Making Money In Any Market

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, July 14th
Markets on the move, learn how to make money whichever direction it turns.

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The following is a sponsored program on WBT. This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry canning its personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Okay. Welcome to bulls the bears out here hosed adamant just go sit back and relax and enjoy and Andre weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on up there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be here. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401 k.s ire is in any cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to itself director of portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 88875087238. At 8887508723. As always in studio co host of the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy senior coach Steve chapel what's going on Jim yeah it's the weekend man lots of talk about the markets moving a lot we've got some great opportunities to make money regardless of direction we get these higher highs and lower lows. We got our FaceBook live presentation going to be launching soon here sorely excited about that so there's a lot of things that are. Really come in that's gonna help a lot of listeners are most importantly. We wanna gays should understand that. When the market goes up as good the mark was done as good in a lot of people don't get that we and hopefully open that up in the first instance we exactly don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio and exactly as you said champ look up for those face vocalize sessions I'm excited about those. But as of right now champ there's always so much going on in the market these markets the past couple weeks past couple days specifically. Have been exciting one of the things that we always get questions on is how people make money in a downward move the market. And that opportunity is called shorting your one of the best in the world to talk about it explain it and I know a lot of listeners out there and one understand how do you make money in a down market. Wolf look at the broad market you know the S&P 500 the Dow and the Russell the NASDAQ these are what they call. A major indices here in this country. They're flat for the year if you go back to January sec that you go to currents they really haven't gone up at all I mean if that dramatic movements a lot of volatility which is price change shorter term. But if we're right will we started I mean that my friends in the industry say that's like shake get on a train ticket to ride the country in one of the same places started and that's who we are right now. And the problem is that a lot of people and 41 k.'s. Managed accounts if the mark is not going up your not making any money infect your losing money can you getting crushed with fees that churn and you fees on a monthly basis those four K counts. Those again and feed feed feed every month and every month you pay fees ultimately is reducing performance and taken money off the bottom. And so what's exciting for a lot of people is that they get to realize that the market's direction doesn't matter doesn't mean that you can't profit of the market goes down. And the big lie of Wall Street is that up is good and down is bad and the reality is up as Gooden down is good once people understand that damage you know. It's a game changer really opens you up to be able to make money regardless direction the market most importantly. It gives you the ability to consistency over time which helps you reach those goals you set financially. Well that's a huge thing is how to get to those goals and understanding that you capitalize and a downward move in the market all of a sudden eliminates the idea that you have to have an up market. If the Mars doughnut nothing wrong with Abbott of the market's going down if we have a repeated 2008 and I feel it's coming champion feels Cummins. To capitalize and then not take a setback that's a huge game changer for people's financial goals. And the bias is that doubt is bad and Wall Street has convinced the masses that are in the market goes down you're supposed to ride it out and do nothing and take your medicine and it'll eventually come back it always comes back. That's a lie. Is great opportunity when the market falls when I'm in my original mentor in the financial markets he was making money in 2000 the market was collapsing. And this guy I was making money hand over fist and he asked me to question changed my life is in when somebody loses money in the market where's it go and I couldn't answer we sit goes to someone else. He said nom him as well he said to me and it was amazing because. What he meant was this certain people that understand enemy money regardless of direction and we talk about shorting or short selling. All does is allows individuals people like you and I to make money when the market goes down when a stock goes down order currency or future. And it's treatable. Ultimately is gonna lose value without a price and his opportunity to make money now let me big classy example General Motors GM. You know near and dear to hearts in this country countries the company's been around for over a hundred years and in the stock about six weeks ago. Ended June mid June was right around 44 also share. If you decided that six weeks ago that you believe the stock was gonna fall. And it was gonna go from 44 to 39 you could profit on that five dollar moved down in price now ultimately what happened on us went to 39. And what a lot of people were able to do was short the stock now here's what it means Adam this is the problem a lot of people have with. Understanding shorting or short selling is we're selling something that we don't know when that's with a disconnect have a lot of people they say I don't get shorty because how can myself I don't. We broke girls. So let's just say in this theoretical example that you wanted to sell GM 44 all she could you thought it was gonna go to 39. You would go to your brokerage and literally go to your platform and all you do is hit a button that says short sell. And you be able to sell shares of stock that you didn't own you Brokaw would utilizing their shares of inventory to sell into the market on your behalf. Richard technically selling the shares at 44 in your broke with allowing you to use their inventory. They want you to execute trades because they charge you commission that's how they get paid the trans actually biased. So you have the opportunity to sell something you don't own it advances have fallen in price but if you sell something to enter a trade. Or Andrew position in the markets the way you get out of it is to buy it back but your goals abide back at 39. Now let's just say it fell to 39 which he did. This past week and you ships if you bought it back at thirty knives and other words you sold at 44. And it thirty and you bought it back now the moment you bought a bag they call that covering your Schwartz. The inventory goes right back you brokers so the stock goes right back and there warehouse. Now what happen in your account would you be able to sell it at 44. And buyback at 39 a cover the short of what they call it in buyback if there and and that five dollars a share that stays in your account but your prophet. On 500 shares each 120 covered box on a thousand she he's made five green in six weeks on us five dollar move on the stock. That you never owned. That's shorting that you could do that would GM can do that with the S&P to do that with the NASDAQ. This so much opportunity for people to make money regardless direction the masses are convinced that data is bad down his great. Because it allows the other two to profit regardless of direction what that does it puts you in that elite ability to profit ultimately. And grow consistency over time to reach those goals you set. Exactly champ in shorts on the game changer or not the sponsor of Bulls and Bears online trading academy they understand a lot of people have questions about a lot you'll don't know how to do it. They don't realize that the money that's in their 41 care their hiring they can utilize that to short. They've been told they can't and that is absolutely not true so the unique opportunity that online trading academy as they teach individuals how to short sell them a class specifically on how to short sell. When I love about this class is a 500 dollar value it's taught at the campus online trading academy and he gives a few seats to give away to listeners. And I'm excited about this we have a few c.s to give away we're gonna take callers ten. To twenty pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that's 844. 51 trade for callers tenets 180 a 500 our class and shorting the market from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 84451. Trade. And I'm excited about this chimp is a lot of people have questions about a lot of fuel don't know understand how to do it this 500 dollar class that huge opportunity for the lists are out there. Once again for callers tenets when he bit of a phone call 8445187233. 84451878233. For callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class onshore in the market from our sponsor online trading academy. Once again 84451878233. Chip got a lot more to talk about I'm excited we got a lot more going on. In the next few minutes more poorly this opportunity for listener only if you c.s for callers ten to twenty call right now 84451. That trade. That in champ fumbles in bears some of welcome back the bulls the bears a little bit of severed heads method schemes wealth intelligence like a little Sanford side. Absolutely always have a good time here Bulls and Bears don't forget to head over to FaceBook. Like it said Bulls and Bears radio and now look for some of our FaceBook licenses to oh yeah it's exciting we're going to be launching a whole FaceBook live process where we will do weekly broadcasts and really just try to bang the drum of the messes that you are Smart enough to handle your own money. You can do better if you learn the skills the self direct your money. And that's what we've been the drummer Bulls and Bears because this so many people other that are not learning those skills and they got to run out of money the math is the map but we just trying to be that. Beat in the dark for them. Exactly you know it Jim what's beginner who you know managing and learning your money amid a lot of people don't handle their own money. The average person as a 41 K here for a three beard TSP account or work. They put money away for retirement but they don't know their advisor they don't understand. How that money's work and I don't understand their options. And let's take a moment let's talk about actually what if somebody wants to handle their own money what if someone wants the fire their financial about there where does that look like I mean you and I know we like the called self correcting the what does that really look like for someone to handle and manage their own capital. Well first and foremost. It allows them the ability to profit regardless of direction of the market probably many managed money situations you know you go have a managed dire -- the forward case scenario which is blatant. That you'll only make money one direction you know most of the choices that form care mutual funds which but nothing more than baskets of stocks and from our perspective. And online training academy every time we see somebody's holdings in those forward case. He pretty much tracks the performance of the market as a whole the S&P. So if the S and p.'s up close to three at a percent which it is since 2009. The collapse in the subsequent move lower in price and then ultimately. We've gone straight after almost ten years now. If you literally look at the return the most forward Kaczur less than half of that. So in other words they tracked the performance of the S&P. But they only perform half of the results of the S&P. Which is kind of a conundrum if you think about it is how can something go up. So much and yet I'm tracking that almost dollar for dollar in my counseling up half of that well that's with a fees commit. For the management customs and and that's what everybody's pitching. You know you hear more on the radio say you know get an annuity here put it into you know bonds or have some bond interest in here income and is a lot of things out there and what I want it realizes that all those products that all those people are presenting the U pitching you if you will. You can learn to utilize yourself. So as I can do the same thing that it knew he can do use the same products that make that a new that produced that some return. And not pay all the upfront costs of setting up the new you know is not go to some certified financial planner Reza Reza advisor. And give them my money to set up something that I could do myself. And then pay them an annual fee or some sort of return. Some sort of surrender charges I wanna get my money out. Liquidity if I needed and I'd be able to do my own and and self directive. With the same products that they're using to create that annuity you and I can create the same annuity. That's what we've been in the drama Bulls and Bears for because everybody's pitching yet but you're not Smart enough for sophisticated after handing your money we think that's a lie we've seen it. And the problem is is that a lot of people are biased that up is good and down as bad and that's a lie up as Gooden down his unit and most importantly. You are Smart enough to learn the basic skills to profit regardless of direction and make money consistently without pay and all those fees that are gonna kill you long term. A lot of the major institutions will say that about 50% of any profitability that you do you have. When the market does go up will be eaten up in fees 50% of your prophet. And then when the market collapse and fall to take a full brunt of the loss and you still in charge those feats think about that. So the logic says. If we can do better ourself and it cost us less money why would we and that's what self directing and learning the skills of taking petroleum when it's all about. And that's why we're so adamant about it Bulls and Bears because no one's gonna tell you. They use Mara for the you can have the skill to do this and you are and you can't. One you know let's have a lot of people do you think it's about smarts it's not about smarts is about bonus that are rules. While he'll don't know where to begin and in a lot of people don't think they have the time I'm in my how much time do you think you would take. Is that we're working a full time job to them enough time to set aside just to be able to do news. Outs they probably 7% the students that we have an online trading academy global and talk and worldwide we're talking hundreds of thousands of people. Probably 70% of them in their spare time self direct their income in other words they. They sell direct their wealth they have a retirement account they make the decisions to navigate through market changes in that retirement account so probably seven out of ten of them. Have maybe six to ten hours a month that they contribute to the market. And they effectively are able to self direct. Grow their wealth market direction doesn't matter because you can make money to direction and even in a flat Marty make money keynote to utilizes options and futures so many things in available to us. And the skill set isn't that complicated and that's the key enemy this is really important. It's building a skill set think about any skill set the you've built. When you drive a stick shift when you type issues when you become a lawyer a doctor or paramedic you go through a training period and you build skill. It's no different the markets imagine if you could build a skill. Were the market changed direction to profit from it. If the pace somebody else to give you bad advice on what to buy a lot sense from them because there's some licensed professional. And you could go to the market and select the best opportunity for you on an ongoing basis and consistently do that monthly think about that. That's that really what helps a lot of people get to that next level we look at the retirement account this country the forward case is not a pension. I want to be clear and blue wants. A lot of you listening think that your 41 k.'s pension it's not the savings account it's a finite amount. And if you don't know how to grow consistently no matter what the market doesn't your pain fees regardless what the market does you're never gonna reach a financial goals do the math. It's just math and when you started factor what is gonna take to retire and how much it may need and you look at the average 401K mount this country which is right around a hundred grand. You're gonna run out of money. And that's a real weary in the big move was worried about it a lot of people are and learning the skills of self directing taking controlled foreign key which you can't. To control that iron which you can you have every right to your every legal ability to. Don't let somebody talk you are the ability to control manage your own money because it's available and that's what self threaten isn't you know what's amazing and was seen more and more people wanna learn those skills because. They see no other alternative is they don't take throw that money in Nevin hit those goals they set themselves. What united since all the time champ who cares more about your money than you and that's exactly and I mean do you really think that this advisor as you in the messengers are you just a number just decline Tim. When you learn how to sell direct to separate you from the masses and India should really reaching your financial goals like quicker. Online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand individuals are out there that want to self direct Anderson individuals are out there. The don't know where to begin they don't even understand how to consolidate their accounts they don't know how to open up. Real trading account and they just don't know where to start that's why outlined treaty academy and the class on self directed as a 500 dollar value it's taught at the campus. We've if you cease to give away this class and I'm excited about this opportunity. We're gonna take callers right now ten to 25 pick up the phone call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers tent at 45 to get a 500 our class specifically on. Self directing. Your portfolio from online trading academy regardless of account size or Gaza how much or how little you have. If you wanna managing yourself this is the opportunity for you against the collar ten to 25844. Or 51878233. At 8445187233. For callers ten to 25 to get this 500. Jeff I'm excited about this opportunity a lot of people don't know how to get started. While field opened them enough time they don't think they're Smart enough vision always say. But the average person can't learn how to manage your money that's like online trading academy has this class for callers to the point 5844. 51 that trade this is adamant champ fumbles in bears. There's no way. Oh thanks. Thanks to. Just it's very you know about a nice pair of things it's. Thanks for us. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears a very adamant just go have some laughs have a good time always a good time here bulls the bears. And with the fellas. Steve Chia open. You know like champ one of the things always wanna mention is that for today and over FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio look for some FaceBook live counting coming out soon I'm excited about the idea or really going to be trying to make an impact with the social media crowd out there. Getting the message out that you are Smart have to manage your money that. Market direction shouldn't matter and there's a lot of things that Wall Street considers to be. Truce that we bigger lies in the that the masses commits that they are true and we're gonna try to expose those lies. Give you chance to make money in the financial markets to exactly you know a lot of people other chip they have a desire to make money in the markets a lot of people out there. They'll wanna take their investing to the next level there's people out there that are. United hurts me when I hear someone says they're dabbling in the markets there their trade in their dabbling it's not a hobby but. There are a lot of people out there that want to go marks the next level you know this firsthand what doesn't look like for someone who's treating the market as a hobby or playing in the market. And taken at the next level actually trading for consistent income let's take a moment let's talk that talk about that. Well some of the most successful traders that I know and I've been in this industry since 2000 and exposed to trading by meeting somebody who successfully navigating the collapse. Of the dotcom bubble if you remember the market collapse in 2000 this guy's making a fortune. As the market was falling news do it in in his spare time mania business he's run out of his house who's treated. For a living in my picture of a traitor always was Gordon Gekko with a guy movie Wall Street and you know the movie trading places I didn't have the picture of what a successful trader look like. And a medic guy in his spare time just making money consistently. Even if the leave the house. And so for me I saw that as a spare time opportunities that I could do. As a sideline. In ultimate ultimately eventually get good enough amiga could do for a living but. It was just an entry into the market to make a little extra money him every month by giving an extra 34 bucks a month that would help my family. And that was my introduction of the markets not a lot of people's way into the financial market to read is that they're looking at speculate. And make a little money on price change in the markets and you know it's amazing because Wall Street has the mass is convinced that they're not Smart enough to speculate. And I think that's so untrue when we talk about that a Bulls and Bears console. I believe that if you just understood some basic information that you can consistently make an income in the markets I've seen it happen. That's scene with people from all walks of life. That have literally had 6810 hours a month with a contributed. To putting some time in a learning the markets and they're able to consistently generating income the truck and millions of dolls not talk about movement and a trump towers. We'll talk about next few bucks a month that really supplements their lifestyle. And gives them that ability debt. Have more choices have more money at the end of the month rather a month at the end of the money. And it's amazing because when you start to understand that anybody could learn the skill of trading and assist the process that ultimately with time. Energy you get good at. It just opens the door to such long term opportunity and it's really like change from people. That's exactly what a lot of people want is they want that life changed opportunity which NBC many people that know nothing about the markets opened about trading investing. Learn a skill set learn a skill building process and next thing you know you know a year later there actually generate income talk about them. When I'm in my original mantras that I have no background in trading and investing niece that perfect. He's the only bad habits. He's that you don't have any skills that we need to fix he said you're like a clean slate. And for a lot of people specially a lot of students that I might treat academy. They commit our Kennedy because they're just are not satisfied with their lifestyle or their retirement lifestyle with a picture of what their time is gonna look like. And we're busily working with them on a plan to help them achieve the goals they set based on their time and their capital. And what it does it allows anybody no matter what you do for a living to be able into the financial market arena and once you start to understand that it's a simple process is not easy. But it's a simple process of understanding how to make good better decisions. What it does it opens the door for people to utilize the market for spare time income source in this so many different things that you can utilize this stocks this. Currencies and futures and options and digital currencies mean I've met people at a made. A lot of money in the bitcoin industry inferior and so it is just such great opportunity for people to utilize the market to speculate for profit in you can do from your own home. And then the convenes your home and that's really what allows a lot of people there really get excited about. Trading and investing because it gives him the chance to be able supplement without having to go punch clock somewhere else and what's great about it is that we start to create dead additional income. It's like changing but more importantly if you really get good at the skill they can grow to have. Really where the markets and provide do it above average lifestyle on a barge quality life and I've seen that as well and that's nice when you get to that. Lifestyle that really gives you the choices that you ultimate would love to have that dream life it's available in the markets of their field. If you understand how to create new income using them it's really can change for a lot of people. Exactly and online trading academy as sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand a lot of people out there are looking forward an additional streaming come they're looking to trade for a living. I don't know how to get into that don't know where he gets started there. Trying to figure out how and where to begin an online trading academy as a class at the 500 dollar value on trading for income. It's not right at their campus you do not want to miss out on this and the few c.s to give way blisters right now. Pick up the phone and call 84451. Trade be callers ten to 22 when a 500 dollar class on trading for income from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 84451. Trade. 84451878233. For callers ten to twenty to get a 500 art class and train for income from our sponsor online trading academy. Again as a 500 dollar class power ride at their campus you do not want to miss out on this 8445187233. For callers ten to twenty. That's 84451878233. Again a unique opportunity this is adamant champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears a gross Adam it's just go out with a blast that was good time here in studio don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio. Look for some of our new FaceBook lies such as of yet coming up excited about that. Champ always talk about variety of different things here Bulls and Bears always talking about you know it actually the sponsor Bulls and Bears online trading academy wanna take a moment. And I wanna check in with the school. You know yet Chris shells is one of the senior coaches down there he's gonna actually be able hopefully tell us what's happening down at online treat academy. And on the local level and what's great about the campus is that there's a lot of activity going on them daily bases people all different walks of life. And Chris if you can listen in and you hear us out what's happening down there on the local campus. Well champ Tom I tell you there's there's never a dull moment at the campus. And as of right now we've got two different classes that are going on. We are taught in our generating calmer you know introduction a learning how to treat drink and we got some students that are on campus and you know their focus at the you don't leverage product. And we spent some time for talking about leveraged products and earned here right now learning how do you deliver carcass are getting their gold at a quicker rate. You know once you once you learn how probability or its work you can use lever to take it to the next level we got a lot of folks here that are doing exactly that. Let's go and on the other side that things we got some folks are also in your morning. Learning the system the learning the patented process the trading investing at each Saturday keach is that. And got to matters and any minute just now getting introduced you how to make better decisions in the financial markets. That's great when you talk about leverage products what does it what particular asset class that they focused on this week. Well this week we've got to focus in the futures market. I'm fact of the matter is we can use the futures market to start hitting our gold because you can get a bigger return with a smaller capital investment and you don't wanna bingo I have found working with a lot of students is that you know regardless of warrior like people typically always want the saint saint. Yup they're looking for the big a surcharge on our money. They want the smallest capital investment to get that return. You know did they want the most opportunity for that return and then once every descend on the wanna keep the majority other terms of accident. Once you start to realize that's stock really don't think you view that opportunity but the other products like Forex futures does it is trying to open the sort of more more opportunity. It's amazing because when I've traveled the world online trading academy in all the cultures we remain focused on stocks we focus on these other asset classes like you talked about. Fusion is encouraged and options because they give you that leverage aspect you don't need to have a ton a capita is done on a shoestring are there any. You know give media idea with the demographic sorrow of the academy as far as the class the future is classed. I would look at a people at a more older or younger I mean what's kind of a cross section look like over there. We know in years past it seemed as if there was only. You know a certain group of people that were looking at the financial markets such a day. There's so many more people that are exploring number they're trying to take advantage of the opportunity in the markets. So we got a huge huge diverse group of people that are students of the school. Armaments in the books or we've got folks that are. Very young and still early stated in like trying to figure out how to get ahead of the game and we've got folks unfortunately sometimes they're a bit older but didn't quite figure out a money game and what they do it Mauer. While now to target. You know they got a tear how to handle their money so we got a lot of students that are trying to figure out how to attack yet. And have you seen anybody utilizing futures for the first time ever this week is the academy and and put some trades on actually seen some results. It's actually really exciting folks start to explore different markets outside the stock at a torch rely that opportunity. We got a lot of folks earnest last for the very first time to figure out how to use futures in their favor. You know one of the neat things about the futures market for example that you can you do they're not you know in retirement account we don't necessarily have to have. All of our money invested in that risk in the market when we can't a leopard car to get the same return. They keep a majority of your money safe that's seen answer for a lot of folks. That's awesome man you know it's great to hear that the people learn those skills and that. They'll eventually be able utilized those asset classes like futures and currencies and options over and over and over again they are really just is that. Understanding of basic. Introduction of the markets and really what's important is that when people such a learned that skill that they can replicate it and do it over and over and over again so we appreciate it may Kristen. Thanks for chicken Elisa knows a lot going on down there for step now that the mix there for a second touch are baseless so again. Check it with Chris shells down there at the local campus always a pleasure Chris thanks so much in now we'll talk again next week. Absolutely and our portrait thanks Chris. In a chip one of the things Lotta times people are talking about is they don't know where to begin I don't know where to get started take a moment talk about what is it like for someone to get into your trading amnesty. Well it's amazing because of Christmas is talking about is that most of the students at the academy. When they come through there they're really don't have a knowledge of hot even open an account how to fund an account in so. Really they just need to step by step process system if you can a rule based plan that they can follow. What people begin to understand is that missy when there's this path to walk on a stair step if you will that they can learn from. It allows them to realize that maybe they can ultimately learn the skill of trading and investing. And it gives them an a hole open more importantly gives them a path that allows them to be successful. And if they're wrong and if they make a bad decision it's not crippling it's a small loss pre defined its minimized and that's one of the things at the school talks about that we loved a bang the drum here Bulls and Bears that yet deadly rule basically incident that takes the emotion on the decision. And that introductory path that introduction to trading and investing becomes much less daunting when you realize that assistant recipe. And a set of rules to follow that really hopes a lot of people helps Lotta people. To reach that next level. Exactly and online trading academy a sponsor bulls mayors they understand a lot of people are out there they don't know where to begin they don't know how to start trading. I don't know how to start investing a lot of people struggling how to get into that's the reason why they're not doing it. Online trading academy as a class specifically on the introduction of treaty invested when I love about this class. As for the person is brand new maybe have a 401K and you never traded you never manage it maybe a money in the market or maybe have no money in the market you're looking to get in. Is unique opportunity as a 500 dollar value classes taught right at the campus. We're able to give some seats away we're gonna take callers right now fifteen to thirty is a 500 dollar value pick up the phone right now call 84451. Trade that the 844. 51 trade for caller fifteen to thirty to get a 500 our class an introduction to trading investing from our sponsor online trading academy. At 844518723384451878233. For caller fifteen to thirty to get this 500 art class on trading investing again 844. Five up one trade is is adamant champ on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears and bears that averages go up against the glass relatively good time here bulls bears. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook like resembles a Bear's radio and outlook for some of our FaceBook live content coming to you see them excited about that. She have other things like take a moment talk about is a lot of talk about the opportunity to market presents itself a lot of individuals. That the market to them is just there they don't know what to do it that they don't know how to manage their 401 k.s or higher is. Let's take a moment let's separate those who treat the market as a business was taken the next levels talk about trading as position. Well most times when people start a business and a lot of small business owners atlas in the Bulls and Bears. It's the backbone of American employees the masses I mean most people that work for companies in this country work for small businesses so it is the back. Mown and the problem is that a lot of people love the dream they want a bill suddenly have equity and they wanna have a piece of the pie they wanna be a beloved. Will look to their kids or turn around sell it make a profit. And so it becomes the dream you know the land of opportunity yet this country's become the land of the secure jobless benefits because so few people take advantage of the dream. And so when you think about it. Ought to be would you take advantage of the American dream they start a small biz lot of times it's very Coston it's it's cost prohibitive it's. It's taxing its a lot of work it's a lot of running around it's a lot of overhead a liability insurance and worker's comp and product and inventoried people all your money and lines of credit and he can really take a told our people and most misses don't make it most fail. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try because the dream is the dream in in order to get to the next WD something that's outside the ordinary be in Al wire. But imagine if you could find a business where. You didn't have to Wear but inventory you have to worry about products you don't have to worry about workers copper employees are building our staff for. Liability insurance in your overhead was relatively low he never had to leave your house in every Tony wanted to sell a truck that somebody will abide it to me devise a noticeably Willis LT. Think about that. That's the dream. That's ultimately taken a business. That has you obviously don't buy it read the Bible still celery to help make money. In changing the price of products. And not to do it any a traditional headaches of most businesses. That's the financial markets that's trading and investing. Welcome to the party. And see what's great about is when people begin to realize that what I love about. On my treaty can we meet business owners will need a lot of them on a local level people that have tremendous success and the command they wanna learn the skills of trading and investing because. They see the business opportunity see the concept they see the picture that this is the American opportunity free market. Without a lot of traditional headaches it's amazing because it's a league right now driving down the road your contract he got letters on the top via truck here we go from job to job. It chastened money I get it I've been that guy. And it's not work it is not turn over and you're looking for a better opportunity will trading invest in the financial markets is that opportunity yet to be Smart. He's got to learn the skill just like any good business have a plan go to work. Watch what happens it's alive and well folks it's the financial markets trading is a business if you can understand it. Treat like a business function as. The business we can pay you like a business in the can really. To give the next level financially more portly unit time freedom we enjoy. All the work you put it. Which can be said of keywords through that whole thing is is the plan a lot of people have no plans to add a gold and retire them gold started business have a goal quit their job to do some of the new. And it always bulls down they don't have a plan they don't have a steppingstone how Paramount is that in intrigue as well like any good business you have to have a process and a plan that you layout that he gonna follow repeatedly over time and be good at. Same thing we're trading and investing. Once if you understand how to be successful at anything in life it takes time and effort in G same as trading and investing but the key things is. The results can be just dramatic. Exactly and online trading academy is sponsored Bulls and Bears they understand a lot individuals are out there they're looking to do something different they're looking to start a business they wanna get in the trading investing they don't know where to begin and that's whatever class taught at the campus. Called trading as a businesses a 500 dollar value class. Talk right at the campus we have a few c.s to give away you do not want to miss out on this of Bieber is wanting to take you're trading investing the next level this is the opportunity for you. We're gonna take callers ten to 25 pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that's 84451. Trade for scholars tend at 45 to get to 500. I'm treating as a business from our sponsor online trading academy that's 84451872338445187233. For callers ten to 25 to get this 500 dollar class. Chip I appreciate you this week always a good time. 844. 51. Trade is adamant champ fumbles in bears.