Manafort Trial, and Iran Sanctions

John Hancock
Tuesday, August 7th
Hancock discusses the Manafort Trial, the implementation of  sanctions on Iran, Additional discussion about Steve Trump., Jerry Klein health issues.

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This is John Hancock. They just look. There have been more. There are other other Arizona Tuesday as we can deal for everybody as well over everybody is inside. The air conditioning. Little toasty. He. Chance for rain there's a decreasing the temperatures are increasing that's the way it works. July August. Down here in the south where most of us are just getting back from launch. All right. Did everybody have a sucking day yesterday. I don't know what it is sovereign and approach it both positive. And this is a meal spurring anybody on but just apparently the aura of the world was just not been good to. Good good repair yesterday or something it just seems like an offer and all sorts people who just gonna have an off day and and and I did kind of sort of news of a couple of people that vote work where Thorpe. I don't know how many of you watched channel three last night and saw the I think it's 730 or maybe have seen it cents on misty crime but Steve proms go to. Health situation and Tony's attention so he won't be in the building for awhile till he gets that resolved until you're Carol. And Stephen my wife for a pretty close. So are she's very concerned about Stephen and I am too I've known Steve since. 1990 when I walked in to town. Com yesterday I went in foray pretty minor medical procedure but I didn't really need to take the entire day off but did anyway. As it turns out am I got back from the medical thing at about 1130. And walked into the house and news was starting to break aren't people were starting to contact me about. Our old friend Jerry Klein. And. Jerry Klein. Has stood head an unbelievable. I guess somebody estimate here are six or seven years. Of health problems send. He lost his wife discovered his wife did the bathtub in Washington DC your worry was working for W remedy all Rome a good six or seven years ago. And and then was diagnosed with a soft little cancer. And I think a kidney. Known situation and so he it's got himself back to Charlotte where he has family a mom and a sister. And he. That way at one point for a few minutes there roe was of filling in for me from time to time was back on WBT. I realized that he was so much too liberal for many of your taste but to. Political. And affiliation at this point doesn't really matter. He was a voice on WB ET that nobody else was airing. And I'm sure he irritated the hell ought to many have you but he also had a backbone to stand there and irritated the hell out of many of you. And he. Is say our former writer for creative glossy magazine for a good long while added over a decade I don't remember. I wanna say thirteen years. He may have written the nicest best article on known me and my Father's Day shows it's ever been written. He. Which came here Mary June rose and our Rick Jackson and company hired him here to do nights and now we've put him on on nights. And a liberal voice on a conservative radio station and not frivolity and sued. He was sale well known entity around town not only from Minnesota journalistic standpoint it's pledges. Is writing to create evil thing but also as a concert promoter. And in fact I sat in the dressing room and Blumenthal one night and watch Jerry on his Tanzania's in the floor of a dressing room. Count out 50000 dollars in cash to Aretha Franklin. Before she would go on stage. And that's not uncommon with some of the older especially African American. Motown rhythm and blues performers because back in the day they used to get burned on a regular basis. And Aretha was one of those and so it was just just there's this is the first place that she's ever demanded money up front I think she demands money up front every play should place. But it was one of those moments in time more I'm leaning against say he'd register. Watch and Jerry Klein who looked like Jerry Garcia. In his day. Count out 50000 dollars. To hand over to the manager. Of our reach the Franklin before she would go onstage at the bell can built up one held a concert. I told a story yesterday to two nurses. For lack of a better clarification requests occasion. Had to Carolina medical sooner. Opened the tenth floor where Jerry Klein. Was yesterday and has since been moved to hospice. And it would appear and I don't wanna jump the gun because he's beaten the odds before. But it would appear that Jerry Klein's. Long fight. On May be coming to an end. I have not been in touch with Jerry Klein and about a year and a half for two years. And the reasons for that. Are probably really nobody's business. There was no fight there was nor coral there was no. Separation there was no. We just. Went often do different directions. But. When I heard about him yesterday. I thought it was necessary for me to go down to a Carolina medical center and I just so happened to have the day off I just so happened to have taken yesterday off. For my own little diluted minor medical situation or it's a soul program is called. Abdominal aorta sonogram. Which they suggest for people that used to smoke over 65 of six driver of years older or older so it was really more about. I think it was really sole purpose to extract some on dollars out of my insurance. Account. But nonetheless that's what I went in for yesterday and the fact that I took today off they just kind of seems to have been fate that all the sudden I would have been available to just react yesterday. To the news that I got about noon and head off to a Kara. On a medical center and see my good friend my old friend. Jerry Klein who appears to be. On his way to lay. New destinations. And to be reunited with is so why for we loved if you don't. More than I can even tell you. And so that that was it's so weird day you're visiting someone in that condition the hospital is always kind of a situation. And then Steve Carlton and some other news that we got today in meeting that I had an old friend over the weekend and I don't know it's just kind of time when I'm a little love. If your perspective I suppose over all over the world and in the situation also makes me feel pretty lucky. Anyway I'm I'll get into more of that problem for the day is over to those were my head is. And then I did not really Vijay John Hancock. United States. Three imposes some stiff economic sanctions on I ran yesterday. After pulling out of the international accord that limits I rants. Nuclear activities. And the European Union. As a towel. Made it clear that they want to look keep the eye Rand nuclear agreement in place the EU says it will work to account of president trumps moved to renews sanctions against I ran it plans to our preserved by the financial flows without. I ran the oil and gas exports that was the word as of this morning. By noon the president issued another warning in regard to Tehran and that was essentially to the European Union notes that anybody doing business. When I ran. Will capital letters not. Being doing business with the United States I'm asking for world peace also in capital letters nothing less exclamation point. So bomb. That's the message that comes after the first round of US sanctions that goes back into effect. On I ran following Trump's decision to withdraw from the Tory fifteen nuclear arms accord. What she thinks is as one of the worst deals with government read. And follow her right. Knee a warning seems to be aimed right at the European Union. And they opposed the sanctions. And he's not interest him in their opposition. If Czech EU has sought to protect member nations who continue to do legitimate business that Tehran and not trump calls of these sanctions the most biting ever imposed. And noted that they ratchet up yet another level. In November. And he's not backing down because he doesn't back down. Rams president told CNN. That the United States and engaging in psychological warfare. To sow divisions within I ran. And how Sandra Haniyeh also predicted that the sanctions would end up isolating America not Iran. In addition to the he just states. Ronnie and now says that China and Russia. Would similarly continue conducting business with the I ran. I'm the president is had some things to say about that is well. And Ronnie said that he is so open to talks with trump immediately. Though he suggested that the sanctions must first end. And here's his analogy that I think it's kind of interest. This is. Sandra honey. The I ran president. If somebody puts a knife. In its opponent. Or enemy's arm. And says we want to negotiate. The answer is that they must first pull out the knife. And then come to the negotiation table. So that's his assess. Out of he would like to talk to trump. The news source and I'm looking at says immediately I don't know if that was actually. With that urgency was they came from her raw hot or not. But he said that the sanctions would have to end first the new sanctions and have just been put into effect. So we'll see were all that goes Sama I have a feel there's probably going to be a meeting between I ran in the United States some time ago. Near or distant future of because I just seems to be kind of the wave and all these little stories and a scenarios overworked up. So that's the one story that so bubble and in the news today and it's kind of interesting and really went out for that went up for the analogy as much as anything else. You have to have the knife removed from the arm if you're going to negotiate because and otherwise you bleed all over the table. I mean it just makes sense you know. You ruined the papers. Somebody's trying to translated they could do completely. Kamal with a completely different meaning and I so it's it's just important that you not be bleeding when your as a negotiation table I understand that analogy too early. All men are four. Apparently is just sitting at the table glaring at Rick gates. Rick gates yesterday never even looked. Into a metaphor. But Rick gates is his former partner turned witness. And is essentially. Divulging the details of their. Cooking the books. Allegedly. It's an interesting thing now when somebody. Decides to turn evidence in their favor and speak. Because then you have to assess who is a liar and who isn't the liar. And when somebody's trying to cover their own. Who's to say. They don't make deals with the people that don't have anything to say but then that doesn't necessarily mean though what they have to say. It is true. All the low on I would think it would be fairly precarious to all work a deal with a prosecutor they're gonna turn a deal than ever find out that your deal is based on false information I have a feeling that might just hack a few people off but anyway. The possibility exists and there trumps campaign chairman Paul man afford. Just to sit at this table located Britain gates Henry gates is not looking back at him I don't think you looked at him once yesterday. He had testified yesterday that he and man Ford to a complete committed fraud together. TI is allegedly the star witness of this high profile case which was brought by the special counsel Robert Mueller's tame. Has a nothing to do with Russian collusion election. Collusion. Are part of the part of the plea deal listed delegates. Talks. And under questioning gates says said when manner Ford did consulting work for Ukraine politicians he would send the money he made two accounts in Cyprus. And then they wired the money from Cyprus to the United States. And gates would listed as a loan to reduces taxable income. And sometimes he would reduce us taxable in income by wiring money directly from those accounts in Cyprus too expensive vendors in the states. Horror construction projects and fancy clothes and I think we've heard a lot about what was 120000 dollar watch or something like that which is just. It's not that it tells that he. Tells time any better than a Timex yeah. But the rich people notice. 40000 dollar watches on your wrist an image that you. I don't know if it's worth going to jail over but. We'll get to keep it in jail so they'll always know what time it is well. All this such a team sport that so often coaches and front office personnel are hesitant to say what they really think about individuals this time he. But listen to what panther general manager Marty Kearney says about who's doing well so far I think both are back up quarterbacks had had their moments I think that. We so. Captain and Cameron are as pain and and CJ Anderson the to have some runs swearing you know it looks like they're really gonna help our. First death there Christian obviously look at him and you look at the explosion he's gone after that the they captured her when he gets the Boehner and it's it's special. Our offense trying to think Taylor moment keeps getting better every practice and not thought that he had a good thing interest and I think marquis saints game continues to show the ability to to rush the passer and really set the alleged times with a strength even though he's undersized at 230. Three pounds and I think our secondaries hole. Seems to be missing better and better Dante Jackson makes plays and com somebody young linebackers I thought the young linebackers with not only that two draft choices but Chris crime made some. Planes with today's panther update make make some reporting news talk 1110993. Man apart trial ribs again. Tom and I assume they're just gonna mail into the wall. And then now the next question comes down to whether or not trump vote gives him a pardon or not think that happens. Well it's not like he's gonna take a lot of heat for any good. I don't cares if there's a lot of heat for a lot of stuff. Think Trump's gonna give manner Florida a guy I shouldn't convict him before he's convicted bit. I just think Jerry's got some odd thousand counts to what is it eleven counts or something in the here and and if he got out all of us he'd still have another seven counts Sterger did that big developing I mean. The chances of him modem out of this thing Minnesota. It is pretty slim. So why do you think. Think trump pardon him. Or are things about to drive. I hung himself not to drive. Gates yesterday testified that he Podesta groups and impound sound familiar to anybody. And Mercury public affairs worked with Amanda Ford on a public relations effort for Ukrainian politicians. And at one point these firms prepared de L memo to the former Ukrainian president did door. Yank Vick. And once yank Vick left power. Gates testified I decreased in aided decrease the income stream four man for miss woodgate said yesterday on the stand. And gates testified that in a 2015 metaphor was having trouble paying his bills. And the Podesta group is a powerful lobbying firm which is led by Tony Podesta. Who's the brother of John Podesta. Who was Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman. Now keep in mind that man afford us. As has worked for all sorts of Republican. Presidents and and stuff like that so I don't think you scouted. A rogue political. Situation here do dentist to happens to be kind of mentioned coincidence. Maybe. So Miller's team is running into trouble with this. Prickly judge in the case this US district judge TS Elliott. Who's been lashing out at the a prosecution. And then they had dismissed the jurors yesterday in the trial. And then Ellis gets into an extended verbal debate. So you've got this high stakes all manner for trial going on and Bloomberg notes today. This particularly ought to exchange between the US district judge TS Eliot the third in the prosecutor Greg I Andrus. And it came during a break in the testimony of the former matter for partner Rick gates. As the head judge and the prosecutors were clashing. And so out of the jury's. Ability to hear what was going on they had left the room. There was. A clash of about which questions. We're fur gets were fair game and the judge Ellis at one point says. I understand how frustrated York and he's looking at Andrews the prosecutor. In fact. There's tears in your eyes right now. Andrew has denied that he had tears in his eyes and then the judge looks at him and says well. There are watery. At another point the judge. Admonished Andre as the prosecutor. Two. To look at him when he's speaking to him. And instead of looking down. And Andre is replies. I don't wanna get into trouble for some facial expression should. I don't want to get yelled at again by a the court for having some facial expression. When I'm not doing anything wrong but trying my case. And and I guess Ellis has warned of both sides not to make facial expressions that do or could sway there. The jury. But anyway I I mean this is this a pretty high stakes thing for man for the royal high stakes thing for Matta for. And then you get these little. Squabbles. And there and then he's got to sit there and listened to his old partner turn evidence against him. Frivolity just testament soon. I read an article on Sunday. In the Charlotte Observer. There originated out of the news observer. Same parent company McClatchy. Immigration fuels growth. In an in North Carolina and US population. And they emphasis is that immigration policies will likely be a hotly debated topic this year's mid term elections. There are. Threats from the president of shutting down the federal government this fall over immigration and border security. The news and observer looked at the numbers in North Carolina were 8%. Of the ten million residents were not born in the United States. And so they asked the question in this article how many immigrants live in North Carolina and worded they come from. Now where they come from a north Carolina's foreign born population Latin Americans make up the largest share. Accounting for 53%. Of via immigrants in the state. Asians are the second largest group. And then it points out that north Carolina's foreign born population grew almost 274%. Between 1990. And 2000. When the United States experienced the largest migration of people from other countries. The largest share. Where are these immigrants living the largest share the emirates in North Carolina live in the State's biggest areas wake in Mecklenburg counties. Foreign born Latinos account for 5% of the population of wake county 7%. In Mecklenburg. I give you some more steps. And US immigration. Out of what I've given you so far. What have you heard. What phrase that might not using. What classification have you not heard distinguished. And you won't in this entire article. I read this immigration shields growth in North Carolina US population article I read us Sunday in the observer and it's originated out of the good news observer dot com saved her company. And they go through all these stats and they talk about for the immigrants are coming from and where of the immigrants are living. I and I have nothing against immigrants in fact I love immigrants all of the you know they've done it. When ordered base of all on food. But no idea I mean you know that that's what gives us our flavor announcement gives us our. It is just. It is I read this article I've given all that we've had to talk about and not hit him from an immigration standpoint over the last 1520 years. And based on the conversation that I just had. Recently with Gary McFadden. Our new. When you say December 1. Who's a friend of hours. But he and I got into a big conversation about. Two words. So I read this whole article on Sunday. And I kept on waiting for it to. You lose one of those two classifications. So here we get to US immigration. Says in 26 Jane about 14% of the country's population are immigrants. Immigrants and their descendants have been driving the country's population growth for the last fifty years and we'll continue to do so in the next fifty years according to pew research. You predicts that by 2065. There will be 441. Million people living in the United States. 78 million of them will be immigrants and 81 million of them will be children of immigrants. I had a problem at all. For the country is based on schedule our country was founded on. By 2065. The non Hispanic white populations are expected deed decrease. And will no longer be the majority however he will remain the largest racial ethnic group but in the country. And then they wrap up the article with a demographic projection in North Carolina most of the Latinos living in the states were born in the United States. Net migration. Which includes domestic and international is the main driving forces of population growth in North Carolina according to. Carolina. Demography. Most of the Latinos living in the state were born in the United States according to this analysis by the Carolina demography and UNC. Social scientist Krista. But that's as close as they got in the entire article. To ever using. Or specifying. Legal slash. I knew it documented. I used undocumented because that's the preferred a word. Of figure in attendance of the world. 'cause it's less harsh. Because it doesn't sound illegal. It makes it sound like it was. Paperwork that was. Not filed. Or something I don't know what it. But anyway I I just read the whole thing. I don't I was and student news in the stats and I was injured and I'm always since we've been talking now for over 20/20 five years. I'm there's already parts of the United States were out caucasians are already in the minority. And by the time. I don't know what the years are but I mean in my lifetime. As we said right here. By 2065. Now take a beer in two under 65. It's 47 years from now 47 years from now yeah. You don't repeat 202 years older and know a 112 years old. Even if I was here I would norm was here. Nonhispanic. White population expected to decrease and it will no longer be the majority however it will remain the largest racial slash ethnic group in the country. According to a pew research I've I find that fascinating. I melting pot and that's fine I got the problems with that either in fact I'm Belfour it. But it just it surprises me that you can write an entire article about immigration and not specify between. Legal and undocumented or illegal an illegal. So how much of those increases are illegal. Because to me that's the trucks in the hole all our article. Is what would. The illegal population. Coming into the state. What kind of an impact is that having how big are those numbers. And I don't know what those numbers are in this articles not gonna come anywhere close to tell me what those numbers are. Doesn't surprise me. It originated out of the news observer dot com. But we knew when you edit an article or you write an article. Or as they talk show. Oh host. You find an article and then eliminate that which your audience would not find favor with and only use. The parts of the article. Would please. You are listening or reading their. Audience. Then you are being. Deceptive. I think. Give people. The numbers. All of the numbers. And give them a little bit of credit for being able to ascertain. In their own. Brains. What that means what that doesn't mean. How that works how that doesn't work. So that article that I just read. Is. We're borders on fake news. All right now. Gordon life but tonight and comes auditorium. 8 o'clock show for that. Ticketmaster would be were you a check for a ticket Ticketmaster dot com. Circus he'll lay shows up tomorrow at the spectrum Sydor foray. Well weakened run all the way through Sunday. So Wednesday through Friday and another Saturday and Sunday as well at the a spectrum sooner. And a Ticketmaster dot com offer searches delayed court KO tickets. And and then Wednesday tomorrow also add to. PNC music pavilion. 311. And offspring so was among middle of the week concerts stuff that is director at your disposal. Oh we have tried to TVs here in the studio all got five actually but. One is always a two and a CNN one's always tuned to fox. Don't do much on MSNBC which. Earth but you guys although yeah last week were read the ratings MSNBC beats us CNN. They got at least you'll find out what they're doing one. I am pretty much kind of lost track us MSNBC about the time that Keith or woman was. And I liked it when you do as far as what Dan Patrick a 150 years ago right after the civil war. But. Overall it was just so. Completely out of there. The attack will watch and MSNBC and then they got rid of him and everybody else and I don't know what they're really doing he's decided that Lehman luft. It's pretty heavy lean hard lean but. But they're beaten CNN so. Anyway other CNN's Koreans just few moments ago ahead. But graphic up and a conversation going. On Spike Lee says that he hopes his new film. Black Klansman. And bio a black Klansman is spelled with three k's in the middle of an. Makes Donald Trump a one term president. Well in the first place you can imagine my surprise that Spike Lee is not a Donald Trump sent. Stunt. Was absolutely stunned. So spike Lee's got a new movie that's coming out. Called black Klansman BL a CK. KK. LA NSA MA AM. And he hopes this inspires Americans not to vote. For Donald Trump. For a second term. He says quote I hope that viewers would be motivated to register to vote. The mid term dessert she'd be like Michael Moore being against the president you would be stunned if that ever happened when your. It and say oh my gosh. Yeah. Surely that's got to be a fabrication. I hope that viewers would be motivated to register to vote the mid terms are coming up. Then this guy in the White House is going to run again. And what we're going through is demonstrated I think full evidence of what happens when you don't vote. When you don't take part of the process. His latest film opens on Friday. It tells the story of Ron Stallworth who was an African American detective. The first African American detective in fact in Colorado Springs. For the police source there in the 1970s. And chronicles how Stallworth. Who is played by John David Washington manages to infiltrate. The Ku Klux Klan. And Lee's film credits over three decades. As you well know. Other movies that have tackled the US relations. He says the rise of racism here in the United States specifically is direct reaction to eight years. A Barack Obama Lee told CNN the rise of racism right here in the United States specifically is. Direct reaction to eight years of president Barack Obama. It's two steps forward one step back. And the reason why I feel that race is still a big discussion in this country is because we've never really honestly dealt with slavery. And once we start having an honest discovery and discussion on slavery. Then we can move forward he said we've never really had an honest discussion about the foundation of this country. I know people might not like this but this is the truth. So. Lee won't say Trump's name out loud. Refers to him is Agent Orange. Which is. Kind of sounds like something that trump would do. Has they are strong message for the president and his supporters at the end of the film he features clips of trump along signed footage from last year's violent protests in Charlottesville Virginia. He says he hopes trump sees the film. Birth of a nation was shown at the White House Lee said referring to the controversial civil war movie released in 1950. Many films they found screening room at the White House. I would love Agent Orange and David duke. For a grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan to see this film in the White House I'm not coming but bear and a they should see this film. And he says he hopes that his films serve as a time capsule for future generations. Now his son but I've watched his films do the right thing. Malcolm X. Jungle fever. Bamboozled. Do any of those deal would black on black crime. I'm just asking. That's part of the thing that drags us to. And that's part. Of the dilemma. Of all of our poor race relations. I in this country is well I agree whether must have the conversation. Let's have a conversation like we've never had a conversation before. But I also believe that most of the people at least in the general circle of people that I associate worth. Don't have. Real severe race problems. We we've got just about everything you can think over here one Julian price place I don't know if there's any problems over here. Neighborhoods I go to neighborhoods all the time that are mixed. I don't know if there's a lot of problems with that. I don't know what the actual breakdown was of what happened over the weekend in Chicago. Maybe Spike Lee could enlighten me on that 74 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend of violent weekend hourly 74 people were shot eleven people were killed. In 63 hour stand. So far this year Chicago is seen 17100. Shootings. And more than 300 homicides. What's the breakdown on that. The reason for that. Don't tell me guns. Somebody has to operate together. So. I'm all for the conversation. I and I don't know how much. Road influence a Spike Lee film will have on the election. But its interest in the that is I can guarantee one group that sort of it's prudent for us. CNN. So it's likely movie that he hopes will make a Donald Trump Leo one term president there was a Hugh Hewitt's. Is they. Nationally syndicated radio show host. And he put up. Opinion piece in the Washington Post. And echoed some earlier we had kind of said last week. And that is even if you load trump vote Republican. He says we are just under a hundred days from November 6 mid terms. And the traditional post Reagan GOP is now what are usually goes. Andy expelled on that little bit and it talks about the president's brand of political hard more upsets or even many in the GOP. And he makes reference to something we did talk about last week called trump arrangement syndrome. Says it's real. Any talks about. And drums commitment to original list. Judges and a sizable military rebuild. To most consequential aspects of his tenure so far. The economy is cooking and deficits have risen. Stimulus all of my deep and broad tax cuts is just now kicking yen. With the promise of a long stretch of economic growth above 3% needed to bring many of the country's poorest into the middle class. It's true that tariffs are dragging on this economy liftoff but they are better imposed at the beginning of a boom that at the end of one right Hewitt. And while lowering trade tensions with our allies is a necessity. Going a few rounds with China and it's systematic corruption and violation of fair trade norms is over do. He said the coalition has been easy. But the hasn't been easy but the GOP will be fine. But what trump has done to the Democrats and the state and the establishment medio won't be I'm done for a long time and then. The emphasis of this point at the end of this fairly long opinion piece in the Washington Post. Reprinted in the Charlotte Observer. Hugh Hewitt writes so here's the question facing the voters this fall. Do they vote to ratchet up this culture of conflict and chaos. Order returned Republican legislative majorities. That have figured out how to work with this most unusual president's. Electing Democrats fewer rights to a majority in the house or senate. At the height of the parties lurch left would be a disaster. Impeachment. Demands for massive income tax hikes and the effort to abolish ice would follow. While also throwing the military rebuild into reverse. And the economy into paralysis because the instability of the inability of businesses to predict the future without any thing. I'll like certainty. So even if you load the this president. Writes your your vote Republican. The downside. Of democratic majorities. In either house of congress is so much larger than another two years like the last two. Both 2017 and 2018 have been polarizing. And stressful for sure. But barely productive very productive. From the national security and economic vitality. And most voters going to the vote June going to choose venting over their pocketbooks. And their security I hope so I hope not he says. So even if you load that this president. Is imploring you to vote Republican. So wall we'll see what. Well what the voters think. Not only in the mid terms. But well in some cases you'll see what happens. I mean there'll be some things are watched tonight there are five states to go to the polls tonight. In Kansas they've got to GOP primary for the governor's seat that could be the highest profile contest of the evening. Because president trump backed the conservative secretary of state Chris called buck. Over the sitting Republican incumbent Jeff Cole here. One fearful Republicans is that cold lock when he's vulnerable to Democrats in November in Ohio tonight there's a special election not a primary. To us fill the seat of the retired GOP representative. Pat to bury. That's seed has long been held by Republicans. It's a close race. So we'll see what happens in Ohio tonight in Michigan tonight. And open governor's seat is at stake. And if Abdul el Sayed. Wins the democratic primary and again in November he would be that would nation's first Muslim governor keep in mind. Michigan's got a huge. Muslim. Presence population. Elsewhere. Terrorism said. Is one of the Democrats vying for a seat of retiring president de are retiring representative David Trott. And she has a chance to become the first Muslim woman in congress. In Missouri tonight sinner race getting big attention because it's seen as the one. Are at least one of the GOP's best chances to unseat the democratic incumbent. Won by the name of Claire McCaskill. The state attorney general Josh holly is expected to win the GOP nomination on Tuesday night and then we can see what happens in November. And in Washington State tonight. There are various congressional primaries on the ballot. One interesting facet is that Washington uses what DAP calls a jungle primary system in which all candidates regardless of party. Are listed on the same ballot. The top two advance. From one big race for the seat of retiring GOP representative David reichert near Seattle. So there will be some returns to want to watch tonight from Kansas Ohio Michigan Missouri and Washington State. And maybe that'll tell us something. Or maybe it won't. Hello today investigators as we toyed around oaks which gave first it's like since Scott. It's a long time we made you wanted to move. 290 days into the air 146 days to go August the seventh 28 Jane Boston's Wade Boggs became the first player to homer for his 3000 hit on this day 1999. Peter Jennings died at the age of 67 on this day 2000 plus. Wayne Knight. Newman. 63 years old today what movie was ES. Big time movie. Jurassic Park. Pretty more famous for being Newman. In us safari park in new mayor and now Mexico not New Mexico in Mexico are rhino attacked an SUVC in this. But the smallest UV but it's still an SUV repeatedly ramming it even lifted up off the ground. Germany two elderly men escape from nursing home they found. They were and a heavy metal concert. Billy black I'm thinking about you made just 72. He works here. You be the guy that would leave the nursing home could be found that heavy metal. And that's all a 115 years old. Jamming out somewhere. According to our news statistical analysis the average career of a Major League Baseball pitcher is only four years. And Robert Redford says he's retiring from acting so we'll see you Sundance we'll have more about site. Pretty good career. And and Sundance in the they're the film festival and and a producing enough. Not Davis. Good career study finds the first Charl purchases the most stressful than your life new study examines examines the first time home buying experience of 2000 people. Found one in three were reduced to tears while trying to buy their first home. Think we were ever reduced to tears tears but it. It's a pretty interest in signature or your put your name on something or. Whatever the 100000 dollars or more you know 200000 whatever it is that your body. Study commissioned by homes dot com found people typically view six properties before finding though one. One intense effort buyer's remorse another 13% say they think they overpaid for their home. The average home buyer considers going to a job interview hosting Thanksgiving dinner and applying for college all less stressful events than buying a home. Well job interviews or fact alive for a they've. And applying for college then. Yeah I guess that's pretty stressful because you're running back and forth to the poster to the mailbox waiting for the letter. That in there and then you get to the Mets got open and find out. It's pretty stressful. And there's peer pressure involved and all of that whole hosting Thanksgiving dinner but. I think we're doing that again this year. Better first few years now I can't wait. No. I'm open match my son not going to defense try another Turkey because the last time some hot oil and home. Overflowed their container around the backyard. And we haven't been able to grow grass they're cents. If you your starting point of the paver patio. I had their or eat. And where he did did that. All right so there you go studio first home purchases the most stressful. Event. Alexa will now tell you where they can answer all the questions. When you ask a voice assistant that question it doesn't add the answer for you that's usually the end of the story. Unless you're determined. Four to look up the answer and another device Amazon doesn't think the mystery should go unsolved though. It's rolling out an option of answer update. Feature for Alexa that. Notifies you when the robot helper. Has an answer to a previous question that it couldn't answer answer update is reaching into Alexis devices over the course of the next few weeks. And so if you have do you ought to be patient if you are part of the first wave I read into next big one today. Alexa. Played traffic. The bam. I was looking for servers and other I was at a Steve Winwood does the mood. And I decided I wanted to hear draft. And it she immediately gave me a traffic report. Quiet David Jacoby how long it would take me to get from my house to work. And traffic was. It's free flowing Herzl in Baghdad and so then I had to say Alexa. Play the band traffic. Rotating songs by traffic. And your cable most part vital voices. Amazon's ad go away mode. Lexus skillful trick burglars they this is we give up some people they've gotten by the way of people. Being able to hack. Alexa. But I knew Alexis gill called a wave mode lets you go into Kevin McCallister mode instead creates a a Smart home insurance company of both the new Lexus skill aims that to harness the power of the human awkwardness to ward off unwanted visitors. It's kind of like that skill from home alone. Exempt instead of cardboard cutouts. It's insufferable can't separate conversations written by the writers of SNL. It's always sunny in Philadelphia. And upright citizens brigade so to try it out just say Alexa enable wade mode. And the skill will start playing hours of audio on your Smart speaker to make it sound like people are home. In 168. Minute track a woman walks her daughter through assembling a dress or over the telephone. Hippo was says it they're created this marketing stunt that elects a skill do I get people talking about how what to protect their home. They say labor radio on or something like that so somebody's. Here's something go there and don't think there's somebody home. Alexa. Enable a wave mode. Throw them. Circle that seems vertical. We talked about. Black Klansman new Spike Lee movie with three gays in the middle of the kkk is trying to recruit using snicker bars. Taking recruitment trips to a must sitcom kidnappers now apparently the hate group. Recently stated does started using including candy with its racist propaganda in upstate New York. Zip Loc bags. Of recruitment flyers. And many Snickers bars have recently appeared in driveways in and around Oneida county. Usually dropped in the early morning in what appears to be an attempt to target kids. On their way to school. But you Kelsey your kids not to accept candy from strangers wouldn't you counsel your kids not to eat candy that they just. That are brought across. Mean I'm really start they gonna Halloween and old razor blade needles is that the other syndrome. Not that I think the kkk would ever do anything like. Seems like such nice boys. Beef with Bozo haircut threatens Home Depot manager now. Every user in Florida Orange County searching for a man with a bozos style. Erica but. But Jimmy Gallagher. Who are threatened day home. My depot employee will they knife says he was leaving the store was stolen items. Yeah I'll be really careful about identifying. Characteristics of you know I don't Wear an orange area bright orange shirt or you know stuff like that you gotta current. Dressed in khaki I mean. And dead don't have a Bozo style haircut don't have any thing that somebody could describe. Deputies said the man took 220. Amp rechargeable batteries from a shelf. Opened the packages with a knife and concealed on the loss prevention manager confronted the man who left the store without paying. And that's when the thief pulled the knife on the employee he was described as six foot tall white guys. But forty years old with a grayish white goatee. And elbows those style cut. So that would be wide balled on the top. And bushy around under the edges. It doesn't say red but I'm assuming. Gray goatee and now bozos style haircut. Some people should just be allowed to steal just because they've gotten a raw bar rod and twisted life you know I mean there's always did say they'll come on give the guy Everett. He's got a gray goatee and a red Dubose a stock Erica. Recent study in the journal of economic behavior and organization though TJ let me his copy. Found that having high speed Internet across access causes people to lose 25 minutes of sleep per night. Compared to those people without it because the study found that access promotes excessive electronic media use. I have never read it it's a stupid my whole life it would initially. Do you remember when you first got your first computer in the house. Probably AOL. Probably dial up. And do you remember getting into those sessions initially when your first got a computer that house were you'd sit down there and you would basically be on that thing for like. Four and five and six hours at a time because it was just Kate you all the sudden you were exploring a whole new territory. But those days are over. In less you've still been forced to use AOL dial up. In which case I would think that high speed Internet probably could go digital loosened sleeve. For a while. Having a pet I read the news today oh boy increases your chances of being happy and successful. I rolled my west tees. If you wanna be happy and successful start by getting a pat. General that a puppy necessarily. A full qualifiers that. But these are killed. And a pain in the butt. Dogs are not as cute. Well Noah tonight accurately that in every case. But once. But once they're yours once they're trying to watch there. I can do better. My oh my Westin Megan. Runs down the stairs every morning when cheers me up. And greets me like I just got back from a three week vacation. Just curious thing your son north. Susan hadn't to go dumpster. It. I get home tonight. Susan won't raise an eyebrow. But the west he'll be excited to see me. Don't get me wrong I'm not get rid of Susan. Yet. They have study shows owning a pet increases your chances of being happy and successful of and the study dog and cat owners over the age of 55 or is likely to consider themselves a success. And those with a pet are lucky enough to bring home over 5000 dollars more a year than those without one. So I think at that stands to reason get ten pets to make 50000 dollar for your. Course in their right up until the point that you got to start taken to the vet. In which case it's down to about a 167 bucks each strip. If you're pretending. These are the ways that people try to get away the morning after. I haven't had this so syndrome a long long time and this probably doesn't pertain to our. Demographic very much but. You promiscuous. How do you get out of the house the next morning is quickest possible. Which if you really think about it is really kind of weird that you've just. You've just. Now fast. Pretending to have an early work meeting using a fake name or acting we are among the ways people try to get away from a partner in the morning after a. Them. A poll of 2000 adults 35 and under also found to meddling ways people try to get. A date to leave their home including starting to vacuum. What most people expect the next morning your cup of coffee or tea or something like bad or good morning Kyocera text for us on the vodka but. If you were there you go. You're wrong you know. Does not right. All right here you are rounding rendition of OK which came first and others will be a competition among all of you and your cars and a Georgian no TJ it. Which came first Owens got if you're listening you can play along we know he'll lose. Which came first dryer sheets for the tumble drier. There should be using. Tumble drier 1799. Dryer sheets 1969. Contact lens our eye drops. I drops 1892. Contact lens. 1880s. I broke into those were comfortable. Probably my focal. Sam paper or sand castles. Sand castles since man's been playing on the beach. Sand paper about the thirteenth century. And marshmallows. Or Graham crackers. Graham crackers eighteen and 22 marshmallows. 18100. S. And it's. And in did. Here's Maine lobster festival scene got his senator title remote plus the 24 hours after winning your way photo has surfaced today showing her with a joint yeah. How do you do that underwater I don't. Donald Trump consultant LeBron James so Milan here quickly issued a a statement in his praise. Vladimir Putin has appointed Stephenson calls a special representative of the United States saw Jimmy Kimmel thing to do where you are pronounced. Wladimir who ten minutes. So ago all. Had we had some allegations made against him on meat to a movement and I guess that when we wouldn't be. Disqualifying. Knows sidelined for very. Russian. But. And they had the national air guitar championships held in a Brooklyn over the week you did you see any of them. I saw some bits and pieces of but I was at the sound wasn't up I just saw them. But the went over and I saw looked really weak. Not nearly as good as me go strapped up Mattel and mean Alexa in the bathroom. When Clapton's to up to Tom Petty. I may have to go unearned due. So much Tom Petty stuff for them on next year. Massachusetts is the nation's pod capital they dubious. Distinction of being the pocked capital of the country the air report are released in July found that 21% of all Massachusetts restaurant row residents say that they about smoked marijuana in June. About half of Massachusetts eighteen to 25 year old so that they had used pot during the month 34% to a vote pot smokers said that they had. Driven a car while high and outsmart. The report was put together as part of these states efforts in determining good and bad behind legalizing marijuana. The next date with the highest reported use of pot is. No it's not a it's Vermont. Coming in at 18% of residents reporting the use of marijuana and then of what you were thinking Colorado which is. Often said to be the putt capital of the United States after legalizing marijuana and 2014 only reported 15%. Use. Although marijuana among adults. Although people I know on Colorado. In a lot of cases are still buying it from a guy they bought it from of the forge when he fourteen. So I'm not so sure that. That all of that has changed. Robert Redford is retiring from acting. Which is probably a good thing sixty years in the business retreating from the limelight never say never but I'm pretty well concluded that this would be good for me in terms of acting all. Move forward sir towards retirement after or via. But this cause. I've been doing since. I was so 21. He's promoting an upcoming film called the old man and a gun. And he just said he had just thought well that's enough. When I'd go out with us something that's very upbeat and positive he's 81 years old he says that making a movie made camera realized that it was time to say goodbye. It's the true life story of a guy by the name of Forrest Tucker. Crew. Who apparently just loved to rob banks. And not for the not in it for the thrill. Or the fame or the cash. And to me it was a wonderful character to play at this point in my life said Redford. Mean a thing never really got me about him was where which I hope the film shows is that he rob seventeen banks. He got caught seventeen times. Any went to prison seventeen times. But he also escaped. Seventeen times. So it made me wonder. I wonder if he was not averse to getting caught so that he could enjoy the real thrill of his life which was to escape. Pretty good success is basic and Danny Glover and Tom Waits. And that Casey Affleck. And you know Redford. Natural and ordinary people and out of Africa and when I was working in boulder of. Lebanon apartment complex right off campus. From the University of Colorado. And his daughter went to school there and she lived in the same there's a massive apartment building I don't know how many apartments they had their but there was tons of us. But every now and then you would see a little bored Porsche parked out front of the complex and so you knew Robert Redford was in town. And I think it's at Sundance on license plate and remember exactly. But every menu be at the downtown boulder smaller you'd be up on the hill in boulder or something like better nude scenes of the portion drive by there was Robert Redford with his daughter. And I'm trying to remember what the deal was her boyfriend got killed or worse there was some sort of off. And you didn't see much of Robert Redford after that in a boulder but for a good couple years. Does seem to want to see Robert Redford in the downtown boulder mall. Or. Even an old Chicago pizza or something like that was not a rarity and people got to the point where they just kind of left him alone there used to be a place called Steve's ice cream which was the Boston. Company. 01 of the first slab of marble slab places where they kind of fold you're. Or euros or whatever it is you pick into the ice for Amos wildly popular to not in boulder longer but at the time and so I've run into Robert Redford had to Steve's. On Friday nights with my then girlfriend all the talk. And lived in the same complexes are a girlfriend. It's his own daughter onshore. So they don't my Robert Redford store. Never really talked to him on never bonded to bother and didn't wanna be that guy. Then asked for the picture of the autograph although I nosed vision have cell phones so you're. You're gonna get a picture anyway dispose of I had to do it all over again Sewell and also an autograph but does this day image via the phone with you you've probably. But I ask for a photo which probably means you are gone out and no bolder less because it would have been in have been more accessible or everybody had been taken pictures of so. And you don't debts mustering a must to conjure. I talk a little earlier about a AO weird weekend. Ran into an old friend of mine general manager remind from boulder a racecar risky. Who are suffers from a a disease called cervical dis stony you know which is so uncontrollable neck spasms. Don't know what causes it and scenery and 32 years he's got a daughter that lives up in Morrisville just had a baby her second. Great falcon family. Went up and picked operate. And it took into a north harbor cafe. Over their exit 28 off I 77 haven't been there for a long long time Susan and I when we were dating used to go there all the time right on the Marino enough. It was so great to see ray again I couldn't see straight. He was part of a radio station that was the foundation of on everything that I've done cents and it was just the greatest eight year run in my career. And I left there because. I didn't have to. But I just didn't wanna backs till three in front so one and immoral wanted to do some little bit more challenging I think I'll talk. On my way tell talk but I didn't know lows get on robbery. So much we can started off with a racecar risky. And then I had yesterday off for a minor medical deal. In the morning. And took arrested that day off just because they could. Now and spent the rest of the day dealing with news about our old friend Jerry Klein and and Steve Crowe. And I read today that Steve look choir who I have a lot of respect for advertising. Giants here in town. Maybe the most accomplished advertising marketing guy and townspeople acquires wife died my condolences to Steve. And a girl that works here at the station named Kim Lewis. Who as one of those behind the scenes people that allows us to do what we do lost a brother yesterday. And I'll come back can toggle bit more about Jerry Klein and Steve from adjustable home. I. The other bit of a sobering news yesterday I had to do with the WB TV Steve Crump. Who is battling. Health problem and has taken a leave of absence from my WB TV units were my wife works and she and Steve are pretty tight. Obama and so were all over here hoping that Steve gets past his health things so we can get back to do journalism which he was just made to do and I think is. Well forty years of us service to a WB TV in Charlotte in the documentary series provided in the history that if he's witnessed and I think about him last night to he. These African American documentaries that he has general through the years through a TV guy and other entities. He's been to every historic. Civil rights. Place and done stories on it I don't think you could sit down. And and and and to have a more knowledgeable. Mind sitting across from you. About. Racial progress. And deep breaths in this country then you could if you percent was the Steve chrome. We've had him on the show a number of times he's been a friend of ours for a good long time on this program is filled in here from time to time oh for other programs I think he set in for Larson a couple of times and he sat in for me a couple of times. They think they're quite frankly he has say. Frustrated our radio disc jockey. The TV thing was one thing but I think in his party always wanted to be very quick better jock. But any rate he's got some challenges ahead of him and we're all praying for us Steve and I know many of you who have watched judge channel three and WB TV over the years. Are written forum as well and we have no reason to believe that he won't took conquer what he needs to conquer and not get back here two off. But I take care of the things that he's really passionate about he's got a beautiful wife. Louise. I had for I don't know Allman saved for years 34 years. And no she is his foundation as he explained if you go to WB TV dot com. You'll see excerpts of an interview that he did with the Jamie bowl over the weekend the kind of talks about his situation and and where he's finding his strength and and then some of the things he's got there or go about doing to get himself back up on associate against. But I as well what Steve did know there were thinking about Elmo I don't want people to say a prayer for Jerry Klein. And and there can't explain. Death the way that I see it. My father left me with a pretty strong foundation of our death. I assume. And in this probably a bad assumption but we've all been led to believe that when you go into hospice obviously that's. There are people live there have been people that come out of hospice. By two. But anytime someone passes I always think to myself well they know. That question that we on anchor while strong your faith is that question that you've always had a wondered about or. So why I I see it as a really healthy journey. And I have no reason to believe that to Jerious heart's not ready for that for that journey. Com and so while my prayers to our refer Jerry and his mother earth and his sister of and those who were of a loved him over the years. And known him over the years in all of his endeavors. And also prayers for Steve Crowe opened his quick recovery. And for a stable acquiring new law just lost his wife and for our own Kim Lewis who works here in the halls and to WBT. And no does some of them behind the scenes work that allows us all to get on the air and do what we're supposed to do here. Who lost her brother yesterday. So it just was kind of a melon Colin Monday it just kind of seemed like. I sat around last night and I kind of stared out the window and thought about jury and thought about Stephen. Learned about Steve acquire a today. And and Kim Lewis today. And it just every now and then there's a series of your life for a just all comes into perspective in makeshift. You know I've had does some health crap going on now over the last a few months. Not anything compared to if and and minds in my mind's not. Mine's just a pain in the butt to have to deal with but that's about. That's about the extent of I just need to take care of myself and know that some that certainly some money I am doing and can do. But there's some love some real pain going on in some people's lives right now unknown and some of Omar all longtime friends of our Charlotte, North Carolina so why. I would ask your are your thoughts purse for all of those people. So whether you go there I'm sorry to go all along about that but I just wanna do right by by those folks when I can't Gordon Lightfoot in town tonight Nubian ovens auditorium at 8 o'clock you can go to like Ticketmaster dot com users NBC's west for that. Circus LA opens up by tomorrow for our run through Sunday at the spectrum center and you noted Ticketmaster dot com for that. And as TJ just said to me don't forget to tell on the three elevens are coming to town. 311 Minnesota tomorrow night with the offspring and albeit PNC music pavilion and you know alive the nation dot com is our difference we live nation and Ticketmaster. Are they not the same people. Touching. So anyway some of the concerts that are are coming up enough. In the near future. So if you have bad breath would you want somebody to tell you. If you got. So I mean your nose. Would you want somebody to tell you. If you guide Pisa salads stuck in your teeth. Where you want somebody to tell you. Why doesn't anybody ever tell you up. If you want a friend or coworker allege you know if you have bad breath. Or food stuck in your teeth. And wallets embarrassing. It's not nearly as embarrassing as the going on all day along with a p.'s idea lettuce stuck in your teeth. It's a you know I don't necessarily a big you have to screen wrote hey TJ. But you just kind of go up and say. Hey you got someone to start energy. Pig. Now I don't know don't leave that part out. In a surveyed 16%. Said that they wanna be told by a friend of their breath stinks. To which I thought to myself. Just 60%. Now sometimes it is kind of take circumstances and do you know. Launch. But I don't on paranoid about that what I have my pocket TJ. Listerine cool Mitt strips. I carry these things around since I was a smoker. But still to this day. I don't know I'm paranoid about them. Some. People if you've got bad breath pursuit started your teeth or some hang and out of your notes that it. You ought to know about it sixty pursuit sounds loaded me. I think there's a way to do it in a way not to do it but. Yeah I wanna know. I saw an article last night about gender acres spend more money drunk and lay on line shopping do you ever if you ever drunk shopped. Online. Would that be like going to our record store grocery store stunned. Never do that when you're back in the seventies. Water out and go to go to our record store and they're playing something on their PA system on there and you're thinking and that's it's killer. That you end up with a the next day here a slap it on the old turntable and go. Gosh just can't shoot. Nude photos ago I did of these. Led chocolate covered yeah out. Better be careful and Jim drinkers spend more money drug currently online shopping we'll talk about that a couple of seconds. Well. I the only media newsroom go we're markers and the gathering up his stuff over Charlotte have six wandered in here not just body and it's a little mister garrison hi John how aria I'm good national night out remember the first of all they ever held on the is this was so when would that have been seventy hell yeah a long time ago has been around for years now the first woman ever held all story that I always remember was everybody went out on the front porch unknown people started dose taken in the backyard Dora people's houses and robbing him. That's a do you remember that I say if I'd forgotten event now better generator about national night out I think about that story you know Lawler is on the front porch people's governor and the back door lock their doors and spend time immunity communities and so I think this is kind of expanded it in scope and it's really no more of a gathering at it parks or more situations as opposed to hang it out or your front porch -- deal. You'll love gore you don't know what neighborhood the night I. I decided to check out hidden valley where are burden than the night out is a really big deal you know hidden valley has been synonymous with crime gang bangers pimps and pushers for years. But did the area has seen a resurgence because of some neighborhood activists and the cops are they they got rid of the gang bangers and so they're looking forward to a big time tonight. Neighborhood cops and now Belmont Aya spent a night down there with them when we built yeah habitat house one night and that was an eye opener for me but to our neighborhood. That was also the night that I. Really started Dubai into a neighborhood policing because they did have a relationship with these people down there and I do think good to have paid big dividends overall it went yeah and a little don's absolute point. They had dad is on a mission to catch Internet perverts yes yes and then we've got some audio from this guy it is fascinating it's in Queens New York for what this guy does is he and some volunteers set up bottom line. And guys think they're talking to young girls and then when they arranged to meet them this guy shows up and goes on FaceBook alive and confronts them and it's it's pretty compelling stuff. This is kind of like feel a local equivalent of pose a guy on in reality these C yeah homeless guys being used to do you know and you still see him from time to time I think he still does some investigative something or rather yeah yeah. Chris Hanson net debt yes it. Now and I never understood why he didn't get punched in the does but many would don't listen to lower these people under somebody's house and then he'd walk around the corner in the area I mean you know. Well what should never saw an off camera was he had some big security dudes Williamson nobody was gonna punch skinny. Pretty boy Chris Hansen. Now at what I guess when he walks around the corner it's got alexion Morley Safer walking up the driveway there are messages knew that there are they weren't there to give you an aura that's exactly right. And dirty restaurant Tuesday. In debris got a couple of restaurants in just bombed on the health inspector shows up and I understand Charles is going to turn thumbs down on the trendy Tex mex joint. Toy known. Now that I think I know who it is what do out I'll tell you who it is him. Off feet. And then I'll be elicit an OK guys Abby and because stuck on traffic on 74 a pretty sure about the I think you're right our Charlotte did just six Mark Garrison coming in right around the corner and now Lowell. The mirror all right after the six corners thank you mark. Business mr. Beers and so I'd get drunk shop. Online. I don't do that. I don't need to drink too low wanna buy stuff. I can do that not a justice sober is like could possibly be. Some people argue that to a different types of alcohol makes them feel different ways and the results of this new surveys seem to back us three up by a Florida based rehab facility arched stone recovery center. Surveyed a little over a thousand Amazon shoppers who made purchases while intoxicated now we've done stories on this before. Early this a lot more prevalent than what I believed it would've been but then I got to thinking about you know going to record stores hire. Grocery stores under the influence of something. You don't wanna it's like you go to a grocery store stoned and hungry you better have or. A couple hundred bucks in your pocket. Everything looks good. Anyway this survey found that on none. On average jet drinkers who love bought the items in their virtual cart tend to do is spend the most like average. 82 dollars and forty cents. Now I guess maybe the reason I can't relate to this is I'm not a gender and her round. Vodka. White wine red wine tequila and beer and whiskey drinkers tended to spend less. In descending order of what I just gave it to your soul. Jim number one and then descending order rum vodka white wine red wine tequila. Beer. And whiskey drinkers. Tequila I guess because you're not in shopping merger goes your way and over the porcelain palace. Survey found no evidence as to why Jen makes a shopper so click happy on that Amazon. Despite the fact that being Jen net drunk can be connected to extreme emotions and wild behavior. Another finding gen drinkers are also the marsh likely to splurge morrow wind hitting met Amazon one click on a pricey items. On average. Those who made big purchases while drinking gin. While drunk off Jim and spent 235. Dollars and ten cents whiskey drinkers came in second place. In terms of slow urging shelling out about 204 bucks. And then tequila and beer or Rama vodka white wine and finally red wine drinkers all followed. Now when I get to the wine drinkers I I don't wanna say they're more sophisticated. But somebody drinking white wine or red wine is probably sipping and not necessarily drinking to get drunk. And gin drinker maybe. I don't know maybe I'm wrong in my chest. Maybe the wine drinkers are more refined. Another interesting fact women spend more than men while drunk shopping online. The most regretted drug purchases are cell phones and the most enjoyed it drug purchases. Musical instruments. Show of great Tuesday LC tomorrow at 3 o'clock John Hancock Charles most beloved out of here she. And elsewhere in Europe.