Mayor Pro Tem Vi Lyles Wins CLT Mayoral Primary, Charlotte City Council Major Upsets

Scott Fitzgerald
Wednesday, September 13th

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Judge wake up to us shocked feeling. Your world is turning upside down. Or is it time to go to let my party city is open by goes blank and those are things that you upload from your celebrating. That I'm serious it's time to celebrate and there was a lot of books and maybe even 704570. He loved it how have. We are you that we're not gonna have a reaping good it's not gonna be like the New England Patriots were again we've got mayor Roberts. It's not going to be the case at all and I know that there has to be some folks who welcomed this morning and they heard the news and somewhere in the back of their mind this song. Hard to play. Cisco. Hate speak to Lou. I love her but I need Putnam. Rivet is this is a toll clip politically correct your to a please some images on yet news' Erica that's enough flying monkeys witches. Mentions. A 7045711. To why does go down. And there's a theory that is growing around here and I I tend to give it some credence here is that it's because Joseph floor. Joseph floored who was the wing man here. Did you really want oh and Agassi probably would've taken it but guess what I think that his job. Was to sharpen his teeth. And make Jennifer Roberts look as bad as she possibly could. You hear that seven report 57 of 1110 and that's how I think things went down. Jennifer Roberts. Didn't want a good campaign. I don't think she addressed a single issue that was important to me in a way that I actually believed. What it is that she had to say. None of them did they else kinda say the same thing we're gonna make you shape we're going to build we're gonna have Roche were not to pay for roads were gonna have affordable housing. Both sides now is so we look at via Lyles and Kevin Smith two worlds compare and contrast some of their positions on things and what's your take on this do you think that to the vial by Lyles actually has chance to win news. Or are there Republicans can finally go you know what. This is our opportunity. We didn't think we had a chance against Roberts because of the machine the chief has been kinder. You know the Hillary likes stuff. But now there's a real opportunity for change and Pat McCrory right he was. He was a last Republican mayor first Republican mayor in a long time wasn't. I'm an idiot I need to get the landscape on this you have no I'm working on my research so that. By the time this actual election rolls around you can ask me some questions and I'll be able to have to be intelligent about it which is why electing him Mark Garrison to join us here in a couple of minutes because he's been in this town this too long long time he's going to be what is tonight fifteen that's awesome. I know we had to wake you month and a poke him in the ability couldn't come at a billion get out of bed and join this year but I'm looking forward to that because I'm tired feeling it was a bit surprised when this all came down. He he put together a couple of pieces for the news yesterday that that it found to be fascinating so what we'll probably hear those. Better off just to get it right out of his or his mouth. It's game going into my Lyles the other reason that some folks around here think that you won is that less dogmatic right. Didn't seem to have that extreme edge didn't seem to be looking are digging for doing that that far far left them in that there was anti thought here in town. Who they go for. Certainly not connection. Don't think so until Ford either I think they would've all been firmly in the camp but Jennifer Roberts. She was pleasant. Throughout this whole thing and I I think three people even use the words over the phrases she was the adult in the room. Avoided. Real conflict. And it looked like he even hand. It's she answered questions. Seemed to be a certain amount of respect. For all of us. Not just who she seemed to thinker who could could be. And are presented as her base. I didn't get the feeling that she was completely pandering to the black community. It was us open there for everybody behind. So it's going to be a tight tight race here I have a feeling. I have a feeling that when they're broken down to it we're not gonna be looking at a sweep any sort of you know 921 score. And everybody getting on base. Things going to be a tight race and I'm looking forward to a much better than it would event if. Bill Roberts. Of against anybody. Giving tennis. Just because I don't go there for the quarter up put up with her TV commercials anymore dear god I'm glad that those things have gone. So break and that part garrison could join us we'll talk about the other race. Judge Jim Puckett did join us to get his take on this as well as what he thinks is that correct route to go to get Amazon to come here. Charlotte celebration that got news elevenths and that he had freedom BBC thank virgin that was a democracy and I'm seventeen as you tell. Commuters waking up. You may or may not be shocked to no that's Roberts is out. Mayor Robertson lost via primary bit of idolize and look I wanna get us. A local person's take on the Smart gears and you've been around this town for a long long time and I appreciate your insight and you were busy covering this yesterday. What one of the things that struck me was that that Roberts seemed to be so focused on national issues like trying to beat. You know big to Washington as opposed to being important to us here in Charlotte that was gonna take away for you to. Oh yeah in fact I think. And it's not exactly politically correct to say it. But that you let LG BT right. And I think he came back a biter. Especially when she was kind of bizarre with that for example. She was the first to come out and say hello to renamed Stonewall street. And then ended debate she goes well though maybe not because Stonewall mean something different to the LG BT community right. Million Arnold conservative and I don't think that played hurt. Well. If it would have been a quiet. Hey I like LG BT which I think you went too far and an HB two obviously limited to big giant issue altogether endo. I don't think anybody liked her as a result of how battle down. Know exactly beer there is a lot of feeling I think among voters that she. Force the issue and called the whole HP CO2 mask. And also it was interesting last night Eva I have you're you know per quick vote more remote like she lost. She was very fast also true love blamed jolt forward. Four and bring up all the criticism against her on that they're shooting my next year in the riots. Her campaign manager record that privately going yeah there is just too much he mocked god. And the feeling that she had blown it but that was a widespread feeling. It here and it's politics everything's very taken gloves off and you go for what will work right. I mean it works I get worked if she was also was not really somebody that I believe was a very well known. And being collaborative and by Lyle seems like she might become a person who will be able to or shake hands on both sides. Yeah yes if he'd been our government appears during you know if you lose an assistant city manager budget director she's very low key. There's going to be here real style difference here because I is very polished you know candies met. Not being kind he comes across like a member of the wall example and it could be a thick southern accent did you let go Hutton. And you know I. Heat it's easy to work on his graphic. Base I think he got it I think he's in trouble. You're gonna be coaching him on this archer has probably got asked us obviously you know all about it here does he have a chance slip Guyton give me I've represented jobs you think that he has a beaten by. Yes we got a chance. Certainly. He'll have some South Park money in some. Well heeled Republicans but by will take all of Jennifer's support. You have to remember Charlotte voter registration is heavily democratic. She will bring out the black vote very strongly yeah and I. He may beat him by the same margin that. She beat. Would be mayor about tempo I think people be more excited to vote for her than they were for Jennifer Robertson mark Harrison. Of course Charlotte's six wheel of a big deep dive into this whole situation mode when he joins us later on today let's go to a county commissioner Jim pocket or get your take on things here we are you surprised at all. What happened to Jennifer Roberts. Oh horrible but I also filed by a bitter as well as much as she did at a much the Bob Bieber Jennifer. China became afloat for your. But then she noble promised. And her problem was she went out there and she's. Yes the rebel member of the doesn't social does that and so you can build social if you want to be when you start video of people pocketbook. The folks who support throughout counseled the turn and look for someone else Leno but you're about Lyle was. But then no the problem was gonna pull one out there and she did page be true but then if you're coming up law the governor. And the legislature and Tibet backed away from work and Archie doesn't do anything with the formal Calvin and all the other issues so all the things you without there have been no radical about. Both folks she didn't deliver pretty limited and bow wow you know supports those issues but she didn't have that radical states. That billion that you have business community. They have a little afraid of and so I think that they vote no you know. And then you know we've weakened support that they are the folks who supported the dirt or social which you don't think what you've done your world suitably broad ripple right yeah they're failures she's not the end of drove. I'm not at all by I'm not surprised you born but I am so proud that you want news they usually get and what. Yeah I'm Kenny Schmitz gonna have a that's going to be a big hill to climb because seem to me with a primary. He was running against Roberts as opposed to running against anybody else in the primary so be. The tone I think is gonna have to change because the arrows that worried his quiver argued to be sharp for the same reasons. If you Metropolit in a lot I could certainly a friend of mine but I got a tea. In Charlotte against the viral alternatively it but that's a big mountain to club. But chose she just kind of they need. No he's plugged into the system through budget director for years the chamber knows where they know there's no. They they have no problem with the and there are a lot of Democrats this didn't Charlotte then it's good stuff that the big. You jerk forward buried there is a really good target for you don't yet know like I. A 100% I think got out so I think he could taken her Agile forward. Is is he available or could he run against passenger next time dangers of. I doubt I doubt it and he may. But there is a jolt problem is that there is probably that you spent the time and probably he's not in the media here yeah nobody knows you're Joseph reportedly could raise enough money. The bottom up name recognition I was dole followed yes they don't live Brenda my vote but defied the matter is would you go to Wally say just forget. Jabar and that's a very good point that two and half hour drive does something to you'll switch gears and go to Amazon. And that this is got a lot of people talking and I think going to be an incredible coup if we could figure out a way to beat the Austin and Denver's in the port into the world and bring it here. What is your thinking on this and how were you gonna help put together the proposal. Well we clearly wanted to broke away and Emma are you want to almost always votes against and Clemens but there is always. The exception I am a blonde that's clearly the exception to that rule. There are some sort of assumed that you just can't help. I'd hope that they come here and and giving them a break this economic embargo that one. They have not been believed to have not been done I don't think we lead with that's the one thing that they don't say we probably can't afford to give them as much as some other people well. I'm glad that we need the money as much as they need the love and support. And that's why I think we need to do we have got so much more influenced your graphically. Redundant airport that works well known well. We simply won't sit up 77 and have a really good transportation logistics well. And that's what they need so I think it's a really good fit for we'd probably save about. Pony up money because everybody yelled just about I think we've got to lead with everything and might have been the last of the lift them. And and that's been more just forgive because we got to be a big game but I. But we got a lot to sell beer and nothing gamble I would do well here at the system and we would and boy what click here they have they are an economic magnet that stood together not. Up 50000 jobs is what they're saying then you add the and the other jobs that will be created as a result of that here and a that that goes a long way to change a landscape Charlotte for the future. It is well the thing about that is we have put 50000 jobs won't pay the most people don't think about when you've been considered part of but it did. Also a lot of money that'll portrait he told them they pulled. We purposes which is why it's so important not to give away everything. Because you've got to pay go you gotta pay for the school minimum libraries and our excellent spokesman. Both but no one of the things we tell you know we looked at film what is going to cult groups and what we gain and this is one that I suspect you'll see everybody willing to. So yes so don't praise from some factor in the wee bit we will we will get more look at the laws. Yes it out of the hazard because they're much deserved from what I understand everybody works for Amazon has holes in their pockets a drug money in the streets and when was have you got there and collected Jim Pike County commissioner appreciate your insight and we'll talk more. About Nalen and snag an Amazon as we make it through today White House discussion coming up with Karen Travers. And and then on the label foundation for something we'll do later on this morning. How would you feel if you have a background check to be voting in the next set of elections. It happens on the way more coming up money's what is it not an answer WB two. Tiller whose late. No no she's not perfect that's not a lot of so that's a very different from the label together. They're fans lining up to us to see heard hundreds should have a copy of her new book what happened. And then they were wondering what the hell happened not because she was late for the ventures about an hour late for the books on. Share learned fashion she is not learn how to take care and love to constituents who I'm getting kind of tired of British regular books who would be collector's item because there's. They're gonna recalled all of them is only about four left in the United States and also done because nobody really cares. Hollywood studded hurricane relief yesterday got political Stevie Wonder read him the truth comes. Get that today. Two love on the people. That have been devastated by American. When loved both and guitar doesn't know color of skin. Milk. I know really is. He's just those are so passionate. I know political persuasions. It just it's. As we should begin to love and value option. And if you want to believe that there is no such thing as global warming. Most people aren't. Lowers. He saved us all. No political didn't have there everything's politics anymore ESPN's getting political. Politics is getting political Karen Travers talks about the political from the White House and tax reform seems to be the next thing that's going to be on the agenda here helped. They're trash Hillary got it OK I thought yeah good morning good morning Matt says the president's big priority right now you know. Who do are certainly it Knology that they learn some lessons from the failure of health care and they're going about things a little differently this time. Making insurance Dotson different eyes crossed the t.s and in one of those things is reaching out to Democrats and president had three democratic senators at the White House last night for dinner. And he's gonna meet with some more Democrats today tax reform will also be on the agenda that does this mean that Democrats are gonna. All come together and vote for whatever the president puts forward on this issue will probably not but. It shows that the White House right now is trying to figure out where they could get support what corners they can turn to because the White House officials said yesterday. It they're not confident they can do it just with Republicans at this point. Got you into these these Democrats are nudges any Democrats have been hand selected because of where they're from his own right. Too bad they just seeing when he last night those three Democrats are from states that the president won big. In 2016. And all three of them are up for reelection I had next year or C can certainly. Imagine how that message to us how many you're on the ballot in the state I am very popular and let me help you with your constituents. And they say yeah and then we can also have viewed as you look like you're reaching save it Democrats and being bipartisan. You think you would actually help them. Mean yeah I I know we'll see deter and I I can't imagine that if they were some solid Republicans are obviously going against these Democrats that that his first choice would be to say you can help me with tax reform done it's never won another one from us from our side of the. Yeah everybody wants to get something out of and that's traders seeing you know Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer. So you know looking at the president of like okay don't think you can get this done and Democrats just Republicans. Whom we talk but. What's in it for us exactly why it's it's our lives that's a standard thing what's in it how it goes in cash. I got to use your leverage thirteen states he's going to be make and they whirlwind tour wears on we all he gonna this is all about tax reform as we don't know yet but I think you can expect he would also be going against places that he want and places he did well and Mike perhaps also have a democratic senator to put a little bit of pressure there but. Something is set in stone just yet but the White House signaling that this could be a big road trip sales pitch directly to the American people could not guarantee. Evers with ABC always a pleasure I appreciate very much I'm. Saving got to a political opening relief. EI have. Yeah when he starts zing that we can sort of forgive him. Okay. We will. Hello is. So does it pay off to be. Conservative traditional intelligent and quite. Method for Kimberly Page Barnett. I don't know that you're done any of those kind of statements. And as a result Kenny Smith rolled past those two folks so he's gonna reveal Republicans. This just goes up against fine Lyles as a result would have with a primary yesterday and George you called 704571110. Glad you've done that when your fingers show and you're happy with the election results right. Morning election result. There's only one and owls opened for what happened Jennifer Roberts is out of there. We have been plagued with errors as she result mechanic commission and the commissioner. With her frivolous liberal democratic spending. And then our ridiculous. PP anywhere issues as she created and everything with the goalies. And I think people had stepped up ahead enough or her and I was so. Blair I don't think it was a think they're George should lose it was pretty obvious that folks had enough number. Wherever thing about it is that no more run advocate given my native Hillary bet that would love for Jennifer Robert they're get a book and related blog well. And she figures she can write one and she could use the same title but you'd have to put an ash strict in their and and then what happened HB two. And unfortunately I can come on Scott. That's going to be part of the it's going to be a big part of the discussion until moving forward here but not as much is if Roberts would have stayed. In in the race saw yesterday's celebrations. Kenny Smith celebrated. Sort of finalize a 30. Yeah it's up wanna send us. We worked really hard to get our message out to voters and they bleed it believes the next thing you heard me speak. About jobs and housing and great community in great neighborhoods. Infrastructure currency. I'm grateful that the voters came out and they believe Damascus. And an even more so early we trust me. Mayor we're avenue plus a Seattle's best in Chicago as. Ed Murray Seattle mayor. To be resigning today multiple child sex abuse allegations. Yet. A little bit on the perverted side so what they're gonna get a new mayors well do we need to get a new senator from Texas Ted Cruz. No I think he's going to stay because we all knew was gonna happen after the of the little tweet that we via the porn web site. Mean there's going to be an excuse or an explanation had a reason out of this all your bread rookie with ABC joins us now who who you point a finger. Twelve had crews came to Capitol Hill yesterday said that he woke up this controversy about this two weeks surrounding pornographic video. If somebody was up way to do that had access to the crude. Twitter account because whoever that would. Clicked a like a button on one of these to lead the greens than it was a staffer it was a mistake it was not a malicious hack but they're dealing with it internally so we might never know the name of the person. We'd actually cruising at the world of these. Really an interest in I'm very clever I thought ma. I hum does he busy taking Ambien do you know. I think you know I don't know I guess that's certainly nice habit. We do you know it happened around midnight it was a Twitter account called sexual opposed to teach her to porn video without. Step daughter and step mother and a guy who seemed to know both of them and that wouldn't live video that somebody was looking at hit that like button at first cruise camp acted like it had been hacked it so they were reporting. The incident took. Took to Twitter and intimidating pointed out you know that's not how the light button works like you'll be logged into the cruise. You do it occurs to Twitter account to make this happen. And so now we're finding that out. As you know it is possible which would be large scale Twitter account a lot of different people do have accepted on December himself along with a number staffers possibly even just in terms. A lot of people had the ability as a post on his. Yeah yeah I know you. You rattled off the plot to this one particular. Porn are episode here for became tripling up your tong here. What kind of research did you do to be able to come up with the that's sort of description breath. Well you know it'd be this video it now of course the most popular thing aim is sort of the and like be online never World Cup and you actually had porn hub which is the most popular online porn vendors. Make it. Bowling video available they are typically very proud to say that this is racked up a million views for the last couple of days. In fact there's a little bit of input into the office when people started coming forward with this press release from porn hub and then being athlete why why are you wonder. Mailing actually got hot and you never did answer my question. It's like 300 exactly how what would that was formed this researched it looked bare minimum milieu in and your people have been handled exactly what happens next then you're good you did a good job bread milky. Great ABC of course you know that there was going to be different voice. I do I do want to go. Mean people do strange things are not cough medicine and an Ambien and that sort of thing so you never know what somebody does in the middle of the night. Technology deserves that's tough to master sometimes you know made it truly is and then when new technology comes out you cross your fingers and you hope. That is going to work the way that you wanted it to work apple yesterday. New iPhone facial recognition how that goes on. Locking it is is easy is looking at it. And swiping up and you know it's true that again. Ha ho ho. Let's hoops gonna back up parent with a maybe we'll get right in. When an epic trailer was done. Do you think that they would like double check the heck added time. You think that's gonna go into the new android commercials. Are not a. They're showing you the technology. And then it doesn't work. Dole. It greatest that had to be awful embarrassing foot trying to figure out a way to a dig yourself out of that particular hole. But technology mean there's good news bad too we just we just talked with the technology with Twitter and Ted Cruz and who knows really how that went down. IPhone problems. Big giant hacks to Equifax. What do you do. Night credit experts say every American should take immediate steps to safeguard their credit. Sign up for fraud alerts from aquos tracks and the other two credit agencies Experian and Trans Union. Consider paying for an identity theft monitoring service also set up brought alerts on your bank and credit cards. Consider freezing your credit report so only companies you already do business with what have access to. Criminals will be locked out but you'll need to unfreeze it when you need a legitimate credit check. And check your credit reports for suspicious activity we're all entitled to one free credit report every year from each other three. You're seeing is OK so whether you have what do you do about Equifax and it gives a little insight into that so go to the other two and ask for their help. Com. Slash for the technology for you here and this one this one could get goofy. There are. More than five and a half billion. Devices would Bluetooth. No I've got one might you know my car has Bluetooth for my phone. I've got it for you one is wireless headset deals. Which I never thought I'd be that dude who wears a minute now I think I've been on the record live without it at all. During my neck isn't there anymore from Europe and open the phone up next to it but there are so many different things that are attached by by Bluetooth. The problem in the concern is. That malware attacks are going to be coming. So. Five and a half now very soon eight point two billion things connected. To the Internet of things. And there's a bunch of them out they're already in these are devices that use Bluetooth so that you know again all the gadgets can connect. They can all communicate wirelessly. Phones laptops speakers car entertainment systems. Because they're all connected to each other. Hack. Could do via the social networking thing Indian and spread like wildfire. They the concern to sit and attack that's going Rezko blueboard. And this is especially dangerous because Marcus and can spread without you doing. Anything or even noticing that you zips through all your different devices and all these hackers need to do to spread this. It's four Yule. To have your Bluetooth turned on. That's it you don't even know it's there it's like stealth is like a ninja. What's one device has been affected. An infected. Then it's just an automatically spread to all the other devices that it is attached to. And by scattering over the airwaves. You don't even need wires to connect it this highly infectious situation is going to be a bad blood. There have been some patches that have been released. Could calm apple says blue born for the dam is not an issue for at least they're mobile operating system. I OS-X. Or later. But all IOS devices with nine point 35 or older versions are vulnerable so that's what you got. Then then you need to look at the patch Microsoft. Just recently released a patch for their computers and so you have things attached to the bathroom Bluetooth. If you have your updates that are going on a regular basis to another new British fried Google has said that to android partners received a patch in August. But. It doesn't mean that you got it because it's up to the carriers to make sure that those. Those updates are released. So get the update and if your device doesn't get Apache can protect yourself by just turning off your Bluetooth. You have to turn it back on an organ music right. What a pain in the butt near it makes me wanna go back to my back phone we felt that I still have that I could do that probably landline yet we're in August Leila. Coming what is safe anymore everything seems so wonderful and then. The bad guys they run for everybody. You know it's like the warrant kid in class who ruins it for everybody you know. Tough breaking news we have five Florida nursing home residents. Died this morning. Sad stuff there in the show have stories or to continue to come out of out of the south hurricane Herman knocked out the power in the building. And the entire facility there in Hollywood Florida being evacuated. Due to air conditioning issues. So our seniors always have always been amongst the most vulnerable. And our community. And Herman is demonstrated. So the City Council. That picture's kind of shape and not really her Fallon has not been here you are like players. Report put nine person in Charlotte. But the City Council could look a lot younger millennial thirty some things started to be in the race what does that mean. What's the story behind that and how could that be affecting us here as we move forward with a wonderful free and should be appreciative. Wanted to talk to Andrew Dunn who is over the Charlotte gender sort of great article about this you can be joining us coming up at 1050. Maybe you'll be doing some different sets on the way on his eleventh had a 109 street the street here. So vital miles here's the democratic nominee now. One primary system to be taken on Kenny Smith in the the general election to see who is going to be our next mayor. There's going to be a fascinating race absolutely fascinating. But what did Joseph Ford had a how's he feeling now that he's the the odd man out. We have an odd woman who is out as well that would be Jennifer Roberts right. But the odd man out I was jolt forward and we're going to be talking to him coming up at 10:15 this morning. To get his take on this end and where he's gonna go next and and maybe you have to put them prognosticate just a bit. As we move forward with the so this election cycle here earlier today. But had a chance during WBZ's morning news too much talked to former mayor of Charlotte and her former governor of North Carolina Pat McCrory Kyrie is on the line right now and boy what a day to begin this right pat. Well short gonna have it's six mayor. In eight years since we are going to be Kenny Smith or by allow somebody that's an incredible restore. Move last night but very few voters are oil voted last yesterday in the primary but we're gonna have a Butler new mayor. Well since 2009. When I left ball that chapter fourteen years for children continued turn over the mayor's office. And a lot disarray had mixed messages are strictly within the Democratic Party. I mean we had. The player silence a moderate kind of populist Democrat kicked out of there and all parties in the primary patsy Kim the former mayor. Who was temporary mayor after Anthony Foxx football as well as a long time district represented. Seven point seven point 95%. Turnout and as you and I were talking off fair yesterday. You point back in 1987. The last time an incumbent mayor. Lost to a member of City Council now that was the general election now Harvey Gantt the incumbent ensue my Eric. Was the the City Council member but this is an a primary pat. I'm never before it's just been an apartment at least the last fifty years used to always be the Democrats were you have. The city but in the since jobs bill vote for our. We're mirror so we have not seen this public Herbert Harvick you know a loss this spurred her. We're very very post general election with should mark. And those over an issue called transportation. There was one issue campaign that soon took advantage in and out Chad Harvey can't pin. I think Kenny is gonna have some cherished mess now gonna have to parts of it used to hold Al. By Lyles. Really what some very supportive. Of Jennifer Roberts and you saw were still trying to hang on. To the left in her in her speech last night say we'd love chemical Robert should get a good job. But she just defeated Jennifer Roberts and ran against her so. She's probably gonna go to try to become more of a moderate or the general election. And I think Kenny is gonna have to find some public safety issues the crime if you social issues transcript institutions and taxes. Intro. To try to reach out to the middle class and independent voters chose to be very nursebot average which summer we'll talk about more in the future. Absolutely I Kenny is trying to do it every Republican has been trying to do since you last did it and that is. And be a Republican get elected as mayor hasn't happened since 2000 and you were in office beckon. A 2009. We'll talk to Kenny who live here coming up at 735. But just real quick cure how do you think the strategy. I know you talked about the you know he's got to find an issue but. Obviously he he's there last night probably us scurrying to change his strategy because I think he thought he was going to be running against. An unpopular mayor who had a record that he did a talk about in this case you know this is we're gonna have a new mayor know that no matter how you shake this. Well he's run it against a candidate by those who supported almost all of the issues that Jennifer proposed. And voted for all the positions so he's got to pick I watched as if you are it's separate themselves from bites. That's going to be very an arson watch canyon and see what you usually picks and also see help by either get actually into the issues. Or try to stay above the issues should be and and find moderation only publicly but she's also got to be concerned about the left money the nature or sheet. Gave a lot of money to Jennifer Roberts of course in a big play at my defeat for running for governor. I equity North Carolina boo boo both labor unions. Have a lot of money in this primary. And the question will be why don't hang onto them while also trying to get this crucial port their business money. Would sure like Kenny has so a lot of money in the bank right now. Former mayor former governor Pat McCrory will be back with me this time tomorrow morning in most mornings. Lots more to digest and talk about lot of layers to this we'll get to including HB suit tomorrow I think. That's of course that recurring knows a thing or two about but thank you so much contact you again tomorrow. Click here Pat McCrory. Government for its governor mayor Cory. How would you do this like some people like reverend doctor break the doctor reverend William barber you know in the region. Governor mayor McCrory and be back with a vote tomorrow she's good insight. I'll only get some insight from jewel for we're going to be talking to him he is a going to be joining the program here next what happened what went wrong what went right. What will go around moving forward we'll. Oh right those questions and more. You wanna join at 70457. Of 1110 deployment in the Scott FitzGerald says he's looking to having my three WB twos so we're gonna have a new may. Jennifer Roberts. On the way out. To be fine Lyles vs Kenny Smith very well could have been jolt. Lord vs Kenny Smith but such was not to be to a Ford joins us now here on WB 2 good morning John Howard today. I am outstanding and recruitment. It's a good answer so good answer so what happened. What happened do you think. Well be. Manila to bowl democratic primary. Voters choose but Lyles and I respect that but. 1 upping that I am not ashamed of and number ever proud of is that message double they would get out the conversations. India agenda that I was able to drop drop this mayoral campaign and this debate. To help ultimately move this community sport and thought I'm very proud of that I'm excited. Our hope for the future for the city of Charlotte but the latest figure we've got a whole lot of work to do. Yes we do yes we do what did you learn from this process Suze is Ernie there's no light bulb go off to make you go. That hole yet that idea and the two that would be moved forward. A couple things the city of Charlotte is. Much larger and more worse then I'd realize that what I mean but that is in terms. It's the diverse population the melting pot that the city of Charlotte has become and the and the growing pains and it challenges. That the city of Charlotte is currently experiencing. It in what we're going to experience in the very near future it's all is not favorable for. Whoever the mayor's gonna be calm. It's going to be important. That they help us navigate. The growth. We're good public policy. And better outcomes for our city and citizens. Good point we do have a lot to learn to me to move this city forward here what what made you realize or come to the conclusion of the diversity end what it would would you miss there and how important was that. Room overlooking that are no we're not seeing that in the right way. Well I don't think I missed that as it relates to what I alarm right and so it in one single night. I can go to where Charlotte overall or clan park you have a group of citizens who are concerned about breaking it aggravated assaults and homicides right. In the same night goal crossed out the plug in mid would end their number one concern is bicycling. That's what I mean Bobby diversity yes it is surely escalate to. The pitcher's needs and complexities of this community because we all live here. What we have different needs and so. It's a platform and wheat this local government. Which is government closest to the people. But we are subject to state and federal law and so whoever the myriad. I have to help but navigate. This political environment. So that we can improve the quality of life Paltrow the. Right and and I think a lot of people would agree and I think you would agree with this statement is that to the mayor Roberts. Ran the canoe into the rocks too often we have state and federal laws. Absolutely cannot bring that up. Based upon the weight she govern and campaign. It was a very divisive in the sense that. You can't continue to poke their high of the court marginal assembly. And that the president United States. Eight local government can't afford that kind of leadership because we have to work with both forms the government. That's what I was trying to make sure that people aren't got to crawl yen and buy. Deport them all else was able to run a campaign in a way that the majority of the people who came now they support murder or a bit of. She she didn't attack. The mayor in the same way that you did. Was that was set by choice do good to have you sort of look at that go. Here's how I can best do this in arrangement but could look at it and say this is the best way that I can do that this. There was a discussion at one point in time that you guys might say all right wolf who's gonna move forward here. Was there any sort of hand in hand working where you know what we both like to win but the number one goal is to make sure that. She meaning Roberts doesn't. Absolutely not there were no couldn't collusion there through coordinating. Campaigns are messages. Messaging and I ran my race whip my team and we campaign the way that we did. Baseball what we believe based on what my core values are and so I do believe that I was able to. Drop the conversation. I do believe that I was able to help change the narrative and I'll focus. Of this mayoral campaign and debate. And I think uproot that dom dom again and so all we all have a record Toronto on and to be held accountable for. And that's all I was looking to do with this race. Got you. Yet because it may seem like you're you had two goals you had your first goal was to win. And then to me that is similar the second goal would be if I may mean the musket Jennifer out of there because we can you would at least like your party. Took the opportunity to continue their so what is your support for vital aisles going to be like moving forward. Well I have pledged my support her here and whatever way she and her team thinks is best. I'm going to support the democratic nominee for mayor for the city of Charlotte and that Hezbollah catch and what advice would you give to. She has to what race somebody getting lip and palate cash and Doug you've got to go to work in a parking assist the net anyway. Bartolo will be available but the good thing about it I get an opportunity to go back Ken doll be a senator in the north plug in also. Got you. Irate so event Clinton side note here Amazon. Says you know we defied a new city to a put a big giant headquarters here and Molly's gonna throw there they're had gathering obviously show was gonna do the same thing. Based upon your navigation through through the city of frolic what. Which way you think he would go assuming it came down to Raleigh and Charlotte. Well I think this city Charlotte has a lot to all for number one. Being our airport and number two off Arian Mulder yards but three up they get is something that we could leverage. Are in the logistics are industry and an epic we have a readily available workforce. That would help Amazon. Be successful with this sect get. Headquarters here in the city of Charlotte and I like how like the city of Charlotte obviously on this is my home and unbiased. But so while it will be competitive but if Charlotte. If we can get out of our own way right probably we can be successful. Yeah Charlie Iran is not a city bill you know Riley is a it's a conglomerate of areas like Matthews and Valentine and finally it's not it's. Which are all part of the Charlotte metro but the people there they don't say they're from on the scene there from that little teeny tiny community. I'm and it's boring compared to Charlotte is Gloria I don't live there I know I know what it's all about so. I have an idea I've served there and and I have an IPO which it. Art yet it's and it's not rally its apex Cary Holly Springs mores Phil Garner you know you fill in the blank. That's what makes a Brawley the to a different animal than have the same sort of unity identity that we had here. So maybe forever so what we need to do is give him a soccer stadium where you think. Well all of but that would be it probably does it affect a move and even I hope they give what. Jill Florida I appreciate you joining us final thoughts here this morning the day after. I'm excited to live in the city Charlotte I'm excited about the opportunity to continue to serve. Do you be of service to my district nor our district senate district 38 and the city Charlotte and the state of North Carolina. Did not appreciate you time to get the a lie detectors out so that went by Lyles and Kenny Smith. Start to stake their claims we can know where that they're coming from it's going to be interest but I don't know that it's gonna be necessarily is it is vicious. There's so we have to do with the primaries here. I mean how do you attack somebody. Play time and attention to like Kendrick. Maybe should all come down to. Hot oil twister wrestle. Mike garrison was all the camera CME's ethics and he wants to take the pictures. Not a break and back and that only come back we're gonna talk to us use there is a youth movement of the world of government. Right here in Charlotte. It's a birthday candles quite viewer then some of your mission council members potentially it's on the way here on WB to the punch. NF downloading apps captured this is an 11% that it had three WP team. Where we are talking about youth movement here aged couple minutes tend and I think. So I know that Joseph Ford really sort of hit the other nail on the head when it comes to show how diverse we are. In this in this city we there is a youth movement you may not see it. It may not be reading your face but if you to go into an Oda. We know Elizabeth you go into doesn't it would be spent much time in uptown. Pay down south clinic they had Downey east. Certain portions don't work it's it makes me feel a little meal tonight. Could this way. I may look at her blog and on the street should go look at me anymore. To youth movement what does that mean for politics moving forward. Well we're gonna dig into that come and appear at at 1045. Charles got a minute. My wife and I and I need you to help me. Figure something out here because your your food dude mister you very. What's what's the word you have food acumen. And and I eagle. Looks good on the path that the sold to food but it is for you have you ever tried kangaroo. No no no I have not have neither side and I think we should order some. It's say it was illegal in Australia really rigorous for a long long time yeah. But now the they were told that they are allowed to because the other population. Of tech and apparently they're like bunnies now via very very amorous. Maybe they got a hold of the others the Twitter porn that do attend Cruz said that he didn't really actually like because what they've been they've been frisky. They had 27 million a few years ago now published 45 million so neurotic Tillman around eat them. They probably make burger meat out of it like all the other you know opportunities now from all complacent. You name. There are they and marsupials. And do what they are yeah I think there marsupials right. I never tasted martian peel the high cancer are just imagine it at that if you had a marsupial farm. We could we could start a martian the WBT marsupial food truck cool how cool would that be Canada yeah Burma can reroute jerky that's right. Platypus pasta. Consider very carefully but the hard tightest more than a few would ever ever tried kangaroo. I think we should do do we can get a little so so it's going to be one of bureau your missions here. There's a unity research spirit happy to okay there's a trend in Japan known to coney whereas some of the food dumber here okay Africa but the there's a trying to Japan to. To start eating raw chicken. Now and you are. Yeah it's it's who it was like a minute cycles like it's the sushi down the mom says she meat chicken so she meat or chicken tartar. I don't know brought shouldn't show. Is that safe. I am not amnesty freeze it first. Most sushi that we eat has been previously frozen really purposely they freeze the fish to kill the bacteria you want that. As they freeze the fish to kill me and usher in Japan homicide let the yeah relating to swallow the fly that's generally friendly but no unless your in Japan and most of the sushi that your dining on in the United States. As previously frozen it's been frozen is done on purpose. I don't understand I mean first of all these guys potentially being dangerous. It it sounds really disgusting yes it does. I can Ike I can go with beat cop talk to our. Which is a very very thin slices of raw filet move perhaps just went back at at least through open my mouth and a vote this has come out yet and they have they have quite a few strange eating well yes. Choices in Japan don't like how whiny Rauf fascia that that the bid they're kind of backwards absolutely ubiquitous and so and it's coming to the United States apparent is a handful of restaurants you know. Served chicken (%expletive) so she may. And guess what more than 800 people so far I've said they've gotten sick photo op. Urged a surprise for her right shoulder with a marsupial food truck where American under the wrought cello drug. All right I'm I appreciate those updates I feel much smarter about food. Much fraud if you if you've ever tasted can't root. I would I would love to hear from you now I have eaten Teemu. He was a very very dark red meat. And it takes like burger the contamination between brighter I'm trying to think of what I've taste who wants that but years back here when they had the there was an annual. Food event at dozen whales. And they served it was antelope and from South Africa. It's like antelope. That's a different name. There's like a million different and it's as I stood as the state animal and bella illusions the ideas of maybe that was a it was let's assume zoo do personally and a little in the confused. Okay I'm less food thing and it has readers and other food thing here are you a fan of what struck mask dance. Yeah like Newton and not a place like Sony's big boy in the media area the big boy it's clear to boiling burger chef and Jeff from a long time ago of the of the cal which excellent yulia Denny's has decided they needed a mascot. It's yes Jennings. It is a smiling breakfast sausage link with arms and Lex and a Fedora hat tomorrow non serious if you Google Danny's new mascot. It it you know it looks like. I'm just ready to test it looks like mr. hanky the Christmas Yahoo!. From South Park. And I wish I were making this sunny today. Loan. I'm going to given over and under to the first of October before they came with it it's the stupid mascot. And the marketing team that put this together we were dealing with some credence here I have a feeling people who have absolutely. Yeah. No grasp upon what when people's reactions are going to be you know you're creative as the dollar's gonna love this. And then nobody knew it was a bad bad bad stuff go anyway the youth movement towards Charlotte City Council. Why else. Will it be successful we'll bring it down wearing them then who dons. From the Charlotte agenda comes your way it would look where that takes like 647 is your time here at his 1110993. WP chief we're taught the youth movement. And politics here in Charlotte just a moment with John even whole month we talked but leaving kangaroos in marsupials and creating a marsupial food truck and you got another suggestion perhaps. Yeah hole there. I was unlike in Vietnam and pleased to go from Vietnam baptists with Phillips and civic that give them an issue include an. The validate and I have to go back and we did a lot of liberty tax. They had monkey meat don't church to pops. Monkey meat on shoes two months to get that church mr. Obama and you get to finish closing market make big big what they want backed. At a time the course of an unusual so I didn't drink a lot of Porsche originated that what they've statement. Yeah together Yellowstone and as well particularly some monkey monkey monkey made on issues about the Obama says at the beginning of limerick doesn't it. Monkey meat on vicious kabob. Tell me no I can't even go to his there's a lot of worms the words that I know there that would give me in big trouble so. Let's move on from monkey meets Andrew Don would you wanna starting a monkey meat food drug and me by any chance. Don't they don't get sick ever hear out of the game would be either so. Ended up with the Charlotte agenda you ought to really fascinating article about the city council on how things are shaping up period there seems to be a a youth movement three candidates in their thirties. Did pretty well tell me about these these future stars. Yeah I mean the revolt of the City Council elections where we're pretty surprising to bring. You know I knew going in that there was a large number of millennia walker thirty years and torn open to a running for office sorry what struck me was just how many. Actually want their primary election last night. I'm in the at large race we had to. Braxton Winston 33 and deploys miracle 31. Who both earned enough votes to move on to the general election. Both beating an incumbent Claire Fallon. I believe and early eighties. I have been on the council for a long time and then in district one. We had Larkin Eggleston whose thirty or who defeated an incumbent patsy can be India will note our little area. I'm a little work under the top line and then there were two other at this giant district six. I would support any let them represent that you know he's running for mayor. I parked the car 37. One that primary and then another one that still too close to call. And district to love Justin Harlow who's 29. IE either up thirteen votes. Oh wow primary over to Tonya Adam and I actually just got up the phone with bump. The board of elections before I'm talking with you and they say that they're still are provisional and absentee ballots to count. So you know with only thirteen vote margin packets don't change by the 29 year old Harlow has the. And that is that's a tight race there are so why. Why this movement while all of a sudden they're young folks are younger folks getting involved in politics this. That's the first time I've really seen it in in this kind of volume ever. Yeah I mean I think there's a couple of factors that could mean doubtful Wanda millennial generation is just simply getting older com. You know a lot of these candidates are in their mid thirties. And they felt like they were ready the take that leap. I think some of all when I talk to them I kinda got the sense that they were I'm tired of you know being told to wait their turn and you'll pay they're cute grew up. You know too we'll clear Fallon who actually was defeated by to a the younger candidate she'd actually that a while back that she wasn't going to be running. For reelection again and she ended up. Doing so. I think there is that kind of sense that they were reading their turn right and I think that the public that there are some energy bill around after the presidential election. Last fall too low just you know that it is time for younger people to get more involved in politic. Gotcha you mention Claire found another decent she's injuries and she is but she still has a forty inch vertical jump solo. They're you know don't take her on one on one on the basketball court. Pump it tell me what you think there are some of the different driving issues we spoke to Joseph Ford earlier today and one of the things. One of the you know observations that he had during his campaign was just. How diverse. This this city is he do you want portion of this anywhere the most important thing to them missed the break ins in crime and then another portion of town where. By claims that the most important thing. Well how could you what can you draw a circle or characterize and paint a picture and anyway what some of the most important issues for these millennial in these potential potential City Council members could be. It's it's hard to do that because the candidates even the young candidate there's so divert. But there's a couple things that play I mean oppression Winston. Who got the nod at large he kind of came on the political scene a year ago after the the protests last September after he got shot and killed. I think there and dimple or rears you know also I I tell her and among some of the more activists among the more activist wing of the Democratic Party. I'm so I think that plays the role. The other thing that I noticed from these younger candidates who just that they're they were really able. To use their advantage their their comfort with social media with you know marketing to really connect. With the voters around the city I mean when you look at Charlotte Charlotte it's a fairly young city in general I believe the median ages thirty to. Which follows right in line with where these candidates. Orton. Men and different portions of towners. Seem to be dominated by millennial cement uptown is that way and it seems like no dyes is certainly twisting in that direction plaza mid would still a little on the expensive side to getting younger. I was with for sure and then than the south end so there's there seems to be these large pockets you put them altogether and that's quite a bit of political clout. Yeah absolutely and you know district on the with that note up all the material that's where Larkin. I looked so they won't go to when his. Got you. Moving forward here do you anticipate seeing young people also joined on the Republican side because of I'm not mistaken. These are all Democrats are talking about. You with the exception of parked the car in district six we are talking all of them that's right yes that's right I you know I I actually would expect more young people to get on the Republican side of there's just fewer seats they knew you were you know open seats were Republican or Charlotte and it's such a heavily blue city. I'm that it it's difficult for Republicans to get much headway and then citywide races or in most of these this. Yes indeed and learning and Andrew done with the Charlotte genders were this year today and your take on vital aisles picking on Kenny Smith it's going to be a very different. To opponent in the primaries which which got kind of vicious and mean there was blood in the streets I don't think this one's going to be quite that way. But what is what is it you're anticipating about this. Yeah it's going to be really interesting to see you know how violent album in a transition from that early group primary candidate campaign to the general. You know Kenny let the he's been kind of been able to. To just focus on the general the whole time limit there or any other real serious candidates now face and Canada's primary. So he's been on FaceBook will put in video and campaigning against. You know Democrats and both Lyle and Roberts kind of anticipate. One of those two coming up. It'll be interesting I I really don't have a good sense where those culprit points are gonna end up in the general but I think we're gonna find out real well. Do you think gummy candies younger then then why is it is my take on things I don't know exactly how old she is but but he's he appears to be younger. The fact that he's a Republican and younger will that have any sort of influence or impact on on some of the younger voters here insured in your mind or will. The folks just strictly good Democrat because that's the way that they are. You know I'm not I'm not really sure I think younger voters in general tendency is to be more heavily democratic. And I don't think any age perception and it's great there's going to be enough. To really swing votes. But I think I think both you know I think Kenny got let it is very. A very well connected and on social media and Hillary Clinton or younger people tend to be I think you'll be able to connect. Which young voters but he's you know he's really got an uphill. Battle to climb with just the demographic and the voter oak. While Charlotte right now agree with that last question I know Andrew you don't speak for all millennial Cheryl folks that are getting involved in politics. But would you share the top three issues that that younger people. Have been their deck here and they're saying we're to throw these cards. I argue that that that's that's that's so funny you know every voter gonna have their own issues that they've bowed out but I think I think young people are myriad. Insisted and you know where this city is going you'll just you'll. A lot of young people are fairly new to this city and it just seems such massive changes and over the past two or three years. And I think people are really looking for a candidate who who can. I delineate clear vision of where Charlotte should go on the why also I really do think that young people are concerned with. Economic inequality in Charlotte you know I think over the past year that's really ill or how. You know and income I think that's really been key concern and I think young people that that really does resonate with. Young social justice movement seems to be gathering some. Some momentum Libya although social issues don't necessarily always drive. Of victory. We've seen that we've well mayor Roberts was an example of that. Our post the attacks came from from drove force commander I appreciate it very much you joining us here today if somebody wants to find you in Charlotte agenda on line where they go. Head to go to Charlotte agenda dot com made that simple and it. It's good for somebody like because I am a mouth breather Andrew done. Thanks for the insight the youth movement in the world of politics here in Charlotte is certainly a similar way. Go to the next half hour. An important discussion about voting and the future of registering to vote. What if you go get a gun and you register the vote in the background check is the same. That could become our way for proposal from so folks makes its way through it's on the way the team looked at a North Korea where they're not happy. Did not having you know. Illegal and people revel resolution on sanctions means we're going to a double our efforts. To increase our strength to safeguard the country's sovereignty and right to exist. And I did. Cambridge or not. Must invest. I'm of the Muslims on the practice that's for sure. So yesterday via the iPhone was released the new iPhone extra cost you way at nine under nine embarks thousand dollars something that neck of the woods. It's it doesn't have the thumbprint thing I don't think anymore. Be disposed to use facial recognition to be your security your right to get into the in the front. And when you're doing a live reveal. About your new technology year really hope that has got to work. Unlocking it is is easy is looking at it. And swiping up and you know it's true that it can't boot it ho ho ho ho. Let's. Good back up here. I don't get right now and get right in so at least there's a value. Did I guess they just crunch the numbers and his is how that worked. I don't know that I want an iPhone now. There's no headphone Jack is there an. And there's nothing I don't know that there's anything you can plug into it you. Maybe like. No I don't think there's anything. That's disappointing to have an iPhone like it well just that Jack has wireless charging her accustomed to the it's remained. Pretty amazing high technology bit. I don't know that I wanna relying on all of it. In now in light of you for we've heard a lot of discussions of the via the past couple weeks you're about climate. And you know the argument back and forth to climate change cars these these massive hurricanes you know. This is is climate change the reason that the you know. And 90% of buildings and q.s but her or damaged. Saint Martin's long gone completely go to. Well there's a ranging conspiracy theory out there that the weather. Is actually being controlled. Just inside Alex Jones just like you just that I had that are gone ten years ago who wanted to come on it was a listener they said yeah we fire these trillion plus lot things in the sky and then we can ignite the atmosphere at night and turned tension on fire. And that colonel came on during the break and cut the interview off with a civilian head. Is all admitted literature but they talked does like we're crazy so great job exposing this the truth coming out no matter what the global is due back. You stop this transmission because the audiences take action and we saw. And a good I really don't know those. Welcome Watson Breslin I know the idea. He can have high blood pressure. Because he he he lets all that stress and that steam out and Alex you know yeah I mean he didn't that would do it just boom. He's ever biggar in his it would be a blood found starting at the neck. Which is not a not a pleasant image. So voting right constitution says that we have right to vote constitution also says that we have a right to bear march. There may be a connection. True. To the steps. As to how are you will be able to one procure the gun and to be able to procure your ballot. When you when you go to get a gun at you have to fill out before it's called the the firearms. Transaction. Record. It's from 4473. Form 4473 you know your name your your address your place of bird you know highway don't like kind of stuff. In ethnicity. Then you have to start answering some some more questions. Throw more personal. Are you under indictment or or information in any court for a felony. Or any other crime for which you judge could imprison you for more than one year. Let's find out you're bad guy and have you ever been convicted in any court of felony. Are you a fugitive from justice. Are you an unlawful user of or addicted to marijuana or anti depressant stimulant narcotic. Any other controlled substance. An initial warning here. Warning the use or possession of marijuana remains a lawful under federal law regardless of weather has been legalized or did criminalize tremendous lower recreational purposes in the state where you reside. So they wanna know if if you're crook they wanna know if you do drugs if you are fugitive. Have you ever abandon. Adjudicated. As a mental defective. Sort of very nice words. Or have you ever been committed to a mental institution they run a net have you been discharged from the armed forces. Court order restraining her from harassing somebody. We have been convicted. Of misdemeanor crimes of domestic borrowing violent so there's a fairly in depth series of questions here that you need to. To answer. Have you renounce your United States citizenship what you had to answer all those questions and go through the same sort of background check. To be able to vote as you do to be able to get a gun. Where all this information go to the FBI. The government would that have all this information. Natural gun owners fresh from every single person who wanted to go end. Pull that lever it's totally behind the hanging Chad. What's your take on this 70457. Elevenths an amateur like he had just perfect I don't like yeah. And Oliver Wilson constitutional idea are now which is why we're gonna have an expert on next to discuss this very subject coming up on 11109 events three WVT. Not great thank 11:17 eastern time Jersey had his name is John Lott pro gun rights duty. He's got an idea. Talk to be a voter fraud commission about. Using the background. Check for guns. Declare gun purchased as the way to avoid fraud when it comes to voter registration and this one has some red flags going up in my mind. David Schultz joins us now. I Hamlin university professor political sites also professor in the hand line and university of Minnesota School of Law. Where he teaches election. Law the the whole voter commission here. To me seems like he kind of a witch hunt your bill when you add something like this a suggestion that we do a background check what does that do to your gut. Well it's up to me. Our app every red flag in the world about Big Brother starts to emerge displayed. Yeah okay we're talking about voter fraud and even beyond the issue of the fact that voter fraud really is negligible really as we know that. To think about it now what we're gonna do with this is that so logical for a background check inside for example I've got a couple of outstanding architect parking ticket or a hole behind medium like child support or who goes would ever like that you know we're gonna create this situation work we're gonna let Big Brother Condit. And basically monitor. A lot of our activity and perhaps intimidate us and really use. The but he he pretends the voter fraud. As as a way to wind support trapping a lot of people. Yes I know convicted of a felony well that's something can you vote if you've been convicted of a felony and does that does that Wear things that excludes him. It does exclude you've been most state that pictures like I think they're making one state in the country. Black people mop and I can remember now where. If you convicted of a fairly dull your voting like I think it's 49 states you do and in some states you lose it while you're in jail like her probation dutchess and eventually get back. Fugitive justice if you use it illegal drugs or you're addicted to alcohol. Or if they call you a mental defective or been committed to a mental institution. There's a lot of things here that have absolutely really no bearing upon your rights as a citizen to vote. Yes you right in with what it's doing is opening up the very wide net here because again. For example. Well you know I heard about you you know I'd give it I'd have a couple of parking tickets or something like that I paid them off but. But what I got a couple outstanding parking ticket and I can assure open it take you can't broke capitals parking ticket or by the way. Well we're not gonna which you vote until you pay their parking tickets or. What say we go to open guy crisis the United States at this point while you are are perhaps a few people feel like something's coming up on that were knocked it lets you broke I mean if it becomes endless in terms of what those background checks like produced. And even if it doesn't produce to be done anything illegal. I knew that you I don't want the government snooping around in my private life. No I mean and who knows they may already have the ability to just background check all of us anyway and it's in some sort of database. But to walk into when our eyes wide open in saying this is okay that's what makes this smell bad to me. Because to be also and that type of which now it also expand yet. Get more people who we're gonna go about that after our election judge do even more. Started about it it's a fact that North Carolina my election judges you are my papers for example. You dodged you know if you get my next door neighbor you know or water for elderly woman's we're going to be happy by my next door neighbor to be a police officer now it's basically you know you know stupid in my life you know terms of whether or not you know I've I've done some certain things. Even I haven't done a. It's not a purpose of. Yes it is it is not our business and and until you cross a line and you violate somebody else's rights those kind of things that should not come out into the open whatever they are. From and until the time is right I know you've got idea. He got another class when it's your next class starts for you there in about three but it you don't let the perk up a bit wait the professor student don't object I know they got to like that is a matter of fact right what would be the worst possible thing that you could see happening one of the things that I could see is that we would change voter laws so that a lot of stuff on this list here would actually preclude you. From voting. Ever. Yes so that's about worried about your it becomes that next step. And there's all kinds of potential. I would say constitutional problems with that for example in many years ago the sixties we pass something called a ban on poll taxes that the constitutional amendment. I cannot go back it would take somebody's got what they a couple of outstanding parking tickets or something like that at least say what we do you can't vote prepaid built up. If that now pole text. That might very well be so I think are constitutional problems. But again it's the to meet at the very least it is the intrusiveness. Of the using the election process. And they policing mechanisms aren't as yet another way of restricting liberty. Najera I agree India's Second Amendment is important the First Amendment is is as well on our right to vote. And just as much of the rise this country wouldn't be able to sustain the first in the second and all the other amendments that took. But along with so much free and but David I appreciate your time so much I know like you said you got to run. Good teaching kids you little smarter here it's always great stuff and I think we have some of the same fears. David Schultz professor. Hamlin university of Minnesota School of Law where he teaches election law so he certainly knows about this. Amanda he's also a professor of political science thank you so much gone out to a gym 70457011. Tet. I think this this idea stinks and I wanna know what you think. I think it won't back us bid our all our tell me why. All. It's weird happened remote intruder government brought narrowly in the history of our law. It don't bear war it can't wait to pat wrote a wall make sure you got your vote sure wish she'd like him. Crawled in cutting your seatbelt god. They're what you're prepared he's got to review a wake up in the morning. I'll call you liked about him so bad ability or government absolutely mobbed I think law. And I don't know how those go hand in hand here Jim appeared or are you can't sarcastic help me out. Or are rare error report. You're OK so let let me lay this out here just so your saying that. If you wanna vote you don't have a problem. Filling out a form that says. You know. I yeah I've been convicted of the felony or on the fugitive from justice or you know what yeah. As smoke too much pot and and drink too much. I was discharged from the armed forces. You know this is a restraining order against me. We have been yeah did illegally unlawfully candidate who whatever the case may be your cool with the answering all of these different questions. Yet US bought it yet they keep voting got to applaud you Gerke yeah yeah that Walt more than you can never even trial. Indirect you're not hot plumes are and what you're gonna get. Who determines. Who is a deadbeat. Well a bit this particular law that you're talking about sounds like the idea that direction. Here you have an example if you had a diet were young man right here in the walker Arnold did great go to break core. Other tornado belt airport right at somebody you know who's head that you know yes they do though that would be very. And say they found out had a couple traffic ticket they added forty dollar bill that pocket right hook for ringing bells at that point it might be traffic tickets according what aren't getting. Yeah. Well one god intruders got it well we've got to control it well well you hold it toward true. Well it but yeah it's an oxymoron what you're saying is let's let the government be more intrusive about my my ability to vote so that we can get rid of an intrusive government that doesn't make any sense Jim. If they don't we have in this country is our and our ability to iron. If if that already or if there collectors throughout your partner about this country. All on the look my picture document that Liam. But I would arm become get the market got off awkwardly away from me god I won't literally. Jim. I'm totally disagree with the totally disagree with the EP. You make of what I want the government to be intrusive. And answering these questions to me would be intrusive. Jim can you do it about thirty seconds or I was Jimmy Wayne can do it about thirty seconds Laura should we. Bring about the extent went to hear yet go ahead. Jim can you do it quickly are gonna hold on to the other side of the news. We're good we're gonna go do that when you what you hang on come get your news site. I don't like it what do you think should you have to feel the same form get a background checks to be able to go vote. Just the country we want. A living and it's kind of a tongue in cheek. Suggestion. But there's going to be some folks who like it I wanna know if you do two's Jim says we got to do this to keep the deadbeats from voting I say who gets to decide who's a deadbeat dad who's in the Saudi wanna tell the other government. Whether or not you have or about renouncing your United States citizenship. Would you really want to tell the government that somebody at some point time to figure out mental defective. Or would you really want the government to know that you've been committed to a mental mental institution at some point in time and your life pitcher. Convicted of a felony. Which are under indictment for felony. Fugitive from justice ball just appeal to go to the ballot box. I think that we we need to be very very careful about the information that we would need to give in order to be able to continue to be a voter Scott what is your take. I got called will not let it odd disapprove. The fitting with with a gun background check paperwork. I do agree that. There they know the background check for that gun permits and conceal carry should be even more stringent than it is now I'm a concealed carry guy must sail. Well down. I adult I don't agree with you can not sign or man. Or bogeyed purposes but I do agree with some articles identification. System or voting are. When I go to the bank as much yeah I have I've been Nike signed bank for twenty years I still have received odd feet. In order to get jet that we're not sure it's as simple and then even though that people have no deeper port Qian did in years. Present my hobby soap opera regarding cannot be broken just simple. Way to keep everyone honest COLT who yet wouldn't disagree with you an answer deal that's pressure none. Yeah I agree I don't I don't have a problem with a ninety I really don't have a problem with the make you have to have an identification of some sort mean because otherwise how do you make it through life. Unless you're completely off the grid and if you're completely off the grid then do. Any of the services that this country provides for you make a hell of beans difference to you right now should you vote. Wayne thank you for hole not background checks to be able to go vote how deep how wide how far should we go if any. I don't believe in the tricks but I didn't the issue to own property in order to vote for a paycheck should absorb them a call. Among David house or so than an orbit about America you voted to make sure your wall someplace somewhere down the road. So if I rented an apartment and took the bus because I lived in the in the middle of a city. Then I shouldn't be able to vote. Welcome whoever he would be more protection if I'm deeply apex is of some some some way or form. Good -- you have grown could would be it's do or are subtle you do pay my paycheck should go up there like when you pay taxes everything you vote all the have to make sure taxes. That's a good point so. I think essentially what you might present don't put words in your mouth is if somebody. Everything that they have in their life is given to them by the government then they shouldn't be able to vote to continue to get everything from the government essentially. Most are made of it. Well they should voted if you are BR contribute that this society cannot pay you money at odd bit. You know I hope people go up and they don't and life is up there on the a bill like you should you know. I have to pay taxes in order to vote on all the time actually reinstate it. Right muscle but but what I was saying is that let's say I get free housing because you know I don't make any money I don't have a job I get food stamps. You know I I get free health care given to me I'm on Medicaid. So essentially that they've got everything that I do the government pays for and gives to me. Other than perhaps utilities and I don't know maybe they're governor programs to a government depends of those things as rock so that kind of person who was nothing but the taker should not be allowed to vote is that sort of what I'm getting. Yeah OK yeah I got. God I agree you have to give something back. I mean you know. I so that's crystal Sheffield I mean I don't believe there should be a rowboat. If you are contributing to regain Linda Jeremy came out now he's making money and baboon bone stuff. They've done a better separation of I destroy you know be should be able if you pay into single supplement is payroll check girl. Call or something yeah you know. Although you know somebody who's like got multiple multiple felon in a convicted time and time and time again. I'll betcha they're too busy doing bad crap to stop and go vote you don't say. I'm not. So whenever I need a better chance to let you know just yet. They know go to don't think it affects people who are playing mpeg two more than anybody you know. It does not agree with the idea I I think you make some really really good points went and a and again thank you for old non I had to hold you through the news and I appreciate your patience on that. I don't know that if you're convicted of one felony Michigan Jiang yanked out I don't think that would be fair but multiple yet. Given a given a couple of you know maybe two maybe three come up with a number for that where maybe there is different men are different levels felony you know. You stole a car when you were fifteen. Those you can never be able to vote. Especially if you give him back. Mental defective OK if you're too mentally defective yeah it would make it makes sense you're not to have a gun. Chances are united a vote anyway frank. Where we draw this line what do we need to do make sure that we can vote on this is a good idea at all to have someone to come up yet get your next stay with a 7457011. Test. That would be the telephone number here here's 1110993. WG. Famous for 1146 time. And so we'll it's. Just a little Russian taken over the airwaves that's a very good thing. Very good thing. 141000. At least that's. It's a hard number to really. Dig into because too many people were embarrassed to to admit to it they're saying over 141000 people a year. Injure themselves. Doing a little landscaping can look down the down below. Give me so well there you and I'm well how dangerous it is I might I might give it a try before we had to go with a program today will have to seek and to bring some clippers and so do you guys would have to work. Covered their windows and there and and turn around Tim Heidi background checks to be able to vote should do you have to do the same thing that you do to get a gun. So like it Beckett Beckett injured down below do what I got five year old son nick. They saw me gaining any immediate date time or down vote. Knees got some bad guys who say he's an album Zia did help and or. I background checks it's. The verdict sort of voting no not back fracture but I think. It's just me I think the ID. Yet children be severely here one got a right. Some blank check yet to show some forms of ID we got a credit card and that's physical way in ninety security. But I think yet the Asian city. Long needed being US ports citizen. Or documented immigrant. US citizen. I think here those BO OK NN I'm not outsider you're talking about their little club gotten. This is so much outsider yet understand that it starts carrying a leopard but. I guarantee. Probably. 90% this audience. Point. It's gotten essar actual those taking. I am I there might be salaam that you had no idea what every day you know I'm every gate yet. Issues in the late Stanley Works in the target pitcher you're not right now has the that part repair should have nothing to do it initiated did. Tailored and ever want. Cut the crap. Now that you're right and I and I can't see anyway that any politician any sort of ad advertising campaign. Could appeal. Directly appealed to a you know. A mental health community let's assume this is put it that way. Jeff Paul Corey stand by Ryan background checks for voting upper down. All wheel barrel and in recent rhetoric if you examine how government portrayal. Probably the only reason we're talking about this is because shell who elected official got a hundred okay. From a security company and it's like hey we make it so that every year man woman and child at that a background check who makes thirty bucks a pop off urban background check. You're the Matt at 900 million dollars a lot yeah that's yeah that's not me that's more than the wallet concert in this day and and then when when when you talk about. Like you're mentioned Ellington and also something to keep an idea that he could think how out of control our government it strikes. Great now custodial interference is a class EL a fight cheap like if I divorced my wife and I keep my daughter she long. Right I felt I can't voter can carry don't you know it's not a felony Scott. Our campaign finance fought. Death as a brilliant light as a brilliant idea. Yeah there'd be a lot of politicians who are you check their checkbook and yeah they wouldn't be allowed votes go to Geoff high Geoff background checks we. No no no I'm not no background check and food bank they're Derrick why should have a not gate. But there's a shot and it out about Barlow long term what are we think about it stat. I think everybody should builder demonstrate at least the basic knowledge about government approach to work. I like that he loved what Ari. Branches of government. And and their responsibilities. And made it a bit that guarantees it better and half of the voters out there could match of that basic question. No no you're right. Yeah I mean well with the help the I'm preparing couldn't remember. If you picked it up and. He he he got elected. I can get political nuggets that I I think that. That's a tough one. What if what if he just had a bad memory. I wish him at that we you know I'm I'm seventy years old now and and I took the the civics class when I was a junior in high school you expect me to have to remember all that I don't know. Cody high WBT background checks. Yeah okay I'd disagree with about contracts. In concept but I think that the spirit behind it but the idea of securing the votes to people who are supposed to be voting. And one of my part and a compounded I'd be in the resource I have an idea diverted North Carolina and that's been contested. But because of the threat particularly an abuse out everywhere now it's here they have made it's that you have to get these real ideas. We're yet to go and do a background check easy adventure marker here I'd be to be able to fly. Actually we like it you don't need a background check you just need to provide. So security card and a and births target you need to sit near the national right exactly yeah. We didn't make it so you need your roared into. Well the net assumes that somebody is going to go on to the driver's license because those go hand in hand as of right now I don't know. I don't know maybe therein North Carolina anyway to driver Orton. To do what. I know I mean there are other forms of ID. And underserved in if you don't take driver's education and you can't pass the test and obviously you don't get the driver's license. And I don't think you'll be fair to. To preclude people who can't drive and then maybe that would be the basic intelligence test that we would need to learn to use paw hi you're on WB two. Say. Start off with the bump our project though happily not makes no offense and if tiger I mean appear prepare America to defend usually get about. Are pretty ID. Frankly not only free market quarterback who do it and you should be remembered above the last second. And then go vote you have to be a part of humanity. And then of course political and elect local clinic. Which is down. Voting nation on the today I mean like yesterday I worked all that. I had barely come at the end I want to go low. And more importantly and then those should be illegal leak. I think it's gonna end up being some sort of electronic thing that that is tied in to. Device that we have whether it's our phone. The should be something that's electronic that's going to be win everybody on everybody. Sure everybody you know at the same time chin yes and Java chip unfortunately you don't stick your finger into the hole here. We move around and oh and played in the direction of you'd like to have to pick Corey background checks up or down. No sir no background check whatsoever it's absolutely ludicrous. There are warned to make more when you expand our our people receiving government says its you have to remember there are millions. Hope people who receive some type of government assistance. So that should not be your courage against the Arab. I've been able to focus even though they received food stamps are housing. You should deal happen every. And ordered her out of all of properties Karl government assistance and therefore these people to take exit packages people. Are shunned the windy here did they receive food stamps so let me hear that they received some type of government assistance but huge huge deal have a job in order to boom. See full barefoot souls who can't work. Yes they do receive full stance saying no they're not themselves paying taxes in background checks could be relevant just ever ID and pro. And be done waited. So everybody should have an idea what about what about those people who don't draw but. I I see there are ways around it you know everybody's gonna have an insurance card of of some sort right whether its you Medicaid Medicare if you network and it comes one of those one of those places. Yeah my daughter's not work and she never I'd be so she can vote yeah I mean it's it's just that easy just have an ID. Library card I mean something this says this is who I am as opposed to just walking up to the polls and saying hi I'm my name is Scott FitzGerald. I haven't registered yet and and I would like to vote. That's where I would see some problems I see there didn't used to potential for voter fraud is it wide spread is a rampant. Well if you had a 150000. People walk up on the last day. Two you know to the library and try to vote than me on the maybe vision of the definition Steve broke. It would get. I yeah I disagree would be background check definitely but also. Disagree with that people have a hard come in ninety. Our basement studies done were able Coco really rich area and they were. As you know what to think about IBM. They would say well most poor people can't afford these have been deployed to the poor neighborhood. On the same day incident do you have an RV ESP noted cover black love this year. Everybody's got about the you've got to have a not need cash chicken everybody it's mine yet. Everybody got an idea since the ploy not concerned about voter ID I. I agree with the under percent you gotta have something. Now now granted there are people who lose everything. You know you put your birth certificate good. Garnered a fire Social Security card is burn and fire. And then I don't know being that that's that's a tough row to hoe but that is a difficult one Julia B last take is on me today at WBT. Under the background so next when you register Cavallo can we got this whole thing. And so you'd yet it would vetted whatever in order to get to registration. We've already got so bad being that guy that it ought to be a week. Well before the general election at about ten weeks that it that are so I don't batting right now you can also register to vote when you that early. Yeah and others there's a lot of the loopholes. Should you left and I didn't. 141000 people gets about. Don't look guys it's. Injured. Taken care of the other hair down there. I can prove it's safe. There's a vacuum could. And how. How old. Got a mandate. Those guys relied so that's sort of stuff.