanna thank all the first responders. I have been told that members of the neighborhood in the community came out to be of assistance this is truly an extraordinary effort. And I also want to compliment the US capitol police. For their quick action. And through their Rourke efforts and others they saved a lot of lives today we do everything we can to keep our communities safe. And I once again want thank all the law enforcement personnel and first responders who were involved today thank you. Usually I'm here I'm. You write this. Ma'am it's too early to say. There's news is that this really raw at this moment we're just that the initial part of of this tradition so. It's too early to say we're working it both ways right now. We knew oratorio about the worst enemy is my right ankle injuries bringing us. Anything could be an act of terrorism were spurred all angles and your daddy information. And they're making it. Specifics are you beginning to hearing. On the night Kennedy it's. We are 31. I'm not I don't use our nation we got a yes no it's not a cessation attempt elderly. We're still working on. Are yeah. I don't leotard American people for military will not confirm no sir our New York members of congress were being targeted. I'm happy I'm too early to tell us their target they're not looking. How about what your life not life threatening injuries helped by. Don't know everybody was transported to hospital is receiving medical treatment just don't know enough to like Carolina Atlanta because it's. No I'm not aware of that at all but thank you ended. No matter nor permission of the weapons and a don't know yet. Don't know still it's really early in the investigation. I don't know any of those tax credits too early to say one where the other and you get the condition of the suspect the suspect was taken to the hospital you know his condition I'm also. The general condition of the officers shot. Think the officers are doing better I'm not sure about the suspect that this time. Coming and talking airline work. So again thank you. No ma'am I love this court order yeah. Be honest. Members of a dignitary protection yes they were here has yes this isn't the protection teams and the difference today. I'm sure amid a significant difference there and that doesn't like talking you. He's cooperating he's going to do not know the answer to that is Ernie yeah. Talk hopefully just checked out there. We have secured the scene and we're giving you through that logical investigative steps at this point as far as guitars you said you don't think there's something assassination attempt and yet it would appear to members of congress were targeted. No I denounce that what I said is that we are not sure at this moment it's still in early on in the investigation we're working through it. Local man is how much do not know yet don't know even if he's on the region no ma'am. So again. I'm not aware that no ma'am. OK and I wrote I said that I misspoke. It's too early in the investigation to say one way or the other. The hearing that there's immigrant. No I'm not aware what is apparent success isn't it looked like yeah. Later. It's about that would be Tim Slater who's the especially in charge right there in Alexandria for. Via press really in the press conference is going on to talk about what they know when dobbs who's going to be a lot of fun unknowns. For the time being keeps saying again and again tonight I don't know I can't answer the question I don't know. How we'll stay on top of this one for you and as more breaks out we'll break in on that and we'll talk to us through a Marshall with the ABC what she's seeing with a four it's coming up next. Thank you must envoys Dennis your time and they've identified the suspect as James T. Hodgkin's have. HO PG. OK I again as and and so on skis here you know we get a kind of mud with ABC and what is the latest here aren't we have confirmation that this is who this guy is. Look out there right now op babble Laporte and officers governor Terry McAuliffe. They are getting an update to the media right now what rehearsal architecture still gonna bring up and motives. I'm other bits suspected gunmen who. They say opened fire on the Diageo. Suffered not like Brady injury to remember the shares are capitol police he'd tell all book suffered nonlife threatening injury. And that's staff member. On the outlook earlier treat the sick and doubt that it's a legislative staff member is also point to survive that shooting that happened here. But right now the governor on the federal law enforcement getting an update FBI how they get over the air remarked leasing. I'm here to the people below now Alexandria. Action and Tim and I know the people gonna be scouring FaceBook and Twitter trying to find something on this James T hunch consent. As soon as possible we still have no idea what might be a motive we have no idea if there were accomplices were still kind of in the darkened a lot of things are we. So investigators say it's true early aren't appoints you terrorism or the mood at this stop of the suspected shooter. On this so trying to keep all that together they're running background check as I empower the individual. I'm ability into the weapons as well put on a barrel where he exactly each and up front I'm taping everything that network are here on this. All American community we're seeing here now would be Andrea what are they talked to many people possible they've got a lot of people are here. Because at that hour or people starting to come out there all bear started at third base started. And so there are number of witness is while we know gunshots rang out. So the park itself how close is it to a residential neighborhoods and you know how densely populated is it around that part. Sky I tell you I was standing I'm literally tracking the expense of the outfield. Right maybe just a few yards away for the role of all of this place that neighborhood or that they all spilled in the neighborhood but he also admitted so browned bits are at all. I'm they're literally just it's it's heavily populated spirit dance I'm and so that's why we see that large police say you're aware of the yellow card in eight. Nor have walked the block to block the awful right now because that's how bit the neighbor that it. Gotcha do we know when there's going to be more updates from either the FBI aware from the Alexandria police. And that's what we do not know we know that they just sat there and try to get the updates that are also looking at the governor Jim you're right now I'm so surrounded by. But the law enforcement officers and worse say or police on this thing because they're all trying to make sure they purposely or not that they gather evidence. Could not pay Canada appreciate your time this morning can't moan with the ABC again given us an update here's saw the of this suspect. According to all sources right now it is James T hunch consent. Supposedly from Illinois so course you know they're going to be checking out. The social media and fired out you know who we who knows who you is what he's putting shed. We don't know the motive yet and a lot of people are trying to connect some dots that may or may not be there. You know again folks like Alex Jones and the the far far goofy we are meant com right I mean he's just whacked. This headline left his gunman shoots Republican congressman in media inspired terror attack. And sent necessarily the case we don't know for sure what the other motivations going to be so. We're gonna try to get a hold about congressman Robert passenger later on this morning here to find out what the mood is up on the hill because when something like this happens. He its family you know it it becomes personal so I would have to imagine that there's some folks that are. Shaken up to say Italy's Charles. Yes I just heard back from our Barbara passengers office there will be a congressional meeting on this incident this morning at 11:15. AM. And hopefully after that meeting will be its talk with the congressman couldn't just to have an idea what to the agenda for that meeting is an event update folks on what happened today as far as I know that is the agenda that is it okay. When we surprising to see that there's going to be some major changes. In and now we keep our our lawmakers secure. Everything's gonna be next what to is going to be the red if you could predict later on today. What's going to be you know the way that it's presented on Fox News the way that is going to be presented on CNN the way it's gonna be present and on MSNBC. I think you can even before all this would be the information really and truly comes up people are going to be pointing fingers and are going to be making assumptions and that sort of thing. Got an email from Charles send and this is about the afire here. People just don't listen thanks for your program on the fire was watching last night and they said the fire started on an upper floor. Got a feeling it was cheap remodeling that was combustible. And you know what that was alluded to by my mama her name is. Lama Hassan who was a reporter for ABC who was there in London that there was are mounting going on and that might have been one of the other factors that contributed. To how fast that particular blaze went which is. You know. We thought there was going to be. That tragedy that was going to be front and center and our minds but no. Now and so unfortunately Millen is closer to home it's getting kind of old isn't it it's absolutely incredible so we'll loud John. Got a picture of this guy. And you know that's on him up there and I look at it looks like position not a sure that's David Letterman yeah it could threaten political. The series. Well thank you for us for confusing I ought to leave here thanks so so that's what's going on that's what we know right now via the the suspect is not identified as James T hodgkin's and he's out of Illinois and no rulings will find out whether or not you illusion that area now or female to specific trip for this. It's gonna come hundreds and drabs and we're going to be just right you know gnawing at the the teach for mother's milk when it comes to us to find and that was going on here. Of course there was other news that ended up happening yesterday mr. sessions was on the stand. And he had to answer quite a few questions. But to sum up everything that mr. sessions had to say really isn't gonna take too long as a matter fact we can do at four in under two minutes away. Attorney general session beautiful word Hoosier she. This suggestion yeah. And then after anticipate any any any collusion. And I was aware of any collusion with the Russian government to hurt this country Lou. Which I served with honor for a 35 years. You are to undermine the integrity about democratic process. Is and name calling during this test of both laugh. And I wouldn't comment I'm not able to come around well that's a communication in the mining town some non that I would not comment on I believe the American people have had a with stonewalling. Americans don't wanna hear that answers to relevant questions are privileged and off limits. A crash and I am not Stonewall. I am following the historic policies and department of just. They're invoking executive privilege and I'm not able to invoke executive privilege doesn't presidential prerogative. You raise your lower right hand here today and you said that you would solemnly swear. To tell the truth the whole truth and nothing nothing true. Now you're not answering questions you're competing in this investigation so that I'm protecting the president has constitutional. Right. I'm not I'm giving you all get away. Have you ever in any of these fantastical situations Smirnov of online it's so ridiculous that a sitting United States senator and ambassador of the foreign government. Saluted them. An open setting with hundreds of other keep. Pull all the greatest paper in the history of the best. And thank you for saying man. You referred to a longstanding DOJ policy can you tell us what policy it is you're talking about. Well I think most carrying people as the businesses. You had before you earlier. Who knows individuals. I don't find the comment because we're all about conversations with the president I'm just now is that is that a lot of Jamie how easy you offer policy. Guys are Jeff Sessions I went on on a not so here's what I found a guide and checked him out on FaceBook and if indeed this is the right guy. It's James T hunch consume. Belleville Illinois. And that seems to be what they're saying about this guy run on the front page is says democratic socialism. Explained in three words. We the people. What else about him Bernie Sanders the dawn of a new democracy is slow on the pictures there FDR is another one of those heroes. Now it looks like he was a burning friend infer if indeed this is really truly the right guy. Then. Then somebody you know some of the opposing. And then the questions that have been posed are mean possibly right. That it's a leftist. He's obviously a liberal. He is a fan of the Ed show and that would be Ed Schultz. Democracy now. The nightly show on Comedy Central. Last week tonight when John Oliver. And lets you announce. Hillary Clinton. Rolling Stone Dan rather bite charge Burroughs. So yet to say that that perhaps this gang is a little on the left side if indeed this is the right profile and it looks to me like it is. That was our that was politically motivated and it is a white guy with the white hair and a white beard. More details come anyway as we roll through this all here again. If you're just joining us in Alexandria. There's been shooting the suspect identified as James T hodgkin's send them. We'll give you more details as of and the commitment extends our new president Tom is gonna speak on the shooting at the White House we'll bring that to you live coming up at 1130. So Karen Travers from ABC thank you that little insight there appreciate very much. In the next ten minutes here I'm gonna give you an update of what Gabriel Giffords had to say and she certainly has some experience when it comes to being in congress. And gusts standby and its on the way it's time to do it now there's 111099 street of these b.s James T Hutchinson. This is again that that fell all the major new sources say that the shoes for cats is he a suspect that has been identified as from Belleville Illinois. And we're trying to find some information out doing some scouring the FaceBook in the some of the social media to see we get nailed down early some friends. That's may have some insight into this guy may be what has happened. Former representative Gabriel Giffords has issued a statement on shooting you know that shooting that targeted the Republicans there and Alexandria Virginia she has my heart. As were my former colleagues their families and staff and the US capitol police. Public servants and heroes today and every single day and Charles mentioned that the other congress neither congress is gonna get hit it about 1115. To have me a special get together and most likely this is going to be the only topic of discussion perhaps features security security etc. Will be on the docket 1130 president of the United States is gonna speak we'll carry it live for here on WBT Bryant I call 704571110. I'm guessing not too surprised about this but if so why. What in particular call that they're pretty them out of sight because. I didn't hear that they felt that it is different supporter don't know always that little part in it but all of it if you could describe any way be independent but. They're not talking about right now in anywhere in the far. Is it that spare the big story out but being on behalf and apple warned you about it the fact that he'd be in eat. Our process was completely. Rooted in the black elect. We know that because well we know that because of it broke open and that you walk stole the sinkhole. And then for Hillary point 20 boy can change after EE even though the move their board. No talk about. Ryan not Ryan I understand that and that's a story that I'm sure people are gonna get to. But do you really think that that's the story that we need to talk about today. What do you ever what are your report are. It is so foreign. Oh it is in our I understand that but you know what there's there's plenty of noise. They're they're they're doesn't need to be silence on your particular issue there needs to be patience on that because it's not the biggest issue of the day. It truly is not the biggest issue of the day. If not if indeed this is his FaceBook page and it certainly looks like it to. Based upon the name and be a description of where this guy's from. And I am now looks like he's probably on the far left that's that's what it would take a look like. Our Richard email Scott at WBT dot com sounds like he radicalized liberal Democrat very well could be that's the appearance. To have that confirmed we're still trying to find some folks that know him. Through his or his friends there. On FaceBook and who can do to. Think it's more information about that so Steve's goalies high ranking member shot three others shot in Virginia and the good news this. I believe school les is either in surgery right now or is awaiting surgery in that these injuries are not going to be life threatening. So a prayer and thank you for that something could congressional aides were shot as well and who does not cut. It all surrounds a baseball game every year I think been to a program hundred years. The the Democrats in the young Republicans get together and play a baseball game and I think this must be tomorrow night right was it tomorrow night the baseball game was close to being so today was a practiced. The Democrats were out there early and you have Republicans were out there right when this guy can't consent decided to start taking some shots so. And we're still getting various and mixed reports as far as how many shots were there sound like you know somebody's at thirty to fifteen simply said fifty to 100. So whatever the case is there were a lot of them. There were a lot of shots went down we were talking to one of the ABC reporters earlier today they mentioned that that the way this guy moved. Seem to indicate that he had some sort of passed training. And I didn't want the allegations to me a year ago has got as a veteran I don't like it when somebody makes that assumption right away because continues to pin our veterans and a bad light. And I don't think we need to jump to that conclusion. So but training that could come and a number of different ways could be just be a regular hand in training or could be military could be former police officer we just don't know. We just don't know another email Scott at WBT dot com. This is what happens when the Democrat media complex advocates violence on a daily basis. This blood is on the hands of the bias liberal media and every Democrat cut. Who will help me help me understand that how could this potentially be the fault of the media. Is that something that you believe so and a 45701110. I don't I don't feel. Correct me if I'm wrong that there has been. Reports on CNN or MSNBC or ABC CBS that says you know what we need to get violent about all this. So for people to jump to the conclusion and say that the media's whipping people up into violence. I don't necessarily agree without. To me what I what I think is there's somebody who's got a set of beliefs and somebody's got some sort of serious mental illness of some sort. And some sort of god complex that goes hand in hand without asthma affects your call 704571110. Selecting it from you the president again is coming up 1130 will carry it live here on WB TS. Wouldn't have changed about fifteen minutes away from the F president. Country from the Oval Office and it's certainly not the way that he wanted to spend his first. Think about party's first not not just yet there's going to be more somber moment at this point. Ha Kevin you called a 704570. You haven't had and you take on how the media is involved in this. I believe greeted there are a role played be cared very do not condemn. Beat grotesque hatred towards the president. End. I act that being said if somebody if they immediate help President Obama bloodied head up they would be condemned. But what trumpets are condemned and it it needs to be and that's just one example your of this Shakespeare. Play in New York. Same thing that that need to be condemned immediately. Well I mean I guess once again and it depends on the who's in a position to do the condemning. You're the thing in New York you're gonna have the liberal art lovers who were to say you know this is the most wonderful things since. Colleague Sheila or hair were people standing and make it on the stage back in 1971 that's good to. Former FBI assistant director Chris swagger and when you first heard about this going down in Alexandria Virginia. What was the first and it came to your mind. Well obviously that person around there everybody's mind these days is. Is this a terrorist incidents cart were date specifically targeted are there more people. I think though some of those questions have been answered. Very recently. So what when you look at a situation like a baseball field let's say you're the one that was in charge of security for something like that. Is there really any way to secure something like that moving forward here and do you think they're gonna cancel the baseball game between the Democrats and Republicans as a result of this. First I think it would be aired a huge mistake to cancel that baseball game we shouldn't let. Deranged insane actions like this stop. The things that we do and our normal everyday lives and yeah it's hard to secure these types of things you know these are congressman that they're practice and play baseball only serendipity is that they had some capitol police got there because they had a ranking member. Some of that house leadership there are certain other than that they may not have even had those capitol police out there. The ballot counts they did a great job they went with handguns they went up against an AK 47 and they want. Yeah if but if this were your investigation and you have the guy in a hospital won't be the first questions that you would start your note to ask your team to put into play what sort of actions would you have them do. Well sir I mean you got to do do a very thorough neighborhood. And that they've done they found the car that's key. They got to identify this guy is he's talking they want it didn't get him talk in which he's able which sounds like he's not. Bill that is social network very quickly using the data that you have available. Talked to everyone close to him immediately. Unfortunately his name has leaked out. They've lost the element of surprise now that that name has leaked out and that's unfortunate. But you wanna hit up people that know him are very quickly and get spontaneous statements are members for the anybody had any chance. Coordinate their statements and and get all that information together one place and see what that she would it closer. Yeah well. Man didn't take long for the name to get out and doesn't even take long for somebody like me. To go through FaceBook punch in the name and starts again you know somebody people that know him the friends that he has what they are like and looks like. We're dealing with somebody who if it's if this is indeed via the FaceBook profile. Somebody who's. Now looking for the you know looking out for the people was a kind of a Bernie supporters show world. Does that surprise you in this day and age that that we're having this kind of activity if indeed that's what it is. It's yeah it doesn't surprise me I mean one of my initial slots where it's located this looks like it doesn't look like international terrorism because allegedly this person asks are they Democrats or Republicans out there right now a terrorist international terrorists and aspect questioned so. I'd say it's now been looked in and so my sense is tell me it was more a lone wolf deranged individual next question is if he's driven by some sort ideology. But domestic terrorists that we would you know that might have some sort of right wing militia ties or maybe some left wing. Ties them and they're violent organizations on both sides. So it is this an ideological driven. Act that makes it terrorism it's it is indeed driven by ideology but it makes it domestic terrorism. Yeah something that we've we've been watching for. So let's say you had an opportunity to sit down with this guy and you're the one they had chance to interview him first. Where would you start your money questioning with him. Sure I'll why did you do it two are you working with anybody. I'm almost an ordinary working with anybody and do you have weapons stashed somewhere Q you know this didn't get a general sense of there it is they are still some danger are their other individuals that shared his ideology. Than anyone else know that he was doing to us. Amend it if he's able to talkies the best source some of that information right now. Yeah and you've interviewed people are interrogated people have you like to put a view of how difficult is it to get information out of that they don't really wanna give up much. Well I mean this type of act as it is a bit of a suicidal act he doesn't say you know they they obviously don't care they're gonna get caught they've already discounted that. So it mad yeah well in this situation often are willing to talk and and explain why they did what they did it mainly want people to know why they did it. That's a good point some sort of up it's a message it's like my and a big giant billboard saying here's who I am and and here's what I believe yet they just posted a picture of the guys from on the we've been looking at FaceBook James T hunch concerns from a Belleville Illinois final thoughts today Chris Wecker. Yes that is were all at risk I mean that this isn't just congressmen and it isn't just you have high profile. Celebrities and individuals that it's it's everybody. Just because of the environment we live in an and it's sisters and evidently gonna sparked a debate about gun control. To me have to look at both sides issued only reason that more people were killed was because there were people that were armed on the scene. But nobody you know this deranged like that shouldn't get their hands on an AK 47 and laid down a hundred shots. Now not totally but yes yeah I think it's too soon to start having that argument although you know the folks on the left are gonna meet and sort through on that around the deserted and things that I've seen online where some GO appears you're saying. Yeah right bring on the gun control argument you were ready for you this time. And have become a sad because that's not the most important issue right now the most important issue was we find out who this guy is what he's all about. And who else might be involved in more than a designing next steps. Joseph Alexandria. Is it mental illness or do you think it's something political. Good morning how you do it I'm doing great and legend George Jones. Whether it is. A terrorist. Whether it is a mental illness situation. Looking at what was done too well good legislation. Not too long ago within the first 100 days and then opening Dole's. How ports and no. You don't what was that all media. But two questions one why people hard book the American. To look at a situation. And I've been up side as domestic terrorist. We did we do not want to what you know failed to net like put some odd reason that I don't know wat. Hip and biffle today our viciously viciously killed somebody I would be about right. But just detailed work. But what caught my actions that day I am now labeled it bad for this gentleman has just done over oh with a cat. Call ever in a community and have got to get our government insuring government official. That is treasonous within itself. But we walk that they all may be it mental illness so maybe you just put the rays had a bit of data domestic terrorism. And we don't know what they're up by every bit outlaw country. What some odd reason and I don't know what that he had immediate built it doesn't I didn't hit it being truly mad that we don't look at our history. Transportation axe 1770. Criminal offload at all with European look. Columnist Joseph and we don't develop the joy do it's I do think Joseph I think we do. I think we do address the issue of domestic terrorist who bet label but that we you bet right off mum. Sometimes don't sell sometimes we do I you can bet that we hope that labeled domestic terrorism that we do any other terribly well this. This will be listed as domestic terrorism things remaining doubt about that he had to be attempted murder is well. Not treason treason no means it helping the enemy and and did not think that what qualifies for that. But does Joseph I think I think you might be. Underestimating how often we do actually use that kind of language Skoda Bryant security your thoughts. Good morning good morning Brian. His curious the walking all the spoke about the baseball field attacking. Announcing all the things that congressmen are speaking from Capitol Hill. And. You know out being. Written and media. In the lead is that they want them a lot taxpayers pay for other security firms. All the senators and all represented has been. Until I. Let me worry about current problem. I don't feel like we should be paying for that security. May capitol police. Say good day today. We're not for a hearing look I don't think that they should all be. Giving taxpayer money paying for it to charity thing. So will somebody needs to keep them secure if we wanna keep them in office a week if we both the middle office and we'd like to keep them there and in one of the things that we would need to do to keep them there. Would be to keep them safe I don't think anybody within the government's going to argue that if they start to spend some money out of the budget to protect these folks. That that it's not will use will spend money of course if they pass the law. To protect themselves of course they're gonna enjoy the benefits of that they're not gonna vote against something like that Larry. Combined are there are connect the media and violence if you could it. Well I I almost puke while ago when I heard you say you didn't get to connection and if you turn on anyone on the networks or the cable news. Outlets win when they see this thing you go back what's happened over the past few weeks and and you see them covering meet people. Who say oh Kathy Griffin that was just art. Orbit play in New York that's just arc we're on a slippery slope. But there's no question. That if you. Reversed it and and it had been President Obama you're instantly. Been labeled them all right whacko. And you are racist and a big hit and you were against America. And there's no doubt that would happen and yet I hear people like you just. Now I don't know and I'm alive that is if it were not a. No not mobilizing on jobs and there's a certain group of people who aren't going to be affected yes. Exactly not the only group that we hear from our city know and those are the ones and those are the ones that are affiliated. With the whack jobs because it's the fringe of those people who were the ones that we need to keep an eye out for so Larry appreciate your call a break him back the president's going to speak. We'll carry it here yeah. So we're awaiting the president of the United States to come to the podium and to speak about the issue in Alexandria. If I if you're just waking up period just join us here. GOP congressman school reason through hers was shot in Virginia. On a baseball field they were practicing for the annual. Democrat first Republican. Baseball game which is going to be which was supposed to be tomorrow night may still gone. We're talking to Chris walker a little while ago and as you know what the game should go on here because we don't want the bad guys. Two to feel like they're actually making any inroads into us changing our world. Some email Scott at WB two dot com and have fun and interest in that that folks are saying you know what the media is not gonna call this a hate crime. If it were a right wing extremist and say and they did this then of course it would be considered a couple not considered to be a crime. And I consider to be domestic terrorism how much you know. And if there's if somebody does an act of violence because of ideology then I think you throw it right there in the world of hate crime Julie on the shooting here what's your take. Yeah that the flight could sit there. I really believe. That don't wanna know only blame this on the left wing. Party toward the left wing people of the country. And for example let's say we're. Play in or and the and Central Park. Many people think that that can't it and prices people that are. Not well. Such humor comes Bowden says. There's only eight people in this country in a government that know what the CIA and did it down term. What is that now that is nothing but. Evil. We Jolie. Eighteen months he villain in this country that gets there it's human nature. Only with the idiots or Julie only with people who are not mentally stable. And and don't forget that certainly not trying to it to stand up for the other Shakespeare's thing. But they did Julius Caesar couple years ago and it was Obama that was portrayed so goes both ways it absolutely goes both ways a jury appreciate your call. We're waiting on the president look at the F photographers and reporters are all excited because so it. I think they anticipate that he's going to be coming into the room at any moment we're hoping to hear from from congressman passenger. At about 1145. They had an emergency get together of the congress and 1115. To discuss this very situation. And and again the suspect identified as James T hunch concern. By all indications based upon his social media. He's he's a lefty. He used to be a home inspector doing mold remediation Nasr thank. So his entire social network is basically divided between. Folks who who wanted to Bernie to went and folks who could get him waits for his inspection company we try to call a company a little while ago but there. Was no. There was no answer the front of the disconnected so. The president United States is walking to the podium right now which could stand behind you with mr. it was a little bit ago. Shortly after 7 AM this morning. A gunman. Opened fire. When members of congress. And their staffs. As they were practicing for tomorrow's annual. Charity baseball game. Authorities are continuing. To investigate the crime. And the assailant. Has now died. From his injuries. The FBI is leading the investigation. And we'll continue to provide updates as new information. Becomes. Available. Congressman. Steve Scully it's. A member. Of house leadership. We shot and badly wounded. And is now in stable condition at the hospital. Along with two very courageous capitol police officers. At least two others were also wounded. Many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions. Of that to capitol police officers who took down the gunman despite sustaining gunshot wounds. During a very very brutal. Assault. Maloney and I are grateful. For their heroism. And praying for these swift. Recovery of all victims. Congressman scale leases a friend. And a very good friend. He's a patriot. And he's a fighter. He will recover from this assault. And Steve. I want you know. Think you have the prayers. Not only of the entire city behind you. Put up an entire nation. And frankly the entire world. American is praying for you an American is praying. For all of the victims of this terrible shooting. I spoke with Steve's wife Jennifer. And I pledged there are full. And absolute support. Anything she needs. Her win there. And with the entire Scully Stanley. I have also spoken. Police chief Matthew. Ramirez. He's doing a fantastic job. The capitol police to express our sympathies. For his wounded officers and to express. My admiration. For their courage. Our brave capitol police perform. Any challenging job with incredible skill. And this sacrifice. Makes democracy. Possible. We also commend the brave first responders. From Alexandria police fire and rescue. Who rushed. To the scene. Everyone on that field is a public servant. Our courageous police. Our congressional aides. Who worked so tirelessly behind the scenes. With enormous admiration. And they're dedicated members of congress who represent our people. We may have our differences. But we do well. In times like these to remember that everyone who serves. In our nation's capital. Is here because. Above all they love our country. We can all agree. That we are blessed to be Americans. And our children deserve to grow up in a nation of safety and peace. And did we are strongest. When we are unified. And when we work together. For the common good. Please take a moment today to cherish those you love. And always remember. Those who serve. And keep us safe. God bless them all. God bless you. And god bless America. Thank you. Trying to presence could take any questions you know he's not a walk away from the footage celebration back in double keep your to date on what's happening. With the the shooting. You know Alexandria Virginia and the the shooter has now died. And nobody had that news until the president said that's a brick and Beckham and we. I'm gonna talk to congressman passenger about. What's gonna happen next is on the way and WB changed his news eleven tonight after the BBC congressman Robert Pitt injured joins us you know on the hotline and now congressman I know that you got a busy day ahead you and things have already been busy for racial appreciate your time. There was a get together a little meeting a congress at 1115 what happened there. Well I just walked out of the briefing. What are how security chief. And or speaker and leader and others and just. That is the sort of further detail of what occurred this morning in. Very sad and tragic. Affair and it's. Unfortunately a reflection to where. The pitcher all this today and our country. And we've got to the reason we're able minded group I don't. And that's. That smirk says Steve as a great friend who wonderful person crew. He was planning on coming to be with me and Charlotte fur who bet. And I came probably Monday and how I just love in the pace is a war where the moment. With team he's our whipped an app server. Oh under Jimenez who are the whips. So what James T Hutchinson is the shooter is dead now the president just confirmed that for us here's what is the conversation like you know obviously you as members of electing elected officials you deal with tragedies that happen in the country on a regular basis but. What's the difference in the conversation when it's part of your family. They know who we're all here together. Frankly we learn arm and arm as we begin our meeting so the player. In hand and hand. I think we we understand the sobering reality of where this country is now that I that it is how. Beat the vitriol is. And it's got to calm down. We need to be able to have played. Thoughtful respectful of the discussions among. All of this is of very various there's differences in the opinion some different policies and issues. We can't allow and tolerate. Looks to have the anger sentiment. To continue it in that contribute to this type of. Arabs well it is going to be that there were very view allow might be too strong a word congressman Adam how we can now put a stop to it. Are there discussions about how to have the discussions about how to quell some of us. Well again. When he broke serve her country to begin with someone who do believe in math and who are we gonna do. And the civil discourse we needed didn't know who the media we needed among each other reviews in their town halls. Don't exclude. How to handle the town hall that's only been successful demo we're gonna have a follow up all of us who have earned caricature. And we look at a lecture that lets say it everywhere and that is that kids there is secure. We will provide respect courage award that speaks well for another. And they prevented them currently there's so in this country need to understand that. Yes we can hit difference is that week. We can ensure in this civil way. And we don't have to have this animal and the anger and the hate. But did not agree with the policy is heart that is. The President Obama that the you don't at this. They heal yourself does such type of move response. Congressman let me ask you hear obviously safety is going to be a concern now here nobody thought in the water streams and all the set on a baseball field on Wednesday morning to be shots ring and out here. So what happens later on today. And what sort of discussion. Amongst you elected city officials how much of that will surround what what do we do now to keep us safe. Actually I don't promote sort of a regular basis what the capitol police. So. Are fully aware of those threats and they're all going our officers have threats. Let's let them sit up but the median. He admits four times the last six weeks. So. You know we we walk on the ground going in the tunnels. From my officers to the capital. What we don't have we don't have. Particular to conquer. It is the leaders are in the earlier quip we're sure. But we we just need to be thoughtful and potentially the director of our lives that and then. These are sensitive to rush and thinks there's any American needs to say. Cut congressman Tom are you going to participate in this baseball game looks like it's it's you know it's gonna go on as scheduled for tomorrow is this something you're just quit and well go to Europe can catch you just you know compared. Just hit it it to be charity event that's one of their targets are record around money it was always this year. Let 600000 dollars to destroy all our local charities in the wash DC area. So it's it's a great event it's between the Republicans and the Democrats are that's been celebrated done for many many decades. Actually I would have thought even the cleanup hitter but you know very different that just my perception of you you know. I've not been so well so if you had a chance to stand up in front of congress and NB together with all your friends and day and all your oh going your co workers there. Besides prayer what sort of message would you try to tell those folks about how. We can possibly go arm in arm if you because like you said the very beginning this conversation. You two guys you guys as members of congress were arm in arm why the hell can't we have that happen with the people of America. I agree with that frankly I think we do as a country need to be. Who were clear of a threat to our own country put out of the terrorism prepare this book. This is it scares that this their. We shouldn't. I'm prepared now dot com click I think we have been perhaps our country yeah then go what were subjected to this. His leaders and our country is something that we accept that we understand we just need to recruit the popcorn how we care about our allies continue continued to conduct a lot. Congressman it used to be that I think we were more afraid of of other attacks and terror coming from outside our borders do you think that it's becoming. Equal that we should be just as afraid of what's happening inside our borders and as we are from outside terrorists. Remember we have live open borders. We don't have closed borders. Okay let's not get into unless I get into a political debate about it dubbed the borders sure you know what I'm talking well over that it Maria or you did. So that is saying that but I brought up borders because I'm asking about outside terrorist verses us us as Americans and homegrown terrorism. Let and that sort out that we have. Analysts and our country live anchor we can that we should they vote have a civil discourse. In our country would that. The result in this type of action. No I agree with the it's it's the crazy ones and fortunately that that are driving the bus on on both ends of the spectrum here. So we'll congressman I'm glad that you're safe and in I gotta go man I understand appreciate you joining us here once again congressman Robert passenger. Try to bring us up to speed. And what congress is talking about right now we know what the conversations on a dot com. It is completely different when you know that they hear about shootings all the time which had a shooting in Orlando last week of course I'm sure congress had a few discussions about that. But it's nowhere near what it feels like when it's one of your own and that's what not happen in this particular case so be a shooter is dead. President trump announced that at the bottom of the hour I'm not sure that we're gonna have any developments any time soon here we're sort of waiting on the drips and drams are going to be coming from. The FBI which is the lead agency at this point in time to my understanding James hunch consent that's the name of the shooter. Belleville Illinois if you don't know it Belleville Illinois is at say a small little town. Just outside of Saint Louis and just to to the east of east Saint Louis. It's one of the safer areas on in the in that particular portion of Saint Louis we know that he was ailment Specter. Had to look into mold remediation and ends up that sort of thing his own company for a long long time. Self made man and by his FaceBook associations. He had an affinity for Bernie Sanders and the democratic socialists. That's what he's known for and as matter of fact when the if you take a look at the front of the bill bill newspaper. He's literally on the front page of the paper one point. For I mean during his protest tax the rich like congress did for seventy years to Reagan's trickle down. We need twenty brackets. Twenty million. So what you obviously he's not real happy with. He wasn't real happy wounded what has gone on with the government here so he's got these bullets apparently to several different anti GOP groups. To be fascinating to watch this story unfold as we make it through the day here today. Calm heads hopefully gonna prevail without jumping to conclusions on either side although it has already happened. As I mentioned earlier today Alex Jones within four wars immediately called it if leftist. Tests top ranking leftist provoke. Violence and are sort of blaming it on people as well read lynch and and came from my from Virginia show. Enjoy was talking about keeping the rhetoric downs. It's amazing how quickly it starts up. So. Give your regular fan mail hole of the day mean it was today was something outside our control here when you're dealing with the you know the government and and crazy people like Debbie you just never know. Doesn't matter who we are no matter where you live the matter what you do. He might run into somebody. They may run and you may not necessarily be targeting you that you never know what might end up happening so. We'll keep you up to date here throughout the day I know is going to be breaking and developments that happen we'll get to it we'll break into Russia we absolutely need to you know of course is going to be on his mind. Then the word left is gonna come up quite a bit and got the coverage area as well as my gears and mitrovica so I appreciate your time. Until tomorrow thanks Louis and I wish you lose guys and.