Mark Etheredge From Roby Handyman

At Home with Roby
Sunday, November 12th

Patrick and Trent are joined by Mark Etheredge of Roby Handymanto discuss things that may need to be done in the fall.


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Good morning welcome them home was pretty tough patch. President ever of the electric heavyweight bout bombing along would think he's been president and CEO of the review in the company's. Trail Miami OK yes it is money isn't great day today is Sunday it's fun day Sunday night do you into our jail I'm thinking about Sunday or Monday it's because the pain when Monday night well today will I always -- got a lot in that Eric church our interests on gimme back my hometown if you don't know I go listen to lay this all about everything home what you laws about school and go to college and all life's. And he's from North Carolina has yet Falwell counting right. So William Blair shall go Google name if you don't know what he's what he's about insect argument back in my hometown then there's another song Carolina. Google and listen and then make you think about mama. And a slash B cells we'll Google this trend we had been Cody awards from Neary Condo owner of the year reputedly. So old school a if the palace like pathology destiny right now just agree now mapping he'd just no links in this series of Iowa one against them and in the Jonas is low now. And when it is a charity injury early Finley companies won three awards who residential DT has structured. Residential kitchen over a 150000. Dollars. And residential bass over 150000. Dollars we like those expensive did grace. That is pretty nicely very cool pictures of these check it out in the area FaceBook page and a near Charlotte dot org and a month. Also new in the injury and he faced a pay no it is cynical and the real cool thing is is that did. The award winners there. You know they would on its site of the clients Olerud house's assault product that day they are reach peak customers as fund our customers win now win awards. Reagan and I got to get a young minded us this year I think I think got to Yves de LA ISO stay away for about a decade. Now listen you gotta let it back a little Molly backing and got some recognition element cornerstone award. And as a very involved in the legacy of the national association monitoring Mary. It carrying a Fuller did a recession and beyond past my presidency. You also want quarks and that's right below. We. No rugby team Roby yet think it was kind of cool muted being on the stage here with with the Phillies were were on the stage for the kind of cornerstone award. Learn where some treat industry leaders that on the supply side the subcontractors that. And from the remodeling contractors fear I mean it all again Ron led the league drop prone to Yemen I'm not gonna name Amal that your answers and easy answers and Vizio Ferguson. You know if you had Barry Clemens on there who's the globe was market day again and and sold his business he was on the radio show couple weeks ago. We are and me I'm all read marquis marquis to hostile one of our best friends that are friends I mean. I mean literally or sandals say he's. You are not and I leaned over read a similar muscle cronies is slowly are a Motley crew. It'd happen so weird that happens an enemy is it just happens when this involves a nude young guy you're younger you Ian I alien that. It's like now the thing there's also I think that is what our president Mary. To a reader's desk and back then as that make you feel their trip. Well it was cool it was a great night posted by electric lights I think Ferguson was no Ferguson was a cosponsor says. We always appreciate that he out of their support if you have a doll to the electoral law works. Eighty patients and their headquarters. Whatever late college. Go out there is critical and checked and I agree I don't my age you have to Google especially miners are may have been on Saturdays at a public. I do not net I don't think Taylor. I think the eighties and I don't have to do but this place a state of the art I mean he's humongous. Let's. What's really cool it is summing go Charlotte. I never go up in that business park he dropped into the business part like two miles and the slide. The whose slew of businesses Boone teeing Bret Boone area in light. They're light cream. Tech Sanders. Highest technology construction allies beautiful. And hundreds of thousands of square feet employing hundreds of people. Thousands around and universities cities got to go and my place is blowing we talk about Belmont tuchman the other side Charlotte eighty kind of don't go up in that court order often they they have a lot don't it is it is it makes you proud it was cool to get out and get out of my element route obliterate an idea addressed my beautiful wife. Dirty was there beat she's gorgeous humid day McGwire lucky yeah aren't our on and mark from the from the I mean it was really cool too because we had mart mail lady who is one of the Ainge who read the only on the residential sciele one of our executive superintendent sue. Who was the executive superintendent home. Two or three of these projects that one so he came and India we had John ring pandering to is a job superintendent he Sais only job development project most of the time. Great gap. I mean salt of the earth both of whom some of the nerve gas or what Mike Garrett and our company. And take out of their nick said it. I say that and I mean I was I was really proud CA that is not an easy thing to do. Yet they announce your name and wrote he's the winner in the you have to walk all the way up to the states. He had to think about what you're gonna say in coming at 200 people stare Nantz and it's. The bright lights in your face and in that that can be very intimidating and that is casting a wonderful job in May meet crop. I don't doubt it and it I was so proud to see John and Marti that. He did pretty good job I think you said there were he did a great job with them but that just comes natural to you your radius are these. Let's say they the first time I gotten from the people at a news means a lot of yeah here. Sand and leave there I didn't sleep the night before I was so scared it was Tariq. Alice Alice 27 years old so I called every member of Marion might announces this area to view to the nine and non rural speaks. But as the presidents. Now daisy this in the group taxis and violence lazy people in emails and nobody gets a and here which really got a great show yet market through each member of the union and the production manager and there is you talk about a lot of different things he can do if your house this time in years of really good timing year. 22 to go out check out if you have wood rot he has some small alien projects it is just repairs main seem to be done the Smart things. Asked to do march until I can't wait to have mark on the Thelma brag Wimbledon don't tell him but. A my game a little compliment I got a little feedback from from a good planning good friends so. We look forward to this shows thanks for joining us. We'll let you know when Rabin has passed. Revealing bikini top coming along and Mason. From the review handling of companies we are in your face and clearly more S threes in the CD is his production manager for handyman division. Yeah who look and dagger owned yell at Jerry's son. He's got a yellow shirt on and us lecturing his toughness Akeelah jacket in their dear. Original roe V a gay issue like a wholly believe can be proper SI and allies say yeah they're beating you buzz alive. All around town loses. He has taken the muffler offered his van. And is allowed us thing is though at the end about this thing now. Sounds like a one honestly bloat like 360 miles an hour. Agassi so much dollars on the way to school that hope they don't have been anybody. In the world but so did lately not date a gap. It drops. A little sedan. With Lal mosque. Hit driver tell me. She lice is he told Reagan one day she likes cool rooms all the callers and C six that it cease. And we don't have any cool rooms and our fans later this year sees others around underrated Anna well I got magazines land him in Athens now in. It he is he's had wheels she said that's not right we can day whoever we loan is all about love us that to me it. Well they are is holiday got to take out shot. And that I played in some dot Florida Georgia July island though we're from the day this is how we row oh. I'll be waiting here Clinton is done Paris zionists. Which was taught about handyman and ruby handyman and I wanna give us a quick example that reveal any man has held held. Our us ally mr. times a person with a view and I got the following list from a from we have a couple renal properties and we talked about that before. On front attendance is not be really needs to be facing a test features. Seem to have they're eating now working barrel need to have filters changed to a seat loosened us hears that and to listen listen downstairs bathroom. Fix to a paper holder and Sears bathroom and laundry closet door sighting in starting to come off replaced by apple and its if he is gave me a excruciating headache I met him. Mr. surges over her smiling that's our saints and that's that's a road any Mandela's right mark I mean the I am ally says this is a neat this ethics I call pretty handy man and this goes way I get debilitated bill I think is getting you know that is the typical list of everything random that it we take care of on a daily basis it. There's. Yet it. It's everything says Smart let me ask him likened it to how Lori 3131. And you've been with the company for three years three years he started asked carpenter. Okay and now your head of production and a handyman yeah division and and you in Dominic tops in the east and on the other side yell yeah our union yank. He had sales and operations inside operations he's actually been on tour had been crying a lot. Known turned make the best of our fearless leader Dominic here being on that we're. Managing game through what God's blessed Donald Anke as a sire last dominate it serves our country that's why America is great. And I know that he is back home safe. So that's a wonderful blessing. And he's taken little some awful recruitment or wonder how I want to hump how long before aunts crawl up into his pants yeah hopefully it happens quickly. But he says torture and I'm glad decent that he clarified dec Suzanne on the PD didn't take a break you on the PGA to warming is reserve rate him as when he went to get a deal it is served his time. For 49 he's a reserve rate and a reserve army in reserve build stuff over in Afghanistan and places like that so. Well what let me EC army Patrick decide just resonate a lot of a lot of loose things I got a lot of loose things in my house hopes well we give takes up here. One on one not Colorado beat any man that told the paper holder tallest the railing. You know two workers. From entry doors the bathroom to workers not locking latch him. You know. Don't want I don't question for you what percentage of Haney Maine is tightening in fixing and repairing existing stuff and 1% is hang out Limbaugh certainly fixtures island Mollison new hardware at channel one ray is a bill or retention and the world. It's really about half and half a catches it's. It's usually in most cases so I'm just a little bit loose now mark come Bragg going yet. Ye I have personally gotten and I thought we talked about it to our company we like a third rays out when it happens but I personally gotten people brag on him right on your on the show some my dear friends that are. Clients. Have given me personal feedback and take them back to the company. But. I mean for that. You have usual suspects customers that they call you and in innocent is coat that you embody the review ways and I you carry yourself. How you handle people what I mean this to a man told me actually told me. I have not priest used to this though one of my dear friends said he asked you to put a battery in his garage door opener. He had a new Tesla. And he said well let me -- you garage door for minority car keys Samuel outside and and you set argue too and so you'd get him a new garage storage purposes and for. He said. Obligate to a new garage door opener but in the meantime Allen had programmed caller seasonality drugs from caller didn't just open automatically gets that's what that's about as normality. You know what about it truce or if the true story. Seeing him. First download burger in the in the Tesla. That I had heard look an animal in advertises itself that it could DF function. And you said I'm figured out. The carded all the work and that's why I'm not that the we call that mechanically inclined to I think is very impressive he was extremely impressed. And and how I was excited to hear that. So thank you. In Markey says something that I think is the resonates through all the ruby companies. It's not that we all live by EU Saddam has figured it out you and ask directions you gotta talk the plays that asks the client knew he had a need. He knew he had something that needed to happen. You're able to find another way to the heated not maybe think about if you probably would have research I'm sure he would have figured out. But he has made it happen. And this is the deal he news that you usually can do attitude yes that's been on the patent he and thank you Urich king goes to. Program and Tesla garage door openers you know an insane and he knew it was kind of out of your Bailiwick away at you that you went out there are settlement on your our client number take care of you. And that's what it's all about so give us a couple other. Other usual suspects. That she seal all on the handyman job. Probably our biggest. Pain main task is X here are here and then when Desmond and I think. Yet what he's saying I'm. It's just about Sid goal in game one former another home every house. Whether it's some it's easier today or dole or whether it's a the deal. It says around windows the windows rod is still on the windows shutters. If this a brick house if the so would Al cited a tape sat on the corners at the bottom. And then also look up Jackie fascia board behind the gutters and I see it all the time. We the parks and a cleaner gutters out the down spells it clog up the gutter gives slow weighted down hangs up the house Largo is behind gutter happens for a year to. And rots the face little listless educated audience if you take is that I think that's a big problems and you that you see because even in this industry forever marked. You see it as well because it's something that you do mundane day out basis but a bum who doesn't in the latter monkey if I'm home with Obama homeowner locked around my house. It bullies or do whatever I do during the fall what do I need to look for his followers would route what were some signs that might have an issue. And distressed paint. Is healing biggest peeling paint the lower. Could be. No formal distress. That's. Taking on big big terms if you offer to present. But it distress pain is really colleague immediate primary indicator. Sip hot seat I knew. And I was taken I think that I I know I has underneath a windows from my house and it needs to hear the needs to be replaced. But if I see that lies is so important regulator replacing now vs wade. Today it's not gonna ever eating better not to get any better in in speaking to be good to get into the walls and Kamal receive if established that would. Completely news August disintegrates absolutely and cut it. If an OS Alison pool. We lost. Literally had fascia. This about I had distressed thanks for about eight years now because I was gonna remodel my house than the recession and I'm still gonna Ramallah house on the wanna face Marat. I mean literally falling their own I got a station about it it's as well falling down vertical bahama gutters just hang in. And I'll wonder and if I can give it a falloff naturally before rip my response. That's my home that I have highlight event semis us with much cells that wooded Daly City contractors house is Lance on the concert she's cobbers GC count AVG ruled less cool. And that's good deny food. Mark if you can stick around with this I would blight were covenants and holiday season people wanna get a list done king you can you can stagger Alan I have a about I have a good heinous refuse well. Only prudent. Patrick Cassidy from really electric in WH tough woman along with Trent hasten from the ruby namely that companies we are you're supposed to do with more effort from groove. BE borrowed eat eat eat candy man loses. He is not a I know and I'm joking that did handyman story at a dealer tells storied of of the customer service level. That day he receive from these guys in and it happened in my own house. I went out you know typical Saturday morning to cut the grass and I have to you glass doors and out the back my house and I came back to one of them I completely shattered. Because Saturday site called Dominic he used your counterpart it every road be handyman. On Saturday talks in the silicon on duties to behave. Not much you can do about it today I think I think the windows still. There and then a couple days later comes market size window forming. What I've always going to be something that was going to be a great be job size when they're replaced it and off we can do I'd must've been that most unlucky person on earth. The is that I want anything to happen mark was he on lawn mowers we'll she little pills every now again. Some see it that Joker right their ice thought to cause to shatter like that nativity fixated it was a it was a pretty painless process and our end it went really really really well. So thank you for that. So today replaced a whole window urges the pain I think we had to replace the Ito why use the glass insert that replaced on the steel doors because if you haven't all the window pub like fifty years old. It's probably a true Nevada light window and has blazing. So you if you break one pain is just one single pane glass and you can replace it replace the wind. It says right yes but if you have a modern day window with this either of shrewd about a lighter to simulate that related about a lie. You have to replace the whole wind up right where Sachs. In some insulation. In slash have a story about that because I saw. A solid on my dear friend she Louis Vincent. Saturday Els law will. Meander in park pro shop and senator drink and a green machine. Pay fifteen dollars for a drink if it's anything Dornan a black hole hardware I mean come policy pillar in my life. But a sour outside and we started joking. About. The time her husband who is who is also home daughters this. Wit to let the dollar gal. And hit the door shut behind him and a lot and it was a news. Jailed one and simulated about a life so low like at fifteen panes of glass but it's really one pane of glass that's a very expensive door. And he tried to break one campaign to get back in and hold door shattered and is a several thousand dollar. Project at that point the funny thing is we were joking is she's like she had a couple all the windows on around the house that he could a broad. Issue in the replace anyway gee I greatly Olindo you crazy man that we had a good laugh about it so. Doll. Just get a break and in the Al glass if that happens to you call locksmith. They get aura handyman rebbe handyman who we actually had a couple people that work for us that duke law it's had the ability do osment the you do sniping. I am not. I know John Jenkins says Lawson can do locks yeah. But we have a couple guys in our fleet that's why it's great. That's the world Roby brand has always kind of take we have carpenters and and electricians in house and and their own staff and I we got people that has special skills and it's that can be cool stuff we're not in a lot in this business. Except for our hand in May lie. Yet the UA EE Souza I wanna get back to the glass and not to mention it's pretty darn dangerous to brick piece of glass and Anna and I have a putt heated. Tragedy that I think maybe in the wee hours of the morning when many many millions again and his arm is totally cut it to pieces. From time to break PC that he had hit it with his own but it might have been had yeah okay if it. They'll read out at 230 in the preface they pretty well it's athlete incriminating. Hi well let's talk about why you hear Alan tell bus some else coming in the Christmas season holiday season thanks given. People wanna get their house a spruced up here four years cobol forty battled a family over. What are you seeing that people wanna do around this time to prep we have a couple months is are we November. What is the deal. The biggest thing is just. The minor imperfections. Dings in the walls where the kids through ball lower. Door slammed you hard so it's just good comedy year to do that Jeff Manley film when Emerson now's the time the Gator but everything fake stuff that's it. What do you have people hang decorations. And the dimming do we hang decorations and Christmas slice through that. Yet another it's been one of our key things we do is the pile latter word you know. Don't need anybody. Clark Griswold in the gutters and negative inspiration I don't know that was funny when that piecing. Frozen. Icicle part due in into other people's house the letter is also good timing. Your point mark I mean the last segment were at a panel off a list them. That we had it into one of our properties and I mean it's a good time this is sort of grab that list of things to do it in just not at all out if you're gonna have somebody in your house. For an hour two hours three hours four hours is bitterness and not at all Allen an innocent people like us this is just the toilet is a little bit legally that's not that big of a deal. But if you kind of walk around the house and do an inventory this time a year and he's gonna get all the little imperfections senior word. Don't mean this is it time to do it it is better to kind of do more than one being at a time personal winding now one thing in January 1 thing in March. Just get it all knocked out and that's the way to get it right you may see it's better for us were more efficient that way so therefore that the clank and he's a funny I don't feel light. My wife has called in to me in my ear tell me give your physical every year after Burke today. So you'll remember sir your handyman stuff every year in November December for the holiday season so you'll remember. Has it. So it any thing else for Leven op that would jog people's Matta I mean. I also see people wanna come in ago let him be a great town from a family comes over again put me back splash in McKay it's. It's kind of thirty getting get out quick and easy job as a lot of value as they've replaced a full replace the formal power moon in muffed. In my towel bars go to black hull and spend a little bit of money also tell barter some news so no not street cabinets yet any minor smaller and nations that you can fit in between. You know you don't wanna get it here education a week before Thanksgiving. That as a grade knobs. Anything Canada's miners. You. This is not saying if you think you've got a terror kitchen. Next brainer and a year two years and that's a big ticket item. And you want to spruce it up for holidays you can go ahead and come in a may be replaced refrigerators long is this a refrigerator that you gonna do in your new projects you already have it. You go to black holing some hardware for you canvas. You might mean more when you do you do to replace like amnesty to go to get my sorry go ahead as our knees and hit. And India dear team to come over how many how many folks that we have and handing in division roughly now. We have. Five guys in the field of varying. Expertise yeah and everyone is well rounded in all parts so. It's more than. It is one dad hires. Random. Random other subcontractors plumbing deal. Now though we're getting our feet owners in the service side of the business and not just being customer Mahler and new home builders. Unita what led not figure and out with Roby electric and now dead Yates helps plumbing and Haney man I think I think he's two year anniversary. Of of having the handyman. Division that selfless thing is this January. You know arm and now you say you have five guys in the field that well versed the cool thing is now. We're spin and money owned the right guy as an or right education and as we grow their own going to be able to cross age case aghast and anymore. Skill sets. Those are willing where aren't willing people mechanic link on people yes and people. And trying to help on picked up. More traits. We don't know another thing to think about the as far as on there is a hum there was some must be doing around this time is we just which has had daylight savings. Price of the every timers for lighting around your house now that you need to get back in either. A just says timers and it's also a good time distance how to do an inventory on exterior lighting some visited on and heating Ingrid doesn't we get rid of the electorate. Just to go through it in and see if all my life features as anything broken. Is what's funny is is exterior lighting is used more during this time of the year. In any other time I see because it gets dark at 530 versed in dark at 830. So like times it is are still out playing and can you really need to have that. X here lighting functioning the way need to function not only from a security standpoint but also from an aesthetic standpoint people are gonna licking your house at night. A lot more this time in years and they are. During the summer because again. It's getting dark at 530 were. We're still going about our days vs an eight. A lot more little old guard that's movable that's right you how you lightly now I just made at a here yet but but but it's a truth and submit it on your list of things for the ready handyman face the do you. Douby want to check your life situation. We'll mark it was a pleasure having thanks for joining us. How to people a minute call the office right yep 7043345477. Being. That's how you get the bug allowed gay niece to say that number in my Korea of and then Alice confused though because that and we talk about a last year last week so from 1981 my grandfather was a different number. Seems like he that it carried a number own from McDonald the Harding but. Thanks for male what does thank you for what you do and the get go work think yes. They keys. Welcome back then I was ready Patrick broadcast from radio I think it's. Humming along tree hastened from the Rudy namely companies. Tree is dancing well I mean yeah it's frozen solid and I. Nice to run around with mom mom as a kid and and its allies he listens that I oldies at bank does not miss it point and it sounds like nine at some point one channel with oldies and now her stuff like that. When all travelman Dan we've listened no country music and deadly EDT outrage. Thank you main every now again nice said that the Sears radio and I bus that'll sixties on six every now again the kennels an old school Louisiana and whatnot. You people. Hopeful for prima Donna radiant is a guy became for free car at the first year Nelson and outlets and radio era be hill's play floor. They're the right of the family of companies that. The fist and identity under its eagle my family accompanies. That at the energetic in it there and break Dan. Then I have a problem only leaves say some job inherited. Yes I exit Maine if you've ever noticed he listened out there. But all I Ollie say will be right back in in in. In TE GA executive producer behind the scenes engineer. The radio no no monitored on their heard still never say will be right back at least the ala he likes the feather in the tumor he's the radios and a he he does have a jet accident NASA DVR Thomas house like force company run for a touchdown put the sciences. Taurus. It's oriented Trent Lott thank you get in some late night emails from last night it Reagan was go and seek the funny thing is about 1:30 in the morning on sit there. So a little below surface of Omar Omar vanity until it's in my houses my office and have a little stolen. And you are stark type and emails and don't stuff Monday of pants. It's the look the bar and Dolores and in about four inches into the billions in one he'd do one you have to sleep. Since may be obviously put on that it's about a gallon a big deaths brought inflation fall off and renovate our house and let you are at the door left on Saturday and it's. The army if you let it build out these EU feels it's rejuvenating to get it done. Even if it is 3 o'clock and knowing it's kind of like a Catholic and evidence the weight of the world a little bit off key for me and oh yeah about last moment. It it it a mile a gallon survivor plus last night the I LL. I do wanna say they'll now hanging in stat. Ascent this still a self marchers said he wanted to scrape some. Here's some popcorn sales and he wanted to re maybe put out some crown molding and analysis never had crowned. And and Paxson drought while Wallace is seventy years or not hole and I came back and say a male we got this great guy and als. I was big Indy season he was slowing in mind Tyrone hope they'll avenue back in 1997. His name's David fatter. Calmly telling super day eve and and he's been with us over Tony years and he's really good stuff like. He's really he is exceptional stuff like that now Matt had to leave we teased him on the under the electric the funny times presidential. In any if you are older house and especially. If you plaster and how many people can do that and that's a very rare things if you if you are in a home that is. A plaster how many plays scared to even put a picture in the wall. The test some new Dave's super Dave is really good at about super date you those sites nor he us so it's a what I tell north he's fixing things taken face any thing idea you know the health let things you see it so ignores it and let let me to do any denials saying that's listen music they like he does slant TJ three times in Vietnam Padilla came out from under the table myself and each. His lap that plaster like that top. It has ETE is getting in I mean built loses something else seeded Andy and do you think he wants them built in children TV. I think that some things vacancies that trial are repairs of if you have them write your closet shelving Deanna La. I mean we have companies that do that third party bid and we also. You know we know about finished violent if you know you'll two hanging shales of stuff like that it's like Andrew ruby light and he'd get this off the tee like I asked is a small project how to feel like I needed to call youth. But that's exactly what the Indian in Phil's is as small profit the last love and hate hearing. You'll have better by service you can get some IA handyman for three months and I'm like it just there like two days I don't know I'll I'll. American desperately robber serves companies electrical and plumbing is it is it. Say hey I'm not an immediate rise. Schedule Meehan over the next several weeks is half day job would do it but if you say hey. I got gas coming out is slit my brain it's Monday they're coming in Thursday can you're Meehan we that we do stuff like that right mark. He does your saying is it now has no defense right now and I have my guess land it Tinsley had him a strand that we took the Mike away from he would say he can't say we we can dictate what access. You know Allegheny spike captured a flag we captured mark yeah. They get chilly got about a minute and a half left of the says it's sad and everybody out there's going to petition ever hands that today Lee said today. Is he today when record and some adult Election Day we don't let the results are will have a new air irregardless when you listen to this. The Panthers won last week act got mad and NFL football fertile law payback but no around Tucson emblazoned on the same NBA's BofA and and I think the NFL does say you know they need that you know Melissa inflow was not treated teeth and it's veterans day this week is what it is and god bless you talked about Dominique. My dad purple heart. God bless his soul my buddy will solar and without about a couple weeks ago passed away about a month ago he was a matter. I mean assists were some classics my dad was an eighties that we we have open and Wallace at the Bataan in any topic is not thing that. We should implement some kind of community service after high school some kind of American community service for Farrar for our use. I don't know it atlas like sun and developers are not solve some III. There's send me the observer trying to game in a bias are read the whole Sunday paper moon Sunday night it was kind of relax and to meet now you can read by Brian. But editorials. About that says hey go do some good for a month. I just think anything's better he certainly is not immediately smack me not him early start on hatred that's the one common life where he can do something like that yup it is. Well thank you for listened to was a day mark thank you for being here from rugby anymore and mark Patrick thank you for that now let me. Have a wonderful day go answer the home.