The Market Is Entering Uncharted Territory

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, July 15th

The market is entering uncharted territory with stocks being priced too high and experts calling for a collapse.


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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk in you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry canning its personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to Bulls and Bears I'm your host Adam at Cisco sit back and relax and enjoy that do's and don'ts of the financial markets. So much going on out there excited as always before we dive deep into wanna thank our sponsor. Online trading academy a school that teaches people how to treat and invest in the financial markets maybe a 41 K. And higher rate in an independent trade account. Concerned about the market sell off check him out across the Carolinas many locations. Online trading academy at 8887508723. That's 888. 7508723. As always in studio co host of the bulls and there is senior coach about online trading academy senior coach Steve Champa. Yeah that's the weekend man. Lost the cover interestingly in the markets. We in uncharted territory here with valuations would talk a little bit about that here in the first session out US stocks the price too high right now. And a lot of the major experts are called for collapse in the markets that we got to get the list is prepared to talk about capital preservation. But it's good to be here wouldn't it be to see Casey. And you as well ought to look into life since live with your bulls and this year on I love men looking great absolutely there's promotions came through I said throw bad day. Yet before we get it to do over it and over a FaceBook likeness at Bulls and Bears radio and of course than at any time during the should go after the show before the show. You have a question for senior coach feel free called ask the coach line at 877. 904. Trade we got some good questions coming up later excited about it this week. Tim talking about it right things always happen but here Bulls and Bears but you know one of the things that we costly folks on wears its market where we going where we've been. Was it let's begin rated. Well one of the things that I've been taken notice of lately is that a lot of these. Really successful traders. Buffett Paul Tudor Jones. Earl sort of say that the market's getting to with the call frothy territory frothy meaning. That it's kind of like if you look at a beard to see to head of the beer or soda was got ahead on the sonus is kind of there but it's really not pot it's really there's no real substance there. And so it's a little concerning because Mosul listeners have moneys and for one case and they were talking about the US equities market the stock market and how. The valuations are way too high I mean Buffett Paul Tudor Jones they're all called for the same thing their little. Nervous about stock performance which means that were expecting at some point the market fall. See what happens in the financial markets is when things get overvalued. When prices get too high to have the fall I mean no tree growth to this guy. And ultimately if you look around the world at the biggest bubble in the financial markets is the US stock market and that's where the forward accusers. If you don't understand that you're driving down the road as a listen to Bulls and Bears. Your phone case comprise a mutual fund which is nothing more than baskets of stocks and so if the market collapses of corrects like it passed just a mathematical formula. That you're gonna give a lot of those genes you made back since 2008 you'd give them back your eternal winner to loser. And so one of the key elements of success is understanding capital preservation satellite navigating moved out a significant move down in the market as a whole. And not to question my forward Caylee happened in 2002008. So we have to have a discussion about capital preservation and militias have to realize that it's on them. It's on you folks to be able to protect and preserve that wealth and long term you know retirement accounts that you created. For year long term wealth and ultimately to be able to a man is that risk and so it's false he was so that's why bulls the bears were in a bag to drum up capital preservation because. It's not a matter if the market goes on to matter when. Well that's the biggest thing chip a lot of people they know that I I was just talk to someone yesterday there are saying you know when you think the market and go down accident and went had a crystal ball. Today the world be different when it comes in the financial there's no crystal ball but there is ways to look. And say you know what probability shown is not gonna go much longer I need to get ready for the correction and the problem champ and you know this. Is that people are concerned about it but they're not ready. They're not ready for the correction and that's the biggest downfall when it comes in listener. If they know it's gonna correct they don't wanna admit it's gonna come soon but more importantly what it does come they're gonna be crushed well Buffett say it's common. Paul Tudor Jones is probably one of the most. Greatest traders of our generation saints come and these guys make their billions of dollars. Looking at valuation of stocks and that disconcerting thing for me for the listeners is that they use different formula and so. What they focus on is they focus on valuations and what I read this week was that they're looking at that the US investor right now the average person the United States has got money to forward Kay hire a TSB account. They're valuing stocks at 127. Point 6% over what Michael Gross domestic product in other words. Stocks are more viable. Then the GDP in other words. The last time we had a number that high where the valuation of stocks was so high compared to the gross domestic product will we produce this country was right before the collapse of 2000. And the 2007 clouds it was relatively in the same area as well so every indication every bellas ring insane and the market has to fall. And so many view earned forward case if the market falls you give it back you lose. You turn a winner drew loser. We have to stop the focus on capital preservation a lot of things you can do. Within a 41 K to protect members are making go to cash not always the best alternative but you know at least that protects you from significant move down the price of stocks. But ultimately this things that you can use like exchange traded funds. Options to protect your position other words you can still have that upside opportunity at the market provides you. But you can have a very small risk profile you can manage and minimize your risk so the market collapses. You take a small small prix final lost and then you're safe for you grow your account even though the market's fallen because as lots of things that you can do. As an independent trader and investor to protect and preserving grow in a collapsed see one of these got to realize folks is this. If you don't manage risk you'll have no risk to manage my mentored time in eight years ago which means that. If you've got money in the market. Fully exposed for one K money Larry money. And we're expecting a cut a collapse or correction because prices are too high have to fall with the bring value is down. These good price too high no tree grows to this guy you have to be ready. It's on us it's on us as independent invent individuals. To watch and protect ourselves because your employers not gonna show you how to protect your four locate they don't know how to do it. So there's a process built around capital preservation involves. Understanding a little bit more. Then the masses is not a complex process but it's just understanding that this thing's that you can do to protect and preserve against lost and you have to educate yourself to do it. And that's what Bulls and Bears we bang the drum for this because we know it's common just a matter of you got to be prepared when it does come to not take that substantial loss like he did 2000. And again in 2008 exactly champ a lot of listeners out there they wonder what to do what you are wondered do I just go to cash is their place that I can be words safe. What are they doing that's online trading academy a sponsor Bulls and Bears. They have a class specifically on understanding capital preservation for one k.'s ire is regardless of the size of the account. You have to preserve what you have otherwise there's no sense a growing it. Lot of people are concerned a lot of people are wondering this is the class three with a 500 dollar class is not right at the campus of online trading academy. We have a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers ten. To twenty pick up the phone right now and all. 84451. Trade a date for 451. Trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class. On capitol preservation from our sponsor online treaty again. Again if you will 401K and IRA if you any money that's in the market. In your concern about this market corrected itself you do not want to miss out you do not wanna give up twenty or thirty or 40% pick up the phone call 844. 5187233. That's 84451878233. Acosta in the twenty to get this 500 dollar class taught at the campus about my treaty caddie at 844. I ever won that trade is that a champ a Bulls and Bears. I. I'll go back the bulls the bears a little bit there. That's wealthy self. Line laughed at him that institute trade and everything is in the wholesale business Manny bought it loads all arriving at its business you know you know I make money in the market to buy low you sell high and I make money in my view Miley is so high. And so he was a master dealt with salvaged junk but you know it wasn't his jockey was his. But they say one man judge the man's treasure that was his judgment is it. Yep but he always about a way to pull it off man in the end amid deep red fox Reggie says that those funnel it Paloma absolutely don't forget to head over at FaceBook. Like examples of Bear's radio and of course if any unit that entered the shadow or during the week he got a question for senior coach. Feel free to ask the coach and ask the coach outline city says that. 9043. A lot of calls last week ups and it was not aware a little bit about the market followed and collapse and in a lot of question about people are Smart short selling and we should. There is little time talking about shorting because most of the listeners don't understand you can make money when prices falls though. There's a lot of people that do call it in the question about the the short selling opportunities though. I think that's probably would need to ghosts are well you know a lot of people to confuse them talk about shorting. Yes they do the time the market is up the market is down you make annually goes out. You people make money in the market is down. Those you know how to it's called shorting chip let's take it let's break it apart you know what you have in them alone time when my favorite definitions. And descriptions out of sorts is the classic George story of the Kennedys you've got pork added our. It is in the canoe stories though the key thing of understanding price in the markets is that up is good and downs it. And many probably that you've been programmed to think that the market goes down that's a bad day mean on any day with a Dow's down to reform points. You know Lester holt c'mon on NBC news and say good evening it was a tough day on Wall Street today you'll hear that pep talk and verbiage that's because the masses lost money. See when the masses lose that's bad but if you don't understand how to profit when the masses losing you are in the masses that you're gonna wanna losing consistently. See if you look at the financial markets made up of institutions. Goldman Sachs. UBS Bank of America. TIA craft these seven big league citadel these huge trading institutions money managers and then there's independent people like you and I. 41 K holders. Could open up trading accounts and so you got institutions and at the retail people will retail people. Tivoli don't know how to make money when the market falls. They just give it back they lose they sit on the side or they take journal would have to lose we talk about that earlier. They have a good position all the soda Sus the fall in price they stuck to give back the profit the gains. So those most successful traders investors they don't care about direction they think up is good and down as. And we start to understand and separate yourself from the masses and learn how to profit regardless of director of the hours when the market falls we can make money. But the game changer and so that's what shorting is short selling so a lot of times people don't understand how shorting works all previous example let's just say he had a canoe. Well obviously if your neighbor bought and and it was they paid a thousand bucks for you know it's a nice canoes they've bought it at our guy or you know org or Dicks wherever they went to buy the canoe. And they decided that they were gonna travel for a year they never used the canoes those brand new still the rapper. They left at their backyard Nash used their neighbor to keep an eye on it doesn't watch watch our canoe. Make sure nobody touches our canoe you know it's. It's our it's our pride and Schubert to spot this they'd. We wanna make sure nothing goes wrong. So they leave the house and they've gone for a year now you do. In your intimate knowledge understand that this canoe is very unique it is a thousand dollars retail value but you also know that on Black Friday. They sell for 600. Now what would prevent you from doing something like this was just say it was April may. And it was given a canoe season you decide to sell your neighbors can do now that never know you've sold their canoe because they're travel the world their way. You decide to sell their canoe for thousand bus possessed the retail price the people who go to market by at four. And then on Black Friday. You bought it for 600. And when your body you put it back in neighbor's yard now they come back from the trip that canoe still. It's still a rapper the exact same canoe but what did you do. Would you able to sell their canoe for a thousand bucks. And then when price value and up to abide at a lower price you bought another one at 600 that was exactly the same. Replace it right back where the other one was that you get to keep the 400 dollars. That's shorting. That's short selling in the stock market. Give an example with the General Electric stock trading around 26 bucks a share. But should say that you believed it was gonna go to 22 so is that 26. And you believe it's gonna fall to twenty goals this year. You wanna make it four dollars back in short that's not. Here's what happens I'm able to go to my brokerage account and hit the sell button even though I don't own the shares of stock see the canoe story within on the canoe someone else on it. We sold someone else's product. Well in this story would General Electric. Our broker owns the stock we don't own it would never bought our life. But they have an inventory and they allow us to sell into the market at 26 bucks a share. So the moment we sell it but 26 dollars your comes in or count now we can't go buy something else with that money we just a key in the we sold the shares of GE because. We're short the stock which means it. We have the buy it back and replace it back in the inventory of our broker but what's our goal to buy it backwards at 22. So we sold its 46 are broke colossus sell their inventory into the market at 26 bucks a share. And then when price fell to 22 we buy at the moment we buyback goes right back and Barbara is inventory we keep the four all share. On a hundred shares of foreign box on a thousand years it's four grand. On afford all of moved down in the stock see that's all it is is simply selling it in advance of fallen in price. We're selling something we don't own that's with a disconnect happened Adam as you well know. People don't realize how can I Celso I don't own one that's what shooting it is that allow the brokers a lot of us use their inventory to sell into the market. Before the price falls. But it back a lower price remotely buyback replaces Greg Beck and Barbara is inventory and we keep the different what we sold that what we bought that in this case it's for all this year. That's Paramount to him on some others that way and that's an account in treatment count one short yours in terms scale. It separates those two turnovers those who don't chip. You know I know people vote that sort of yes indeed it back in 2000 it was a game changer form because the market fell almost 50%. Can you be sure the market as a whole the exchange traded funds ETFs the cult. That track the S&P 500 if I believe the market's gonna fall dramatically I can short the market as a whole. And as price false prophet. See that the market there zero sum game we've done that in other words when somebody loses somebody else makes so the masses are losing is a very small percentage of people that are taking. And those are those institutions we spoke of and the successful traders and investors in you and I. Also realize that everybody listen to us could be those people that are on the other side. The successful traders profit regardless of direction shorting is Paramount its key if you ever want to have long term success and consistency to profitability. Exactly that's online trading academy sponsor Bulls and Bears they have a class specifically on shorting the market. Have your brand new to investing and trading or even in the markets for twenty or thirty years and you do not understand how to short. This is exactly what you need this is the class for you for one tea and hire you any type of money. In the market or on the sidelines and you wanna take advantage of the next downward move the market understand people make money that downward move. That's violent treaty cat and as a class and shorting. There's a 500 dollar value of a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers right now pick up the phone we're gonna take dollars ten to 25 pick up the phone call 844. 51 trade that's 84451. Trade for callers ten to 25500. Dollar class on shorting the market from our sponsor outlined treaty again. At 84451872338445187233. For callers to the 25. That's 500 dollar class and shorted the market that's 84451. To trade his avid stamp bubbles and bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears and health advocates got a laugh have a couple classic with the guys is studio always a good time. Champ while a story about a variety of things before we get back he would do it don't forget to head over FaceBook like it was at pools of mayor's radio. And of course of anybody at grant the question a lot of questions to be committed lately. For senior coach feel free to ask the coach at 877. 90 for trade and you'd chip or the listener can call that adding and is now hours a day seven days a week you a question procedure coach call 877904. Trade please please. He questions short so we get squeezed this that if we record your cheer question and played out there we'll sit denies give back right well. Do Paula yes there's a lot of shut shots decent shot skis to give doesn't love free stuff yes free stuff exactly chip talk about right they also use this as always him as a person series here apples pears. You know wake up to the marketplace there's a lot of opportunity out there the general public the average listener has no idea. What to do when it comes of the market with the exception. You know maybe 41 K and IRA as someone by ourselves back positions form whatever it maybe. And eventually what we need ultimately understand is that the market can provide short term income. And it can also provide long term well that's one of the things are sponsor like treat him talks about journalistic moment. Rate is down how can somebody actually separate the market for you know monthly income. Burst from. Well most people are putting away money for time and believe they need to and the problem is inherent in this country is it's the 41 K system it's really not a good system. On too much risk. Too much volatility. On the on the security in those positions not enough prep preservation of capital you know just not a good spot to be low probability. High risk that's not always going to be. And that's why we talk about retirement double long term well now. On the other side accord would short term income in many people. Are attracted to the financial markets of the stock market at the currency market the futures market by the opportunity to speculate. To make some money makes him income and that's how a lot of you get introduced to the markets are a lot of people enter the arena if you will. And so we talk about my trading Kennedy about short term income short term cash flow the monster provide that. And what's great about that is that if you think about it. You can literally traded in come in your own home you know believe in punch a clock a lot of people work two jobs three job trying to make ends meet. The march to provide you that other source of income as you always talk about multiple streams of income MS side. He'd have that inordinate. Create long term success and stability financially speaking. And so the market can provide edit what I love about the academy's that we brought a lot of people in the have never had any experience in the financial markets at all. Just wanna. Base again in the markets Kabila try to make some money makes a profit on a short term basis in my B Daly might be weekly could be monthly. But a lot of different ways that we can approach the markets to create an income. But what's important is that you have to realize that the opportunity is there and it's more importantly is the if the learn a skill. To be successful at it and so the skill comes with trial in practice just like any steals over time you drive a stick shift eventually can do without thinking about it. It's the same trading and investing so short term income the opportunities amazing with stuff to look at the fact that you don't need have a ton of money. A lot of people think about the stock market while there's other markets out they elect the currency market in the futures market where we literally could start with a shoestring I mean a very low amount of capital. The start to get some good returns and make some good money on a daily weekly monthly basis and get that consistency. So trading for short term income is about forty million. Retail trading accounts in the United States people that are open practicality traders got traded TD Ameritrade. All the single. Speculate. To make a profit. Now here's a key thing. Many of them are not successful the reason not successful because they opened the account without understanding the game so to speak you know understanding how to approach the markets. And so what we've stuck to put together a philosophy of is great opportunity if you have a good system of approaching the markets that you can consistently take money. Now we're hitting on this thing in other words we can use the margin generated income and many people don't realize that many people think. When he of the word traitor they think of the wool for wall Streeter. Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street movie trading places so most successful traders investors that I know. Literally are in a market for our day. And they consistently make money on a short term basis simply by making good decisions. In the very very short period of time and that's what the opportunity is and many people don't get it. And when you start to understand what the opportunities and he stuck put behind a plan our system behind the opportunity. Now in two which is study go to that next level he can really start to get the results to look for and the markets provide them on that short term basis which many people look at for a and yet there's no reason why should it you know opium money year mark away for retirement at the. Money fitness savings account sack in the returns second results that you want. Online trading academy a sponsor Bulls and Bears they teach you how to trade for short term income as wells for long term well. And as the Q park class what I love about this there's a sponsor bulls of mayors and every time we give away this to park last year Bulls and Bears the phones light up that's rare that is a 500 dollar value again if you look at it generates short terming him and long term well this two part class from my treaty candidates a 500 dollar value pick up the phone right now we're gonna take callers tended. To twenty pick up the phone call. 84451. Trade. At 84451. Trait for callers tend to Juanita a 500 dollar class. On trading for short term income. And understanding long term wealthy do not want to miss out on this that you're trying to gear up for retirement when there's thirty years away or whether three years away you do know one of us out of this opportunity. 844. 51871833. For callers Tenet's warning that the 844. 51878233. For callers to and that's when he it is 500 dollar class on short term income long term well. Once again if you're concerned about the market if you trying to generate some additional income protecting the well bucket 844. 51. Trade is that a chance the Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls have had an. And don't forget to head over FaceBook. Like I've had pools of their radio and force. Never questions for the coach during the show or any time outside the show feel free to call the coach lied as the coach at 877. 90 portrayed. Its feet and ask the coach. Right now segment your favorite segment chip and you think oh yeah. Ask the coach and where to go to James from Orangeburg South Carolina beat albeit for you. No. Quite a bit. Pop it out all want to. That. It get it. Out. Well James a great question first of volatile had a question. And obviously got a 41 K your saints can I stop contribute that instead contribute an irony it's is absolutely yes. One of the benefits. Of the 41 K when it was originally created was that your employer would give you a match now understand something games and all the lists as you listen in this. That's your money who originally with a four K was created a call that a salary reduction plan because what you're employer would do would hold a portion of your own salary. And put into the 41 K now it was a mis arisen meant to be a savings account was not meant to be an investment account when pensions in this country went away. And companies out of beer away from heads because they couldn't afford him. The before rookie became an investment account its muscles to be that way it was supposed to be a supplement to pension and so security. And so a lot of people they have that question well farm and a 41 K can I stop contributing to put into an irony. It's as an equipped unequivocally yes and I would do debt personally. And the reason that I would do that and am not making a recommendation you do but I would do because I wanna be able profit with a mark of one opera down the problem forward cage games. And inherent problem is that economic mining and price goes up because traditionally. You own mutual funds which are pretty much. All the only choice you get in a forward today very really negated the other choices in to be an cash position. Or putting it to a 41 K and mutual fund position insofar as the stocks are baskets of stocks. And we talked earlier about how we blew the market's gonna eventually correct if you're owning baskets of stocks in the market collapses you're gonna lose all that money. So the benefit of an ire is that you can trade long short and other words I can do things entire day. To make money as the market falls so I don't have to just take what the markets given me I can adjust. And profit regardless of direction that the key element of the IRA now. You know gonna get the employer match not even know if they are giving him match didn't mention any question. Sometimes if they're not giving you the match it's a no brainer but it diary you can do a rollover. Into a self directed diary that you could learn the skills to profit regardless of direction up or down in the entire day. You of the same tax deferred benefits that a 41 K has original pay taxes until. Later I'll take money out for retirement last night take money out for our distribution that's when you'll have a tax burden our tax liability. And just like a 41 K can grow. And then you'll basically pay taxes when you start take those distributions your required take them by the age seventy and a half you're allowed to take them by the time you're 59 and a half. So the benefit of an irate over 41 K is that I can go long short I can make money regardless with a mark was up or down. I can you do to get out quicker I don't have to sit on a mutual fund hope the market doesn't fall and ultimately gives me more flexibility and additionally one of the most important aspects that maybe people don't think about is the feast that you pay it forward. There anywhere from two to 5% of the actual account and what we've done over the years we've researched in the Employee Benefit Research Institute EB RI has determined that. The average person pay a 155000. Dollars. Over 25 year. Household 41 K in fees 155 grand James in fees the opinion of some Wall Street institution him quote unquote manager money. You don't make money one direction price has to go up if the market falls you lose or you sit on the sides and hopefully wait for bounce in the market to go back up again. In an IRA I'm not gonna pay those fees to going to be self directing that money. I'm gonna be making the decisions myself and ultimately am gonna save an exorbitant amount of money in fees. And I have a higher probability of making money because I can profit regardless of direction up or down so becomes just a mathematical situation of if I can make money one direction or to which one I picked well to do if I could have higher fees are lower fees with what I it will lower fees. That's what the irate benefit gives you. And so we're big proponents of Bulls and Bears if you self directing your money to patrol that money. Managing a growing yourself learning some basic skills and it's not complex process. I mean your truck driver James in you know like yet probably get you seedy LA had to get license for that. This is no different here in the financial markets if I can learn the basics of how to effectively navigate without. Big risk and I can manage my risk. I can basically now started create a diary account that grows regardless of directional market and gives me that retirement account that I need long term. So great question. I'm big proponent and so was Adam and all the staff are Bulls and Bears of self directing learning the skills of managing yourself. Take off from mansion because you know what that Wall Street it's Tuesday amazed at 41 K. They're concerned about their profitability not necessarily yours is a lot of things you can do in a diary is a great vehicles though. I can't make a recommendation that you do it but I KGB gave them the pros and cons of Ben Franklin if you will need to make that decision hero and I appreciate the call James. Absolutely that's why allied trading academy the spots are Bulls and Bears in a class specifically on self directed to date as of yet perfect class for you. Is a 500 dollar value every time we give away your Bulls and Bears the phones light up. You do not want to miss out on the severely gonna take you troll your portfolio this is exactly what you want pick the phone and call. 84451. Trade that 84451. Trade for callers ten to twenty get a 500 dollar class specifically on. Self directed from our sponsor online trading academy. At 844518718338445187233. For callers to and its wanted to get this 500 dollar class itself directing your portfolio with a year due to the mark even in the market for years you're looking to take control you do not want to miss out on this is a 500 dollar value for colors and twenty. 844. By about one that trade this is avid stamp on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls have been is that heroes and it's just you know having a blast and it. To get ahead over FaceBook like yes. Pools of surgery of course always secure and ask coach leading 877904. Trade 24/7 eight call dance coach. Chip talk about a variety of different things one of the biggest misconceptions people have when it comes the financial markets is first of all as a hobby. And second volatile for the wealthy and a lot of people you know what become wealthy from the market. It's not that the wealthy before they get in the market. They become wealthy from the market and the biggest thing that separates the hobby from the guy who does it right or legality is right is they treated as a business how important a Paramount is. Popular it's our business plan. You'd do your demographic re search you'd you know see if there's a market for it trying to do. Just like any business if you wanna be a trader investor you have to function as if it's a business and oftentimes structured as a business unit of the tax code. Take advantage of expenses and to these you can write off legitimately legally. So there's a lot of things that people don't realize when we talk about treating as a business first of all with a lot of business owners listen bulls bears. And the driver and on the road right now and they don't small business and the problem is you'll on the business in the business owns you. You got liability insurance overhead inventory employees workers calm you might have the least of building might have to sell products. It's very very invasive and cost prohibitive and a lot of times. The small businesses don't make him about 95%. Price more Nat go out of business ultimately. Yet everybody still has the dream the dream is capitalism take advantage of the land of opportunity. So we look at treating as a business or investing as a business think of the benefits to the upside I can start with a very low amount of capital. Doesn't take a ton of money I can learn a skill essentially just like any place any business plan and I have to basic go learn my trade. And then I can venture into the arena not the salad products have no employees no workers' comp no overhead of very low overhead. No liability insurance on the lease a building think that it's the dream business. And its trading and investing. And I can do it from my home and don't have to leave my house on and off the cell product out of the deal with customers or clients. Think of that. Because the headaches at the traditional business owner has dealing with a almost peripheral issues that come up with a traditional business. And then look at trading and investing as a business it's amazing when you begin to realize. That so many people don't even think about it as a business. Yet we costly banning it from here on Bulls and Bears and talk about trading as a business treating as a business function as a business. Not doing as a hobby and the sky becomes a limit seekers. Think of a business opportunity we have no cap on the upside that was the profitability goes eyes you want and yet your your costs. Your affiliate costs of of of setting up the business. Are virtually nothing rule very relatively low to any other business optic. That's the benefit of treating as a business. It's the American dream folks don't give up on it you know I think in this country we've kind of gone away from running and owning a business because. It's just it's just kind of the way the society has trended. And it's a travesty because this is the land of opportunity is not the land of a secure job with benefits and trading and investing can fill that gap. It you can start with a very low Almonte a capital he just got to take the steps and then the scab comes. Exactly in the market is greatest of care by your age and your right sex doesn't your right your race. If the other mindset the one out of business or you've always wanted to get into the market. And do with the right way not as a hobby online trading academy as a class specifically on treaty as a business model of about this class. It's for the guys brand new. Or summer's been the market for years and it is never taken the time to go from hobby to business. There's a class L lay it out specifically for you figure out how to trade as a business is a 500 dollar classless if you see some giveaway we're gonna take callers. Fifteen to 25 pick up the phone right now and all 84451. Trade that the 84451. Trait for callers fifteen to 25 to get a 500 dollar class. And treated as a business from our sponsor on my tree academy. That's a 445187233. At 8445187233. For callers fifteen to 25 to get this 500 dollar class on treating as a business. From our sponsor. Online trading academy. Once again if you wanted to get in the market you wanna do the right way you want the returns as if there was a business treated as a business pick up the phone 84451. Trade at 844. 51 trait for callers fifteen to 25 to get a 500 dollar class on treating as a business. Once again at 844501. Trade chip is not a great week always get a Euro Bulls and Bears always good seeing you guys appreciate your time. We'll see you next week Apple's.