Man Flu, Panther's For Sale, and John's picks from CES

John Hancock
Wednesday, January 10th

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This is John Hancock. And jumping here I had to be here 2545. By North Carolina legalize as there are recreational marijuana. I don't think will be the lab studies that will be a long way. South Carolina. Alabama. They're beautiful amended bill 2528. Time. Mobility got. Hey there hi there ho there. Or is though Wednesday is. So there's an article in the paper this morning and it talks about public comment saw on energy on speeding up Duke Energy or coal ash cleanup on course to big controversy here almost rather not. Duke. You know seeking to pass the other coal ash costs on new customers so whether or not we pay the freight on this or not none will be interesting and contentious and panel itself but. Anyway there is say they they proposed a consent order. That would accelerate the timetable for pawns. At the Allen plan out there and gassed and county just down the road from the the you know lavish show Hancock a state. And and the Marshall plan after a lake Norman and rogers' plan in Rutherford county and so they're looking for Rick it Britain comment Sunday a proposal. A an agreement between duke in the state Environmental Management commission. And of those comments can be submitted between. And us or if you got a comment you're towed right. Baba sledge. We're really. Coal ash the guy the guy's name is sledge. But you're across that from time to time you know like I've. A guy who and drives a taxi use less famous. Driver there you know some stupid like that. And flower owns flora shop. They're better fuel there's been no there was there was a state. Now I can't remember who wants. There was a state employee these two get lots of our present and her name went perfectly with her position. It. Well Larry sprinkle and that's apparently a rail they've been out until I didn't think of that one. So loved it Bob sledge North Carolina division of all water resources and discernment to be. The muted the guy was almost destined to be. We want to be in that. It to be in the position. I'm I don't think I have the flu I think I had this couldn T gotten it yet. It barely lasts for seven weeks. My wife said it a week longer than I have had it. And she's still got it. So I know I got at least another week ago and this is talk about this briefly yesterday I ever really ever felt bad. I'm actually my voice is stronger right now than I've done that it. But I you know I heard a blow my nose every thirty minutes otherwise say start to leak. So loved. There was that article that appeared bill before we all went on vacation and got this I don't think it's the flu if I was the flu I would know a road right. I just think this is just the worst cold of all times. Which means I still have the flu look forward to because no Virginia didn't get the damn flu shot. Now about one thing and what was it November wells tell gonna come right up on kids first of our heroes terrified we just started gives first. And that lasted two days. So it was too long to be food poisoning in too short to be the flu. I have no idea what balance. But then again this called. And there was an article before we all went on vacation talking about is the man flew a real thing. You're heard about the man flew. The long rumored theory that a man experiences the flu worse than women. And they determined this might actually be trouble. We're not just whiners. Well we are but I mean not in this particular case there might be some validity to what week. British medical journal of study has found a limited evidence that myth and have a harder time of it with the flow. I know from research I've done since last July when I was diagnosed diabetic type two. Bomb. Apparently that's not supposed to be a real asset with it with colds and flu would still be there. But anyway a women apparently have a stronger immune system a million. Women are more responsive to vaccines the men. And testosterone ax as say a immune. Oh so precedent. Well estrogen operates in reverse. Guys with a lot of testosterone tend to get the flu worse. Those of you who would never get the flu. Probably need to go to the clinic. You've heard the commercials. If you haven't had the flu and errors. Whether you got load tape. Just say and. Go ahead take a look at your co worker of guided sitting right there in the cubicle next year's he's got missed a day and work. In six years. It's probably some that LC has done in six years. Well apparently the the Smiths boys are give in cahoots with the some modest so. Business. Group Lou. As talks. There is so much speculation going on right now about the future of the Panthers and and the location of the next stadium which hasn't even been requested yet enough. And I don't know if that's just the day if you if you have to write the stories. Before somebody else speculates or writes the speculative story. Or are do we it didn't do the powers that be already know who's gonna buy the team. Our men and an already know that there's gonna be a stadium request. It did just seems like. Bruce this story is move faster than the story. Because it that the team wasn't even heard. Unofficially. For sale. Until we lost the game last weekend. An area know that officially it's even for sale now yet officially. There was some speculation after the game that maybe the NFL would not want the distraction while the playoffs were going on my and so you know maybe the actual. Ability to bid it. Would what would not take place until after what is the Super Bowl February. 4. Some of them. But anyway there's say. Via the Charlotte Observer is saying that to Felix a lot of us. Said Wednesday today that he is talking to Marcus Smith. Who would do it and represented as well Bruton Smith. Who doesn't do a lot of it and Collison anymore. We've way inquired about his health on the number of occasions we opened well we're poisonous relationship with Bruton. Except during those short periods of time we haven't. But but it Betty way to go Britain news to be and that regular listener to the show and now. So we always enjoy it when number and called. And of enjoyed my association of known Bruton for the last 27 years only billionaire probably ever really known. Marvin Davis but he went to billionaire when I knew him a thousand years ago in Denver. Tom. So loud. So Marcus and no Bruton. In the past have expressed an interest in no buying the a football team of whatever came up for sale and us about a says he's talked with Marcus and that they are very interested in joining our group and he had told the observer it makes sense for them to join up with us and it makes sense for us to join up with them. I think the consensus were probably be that Marcus. Is probably easier to work with the Bruton. But I don't think that means the markets as any kind of a push over which you don't know until the point of you know how much cashed in May actually get our hands on any given time and none of this than the other now of course they've been in pursuit of a Major League soccer team. And and of course they've got their. There I empire which is a built on motor sports. 2016 interview us Smith expressed interest in buying the Panthers this would be Bruton I believe who said it would be an incredible opportunity in such a neat opportunity to rid our property for anybody to it to be able to. Shepherd into the future action I think that is a Marcus quote. Some modest says his group started with five businessmen and added to race car drivers who are they failed they declined to name. We figure. Dale. Dale would be a good one. Danica. Not only what else is she had to do well. He goes up so that book. Maybe it's Kyle. Kyle drove for Felix about a sub back and they don't glory days via mellow yellow days. Becoming across the race lined. The first all star race under the lights out into Charlotte motor speedway I think it was called Lowe's Motor Speedway then men. Are wrecked with a Davey Allison does say okay you crossed the finish line after earnhardt's spun out and between Terrence three and four I was there that night. Scott Norris of metric riches took me the late Scott Norris understand above. Sort of hear about that. Anyway they some modest group also includes two of the teams existing minority owners those are also. And the unnamed. I would think mr. bulls for Erskine by Apollo might be one of those he sits on a pretty good to a chunk of change from love. A springs industries and all that. Cease and modest group isn't the only bidder to emerge for the Panthers the Panthers valued at 2.3 it's volatile probably sell for about 2.5 to two point eight. A billion dollars. Our intent is to stay here in Charlotte sister bought us but it will be up to our the mayor of the City Council if we stay here or go somewhere else because we need to build a new building. But I expect we will get to a very good cooperation from the people in the city. He said he Euro won't to reach out to the city until we have some. They would talk about. Yeah we gotta gotta own the team before you could start to negotiating via stadium. So by this group gets it then as you see he's he's already sent up the flag Elmer and arrested for new stadium and maybe that's a given I assume it probably is with any ownership group. Because that's the first move and normally you're gonna do anyway is mirror dog you've already got yourself paranoid audience people are saying oh my god oh my god with the new ownership really gonna like this are they gonna stay here they gonna move the team to. Now they could move the stadium. Speculation that a couple of up publications today that maybe site down around Caroline is. I'll make you remember worthy all night stadium used to be. Back there are no Fort Mill or some speculation may be that that landed that area and through there might be go right for a stadium South Carolina go across the South Carolina line. I think there's tax benefits to go on over there. You also solve your if you find yourself a big enough swath of land you solve the parking problems because one of the things that. He even if you were to come up with some high political idea don't put a lid on the air on an Ericsson stadium. Are not Bank of America Stadium. Even if you could figure out some way to retrofit. A cover on. Under current stadium. You still haven't solved prod the parking problems and this is how sports is change that used to be stadiums were a place where you won't put butts. But let's don't robots aren't all that important anymore. Now you've got to own concessions now you've got owned this yacht owned met the stadiums have to make money. And part of the way that the stadiums make money is that you also have to owed the parking. If you get within. A thousand yards to the front door of AT&T stadium down there and Arlington Jerry Jones Dallas. You'll probably pay in a hundred bucks for parking space. If you get within a mile and a half or two miles of your probably paid fifty bucks for a parking space and anything in between is. And that's where they make a lot of their money and that's what Bank of America Stadium doesn't give you they don't know in the parking all other the parking zone by other entities so they would like to build a new stadium they would like to get a lid on it and they were like don't the parking. So we'll see what happens but apparently the Smith boys are talking to the supply this group enough. And now literally stood give you a well a local steak. And that excites me more than ditty. I learned something from us got dollars column today on these sports section of the Charlotte Observer that I did not know. Mike Shula who was fired yesterday of Ferraro or us offensive coordinator for the Panthers. One of his best ideas. Shula is actually the one that's responsible. Port Cam Newton. And the football giveaway after panther touchdowns. I guess I always assumed that was a Cam Newton deals. In it is Cam Newton deal because he's the one that religiously make sure gets accomplished I think its coolest thing ever. I I don't know why everybody every player in league hasn't a stolen that I understand there may be cinemanow values so much touchdowns that you wanna keep the ball for your trophy case but other than that I think it's the greatest thing ever. In fact one of my favorite Scott Feller columns of all time. Was where he reviewed. As many of those kids as he could find their wrote a column at the end of was a last season season before last. About the kids who had been the recipient of those footballs I mean I thought that was a very cool story. But anyway show up parallel is the one that's responsible for really one of the best ideas as a fellow writes today in the observer in one of the most our beloved traditions and no panther history. Now and that's Cam Newton. And the players on the team generally. I mean have you gotten to the point worry when they score if you watched that football they'll drop that football and another opposing player opaque and upper official or. You can look no no no don't accept. Anyway 2011. Newton's a rookie. Original celebrations were Superman spruce and all that kind of stuff. The a look at me I just scored stuff. And then on October 23 according to Scott Fowler column today India paper. Newton scores ought to run against Washington. And he was talking directly. Shula was talking directly into Newton's headset. As usual. And Newton recounted later quote he meaning Shula. He says when you celebrate it's not a celebration unless you give back he says you do all that riff Raff whatever you do. But at the end you should give that football to a little kid. You find a little kid close quote. So after I did whatever I did Newton continued I heard somebody Shula in my headsets saying it. Given to a little kid give it to a little kid that I looked up and there was this kid just believe in premiered here. So I gave it to him. And that started the tradition. So. Whether you're happy that Mike Shula will not. Video offensive coordinator does a bit of coordinators always take a lot of lot of grief. I had some time or another 11 day there are a hero a note here after the Minnesota game we thought we had the best offensive coordinator in the history of mankind at the end of the season we are pretty much thought boy discuss Sox. Some way you know it all depends on know what kind of a day of just had. But. Give give Mike Shula credit. Four. Taking no mister look at me. Mr. self absorbed. Which may be part of the problems that the Panthers what their quarterback tool if he. And still question mr. dedicated he has to be great. To full time job you don't have time long time for marketing and branding and yet. You gotta be run those steps in the off in just as Jerry Rice. But anyway one of the coolest traditions ever end one that I truly love about cam these days as when he scores. The are the other players still. They seem to knowingly. Have scouted out the stadium Medicare is a time no matter which into the owns his own good therein and they kind of know where that kid areas. Or were those kids are. And they get that football though like united suggests one of the greatest things ever I can you imagine how many of those footballs or sit and how many kids rooms. So those kids who we're probably what. Eight or nine when they got him an hour in their teens. And before you know it will be in their twenties and how many of those football's end up but I know offices of future executives who got a football from Cam Newton when barriers Alston and Leo stands at the now defunct and obsolete. Bank of America Stadium. You remember that stadium nurture. That pilot traps that it never its own parking and it never roof. Didn't have concierge service. All the things that you. Before and they are gonna footballs to assist just in case you hadn't red the schedule next year's not out yet but we do know who won't play next year. And you're 2018 opponents will include all the home games against the players and our division. Atlanta New Orleans and Tampa day. But tech coming of Bank of America Stadium yeah it'll still be around next season. Dallas the giants. Hello Dave Gelman. Maybe that's the day they should do Steve Smith day. When the giants come to doubt NASA then they should retire his Jersey you're. Yeah that would be good on the net. Well I don't know if we'd love that or not but that would be. Just as a kind of odd twist of the knife that would be pretty extinct halftime when an. They're gonna do it sometime I think it's probably more up to Steve now that it is anybody else's two. How much Haiti still has her apparently there's some animosity between Newman Rivera which I didn't know about it and told. Some are recently. But anyway I Dallas comes to town next rear the New York Giants come to town next year Seattle. Cincinnati. In Baltimore and we are on the road obviously to Atlanta and oral to Tampa Bay and will go up to Philadelphia. In their quarterback will be back. And we'll go to Washington. In a visit Josh. Jerry's doing. I and Detroit Pittsburgh and Cleveland so that'll that'll be your your your schedule next year. I US immigration officials agents descended on dozens of 7-Eleven stores before dawn Wednesday only to find out that they couldn't get the slur to import and AM. It's no actually. They have descended on dozens of 7-Eleven stores. Before dawn to open employment audits and interview workers in what officials described as the largest operation against an employer under Donald Trump's presidency. Agents. Targeted about a hundred stores nationwide. This is a broadening an investigation that began and you might recalled with a four year old case against Leo franchisee. On nine New York's Long Island. And these hiring audits will this have to see where that goes but there could be criminal charges or large find someplace down the line but that old. That'll be one of the headlines that you will see in your news today and I don't know if your read the front page of the observer today or if you've been to their website Charlotte Observer dot com. But the autopsy. Has been released on Erica Parsons. And then a little girls. And the worst. Life. Debt it any body could of ever. Handed her. And I don't know what happens to sandy. And Casey Parsons who are both died in jail but not for the way that they treated her. Com. They're in their for a two for accepting assistance checks totaling more than 121000 dollars. Cashing adoption assistance checks. On this little girl that I mean they just. I'll be used in in ways they just it's unbelievable when you read the story in the broken bones and a chipped teeth or not. And noted and they conditions under which she. Spent her very short life. You can't get these two people hill faster than. But I hope they never see the light of day again. And you know it's Erica. I don't know we are so sorry. This to said says story. I don't know wait until 4 o'clock. And demographic just stuff came up the last couple days about to. Today's generations and and attend demographic trends shaping me USO want to bore you all to end but there's some. Pretty interesting stuff and there are so Lola talk about that when we come back and I made a reference to it just pays those few seconds ago are now worth over a hundred billion dollars. And that the that the biggest. Take away from that article. Lynn Blumberg that I read last night 89%. Of online spending. Among dominant holiday retailers. Seattle. Based Amazon. 89%. Of online spending went to Amazon. That's phenomenal. Com and and that then that that did that put to. That put DO market value online shopping giant's market value up by almost 57%. That's a pretty good month. So what we'll talk about that if you as well we're tyra Bank of America Stadium mud and the speculation on the sale all know the new stadium and seems like other cards before the horse on an awful lot of this stuff puts them is gonna write the article before somebody else read the article. Time and now so we'll see where all of that goes and Adams up on no 704571110. AM. Page on Howard thank you. Yeah I don't sorted out make a comment or not been thinking about some you know open early instead a lot of it is about. Building and do you know billion dollar stadium and nobody really mention of the fact that there's really nothing structurally wrong with Bank of America Stadium. And dumb you know about renovating it instead of spending another billion dollars to build and do one. Data South Carolina and they elect them out and all that nom you know sort of that. It's set out there and do other people thought. Well I read I read some that I don't remember who wrote that the other day but they were saying surely from a technological standpoint if you actually wanted to put a roof on bank of listeria about a stadium. Or you wanted to put a canopy over the top of it to win open almost like the Cowboys Stadium does. Technologically could probably do that today for less than a billion dollars but. The other problem that sticks out to me immediately on that is. These new palaces that are being built Mercedes been stadium and I Atlanta and now AT&T stadium down there and Arlington. Also contend have all the surface lots around them and so the owners now. Are not only making money on the stadiums and the suites. And the everything else too you probably could. Fit Bank of America Stadium and but they also owned all the land were all the parking staking place and that parking revenue is what sets Bank of America Stadium a side. From all the egg palaces that are being built today that's a bad represents a lot of revenue. Yeah optimized to just singing I'll come back to money. That dumb yeah yeah apart but is there are press corps talking this morning about it okay they've built a billion dollar stadium forty they would. What you know the one you have now just in Jared Allen you know caught BMI that thought it was an interesting thing that they are not negative new owner or you're gonna be paying. In other taxpayers to be paid pretty billion dollar stadium what you mean you don't live in Mecklenburg County morgue but did you its interstate. They have now and then ended and it's been you know it's common I mean you know what's coming. Percent they're gonna you know they're gonna build they've got to go out open shot. It's like edges you know there's a playing. Hurt for Bank of America Stadium like it does it just it's just great. Well you only get 20/20 five years out of a stadium down by the time they build a new one of those that the other to be about 25 years from Bank of America Stadium so the old days of Mile High Stadium and in Soldier Field in no Lambeau undisclosed places that stayed for you know forty and fifty years or longer. Those days are over and and and soldiers feel what they got out how big of an uphill was that on a Soldier Field and lamb bowel. Lambeau you do is you can't do anything with that that's holy land up there. Script exactly and directly. Tom Adam appreciate golf. Yeah don't you do coffee goes and just to enroll come back on the other side and talk about how our coverage Jeffries whose whose. Hundred billion dollars. To keep by the Panthers. Kill the one thing that we talked about with the air expand bird when they were going for Major League soccer was. Memorial stadium. And now Thelma probably just hold on to that because someday in the next ten to fifteen years so let's gonna wanna build a Major League Baseball stadium lofts over there and whatever war dead is for your parking woes and then take more Bank of America Stadium is now. And consider that for your future baseball stadium. While Mike was give you the news. There were some updates that were off flash and over a social media. Update sun know my iPad president trump refuses to commit to Robert Mueller interview for Russia probe. Associated Press basically saying the same trump says it seems unlikely he'll give an interview and Mueller investigation says quote on quote all see what happens. There was. About took Friday. We started to hear about Mueller investigators so being Anderson and interviewing the president. That. His team of investigators had expressed interest in speaking what Donald Trump. Are there orally no deet tails. Said at that stage. Including a Gator you Oprah possible interview or anything along those lines and I'm still not aware of videos specifics like that. These scope of the questions or even whether or not the interview would did take place. Also all of that was cut up in the up in the air White House spokesman pointed out to to a statement from the White House lawyer Ty Cobb. Saying that the White House does not publicly discuss its conversations with the Mueller. And an insular brought up the question as to whether or not. Trump could refuse to talk to two Mueller. If he was subpoenaed. To answer questions. Could the White House successfully refuse to have to make him available. And that was addressed by NBC end up Pete Williams. I said that the president would could cite his Fifth Amendment right not to testify against himself. They point out that that would. Curious about pretty significant political risk. The White House given no indication at that point to the president would refuse. To answer Mueller's questions. But the way that USA today and AP phrase their or updates today. Does say that president trump refuses. To commit. Two. Robert Mueller's interview on the Russian probe. But then a piece says that trump says it is it seems unlikely. He'll lug given interviews so. As far as I know USA today may be using the word commit worm possibly they shouldn't I know. So on like depressed too. Not being spot on with their. Use of words. These Supreme Court has never directly addressed the question about whether a president can't refuse to cooperate in a criminal investigation potent Chile involving his own conduct. That's because no president has ever fought such a request there were two other cases where the court has suggested that there are. That there's no authority to decline. Nixon failed when he tried to shield his White House tapes from the Watergate prosecutor who wanted them as evidence and not charging presidential aides with crimes related to the scandal. The court rejected Nixon's claim that the recordings were protected by executive privilege. And then that. Little bit more resent. The Supreme Court ruled that Clinton bill. Was not immune from a lawsuit filed by Paula Jones who would accused him of a sexual harassment. And that ruling involved a private civil case in the court said that the need for evidence and they are prosecution was even greater. Said we have made clear that. In a criminal case the powerful interest of the in the fair administration of criminal justice requires that the evidence be given under appropriate circumstances. Less the very integrity of the judicial system be eroded close quote. There are two former White House counsels that agreed that trump would have no legal grounds other than the Fifth Amendment to reject. A subpoena. For his testimony. Clinton actually became the first sitting president ever questioned by prosecutors about his own conduct. That was in nine. B eight. Previous presidents have cooperated in criminal investigations while in office Reagan was one of Demi answer written questions from these special counsel investigating guy Iran Contra scandal. Jimmy Carter gave Ford depositions and no criminal cases related to his own conduct Gerald Ford. Gave a videotaped deposition. In the trial of a woman accused of trying to assassinate him a century earlier. Ulysses grant then the president gave a long deposition in a criminal case. And so whiskey ring scandal. Armed so they say well it's unlikely that a trump could successfully refused to answer Mueller's questioned if subpoenaed. How he does so would probably could probably would probably be negotiated and that would be as to whether or not they can actually force him to appear. On new videotape for a bad debt position. They may have settle for written answers written answers would probably be safer you would think. You have. You have more people who can make sure that you're not. Course what does president. As soon as they. Painstakingly made sure that all the answers so were. Tailored exactly the way they need to be tailored with no. A misuse of words are opening yourself up for any kind of prosecution then he get on. Betty tweet some of that out. And and an independent. And undo all that good work. Mile they say could try to some of the president to appear in court there was lawyers concise PS the Clinton president in no seek to have the questioning done in the White House. In its ruling in the us in the Clinton civil case the Supreme Court said we assume that the testimony the president both for discovery and for use in trial. May be taken at the White House. But that was a civil case with no grand jury solo Woolsey were all of that goes but anyway just for the sakes of a clarification at least as regards. Morris a specified by a Pete Williams of NBC news. Total probably could not refuse a Mueller subpoena. I to answer those questions and know which story others are breaking right now I've had a chance to research. USA today's update says the president has refused. To commit to Robert Mueller's interview. After Russia. Russia probe NDP is quoting nearly saying had they did trump. Says he would see as says it quote unquote seems unlikely. Then he'll give a interview in the Mueller investigation. Saying all see what happens. I would assume that the AP is probably the more to a more accurate those two stories. There's a little bit of difference between a refusal. And a seems unlikely we'll see what happens. So loved anyway that's the that's the update from mark but I coming out of the news this afternoon. Jeff Bezos. Amazon. Net worth reached a 105. Point one billion. Dollars. Monday. In the Bloomberg billionaires index. Shares added to a twelve month surge that has lifted the on line shopping giant's market value by almost 57%. Of the Goodyear. Amazon shares have risen six point 6%. This year. Weather report showing that the Seattle based company captured this is astounding to me. 89%. Of online spending among the dominant polity or retailers. In the five week period beginning the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. 89%. Of online spending for the holidays took place through Amazon. Which I think means that they pretty much own UPS and FedEx and editor would never be had at that point. Holy smokes. The our latest jump has pushed b.s those pays us. When lent his name up to this sort could miss pronounce again gonna miss pronounce that it's Bay's those according to his own lips. Found a video of him saying hi I'm Jeff Bay's those. The latest jump pushed his fortune. Definitely above the a higher reach of Bill Gates from Microsoft. In 1999 the Amazon founder pass to gates in October. With a net worth of 93 point eight billion dollars and his fortune crossed 100 billion for the first time a month later. When the holiday shopping season kicked off fund a Black Friday. Just in case is not find this to be producing number two. Gates. Would have a net worth of more than 150. Billion dollars. If he had held on to assets that he's given away largely to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He has given away almost 700 million Microsoft shares and two point nine billion of cash and other assets since the 1996. According to analysis of his so public disclosed giving. So he would be worth 15050. Billion. Now can you match I mean it's one thing to talk about one of the lottery that's already more money than you'll ever. And that this is paper numbers I don't think Bezos could basically go to the bank today and say hey. Wanna cash out. But you gotta figure the guy can probably want. Did pretty healthy. Few billion dollars logged off to the side that can never via. But that kind of money. I mean that's just that's has the money you. The dreams are made of although I don't know that the dreams would be any bigger yet 150 billion or a hundred billion dollars or via 346 million dollars. What would you do with that kind of money as it is that's the that's the daydream of everybody. That's why to some extent somebody's that's why buy a lottery tickets. Not many of them one always have a number running. It gives you the ability Ted. Fantasize. Oh what I don't know log cabin up round Estes Park someplace they'd actually be more of a log house. A lodge. There's a place up there. And I can be given name of it's a hundred some odd years old it's for sales gonna auction a couple of times. Well I would take somebody along there are no probably put fifty million dollars and it just to get it back up to snuff. It's a legendary. Structure operandi Estes Park between no word and Estes Park. And Agile by a heartbeat and refurbish it too. To its original. So it can be saved for the next generations. Yeah there'd be a house side have a house and Estes Park. I have a house here although wouldn't be as extravagant news I was looking and how also drew in the mudslides and Oprah Winfrey the mudslides on California that's Oprah Winfrey's neighborhood. Fifteen million dollar house Sheehan Stedman live in beautiful. I don't need a fifty billion dollar house. I'd probably have a plane. All right the one of the headlines in the paper today says that Marcus and Bruton Smith are talking to the feelings about this group about to joining their group responsible buyers of the Carolina Panthers we. Here in Italy BG studios here that boomer and Blake Montana and also may not be offering up a few dollars be part of that ownership group but. In the meantime luxurious no comment on any of this. He's bringing you a traffic MarketWatch. There's still for a 77 there's 43 and areas the future part. Corner of the Carolina Panthers boomer vodka in well thanks so much I'm still looking for slot on the lineup for good talking to riverboat but give my wide receiver slot. Yeah I heard I heard that horrible I had a had a discussions withdrawn three years about being an offensive lineman for the and I don't talk that way and I'm not I'm not solution veteran I don't think a quick enough to be 00 wide receiver but. That I don't think the competition's all that great right now and I. All the good ones are injured people let's go out there a momentous time for practice those got the well practice Bono relatives. And that contract just not a game it felt that I I take the Iverson deal on practiced hard and I let them. I just want to look good neither of you that I got was all about right now that the right there that's it John you've got it. That's that. Iceland has made it illegal to pay men more than women for doing the same job that they are. New law that when their effect on January the first and applies to any company or a government agency was 25 or more employees. They say that they have for two get government certification no of their equal pay policies. If you violate that legislation and Iceland which is the first kinda of its kind in the world. Then you window face fines no Iceland already has a higher level of gender equality. With nearly half of its parliament made up of women in the World Economic Forum ranking it has the world's most gender equal country India in the last nine years. Now by comparison just don't by the way the United States it's 49. And for those of you don't know. Iceland is the place that you wanna go because it's so beautiful and green and screen one that you know ought to go because it's not green NIC. But I assume everybody already knew them. So there you go Iceland has made it illegal to pay women more than no men. Researchers haven't headed out to tracker. Daylight savings time up. Begins march 11 just in case you're curious. And I Keon. Once you do key on its add to. I read the news today oh boy is coming up next. 0505. This coming up and about a half an hour. Day number 1024018355. Days to go. Donald Fagan steely damned seventy years old today steely damned. Not survival of Rod Stewart and 73 years old today and Rod Stewart. Not your vital far. 1949. The radio corporation of America sometimes known as RCA. Announced a new seven inch 45 rpm phonograph records soon be 45 would change the pop music business. And I got to think about that. Up until that what you're buying 7833. Is your bio albums. And then all the sudden. Singles came out. Not completely different than what's been going on. With the new technology. Now albums are people don't necessarily build albums the way they used do you know whether I start to finish and because people are more. But two and do what we all got tired of buying albums that had three songs in July to make songs that you didn't. So we're kind of back to singles again it's just from a digital standpoint not from a 45. Plus you don't have what one of those little plastic things in the middle of your digital single. Try to get to play on your verdict. And for those of you are wondering what's turntable. What are you doing what's in the day a radio. You're young geek. Oh you're trapped in your dad's car we'll let nevermind I stand corrected for your information in case you're wondering march 11. It's when daylight savings time begins. Did I say savings. I'll ma'am. When America for John a man who has been arrested thirty times or dressing up like. While making all the proper stops has been sentenced to a middle facility. When he gets for being competent. North Korea has finally agreed to send a delegation to the Winter Olympics and a South Korea. I don't think sending them as the hard part getting them to come back that's the hard part in that. I like Cuban baseball team. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu sudden. Was caught on tape dealing with Korea controversy on the gas project to be built. That made billions of dollars for the company the tape has led to more allegations of corruption within the government and according to a new study. High doses of Ibuprofen. Can affect male fertility. Researchers. Two tracker. Australian researchers have developed and in this digestible electronic capsule to monitor gas levels in the human gut. When it's paired with a pocket sized receiver. And a mobile phone app. The pill reports on your ghastly conditions in real time as it passes from the stomach to the Colin. The developers are optimistic that the capsules gas readings can help clear the air so to speak. Over the inner workings of our intricate in herds and the microbes that they contain. Such few ailment data base say. Could clarify the conditions of each section of the gut. What the microbes are up to. And which foods may cause problems in the system until now collecting such data has been kind of a challenge. So there you go to tracker that's what they were column that detail indeed DJ one of the most bizarre thoughts I've ever had in my life. The original Batman movie Adam West passed away this last year that that won the stupidest movie ever made. Problem was that the big winners of that and it didn't need like. The dehydrated people into little piles of fluorescent. That's what I remember they were fluorescent colors fluorescent pink fluorescent green fluorescent orange. I have always thought that if god had a really interest to the sense of humor what if he made human gas in fluorescent colors. First place. But. Can you imagine. People walking around downtown streets and stuff like that I mean you get a bloody. I lost. It. He had a villain. The F 5 o'clock I was about twelve out of the way. Because that's over code development the final five. About 505 Kennedy. It is on Mondays. Didn't know Tuesday Wednesday Thursday were. Arctic suggested that doesn't mean they'll get played. But I'm now we notice on the arrogant or just windows. That I mean you know knocks about Hancock a WBT dot com. TJ is Ari asked me if he can simulate a local bailed us. It. Well new familiar I could see us play new familiar. Childress Dave Childress would play date Childress of a heart beat. Can't think of any other local bands that would probably. No I mean local bands that we've had any association with over that I can't think any good to. Revenue Jimmy puts kids remember those. My buddy Jim Davis out there in Concord is his sons alone combo tonight. And they just kind of disappeared I'd. I key has new magazine that is encouraging women to pee on it. Sorry and our lottery rare rephrase that drug Devin did but there's a good reason for it. I may sound a bit gross but and maybe it is but there's a fun twist to it if you're pregnant. And and you do what they've requested on that ad than that reveals they special discounted price of and cribs. And the thanks to technology similar to the pregnancy a test kits the ad is running in a million magazine which added you know there wasn't a billion magazine I've got a granddaughter named Billy was it named after her. They don't. Letter love they're good luck she. Well a day that you don't let her rip would be appropriate steps on its auto ripped its. Oprah 20/20 gears on sale already. Surprised you wonder are for sale before the Cecil B. DeMille award doe was for those of you are ready to hop on the Oprah for president trained even though she hasn't announces she's running the time is now to make it official by scooping up samarra merchandise to. To where are plaster on your car quick search show for Oprah 20/20 year online reveals a number of items for sale already. Hats. Let's make Oprah great again. Are they gonna be really chief ran ads with the bill look like they just came out of a bad auto shop. T shirts sweat shirts. Tanks. I'm assuming they're talking about. Shirts there. Did you get by like a used to army tank or something like that says over 22 audio on it. Buttons coffee mugs bumper stickers pencils glassware homemade bags whole nine yards. I still pegged at Del Rio about Microsoft says security fixes. You know they came out with this deal where you've heard about the meltdown of the Specter vulnerabilities that took threatened pretty much every gadget I think it says that extends to back student and anyway there's a software fix for that now but they're also saying that it may slow you down no. Especially older PCs if you update your computers and devices with the patches that are being pushed out you should be okay. From that vulnerability but most computers will experience a small. Decline in performance. Microsoft has run some benchmarks and it's unfortunately bad news of your system is less than fresh while the patches for a melt down. And one variant of Specter will have AM minimal performance impact fixing a second Specter Barea and means a tangible speed slow down and it is particularly bad they say. All systems that were released around 2015 or earlier so if you got a computer and its. Couple years older old or more than you're probably not going to be. I'm happy we talk a little bit earlier about the man flew. And now actually because of immune systems and everything else million Jews suffer worst flu symptoms by and large than women do. But here's an article that may also explain it women are actually the stronger sexes or anybody that already disagrees with the us. Women are stereo typically considered weaker than men. But experts say that's just not true southern university of southern Denmark researchers looked at seven pounds. Excuse me seven periods. In history were mortality shocks. Took place. And large numbers of people were wiped out by disasters. And these included 1845. Irish potato famine. And deadly measles epidemics in Iceland and 1842. And 1882. As well as survival rates of slaves in Trinidad and 1813. The lead study author Virginia's a ruling. Writes that the conditions experienced by the people in the analyzed populations were horrific. Even know the crises. Reduced the female survival advantage in life expectancy women still survived better than men. And we find that even when mortality was very high. Women live longer most of the female advantage was due to differences in mortality among infants baby girls. Were able to survive harsh conditions better than baby boys. It's thought that women that natural maternal instincts may contribute to this and that male and female sex hormones could play a role as well. As the female hormone estrogen. Is known to have an anti inflammatory quality while testosterone. Is a risk factor for a number of diseases. So there you go scientific proof. Kind of from Denmark. That women are actually the stronger sex. Now if that's true explain this to me. Women watched more poured in 2070. That's according to porn hub and X hamster or released stats of their sites from last year. And they report that the top search for the entire year porn for women. Firms saw a 359%. Growth among female users between 2016 and 27 to eight. I don't know what that says about you guys either. I'm just saying. I'm just saying. Movie attended city here all last year I hit a 25 year low and the NFL was down as well we'll talk about both right after the five O clock it's 505. PH and Brothers. Don't. Goods we hour. Just a okay. No longer. Man. Big guy. And then as low returns. Lows. All. Henry go. Did so I. Are you. You know I know. Okay. Okay. It's. And now the stop you okay. It is solid the all. Mom and always. Last night I'm trends. 09 loan. Okay. Always. Okay. Saying. 505 melody you think you're going to be before I've played they've. Gets its hands gaga believe we teed outcome of this is not petty. 505 Betty we talked about this weeks ago Jason. Well 505 said he will be a Monday standard. And will continue to do big weekend on Friday night and Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. Who else. We do know this lap and five days a week traffic flood Cuba errors bill Ford I 77 exits 43 and Bloomberg bond. Yeah 'cause here's the jagr is stuff love that they were still have delays on Berkshire freeway in uptown but these are residual delays with an earlier incident on westbound broke her near Graham that is and it has been moved to the right shall result travel lanes were open. But this on the shoulder you are creating a bit of an I'll look at the way. Westbrook your near Gloria have a collision on central gravity which Sharon amity Hickory grove road west of Paris boulevards. In South Bend Camden road at each boulevard and hundreds real Gilead road near recent boulevard. And your drive time for I 85 headed south Malcolm X 238977. Texas seven you guessed only a less than 26 minutes. WBT weather channel forecast drizzle and fog overnight with a low 45 that tomorrow steady rain by afternoon with a high of 58. 61 and Roxio and 59 and queen city our next update of 520. Homer Ryan cannon WBT all day tied Saber traffic. Be right back is it okay front and Dylan tomorrow. No. I'll call for Dylan good days and not tomorrow but maybe Tuesday Wednesday Thursday though what do what would Dylan song would you like to hear. Go deep. I don't wanna play a layer lady layer I want to play. Gotta serve somebody our play. Better go. Don't you Jason. The whole world's listen. No pressure. Big ratings for the college football playoff championship Alabama's 2623. Overtime win against Georgia in the college football playoff championship game on Monday night. Drew bigger bigger ratings for ESPN. And if I'm any indication. People stayed with that game until the very end. Not because they wanted to see Alabama win because they thought they were to see Alabama loose sorry David room. Sorry Suzanne red. Sorry Linda bird. These are all my Alabama friends. The network announced Tuesday that it was the second. Most watched cable than ever. More than average of 28 point four million people tuning in that's up 13%. From last year in fact only the Oregon and Ohio State CFP championship game in January of 2015. Which was also on ESPN. Had a higher rating. And more viewers. Within a 33 point nine million people watching so about five million more people. Which is pretty substantial and television. Tell you look at your phone and you see the battery symbol on your cell phone is slowly draining away. And you become upset. And some people take it really seriously been factors in new survey by LG of 2000 British adults. And they find that 25% of respondents live in quote unquote. Constant fear. That their cell phone battery is dying and nearly 50% say that this clearer. Has gotten worse over the last five years. Just 125%. Say that they suffer from anxiety on a daily basis regarding their phone running out of juice. Also more than 34% said their biggest horror. Was having their phones stolen. Now there's a pretty good way to keep your cellphone batteries from not died. Get off your damned phone. Had asked power outage in the go Las Vegas convention center for the F Consumer Electronics Show host gone on this is a big big big deal. In fact we'll talk about it when we come out of the 530 news some of the there are some of the big items that are get a lot of attention I'll tell you who's taken over Los Vegas and that is Google's. Who is trying a two get their home. Artificial intelligence project. Up to us snuff with the Amazon's echo. Every time you read about. Some sort of AI being incorporated into a new cars or this said the other all seems to rugby Amazon's echo. And and everybody now is catching up on Google apparently is just taken over Los Vegas promoting its product home. And you can't turn around without. Seeing wall papered streets of hey Google all over the place at the CES but there's other stuff that introducing products that are. That are road being debuted their. A lot of the stuff full full by the wayside but it's pretty good seem to see where technology is going and how it's gonna get there are no so we'll talk a little bit about that when we come back on the other side. Talk about a movie attendance. Susan and I over the holidays actually wants on the last yet I. Now for horror. That means she's seen them all for that means for me it means I've seen the first learned it. I have no idea what does storyline is it's still I mean is still good. Arm I just blow Rodgers knew that I was. Is I agree the first chapter in the last chapter you just don't quite know why exactly what happened in the middle. Tom the special effects and everything else were a good very good distance she said Malloy got to go home and and you know watch all of them. Very happen. Movie attendance last year hit a 25 year low. Are bad news for Hollywood box office Mo Jo are reporting that movie attendance into any seventeen. Of billion to 39 tickets sold 1000000239. Million tickets were sold last year that's a five point 8% drop from 2016 lowest number. Since 1000000173. Million tickets were sold to. In 1992. So our studios are lagging behind for the very simple reason that they are are relying on the retreads and reboots and and now most of those aren't being well received. Audiences are continuing to flock to streaming in droves. For challenging come on ten and that doesn't look to change in 2018 or in the near future the studios are actually up to against the wall. The next few years they'll love the have to produce a plethora of quality feels to win back favor whether audiences and I'm not so sure they haven't changed the whole. The way people wanna consume their entertainment anymore anyway. The other the viewer ship that was down this last season. NFL viewership which shouldn't surprise you and we'll talk a little bit about this as well but during the just ended regular season they were down again and the bigger percentage. That it was last season according to Nielsen. The average attendance for the games was down nine point 7% and that comes after an 8% drop in viewership last season however. They still get good ratings as 33 of the top fifty television program since the start of the season in September were NFL games. Last year's dip was partly attributed to audiences following the presidential election this year some fans tuned out games because. They were upset over the player protests during the National Anthem and if you think that wasn't a factor. I'll share a poll with fuel we get back on the other side if we have time. This shows that that's exactly why of players so white people tuned out and the handshake thing is you had a bunch of people who tuned out. Because they didn't like the players protest it. You also had people that tuned out because they didn't like the negative reaction to the players. Protesters. So long but anyway television attendance. Our viewership is so weighed down. Other factors that have been cited include the addition of the Thursday night game which dilute the product for the horrible call proliferation of games and that's a reflection on the overall drop in people watching TV and cable is they turn on their own screens. ESPN also noted that but the NBA had a 20% increase in viewership this season so. Explained Alan Moore on NFL viewership and why we didn't do and in no last season. And what's going on at Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas next. I would try to read NFL viewership being down the season. National Anthem protests aren't the only thing that's killing the NF LR ratings. And give him more than just a second bears say. There's poll out 33% of NFL fans boycotted TV broadcast. The the Colin Capra nick. Protests were on the leading reason but there's also a pretty good percentage of people. Who. Quit watch in the NFL because they're against the people that were against the protests. So I just didn't work out well for anybody but. In BC is the broadcaster of this year's Super Bowl. And they said yesterday that they will show any players who kneeled during the pregame National Anthem to protest racial inequality. That's according to the executive producer of the game. The anthem is typically shown live before the Super Bowl and this year it will be performed we talked about this yesterday by the pop singer pink. It's February 4 game and if any players decide to kneel at the Super Bowl NBC will cover it. Like it don't like it particularly producer Fred god L senate the FTV critics association yesterday in Pasadena quote. When you're covering a live event. You are covering what's happening. If there are players who choose to Neil. They will be shown live. Announcers will likely identify the players explained the reasons behind the actions and get on with the game he said. Number of protesters Wayne since a Thanksgiving. These Super Bowl this year most watched US television broadcast attracting an audience of more than a hundred million dollar hundred million people skews me. And NBC is obviously unit of true or a Comcast corporation. Now the protests are interesting in their own right because. This. Latest poll new poll. Find that 33%. Of responding to NFL fans said they boycotted the 2017 season by refusing to watcher attend the games. This is the survey from survey monkey and Ozzie media and they found a large number of fans stopped watching the unifil the sit TV season. And camper nick and those guys were the main reason. Both for detractors and for fans of the protest. According to Yahoo! finance the survey was conducted December 8 through the eleventh. They pulled 17100. Little over 17100 adults they DJ ages eighteen and up. 12100. Plus said that they were football fans. Did you purposely stop watching or attending NFL games this season for any reason was to question that they asked and the way that they asked it. The number the largest number who answered yes went on to note that they were boycotting the NFL because they were angry about the National Anthem protest. I invented by Colin camper nick. 42%. Cited their anger at cap for next protests and their support for president Donald Trump is the reason that they were boycotting however. Tapper nick also figured in among boy carters who are fans of his protest. 12%. So that they boycotted the 20s17 season because scamper nick. Had not been signed to a new team for the season. And there's more which I'll share with you just second or first we wander over to the traffic center. Very head of NFL fans boycotted the TV broadcasts of the NFL this reason this season 33%. 42% said they didn't like the a protest. Or their support of drug Donald Trump was the reason that they boycott of the games. 12% say they boycotted the 2017 season. Because Capra nick the guy who started all of this has not been signed to a new team for the season. And then another 22%. Said that they were boycotting the NFL during the 2017 season. Because they support the players kneeling and oppose those who are angered by the protests. I've even thought of that angle of it. So. That's one of the reasons television viewing is down and it's a one of the reasons that I had attendance may have lagged in some areas as well some of the other reasons 13% said they had no interest in the teams playing. 11% said news about traumatic brain injuries among players made them sign off from football. 8% said football had become boring and 46%. Said other reasons. Cause them to quit their TV football watching habit. Respondents also broke down all male and female lines men said they boycotted the league in support of trump at a higher rate than women. 35%. Of men said that they supported trump is opposed to 25%. Of women. Women also said that they supported the players protesting more than men did 30% to 70% and women also supported cap or nick himself. More than men seventeen. To 10%. So all told. It appears. That the player protests figured as the top reason that fans boycotted the NFL during the 2017 TV bra. I guess is. Just in case you're wondering what impact that actually have. IDS CES the consumer electronics just take place at Las Vegas talk about some of the stuff the so make in the headlines and that they had a power outage today. Around the go to the phones have little or plus 7-Eleven did we are talking about decline in attendance for the NFL. And how that relates to the protests and I thought it was interesting that. You that I a get 33% to protest and in some way shape or another because of the protest are or who were looted and don't watch the games. But you have one percentage that didn't watch it because they were against the protest that you got a group of people that were that didn't watch because they were against those who were against the protests. I and then you have does smaller rural people that didn't watch because they were upset that Capra nick apparently got black balled didn't an opponent team this year so I Tammy skull and in all know that and now hi Tammy. I think on how are you good you do. I'm a celebrity chef by the way you. I had a comment I was thinking when you're talking about it's steady. I found it was interesting debate it included veteran currently being a veteran female veteran. And ironically. I've been at forty niner fan for about 35 years now. Was that huge Colin -- and expand until. He decided to start the prepare Aaron and I just wondered if they at the better and I wonder how they would help about. And they didn't break it down that Tuesday visited you male female and and and so it's over but they didn't specify veterans not let me ask you and I am about I got to play devil's advocate here but. Europe Colin Capra Knick fan. You didn't like the protests. But you don't take amen to you what you don't take him at face value I'm because he's he says. And many of the protesters say this has nothing to do with the flag or the or the military or this has to do with inequality in America. And I did that I understand parents but median veteran and knowing that I've opposites can turn. I get a ticket that you cited the tree back. Toward the implement toward our flag and I know that he says that. I. You also I don't believe an hour. You also fought for his right to protest for freedom of others speech. You're absolutely right and I am I get that I totally do but I just I don't I'm not handed him anymore. And arm and I did I do wonder how many veterans out there would have felt the same way they ask them directly if they supported your right to prepare. Yeah I know I think it's a good point and I would like you've seen a broad counter and maybe that's maybe that would be for another poll maybe they should go out and Noah and pull 17100 veterans. By and see how that holds up with a poll that they just did as I'd like to see the results of that as well. I and believe me I'm Eric Allen Kemper Knick fan either but but it somewhat solid play doubles and two with UCL you reacted to them. I'd crawl under suck it I think you're calling I appreciate it yes Greg and I mean in essence that's kind of looked. The season has been all about that's what the the ins and outs and ups and downs and emboldened about so long. I don't know it's certainly had an impact I guess I was surprised that part of the people who protest are doing to watch the games this year. We're protesting the protesters. I never really part of thought about 20 of that angle. The Consumer Electronics Show is underway in Las Vegas is always huge videos or send a thousand radio people out there. They had a power shortage at the Las Vegas convention senator dale that's. That's not good but some of the stuff that being done out there a Smart toothbrush. Callais brave magic Smart toothbrush. Uses computer vision technology motion tracking and your phone's front facing camera to power an augmented reality gaming GAAP. I don't get a free meal liberty. I hands free breast pump this get a lot of publicity. Where the programmable sleep timer that lets mom set and forget while they pumped about 300 bucks. And intelligent toilet. This is technology of the future. Hands free flushing. The day cleansing. Feet warming air drying odor control music night light an automatic seat temperature management. Plus you can ask Alexa. To flush. DO Florio UFO is the first Smart mask treatment a device that offers ninety's Sackett facial treatments that combined LED light therapy thermal therapy. And T sonic polls say Asians. The AL us robot. That won't clean your house pick up after you and keep an eye on things while you're away. And it has elects a built in. Our hands free autonomous carry on suitcase. That will follow you anywhere. At a Max speed of seven miles an hour. That there I guarantee you that'll be popular is former XCX. One suitcase toward its goal. They have a roll up all LED TV's 65 inch four KO LED display that rolls up into a tube. Delta is Alexa Fossett Wi-Fi connected. Alexa powered Smartphone also lets you use voice commands to turn water on and off for out a specific amount or adjust the temperature. And the perfect filled bathtub supports voice commands for water temperature and fill level and you can adjust the terms hype we'll therapy. And sound waves settings so some of the stuff for the CDS. Are Charlotte at six foot par garrisons next I'll see you tomorrow at three.