The Market Has Been A Little Wacky

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Saturday, August 19th

The market has been a little wacky lately, the senior coaches of The Online Trading  Academy will help ease your concerns.


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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry candidates personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears I'm your host Adam it's just go sit back and relax and enjoy it now draining weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and as pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is ire raise independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to itself director of portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 88875087238. At 8887508723. As always in studio co host of the Bulls and Bears. Senior coach of online trading academy a friend of mine meant termites in coach Steve chapel it's gonna be at the weekend man Los. Talk about a in the market was kind of on a roller coaster ride last week. We get things going on with North Korea. Just all 'cause the news this kind of move and emotion in the markets cousin a marketing it'll wacky. I believe that the listeners are. Really attitude and a lot because we're gonna talk a little bit about capital preservation as delegates are here because for many of them their concern I mean people always say enemy and I know he was well. When the Smart gonna class because it's been going up for so long as that record highs. It's not a matter of if folks who matter wins over NF Devin discuss about how to protect and preserve what you have gained back since the prior collapse in 2008 and I think that'll really help a lot of people hopefully. Get on path for anticipating that moved down in price. Exactly we got a lot to talk about but as always go over FaceBook. Like I said Bulls and Bears radio and of course at any time you're in the show any time during the week. The got a question for senior coach call the coach hotline at 877904. Trade. Champ talking about a variety of things one of the things we always talk about here on Bulls and Bears is understanding that preserving capital is Paramount. No matter what Ager had no matter where you're at financially understand how to protect and preserve is something that a lot of people need to do. The traditional person the traditional. You know personally guy or gal has a job as a 41 K aired IRA and got money earmarked for retirement they don't know how to protect or in the market corrects let's talk about cap. While it's essential because what we believe in here bulls can be as we speak this console you bang the drum that you have to be ready for it correction in the market we've had. Since 2009 we've had about eight years or straight up market movement in the S&P 500 in the Dow in the NASDAQ. And that what that means technically for most people listening is that. You got money in a 41 K you'd traditionally whatever sitting in your 401K matches the performance of the broad market the S&P the Dow the NASDAQ. So they're up 200% to a 30% technically from though Lowell march of 092009. So now marked a moment toward their present the problem is. Is that your forward case not up to 100%. Yet most of your positions tracks the S&P BS and p.'s up you're not up and one of the reasons is because. You pay fees you pay commissions you pay load fees really redemption fees all these things into into. Having somebody manage your money those are all eating up any profitability you have. Now what's important realizes that. We look at the market has carte pricing mean the S&P the doubt easier near record highs all time highs back to the eighteen hundreds Ameen the market's been around a long time. And yet people still buying. I mean every fourteen days a lot of listeners in your 401K you buys shares of mutual funds as part of your investment. Program. Here long term re you know domestic program your forward Kei program retirements in your buying at their highest prices in history. That's really not a good time to be a buyer at the highest high of all time so we have to have a discussion because. When we look at what the value of the market is and I have a good friend of mine I had an idea Billy to have lunch with him this guy's CF low and he's is CPA to guys very well too wounded in the financial markets. He was talking about how he can't see how this marking go any higher because of the valuations are always things are priced too high. All the stocks in the market price too high and when that happens is price just to correct. The problem is at him as you well know many of the list is when that correction comes they give profit back in Ottawa's they've made money. In the last eight years as the market's going higher but if we get that correction of that significant move down the gonna lose it all back or big chunk of it. And the problem is that you can't afford to those big losses because you'll never get too long term goals so capital preservation becomes Paramount. And many of the people that illicit to have for in case you don't know how to or you if you can protect the money that account and the answer is yes you can. But this simple things just to learn how to do and what we love bubbles and bears when you're trying to get to the C depiction it. You can protect that money regardless what the market does in capital preservation is Paramount to you hitting a long term goals. And that goes hand in hand with the news new anybody's in the market it doesn't matter your age I mean a lot of people just because they're in their thirties or their forties. They don't think the focusing on their 401K or their retirement accounts of work is something that they need to be doing. And the reality is if you do focus on it regardless of what Ager at and you don't take a major hit the next correction. Italy and was catapulted into the next level financially where a lot of people are going. And a lot of times that's the step that they need to get towards that the goal ultimately retired and and being able to catapulted compound that growth means you can't take big losses this. The math doesn't work we take a significant loss in your 41 K. It might CQ 567810. Years to recover at a week you work but I ten years older. And we have literally probably 25 to thirty investing years in our work life to really build for the future increase that mistake. And if you have to take ten years give back to where you were ten years ago. That is not a good playing you're never gonna recent retirement goal or that number has no idea eventually. Below stop war and about money one of the great things about money is is that if you have too much you have to weigh about a but most people say money's a source of inside he's always because. They don't have enough so we can protect and preserve gets lost me who can hit that goal we can eventually not have to think about money long term. And do the things we really wanna do with the time that all that money affords us well the neat thing is once you learn how to do that you don't have to worry about the market correcting others individuals out there. Typically it's a more mature folks that are out there 5067 years old. You go to bed at night worrying about the market corrected ones this thing and it turned what should I be doing should not be going to cash. All these things come into play for preservation of capital and the reality is that they just simply understood how to get educated. And take that education but it didn't play with whatever type of account they have 41 K ire rate. Next thing you know they don't have that concern anymore absolutely and it's not really not complicated process we do get educated. It's using simple things like options was to protect and preserve our nesting they're used as insurance against loss in the stock market. There's so many ways we can use futures are inverse ETFs exchange traded funds that allows to profit when the market falls. Rather when it goes up this so many ways we can play the market to allow us to get good returns. And yet protect and preserve against big loss and that's the key to long trip success win often. Never lose big. If I can win often and never lose big dollar missy Michaels financially problem is many via the four in case you will often. But you can lose huge and that's the problem and if you don't understand capital preservation becomes Paramount that you start to understand that or you'll never vehicles long term goals exactly an online trading academy in a sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand individuals. Are concerned about protecting their accounts that don't understand tree capital preservation. That's why the school as a class specifically on capital preservation this is a 500 dollar value and able to get a few seats to give away the listeners. We're gonna open up the lines right now where it take callers ten to twenty because the phone call 84451. Trade a date for 451 trade for callers to 120. To get a 500 dollar class specifically on capital preservation from our sponsor. Online trading academy that number's 8445187233. 84451878233. For callers ten to twenty to get this 500 dollar clash you do not want to miss out on this again if your retirement account if you're concerned about the market correcting itself you do not wanna lose 2030%. Of the phone call 84451. Trade at 844. 51 it trade is that a champ a Bulls and Bears. Welcome back. We'll minute snippet and that's not that's. Since its. Classics classic ship classic man Britain red fox played Fred G Sanford classic understood the game of buy low sell high that's knowledge comes down ladies and gentlemen who wanna learn how to be better in the markets. Buy low sell high you do that you'll do you'll do great I promise you promises as the average person does die attitude that way and they don't know low as there I interviewed new highways you would be Biden have forward care right now the highest prices and histories so. Just a simple process but Fred Sanford was definitely an icon an idol absolutely absolutely. Chip talk about variety of things one of the things that we like to talk about his understanding that individuals actually have a opportunity. When it comes to the market a lot of people don't realize that a 401K. Earn higher today. Or maybe just some money that's earmarked for retirement a lot of you don't think that they can do anything when they think. That the company set it up form they got to be hands off because that's the way it's supposed to be in just every paycheck just money goes into it. Tim was take a moment let's break it down for an individual what does it look like if someone was to manage their own money. We call itself directing. You understand it is Paramount if anyone's gonna actually be able to take control their finances long term nobody cares more about human aid. Well let me ask you question you listeners out there. Who do you know getting wealthy in a 41 K. Who you know building wealth like literally hundreds of millions of dollars of growth in their four decades doesn't exist it's it's virtually nonexistent. Yet everybody's focused on the foreign K as the vehicle to get them to long term success. And the problem is is that inherent in the forward k.'s first of all you'll make money one direction. Bargain has to go up traditionally tied to the stock market the US stock markets of this US stock mart goes up before OK goes out of goes down. Yours goes down. Pretty simple. Problem is is that you have to cover the fees associated with managing an account so Reza go up a certain amounts in 03 to make Mason go up. But that doesn't go up enough to cover the costs. Of having somebody miss that money you'll lose money even though market wanna. So it only just the only give me money long term reform case for significant growth significant move higher in price in the markets and if we look historically. But the US stock market goes up half the time and down half the time. It's a valuation proposition which means that things get overvalued to get priced too high. Things get undervalued to get priced too low. And eventually find their fair value is the same in the stock market. So you're in a 41 K Europe position of investment is tracking the S&P 500 and it goes up half the time. Which means that you got about a 50% probability long term making money and about a fitness and probably long term and not make him. So that's a gamble. And we don't wanna play that way so what we talk about learning the skills of self directing or managing your own money first of all you don't have to pay those fees which eat up profitability. In your account and the youth in plea business research institute BB RI has basically stated debt. The average personal spat will lose 50%. 50%. Of the profit in your forward cable goal eaten up place he's. Over 25 to thirty year time horizon 50%. Covers fees. Which means that you've got to have a chance of making money because the market is up half the time have it is an army in money you gotta pay those fees regardless of whether you make money or not. That's inherent in the system. And yet you take all the risk. That is not a good scenario. For long term success so we talk about self directed a team patrol that money. Imagine if you could make money regardless whether the market went up or down. And get an have to pay those associated fees which churn and burn up your profitability think of that. And imagine you do and six to ten hours a month because that's what we're talking about. It's a game changer and a lot of people especially the baby boomers and you know all the way down the Moline deals are starting to realize that they need to take control their money in their resources because. They don't know anybody in a full McCain is really nothing out of the park with that long term growth. That they are looking for so we have the ability or learn the skills to self direct our money. It gives us a much higher chance to hit our goals. And direction of the market doesn't matter and we don't have to get crushed in fees. It's a no brainer a lot of people which is why many many people are coming to the conclusion that they need to learn the skills to self direct. While self directed essentially sets her apart from the masses when I love about that is Jim you talk about these fees and a lot of times you'll don't understand exactly what their fees are they. And the surface level fee where they're getting paid. But again defeat from fidelity or Schwab whatever may be X percent for their count but it is undisclosed fees fees that are not necessarily disclose to him at the time of enrollment. And they don't understand how to see those fees. You start to sell direct to stop pain those fees to somebody else to censor like refinancing out absolutely and the only the only cost you have is execution costs which. You're paying those anyway if somebody's manage your money that you would not paying those exorbitant fees. It's amazing because when we look at a 25 to thirty year time horizon the average forward can't hold will spend a 155000. Dollars in fees. The gets paid right out to that Wall Street institution because that's who's managing your 41 K it is a Wall Street and Steve Goldman Sachs UBS TA craft. They're getting paid those fees regardless of what you make money or not of the market collapses that you lose 50% of your nest egg. Two years before you retire you're paying fees anyway. Who set that up close up my Wall Street because they give the misinformation that you're not Smart enough to softer human you don't have the skill set and that's a bunch of bunk. He really is. I've seen people dumber than you whoever's listening to me a promise yet. That have learned the skills of self directed and growing their wealth consistent results the direction the market and not getting crushed in fees. It's simply a decision. And once you make the decision now now it's a matter of having some become alongside you are learning system. Where you can basically be able of proper regardless of direction more importantly. You can set to get that compounding growth in your account with children CE of the goals that we talk about the first session. When many people fall short you'll be able recent financial goals you set the human family well that's what a lot of people are trying to do they're trying to set themselves up so they can be ready for retirement. Lot of people wait too long life before they start self correcting amiga individuals you know this herself directing in the late fifties early sixties and go man I would just started this. You know when house in my forties there's never wrong time to get started. There's only a wrong time delay getting started and that's the biggest issue for a lot of people chip. You know this thing firsthand. Self directing it's absolutely just going to be game changer bird and while and you know and and I hear these people that are on the radio and on TV soliciting. People's money today put two and a new woody. That's one of the most frustrating things I hear about because. If somebody gives you an annuity some insurance salesman sells you into some long term annuity it's gonna give you a fixed income C 3% annual return. First of all few percent going to be enough heated BC live off of depends on how much of a bucket you have a bigger but you have to start with but more importantly. They're paying you pay an upfront sales costs or commission of anywhere from five to 10% when you go and annuity. And you can't touch your own money. They tie up your money for twenty years. You have no liquidity and if you wanna access that money in any way you have to violate the terms the nudie used to pay a surrender charge for your own money. And year you could do better yourself this so things that we can show you whether you can learn in a systematic approach to making good decisions in the market. That'll I you'd get the return of an annuity a guaranteed return or our NATO allies return. Without pain all those fees it's amazing is just a matter of taken steps to learn. How to self direct exactly an online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on self directed it's a 500 dollar values talk right at the campus. It's a class for someone maybe you've never been in the market maybe you have been in the market but you've never controlled your own accounts understand a 41 K and hiring these are things that can be self directed. This is a great opportunity for those who have those type of accounts there's a 500 are clashing you don't want to miss out on this via the phone right now we're gonna take callers fifteen to thirty feet of a phone call 844. 51 trade that 84451. Trade for caller fifteen to thirty feet a 500 dollar class and self directing your portfolio from online trading academy regardless of account size you do now wanna miss out on this 844. Five point 878233. That's 8445187233. For caller fifteen to thirty to get this 500 dollar class that's 84451. That trade does that mean champ Bob Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears are heroes at the Disco having kids out of the glass is always. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook in light guess at Bulls and Bears radio and of course at any time. During the show anytime during the week 2.4 seven got a question for senior coached. College coach outline and ask the coach 877904. Trade that's 877. 90 portrayed champ people can call in seven days a week 24 hours today and ask you questions. And the great thing is is that will put in plain English for Michigan understand the question you know one of the things that a lot of people have issues with the as they don't really understand the state Manson they don't understand the market. We're all about minimize and is down to three inches of water to make it simple for the masses to understand the way the financial markets where it's simply a money game. To battle and how to play absolutely need to Bulls and Bears price tag I just saw the DT shirts Kevin he's a little India will just peacefully as symbols of bears some great lessons from how to manage money you know capital preservation some of things we discussions shows so. We got a thumb drive would put an addict and gets her a lot of lessons 88 by ten glossy. So I don't know if that would add and I got to see way I like that I doubt no pictures no what does he thought you mob she wants aside she told haven't faced Fiorina the earth it's. That's what she'd know. Jeff talk about a variety of things always have a good time here bulls or bears. We had no idea understanding that a lot of people the general public the majority of the people out there elicited this to be asking the question. Are you a trader. Dances now they have no idea what that really means they don't understand what trading is the understanding why they would want to trade because immediately they Corley trading with risk. Obviously there's risk in the market but a lot of times when you meet investors someone's who's in it for the long haul. They too would like to take opportunities on a shorter timeframe what I wanna do don't wanna take a few minutes I want a break down why someone would actually a trade. But be trade for cash flow monthly. Well it's interesting because. The difference between a trader and investor it's a very thin lines are very grief or time the problem is we talk about trader that if you ask the average person. What's a traitor they really don't ever reference point they don't know anybody successfully in the markets. They don't know anybody makes a living out markets that's for sure. And so they go to Hollywood they think of the movie Wall Street on the wall full Wall Street or the guy's movie trading places and that's the picture that society has. Of a trader. That couldn't be further from the truth for many people mean when I first get introduced to the markets back in 2000 the first guy I met was a guy met at church. And he was Megan might chain options they are just living his normal life he never went to work which inspired me because I'd like if I can make my living and not leave the house what do way to go. And I got really intrigued by the opportunity that the market provided me forgive me a better lifestyle more in com what time time freedom. So we talk audited lead trader investor. We're looking for the same types opportunities those who want to buy low and sell high we talked about that. However we have to know what is low and what is high that's part of a process of being successful the markets. But ultimately if we could learn the skills on a long term basis to be good investor we can that transfer that same skill set it's a short term shorter time frames. And making income in the markets and why wouldn't it's the same skill so many people I love on my cheetah can because when people come in our caddie many times their whole goal is to. Protect and preserve against loss that was they got money in a 41 K and IRA mean they got money in the market somewhere and it's going to crust and collapse of the market. And they commit with the whole goal of learning how to preserve capital but then they would see the steel said that they can use. The same skills that that using to protect and preserve capital they can use in a short time frame and make some income. It becomes a no brainer that that's such a committal money to a consistent basis to try to make some daily a weekly income. And you know what Minnesota does the cap comes off because it allows you to profit regardless of directional market as we talked about earlier and more importantly. It gives you that extra she income we com costly speak of multiple streams of income. In other words if you've only got one source income and you lose that source of income we're already you're dead in the water get no wind and no boat no no no Allan no Molder. He just sit next. So if you don't have a skill set built around be able to generate income. In more than one way then you're gonna be in a tough spot if you lose that may seem income the markets can provide for a lot of people in their spare time. That other streaming income where everything goes bump in the night he's still got that stream income coming in because you develop the skill. And the ability to generate income from the markets and I've met a lot of people that have learned the skilled at don't have a high IQ necessarily. But have been able follow system on the planet what's great about that is once they learn the skill. It stayed with a forever and they can generate income consistently. And that's a real real long term goal for a lot of people to get that lifestyle where they want to and the marks can provide for you. We'll champ you're not talking about multiple streams income all the time and having a second or third stream income for the household for the family. That's Paramount to getting some more they need to be. Online trading academy they teach a class specifically on multiple streams of income trading for cash flow generating that second or third streaming come for the family. There's a 500 dollar class talk right at the campus you do not want to miss out on this. This is a game changer your brain is a marketer may even in the market you just don't have that consistency that you're looking for you do don't wanna miss out on this we have a few seats to give away. We're gonna take callers ten to twenty pick up the phone right now call. 84451. Trade at 84451. Trait for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class specifically on. Trading for it trading for additional income you do not want to miss out on this is a 500 dollar value worry it take callers ten to twenty. 84451. Trade 84451878233. For callers tenets when he get this 500 dollar class. Again if you bring you the marketer of you've been in the market you don't have that consistency. If you don't want to miss out on this pick of the phone call 84451. To trade does that champ bubbles of bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears I've heroes that of the Cisco having some fun at them laughs. GA. So much fun here bulls or bears excited as always right now this time it is time and today champ I see your face you get pumped up. Asked the coach where at any time during the week 447 in college coach hotline at 877904. Trade. And this week we got gentleman by the name of major from Atlanta Georgia go ahead major. They've let them in the major oil coal and of course Jumbo short selling and entire array. Trying to see if it they wouldn't be gone. While the major first of all things the question and a lot of people have a question can I short sell in an IRA. While for an order for me to kind of laid a premise of answered your question I wanna just give a brief description what short selling is because a lot of the Bulls and Bears listeners. If they're loyal listeners they understand what short selling is but if they just tune in they might not understand what that particularly means so let me give an example what short selling is. Is we're able to make money was something falls in price. That was great about the financial markets as it goes up and down. And the problem with the masses many people have foreign k.s are many that quote on quote traitors out there that are retail traders people would just open an account with a goal making money in the market. They only think about her understand how to make money when price goes up another was they buy at a price and they try to sell at a higher price and make the profit. While the beautiful thing about the financial markets is so them a mirror image of itself it's symmetrical. Which means on price falls somebody makes money. She got to realize something about the financial markets it's a zero sum game in other words when somebody loses a dollar somebody else makes a dollar. And so what that implies what that means for us for potential opportunities we could may might want price falls. And won the prominent ways to do that is my shorting was short selling the market. I give an example. Let's just say you found a stock in the market and it could be any stock was just say for the sake of example we're talking about Coca-Cola. Good company based in Atlanta. Cocoa right now street around 45 dollars a share between 45 to 46 bucks a share for now I believe that that stock was gonna fall in price in other words it's at 45 and I thought I was gonna go to 41. I could profit from that for all moved down in price the way I would do that all one way to do that owned by shorting the stock at 45 now here's what that means. Hi can sell shares of that stock at 45 dollars even though I don't own the shares. See one of the great things about the financial markets is when you open up your brokerage account your broker will allow you to use their inventory. If you believe prices gonna fall in a particular stocks so let's take Coca-Cola again as an example. If Coca Cola's trade at 45 dolls this year you don't own it. But you believe it's going to 41 and you won a profit from that four dollar moved down in price. You can go what are your brokerage platform you could hit a short sell execution tab and what would happen was they are your broke which sell the stock into the market. At the current price 45 on your behalf. In other words they're loaning you the inventory. See your broker has inventory Coca-Cola stock. You might not only Coca-Cola stock you've maybe never bought or sold at your life but you believe it's gonna falsely you wanna take advantage of that for all moved down. The ability to short sell means that the minute you hit that button itself she is a Coca-Cola. Your broker sells it into the market on your behalf at 45 dollars a share now you're technically considered short the stock which means that you have to buy the stock back. But what's the goal you're gonna buyback a 41 could you believe a scored 41 so view buyback at 41 would have you. That's basically done you've bought it at 41 and sold 45 except you sold it to enter the trade. You use your broke his inventory sold into the market 45 dolls to share. One price fell to 41 you bought it back at 41. The moment you brought a bag to meet legal backing your brokers have been touring you get to keep the profit the difference between what you sold it at 45 what you bought back at 41 that's for all the share. And if you did a hundred shares made for a box you get a thousand JG has made 4000 on a four dollar moved out of the stock that you never won't think about that. That's shorting it's a game changer for people when they begin to realize it can take advantage removed underpriced. And all they have to do is be able to shore itself and anybody who over the brokerage account can do that now. To answer your question now that we understand the premise of what shorting is can I do entire day. While major it is weak east of shorts on fire a you can't to a standard traditional shorts solo. You have the EU deal more creative you have to use products that are designed to be able to be in an irate and be able to make money as price falls one of the things that the the government stipulates is that you keep it short in an IRA. Specific stocks but there are things called exchange traded funds ETFs. That track broad markets or sectors of the market. And what you're doing is by using these inverse exchange traded funds I can buy a shares of an inverse ETF. And when price falls. Around that ATF my shares go up in value in other words I'm buying something that when price falls makes me money. There's ways to do that and higher that's one way or another way is using options I can use options to profit from downward movement in a position in an IRA. So the answers yes there's ways that you can short entire eight. We can't always traditionally short. Street stock and irony but there's a lot of products out there that we can utilize to take advantage removed at a price and here's the key folks and I think you for the call major. If you know how to make money when price goes up or down. You've separate yourself that you may use up a lead in the markets is not a complicated process is not difficult. It's just different but major yes you can do it and anybody out they can do it as well is just a matter of learning the skill set. And once you learn it now it's a matter of just going forward taken the action. Exactly and online trading academy a sponsor Bulls and Bears they know there's a lot of people out there like majors that have questions about shorting and how to short. And that's why that a class specifically on a talk right at the campus is the 500 dollar value every time we give away this class the phones light up I have a few seats to give away. We're able to take callers tenets 45 you do not want to miss out on this. Pick up the phone to be collars ten to 25 at 844. 51 trade that date for 451. Trade for callers to the 25 to get a 500. If you're new to the market you're not under Sharia stand now works of you've been in the market you still don't understand how works you do now wanna miss on this opportunity. For callers to its 45 is a 500 dollar class at 844. 5187233. That's 84451878233. For callers to the point five to get this 500 dollar class from online trading academy. Once again 844. 51 trade to get a 500 dollar class on shorting for being callers tend it's 45844. Or five winded trade is that a champ fumbles in bears. I. Welcome back the people's affairs a hero status is still having good time. It's always fun. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook polite guest and Bulls and Bears radio. And of course the have a question for the coach and any time 24/7. 877904. Trade. Asked the coach outlined champ talk about a variety of things always talking about the markets the dues in the don't put a lot of times a lot of individuals. They don't understand that the market can't provide consistent and can make can be a place where somebody can. Generate income based off of the cap that they have a lot of people don't understand how descended up let's talk about it let's break it down the markets of business what is trading at. The business like well if you think about it it's the American dream to own a business mean there's a lot of small businesses and then the backbone of this country they employ the masses. No question and the problem with a lot of small businesses in this probably some business owners listen to us right now is that you own your business and you business owns you. No word if you don't show up. These are gonna fall apart the wheels are gonna Kamal. Or if you are not available you know your customers are you know calling it 24 hours a day there's a lot of variables and a lot of process that people have to understand and relate to more importantly there's a lot of typical headaches that come to start a business and run a business. And so if you've ever had a traditional business you deal with things like overhead workers' comp and employees in. Fast and inventory and leasing a building and liability insurance and all those. Factors that come into and potentially eat up profitability new business there Lisa building. What I love about the markets is that I can open a business on a shoestring. I can have a couple grand and open trading account and if I have a skill set that I've learned over time and I can put it to play that allows me to have good probably decisions. And teach me how to lower my risk I can now run a business and all the business that has no employees no overhead no comp. No liability insurers know building at least no product to sell nobody to recruits. I literally go to my computer in the morning a funny to sell something has millions of people to buy from me. As of the log and my brokerage account if I wanna buy something as millions fuel cells in me. In a fire have a good understanding what a good price to buy and sell that is. I have an edge over the masses because they really don't know what a good price by cell that is and now running a business without those traditional typical headaches of a small business. And has the same upside profitability even greater think of that. It's the dream. The American dream. I can make money in my drawers and so could anybody else and you know we don't really talk a lot of Omega money your drawers or Bulls and Bears but. Some of the best days I've ever had in my life. I never left the house and made the most amount of money I've made in a day because the markets provide that opportunity so a lot of people when they begin to realize that you can treat this as a business and more importantly. Structured as a business in other ways I can take all the affiliated tax benefits I can take all the affiliated deductions of a traditional business. And yet I have no limit or my upside I can make them much money as I want and I don't have to leave my house and I have to do with the customers in the public. Well what a concept I mean who wouldn't want that and the somebody driving on the road right now some contractor. You got letters and a top aide chuck and paint cans in the back it shock. In your miserable because the clients are paying your workers not shown up on time and you have the dream build it build something with equity and long term growth. But she dealing with the traditional process and the markets can provide the same dream with a lot judicial headaches. It's a no brainer a lot of business on that's what made him a meaning into learning the skills. Of trading and investing for their business. Well the unique thing is is you know I'd I've met people as started their business with 5000 dollars of that Pulitzer the businesses with fifty. 1020300. Grand anything about the market is. It doesn't matter how larger countess I mean when you get started a trade account with you know a 1002000 dollars and get your team you can UT then. He's a star didn't you footing the sky's the looked absolutely now the door is open not just a matter of getting better at the skill exactly online trading to get immunity to class specifically on trading as a business. This class is very unique you've you've never traded before you've been trading before you don't treated as a business. 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