Manslaughter Charges, Observer Errors and Panthers

John Hancock
Thursday, August 9th
Hancock discusses the Voluntary Manslaughter charges against a local business ower, errors made in the Charlotte Observer, and what to look for in tonight's Panther's game.

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This is John Hancock. They're rather whether or as. Ready for a panther football game as Reagan being. Then they're home they're George. There are news have their jerseys so he's ready for the season. I have never seen. Kerry Collins Jersey. Actually it's a decent Jersey. It's a New York Giants v.s and very blue. Very last stand corrected nevermind Michigan irons and an event. Accurate way it's 7 o'clock tonight now here's your. But cigarettes is a cigarette Dale Junior and has ordered via TV schedule today because 7 o'clock. Until you ccb. Is the Panthers in the bills. And then on the NFL network at the same time as the browns of the giants. So I had done here uniter care about the rounds in the giants are here now. And then 730. On ABC is Washington. And New England. Now keep in mind that all of these games and technically the first stringers are going to be in for about. Well like cams gonna play a series unless it's like. Three and out in which case he might play two series. And that's pretty much going to be the case for all the other teams as well. But. It be fun to watch Panthers in no NC rookies and see guys that are avenue a step up but especially on the offensive linemen know we'll talk a bit about some of the players took. Lucky draws about Nolan kind of stuff on our limited one hour show. Two day. The story that's topical local news. Business owner who killed alleged intruder that will. Our will be charged with manslaughter. Business owner who shot and killed an alleged intruder on Monday being charged with voluntary manslaughter. Now this doesn't state all of the specifics of the case or. Whether or not this owner had any reason to feel threatened or anything along those lines with the owner is a 49 year old. This was out on the independence boulevard. Our earlier this week. And it was that the American Beauty garden center on east independence boulevard about 4:30 in the morning. 49 year old owner of the business calls 911 to say he was responding to an alarm at his business. And then minutes later he called back and said that he had shot someone. And so he was arrested at the at the garden center on a Thursday. And today. And charged with voluntary manslaughter. The. The the guy who broke into the store and were shot and subsequently died. Is a twenty year old. Found with a gunshot wound pronounced dead inside the store. So all of that case. All of the legal. Community take care of details of that case some action to Canon here and more of a myself. And no you shouldn't just have the right to. Shoot anybody. I'm in fact you probably should feel somewhat threatened in order to even think about it. But then there's this little thing in the back in my head that talk thinks about crime. And so if you are doing something that is against the law. You're gambling that you're going to get away with it right. And if you lose that gamble. Well then apparently you made a bad decision. Now I hear myself say that it just sounds as cold as that can be and I and they end and so why don't. 100%. I'll believe. Literally. What I have just said. But. That's that did breaking the law. In most cases. Robbing a store or. You are you look you you think you're gonna get away with it. And in some cases you don't. And so what are the ramifications. Of your actions if you don't get away with it. A go to jail. As they all taught us and our generation. You can do some things don't go on your permanent record. Which was a big deal back in 919 know sixties apparently had not such a big deal today. Or. You could suffer bodily harm. Or. Depending on the crime that you're perpetrating. You can get killed. So all of the legal system might take care of this and I'm not necessarily stride the standard for the business owner because I wasn't there and I don't know the circumstances of oh what transpired there. And by allegedly breaking into a retail business slow in the early or morning hours. Should you die for that no. But it's just kind of one of those cases were. You take a gamble on not your actions and know sometimes you win sometimes you lose. Some barbaric. It's just the first thought that came into my mind when I started here in the story brick go a little but still earlier today. Story emerge in Charlotte Observer this morning. Above the line headlined county reevaluation shows big rise in property taxes are property values skews right. And. And I betcha that's right. We sold our house and not Cameron would that we had lived in for twenty some odd years. Three years ago. And just sold it for like 272000. Bucks or something like that and within nine months the house was worth 300 grand. And then now is I have no idea I should go home. Silo or something. I have no idea what it's worth now but I images rear quarter. Our budgets. 3050000. Bucks more than what we sold it for a just few years ago. And good for them. Nice timing for them and that was fine we made money off a bit too. But it's sting in the print edition of the observer I got today. Either of I have to think it was an editor's mistake talk about it just a second. I'm reading this story about the county reevaluation enjoying the big rise in property values this morning and how that'll affect. Property taxes or won't and you don't know until they set the tax rates. And bigger property values have gone way up. And are going up. And then they'll set the tax rate and and if you mean all in India may not cost you more money at all. But the story is said the property owners might have sticker shock when you actually see. Your new tax values. In anybody that remembers 2011. They're not. Predicting that we'll go through that debacle again. Because that when. That we're just turned out to be a nightmare. But the new valuations of tech Charlotte's real estate market and the total value of real estate is up to about. 51% in Mecklenburg counties so far median home value increase is 38%. Median increase in the valuation of up. Commercial property which includes apartments is like up a whopping 79%. So I read this thing and property owners might have sticker shock officials cautioning it and admit you're gonna have property taxes some property owners might see an increase the Tony eleven valuations turned into a debacle bubble block. And then they find ever quote. This is not 2011 said Joyner. We've got a much better process in place this time. So. I went back in the article like I'm prone to do when I'm reading stuff to find out. Who's Joyner. Show earlier earlier in the article they would tell you you know they would have had to his name and his title. But today. So that leads me to believe that this was a copy writing. That this was an editor problem because they get regulate I've been read Neil our ports deal for too long. He would not have done that. Can't imagine he would have done. Anyway if you read the whole it in the paper. Article. It'll never tell you we Joyner is can enjoy her resume their rocking about Mecklenburg County assessor. So lob. I just thought it was interesting that I that I am. At the Charlotte Observer frustrates me now because of their political lame. Because I have two and a subscriber to it now for thirty years. And I have great respect for road many good many people that don't work over there are other sports guys and people like Tim phoned and people like Eli for Jalen Steele like people like Steve Harrison and and and I should ever started mention names but there's all about a of people that I mean I five and use the observers say a source of information for a long long time and I love newspapers. I still love walking down the driveway every day and picking up by the Gaston gazette the Wall Street Journal and a video of Charlotte Observer and no I'm gone back and that's I understand that's old school when I go teach these will broadcast classes. I know those guys are read men highlighting newspapers. You don't sit down while the yellow highlight her in a pair of scissors and roll the tape. And you don't wanna follow me with the newspaper because I'd I dissect that thing. I also think it's sad that. What what newspapers are becoming in effect that they've lost their popularity and especially the newspaper newspaper but I also think it's bad. That the Charlotte Observer who I would have expected. That windy print. Edition started to not be its biggest asset. That there website. We didn't become. The voice of Charlotte. And it's not. The TV stations. And BT beat them on breaking stories. All the time. And so I had disappoint that and I don't mean just to be AO mean. I critique I think I'll I'll I wanna be Charlotte Observer. Even in spite I know what many of your thinking David in spite of their liberal leaning. Nom I'm Smart enough that I can read a liberal wing and I can make my own decisions I can noted. Pick up my own information. Well I just think it's sad what's happening to newspapers and I think it's sad that an area newspaper. Of the Euro Charlotte observers status. Would have a tough above the full newspaper story. Based on a bunch of quotes. From the Mecklenburg County assessor but never in the all article ever tell you why exactly you know who joy generous. That's just sloppy. So are you acts on my nerves today now I did notice later on in the morning I got I Charlotte Observer update on stories and I went into this story on the observer clicked on the link. And where it says here said Joyner it now says says can join her Mecklenburg County assessor so they. And and maybe later additions of the Charlotte Observer maybe they did maybe your version of the Charlotte Observer. There was a correction I get one in Gaston County so that may be the earliest of all the observers comes up. But to have. I'm forever they edit important Britain's sports for instance. Com. They must have to get. To Trent. By 8 o'clock at night. Because anything that happens they after 8 or 9 o'clock at night is not going to be in your next morning's newspaper. Sports scores forget about it Charlotte knights scores. You'll never see or Charlotte knights score in the newspaper and unless they've played Sunday afternoon. And even then I don't think it's one of their priorities to keep you up to date don't want to Charlotte knights are doing that's too bad that's a AAA baseball team and in an incredible venue. So good. Right so I've done bidding on the assure owners are. I understand I have my own weaknesses it's the Charlotte Observer would like to return volley I'd be more happy to read about how I saw it. Finally it's time to see another. Fly finally it's time for the answers to test themselves against buffalo and so global head coach Ron Rivera. Most need looking for tonight public to see where offenses you know. We've we've had some really good practices are quarterback he's practiced very well affect cancer and really good very tough tough all the details of everything in Norris trying to get across to him. Com now let's see how Christians some really Garza held some of the differences the nuances that that he's put an end on the defensive side housed the panther secondary involvement. Very nice and I think you know they saw the veteran additions we made ever really showing very nicely. I think Sears she's gonna do a nice job for so safety here in my camp seemed to develop the very good report so far. Tom you know it the watching jays red berries have a very good camp. Q on seamer has been solid. And you are second round pick Dante Jackson has really stepped up so we got some good competition at depositions some exciting to watch those guys and coaches excited to see how special teams perform tonight as well our room like with Chase Blackburn as it has done you know in terms of putting our our special teams together. Tom very enthusiastic guys and I I think we can be pretty good there with today's panther update make make some reporting news talk 11109893. W meets. Jar lid as being bad it's Pirillo parking. Thursday August tonight. 1995. All undergoing drug rehab Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia died of a heart attack on this stage. At the age 53 years old. And I mentioned that because we've talked this week about our buddy Jerry Klein who is in a hospice as of two days ago. Who looks just like. Jerry Garcia. I mean if the two of them were standard together in an elevator you would be hard pressed to figure out which was which. I'd Jerry is a long time Charlotte resident radio announcer here. A writer for our creative lo thing concert promoter. Great aunt Stella senator one of the one of the founders and originators of the gradient still sooner. On the record store. On now Providence Rhode for a good long while. He Warrick Dunn chats a lot of people that know him no we don't think that his. Although he's already beat me odd so we thought we're gonna lose him with a new big that they gave him one to two days to live three days ago. He's a beat the odds before. We're rooting for him but one of the things I always rib remembered doing anytime I hear about Jerry Garcia or Sierra Grateful Dead Elmer something and I remember the day he died in at the time Gerry was to an immediate nighttime talk show for us. And right after Henry Logan I think. And Jerry rushed into the radio. Station ended. I guess it would have been three hours. On Jerry Garcia. Played music talked about this talked about The Grateful Dead people called and deadheads and interviews from people without Californians or and so forth but don't. We know John Lennon got shot I was working for radio station in boulder co KB CO. Nobody ever told us we all showed up at KB CEO we all were sitting there watching Monday Night Football wherever we happen to be I was in Westminster and how's that those Luna of the time which is about. Thirty miles outside of boulder. And we heard the news Howard Cosell announced a Joan on and have been shot and everybody just gravitated to the radio stations some of the best radio I ever hurt. Was that evening as we've played beatle John Lennon's songs and talked about remembrances and there were awesome people there that had a role decks were you could do call and talk to a Stevie Winwood are tall and talked to people that. Had been influenced wire. I had worked with John Lennon and so we sat there on the air for good three and a half or five hours on him Aurora was talking not to people in New London and talking about women and play and John Lennon and it kind of remind me the same thing when Jerry Garcia died. Jerry Klein. Came in here and. And put together three hour show on non Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead that you would have thought he prepped doubtful. And for all I know maybe did I don't know. But anyway I have had Jerry Klein on my mind does this week obviously a nod to all the sudden doce Jerry Garcia died and I don't wanna be more Gurney thing but I don't know where no jury's going to ahead often is next adventure. But if it were today. We're going to be great irony would there be enough in that. So five by the way the hope it's not today. Oh we beat the odds against. This is also the date 1970 fours they are a direct result of the Washington scandal that Richard Nixon waved at us from an airplane enough and left Washington. Became the first president of the United States to resign from office and no Gerald Ford became president. But many in my generation can still see Richard Nixon with that smile on his face and Rosie was getting ready to enter the don't play in with that you know thrown his right hand out to the masses. Pretty interesting. A time period. I Sharon Sanders from my kids first fame which were right around the corner from a north toll August when remainder will be our kids first time. Our 25 year. Vote taken care of our kids that would never Christmas without us without you. Sharon Sanders has a birthday today. Maryland bowler. When my favorite people in town and many of you know has a birthday today. Duchess. Jerry fees. What can't talk about because it and work here anymore. As a birthday today. I have wished amount cinema email. Earlier said to have B 3090 wrote me back considered. Forty get it straight. And Jim Brock. Is good up protectionist as you'll ever run across. On and I assume a guy that probably had all sorts of options if you wanted them to get a lot of Charlotte no go on. But he just sees so spent most of his career here enough. I'm Jim rockets career birthday today is so well so happy birthday to all of this. Panthers and the bills. 7 o'clock tonight pregame starts right here at news talk relevant indicted on three WVV and just about 1817. Minutes. You gave buffalo Jim so he and company right around the corner our first pregame show with the that she could hear the broadcast team again in June and mission Jim I think they're the best in the business. The pregame show. Roy is the best three hours or radio that we do all week long and it just happens happened heard football season so Amman anxious to but tonight only SE the game tonight. But I'm anxious to here though pregame and and and listened to broadcaster accrued and act. Buffalo's announcing team trust open the season with considering our former defensive coordinator Sean McDermott has their head coach and Brandon Venus their general manager and. Interesting that had we known Gary Coleman was gonna head off to very. Brandon being probably would have been retained a BR GO. With all due respect to Marty attorney general to have mean that it disparaging and anyway I just assumed that that's Brandon being probably would have been our guy. Starlet to allay playing for buffalo now. Kelvin Benjamin. Playing for buffalo now. That'll be interesting. Those two it'll be on the field at the same diamond. I don't know if you'll see. Footage of those two are talking out on the field together or not. I could do seek him walking up to him going but we're all what it what's the blood boil it. They were brought that they were pretty close when they are here. You'll see Cam Newton for probably a series. Elicits three and out maybe you'll see him for two but then it'll be a Garrett Gilbert after that. All walks there offensive line you've got to a Taylor mode on. Who'll be filling in for a Daryle Williams probably for the season. And then you got Brendan mayhem. Are actually I think it's man is the way they're pronounced that he was at Penn State. Undrafted free agent but keep in mind so was Andrew Nora well who just went to Jacksonville on a huge contract and Andrew Nora well got his break. When immediately sell it to blue rug got injured and that's exactly. What Brendon manners. Is doing tonight. Penn State product he'll get a lot of snaps tonight. The the defensive backfield will be great to watch and I Dante Jackson is this lightning fast rookie cornerback that we got out LSU. With PS second pick in the draft. And so long between he and Kevin Seymour of dole bill battle out to see who the other. A defensive back is for us this year. The kid at a Tennessee Rashaun golden probably get a lot of action at just safety tonight. And and maybe play the big nickel as well as a defensive back solo we'll see what happens there and then the guy that we got to from my Tennessee. I'd do Norris or seek. We'll probably end up as the starter. Well we'll get a chance to see him we ever really even seen very much. A DJ Moore from practice footage but that's our number one draft pick and this guy is not only supposed to be. A guy who can get separation but also a guy who knows what to do with the ball after he's caught it. I'm fact that might be one of his biggest assets is a yardage after the catch some anxious to see our number one draft pick. And Christian McCafferty from last year. And Curtis Samuel. I don't know how much action you'll see tonight but that was another guy we had high hopes more than injury kind of I took the wind out of his sales saw last year or so that'll be fun to watch. Paper said don't watch Jermaine are Carter. As a rookie linebacker out of Maryland but you also have a rookie undrafted are just give me drafted. Andre Smith at a North Carolina. Who. Went through a series of injuries I believe and probably from a talent stand point had a chance to be a better higher draft pick and what he was. But he wasn't. So that's a guy that made all the sudden BA. Be a diamond in the rough. And then marking his days. You know Mario Addison was a guy who we got. And nobody paid any attention to him and he just kept on getting better. And better and better and better and Mario Addison is a stud now. And marking his days as kind of the same deal old miss defensive end. And he's been unstoppable in practice. So that's a guy that you might wanna watch tonight because he can play a bigger role. And you'll see I assume a lot of him tonight because. Dell Dell Linda Preston people like Wes Horton. And no Mario Addison and Julius Peppers isn't playing tonight. He made the trip but he's not play him. So football season's here and down. And everybody's optimistic at this time of the year everybody thinks they got a shot the national guys don't give. Much respect to the Carolina Panthers. They talk about petty injuries on the offensive line and they talk about to our defensive backs and they talk about our quarterback who has been no sporadic and they talk about Norv Turner. Who really has. Taken some quarterbacks. To a Pro Bowl level. But never with the mobility. That cam knew enhance. And that's kind of camps fallback is that when things so start to fall apart. Then he and stay actually relies on his own instincts and his own talents and sometimes I can begin sometimes I can be bad. So up but I see camp tonight. For as short as received. So. CJ Anderson. From Colorado kind of narrative from a Denver taken over four Jonathan Stewart. I don't know you 2000 yard rusher last year. Tweet him and Christian McCaffery we might be a pretty good. Greg Olsen won't see much action tonight but that kid ID Indiana. Just name Ian Thomas. That's probably your second tidy and right there. So Bob I'm bomb site to to see the team tonight listen to broadcast group when you are all of that at a news talk 11109293. WBT. And away because I know you're dying to know. Oreo has announced the winner of the flavor contest might Oreo creation contest remember we told you couple weeks ago. They were going to test cattle corn or Rios Pina colada billions and cherry cola. And they've announced the winner of its my Oreo creation contest. Those were your three options lots of people voted in the winning flavor is officially. Cherry cola. Florio's if you go to the store anymore it's almost gotten to be I'll watch the newest one. This will be the newest one that means Eden have the person who submitted the flavor is 500000. Dollars richer. You'll know him he's the one with all the brown cookie and as a team. He's got a lot of money you don't wanna see him smile. Florio says the flavor won't be on sale of for a much longer and that only time will tell if cherry cola Florio's. Ever returned terminal. So there you go. From exhausted. And our show today. I'm gonna take a nap get ready for the game. Jim's okay. Cancer free games coming up next I'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock we'll kick off the big weekend at 5 o'clock or appreciate you being with the hope that there's Garnett got killed we'll. Love that shot here.