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Good morning. So beautiful today in North Carolina continues to Charlotte mayor thing I learned as mayor. He'll run and can't hide you have to believe how. So the audience and then maybe. He didn't stare because there. Since elusive guy. The scenes conversations. New talking point so proud. The people of Charlotte that gave me an opportunity. We expect you you won't find anywhere refs don't understand I don't WD. Precepts it's time for Carolina come back the cup looked glory ship. Botox it let's leave here together as a team. C. Good morning 905 under is 1110 not 93 WVG it is Friday January 12. I'm both Thompson and along with me of course the former. Governor of North Carolina and former mayor of Charlotte it's Pat McCrory and something we saw last night that you thought you'd never see. In uptown Charlotte. Well there's always been concerned about that because there's a lot of activity in and around the police department where. In fact I I had an incident there 1520 years ago. Signed were referred to the shooting had occurred last night were a man and a white truck came. To do you headquarters when we had police officers outside the building. Who were they usually get together and and work on a team effort before they go out to arrest people. Someone came and insert shoot a gun and try to kill him and he was killed I would be surprised it was that type of a suicide by cop where he knew he's going to be killed by the use gonna take down as many people's also Wyndham. And it happened in downtown Charlotte right now in the parking lot of the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department. I had an incident one time moralis LP nick someone I was mentoring and I still amend term. Deal with a domestic issue. And I remember getting a phone call where we are concerned that the boyfriend or something it was going to be outside the headquarters. With a guy and and wanted to shoot. This individual and I remember taking this individual and in my car being scared to death that we're going to be shot. Because a lot of people are involved in domestic violence know where the accuser is gonna end up and they go to police headquarters or to the county jail in some people. Are fearful of that person waiting outside to shoot them. When me report. There incidence is so it's an always has been a concern but for this to happen is very very disturbing. So here is are the details. What proceeded this last night a man being investigated. For homicide don't Carlyle drive that prompted an AMBER Alert. Was killed during a shoot out outside of police headquarters Jonathan Bennett. Was wanted after being accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend and mother. I was two month old daughter. The child was later found unharmed thankfully. Now according to police Bennet 43 years old drove into the parking lot outside the police department last night about 11 PM. Opened fire on a group of officers who were meeting their being briefed about something totally unrelated. One officer was hit by gunfire. While police returned fire on the suspect shooting and killing him the suspect was killed the officer I was struck in the leg and transported to the hospital. With life threatening injuries and that is where we stand. And when I used to ride with a police often and as a City Council member and as a mayor including with the current police chief when he was a sergeant or something. We often would meet especially the night shift for the morning shifts were a lot of arrest. For people breaking probation occur early in the morning hours. When they're asleep that's the best time to arrest someone when they're asleep for about to wake up and they're not prepared to get arrested. I remember meeting with these groups of people either in the lobby of the police department around the parking lot were ever wanna be get together before they get their cars ago OK this is our planned. This is what we're gonna do this is how we're gonna cornyn. They're probably dealing with someone on probation that they may be needed to arrest I don't know but probation officers were involved in that shooting apparently. So loved this guy came in the parking lot and started opening fire and and thankfully the he didn't cause any yum. He didn't kill any police officer but he did shoot one in the lake and hopefully she's recovering and doing well but the dramatic. Impact of that on her and the other officer 61 of them for the rest of their life. And thank god we have these police officers and thank god we have a police chief who's backing these police officer Sam. Obsolete I think right now in Charlotte. We have police officers who don't feel like they have the backing of this community and I think it's reflective somewhat. In the police officers over the police chief's comments going people need to realize that these men and women are taken risks for us every day. And sadly we have had mayors and even have a current mayor and City Council members who meet with groups. Whose objective right now community activists left wing groups. Whose goal is to not have any police. Think we can do without police just put a bumper sticker on the back your car but a peace symbol and think that would do it. Ladies and gentlemen I've bid on domestic calls with police officers. Save peace let's talk doesn't always work when there's domestic violence as we can see in this sad incident where this man killed his wife. Or his girlfriend. And sadly often there's liquor involved there's drug involved. And it happens every night in Charlotte and throughout this nation not nationally killings. But domestic violence and these are the types of incidents where we often have a police officers shot or injured and we've had several police officers killed. In our Charlotte city history on domestic violence. Calls that are the most dangerous calls that we can have all this is in domestic violence call that. The killer brought the call to their headquarters. Vs the police going out there it's unbelievable. Well you mention those police officers who go on calls like that. But did in this situation you had. Officers there last night are working on something completely unrelated and just by virtue of the fact that you are a pull a member of the police force. You are automatically put in harm's way when you may not necessarily anything to do with this case but that's just part of putting on the badge every day. Maybe were fortunate they were in the police. In the police parking lot. Because all wonder if this guy what do stopped and gotten out of his car and walked into the lobby. Which I believe does unlocked it's open to the public and would have just started shooting. Because the police officers inside probably would have been less ready. Two respondent. Would mad place to cover but hopefully there were cars where they could dive for cover. And there's a parking deck right behind near where they could go for cover but it looks like they immediately started returning far. And thankfully took the suspect down. By Lyles and thereby allows has tweeted. They statement this morning oh this is about this in the when one last thirty minutes domestic violence has struck our community again. A child has lost a mother thank you CM PD for your bravery and strength pain during a targeted attack. Nearly three women a day are killed by the US in the US my current or former. I intimate partner this is unacceptable. And that's the end of the tweet from by Lyle wanted to. Secured tweet however. This was a domestic violence sensitive but I believe this individual had been arrested before. Maybe you had a criminal record so it's not all about domestic violence about it's about criminals. But 25%. Of our crime when I was mayor was domestic violence related. And usually again there's drugs and alcohol and kids involved. And they're the most difficult things. The deal with for a police also we have one incidence well over 25 years go I think what's remark was for a our governor I mean I'm back here. Where of police officer responded to a domestic violence they handcuffed to behind. He ended up taking it gun out of the socket shooting police officer in the back in killing him in the police car. Much more on. This and we usually hit a lot of stories here in the opener but today we have a very hyper local. I'm big developing story we are gonna talk about what president trump said yesterday. And that's coming up the next seven or get categories thoughts on that. And also things happening in Missouri. The governor there and frank Garcia set to join us in the second half hour plus sports news on the horizon 912 on W beach say. You're listening to the Pat McCrory show Botox and we'll and you see 1110993. W. This is still Pat McCrory show with the Botox. On new C 1110993. Tumbled eighteen. We had north trying to division. Crime reduction unit officers. And probation and parole officers. Here. In our parking lot. About to breeze to do all totally unrelated. Operation. As they were briefly held in the parking lot. Suspect homicide suspect from earlier today that we've been looking. Why I should be older in. And basically. That was last night actually early this morning plus 1230 years the chief briefed the media on this developing story. And he's gonna join us coming up in a just a few minutes and 935 she's she probably will join us Patel last night shooting it. And the police headquarters parking lot where a murder suspect opened fire on cops who returned fire killing 23 year old Jonathan Bennett. And in the in the process of this at a police officer was shot in the leg she's okay had transferred to the hospital. Were you know I'm still getting details on this and get the latest from the chief coming up. Let me just say when this happens to a police officer a police officer shot and use the appropriate word the chief use the proper word and bush. And we've had police officers and bush before and killed in this city but not in the parking lot. Of the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department. And further police chief first I want to thank him for green to come on at 935 so if you're still listening or haven't gotten into work you know we want you to hang on until 935 in here for mark. Chief police. For them this is personal. This is personal and I've seen this happen with previous chiefs of police when one of their own get shot. Or even shot that. It hits to them if they feel responsible. For. And they're gonna do everything they can to make sure it doesn't happen again but the dilemma is he's gonna have his. You can't put a wall around the police department he's the type who wants to be transparent open to the public. But someone has taken advantage that transparency so if if we just pull if the police officers don't meet the parking lot or enough. Lobby. Four in the community where do they have their meetings and they do have to do they have to keep it secret like a military affairs. And I hope there isn't a overreaction regarding that transparency but believe me I'd understand if the areas. But I think the police chief also set a very strong comments and these police officers are risking their lives every day. And every night. And they need to be appreciated he made a point of saying in May need to be appreciated. And I think that's a very very important. Important point to make especially right now when we have. Some community activist group who I think are for the good of the community. But are also talking about and meeting where there are current mayor and City Council members about we don't need a police department. We don't need the police let us resolve our issues by ourselves. There's actually groups of people who believe that this community. And and when there ever is a controversial shooting we have a newspaper that often. Takes the side of the shooting suspect or the victim immediately. And does not wait and be patient be here the police side of the issue which they did not doing. New during the controversial shooting a year ago when they automatically. Agreed and said the police a video sharp Charlotte Observer said he was it even holding a drug. Well it turns out he was holding a drug. And yet we had riots. Because false information when Al by the media and other people. Not defending the police department or at least not even given the police officers the benefit of the dial. And saw I look forward to hearing from police chief I'm sure he has it gotten any sleep during the night so for him to come on on the air this early. Is I think a tribute to our great police chief. So we will get back to that story I want to shift gears to Washington DC now because this is getting just tremendous national attention and think you understand why comments attributed. To president trump during an Oval Office meeting on a bipartisan. Immigration reform plan yesterday sources briefed on the meeting. I say when the president learned the plan would restore protections for immigrants from Haiti. And several African countries but he is said to have responded quote why are we having all these people from. I'm blank hole countries. Come here. Unquote instead he suggested the US should bring in more people from countries like. Norway all right that word. Blanket thank you know what that is blank hole countries now he says it's similar to word crap are we love to use were crap on the radio antenna. Do you invents. Yeah yeah I dig it makes that word if the seem tame now we used to used to be a cuss word I don't think it is having more I don't know the changing dynamics of words well and you know it's also interesting to see. Who decides to say and print the word and who doesn't mean CNN all morning I was taken aback when I got in the studio this morning because I'm looking after screen they're spelling the word out right there on the screen. And from what I understand I can hear the audio most the time because I'm on the air but. Chris Cuomo was on TV last night repeating it over and over supposedly so. This word or your reaction to him using that word. I have it mad me. Executive in the White House yet that a president who does account SPI decisions I ever met the governor yet including myself who occasionally double. Slipped one out behind the scenes in the office behind closed doors and by the way that president or that governor or that mayor. Assumes that you won't have people going out and announcing in public that the president said this werder that word. If they've done that with Kennedy. Doorway of Clinton's more aware of Obama. Or with Nixon knew we know it takes to use a lot of words. Every president would be in trouble right now. I'm not saying it's appropriate I always regretted cussing behind the scenes. We've my staffer with other people because sometimes our ego gets in a way we think we have to make an extra point by Cassie. And I think the president probably did that he's denying it I actually think he probably did I've been wisdom. We discussed before. And sadly I've kospi foreign offices but hopefully have never got called public and every time I do I regret it. But what he was trying to say. Was this is that we need a merit based immigration program we have a shortage of scientists we have a shortage of engineers. We've shores of top notch construction workers we need skilled people right now not just in our nation but also in North Carolina. And what do we recruit new immigrants we need to look at what talents are lacking. Now he referred to some countries. That don't have that talent regarding universities at this point in time especially Haiti which it doesn't. More away by the way what she'd just left the and left the president Norway had just left the Oval Office so that was probably on his mind as one of the most. Educated countries in the world. They have a lot of engineers they have a lot of scientists they have a lot of doctors. I think that's what was on his mind and of course is CNN's and the Liberal Democrats automatically said he's being racist by the way. He never mentioned the word white or black or whatever in fact he mentioned the word Asian. Which are people of color and by the way we recruit a lot of engineers from India Indian Asians are. A recruiting tool for a lot of engineers so this is the controversial and it'll be another 48 hour story a lot. Going on today were trying to get to all of it here on WBT this hour coming up in. I'm less than ten minutes now 935 we will be joined live by CN PD chief Kerr partly to talk about what happened last night and into early this morning. You're listening to the Pat McCrory just went toe Thompson to run new C 1110. This is still pavlik Rory shell with Botox slugged BC eleven cents to 99 treats its. 933 I'm WBT. And both times and recapping our top story locally here this morning and shooting. From the police headquarters parking lot last night in uptown Charlotte where a murder suspect opened fire on cops. Who returned fire killing 23 year old Jonathan Bennett. Grew allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend earlier in the day Tony three year old Brittany wife was found dead inside the residence. The couple's infant daughter was gone taken by Bennett. The police say she was later found unharmed and police officer. Wounded in the leg last night expected to be okay. We bring on the line right now the chief of police in Charlotte Mecklenburg we heard him address the media last night about 12:30 were this morning about 1230. And he is with us now a chief Kerr Putney good morning sir. Rory sir how are you I appreciate you being here I'm doing okay I'm here with former governor and mayor Pat McCrory before we get to anything further what can you update us on what's the latest. Since we last heard from you. Well will be put some more information Border Patrol boat. The name of the officer. Casey will be. Talk about how long she's been on and that kind of thing just the normal information. I'm we're still moving down the road win at the investigation. Looking at all possible video. And I'm just trying to piece it all together and make sense of everything that happened and we continue to. Keep the Alter our prayers and also pray for the family of the deceased we got to know that. Everybody had been impacted this is this is a pretty big incident and we're blessed that it didn't have a more tragic outcome. But she's five and I think that's an excellent comment to make their a lot of victims in this is this the families of the police officer shot I'm sure worried. The family of fellow officers and also by the family of the victim and that poor little girl that won't have parents at this point in time for the rest of her life and our prayers need to be with her. Did this man get out of his car when he began shooting or did he stay in his truck. Again I can't get into only already built Obama well right now he was not a new vehicle. At that time that the shock or fire dissolved in the evidence that we're seeing at this point. Are there any actions I know when I used to ride with you many many years ago the police would meet in the parking lot around the lobby you're one of the copper concerns before they go out at night. And I noticed you had other officers including probation officers there what was the rewards were they out to coordinate activities arrests that night. Well the ordering of our operations on unrelated. Just partly due oldest city. This could have been any parking lot. I think guard you can say unfortunately but actually fortunately it happened here what we had quite a number of officers. And dumb it just allow awakens us to the reality of the dangers that. Come along with this job so I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about in and just thank the officers aboard the heroism last night it was armed. Do amazing. Calm were reviewing everything that we see now when. And I can't wait until the whole story comes out because there's a lot to be proud of about the way the opposite behaved even though this is a tragic situation. Well one thing I agree would viewers or your patience because I'd like to ask ask more details about. The details but one thing we've learned with police shootings is. We need to be patient to find out their real story before people jump to conclusions. Sir apple and what we need to be patient for is so that we can get the facts. I would wanna make sure that everything we say is absolutely supported by evidence and fact. We don't wanna go any motion that is an emotional time obviously you said there's a lot of law on all sides. I'm just pray for that the also can be healed and everybody will move through it but. It's a tough time and now we just ask a little bit of patience so that we can get the real story and all the facts south where everybody can see exactly what transpired. One more story if there's an official record of this and you can talk about it the the person the victim who was shot. And killed did he have previous arrest records is there any more you can tell us about him. Worse or anything beyond domestic violence that he had been involved within the past. Let them oh we obviously view on this is. There's only human story. People like to talk about numbers in and everything else in people's history but I spoke with the father. And I can tell you he's a good man. Com he's heartbroken. And what I'm not gonna do vilify anybody in this in this situation is sort of is an awful loss on all sides I'm just very. Thankful as I think this community should be for the quality of opposite gonna caliber people we have working here. And I'm glad that. We got to this little let injuries are officers feeling. She's we're blessed she's so yellow if it happened to know critter like me so holes that I could be is and how busy she is so. We got a lot to be thankful for but also. We got to make sure we keep in context plea in the amount of loss that we've all suffered here. Yeah I'll hold my loss and we're very fortunate also that there wasn't more loss and maybe thankfully did error occurred in that parking lot where other officers to defend each other. And only great it's good as a blessing and a curse on the shows us too though I've talked to be officers who work a lot. We got to do better to make sure they're safer. If this were something that happened during the day it's a public building we just got to be more thoughtful about how we are ensure the safety of our people who. Keep what they can put their life so a lot on the line and that's part of what we're doing right now today assessing how we can make it safer. But at the end of the day there is true in her inherent. Dangers that come along with the job and I'm proud of the people who. Put themselves on on their sacrifice to make sure our cities safe. Well listen I'm sure you've been up all night you've got to communicate with the public can also would your own police officers and I'm sure you're gonna. Help but help the police officer in their family and also the victim and her family and I commend you talking to the father because. There are a lot of people heard and they're all Brothers and sisters and mom and dads out there that are RB in them impacted by this terrible terrible. Occurrence. Not a thing I'll say this. Eventually we got to convince young people. That they can talk their way out of conflict you don't have to grab a weapon. You don't have to put other people logged in danger and I'm just thankful that the caliber of officer and people that we have here. For a pristine beauty in this city trial. Cool and do everything they can't make us safer I'm just some problem. I'm proud you chief and I'm proud you're officers and please give my best thank you sir world. Chief button you always come on no matter what's happening I appreciated and please stay in touch. You know how well are all right chief Rodney Kerr funny. For the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department now those urges I believe his first comments to the media sense 12:30 this morning and it and to have him. Talk about the victim's father. I thought was quite remarkable because it puts things in context. And I'm sure you'd like to also talk about the police officers mom and dad are probably worried about her husband or whatever but spouses are. Kids we don't know but they everyone involved in this has families in some of the other officers who then had to shoot back. And kill this man. Going to be impacted for the rest their life and they had to go home and wake up their family upon returning know how was your day how was your night. Well I had to kill somebody. And these are very difficult circumstances that police officers have to go through in this is where I wanna make the comment that. The chief said we need to appreciate these men and women. Who put themselves in harm's way. And we need to have that empathy for all sides on this beside him and there's a story to the story to the story behind missed that will be learning through the next several weeks and let's all support. Here in the story and not jumping to conclusions were you. Hit it conversations think about all the different kind of conversations. And that chief bunny has to have. Almost all at once on both sides and then he's also got to console his police force. And as you say are involved in this in different degrees and some of them only involved in it because they just happened to be their house and. Are you there and including probation officers. Listen I've had this I've had to do eulogies sadly have to. Tragically shot down ambushed police officers who were ambushed and attend other funerals like Noble's number net worth it mayor vin rouge. And I'm just so thankful that we didn't lose a police officer or any other civilians that could have been nearby. I we have no idea how many shots were fired. How many shots were returned. We need to let that investigation Kurds can be very generously if there's video. And may go learn more about beating cameras in that area and also the way to get in now that police. Police the apartment building which. I used to doing an out of and stand and have parking lot where police officers late at night including the chief before we go out so very serious subject. Stay with WB today throughout the day and all weekend for the very latest on this again we. We thank the chief of police at Kerr Putney pay as he always does coming on no matter what the story that you all the officers for their service absolutely and so we're gonna shift gears now. We do this every Friday we invite frank Garcia and from our sister station. 1025. And 610 W let's Lindsay part of the Garcia and Bailey show and we like to do this because. You know it kind of sets up the weekend we can always full of sports in this funds. No exception although it's not full of Panthers which would have made it perfect but we still have a lot to talk a. In fact. Frank we talked about police before he may have been part of the controversy of dealing kneeling. On NFL games started a week because of opposition or concerns about the police doing it wasn't about the military it was about police and it's still lives in this is where cavern Mac. Actually wore socks when pigs on his socks which is often not. Talked about. But I think the police chief kind of sent us a strong message we need to support our police and appreciate replace. You know my mom I was a police officer for twenty years and so is her husband and I've. Learn to respect authority America I agree you know there's there's a lot of really good police officers out there that put their lives are at risk every single day. And down unfortunately is a bad wants to and you know any any profession you're gonna ever gonna have a good you can have the bad and you know so. And those are things as is the respect that we've talked about as a key word for me it's something I've learned as kids used to grow up and respect. I mean respect is earned the secular authority respect authority respect your elders respect yours don't you're a teacher respect one another brand out there that has happened both sides. And you know one of the issues right now we we're gonna have you come in and talk about the sale of the Panthers. And know what's what's your opinion right now because one of the names by the way still be in balance scrambled tapper neck be a part of a new ownership team I don't think that would be too well. Septa this community if he has I'm not to I'm not sure I don't think that that's a realistic opportunity. You know it depends on who the owners going to be in the face is going to be I think most owners are gonna want. A face. And whatever group they come up with will be the underlying. You know figures there won't be really publicized but the guys that is gonna own the majority of teams will be in. And he's gonna you know if if if mr. Richardson and on the NFL owners decide that's the guy they want then I'm not sure how much they say how much say they have after that when it comes to put the committee of the group together. One thing that I found interest in this week frank Garcia as he joins a Pat McCrory and in Meebo Thompson here on W beechy. I think it's interesting that while we know all these things are happening behind the scenes. I as far as ownership goes. The the workings of the team go on they've made some very very. Big changes to the team this week by ousting their offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach and now here today if everything. Goes according to plan looks like in Norv Turner. His is going to be official here. Yeah and the show must go on death you know guy goes away it doesn't mean that you stop operating stuff there. You do business as usual is a very competitive league and it sounds like they have their guys and Norv Turner there's been a lot of talk of whether he's the right guy whether his age comes into concern with being able to. You know deal with the you know the younger generation and in these athletes are coming through today and you looked to me every good leader and learns how to adjust and adapt they're convicted to what they believe in but they take. Offerings from you know the things that they've learned throughout their years and you know they did Justin. You know that I think the norv Turner's been a big guys it's able to do that either they talk about his record you know with other teams and who may be where he stood up with. In the Minnesota Vikings as an offensive coordinator in what he did it with flippers out in San Diego and his final years there. And you know he did a pretty good job with Teddy Bridgewater before you know they decided to move and a different direction. And I think that's going to be the same thing he's he's done these things with other other players he hasn't done with cam. And a good coordinators going to be able to adjust and adapt to his personnel just like a good leader is and they're maybe it would get the most out of those guys and figure out. Know how to use the properly within a system. That fits comfortably to their strengths. You know we talk about Nick Saban I was on a frenzy where the other the other day and we talked about Nixon's Saban being a great leader. Because he made a tough call halftime replace him a quarterback that it only lost two games in his two years. Maybe we're seeing the leadership skills of coach Rivera go on you know what we have made the playoffs we've had a pretty good three years but I'm still making a change. There's a lot of similarities you know there with he joked maybe Max and out on. On direction and you hit you hit that ceiling. And it doesn't mean the cam is reached his full potential doesn't in this offense is release his full potential doesn't mean. You know this team hasn't Mino alternately won its final goal that's when the super also. And when you feel like you've reached your ceiling you sometimes to find different ways and you know sometimes it's a different voice and sometimes it's learning a little bit more. You know from different people I think that's the direction we decided to go and it didn't just happen one day were you woke up and so are not open marshall's record here today. They're a lot of thought that goes into that with a lot of good people would go no behind that morning her incher was a big part of that decision and you know together they came out of the room unified in you made that decision and knew the direction they've. New SATA Doran was with Norv Turner who gave Ron Rivera's first shots so. There there is a little bit of you know the family the brotherhood. You know in the coaching your circles as well. But it's a reason that BP is because they trust that these guys are gonna find ways to get the most out of their players and other trustees coaches. But you know as governor. Something I wish I would have done is brought in one of my previous mentors who was a role model. And to help go OK wait a minute. And I think that's what repairs there and he's bringing in a mentor for is maybe to bring some wisdom. Well you have to have good people you know as you pointed out to you know what if Armstrong in one area let's say the offensive side. I'd better have some day completely and totally trust on the defensive side it's going to be able managed his can be able direct because he's going to be deep you know quote unquote head coach of that defense a unit. Ron Rivera feels comfortable with where he stands on the defensive side re spends. The majority of his time with his knowledge in what he brings to the table with his generals and and you know off a defense coordinators. He needs that voice on the other side that he could trust a lot of there's also said. In years past the one thing that he wished you'd a done in one thing that he sees with these other you know coaching staffs that have sick you're consistent success. Is they have other head coaches on their staff and Norv Turner obviously was another code do you think cam was consulted beforehand now open so I think he was told immediately after this is direction we're headed to and you know as. Players. You know you'd eat. He you understand where the organization has to make some moves and down. You know you'd you'd you'd tightened Brandt senior button britches and yet you go to war and you figure out way to get it done and and maybe that's part of that this process is too. And make him feel a little uncomfortable and that's that's okay you know that's the way you grow you know you you CCC success you have failures. But you get to a point where you can't you can't subtle and I felt like this offense had been settling of the last couple years and that's why they made a change to make it a little bit more comfortable for cam and some new parts humor and out of been consulted but he's the biggest reason why this is happening absolutely it's all for him. Right it's all to make him better so this offense. Runs more efficiently. And they can use him more efficiently long term. He can use his maximize his skill sets because. You know we've got to that point worth where camp you know he's become more. I'm an effective runner then maybe isn't a passer and you know trying to may be you know open up the offense a little bit do some different things put some pieces around him as well we'll all be a part of the plan moving forward for this office. And to do later today Garcia and Bailey on sixteen and one or 25 W up Lindsay he's frank Garcia thanks as always some guys. You're listening to the Pat McCrory show went to coach tubs that we'll and you see 1110. And treat. This is the Pat McCrory show with Botox. On NBC 11% to 993. Tumbled create. I mean this. Final minutes here on WB JMR conversation with CN PD chief Kerr Putney you can find that it WBT. Dot com. I look tweet that just a few minutes as well but he was kind enough to join us on a very busy day obviously. With the developments last night with the shooting at police headquarters Pat McCrory vote Thompson final moments and well one story we haven't gotten too but I wanna hit on this before we believe. I think Saint Louis circuit attorney's office. Has launched an investigation into Missouri's Republican governor Eric brightens every admitted to having an extramarital affair. Beckon Tony fifteen audio released of the other woman describing the sexual encounters she says she had with a politician. And she claims he tried to blackmail her into keeping their fear there affair secret you who you know this guy. I do where he ran was running first first term when I was running for my second term very very impressive navy seal six. Never run for elective office before but. I wish she would have gotten advice that my father gave me on election night 19951. Has elected mayor. We hugged me he said I got one thing to tea sun nice it was said dad he said keep your flank zipper. And that's what they're needed to have because right now talking about families being impacted by this Eric's families impacted. The a fair that he had with his hairdresser knew for whatever reason to have her come over to his house. And has accused of tying her up for taping her. Of some type. And that lady's husband and they have a family a lot of people are impacted when you do stupid things. And my prayers are with him and his family and also with the other family that's being impacted by a politician. Forgetting to keep their zipper up. He is a Republican he's the 56 governor of Missouri but he used to be a Democrat he switched parties back. And Tony fifteen. Again one the most impressive speakers I've ever Matt navy seal. Incredible background probably. Thought of himself as a future president and a lot of other people thought of arms and him as a possible future presidential candidate. Maybe he started believe in his own impressed although he did this while he was campaigning for governor not when he was governor. Which by the way is not even and excuse. Because that was 2015. When I was running for governor and he was running for governor two cars busy San here out of sad state of affairs. But that's the chief said when something. Happens sadly a lot of people are impacted and I was so flat flat for cheap but it'd be our show. And give us more details of that throughout tragic shooting that occurred absolutely thank you to chief Kerr partly also frank Garcia as well.