Marty Hurney talks new Panthers interim GM role and looking ahead


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And now it's very crazy Monday afternoon CNN com made from the stadium in essence I can it main winless stretch and on Tuesday and Tuesday afternoon and I met and it it was. There I was there for maybe overnight hours so he did did you know when when you. When you meet with somebody who you've known in you know how they ain't getting any note how hot are. And eat they eat obviously you know they they were looking for somebody to come into an interim basis since. And we're all on the same page so I have an act quickly the Monday after it's Tuesday afternoon and then. Ever since then then Jim it's been a blur I mean did kind to come and and catch up then and everybody's been terrific guy have gotten that under attack. But. It's just you realize you know this morning you wake up near allies. There we go again that's a lot of work. It's a lot of work to do in a short period of time soaps for you log back in that building of course I know through the years of stepping contact to remove the coaching staff has to ask out being is there anybody who works there they'll know you're there how did it still to come back in as an employee once again for the press conference yesterday you know they are backing when both feet. Why would veteran Iranian you lucked into the building and and come aboard the right back come and it just call. Should get big idea you know there's there's so many people that are still here grade you nowadays. It does make it easier it certainly wasn't legend. A case where he had to get two. Introduced in and figure out when you're gone by it's still a little strange coming back you know for the job five years later. So how do you go now as. Being general manager interim basis as it is to being able to prioritize what first now is you get ready for training camp next week I know there's contracts in the snapped just personnel decisions that'd be may when nine the guys that had trimmed down. Over the next few weeks well what's Canada the top of the list priority wiser you get back into the stock. First play you know I sat down they did some yesterday afternoon Dodik and dazed sat down our whenever. The roster and and it won't meet with whipped dog that department heads and scouts shouldn't end basic coming guides are still. You know didn't make the end of vacation come away with trying to change according Tuesday but I've talked a lot of people by phone trying to two. Just get a feel where we are in the age department. And you just go to dated date gender in a you know there's going to be decisions wanting you know there's decisions every day in this business because I think. Right now an airport or just trying to slow things down a little bit and and and not just. Make sure that date we have a very good field change before we make decisions on our Russian ain't saying you know go our little. Going quickly. But you also note that that's the page in this business so it's supply lines. You have to make sure you were not Russian made bad decisions but you also. But you have to make decisions in a timely manner. And you mentioned yesterday obviously there was great success while you were there but you've also learned from having done this once before from some of the mistakes whichever one makes an obviously Dave Gelman got a great job and made some mistakes and that's why he's not here what do what in particular when you look back. If as you come back a second time now do you look at it through a different lens as far as not being kind of avoiding those mistakes from the first time. Well I mean did it again had said yes same areas hit it it's trying to take the emotion out of it as much as possible and being very analytical and you know there's been a lot of attention to this salary cap part and I got to make sure don't go the other way and let that debt diet. Depth perception. And get their because we did sign a lot of players. And you know what can yesterday afternoon and and I thought I was told Dave you know mayor where where. Where were probably over the salary cap for 2000 making less so what's happened here first day. I don't doubt it being so that it's a tough start telling me that's up by. Eight interest and make sure there's certainly you know when you start it will get a lead give players and sign good players. That's gotten me that dictates they you know you're you're gonna have the ability salary cap so you have to make sure you eat just make analytical decision and besides captain aid is not about me it's not about somebody you. Who it's not about negotiations and it's about personnel decisions and that's what we have to do it. Is that are priority in and reciting the right players and England football game. So Greg Olsen and Tom Davis the Thomas Davis have been mentioned but they're not feeling too right as far as things that you may or may not do in terms of looking at contracts you've got others like trade turner around the corner so there there are some big names in big priorities coming out here fairly shortly. Yeah I mean you know that that haven't been in Greg obviously there are so Bible but it. Seven change you here but try to turn. Yeah well you know what our guards. Reagan contracts up in a year or so obviously that's one of the the guys we have that Gretchen. Again I have to sit down and just did get out get a full idea. The other resort we are right now. And in the process of doing that but I haven't I haven't gotten it yet. You're title is interim G down. But it in essence isn't our doll all 32 in around me is that light the night to try to go day by day week by week in the south. You know by. Yet if it is she just you know the job Jen you gotta win game and he had these successful but. This good job word you know that a rarity I come into doubt the orientation. I know a lot of people in and out folks on training camp trying to win games this season. Down the road after that he focused on targeting and developing cane dates but I right now it's all about trying to get ready can't sit there report on Tuesday. So part of it is at some point you'll start targeting identifying candidates for a full time job. Our age are you open to the idea just the thought of but I UB one of those candidates if you don't know that today but would you least leave that door open is a possibility in a few months. You know Jim they're I don't look I don't look that way where I mean not I just sit there at that job is to come and and and get ready for the season and then helped tighten next. General manager and that's the way I approach it then you know he delegated day and that's just against Glavine and eighty you have to go day today capped. To do things that they you have to do get to do your job correctly and I'd at this point I'm not looking past this afternoon much less. She should. You're so passionate about this here is so great personnel assume what you do not just reliving but it's what she's it's in your blood. Was it difficult first few years not doing that not being able pick up the phone works trades do that for a living. I don't I would say it would that he had ever may be a little bit and it it it didn't senior laden Indy dudes stay attached by. It is not so organized they're be able lockdown. How Harris teeter and not have some great agents I mean it. It it's you know it's great it's a different it's a different. My stock it's a different. You're your your your polling until it and it is is she your career it's your life been as a lot that goes with it and you know this step back in and have time which your kids can enjoy your family. That would like to do so. You missed some. I think I didn't realize how much admit it it would you walk through those doors came letters go to yesterday. Obviously have a different feeling to go you know the stomach started churning. Start slow and and I didn't have I had had that bill and five year should ballots back in and they did yeah I'm ready to go. Competitive pressure OK final question Marty let's get to work there is obviously it's your first full day back to work their overall and you'll get into details about the whole roster and they've been doing that already do you like this team as you go to camp are you pretty well satisfied with what you bring and champ personalized. Sure that your holly brook and again and again you are separate church they each made these particular look at that they shore up. Step wise it fit for not denounce and there are some sort of shall be looking forward. This isn't the time near Jim that there is a lot of players out there by yards it ought to be prepared. Yep that's your emergency responder on the campus are you get injuries are numbers watch practiced. To visualize this part from the right numbers but Benny just start doing your list as far as. You know guys down the road there might be able to help. That's why easier choir and yet they're they're released dirt about trade show your eyes looking at had applicable to. Very general Marty would appreciate your time obviously an incredibly busy time for you'll see you back to work there at the stadium but thanks and a great to hear your voice again by the way I look forward to chat with the training camp next week. Thanks thanks Marty her name Panthers interim general manager. And is that interest in guys because you think about the fact that it's we do fantasy football and we are excited about this and that. He makes decisions it was a Harris teeter you've.