Martin Luther King - The Legacy

Carolina Focus
Friday, January 12th

Vince Coakley from WBT talks about the legacy of Dr. King and how society has changed...or has it? Bo Thompson talks about the future of the sale of the Panthers with Senator Thom Tillis and Pat McCrory. The Charlotte Hornest food drive to Dunk Hunger in Charlotte. A shooting at CMPD HQ leaves one man dead and a cop wounded. Chief Putney presser and interview with Bo and Pat.


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I'm mark Thomas. And this is Carolina focused on news 1110993. WDT. 179 going. 10256. And WS MZ. Where we look at issues events and happenings that affect the Carolinas for Charlotte region and do. Welcome. Who will commence today. This Coakley from WB team. First time on Carolina focus as far as I know. Welcome Vince hey thanks thanks for the invitation it's it's good to have you in here today and of course we are on the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. And it's something that I feel that you know needs to be addressed needs to be touched on needs to be. Discussed. And wanted to bring you win and Rahm gets her take. As an African American growing up where did you grow up by the way Indianapolis Indianapolis. And I'm from Ohio. Originally so you know we're not from around here by the way I was born in Ohio since oh really okay. Growing up I grew up in the sixties. Euro a little younger than me now not a whole lot younger. But. Aaron or the sixties is being a very turbulent time and doctor king's presence. By many was seen as an irritation as an education it is to me that was not very good and it wasn't very welcome. Not only in the south but by many of the people I grew up with in the north. Do you have any contemporaneous recollection's. Living in Indianapolis at the time. Doctor King the marches the civil rights movement. Well again. Much of this happened before me but here's what I can speak to. And after a lot of conversations about this especially recently. But. I've got to tell you I get extraordinary. Very positive memories. Of my time in Indianapolis. And from racial standpoint I would have to say it was probably the best atmosphere. I've dealt with my entire life. And I'll explain why please do what's intriguing about this is an and maybe maybe there were things I did not see. But I grew up and middle class. Neighborhood community. Very much integrated schools. They're I do not remember EB. And and I'm serious when I say this zero racial incidents. Absolutely zero. Now. My dad's a former president of the NAACP. Branch where he lives in Kentucky. My dad and mother they certainly have stories. They can share about their experience. Jim Crow. All of those things. Their experience is very different. But one things I I appreciate one and one of the reasons I've even talked about this is because I have agreed appreciation and respect. For what my parents experience which I believe was genuine discrimination. Genuine racism. And I can tell you I can tell probably on one hand the number of racial incidents I've experienced over my lifetime. And I'm very thankful for that now I would emphasize something especially in light of some things that have happened recently. I would emphasize that's my own perspective and experience there are other people. They may have very different perspectives and experiences and I want to honor those. And respected others can be very different. But overall I'm very thankful vets. You know racial incidents have really been few and far between. And of course were talking with Vince Coakley from WBT. And you mentioned in a year you're taking a from a personal standpoint I. I think that's really the only way anyway anyone can can address any given issue. Oh win. I don't necessarily wanna pick on President Clinton. You know his phrase I feel your pain rates and Damian and that's just kind of typifies the attitude to a lot of people. That somehow they walked in your shoes. And nobody's walking your shoes noticed walked in my shoes we all bring our own personal life experiences. To the discussion. Which is a Indianapolis growing up. You didn't see anything like that. Contrary my experience. In northeast Ohio our caller race right 1972 Mac. That. That erupted the exact reasons for honestly I can't remember it's like but I do remember because I got caught up in a by accident. And and I was driving reference car I have deputy news would repayment because of the concrete block that landed hoops so. You know things like that happen and it wasn't just in the sixties and this goes after after Doctor King. And you know things I've personally experienced here in the south. But I found shocking. People and community leaders that you would think would have better sense than to make. Blatant racial racial slurs stupid comment to people they don't know the first time they meet me have met and inmates comments and it's I I'm just shocked and. Pretty shock proof they're presuming that you're going to agree yeah and it's like you know. Dude this is 1994. This isn't you know 64. If things have changed and frequent apparently for a lot of people and frankly. I'm really doesn't matter mark it was inappropriate then again it's inappropriate today it was unreal and it's important to have for that to be understood. That the values and principles at least I think we believe we believe it and embrace their timeless. You know slavery so always been wrong. Racism has always been wrong bigotry has always been wrong. And it's. I'm I'm going through an interest in jury now my life which I'm going to address at some point and win. But one other thing you can do it now has a let me just tell you this part of it. That's. There are two things that have to be addressed one of them is. Yes there are vestiges of racism sure that are still in our society. Actually there are three things. The second thing I think. In the post Martin Luther King air. I think what we have to work on in the black community is to resist the temptation. To bitterness. And revenge. I see a lot of Austrians a bitterness revenge and frankly racism. That has developed in the post Martin Luther King era. And that concerns me but here's the other thing on the flip side of that. Veres bin ever since I think the Johnson era with the great society programs and I think one of the ironies of of the black experience in America. To the extent that we can. Put that under an umbrella. The things that I think are most at threat to us are not the it's not the Klan. It's not the neo Nazis. It's really. Whites patronizing liberals. Who really you know I think of the way George Bush described it. Would have a the soft bigotry of low expectations. Of black people. And we create and we've not we but they have created all of these silly things and and I know this is controversial to say. Like white privilege. And to leave these are these are excuses for black failure would get a get to root causes why are we failing. And to the extent that we're failing because my concern is that. Things started going downhill with the disintegration of the black family and that's not the result of slavery it's not the result of Jim Crow I believe much of that. Is has been helped along by patronizing. White people. When you used use say that and that reminds me of a quote from. Justice Louis Brandeis and I think there was some of case Olmsted the US. Where he stated that there threat to liberty and I'm gonna have to paraphrase of the don't have exactly memorized that the threats to liberty come not so much from outside forces. But from within from NS zeal. Without understanding and yes boy that's huge element you know it beat it is like you say. To use a different comparison. The police the police when you see in the patrol car isn't the one occasion ticket so when you don't see. So the neo Nazi being the police are introducing me to use that comparison probably not the product and the police are respond in like the comparison but. You know it's it's the people who were overtly racist and bigoted. You can deal that if you've seen. Rates when you can't see it when it's couched in its covered. By compassion compassion well intentioned yes. And with zeal. Yes that's when you end up getting amber. That's really what's destructive because I mean think of this. There's a time we end the illegitimacy rate was lower in the black community that was in the white community that was that was a Michael late forties through the yes. Now we're at a point where the illegitimacy rate in the black community 70%. Now how did that happen well this was helped along. By people like Lyndon Johnson. And I don't know did this quote has been floating out there and I don't have any reason to doubt this it would not surprise me but here's. Supposedly quote that he said I won't have these in this voting Democrat for the next 200 years. These folks in in your rear right because I mean let's face it Lyndon Johnson was not what you call Renaissance man. There's an understatement. Up and and this is not so much today and richter. Period. This is not so much to denigrate him because again I don't want to get this caught up in personalities as much as it is ideas. What are the ideas the ideas of you know in any manner of speaking serving the Kool Aid to black people. Getting them to believe hey the government will be York caretaker. We and my message in what I believe in is empowerment. And it's it has to start with us as individuals and as families. And our families are destroyed. We're nowhere. You know whatever you wanna talk about economic issues. They all stem from healthy family relationships that's really the starting place. And when you say that I think of the the idea that. The kind of dovetails with the the Harvey Weinstein moment that we've had in the past year. How does is dovetail. We've seen we've seen Hollywood entertainment the entertainment industry whether it's music or videos or or what have you has been promoting for. 4050 years the idea of you know promiscuity is cool. And as you well know promiscuity. And a healthy family relationship. Cannot go hand in hand no. But that's the society that we live in because you mentioned the unwed. Birth rate in the black community is now 70%. Well it's now higher in the white community than it was yet. Forty years ago his wife is unity. So it's not just the black community did community that has suffered from this ideology. Yes and these programs. It's society as a whole. Exactly ends you know at the same time that we have these internal issues that we need to address nicely weakness within the community. These are decisions we have to make. Let's go back to the doctor king's stream. And the I have a dream speech what was his the core of this message. About coming to appoint a society. Where we don't judge people by the color of their skin but the content of their character that's the poll that the dream that. That was the dream and that's my passion for today unfortunately I feel like in society we've swerved from that. And now what we have is a what I would call an unhealthy racial consciousness. Any hostility toward whites somehow. Are blaming them. Whether it's for racism past Jim Crow things. Anne's. I think we've also elevated some of our minor experiences and I would call most of the minor by comparison. The things like being lynched and the other things. But we've tried to elevate those experiences to the level of our forefathers. I would not dream up anything in my life that I've experienced in terms or racism. Putting and on the same level of what my mom and dad experiences. But I think this is part of our cultural narcissus them we wanna you know a lot of people feel the need we've got to show were part of the struggle war what is the struggle. You know if that goal ist is equality of the goal is to honor character over color. Let's move that way I'm concerned and and that's my concern here in 28 team. Is we're moving away from it and were moving away from it because we've got a leadership and a culture. That is embracing a message of I would say yeah hyper racial consciousness. And frankly it also. Seeps into racism is it begins to go into racism and gleaming white people. And being naturally suspicious of white people just because they're white. And that's just not healthy and vice Versa. As it and it's and in can I add this about white people in and especially because we do talk about politics a lot on the program. There is a profound tone deafness. In an and I am and I'm speaking as conservative in Republican circles. On these issues. I think they have a brilliant opportunity. But the sad thing is they're not interested. They're not interest in and addressing issues like this and to do that. It's gonna start with and mayor what I said earlier about my experience is one he's one of the reasons I said that mark is because. I and and there are a number of things that are caused me come to this place but I'm a lot more conscious of the fact that. My own perspective is my own perspective other people may have different experiences. And I need to be careful that I at least can empathize with people on their level. As opposed to. Trying to get them to adopt my perspective. It you don't. Every everybody's got a different experience so if they feel like they've experienced something I at least need to empathize with them as human beings. And we're talking of Vince Coakley from WBT here on the Martin Luther King holiday weekend on Carolina focus on your host mark Thomas. I guess one of the back to something that you also said about you were you referenced the individual. Being taken as an individual and doctor king's statement of judge someone not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Groups can't have character. Only individuals can rights so I think in Ed in in an oblique way he was stating we need to treat everybody as an individual. But what you've been saying and what I've said you know the black community. Yet whites yes these are grouped firms they are this reflects a collective missed mentality. That. To me seems to permeate. Society. As a white noise. We I mean think about it we don't think that you know we talk while you know the black community what we committed there really isn't any such thing as a black community there are black people. And there are black community tees there are black community teaser rate. But to say that there is one monolithic. Right black white Hispanic community. It's. It just as doesn't exist yes you have individuals as Doctor King stated it's the contents of your character. And character is an individual trait that possess based on as we said before. Our own individual experiences I can't speak for you. I can't speak for other white people because I haven't lived their lives and I haven't walked a mile in their markets and their rights. It's likely. Your your reaction yeah. Right on point because. That's where we've all got to be addressed as individuals and and this is where this is where the rubber hits the road art. And in this way constantly encourage people to view. Get to know your neighbors. Especially people who were unlike Q. Make it a point just to go visit and connect in item over to dinner you know. Inking each relates. Because I think this is where busy texting them up they have to 1000. I. Boy that's another way you don't you don't wanna go down that that rabbit trail mark as we well. But I have fun with that but I but I think that goes do you know the the problems that we have in this unity beat news. You know so many people are so hooked in to the social media yes which written individuals represent themselves and their communities. In a certain way that aren't necessarily representative of reality it's not reality that's not there they are New York for an. You're absolutely right and boy I can actually directions to go with that but let me try to stay focused on this. And how important it is that we related connect with. People on an individual will get to note note them relate to them. Aunts. This is really one of the skills and this goes beyond racial issue. Just USB and human beings and I think especially with all the technology described. People. Technologies crutch a good part of the Thai. It's agree placed high to meet little toy and you know what else we do with that I can't put electric train in my pocket but I got a Smart. We did the other thing we do with it is we use this to further. I guess perpetuate our ghettos. That we've locked herself are lower ourselves in cued by that I mean whatever. Philosophy that we embrace we tend to you know and some of this is healthy we wanna be around like minded people. How much of this though is us being around people who were just like us. And it's rather than. You know finding the diversity of people were unlike me and the value those people can ads in my life in me to others. That's that's valuing and the other part of that this is why individual. Is and to that extent is very healthy. Because. There's there's something every human being has to contribute and and that's something we all need to learn how to tap. And we're talking with. Vince Coakley here on Carolina focus Vince is host on WBT from ten to noon Monday through Fridays. And we're glad you could join us here Vince now in in talking about Doctor King. We've focused on what everybody focuses on when it comes to Doctor King. The racial aspect. Of news speeches of his. Directions. And his goals and desires. I mean misses you with venom I don't say we mailed this in a misnomer everybody goes. Correct correct okay opponent what to interaction with Doctor King. April 4 19671. Year prior to his murder. Two today. He made a speech at Riverside church in New York City and I don't know if you're familiar with that are not a lot of people art. But I wanna play a little just to be its 45 minute sermon that he gave. And I'm as one play a little bit of it to get the taste because the the title of it is why I opposed the Vietnam War. America has strayed to the fall hung trip. Our racism and militarism. Our own men are made in the image of long. All men broke him. All men are created equal. Ever in Manhattan right seventy equipment part time not arrive from the state they are brought given. What a mob foundation pioneer home. America strayed away. And goes on Netflix doesn't have brought only confusion. And bewilderment. It is time for all people of conscience that called upon America. Come back home. Come home America. And don't let anybody make you think. Car. Shows America is divine. Messianic. Full cost. And we need. I saw the policeman of the hole will. God absolutely outstanding the full off the nation's jobs met and see. These that I can hip hop saying to America. You look throughout America. That was 1967. In the US has been at war for the past sixteen years. All over the globe. Did his words there ring as true today as they did then the man. I gotta be honest with you. I've got a lot of changes in the last few years and in how to make very clear for one and justice conservative as I've always been ever since I was a teenager. By the way never been any Democrat never been made liberal. Just to get rid of those ideas that anybody behalf. And please don't try to imply that there are not liberal Republicans go have to. Don't wanna chase that rabbit right yeah exactly it. Doctor king's words there that's bad as a challenge well here and here's why I'm saying what I'm saying. There's a time as several years ago I might have taken issue with that those comments from Doctor King. I'm now at the point where. I fully embrace exactly what he said because I agree with it my wife mated to an observation based on you know how when you get on the plane. The plates and it makes the announcement you know what happens if you have a decompression. And you know this masks come down would they always tell you to do put chores on first and then the child or mirrors with you east Bakley. And that's exactly the message I communicated in fact. I'd never gone to one of these before but I remember. It was some sort of demonstration. Neo hoping we would not get involved in Syria maybe misses a couple of years ago. I was asked to come and me and anti war sort of thing and this was not from liberals this was from libertarian type conservatives. And here's where I'm going with this. I come to understand it and it was interesting because that's exactly what I said I use that Lou restoration. About putting our own mascot and and I said that in many ways I believe America is on life support. We've got internal. Issues that need to be healed and need to be addressed and they are not being addressed their being ignored and I'm gonna. And a lot of people by saying this. America was not made great by money. America was made great by the character of its people that character is eroding. And at the same time that that has been eroding we've read this this adventurism around the world. Of trying to save the world. Aunts and and pisses me in there so many iterations of this that manifest itself they manifest themselves in other areas in our lives as individuals to. But yes this is. This is going to be our undoing if we don't get this under control for instance while wished not only are we wasting money. And lives but were also at the same time we're bankrupting. The country. You know that the empire that wise only have to do is look at our friends across the pond. What do they used to say about the British empire sun never sets on the British empire exact what's the state of that country now. It's a shell of its former self and I believe that's where we are headed. We would do well to heed that warning from Dr. Martin Luther King because there is an and I know this is very offensive to some people. But this whole theme. And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being great we need to understand what is being Greek means you know making America great again it's agree campaign message. But if you believe the court what makes America great. Is money and that as long as we restore. Financially. And you know economically. But that was on record levels how this blame and I'm not come and those are great things let's rejoice in net. But we better deal with these internal issues. They will be our undoing and the money will not matter in fact I would contend later on. That money thing is going to later collapse if we don't get the internal things addressed. And I think there you know what they are they are distractions. All of these things are distractions. To keep us from focusing on really the most difficult things that are uncomfortable for us to DO look at ourselves in the Mir. Do we have a sense of arrogance I mean just. You know recently the comments from the president referring supposedly too as whole country's. What does that say. Well I mean I mean he's not alone in that I mean that we that we can go back and I can think of any number of politicians and leaders Madeleine Albright comes to mind. In during the Clinton administration saying how America stands taller and sees farther than other countries. I hear other people you know talking about American exceptional is and that we are the indispensable country. And I I hear this type of thing. And I think of the words of Doctor King were too arrogant. And then I think of how other people around the globe might look at the least and if a leader of another country stood up and made the statements that the United States leaders do. We'd be outraged. We would win we would be highly offended because we're the best. Well let me say something here but in defense of American exceptional as I do believe and it here's here's where this. But it's one of those terms that is divine individually. On an individual basis your definition is not yet he's the same as yes a thousand other people to use it. So we don't really have a defined term here but go ahead and and let me give you this. Part about American exceptional is and here's here's the key element that I think will put all of this in the context. I believe god has made divine Li made the United States of America exceptional for a purpose. That exceptional ism is not for the purpose of the resulting America. There is a aid divine purpose in that we've she is to serve. It ends I also believe at some point if we fail to function in that role. Then will be replaced. I mean that's that's something has to be understood and and that exceptional and has to be under Gerd by an understanding. That it said divine thing it's a manifestation of blessing something we have not achieved but something someone has blessed us with. That's gonna give us a humility. And if that humility is missing mark. It's poisonous. So you're saying it's not by works. That we prosper and be men. Anyone post yet I mean I think what is he going to go what guides that Israel he said he warned them. That they would get to a point in their prosperity that they would say look. What we did with our own hands. And you'll forget the lord your god who brought you and that is I've that's were I believe found Italy where we have gone we've forgotten. This I mean what is that America America guide did what shed his grace on thee. Grace what do you do to merit grace what are you don't have a gift how do you at least that the from the book I read how do you post. In flesh and end in accomplishments. And and and accomplishments. With grace Hugh don'ts all you can do is just give god glory and say thank you for what you provided. Even the words on the page of that constitution. And the words on the page that declaration of independence I look at that and I see while there's inspiration here. I don't think all aren't we special people. You know far be it from us to think that. And I think that's the point of Doctor King statement there that you know we haven't been appointed by god to be the policeman of the world. And because of our prosperity we think it's something that we've done. For others when in fact we're supposed to be doing it for a higher power. And the truth of the matter is I think much of our intervention if you look in history. It's self serving there are and I don't even think it's for America and Americans are for America. That's a conversation for another time. Vince Coakley with WB team you can hear him weekdays. Ten to noon on WBT action also WORD if you don't in the Greenville Spartanburg area. And what's the frequency there 10621063. Very good Vince Coakley we appreciate you being here are care. On a focus and hope you have a blessed weekend they use twelfth. Thanks for listening to Carolina focus on news 1110993. WPP. 1079 the link. 1025610. WFMC. Also available the podcast WGT dot com I'm your host mark Thomas thanks for joining us. You were listening to Carolina focused on 1110993. WPP. 107 and I'm willing. 1025610. W I have been easy it's also available for podcast WGT dot com I'm your host mark Thomas and as you probably well know. The Carolina Panthers at the end of the season. Are going to be going up for sale was announced by Jerry Richardson a few weeks ago and now the panthers' season is over. And both Thompson from WBP spoke with both former governor Pat McCrory and US senator Tom tell us about the sale of the Carolina Panthers. Thomas Davis was talking about Richardson who was in the locker room after the game and then. Flu chief glee who was no tearing up as he was talking about and the end of the Richardson error and so that not only is it the end of the season. Temporary it's the end of an era for the Panthers. So this side Jerry brought the team to Charlotte where it'll help from a lot of people including by the way city government at the time Charlotte city government. Which people don't realize what they put in. Salmon county government put in round 65 million dollars to. Put the land together for the football stadium that the band PS owners. Invested in and Jerry's gonna get a good return on that investment lot of enjoyment was brought Charlotte from the same time. He's gonna make a couple of billion dollars office investment from the sad news is. He's. Asking for the biggest bitter to by the team. We know no requirement that this team stay in Charlotte. That this team stay an existing stadium. He's asking for the most money that he can get for this NFL football franchise and this team will go to the highest bidder. We know move based upon articles that there's a Charlotte. Group that is gonna bid for the team the question is how many other groups will bid for the team through. According to a paper New York investment firm that's taking all the bids but. From all indications. The Richardson family who owns 45% the team. Is gonna take the largest bid they canned we've no requirements that the team stay right here in Charlotte or stay in the football stadium. That the taxpayers did help put there because the taxpayers did put. The land together and and the and the fans. Put in the PSL money to build the stadium so it's gonna be some unrest in politics. What were the governor Cooper say regarding state contributions to possibly new stadium. What will tell Scarborough the chairman of the county commission say won't O'Meara Carlyle said it. Because each of these look rather very Liberal Democrats have talked about other priorities for government. Priorities of affordable housing I don't think they're gonna convert these suites in the football stadium into affordable housing. The current governor right now got elected saying we are gonna give corporate tax cuts or corporate giveaways. Really say that he will help with state money for a corporation. Very interesting changing dynamics. And I predict that all three levels of politicians at the county state and local level. He is quiet as long as they can and not answer many questions and that's already happening today. Formal way people see we're talking. It's going to be interesting dynamics of politics the other big issue will be at the state level whether or not the state. Would contribute to a new football stadium and that's something that the new governor Coopers and have to discuss in addition to the house and senate leaders Republican and Democrat. And it's kind of interesting coalitions when it talks thus subsidizes sports. There's some consensus and yet there's also some hypocrisy on both sides. Well that's exactly right I you know look I have that the F Panthers remember our continue to be the Carolina Panthers you all remember a couple of years ago. We had an offer the Panthers were targeted as one of the Los Angeles expansion teams fortunately now Los Angeles has two teams Nevada has attained. So hopefully we're not talking about them moving and and really just become and that the great institution that they are in this area lets people need to understand the economic impact that today. NFL franchise has on it on and on our region and there's a number of different reasons we need to keep them here but I think we can fall short of spending a billion dollars on a stadium or something like that that's not something I'd be inclined to support. In fact I think he knew about this but when I was governor my first or second year when you were speaker Jerry Richardson along with a whole coalition of people came to my office. And they may have came talk to you to believe they did. And said we like that contribution for the new updates of the football stadium in. I politely said no because at the time you and I we're dealing with a tremendous deficits no teacher pay raises for six years. Medicaid overspending we were in tough financial shape when I was governor. And you were speaker of the house and our goal was to rebound North Carolina and and get these deficits dealt with the I had to say no to Jerry Richardson and it was a very very tense conversation. Did you have the same kind of conversation. We again and I and I just told mr. Richardson if there are things that. That were improving infrastructure that the broader base of people could benefit from I was OK with that but not putting taxpayer dollars into the stadium I wanted to put. Taxpayer dollars back in the pockets of Panthers fans who can afford to go to the game not necessarily diverted to the infrastructure so I think that's. A million new issue for governor Cooper and he's he like most politicians who is trying to stall any type of input on what his. Standing would be and sooner or later they're gonna go to Phil Berger and and also the speaker so that's going to be interesting. You are listening to Carolina focus on news 111099. WBT. 1079 the link. 1025610. W happens he. And it's also available to podcasted WBT dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas in so glad you could join us here once again on the program this morning it's. Heading into that kind time of year where we have a number of things going on. With the Charlotte hornets and one of the things that they do I guess this is not the first year I'm not sure exactly how many years this has been we're gonna find out. From Betsy Mack who is the director of corporate social responsibility of hornets foundation. It's time for your annual. Second harvest food bank drive welcome Betsy. And how many years have you been doing this. At the week started in 2014. So this is our fourth here were really excited about it. And this is a way for people to help Bob because I know a lot of times between Thanksgiving and Christmas there are a lot of food drives donations and new ways for people to give back to the community. And sometimes we think OK it's January 1 our job is done. But what people have needs in the community. All year round. Absolutely you know looking at second harvest food bake as. Actual Friday one and five children are at risk. A hunger every day and almost. 630000. North Carolina households that don't have enough food to eat so we're really excited to partner with food lion in second harvest. Two are really deep something to help alleviate that hung. And it's it's one of those things like you say disaster for sheer going into this. It's. It's a way that people can give back and also benefit little bit as well this that there is an incentive to donating to this particular program. It there is yet. Sell for anyone who donate time a food item. Or three dollars in cash which equaled the food item as well. They can enter a sweepstakes to win four at lower levels feet to hornet game against the Indian papers on February packet. So that's the incentive for people to to donate. Is it one of these things now you're you're doing this can you donate it or you don't at the games but can do donate outside the games as well. Well absolutely Philip annual want to donate outside of the games. We encourage that is well you can get offended you or. Your check or cash to Charlotte hornet. You can make the attention to myself back he actually look at it. You know entered in the right I didn't. EU and treated pretty weak state or can come check it out at imported games we have the cable right outside action when helpful are. And we have a whole. Construction it with designed by a gallon architecture firm it's really great at the end can come and take a picture. It had to eat the whole structure that was built out of can't ever donated as well. And so it's really some then you're you're trying to make it fun as well how much how much have you raised over the years we've all this. Yeah actually you know since 2014. It spent about. 40000 pounds last year alone we raised. About 6000 pounds. So we're really excited for this year you know really tried to our ramp up that numbered amount of really helped. A lot of that community needs an effort. And it's really mostly obviously non perishables you don't want somebody to bring had to let us. And drop it into the that's not gonna work. And we do not. But yes we are asking for only nonperishable food items they and you know if you don't have time to go grab against paper something that no problem. Three dollars and politics he'll give me tentative feet stake but obviously. You know whatever talent able to get open a ticket to use that put it towards alleviating hunger. At any idea how many people are going to end up being in this drawing. What are what are what are my odds by donate my cans of soup I mean it's it's not like powerball lowers you know one in 200 and some million visit. Yeah you know that's a good question that I've never been out diet is made to the opposite I think that I hope the odds are terrible bit. Accurately donate that we just all part of this. Great effort to alleviate hunger. Good answer good answer bets that he may act we appreciate that but what do I know what else does you're the director of corporate social responsibility for the hornets foundation. What does that mean and what does the hornet's foundation do I mean we all know we got a basketball team. Absolutely absolutely what's with the foundation about. Yeah well we look at different ways to give back in the community. You know getting our players involved in back begin. Different opportunities our main focuses are obviously the hunger area that out though. Oh wellness and military an education felt you know I eighteen we are definitely looking differently that we can really involve our players our team Marbury and organization in the community to helped build act. African really you know move the needle line making an impact. And you've again you've got your second harvest the food bank annual food drive. To dunk hunger as you say. And that's gonna go through it's it just started and how long is this gonna run. It will go to who February 1. So I took great personal take and try to name for the February 2 game. And again you can donate at the games or if you want to if someone wanted to make a donation where would they go to drop off. Because I know in in my background I know a number of people that. Have been in the food business. And sometimes they get things that our excess and over Jews and that sort of thing where would where would somebody take puts in a boarding they wanted to buy a case of beans or something like that one of the club. Club stores where would they deliver that it. Did actually because deliberate right the arena 333 east trade street she. And make widgets to let them know that is for the dunk hunger food dry. Attention Q backing act or not will heal and get it in the right place. And edit it but there in the name on there and contact information can reach out to baton to again add to them into the sweepstakes. But yep all the nations can be dropped out to be here Reno or mailed to the arena as well. Betsy Mac. We appreciate you being here on Carolina focus and good luck let's hope you set a record. In donations this year on your dump hunger campaign for second harvest food bank. Wonderful thing about our. There was a shooting at police headquarters on Friday morning. As a result one man was killed and one officer was wounded. Cheaper and addressed the media in a press conference almost immediately after the shooting. We had we will try and division. Crime reduction unit officers. And probation and parole officers. Here. In our parking lot. About to breeze to do I totally unrelated. Operation. As they were briefly out in the parking lot. Suspect homicide suspect from earlier today that we've been looking. Why I should be older in. And basically ambush. Our office. Our officers. We shot one. On life threatening issues from injuries at this time. Receiving treatment at hospitals. Our officers and probation returned fire or the suspects. Transported. To the hospital and is now deceased. There's always heard this is the very beginning of our investigation did you paralleling the the shootings obviously label and then in turn. It's a complex thing. Multiple agencies involved. That is pretty much. We have. We'll entertain questions. Information. Is pretty much what I just told. C ambushes. And shot out. It's about all this stuff. Conversation after receiving. I don't know. Again I have no way of knowing which had a crystal ball. There's just not realistic for me to have all that information. We're trying to see if we have any footage on camera at this point we're not having a lot of law. As far as Marty warned camera right now when you've been ambushed you're gonna think to turn on the camera. Don't even know who are able to capture any of that. It's obvious. We're looking for a here's here's what I'll tell you. Times like this. Make you appreciate the people who voluntarily put their lives on the line to keep us. Unfortunately. Some people use that against. Anything else. I'm I don't know. Not a bad imagine. Six or eight maybe. We don't know that he. Has yet to be determined. Oh if they choose for a weekend we know multiple rounds were fired at officers you know offices. Just a public building. We're gonna have to think about how we cannot keep ourselves safe within. As far as the parking lot or somebody will say ambush one of us they can do have virtually anywhere. Again. I would hope we be a little bit more thankful about the officers who do this war. Because this kind of close and your perspective this a dangerous job that everybody is willing to do those who do. Would that be a part of such a profession where people willingly put their lives at risk like this. Don't know yet. One of the Calgary. I don't know that those details. We just know really I just know vehicle was found safe yesterday. Yes. When I can say is the offices in good spirits given what this officer has been through. We'll give you more details about who exactly that is we're sure. All those he tells you. All right thank you represent. Chief but neither enjoined boat Thompson and former governor Pat McCrory on WBT. This morning. Shooting. And the police headquarters parking lot last night in uptown Charlotte where a murder suspect opened fire on cops. Who returned fire killing 23 year old Jonathan Bennett. Who allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend earlier in the day 23 year old Brittany white was found dead inside the residence. The couple's infant daughter was gone taken by Bennett. The police say she was later found unharmed. A police officer. Wounded in the leg last night expected to be okay. We bring on the line right now the chief of police in Charlotte Mecklenburg we heard him address the media last night about 12:30 or this morning about 1230. And he is with us now chief Kerr Putney good morning sir. Are you I appreciate you being here I'm doing okay I'm here with former governor and mayor Pat McCrory before we get to anything further what can you update us on what's the latest. Since we last heard from you. What will be put some more information out here truly bow. The name of the officer. Casey will be talked about how long he's been on and that kind of thing just the normal information. We're still moving down the road with the investigation. Looking at all possible video. And just trying to piece it all together and make sense of everything that's happened and we continue to. Keep the off and our prayers and also pray for the family of the disease we got to know that. Everybody has been impacted this is this is a pretty big incidents and won't last but it didn't have a more tragic outcome. But she via I think that's an excellent comment to make their a lot of victims in this is this the families of the police officer shot I'm sure worried. The family of fellow officers and also by the family of the victim and that portal girl won't have parents at this point in time for the rest of her life and our prayers need to be with her. Did this man get out of his car when he began shooting or did he stay in his truck. Again I can't get him to only all these pills are well right now he was not in the vehicle at the time that the shots were fired Islam is the evidence that we're seeing. Are there any actions I know when I used to ride with you many many years ago the police would meet in the parking lot around the lobby here one of the copper surged before they go out at night. And I noticed you had other officers including probation officers there what was the rule was where they out to coordinate activities for arrests that night. Well the ordering of our operations. And related. Depart we do all over the city. This could have been any parking lot. I think guard you can say unfortunately but actually fortunately it happened here what we had quite a number of officers. And dumb it just awhile awakens us to the reality of the dangers that come along with this job so. I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about in. And just thank the officers for their heroism last night it was gone. And I can't wait until the whole story comes up because there's a lot to be proud probably the opposite behaved even though this is a tragic situation. Well one thing I agree with viewers or your patience because I'd like to ask ask more details about. The deet tails but one thing we've learned with police shootings is. We need to be patient to find out their real story before people jump to conclusions. So are absolutely what we need to be patient for is so that we can get the facts. We wanna make sure that everything we say is absolutely supported by evidence in fact. We don't wanna go any motion that is an emotional Tom obviously he said Lotta loss on all sides. Just prequel that the also will continue to kill and everybody will move through it but. It's a tough time and now we just ask a little bit of patience so that we can get the real story and all the facts out where everybody can see exactly transpire. One more story if there's an official record of this and you can talk about it the the person the victim who was shot. And killed did he have previous arrest records is turning war you can tell us about him. Where's or anything beyond domestic violence that he had been involved within the past. Let them we honestly you'd this is. This is the human story. People like to talk about numbers in and everything else in people's history but I spoke with the far. And I can tell you he's a good man. He's heartbroken. And what I'm not gonna do vilify anybody in this in this situation is an awful loss on all sides I'm just theory. Thankful as I think this community should be for the quality of opposite nick Albert people we have working here. And I'm glad that. We got out of this with let injuries are officers feeling. She's we're blessed she's so you all if I happen to know critter like me holes that I could be is in our business she is so. We got a lot to be thankful for that also. We've got to make sure we keep in context the amount of loss that we've all suffered here. You know old battle loss and we're very fortunate also that there wasn't more loss and may be thankfully you error occurred in that parking lot where other officers to defend each other. And only agree it's it's a blessing and a curse on it shows us too though I talked to the officers who work a lot. We got to do better to make sure they are safer. If this were something that happened during the day at a public building we just got to be more awful about how we. Insure the safety of our people who keep what they can put their life so log on line and that's part of what we're doing right now today assessing how we can make it safer. But at the end of the day there isn't in her it inherit. Dangers that come along with the job and I'm proud of the people who. Put themselves on the line and sacrifice to make sure our cities like. Well listen I'm sure you've been up all night you've got to communicate with the public and also would your own police officers and I'm sure you're gonna. Help help the police officer in their family and also the victim and her family and I commend you talking to the father because. There are a lot of people heard there are all Brothers and sisters and mom and dads out there that are RB in them impacted by this terrible terrible. Occurrence. But for now they address. Eventually we got to correct young people. That they can talk their way out accomplished you don't have to grapple weapons. You don't have to put other people's lives in danger and I'm just thankful that the caliber of officer and people that we have here. Working pristine beauty in this city issue all school and do everything they can't make it safe. Chief but you always come on no matter what's happening I appreciate it quite certain. Thanks for listening to Carolina focused on news 1110993. WP team. 1079 the length. 125610. WS Lindsay is also available to podcast WPP dot com I'm your host mark Thomas. Thanks for joining us and until next time he well.