Lots Of Movement in The Market

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, February 24th

Lots of movement in the markets, and it’s rallying after a short fall. Perfect time to talk about capital preservation.


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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry candidates personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears I'm your host Adam it's just go sit back and relax and enjoy it now draining weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is higher res independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to itself director and portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 88875087238. At 8887508723. As always in studio coast of the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy a friend of mine a manager mine. Senior coach Steve Champa what's going on champ yes the weekend could be beckoned suited you with you guys Jay Adam good to see if it was a tough last week down at Disney. Colin for the show but had a lot of fun done with the Fam it's really not a vacation at the family trip as we always he is definitely did Disney Abbott. Excited a lot of volatility in the markets lots of talk about the way capital preservation short selling. Lot of ground to cover this week I'm excited because. We see these wreck evolve facilities we see the market rally after collapse earlier you know earlier in the apartment January mid January. It's an amazing ride that started looking eerily similar 2007. Which Isabel Reagan. For potential collapse so we gotta get those dreaded because capital preservation gonna come Paramount. In the next little bit absolutely and don't forget to head over to FaceBook alike resembles a Bear's radio. And of course any time 24/7. Call the coach outlined. 877904. Trade if you have a question for senior coach got a question about any thing market related sometimes even not market related when he force that we did take your call. 877. 904 trade that's ask coach outline. Jim talking about a variety of different things one of the things we're talking about as this market you know the volatility people RC in the ups and downs of this market's movement. Exactly what causes this type of move know what causes this type of you know markets you know this is a distraction for some more importantly. This is this is what we're expecting right now we're getting ready for the next direction. Well we've had a boat nine years straight up movement in the price of the S&P the Dow the Russell all the major US stock indices. Which is great for the four K industry people have money in 401 k.s marketable with 300% since the collapse the last collapse. The bottom of the market being in march of 2009. And you think about it so everything's been going up there's a lot of complacency in the market and we really haven't had any volatility volatility means. Dramatic movement in price on a daily or weekly level shorter time swings in other words the higher highs and lower lows less period of time in between it. We haven't seen yet. That's unprecedented history of the US markets that we've had a growth that we've seen in the price of the market and the price of the underlying stocks that make up the market. And yet the economy's been flat. Which had no interest rates we've had no inflation. In so the problem is is that what caused the original move out of the collapse of 2008 was a stimulus program with a Federal Reserve steps in goes a bunch of money at the problem. And it causes companies that now have money to work with and try to get the banks lending again because that was a collapse of the banking system back in 2008. And so what happened was there's been no interest rates so people haven't had a place to put their money anywhere with a get a return. Other than stocks think about it were also in the last nine years can you get a return on your money outside of stocks. I mean that's the best return we got a 3% growth in the S&P. Great place to play great place to have your money. And so people get complacent. And now we're start to see that the market's gotten overpriced overvalued to start talking open interest rates Bakken play. And every time the Federal Reserve talks about raising interest rates or into meets at doing that. Because that little rumble in the stock market people stuck say I can pull my money out of this higher risk position in stocks. Put an interest bearing position because nine get interest rates because the Fed raises rates and so its have its own it's a balancing act it's the perfect storm. And so what caused the market to rally in 2009 was a bad inaudible hole a stimulus program. Through a lot of money at the problem now here we are in new record high 2018. We're start to see these ball till he's come back and play we'll get these nice moves in price scare the heck out of a lot of people. Exciting a lot of people depends on how you look at it every everybody's got a different perspective on how to take the volatility. But what is it Peter realizes as we can see that 2030%. Move down and correction again but we did no wait it's it's primed for that and most of you aren't prepared. And are protected if it happens you gonna get wiped out getting crushed again. Just like in 2008 and that's why. At Bulls and Bears we bang the drum for you to have a better plan in place just haven't in a 41 K and hoping it doesn't go down that is not a good point and that's a sucker play. And so our job is to learn the skills are on the stand. How to start to incorporate capital preservation into our situation to our miss dig into our forward k.'s our Larry mice Leno in the market does correct. We don't get wiped out we don't given all that will turn the winner in two loser possess secure the kiss of death in the markets and if you do that. You're limited to financial goals he set the union fairly well that's one of the biggest things people need to hit their financial goals are too many people out there. That aren't even thinking about retirement there's too many people out there that think retirement out of reach. There's there's saying that does next generation symbol never even retire because it is coming out of the gate in debt they're coming out of the gate. Not being aware more importantly they're not paying attention when a travesty it's like the dream is dead the gene to build wealth. To have the American dream to live the life you want is dead and see it's not dead. And so for many of us the reason that we believe it's dead is because we go through these economic downturns like in 2002008. And our retirement account it's crushed or gets really severely damaged takes years in usery bill that. And we just lose sight of them the of the picture of what we get have been protesting accomplished. And so for many of us is simply a matter of you learning that these things you can do to protect that money. You'll just have to have it sit in the whims of the market have the S&P 500 have to go up view of profit if you're a phone K that's the scenario that you're. What if you could make money regardless whether Mark Warner for now you know that that's how institutions may might that's how Goldman Sachs makes money. You would I can do the same thing what if you could protect against loss on the would you and no worse than numbers the market collapsed. You walked away virtually unscathed there's unscathed as possible and obviously now had enough capital to continue to live the goals and set the dreams he set the south and fairly long term. C Kenya for the collapse and that's what we really have people get to understand is. Most people don't are ready are prepared and they gonna give it all back again and that's a travesty so capital preservation is Paramount. A lot of things you can do listeners to protect you and your family has got to learn the skills and when you do not just a matter of put in a play for union him mean in your money. Absolutely and online trading academy they understand specifically that people. Are concerned about protecting capital they don't know how to do it they don't know where to begin more importantly they don't even understand the options that they have with their 401 k.s and diaries. And this is why online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears as a class specifically on. Capital preservation does the 500 dollar value class is taught at their campus I have a few c.s to give away to losers right now you do don't want to miss out on this. You wanna pick up your phone you wanna be caller ten. To twenty. Pick of the phone call 84451. Trade that 84451. Trade for collar stand between the a 500 dollar class specifically on capital preservation. That's 84451. Trade 844. 5187233. For callers ten to twenty it is 500 dollar class on capital preservation from our sponsor. Online trading academy feel for one K and IRA if you're concerned about the markets on enough. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity is a great way to get started and more importantly great way to protect 84451. Trade that 844. 51. Of trade this is adamant champ fumbles and banners and welcome back the bulls the bears heroes at the Cisco. A little bit extra effort. Nothing speaks well for intelligence likable thing difference absolutely always good times here Bulls and Bears don't forget to head over to FaceBook. Like SF Bulls and Bears radio and of course 447 of you have a question. For senior coach called coach hotline 877904. Trade. Questions can be market related or anything you want Nancy coach 877904. Trade. Jam every single week durables and there's always have fun I was talking about the markets but the market goes up the Margo is down. Lot of times people get concerned and a market like this and they should be. You know the margin going up since 20092 markets get ready to have a correction. A lot of people don't know how to capitalize and a correction and there's a lot of opportunity in the chaos jobless take a moment how would someone make money when the market falls to talk about that well. It's amazing because when I first introduced to the financial markets of the year 2000 in the Marcos collapsing remember that from 1982 to 2000. The market was up thirteen 100% over eighteen years the S&P 500 technically was. Not. Fully intact the way it is today but did mark the market as a whole the broad market was up dramatically. I got into the markets the market is falling market Brock he was collapsing on our forget it because when I first met somebody who is making money in a down market. I said by what I wanna enter field Ramona get crushed I mean everybody that I know his money and forward k.s and they're all just getting slaughtered right now the markets falling. And they're basically losing money hand over affairs daily because the margins collapsing. And asked the question it changed my life he said when someone loses money whereas ago. And I couldn't answer any city go to someone else they reported some we sit com him. He said I'm the one that's on the other side I'm like Goldman Sachs where I'm gonna take the money from the masses when they don't know what to do. And it was basically that eye opening experience for me where I begin to realize. I didn't have to be smarter than the masses they just hadn't had an older more and they did. And so I could basically position myself. Profit when they were losing seats. We understand the markets is simply is zero some gain in other words. One of dollars loss it's not lost just goes to someone else is transfer. It's amazing because it's not about 2008 is the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the financial markets. So we lost money. It's not lost it's lost the new. But we know where it is and whose transfer into counseling Goldman Sachs are people like my original minter who understand how to make money regardless of direction so one of the hardest battles and each for a high so harder Bulls and Bears distresses to our listeners. Is that up is good and down as good. In the financial markets you can profit either way. And once you understand how to make money make when the market falls. It's a game changer it puts you at a much higher probability scenario to reach your goals and guess what. You have to be Smart to do it he's got to learn the skill and it's not difficult it is different. And jet that's exactly it is that difficult that's different and a lot of individuals don't understand that a lot of individuals understand really what that means. And the market is not difficult it's it is different and if you understand how to short sell capitalizing a downward move in the market. To be game changer you know long afterward about direction they're somebody listening this right now they laid out every single night to probably in their sixties. The other get ready for retirement or in retirement and they're scared to death and if the market collapse and if they only knew out of short sell they would lose as. They could profit from that same movement down and it would be no different of the market went up for them to see when something moves in price is an opportunity to profit from that. So up as good down as the sort of gave an example what short selling was selling sure would look like let's take a stock like GE. General Electric stock has been kind of beat down lately and get the shares of stock right now around fourteen all this year between 1415. Associates say fourteen dollars a share if you believe that GE was at fourteen dollars share I was gonna go to ten. This is safe for some reason you believe ten dollars and where all the demand was gonna kick back in impression gonna fall that point. And you wanted to profit from that for all moved down from fourteen down to ten. You can do it. You simply do my shorting was short selling GE stock and here's what that means. One of the hardest things that people have or a hard time comprehending is when we talk about short selling is that. You're selling something that you don't own. People have a hard time grasping that and so when you open a brokerage account financial markets. Your broker might have a inventory of that stocks Alicia say GE was at fourteen bucks a share. You decide you thought I was gonna go to ten you wanted to make that four dollars a share on the four all moved from fourteen down to ten. While one of the things you can do lose you can go to the markets you can utilize the broker that you're currently have an account with. And use their inventory to sell the stock what it's at fourteen in other words you can short the stock which means. You broke with allowing you to use their inventory of GE stock could your opponent you've never bought necessarily. You're selling so you don't know what your broker owns and they want you to sell because they get paid a commission that the transaction for them. And they charge you transaction but what they allow you to do is sell shares into the market fourteen dollars a share even though you don't own them. On your behalf so they're allowing you to use their stock to sell to someone else and we don't view buys it at fourteen bucks or she is do you sell the shares into the market at fourteen. The day inventory leaves your broker's inventory and goes into the market the money comes in a year count now listen carefully you can't use that money. Could you just sold 200 shares at fourteen dolls to share that 2800 dollars in the coming year count if it does mean your account you can use its. Because your now have Dubai this year is back because you sold them at fourteen to enter the trade. Your goal is to buyback attend because when I guess attend when you buy back immediately when you buyback goes red bikini broke his inventory. Sowers you utilize their shares you sold at fourteen when a skeleton you've got to back them only about a back Scioscia went right back and he inventory. You get to keep the four bucks a share. On a hundred changes made for a box. On a thousand she's just made four grand on a four dollar moved out of a stock that you never owned. That's shorting that's all it is folks don't over think kids. And what's great about it is that when you start to understand that the markets the exact same when it goes up or down the opportunities the same. He really take to the next level financially when it doesn't lodge in the clay awake at night like you spoke about those people are aware and scared death but the market collapse and and understand there's always an opportunity in the chaos is just a matter of learned skill sure. So exactly exactly and online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand individuals out there. Want to learn to capitalize and a downward market they wanna learn the skills and shorts on they want to understand how can they make money regardless of direction. And they have a class specifically on this is a 500 dollar values taught at the campus on short selling with a few sees the giveaway we're gonna take callers fifteen to thirty you do now wanna miss out on this. If you have an account in you're concerned about the markets and often you wanna capitalize in the downward move the market champ this is a huge opportunity you know this. I know this we're gonna take dollars right now fifteen to thirty pick up the phone right now call. 84451. Trade that they 44. 51 trade for callers fifteen to thirty to get a 500 dollar class specifically on shorting the market from our sponsor online trading academy again if you have money in the market you're concerned about a selloff of the phone. 8445187233. At 84451878233. For caller fifteen to thirty. To get this 500 dollar class gym we a lot more to talk about you know off I know it's a game changer when someone get short sell amended truly separates the masses well what's great about it is that this is it going to be no I have to a class of people that actually see how evil about. Setting up that should position and more important how to profit from moved out it's it's an amazing opportunity for the listeners absolutely taking caller shifting to thirty that is a 500 dollar value of the phone 84451. Trade. That's 84451. Trade for callers fifteen to thirty 500 dollar class on shorting the market from our sponsor online trading academy. 8445187. ET 33. That's 84451878233. For caller fifteen to thirty get this 500 dollar class. I'm shorting the market from our sponsor online trading academy once again 844. 51. Trade is that a chance bubbles of bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears and shows that the Cisco have the blast. Good to have everybody back in studio always fun time here in studio Bulls and Bears don't forget to head over to FaceBook alike as a Bulls and Bears ready feel a lot of the blooper little. Don't exactly go do that folks would pass yeah what you look like what I sake could make today I mean it could maybe not miss but it doesn't get us anywhere no theory. TV camera caricature of me in the civilian got a fine staff establishment here so I understand. Always be got a question recede coach tell the coach outlined 24/7. At 877904. Trade 877. 904 trade that outlines of the 24 hours any question for senior coach. It ends up on a good prospect did its critics of cool stuff nice teacher at the nice soft soft pieces stretch here where where it's he had enough pace and not those lousy crappy not dub dvds of perhaps a teacher that most places give it. So now you know we we went all out on the Easter it's it's a great cup logo on there it's is absolutely champ talk about a variety of things here Bulls and Bears always have a good time. One of the things that we constantly focused on as the market is not a hobby the market is not a game the market is not anything more. Then a place that people are buying and selling on a regular basis you have small players such as individuals and got institutions. A lot of times though. Individuals people that work a nine to five job the general public people listening in this. They don't realize that the market is a great place to generate additional stream zinc and we talk about multiple streams of income. Let's set up this picture what does that look like for somebody who's listening right now the average person to generate short term income monthly income from the market. It's amazing opportunity Aminu got this great volatility this great price movement intraday. Great trying to be a futures trader currency trader because these products allow us to use leverage means we can actually answer the financial markets with a very small amount of capital. Control a bigger position size. And if we understand how to manage risk properly make a lot more money the less capital. It's so what we love about the markets is that. The movement for a lot of people that makes him wary it gives us opportunity if we understand how to profit from it. And we talked earlier about short selling making money when the market falls once you have an understanding and knowledge of economy money consistently. On a short term basis it can be a real real change in financial situation for a lot of people and well a lot of allied treaty Kenya's most of the students have come to the walls of the academy. They came in just looking for a little part time income if I could supplement my comedy may go extra money. I'd love to be O make an extra five bucks a month and exits rate of bucks a month. The next a thousand bucks a month and they came in looking for that the way to supplement income. And the markets provided that I mean for many people options are an alternative. Again futures currencies we were in the age of the millennial with crypto currencies and bit going in. Ethereal as silly inferior rather some of these other new currencies that are coming out and I'm a little less inclined news lenient of those at the currencies of wood because there's really not a tested track record on how to manage risk. You can go to the markets trading currencies or futures or even stocks on a small scale. He can generate a monthly income. And I've seen it happen when I can introduce a financial markets I saw this is a way to supplement my income and my jail be my job my career. And for many people that's their entry into the financial markets is that they see that they can literally from the comfort of their home generated income if they consistently can make money. And it can learn a good rule based system and that's key and that's Paramount they just can't open accounts that hit the button expect to make money got have a plan in place. Once you have that plan in place to develop that income and be consistent over time and direction doesn't matter more portly. On the days that you are Romney ticket very small lost doesn't cripple used six a small pre defined loss. It can really take you the next level and I've seen have a lot of people so a lot of ties the problem with many people as they think of the word traitor and they get the picture of Gordon Gekko from the movie Walsh Jeter with a guys in the movie trading places exit of this Hollywood picture what do trader is. A trader investors simply somebody who wants to take advantage of a marketplace that's phenomenal right now. If you understand how to actively participate more importantly how to manage risk and you can could Sicily generating income in that area and not the punch a clock. Man oh man that can help a lot of families in this country and that's why we love the markets as a social short term income. Well you know what Jim and a lot of people out there they don't know how to traded or not get started. You're looking at the market is a place to generate additional income. It's all relative obviously the account size is gonna obviously depend on what your results potentially can be but for a lot of people the extra couple hundred bucks 50800 bucks a month. The Laviolette the game changes and some of the best trade isn't misses that I know that have had the most success over time in the markets. Started out and spare time trying to make a little income because they saw the opportunity. They figure if I can generate some income and not have to leave the comfort of my home. That could really be take me the next little financing we've seen happen in transition allies in. Really ticket the next level. You know I have seen it happen too and you know it's an amazing to watch somebody knows nothing about the market. Did educated learn how to utilize the market generated streaming Cummins starts take their family in a different direction financially. Online trading academy as a class specifically on trading for short term income this classes taught at the campus is a 500 dollar value of what I love is if you bring into the market he'd been in the market for years and you're not having consistency either way if you're looking to generate that. Pictures streaming come for you and your family as a huge opportunity for uses a 500 dollar class have a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers right now ten to 2844. 51 trade that 844. 51 trade become our ten to twenty get a 500 art class on short term income from our sponsor online trading academy that's 8445187233. 8445187. ET 33 callers ten to twenty to get a five on Iraq class specifically on treaty for short term income from our sponsor online trading academy. That date for four. 51. Of trade is that a champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears a Rios at the Disco have a good time always having fun hang with the fellas. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook lite gets that Bulls and Bears radio and of course one of my favorite times each week it's time to ask the coach we got a let's see a color. Rebecca from Charlotte. I did Rebecca calling from Caroline. I had 8401. K. And then I know I hate what I've had different between here. And Q I have beaten out of my entire life you might want one. And keep them. Thanks for the car back ask great questions we get those a lot very similar questions people ask about that 41 K. There tax return retirement account that the company sponsors vs an IRA which is an an individual retirement account there are some differences. And you had some good questions and one of the questions or was it a difference between the two all the 41 K is company sponsors so. In your place of employment traditionally will offer that use the try to sell you as a benefit but ultimately it's more of a benefit for Wall Street that is for most people have forward k's because. Ultimately when you look at the way the fee structures set up a lot of people wind up paying a whole lot of fees that that I'm aware of and me to the tune of I mean there's been all kinds estimates where. Up to 50% of any profitability that you make in that account over the course of 25 or thirty investing life will be paid in fees. I've heard the numbers high is or skewed as low as on the low end of the spectrum 155000. Dollars will be paid to. The administrator over the company that manages the 41 K 155000. Dolls over 25 to thirty year investing lifetime so. We talk about the devices via forward K and diary and I areas of the you can set up individually. They have similar benefits to it which means that they're both tax deferred other words you won't pay taxes on those accounts. But he take money later on in the in the form of distribution. So you won't pay on the contribution. You be let's take the money pretax and put into that account but ultimately by the time you reach 59 and a half you choose to war. You're required to by the time or seventy have to start take. Distributions out of that count because the government wants to get their taxes and they gonna charge you taxes that you take that money out. Full lifestyle in Iran now one of the benefits of having an hire a Versa forward k.s that you get a lot of times do better in the fee structure and so what I love about. The focus of many people which is now learning the skills of self directing their money is that. The diaries agreed instrument that we can use to managing grow or retirement account. And unlike you know 41 K and Larry it is things that we can do that we can't in the traditional four K things like. Make money when the market goes down the problem with the 41 K the inherent issue within it. Is that you traditionally hold mutual funds in those positions in forward case in mutual funds only make money on the market goes up. So the S and p.'s going the Dow's going up in your ride that wave up that's great but. When the market falls or collapses. A lot of time you turn that winner into illusion of the would you not. Position to be able to get out of that get out of that trader that opportunity quickly to you give a lot of those gains back to take on too much risk on the downside. Where an IRA we could still get those same nice tax deferred benefits a lot of people look for. But ultimately we can use things like futures and things like currencies within the diary which allow us to protect and hedge against loss in more poorly. Profit regardless of direction. So if you gonna use in dire a my recommendation and we're not really allowed to make recommendations as far as compliance is concerned but. I would. Refer do you affect the you can basically learned the skills of self directed in that diary in other words. You can take their money it's an entire day it's been six at 101000 miles learned the skills of making better decisions. Have the bill enemy money was the mart was up or down a more importantly not pay those exorbitant fees. And the great thing is is that it's a learned skill over time of the year really today you can grow wealth. Ultimately in that account simply by getting some sort of a compound in growth curve a compound in return in that account. So there's a lot of opportunities out there for people when they learned that they can. Actually self direct their own retirement. As the post is living in a 41 K. Because the benefits far away the 41 K and ultimately if you learn the skill we believe you have a much better return for your money and more importantly. Be able protect against loss when you're wrong when the market goes against you so hopefully that helped you out. Great question Rebecca will be said again I Stupak as well and hopefully that helps on the list as well because many people have that same question about. Forward Caver desire a and hopefully that included a four you could could do good to hear from you. Well you know we do appreciate your call Rebecca you know champ a lot of people have questions about that a lot times people leave an employer the have an old 41 K they don't understand. What should they rolled into their new 41 K should they rolled into a self directed IRA. Lot of times you have questions ultimately about their portfolio and that's why we always talk about self directing. Champ but what separates that person who does amazes their own money vs someone has just given it to them broker. Well first and foremost we see. Of the the question I asked people all us Imus how many people do you know who got wealthy in their 41 K I'm talking seven figure network. Very rare if at all and if they did it just give him another two weeks in the market are 15% they give a big tournament back. See the focus of understanding success in the markets is that you need a profit regardless of direction market conditions. And many times under manage situations we just given him money to some management. Company like Morgan Stanley year Edward Jones are you put in a 41 K that's money under management. You don't make money one direction. If you lose you take a full brunt of the lawsuit goes against you then ultimately you wanna get defeated death. Many people on 6101000 mark could learn the skills on their own level. Where they can make better decisions we believe a more importantly not pay those fees and grow that account regardless of market direction. It's a game changer when you're on the skills of self Dre I think that's available to anybody listen to a exactly and online trading academy they know a lot of people out there want to manage their money nobody cares more about your money that you and that's a they have a class specifically on self directing. There's a class are right at the campus is the 500 dollar value we'll have a few seats to give away and every time we give way your Bulls and Bears the phones light up you do not want to miss out on this. If you are in the market you're not managing your own money in you wanna start self directed. Pick up the phone be callers ten did want a pick up the phone call 844. 51 trade that date for 451. Trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class specifically on. Capital preservation from our sponsor online trading academy. That's a 445187233844518782. 33 for callers ten to twenty to give this 500 art class specifically on. Capital preservation from our sponsor online trading academy once again if you wanna manage your money nobody cares about like you do. Self directed as a 500 dollar class 84451. Trade is that a champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears that are as that if this left the collapse. Always have the last old school stuff got music multiple times gullah roots and yes he's out there he is he still make your money man. Still Lincoln edited look at. He is little but it's big wallet and I mean that's he does get today Dana you're 4050 billion dollars a picture you know. I'm back do want a Baghdad Pia and but the jets don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is a bulls bears radio and of course 4470 got a question proceed your coach call the coach allied. 877904. Trade. Chip talk about a variety of things one of the biggest misconceptions people have about financial markets. Is it too many fuel tree as a hobby and not a business and when I meet professionals that are trading in the market. I've never met one that says they dabble I've never met one this as well try and now I meet people that are in the market that trade as a business and a lot of people want to treat the market is business. They're not begin I don't know where it started let's take him almost talk about treating as a business. Willis and the reason why somebody was sort of business first and foremost to build equity to owned something to have something that continues to grow in value that you work for. Most people working JOB and somebody else has the equity you might get a little peace and shares are. You know shares as you do you but ultimately of no decision making ability in no real equity in the is in the position. So people love to build equities the American dream they wanna be there own boss it was at their own schedule is a lot of reasons why somebody start a business and for many of you start businesses small business owners that are of the bill heart be in this country who they employ the masses of this country. But for most points in most times. When you own the business the business owns you. You don't talk about the summit governed on the road right now I got latter's on the top via truck you are small business owner you're chasing money your contract you try to get people to pay it. Guys aren't showing up for work. I give it my heart goes out Tia I empathize when did you get a majority of people literally of money. Welcome to the party pal that's business in America and is a lot of ways that you can build a business in America. But if you could build a business that had all the upside opportunity potentially. Without a lot of traditional headaches that start most businesses like we'll first we'll start up costs of mean. You know capital having a lease a building have an ex house inventory your employees staff workers comp I mean insurance all that. You know I love about the financial markets eyeing go to my computer I can fun and account. In a formal little smarter than the masses and it's really not that hard to be Smart on the masses I can consistently make money is a trader investor. I can have all the upside a construction of the business I can take benefits like a business second incorporate myself like a business. Have all the upside opportunity that any business owner has and not the deal workers' comp employees staff liability issues. Dealing with customers selling a product none of that is available under the do any of that. I can literally sit in my computer I need to sell something. There's millions of people don't pay me for right now funny to buy something at a price of Bible is gonna eventually allow me to make a profit. There's millions of who wanna sell to me right now think of that. Think that opportunities the American dream. It's alive and well it's trading and investing. And a lot of people don't understand it because they think it's some magical mystical thing that only intellectuals or analysts are mathematicians are good at. Some of the most successful traders and rest as I know you would hire a pump gas or not that Smart but they've learned the skills they learned a system that separated him from the masses. And he money can Sicily in the markets and do as a business think of that. The American dream it's alive and well. And it's right here. In the trading and investing arena in gasoline is that there's a lot of people out there that have wanted to create a business or like what you said Jim they've created businesses they just have never utilized the financial markets to create a business. And online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears they know people want to create businesses they also want to have control that business. And the financial markets can be done business with the start with a small account couple thousand dollars or you have large amounts of money to work with it depends on you the individual. Online trading academy teaches a class specifically on trading as the businesses in the 500 dollar value every time we give this away Euro Bulls and Bears. The phones light up I only a few seats to give away there's a 500 dollar class. We're gonna take callers fifteen to thirty pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that they Bork Bork. 51 trade for collar fifteen to thirty to get a 500 dollar class specifically out. Treaty as a business from our sponsor online trading academy that takes 445187233. 84 or 51871833. For callers fifteen to thirty to get this 500 dollar class from online trading academy. I'm treating as a business some of you want that business some of you are trying to figure out how to start the business this is the opportunity for you 844. Five winded trade champ appreciate you being here.