The Low Unemployment Rate Making it Challenging to Find Employees

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, June 6th

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This system fits Coakley radio program. Good Wednesday morning welcome to broadcasts. And some more good news to celebrate this. On the employment front. As reported by the hill. There are now more job openings. Than there are unemployed workers in the United States of America. Think about that for a moment. More job vacancies. Then unemployed workers. To fill them this is first time that's happened. Since 2000. That's eighteen years ago. Just tried to get your mind around that. This is data released from the Labor Department showing a record six point seven million job openings in the US. That's a slight increase. From the month before. Six point seven million job openings. Six point 35 million workers. Categorized as unemployed. And that number is also down which is great so you have the number of jobs going up the number of unemployed going down. Terrific. So it's supposed to be. The labor secretary Alexander Acosta said this never before. Have we had an economy where the number of open jobs exceeds the number of job seekers. This administration committed to ensuring all Americans have necessary skills to access good family sustaining jobs. The manufacturing of long lasting durable goods including airplanes machinery saw some the biggest increases in job vacancies. In April in addition to the information. Sector. The business services industry saw more openings than any other industry one point three million in April healthcare social services industry. Just behind at one point two. Million openings. Now Labor Department categorize people as employed if they received any paid work during the week. This survey was conducted. That includes part time work temporary work. It's great news. Wouldn't you say where to place. We have more job openings and unemployed workers. Hopefully we'll see continuation of this momentum. With these elements going in the right direction. Let's get into the weeds now. Not really weeks. I exposing. Something else that's happened during the previous administration. This is absolutely mind boggling. Now before say anything about the story. I think it needs to be said at once again because you've heard me communicate this before. I'm so tired. Of bureaucracy. And hearings. And before I share the story. One questions I'm going to raise in fact during the break I'm going to text a couple of people in congress and asked. What is congress. Lets any Justice Department going to do about this next story. And this ties him with the story will talk about later did you hear about the story of news fatigue going on. New used to teach people are overwhelmed. With news. And it's. It's but I'm gonna bet. One of the problems we all have in shedding the stuff off I mean it's kind of crazy here I am a talk show host talking about this being a problem. But in one sense I do understand it. I'll be honest and tell you. I've shut off local news years ago. I I don't watch I really don't watch local news TV news anymore. And the reason is. I I get sick of the stuff. It won't really interesting is how many people back when I was at TV news anchor how many people approach me. My closest friends and people I've seen it church they would say I really like you and I like what you do. But the truth of the matter is this stuff is depressing. I don't see how you do this state today and some of them did not realize it was depressing me too. Not just the content. But. I think I've said plenty of time before it felt like Groundhog Day to me doing the same crap. Different day. Telling people the same stories just different names. You know who killed. Whom. You know. Know what's what's sex offender re exposed today whatever it is. But I digress. The Obama administration we've learned Grimm had a license letting Iran access the United States financial system. Despite officials pledges that they would prohibit it. This is information that's come out from a draft report from the Senate's permanent subcommittee on investigations. February 24 Tony sixteen the Treasury Department issued a specific license to drink must scratch to authorized to conversion of Iran's. Currency to Euro is there any United States depository institution. According to this draft report even after the specific license was issued. US government officials maintain in congressional testimony Iran would not be granted access to the US financial system in other words. Quick translation. They've lied. Rob Portman of Ohio say the Obama administration during renegotiation the Iran deal. Miss led the American people. They did so because they were desperate. To get a deal. We've talked about this plenty of times but so what. Presidents very often wanna do they want a deal. They want something to build a legacy. So it doesn't matter the truth doesn't matter. I'll be curious to see. Where we seed judgment exercise from the mainstream news media. The people have been complaining about collusion. And get a talk about this deceiving the American people. Not gonna hold my breath. But we're telling. Them again what's going to be the consequence for this. These cynical part of me says there won't be any. Government officials try to convince to US banks to execute this conversion they both declined setting the complexity. In the un wanted appearance involved in processing and a runny and transaction. Now words the financial institutions didn't wanna do this garbage. They wanna do it. But here's the government. Here is the government. Reaching in. This is this is mind boggling. In previous. And again the question what would be the consequence. I'm betting nothing. When you think. Coming up on the broadcast this morning. We are going to talk about. A little behind the scenes infant that's going on. It's called amnesty. And we're building toward that is there a way to stop it. We will certainly discuss that coming. On the Vince Coakley radio program fourteen minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock. I've warned you about this for quite some time there's an effort trying to get enough Republicans to sign onto this legislation to force. Force. Paul Ryan. To have a vote on amnesty so it's just a matter of time just give it time. We'll address this coming up also Mitchell Carlos made a decision. While we try to we're going to cancel the senate recess. We're not gonna have our usual August recess for reasons is damn Democrats have been a destructive. They've been obstructed. So we got work to do and August and so we don't stay in session. Even though it's going to positive campaign problems. For the mid terms. But we've got to get work done for the American people and that's what I'm here for. This is so is Coakley radio program. Ten Tony on the Vince Coakley radio program getting your thoughts on this. Iran situation. Right kids. The corruption just absolutely positively blows my mind anyway Barack Obama. Con television or something like that a few days ago talking about how his administration was free of corruption. Something like that. It's just closure mine. Absolutely mind boggling. Runaway. Price cut to interject this before forget for the broadcast. Donald Trump is put out an interesting tweet this morning and you've heard all of these. Interest in stories rumors floating around about the First Lady millennium. Well apparently Donald Trump maturities. Any was concerned and FT said it to tweet and address a bunch of these concerns and just read this. Because it. Kids. This is just so weird. Absolutely. Weird. I see one of the things that I think. And I said this before what my concerns. Is that she. We can so easily be baited by the mainstream news media. And feel like we've got to respond to every single thing I think one of the best things to do with them is to ignore them by the way there's a text you're saying. Can't believe you stop following local news I stopped following network news print years ago. Doesn't local affect you first just like elections. Cut yes if I'm thinking about elections an important things like that. But there's not very good coverage of state and local news. By the local news media. Let me give you are an example. My first television job in Lexington Kentucky. We had a Frankfurt news bureau. To cover news that was going on at the state capital. Can you name one single television station in Charlotte. But it has a correspondent in Raleigh covering the legislature. I rest my case. I couldn't believe that McCain here. So it does anybody even care about what goes on the state government. And generally local stories are covered unless they're sexy lips then Muster some countries. Like this this mayfield story this woman and City Council keeps saying these these really inflammatory things. Now that's news. But other things that are much more important. You know nobody really tears. Because what people want they want the sensational. That would drive justice. I hope you understand my distinction here. And part of the the issue here is. There's got to be a way to get beyond this is what I've trained myself to do is to get beyond the junk to get some things really matter. That's who've got to work on my fault got to continue to work on this because there's a lot of crap to wade through. And what sells and what's popular is not necessarily what needs to be followed. Anyway. Somebody parenthetically statements here hadn't even got to what I was gonna share. Just dead president trump says that tweet reports about the First Lady including everything from being near death. To a facelift to leaving the White House and leave for New York or Virginia to abuse are fake. And she's doing really well. I'm serious the president thought it was important. To clarify this so I put this out on Twitter. To let everybody know that Maloney is doing very well. Personally. And this is just my own experience as a husband. I wanna be putting out statements. As a public person about how my wife is doing my wife is perfectly capable of speaking for darn self. And Jarrett you know what I'm I'm just gonna be honest with you I'm very suspicious of people who speak for other people I really am. When somebody's telling me someone's doing very well. And they're not talking about themselves. I am more apt to think something may not be right I'm just telling you my honest opinion. I'm not necessarily endorsing or agree with any of these stories or rumors floating out there. I'm just saying. This is a grown woman let the woman speak for a darn self. Where you women's advocates out there. You Republican women strong women. You should be saying the same thing let her come out and say you know what. There and I love to hear come on say you know there are a lot of stupid stories about me out there. I'm just saying. It it and patrols are already out. Can cook up a Tony six minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock let's go to Steve good morning. Good morning how are you ban. Them aren't I'll I want to question now get out the Darryl. A lesson here I am struck. I've been pondering this personal time and like it has the ballot you have. Of the Democratic Party in moving this country. Chizik great values that created this country I can't plug into any back and use that Democratic Party. I always thought that value what do you think. How why I wanted to stay on because I thought what what is the deal. I. IE you know I think a lot of this is Steve it's. It's habits. It's tradition or it's. Passing this on especially you documented in an organization that focuses on identity politics I do appreciate calls Steve. This is how all of this works. You have these people who identifies Democrats from all of these important groups. Go to I know this especially in the black community. They can pretty much assume people in the black community are automatically get a vote Democrat. A lot of women. I'm a certain type bear automatically going to vote Democrat. Probably most in these other advocacy groups to aid groups. Whenever. Labor union groups they're gonna vote Democrat. And I ate I would daresay many of these people haven't even stopped. To ask the question why are we doing it. Just putting an out there if you have other ideas I would certainly be glad to entertain them hundreds Coakley radio program. 27 minutes after 10 o'clock. And undertakes line. I mentioned patrols. How how high you're at any yet. Natalie take a look at the mere. Anyway. So venture saying you wouldn't speak on behalf your wife people are attacking her and saying things about her that were not true. Again. T this is this Israeli interstate. I think the best we can honor. A person sovereignty as a human being let that person he themselves or just ignored this entirely. There's extra saying FYI millennia did speak for self by Ed tweak a few days ago if so why bother talking about it. 61 reasons why I think giving these people the attention they're looking for is probably not the Smart thing just be ignored them. Ignore them. This is so is Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock. By the way let me put a postscript on what I said earlier bouts defending my wife. I'll probably add this if she wants me to say something about it. And I would probably change that. We. I don't know they'll be an interesting conversation. Which more immediate B. Upfront about that end to end boldly speak up a word you know. Turn her loose one of the reasons I say this. Is I know my wife is a strong woman and she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. And I've seen many. Let's just say very insecure men. Who are shriveled in front of and get the biggest kick out of it too I used to enjoy this some coworkers that I dealt with in other. Areas. Not in this city. It used to cracked me up to watch her the way she operated it was hilarious how disarming how she disarm these guys I just thought it was great. Because they were just profoundly insecure. And if you don't you're dealing with the same kind of people these new news media types rather fragile egos. I mean aid it's just watched him crumble degree to watch. Let's go to Robert in rock kill good morning. For more immigrants. Yes sir I want talk about Europe. Would the market had no boy I'm sorry. Can be but that's a tough enough. I would it make and that they're they're doing away with a swimsuits and all that. And many men get are warranted. But when the war on that plank. If they got they're airing curler there weren't a kimono and we got a big gardener remarked that ain't gonna get much attention. She really think the viewership is going to crash year. I wouldn't I don't want it. But oral or under what reported but might it a good low. It's you know he needs it just blows my mind here Robert I do appreciate your call I didn't also very humorous. Yes the fine folks at Miss America they've they're saying farewell to the swimsuit competition. Embracing. A whole new era. Isn't it wonderful. The idea is to shift the emphasis from the longtime focus on contestants. Physical beauty. Okay. Here's what Gretchen Carlson the chairwoman chairwoman of woman of miss America's board of directors announced. On Good Morning America. We are no longer a pageant. Queen and content to teach him. We were no longer judge or candidates on their outward physical appearance. That's huge. Carlson says the change to get with the move revamping the evening gown competition. Is intended change the very nature of the program to one that is open and transparent inclusive to women who may not have felt comfortable. Participating in our program before. You know I could. Should I say that year. Everybody's thinking. So. Is the idea now just open up too ugly women. I mean. I mean isn't that what everybody's thinking. Oh. What's that. Okay plus size stars Gary. I mean this is that what that what we're saying here. C'mon I just sometimes I win when I when I think people cannot give any more idiotic. I just see more examples. Carlson edit we've always had talent and scholarship and we need to message that part of the program better as well. She said the change will be all the media with a move said to be implement it when the next edition is held September 9 Atlantic City, New Jersey. By the way. I hope our finances correctly care among two owns the holds the current title Miss America welcomed the move is ushering in a whole new era. Emphasizing it with a tweet depicting a bikini going up in smoke. So that's just wonderful you know what I got I get some advice for you. Once you shut the whole darn thing down who's gonna give a rip. I think the hole because the whole idea behind this has it been kind of a comprehensive. A comprehensive. Picture. Other woman. Yes you're seeing the swimsuit but you're also hearing about her career ambitions how she wants the world to be a better place has that. Are not always been. Kind of the complete picture. But the truth of the matter is. We've got people trying to completely. That's really what it is. And right. I think honestly I'm one of the most nine quote sexist people I don't even like that stupid word I don't like these words I really go. I mean who is the arbiter. Who defines what sexism is what is that anyway. And I welcome. Input on this I wanna hear what your cut a special one a year from firm you ladies in the audience what do you think about this change. I mean this just absolutely blows my mind it really does. But Tim good morning welcome certain. Good morning. I think they need to. Bishop. What's that again so mobile predict that big thing it looks ago shower curtain everywhere so I'm. Or that birchard competition threatened to get on the right it's. It did it sound like some my mom would do you care realize personality you know you're in trouble. Opt out she did all right they're tell month. Did he have to go there. In this. Kind of scary. Kind of scary now I'm serious. I am. Day just blows my mind here. Over on the text line. Dispersants saying had no a Bruce Jenner and Bradley Manning now have a shot at the title. If you look at it why not I mean seriously. Why that. Is sorry decided the next Miss America will beat anybody wanna guess. Hillary Clinton. No looks needed. With evening gowns guns you even gay guys have no reason to tune in either. Wow. That's brutal. How missile and intrigues you in the mr. talk show contest please forward bathing suit photos. No I would not wish that upon anybody. Don't be cruel and unusual punishment. Then the person is asking your seriously. Does mean is going to be open to transgender I don't know. Prince is a female if I want to AD emphasized dress looks I'll go to Wal-Mart thank you. Ooh ouch. That is absolutely brutal. I welcome your thoughts and the phones are already lighting up as I knew they wouldn't be on the Vince Coakley radio program. Ed 43 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock. IE. You know we kind of swerved into this because I was planning to get to this particular story later on that everybody just wanted to jump on this one sore about why not. I Jerry got about thirty seconds here. Though yes sir taken away. That committee. Yes we hear prayer for America act but it all year but it would work. I don't care what people think is fiery. But I want to do the prep is about. Eric but without. It may prohibit them while they are far. Are you look couldn't walk. Yep it's it's pretty obvious. I mean it Ed you don't want questions I would immediately raised here appreciate your call. What is the audience here what is the point of doing this whole thing in the first place that are asked that. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley ran your program. Sometimes it takes line boy they are winners will get to lose shortly. First let's go out to get Stoney end time good morning Tom. Ordering but it goes right there merely OK always catch of OK let our apparent prayer and already written. There have been more parallel moment then they're written in Cuba. The North Carolina then headed into a number Atlantic City permit America. Send. Although they were probably almost verbatim. It appeared that the threat in the bedroom converter. And older who they wanna do it. Really. And then their children that are going to be in a note yesterday. And boy. And water and what was the reason for warning them. EU I don't know I don't know what they're loaded laws that do what she told him that I. Then that that was then I would have never that impressed you about what what Dick had put. Earlier period you grab the bird program they wanted to when it. You know I'm kind of curious since you're on the throne here Tom I wanna ask you. What's what is the audience for these pageants in the first place who's watching the news. Looked ever more certain states you know I won't want to Miss America. What normal they're wondering did didn't read this country at the we. Yep I'm I'm not surprised. Appreciate your call their time and at reported getting at the whole thing if you are doing anything especially with media. You got asked the question. What is my audience looking for what they want. And if he hits is only my mind here because you basically saying. You know screw the audience who cares. That's really what's happening here. All the text line. I do not like the swimsuit party anyway the ladies are way too skinny to be interesting anyway OK there's that. Not a person suggesting replaced the talent portion with a hot dog eating kind that's. How my goodness would that be riots. As a female. I think this is absolutely stupid people like to look beautiful. This is going to kill ratings in the pageant it might be the reason they're doing in the pageant elevates the ideal woman with ideal values. And left once nothing that holds America does great. He. Already. Another person saying I think the talent they should be eliminated from the pageant talent privilege is wrong. Not everyone has the chance to cultivate this talent and talent ism. Oh I gotta remember that talent ism. That's a great when. Internet just killed another institution. Just go to women in bathing suits dot com well I don't know if I would go to that site for a year and just morning. There's no telling which you might find there. I think he'd tell us they east should be eliminated from the pageant. And another person agreeing with that Vince what's next a short overweight homely Disney princess that believes in global warming. This is the way Hollywood's going right. Another person saying good looking women appearing on stage with those swimsuit or evening gown. Sounds good to meet may less mean naked. Please just don't let them talk while. Tongue firmly planted in cheek I'm glad you added that that makes me feel so much better. Not a person here suggest. I hope they go too stupid answers to stupid questions dot. A full a full truck with a. Vince my wife is a strong Italian new Yorker when she's not feeling well for other safety I won't comment on how she's feeling okay that makes sense going back to what I was discussing earlier time were very quick call here from Jim a good morning Jim. Yeah a bit while I haven't met Emmitt has gone this. So it's no longer. Miss America's miss feminist. Well all met LB BP do you carpet out. Who. Are all out double heart related gang cartels. You're not impressed at all the news. Well. God help that record drought that has Larry paired down our tradition our culture American call here. It you know I guess if I had to walk in ma oh wait now. What there's gardeners get toward the police didn't upgrade your employee. And values he can you talk about not want your mobile I don't know what you're the only moles. Well IE I don't think you're missing much I appreciate your call their gym. I'm you know it's getting interesting not one person defending this policy this cannot bode well for the fine folks of disorganization. On the Vince Coakley ran your program. 54 minutes after 10 o'clock. More on the text line this person saying save us a lot of time give everyone a participation trophy and move lie and you can do that off the air don't even bother with a TV show. But just give them on. You know good news conference I don't know that would be the end of its mark we'll give you about 30 seconds here good morning mark. Tom I gotta gotta talk that personally sit down about the advertisers. I mean the audience. Definitely had he audience steadily the who won't advertise spend money on something has no audience at its sales of first year. That relate. And I think it's discrimination. If you think about it. And yet there's a lot of pretty. People today aren't so bright and they don't have chances this scholarships. To. Well it's. Find point that you raised their mores coming up on the other side Stevens yeah. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing alliance. Saturation there are too many go to some street blues 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal but that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. 1106 hour to return the broadcast because of a nice guy I will take one more call on this. The swimsuit issue. Let's drug to Michael in Greenfield good morning. Morning right there on each year. You really trust point on the number one primary away for a Cambodia back on TV. Oh no. No and. Emerge this early to see that doing that interest and really not about looks I got really put it on radio. And it. And number three yesterday I turned on the TV and two very attractive woman were on their talking about upgraded we have an attractive women in the Miss America pageant. And one of them says it will be wonderful they couldn't find their talent for mathematics. I don't wanna watch two hours a missile Arkansas doing pretty moment. Picked. Up a pop up. Michael. It excellent excellent contribution on the broadcast this book. Oh for home run takes line. Our society is taking masculinity from guys and femininity from females. We are gonna know if we need do. Oh my goodness I bidder not. A all we should do a a broadcast off the air good spirit and a sailor radio. Excuse me. I dislike the swimsuit competition for years supposedly for composure was the excuse decades ago. But hey I even watch the boring thing in probably six bush years who. Since going to be singled out is better than the rest. Every entry into Miss America be awarded these tiara. Why wouldn't. I think could be more entertaining of the pageant team. The where are they now reads you correct thirty plus years since he. If the same winner prevails. Then. That would be academy. Of gosh. Some of you people scare me Vince I'm confused of the Miss America pageant eliminates the swimsuit competitions that Mimi. Krispy Kreme calendar girls are in or out. That's terrible you should be ashamed yourself. Don't we already have America's Got Talent swimsuits. Early part of the total score yeah edged depart. Since we can't see them half naked or at least dressed up. Get the talent section at least. To do sandwich making. Vince I predict someone runny miss porn princess contest in the same slot on cable and steal miss America's audience ratings. Do you know why it's. IE each. Olds seriously. Don't be surprised if somebody comes along and decides to take an opportunity here to seize upon this smaller ability. Not a fan of pageants. You take someone already receiving special treatment because they're blessed with beauty really. I know let's have a spelling contest. OK. And I wonder where the great state of California came in on that safety rating. Safety rating when we disclosed that. Add that another person okay. For some reason people seem to be missing the key word to be some nice guy I'm gonna share the key word. You need to listen very carefully right now I will not repeated beyond now. The keyword is soda. That's SOD. Eight soda. I writes I'll drink to that. I think that's about enough of the crazy nonsense. Which is great time to go to Alonso since we're speaking your nonsense alike. I'm just kidding. Let's go down to our. Green visual studio and lines are good morning men. Good morning yeah I would ask you before we start what you think in the swimsuit issue. I thought that was I don't know I got this is the end of the thing and as you talked about there's no way people are gonna watch now. And it. I don't know I really don't you are regular viewers know I'm not I don't blame I know my mom watched. And when I was little all the time and so I watch with her but since I've gotten older I've watched him take understand. Understandable and it may be that my wife is listening. Hot says about British say yet speak very carefully and so you're being listened to you monitored. But I hope this is the most idiotic thing ever night I mean there's no point describing cancel whole thing does I mean. Women. In swimsuits if they're worried about people looking at them why were they up there in the first place I mean that's part of it and and it's gone on for years the women who won and I don't think they're upset about being looked down and swimsuit. Yep you're absolutely right absolutely right let's quickly go to work quiz questions for this day in history June 6. This is June 62018. Let's go back to 1930. And this particular type of food was sold commercially for the very first time in. They hint here is it's the wave daddy Dee is Storch. Boarded this is kind of tricky to explain this. I'll give you a hint. I like. Vegetables. In begs. Then you can microwave. Popcorn hold no vegetables really. Horror anybody the next couple any last time I checked what anybody in the studio guess what I'm getting at here I know this is so is the trees drive and I kind of you know you're rare you're very close John frozen food sold commercially for the very first time in 1930 you know in the history of this program has got to be he worst brands into an ignorant you have forgive I know just. Just shoot me was pretty bad news really awful. First place. That first operation of its type open up the Camden, New Jersey 1930s. Or eat. It's a place to watch movies. Computer. What kind. A movie theater. Or anybody else in studio and a lot of modified that just a little bit. Sure me and. Or a horrible and I know I gave your horrible in Sicily and almost no real it is. That they're more questions and we will save them for after the break because it is. We've got to go to break. Will continue VP candidates questions and hopefully better chance from the idiotic coast. As we continue this edition of the Vince Coakley you radio program. Our time is now fourteen minutes after the hour at 11 o'clock. And over on the text line may end we are still getting. Practice of Texas on this is you over the pageants. Let's pick up with this one. I can just to mention a proud grandfather saying my transgender grandson won the Miss America defense that's. Hey it's just a matter of time probably. Katie says we have miss South Carolina in the region she can still walk the walk. Had a skirt. Let's all keep ignoring the obvious men are attracted to beauty if you don't like it talk to guys. It is what idiots. Fair enough. Another person saying you're the Victoria's Secret pageant is much better. Indiana out of these months simply says love your show. Thank you very much. As we continue to broadcast. Fourteen minutes FBR 11 o'clock stave this. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 40 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program which in the kicking at the AT and hopefully. Better hints this time around for the last two questions from and so. This one that was actually touched on a few days ago but there's a little bit different angle in this. This person died. After. Getting hit in the head by an assassin's bullet 1968. June 6 who was this person. It's the same as yesterday and it probably missed opportunity you are correct. The I believe the actual. Shooting happened the day before 2002. President Bush opposed proposed a new cabinet department. 2000 to keep in mind that time I give you interview need one. What is that cabinet. Department. I can any hint if you need one and it's a really good way. What does that again national security. Oh moons so loads. Anybody wanna I guess post 9/11 era. Homeland Security Charles correctly at the but it's the idea is correct mr. Rachel's whatever the alcohol or are up. All right just because. I was debating whether I was gonna share this story but just because you're Smart Alec I am going to go into the story reported by the UK mirror. Woman impregnated by escorted. After she ate raw seafood with organs still attached. Now sounds legitimate to make the seriously. 63 year old woman she needed immediate medical attention. After sperm from the raw escorted. Actually out made it into her mouth. So what happened is this I know this is crazy this was undercooked seafood. And the internal organs were not removed. So would end up happening. Is this was imbedded in her tongue and guns. Is this not crazy. And what they even worse. It is the way they boiled the creature for a few seconds before eating it. So all of these. Organisms remained alive and well they're just looking for soft pace to police to embed. We settled in heard tong and her gums. Seeing this this is misleading you made it sound like a lady got pregnant. I isn't it funny the way they did they had lied and did they actually put it in quotes impregnated yes it does make it sound that way business. So. Any case. So they had to removed this. Business of bizarre hollering you figure out. There was something wrong other than the you know and yeah deep pain only when apparently the problem consoles. We don't as her pro squid may be started growing in her tone I guess so that was what was going on there. Is that bizarre white Dawson asked. It almost makes you hesitate to have seafood next time around. The seafood for dinner. My goodness sometimes you really wonder penny can I dare you to eat some squint denied. You know I'm not a fan I'll just put it that way. I and I not a fit yes yeah a big shift Charles mentioned Telemar that's actually what are my favorites I love Katamari. So yeah item that I need some color merry recommendations for me Charles. And there's one place I wanna try out but it takes plugs so. As usual great to talk to you still enjoy that car of years by the way I sure am and we'll for the future I'm sure. Quiet I'm looking forward to that ride I'm Mike come to Charlotte and take you for a MI up. Moss so you just let me know but we'll certainly look forward to that's. Have a great when man suit. I mentioned earlier one of the things said he is. Something for us to watch. And I love the way the story is written vibrate part which is pretty much eighty. I mean I'm just gonna say at a propaganda. Organization media organization for Donald Trump. I mean he may as well put out a news release is for them. In you know how we can tell how am reminded. Of the editorial influence the first line. A large group of never trump investors in cheap labor CEO donors are promising to go on strike. And so house speaker Paul Ryan schedules passage of a cheap labor amnesty for June 25. Boy this is a loaded. Paragraph isn't it. This bipartisan group titled the American business immigration council. Led by Mike Fernandez a health care take him in Florida he wants trying to keep thousands session. June 25 so the alliance of 193 Democrats. Tony five plus cheap labor Republican it's can pass a discharge petition amnesty through the house. This up despite many poor showing any amnesties very unpopular among GOP voters surprise surprise. The pressure is on Ryan because he amnesty vote cannot happen if he simply declares the house would not be in session on June 25. It's only has to do. Fernandez told Politico no one should have the authority to prohibit a debate on the house floor that's exactly what speaker right into done in the house. I've been a supporter of speaker Ryan I think he's playing chicken. And needs to get a backbone. Over the last ten years the Republican Party has received 47. Jolo this. 47 million dollars for me this what's this for man this guy says. Instate gubernatorial and party contributions. I'm not writing one penny. To any of them anymore. Tells you a lot doesn't it. How are you a whole lot so be interesting to see we're over Hauspie in session on June 25. So the use Democrats. And small group of Republicans. Will be able to force a vote on amnesty. That will be quite intriguing I'd thought you ought to know and it might be worth the call. To your member of congress. Your house member. Two communicated in no uncertain terms. Do you want this vote. Now the argument could also be made I mean who cares go ahead and vote. Well that is kind of dangerous. Because you know with the senate will do when marble marker to hold this. Anesthetic. Because I have a feeling they might very well pass it would bipartisan support. You have been more at 27 minutes after the hour at 11 o'clock. Other Vince Coakley radio programs some of the items. Over on our text line. For the past few minutes we were talking earlier about Miss America. And we have this. Gentlemen would you be comfortable saying some of these things about with your wife sitting next to you as a young C Norman listing. To this broadcasted disturbs me honorable man would even entertain this issue. Talking about. Peace from shoot students the ability to the earlier the billboard and a piece swimsuit issue. Instead of watching and talking about pageants crop up pursuing god honoring endeavor should your marriages and relationships. Ouch. No match. I think he does have somewhat of a point here. What do you think generally. 20 minutes after 11 o'clock on Vince Coakley radio programs stay with us. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock until the radio program. Let this go out true John in Fort Mill good morning sheer. Good morning yell you yankees had a want to know he's what you hate your thoughts on missile just listening to one addition. NPR on the way to work and. I'm sorry. Go ahead. By the sudden and channel that I that doesn't include all the good good that was a good move. In fact half yeah and what it will do insanely. The Miss America the contents there was saying well we're not gonna base and media. Monica based a winner on the person on beauty but on Al and other things so my question is why they call and hit a beauty contest saying. Coast beauty must pay pulling some Communist. That's a good question and and I would I would daresay they they're probably moving away from that language John don't you think. And they are here are I think that's really the way they're gonna characterized this is something very different. In fact what would you call it now what with the is that that's the question it raises to appreciate your call their John. Let's go two. A call from any. Well it's loud and so I don't want Blatter Biden no doubt that the city of Charlotte that limits the rights to than anybody. I got something really dead inside buzz but it runs. I'm nor quite molecule out of jail or. Turned Charlotte airport. And mom here welcome back out every thirty minutes cow's breed our. And you can go partner car. They're parking lot. And you don't look for a few rounds straight after the airport yet also to put the war. And take your blind there and you hear your luggage. I'll move to brush and am now when you get back to our Charlotte. You get on the bus the new back to north played well I have blown it's a great service are you what type of bark in. Patrick good column. So they won't even leopard car in the parking lot out there for a week. And comebacks and you try to a lot of money. There is a great deal. And they don't ever loved. Rights and what I understand they are ending this because say as I understand and I I think when I saw the story a couple of weeks ago the concern was. And they're not. The place would serve their getting a lot of ridership with this. Well I didn't ever tablet I don't tell anybody either player. There's that asylum there and now the dominant that it would go right Visio process used little. Quite outlook and and both but I don't ever doubt that they don't tell anybody like kind of deal later ago. Yeah I always interest you mentioned that because I kind of inadvertently heard about it. On probably two years ago when I was talking with someone who's telling me about you taking I think they were taking an Hoover. Over to north lake mall because they were gonna catch the bus there I thought well that's kind of interesting I didn't realize. The reserve there was that bus service your point is is a good when any. Again you know the question is how do you publicized things like this because my times people simply do not know. Earlier I told you about Mike McConnell and his decision to cancel. The a good part of the August recess. Presents quite pleased that this by the way. And here's what he put out on Twitter great maybe the Democrats will finally get something done other than their acceptance of high crime. And high taxes. Gets what he put out on Twitter today. We need border security. By the way. McConnell cited T historic obstruction by senate Democrats over trumps nominees. To serving government and hopes congress should move forward on appropriations bills by the end of fiscal year. I have a question for mr. McConnell and a question for mr. Ryan. Are you following the appropriations process the way it is supposed to be felt. That's my question fact I'm going to take that question to someone who will know the answer that I think I know the answer anyway. Because these clowns keep doing the same crap over and over again and there's no reason for them to you we've got control house and senate. There's no reason why they would not follow regular order. But there's something in it for him there's incentive for them. Not to do this the right way. Tunnel send that out during the break. So. It'll be interesting to hear the wind affect us a story earlier that Democrats are re whining because they're concerned they're not going to be able to campaign. In August. Poor people. Really really said. There's also this LeBron James. Nike president trump over the National Anthem protests controversy saying his team would not attend an event the White House if they win their championship series could. It step towards him I'm not surprised James told reporters. When asked about trump this week dis inviting the NFL Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. From the White House. James participating in the NBA finals for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Said neither his team nor the Golden State Warriors won an invitation to a similar event celebrating their teams the White House. So there ego. And I would daresay on some level it might be kind of presumptuous to think they would get one. Based upon what they've already communicated. CIA. Not none of you can and a member of why waste my breasts you know why go there. Over on the text line. I mean reference earlier to bright bright bright part of mouthpiece for trump. Well god forbid there's one media source that might actually be on the president's side of president. That's done more than all year preview precious not active not existing conservatives. Are we shut the hell up. I'm serious. I mean so so this solution to this is propaganda is that what you're telling me. Can we just student news president propaganda. That's all I'm saying I'm against bright part I have friends who work for bright part. Can I have nothing against them. But I'm just saying what he eats. I don't have respect for propaganda anymore. From Republicans. Republican people but I do you. The Democrat people or personalities it's the same thing propaganda is propaganda. Period. I mean am I missing something if I am. I would love to hear this. But the person saying check your Twitter account and my message about entering the Miss America pageant oh no. I'm afraid to see this now. Also undertakes like Vince since windows LeBron James speak for everyone and his team in the opposing team that is kind of presumptuous of PM. As well. And we have this. Vince I read there's been a weakening jailed and watch it in BA ball to him for a while. It's set in really sad to watch this stoop to suspect we're going on ridiculous. Hundreds Coakley radio program. 43 minutes after the hour of 11 o'clock we'll take a quick call here from Dan wanting to talk about Miss America go for it. The outfit our bank. It's like a long term and then oversaw guys. Yet the bank where they get the contestants for the Miss America contest from the states right. Right there with the state get the contestants to win their process and what did they have. Out of those contestants really this big contest and so vocal content. It's albeit. So if yep that's Berkshire's knock on the big east. Dare we error are purity. They have to go down to not just the state level but so local healthy levels they give the future he preached state. That's that's a great point you raise there this is really the end of a process. We started much much early so it's gonna work its way through be interesting to see how they process. Some newness around the region including this story out of these kids to cheer about this in upstate daycare owner. Arrested after. Mom says four year old it's was spanked when the panel called Bob. Your hand you know I'm kind of curious to some review. Adults. We sure rod of correction named. Kind of bizarre yes oh yours what was that name. They had the words fly back written on fly bank fly back. Because it was one of those little panels that had the ball in the string connected to a the rover who in wanting the ball in the rubber thing off but still sent stuff fly back a cool okay. Elementary school days. And I'm sure you it was very rare they had to use that thing onyx in extremely good job and I was a good boy he can. Have you tracked down some family members to see we can. All the necessary we'll see who we can verify this story. On the serious side here. This director of the can stake here facing an assault and battery charge the family says their four year old son was whipped with a paddle. Terrorist cell. Of learning cynic and it was this is subsequent road confirm that market to tennis. Was arrested by the Pickens police department by the date daycare owner is actually the daycare owner. The daycare owner was arrested for this according to police report officers called to the daycare. Regarding alleged child abuse. Angel T. Bush said tennis. Used a wooden panel speaker four year old son which she was not aware it was a practice in the daycare TO says the director nick named the wooden panel Bob. She found out about this incident from her son thank she said her son's back so I was read. The evening after this incident occurred. Taylor had five children who attended the day here up until recently said her eleven year old daughter described the battle is green with yellow polka dots. And word Bob printed on it. I have no idea. When they did that's why when someone tell parents that this happens. She wants other parents to be aware. Tennis charged with. Third degree assault and battery. Ends by the way. They are saying that's. The allegations are false. According to an employee at the carousel of learning. We also have this in this all important political year. District twice seven house race it's going on southern Greenville county. And by the way that primary is coming up on Tuesday. Frederic Eugene wall vying for the Statehouse in this particular seat denies having your criminal record yet. Records obtained from the Greenwood county courthouse in state law enforcement division Choi a man of the same name age and address. Facing numerous charges stemming from a child porn investigation. The candidates and and Freddie reach special and I have no criminal background. Ball. Since until files as a Republican march 16 challenge incumbent Gary Smith. When green into the mobile home of the address Friday afternoon. Demand declined to comment other then referred to Eric Wheeler campaign manager demands a mobile home appeared to be the same identified and police mug shot. From the child porn arrest in Tony seventeenth. Ward's team from the court usher the man named in court papers charge with sixteen counts of sexual exploitation of minor. Third degree in two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor second degree. This supposedly happened in February of 2017. Lawrence Levy investigators with green for county sheriff's office. Uncovered a cache of videos uploaded distributed by wall that depict young girls. In ways they should not be depicted will just say that. So that'll be intriguing to see. What more we hear out of the campaign of Frederic Eugene wall. Ring for house district 27. Our board. You just never know. Wants some of these circumstances. You just never know I'm just saying this is news to take story for tomorrow as I do wanna give this. The amount of time and attention it deserves. In the meantime we assume we appreciate your presence your interaction. On the Vince Coakley radio program. And look forward to catch up with you very soon. 54 minutes after the hour 11 o'clock we will take one more very quick call here from David two point David. President David. Good to see you back in town called. Just blow on the pageant. Issue which I personally don't ever watch the thing and I don't know anybody who does that. It's same like Gretchen Carlson and arrests so there's new cruiser trying to. Take this femininity out of it. You know I'd just stand suspicious manner which the bank and so they're gonna have the big intellectual. You know. Surprise to our program gone oh where they are asking these women all these intellectual questions are not aware of their business antsy so whatever you. I think Hillary Clinton will do very well. And someone suggested that would be a really good choice may be for the first winner. We will see it we have ourselves a great day. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.