Manafort and Gates Under House Arrest, John Kelly says Robert E. Lee Was An Honorable Man

Scott Fitzgerald
Tuesday, October 31st

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Halloween. I notice there's nobody enters dressed up. We did quite a few people go over the top those of us some of their customs and I hear the Christina was dressed up like cut respirator yeah. Cut the head thing and everything everything the whole get a do in the breathing thing too soon enough so much. All right it could number ten. Every once awesome news comes out of the FDA the Food and Drug Administration that a mix mango will need a minute. And and quite often its seems to be. I don't know if it. Goes against what they've said in the past you would want to read minds bid for it. It wants to free coffees gonna kill you of course know companies investing in the world will have to be 150. Red meat eggs and mean it kind of goes back and forth on things. Com but I was thrilled to find out that. My gut has been right all along when it comes to certain portions of the world of candy. To Hitler's threat once they kick butt. Black click rich smoke Julie. This Halloween don't get straight to. Eating too much lack the courage this candy can change this horizon a sweetening compound that can cause potassium levels in the body to fall or. Some people experience and abnormal heartbeat and high blood pressure. Swelling. And lethargy. Congestive heart feel. Remember. Large amounts of black attrition one time. If you be needing lots of black decoration and have an irregular heartbeat or experience muscle weakness and stopped right away and call your doctor. Black licorice can interact with some medications. Herbs and dietary supplement. Ask your doctor that applies to any medicines you take. EA a with cheese you back. Yeah and safe Halloween. You know. Who it says still it's likely Kurdish I don't know anyone I don't know anybody either. Hello secure the favorite things to do was to kind of chewed up just a little bit in the mistaken or you can you know also looked like you don't have any tainted. I've been doing too often than in India you have an anti pollution and so Halloween day and don't forget the warnings are out all over the place don't forget to go online and look at the neighborhood that you're going to be doing the trick or treating it to see if there are any are registered sex offenders. We don't Wear that scare you as a parent to have your can walk up to a home that that has any sex offender living in a little on a pony. I collected them up they're pretty widespread. Actually you know what I think. I think sex offenders are exposed to. Have the lights off and and only answer the door to win all comes down to a so Donna you called 7045701110. Of course we're. We're tackling the most important issues in the world today and you were a lover of black clippers is that when I understand. I certainly am I argued that that's why I called again I'm. I it's hard to find anymore I adored and I I got a kick out of that disclaimer about the arrogant or aren't they probably had something to that I think tutors I've potassium content and an integration blood pressure but. I have an arrhythmia. And I can only town that time could limit sugar addict any squeeze IE got only one piece sullied the whole bag but it is hard just I'm black Lucretia anymore. I guess because nobody that they like that that there are some other leftists do. Oh so do you have very. Give a connection to him like a hook up someplace to get the service special plaque regression we kinda narrow. That I think it's called the world market I noted they have an assortment sometimes there's different kinds and sometimes you can find the black got those. Split orders or whatever and good planning you can always find above the good plan he's buying yeah I'm thinking that they used to I'm from Western Pennsylvania but they had I can't think of the name of it. They came bags. And they were individually wrapped like pieces of saltwater taffy and they were I think. Why term may be blatant change and they Wear black licorice flavored happy canyon with a whole bag got them and I if anyone can think of the name they were common candy when I was growing up I don't think they make them anymore. I can't remember. Yeah vaguely I I face a concerted picked from but. No and I certainly wouldn't drive the Western Pennsylvania to go hit it. Well there are some liquid platters left you know this day. I didn't send out thank you so much there's no accounting for taste who could this I guess how it all comes down to he argument there it was loose. I was very broad talking about the the candy and grandkids for candy. That that has never ever cross my might that mean maybe. I don't know maybe it's the the blood of the horse thieves from you know ancient ancestors that comes out. Inside of me when I'll win rolls around a slim Whitman why would I think we're willing to pay for this because. I can just type jacket. Like cut the what what are the other thing that when I was brought up my parents. I had an older brother younger brother and they would make us put all the candy in one big giant pile we weren't allowed to hoard our own candy. That's cut sound like communism yet really this and the other than these two really bother me is that they booted into a big giant bowl. And and then you know you pull a piece out in the new unwrapped it. And then they put the rapper back in the ball against some pretty junior electrician through all this paper and crap George good morning RW BT. Ignoring this just count the fact is. Lamar. Glad that you're that your awake here in the in the day times was a put a stake through yard when he got. Well I am looking good there lady who wouldn't like they've been that nick Perry Shaq didn't give her our fuel rods and where he wants. Just tell her body what caused very pipe I'm glad to. A pint of blood sounds to me like you might be trolling for dates here George. Right yeah not to say yes that is exactly where he can Bob all the black licorice she wants and it is the dollar tree stores. They have it plaque Maria and all calico. Got all your. Good to me says like a plot to it to try to eliminate those of us on the bottom of the socioeconomic scale here. Go to the dollar store they're cheap stuff and then they try to killers would likely match and she called Georgia tonight and had your Halloween to you won a minibus just FitzGerald. Is that an attorney named Seth Abrams says and he's done some real digging into this whole Moeller investigation and what this could possibly meet. For the top administration moving forward a break some of that down three we come back you're a news eleven team a lot of night. Really BC every follow us on FaceBook yet. Do it. It is worth it promising it is absolutely worth it. Just to see the picture. A vote Thompson from Karl Halloween in 197830. Show you this picture job that's not a pretty good at the here is punch. Up from chips. And he was serious enough in India you tell me I'm the coolest dude in the world. How good news for you both I got news for the dead but that would be a little bit worse but there. I was undergoes the Six Million Dollar Man when I was all unsolicited into your eye you raise your eye and everything bailout. Red jumpsuit at the result is all it is like a small here's what it was a mechanic outfit. I think it was hot wheels actually and a night rotor of the top of it you know six million dollar Lee Majors right. Lee Majors so are happy Halloween you always it's lucky for you to be a beautiful day for a youth and the other little can at least. I'm televangelists Pat Robertson wants to up. I'm convinced the president to issue pardons to everybody. Every single person that's involved in this quote Russia scandal and then shut down the investigation. Quote he has every right to shut Moeller down and safe you've gone as far as you need to. And I've instructed my Justice Department to close you down. I think he's been eating too much like political issue and I think some show affecting his brain. He goes on to say he can grab a blanket pardon for everybody involved and everything and say you know I'm I looked all right apart the mall case closed it's all over. And Robertson said the I think that's what he needs to do he's got to shut this thing down he's just got to. It's going to be a tough one. To me reactions from. Congress people senator's book tour that they can do it happens and a bad things are going to look on the president's way. Mr. scuffle up against. The prop up bullish and get in the two of them confused and no one of them some Muppet dimmed. And the other one to a bit of trouble but who is he and is this really a bigger deal CBS took a look at that on television yesterday and it doesn't like confidant the most recent problems. Yeah in some ways that that development is more surprising and in some ways more interest do you even know he's a lesser known figure because. That that the unlike what the president treated this morning. That does have to do with the campaign he pled guilty to lying to federal agents about his contacts with the Russian government. Basically I she acknowledges that he was in touch with a Russian professor. And a one minute two he was told was Vladimir Putin's niece. During the campaign months. And he was told at one point in time by this professor that the Russian government. Had dirt about Hillary Clinton and in fact had thousands of her emails he was told this in April 2016. After he had joined at the trump campaign and well before that was public knowledge. Or was public knowledge. So. I heard when her boat talking Chris Crocker earlier today. And it's out it's a mile and I think I agree it's quicker than most likely what came down with the public Koppel is is that he was tarred and he has been turned. And I think Seth Abramson who see a very bright attorney. So the same thing and had a series of tweets you're the kind of breaks things down. That I think kind of paint a picture that may put some folks into corner. So here here's the timeline and yourself things break down with him sit the FBI arrested popping up plus July 27. Proper dop list pled guilty to making false statements on October 5 2017. Not a very. There were huge incrimination there it's not a pleasant one it won't be good form good it it's not. Extremely monumental which makes me think that perhaps there was AM I don't talked out. A different charges. So at the time that pop and topless pled guilty I go on with the tweets you're the government requested that his guilty plea be sealed. Invisible to the general public. Why would you met. Some of the guy could become an operative running. And striker also said earlier today is a summit should at that much more is gonna come out here anytime soon because there's been no leaks. Well. This guy was arrested in July 27 that anybody know about that. There were no leaks on Ellen no there was there was a surprised everybody when that when that shoe dropped. So to say hey things are going to be wide open and there's going to be on lips flapping jaws are dropping numb arm. Coming out of via you know the the Moeller investigation I think is a bid to premature. So and it. In the indictment. There were quite a few words and one of them use of the phrase he's indicated that he's willing to cooperate with the government. And the ongoing investigation. NBA proactive. Cooperated. Proactive cooperate and in this context what that means somebody is willing and able to Wear a wire. To help the government get more information. You think this is what happened 704571110. I think this is what indeed happened. We don't know who he could have gotten to. You know the president calls tomorrow or lower level nobody. Some other folks are basically was a copy boy. So. If agendas are essential problem topless was wired up at the latest between October 5 and today October 30. We could've started cooperating before them. Long time to talk to folks if it's from you know the beginning of August essentially. To October. He goes up prosecutors often require a defendant to perform cooperative services. For the government well in advance of his or her former play. Basically saying hey are you willing. He goes on the reason for this is. Via both. Proffer and sometimes actual performance to defend and Russia there of value to the government. Think any if you can't find anything for us than we have absolutely no need for you so therefore there is no need to. To put you down with the chargers. Here's and so so there's every reason to think that pop up topless was wired for sound not long after his arrest July 27. For pop and topless to get his October 5 plane one of two things had to be true. The feds had already got good sound from him. Or he made us sufficient offer stay ambushing that he could. Get good sound for them valuable evidence shortly after October 5. Almost done with his is set into each year. So if there was a former. Security get good sound. Confidant was gave Mueller evidence you know holds that's of critical importance to this investigation sound from higher ups cargo pages one that are most folks are gonna appointment cigarette. If it is real latter. Meaning he could get some. Perry's proper doubtless convinced law enforcement that he still has access to people who were more on her hung up on the team on team trump. And here's a key point either way success remains a White House. His dissembling when it says that property not the most was a minor team trump thing didn't figure. That that's an overstatement. And they're trying to downplay. And denigrate anything that may come out of him I mean the president has already called him a liar. Here's undersea infect popping up was still had a consequential actions to top trump officials this October. And it's a you have to have became the fourteenth Trump's news of proactive cooperation. Means Mueller has more than we know and puppet topless was far more critical than we're being told that he was more involved than we know the likelihood is that he pled to making false statements are not more. For the sake of a deal. In other words contrary to what some folks are saying now it's likely pulpit topless did more in told the Fed's more than his current charge six suggests. Is in his affidavit actually says. This does not include all the facts known to me regarding his offense and of course that's so. So he'd have to promise the Fed's VS senior trip official most likely in order award giving a plea deal now. And except doesn't think that Carter page will actually do these things to figure that settlers on the putting us. The possibility admittedly a slam on that what Muller but if so he certainly had a nice email contact list offer for sure so page wouldn't be good enough to get to the Fed's. And give him an early plea deal who would have bit. Men are forward. Could be there to most likely people for profit novelist to have spoken to over the last ninety days. Clovis. There's a very position came out of nowhere and an urgent sessions so maybe attorney general Jeff Sessions and external look around over his shoulder goal weight of it. They come and it ain't done today and done this was gonna go a long long way they would lose your brake you back here drivers and ABC gives us is still. For about what the white house of sand and what goes around the White House or share about what the White House is actually said stay where goods. There's 1110 that every WBT hi Adam Scott to show up let's head with a future shop. So yes it's crazy. It certainly was and later on this morning we're gonna play the what what about game. Because you know charged the mound against somebody in the somebody else who say well what about. So it is to start thinking about your what about so okay and an hour explaining game two very easy game to play we'll probably do that in the 11 o'clock hour okay. We've talked Karen Travers maybe see her momentarily. Yesterday Lindsay were Lindsey Graham was asked about the investigation and to whether or not Moeller need to go abide by and so what would happen if that was the case usual. Support he's legislate this piece of legislation that would protect smaller though that would stop its size since I introduced it yes I was supported that. I am from zero concerned that mr. Mueller is in jeopardy of losing his job back. I see no reason for him to be dismissed and calories you can do this for Collison. Here for some effort to do it without good reason that the only ill today so I'm not. What we know we're about a woman she's so convinced that we hear these rumblings from time to time of the White House is that that that threat might be there and you sit there of the holy hell that it doesn't lessen or prevent the president from doing a we've had. Special prosecutor so far before. Don't I think the last time that happened was. I'm in the Nixon era have heard nothing from the White House has suggested the presence can try to replace mr. Mahler. Zero evidence from many that I have talked to he would be wrong to do so unless there were costly battle legal system here mr. Mueller. Is doing his job because the attorney general. I was a member of the travel campaign the campaign can investigate itself so we have every confidence mr. Moeller we'll move forward with the sporting neat. Sport that he needs and yet being done just yet Karen Travers is the other White House correspondent for ABC news and I'll betcha. Nobody had anything to say it all yesterday about any of this today. No it's wry comments about it yeah. Yes that president tiny bit was actually is surprising in a Sara Sanders highs in recent months and deferred to White House lawyers aren't issues related to the Russian investigation to saying it would be appropriate to comment. Hey you know kind of hunting when it was convenient for them but yesterday here and she launched a full throated defense of the administration saying that. The man for an indictment was all about things that happen before he was the campaign chairman. And that there is no outline of any collusion change from campaign and it's Russia. We now indictment now the question of course about George Stephanopoulos it because this is more potentially problematic for the White House. No line from the White House was that Paris and nobody he was an unpaid volunteer who had no big role in the campaign. And you know he is the president treated a few moments ago he's already been proven to be a liar so. Trying to discredit him but I think you're certainly getting a sense of he'd be this is a big distraction for the White House chief of staffing knowledge that last night's you know trying to say nobody reacted we all just ticket in stride but. President's been very busy on Twitter. And of course reports about him just being I rates at the news yesterday via Sola so popular apple is lying what to. Do you any idea what he's referring to. Well I added referring to the fact that he lied to FBI officials presumably. And that's why he's in trouble you know the guilty plea was for lying to federal officials she is under investigation as part of this broader investigation. About. His ties to Russia and his contacts in what he was promising him what he was trying to do you know he had our reach with this Russian professor who. As a conduit talking about emails and stored on Hillary Clinton. And I also decided notion that you're trying to set up a meeting between Donald Trump. And Vladimir Putin in a pop adopt Willis was you know boasting of the connections he had to make that happen. And heat. Did not disclose all of that when he was talking to federal officials so he was charged with lying. He said he pleaded guilty but as we know he was arrested a couple months ago and consumption as he's been cooperating with officials our over that time. I don't know that that necessarily. Saying we already know that he's a lie a year has any real value when. He was. Probably lying trying to protect the president right so I guess it's like well he lies to federal officials to be lying about the whole thing. I mean we've tried to dissect and Hitler had the best tweets for a long time and. It's and it doesn't I'm saying you know if you don't and never know ray Adam I don't get that one Sola. As far as the other scuttlebutt around any idea on who they think may be the next wonderful. Can't know I and of course we know that the one of the key targets has been Michael Flynn. A lot of speculation about what later might not happen to him. And in being as though Muller's investigation holdings as a secret and you know he's holding everything very close to the vast and street in the White House yesterday was blind sided by made the news in the indictments and. Hulu plus is there is just surprise amongst amongst you reporters. About how nothing has come out of the motor investigation and his reverend a situation that you have seen word there have literally been no leaks not even drips. Yeah we're talking about it this morning we have remembered that does Scooter Libby. The whole affair during the Bush Administration about the unmasking in the CIA operative Valerie Plame right and that was. They need FitzGerald the prosecutor out of paranoia mean that was an incredibly tight. We held investigation there is no leaks over the course of like a year and a half his trip to really really tough to get anything. So you know there certainly are examples of this tent while maybe more is going for the Guinness book of world records. No no leaks for over a year and action can Seattle's sea and the question of how long it's gonna go it's of course the big question to White House said yesterday they think it's close to wrapping up. The chief of staff said last night he feels like he's getting down to the end of the witness list but they also wouldn't say. The higher how they would think and know that. Yet Karen Travers at ABC I'm sure it's going to be another interesting day and the I'm sure you're starting to pack already here were different in your Asian trip here the president's gonna have a lot in his mind as he takes Air Force One to the other side of the world. Coming up next legal experts. Royal Oakes joins us now to sort of pick apart. What we already know about these indictments and that's on the way we'll do for the next two runners 1110 about a 93 WB two. Now and Halloween tears at 948. Was it scarier for destroying its. From a legal standpoint. For president trump or would have been president. Hillary class. There's still so much discussion about all the things that were surrounding her scandals she loves to uranium inside. Then there I guess I'm sure president comes to the caller something today you know. Yeah. Sparks flap. Me. And eighteen it is seven raven hair in the act. I write cards perhaps east and I. He Zune. Who's sane and happy moving she I had gone. And John ISM and emails got a WBT dot com and this I think you just cut and paste is winning each and every day. Other real scandal SC AN DEO has to be cut and paste you can just told the senate yesterday. Use the one that involves Clinton and Obama not trump for the 145 million dollars of the Clinton Foundation's got from the uranium one deal. Well I'm sure that that's going to be investigated but the investigation has seemed to be front and center right now is the similar investigation into. We can put in quotes collusion of some sort royal oaks with a BC joins us right now and you're the legal analyst for ABC and and when you saw the indictments. What what popped up the most that made you go. Harlem when you think about that part right there. You know what's interesting is the idea that did nothing in the allegations against man up or really had any kind of oracle collusion. Certainly popped up. All of the fact that they're gates who was on the radar screen and nobody really knew orders and all but all of everybody had to scramble a report yesterday. But the other thing that popped out to me is. Its net interest payment on the same day that the indictments were announced Muller chooses to reveal little by the way we've got a guilty plea from the so called a couple of us. And it's almost deserve smaller recognize that people or under react to the indictment by Samuel chief. Orders of the evidence of collusion and instead of that reaction more water ready to focus on the fact that this. I'm 29 year old foreign policy advisor to the trump campaign this summer called. We volunteer. Would running on the planet apparently trying to set up meetings between Russians and trap officials were. Man afford another so I don't know Donald Trump's not gonna do that so once again. There isn't necessarily evidence but. It's provocative leading maybe pop it up close was wearing a wire who knows who you might have recorded and more problem after. Yeah but Carter page did end up going to Russia and so now he's certainly summit is going to be in the cross hairs as we move forward with this. The world of law air is especially when you get to court. There's a lot of drama involved remained essentially you're setting up the show and you're telling a story in taking people down a narrative path. To try to get them to come to the conclusion that you want them to come to. So I mean I find an interest in just like you said the smaller released here on the left hand know collusion man affording gays but you on the right hand embrace and some questions. To me that seems almost as if it's a bit of theatrics. Well you're absolutely right if that's what it boils down to putting our show performed just plain folks who happened to be on the jury. And I think what's fascinating is that we don't know if there is something about a ports had that would cause trouble or trump. But it's just like on TV when that the fellow's been indicted sitting across the table is up a copy in a prosecutor to look sentences. You've gone away for twenty years no we can talk about that that you have to play ball what so. Will land afford just try to dig in his heels and be colored Jeep Gordon Liddy in the Watergate era. Or will he say yeah I guess I will cooperate or does he have anything he could give the prosecutors well. Not not if you read the indictment but we don't really know what might be beneath the surface the irony is that sparks held saying. The oil only gets harpoon what he's bouts. Most reports saying it. If if map of fort hadn't taken a big jump at trump he never would have been put under the microscope. Like this and we're gotten away with this city steady he did anything illegal but he's definitely I am a cross hairs now. Yeah Maybin might take a listen to me what you think again royal oaks and ABC is witnessing this morning is that that man a fort saw that opportunity he took the job and didn't take any pay. But I think he was hoping to use the connections there to try to get some relief for whatever debts he had to the bad guys over in Russia. Well it's possible that he hit some money issues as possibly just felt that this would be a terrific pick job. The opening doors for me if I can. But I can help Donald Trump become president so the fact that he would get paid for. Especially can happen there were a lot of my line around from the Russian experience. We just don't know too much about his finances other than what is alleged by the Muller indictment but of course that's. Some pretty juicy stuff and half dollars for refer men's clothing in Beverly Hills in New York City in the and then 35 point five million bucks to renovate a like out in the Hamptons so allegedly used political art. A million dollars for rugs. Behold a holy Moly. That's like mine every rug and Wal-Mart across the country could. And have Gates's Iraq budget deported doubts yeah I feel like you're such a frugal man I can certainly understand that. Now Richard gates in he's lucky said he was he wasn't on anybody's radar. And it remained to amazed the way that they they made the connection with him was most likely through a man of sorts books and in all went back to money. And it's just happened to come up during the other vacuuming session. Yeah I think that's right it's the association and and of course it's the it's the perception that people have a cheap. There's so much going on between Russia and man up for Russia and Donald junior. All the Russian email how and they are not have been some sort of collusion. Russian with the campaign and and I think that's what is beating the perception. And that's what's going to be in the minds of jurors are there ever having to decide the fate of people like man a full. I might throw a curve ball election because you open up the segment. We've an email from a listener that says you know the real scandal is so Clinton Obama and the the uranium deal com. When you read about that in and you think about that will will that gained some steam do you think there's legs there. You know there could well be some steam because it looks like it's pretty fishy for the FBI to have Null little extortion gone on at. And ends up bribery and so on and yet they suppressed it as the Obama administration in 2000 and wanna go ahead with the reset. So there's a potential there but there's another intriguing angle. If Donald Trump does want to we'll go to go to radioactive Brooke and fire well Mulder. He could probably say there's a romance between the smaller and call me he could say it all these sixteen lawyers basically they're just a list of donors for the Democrats on Muller's team but he could also say. Muller's involved in the whole Russia radio story. He's just to tie it and he's got a conflict we're gonna start fresh and be fired sessions being a new AG and with no conflict. Get rid of Mueller and take the heat kind of the analogy would be if Nixon that burn that takes you get taken heat for doing that. But he wouldn't have been forced to resign. Well what's he would have gone down we sort of romance between combing in mode. Yet Hillary in there and it's a three way and a I wanted to get that image out of my mind here but yeah go there for a for just a second. Royal oaks final thoughts. Yeah I think final thought is that the next step is going to be to find out what the man up or goes to the stand that spike. Or does he cooperate embassy does how's it gonna what air crews pulled out and do leader Robert Moeller quiver. Gotcha. ABC news here thanks for your time this morning and WB two week. Shall in all this came out yesterday obviously there and everybody with a camera everybody with a microphone is right around capitol. Trying to get reactions from both the Democrats and the Republicans. And almost everybody that they asked questions up had symptoms say. This is what. Bob Moehler was task to do Republicans gave the special counsel a wide berth today. Just as Democrats argued the indictment and guilty plea are proof of a pattern of people Philly with a trunk show. I'm lying about the connections with the Russians Adam Schiff is the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. He told CBS news today that men affords shady financial dealings did not end when he went to work for a candidate trump. During the campaign while he's campaign manager he's trying to obtain more money than. For his work for these pro Russian interest in Ukraine. Money like that which she has now been indicted for laundering. Republican Richard Burt is running the Senate's Russia investigation he's as popular novelist. It was a person of interest in his probe as well. Serious charge serious charge mr. snow full Lubbock is what you gonna bring to the table. Find out as it unfolds John Kelly had conflicting things to say about rob. Really we'll talk about that. When we come back. But Halloween night host address. A mimic the we got a bunch of folks walkabout around you would with constant. Because they wanna win chief costume contest. It was JC tickets and in some wow okay that's big time. Had. No interest of an exclusive Jason. That. No and then I would feel bad if I won and then try to go out scalpel. Let's just I just don't roll that way so now that we've not to the situation but again I may be an 11 o'clock hour go ahead and and in change my my costume and and I'm just take my clothes off. And neither do walk along for a putt from last week. Just strolling along in going to be somewhere else and this is all absolutely absolutely you can push the ball and from another room OK okay. You certainly can't scary times Halloween and of course and there's. There's there's urban legends. Through the years that I don't know you. When I was a kid I remember pixie sticks was a one of the things that you really wanted to get a man in your bank's. And then there were the rumors that they were poisoned. We hear those and and then that there was always DM numb. So imam would Lamar whenever when we have those. Now the big giant to one's the plastic ones that were sealed now those were fine but there were little paper ones. That it just kind of were folded over there that's what's your little my favorite yes she would she would let me of those. We were muddied the Apple's. Yeah Maria dipped in poison or via real story about razor blades and so out of you know that kind of deal needles. Yeah that was the other Linda the other and others were in the oranges the new rules and the other in the oranges. Then the get this one just went around a couple of years ago in that was media. Do you the LSD tattoos. Members and Errol it's like you're in your UK's basket Uga when those little you lick on tattoos yet that you and you get it Whitman put him on your arm. And then you know you. I don't have a whenever back on your shoulder. So the if the rumor was that tattoos then were infused with a hallucinogenic drugs that they pitcher you have kids all whacked out. And then I ever remember the story and it was a girl. It was a middle school and guess those middle school. And she acted like it happened but that it was a story out of her before she acted like she went up into her grandmother's attic. And there were all sorts of good old clothes out there and an old we eggs and that kind of stuff. And that she took one of the whigs and used it as part of her costume. And hey this is cool and then she started feel a little bit itchy appear on her head. And she took the wig off off and there are there were thousands of teeny tiny little spiders crawled over because the other spider should go decided to make broad. The you know the next so to speak on Chris Hague morning OW BT was having him. I cannot believe how little we leave you cool. Rules. You know. And he I think he got on socialist agenda tattoos what do you think. You don't see north of pixie sticks has traded and yet that would hurt and just have to imagine concerned I think I heard just dignity and things. So you lots of scary stuff and all the warnings you know we're gonna keep an eye out for the kids is are doing the trick or treating of course cubic inch flashlights. So that we can see them. The biggest place of danger I have always found worthy illegal she's almost happened is when your turning. Mary you're looking left and right for cars covent. And and then you might miss the fact there's somebody who's trying to cross the street there's so be careful that. Sex offenders should I reject your registered sex offender list to make sure you avoid. Those kind of hook happy people in the neighborhood near you and stay away from most. But sometimes is really cool stories that come out of holidays like this in this particular case WB TV had a report. But a company called 101 mobility. And what they do. To help kids. For Halloween. If they happened to use a wheelchair. Fifth annual Halloween parades across their currency elementary powering around and actually Barack military costumes for the kids and also some other kids in the class Barack possible. And as well this year interception we go out on top for the kids find out what they want me for that year at which point we were out we measured them measure their wheelchairs and then we need to work. Hi everyone is super thankful super excited died in the appearance in the moments after teachers everywhere just smiling years here there's a lot of tears shed some very happy day. When they're content we love we love you have an opportunity knew this you're not community. Mean a lot of us from Wilmington you know than the same reason these people that will provide news for around this is great to be able to get back we're excited for the camera and. Fiscal stuff that is very very cool stuff. It just kind of warmed mark you know we should and that is part of the other good news segment this morning that. And stuff did you ever I know you don't have a dog not a Jimmer dress your dog up. I never did that I know I had a Poodle output a sweater on or sometime in February but that wasn't Galilee I'm trying to remember. My daughter Nina liked to dress the dogs are not true and chewy and and last year it was what's what's the name of the the new Droid did in the Star Wars movies when there rolls around no mediate yes yes it just don't I'm not sure it was BBA. And and then she has a a bearded dragon. To see right in front the picture of what she had Decker who I was Robin Hood. Which was it was pretty cool. There's lizard people are a little on the strange side but hey to each their own but don't be surprised if you see folks walk around with a dog or cat and custom almost 3% of us. Actually do dress up our animals and so that means about 20% of us are a little on the lack site. John Kelly chief of staff of the White House has some interesting things to say. About our past. And the civil war in particular will take a look at that coming up here 111 to that it 93 WBT. Human rights and seventy that you time Heidi good morning it's got picture. So what John Kelly. Chief of staff. The cubs it would Laura Ingram last night though Richard picked up this year. Susan via US civil war was caused. Try lack of compromise. And empire the coming conversation was about historic monuments. And we've we've had this conversation several times in the past. But if you want to chime in on this after a fight and tell you what kind of would Roberto with Kelly. Then not pleased to 70457. On 1110. So Kelly said yesterday the lack of the ability to compromise. Went to the civil war. And cold the removal. Of confederate monuments but dangerous scrubbing. Of history. And and I agree with that. I agree with that how many times have we had conversations about well we can't talk about that we can't have that in our in our face because. You know that represents this or that offends this person that offends this person. Kind of tired of the get offended game. You know history is what a difference. You can't change it you you can't whitewash it you can't paint it. If you think that part of history was ugly you can't put lipstick on and call it anything other than what idiots. And there were some some fresh and incumbents. From John Kelly. About the the whole process of looking at fixed. And I agree this is I think we make a mistake. As a society. And and certainly as individuals when we take what is today accepted his right and wrong. And go back 100. 20300. Years or more and say hey what Christopher Columbus did was wrong. Well you know 500 years later it's inconceivable to me that you would take what we think now and apply it back to bed. And that is so true and and that kind of thinking. That kind of thinking gets used. As as a tool as a weapon from both sites. From both sides you get liberals who get scream and liberals who will say plan yet all I we we dog banging your wobble but I know. Well okay from the mindset of today looking back at that. Try to put yourself into into their brain to what they were thinking what the world was like they were doing what they thought was right. And they weren't breaking any laws of the time they won't even break in moral codes. At the time so the left will do that sometimes when you know. People attack certain portions of America. The conservative side might say want to go back to the constitution and and then you don't try to look at it through today's ice. As well as looking at through theirs on their allies. When Austin say he said they would tell you the robbery Lee was an honorable man. Opening a big argument. And one of the comments that he made that I found to be fascinating. And I think it it really holds true within the concept of this today. Is that it I think there's some real parallels. And what he said he was. He was a man that gave up his country. To fight for his state. Which 150 years ago was more important than country. Can agree that. He says he was always loyalty to state first back in those days but now that it's different. And now but it's different we know we think about country first before we think about state. So move. How to how how is it any different then America first. Make America great again. We look at country first they looked at states first so it's understandable. The position that he took. More arresting Heidi RW BT was have them. All right. That's history instructor I've ever had. Set the ball we understand history you have to step outside at all look at an alternate. Does get emotion out of letter to look at what app. Journal Kelly it was exactly where it was off because not they're sidewalk at the compromise. But shall. Realize. For the most part. Well for the most part southerners that don't slightly. After the they realized that what it report that our institution. So they should have compromised. Our slate vs free states that I should edit and they are slightly. But no art would not compromise our factors. And sheriffs were at our suburb brought material. Than what it compromised or that suburb. People network try to make a what are they. Make as much as they try it while they report what do the same bank. So they would say what Chara on the outright why are all of their products to be sold to the court that's better or mercy. It's exactly this Eric Berry now as there's river revisionist take it. The first person that German national air and went to Germany overall. Epic rated Nazi thing what a lot and it was written 800 capitol torture generation. And what it was Germany over everything was supposed to beat Germany over the and that that won't stay that made up but archer. We'll rusting and things can be misappropriated. OK having the Nazi symbol the swastika. You know there were swastika is. Bronx native Americans in Al west the I think originally originally it was a either a Hindu or a Buddhist symbol. Or Tibet Tibetan I think his exit is is actually what it was and. You don't Scott a lot of people don't realize that the United States army's 45 that country division. Prior that might gain forty warrant they're shoulder patch was a red triangle what but bolt swap that. I do know now that supported that their country. But just like you said but just like you said about the other German National Anthem it cannot it got co opted and became. And became associated with Nazi Germany so which then became the problem dislike the swastika. Got co opted and ended up becoming you know associated with the Nazis as far as compromises will hold up there were a lot of compromises there was. When the constitution was signed a three fifths compromise. Right and that was because the north in the south. Needed to nit tip to balance things out when it came to the slaves into a into non slowest. Two different Missouri compromises. There was and I'm trying to remember what it was about the video compromise of reaching fifty invent the Kansas Nebraska act. Which was 1854. So no other work compromises. From. I so why I like a lot of things Kelly had to say I don't think it it it's. We tend to try to simplify things and if you Symbian and that's a good waited to look at things but it you can only simplified down to so much to distill it down to. You know this in a better in this. There has one thing that needs to come out then that's proper sanction. Beat emancipation proclamation. Debt or at least ways. Can't expect that the union had already occupied or edit slaves states that did George the they're better. So there were still slight state. Slave holders. That horse fly it all worse that or generals are easier to get our network our congressmen get bigger and get conference. That slavery was not abolished and a dramatic split the sultan the beaded blanket was not the right level rate. Slavery was out of all of us are still over here after the war and it was that thirteen support it but then that's what path. Right well yeah because emancipation proclamation was a proclamation. It didn't become law just like you said until the in group came an amendment to the constitution rusty appreciate your call. I do appreciate your call. He went you and on corruption liberals. It's Halloween right. Dress up as safe at southern monument. They go into plus amid what. We're going to node. Sued the other crowd anomalies would say to you. The that would take a brave person wouldn't. Know it that would take a lot of report. So. Sir sir John Kelly I'm. Sanctioning Abu on the part of me was wondering why. Why was that conversation happening. It at that time. Let me a reason for the I'm kind of failing to see the reason for that. That particular conversation when there are so many other things going on in the world to have a conversation about. Sometimes it comes to me in the middle of the night you know on regularly get a revelation that that did not get to grow revelation about that would Michael good morning WB two was haven't. Page got a problem. Yeah about all in all liberals about Margaret Sanger and planned parent of I don't I demolished every day I'm building. I Planned Parenthood based Omar recite site or use. Towards blacks in the community of black. Right the issue was and into eugenics. Absolutely but I don't I don't see planned the building Planned Parenthood is in a monument. Doubt I'm a modern but this whole philosophy. The monument park pared down with a belt but living monuments when most of these people don't even though they're old. History not no of course not as you know I know I understand what you're saying I think Jamaican a bit of the stretch. These are I've not had a bit of the stretch Planned Parenthood is not memorializing her trying to remembered anything that in the past or. Four or herbal leaps. Had only been ably today it would go oh yeah you know what she was right off the candy eugenics. I don't think that would be the case. Yet hear this and sick twisted people that are under the title is best. So there's a hole no I don't think so Franken back and we'll talk to one is that we've ABC more about what's happened Mueller. Amanda for agenda and all the other ones that are doing the purple it's on the way here on WBT take much every Halloween to you must Scott FitzGerald and glad it's with your income decreased. So you heard your chances thought John Kelly. So about a Robert Italy in the monuments consider its that are in that it is certainly part of our history our buddy higher WBT was had a. Buddy yeah pay your you're I was Abuja. I haven't learned our governor Jim moderates for your words don't. Court a full court ground. Well I guess it depends on who you talk to Linda and her if there's two different sides aren't. Look bad it's whereas blacks were like in the government to court we'll bring him through fire women wore. Well there record as expected and had never heard anybody Robert Robert. Celebrate Robert Healy yeah. I don't understand part of our heritage. You know I would what do you mean. While Maine are we ever had a have wherever Alberta Robert Italy's Burberry nor. What have we're gonna celebrate our heritage. Now that I don't know if you are so important what have we done I'm. I've only about a southerners since 2008 so you have to forgive because I know I've had a lot of catching up to do. The analog connection to do as far as the monuments and why they went up there's two different size to a one has to quote you know remember because that was when I know a lot of the civil war veterans were dying. And then the other side says well you know what really what this is as we haven't given up power yet it was what the other daughters of the confederacy years of them and got to put up the majority of those. And and put them in the court house you know ostensibly the other message was. Yeah we still run the system here so again it depends on and we talked to who you ask. Which theory they will tend to go along with laws act joins us now here. From ABC and yesterday the the revelations the the indictments that have come down pop a couple of sub Muller and gates. Obviously those who are not in the trump White House had some reactions out of lawmakers respond. Well overall. Didn't respond with a terribly mis hit didn't it seem like Republican did not want to talk about it at all. And Democrats were very real war very careful in choosing their words as well. Perhaps not wanting to see you to give the president additional ammunition and trying. Age and feeling like they include a politicized event. But also perhaps. Circumspect because. More or may be coming as the president has said that the he'll get the special investigator will also be looking in Q. The actions of the DNC and Hillary Clinton. And the and we saw that that there is. Committed start speculation circulating about a that the death does. I've built overall kind of muted in the and one of the things that was related with a bit injured thing to witness that would at one leg. People want it to avoid talking about that yesterday. I had that one point. Senator democratically. Yeah I tried to evade reporters who wanted to ask him questions about the special investigation. And actually it tripped over a a series of American flag that it's a personal deploy. Is that went hiking around here at the capitol as he was trying to it to get away from questions and other special investigation do but it. It caught on camera they got caught on camera allowed I you know. Not one of my colleague here tell me about it so I didn't Vietnam but yeah I'll see if I can find that Lincoln and the underdog. That would make some good good means what that. Indeed that's how. But overall the message has banned from Republicans and Democrats alike that they want to see the progress they want to see how the process continue. Without being politicized and with a bit and that's that's really going to happen out here in the capital but. But they wanted to continue without any interference and they and Democrats especially we're sending the message yesterday to the president. That they want to make sure that he knows. He should not be dismissing the special counsel if he doesn't like where the investigation is headed. Says within congress they have the ability. You've continued the investigation and it would only reflect poorly on him if he were to try to get and do anything. Which the White House summit yesterday they were not quite and they had no interest in doing. Lindsey Graham beavers says you know what if he does it do jets and all holy hell is going to us to break up front is that became an ABC appreciate the updates. Here's something you probably did know or maybe you did Ari are you worried about being a white person on not November 4. Well John you know manner thought about it set your alarm to say I don't wanna be a white person on November 4 now thought people got. Correct well be careful I don't know Letterman go outside on on November 4 and and maybe you shouldn't either. Because the anti file leaders. Some of the November 4 and millions of anti trust super soldiers. Will be head all white parents. Tests on the look forward to and not. Good morning. Yes and it's been everywhere it's no other announcements about things that are coming up and it's like well that's awesome. Like and it is a new Star Wars movie coming out ended in December oh yes that's a cool thing to look forward to. I don't know that I'm looking forward to being beheaded. I don't know I've never been beheaded some maybe I have no idea what I'm missing the main you know as it might be a real cute. So up fairly gaga named Tom bloke now this could all be a joke here or or you know tongue in cheek. Considered he's considered to be one of the leaders of the anti drug group. Took to Twitter to threaten violence in white parents and small business owners. And an energy and the quote was. Can't wait for November 4 when millions of anti trust super soldiers will be had all white parents and small business owners. In the town square. Yeah. But that's armed sounds like a good time. Another tweet. We ante for are going to expo Jewish. The right USA race with acme TNT crates until they are covered with soot and waving a white rag on a stick. Which to me says like in Europe and on their children channeling you. The road runner cartoons. So. Does some of those far left radicals are saying and allies just joke but I do remember. I do remember Alex Jones and info wars who's always a source for very very reliable information. Talk about this has been a while and he's been pointing fingers at November 4 for a long long time and it might even be because it was the this is the anniversary of the Russian revolution. Do it to check that out there was a reason. That that was the particular day. Bruce is still room. Crews are still chemist bases in a world of hurt here remain confident reputation standpoint for sure. And somebody had a premonition about debt. We'll get to that post more come and appear on news a little tonight and entering the UB team. Hi guys. I still can't tell you how much fun it is watching him sometime. He can Muster that he must go onto an incredible church when he was growing up where they had one of those really. Animated ministers you know preachers would even be a minister being more preacher thing would be with a breath. You mean no not. Well we just lost director put away. He held on for so long if you go to an arrogant yet dare call me back because I knew he had to come about Alex Jones. So if you do we'll we'll get to get but do you favor in day in Jamaica number six year good numbers six W ccb. Had a low and middle age program no longer term and and talk grow the what is going on here and Kevin Spacey was a one of the topics of discussion. And other when a whole lot of love there. Madonna Clive Kevin Spacey. Really made a mess that it apologies for. For alleged sexual misconduct actor Andy rapid Q is basically making sexual advance on him to hurry thirty years ago rap was fourteen at the times they lose 26. Think he tweeted an apology over the weekend saying he didn't remember excuse draw. And that he was drunk and that same statement he came out saying he's chosen to live at the game and we also exhibit space for Netflix show house of cards will end after its sixth season. Next year's people want kids that just need to speak each of these two separate issues. Come out in the same breath has its own apologizing for this and allegations. Cheney also like it's everyone. And most anyone who grew like knows about desperate feels kind of news that and so like that he's been living is supposed to see her for a while. All that's swelling goes by it you use it right now. When you get talked about. Other sexually assaulting a then fourteen year old try not to that's gonna bring that. The C or whatever. The answer is no punches. Do you expect from. They live in their realized OJ to ask men had met from Matt remodeling. Coming up at but. But yet it's it's it's just it's just so pathetic. All these people that tell a distinct that you know their position. Allows them to do whatever they had that they want. And and cut number no I could give me cut number nine here. It was. Or Seth MacFarlane apparently had his finger on the pulse of quite a few things have been happening in the dark underbelly of Hollywood. Because he may have Harvey Weinstein joke awhile ago. And I can remember who was four but something like you know you don't have to mute kiss Harvey Weinstein entered the limo you anymore after winning an award. And and on Family Guy he took a shot to Kevin Spacey. I think he's going to basement and it. And yeah I think he's going to basement and it. Obviously he knew that demonstration was greeted. The end of the house of cards. Has gone away six season that was coming up and after that it's old it's also and a they may do a spin off. But. As far as that particular show utility it's it's gone by the wayside. And then also he's been can a space he's been stripped of his honor they planned on a from the Emmy Awards. They were gonna give him their Tony seventeen international Emmy founders award but they said. It is not enough. I'm gonna. And a more Harvey Weinstein allegations have come have gone back to the early seventies when he was a concert promoter in buffalo. He's gone he's gonna go to jail if you don't go to jail than he's an op himself or is in the lead the country. Hopefully somebody has taken away as the his passport so he can't do that Derek hi good morning going to be BT Alex Jones. Are you a lover of him. Yes but I am yeah I have a question are you tell us some hadn't heard execution without the but I am an awful lot he never bring you up. Guess that's in your care or you're saying he cannot be relevant to try. Which you talk about there and try and action every day and make fun of him it's cathartic you'll have any facts to back up what you have to say. We just want sit there and ridiculed and and the and the reality is if it weren't for him you guys it's still people leaving the official story of Las Vegas. And you have time line wrong you'd still be believing you are divided by the 1945. Likely won't come out there. CIA documents in the the JFK here. File that that. He was alive in nineteen section one they have pictures of it that's solved all the all the units and. What makes you say that they are in no I'm not jealous of you Christian executive branch remember here I don't listen cheer me picturing merit today. And I didn't you bring out shown that repair what's his because you know life. Because it's it's Alex Jones every ten minutes on the tense here. I don't know I'm kidding that Eric and Derek but Derek Derek I think you. Obviously. You tend to believe what Alex has to say right. Okay who have and that's fine you're you're entitled to that. And for a long long time line I believed in Santa Claus. I knew we we we for a long time I believed in Santa Claus. You know we we reached an. Talk march 9 floor all right well yes. Crap that you trying to pull. Every few cuts that cleared lane and he is dying and that's why our extra Nicky law I think. Kimmel though listening to people don't listen to this guy just listen to your computer shall we look we bureau located. You don't you don't pay attention to are too good to lie like Alex Jones. Because if you really understood. What he was doing. Which is obvious that you don't. You'd understand that he's an entertainer. First and foremost that's why he's there actually you know what first and foremost. While he's there. Is to sells silver bullet powerful coal legal silver. How many times you be hurting for his program it is hard to show our popular aren't I brought I. What makes money of those products. To accept a product people. Now it's Alex Jones. Every once in awhile he comes with a kernel spurning interest. I'll grant you that. I'll grant you that but Timmy what he has is he is a preacher of a religion of paranoia and conspiracy. And he's really good that. We can be very very good. But sometimes he gets it's taken. Sometimes people slip information and in his likable. And Alex Jones a report on it as if it's it's a big a big no new breaking news story. It and you realize. He got taken in by via a press release. An example. On info wars today breaking bad star says F bomb you if you want trump to fail. If she fails the countries in jeopardy. What do you think that story is out right now. Who's an interview with a Hollywood reporter and he said you know. Presidential does not the person who I wanted to be in that office and I've been very open about that that being said he is the president. You remember he wants pledged tube to leave the US a foot truck became president. But he says if he fails to countries in jeopardy he would be egotistical for anyone to say I hope he fails. To that person I would say F bomb you wind which you want that so you can be right. Why would why would bring kicked Cranston and say that right now. What would you say that because. These are promoting his role in the in the movie last flag. Flying. Which is about three Vietnam veterans and a road trip together. So it's a promotional ploy. Can't go to the position that he's taken he's obviously a screaming liberal right but he's trying to say something that the conservatives won't take him for. And they go they'll all tell you we did meet their people are gonna go to frank Chris tonight and like you before but I like him now because she's saying you know we gotta support the president. When Alex Jones took it up line and sinker and all he did was really promote it liberal actors movie. That was all the press who. He'd come get your first on the other side favor this year. You can continue. Disarmament program usually not an ivory WB two. Was the name of the view that they get all mad at me about Alex Jones was his name. John mourn the dead. Don't have to welcome Derek Derek. Derek yeah I was there. There so well our exit does Erickson a moment ago was if it weren't for Alex Jones we would not know that Hitler didn't die in 1945. They actually live to a 1960 broader something like that. Could be. There's no way there are no facts to support that bill now there was a document. From the CIA. That that they were. There was an informant who said that that Hitler survived and wanted to move into Colombia and then later on to Argentina. So they have they checked it out. They did they did some investigating. And what do you quotes in the memo. Neither. Did former nor this particular CIA station is in a position to give an intelligent evaluation of information is being forward as of a possible interest. Some good wrote a book about it. But nobody wanted to. Because they couldn't back it up. There's it was considered to be you know kind of fake history. Most historians look penance and you know there's no evidence here. And I know that that was so a diary that of Kennedys. That came out we're. He wondered. Doesn't make it real. You know again I believe in Santa Claus for a long long time. He's good morning you're on WBT Alex Jones what's your take. Good morning how are you sir I am if I were you better I beat two people and don't throw it had been a reformation day oh yes at 500 years ago. 500 years ago today. And Italy. Are Koroma and I gotta take my opponent over Obama the other you know what you know what yeah can you share some is. I don't want any money gone Dallas Jones the go ahead. We're not drop much they've made pure. All relax and I generated grab a lot of companies are no arrests. Yet. Understand not believing you're attacking an Alley don't own a daily basis occurred at power book or you can't do it every day. It's and it's not an attack it's a fascination. It's a fascination where they. Within an incredible actor. And while we bumblebee brought out I cannot listen do a lot more why actually around I'm not allowed to fly. Neutrality is who is voice grates don't hurt her slow by age keep their rhetoric in the radio at a car. Yeah well he is. He is he's a easy preacher. This first church of the conspiracy. Creature you separate out are preacher he would occur and and I know he is creatures and I'll grant you that. Get an email let's see from Gibril. Says if Sam Kennison were to come back to life as a wound up conspiracy theorist he would be Alex jones'. Well you know give him credit. He does attract a certain market he's figured out how to make money in that market. And in. We are given kudos for diet I mean you know these entertainer and I wish people would. He's brilliant in is gonna be happy to have art are well one bit you know coming. You know different grip real big Greg same way about you know about Rush Limbaugh fired they do that you know me you know I mean. Whatever outcome that lead lap finish hurry. And you know people involved. You thought Europe and Eric are in our our. Or your main job is to show court or so that you'll be Beijing will keep your mayor Betty you'll mining job. Now my main job listing is all this microphone for these three years because nobody else would do. No motive and he's voted for use this all the classic I'll hold Florian. The microphone beyond the mile and the only correct and I hope they worded or Eric. How would you classify or characterize is pretty here what do you mean. We thought they had all the way I'll ask if he's Gatorade put it on right now gee I wish I could to. Dishonesty you know you know each Johnny neighborhood but 10. He's got to be a purple wig. And I feel that looks like Hancock if you were to dye his hair black and purple. And that's what that is. We'll keep our Beckett. I know we we appreciate what they've been typically to realize that it. All of these people basically are in our planners. They are you fail they are they they're completely art and if they miss that. Then. I got a bridge to sell or some complex and cave mantra Daly a former alpha brain or proof pure loyal silver super blue fluoride free whatever relatives I mean. They don't dare America. Academic scared all Alain. Are what I want so Arabia or read interpreted by any government follow the money where our current star well sure it is. Assured us sure but you know not out. You know you have carpet enough common sense is this sort per web site is to determine what it is. So what is an airplane let him work is. Needed. What is hyperbole and exaggeration. And you know what he's one of the breast meat. How many Gerri I mean. I admit I I don't enjoy it rewards the wild. You don't hear him do that rich people are buying it is very good you're gonna work. Harder. I. Do that pretty well you don't do that are under white idiot. Remember Elton does this say. Trying to win in bed sometimes when you share that we're we're sort of bought. I didn't appreciate your comment thanks Elizabeth version river much. They're single bag any time in featured more the belief that that you holds her dearly and and and that's why you know like is it. Everybody is entitled to their own beliefs. Sometimes it's good ask question where does that belief come for. Where's it come from. So they a break and back and when we come back here another sad scary story. About buying stuff online just yet another warning so well I don't mean to put the fear god and for you but you may get it when we come and so bug you update again it's a sore reset things for you here as far as what happened would Muller. And and with some of the next steps are going to be. Yesterday three folks too well one. That we can and it was cut those supplements. And then gates comes along and it's and apparently it's all because of his connections. We've met everything done did quite a bit to work together and they were involved in in a different business ventures. So most likely as more it was a it was following the money. That's where he can open gates and saw him and and what he had to do and then the one that kind of came out of nowhere this surprised people. And the one that by most accounts is going to potentially be the most damaging. Two run to president sharpen those around him. Is. Pop a couple of scorer. Snapple up it gets for what is he really mean addict. Yeah in some ways that that development is more surprising and in some ways more interest to you even know he's a lesser known figure because. That it is unlike what the president treated this morning. That does have to do with the campaign. He pled guilty to lying to federal agents about his contacts with the Russian government. Basically I she acknowledges that he was in touch where they Russian professor. And a one minute two he was told was Vladimir Putin's niece. I during the campaign months. And he was told at one point in time by this professor that the Russian government. Had dirt about Hillary Clinton and in fact had thousands of hurt emails he was told this in April 2016. After he had joined at the trump campaign and well before that was public knowledge. There you go so that's a mr. shuffle of August and I guess the at the overall consensus is this guy has been we're in a wire. That's what Chris workers that are earlier today when he was talking about Thompson. During the morning program and that he's probably gathered some other names. You know so like a dust bunny. You know if you if you have a dust bunny your whole lot of dust running your Condo you know like in your hand underneath via the bad with those dust bunnies are lib one. We'll help you gather more and so that's sort of what the thank goodness as far as reaction goes so of course there was a there was reaction from senators. There was. Just a tad bit of reaction from the political pundits and the folks on Capitol Hill including Paul Ryan. This is what. Bob Mueller was tasked to do Republicans gave the special counsel a wide berth today. As Democrats argued the indictments and guilty plea are proof of a pattern. The people affiliated with the trump campaign lying about the connections with the Russians. Adam Schiff is the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee he told CBS news today that. Metaphors shady financial dealings did not end when he went to work for candidate trump. During the campaign while he's campaign manager. He's trying to obtain more money for his work for these pro Russian interest in Ukraine. Money like that which she has now been indicted for laundering. Republican Richard Burr is running the Senate's Russia investigation he says pop but obelisk was a person of interest in his probe as well. Democrats argue it's time to pass a bill protecting special counsel Muller. For mother's presidential firing. The investigation must be allowed to proceed unimpeded. Republicans say the president knows better than to try that that. President. Should let the special concert. But they'd still rather talk about almost anything else. Do your job that's the Texas Republican John Cornyn do you think that this impedes the president's ability to do his job. I don't see how the indictment changes to the presence voted to do his job. There is a process for this to go forward and I trust that it will never happen. The White House said today the president has no intention of firing Muller and Republicans here on Capitol Hill say. That's a good thing in fact the president's recent golf partner Lindsey Graham said a short time ago. That there will be quote. Holy hell to pay if Mueller is released without any reason. And one question yesterday Sarah we Sanderson. Industry part of beaten and what what she was alluding to there was. There's no attention or plan to make any charge any changes. In regards to the special counsel. I've been asked about potential pardons she hadn't I think we should let the process play through. Before we start looking at that. Which is. My own by all accounts a Smart thing to do because what Lindsey Graham was putting forth thing you a piece of legislation. That would make it more difficult for the president to actually make changes. Within the Justice Department and he had a a bit of a warning shot from. Support he's legislate this piece of legislation that would protect smaller though that would stop its size since I introduced it yes I was supported that. I am from zero concerned that mr. Mueller is in jeopardy of losing his job back. I see no reason for him to be dismissed and calories you can do this for a call center. Here for some effort to do it without good reason that the only ill today so I'm not. What we know we're about a woman she's so convinced that we hear these rumblings from time to time of the White House is that that that threat might be there and you sit there be wholly held and do it doesn't lessen or prevent the president from doing a we've had a special prosecutor so far before. No I think the last time that happened was. And I in the Nixon era I've heard nothing even though I announce a suggest that the presence can try to replace mr. Mahler. Zero evidence from many that I have talked to he would be wrong to do so unless there were cars we've got a legal system here mr. Mueller. Is doing his job because the attorney general. I was a member of the trying to campaign the campaign can investigate itself so we have every confidence mr. Moeller will move forward to supporting meat and. They may have a Ford pardon or gates pardon her. Public option was pardoned. Would amount to an all out declaration of war. Essentially goes to special counsel right. And if I were indeed to be the case then. I sort of be let go west to be a showdown for sure. Can you John can do that little whistle noise so from with a clinics and colon when. You don't. Yeah that's who got off but that's what they would be they would do B six guns at if Tony paces. Yeah. Lee thankfully our area president and he might I don't know he might be able might be unable to resist that particular course of Garland on the part round. The legal team. They have kind of restrained his. Phrase is Twitter battle. As of right now com and I'm sure that they understand completely do you have the political risk that he'd be taking. If he does the pardons. Preemptive pardon. And you know I don't know I've read a couple of pieces that said that the president might you know think that a pardon. Would essentially undermine Muller's ability to induce cooperation. The threat criminal prosecution Sophie starts pardoning people. Once they are named a preemptive pardon. Then there is no leverage. And everybody did more to pick up and indict then all of a sudden there is no value to them anymore. And if I were there with the case. Then the only real tactic did Moeller would have if the president wares are doing this boss is. To do what they do apartment obelisk which his arrest them. And they don't announce the arrests but the mine operate free and clear with the understanding that or even what it would it even work. A limited but he worked better. They get information on somebody they would need to. Then have an entire. Deck of cards built into a house and they had to get their finger on the bottom want to be able bulletin and let at all for round. Fascinating to watch is in it we'll politics I mean it's certainly is a blood sport that is for sure an absolute blood sport. There's going to be that just. Carter page and that's devices. Islanders was says we got you now we don't care about all of that. Wherever you're doing their man of sort if you tell us something about currently campaigning collusion refrigerate get out of jail free card. And since Amanda for looking at what 28 point five years. Basically dying imprison you never know. Loyal to help partisan bill. Led 34 and hello you. It's got FitzGerald and a happy Halloween to you. Protest tonight the tickets are dual trick or treat. Your daughters to trick or treat him. Yeah I was still a little bit of that usually hit the pillow talk or treats the local fire department technology aria. Yeah my initiation yeah I think two. Is dedicated to Meehan. Is very particular neighborhood that you of the Jewish target is so but when I was a kid it was at we will go to neighbors obviously with a home for close together. That was our that was an important and the bigger problems. But the bigger problems they had the sweet tarts did. Sweeter than big giant candy Barcelona is what we like to sort. Good weather for it too though that's that's awesome. I mean how many times have you had miserable rain on Halloween and don't where I grew up up north. We do get snow and probably some times you had a better answer good concern if you were modest. Stupid custom did you get the you know they used to come in the box within the plastic masks that maturity is not very thick now. So you have to Wear like a long underwear underneath it and embrace it behind. And in it would totally ruin the you know low lines on your you're Spiderman Alfred real answers and good it's all bunched up underneath you here. These figures. Dana Rohrabacher I had mentioned to say yesterday about the job. The investigation into those in a moment but first Brian you've cold in 704571110. Unity comment about special counsel more. Yes. What they're talking about is. The way it special counsel do one if such a wide net. To try to try to get the he has no war really what are you looking for so there's a doctor Coburn deport entry doctor. To Wear when they don't want to live near like beer. Is larger and again and all La you know basically dismiss. Them. What is the I never heard that term fruit of the poisoned tree. Right. You what you do is they thought they are a lawyer here is not unethical or illegal methods. Take Gary ER or get evidence. It did obtain illegally arcade there. Why why you. Why would it be obtained illegally. From my GPS and often admire and like our. But what it is. Is they play like people to warn our own news if you that in our hypothetical situation they would have to haven't worn exactly what they're looking for. And you know I'm not debt to look at every bank. And according to walk your talk about yesterday when you do when the news briefing talking about you know that this is crazy and we it's going to be drawn out. Now I'm he'll get thrown out but forty regards to trot well. I'm against brightest the question I would ask is let's say. They have a warrant out for my arrest or they've award to come search my house because they think that I have drugs in the house prior. Are you saying that if they find a gun in there and I'm already a felon that they can't charge me with that the that would be considered obtained illegally because that wasn't mentioned in the in a warrant. Not that there are okay well how was how is that different from. Because number one you have a war or you to look for draw tens cited both now say like I'm are gone in your. You know something that's not covered under the war. That's what I'm talking about desperate important like say. We give you a good example when I was taking our criminal justice that I'm trying to think it would go one. Like say your warts is that for you to search your house. And that deadly undergone in your all. We have basically through the whole thing how to. Because ball but what would convert covered under the war. Got you on the normal commute you know I don't know like our network no I understand what you're saying. If if they go look look Mueller has been given you know like you said he a pretty broad brush that you can go in and investigate things. And if he was investigating Pullman at fort. Brought. And part of what they would do was look at his finances and to see if there were committed to try to find connections. And they were making some assumptions based on those connections. And they ended up finding connections between he and gates may be gates wasn't even in the you know it in any investigative line to begin with it but if they found that bear. Are you saying that they wouldn't then be allowed to go after gates on his own. Separately you know I mean because they found because they found it. Right coordinated it is okay there their whole. The reason there haven't special counsel at an investigational Russia. That's what dirt you know our premises. OK what did this have to do with Russia. Well when he was working for ukrainians. That were pro Russian and if they were ukrainians that were pro Russian. Then I don't think it's too far to make the assumption. That those pro Russian ukrainians had lots of contact. With the Russians. And Nixon had an assist 2014 knock 26 K mass start that the whole thing we're the ones are far back. And then the united scored no wet weather or not he disclosed that information Utah I think you're talking more rap the other guy verses a man well. There were no gates you mean gates has connections there to. And I understand which are saying about going back in time. I think the reason they're going back in time and and I'm not gonna put words into DC and into the into Mueller is not and we'll find out Morris is. As he ends up explaining it and laying out the case. If men of Burt had connections with the Russians back and Tony fourteen. And it put him in a compromised position for example how much money he owes seventy million dollars to somebody over there. Is is what I understand if that is indeed the case and he thinks that by getting involved with the trump campaign. Not just a great job it might be able to help him get some leverage to get rid of some of that debt. Then he'd be in a compromised position and that would mean interactions with the Russians so bright you wanna hang on I gotta gotta take a quick break it to. You hang out and then not Clark a miniature called to say get a a better explanation the net then Bryant on this. Well we'll see who seek. I don't think Mueller stupid. I don't think he's done so. But we haven't listened to you guys in that we can come to conclusions together so how about that break him back a day you and your call 704571110. PO WB two 1148. So information obtained illegally. Yeah Mike does not work in court Clark coming at you real quick Bryant. Good wrap up your line of thinking here in the front of the poisonous tree here because I got an email from a listener that I that rings a bell here in the quote was. That did that Mueller was given the authority to investigate any and all crimes uncovered in the course of his investigations a witness or to cover everything that. That you're saying would be excluded we've with a particular tenant. Another reason they wouldn't be is because the liberty that all instances if you could legally do that Noonan and we can't fit he's been here they cast such a large man he has been given permission by the Department of Justice to. Look for any and all growth there's Supreme Court yet but there are Supreme Court cases. Civil limit how much power they can give someone especially do you reflect that. I'm not prediction this whole thing you're going to be met at first when his lawyer's gonna do is go win and ask for the New York to remove himself from the case. It gonna ask all those the Clinton appointees to removed from the case because of the conflict of interest me and now they are likely to Russia. You know the whole deal were witnessed by the ultimately brought an improbable calls here. Could be. I figure region. Yeah I think you're reaching I don't know that the Department of Justice going to be able say anything about the you know the team that Mueller is put together. And if there's a crime is crime. Just like with Hillary if they find out that it was a pay for play deal if there was a crime there was a crime has been and any any good judge. In any good jury would let got to go OK here's what the lawsuit as and here's what they did this is of this is therefore gave it very. Clear violation of the law. Then. Their bus should be hang it on the line if they don't good on the correct road Clark Cuba got a better explanation and Brian on this show me up. Clark. Clark is still there. Well once going twice Clark. We'll put him on hold and currency without it comes back Charles received he's there. I doesn't know that he is but I don't get an opportunity talked if indeed you store around. Unity on this and he's not. So I I understand the of the Tenet to defer to the poisonous tree bit sluggish and email are made a very very good point here. The authority to investigate any and all crimes. Uncovered in the course of investigation. So that means if he's looking for one thing in many happens to notice all of this particular pay no accounting entries here. And looks to me like his money from a foreign agent or or whatever the case may be. Then he's allowed to go down that hole in that seems to be the the consensus of how this this whole investigation is working. And I know legal expert. Which is why we rely on folks like a doctor David Schultz. Which Merck shimmering ski you can join us from time to time about that means the other deal for his deemed the UCLA law school. To the those are the Smart guys those are the ones you can look at this and break it down royal oaks with a ABC's a legal analyst. He's at the background that allows him to. To be Smart about it when when I can't speak. Spencer good morning and WBT comment about men effort. It very. Ball. Rate here help that dark or bad spot but everybody make it better and salt. If there are any attorney or privilege. Article in that. Off and I look at it. The defense and expect all evidence collected in that ray be thrown out. Aren't client privilege is buried very. Give an example what you think might create something that's attorney. Client privilege to me like a letter from an attorney to him. Do you angered Jewish talk through his attorney about it attorneys thought their gamble ballot any wreck irked competent lawyer. Any record that leash that can't do or lawyer. All any embarrassing but it lawyer. Are any kind of off the bench. Argument that is all you're gonna get in to marry. Anybody like that when this all about that goal. Cheap Mac. Now and Spencer I don't are you are you trained in law. Really no OK in some me neither. The so I guess a question what I would askew is. I would understand if there is something that was attorney client privilege that I found out and I had evidence of and I tried to use that in court. That that would be thrown out the dead that would be my guess my take on that thing but if they just saw something. And they didn't follow up on it anyway. And kept it separated and compartmentalize. Then that I don't know I don't know the answer to that. And in middle school. John hi good morning RW BT coming on the on the fruit of the poisonous tree. Yeah the what went involved there's a lot of times this search warrant it just signed off on the warrant that allow them to edit property. This specifically wanted evidences they're looking for. What they expect the Fong worked located have to be very specific about why they're going into the residence net for to protect. Some personal property in the Fourth Amendment so you indeed the finger attorney are privileged. They can request. The judge allow that later on but they may have been looked at her turn in Concord is information that was related to Russian collusion. Not necessarily financial crimes so if they found things that is hard evidence that they would use to help. Convict or to help get the the indictment that. Even if it was attorney client privilege if it wasn't rappers in the search warrant that the judge signed off on that considered to be and invest more court under the group reported street dock. He's. I understand. I think I understand which is saying so if I won awards and day and I think somebody's a drug dealers and I'm specifically asking for a warrant to go look for because I believed. That there are drugs and maybe the cash goes along with a no weapons or go along with a that allows me because I'm providing to the judge. A specific. Backup global you know something like a support to say this is why I think it's there please let me go look it is that the first part that they understand correctly. Yeah pretty broad so. Do you if you go in and aren't they air jordans and you know counterfeit money in the same box then you can't claim that there are with money. It is used for drug tent transactions then you know you can't in turn around and charge someone for heaven's sake. Merchandise or. Bootleg. Good sense because they did it had to be related to what the search warrant outlined that you're looking for. Okay. I would say counterfeit money god that's considered a federal issue. But to treasury issue in the secret Serb positions so. I don't know are you are you and are you lawyers. I'm I'm not sit up or in the in the field something at some medication that I think that's. Found there is some corporate rabbit covered a lot of college but they had been a while Mark Shapiro but I guess that's my understanding of the. Mean and again I'm no lawyer but I have a hard time believing somebody like. All former head of the FBI. Like Moeller. Would make a well who would you podium. A tactical error like that. You know. Well yeah I would agree and then this. Oh what the prosecutor from Durham in the Duke Lacrosse might not song I wouldn't think he would have done nothing that he did either somehow I'll pick put structural people with calls and do. Ricky thanks. And that's true but we've got here. No that's that's very very true right in and I was living in Hollywood that have been all went down and I don't know that that was that wasn't tactical mistakes. It was politically motivated with some tactical mistakes in their. And yet was driven by his it's his desire to. To make a name for himself and all came down to it. Is their politics behind all this. A 100%. There's smaller need to do everything he can possibly do to make sure that there is no appearance of politics. I would say the answer to that would be yes. Going to be a smell test this all comes down. I don't know what it's supposed to smell like my guess is that to certain folks its not really really bad. Appreciate your time doing happy Halloween you be safe by virtue blue skies and realize we'll see you tomorrow same time use of everything.