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845. On 9/11. 845 where were you. But 9/11 845 between American Airlines flight eleven from Boston crashed in the north tower of the World Trade Center. That you Hanlon vice president general manager of undercount Charlotte including WB two UW fans you know link is witnessed here today 845911. 2001 where were you and good morning scat and thanks thanks for having me on and congratulations on. On the shows that just has great. Thank you leak led the way you bring in wonderful topics to. The city Charlotte and to the people the match coach Ehrlich and I think there's been terrific so thank you thank you appreciate the opportunity and I am a I am I a New York. New Yorker. And by. Rule out there and say it twenty years in Manhattan. And down 9/11 I was in midtown assortment for AOL Time Warner weakest merged. And you know. Business wise would that gentleman just called that tornadic he has yet in his first time for that expression but that's a big business deal with dale well. Time Warner was tornadic. And any yes on 38 street news one of the most you know the priest is a year. And some exit date you know as the meetings those meeting. And some exit via a plane hit Howard like it deals with thoughtless. Yeah Ellis propped up that market which which would be. Ludicrous. On a daily that it if they you know that in incomprehensible. Why a real thought that it just as it was Gord it's just that we never the one before that moment. About something all I'd Middle East never entered a world world or news supplies. Well news political and religious strife in the Middle East northern iron under that's what our news was who's Luis is always. About tragedy outsourced around the world we'd never in toward year outside of you know. Pearl harbors right fear was there a fear wasn't here. And so that was probably the biggest change and it took it and you know it'll read like a light switch guys you know people will read about it like that they've changed it was an. He says as long as it you know we're in years sixteen. In any mean people look for. It was of people Ivan no kids that are grown up to their active they have no clue at all what we went through how much you personally I'm I'm sure he had been obviously you were in New York City a lot of friends and throughout the security did you lose and for an idea again. My twin brother was and now are one he was coming out that at the net he was in the tower he's in the area. So he was coming out of the path train which and goes into the base in. Of the of tower one and the path train runs from teachers see under the Hudson River to New York City. And and it runs a ten tickets to the world trade center of twenty thirds. And so indeed my twin brother was just coming up the escalator. And there there where police with guns drawn and as according people to one specific. Door he only could see was debris whose line although it's just. It is raining from its guide the reigning. Debris you know objects. And so he went outside city island every but he noticed everybody across the street was looking up. Packet is at our building. And he went join them in the deputy said it would look like it was a hole in the building the size of football. Yen and so you know pandemonium in the alike in and you know a lot of the tail all the phones went and all of communications were cut off but instant messaging stayed and I actually stayed on with him instant messaging and we have. That. Descriptive. And while. Saying you am idea system. That's me talking insane hate it get out you know is our condensate the second terrorist. You know we're are in now in a month 38. And we are near the Empire State Building which is rumored to be it next. And so everybody's running from there. Again it weird. Beautiful day. You can see smoke in the southern tip of Manhattan. But you know you kind of in denial surreal if we really existed in place you know. And we take awhile I mean you know people forget. You know after that it was. It please you know people again Easton man well. That. I was senator. At that time. Working in the Time Warner building and we were evacuated for it's. Later yet between 9/11 and and ten elevenths we were evacuated fort time. What do you Matthew Hanlon vice president and general manager intercom Charlotte was is what is your today. We we know a lot of the stories of the of the responders and house sick many of them have gotten. The the morning by the family members but there's some stories. That have been kind of bubbling underneath the surface that really haven't been killed in two. And that's some of the psychological trauma that some people went through it in and you know about this stuff. Sheer only because I had so many friends down on Wall Street and you know and and we did buried eight people that we know. Between brother. And from high school. And a month ago. And next door neighbor. In Hmong actors you know we can see. The that test the dust rained on our home. Well again and so. My brother Randy was the subject of a and and CNBC. Special they followed them back from his ass and month whether to. To his job on Wall Street there were tanks on history. She found him back. And and he he was stuffed up he got covered in the white stuff and so for you for months he's coughing up. You know he sounded different you know incentives like the editors are tomorrow Australia and then hand and ultimately you know he he need help. Without question you know and you know. Kiki as he wouldn't you know a lot of people went through a lot of things that they just didn't expect them than 50% of the guys on Wall Street went up in rehab or divorced and you know. A par or are both right and it is to know how to process. Yes self medication and a right got to get summit to I mean it was it's a high wire act anyway. Well. The the biggest takeaways. For you from that day in the days that followed after that besides the realization that we can be afraid here. What was a pretty. By far and away the silver lining of New Yorkers coming together and respecting each other as a result of being on the wrong end of a common problem. And whereas. You would walk up eighth avenue and bomb people after that you've got out of their way it helped people across the street. You're nice to people. Things changed and I wish our country would not forget where we weren't banned. Now. Too many people don't know which is why we can never let people forget which is why we have memorials. On days like today so that this never never seeps into two part of history not too far in that rearview mirror it becomes. Vital. Two are very lifeblood as a matter. We continue the breaking bad news is on the way this is news eleven tennis dot net three WB two.