Is The Market Bubble Ready To Burst?

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, October 7th

The bubble is getting bigger, and people are concerned. Bulls and Bears is here to teach you the best of capital preservation.


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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry canning its personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears out here host Adam it's just go sit back and relax and enjoy it now draining weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be here. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401 k.s ire raised in any cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to itself director and portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 88875087238. At 8887508723. And of course as always in studio co host of the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy a friend about him undermine senior coach Steve champ was gonna chip yet it's the weekend man wants to talk about markets or record highs the bubble gets bigger in the US stock market. We'll concern for the listeners about that bubble getting so big wished courtesy valuations that record highs so. Really important that we haven't discussed that today about capital preservation understanding how people can protect and preserve against the class because. It's not a matter of if it's a matter win absolutely and don't forget to head over to FaceBook and likeness at Bulls and Bears radio and of course he got a question for the coach at any given time point 47 called coach outline. 877. 90 Ford trade. Yep we had a lot to talk about have excited about today so many things happen and every single week let's dive into that your ambles and there's champ this market. It's and we're going into the holiday season we're going in the quarter for people are concerned people are nervous or scared. Well no tree grows to the sky and the thing continues to go a little bit higher it's little bit I financial bit higher. We have constant new record highs in the Dow and the S&P and it's just chip it away given new high new highs new high. And it's just the bell rang and I mean in the markets when things get over diet with things going for too long. You run out of demand supply takes over and dries price down. And one of the things that's most important at the listeners understand is that if the market drops significantly which you will is just math. You could lose a lot Mets 41 K because most listeners if you're in a 41 K 95% of the performance of your account is tied to the market as a whole. And we hear Bulls and Bears a bang the drum console that you need to understand how to protect against the collapse. Because what's happened in the world is that we've created this illusion of these great valuations in our US stock market. But prices are too hot and prices get too high. We have to have a correction is just a matter of time in many analysts and we'll get really hurt badly they've taken some good profits now it's in chin up. But if we get that 43 set moved down as you know Adam is it expected. It's gonna hurt a lot of people and so we have to get them ready in capital preservation becomes Paramount to most people. Well champion since march of 2009 the market has gone up and a lot of people are now focusing again on their portfolio I mean. In 2002003. The average person lost 60% at 2007 at 2009 the average person lost 40%. Here we are record highs coming up on the end 2017. And while there's some believe this or not even if it's a 203040%. Correction why would want someone wanna give that back to the market if they kidnapped him while ensure ensure your position. Just in case because you ensure your house just in case you don't want the burned out what you insured in case. Something happens and he is there not you have to believe us look at the math. The market is set up specifically and in a way where. We had no place else to put our money in the last three years to get any kind of a return you can't get interest rates because they're notre streets in this country. So everybody is flocked into the US stock market and if you look globally. Back to 2007 when the US market was at its previous record high. And then all the major indices in the world in Europe to Indonesia what their record highs. When the markets have all collapsed in 2000 ace. The US markets the only one has ever gone back above that 2007 high the other 28 junior have never gotten above that high they've never created a record high we've created new new a new record highs because. This is the bubble. Typically somewhere in the world in the some financial market there's a bubble forming and it's in the US stock market. And here's the problem for the listeners. That's where your money it's it's sitting in the US stock market you're in a 41 K because that's what you believe is the only alternative for some sort of a pension or some sort of retirement plan. You money sitting at risk in those positions. You've been making money back from the class collapse of 2008 may be a back to you were maybe you're not the reality is you're nine years older either way when you back or not. And so the focus now is that things are good the market's been going up for awhile the sky's the limit yet the same thing that happened in 2000 seven's gonna happen again in 2008 it's gonna happen again it's just math. And so the protection and understanding how to preserve capital becomes Paramount so I can take advantage of higher moving prize in the markets and and I can also protect against a major collapse in the use instruments like options or futures are so many things at the list is that they just. It's been a little time educating themselves are finding a path. Could protect against a major collapse in the market and stay hole. And if everybody else is losing your stay in a hole that's a win but what if you could grow in the collapse would you go account could even go up during the class we'll talk about that the next session. But the focus obviously is is that it is a skill set that people have to understand and the first step is realize that you need to do something. Well that's the thing I mean people don't realize they need to do some them because they're not hurt right now they don't have financial paying their. Everything's good they're coming up this summer kids are back in school everybody's excited their portfolios up all the sudden the 10% pulled down into the market that's gonna get their attention. But a lot of people don't know what to do it happens they think going to cast as the answer obviously cash is not a solution it's it's still position it's the US dollar in the US dollar fluctuates. In a down market ship the average person besides just continuously contributing and hoping for the best don't have an alternative. Well and part it's complacency and we talk about its. Things have been going up for a few years before when Cade a marksman go and DA everybody's excited but you know. No tree grows this guy will eventually hit an area where price as the fall and it'll fall significantly and substantially simply because. It went up significantly it's substantially. So we have to come back to what we call fair value on the prices of the stocks. Where way above fair value and so we're not gloom and doom sayers here Bulls and Bears we understand the market's gonna turn in price. It has nothing to do it our hopes our thoughts or emotions are wishes but that matters. It's is simply a measure of the markets in so we're telling you to get prepared for collapsed because. It's not a matter of if it's a matter win what happens if you're not ready to give it all back and there's nothing worse and getting a good return for a few years 567 years in your 401K position and then given have a Mac. And now other hobby is is that you run out of money all year it would dousing him going and you get less time to make it back because you know 910 years older. So that's why we so adamant about understanding preserving capital and if you don't learn the skill of managing risk you have no risk to manage eggs. Actually in you know an eight years go by and a lot of things happen and eight years of time cost money. An online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand individual's loss and they understand people. Financially we're in pain when all of a sudden. You know the market went down 3040% 2008 and people don't wanna be in that situation that's why online trading academy teaches a class specifically on capital preservation what I love about this class. It's all right on campus it's a value of 500 dollars and for someone who wants to take control of their finances they want to control that 41 K the ire they don't want a ticket. This is the class for you I'll have a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers ten to twenty. Pick up the phone right now you do not wanna miss out on this in tall. 84451. Trade that 84451. Trade for callers ten to twenty the a 500 dollar class on capital preservation. From our sponsor online trading academy. That's 8445187233. For callers tender twenty to get this 500 dollar class on capital preservation. If you're concerned about a correction if you're concerned about the markets on and off and you don't know what to do that happen tomorrow or month for nauert a year from now. Call right now 84451871833. For callers to the twenty that date for four. 51. Of trade this is adamant champ fumbles and banners. And well. Below the bad pathetic thing. And it's nothing. Steve's a wealth intelligence like a little Sanford and Son absolutely. Who absolutely inevitable until lap seven against I've geared studio. Always fun with Jed Jiabao is a good time here Bulls and Bears. Diverted to head over to FaceBook like is that bulls or bears radio and of course at any given time 24/7. Got a question proceed to coach call the coach hotline 87790. Ford trade. Jim talking about a lot of different things Durham Bulls and Bears always talking about the market. If things you don't realize you know this and people know that they don't know what to do about it. Is the market goes up in the market goes down people ought to make money in an up market they lose money in the down market was stopped for a moment let's put some insight on how to capitalize in the down. Were moved in the market wealth you understand the most successful traders investors in the history of the world. Not a may might it would Prez goes up or down and if you have any money in the game which many you do to 41 K in the property for occasionally make money when the market goes up. But if you have any knowledge of understanding. Consistency over time and probability of success you better learn the skills to profit regardless of direction. Because if you can only make money one direction if we look historically the market goes up about half the time and down about half the time it's simply a measure of understanding things get overvalued. They get undervalued. And they always find the fair value of the markets no differently called reversion to mean there either people in the financial markets that trade simply based on reversion to mean theory. And if you look at all the you know fundamental indicators you know we talk a lot about simplicity of the market in the financial markets but. A lot of companies are priced too high because there share price is way too high for how much did bring an end. And that's when something gets overvalued the entire markets. Is overvalued. And so we look fundamentally at the market price should fall it hasn't fallen it's just a matter of time when it does fall. If you don't know how to make money when it fall you're not gonna be able to profit or if you made money when it went up. And you don't understand it's time to get out you gonna give those returns bag and eternal winner drew loser so the best traders and investors historically of understood. How to make money on price falls and the problem is that as you well know is the masses of people listening to us a lot of times they think. If the market goes up that's a good day of the market is down it's a bad day. And that's a lie. It's just today and so if you have no. Decision process of that to make money when something goes up you can eliminate your probability of making money. So the skill set of making money when price falls. One thing we can do is call shorting a short selling. Is Paramount and if you learn the skills of short selling a how to make money on price falls you know where it about a collapse that you can profit from the collapse. Understand something. The 2008 they call that the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the of the country most precious in the history of the financial markets the largest transfer wealth you know us. That in say the largest amount of money was lost. But many of the listeners lost money. What got new switch not a loss there was transfer. Over Goldman Sachs and TIA craft and some of these big institutions or some successful trader like you would lie. Who bases sat on the other side of the market said market's gonna collapse I need to profit falls a much take the money when it falls at a profit regardless of direction. And once you get that skill under your belt it's a game changer. And the problem is the masses and never learned if they think up is good down his bed and so we have to break a bias. Of people listening to us right now and didn't understand that up is good and down is good. Well exactly that I mean why Ed I always use the analogy wouldn't buy carbon only one Ford you want Carly goes Ford and reverse your portfolio. If you only know how to make money in an up market that's like being in a situation where you only got to go forward. But yet we know we need Ford in reverse we need and we need down shorting the market is difficult is different you say that all the time and she of one of the neatest things about what someone learns. How to capitalize and a downward move the market and this goes really for I mean at the baby boomers or should touch home right now is that's where they're going this is of retirement wanna one. Imagine if you can lay down at night and not worry about market direction in your portfolio. Now it would be huge and it would be a relief emotionally. And more importantly it would prevent you from getting crushed and collapse and maybe never get your financial goals which is one of the things we talk about is that consistency of profitability for years and years and years so that you reach those goals. And what if we don't have the skill set of making money on price fall we might never reach those goals. And it's funny because a lot of people. A lot of you would they when they respond to a CS are run and was in town they always say that sets you guys and ensure in the short selling was such an eye opener from because I don't understand it. Some explain the basics of what shorting is. I was sick is stuck like General Electric GM a knows gee he'd have been around forever the component of the Dow industrial one of the thirty stocks in the Dow. Been around forever I mean large to large cap blue chip you know big company everywhere in the world multinational billion dollar company. Understand something their stocks trading at twenty foot all this year if you believe that it was gonna fall to twenty in other whizzes at 44. Was gonna go to twenty you could profit from that for all moved down. Now the beautiful thing you can profit without ever owning the stock and that's worth. A lot of people get frustrated or they disconnect we talk about short selling because we're able to sell the stock without owning it. Now here's how we do that. We'll put a brokerage account TD Ameritrade Scott trade any major burger counts. They house inventory. That allows us to sell stocks that we don't own in other words if I thought GE was at 44 was gonna fall to twenty. I think going in my account I get the short sell button and that my broker would sell 200 shares of G into the market. On my behalf now the twenty foot all the show coming in my account. So I just brought in twenty foot all the share on two which is 4800 bucks and I sold stock I didn't don't know listen carefully. I can't use that toll 400 bucks. To go buy some else and I can't do that one of the things I can do though is understand that. My goal is I'm gonna by the cheers backs yeah I'd borrow the shares from my broke with a man who at that Schultz a bun the broken use their majority sell to the market it's one foot also share. I'm now on the hook to buy the stock back to call covering the short but I'm the buyback to twenty. She by buyback it's when he might cost is Ford calls less per share buyback. So I sold at a 24 and a lot of Beckett twenty. The moment I bought a bag goes in my broke his inventories are replaced the stock I've basically use a stock to make for all this year and a 200 shares. I just made literally eight or box. And what's nice about that is if I did on a thousand shares are just made a lot more money. The focus is that all I do it was used the broker's shares to sell into the market before price fell. Bottom back at a price I believe it was gonna fall to. And they let me keep the Ford -- difference what I did was I bought low when I sold high just in reverse some selling at a higher price or price falls on Bynum back and rabbi back. The stock goes back whomever it was imagery and I get to keep the profit. That's a game changer and imagine if you do short sold the S&P 2008. Cook that's a game changer and the focus is many militias don't understand it's not difficult as we said is different but the beautiful thing is Adam. Anybody can learn a skill and anybody could practice is Gil and ultimately make money regardless of direction. Exactly and that's what I love online trading academy is spots to sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand people. Are looking to figure out how to capitalize and a downward move the mark of most people know that it can happen they just don't know how to do it that's why they have a class specifically I'm shorting the market. And shorting the market is capitalizing a downward move the market. Now this is class specifically talk on this is. The 500 dollar value were able to give away a few seats for this we're gonna take callers fifteen to thirty you do not want to miss out on this is a 500 dollar class on shorting the market. From our sponsor online trading academy pick up the phone right now and call. 4451. Trade that date for 451. Trait for caller fifteen to thirty to get a 500 dollar class and shorted the market. From our sponsor online trading academy that's 84451872338445187233. For caller fifteen to thirty get this 500 dollar class specifically on shorting the market from our sponsor online trading academy. Ideal money in a 41 K if you have money. In an IRA you do not know how to capitalize and a downward move in the market you wanna take the time to learn how do before the market corrects 84451. Trait that's 844. 51. Trade is that a champ on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears the because Adam this guy at the spot after the blast egg with the boys here studio. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook lite guess at bulls bears radio chip block field does she connect. This is a bloopers and yet has some fun stuff over there is a says this is it is but this is it is precisely big seed. And we'll lay that aside for her scissors that guys can really get out of that's where they would describe. Bulls or bears don't forget if you got a question procedure coach college coach hotline at 877 at 904. Trade a date 7790 portrayed. That outlines ovitz 4470 they've got a question for UC to coach. Chip talking about a variety of things what it takes a lot of fuel to realize what comes of the markets the market there's there's something different ways that invest and trade in the market and always aware play because it's not obviate this sport people talk about the financial markets are so many different ways DB in and out of market. Some people do go longer timeframe investing. There's a few that do it on a shorter time frame where they're looking to capitalize and take profits a little bit sooner a lot of people do that because they're looking for lifestyle. They're looking for additional income they're looking to generate more money than what their job is pain let's take a moment let's talk about what does it look like if someone was trading for short term income. Well it is an amazing place to generate an income if you understand how to play the game the right way and again we don't use the word play but. The markets are nothing more than a learned skill and if you have a little more skilled in the masses and the bar is very locust the masses really know much and all about trading him messing. You can take money consistently off the field. And so for many people that short term income opportunities appealing. And I tell people you know if you get a basic understanding of price movement in the market and that's something that I love the bottom line treat academy they teach the students. How to create debt picture of what price should do next. If you get that on a new bill will bit you get that NBA you did get that down get a skill set built. Armed you can make consistent money it's I've seen it and the problem is that many people that commit in the financial markets but Google wanna be trader. They don't have a clue what to do big no no system no strategy Don is they don't understand risk how to manage risk. They get excited they open an account that put a couple granted me five to angry and in the E*Trade account they blow up. And of course you gonna blow it up because you don't have any skilled out think about this thing about anything that you learned that made you money you have to go through a learning curve. Has the same in the markets but the beautiful thing is is that if you go through that learning curve and it's a very short window what time to learn the system of successful trading investing. This guy becomes a limit and you could set to generate an income addition to your job your career your business of you have one. It's another shooting Khamese be constantly atom of multiple streams in comp we're creating a second regime income by simply using the markets to pay us. And so for a lot of people they say loud and have a ton of money or I'll have a lot of time the benefit of using the markets for short trimming commits. You can do it 3040 minutes a day for effective. And ultimately. You can do with less than five grand I mean you can enter this arena with a less money it is. Asset classes like currencies and futures where if you don't have a tonic capital to work with you can still play. And you can really you have success overtime and you can grow your county compound those returns because those are what we call leveraged products in other words. I can control bigger position less capital. The key thing is if I'm gonna use the leverage product that jeweler and use it responsibly. And we're big believers of that here Bulls and Bears responsibly use of the markets however. If we follow ups proven documented plan that can help us be successful we can set to generate additional income supplement her income. And who knows what can turn into I've seen it turn into an entire lifestyle change for people the markets I've seen people go from trading in their spare time. Working their job entry in this pretend to quit their job and living on the markets I've seen it I've been in this game a long time. And so for a lot of listeners this is an entry into another she may income potentially for yet and it's not that complex you just have to take the steps. And get a good systematic approach down and you can really start to get some consistency overtime and ultimately. It can change you know Braude different ways not only financially but give it free time that freedom though a lot of people look at for the markets can pride that. You just gotta know how to approach him he gonna make the decision you need to learn the skill. Well you know it's it was a mystery for short term income just as you said I've seen people do it and it's actually you know is a second streaming come for somebody that is working a full time job. But it also can take that person that's retired and maybe their living on fixed income they wanna get to the next level where they're not living on fixed income and they can get that second street committed. A sisal security or maybe that retirement. Whatever short term income you're looking for the market as a great place is a great place to you know be it and it's great place to. Take advantage of that well them what do you sought to understand as you really get engaged in understanding the movements of the market is that it's not casino a lot of people think gambling it's not. Is not Gillman of the Bellagio. It's just good business to them and if you have the edge over the masses in the people that don't understand how to play in the financial markets. You become the Bellagio and if you take the money consistently social some Matta learned that skill and then go on working you know what. Who knows what it can turn into what you can write how you story can wind up absolutely a lot of people don't know where can take him that's online trading academy to have a class specifically on. Trading for short term income what I love about as of your brain to the market. You don't know even know where to begin way to actually place trades are investments but maybe you've been in the market you just don't actively do it on a monthly basis. There's a great opportunity for is a 500 dollar class to right at the campus on short term income. You do not want to miss out on this we're gonna take callers ten to 25 right now because we have a few seats to give away it is a 500 dollar class taught at the campus a short term income to the phone right now and call. 84451. Trade that date for 451. Trait callers ten to 25 to get a 500 our class specifically on. Treaty for short term income from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 84451872338445187233. Colors ten to 25. To get this 500 dollar class again of your brand new to market. Don't even know where to begin there's a great opportunity for you do not want to miss out of this for callers ten to 25844. 51. The trade is that a champ fumbles and banners. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears I mean I was adamant this go ahead it's a glass always a good time always good time when my favorite segments of the show. Ask the coach you have a question any time 24/7 called go to outline an 877. 904 trade it and over to the head over FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears but right now we got a question from Mary. From Smyrna Georgia. I'm I've gotten. What kind of beaten. But aren't those did it would trying to take money out of Portland. And much of a half open pit. That's a great question Mary thanks for your call. Mary asked what kind of fees are associated would take money out of four and K and why it's such a hassle that while. He just rolled one right and in my wheel house that Mary. We're big proponent of not being for the 41 today. Simply from those reasons I mean those are major reasons and one of the things you got to realize Marion thank you for the call is that before he was never meant to be a pension was meant to be a savings account. When it was originally created in the 1970s. That I went through congress as the Keogh act. And it was rolled out as ace is a force savings plan and it was it was a you're you're employer would match a person what they would do is that it it would that you withhold a portion of your salary. If you contributed into the 41 K and then they would add match should take that sounded they would Helena put into the 41 K. And offered Q is it savings accounts so that you wouldn't have to worry about. And saving money because it was BBC being taken out before you can solve the money I mean it was designed that way because. Prior to the collapse of pensions there was a three legged stool and that. Was pension social security and the forward K was a supplement or savings account. As what Tate who was meant to be ms. meant not meant to be aggressively invested on Wall Street. And so when pensions went away and they did in new reason they went away as his companies couldn't afford it's always about the money. The 41 K was standing there are sitting there. As an opportunity for Wall Street to command say okay we're gonna make this more of a pension retirement account. We're gonna take control these accounts were gonna manage these accounts. And we're gonna charge fees and commissions and manages accounts but we have a knowledge level that the unsophisticated investors don't have. And out of and have the chance to grow wealth in those 41 K accounts. Under our management so the reality is this marys that. A financial institution like Goldman Sachs UBS ATA Kraft is the trustee and the manager of your 401K. And so the benefits of the fallen today our tax deferred status in other words you don't have to pay taxes until you take distributions later in life that's a benefit. But that's lowered ends. And what I Lotta people get caught up in his they say what my employer offered me a match they offered me the match so far I signed on they gave it a match will let your salary that they withholding. In other words. Do this next time somebody a little listening. Get a job opportunity I urge you to go to human benefits manager of the company and say listen I wanna opt out of the 41 K I don't wanna participate but I still wanna get the match. What is that gonna say be you know laugh the other office because your company your employer has a tax benefit if your participation seat it's about their money to. So they copy of the match they lure you in and you go you to choose mutual funds and is a problem this fees associated with the management that account. Anywhere from one and a half up that we seem as high as 5%. Feasts. In other words whether you're count goes up or down you pay those fees that Wall Street institution. There were no low end of the spectrum a Clinton employee benefit research institute of fees for 25 your 401K. Is a 155000. Dollars or why a year count Mary. Into the market. In fees into the market meaning to Goldman Sachs TI aircraft and they have no risk in the position so those Cesar. Associated with a minute and before long came out here's the problem. You may have to pay a fee to get your money out your money it's your savings talk about a game. So in order for you to access your Ford came money you have to pay a 10% surrender feet. And they might be other fees in hair in your fourth king individually but you know I even aware of and then you gotta pay taxes which pay anyway so the tax it is just you take it sooner than later but ultimately those fees are crushing your long term returns. And US why they make it so hard because they don't want you put take your money out from under their management because of the kid charging the fees. See if they're paid fees on the account balance that you that the magic every year you close your account they can't charge anymore. That's the problem. We're big proponents of Bulls and Bears a view learning the skills of self directing awards. You can get the same tax deferred benefits that that forward Kay out as you an IRA plan. Yet you don't have to about the fees if the pay execution costs which are very low minimal. And up to about the fees and here's the benefit. You can make money when the mart was up or down in economic money when it goes up in the four okay. So for a lot of the baby boomers and some of the more people ate it get near retirement age you better learn the skills of self directing your money you're gonna lose. Success in collapsed. And you're gonna get feed to death. Through the process and so self directing means you learn the skills of taking some action Emeka some of those decisions in that retirement bucket. And ultimately kicking over the decision that bug because you can do a better job of that Wall Street institution because they're motivated by their profit not yours. And you can really start to get those long term success results that you look at for so hopefully this helped yet we appreciate the call Mary it's awesome your listener. And hopefully we'll see at some point in the future absolutely. You know what himself directing is a game changer for a lot of people he's not paying those fees as somebody else's start doing exactly what you want to do you control your risk. Increased probability and that's the game changer for a lot individuals a lot of people want to self correct it wanna handle their own money but they don't know how to begin an online trading academy. The sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on self directing your portfolio regardless of accounts has maybe got 1020000 maybe got a couple million dollars or something in between. Free Gaza how much capita you have know what he's gonna care more about your money than you and that's why self directed is Paramount for long term success. Online trading academy teaches a class on this is is specific to 500 dollar value I wanna give away right now get a few seats to get away we're gonna take callers and that. To Swanee pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that 844. 51 trade for callers ten to twenty to get 500. I'm self directing your portfolio from online trading academy again if you're new to the market or you're in the marketing you wanna take control and you wanna stop paying somebody else. Learn to do it on your own. 84451871833. At 8445187233. For scholars tend to twenty to get this 500 dollar class on self directed from online trading academy. Once again you wanna take over you wanted to control call right now 84451. Of trade does that champ fumbles and banners. Welcome back the bulls affairs that there goes out of its just go sit there out at some laughs and chuckles as well. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook alike as Apple's of Bear's radio and of course. Any time Tony for seventy got a coach question of the coach call the coach outline at 877904. Trade champion a lot of things lot of Hilda realizes people can be in the market. It's a bit more of the market as a hobby some people are in the market for a long term in the big investment strategy and they hope it goes up and a lot of people when their professionally in the market there in the market as a business whether it's an investor whether it's a traitor to business not a hobby let's take a moment let's break it down. Treating as a business most American dream and I mean think about it everybody you know be in self employed freedom time remain calm not selling your time for money. Most Americans that have jobs or so on the time for money and they immunity a little bump on commission or production performance but. Ultimately you don't own business you build someone else's equity now what I love about the financial system in this country to its free enterprise capitalism. And so you get rich QG deport this country and so a lot of people have tried small businesses may be owned a small franchise subway here. You know slot skis or maybe year a builder in your small contractor maybe your sub electrical contractor announced a framer for years but in the trades for years and years. Understand something. You own your business and you business owns you. And for a lot of you chase the money you get high inventory workers' comp fees. Liability insurance inventory of media building the lease a place they're BB hold your business from your retail establishment he had housing inventory. And it's cost prohibitive and most small businesses are successful. When I get introduced to the financial markets out of that this is a business because the gentleman who introduced the game to meet. Was treating as a business to make a living in the markets and he understood that. Every time we need to sell something and he said go to this computer. And literally he did he open up a position to sell something and somebody about it. And if he understood what a good price to sell at a good price to buy that he can make money without ever dealing with a customer. Doing what any at a typical headaches of a traditional business. And for me I saw that because I've been a business owner for many years. And I saw the markets is simply an alternative to all the traditional headaches and a lot of businesses have yet still heavily unlimited upside. No cap on the income free time freedom as long as I get a signal computer I'm in my business. And so for a lot of people they love that opportunity in the beautiful thing is is this does a lot of business you can do online you can sell products on eBay and stuff like that. That's still very invasive and profit prohibitive a lot of ties because there's so much competition I can literally go of the financial markets put some for Salem has gone. Great liquidity to the where rock products sitting in inventory 'cause there's no shelving of the product think about this is a business. And look at all the parameters that make a successful business and compared to the financial markets. It's so obvious that's why so many successful people that RD wealthy York. Built tremendous businesses love the financial markets as another business because most Jimmy income and they see the option in the potential will allow a lot of traditional headaches. It's huge for people and we stress to people that listen the Bulls and Bears if you approach the market is a business instruction is a business. Men Scott becomes a limit and as such a great opportunity you know what for enterprise is alive and well it's alive in the financial markets. Absolutely it's a lot of a lot of people utilize the market as a business whether to part time business or full time business. 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To get this 500 dollar class specifically on. Treating as a business from our sponsor online trading academy again if your brand to the market you've been in the market for years and you're not having consistency. We don't have it set up as a business and structured as a businesses is a class for you. 84451. Trade at 84451. Trade for caller fifteen to thirty get this 500 dollar class from online trading academy as always has been a great week Durham Bulls and Bears excited appreciate Jim appreciates Jake is adamant champ -- Bulls and Bears.