The Market is Flat, How To Protect Your Income

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, August 4th
 Apple hits 1 trillion, the market is running relatively flat. The Online Trading Academy is here to protect you from loss in your portfolio.

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The following is a sponsored program on WBT. This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk Amy can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry canning its personnel did not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears out here hosed Adam at Cisco sit back and relax and enjoy and a great day weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on up there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and as pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401 k.s ire raise independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to self director of portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 8887508723. At 8887508723. As always in studio coast of the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy a friend of mine and undermines your coach Steve Champa what's going on chip yeah that's the weekend man lots of talk about everybody looks good in studio here are gonna talk about apple hit a trillion dollars in market capitalization mean that is. Humongous that's rare air obviously a lot happened this week in the market spark SCANA. Gone up and then gone up back now what kind of moving sideways and a choppy pattern the color range bound pattern. A fat little growth in the month of July but since the beginning of the you were pretty much flat we'll talk about maybe taking better control your money in a market like this and most importantly. How to protect against loss because it's not a matter of if it's a matter when the market correction when it happens he'd be ready folks absolutely need to be ready don't forget that over to FaceBook like assembles a mayor's radio. Look for some of the bloopers some of the the live. FaceBook lies this is a we're doing over there a lot goes social medium and that's amazing we finally take it to that next level we got to roll out come would NC Graham. I mean there's a lot of things that a good going to be bringing it up. To the listeners a bulls the bears are more important is going to be a lot of great things like podcasts and some great lessons that we're gonna have been on the YouTube channel so. State Duma votes is a government man it's exciting is that really our strength yeah we got style that allows them about the young people out and roll it out little ideals you gotta love the millennial. You have always talk about a variety of things when it comes in the market a lot of people. When it comes in the market they give it to get they get their money is somebody else you know this firsthand that. In a lot of people they get into the market they sign up for a 41 K when they got an IRA account but someone else's managing their money. And you know as well as idea managing your own money can be game changer we call self directed let's take a moment let's break it down for the listener was a look like for someone actually the manager on capitol. Well for many people becomes a matter of they have to because they look at the math of their current scenario and it doesn't work in other words if if you're on a path we gonna hit the financial goals you set stay on that path but very rarely do we meet somebody who's in a 41 K let's say. Who's building wealth or who has their retirement set up exactly who they want it because when you start to factor in some of the things that they do. Would anticipate like long term unexpected medical care things of this nature such to eat away at that bucket of money and here's the biggest thing I mean this is where. I think we really need to wake the listeners up. You're 41 K could be a fourth Phoebe or 457 or TSP account that account is not a pension. See a lot of people treat that like a pension pentagon a lot of people think that the 41 K replaced pensions. It's really just a savings accounts for just a bucket of money that's a finite amount. And the problem is what it's a finite bucket of you don't have enough to make it's he died in the concern becomes. How wide scale back highlight for how to why not run out of money before it got it's one of the biggest wary of baby boomers. And the problem the current system the four cases and is is that many people are gonna hit those goals. And so we believe it Bulls and Bears that you could do a better job if you learn the skills of taking that money in managing yourself. It's not a complicated process is not difficult which is different. And once people start to realize that they can. Basically make good decisions and more importantly grow regardless of the direction the market. It really is a game change form an eye opener for a lot of pew because they realize that if I don't do this battle to control my own resources. I might never hit my goals and here's the other thing led let me double down on you forward cables. When the collapse comes the S&P and it's gonna happen is not a matter for that matter when 'cause the market's overvalued. You got a journal winner for 910 years when the markets going up into a loser. Can you afford that. And so the steal of self directing or taking control that money. Is becoming more more obvious to a lot of people are becoming more prominence it's why shows like ours are banging the drum to on you don't need to have your money under maybe you do yourself. And hopefully you study realize that it's not a skill set that. Was only for the elite anybody can learn the skill once you do like I said it really can help you get those financial goals and more importantly get results regardless what the markets do. Well that's the big thing champ a lot of people they don't to make money regardless what the market's doing to make money when the market goes up they lose money in the market is down to get frustrated. The year like 200782009. You know literally crippled people the financial markets where there's a lot of opportunity and very few people know. It's really just understanding how the market works its chip let's just talk about some people just don't have confidence. Well the take it's amazing because when you begin to realize that it's a rule based system that's just a simple process to follow think about a few pulled up to the gas pump today. And gas was twelve bucks a gallon you'd pause because in your mind in in years and you need your program to believe that gas should be around 28270. That's a price point you have a reference point in your mind of a price reference what is that this prices overvalued. This gas is priced too high. Here's the problem of the financial markets when did you stop buying stocks or mutual fund special to formal OK could you buy mutual funds every fourteen days what are their price to. Should he be selling when things the price too high and the problem the forward Katie inefficiencies of the four OK here obviously you realize that you only make money one direction. When market goes higher you gotta pay fees regardless of performance if the market collapse get crushed that is not a good scenario people stuck to look at that they say. I can do better now what I heat and what really bothers me a lot of times that you a lot of people banging the drum right. This radio station. Putting shows on where their whole goal is to get chewed sign up for a portfolio review. What it can bring you waited so use some service or product and charge you fees and there's a need for that certain scenarios but you know what. Matt is money a lot of times isn't the solution and when we begin to realize that we can do those cut the decisions ourself for. Make those kind of decisions are self simply by following a rule basis of it opens the door see a lot of people get crushed in the market because not only do they only make money one direction. But and regardless of the market's movement up or down or sideways the pain feet east anywhere from one to 5% in the 41 K. So they get all these radio shows that these TV programs and tell you put an annuity you need to put your money into because that's gonna give you a guaranteed return. The problem is is that that's gonna cost you more money ultimately and you're gonna have no use of your own money in that annuity. Do you realize you can create the same results of that and new to yourself myself directing. See that's what people don't get and that's what we're banging the drama Bulls and Bears itself directing is not an option for a lot of people because of the don't take advantage of it. They're never gonna hit the financial bubbles. While Jim nodding your financial goals is not a good plan and that's why online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears. Anderson a lot of people do want to manage their own money them they also understand a lot you'll don't know where to begin. That's why they have a class specifically on self correcting as a 500 dollar value they give us some seats to give way to this class sort of take callers right now you'll be callers tend to twenties to get this 500 art class and self directed from our sponsor online trading academy pick up the phone call. 84451. Trade at 84451. Trade for callers ten to twenty to get this 500 art class. And self directing from our sponsor online trading academy again 8445187233. That's 844518. Semi 233. For callers tend it's one media 500 dollar class on self directed. From our sponsor online trading academy. If you've been in the market if you have a 41 K and IRA and you wanna take control your tie to someone else manages you think you can do a better job this is the opportunity for you for callers to end a twenty. 84450. Want to trade is that a champ fumbles and banners and I. Welcome back to advance located at that. And so I. Nothing's as well so. Centrists absolutely I was good time here Bulls and Bears don't forget to head over a FaceBook like assembles and there's radio C a variety of different things over there a lot of social media coming out of college. They're great stuff instead grandma Bulls and Bears mr. Graham Bulls and Bears FaceBook just a lot of great activity on social media and really trying to make an impact and tell people the truth of the markets which is a you're Smart enough demand your money and make good decisions of the market and be. And mark goes down as not a bad day as they just another day in Wall Street makes money and so can use so try to break a lot of the myths. Though a lot of mass is believed to be true which really are not true which is trying to bank adrenaline know that they can do better absolutely absolutely chimp speaking about you know the mark going down. You know the market goes up Amare goes down we all know that everyone out there who's listening understands the market as movement. The problem with the average person is ailing ought to make money one direction Lamar goes up. Well the best view on the world to explain this champion in the market goes down there's ways to capitalizing in that downward move it's called shorting. Let's take a moment was described analysts are wasn't look like to short the financial markets and actually capitalize on a downward move. We gotta realize and somebody loses money it's amazing because in the collapse of 2008 a lot of people were coming into like treat academy sin have lost money have lost money. And if you understand that time period they called the largest transfer. A wealth and the history the financial markets the transfer of wealth and other worth the money didn't get lost them it was lost to somebody. But it went somewhere. It typically goes in the accounts of people like Goldman Sachs here it's citadel a trying to security some of these large trading institutions and understand that. Market movement simply gives you an opportunity in other words up is good and down as it. The probably the masses and made a listeners that it is they believe that when the market goes down that's a bad day I mean I love the fact sometimes a meal to a market made a for the local radio station. And what happens is that I gonna talk about what the Dow did with the NASDAQ did what the Russell did. And that elicit some sort of a response of people are really excited if it goes up or not happy that goes down. When the reality is it really doesn't matter I mean it's gonna move and if you understand how to make money regardless of which way it moves in other words if up is good down as good all you need to do was moved to profit. And the most successful traders and investors understand that when the market falls most people don't understand how to take the profit and they stepped in and take the profit. And so you learn the skills of shorting the make you money when the market false. You gonna separate itself from the masses become and how liar financially which gives the other shoe to be successful because the masses tradition don't have a lot of money. And they think that down as bad and that's amid the Wall Street down is good. The Dow is good Demi dodges an opportunity that a lot of people don't know I'm an opportunity in the chaos we always say. And because the market has movement every single day there's opportunities to make money on the upside and the downside that she appears the big thing this is the portfolios side. You know in 2008 you know the market crash and a lot of people lost a lot of money in 2001 into all without 2003 people lost a lot of money. What about on the big picture of what about you know somebody in an investment account taking advantage of that downward move what would that do do. Well I mean you could have shorted the S&P during the collapse of 2008 if you saw that picture coming and you believe the market was overvalued. And it was gonna fall somebody made a fortune on the collapse he would somebody loses somebody makes it to zero sum game. So that job is is not to hold the market doesn't go down because we can't prevent that from happening. The goal is to profit regardless of what it does and short English shorts on becomes a prominent. Part of that goal in part that system of making money regardless of direction so let's talk about shorting the short selling. Vivid example. Ford Motor Co. everybody knows Big Three based out of Dearborn Michigan and Henry Ford who we become but he been around long time. That's stock about six weeks ago is right around twelve dolls this year not too expensive. Right the wheel house for a lot of people big company large cap stock blue chip. Been around forever stability. You know global presence multinational billion dollar company. If you believe that stock was gonna fall it would did it fell from twelve to ten over the last six weeks you could shorted that stock when it was a twelve now here's what that means. You're selling it before falls in price now. The problem though a lot of people have a shorting Adam and you understand this is good as anybody is that they don't understand how can I sell something if I don't own it. C shorting means selling something that you don't don't. And a lot of people get confused and say well how can I sell Ford stock if I have already bought it to begin. Well your broker allows you to sell shares of stock out of there inventory in other words if you're trading with a TD Ameritrade every trader need a major brokers. They're gonna allow you to sell shares of their inventory into the market. At whatever price the market is accepting right now so at twelve all the share you could have gone into your brokerage platform. Sold shares of four short mother or cellular owning it. Into the market now Ford sells those shares into the market on your behalf so let's just say you sold a thousand shares. You just brought you just brought in 121000 dollars in this trading at twelve bucks a share sold a thousand shares. You literally sold those thousands of the market tall dolls to share that money came into your count that twelve grand now here's a beautiful thing. You can sell your shears you soldier broker's shares they're allowing you to use their inventory. To transact this opportunity this move down in price. They're allowing you to use their stock in other words out of their warehouse in your selling their shares at twelve bucks a share just six weeks later it's at ten. You buy it back. Not a beautiful thing is when you buy back. It crush yet. Ten bucks a share on a thousand user question 101000 also buyback. So when you sold it you brought in twelve grand when you bought a bag cost you ten grand the 2000 dolls different view we sold it for what you bought back four. That's these in your account that's your money. And here's the thing if you have done that over the last six weeks you made a 70% return in six weeks on a twelve dollar stock. On a move down in price from twelve to ten who does that the most successful traders and investors do that. And the beautiful thing is anybody could do that. And we start to understand that shorting is not a hard process to understand when you realize the simplicity in more portly. It provides up to with a mart was up or down another which shorting really separates me from the masses as we talked about. Man that's gonna help you hit those goals long term and you don't worry about a collapse because your profit from is Goldman Sachs is aware about the next class in the market big you to make money on. And so should the list is being. Exactly and they should be because that's going to be able to put them in a spot that's gonna better serve a long term and champion this is wells idea. The average person doesn't short the average person doesn't manage their money. They they wonder they know what can be done they just don't have a clue how to begin. Mean how difficult as a it's not a difficult thing is to stay. Twist on understanding that the markets are simply a process of buying low selling high that's the mystery right Heidi be successful Marty you buy low sell high. Sometimes if it's RT hi I can already buy it because I missed that opportunity but I can sell it. And then buyback all or price when it falls because things get overvalued. And because of that opportunity it allows us to make the money when the masses are not. And once we separate from the masses we can take the money consistently and long term hit those financial goals set for us cells and FM so shorting a short selling. Is Paramount essential that you battle or folks if you don't you're never gonna be with those goals you set absolutely. You want to be able to hit those goals resulted you know retirement of give you have the lifestyle you're looking for an online trading academy understands. That people out there want to learn how to short so they don't know where to begin they think it's too difficult they don't understand the process. That's why they have a class specifically on shorting it's a 500 dollar value it's taught at the campus he did I want to miss out on the severe the marketing you've always wondered how to make money in a downward move. Whether you're a 41 K or an IRA or maybe just an cash cow this is the opportunity for you. There's a 500 dollar value class renting the first fifteen callers pick up your phone call right now. 84451. Trade that's 84451. Trade for the first fifteen callers to get a 500 dollar class on shorting the market from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 8445187823384451878233. For the first fifteen callers to get this 500. Again if you knew the market you do not want to miss out on this if you've always wondered how to capitalize this is the opportunity for you for the first fifteen callers 8445. Want to trade is adamant Champa Bulls and Bears. Welcome back to people's affairs a gross adds just gonna have some laughs it was good timing for the fellas here studio. No one of the things you need to do is head over to FaceBook like SF Bulls and Bears radio see some of the blue overseas in the clips decent lives said he uses played a vital record would look finally was. Probably the digital age every gigs do it carrots absolutely welcome back the Bulls and Bears have a lot of good time. One of the things we wanna talk about champ is the financial markets are not a game they're not a hobby. You know you know you don't use a lock in the financial markets a lot of individuals you know they buy something with hope. And somebody people are really doing they're wrong they're not having the long term consistency they're not have in the monthly returns are not able to utilize this for incoming that's not want to take a moment talk about. When somebody needs to generating count the market is a great solution for that let's take them almost are about trading for. What I'll Obama. Treat academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears that they teach any rule based system for people that tree for short term incumbent edwards' daily money weekly money monthly money. And what that mean exists. The processor is bills are just following rules and one of the most important aspects his widow I Gideon. Imagine if you could look at a basic piece of information are very basic content information tells you. What the highest probably position is to make money and then where I get out well I have to have a target. And more importantly if I'm wrong how to write it out for small loss and so those three aspects of trading entries targets or call stop which is a respective position. Are essential in our process what it allows people to do is allows them to be able go to the market and find good entries. Look for a target and then if they're wrong take a small loss which is okay because you have to be willing to risk something were to have reward. What I love is that we start to see people at a consistently making money because. Even though their right half the time in their rung up the time every time their right they make more money. The the ties that they're wrong so they give back less when their wrong and that's just following good rule based trading. And what we begin to realize that a lot of people at community academy they'll look at for a way to make an endless stream income. They don't portable punch a clock they don't wanna wait tables at night not the visiting rob what that would mean that time constructions or they have kids at home. They wanna be able to make money from their home and generate an income on a consistent basis in the markets are way to do that so. Many people that when they first get introduced to trading and investing. They don't understand that. Trading can be simply lose spent thirty minutes a day looking for one of those good entries were looking up or down we talked the last section about. When Lamar goes now is still profits of direction doesn't really matter lungs of the moves in price we can put an entry and put a target in. Ben put a stop and it's as if we're wrong we get a small pre to final loss and we can shut the computer and I of people that literally. Treat daily. And they're never live in the market wallets open. What they do is before the market opened the night before they go to the market they identify good entry I'm gonna buy here I'm gonna go short here sell to enter. All and they identified toggle the prices gonna coach you and they put at risk measurements of that did wrong it takes them out for small loss. And they close the computer in their brokerage platform manages the entire trade. I won't be as blunt as I can't some of the best. People that take advantage short charming guy in the market. Never live in the market they're never in the market between 930 for the mark so it's amazing to think that you could take advantage of an opportunity. Simply by. Having a good rule based system and people don't realize that that's what we beta go to Bulls and Bears that treating is not what you think is not sitting in front of a computer sweat it out. With a cup of coffee and all these monitors watching CNBC that is not it's. And some of the most successful trees that you and I know Adam to doctors it lowers some commerce secretaries some of a blue collar workers. And they do this in his spare time is another stream income it's changing their picture financially. And they started out the spare time basis because they figure out how to make some short term income in the markets. And do consistently over time. When champ you know and I know a lot of people a trade in the financial markets I mean. I've seen I think single mothers I've seen set all moms you know do this those supplements remain common to mean we had successor after success story. Anybody can learn how to treat it's a steel building process and if you think about it you can drive a stick shift for tight shoes. Yet the bill that skill and ultimately when you build a skill on the markets to make good decisions. It can pay you handsomely I mean we've got great testimonials and stories of who have changed their lives so the because they learn the skills of trading and investing and trading fee income short term income. Is it normally people solution to their financial stress but what does it gives them another stream income and SG can ultimately turn in a more resources. And eventually to get really good at the markets may be could be your main source income we've seen that happen as well so trading for income is key what's yet what you begin understand it. Is sister reputable system that you do over and over and over again assists learn in the skill. Exactly and that's why our sponsor online trading academy. They understand a lot of people out there or looking for additional income they're trying to figure out how to supplements and income whatever may be the people are looking a generate additional money these days. That's I like training academy as a class specifically on trading drink on the average person doesn't know what this looks like they don't know how to begin they don't know where to get started. As a 500 dollar values start right at the campus we got a few seats to give way to listeners. We're gonna take callers are not ten that's when he picked up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers tender twenty to get a 500 dollar class specifically on. Trading for income from our sponsor online trading academy that's a 44518782338445187233. For callers ten to twenty. To get this 500 art class specifically on trading for income. Again if you're looking to supplementing Kevin you're looking to pick up that part time job. Wanna take the money having get it to work for you yourself. Do from the comfort of your own home set your own parameters is the opportunity for you for callers tenets white collar right now 84451. Trade that state 4451. Trade does that Champa Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears a growth at the Disco having good timing with the fellas here is studio. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook like assembles a Bear's radio see some of the bloopers that clips of the lives sessions all the good stuff. It's amazing because once we go social media than a lot of the younger people that people we don't listen to radio old I'll be exposed to the truth. Because that's who would do a bang in the drug for the treatment absolutely absolutely and you know right now wanna take a moment wanna check with our sponsor of Bulls and Bears. Online trading academy get education coach. Chris as a result of the photo Chris what's going on. And Adam there's a lot happening there always is as a matter of fact. Now the school of entering its 22 year we're celebrating this month a lot of things on the campus. In fact of the matter is you get an orientation that's coming up this weekend with a lot of folks coming here to look at the market for the first time. They're trying to figure out how to make out details of the atom majority people shall appear. Don't have a whole lot of active trading experience. But the fact of the matter is when they do it here. You know that they they walk into an actual brick and mortar location with with hands on treating and life experience in the markets and just get people that editing need to do better overall. Hey Chris is Jay appears senior coach tonight good to talk with the F. What I loved one of the things that aspects that I love most about the academy and you'd see this data day right there on the campuses that. They're actually treating real money with a real executioner real accounts of Muniz workstation set up we always speak of it's a steel building process the steal of managing and investing and trading. Just takes time and repetition. Is so how often do you see people come through that in and more importantly what kinda what kind of success do you start to see over time when people start hit that button. Using real money was real execution real platforms what's that learning curve would normally look like it when you start to see that breakthrough for a lot of people. We'll champ. Anything about a like this where do you go to actively learn how to navigate the market effectively mean there are so many people that show up at the school and their experiences in YouTube. And they've learned a bunch of bad habits and it got a bunch of baggage. But when you come dot com our training academy campus you're walking into an actual brick and mortar location with a classroom environment with instructors with students support with coaches. People that can walk you through a proper look actively pressing that button and swamping the student slow the you know it's not just belittling and learn environment to listen learn and do. We can actually reinforce the content that's being covered in class would. Actual participation in the market they can press the button time in and time again they can get the experience needed to replicate those results at home. Now when when you talk about someone. Doing this on the Rona store to make strides improved results financially you know there's a learning curve and it varies from one person to the next. What we do know for a fact. Is that the ability to go lie into a market and actually pressed the button and trade whether we're talking about long or short trade propping up or down in the market. We have that hands on experience to become so crucial for many students in the environment wanting they love about the online trading academy. The campus itself that that they can walk in and actually do what we're talking about it not to listen to. And as you well know as a coach down there at the academy. That emotion of hitting the button when it's not their money they kind of don't have to deal with that emotional reaction because one of the biggest hurdles that people have when they first. Learn the skills of trading and investing is hot I'm making good decision without fear agreed the emotions of that decision overriding a good decision you know a title right. Get those emotions in check and be able to make the decision just on the data that I can see and make a good decision based on probability. And lower my risk is lowest possible. What you see more importantly for people when they go through that learning curve today Tenet and defaults that process. All right if they don't what's the plan frolic JK if somebody doesn't defaults being on emotional what's the plan what's plan B them. What a great question and in fact of the matter is when somebody comes in here. A lot of plans they have no experience in the market you know their experience is limited it's a lot of things that you talk about like four ones and for a threes and employee sponsored retirement accounts. But when they come into this environment one of the things they start to realize is that what they're willing to admit it or not fear in fact does play a role in the decision making process. And what this school striving to do was eliminate that emotional response to having real money at work in the way that we can do that. Is bring people into environment they can trade with a real money without having to worry about winning and losing they can actually get the experience needed actively trade in any market so it doesn't matter what we're talking about your stock futures Forex options. They can take a rules based system and put it to work. Now one of beautiful things about having a coach in this environment is because people obviously do straight sometimes they move away or off the path and having someone there to help hold them accountable and remind them what they're doing and how they need to be doing it going Ford really cute people in check long term. That's awesome and what's what's great about is the consistency showed over the 22 years or more importantly. I mean I I've heard recently a statistic from headquarters at 97% of the students have gone to experience the education. Have rated top notch so really unique because what it does allows people to. Get into the markets without a skill set without any knowledge. And you have a hand holding through that process the learning so great great information Chris we appreciate it check it in this week with us obviously and they'll talk to you next week. Yeah America a lot of fun I'm ready guys have me on awesome yeah Chris is this a great story he was student volunteer to camp and I remember when he was. In a tough season financially in the war so it was time restraints for him his family time constraints. And so we kind of got him into the process and he just he saw our picture of strategy and really really stud would get it as a student have success and ultimately. Was able to move in his role as coach. What's great about the academy is Adam is that it's all about the supported hand holding and more importantly it's about taking that brand new person who has no knowledge of trading and investing. And cutting their teeth and show in the past we can stop make better decisions financially exactly thank you Chris we appreciate your time Chris for. Online trading academy champion a one of the things a lot of people just struggle with is you know the whole idea of getting into it. You know as branding a lot of you'll struggle with the idea of starting up you know trading account they're scared they're nervous all those things where to go look at. That's ally and trading academy a sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on the introduction to trading now what I love about this class is for the person is brandy admits and many people is it like I get ready learned this. Well this is a great opportunity for the brandy person the person is never trade investor before. There's a 500 dollar value classes start right at the campus we got a few CC giveaway we're gonna take callers ten. To 25 pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers ten to 25 to get a 500 art class and introduction of trading from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 8445187233. 8445187033. For callers ten to 25. 500 dollar class and entered trading began 84451. To. Trade does that mean champ on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears and I was adamant Cisco have to get timing with the fellas here in studio don't forget to head over FaceBook like assembles a Bear's radio see some of the behind the scenes. Content the Bulls and Bears some the bloopers if you saw the greatest content never makes the final cut I get a tight so if you go there you'll see it and we got. A 40 we got a four K video camera and full audio social lot of fun we have a lot of buzz gets here caricature hanging up behind us though. Please feel free to see. Feed of the people always say Wi-Fi so you guys look like it Netanyahu and UD to be on the radio it's like Terry thanks a lot man so. Again like it's that now bulls or bears radio ad over a Facebook's a chip. One of the things a lot of people when it comes of the market and we talked a little bit about this or layers than the average person. Does not treat the market the wage should be treated the average person trees as a hobby they got ten grand wanna play who they're gambling and well you know I've met. Retired men it's like at a hundred grand at my fun money. The reality is as the financial markets is a business the best traders and investors view out now and I know they treated as a business. What does that look like what does that mean when somebody treats this or trades as a business we think about the American dream is all a business build equity yourself. You know and most people owned businesses that are small businesses that's traditional that. You know as the cornerstone of America businesses employ most people in this country. And so the small business owner is somebody who's a rare breed they had entrepreneurial spirit and they go into the markets of whatever they're focused on building a business in. And they have a plan in place and they try and they have investment capital a lot of times they have a a timeline of how long it's gonna take to grow profitably to a certain point. And you know what that's the dream bill some don't. But here's the problem a lot of ties it becomes capital intensive. Cost too much money overhead liability insurance workers' comp payroll. The somebody a lease a building to house inventory. And so for a lot of people that dream become really tough because there's a small business owner most bizarre successful. And what if you could have all the benefits of that small business the equity to go to make money eighty billion write your own check so to speak. They didn't have a lot of judicial headaches you didn't have to deal with the inventory overhead employees or workers copper any of that. Think about that. That's trading. And we do begin to realize that simply a matter of understanding if I have a good business plan in the markets as a trader. I can achieve incredible all the success without a lot of judicial headaches at most business owners running into. This somebody drive and on the road right now you're a contractor you have ladders on the topping your truck you go from job to job. You're chasing money at employees that are shown up I understand I might pain is with a view. Because I've been through that I've been a contractor for years. And I began to realize that ultimately the ultimate goal of building a business was to have that financial freedom the markets provide debt. And he can do with a lot less capital outlay and a lot of lot less headaches at traditional businesses run into. And what people see that what I love about how much it academies we have successful entrepreneurs can mania and they see the market is a business and it blows them away. They're so excited because they've gone to this traditional processor now they see the picture of the markets as the business and it's a deemed changer for them. In many view this is the answer bricks some of you. You've been looking for that business in the markets can beat yet but she got a follow play and you gotta have a systematic approach a more importantly. You got to take the step to go force. You know champ that you talk about it being a business there's a lot of people out there listening and I've always wanted to open up their own business are working for somebody else an employee there work of that. The Monday through Friday gig if they they believe they can be better for themselves. What's it really take for someone to do this as a business you don't have to have a ton of money. You start with a very long a lot of capital and you gotta have a spear to learn a system and if you have that I believe he can be successful is not that complex. It's a simple process but yet we time and energy and we resources and alerting the skill. Exactly and online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears and understand a lot of people out there want to trade as a business they don't know how to begin I don't know how to get started wanna take it to the next level or from a hobby or gambling. To really see in return as long term foreign. That's why allied treat him as a class on treating as a business is a 500 dollar values taught right at the campus. He did not want to miss out on this we got a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers ten to 25 pick up the phone right now or call 84451. Trade that the 844. 51 trait for callers ten to 25 to get a 500 dollar class and trade as a business. From our sponsor online trading academy that date for 4518. Seve to 338445187233. Colors tend to 45. He does 500. This is for you 844. 51 to trade is that a champ on Bulls and Bears.