The Market Continues To Be Stormy

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, April 14th
The market is causing lots of questions, let the Online Trading Academy help you through the storm.

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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk in you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry candidates personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears I'm your host Adam it's just go sit back and relax and enjoy and a great weekend and fired up excited so many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be here. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401 k.s ire raised in a petty cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to itself director and portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 88875087238. At 8887508723. As always in studio co host of the Bulls and Bears. Senior coach of online trading academy a friend of mine I meant to remind the coach Steve Champa what's going on chip yeah it's the weekend man lost to talk about market is really rock and I mean wouldn't hire our eyes lower lows lot of volatility a lot of movements. And a lot of listeners aren't sure what to do I mean I meet people all time ask me what should I do should stay in my 41 K so gonna. Address some of those issues today we're gonna talk will be about preserving capital market like this and what we see happening and what we can how do you prevent against a dramatic move down. And ultimately profit regardless what happened so excited to be here good to see you good CJ in the Booth here. I'll I'll have authority so good to reconnect when you guys been a while we're away for a little bit. Back together it's always good to reconvene in talk about the markets absolutely Jim border things we talk about regularly -- of mayors understand that this market goes up this market is down. Here we are sit in 2000. And eighteen and people are wonder what's going on with the financial markets a lot of uncertainty people are asking. Should I begin out of the market should I be buying more stuff a lot of people just really don't know when they're asking questions. The biggest fear that I'm seeing the biggest since that I'm gathered from individuals. Is they do not want to repeat 2008 champ we always bang the drum on where the markets have more importantly preserving the capital late. Well we can do is look at what's happened because we don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow we always say if we had a crystal ball left be a lot easier in the markets and we don't. Well we can seize the information that's available information tells us. The market's overvalued it's gone up too high having which now see in this dramatic swing in price on a daily basis. You know in the stock market especially the US equities market mean. If we look back to last year last year there was only eight days in the entire treating year of 2017 to all the days the mark was over those only eight days. With a market move 1% in a day. Upper down. We had literally 28 days in the first quarter this year moved 4% up or down that's dramatic. That's four times as much in a quarter of the time. So the markets changed in the volatility the movement is not a bad thing it's normal. Yet we haven't seen in awhile and so people are scared they're worried they're differ canal a bit mission because it's the precursor to bell ring. Markets priced too high. The US markets and as in a bubble it is the stock market the bubble. Because that's only place people put money in the last eight years where also we put your money in annuities bonds is no return mean CDs. There's no money. So people of Grohl listening and now it's or item once the sound starts and get dramatic and when that happens. If you write it down you lose. And so for a lot of listeners but to the four OK holders there's things you can do to protect and preserve against that move data gets losing in them moved you can't prevent the move. You government getting crushed in the move and that's what we talk what we bang the premiere because capital preservation so Paramount is so key. To hit your long term goals. Well Jim when you talk about preserving capitals some individuals question is does that mean going to cash do I need to put some sort of stop and place is a mean I should just file mutual funds. Lot of you have no idea really what that means and ultimately in the something you taught me years ago the only way to. No protective mask that is with another asset and a lot of individuals don't understand that they don't understand even where to begin. Unfortunately the masses the here in the United States people will go to Cassel picked the US dollar. The last on the market sold off that got hit two. Well and and there are times that being cash but would you make the decision to go to cash is at the right time to being cast. And a lot of time does not. And so even though you're holding a certain amount of capital. Because you're not taken advantage yet I'd taken the risk that the market's not if you took everything in with the cash if the currency goes down 10% in value. You lose your legitimate luster percent of value person power of the money which is a 10% lost about a high a look at it. So for us. Capital preservation mean a variety of things it could mean being cache of the currency strong but that might not be the only answer in the Lotta times people think that's fix the key answer. And there's other things we can deal with the news options to protect against losses futures that we can use and see. The great thing about the market sentiment you know this well is that to be successful you have to be Smart. Yet to learn a steel with a steel said its innocent and that takes time and practice and what we 5% of the academy. Is that when somebody puts that time and energy and normally they can do well they can get the kind of returns look for at least learn how not to lose. When they're wrong because those losses of what's gonna cripple your long term success. And so when people ask me won't you guys talk about capital preservation there's no one answer for you. It presently trying to accomplish there's a lot of ways to protect and preserve but you do need a first identified that you need to protect and preserve and then try to figure out the best way. We're here bang the drum Tanya hey it's come and be ready if you're not ready got to give it back internal win or to lose it nine years straight up market movement you gonna give back. That's a sucker move don't do that. Learn what you can do to protect a reserve and I you to take the steps to get involved with preserve an account because it's your money and we can only take you so far you get a you don't take the next next step in and take some action. Well Jim you know what there's plenty of people out there they're gonna make excuses they do all the time while work a full time job I got a family. I don't take the time day you know they don't they'll say they don't have the time and you know yet I think about it someone's dedicating maybe two hours a week towards focusing on their finances. And that allows an hit their financial goals vs someone not putting any time towards a bit yet that means they gotta work another ten to fifteen years. What's your time truly worth not Brothers from the two hours a week perhaps that's straight out so obvious. But two people don't see it that way they see united read it they'd rather watch is a with the stars then. Go look at the markets what happened today and maybe they could protect him reserved and see something happen and it tells and maybe they should own something in the markets see. It's not it's again it's a state many of the most successful students investors. They don't use time as an excuse because they make this time because the value so high and see what's up this valuable then you'll put your time too you know we always talk about that and so. Learning the skills the capital preservation learning a rule based system to protect yourself and collapse of the markets and you should. Because last time you Morton look what happened and it's gonna happen again so now's the time view to start to take the steps to learn what to do a lot of ways of the top of the mountain. But you got out first understand the problem. Take action and then focus in on how to achieve the problem and guess what if you do that we believe you'll be safe in the markets and won't have to take those losses like most of the masses are gonna endure. Exactly and ship the sponsor Bulls and Bears online trading academy. The school that teaches you about a traded vest and a class specifically on capital preservation now this is a 500 dollar value in his talk right at their campus. And whether you're brand new the marquis bit in the market for years if you've never been hands on with your investments or your portfolio. This is a huge opportunity to learn how to preserve capital they've worked so hard for there's a 500 dollar class have you 41 K and hire you don't want to miss out on this. We're only have a few c.s to give away we're gonna give the callers right now you wanna be callers tenets when he picked up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that 844. 51 trade for callers tended twenty to get a 500 hour class on capital preservation. From our sponsor online trading academy at 8445187233. 84451878233. For callers tennis twenty this 500 dollar class. And capital preservation from our sponsor online trading academy again if your 401K and IRA and you're concerned about the market correcting. Learn the skills before it's too late you do don't want a repeat 2008 via the phone 8445. Want to trade this is adamant Champa Bulls and Bears and welcome back the Bulls and Bears its Everett heads. Justin's twelfth intelligence like a little Sanford and Son absolutely always have a good time don't forget to head over to FaceBook like guess that Bulls and Bears radio. And of course 447 of you got a question for senior coach called a coach hotline at 877904. Trade that date 7790. Portrayed. Champ won that things were always talking about here ambles mayors understand that. There's two types of people on the market there's people that are in the market they give the money is somebody else then there's people that are in the market that manage their own accounts. We call that self directed and one of the things we always talk about is preserving capital. Being able take control and a lot of individuals don't really understand what's self directed is they think it's then making the decision on their targets under their mutual fund of their 401K. Let's take a moment let's explain Elisa was a really look like for someone to manage their own finances are managed or portfolio. Well first of politics spin their horizons a bit and say that. When you SATA for forward case that choice you ever only what's available and that 41 K. In other words if you if you got money in a certain mutual fund in a 41 K and and you decide that that fund is not we want your money parked. There's other choices of other mutual funds that are in that form care available we could movie money from one fund of the next week go to cash. And sit on the side if you want to. But the problem is is this is that most the mutual funds that are put it that 41 K a the worst mutual funds that are out there in other words. The reason that there are available in the mutual fund industries because there's no demand for them outside and I didn't feel Mexico on the dogs funds is what they refer to in the mass and it's. Well known well documented because on the dog fights and they figure that the person the foreign Kaye has no knowledge of where to put their money. And they're gonna pick a fight just by the process of mathematics ultimately they'll eventually land on one. And that's final get a little demand in the put fancy names on like growth fund nor emerging markets fund. Which long term growth funds and people get tuned into these names. And they put there investments there long term. Well building investments in the some mutual fund that they've none no research on the don't all the fund manager it's a staggering way. That this society is developed in June now relying on Wall Street. To produce for trips because when you signed up for that 41 K some Wall Street institution as the trustee that accounts. They're competing against you in yet they're managing your money and that's the process of people followed I will tell you tell you this and I say this constantly. Your 401K is not a pension plan. Does not designer replace pension. It is this savings account that's your money. And the problem is is that the way it's set up now and has all the risk of the markets. And when you learned the skills of self directing what it means is that you learn how to protect and preserve against any market condition and more importantly. Grow regardless of market direction that's what we're talking about here and it doesn't take a lot of steal it takes learning a skill. But takes repetition time and energy and once people learn itself directing is available and then six to ten hours a month they can fire their money manager fired their broker. And be able to make decisions for a tenth of the cost direct fiftieth of the costs dictate typically would charge admin fees and that goes in there a cat stays in their count. It's amazing it's an eye opener for people and self directing especially for the baby boomers is becoming so obvious. They need to do some degree because many of them looking at there retired picture and there's not enough money. And the problem is is that they're gonna outlive their money into wearing its concern should be is waste feeder protect against that it involves you learn the skills of self direct. Well that's exactly they got to take the time to learn the skill they got to want to learn the skill what's amazing was. You know after the last crash at 20082009. All of a sudden a lot of people were paid attention to their portfolio they were focusing on. What do I need to do to have you know get control of this mine manager didn't do anything for me I need to do something different. Well now a lot of people are complacent again champ they've they're counselor they're feeling good. And unfortunately it's not gonna get their attention until this market sells off where they realize they need to get control if you get control ahead of the time. Ahead of the game though being a lot nervous while. Well there counts are in spite of themselves I mean everything's gonna one of the things that's amazing about the markets is that when the markets go up everything goes up. And now hitting areas with a market that record highs and we've been near record highs in the last few months and our. Flat for the year here's the problem being flat folks if the market flat for the year down for the year. Pretty simple because you pay in fees and get insured every month of these fees and so. When we learn the skills are self directing wheat for gold at peace now we have that. Understand the market it'll depth. But the depth is very basic and it's not a hard process ideal people that are waiting dumber than some of the listeners out there. That have increased their long term success immensely by learning the skills of softer I think it's not a complicated process. It's a steel said. I'm a frame around the carpenter for years and I had to learn the skills of two of carpentry by watching and being immersed in it. And trading and investing no different and once people begin to realize that. It doesn't take a high IQ to make good decisions financing in the markets and long term it's gonna give me a better chance to hit their goals. Self directed becomes obvious and so there's a lot of ways that we can participate in self dressing our money we can use stocks will be news options with the news currencies. What's great about it is that once you've found a good rule based system and a path to getting the goals you set and you stick to those rules. You a chance success goes up dramatically we see consistently and naturally Bennett Jameer Bulls and Bears because we believe. You can do better than most money managers simply by taking a better look at your money an understanding that self directing gives you a chance to make those decisions and ultimately. Get the results you're looking for. Well and then you say ultimately I mean ultimately who cares more about your money you were somebody else. And a lot of times you know of a husband a wife and they're getting ready for retirement their concern about the next correction and they don't know what to do it seven. It's it's one of those things where you have to look in the mirror and say it who's gonna do this mean you're somebody else and when she realizes gee you and your money you worked hard portage your paycheck you save your discipline. You just take control indexing you know sky's the limit. And and what's it gonna take me to realize the and we got crushed in 2000 leg press and always. In this people that are in the same situation that they were an away before the collapse and there's still in the mutual funds are still the Florida today they still. Are hoping to god that the market doesn't correct and collapse is going to do is not a matter of if it's a matter when and I'm not a pessimist. If you see the picture. And you gotta take it down again and you shouldn't because you've been hit twice some me more than that and so. It's just a matter of taking the time and energy to realize that. I have the knowledge in the ability to be successful I just have to get a skill set built around me that allows me to make good decisions in the spare time that I have. And I can basically hit Michael's financially and that's you being responsible what I love about America is you get rich can you give pour in this country which means that you have to. Understand your money better and yet to take control your money financial success requires you to pay attention. And given it to the fallen can hope the market doesn't put out as a bad plan it's a plan for disaster think about it. And all we're talking about is huge learning the skills and a few hours a month to do better and ultimately. That those goals and if you get to that level. God love you were excited we would help deal with a hurl man that's our job here Bulls and Bears. Absolutely and a lot of individuals wanna self correct I don't know where to begin and that's why online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears. They're a class specifically on self directed now does a very unique class. When the 041 K and IRA and you just want you controlled it does a great opportunity for you does a 500 dollar value. We're gonna give their way to the caller right now you wanna be callers ten to 25 pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that they 4451. Trade for callers tend to 45. To get a 500 dollar class on self directed from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 8445187823384451878233. For callers to and it's 45 to this 500. You want it taken over from your advisor this is huge opportunity freed you now wanna miss out on this. Is for callers ten to 25 pick of the phone 84451. Trade a date for four. Five want to trade this is adamant champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears have Eros data that Cisco descendants of fun haven't against Chavez blasting you with they've agreed to drop kick Murphy is the lost in the brain as a back I think that was Dan McConnell does this dance students and stick absolutely slaughtered by Brazilian because that they're utilizing a lot of fuel isn't this judge you have a day Alexander like they never question if your for Boston there like these for Bosnia is now yeah well when I speak in the south that they now I'm not a native child for sure but you know attract a try my best not to. Do the pock the cot thing that I asked not yet country can do for you know because that's what every thinks. It's the China developers some buzz ever boss doesn't viewed should be great tab to great city again it's say if he can take minority kids in my current event I mean you can't semi dig me out with our states and the question that's possible don't forget to head over to FaceBook. Like is that Bulls and Bears radio and of course. 447 have you got a question for the coach call the coach hotline at 87790. Portrayed a few questions about air Neitzel prize back yeah and. Great because we've got a great courses week about shorting the market which a lot of people always ask us about so you stay tuned in and talk about how to short I can make money on the downside but. Great great questions great opportunity for you to not only episode but I hope the listeners as well so we appreciate the calls absolutely champ talk about writing things here are Bulls and Bears always have a good time. Boy comes down to what people are trading and investing a lot of people don't understand. Really what the opportunity to turn into you know a lot of times when people start trading investing. It they simply start just by maybe by ourselves something an entire Ayers small cash count but I want take a moment I really wanna talk about was a look like when someone starts trading. And they start doing it for a consistent income we call that training for short term income what does that look like how does someone get started where can it take. While the best thing about trading for sure charming commission have to quit your job. Mean a lot of times when people hear the word traitor they think somebody who's committed full time of being in the markets the bell rings there in the market the bell rings there in the market data are still in the markets. That could be further from the truth some of the most successful traders investors that I know in the you know. They're the markets for an hour day mean maybe and a lot of ties there in the markets when the mart's not open in other words the decision that they're making. On any opportunities they wanna take for that particular day that week in the markets they're making those decisions with a markets close they're laying in. The perimeter of the win they wanna get a win and wanna get out and he did not even there on the markets open and take advantage daily price boom of the so many ways. The people have lives and careers and businesses and not a lot of free time to take advantage short term market movement. To drive an income a second income and well but they have the sponsor on the entry academy is that 70% of their students. Worked careers have jobs businesses you know lives and they use in the markets in the spare time degenerated Steve income and for a lot of people that's their entry. Into the market so we talk a lot about. Trying to resonate with the average person what I love bubbles the bears went on and over talk he would not gonna. Confusion would terminology that a lot of people will do in the markets we want you to realize that it's a simple process but she got to commit to learning the skill we talk about costly on this. On the show. So for us it's simply an understanding of anybody can be successful now it's a matter of if I can be successful long term in the market second also shorten my time Franzen makes a short term income. And a lot of the students love that aspect of the academy. When we talk here Bulls and Bears would get you to realize the same thing. You can make an income rather than punch a clock and get a second job you can use the markets to mean you can use the currency market. Virtually for pennies on the dollar you can trade a commodity like occur while I'm not a commodity but I. An asset class like a currency and take advantage of leverage we can make a big return of not a lot of money that's a hindrance a lot of peoples that. I don't have a ton of money to trade stocks we don't have to trade stocks is other asset class available. Lot of talk about crypto currency bitcoin in the theory of these things you know just new on the field new digital currencies. We believe that there's going to be some stability in these eventually mean we'll start to see that a lot of the major countries are done except that this is gonna probably be the way to go. So there's opportunity there meanwhile about the academy is they're opening up a crypto currency program within the academy because. Hey you gotta be ahead of the curve right so there's a lot of ways that the masses the of the listeners. Can use the markets in the spare time a few hours a week to generate income it's just a matter of who. Taking a step realizing the opportunity exists and then. Going forward and learning the skill. What I love about the academy is the skill we help with that process where in the skill. It's still false of the student to be successful but what's great about it is that many of them never knew they could be successful until they realized the skill is very simple. Another use in the market for streaming come and that's really change in their lives. Exactly champ and a lot of individuals out there they're looking for an additional streaming come if you meet the average. Household family and ask him you know on a monthly bases are things tied a lot of people could use a second streamer at third streaming down. Start taking them to the next level financially and online trading academy. Is a school that teaches people how to trade in their best when it comes a short term income and have a class specifically on it. As a 500 dollar value and every time we give away Durham Bulls and Bears the phones light up because many people out there. Are looking for ways to generate additional income they are looking for ways to get started the financial markets and if you do it as a business and reward you as a business. And online trading academy as a class short term incumbents a 500 dollar value we're gonna take callers fifteen. To thirty pick up the phone right now and call. 84451. Trade that they'd 4451. Trade for callers fifteen to thirty feet a 500 dollar class on trading for short term income from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 8445187233. 8445187233. For collar fifteen to thirty deal this 500 dollar class specifically on. Trading for short term income from our sponsor online trading academy. Again if you've been in the market you don't have consistency if you're looking at take it to the next level her may be a brand new you don't even not get started treating for short term income. A 500 dollar value for dollar fifteen to thirty. 844. 51. Of trade does that mean champ on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears have a host out of a diskette having good that the blast. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook like SF bulls or bears radio and of course 447 if you got a question for the coach public coach hotline 87790. Ford trade ended at that time of the week. We're taken Chris from long would Florida go ahead Chris. This is group's logo. I'm calling from long would put. A little question about short selling is there a time period. Or example is the stock is going down and you want all the way to. And let it go down further. Or it gets going I'll let you pick it'll turn around and come down can you wait how long is the time period or is very. Restriction on how long you have the whole bit short sale thanks. Thanks for the question Chris and it's a typical question are we hear a lot and I appreciate it because allow listens and probably learn from it. Yes about timeframe so from one way. Pick a short position in the markets. But we restricted by time let me just kind of rewind this and talk a little bit to listen about what shorting is what short selling is because it's a great way to take advantage of a moved out in the markets. And most people don't understand that the markets go up and down his opportunity both directions. We've got to realize that if somebody wins when something goes up somebody has to lose and if somebody loses ones of the goes down somebody has to win. So it's a zero sum gain so. In this scenario that yes Chris there are certain restrictions but not really built throughout time and I'll address and as we go further into. What short selling is a what shorting is short is simply being realistic image removed down in price in only look at the S&P of the Dow or any major stock. It goes up and down in price and if we want to profit from its downward movement one of the ways we can do that is by shorting a short selling that's the terminology. And you begin to have a mentality when you realize that you can sell something short or shorted. Is that up is Gooden down is good because it's the same opportunity to make money when price falls that everybody has one price goes up. Secret what's the monster on the market told buy low sell high if you Dudek in Sicily to be successful. What if you sell high to enter the position and you buyback a lower price the closer position. It to profit from the difference in price that's what shorting is a short selling and now what I love about short selling adamant it's a great question that Chris that this is that. It's probably one of our most talked about topics are Bulls and Bears. And it's amazing because once we start to each year people were shorting is in what looks like he really hoped to do it a lot of times to their long term success. And a lot of people think it's difficult as is different and one and a person realizes that chip and opens up I mean you talk about the doors. Any market can be sure any market has the opportunity for to go up and down once you realize that you can use the skills that. In retirement account you can using cash accounts that really opens up the door for huge opportunity Natalie short term but also launcher. Yes so let's give me Canada basically out or will look like let's take. Coca-Cola stock mean it's a 43 dollar stock right now it's you know moving a lot because the markets move and as a whole lot but right around 4340 foot all the share. If we believe those gonna go from forty feet on forty. We believe for some reason the markets. Pull him back is a retracement. Prices are following maybe Coca Coles get some batter earnings announcements come out whatever purpose. You believe it's gonna fall whatever reason you have. That exists in your mind if it's gonna fall you can profit from that fall one of the ways it was by shorting so what I can do a thing go to the market a week and one of the market. And and we can sell the shares of stock at 43 now here's the disconnect that a lot of people have when it comes to short selling. How can I sell it if I don't party don't. Because typically if you think about any new cell you have to order to sell well the financial markets one of the few places where can sell some that we'd we don't know home. We're able to sell some we don't know in this case who can sell Coca-Cola stock now our broker owns it. Traditionally they'll house and inventory because they want us transact they want us to buy and sell. Because that's how they make profit they earn commissions based on transactions. So you brokers okay with you selling their shares into the market at 43 so in essence what you do is you're hitting the sell button to enter a trade. The inventories going audio broker's shares into the marketplace at the price of 43 dollars and 43 dolls comes into your account. Now just because the money easier count doesn't mean you know use it to go by GE stock because that 43 dollar a share they came in when you shorted Coca-Cola. You have to keep that money your cap and you have to buy the shares back. But to go the buy back get forty. Now if price falls the fortieth forty you execute the trade to buy the shares back the moment you but as she is back at forty. The inventory goes right back and you broke his warehouse in other words they of the stock back. And you get to keep what you sold it for 43 what you bought back 440 to collect covering the short at forty you covered your short position and now you've played three all to share. On a hundred shares you major in a box on a thousand usually three grand on a stock that fell three dollars and price. And you never owned it. That's shorting it to gain change doing understand in the problem is in in your case Chris a lot of people they have a limited knowledge of how works. The time element that the cast of the broker doesn't care how long it takes you should care you should have a plan in place that it takes too long it's not probably gonna get to that price and I need to get out. But the reality is that shorting is not that complicated it's not difficult is different and once people start to understand the aspects of what can do long term. For the consistency in their compound in growth in their counts. It really is a game change to form so thanks for the call Chris again short selling is a great way to take advantage of moving down a price. Went up is good and down as good he really changes the game and what it's a great about it Chris is that you can achieve that so can anybody else listen to us because shorting is not a hard process like everything else is just a learned skill thanks for the call. You know what a lot of people out there like Chris they don't understand how short it works and understand the timeframe behind it. And ultimately you know they they know it is possible they just don't know how to do it. An online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand a lot of people out there have that same question how to shorting work. What does it look like is it something I can do and it absolutely is and that's all that a class specifically on shorting the market does is talk right at their campus. There's this 500 dollar value every time we give this way your Bulls and Bears the phones let up you do not want to miss out on this opportunity. Pick up the phone we're gonna take callers ten to 25. Of the photo and call 84451. Trade that they 4451. Trade for callers Ted. The 45 to get a 500 dollar class and shorting the market from our sponsor online trading academy that's 8445187233. 8445187233. For callers ten to 25 to get a 500 dollar class on shorting the market. From our sponsor online trading academy you've never done before you're confused about is the opportunity for you 84451. Of trade is adamant champ fumbles and banners. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears I'm out of it just got to get that is the classic with the fellas always buddy is studio. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook. Like SF Bulls and Bears radio and of course 447. Get a question for the coach college coach hotline 877. 904 trade at 87790. Portrayed. That's over 24 hours Jim what are the things that we're talking about here ambles bears a lot of individuals out there there in the market end. I've heard it numerous times you've heard it numerous times people treat the market as a hobby they dabble. They're gonna try it out there today you know get that tell wet whenever they'd be. Lot of people don't take the time to really treat the market as a business you know first hand I want to take a moment let's talk about trading as a business what does that look like. Was thought about why anybody who want a business I mean think about high you achieve wealth in America I mean most people that start businesses have a picture of a bigger life. More free time building equity in something only something. Word of a sudden that they have a vested interest in that there has value when they stopped working that they can either sell to somebody else pass along their family. See American dream don't forget that's alive and and kick in folks. If you think about how do you truly get wealthy in America they're very limited ways you gotta be born into it when the lottery commit a crime I mean as ways you can do it. But most people owning a business becomes Paramount because that's their path. If he's the traditional business you know the American dream small business they incorporate excuse me they employ the masses for the most part this country. Most people employed in this that you work for small business technically speaking it's a small business. And they employ the masses and they take on ultimate risk they have overhead fixed cost liability insurance workers' comp. There's a lot of requirements involved a lot of capital outlay to be successful. Meant if you had a business where the capital while it was minimal. Where you have them have employees workers' comp liability insurance yet very low overhead very low operating Campbell thank you can work audio home. You have to recruit people you have to sell a product even have a house and inventory. Continue to buys something you log in here. Platform you're terminal if you will. And by whatever you need at the pricey and abide add if you need to sell some do you sell the pressure is on that traditionally is people want to buy sell the pressure look at a move that. And you could do that it literally having your thing it's just millions of customers. Who would buy when you buy and sell to you when needed somebody to sell the U. And all you had to do was be a little smarter. Then the masses though we get a little more knowledge in the masses and you could Sicily make money in a business and never leave your house that's the dream right. It was not recruit your friends to sell products are built with some network of people sell products. If you sit in your house and a it issued its hundred years old. And making good decisions and be able smarter in the masses that's not a high bar. And that's trading and investing in if you structured the business you get all the benefits of being self employed. Without a lot of traditional headaches is somebody driving down the road right now some contractor in my heart's with you man I'm blue collar. You go out of a tubby a trucking you're trying to chase money chase some deal try to get some final punch list checked to get paid for the job he just finished. You got people that you owe money to I get it. And that is not the dream you saw the picture what could turn into. But it may be is not manifesting the lead you through the markets can do that it's a no brainer and when I introduce. The markets that businesspeople. They get excited they say holy cow this is a great place to run and own and operate a business. And I need to do is basically stop the process and when they do. It can take them that American dream level that they look at its chief it's amazing. Well you know what champ but a lot of people wanna they don't know how to get there there's not a lot of people fight to get there. And a lot of individuals when there in the market that treat this as a hobby they don't take a moment put a plan together. They're buying it there hoping and have no real plan and if you have a plan and you incorporate and treat it like a business. This guy becomes a limit blows the cap off the potential and that's what most of the look of exactly and online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand a lot of people. 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Trade champ I appreciate your time this week jail is good to see if there's added champ a Bulls and Bears.