Lt. John Falkenbury and The Importance of Memorial Day!

David Chadwick
Sunday, May 27th
Lt john Faulkenbury, NC USO joins David to dicuss the importance of Memorial Day.

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Everyone I'm David Chadwick. An increase WBT welcome to the show in case you don't. This is the faith and values program that tries to intersect faith and values with different issues in our culture locally globally. It's great having you with me on the program today thank you for joining me. And happy Memorial Day weekend to you what a great opportunity to be with friends and family but let us not forget. The meaning behind this special weekend in American life Memorial Day. It's an American holiday observed on the last Monday of may. Honoring the men and women who died. While serving in the US military. A Memorial Day 28 team occurs on Monday may the 28 bud Moore wrote. It's originally known interestingly as decoration day. It originated in the years following the civil war and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries. Or memorials. Holding family gatherings and participating. In parades. Unofficially. It marks the beginning of the summer season which just hints at beach and fun net. And family on the civil war which ended in the spring 1865. Which cost. The American. Country 600000. Lives more than any other war in the history of the US AE's existence it it claimed the lives with a desire among many people. To establish some kind of national cemetery but also a national remembrance and by the late 191860s. Americans in various towns and cities. Had begun holding spring time tributes to those countless. Fallen soldiers. Decorating their graves with flowers and reciting prayers. Interestingly. On the place that is generally considered. The founding I'll Memorial Day is Waterloo. New York. Again it's the official birthplace. Of the Memorial Day celebration. Of Waterloo first celebrated this day on May the fifth. 1866. Again immediately after. The civil war and was chosen because it hosted an annual community wide of the net. During which businesses closed and residents decorated the graves of soldiers. On May the fifth 1868 general John A Logan was the leader of an organization for the northern civil war veterans. Called for a national day of remembrance later that month. On the thirtieth of may 1868. Is designated for the purpose ops strolling with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades. Who died. For their country. During the late rebellion and whose bodies now lie in almost every city village and Catholic Church yard in the land this general proclaim. So the date of decoration day as this general Logan called it. Which chosen because it was the anniversary. I was not chosen because it was the anniversary of any particular battle. On the first decoration day general James Garfield. Made a speech at Arlington national cemetery and 5000. Participants. Decorated. The graves of the 20000. Union and confederate soldiers. Who were buried here. Many northern states held similar commemorative events and reprise the tradition in subsequent years. 1890 each one had made. Declaration date an official state holiday. Southern states on the other hand continue to honor their dead on separate days until after World War II isn't that interesting that for. Almost sixty years there was a separation. In the day that celebrated the memory of the fallen soldiers in the north and the south. After the civil war will Memorial Day as decoration day gradually came to be known. Originally honored only those lost while fighting in the civil war but during World War I at the United States found itself embroiled in another major conflict. And the holiday evolved to commemorate American military personnel who died in. All wars so for decades Memorial Day continued to be observed on May the thirtieth on all the states in the United States. The date Logan had elected for the first decoration day back right after the civil war. But in 1968 congress passed. The uniform Monday holiday act which established memorial today. As the last Monday inmate in order to create a three day weekend for federal employees. The change went into effect in 1971. Other single also declared Memorial Day a federal. In national holidays the Memorial Day 2017. Occurred on May the 29 Memorial Day 2018 falls on May the 28. But it is a day whose purpose is to remember. All of those fallen soldiers men and women who have given their lives in any kind of conflict. From the civil war up through. Indeed our most recent conflict in the mideast we are here today to celebrate Memorial Day. Lieutenant colonel John falcon Berry is going to join me he has great roots in this day his purpose is to help us understand more fully. And he wants to. Allow all of us to enjoy the stayed in the full but also challenge odds. To remember it's true meaning I'm David Chadwick is news 1110993. WBT will be. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is news 1110993. WBT welcome back to the show. Happy Memorial Day weekend to you all. I hope you're having a wonderful. Sober to. Memorial Day weekend it will be. Hopefully pierced in your heart about the importance of this day tomorrow. Especially as that is the day that we celebrated nationally and in order to help us understand its significance. And to really celebrate the meaning a Memorial Day have asked. Lieutenant colonel John fall convert from the army who retired. To be a part of the show now John has a lot of work that he's done with the USO will get to that subject to because it's an important way of remembering soldiers and what they've done for us John thanks for your time on the program today. David thalidomide closer toward you that's great on the radio but also with the ball well. Where your most kind thank you so much and and this is a special day that traces itself back to. The civil war times a right after the civil war ended in the first segment I described how on 1866. Obama city in New York Waterloo New York began to celebration and other cities did as well and it grew and grew and grew until. 1971 when congress declared it as a national holiday. A John for use as someone who is retired military army. Who looks at this day and remembers you were a loan commitment to our armed forces what does this day mean to you to. So very special day because and they decide on those who fall. Our country and there could marry an American women who. To protect the freedom that we hold dear and there. Poignant to me especially in my career woman had to meet their visit national cemetery everybody thinks of Arlington we have auto work brag. We'll also over Europe but went to Normandy and the white hot lights our days it. That that litter the battlefields of Europe and Africa. Most Americans don't realize their sacrifices that these American made. And their continual aren't they Jon the we talk about the civil war a lot and 600000. Lives the book where I lost the largest conflict in America that has the most consequence in. The loss of lives but but it continues even to this day doesn't it. Well it I think freedom comes at a price. There are always going to be those who are going to Sharon. Be it concept of freedom. And in Pakistan's current cap this thing stalwart and in all of them. Good in the midst of people who don't understand. What we have out there is absolutely critical of the new violence there are very. Sick over the always where there that are here are racked boy and 160. Countries around the globe. That are helping people understand the concept of freedom. They're one of the sisters who have sacrificed all the water that they remembered. Yeah and the habit that gives a family feel whenever they're together that we dissent. A thousand troops into Syria and we sometimes forget that that conflict still exist and the fight is for. Freedom which we almost wondered take four and some kind of guy walks in our own lives we don't remember welded that is something we have. To celebrate in American life today and do you think veterans throughout America have a special feel for this day. Veteran most definitely have a deal because. It is great summer the government is simply can't or urban peacetime. When you lose so be it equipment and training we were in combat any current hooters. Is a little older sister in arms. It drives well both points. The sound is that we have is all of congress. You know I'm a born President Obama talking to the public. You're so airliner that a couple of who have or daughter. In certain air in the world that are currently serving. This current conflict doesn't affect you if it. You know on the and you're out but you're not living there and there's no need volunteers call. Are the ones that are guarding freedoms and perhaps the minister that or tell people that that would celebrate go real good because. During her time in history. Nobody weapons that are. Took a call. And they they were 1920 in her own in the critical and that. Have labored so how they have remained anyway because they didn't feel all right and it would garner that. And that voices army lieutenant colonel John falcon very retired and and John wind. People sign up for the military do you think they're really believe that they might. Not come back that they might give their lives for service or do you think are more and more folks are just entering because it's a career. Now I am sorry I don't know well come here because courier. Go coming in now. Are fully aware that we get better and at war for seventeen years or ever ancestry goes coming in. He invisible woman bears blow through war and they acknowledge order ordinance now. Is that they are the chances of being into an accident agree it is a long term. Probably not but that sacrifices to honor that commitment. Do something bigger than oh is clear. Month and then the commitment is to guard what we call our bill of rights our precious freedoms. Do you have any concerns that America perhaps is losing its understanding. On its freedoms especially as we send people to war and we take. These lives for granted do you ever worry about that. I do what I worry most global. Here. We ignorant and argued that farmers politely. Or unfamiliar thirty with history and place of history that are has. In in all of civilization meet them there. We don't have a good sense of history. Our or our country. That has ordered. But we have overcome those who overcame believers or angry Drupal right it's not perfect. Clinton nor their orbit or corporate personhood as moral sense and that nada. And he was killer at him and he was crucified himself and eight are. Art it would no I was gonna ask you do you do say that and I agree with you that it takes long. Times and too long some times but the arc of justice. Does tend to bend its stealth toward rightness I mean you alluded to. The civil war in the fight for slavery to be eliminated that the fight for civil rights in our nation. Those still not where it should be that arc of justice is bending itself port rightness in many different ways and that's the call us at the foundation of our nation we value freedom. And every once equality in its core would you agree. I would agree the two word reason that even though we found out there. That some of them hold held slaves and their time. But there and get sober grounding five others in developing. Our students are so sorry. Is that if you're bumping into people when an article he. Lived there because it's their problem. Even in there may. They announced problems or what they put him going. Hurt her that parliament all documents and their. That's what concerns me you're there you're not in history cryptically I'm Eric in history. Something big crowd and not something to go under current. There's so perhaps one of the things that concerns you as it does mean is the lack of knowledge of American history and include within that would you say is constitutional understanding. I absolutely. I think everybody's. Saying he's you know ought to take a step back in and who appear. Some of the history that's going on and go oh prior history book because the offer up their bring their own record deserves. Or partners in either north or go to multiple sources look at the history of the recent. And you know why I looked at our politics. Sometimes like the audit and review rather well under Democrat. You know this country. Haven't apparently in parliament. Yet it seems to me like more and more non people are trying to argue the other side down. And even in some cases silence it. And that would go against our bill of rights and I would encourage all of her listeners not only to take a constitution course but also study the bill of rights which guarantees the freedom of speech of people even if you don't disagree EU agree with it. You still allow that freedom of speech to occur and in wind of someone says something really stupid. You have enough people who come against that which ultimately silences the voice because the majority realizes in intelligence that was a wrong statement assay. Lester and animals and at that final authority that is to talk about their little part but will come the well again I looked. Part of the island back former. Yeah I'd I'd what would John do you remember when we were in school we had actually take a civics course. And the word civics comes from the works in the toss in the Latin which means common which means an understanding opt. The respect for everyone else in this society as so we've lost civility week bluster understanding to have civics among ourselves that's another course I think we should we take to you. Victory I do I think there are. I think we expect the areas I don't mean that the meaning of our country is is your demeanor. Every. And so on. And their families who can hurt you know think. Or the other day in and day under and there. That and they live. And that's what our calls and well overdue. And I wanted to make sure that we. Expect him to commit that the government worker who interpret it. Erica hill earlier rounds of the other airtight. I mean I get up every morning able that are pregnant women are doing so what's good for the the end you know North Carolina got a bad. Order or a military problem of the oral or is that they've pedal it. Wouldn't be in. Equal. The are rumored that aspect of spirituality. Or other. God. Or whatever in that. There's got to be our satellite and often helps Michael is a lot of older who were out there there there field. Analytical hearing pretty a couple of more than you are quietly because they've been. Chris Kennedy. It religion and so he put it on the well the thing that Eric Berry. That's that's fascinating John on my guest is lieutenant. Colonel John falcon very army retired. John is also. Very involved in the US so here in the state of North Carolina a John we need to take up a moment weigh in when we come back I'd love for you to plug the US it's a nonprofit organization perhaps to beat those who lose listening to it like to support you. But also again those pursued a spiritual part of the armed forces because that's important as well I'm David Chadwick will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick physicists use 1110993. WPH t welcome back to the show. Put my guest army lieutenant colonel John falcon Barry retired who is. Big in the US over here in the state of North Carolina we are honoring our soldiers who have given their lives for. The cause of freedom over the last a 150 plus years since the civil war when Memorial Day was founded and I hope all of you were having. Tremendous Memorial Day weekend more of the celebration the parades the picnics and all of us. Remembering that these soldiers who have given their lives help us to live out our very special freedoms and John and it we were talking about. The need for people to think about the bill of rights in the constitution. In this wonderful country in which we live which grants us freedom on my wife and I just returned from a trip to country. Off halfway across the world where those religious freedoms are not granted and should you ever tried to. Preached the christianity you would be in prison for doing so because it's just not honored and yet in our country anyone can believe whatever they wanna believe and that is honored in our bill of rights. You alluded to before we took a break to the fact that our armed forces do have a spiritual side of them especially the US says let's let's talk first of all generally. There's been a lot of conversation. Recently. That perhaps there's going to be elimination of chaplin's and other people in the armed forces because he can't have one religion over another or maybe have a chaplain for every possible religion. Your thoughts on that particular perspective. Or you know it is. It bring back that you're street Guillen back enrollment. And are correct them so worker emerging and they have baptized in a fancy. What the bottom of the there's whatever they're doing about because they were not rule out there to. Who profess their fate. I don't think that that happened within the armed services. We see both Muslim. It's clear we've seen our. You're on the Christian pretty horrible. Obama products through christianity. And the clippers. They are allowed to do. Create a little bit order field in the military chaplains play that they're instrumental art in New York or in Abu mystery. You dirt or. I was dealing with an excuse or very. We're we're sort of open Eric getting out or are reset program. I don't think that go way or the it was so that their serve and I think they're. Carp into the sort of equipment in there who let it go I treat her. It's your preferred here very. It'll work there that you recorder prison that's why. Are available through. There in the very orderly and they knew it would order to oak. Our but it still believe in god and man in the savior. Would John there's law a lot of walks through the years. A freeze that particularly people remember there are no atheists in foxholes. And if you have military folks who are signing up recognizing that this could might take their lives if they go into conflict some place. Certainly there's a need for chaplains like no other place. On the front lines where people are potentially. Giving their lives and if you're a breath away from meeting your creator that's when you need somewhat of a spiritual nature more than any time melts when you agree. Yes and the but he does not fair they have murdered or hurt them. And sharing them quickly in the world order great. There were wander around there on the ground now with them all and them and helping them through and hopefully. That they'll survive in the world that the one record as a the current conflict is that the battlefield survival rate. He is out out of the world right now I mean you'd be hindered. And your transport or do they combat. Theater. On orbit and the Walter read or lyrics of that tree oh Ridder. And that you know when you're back or their 0:0 AM. And in the crank them thinking about. One and they're going through this the most around the. That's remarkable and something else that people don't often remember is that during World War II. Franklin Delano Roosevelt the president during that time period actually gave a Bible to every soldier going in the conflict. And inside the cover the Bible was a prayer that he had written now asking that all of these soldiers be taken care of that that's remarkable when you think about it. Well it has been even better government and our. Is that he had his counselor there in the community. Talked about the strength of god in what they currently are in and so there is any better in order in our fabric. Per 270 some years that we think that. And and so the fact it was like couldn't bear to look under. Why do you fear that I heard somebody talking about something they believe them that at all. That is a great question and also again that. When people are in combat and if there is any tour world would you not want face to be apart of people who are doing. That kind of conflict for the sake of freedom around the world John let me shift gears on you let's talk about the US oh you're very involved in that it's an important part of your life. Talk about the US so in the state of North Carolina and maybe some of your needs. Sure well you have so here's the oldest operating US so we're at our door. Five years. Primarily because they're there and since the day we serve nearly 600000. Connection with our. There are many times on an annual great serving as sort. Where our forces in our nation are well and their families. Well we are on profit beat the war emblem represented a six founding organizations. Present little brutal out there live. Well our religious base who are strapped owners very subtle breaks our alliance like that they are the our speed in the creek since they fascinating in literally. Certainly our nonprofit. We are not. So we relied. The help for continue to provide the services were predicted that there would put any recent power back the program service. And and organizations like they're either they're they're running a campaign that started her. There were either or. It really are two programs Bank of America that day. Another early in the morning but technical about delivering. Incumbent president the rate goes where are Serb troops to their rates and so on. We just level programs not a doubt in brought about political. Resiliency transitional assistance programs for the job. It and so we do a whole lot of different things. If you're just honoring those who served a year asking civilians in a real way to salute them and one way they can do is buy. Giving donations to the USO and participating in any way possible to again honor those who potentially given their lives this Memorial Day weekend. Yes sir I'm back in there and we're two or there or you're so there are or. We believe in the US the work place a 160 countries around the globe but. We are not but also there I don't linebacker or as correct or green folder somewhere that you are a hero. Understand the difference in helpful in organizing. Know that voices army lieutenant colonel John falcon Barry retired. Who is very involved in the US so here in the state of North Carolina but also my guest today on this Memorial Day weekend. John we only have a few minutes left and and you've got to run to an appointment before we sum up the program and our last segment. But I'd like to ask you this I'm. How would you like to speak to our listeners today about the importance of this Memorial Day weekend. What would you say to us about the importance of our freedoms and the value of our military personnel. Who have served so faithfully potentially losing their lives but. Given us the opportunity about our freedoms what would you say to folks. Well first thing with so it sort of victory but also takes some harm to. Sort of or Saturday and they're very. It goes. Go to the cemetery. Honor the sacrifice for this country. And then have a great day in and enjoy our mayor urges them and be legal there. But I think we just taken for granted that we get another page. And first in the military in the veterans do couple or. That is about Thursday's about this barrier a buyout. Those who look forward you recognized in the ball all. Living in their for the day about those. Given your ultimate sacrifice. And somewhere. Around the globe superiors drooling missing in action there is a person who sacrifices. Remains the number down. And what they are or remembering Apollo so remember that he couldn't couldn't pull. Gave their lives. So you're gonna have the freedom to go out and have a great I'll Wednesday. And while John one more thought we had just about a minute before need to go to break up low for you to speak to this again. That we are in the longest war conflict in the history of our nation's seventeen years again remind our people that that kind of soldier giving. Lives is still going on. There are we have so Garcia air green coat Gartner back on our. Through our all volunteer. To load their word nation at war who are citing operable computer reasons education job. But at the end of Thursday is serving in raising their right hand. And taken note of support and the constitution of the United States against all enemies mourn and domestic. And that's what they do and I'm so proud of these women and their family. Of the family of serving their the world of the soldiers sailors every wrinkle or seem. Their families are here all bam. That is a great reminder. Army lieutenant colonel John falcon very retired thank you so much for your time today everyone remember Memorial Day those who have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy MDB Chad will be. It. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is news eleven in 1990 WBT welcome back to show. And indeed there's a bit of a somber here in my report at least right now after having listened to. Retired lieutenant colonel John Paul amber talk in the previous two segments about the importance of the Memorial Day weekend. Reminding myself that veterans day and Memorial Day or two different holidays altogether. That veterans day release celebrates those who served in the armed forces. But Memorial Day what were celebrating this week Keyon is remembering those who actually gave their lives. For our nation's freedoms so that to me takes. The whole holiday to a whole new different level. The idea that we are remembering this week and those who actually gave the ultimate sacrifice their lives. For our nation's freedoms so during this last second and I asked my friend. Ed Billick my producer to open up his microphone as well we're about the same age we know. This nation's history we know what it's gone through week took civics courses we've studied the constitution we know the bill of rights. And alls who I bet you and I have friends that we know who've given their lives. In different conflicts I had a guy with in my play basketball in high school Greg Lindsay who gave his like in Vietnam. And other people as well that we know. So they paid the ultimate sacrifice and we want to make sure that we honor them today. This Memorial Day week and EU recently went to a naval museum talk about that he would. You know the and their colonel falcon Berry mentioned the sense of history in the sense of history we shall have now calls l.s history buff grown up my dad had a war were to scrapbook that you put together from the newspapers and I still have the night. Remember studying more war to war one of course all the all the idea of events were men gave their lives. But recently my wife and overdone and Austin, Texas and we took a day trip will visit our son he has to work we took a trip to Fredericksburg Texas. An hour and a half outside Austin. And bear sits the national museum of the Pacific war it's the home of admiral Charles and it's a really. Is that why it was Cho that's why I was assured her boys good homes right across the street in enters this elaborate a museum of numerous artifacts and in an interactive nick expert you know exhibits focusing on the Pacific theatre of war were to. Can take it day or two to go through her and I went through and almost two hours and we've just enthralled with what actually incurred. In the Pacific theater you know from Pearl Harbor but even before that why the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor the venue go through the entire. Conflict all the way to the signing of the pharmacist and have the video of that. And it just makes you appreciate. What those young men and women went through. As they were you know fighting that war in the amount of people they gave their lives but to me the sense that history come back around you say as an adult. I think we all should kind of visit these kind of museums and he's exhibit's or even cemeteries to help us. Re acquaint us with the sacrifices our guys our guys gave. We'll lieutenant colonel falcon very refer to the Normandy and several years ago in my family I had the privilege of visiting here. And looking at the road crosses in the store David's and all of those men and women who gave their lives for the purpose of the Normandy invasion which really want the turning point. A World War II you know you don't get that beachhead established shall not win that war. And just looking at again those thousands upon thousands upon thousands of rows of crosses. Moved my heart deeply again trying to remember what it would be like to be a soldier fighting that battle. Understanding that you're doing it for the freedoms that we presently enjoyed you know and to your point to the loved ones that are left behind outside of this like Normandy there is say garden. Pretty or maybe an acre so land. With the walls and walls of plaques are 3800 plaques they're. Individual of men gave their lives their family wander commemorate them but also all the naval ships. And listing of all the men on all the naval ships come in it is a very it's a walk through it's a path. Did you get a chance Fredericksburg. Texas. Didn't even know what was there a national museum of the Pacific Orban you know so I think this is time we take. To remember those equipment and John Paul converse it's something else that I think was absolutely fascinating he said that when the soldiers go we are also sending their families and I can't really thought about that you know the moms and dads were sending their sons and daughters into war I can't even imagine that thinking in my three children. But also the wives and children who were sending. The year husbands or the Huntsman sending his wife into conflict it's an amazing thought to think you're you're sending a numbers of people who love that person into war and if that person is killed. Again that's what we're celebrating this Memorial Day weekend those who actually given their lives. Win their loss can you imagine the devastation that's rippled outward upon their family members and potential family members that would have come from. Those locked and so when he's missing in action David where there's no closure there as you know they still out there well you know it's of course what works who knows you. But the recent Afghanistan and those kind of org conflicts are they still author supports the pain and agony that the families go through you. But again the purpose of it is for freedom. And I does don't want our listeners to take for granted the freedoms that we have in America. And we talked with lieutenant colonel falcon Barry about the need to. Know our history in America and why we are where we are today though we still have injustices. The cause of freedom there is a bending of the arc of justice port rightness you look for example at civil rights you'd look for example racial equality that we still have a waste ago. And your friends we need to work a lot of one another. We need to learn how to forgive one another. We've got to have the races come together and not have this conflict and blame game going on anymore on both sides but come together in love to realize the precious value of this nation that all of us are born into. And though it's. It has many faults and flaws its still the greatest nation. On the face of this earth in my wife and I recently returned from a trip to Nepal for example the poverty there is excruciating. It's over. Welding we've been to other nations all around the world there's no nation like this when yes. Laws exist but we are a nation that has freedoms like no other nation on the face of the earth which should grant all of us the privilege. Of expressing our views and though we disagree with someone vehemently infects some times with their views we still allow those used to be expressed. Knowing again that over time the right view will ultimately win because we do be ended toward rightness we doobie and toward. Justice over time that is what will happen so may we as a nation continued to fight for freedom it is a precious. Valued and really folks all you have to do is go to another nation and you'll see how precious and valued at this nation. Really is so Memorial Day. Tomorrow. Enjoy it celebrated as lieutenant colonel Paul Berry said go to the picnics and enjoy the time with your family but also go to the parades. And remember. Those who have given their lives for the freedoms that we have today Ed. They are precious and valued freedoms and they are things we need to hold close to our hearts. The bill of rights needs to be memorized in the hearts of all of us. We need to retake civics courses and treat one another with. Civility. Which again means respecting another person's opinion even if it's stupid. And out of bounds we respect their right to say it and believe. That the majority who knows what's right will ultimately overwhelmed the stupid opinions that are being expressed by some. In our country today and when we allow ourselves those kind of freedoms faith can prosper. Love will grow. And we will be one nation. Under god. Indivisible. With liberty. And justice. For all it has been a pleasure doing this program for all of you today. Happy Memorial Day weekend and remember please love god with all your heart soul mind and might and love your neighbor. As yourself if you'll just do those two things you have a lifetime's. Worth of work to do. I'm David Chadwick this is news 1110993. WB ET Al talk with you all. Next week.