Marketing Part II

Kandas and Larry continue their discussion about marketing.

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It's time to brag being rich and generous write great it was hosted by best selling real estate investing often Larry Jones and co host Kansas. For the next hour they'll feel you've proven and effective ways you can be successful at the state. From the WBZ studios the flagship station of the bright radio network. You're right your host the rock stars of real estate Larry and candidate. I kind of doing excellent resort and wait for uptown Charlotte. A beautiful town is styling here Charlotte part. He didn't. He changes it he does happen and he's armed even in his is improvisation list. He improvised. From my days from Saturday Night Live monies to be in the cast overly deep. Thoughtful you're good at it and thank you Lou. That pay them though for what. Though. We are in Orlando's three. We are in Orlando Magic and. So you're listening to a prerecorded show a few minority though we recorded it just before we left for Orlando right. Right is that three day events this weekend so we can actually post the three day event and have a show on the same come from Orlando in beautiful. Uptown Charlotte. So while you're listening to be our ally in Orlando. And I'm probably Wednesday's speak to you should they. Or IQ ish way yes so last week we're gonna do market to harder thing that we really had to rush last week. Talking about and about properties sell properties. So we we can't blame you all know that we do not just so without amount constantly have a lot of fun on the show we laugh lively Joseph Klein and talk about various things other than real thing so yes who I was originally supposed to be in our series is now. This week going to be part two of I don't know how many yet but it's all marketing it's a marketing theories have we just kept that with that and. We'll just see how many shows that takes that to get there. Right right mobile calls with in real state most people get started and rules state they don't know how to find a deal we don't find deals anyway as I mentioned last week create deals. She have to market to bring in deals with talk about and his sons last week about houses and and where to get home so we'll listen to the shore as we talked about Craigslist. Different kind of Craigslist as to place and and that sort of thing and right now and CPAs and attorneys and all that but we recover Russian and I was about CPA and attorney mentioned that the very angrily quit. Now it doesn't count that content with iron in Cuba theory that I don't know how many. But his part two of it aren't you of how many ethnic. That's right that's right so we're gonna play it that way. That's exactly right so. In marketing you know marketing is what drives you business I don't care if you're selling vacuum cleaners or sell cars. I'm shelling houses that really matters you. Marketing is what drives you business. And McCall's rules in the seller's market as I mentioned last week. Because we're a seller's market. The problem is it is you've got to search for it's not as different deals in the oil lapses that used to be right. That's true. To expand a little bit of so and so we did talk about banish and we talked about a big business card million dollar source start come to get a million dollar business card that looks like a million dollar bill. You can do direct mail now we're gonna do direct mail to and there's list that you combined for direct mail or spend a few minutes on that under on direct mail and right now there's ways to do inexpensively. You can use a service like click to mail dot com that clicked she laughs K. The number two. Mail in Maya L dot com. And when he is quick to mail dot com. You can upload your list that you bio from the list source like list source dot com. The original. Though right. Today they give you exactly what you're going their bowlers. That's right or core logic dot com. Or. Militia data dot com or stayed at three dot com there's a lot of them out there. And talk about all of them in my book getting started and we'll stay day trading. And we talk about it on the three day. Think we'll go through that this weekend as well also if you got sentiment to a three day should really at sun up to come I know we'll have that we just reset our calendar for a 2018. Will be in Charlotte by next year we got five other cities across the US that we're going to be bring in the Larry owns three day event and it team to so give up. Column making it to squared away registered for one of those that's right and aren't they and I even show samples of post or a strike you can use. And didn't like the final against Anaheim mighty kill Randall to you on the show that's true of radio was 30000 for medium right Bryant. Well in UN like you're talking about time. Where to get the list for. IRA. Does that there's more gritty get though a way to get illustrator right now what happens when you get it. Well. Whenever you get the list what you gonna do is you can upload your list to click to mail dot com right you upload the list. And then you upload your postcard right your PD elf of your postwar lib. That. Got a upload to listen upload to. Then you entering your credit card number but I credit card in for race. Indian counts in the moment and and it click to bail will print it. Address that put the postage on it and put it in the mail for you for one city. And they do little. What happens in fits like and deliverable postcard used to charge for those few charge for everything analyst whether it's deliverable in there how that works its if you if you. Hey this is the difference between the mind of a visionary and a nine of it in a greater my theory says let's do direct mail. The integrators gonna say okay laugh are we can't get charged that is where apple and record our information. And then obviously visionary doesn't know so there may be a little bit backward but yet he'd understand the costs that goes into it but. And not talk in detail about it in the book however. With postage. If they carry it to the door and deliberate if the person doesn't live there anymore. The mail carrier has done their job aggregate paid rent so whether that person lives there or not anymore. Now there may be what's called a forward in order okay when knows somebody boots. They go to the post office they say hey on the change of address form right and then four I believe it is six months. They have. On them affording to write it and so. If you address it to one point five oak street and they moved to you know 521. You know main street. Then they'll forward it to 521 main street for those six months. Or you could do. Could you not just put on the things aren't her residence. On the postcard and it just gets left that is entering. Good Angela current resident but if they just bought that house to prominent in Reston sell it. However you're gonna get those postcards back that the forwarding order has expired right and it's gonna say forwarding order expired so now. You can update your list to the new address and mail it to them at the new address. Known as their reason you do postcard of our fire like in omelet a low post cards give up on the on the either Ryder. It. Either either that elude us and answer a love day it is fit. The. That was coach said let's go. So elect a postcard beat calls it doesn't have to be opened. Think of all the different people that may see it between here and there. Yeah that may be they have house for so. They get quick. Aspiring union call. The my and they might dislike the bulls gored them aren't mine now post were. Burned. Dora. The Dora the Explorer and a look at that's funnier and so anyway a light post cards because postcards don't have to be opened there also cheaper to mail. The letters. Even at that the caller on. He even if that's the color that's partly color print and ardidi lamp post office doesn't charge additional color or. You understand that last week. I had seen go to Q office Max and it is ridiculously to make copies that is there copy the evening anyway. Add them angered. Copies in the mountain is in charge making color copies vs black like isn't thing. You can make it if you add. AA. Call doors somewhere that copiers that mimic copying copies of things that are ours to like office. 87 and glaring at them and then link and check out you know our outcome racked radiant dot com. Or send me an email in back Maria that on the avenue and we'll be right back. From there. I. Welcome back to brag radio this is in this. Investing in real they'd be written dinners we are talking about. Marketing we have been hurt doing it now it's. So this isn't news our faith in the good music ever give played go outside at a higher end. Every once Somalia doesn't. Think without him. Let's clarify them into from the last segment. With the laughter that I got. On a break. We from my comment about post up with anymore. Currently our I'll start our particular kind of neat about. Your printing company charging more for a black in my eight are verses eight full color postcard. Think you'd there surer now that yet time to think about you know let the people defending the Ira loyal listeners mainly because the related to me. I wondered. That anyway. Anyway. So we're talking about different ways to market fund deals all of market deals that you find really good deal you create really good deals right you can buy that deep deep discount. Sorry and we talked about and sent Craig's list. And direct mail in your list from this source core logic militia day that data tree. And in uploading it to click to mail dot com click the number two male in a jail doc. And the she's lap and as opposed in the daily. Well. A slow. So anyway click to meld dot com. And then you can upload your credit card upload a list upload a postcard. And all of this goes out and do off four right. And towards one feet. So which is really cool. And now but who read an email to okay what is your list could look like yet if you go to list source dot com one of those other sites what are you gonna look up which you go look up is what's called. Absentee. Owners or non owner occupants right people who owner files but they don't live in the house today. It might be a rental house in my house that they inherited. It might be home for right. So in the new water you won't pull list that they've owned at least in my opinion other audit panel list. At least X number X amount of equity. Right 50000 inequity of 30000 in equity 50%. The other thing is you wanna make sure that they've all wounded at least X number of years costly seventeen and minimum. Right. So they built up some equity. So they built up some equity that's what you'll seven years. At least now I know some people that also mailed to owner occupied. Buyers. People who live in the files to a more than likely you know you're gonna get better response if you mailed to people who. Who do not. Here's a twofold to that tee because if they don't live in the house they're not as attached to that as owner are. Absolutely have arms sometimes not all promise sometimes on Iraq haven't unrealistic value in their head. Of the house that they live in in this natural thing. But John if you are working with those just know that ahead it's time that you're gonna have a little bit harder time negotiating within. Because there is still that emotional attachment. They're still in it. That's right then at the end cameras attached. That's exactly right that's exactly right and some people only mailed to out of state owners re right. So they're far away from it they don't really know the market the market conditions as a buyer's market is the seller's market. You know that sort of thing units to step there's just a pain for them they could be rural property or it could be Beckett right. It could be either one so that's different kind of things you can do direct mail you can also mailed sexually landlords. To. And a landlords who have properties. That are subsidized about section eight you can also mail to pre foreclosures you compile a list of what's called NOD. That's called notice of default. Notice of default were in OT now after direct mail. You've got vehicles aren't you should always always always appear in rules that you should have a settle their vehicle. That says you buy houses the few seem earlier Lexus travel around Charlotte. Or Lake Wylie. You will see it's a leader he bath houses dot com with the phone number eight fondly Basel sidled up right. It's an issue be. And I actually I used to order orderly from a local siren company I have to drop the vehicle down to a local sign company. They would measure it. They would give me a price and then when they would fix our that would that would get all the signs ready. The vinyl lettering that they would call me back and have to take time gold within it have to install that be there for an hour now what you have to do. It's found a place to learn. Just Google Google knows everything right right Google knows everything illegal that you know if you don't know how to spoil like did you mean rules state. So. Just Google final letter signed best price okay that's all you have to do. Final letter signed best priced so. And and I did that last summer put signs on my vehicle when I got my newest Lexus vehicle. I'll put signs or and it cost me like eighty dollars for the sides and for the back. OK for the shots and for the back for like eighty bucks instead of to a 300 dollar. Okay so. So he could do that sounder vehicle right. And then. Also I missed nearly and it's named acting to determine parent that's like a flashing name tag did you guys I learned LED. No you mean while you were you would check and Lynn were laughing and joking about the end this was at my expense and a good. Not that sounds good so yeah you can have like when you go to your review meetings or whatever. Your rules state investors' association meetings. Then you can you can look for. You know people with an entirely and have your name tag and this is about how about a girl and but I am or you know I'm looking for private money or wholesale. Whenever I can reprogram. And also have a license plate frame of Akamai Carswell is dallas' way about how Garko went about how stock. About a dog. It scrolls and I've even seen people pull up behind me a stoplight. Then they get their camera on the have a rested on the front of their Earl top of their steered well yeah and their videotape and not scrolling are English. Videotape and I eat out. At a stoplight. By the senate trying to get geared tag number to call you in the living there aren't many that it had eaten a slowdown on a network that we can get it there. With the order custom taxes. About. And so. OK so that's some other things that we can do so what about having a web site. You need to have a web site to drive traffic all right. Like we have our website about houses dot com wheels Gabby buys houses dot com. And two minutes. Gabby bounce houses dot com. And our web sites or optimize if you look at our. And if you look at our web sites and I did it I mean you know we shall these web sites we didn't create room. We just. We created a world templates right based on proven platform. The majority of the successful we'll stay investors use this platform. And so if you need a web site in public and the snow as well when you caller and tank and to get you some information on that. But. You need a website with a good domain name right. House commerce cans sells. And then you need to. You know optimize if you look corner slightly about house Gabby tells dot com you'll see down the scientists has all the different markets we buy houses. And that's the calls we have multiple pages that optimize us. To generate a lot of studio that search engine optimization so it generates generic or organic traffic. Right. So when somebody's searching for you know sell my house in Hickory. Write rights or sell my house in Spartanburg or Selma Olson Winston-Salem. And Greensboro or Spartan or not former Columbia. Or wherever so our website it will pop because we have pages that optima card created those pages and trust me I knew nothing about what it's. You delegate job and they did their man optimize the name pulled a well. We get a lot of deals finesse. Absolutely do via you know we hit we disclosed the deal last week. The we've offered torn we sold it for. 39. Went. And it was from the website it was organic it was a freely. Now 877 Larry go we can tell you how we do what we do and a healthy start to do the same. You can get the investors kids email about seeing if you're not close enough that somebody opposite you are scheduled to touring it's you out. We'll talk about our upcoming three days also talk about and mentoring coaching opportunities you wanna do that. And then like they said the website give me a call 877. Larry GAAP. And Revere their ninth though with the music of money. I was pleased to welcome back to brag radio. Friend welcome back to brag gradient background you hear me of and in opening. What that through. We're not brag radioed back from the rag radio lab on WBP actually recorded that because for an island at. Anyway. We're live in Orlando right now we are allowed in Orlando what you do right burial as a fragment of our imagination. Over Latin Orlando with a group of like money and individuals on the anti get a deeper education. On real estate investing if you wanna do the same reach out to me. In the bag radio dot com or gimmick 877 mango and 1980s set up with one of our next events on Lincoln's ad earlier in the Stanley it. Senator calendar for 28 teen will be in Charlotte fights and got out of the cities around the country that we're going to be in so. Went and should be close enough do you treated to an end. So I cannot mining. In this segment. And but he keeps turning computer you don't need it right on the nose but you want to share your computer. I'm salaries and right between us to keep flipping it toward you that's distorting it to it and and millions of sunscreens. Anyway. You don't. Port saying. I think hit it a computer. So yeah we've been talking about a lot of different ways to market to file and properties if you could just getting started in rural state invest in and you've got to market marketing is what makes the phone rain we've talked about right now and that's and Craig's list. And next they don't talk about is bird doll in my marketing analyst is one opera giant opening. That's true that's optional through it all boils down to. You you generate suspects some of former prospects the turn into deals. And and determined offers. Some of those offers turn into the right so the more lead you can generate. That turned suspects to prospects. In the hand the more. The more you offers you can make in the more offers you can make the more dealers and analysts analysts that. It is a numbers game that's right in the three most important things and rules that are makeovers make over only offers. Right so actually wanna talk about his bird doll looks bird. Where does not nearly didn't let you know you got tagged on. All right. Our dogs so. A lot of people in real state. They won't have bird dogs out there. There will be generating leads forum they'll be some of the guys have probably seen this land on the side of the road the says investors seeks apprentice and you know same kind of thing. You know they're looking for Burgos to go out whether the bird dogs gonna put outs and or they're gonna go knock on doors drive around look for vacant houses and local mobile currency loans home. That's sort of things there's so many different ways to fire and leads like that but. A lot of investors there brand new get started as sober right. And we've had to work for us before we've got to go out look for deal. The Soviets and asked Candace about that when you caller yes but but also. We're actually in the process we're looking for an acquisition manager right now. We are images that the human that is out there was absolutely if you don't give them. So we had our mission in your position we aren't the lump in Charlotte. Got the job but like you know. You've ale I couldn't. Twenty gallery. Yeah we were looking for an acquisition manager right. And this is the commission only position and its full time now and if I were in our office full time on commission only. And that actually commission only and full time and its people. So. It and also. Here's the thing you'll see your rental card if the also. It is. You need to be in a position to be able to wait somewhere between thirty and ninety days to first check because starting in rural state. And I don't care how good you are how fast you are if you get a house under contract to day. It's probably going to be thirty days were close but you won't buy the unit under contract you're due diligence. Marketed. Find a buyer and then over that you buy today you sell its rules state date radio wrote the book it's an investor's kit that has called canvas about. The whole book you can absolutely free you can go to the bookstores and buy it. For twenty dollars or you can call canvassing and apps. What you get into as far as with the acquisition manager position Indian able to hold out for 3860. You know days or something like that before your first commission check is you've got to also kind of third in a pipeline on. It's a numbers game so the more offering you make there's going to be a learning curve a little bit of one at least understand how we do have we do when you first come on and things like that so we don't want to set any kind of false. Expectations are false pretense is around you know what it is. That we did Aaron says it might take thirty to sixty days greed deceit efforts commission check that. And absolutely I mean we have had people come in and got paid him as early as three weeks OK but analysts at that false expectation. I mean after all it's like learning a new trade learning a new business it's a career just right. It is. And this new company I mean we're not. It's not like where we're super sure richter or anything like that that's not announcing any there but there is a certain way that we go about doing things. And run an iron numbers that worked best for us historically so learn enact and takes her a little bit at Tom. And that's true well we've had people that come in and worked with us. That its goal to do their own little stake company start their own rules state company and we actually encourage people who work with us. To do their own deals I've actually funded their deals format for. You know financed a forum and we even sell houses to employees that work with us at a discount. And and they go out and do their own deals. So we we encourage that we really do we want people to be successful. And and we're not looking for somebody. Just walls to come in and yet you know remarks were the men touring and then run out on their home we we won't we're gonna make a commitment to view. And we won't you make a commitment to a house for somewhere between six and six to twelve watts. And in you know if you wanna go on or near old that's great. But a lot of people don't want to because. You can do deals Ramon plus some here with the team and I'm still learning and I'm growing right you know got access to financing and funding. Slow. I'm you know have to write ornament right right. So as an acquisitions manager. You would be. In marketing you will be advertising and for buyers. Or she's be sellers and then you would also be call in agents make it offers on properties on the MLS. And and make it offers and setting appointments was sellers individual sellers. And when I'm talking with the Jamaican offers on properties. With sell horses were right so is going to be in the office about four days a week and now the office about it day a week or something like that but Marcus says that this commission over a billion call Candace if you have an interest in that right. That's right and yet outing and a few rounds an answering questions about that. Engage you in you know that's like the culinary on the congress fishing as well pitchman for our faith based ancient. Let's talk about another way to market properties before we have to go. Because there's a lot of different ways you can market but or find properties both auctions or another good source auction dot com. And so home XO ME dot com and hubs do a QB. EU dot com and Hud home store dot com are all auction sites. And auction sites are great to firm properties but. You've got to be on top of it. You've got to make a lot of bids or a lot of properties to get a property of the deep discount OK we've gotten properties at deep deep deep discounts. We've had to be at a lot of properties to get a good one at a deep discount and you gotta be on top of the other thing got to remember about auctions. It is all auction site. They're gonna show you probably them the best three to five pitchers. If you call the listing agent this listed on that auction site if you call the listing agent. Nelson knew the rest of the twenty or thirty pitchers they have that show the TARP on the roof. The sealant can even him the floor fall and in the holes in the wall the floors ripped up for whatever it. So just be careful make sure you do a lot of due diligence and homework and that's a lot of different ways and means you can get properties from hard money lenders. From private money lenders from bail bonding company's home inspectors there's so many different ways in the book. We go through all the different ways to get properties of get a copy of this book. Go to the bookstore and buy it for twenty bucks getting started and we'll stay day trading. Or call Candice in each she won't for for the. In the in the states hit 877 Larry go gay youth. Additional investors kid and you are not close enough to the office to come by and CES if you are we can schedule a tour. Ng Aggie UN meet everybody we can also talk about the acquisition manager position that Larry just mentioned in bird docs for us. The web sites how we have those optimize and how they're available for you as well. Get rest of our next three day event like we're in Orlando this weekend we've got a couple more coming up on board the first part. 28 teens leaking its information on that 877 Larry go. Check out brag radio dot com or send me an email info at Bragg radio. I. Welcome back to Greg radio this is in us. No Larry that this he has noticed some for my favorite. Segment of the polls show the those rallies where this all the whole hours monk what I'll wait for. To us to get here to the forcing me and this week we've got. Something really special hobby and for the month of the summer we are partnering went Debbie BT's John Hancock. In his efforts to bring Christmas to at Carolina kids right yes that they chaos and near welcome. I don't mean to by everybody including the character. And are okay on here I have that in order that well that didn't let us. That is all of the others also. Then we're really glad to have you on the show today that look not like you don't give enough radio Wright who well mortal and talking markets first round because that's. There's the biggest pressure I've actually faced all year long and and we never not been successful we've never not never goals but it seems like every year about right now. This one I'm questioning whether or not we're going to be successful overload our gonna reach our goals but the and over at this is our 244 year my 24 year being involved with the kids first. We've impact in about 34000 kids over the years so of all the things I may over may not have done and radio that's probably. That's probably the thing I'm most proud of that is amazing the 34000. Kids that's awesome crew wouldn't have had Christmas otherwise and our big by tribe gets a lot of attention but we this year and and and none can its first people do so much more than out. My kids always gonna get brought a toys and presents from a she's gonna get a bike or she's gonna get a bike if they've never gotten one promised before. But we make you know the first thing we ask his clothes size and shoes size. And we send food home with them and you'll hear us vegan on the air for artificial Christmas trees and decorations because will use those to decorate the south Mecklenburg high school. Students sinner and cafeteria. But when the party that we throw for about 400 of these homeless and near homeless kids is over which we terror all those trees down ridiculous decorations down and send them home with people that often. We really supply Christmas for families in a lot of cases and and that it's it's very cool at the end of this party 667 o'clock at night. You watch all these trees going out the doors and all these fights going on now these kids hall and presence out in big smiles on faces and food and it's it's rewarding. That's amazing. I hope we're able to be part of that on. What day is the party. The part while the party is on Sunday. And today which is kind of closed to the public just for security and our Saturday as today that we that we look for volunteer so if people can't buy us a biker camp bias to lawyer a doctor Q are of the look at will take your time. And were editing all the aid deal on Saturday from about 1 o'clock until gosh midnight may be into the wee hours of Sunday morning. To set up the gym and set up to students sinner to get ready for the kids that are revenue the next day about 400 of that is who witnessed a bike drop off. Friday night six to 9 PM December the fifteenth apparent that's pretty crazy how many national and it's it's taking an online early we got 700 in some odd bikes last year in three hours. That's amazing that's. The things we've got once in an op is a desperately assist you our office yesterday. And you did it kick off from earlier this week now and we did day we did they send out to our office app and everything. And now we had a bike in there. And ready to be brought in I've challenged everybody else in our office to bring one to two more so hopefully we'll have large down. Collection more or less of bikes to bring in and give you gusty and. It's. It ends and kind of a roundabout sort of way I guess I have a full lawsuit by doing so for other people know and my foundation my parents got to put that in me but you know in a way. There are selfish reasons for doing best I don't office called karma or not let. But when you do good things for other people your life runs that are now. Now I don't know her right and it's just defected just my life runs reasonably well and I think it's because. Of stuff that I do for a further people the other part of that is when you take care of our big part of taking care of 800 to a thousand kids. When you wake up Christmas morning. If you would if you've ever asked yourself how alike get that spirit that I used to have when I was twelve years old about Christmas. You know don't do stuff for other people yeah wake up Christmas morning and know that there's a thousand or 12100 kids out there that are having Christmas. In part because your efforts and make should feel pretty darn good too that's also meanwhile said for many years. Nobody can help everybody but everybody can help somebody else and and that's why just said if you if you if you can't afford to afford to help us financially than just give us some your time morally you will loan yeah we can use something from everybody. Summon up financial donations that are coming in what website can people send a stiff. I got a lot of kids first to the Carolinas dot org. And it's actually easier if you go to UK FO TEC dot org which is kids first of the Carolinas. LO TC dot org we'll get you there. And you can make donations there and it also explain a lot of the nights and processes that we have Thursday night before the bike drive on the fourteenth on my actual show 3 to 6 o'clock we'll do an on air auction. We've already got by signed a live key weekly 59 blue pads or Jersey. My great aunt and a hot tickets to the Wachovia and and other stuff has committed as we speak so on Thursday Friday Saturday those are three big days fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth. That's great. Let's really it's good stuff that's very. Now kids first helps helps kids year round two it's not just over the holidays right hell yeah now Sherron you Sharon can't say no a hundred games here. She. She started you know doing so for Thanksgiving for people being. But there are involved all summer long they provide meals all yearlong. They I don't know she's always got. She's kinda somehow or another found herself in the network were when when people need help. Right they find sharing and if you find Sheridan. Didn't do your needs are gonna be taking care of chances are so. She's the most caring person I think I've ever met mile off. That's scary and we mattered to add beyond 95 anniversary. Now's not a first time I had to meet her she was as long that was crying throughout the whole thing exactly and the that that was or you don't console to meet story about how you met with him and sharing that with our listeners. Well I had gotten a call from a schoolteacher in states bill this was back in 9293. And three kids brother and two sisters and come to school that day and then school let out they went home and mom had picked up and I'll left there was no home there was no nothing managing job up everything. So the kids should know what to dale. The boy was the youngest of the group he was about eight years Ol and he had sisters or about eleven and thirteen or something someplace Bremer. And then I know what to do so they went back to the school and the school teacher called me she did know what to dale I know what to do right. But I called my wife and said see afar it's two steps on stuff sounds to me can go to their dad's house tonight and in their bedrooms. But I am going to two states on picking up three kids. And I was out of the lobby of the radio station make some arrangements to do this at the other and there was his blond woman out there. And she started asking me questions she kind of a window what was going on she started asking me questions and and I got iPod lady late meal well. Got an uphill honest. And bump and finally sheet I mean within fifteen minutes she had a place for them to stay closer than underwear food for them to eat. It was it was amazing and like I am really kind of said who are you and then she started telling me. How she and her husband were taking care of homeless and near homeless kids. About fifty to a hundred of them at the time and I've been with or percent to once you once she gets you and her grasping pension won't let go or not you're not get away there's just no two ways about it. He needed everybody the bomb website again tennis. Our kids first of the Carolina's dot org or KF OTC. And if you go to the Hancock page at WBT dot com you'll get all the information you could possibly need. That's awesome I have it linked up on brag radio as well. I brag radio dot Communist can send me an email to info at Bragg radio and get details that way are give the opposite call 877. Larry go. 877 Larry go to info at Bragg radio or brag radio dot com for more information about what Larry in Kansas discussed on today's brag radio leaving the world to be rich and generous got to brag radio dot com. You can also call 877 Larry go for free investors get or to schedule a tour of the office or get more information on upcoming events that's 8775277946. Tune in again next Saturday as best selling real estate investing author Larry don't want to cohost Candace teach you the latest strategies and techniques the pros used to make money and real estate. It's brags radio leading the world to be rich and generous on news 1110993. WTC.